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Level: Ninth Classes

Iraqi Kurdistan Region

Subject: English (Sunrise 9)
Peshmarga Basic School
First Term Final Examination
Date: , January,2016
First Sitting
Time allowed :Hour and a half
(Hr 1:30)


Choose the correct choice from the one suggested

1. ___ delivered milk to people's houses from a horse and cart .

A. Deacon Brodie

B. Conan Doyle

C. Sean Connery

D. James Bond

2. Deacon Brodie was a____.

A. writer

B. guitarist

C. burglar

D. film-maker

C. London


C. cutting

D. to cut

3. Dave's guitar was from ____.

A. Japan

B. Brazil

4. You use scissors _____ paper.

A. cut

B. cuts

5. She ____ to music every day .

A. listen

B. listened

C. listens

D. listening

6. When ____ James IV build Holyrood palace?

A. does

B. do

C. was

D. did

7. I would like ____the castle.

A. see

B. to see

C. seeing

D. sees

8. They are talking ____ Dave and Jade .

A. of

B. in

C. to

D. for

9. The CD drawer opens and closes____ you press the yellow button .
A. why


C. when

B. an adverb

C. an adjective

D. what

10. The word (slowly) is _____ .

A. a verb

D. a noun

11. The odd word is _____ .

A. singer

B. nurse

C. doctor

D. listen

12. Which matching is correct ____.

A. jockey-disk

B. city-center

C. box-post

D. floor-ground

13. Choose the word that rhymes with (end) _____ .

A. find

B. friend

C. ride

D. side

14.The sound /U:/ is found in _____ .

A. would

B. tooth

C. wood

D. wool

15.Choose the word that doesn't rhymes with (meet) _____ .

A. breed

B. great

C. read

D. lead

:QUESTION 2 Read the following passage and then answer the questions below
One day, a lady was standing outside an underground station in London waiting for a
friend, when she saw two men . The first man was sitting on the pavement. His clothes were old
and dirty and had a hat in front of him. As people passed by , he said, Can you give me some
change, please ? A few people tossed some coins into the hat but most people ignored him .
The second man was wearing a suit and holding a plastic petrol can . He stopped people
and told them his car had run out of petrol and he had forgotten his wallet. He asked them to
lend him some money for petrol. Most people happily gave him money. Some gave him coins,
but most gave him notes. She watched him for ten minutes . In that time he collected a lot of
money. He put it in his pocket, but he didn't go to the petrol station. It became clear to her that
both men were beggars. The one in the dirty clothes needed money more than one in the suit.
But the one in the suit was much more successful . Isnt that strange ?

1- Why was the lady standing outside the station ?
2- Which man was more successful ?
3- Did the man in the suit really have a car which had run out of petrol ?
4- What does the underlined pronoun it refer to ?
- 5
Which man needed money more ?
- 6
Did people believe the second man's story ?
- 7 How many minutes did the lady watch the second man ?
- 8
Were both men beggars ?
QUESTION 3/A Do as required: ( Choose 6 )

Your friend is sick. {Express hope} to get better-1
Speak more slowly. {Make request.} Use can-2
Someone searched Avesta Crofts room last night. {Change it into passive voice} -3
You press the red button. The recording starts. {Use if to make conditionality}
5-It is raining .take an umbrella. {Make suggestion} use "why dont"
6-She is the girl. She has got long curly hair. {Use the relative pronoun who}
Titanic built in 1911. { Question }



Do as it did in the given examples:( Choose 6 )

(Marks 6
... .perform, performer; build....
4- CD, compact disk; DJ-1
..write, wrote; break
5-George I, George the first; George IV-2
..............have, having; look
6-cat, cats; foot
7-happy x sad; possible -3

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

Pay special attention to the following points: Dictation, Punctuation marks, Capitalization and
Neatness while answering the following questions and use the given information between the
brackets to write a paragraph about the famous astronaut, give it the title: (Uri Gagarin)
Who was Uri Gagarin?
(famous astronaut)-1
When and where was he born?
(in 1934 in Russia)-2
3-What did he join after many years of study
(air force)
What did he become later?
(a pilot)-4
why was he chosen as the first astronaut?
(because he was brave) -5

(Marks 10)


. The End . Good Luck

Hama Mahmoud Ibrahim

Dilpak Muhammad Ibrahim
Awaz Ali Lateef