A Collection of Poetry

My Answers to the essays on an AP Biology Test

1. Explain the transport of water and nutrients through plants: Water Moving Upwards A phenomena unknown For as with rain We can Explain Downward movements shown But up a tree Quite inexplicably Water will have grown And so I write With words contrite This essay, I have blown.

2. Explain how nutrients are carried throughout an animal’s body: Oxygen and Glucose Calcium and Fructose All through the body move Yet no one knows How they go Impossible it is to prove And so with flare This essay I share Free and without edit Only to do I ask of you Please give me full credit

3. Explain the differences and similarities between Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells: Eu is true For within these walls Membrane bound enclosed Pro is Faux For bounds they lack Tis this I have proposed

With this last page I give one last plea Trust Wisdom and Sage Thus written from me An answer in prose Is worth hundreds of those That from normal hands decree
The person who graded my exam must have appreciated my work, I received a 3/5 (enough to get credit at a university who accepts it).

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