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Software Installation Documentation

Matlab Installation Notes

License Restrictions
The University holds a Total Academic Headcount license. This covers Matlab,
Simulink and 50 of the most popular toolboxes. The software can be installed on
Windows, Apple MAC OS X and Linux.
Staff, Post-Graduates and Students and are licensed to have this software installed on
any personal machine that they own.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the software is removed when you leave
and are no longer a member of the University
If you have a University UDE machine (named UOS- or ISS-), Matlab should
appear on your start menu in the Numerical Modelling Group. If this does not
appear please contact ServiceLine. These instructions should not be used to install
a standalone copy on a UOS/ISS- machine.
The media can also be obtained direct from Mathworks,
You will need a valid login account with Mathworks, notes on how to create one can
be found on the next Section.
The screenshots shown were taken from an install of Matlab 2013b on Windows 7.
The process is exactly the same for other versions of Matlab and Operating Systems.
Should you have any questions or problems please contact the University Serviceline
on ex25656, or 02380 595656 if phoning externally. E-Mail
To obtain the software you need to do the following :
1) Create a Mathworks Account using your Southampton email address
2) Authenticate your account so it is associated with the Southampton University
site license
3) Download and install the Matlab software you will need internet access to
authenticate the installation.

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1) Create an account with Mathworks.

To be able to install and license Matlab, you will need an account with Mathworks.
These are relatively simple to create.

Go to Click on the link in the top right hand

corner, called Create Account.

The Create a Mathworks Account form will be displayed. Enter the

information required. You must use your University E-mail address, ending in Any other e-mail address cannot be associated with our Matlab
license and will be rejected by the Mathworks licensing centre. Click

You will be sent a verification email. Follow the link in the email to complete
the verification process

2) Associate your Mathworks account with the Universitys Matlab


Go to and login using your Mathworks account. You should

then see the following page:

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Select the My Account option highlighted in red. Please note the username blanked
On the My Account page you should see the License Center as shown below:

Select the Associate with a license option.

You will be taken to the web page below:

Select Add License

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From the windows above select the Activation key and then Continue

Type, or copy and paste, the license code which is available from the web page under the info/codes option on the Matlab
installing a standalone License. Select continue:

Select Done

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3) Downloading and Installing Matlab

Go to and login using your Mathworks account

Select the My Account option. From the web page select the Download Now
option as shown below:

Follow the instructions on the screen. You will be prompted for which operating
system you are running.
It is recommended that you select the option Choose products and versions to
download for the selected platform. This will allow you to specify which Matlab
toolboxes you require and will reduce the size of the download. If you are not certain
select all toolboxes but the download size will be around 4.5GB.
Once the download is complete you will be prompted to start the installer Select the
Finish button to begin the installation.
Select the option to Install using the internet. Follow the instruction on the screen.
When prompted select the Total Academic Headcount Campus TAH Designated
Computer option.
IF you are not login to the Mathworks account you will be prompted to login
during the installation process.

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Re-Licensing Matlab.
The license for Matlab that you have installed is valid for one year. The University
will renew the license automatically if the software is still required.
This process should only be performed on machines that have a standalone license.
If you are using a copy of Matlab which connects to a license server, iSolutions will
update the central license server.
When the license is due to expire, you will receive warning messages. The license can
easily be updated from within Matlab.

Ensure that you are connected to the internet, and that you have administrator
rights to the machine.

From the help menu, choose Licensing -> Update Current License.

A list of licenses for your machine will be displayed. Choose the Total
Academic Headcount Campus TAH Designated Computer option

Click the Update button. Confirm that you wish to override the present
license file. If there is a newer license on the system, it will be updated on
your machine.

Matlab will then need to be restarted to pick up the changes made to the
license file.

Should you get any problems with this process please contact Serviceline on ex

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