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j Ph AIDON oe The park's narrow borders have created a charged space where activists can openly challenge the restricted use of public space. Since 1993, Robert Lederman, founder of A.R.T.1.S.T. Artists’ Response to Illegal State Tactics) has protested the city’s practice of banning art vendors on sidewalks. Following his 2009 arrest on the High Line, Lederman sued the city, arguing that the park's policy on artist-vendors, which restricts their operations to less trafficked areas, violates the First Amendment. Im summer 2013, members of the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society gathered at the Sunken Overlook for their monthly seminude meeting. In full view of the park and the street below, the group's topless meeting combined performance and activism, taking a stand for the right of New Yorkers of all genders to bare their chests in public, »»