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Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 History of Bakers Land

MA foods is one of the growing biscuit factory in Pakistan. For few past years the Pakistani
biscuits industry has grown and there are many brands of biscuits which are growing also.
Muhammad Anwar (M.A) foods launched a biscuit manufacturing company with the name of
Bakers Land in 2011 in Sahiwal, Pakistan. Bakers Land has adapted latest technology and trends
well fitted according to the contemporary food industry of Pakistan. Bakers Land was the selfdriven dream of Muhammad Majid the CEO of the company. It is a biscuit manufacturing company
situated at 5 km Arif Wala Road Sahiwal Punjab Pakistan. The companys setup was imported in
2011 directly from Africa by its parent company Galaxy biscuits.
1.2 Introduction of Bakers Land:
MA Food industry (Pvt.) Ltd was established in 2011 in Pakistan. It is a subsidiary of bakers
Land South Africa, aimed at producing quality bakery products of international standards and
quality. The product is sold in the market under the name of Bakers Land which has become a
household name and symbol of quality. At M.A Food industries (Pvt.) Ltd., Introduction of new
products, modernization and automation has kept pace with the ever increasing demands of
baked products in domestic and international markets.
In 2011 M.A Food (Pvt) Ltd. started the manufacturing of high quality biscuits and cookies which
are sold at local level as well as exported to the neighboring countries. MA Food industries have
introduced a wide variety of biscuits and wafer products. The company has been making every
possible effort to meet the requirements and expectations of its customers. The company is
offering a wide selection of biscuits and wafers products to the market. They have engaged in the
production of biscuits, sandwich biscuits and wafer products.
The biscuits and wafers plant of M.A Food industries is a complete modern and automatic unit
with PLC control system. MA Food (Pvt) Ltd 5-Km from Arifwala road Sahiwal Punjab Pakistan
Bakers Land has their main production plant and distribution center situated in Sahiwal.
Bakers Land have different chambers in the in production plant like quality checking, mixing, oven,
packing and finally distribution. It has a complete chain of distribution at different main cities of

Pakistan. It is a well-established plant having separate productions of biscuits and wafers which
are controlled by the Director Operations. They are having more than 30 employees. Turnover
ratio is less as compared to the other organization because employees are empowered.
Employees are trustworthy and do their best for the organization. In biscuit category they are
offering wide range of biscuit products, such as Royal Treat, Peanut Passion, and Choc lay and
recently they have launched energy biscuits Toppers for kids. Through marketing campaigns they
are motivating kids for their energy biscuit Toppers. (Company profile, 2012)
1.3 Mission Statement:
It is the organization of creative professional people; Mission is strive for excellence. We
are determined to change and uplift the lives of nation we are determined to change and uplift
the lives of the Nation. Our companys strategy is based on progressing forward on the winds of
ingenious ideas, new mindset and universal standards which leads to discover new territories
over new horizons.
1.4 Vision Statement:
Our company is like our home, a place where we wish to grow and explore our expertise
with the passion to be known and respected as a food company most admired for its liveliness
and innovation to be called the true professionals. Every individual should be fulfilled and
successful at what we do. Bakers Land is committed for the constant improvement and
excellence in its work.
1.5 Values of the Company
Bakers Land is focusing and trying to build a culture where we can adopt our traditional
core values such as team work and healthy caring services. These values are cutting edge of our
skilled and trained work force. To get better results there is respect for everyone and fun for
working together. We believe that every individual should aim for constant self-improvement and
gain knowledge for its relevant field.

1.6 Quality Policy of the Company

The policy of M.A. food Industries (Pvt) Ltd is excellent product development with superior
taste, purity, nutrition and satiety.
Top management and every employee of M.A. food is fully committed to continually enhance the
excellence of the product and maintain the consumers confidence in its products by following
regulatory and statutory requirements and implementation of international standards right from
raw material to delivery of product.
For further high quality standards quality checks are also perform at regular interval with clearly
defined specification.

1.7 Company Products






Chapter Two: Business Operation

2.1 Organizational Chart


General Manager


Production Shift In

Regional Sales
Area Sales

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Manager Finance
& Administration
HR &

Sales Officer


Figure 2.1 Company Hierarchy

2.2 SWOT Analysis of the Company

2.2.1 Strengths
Large Distribution System
Since the start of the MA Foods in 2011 the company has grown in every term in the
market. The MA Foods is capturing the Pakistani market as well as foreign markets too. Bakers
Land has a large distribution network all over the Pakistan from Karachi to Gilgitbaldistan.
Company has around 178 distribution channels in which they have 20 sole distributors. After that

the company has around 25000 to 35000 retailers and wholesalers in different geographical
locations. The company has a strong supply chain for the delivery of its products to the
distributors, retailers, and wholesalers throughout the country.
Bakers land is using the local carriage transportations such as trucks and trailers etc. for the
delivery of the products. This way of delivery is at low cost and beneficial for the company for
timely dispatches.
Good Relationships.
Bakers land has good relationship with their retailers, and wholesalers for their brand
loyalty. Due to this they have a large chain of their distribution channels and it can help to expand
their market.
Professional and Skilled Management.
The management in the MA foods are skilled and experienced. The manager of the MA
foods is the one who was appointed in the start of the company in 2011 and he is leading the way
since then all the important decisions are made by him in the company
Low Price Product.
One of their strength is that their products are available in the low price and in the good
quality. Their basic concept is that to provide the good quality product to the customer in the low
rang so that most of the people in Pakistan who are willing to buy low price biscuits can get it from
MA Foods.

Large Network.
They have the large network working in the Pakistan in the shape to suppliers and other
they provide biscuit all around the Pakistan through then
Excellent Competitive Skills.
If we talk about their competitive skills in the Pakistan then they are little behind that but if
we talk about the Sahiwal then they are way ahead in this market in the Sahiwal area. Others are

producing the biscuits locally and not go outside the Sahiwal so in the area MA foods is one of the
largest in Sahiwal and becoming threats for other all around the Pakistan.
Consumer Market.
They are working hard to get on top in Pakistan in this market and to achieve this MA
foods has found the way to reach the black box of the consumers. Pakistani people want to eat
biscuits when the take tea so MA foods is producing those product which suit the Pakistani people
like the loyal treat peanut passion etc. there are those bastes which are easily eaten during tea
Experienced Sales and Marketing Team.
They have a well-managed and good marketing team working in the department of sales
they analysis the new possibilities and the consumer behaviors to judge their products.
Selection Process.
The sales and marketing department is the one of the best in the factory so they are
selected through the special process. The manager and the HR manager both take the interview
and some time they have to give the presentation before interviews.

MA foods is producing the different product in the biscuits market. They are not only
targeting the children but also they are targeting the aged persons and the mid aged too.
2.2.2 Weaknesses
There are many weaknesses in the company which they have to overcome if they want to
gain more market in the industry. Lack of focus upon maintaining the declining sales of existing
products/brands. The management style that has been adopted by the company is
centralization. Degree of formalization chain of command is high. The manager in the head office
has the final say on the every decision making in the company. Because its a Govt. sector like
company where top management decisions are enforced upon middle and lower level

Centralized Decision Making

At Bakers Land, there is a lack of future direction and strategy development. The
employees perform day to day activities; but the outcome of their tasks is not monitored for
continual improvement of organization. Moreover the management does not involve employees in
the decision making process for promoting existing and potential products.
Lack of Innovation in the Organization
At maturity level of PLC, companies have to innovate their product and services in order to
sustain them. At Bakers Land the management and the staff do not focus upon it
Breakage of Biscuits While Delivering.
They deliver the biscuits on the local transport so the product are not safely go to the
desired place and their packaging is not also safe for delivering. Sometimes biscuits get damaged
during delivery to retailers. It affects the quality of the product while it reaches to the customers.

Claim for Products

MA foods does not have the proper system for claiming the damaged biscuits so
sometimes when the products get broken then the company is not responsible for that and will not
replace if its not the companys agreement.
Lack of Schemes
Some retailers and distributors have this issue when they are dealing with the company the
products which they are going to take from the company, if some other distributors takes the big
lot then others have to wait for the new lot.
Dissatisfaction dew to

Overloaded With Work

If the order is big then the company take lot of work form the employees in the product

department and it is also some employees to work in the holidays too.


Low Salaries.
Although they give slayers according to the Pakistani law but it too low for everyone. If

someone id working for one year they are not get raise too easily.

Working Conditions.
Their production area is not one of the best the machinery is not too advance. There are

300 worker are working at the same time and they have to work consistently in the time period.
The condition of the working area is populated with works.
2.2.3 Opportunities
Variety of Product Line and Range
Company can provide the wide range of product line. There is limited range of the products
in biscuits; they can expand their product line with the new additions of different types of snacks.
New Promotion Opportunities
Company can adopt new marketing and promotion activities these days, because there are
more new opportunities for the promotion of the brand in Pakistan like school events, Ramadan
transmissions etc.
More Customers Can Attain
Company can attain more customers because of limited biscuit brand in Pakistan, and also
they can gain more market share by promoting them as a national company of the Pakistan.
Some Other Opportunities Are Blow
An external situation, which an organization can benefit from, is called Opportunity.
Enter New Markets.
The new market is waiting for them in the Pakistan. They can go to those cities which are
not big and are easily approached.

They dont have much innovations in the company so that they can attain new concepts
and new product to increase their target market. That can create brand loyalty among them and
customers. By giving them more benefits like discount and give some surprise gifts for kids in the
biscuits packets.
2.2.4 Threats
Increasing Local Bakery Products
There is continuous increase in local bakery products in Pakistan. That is a major threat for
the company and can affect its sales.

Political Influence
In Pakistan political instability is affecting all the business day by day. Its become a big
threat for all the local producers in Pakistan. Due to this unions come in existence and employees
who are laying merit cant achieve that place which he deserves.
Competitors Market Share Appreciation
Increasing market share of competitors, aggressive advertisements of competitors
increased the competition is also a big threat for the company. Due to lack of marketing and
promotion activities they cant gain the market share and cannot recognize their brand to those
customers who are still unaware of Bakers land.
2.3 Marketing Strategy
Company has no proper marketing department for promotions. Promotions are done
through sole distribution channels in Pakistan on large scale. Due to this brand is not as much
popular in the market. Sales representative are also taking great part in promotions or in others
words we can say in companys marketing campaigns. Company doesnt have proper marketing
department and marketing campaigns for their products advertisement.


2.3.1 Promotion Strategy

Print media are their major promotion strategy. They are investing money on t-shirts caps
key chains these all are distributed among the distributers sales representatives and other team
of company who are doing promotion campaigns. On t-shirts brand logo distributers wear during
there working hours.
2.3.2 Pricing Strategy
Company pricing strategy is cost based pricing (Competitive pricing) .Because the
company is not very well known in the market so firstly just meet with the cost and want to
penetrate in the market.
2.3.3 Product Strategy
Company is offering different variety of products with great quality. Products of biscuits are
in different range, pack, color, taste, weight, and price. Wafers are companys main product which
is of different flavors like strawberry, chocolate and orange. All of the products which are given
above are available in the market in different sizes on different prices.
2.3.4 Target Market
Bakers land (Pvt) Ltd. company segregate its market according to its product packaging
such as tikky pack is for 7-15 years of age group or snack pack is for 17-25 years of age group,
and geographical segment they are providing family packs in big towns like in Lahore city. In
Sindh sales are more than other provinces of Pakistan. Their target market is mostly urban area
as compared to rural area.
2.4 Competitive Strategy:
In competitive strategy they are focusing on activities of their competitors to differentiate
from them. Company is using price list collection to differentiate its product from other competitor
in terms of price. Then prices of the products decided according to market price analysis.
2.4.1 Marketing Strategy
So that people can easily buy their products. It is also call the push strategy. MA Foods is
following the product strategy the product strategy is that they are producing the product and
make available all around the country


2.5 Business Process Analysis

The factory operates by carrying out different operations in the following given

Human resource department

Finance department
Purchase department
Quality control department
Electrical department
Mechanical department

These are the main departments of company who are working together to provide their customers
the best product with the best quality and services.
2.5.1 Human Resource Department
The human resource department provides high quality human resource to the company to
effectively and efficiently run the various business operations in the company. The human
resource department responsible for all the HR activities that include recruitment, training and
development compensation and benefits, employee relation and working environment of the
company .The HR department which is not directly involved in the manufacturing of the product
but work as an advisor toward all the working procedures in making of a product. As job
responsibilities and duties are assigned by the HR professionals to the other working staff with the
specific terms and conditions and by keeping in mind the right job for the right person. It is also
responsible for the data collection and keeping all the records related to working staff their salary
their basic information etc. and each and every record about the manufacturing product on the
daily basis.
Human resource department provide such human capital that will be helpful for running the
operation of the company in effective and efficient manners, and by caring about the interests of
personnel of the company so that they can become more productive and motivated for their work.
But in the MA Foods the HR department is not fully developed and still there is need to be work on
this department. My supervisor told me that this is just the beginning and they have not that much
human resource that which they need the big team to control as he said that with the passage of
the time the HR department is developing and new ways to hire the employees are introducing.

hiring &

l incharge

training of

terms and

Figure 2.2 HR Department

2.5.2 Finance Department
The main objective of the Finance department in the company is to arrange the finance for
the business operations from various resources, control the activities that are related with the
finance, maintain and update the companys accounts.


Wages and


and bill

Figure 2.3 Finance Department

In finance department finances are issued by the finance manager Mr. Shahid in Bakers land. In
finance department three employees are working one Manager and two Accounts officers.
As I worked in the HR department most of the time, I also work in the finance department too. And
the accounts work is usually done by the senior staff.
2.5.3 Purchase Department
Purchase department working for its objective to provide raw material and required goods
be in the factory on time and successful execution of all required orders.
Purchase department deals with different departments like raw material, Electrical store, and
Mechanical store. The purchase Departments head was Mr. Ahtesham. (Ahtesham, 2014)


Electrical Store

Raw Material



Figure 2.4 Purchase Department

2.5.4 Quality Control Department

To ensure that all the products, make by Bakers land are of standard quality by controlling
and testing of incoming material, in-process and outgoing products.
The quality department of the company is most important and functionalize. Before manufacturing
the products all test of maintaining the quality standards are formulating in these departments.
(Saima, 2014)


Material Inspection

Material test lab for production (Taste &


Microbiological lab

Figure 2.5 QC Department

2.5.5 Electrical Department.
This department of the company is responsible for the maintenance of electricity and
electrical wiring. In this department three employees are working one is Head engineer, second is
Assistant and third is electrician.
They are working with generators for the flow and division of the current in the company during
electricity shortage.
2.5.6 Mechanical Department
This department of the company works for the maintenance of the machinery. They are
responsible to run all machinery correctly during the production and make sure that every machine
is perfect for the working.
In this department four employees are working one is Head, two assistants, and one is lubricator.


Chapter Three: Learning as a Student Internee

3.1 Duties
During my internship span I have performed certain duties in all departments of Bakers
Land especially in HR department which was assigned me by Mr. Gulraiz my supervisor in MA
Foods. List is given below
3.1.1 Filling of leaves forms

Sick leaves
Leave without pay
Causal leave
Emergency leave


These are some kind of leaves that I observed in HR office. Many employees work seasonally in
the factory and the company pays them according to their temporary payment policy.
3.1.2 Arranging Files
I arranged different files of those employees who joined the M.A Foods recently. This task
was assigned me by my supervisor.
3.1.3 Arrange Service Sheet of Employees
I filled these service sheets columns of every permanent employees of factory of different
sections and departments. When salaries are maintained or upgraded, then service sheet are also
revised and updated.
3.1.4 Fill Performance Appraisal Forms of Employees
I also filled the performance appraisal forms of different employees of different departments
& sections.
3.1.5 Formulating Job Description of New Employees
I personally typed the JDs of an employee which was hired recently in the factory and
mailed them. This task was given to me by HR supervisor to learn what actually the job
description of employees is? And how much it is important and valuable as regarding of
organization culture?
3.1.6 Learn About HR Manual
HR manual of the company tells us about the overall policies, rules & regulation inside and
outside of the company and also tells us about what kind of documents and forms are present in
HR department of Bakers Land.
3.1.7 Checking Products in Store
I also visit the store of Bakers Land my supervisor gave me task to identify those products
which were ready for sale and which were defective. I completed my chart and report to my
3.1.8 Compensation System
How they pay their employees and as well as their managerial staff. MA foods follows the
PSS (Punjab Social Security) it means that they pay their employees according to government

advises. These days an employees pay is around about 12700 to 14000. Then I read the
employees pay slip and they thought me how to prepare one. To prepare the pay slip of the month
I had to put the employees name into the pay register and in the online account to which hold the
all records of the employees and when the an employee asked for the pay he has to sign and then
collect the pay from the finance department. One important thing was that the taxes were
deducted from the salaries of the employees and then they were paid. When it comes to pay MA
foods also gives the 30% allowance to the employees and I was being thought that how the
allowance is managed for the employees. Then I read the last month record of the employees
pays in there were all the allowance and other payables and some of the receivable which were
employees had. Sometimes employees take the pay in advance so it has to be record as well then
my supervisor thought that not all the employees are given the advance pay. Only some of the
employees which are working for the long time in the organization.
Making Products
Every company wants that their products and brands run successfully in market and
generate revenue. Many companies try to copy the existing successful brand name, advertising
and marketing strategy, logo, but they do slight change in spell of name or in logo or in the band
name. But now a day companies are giving names of social media web sites to make their product
more famous. Bakers land did the same thing they launched their new chocolate biscuits with
name Twitter. Twitter is very famous social media now a day. It is an interesting way to make our
brand and product more famous by using social media websites.
Procurement department where the head was MR. Ahteshsam he was also the head of
Raw material he ordered the raw material on the bases of the planning of the factory that how
much they need the material and what kind of the material. According to production he places the
order for the future. I went there he gave the list of the materials and the quantity he asked me to
review it. Then I attended the meeting between the manufactures who delivers the raw materials
for the factory. MA foods has the term and law for the manufactures who delivers the raw material
if they dont follow these term then they can cancel the order for example if the raw material is not
according to their need or it lake the consistency the research and development department
cancel the order and ask them to ring the new one. The manufacturer told me about the marketing
situation in the Pakistan. He told me that to bring the order as high quantity as this they have to be

prepare for the long time. Meeting went about 1 hour where Mr. Ahtesham gave them the orders
for the nest month also. After the raw material arrived in the factory it is examine in the research
and development department
Mr. gulraiz told me to go to Mr. Ahtasham who is head of purchasing raw material in factory

I asked the question to Mr. Ahtasham which Raw Material use to make the products,
Royal Treat, Peanut Passion, Chocolaty, Waltz, Chocolate Wafer and Strawberry Wafer.
Mr. Ahtasham Given the detail of products ingredients one by one which details of products
ingredients & nutritional information as are under:

3.1.10 Managing Staff and Conducting Interviews

I asked my HR manager that tell me how you give ad for jobs and where? He told me that
they use basic means for that like newspapers and some time on the cable. In the MA foods there
are not much HR there are almost 130 to 140 HR. when someone leaves the factory then they
decide that how they can recruit for the post if the post is the low level then it is fill very quickly and
sometimes they dont even have to give the ad in the newspapers. But when sometime it is for the
managerial post then they have to select the best possible around and they have to give ad in the
big newspapers like Jung and express.
In MA foods there are two types of employees and they are hired on the different
dates and ways
1) Managerial staff
2) Low level staff
Interview is conducted by the HR manager and the manager. When it comes to hire the
managerial staff both HR manager and the manager ask the questions to the interviewee and the
selection is done by the manager, manager makes the final call. If the HR Manager selects one
person then the manager can reject that person and hire the person which he think is the best for
the organization but it doesnt happen often. On the other side in the factory if they need some low
level employees for the production areas then on HE manager interview the person and select
them. For the low level jobs MA foods doesnt ask for the high education they ask the experience
and for the managerial staff MA foods needs the education and it at least graduation.
Learning As a HR Student

HR department is the one of the most important department in the any organist. MA foods
is also have the HR department but it is in the developing phase. I mostly worked in the HR
department so that my job was to see how employees are working and the relationship between
the management and the employee. I also learnt that they give pays as I mentioned above.
3.1.11 Orientation To Employees
Orientation to the new employees and all about the training programs in the factory for the
new employees and as well as for the employees working in the factory.
So I was given the orientation kit of the factory in which there where write all the rules and the
regulation of the company which the employees have to follow. And if they dont follow they rule
they can kick him out form the factory at any time. And they also give the one month notice to an
employee which is going to be kicked form the factory. On the job description there are written eh
pay for the employees too and the other incentives and not written they are given to him after
joining of the factory. I was also given the file which had the conducted interviews in the MA foods
interview are conducted orally only. And I was also handed over the list of questions which is
asked at the time of the interview.
Then I was told about the TNA (training need assessment). In the factory the training is not given
to everyone and the production area because the factory is almost fully automated and if the new
machine comes then to operate it some employees are given the training.
3.2 Accomplishments
As an internee I was able to accomplish all the tasks that were assigned to me. I completed
all my duties and responsibilities assigned by my supervisor.
I gained a lot of experience during my internship in company. I tried to complete all of my tasks of
HR department through which I came to know about the management structure and working units
of the organization.
3.3 New Knowledge Acquired
During my 6 weeks of internship, I gathered quite a hand full of knowledge. I came to know
how the things are done professionally and how jobs are performed. I have learned how to do


work in professional life with the required behavior and attitude. And learned to do work on
Microsoft excel.
3.5 Problems I Faced In the MA Foods
First of all the HR department is not that well established so that we didnt work that well.
The manager was not corporative with internees. There was no caf we had to go outside the
factory for lunch. On the first 10 days of the month the supervisor was busy he didnt give us time
in this period.
3.4 How Experience Impact My Career
As we know, nobody can succeed in his life without experience because it plays a vital role
in the professional life of an employee.
Experience is considered as a backbone of professional life the experience in a good corporate
sector opens hundred doors of opportunities for a successful person. I experienced in Bakers
Land Company as an internee that has created a new self in me that is more professional and
more confident. The internship was very helpful to learn that how theoretical knowledge can be
applied in corporate sector. It helped me to learn that how to work practically. How to
communicate with others when you are in a professional life? Through this internship I came to
know that how can I perform better further in my professional life and it have make me more clear
about my specialization subject. I did understand the working process and methodologies of HR
department their tasks and responsibilities.
Some Other Problems
Problems are related to management self-interest, employee union, and raw material
availability in time, less commitment between employees and management, ineffective pay
system etc.
These are some problems that I encountered during my internship in Bakers Land.
3.6 Conclusion
In my opinion internship is a good learning approach for internees as well as fresh
graduates to understand the environment & system of the organization, corporate social
responsibility, corporate culture, norms, and values, traditions, working methodology, employees

behavior and attitude towards management, rules and regulations towards organizations. Its a
practical work and experience for internees, internship is basically an initial step for employees
and students to know how much we are responsible and capable to perform our tasks and fulfill
our commitment with an organization.
I tried to evaluate the internal and external factors of MA foods Pvt Limited Sahiwal. And I
observed that the Bakers land have make good market share in a very short span as a starting
company in Sahiwal. They have provided a better employment opportunity for the local labor of
Sahiwal. They are having good machinery and latest equipment to provide the best quality to their
customers and with the passage of time they will perform better than this time. They are focusing
on their better management system and having good plans for the future. But they have to be very
clear about their strategies and goals so that they can stay in the market for longer time with the
upcoming new competitors.

They should increase the biscuits products

They need to focus on their advertisements
They should think about their long term planning
Employee relations with management
They should decentralize the decision making.

They should have innovative ideas for advertisement and promotional activities.











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