Alpha Relational Dynamics

by Rion Williams Introduction Chapter 1: What is Relational Dynamics? Chapter 2: Power of Awareness Chapter 3: The Relational Formula Chapter 4: Elements of Life Chapter 5: Circle of Life Chapter 6: Purpose of Life Chapter 7: Balance Chapter 8: Golden Rule & Karma Chapter 9: Power of Influence & Causality Chapter 10: Chaos Theory & Bu�erfly Effect Chapter 11: Power of Production Chapter 12: OFC Tilter Chapter 13: Power Relationships Chapter 14: Basic Relationships & Interdependence Chapter 15: Hierarchical Relationships & Subcultures

Chapter 16: Macro Social Dynamics Chapter 17: Destiny vs. Fate Chapter 18: Identity: Social Constructs & Influences Chapter 19: What do Women Want? Chapter 20: Body Language & Physiology Chapter 21: The Power of One Chapter 22: Control Chapter 23: Massive Self-Control & Awareness Chapter 24: Sexual Transmutation Chapter 25: Stimulus-Response Chapter 26: Above the Influence Chapter 27: The Architects Chapter 28: The Social Matrix Chapter 29: Television Chapter 30: Sexploitation Chapter 31: Cultural Differentiation Chapter 32: Looking at Relationship Reality

Chapter 33: The Pregame of Leveraged Power Chapter 34: Female Behaviorism Rundown Chapter 35: Awareness of Energy Chapter 36: Tri-Fem Characteristic Cognition Chapter 37: How to Differentiate Inner Character Chapter 38: How to Differentiate Natural Energy Chapter 39: How to Differentiate Social Character Chapter 40: Tri-Characteristic Differentiation & Grounding Chapter 41: Fearlessness Around Beauty Chapter 42: Dealing with Matrix Women Chapter 43: Relational Model of A�raction Chapter 44: Respect Chapter 45: Personal Power Manifest: Chapter 46: N.E.O. Chapter 47: Silver Bullets of Influence Chapter 48: Runaway

Chapter 49: Return to Innocence Chapter 50: Natural Grounding Chapter 51: Trial by Fire Chapter 52: Applying Relational Dynamics Chapter 53: How to Get Over an Ex Chapter 54: R.D. for Relationship Counseling Chapter 55: R.D. Applied for Business Success Chapter 56: How to Overcome Dependencies Chapter 57: Your Newfound Alpha Power

Appendix 1: Unabridged Thoughts

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Welcome to the next evolution. I’m Rion Williams and I’m excited that you will also experience quantum leaps in growth as I have. It is a wise decision and you’ll reap the rewards for a long time. Your success with women will vastly improve because there is something greater than your own limited (relationally) ‘inner game’. We’re going to start making sense of this mad, mad, mad world and how you fit in so that you can have power aligned to YOU instead of having it work against you. The real key to Alpha character and success with women is not in learning lines, techniques or how to be naughty and funny. The answer is in understanding who you are and your relationship to the forces of influence that have repressed you (and continue to all the time). That is the only healthy and real fix and no one else is teaching it. Relational Dynamics is about seeing and knowing. It is about aligning yourself with universal principles or truths. It’s seeing the details in the big picture and seeing the big picture in the details. It’s understanding the root behavioral characteristics in women and knowing your relationship to them. R.D. will free your mind so that you may never even get angry again (or even headaches) unless universal principles are obviously violated, and because you know the truth, you’ll step up and be a man. Your own power will be more pure and less diluted. Women will respond to you more because you have become more of what women want. No more games or trickery necessary. This is taking care of about 90% of ‘the game’ itself. It is kind of by chance (or is it?) that the direction of my life would lead to this level of understanding that one would argue even the greatest philosophers never reached on this subject. Back in history, they didn’t have to deal with some of the things we do today. Now, countless millions of people will go through life without clarity of purpose and feeling like they will never be fulfilled. With Relational Dynamics you’re going to take

your power back that has been literally stolen from you. You will be able to be pursue happiness with much more effectiveness than before. If you’re here to be more successful with women, take heed. This is the Jedi level training that hasn’t existed before. We’re going to deal with the main missing component; the universal/natural game. Straighten this area out and your inner game will be fine. There is only so much guilt, blame and pressure a guy can take responsibility for. Sure you have to take accountability for your past actions, but with this program, you’re going to be liberated. You’ll find out that it’s not just you and your inner game that are ‘at fault’ for your lack of consistent success with women. You’ll find out that women are also at fault and more importantly we’re going to deal with the root cause itself which has affected this current level of reality in your lifestyle. The results of applying R.D. and having cognition of your relationship to the forces of influence and taking control back for yourself? You will see. Your natural character will rise. You will literally ‘go alpha’. Women will notice you more and respond to you. You will closest to sex at all times. Everything you do will be the right thing and you won’t have to worry about what to say because you have become ‘what women want’. There is a ton of leverage that is repressing your natural character that we can and will take back. When we can clearly see and understand the forces that have kept your natural character level low, we will then be able to put them in their proper place in relation to you and your life. Doing that will clear the way for your natural character to rise. Remember you were born as a strong, natural alpha. It’s only through time that forces of influence (primarily social) have just repressed the natural character that was already there. All men were born with it. And remember that your natural character is the one thing that ma�ers in a�raction and the mating game. It’s what women respond to and it’s what they want. Sex is better for them with a man of high natural character that they can ‘respond to’. It’s like a narcotic to them. Why? Because being a man of high natural character (confident, congruent, fearless, comfortable in his own skin, self control and personal authority) is the equivalent of a really beautiful woman. It’s the closest thing to survival of the fi�est and passing on

the best genes for healthy children who will also be survivors. But you’re a self-admi�ed wimpy Beta guy or wussbag? Well, if you are then it’s going to take a li�le more work than someone who has higher character across the board but you’re in the right place (if not the only right place). Most of what I speak is from my own experiences and observations of universal principles through life. Alpha Relational Dynamics is not just my own opinions or theories on things. I would say that it’s the closest to universal truth that we can get, albeit filtered through my cognition of the principles. I am concerned about the practical application as you will see. This isn’t just theory. We will be going through practical exercises as well to help you apply Alpha Relational Dynamics to your life. I have not really studied the great philosophers though I have always go�en ‘A’s in psychology and I believe I can give many sociologists a run for their money primarily because they haven’t differentiated themselves from the force they are trying to figure out. With Relational Dynamics we will be looking at the roots, the elements and their relationships to each other. This I believe to be the only true and pure solution not just to real success with women but to absolute personal power and influence which you can apply in any chosen field. The answers are simpler than they seem yet are so hidden and profound that many people will spend a lifetime of ignorance to them. That is how the architect’s and purporters of the social matrix want it to be. Almost every other guru or teacher will deal technique based or work with surface solutions. These methods will not yield the true and pure results of dealing with the root itself. R.D. will change and maybe save your life. Most importantly you will be able to be your true and powerful self. You will also have a level of intuition that exceeds many women. Are you ready for this level of power? Do you want women to MELT when they find out who you really are (o�en within the first second)? That is where I’m at because of R.D. Your ‘close’ ratio will skyrocket with women. Why? Because you have the power and you have what women want and they KNOW that other women want you. When you can see the world through the understanding eyes that I do, you will be in fascination with very many things. You will also be able to have power, influence and

great effect in any field you choose to apply R.D. with commitment. All producers understand the relational dynamics of the field they are producing in. Align yourself with R.D. and your personal power will grow exponentially, especially over time. More on me.. Growing up in the the midst of the social matrix yet still thinking independently and never sticking just to one social subculture plus my experiences with cultural differentiation have all allowed me to get this unique level of perception. For an American to have my level of awareness is very rare indeed. It’s my understanding of the influence of the social matrix and my differentiation from it that allows me (as compared to someone else outside of it) to help you overcome it. I think as a producer and have previously promoted the social matrix and I understand it’s power. I will help you to differentiate yourself from it. Therein lies your greatest power to regain your independence; through understanding the forces of influence and being cognitive of what you allow into your independent character (the Matrix analogy). I have photographed, retouched and promoted the female sexploitation that I talk about which is at the root of the forced reality. I have also been a nightclub promoter in Miami, Chicago, Houston, Malaysia and Honolulu. I teach people how to make women sexier in their photographs. This is important because I’m not just another drooling guy, but I’ve been a part of the root of creating that influence which is at the base of your repression; an architect. I have also grounded myself in 1,000’s of hours of natural energy and I will help ground you in much less time than it took me. There is a lot of leverage for you to overcome your massive lifetime repression and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re also going to differentiate the different energies and characteristics of different women. If you have the video portion of this, it’s going to be pre�y exciting. We’re going to overcome your fear and emotional response to beautiful women, because if you DON’T do it then you don’t stand a chance but fools mate with them. This is about being a man of high character (which is what women want). It’s about having power, options, abundance and choice in your life. That’s R.D.

Throughout this training program, you’re going to hear a lot of things that are so profound you might not understand them at first. I encourage you to go over certain areas until they ‘hit you’ or you understand them. I will try to use examples as much as possible and where necessary so that it will help you become aware of the point I am making. Everything may not ‘hit you’ all at once in a great epiphany. It may start to sink in point by point, here or there..but I really do encourage you to keep digging deeper, the truth exists and keep going over this program until you can see and feel it. You will know when things are sinking in because they will really start overwhelming you with their raw power. We are dealing with the elements of life itself here and if you don’t shed any tears you’re not close to ge�ing it or growing in character. You’re going to be cognitive of things which have been hidden your entire life and it will be overwhelming at times. Consider this a very independent experience that you’re going through and take it seriously. Resist any urge to give up and go back to the social ‘candy’ of pick-up lines, etc. because you will still be powerless. We are going to align your universal/game to the true elements of what’s going on. We’re not going to try and align your inner game to a screwed up social reality like other’s teach. This is the real deal and it’s value to you will be perhaps more priceless than anything else you have experienced in your life. And it will be that if you apply it. If you’re ‘Beta’ you CAN go ‘Alpha’. Once we ‘change’ (by aligning to the truths) your thought pa�erns, then your own physiology and behaviors will change from the inside out (and not the outside-in like others teach). This is the only real and lasting change. This will give you the character and power to pass any woman’s ‘tests’. You will become the ‘real deal’ which is actually just more of who you are. You have tremendous power and were born with it. You’re a living miracle who has just been repressed. Expect to cry. Expect to get furiously mad. Expect to be humbled. Expect to laugh. Expect to relieve the burdens of repression, frustration and confusion from your life. Expect massive internal change as you actualize and realign yourself to the truth of the elements around you (like Neo in the Matrix). The level of results you’ll experience including around women, will be incredible. That’s priceless too. I can’t even explain it; I’ll leave that for send me a good testimonial. If you’re going to live by the truth, then you’re going to have the juevos to stand up to

those who want to repress the truth (including you). There are corrupt systems and people out there that do not want to have win/win relations with you, they want to have power OVER you. It’s up to you to know where you stand. And when it comes to success with women, alpha relational dynamics is extremely important...almost a prerequisite for the ‘average’ good guy to actually change and have success with dating and women (without acquiring bad habits). I’m not saying that I myself have it all figured out but, More than one man reading this book is going to go from known Beta ‘nice guy’ to perma-Alpha just by not accepting anything less than pure interdependence from other people. And that’s just a part of it. We’re going to do crazy stuff you’d never think of. This isn’t all glitz and glamour (although the RESULTS ARE). In order to take your power and actually GROW as a man you must do different things as you’ve been doing because you’ve been repressed. So, stick with R.D. because it’s not just a book or training program, it’s a way of seeing life. It’s a habitual lifestyle process for me and I want you to adopt it because it will help you make the right decisions and choose healthy (including sexual) relationships that you want. Throughout this program you will continue to realize and adapt the raw power of Relational Dynamics for your lifestyle and being able to operate/seduce/inspire beautiful and powerful women. It’s time to truly become comfortable in your own skin in the face of anything. Let’s begin!

Chapter 1 What is Relational Dynamics?
If you’re still struggling to understand the term Relational Dynamics and what it represents or means, here is the best place to resolve that. I will go into an in-depth explanation so that you be�er understand it and start to be come ‘aware’ of it and how it relates to everything you do or experience. It’s so big of a concept that it’s hard to sum it all up quickly. Relational Dynamics is an understanding of the elements and constructs of life and how they relate to each other to form behavior, substance, effect or truth. It is the cognition of independent elements in any product/construction/relationship and how those elements relate to each other. People of power such as producers, executive and architects use it to create an effect. Your ability to understand your relationship to the root elements involved in any situation or application will consequently determine your level of power, control and influence in life. This is the global perspective and clarity (once you understand it) that you have dreamed of searching for. It is used by the most powerful people including producer’s of any kind. You only need reflect on it and apply it to your life or the areas you want to achieve mastery. I am the messenger, the il postino Rafiki. For the first time EVER released....the only 100% pure and REAL solution to so many of life’s problems. I am SO excited about this and I hope you are too. If you want the greatest leverage to RAISE your own ability to become high in character and a�ract women, make the right decisions and succeed in life you are in the right place. In a sense R.D. is the cognitive form of metaphysics under ‘Universal Science’. Keep in

mind that I’m not an acclaimed metaphysician (they’re coming back!) or philosopher although I do happen to think at that level. We will not be looking at more complex metaphysical elements such as gravitational pull or the relationship between two slightly different apples, but rather how more practical and important things in your life relate to each other, the root cause of your repression and (re)gaining your massive natural character that women respond to like crazy (and much more effectively than any other training program out there). I am concerned with the application of relational dynamics in life. Hence I will be talking about more practical things than Aristotle did when it comes to applying personal power (Alpha) and being effective with women; hence, Alpha Relational Dynamics. We will also be looking at ‘alpha’ women.

Don’t worry, it won’t get too complex; however, it is quite profound and everything may not ‘hit you’ all at once. I have not even studied metaphysics myself because I haven’t had to, I’ve reached a level of understanding throughout life that allows me to have a tremendous practical and personal power to produce and create effect. Relational Dynamics is Real-ational dynamics in a sense. We will deal with the Relational Formula and elements. R.D. is taking the representational best of philosophy, science, sociology, psychology and then understanding and applying it. Within it is the formula for power, influence, production, effect and even sex. Within Relational Dynamics we will be looking at Cause and Effect. We will also look at Stimulus - Response. We will look at Causality and we will differentiate the different elements that have repressed you and align them where they belong. I want to make things simple, practical and applicable for you. Yes I have always got A’s in psychology and I can run circles around many sociologists. I’m not claiming to be ‘whatever’ so critics can start criticizing me, I’m just concerned with being effective and ge�ing this level of knowledge across to you to apply to your life. Applying Alpha R.D. you will become fearless around women. Your natural character will raise because we will pinpoint the forces that have repressed your independence and we will put them in their rightful place so that your character can rise where it belongs. We will deal with the root elements of power and influence which are involved and

understand their relationship to you and your relationship to THEM. We can also use R.D. to differentiate the three feminine characteristics and your relationship to them. This will allow you to handle and potentially seduce the most beautiful women in the world. ‘Positive thinking’ combined with ignorance of the relational elements involved won’t get you anywhere. There’s no reason to be naive. I’m going to uncover incredulous things which you will probably get furious at because they’ve been hidden from you your entire life but have influenced you beyond fathoming. We’re going to get you to take your power back so you can live as a man of real character. A man that easily stands out to women. A man that is closest to sex at all possible times. A man that all he has to do is meet new women and build up enough history with them in order for them to justify having sex with him (you!). We’re going to leverage all kinds of power in your favor and we’re going to make up for those compounded years of inner turmoil and regression. This is where it starts, right here. You’re going to be privy to information which other top expert’s in the world aren’t even aware of because they haven’t differentiated themselves from the elements nord defined them clearly. And I can name names because through their words and actions I can tell they don’t have it yet. You will have more knowledge than them on certain issues. Alpha Relational Dynamics will ground you in the truth and the truth will set you free; free indeed. Relational Dynamics is your path to power. You’ve seen those websites where ‘Everything you know about dating is wrong’...well, everything you know about those websites is (literally) wrong. This is the real deal. Those teacher’s are still trying to find their way through a confusing social reality (and that’s the ones that come the CLOSEST to the truth). It’s simpler and yet more profound than they can even see. Everything that exists is formed of elements that have a relationship to each other, whether naturally created, man-made or a combination of both. You can take anything that currently exists and break it down into the independent elements to understand it more.

This will give you knowledge to be able to potentially combine those elements to form new creations or productions. It will also give you the power to solve great problems. Ignorance of Relational Dynamics or in our case, ‘your lack of how your independence relates to women, society, and the three root behavioral characteristics women represent’ is exactly why you are confused, inconsistent and frustrated with women. You’ve been taught to deal with impure relational elements. It’s all you’ve seen or known. Yet the most effective of ANYTHING involves pure relational elements. In R.D. we have to look at each independent element in it’s purest, constructive form. We have to work with the root cause because evidently everything is simple, it’s only the combination of different elements together that have compounded to form systems that have led to repression and ignorance of one’s own relationship to the elements. Throughout this book you will understand R.D. a lot more as well as understand how it applies specifically to living a lifestyle of power and effectiveness with women. In fact, those men who are successful with women are applying R.D. without their cognition of it but they are not le�ing any other source repress their own natural character. They are usually social outcasts and we’ll get into that. It is only because of the tremendous forces of influence that have repressed our power as men, that we now have to take a real proactive angle on solving it. Because we aren’t the social outcast’s (who have not let any social influence oppress their character), but because we grew up as part of the social matrix, the only solution is to have cognition of our relationship TO the powers that have repressed our characters and independence. Besides Alpha R.D. I see no other way other than to be a pure social outcast or to somehow modify our behavior to adapt to the unnatural society itself (yet still be ultimately powerless as a pawn). Otherwise there is no pure power unless you grew up so it didn’t affect you and you jetset to Europe every two weeks. Relational Dynamics and COGNITION (knowledge and awareness) of your relationship to the social matrix and female powers is about the only thing le� for you to live a life that is free from repression. ..A lifestyle that will empower you because the power of truth speaks beyond the power’s of contrived influence. Relational Dynamics and your cognition of your relationship to the power’s of influence (based on the Relational Formula) will truly set you free and empower you.

Your character will be free, you will have power as a man, your physiology will change, you will be congruent, you will be a man of character, power and influence and you will become Alpha who has broken free from the amazing forces of bondage and you will become what women want. THAT’s Relational Dynamics. Understanding your true independence and your relationship to the forces of influence will empower you more than any NLP or hypnosis can because you are aligning yourself to the elements of life, the universal principles. We will do this clearly in the video ‘Relational Mapping’. YOU are at the root of what ma�ers here. It’s making sense out of a very oppressive and confusing world. You will be able to be REAL and be yourself. You won’t care what women think of you and they’ll want you more. You won’t give your power up to anyone unless you want to. To be effective with women you have to be accountable for your actions. What women want is a real man of character who is independent and not nervous or afraid of her so that she can trust you to ‘take care of her’ in the bedroom. So to sum this Chapter up: Relational Dynamics extends beyond chemistry or physics, it represents and essentially defines everything. It also includes the relationships between men and women, man and nature, man and anything else. Alpha Relational Dynamics is your awareness or cognition that a relationship DOES indeed exist. R.D. includes your ability to differentiate each of the independent elements that are involved in any relationship, production, or situation and align them properly for synergy. At the root of R.D. is the Relational Formula (see that Chapter for more information). I encourage you to see the world through relational dynamics in that you understand your relationship to (as much as) everything around you..this is kin to universal alignment; your ‘global game’. It’s much more powerful than your limited ‘inner character’ alone.

You will see throughout this program and you will be aware that you can exercise ‘free will’ to influence the future or your intended outcome. Seek the truth by looking at the pure elements and their relationship to each other in any problem. The good news is that real and greater truth is on your side. Will you accept it?

Chapter 2 Power of Awareness
From Cognition is; “The mental faculty of knowing, which includes perceiving, recognizing, conceiving, judging, reasoning, and imagining.” or “a conscious intellectual act “ Not surprisingly the antonym of cognition is ‘ignorance or unawareness’. So if you’re not cognizant (or aware) of the underlying reasoning or elemental truths that exist around you, then you are unaware or ignorant of them. This is how most people live. They’re ignorant to their relationship with most everything around them (especially beholden to the power of the social matrix). They’re not aware of their own power or who has the most influence in each situation, therefore they will be ‘used’ o�en by others and lack true power in their lives. Naturally women are more aware of the energy or relationship between people but naturally they’re not supposed to use it to their advantage other than say to empathize. They’ll keep their intuition and judgments to themselves or share it with a few close friends. Now with their extreme socialization they are not as intuitive as they once used to be, especially in socially distorted environments. When you consciously pick up your perception and awareness of the elements around you and how they interact, you will be more aware of the knowledge of reality rather than be ignorant of it. You will become the influencER and not just being influenced or programmed. You will have massive self-control and wisdom beyond your age. Do you have to be cognizant (consciously aware and knowledgeable) of the processes and relationships around you in order to get through life? can be ignorant to the awareness of why things are the way they are and get through just fine (just with a lot more struggle, challenge and drama) but when you consciously increase your perception of Relational Dynamics, you will be able to understand the answers and direction to take quite soon. You will look for real value in everything instead of just hopping on the bandwagon. As a man, you’ll have the strength and intestinal fortitude to follow your own path.

And if you aren’t cognitive of the relational dynamics around you, you are either unaware or ignorant. Ignorance is not bliss. When the media keeps you ignorant or unaware of their massive power of influence over you, they keep you under the influence; just where they want it. If you don’t have any moral judgment or reasoning ability to filter (before our newfound cognition), you will continue to be massively programmed by the forces that are out to influence you. They are the ones with power. More practically, when you are AWARE OF your actual relationship to society, television, women, female independence, female sexuality, other men, etc. you will have more power. You will BE empowered. Why? Because (applied) KNOWLEDGE is POWER. There is a great veil hidden over the land of countless millions of ignorant people that keep them from ‘knowing’. It’s a perfect trap too, they only see what’s in front of them. You’ll see how much power you have lost and how others have o�en abused that power even though you let them because you were unaware or ignorant (of your true relationship to them). You might even get kind of mad for a while at how much others have used or abused you. In ‘The Matrix’ remember the scene where Morpheus tests Neo in the dojo? He says something like “I can’t really have this much power.” Relational Dynamics and selfawareness will empower you to realize that you can do almost anything especially when you leverage other people into the equation. Why? Because you DO have the power; the power of one and it is great. It is greater than your inner state of mind because you can harness natural and universal energy as well as synergize with social ideals by going N.I.S. Alpha. So in a way, all of these other people who aren’t cognitive (aware) of what’s really going on (relational dynamics) and don’t know their relationship clearly to all of these other independent stimuli out there (they’re just being a sponge response), they are living their lives blinded or unaware and have limited power... Other forces will continue to influence them beyond what they would accept if they just became cognitive of their own true independence and control. I didn’t even know about Plato’s story/analogy but one of my student’s compared my work to Plato’s Alleghory of the Cave.

The answers to just about everything can be found in relational dynamics and alliance with it. These are the elements and laws of life. This is a tremendous amount of power that you can harness and all you have to do is be AWARE of or cognizant to them. The years of ignorance and powerlessness will be shed away once you are aware of your independence and your relationship to the powers of influence around you. This entire study on Relational Dynamics is a cognitive process for you. We’re thinking about it and bringing awareness to the forefront and we’ll go through the different elements and examples so you can really understand your relationship to major forces of influence in your life. We’ll see things for the way they really are instead of being unaware (like most people live) and only seeing what others wanted you to see. And as men, we’ll use our newfound power for positive good into the world (instead of negative value like ‘Scarface’). When you become aware of what has been really going on with the social matrix it SHOULD piss you off. For me, I generally realized how much power I lost over time and was almost angry at times thinking about it but I took my power back and I’ve been essentially fearless ever since.

If you don’t feel some kind of emotion yet, you haven’t fully differentiated it’s clear place (the social matrix) and you haven’t taken your power back. My relationship with it is ONLY interdependent. I hope you can reach my level of power and awareness on this because it will empower you for your lifestyle. Let me restate that because it’s SO important; when I became fully AWARE and perceptive of the social matrix (it all hit me at once), my entire physiology changed and I was finally at a level of inner peace (though I was pissed off at the level of control the social matrix had even over me and how I’d been blinded all those years). You’ll know your place in relation to the world and in the circle of life. You’ll also be aware of ‘cons’. Coincidentally that’s what it all is; the social matrix is a CON(struct) of a group of stimuli to get an entire culture to ‘respond’ and be ignorant to the level of power they hold over them. They are repressing humanity in a way but doing it so SNEAKILY that it’s incredibly

pervasive and invisible so that no one hardly is ever aware of it. UNTIL NOW BABY. Until you are CRYSTAL CLEAR on the power and influence of media (television, music, radio, media, magazines, advertising) and can clearly see what it is doing, you’re going to be less than the man you could (and should) be. If you’re still thinking, but I want to get back to my SportCenter it’s on in a few minutes then you haven’t got it yet. If you continue to flirt with the enemy (of your pure freedom) like that (without reaching full independence), then you’re still in a co-dependent (disempowering) relationship. I recommend stepping aside HARDCORE, and consciously taking your power back and THEN a�er quite a while going back (if you feel you can control yourself and your choices for YOURSELF) when you can be interdependent. We do this in the video training of Relational Mapping. You should only go back (if at all) when you feel that your interested has faded or that you have your independence now and can take it or leave it. Hey, I watched only 2 t.v. shows but I stopped doing that as well. There’s nothing that is ‘so important’ that you have to see it. I’ve even missed the past few Academy Awards (as I’ll be in that industry later). You don’t ‘have to’ see anything and until you can ‘get that’, they’re the ones who have the power and influence over you. Why? Because that would be a dependency. This is serious stuff too by the way. They’ve got 100 millions of people wrapped around their fingers. That’s what they’re good at...reeling and sucking you into it so you just ‘have to’ keep watching a�er the commercials (so you can watch the commercials). Do you have to be a ‘radical’ and completely disavow your relationship to it just to be fully independent? Like moving to another country, etc.? No.

You CAN BE interdependent with the social matrix (win/win) which basically means that you are aware of all of the messages coming in and if something crosses your inde-

pendent barrier without giving you worthwhile value you’ll stop that source of influence from coming in. But I talk more about this elsewhere but it’s not just ignorantly soaking it all in, it’s a full awareness of your own power and your relation to those influences. Awareness and then cognition of Relational Dynamics (the elements involved in situations) is your key to clarity, power and influence. It will raise your natural character massively once you can differentiate the major repressing elements and put them in proper relationship to you where they belong with Relational Mapping. Clarifying the social matrix and seeing it is one of the most important things you can do. Differentiating it and clarifying it, that’s awareness. I teach you to see it as a single independent element that is separate from you when training yourself to ground your relation to it. Don’t remain ignorant like most people in society are conditioned. This cognition here of relational elements is your key to freedom and power.

Chapter 3 The Relational Formula
Where I saw the ‘Relational Formula’ was first in Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and this is the one thing that stood out the most to me; the relational formula itself. Since reading that book about a decade ago, I have taken this concept and have used it to start to realize what is actually going on in life. I have seen and continue to see the world through the eyes of the universal (relational) elements as much as possible. Doing so has caused me to rapidly develop years beyond my age (if not decades) in certain areas. So for you, understanding the relational formula and how it applies (throughout this book) to your life will give you a much greater insight into living a more successful life. Here it is: Dependence - Independence - Interdependence So this is it above. The three components of the relational formula (and foundation of Relational Dynamics) are dependence, independence and interdependence. So let’s start ge�ing into them. When you were born you were dependent on your mother and father for support. It was a necessity because without certain survival needs taken care of, you would have died. You were helpless for so many years and they had to take care of your food, diapers, and safety. Once you reached a certain age (officially or legally) of around 18 years old, you became essentially ‘independent’. When you unofficially became independent you could now completely take care of yourself without ‘needing’ anyone else to do it for you. Say you ended high school and went off to college on your own. There is a lot of growing at that time because you are finding that you have to make all decisions on your own now. You had to get your own food, pay for your meals and lodging in many cases. Note how the military categorizes people under the age of 18 as ‘dependents’ of their

parents. So why am I talking about all of this boring stuff that you already know or take for granted? Because if we’re going to have a real and permanent change, we have to look at the things that other seduction or self-help guru’s don’t deal with. We have to go to the ROOTS. All roots lie in the relational formula. Each atom is ‘independent’ and how it relates with others to form other independent elements relating to other systems or elements determines almost everything. Herein lies one of the secrets of life; you really are independent and if you are, you would only operate interdependently with other people. But very few people do. Interdependence is the ideal. Ideally it’s a win/win situation only called synergy. If you could live a purely independent life (which includes financial independence) and you were fully actualized in your independence, you would be fearless in all environments, people would respect you more, business deals would be easy to put together, you would be able to prevent most negative types of people and relationships, you would be able to feel other people’s energy and you would be able to add value to the world. You would also be able to a�ract healthy, beautiful people into your life as well as solve minor to great problems with a fraction of the mental effort. You see, at the age of 18 (in the western culture) people are thrown out into the world of social influence . It tells them who to be, how to act, etc. so what happens is that although by default an adult is legally ‘independent’..they’re not. People become co-dependent on their job, work, loved ones, relationships, etc. and find ways to justify it (and the social matrix helps them justify it too). They are not really being free. If you were FULLY independent, you would be completely FREE. You would be at a level of liberation and quality of life that few in the world have experienced or enjoyed. You wouldn’t let your own immediate social environment ‘dictate’ who you truly were. You would be rich in inner and outer beauty. That’s pure independence. It’s a level of self-control and self-esteem that drives you and fulfills you. It’s an exact awareness of how and where all other forces of influence stand in relation to your own personal power. It’s being able to sense con artists, incongruity, trouble and B.S. from a mile away.

Doing the Relational Mapping video exercise will help you truly gain your relational Independence. Then it’s up to you to apply it to all areas of your life. One of the few co-dependencies I have le� is breaking through to financial Independence. It’s a level of clarity and intuition that you can have about reality and other people, just like I do. It’s being able to see right through a woman’s beauty to her real and true self. It’s about knowing whether a relationship could even work out or not. It’s about being able to handle yourself in threatening situations, around drama and crises and to clearly make the right decision to save yourself and your loved ones. All heroes are ‘Independent’. So there must be varying degrees of Independence but we don’t have to get into that. Your ideal should be self-actualization (pure independence) as well as financial independence for absolute freedom. This would mean ge�ing rid of all of the forces (or ge�ing control over them) that have currently repressed you from being your true full self. Remember seeing Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Self-actualization is at the very top. And if you look down at the ‘ants marching’ trying to find themselves in life but never taking the time to have some pure independent time, they are so close yet so far from self-actualization themselves. Once you’ve got your basic needs taken care of, you can reach a higher level of awareness and power. You can grow and be ‘more’ in character and depth. You can improve and represent things beyond yourself within your own independence. I adopted the philosophy of kaizen (continuous improvement) to my life 9 years ago and have been doing that ever since. I’m a Renaissance man of sorts. And what so many people will do is not take full accountability. They’ll blame their job or their boss. It’s quite clear then to me that they are not fully independent. They have a choice and are making their relationship to work and others a co-dependency (out of necessity and we’ll need each other). There is a level of power that you can have that you’re not aware of in your independence, a true power of one. That can be leveraged by giving more value to more people because they will help you grow stronger and richer.

If you haven’t taken full accountability and responsibility it’s time to say ‘the buck stops here’. No one else can do it for you either because you are independent. Be interdependent only in your relationships with others. Even at work. Hold your weight but go above and beyond..add value and you’ll receive it in return. Improve yourself in your free time or start a business on the side. Use the time that you used to watch t.v. to take control over your life and start taking up different hobbies that you’ve always wanted to do. If you’re dealing with people who use words like ‘need’, ‘have to’, or are making excuses or pu�ing blame on ANYTHING or anyone outside of themselves..well, it’s predictable. That data you have extrapolated is telling you a lot about their ability or (inter)dependability. Do you really want to work with this person or are they going to end up making excuses and draining your energy down? You want to work with someone who is an independent go-ge�er. Keep this in mind if you are interviewing people. They should be willing to ‘add value’ because they are independent and their energy can spread outwards, not asking about what they can get away with in a work environment because they don’t take full accountability. Do not treat women and dating as a co-dependency. You do not ‘need’ women. You do just fine on your own. In fact if you have any ‘needy’ behavior coming across, she’ll feel creeped out. Keep it an interdependency; a win/win situation but remember with a�raction and dating/mating it’s not a business deal or quid pro quo (this for that), it’s in the RMA. That means you have to remain the stimulus for her to respond to. Any variation on that and she’ll lose interest or a�raction. Let’s talk more about relating the elements. A rock group is composed of different members; each playing their own independent part yet all of them are working together interdependently to form a synergy called music. They each can play their own part or just start doing their own thing but it’s when the group synergizes the talents all together that there is great harmony. These are the elements. They are in a win/win relationship with each other and have to be or the musical components wouldn’t mesh together synergistically and it would sound like a train

wreck. Socially developed harmony is conscious and logical. It can be learned. Nature has interdependence and harmony through itself, well, naturally. As an independent human you have the ability to choose and learn any skillset that you could imagine (or even make up new ones). Because it is consciously developed by man, it can be learned, taught, re-taught and relearned. For example (name anything); skateboarding, video games, football, music production, cooking, carpentry, designing, surfing, flying a plane. All of these are consciously developed by man. Even within each of them there are independent elements. For construction it’s tools and the materials you’re working with. Construction, cooking, sports, teamwork, music, products, so�ware, hardware, and anything you can imagine ALL have elements that they are comprised and composed of. Most people will never realize this but when you can, it will give you an extraordinary power of awareness and ability to produce as well. Cooking is a synergy of different (food) independent elements. That’s all it is. Synergy is the positive result like a really good and delicious meal. If the ingredients (elements) are mixed together haphazardly or in the wrong proportion it isn’t very synergistic or interdependent and doesn’t yield the desired result. To be an expert at anything you basically have to be an expert at using the elements and combining them together so that they are in a win/win relationship. If you build houses, you are a master of the skillsets and components required to interdependently produce a house. If you build computers you know that everything has to be ‘just right’ or in other words; in perfect harmony with it’s surrounding and counterpart components in order for it to work properly (or synergize) into the desired result. If any of the elements drops in it’s representational independence or quality, it will affect the quality of the entire relationship. If you have built your own computer before, you were being a producer (of sorts)... you were taking different components (independent elements) and synergizing them together into one final independent piece of which you could operate interdependently (win/win) with it to achieve other tasks. Cohesive thought, writing, even business analysis...all of it is just pulling together in-

dependent components (ie. words) and using them as tools to create a greater purpose. Even a monkey can type Shakespeare if given enough time..but think about this; isn’t a best-selling novel still just a collection of words? It doesn’t even do anything until you take on a relationship with it; most likely a win/ win relationship where your investment of time can yield entertainment or an imaginative journey including emotional response on your part. If an author can create a high level interdependent experience of trading value between the reader and the book, then he or she can have a success on their hands (as long as other people are having a great experience with it as well). When you pick up a drink, you have taken on a relationship with it as well. The atoms have been arranged into a substance (ie. a bo�le) so that it can hold the synergistic requirements of that specific drink so that you can enjoy a win/win relationship with the drink itself. You name it and we can talk about it’s elements and how they have a relationship. How about photography? Digital or Film? Everything is comprised of elements (including air), EVEN THOUGHTS and thoughts are turned into actions to have some sort of affect or relationship on the world or with others. It’s all relational dynamics. Different languages have different units of phonetics, symbols or le�ers which begin to form the synthesis of communication. We already talked about your body which is comprised of countless elements and synergistic systems (to remain healthy). In fact, sickness occurs when one of the elements doesn’t uphold it’s own independent weight anymore...this then has a negative affect on the other elements within that system. For example, blood clots. There are even different kinds of music which either REQUIRE you to forcibly listen to it (stimulus-response) and there are other types that actually help empower YOU to think more in that time. You see, there really ARE different types of relationships that are going on, which are o�en hidden. For example coffeehouse or atmospheric music, even jazz. That seemingly subtle difference can make a huge difference. Especially when you consider the disempowering lyrics that are out there...I see it coming from a mile away and it hits me as I’m instant-

ly aware and I will turn off that source and prevent it’s passing influence. Different genres of music are comprised of quite o�en different tools or instruments. But entire process is the same; the synthesis of elements. Understanding relational dynamics will also help you solve relationship problems and get over loss and grievances faster (such as X-girlfriends or boyfriends). Look at stadium events like the World Cup, American football, etc.. The centerfield action or game is the stimulus and all of the people are the response in that kind of relational environment. On a side note; some people make it a dependency...their team MUST win because their entire being and emotional self is wrapped up in it. LOOK AT THE REAL RELATIONSHIPS THAT EXIST. My thoughts; don’t make it a dependency (even though there is so much emotion tied up in it). If your team loses an important event, see it for what it is; yes it might be more than a game but it’s not on a lifeline of life itself. When someone shoots a futbol player for scoring in his own goal, they were viewing the relationship as a co-dependency (we ‘need’ to win). There is a lot of emotion connotated with dependency. Words such as ‘must’ and ‘need’. Look at the love song lyrics that are out there again. I have refrained consciously from using these words (of dependency) in my life and I stop myself and rephrase the sentence to keep my own independence and relationship with everything so that I’m the powerful chooser. Why? Because I am independent and I operate only interdependently with others and other forces. I do not operate out of dependency and when others use words like that, it clues me into their character some more and is quite clear. Because you’re independent, you can differentiate yourself from any co-dependencies. You have that ability. YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH WOMEN IS never a DEPENDENCY, so don’t make it that way. When you understand your independence that means you’re not going to

hand your balls over to her on a pla�er with your words and actions. Stop yourself if you find you’re in a moment where you’re acting ‘dependent’ on her or ge�ing too excited because you’re ge�ing close to ‘lucky’ or ‘ge�ing some’. You have to remain independent and that means being in control over yourself and taking accountability for your actions. Within your independence, you no longer ‘need’ anyone. So now you can operate in a win/win relationship with them and everything else (such as society) instead of le�ing them try to make non win/win relationships with you. Other experts will look at it and not be able to differentiate ‘when’ exactly that you’re behaving a wussy or that the slight subtle shi� of power has changed but when you can see the world through relationship dynamics (your relationship to her and her power, etc.) you’ll KNOW when your independence is being violated or when you’re ‘slipping’ into social programming or giving her the undeserved (stimulus) power. If you look at people walking down a busy street during lunch hour, they are all going their independent way yet usually avoid running into each other..this isn’t an empowering (transformational) or influential level of interdependence. When you give money to buy say a magazine, that is transactional interdependence. Their relationship at that time is usually to avoid the other independent people walking around. But there are countless opportunities in life where you can start a chain of events because of your influence as a power of one. The ideal is to synergize with people by being at a transformational level of interdependence. Where you can add value to their life and vice versa. When you’re really excited about something and talking to your best friend or a friend and they’re kind of ignoring you (because they’re thinking about their independence), this isn’t real synergy. You must have their full independent a�ention at a high level in order to have real synergy. A d.j., comedian, or back in front of a large crowd is having an influence (heck, babies might get made that night because of it). Their relationship to the crowd is that of interdependence with each person (ideally called ‘synergy’) unless an independent person lowers their own independence or their opinion of the band or their relationship to the crowd. Ideally for all, it is a high level of interdependence where win/win value is exchanged

both ways. The band gets, money, fame, fulfillment, influence, power and a�ention and the audience gets more value and entertainment added to their independent life. In any environment though (especially social) there are all kinds of relationships that are going on. The influential trajectories are the hidden ‘power’ that is being exchanged all the time. To deal with the entire world, just ‘be’ independent and have N.E.O. control as in the exercises. The more you understand Relational Dynamics and the Relational Formula, the more it will sink in and then you’ll be looking at the world with eyes that see and know instead of eyes that are ignorant. Sports games are slightly different because they’re not fully there to entertain the crowd alone (they’re there to win and o�en get paid) but there is an interdependent relationship there too. ALL sports are interdependent within itself. The relationship of each player, the ball, the stadium and the crowd is all interdependent (consciously produced for a win/win relationship). The relationship of the coach in that he has power and influence over them. Everything and anything is basically comprised of the Relational Formula and you can ‘break it down’. Look at a football team or any sports team; it’s all independent players working together interdependently in relationship to an opposing team who is also working together. The greater the effectiveness of each independent player and their synergy as a team, the more they’ll win. That’s probably why Greece beat the U.S. National Basketball team..our player’s were TOO independent and cocky and just didn’t synergize ‘together’ very well. When you can understand the relational dynamics involved in anything you’ll start to see how everything fits together and you can solve problems by dealing with the root issues in the relational formula. The war in the middle East continues because one or both ‘sides’ are being less than transactional interdependent. Because they do have to ‘relate’ to each other somehow, they are a lower state of interdependent ie. a ‘win-lose’ state of interdependence in the minds of both (it’s in the book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’). They are trying to repress the independence of the other side (ie. Hezbollah vs. Israel or Allied security forces vs. insurgents). This is a coercive power-submission or winlose type of relationship.

In order for us to win, you must lose. Sports teams do this but in a healthy way because they still respect the other side off of the court. Terrorist ideology has a metaframe of win-lose or even lose-lose. Suicide bombers are lose-lose. They’ll take their own life down with the lives of others. You can find ‘relationships’ everywhere so I encourage you to see things through the eyes of the relational formula and how they relate to each other (relational dynamics). To broker peace, both sides would either have to compromise or respect each other’s independence. Unfortunately these ba�les (of winning influence) have been raging for 1,000’s of years and neither side wants to give up their own independence (rooted on their ideology). Ba�les for Independence and ba�les for power/influence have helped form much of history and geopolitics. The generic definition of physics is: The science of ma�er and energy and of interactions between the two. Remember the ‘elements’ they talked about back in high school? Without bringing that back up a�er all this, I think you get the idea. Everything has to be a part of relational dynamics or it doesn’t exist. It’s just a metaphysical re-frame and global context. Traffic itself is an interdependence. All of these independent vehicles (including airplanes) are going their own way, respecting the independent of others in order to not make a co-dependent relationship. Accidents happen because of co-dependencies, never because of interdependencies. For example the driver lowers in his/her independent competence (even for a few seconds) and/or a vehicle itself lowers in it’s independent competence by a part failing. Then this interferes with the independence of other competent drivers, throws off pure (transactional) interdependence and creates a co-dependent relationship (or TROUBLE). Think about the truth of that. And also, if a young kid just can’t drive very good, then they haven’t reach a level of independent competence (or control) where he/she should be out there on the road to have a relationship with other drivers and the road.

Here’s an interesting concept. Why on earth there are so few traffic accidents in Bangkok especially considering the level of chaos? Entire families riding on mopeds, bumper to bumper traffic and nonstop busy-ness. I call it organized chaos. If it were in NYC or in Buenos Aires or elsewhere, all kinds of accidents would be happening. It comes down to the relational formula. You are a BETTER driver if you are relationally AWARE. Aware of your own independence and your RELATIONSHIP to everything else that is going on around you (primarily the other drivers). Most accidents happen because one driver was ‘faulty’ and they dropped in their level of independent capability. I would say put fate on your side by always being independent (competent) and being quite aware of what’s going on around you. That’s why there are more accidents with some people who are on cel phones or focusing on just themselves or what went wrong at work. Relational Dynamics can save your life. It will also prevent a lot of stupid drama. When I’m approaching a door, I know how some people just kick it open so everytime I’ll approach the door from the side. I call this ‘pro-state’. It’s kept me out of a lot of trouble where other people fall into co-dependencies. And sure enough, just a while ago some guy threw open the door from the parking garage where I lived and it would have hit me on the head but I approached from the side. I always make sure there aren’t cars coming around the corner in a parking garage to prevent co-dependencies and drama. If you don’t have ‘control’, you don’t have independence in a situation and you are asking for trouble or failure. That applies to anything. If you don’t have ‘control’ of the basketball, you’re going to get walked over. Take the interdependence of driving seriously but casually...just be aware of it and don’t lower your competence. If I even have a feeling that something is going to happen bad with my car I will separate myself (in relationship) to other vehicles so that I have some room for error and this actually saved me from bigger drama once. I spun out at 76 mph because the rear right tire somehow exploded (vehicular lowering of independent competence or loss of control) but fortunately (as always) I remained at a superhigh level of independent competence myself in order to be able to handle the

situation to the best possible conclusion. Most people in that situation would probably ‘respond’ dramatically to the situation and lower their own independent competence to make the situation worse but not me; I remained the independent stimulus in thought so I could still work with the situation effectively as possible. Fortunately the closest car was 1/3 mile behind me a�er I parked on the side of the ditch to inspect. Point is; awareness and following closely to relational dynamics and being independent at all times has already saved countless people’s lives. Ie. Firemen who are independent/competent who know how to act because they know their relationship to fire, parachutists know their relationship with their parachute, a relationally aware person doesn’t follow the crowd in a club fire but finds the alternate escape route, etc. Even Jason Bourne who will quickly grab a tool is creating a win/win relationship (in his reality) because he is fully independent and instantly can assess and know his RELATIONSHIP to his environment and surroundings. Most people don’t have a clue and it puts them in potential trouble especially when they ‘respond’ (and lower their independence) or ‘follow the crowd’. BE independent at all times and it will allow you to handle crises as calm and clear as possible, using your clear awareness and relationship to your surroundings. If you’re stuck in a disempowered, ‘responsive’ state of mind there is going to be more bad drama in your life. Use relational mapping to differentiate yourself and you will see the world differently and live with a lot less drama. They key to mastering yourself is not just within yourself but it’s really about understanding your RELATIONSHIP to everything else and the powers of influence. You are ultimately an independent person (officially actually once you reached the age of 18). Notice again that in the military, people under the age of 18 are called ‘dependents’. The ideal way you should habitually operate DAILY with everyone and everything around you is ONLY interdependently. That is in win-win relationships. That is what powerful and influential people and businesses do. Co-dependent and blameful/pass-the-buck type of relationships (of all kinds) will fail because they lower the independence of one or more parties and they drain the energy

Take accountability for yourself and your actions. It’s pathetic how much ‘pass the buck’ mentality exists. Part of the justice system makes me sick too; I’m not even going into that right now but involves relational dynamics and karma. Understanding relational dynamics will also save you from financial loss and destruction. My father has chosen bad business partners in the past. If you can simply and clearly know to Never work with anyone who isn’t fully independent/competent themselves (or proven) you will save yourself from drama or destruction. You MUST hold your own independence. You cannot fully ‘trust’ others...what I’m saying is..always make sure you have a back-up plan and can confide in yourself. Even your best friends will fail you. But if you can’t trust yourself or hold your own commitments (and you can see that in other people) how on earth are you going to be able to trust ANYONE’ll ‘hope’ that they pull their end through because you can’t! I can see red flags sometimes the INSTANT I meet someone. If you’re not ‘aware’ of these signs (and they are o�en quite small), then extrapolate that person’s action into the future and you’ve got a pa�ern of destructiveness and untrustworthiness. If someone talks about someone behind their back to can be assured they’re doing the same thing to you. I am independent so I won’t put other people down and rarely talk behind their backs and even then I balance it out by saying something good about them. This is Karma. The Golden Rule. I think it boils down to this; the people are each independent and aware of themselves and they are also aware of (and have respect for) other people. It’s this respectful independent (one) and interdependent (relationship to all others) value that prevents accidents from happening too o�en. So for your empowerment, your true independent self is unlimited as it can continue to grow and improve in what you represent and in the value that you can bring and exchange with others. Remember and ‘be’ as one with yourself. Don’t be a social byproduct without full control, you ARE independent. This can be clearly done to give you more power and control than EVER through the video relational mapping exercise.

Socialistic systems were put in place to put more focus on the communal good instead of the individual. You don’t have to live under that oppression because ironically the social matrix is almost more socialistic in it’s influence than actual socialistic systems because they’re not held back or coerced into becoming someone they’re not sure about that they can’t even see. If a friend says he’ll call you back and doesn’t, that’s ok. Don’t hold it against him. It’s not a dependency. Friends will let you down sometimes in big ways when you thought you could count on them. Think of a time this has happened. I had a friend who said he would meet me in Miami but he cancelled it and I was stuck by myself that weekend but it didn’t ma�er; R.D. I was independent as well back then so I didn’t let it affect me beyond that. The point is you can’t really depend on anyone and most people can’t even depend (or trust) on themselves. That’s why as an independent man it’s important that you have the utmost integrity to doing what you say you do. This is also why I’m VERY wary when other people to ask me to make commitments. Truth is, I only make 2 or 3 real ‘commitments’ (of new habits) per year and it’s even hard to keep them. If you know you’re not independently 100% ‘GO’ on a certain decision that someone is forcing you into, take time out to go over it with yourself so you can make a solid yes or no decision by looking at all the relational elements involved and seeing if it represents your ideals or where you’re going. I remember voting against my entire LC (local commi�ee) in Washington at a conference because I felt the other National candidate more represented my ideals (more interdependent actually). I defied the peer pressure of that immediate social group and they thought I was joking but I stuck to my guns anyways. They voted for the other candidate because it was majority ruled to get our one vote as an LC. It takes strength and your newfound independence will be tested quite a bit but you don’t have to fold under any pressure if you know where you stand. I was on a plane to Germany from Detroit and there was this really frustrated man who was cussing and swearing. He was a seat next to me. What did I do? It didn’t bother me one iota. I remained fully Independent and my heart didn’t skip a beat. I didn’t ‘cave in’ to a response of his stimulus environment; he would have had the power then. I would say 99% of people would have been ‘affected’ by a situation like that.

He kept ranting and raving for quite a while but I retained complete independent composure and did my thing; flipping through a magazine or whatever. My energy remained high in character. Don’t give your power up for anyone and go through the video exercises to be that high in character. Throughout the rest of the program you’ll be�er understand the relational formula itself. Remember though that it is the Root of Relational Dynamics: Dependence - Independence - Interdependence Notes: Action step: Be conscious everytime you use dependent-oriented words and rephrase the sentence until you are consciously always being interdependent with everything around you. Relational dynamics will allow you to spot weaknesses in people, friends and especially potential relationships. Remember that things should remain win/win (pure interdependence), otherwise someone is taking advantage of someone else. Listening to their words you’ll be able to understand their thought pa�ern and how they relate to others. If a friend is saying, “but this certain girl makes me feel this way”. You’ll know that, no she doesn’ let her ‘make you’ feel that way. Remember that as a man, you’re the response. So you’ll be able to point out co-dependencies and you can offer to help your colleagues by giving advice that works (R.D.) and they’ll ‘owe you one’. Nothing is a dependency as an adult (until you have kids). The more alpha you are, the more traditional of a woman you should end up with. That is, if you want it to actually last. You’ll find that she’ll empower you with her energy, humbleness and support instead of nagging, challenging and questioning you. Seems like a miracle to those who’ve been in marriages with independent women?’s how families stuck together throughout history (and still do around the world). The answer for my own father is a very traditional woman but he still gets distracted when he sees a screwed up woman with blonde hair and big boobs with all kinds of demands and expectations. I’ve told him. If you don’t get relational dynamics, you’ll forever be confused by how ‘hot’ this woman is (and your physiological response of I don’t deserve she can have any man) vs. how much ho�er another one is and how ‘unsure’ of yourself you feel.

A woman’s body and sexual nature (not social) is something to celebrate and edify, NOT be scared of so understand your relationship to that (throughout this program). You can have higher social status by giving more value (to influential people)

Chapter 4 Elements of Life
There ARE definitions and there ARE elements involved in every situation, relationship, material or product. We don’t have to look at the periodic table of elements to understand this (thank goodness, right?!) If you can understand your relationship to the elemental influencing forces and (closer to) everything around you, you will be able to be empowered with LEVERAGE and you will be able to keep your energy centered like never before. You will be much more capable as a person. You will have the clarity of a monk (who is consequently surrounded by simpler elements). Alpha R.D. deals with understanding your relationship to the highly developed technology and constructs of our modern world (social and nurture based). I know that there are people out there in the world that would pay me more than a million dollars for the exclusive rights to this level of information. Apply Relational Dynamics, Problem solving becomes easier, making judgments and decisions which fall in line with your destiny become second-hand. You will be able to live life at a full pace yet still be making most of the right decisions and saving yourself from boatloads of turmoil just by understanding the elements and seeing when other people don’t fall in line. Physics, geography, psychology, sociology and metaphysics are very practical fields of study. Everything deals with the relationship of different elements or independent variables. Side note: I hated geography in my ‘schooling’ (which consequently punishes you instead of rewards you for how well you perform AND doesn’t teach you the most important things like money and success with women!). Now, I know that geography is one of the most important and practical things. It’s INSTANT rapport with countless women that I’ve had. I’ve learned that REAL educa-

tion comes from the streets or actual life itself. ‘Commencement’ ceremonies mean ‘the beginning’ or ‘continuance’. So I’m proud of you for actually CONTINUING to learn here. Looking at the relational formula, things essentially are simple. You can even break it down into individual atoms (now they are saying there are elements smaller than these). These are the basic elements themselves. Your entire body is constructed of independent elements that operate interdependently with each other to form systems such as your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system, your muscular system, etc.. You could study this for years as many have (such as Doctors) and still not clearly understand the simplest root of it all: relational dynamics and how EACH of the independent parts relate to each other. Hopefully with that amount of education they would realize that (and they do) but looking at the ‘big picture’ from the outset of anything is a key into wisdom. And when you know that everything IS and MUST be related to each other somehow, life and it’s elements will become much more clear. So much so that even a child could understand if taught. Your body itself is a living miracle. THIS is the power of interdependence. Each person is special, wonderful and unique in that they are each a miracle. There is also no limit to the level of personal (inner) and social development that they can reach in life. I have 6 foster kids in developing countries around the world. They are natural. In fact people in 3rd world countries have an advantage to those in just has to be acknowledge and recognized. I hope you can see and feel it. For example, real African people (from many countries) are some of the friendliest and obviously ‘down to earth’ people you will EVER meet. So much of the ‘natural’ game of natural success with women is really just clearing away the clu�er of social (b.s.) influence and it’s effect on your life. You should and must be able to differentiate it’s specific influence before you can really progress forward or you will continue to be ignorant or blindsided. The mating game itself is a natural process and completely biological. Anything that gets in the way can be generically considered as social influence.

Women’s current disability to ‘respond’ and play the mating dance of ‘flirtational’ response (NOT prickteasing), showcases the current state of relationships. Lessened is the ability of men to differentiate the truth from social distortion and programming. It’s up to you to KNOW the natural/sexual/biological truth within women. Their inherent BIOLOGY says that they ARE a woman. And you are a MAN. There are certain advantages with each but know that a�raction and sex itself is that the male is the stimulus and the female is the response. How? Because NATURALLY she has to APPROVE of him BEFORE she ‘opens up’ to him. She has to be a�racted to him enough and trust him to be a strong and able (alpha) male to provide the best chance of survival for their offspring. Your own biological character is important and powerful. The biology within you represents the male species throughout the animal kingdom. You’re at the TOP of the food chain and it’s up to you to embrace that power that is greater than your own ‘personality’ and ‘interests’. This is your natural character; it’s a STRONG and essential part of the circle of life. It’s an element of life and you can harness that leverage representationally in your own character as just 1 of the 3 characteristics you provide to women. Automobiles, airplanes, transportation, music, food are ALL composed of independent elements that operate independently with each other. There is leverage between the elements that will o�en create energy or movement. Conscious awareness is not some freaky thing. If you’re a part of a social culture that is just shoving all kinds of messages at you and have no control over the filtering process you’re going to be a wreck. You’ll be a complete program. It’s ok to be influenced. I am saying and recommending that you keep the full ‘awareness power’ for yourself. This means consciously choosing and making decisions on what things you like and don’t like. If you don’t differentiate or separate yourself from it, you’re STILL a part of it. Awareness and clarity of the problem in the first place is the first step. So gain cognition of YOUR natural character and inheritant birthright of power; it’s what women respond to so just reach to that part of them. That is biology that is life; it’s greater than ANY level of social or ‘inner’ develop upon their characteristics. Female biological/natural inheritance represents a RESPONSE to

man in which she has to approve of him first. He must be strong. Differentiate this from her social and inner and you’ll be a modern day Alpha; a KING. Notes: If there are women (or lesbians) reading this part of it or just wanting more power and to ‘further’ themselves socially that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with women who are already interested in that taking that lead (interdependence) but just know that I (or most of my students in their right minds) wouldn’t and couldn’t hold a serious relationship with you (romantically or commitment-ally). I’ve been saying this for a long time. Natural character is the real richness. Social Matrix is over-rated. Why? Because there is unlimited depth, character and purity in natural character. Don’t find sources alone that just kinda take you away...go to the root. Power of One - hans zimmer The most BEAUTIFUL PART? NONE OF IT IS ACTING. ALL OF SOCIAL IS ‘ACTING’ because it’s conscious and logical Henry David Thoreau spent a lot of time in nature. I’m the type of person that it’s more of a challenge to synergize with nature (in nature) because I view it objectively and relate it’s components together, etc. It would take some time to really ‘feel’ nature and get back down to your natural roots without interference of consciously developed thought. THE social matrix and influence is SO strong...that if YOU can get ‘on top’ of it or ‘aside of it’ and put it into it’s lockbox where it belongs so you will have so much damn power like you were supposed to. I want you to get to a point where you can recognize all of the forces that are trying to influence your behaviour and instead of automatically becoming a ‘response’ to that stimuli, I want you to have awareness and complete self-control over your life to generally say; “I know exactly what’s happening here and I can see the TRUTH. I can see it for what it really is and I am the only one who can make a decision whether I’m going to let that

Chapter 5 Circle of Life
In order to differentiate and see clearly that which exists now, we have to look clearly at the roots in order to grasp the pure representation of what each element means (more on that in order chapters), but here I want to look at the animal kingdom and nature. “There exists a delicate balance..” -LionKing Watch ‘The LionKing’ and you will get a nice big picture view of the Animal Kingdom, especially in the opening sequence. When you look purely at nature and the animal kingdom, it is clearer to see the circle of life. Everything is interconnected to each other yet in a natural hierarchy. And guess who is at top? Yes, humans (because of our ability to leverage tools or weapons) but not just that, MEN more specifically. That is what you are biologically rooted to no MATTER the level of social status or exploitation any woman has, she cannot procreate without you (per se). You are man and represent man. You represent about 49% of the world’s population. The rest are females or women (with a few thrown in who are confused or have switched sides). In the circle of life, plants are eaten by small animals who are eaten by large animals who are eaten by larger animals who decompose and fertilize back into the earth to grow plants again. That’s a simple way to put it. I don’t have time to go into the relationship of what species eats another species (find out from scientists or Discovery Channel), just as long as you get the idea. In nature, there is a natural and sustainable way of life. Animals of all kinds know how to eat, meet, mate and reproduce while naturally or instinctively understanding their relationship to the environment and other animals they are around. They gener-

ally know their place in the circle of life and do what it takes to survive and replicate. It’s not the lot in life for men to be ‘below’ women or in servitude to them. Here would be the point where I mention that animals are not foolish to let anything (such as added value or female exploitation) get in the way of the mating process. They remain natural and while some may argue that the Beta males of a social group ‘aren’t ge�ing any’ when applied to humans. My response to that is, what are they doing in a social group that would repress their own natural instincts? All males can and deserve to mate (with desirable females) if they claim that right. Why not leave and either start your own group or do whatever you want? It’s uniquely human to be able to ‘go alpha’ because the world is wide open and you don’t have to partake in a closed social group where some meathead is being selfish. I talk about this on my forums: h�p:// Anyways, nature isn’t always kind-hearted. Only alpha members within any distinct social group have any kind of leisure and servitude. For example, the female lioness does the hunting and brings the food back to the lead male who eats first. The circle itself though is more like a great co-dependency because animals will fight each other for survival rights, but many learn how to survive in a balanced relationship without too many going extinct within a short timespan. There is a lot to be learned from nature itself and the animal kingdom. Primarily about our own natural character. You can learn a li�le bit about social behavior as Jane Goodall was studying gorillas in Africa but primarily it’s the natural characteristics we can learn or remind ourselves of (such as reproduction). What may ma�er the most (drawing from the animal kingdom) is fearlessness and courage, the ability to reproduce, live and procreate with fear (not le�ing ANYTHING get in the way of nature). This is all natural character. Shamelessness is another feature amongst most species of animals. Animals don’t consciously commit suicide either and as far as I know only a few species kill for the sake of killing (except for food) unless challenged. Let me briefly mention ‘Nature’ vs. ‘Nurture’ To put it briefly, you’ll find that my training here categorizes ‘Inner’ and ‘Social’ Character quite clearly as ‘Nurture’. Don’t worry about the rest of what it means as we’ll

get to it, but can you see how I’ve categorized it? The female (and male) ‘natural’ or biological character I’m just clarifying and differentiating as ‘nature’. Everything else as ‘Nurture’ as is defined within the 3 primary representational characteristics.

I am basically ‘proposing’ that it can be clearly differentiated from our other ‘root’ characteristics. Though some would debate that our ‘Nature’ influences our behavior such as in studies of twins who never met each other where they ‘behave’ a similar way (which could be construed as ‘Inner’ Character), I am looking at ‘nature’ as our pure biological inheritance itself; as men (and of women). You were born a dependent yet essentially fearless (except for fear of loud noises) and with the eventual ability to externally procreate. All other fear has been conditioned into you (“don’t run into the street” “No.”..) The female biological difference is primarily that of the internal reproducer...such is throughout most all of the animal kingdom.

We can look at the ‘nurture’ traits in comparison to the ‘natural’ traits. The ‘nurture’ traits essentially define who we are as unique individuals and what we represent. These experiences of growing up impress upon us new ideas, ideologies and behaviors that we use to further define who we are. Essentially much of our Social influence has represseed our natural character as men. Our biology is there and confused by the amount of social and environmental variables that are now in play. It’s amplifying our natural desire and also keeping it just out of reach in a way (environmental sexploitation). So just be aware of the ‘nature’ vs. ‘nurture’ issue. Your hope and true power lies in the fact of a simple differentiation and trusting in that throughout this program. Fortunately it CAN be differentiated on the most sweeping and important terms (and besides, if you’re behaving ‘uniquely’ similar to your lost twin, that can now be defined as an ‘Inner’ trait). You’re a male, she is a female and we’ll talk more about this later and in helping you overcome the power game. To look at your ‘natural character’ some more, reference the recent Details Power Issue where ‘sperm’ is on the power list. The sperm have their mission whether it be known to you or not. They are driving a force of powerful influence (that society exploits). This is your biology that is powerful. All men share the same feature; it’s a power that is greater than you. You represent that so I recommend you take control over it some more by knowing where this exploitation stands so that you only have win/win relationships with it and stop feeling ‘repressed’ by it. If you can, take care of the root ‘behavioristic’ first and foremost because that’s what a�racts them anyways. Everything else is a waste of time if you find yourself questioning what to do when you’re in bed with a woman. And I’m not talking about ‘skill’. Sex is natural and everyone was born to instinctively know how to do it. My natural character (and that of other Alpha’s) is so strong that it literally ‘takes over’ and makes sure that the seed is sown. Because I can differentiate it, I am aware that it IS physiological and separate from my logic. The same with women but on a greater scale in a way. What’s it like? It’s like an irrepressible force of lust that is driving me forward and

wanting to leap outside of my body. This biological ‘Alpha’ energy is strong and knows what to do. Remember that man is the stimulus? Well, women are the response. They don’t have this energy that wants to leap outside of their body. They have a force of lust that wants to be taken over in their body. They want to be swept away on the inside. They are the internal reproducers. They’re desire is different. Making out and heating them up opens them more to the emotional idea of their body ‘taking’ in the energy/ seed of a man. They’re desire and feelings of lust don’t leap outside of themselves like in men. Instead, when ready the ‘flower will open it’s petals up to you’. It’s important to understand that distinction (in ge�ing over your conditioned ignorance). Anyways, High School is a perfect example of a social hierarchy and there are always a few alpha males at the top. If you decide to define yourself within that social subculture (not necessary for subsistence anymore), and you’re lower on the scale you’ll feel like crap. You can make your own social subculture if you want and be the ‘alpha’ of that group in which most of the women will be a�racted to you for their desire to be connected with a high status male. The point is you’re not restricted anymore in today’s society especially when you isolate ‘society’ and ‘other people’ as elements outside of your own powerful independence. The world is your backyard. You can just ‘be’ an alpha male and people of all different kinds of groups will notice it without you having to hold roots down or win social approval within different subcultures (social/tribal groups). Perhaps more important than not being restricted to evolutionary thinking where humans are ‘pack animals’, free your mind and realize your own independence. You CAN subsist and survive on your own and you can add value to social groups without being pigeonholed or repressed by them. Social tribes are not required for subsistence anymore, you can take care of yourself. Use social groups or subcultures to your advantage by adding value to them and they’ll add value back. Humans alone have the potential to go way beyond subsistence and just ‘surviving’. And with half of the world being female, you have a LOT of options.

I really encourage you to get into the LionKing and see it like you’ve never seen it before. Look at it as a pure analogy for taking back your power and finding your place in the Circle of Life. You are at the top of your own lifestyle. You have inherited the place as man, at the top of the food chain. Keep working on clarifying your destiny if you don’t know it yet but keep growing in your natural character. A�er all, it’s what women respect and it’s what women respond to. You owe it to yourself and to them. It is ESSENTIAL that you are able to differentiate your natural character from your inner and social character. Study the Character Continuum to understand it more and ground yourself in natural/alpha character of masculine and feminine (to understand what it’s supposed to be like). Your natural energy CAN be differentiated or isolated. Become aware of it and grow in natural character by applying R.D. dynamics. Your natural character will grow immensely when we can clear away the clu�er of repression that is on top of it; then your natural character can rise back to where it’s supposed to be just by understanding R.D. Apply the other exercises as well to continue to grow in character. Do things that will allow you to tap into and be aware of your strong Alpha/natural energy. You do have this biological part of you just as do all male animals. Isolate it from social character and influence as well as your ‘inner’ game and you will be set free. Notes: “A bird will fall dead from a bough, without ever feeling sorry for itself.” -Poetry in G.I. Jane You can even draw influence from different animals such as the independent and highsoaring bald eagle. Dogs are pack animals. People have said that humans are also pack animals. I would challenge that assumption. We have the full ability to survive by ourselves and differentiate ourselves from social society or culture. We have that full natural ability and can survive in doing so. Only those people that are co-dependent on others wouldn’t be able to survive. Differentiate each element of what’s going on here instead of just being a conditioned response because you see tits and ass.

Chapter 6 Purpose of Life
So what do you think it is? I think it is not just to go through our biological directive of living, eating, sleeping and reproducing. I think it’s to add value to the lives of others. This doesn’t mean oppressing them or coercing them, it means to live interdependently and harmoniously. To give value and also take value. To contribute to improve the quality (mental, financial and well-being) in the lives of others. As a fully independent man who keeps his power for himself, you’ll be able to do so. When it comes to your dating lifestyle (if you so choose) it’s to add value to the lives of each and every woman who you are with by celebrating her natural character. It’s about le�ing her have an unforge�able physiological experience from your level of high character (the equivalent of you sleeping with a really beautiful woman). How does it fit into Relational Dynamics? Well, you could say the purpose of life is to create synergy (the highest form of win/win interdependence). And only the most independent and capable people can create synergy and consistently. You can become so independent and knowledgeable that everything you touches literally turns to gold. This is because you apply relational dynamics and you can learn any new skill quickly and know how to fix problems, create synergy and add value. When you ‘add value’ to other people’s lives they will reward you for it. O�en with money. So seek out DAILY places that you can add value to other people’s lives. See the world through new eyes (that of freedom) and approaching women will be a joy because nothing can harm you. Only the purely independent can consistently be interdependent. Be a force of influence. Be a CAUSE and not a coerced effect in life. If you are in a transactionally interdependent situation with your workplace, the ideal would be to free yourself from the co-dependency of it and being reliant on finances. Make sure to read that Chapter but you would ideally be freed from it. Yes you may find yourself being a ‘leader’ by ‘stepping up’ but that’s what women admire anyways. Especially when you are congruent and consistent in your high level of character you won’t have to have the words to say or worry about what might happen

next, she’ll HELP YOU take things to the next level because your work was already done; you ARE what women want. Rich Dad’s formula for becoming a billionaire is “Give more and more value to more and more people.” Find ways to do that in full effect and you’ll be a billionaire and feel like it on the inside as well. It’s all ‘adding value’ which is an interdependent win/ win relationship between you and other people. So in choosing your own destiny or purpose in life (if it’s not yet clear), try to align it to one that adds value to other people’s lives and you’ll get a lot more leveraged return on your investment. With all the philosophies out there, I recommend that you (like I) take from them as if it’s a smorgasbord in front of you. I agree with Ayn Rand’s rugged individualism but unlike her, I think that there are Relational Elements involved such as the Golden Rule, and giving back to the world. Keep on learning as life gets more interesting as you go.

Chapter 7 Balance
Some people will disagree with me but I say that you ARE at the center of your universe. In fact you must be or you would just be an inconsequential speck of dust. If you can find your place in the circle of life and live as an honorable, respectable Alpha male who gives value, you will be near the top; much more than a speck of dust in relationship to the world. You can take the best of all kinds of philosophical influences to shape your life. You could find natural energy within zen buddhism for example but also take advantage of Capitalism to give more value to more and more people. It’s up to you to balance your life. You have the power to make your decisions and choose your influences. The world will keep spinning and others will say that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Right, it doesn’t; the earth will continue to revolve independently of even the most powerful human beings in history. Just know that you are important and that you ARE independent yourself and can have a valuable win/win exchange with the rest of the world. You are a unique miracle in your own right and that’s before your potential for self-actualization and value contribution. Understanding your relationship to other powers of influence and taking full responsibility for your own independence is essential. You can view the world and other forces of influence as things beyond your power or you can take control of what you do have accountability for; yourself. So, I encourage you to keep power for yourself by choosing it. Accept it and embrace it. It will come much easier when you have removed the clu�er that has oppressed your natural character. Being alpha means not being overwhelmed at the scope of the world or even being in the middle of a large crowd. You STILL know your place as a man. Independent and unique from all of the rest. I also encourage you to live your life in balance. Yin & yang. The chinese symbols of balance. Equal and opposite energies that co-exist in a relational balance When you are cognitive of the elements and influences you have let in your life or that exist, you can put them into the place where they belong. Without talking too much about balancing your life (because it’s a whole different business/life topic), I just want to say

that you’ll get a lot more out of life. I have a balance of straightforward confidence bordering on outright cockiness at times yet it is balanced out by my humility as well. Being a leader and alpha male means respecting the balance of nature and harmony but you aren’t afraid to stand up for your rights or the rights of others when they are violated. Personally, I try to never say anything into the atmosphere that is just asking for a retribution because I feel that opposite may come and find me. I am careful that the words I say don’t violate universal principles or ask something bad to happen. Be a positive force of influence by being the stimulus/control who HAS control over himself and relishes it. By taking conscious control and seeing how much influence other sources have had on you, you’ll be able to more easily balance life out in your favor and spend time on things which add value to your life or others instead of programmed/mind-numbing experiences (such as t.v.). When it comes to women, they obviously are the satellites in your magnetic orbit. They come back like boomerangs in your Umlau�ahn (orbit) because they are a�racted to YOU. This is the only way it works (looks at women’s actions in relationships that have started) despite how much society promotes that women are the sun and you are in orbit around them. Don’t allow women become the stimulus when it comes to a�raction and dating because it’s not what they want either (despite their social conditioning). You really should be yourself and let your true colors shine. You MAY find (some of you will) that these women you over-rated for YEARS have li�le to offer you and that your own development is MUCH more important so that you may not want to waste anymore time with these women. Aligning yourself to a screwed up reality like other guru’s are teaching isn’t the right answer (Style admits it himself in his own way in ‘The Game’). You are what ma�ers in the game of a�raction because if you don’t have the character in the first place, it’s a huge struggle against leveraged forces that aren’t in your favor. You know that you HAVE TO BE the stimulus in dating and mating otherwise her attraction and interest will fade. Knowing that alone should allow you to keep your own high character and centered energy as the stimulus. Doing so finally gives her room to respond so she can be a satellite in your orbit. You know the biological truth and reality of a�raction (you are the stimulus) so live by the truth and don’t be blinded anymore by the coercive yet invisible repressing forces that have brainwashed you.

KEY: THE SOCIAL INFLUENCE ISN’T WHAT WOMEN WANT EITHER WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE AND ATTRACTION. IT’S UP TO YOU TO SAVE THE DAY BY LIVING THE TRUTH. DON’T EDIFY OR ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR SOCIAL CHARACTER’S PLACE ABOVE YOU BECAUSE IT ISN’T. Even if the rest of your life isn’t perfect or together yet (even financially) don’t let that be a hindering co-dependency that would stop you from living the lifestyle you want with women. So be independent and operate interdependently with women by giving them room to respond to you. They are ‘real’ just like you. You don’t have to let your focus on women overtake the balance in your life. Let it just be a part of it because you do have other things going on (women are not enough) because you are Alpha. Make them satellites in your orbit as well as the other things you have going on and don’t let their immediate objection to this idea throw you off because it’s the only way they respond and stay with a man. Women themselves are confused because society is promoting them to be the opposite of their natural desires but you understand this. They DO want a man who knows what he wants and where he’s going and you are that man. Hey, you’re a man and with that comes certain rights, powers and responsibilities so you may as well take advantage of it to give women what they want; a REAL MAN! Living a life that is balanced is something that you can start with today but you’re going to consciously have to take control and put things into their proper place. With R.D. we’re re-balancing you to the real truth. As an individual at this point, you have a choice to make. Are you going to continue to let other sources of influence tell you how to live your life or are you going to consciously take ABSOLUTE control over your life? The people who make a difference in the world are ones who add or contribute value to other people’s lives. That’s it. It’s that simple. A decade ago I made a personal commitment to continuously improving myself and to generally live by universal principles. I’ve only maybe read the book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ only twice or so but the influence I allowed it to have on me was enormous. To allow myself to ‘see the world’ through new eyes I adopted looking at things as universally as possible.

I have done this for about a decade and even have ta�oos to represent the importance and influence of universal principles. It was through consistently experiencing and seeing the world first-hand AND objectively that allowed me to reach this level of awareness, power, and understanding. Yes there are purely natural people and there are also extremely socially defined people. For you, most likely, life requires a BALANCE of those a�ributes. And perhaps you have searched for years to try and figure things out. The fact that you are searching and going down a path of self-discovery is to be admired. So few people do that in a consumerist society of overkill. Yes a lot of my influence is strongly Eastern (and there is even more for me and you to discover there). In a sense it helps balance out the Western in me. I am unique. You are unique. If you can consciously CHOOSE the forces that you would like to influence you, your power as a person will immensely grow. In fact, you will become the Stimulus instead of the Response. Stick around for a few years and I’ll be talking more about living balance in life.

Chapter 8 Golden Rule & Karma
Just a quick chapter on ‘The Golden Rule’ and Karma. This basically represents respect. “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.” Relationally speaking, it means (ideally) a positive, value-adding influence to others lives. Do good unto others and add value to their lives and they’ll do good unto you (stimulus-response). If everyone lived the Golden Rule of living independently with interdependent win/ win respect for others then there would hardly be any problems in the world. However just case-in-point. Terrorists who violate universal principles by lessening other people’s independence through oppression and fear are still living a version of the Golden Rule (it’s how they’re being ASKED to be treated through their actions) because someone is going to send something near that level of energy back at them at some point in time. Align yourself with universal principles, relational dynamics and have respect for yourself first and then live your life by respecting other people and doing unto them as you would have done unto yourself. Because it all starts with the power of one and if each person lived by the positive golden rule, we’d all be fine. Those that don’t respect others and try to influence them through oppression are violating the formula..they are asking for that karma of negative energy to come back at them. Karma is similar to the golden rule. It’s about the energy, actions and effect you put out into the world or to influence other people. It’s also an awareness of that energy that will come back to you based on what you put out. In other words, the more value you give to other people, the more value they’ll give back to you. The more harm you do, the more harm that will come back to you.

Karma: Hinduism “The total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person’s existence, regarded as determining the person’s destiny.” - Wikipedia So if you act with honest and value-adding intentions throughout your life, that energy should come back to you. If you really want to see it in effect, follow the relational formula by living pure, respectful value-filled influence to a massive number of people and you will be richly rewarded. In light of Relational Dynamics itself, it’s the ideal of utmost independence in yourself and utmost win/win interdependence in dealing with others essentially. Living your life to the fullest but always treating others with respect and the independence that you expect (and are) yourself. The only thing that would existentially incur you to even think of doing harm to others is negative social programming or influence but you can overcome that by aligning with your true natural (positive) self. -Relational Dynamics IS representative of the (closest thing to) truth. I suggest to align yourself with the truth because that is unfound power that you can harness to overcome all fear and incongruencies.

Chapter 9 Power of Influence & Causality
h�p:// “A power affecting a person, thing, or course of events, especially one that operates without any direct or apparent effort” This topic is so huge in itself that this book itself is about understanding influence and gaining control over your life and to effect upon others such as women. This topic is dispersed throughout this ebook. Make sure you read the Chapter on Chaos Theory/Bu�erfly Effect because it goes hand in hand with influence. Influence is the one great invisible force of effect in life. And if you don’t change your actions, you’re going to continue down the same path. Here I want to make you aware how important this concept is because as it applies to your lifestyle and RIGHT NOW, you’ll be able to be a more powerful person who is realizing his dreams (instead of being ignorant). Look at the Back to the Future trilogy and how powerful the moment is where Biff goes back to the car to pick up the Almanac (in Part II) for example. The point is, the smallest actions can lead to amazingly HUGE ramifications in the future. You’re influencing your future RIGHT NOW. It is being wri�en. One way of looking at influence is called Causality. Here is the definition from

Causality: The philosophical concept of causality, the principles of causes, or causation, the working of causes, refers to the set of all particular “causal” or “cause-and-effect” relations...

Causality is the centerpiece of the universe and so the main subject of human knowledge; for comprehending the nature, meaning, kinds, varieties, and ordering of cause and effect amounts to knowing the beginnings and endings of things, to uncovering the implicit mechanisms of world dynamics, or to having the fundamental scientific knowledge.

In natural languages, causal relationships can be expressed by the following causative expressions: i) a set of causative verbs [cause, make, create, do, effect, produce, occasion, perform, determine, influence; construct, compose, constitute; provoke, motivate, force, facilitate, induce, get, stimulate; begin, commence, initiate, institute, originate, start; prevent, keep, restrain, preclude, forbid, stop, cease]; ii) a set of causative names [actor, agent, author, creator, designer, former, producer, originator; antecedent, causality, causation, condition, fountain, occasion, origin, power, precedent, reason, source, spring; reason, grounds, motive, need, impulse]; iii) a set of effective names [consequence, creation, development, effect, end, event, fruit, impact, influence, issue, outcome, outgrowth, product, result, upshot]. In other words, being a ‘causer’ you are in effect having an influence in life or other people around you. By consciously choosing your actions you can cause a certain effect to happen to influence the overall outcome that you desire and the direction you’re going. Another way of seeing it is that people who have power and influence apply causality to have a (hopefully positive) effect on other people. Or, if you want to have power, you ‘cause’ or influence the effect upon others that you desire. That’s what powerful people do. When you can influence others you have power. The more you can influence, the more power you have. I want you to remember that you can harness power by influencing people (through adding value in interdependent relationships) but let’s look at the bigger picture of influence itself.

When looking at the 3 characteristics in men or women; Nurture (Inner and Social character) is rooted in causality (and actually Nature itself is procreated through ancestral seedlines based on Causality).

Yes, you have your own thoughts but you’re mostly le� to sort through all of the messages that are coming down upon you to determine who you are. That’s why people have a hard time finding grounding, have mid-life crises and can’t find out who they are; they don’t differentiate themselves from those forces of influence and spend more time alone. The messages keep coming non-stop. Powerful people are independent and exercise influence. People before you have helped forge and influence your own beliefs through this great chaotic network of causality throughout history. Influence is how all of the elements sway, determine or have an effect on each other. Examples of Causality (and thus, influence)? Birth, death, life, suicide, homicide, war, history, sex, power, money, thoughts, actions, habits, lifestyles, economy, family, behavior, sales, social status and the future. All of it is rooted in influence. All independent elements relate to each other somehow (otherwise they are just sepa-

rate independent elements that never come in contact). When one of the (independent) elements (such as you) has an effect on another, this is influence (or one of the other causative verbs). If you want to be an ‘effective’ person, you would be a person of power and influence that gets the outcome he wants. Think of every minute as a clean slate of potential change for the future. Since we are all connected in some way, everything that happens is somehow dependent on influence and history to determine the future. When you consider all of the variables interacting with each other each second to determine the future, it absolutely looks like ‘chaos’ theory. Your cognition of this will help you understand life, influence and power and your ability to harness it for yourself. It would be impossible for anything to not be a part of the relational formula (or dynamics), therein lies it’s unlimited power. Just so you one taught me this; I figured it out on my own through my own observations and insight into life. To understand influence more at it’s root we have to look at the Relational Formula itself. Dependence - Independence - Interdependence Anything that ever happens in nature, history, socially, or culturally can be rooted in influence. Influence also means change. The elements are moving and either adding from or taking away from someone else’s independence. Influence through the eyes of time (my version of chaos theory) can lead to a chain reaction of other ‘influential’ or impactful events. A man can independently get on the subway in NYC, bump into a lady who spills her coffee which reminds a passerby of some old event who later tells a story which reminds another person to get in touch with someone else and that person decides to buy a plane ticket from a travel agent who now made her quota who ends up ge�ing pregnant that night because she was delighted. That specific baby ends up being the President of a University. I made that example up but that just gives you an idea of the enormous power of influence and how we are all a part of the relational formula. That should give you an idea of the power of each moment and how you can influence or ‘effect’ your future. The more hardcore action you to take in the direction you want to go, the much more likely you’re going to get there. Action itself is causative, that’s why it’s important to take action on these exercises to influence your outcome.

You ARE who you are today because of influence. Beyond your natural/primitive/biological character is something called ‘nurture’. If anything at all, it has repressed your biological nurture that allows you to mate and reproduce. Other than your natural character, you are derived purely from something called ‘influence’ or the effect of Causality. Most of that influence was environmental or ‘social’. In many ways, you ARE a byproduct of the environment and influences (including circumstances) in which you were brought up in and experienced. Yes I used to be in Amway. I didn’t make any money but I invested in the motivational tapes and went to seminars. I allowed that to influence me. Some people who didn’t take accountability for their actions tried to blame it on a co-dependency when it broke that the upline was making (almost) more money off of the support system than the products themselves. The way I saw it with my upline was that we each got something out of our investment even when we were almost coerced into the system of support. We looked at the value in our investment (keeping it interdependent) instead of placing blame and making it a co-dependency (others were ‘using’ us). Take accountability and you’ll find the value in it. It’s helped the three of us in different ways. The woman is a successful real estate manager in Madison and her husband (my good friend) is ge�ing back into film and music production. We all look back upon that time in our lives as something we’ll never forget because we found it as a positive influence. You can learn a LOT from the trials of your past. The level of influence and motivation I got from those investments of tapes, books and seminars (and failures) has helped me so much (it will probably never be quantified) even though I didn’t earn a dime in that business. We didn’t try to ‘sue’ and create a co-dependency, we saw the value and kept accountability for our actions. I really wish more people would be like that. Don’t wuss out on things; take accountability for yourself. People who try to profit from other’s mistakes or to create co-dependencies without taking accountability for themselves makes me sick. It should make you sick too. Ie. the woman who sued McDonalds for millions because she spilled coffee on her lap when she was driving - that’s pathetic. At the MOST, cover her hospital bills for a few thousand dollars. The world would be perfect if everyone would BE interdependent (win/win).

If you want to be a real man, you’ll be independent and take accountability for yourself and your actions. Don’t be a wimp. Be a man and step up. If you make bad decisions (and R.D. will help you to stop making those), step up to it, learn from it and move on. There’s all kinds of stories of influential people who got rejected so much and became the greatest successes. Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, you name it. Look at the biographies of extremely successful people and you’ll find there was a small point in their past that influenced them and set up a new paradox. I encourage you to read biographies of people you admire. VH-1’s ‘Behind the Music’ and other specials are excellent places to see causality as well as the type of relationship they have (stimulus or architect) upon people as the response; and they’re just normal guys who started ge�ing good at one thing and taking it from there. Or winning a casting audition for the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ leads to Justin Timberlake, Xtina, and Britney years down the road. There are COUNTLESS examples because everything is essentially chaos or bu�erfly effect looking back. Robert Rodriguez was interested in film and made ‘Bedhead’ around his home. Then he made El Mariachi on money from a month in a hospital for research. He made those things happen which influenced where he is at today with his own multi-million dollar in house studio and being in demand for bringing productions under budget and profitable (rare and he does it consistently). George Lucas was inspired by the influence of Flash Gordon and ‘The Hero with 1,000 Faces’. All rock groups can recall their original influences; they walked into a ‘you name it’ concert and it forever changed them. There was a Coke commercial where Jimi Hendrix was a kid and saw a guitar near a Coke machine and an accordion near a Pepsi machine. Few of the great people weren’t aware of who else they would have become if they somehow ‘missed’ that initial stimulus or influence. Laced throughout the Back to the Future movies are examples of this. If George McFly didn’t stand up to Biff, he never would have danced and then kissed Lorraine to eventually give birth to Marty. Can you see how powerful each moment is? Your own potentiality is unlimited. Can you start to see how maybe being a sponge to television is a waste of your time and future?

I want you to be conscious of taking accountability. Accountable ultimately for your control over each moment. And this means being accountable for all of your past admission of social matrix influence, because hey - you just didn’t know (because they didn’t want you to have your true freedom and power!). Take accountability in everything you do and you’ll be able to have more influence for even the near future of your lifestyle. Look for value. Don’t be the guy that buys something and already knows he was going to get a refund on it by placing the accountability on something outside of yourself. Take responsibility and step up. Apply relational dynamics and you’ll see literal miracles happen. Look at anything and it is rooted in Causality or influence. The entire music history... all of it is connected and rooted in chaos theory/influence. New styles are changing and formed based on previous styles and someone bringing something new to the table (independently) to synergize a new style together. The people at the top o�en get together and exchange what they’re doing to even form new ideas (ie. Metallica and Guns’n Roses recording albums in studios near each other). My promoter friend saying that Snoop has Jay-Z’s phone number and they all generally do that (that’s high level interdependence amongst independent and influential people). R&B has it’s roots in rock & roll, soul and gospel. Ancestry and anything with ‘roots’ is exists now because of influence. New music styles, new people, new cultures, new languages, new architectural styles, new subcultures and subgenres, new movies, new interests and new countries all have ‘roots’. New babies and billions of dollars (in effect) were made because of the ‘effect’ of Elvis walking into Sun Studios in Memphis in 1953. h�p:// You are here because of the exact moment your parents met each other which didn’t seem ‘big’ at the time (try thinking about the influence of your great great grandparents and that exact chain of events that had to happen in the unlimited possibility of the world). If there wasn’t the power of one or interdependence, no one would have any influence on anything and nothing would ever ‘happen’.

Wars were made, blood has been shed, economies moved, cultures formed all because the power of (influence) one initial stimulus and it’s ‘effect’. It just gets confusing because there are so many independent elements (and new ones being synergistically created daily). So the point is to question how everything fits or relates to each other AT ITS ROOTS and you will not only be able to solve problems but you’ll be able to be much more effective. Anything can theoretically be traced to it’s roots. In fact you could say that anything that exists socio-culturally (beyond nature) is ROOTED in influence. One independent element at that time ‘evolved’ or influenced other elements which became interdependent to form something ‘new’. It’s like a great family tree or spider web in a way and there is no limit; it’s chaotic and the number of combinations are impossible to calculate. Every day humans are creating new independent elements to synergize with other elements and when you consider the infinite possibilities in synergizing elements together (in mediums such as music, architecture, so�ware, construction, toys, video games, clothing, you name it) it only adds for more ‘new’ things. There will always be something ‘new’ but all that ma�ers is that something offers win/ win VALUE. When something offers positive value it will grow and prosper due to it’s win/win interdependent relationship with the other independent elements. This is how ‘buzz’ spreads. One person receives an independent stimulus of something new, responds well to it because it adds value to their lives (positive influence) and they want to influence other people by adding positive value to their lives so they’ll forward that stupid email that scares you a�er staring at the picture. And those people tell other people. That’s influence as well. Without the interdependent relationship though, the independent production (whatever it is; which is comprised of synergistic elements) will stay independent. It can’t influence at all unless and until it has relationships with other elements (ie. people). The great plagues and viruses, those are comprised of elements which take away from the independence of people; not good because they try and make a co-dependency. Health itself is the perfect synergy of all of your independent components and their pure interdependent win/win relationship to each other. If you have a bad influence such as a virus which lowers the independent status of one of your organs, it will change the relationship into a co-dependency and have greater

effect. The reason there are so many people is because nature or God made sex very desirable (even without the unnecessary exploitation of it), is so that a man and a woman could share in a win/win synergistic experience by coming together so they would want to mate. Yes, you heard it here; SEX IS INTERDEPENDENCE. Now are you listening!? How much positive value do you want to add to and influence in other women’s (or a woman’s) life? It’s all about adding value in your ‘relationship’ to others. That’s how producer’s and business people become multi-millionaires and so forth; they positively influence others. They create something of independence that adds value to (or positively influences) the lives of others. So if you have something of value (and you do as a high character male), then it’s simply a ma�er of EXPANDING your ability (leverage) to get your independent value more out into the relational formula by making it more received by an unlimited number of people who will synergize with it’s value (ie. se�ing up a win/win relationship with a distribution company). Oh, business itself is interdependence. So is music. So are all products, movies, cultures, vehicles, transportation, food, cooking,, computers, hardware, so�ware. All are comprised of independent ‘elements’ that have a positive ‘effect’ or influence on the other independent components to achieve a desired result which can add value (hopefully) to the lives of others. As humans we’ve created new elements from existing ones in order to form new options of value in life. All of this on top of nature and has actually taken us further away from nature (from the industrial age to the information age and advancement of technology). The past has influenced where we are today. Technology itself is all about interdependence rooted in influence. New technologies will be developed because of new independent elements (formed of previous knowledge/ones) to create an unlimited and improved number of relationships/aka products or solutions. I had one girlfriend who joined the Navy for 6 years just so she could be closer to me in Hawaii. She ended up marrying another guy (because I finally broke off connection like I should have much earlier). But that’s the power of influence..even though the decision was hers, my influence led her (to consider going) down a new path. There are a trillion different ways to view influence so I’m just giving you an overview

enough here that I think you get the idea and take this on and view anything you want and understand why it exists by tracing it’s roots of influence, etc. Look at The SugarHill Gang and Grandmaster Flash..the roots of hip-hop... The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and lowered/challenged the independence/peace of the U.S. so we responded because of cause and effect; we had to do so in order to uphold our democracy and the ideals of others like us...leading to the atomic bomb (comprised synergistically of atomic elements) which had a tremendous influence on history. Japan and Germany’s direct impact by starting or participating in past wars influenced (karma) the future so that their military’s are mostly limited to self-defense. Now, Japan is ge�ing back to more nationalism and pride in their culture ‘independently’. History is comprised of influence usually stemming from one event or person which had a hugely growing ‘effect’ over time once it chain reacted with other independent elements in the relational formula. How do you think ‘Titanic’ the movie became so popular? Through a chain reaction ‘buzz’. Speaking of the Titanic itself, the ship lost it’s full-on independence (of effectively sailing) when it came into a co-dependent (lossful) relationship with an iceberg. The eyes of relational dynamics and influence/chaos theory will help you understand life itself and a�er studying in different fields throughout my life so far, I am still not aware of anyone who has opened up a can of worms like this to find answers and tap into raw power. You’re welcome. I think this book will have an influence ;) Influence is probably the most invisible yet clear ‘thing’ in existence. If you can begin to understand it, you will be dealing with a lot of power. Experts at anything understand and know the relationship of the elements together and I talk about this more in the Production Chapter. “The New York rapper, also known as Biggie Smalls, was one of the most influential hip-hop artists of the 1990s.” Influence is EVERYWHERE and it’s happening right now in ‘realtime’. Frontpage of MSN: Don’t kill Harry Po�er, authors urge J.K. Rowling Think about the level of influence she has because she has added tremendous value to the lives of other independent people interdependently.

However when it comes to this relationship probably millions of them are now co-dependent on Harry Po�er..”DON’T kill him..please please.” They ‘feel’ like they are attached or connected with something so importantly. For example futbol fanatics! They are heavily influenced. When you can influence people or persuade them, you have power and you can also make a lot of money. You can watch the next commercial or msn homepage update and not ‘get it’’ll still be caught up in it. You REALLY have to separate yourself from all of that influence in order to gain the bigger picture perspective on everything. When you understand your relationship (interdependent only) to the other forces of influence, you can choose whether to accept an influence or reject it if it doesn’t add value to your life. Guess what? If most people are just soaking up the influence of the social matrix, then you can see the effect that it’s had and it’s quite obvious. Why not consciously choose influences that help you become a be�er, stronger man of character? That’s what I’ve done and it has made a huge difference. I will take things and get something different out of it than what the producer’s intended because I cross-reference it with my knowledge, the principles and other influences a�er I’ve taken it on into my own. I allow things to influence me if they have positive value that I can extract (or sometimes I force myself to find it fast). “At the heart of the crisis for the United States is a broader struggle with Iran for influence in the Middle East.” Websites like eHarmony are basically trying to match up social expectations. Look at the pure roots of what works: biology. Women who are CLOSER to their own natural roots are the ones who have less interference from other forces that will distract them from doing their biological duties. At the root of most (behavioral) problems with women and relationships is primarily social influence. It adds up a�er years of it too. When you can understand the raw power of influence and then look at social influence and how directly impactful it is when compared to ie. no t.v. you’ll see how behavior has been altered or influenced across millions of people. Behavior that is AWAY from their natural roots. Women who have more social influence and programming find it a challenge to just go back to their pure biological roots..they must find a balance. Why do you think the birth rates have dropped dramatically amongst first world women? They’re empowered, they have options and independence. They think logically, get caught up in their careers and have grown away from their natural roots (of reproduction).

Remember that our grandparents had more natural and traditional ‘influences’. Once you can understand all this (the big picture), that these behavioral pa�erns of women and how they act are all rooted in influence (primarily SOCIO-CULTURAL influence), you will be ge�ing somewhere with relational dynamics. It should all start to piece together here. Use the root of behavior, the root of each element in order to fully understand it and how it relates to you...that is what we will continue to do here. A few minutes ago I found out that Steve Irwin the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ died from a stingray strike to the chest. Think about all of the relational dynamics involved there. He lived a life of taunting danger but why did that have to happen then? If the stingray was a few feet further away it may never have happened. The stingray (and maybe Steve himself) created a co-dependent relationship by getting really close (as he does a lot) and although Steve could have killed the animal if he knew what was going to happen, he didn’t know and the stingray’s poison hit the spot where it affected him the most..probably near his heart. Steve has been known to force a co-dependent relationship with the animals by not acting natural (staying away from) these dangerous creatures. Relational Dynamics could have saved him but the countless millions of people wouldn’t have been educated and entertained by him if he didn’t create those dynamic relationships with the dangerous animals. If he had arrived a minute earlier it may have been prevented. All of the relational dynamics involved influenced a certain event. This will in turn affect countless other people in a way. I named our family dog ‘Anne’ influenced from ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’ a long time ago growing up. So just be aware of ‘causality’ and that it is at the root of ‘nurture’. Those influences that people gain will further determine their behavior and how they act. The social matrix itself is rooted in causality and influence. We will use that knowledge to help you overcome it in Relational Mapping. It’s time for you to have an influence on people a�er all these years. Notes:

Begging is a dependency. Beggars are acting dependent. The Japanese in 1941 bombed pearl harbor forcing a co-dependent relationship by coercing power over us to lower our independence. Now they are one of our strongest allies BECAUSE we are interdependent win/win. At that previous point in history we were not interdependent with them. R.D. is everything and when you can tap into that power, you HAVE the power. All producers understand R.D. for their field, it’s impossible to have influence without it. Your conscious cognition will xlr8 your potential and effect. VH-1’s Behind the Music. The History Channel. Biographies... all causal influence Look at photos of female celebs without makeup and start to see the visual truth of what’s beneath; sexploitation and social influence to get them to do that in the first place; it’s all a ‘mask’.

Chapter 10 Chaos Theory & Bu�erfly Effect
Bu�erfly effect From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Bu�erfly effect (disambiguation). The bu�erfly effect is a phrase that encapsulates the more technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory. Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system. This is sometimes presented as esoteric behavior, but can be exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position. The phrase refers to the idea that a bu�erfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately cause a tornado to appear (or, for that ma�er, prevent a tornado from appearing). The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the bu�erfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different. Recurrence, the approximate return of a system towards its initial conditions, together with the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, are the two main ingredients for chaotic motion. They have the practical consequence of making complex systems, such as the weather, difficult to predict past a certain time range (approximately a week in the case of weather). Chaotic dynamics For a dynamical system to be classified as chaotic, most scientists will agree that it must have the following properties: it must be sensitive to initial conditions, it must be topologically mixing, and its periodic orbits must be dense. Sensitivity to initial conditions means that each point in such a system is arbitrarily closely approximated by other points with significantly different future trajectories.

Thus, an arbitrarily small perturbation of the current trajectory may lead to significantly different future behavior. Sensitivity to initial conditions is popularly known as the “bu�erfly effect”, suggesting that the flapping of a bu�erfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere, which could over time cause a tornado to occur. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the bu�erfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different. Sensitivity to initial conditions is o�en confused with chaos in popular accounts. It can also be a subtle property, since it depends on a choice of metric, or the notion of distance in the phase space of the system. For example, consider the simple dynamical system produced by repeatedly doubling an initial value (defined by the mapping on the real line from x to 2x). This system has sensitive dependence on initial conditions everywhere, since any pair of nearby points will eventually become widely separated. However, it has extremely simple behavior, as all points except 0 tend to infinity. If instead we use the bounded metric on the line obtained by adding the point at infinity and viewing the result as a circle, the system no longer is sensitive to initial conditions. For this reason, in defining chaos, a�ention is normally restricted to systems with bounded metrics, or closed, bounded invariant subsets of unbounded systems. Topologically mixing means that the system will evolve over time so that any given region or open set of its phase space will eventually overlap with any other given region. Here, “mixing” is really meant to correspond to the standard intuition: the mixing of colored dyes or fluids is an example of a chaotic system. You alone are sensitive to initial conditions especially when you’re the response to other powers. That in turn will cause an effect an influence on you without your awareness. It will start a whole new chain of events into who you become without ever realizing who you would have become otherwise. About 9 years ago I independently came up with what was already known (unbeknownst to me) as Chaos Theory. Not the mathematical version but rather the applied version be�er known as ‘the bu�erfly effect’. I was just thinking about the effect of one person’s actions and how it influenced history. Columbus didn’t really ‘discover’ the new land because there were already people living there. What he did though was undeniable..he set off a chain of events that helped shape world history by opening up a greater awareness. Greater and greater actions

occurred in a chain of events a�er the small step of ge�ing off of the boat (in Bahamas actually). The movie “Bu�erfly Effect” deals with Chaos Theory and if you could go back in time and change something, it will change the end results of the future o�en dramatically. The “Back to the Future” trilogy also deals with chaos theory across time as well as “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The Spanish Hernan Cortes ‘burning of the boat’s’ to defeat the Aztecs had a permanent alteration on the course of Mexican history. Now they had Spanish influence and language that melded with the native history to form the new culture. So I like to look at chaos theory as the power of influence. Some say that a bu�erfly flapping it’s wings can through a chain of growing events, change the weather on the other side of the world...whether that is exactly true or not at least represents Chaos theory through time and history (aka the ‘bu�erfly effect’). Look at these excerpts from The most notable achievement of Cortés career was the invasion of Mexico and conquest of the Aztec empire. In 1518 Velázquez put him in charge of an expedition to explore and secure the interior of Mexico for colonization. At the last minute, Velazquez changed his mind and tried to revoke his order to prevent the brash Cortés from stealing all the glory that might come from the expedition[citation needed]. The decisive ba�le in this campaign was the siege of Tenochtitlan. Cortés’ victory over the Aztecs at Tenochtitlan enabled the eventual Spanish conquest of Mexico. Cortés married one of the daughters of Emperor Montezuma II and gave the other noble women to his men. Cortés initiates the construction of Mexico City Cortés began the construction of Mexico City on the Aztec ruins and brought many Spaniards over to live there. It soon became the most important European city in North America. He managed the founding of new cities and appointed men to extend Spanish rule to all of Mexico, which was renamed New Spain. Cortés also supported efforts to convert Indians to Christianity and sponsored new explorations. Can you see how a certain action has created such a compounded effect throughout history? History is also being made RIGHT NOW. So if you look at time itself. We all have 24 hours in a day and each new minute has

never happened before. You can do things that will shape your future massively just by taking some small steps or perhaps being influenced by someone else. If you think about it, every moment is chaos because we are all in one great interdependency that is connected with each other. For example, think of a really good friend and then think of how you met that person. Or maybe a lover. Now look at the small action it took which you may have missed if you didn’t take the opportunity to meet them or weren’t would NEVER have the pleasure of their company throughout the entire time since would not exist. You can read the biography’s of different band’s and how they formed...o�en there were very close calls as to who would become a part of that group and who wouldn’t. A chance posting on a wall calling for ‘open auditions’. Someone who knows someone who they met at a Christmas party. All of these seemingly inconsequential events have ended up influencing the world through countless millions of people. Yet had they not ‘met’ or taken that small step, none of it would exist and their influence wouldn’t have reached. You will understand life a LOT more when you understand relational dynamics. You will be able to analyze different situations and extract the truth out of it. Think about things in terms of cause and effect and how it influences behaviorism. I remember my mother taking me and my brother to junior high yearbook commi�ee meeting. That started a whole chain reaction of my involvement including running for and ending up being senior class president of the largest high school in Wisconsin. Why? Because she influenced me to ‘get involved’ and I took it on my own to ‘get involved’ in high school (10th grade) because it was a fresh start at a new school and it made a world of a difference. Smelling perfume on the first day of 8th grade was when my relationship with girls changed to being a response to that stimuli. That in turn affected my behavior as well as the rest of my environment (also rooted in Causality) which only made it worse until I regained proper alignment through R.D. You can look back on your life and even pinpoint the exact minute when you were influenced and made a new chain of reality occur through history. That’s chaos theory as practically applied through time or history. Scientists would

probably want me to refer to it as the ‘bu�erfly effect’. Remember, though that you are who you are today because of your past INFLUENCES and decisions. And each of those decisions and actions were made at a moment. You can alter the future by take action (doing the right things) today and start a chain of events that will lead your to who you want to be. People who have the most influence are those that are in powerful or win/win relationships with other people. These are the ones that started the influence of the social matrix and sexploitation’s all a great chaotic bu�erfly effect but at it’s root, know your relationship to it. You have power over women naturally to allow them to respond. Notes: Peace is a synergy amongst independent people. It’s based on respect for other people. In fact it’s If you’re confused or not an expert in a certain area it’s because you don’t know the elements involved or how to synergize them together. The compass analogy. Take a flat world map and a protractor and ruler. Find where you are at in the world right now and choose a direction, any direction. Follow that path (via ruler or string) in that direction and mark that point where you end up. Now go back to the beginning and I want you to move that path just a hair off of the previous path. Now follow that path an equal distance. Notice that you ended up in a completely different area and that the distance of your final destination ended up being incrementally further away from the minuscule difference at the beginning? This is the power of influence. Don’t underestimate it and chaos theory when dealing with time. Therefore it is in your best interest to take absolute control and allow influences in that will lead you in the direction that you want. Otherwise, if you just follow what society or others want (even ‘primarily’) you’ll end up WAY off from where you wanted to be. With relational dynamics however, we’re taking you on a plane from where you are right now to much closer to where you

Chapter 11 Power of Production
Production is essentially synergizing elements together to form a new independent elemental representation to add value to other people’s lives. Find more ways to synergize and add value and you’ll make a lot of money with a lot of power. At the root of production is cognition of the elements and how they relate to each other (relational dynamics). Relational Dynamics will empower ANY producer or anyone who wants to produce or add value to the world. Awareness and clarity of the elements you are working with will help you be�er differentiate their relationship and potential to the other elements you can synergize them together with. EVERYTHING is composed of different elements. Watch your favorite music video and you can elementally break it down (once you understand relational dynamics). It’s impossible for something NOT to be comprised of elements. Understanding the essence of life, energy, relationships and production itself will give you massive power in combining those elements. Consider that every person (in the world) that you meet or could meet is composed of the same elements as you (but one chromosome off for the difference in sex) but they just have different (mostly to all) social influences. That’s it. They have different influences (experiences) in their history. This is what makes a Paris Hilton who she is and different from a Nicky Hilton. The fact that their grandfather started the Hilton Hotel chain just gives them the influence of higher social status to begin with. That is why their experience of life (started off) at a different (social) level than most. Put the social aside and you wouldn’t really ‘know’ Paris until you got to know her real personality and spent time with her. I’m sure there is a real girl inside there somewhere! That’s the part you want to reach through to.

All productions are conscious(ly) developed (unless they are candid documentary style..) however they CAN synergize with nature and natural elements. Also, the natural elements of those representing the production can shine through. Nature itself cannot produce ‘music’ but it naturally synergizes countless elements together. Professional music producers will be able to hear a song once and actually isolate the different elements or ‘tracks’ in their mind because they have to understand the relation (and synergy) of those elements in order to produce itself. If you want to learn a new language, all you have to do is understand the different elements themselves and how they fit together. Vocabulary is your understanding of different words. Studying sentence structure and grammar is the synergizing of the independent elements of each word itself (vocabulary). When you educate yourself enough you’ll be able to ‘differentiate’ some words from meaninglessness and start making sense of things, otherwise you’re just ignorant. For example I’ve learned to speak a bit of Thai and I can quite easily differentiate the phonetics and words whereas before I was completely ignorant. Unlimited elements (especially those that are consciously derived and new ones are being created daily) creates for an unlimited variety of new production (or influence). When you get ‘good’ (at relational dynamics) you will able to single out exact influences of a person’s style, energy or personality. This is very advanced relational dynamics and can create a TREMENDOUS amount of synergy (when used properly). You want to be an effective producer who really brings new and fresh value, step outside the westernized culture in the first place and get back to real nature or roots. Ironically Sco� Storch was the keyboardist for ‘The Roots’ and then went on to be the hottest music producer (in my mind) out there and he is drawing influences from (music in) the second and third world countries. We now have mostly socially defined/influenced people who are producing (or recording artists including women) which means that we have gone even FURTHER away from our natural roots. I feel that a lot of artists are only socially defined and just trying to ‘cover’ a new microniche before someone else does. They all look like a variation of some band you already heard before and they sound like others except slightly different. It’s understandable but if you can’t see this is all social influence then you don’t have as much power as you should. Just study the relationship of how to synergistically put those elements together and

you’ll be a master at anything from construction to music production to product design. For example, if you just think that someone has ‘talent’ who can make music or all you do is hear it you would be a LONG ways away from producing music yourself. But if you sat in a studio and started to see different instruments or sound loops and how they start to fit together you would be well on your way to producing ‘something’. Production isn’t just for music or for movies, nor is it just for chickens to ‘produce’ eggs. Production is any new and independent creation in ANY field that other people can then have a relationship with (and get value from). Another tip for you if you’re a producer (of anything); the higher the quality of your elements, the be�er the quality of your end result. That’s why hip-hop producers are always looking for the ho�est or newest sounds or ‘beats’. I am all about using ‘A’ class elements myself. In graphic design, the higher quality your elements, the faster, easier and more professional it becomes to get an incredible result. Since I can design movie posters I’ve noticed that it’s actually EASIER for the high-end professionals because they’re working with the highest quality elements (production stills) than someone who is using their home camera and isn’t professional. I’ve also noticed how easy it is to re-create madison avenue advertising design so I created a Photoshop training program on how to produce those designs (on DVD). It’s quite easy dealing with high quality elements and then it’s just a ma�er of synergizing their relationship to each other. Add a few vectors, some good typography with a great production still and you’re about finished. Reasonably high priced quality name brands cost more because they have quality materials within them to start with. For example Mark Nason boots uses super high quality Italian leather; stuff that will last and looks good. It will outwear and outperform a cheaper version because of the high quality (independent) materials. Synergize all the high quality (independent) components (like stitching, heel or sole, zipper, etc.) and you’ve got a product greater than the sum of it’s parts. Look at the best chefs..they use only the finest ingredients. You can’t build a house on sand because the relationship to it would not be very synergistic. It would be a co-dependency instead of a win/win relationship. The ‘calling’ to produce and grow in character: Mike Judge went through it a�er his short pilot/demo to produce dozens of new skits and he didn’t have an idea then of

what kind of content he would produce, but he did. Peter Jackson had ‘the calling’ as well in doing the ‘Lord of the Rings: Trilogy’. A 7 year production backed by two major studios; there was no choice BUT to step up his game and HAD to be done (at a high level of interdependence). So they both grew into it. What can you learn? Set BIG goals in which you have to deliver. It’s not a dependency but if Peter Jackson let the production go half-ass he would probably never make another film (with studio backing) EVER again. And the final ‘production’ went on to influence countless people and make Academy Award history (Return of the Kings Oscar sweep). It’s about ‘stepping up’ like Rocky Balboa...rising up to the challenge. So get yourself a major goal and become the man you have to be in order to fulfill that dream. Your character will grow immensely. You can take any influence and make it awesome/popular/promoted (look at ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ or ‘Napoleon Dynamite’). This is what independent/alpha guys do. In fact you can make it more popular than it was originally because of the value YOU take out of it. For example, Beavis & Bu�-head. I never really realized how satirical and awesome it really was until I started viewing them on my own (outside of MTV) and drawing my own value out of it. Now I’m unashamed to say I love it (even though I love complete different sources of influence). Does it make me uncultured? No, it makes me MORE cultured and diverse. I’m not a pretentious guy and there is actually a TON of humour in those skits that completely makes fun of society. I wore bellbo�oms in high school and had a cult following. Once you can differentiate that there are elements involved in anything and you can start to ‘see them’, you will be much closer to resolving a situation or achieving your desired result. This means that you could take on anything new and learn it fast. Master the elements involved in any field and how they are supposed to be synergized and then you can create your own original productions. How can Shrek2 be so effective? Relational Dynamics. Compare even Atari before. The relationship between the elements was new and pre�y basic. NOW, we have advanced the elements to a higher level of interdependence with each other.

We have the ability to model and render full 3-D realistic figures (composed itself of independent elements of shapes, sprigs, etc.) to interact with other elements to interact with fantastic 3-D landscaping elements. Add to that a fantastic plotline with fully developed (independent) characters done effectively to their peak and everything adds up to a modern masterpiece of synergy of all of the elements. There are countless examples of synergistic productions; I have consciously sought out to break down the elements involved in other expert productions. I have thought like a producer for over a decade and it gives me personal power and eventually unlimited social power as I continue to apply it. Cocktail soundtrack is a perfect examples of synergy all the way around the house. Note how ‘just the right song’ comes on and synergizes with the action. For example, the universal representation and youthful freedom of ‘The Power of Love’ when it kicks in when Marty McFly’s late for school and starts skateboarding on the back of vehicles to get there and meet his girlfriend. Great synergy; learn to see it. Very importantly, learn to think like an Independent producer who is separate from the repressing influence of the Social Matrix. They are the people at the top (or at least ‘aside’) who feed ‘the system’. Don’t just ‘accept’ and ‘be’ the conditioned response (at least have an equal true value exchange for your time but start to see these things. Robert Zemeckis isn’t a good looking guy, neither are a lot of those guys yet they have power because of the relationships they have (they’re independent and work around leveraged interdependence. Look at the diagrams and the videos and you will really see this quite clearly. They have power and influence. Hit producers will o�en pull in independent samples from decades ago to synergize with more modern elements. U2 influenced coldplay Why was Titanic so effective for example? Let me say this; just about EVERYTHING becomes an enjoyable experience when you understand the elements and the importance of what they represent. In fact you’ll actually begin to extract value and create new value out of it (this is an

interdependent relationship instead of just a stimulus-response). You’ll know that when Kate Winslet drops her eyes and looks up again at Leo in Titanic (or the music video...) that she’s fascinatedly interested in him. That’s relational dynamics (and it effect was re-produced). In fact, you will find that you will gain NEW influence by cross-referencing (elements) relational dynamics from one source into another area when you understand it. This puts you at a level of fascinating curiosity (of life) in just about everything. You can find value in things that people say ‘suck’ and cross-reference it with something else you know of to create a new influence on the world or a new value or angle. Why? Because the focus is on you and your power. You’re not just the response ‘watching’ but you’re proactively thinking of the elements and how they interact with other options to influence something else. The past couple of paragraphs were influenced (off of my state) from when Kate Winslet drops her eyes and li�s them (and I can go in all kinds of directions with that... speaking of one of the most effective is in ‘Last of the Mohicans’ and you’ll know which part). You won’t just see ‘random happenstance’ you’ll see that everything has a purpose and relationship. It will quite o�en blow your mind. You’ll get more value (and entertainment even) out of everything; that’s relational dynamics. Through R.D. you’ll view things proactively and interdependently instead of just soaking it up like a sponge like most people, with it ge�ing lost with all the billions of other messages. Is it too objective? Not when it comes full circle. You’ll realize that you see the universal representation within each of the elements and their relationship to each other (ie. watching “My heart will go on” music video). When you can differentiate and see the Matrix at this level including the relationship of man and women of love, it will shake your ground because you truly understand it on a deeper level. Just watching this music video (once as it’s been years), I can see the relationship between ship and sea and literally every detail like seeing the Matrix including what’s real and what’s ‘produced’. It’s hard to explain but if you can see the Matrix and the relationship between every aspect and consciously process it fast, you will be on a level

of few people on earth. You will have an unearthly, unexpected level of cognition that will give you a lot of power, especially to create new value on earth as you’ll see new directions or combinations of the elements in which you could take things. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, perhaps through time you will. Most people wouldn’t have a clue because they are used to a lifetime of being the response instead of thinking proactively as the stimulus how to create and add new value. When you can see new possibilities and understand and apply relational dynamics you can easily become a millionaire with power and influence provided you have the resources and freedom to get your vision across (in any field without a ‘ceiling’). You can even control the stimulus of producing emotion as a producer. Not just as a producer but in your daily life, you can cause a response of emotion within women and within the people you interact with DAILY. How do you create emotion? (I should have charged more for this) tap into the primal and universal elements. Love, life, death, risk, tragedy, jealousy, hope. The most effective producers can create a stimulus (the production of ie. a song or music video, etc.) that create a ‘response’ of an intended emotion within people. I cannot and will not reveal any further EVEN FOR those potential producers who will challenge me or meet my future level of production (don’t get cocky kid ;).

Chapter 12 OFC Tilter

This is going to be a perfect example of Relational Dynamics and applied effectiveness. I knew what was going on then cognitively but it’s only with relational dynamics that I can clearly pinpoint exactly what was happening. When you are aware of the independent elements involved in anything, you are much more able to understand their potential relationship to each other for great control, power, influence and effectiveness. If you were blinded to each element or to it’s relationship you would think it was just ‘happenstance’. Having awareness of the relational dynamics in ANYTHING = power and control; and in this case that power and control was about 100 times greater than anyone else had come close to. Apply relational dynamics (as I did in this perfect example) and you can revel in your ability to influence the outcome to your favor and add value to other people’s lives. I’ll paint the picture for you. It was the summer of 1995. I was going to college at UWMadison in Wisconsin. I wanted to have somewhat of an adventure and get further away from where I was so at the summer job fair at Memorial Union I saw a poster for Valleyfair. Well I ended up deciding to work there that summer and that’s what I did. My mom drove me to Shakopee, MN (south of Minneapolis) where I shared an old church (and it’s extension building) with several other Valleyfair workers (co-ed). Since I didn’t have a vehicle then I either rollerbladed to work or hitched a ride with someone. Upon hearing that I was going to work in the ‘kiddy’ park I was kind of disappointed. A�er all, I wanted to be on the ‘big rides’ where there were more people my age. So I was stuck in ‘Half-Pint Park’. To cut a long story shorter, it was an awesome summer and it was actually kind of fun running the rides for kids as I would make them laugh and give them invisible guns to shoot each other with on the airplane ride, tell them there were sharks in the pool be-

neath them, etc. Now to get to where we’re going here, there was one ride on our rotation which WAS an adult ride (‘family ride’ actually). This was the tilt-a-whirl or ‘Tilter’ as we called it. Almost all of the rides at Valleyfair have a set level of performance in which the synergy between the rider and the ride differs only on the users end because the ride is always THE SAME. Sure each user’s experience will be different. Some people will have the time of their life, other’s will cry (even some adults), others will puke, others will sit there staring straight ahead ge�ing mad, it’s actually fun to see. But most of the rides are always the same. The rollercoaster does the exact same thing’s relationship to the track, it’s speed and inertia are the same every time. So now that you understand that, let’s go back to my beloved ‘tilter’. This is one of the VERY few rides that is variable and has a vastly difference degree of potential experience. You can ride it one time (and not spin at all) and your experience may be different the next time. The tilter is a ride with 7-8 carts which can operate or spin independently of the entire base which rotates all of the carts in one 360 direction. So you can have each of the carts spinning their own direction, spinning furiously or not spinning at all during the ride as the base makes it’s 360 degree rotations. As usual I figured things out on my own but it took me half of the summer just to realize that I had the ability to have an influence on ge�ing a cart onto what I called the ‘vortex’ or that I had any real control (or power to influence) myself. The first half of the summer it would just happen by chance. With the ride there is this thin metal pole that sticks up that moves the ride as well as brakes it. Most operators will just put it on ‘go’ and then completely brake it when it’s done (there was some drama about not doing what I ended up doing but I won). Some will try to fool around with it to control the carts but without much effect as they usually just stuck to ‘the rules’ anyways (of turning it on and then off at the end of the 3-6 minutes). So when I realized that by edging the brake it would change the spinning sequences of the carts albeit somewhat haphazardly through inertia, but it would at least mix the

ride up a li�le bit. Throughout the summer a�er that I slowly started to gain more control and influence and towards the end of the summer..well, I’ll get there. If you’ve ever ridden in a tilt-a-whirl you will know if you’ve ever been in ‘the vortex’. Most riders don’t get to experience the ‘vortex’ and those that do will either love it, hate it, hate you, have a crush on you, stumble away or puke. Eventually I gained enough synergy (high level or transformational interdependence) with the machine’s control bar (and each of it’s carts) that I could decide who I wanted in the vortex. The vortex is when a cart will hit a certain level of inertia in it’s relationship to the momentum of the rotating main base of the ride. What happens is the cart and the people in it will hit a magic invisible fulcrum and start spinning about 6 times faster than they were before. They’ll do dozens of rotations in their own cart on one full 360 degree rotation around the ride. The ‘effect’ of ‘the vortex’ (the ultimate synergy between user, operator and machine) is that the people get PLASTERED up against the back of the tilter as it just whips them around and around. I gained so much pleasure out of consciously choosing to put people in the vortex because most of them just loved it. A group of mixed pre-teen kids or some teenage girls would unexpectedly step under my control of the tilter, having no idea what they were ge�ing into yet with a huge smirk on my face I had absolute knowledge of what was about to happen. And remember this was only a�er I reached a level higher independence (in my awareness and ability) and pure interdependent synergy with the machine. It was a beautiful relationship. In fact, the touch was so ‘delicate’ in controlling and braking the bar (we’re talking mere millimeters of adjustment) that I ultimately had near absolute control over the tilter and each of the carts. I could take people on and off the vortex at ease. I could make a tough person puke by keeping them on the vortex long enough. That’s influence baby. I’ve had people give me rounds of applause a�erwards, throw up, girls ask for my number, teenagers running back around to on again, customer service recommendations and awards and one time I said while I was locking everyone in, “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” and 3 carts clapped their hands in unison. Not to even mention the consistent SCREAMS coming especially from girls in the vortex. I would purposely make some kids bored by keeping them off of it and then choose to get them on the vortex and watch their faces light up. The vortex was vi-

ciously hardcore too yet each independent rider had their own experience or relationship with the vortex. It was was the stimulus and they were the response. Actually I was the stimulus, lol. The effect of high level synergy I had with these most of these people brightened their day and le� them (if they didn’t throw up or feel too queasy) with probably the best experience of the day. It felt so good to have the power, effect and influence of ge�ing value across at the best level. I had a record of not ge�ing ‘pukers’ throughout summer and I said ‘screw it, let’s go with this’ and I started to TRY and get people to throw up so I could add it to my tally (14 for the summer but I didn’t start trying to the last 1/3). When someone puked, you would have to shut down the ride and throw some pixie dust on it or something and clean it up with towels and a broompan, then you could re-open the ride and get ‘em spinning again. Now remember, the socialistic a�itude would be to provide the transactional interdependence: Turn the ride on, let it run and whatever happens, happens but turn it off when it’s over. Usually one or two carts would (beyond the control of the ride operator) hit the vortex randomly and not for long in that method of operation. The relationship was just between the control bar itself (not the operator) and the machine’s elements. But look what happens when we (I) become cognizant of the entire process. When I understood my relationship to the machine through the control bar I was able to consciously and swi�ly improve the overall synergy and ‘effect’ experience. My awareness that I could control it alone when it hit me at least doubled my effectiveness in giving people good rides. When I became more aware of the vortex and the relationship to what fulcrum is best to start it spinning, I started to gain more effectiveness because I was differentiating each of the elements. There IS a vortex. How does it start? How do I start it consciously? Where does it start for each cart? Ok, now how do I stop it? How do I get 2, 3, 4 carts on the vortex simultaneously? These were things I became aware of by having a discerning and high level of interdependence relationship to the machine. I was improving my relationship to the ride and I had respect for it’s power. Whoever would have thought that the full level of influence really did come down to

just a few millimeters of tweaking (light hits of the brake, etc.) to have THAT level of effect? Thus is such in the hands of a master of any art. They understand the relationship of all of the elements and they know what the ultimate level of ‘flow’ or success/ influence is and through synergizing the elements together, they can create a tremendously powerful effect. You could sit a joe blow in a music studio with ALL of the elements to produce the next big hit but if he doesn’t understand the relational dynamics in that field, he is FAR away. Someone who understands relational dynamics alone will be able to get to an on-par level of basic music production within hours. This is what I have done in just hours. Why? Because I understand relational dynamics. I’m a professional graphic designer and have been for a while. That is ALL about the independent elements and their relationship to each other; it is ‘design’. I’ve been able to effectively create movie posters because of relational dynamics. With the tilter I had control over the design I wanted and was able to have a tremendous impact through discerning each of the independent elements and their relationship with each other. So, back to the is the best part of all. I literally did the impossible. It was around August 26, 2005 at Valleyfair. It was my last Saturday working and I had special requested to O-C the tilter. Within our group we affectionately called it OFC (open-f*cking-close). This means I didn’t rotate to the other stations, I was at the tilter all day and my coworkers had to bypass the tilter because I was there. Before the park officially opened, I thought to myself: “What would happen if I could get every single person, all day long on the vortex?” Then I thought that, “No, that’s impossible...too many people.” And then I decided, “Let’s do it.” And I did the impossible. I put every single cart the entire day on the vortex. Now, granted there was a general time limit and I would say that I went over that time limit by a minute each ride, but all day long I had the longest line ever because people were hearing the SCREAMS and going to tell the rest of their group at the park to go to this ride. Plus, the social proof of having a long line helps; it MUST be a good ride and people leaving the line would even tell people in line but you could tell they LOVED it. So during the day, I had to keep track of each cart (understanding my awareness of the independent elements and my relationship to them) so I could ‘take care’ of everyone. The entire day I was ‘flowing’ at a level of synergy of a Michael Jordan in his heyday in

relation to these elements. No one makes every shot, no one comes close. As far as I know, I’m the only person in history who has ever done it; and I’m not a Carnie..I was just there for one summer but when I became cognitively aware and understood the relational dynamics, I would keep tweaking and improving until I had absolute influence. Now, I could have reached mastery level from scratch within say, a week of O-C’ing if I started from scratch because of my clarity on relational dynamics. You want to master and get good at anything and fast? Relational Dynamics; understand your relation to the elements and how to get them to a high level of synergy and keep tweaking until you’re there. You’ll learn what doesn’t work fast and there’s no harm done. I’ll never forget that day. Running the tilter alone (usually a total of 2 hours a day) made my summer and it gave me something to look forward to. Remember that none of my co-workers could consciously put even one cart on the vortex (as far as I know). And here I was making sure all of the carts on each ride were on ‘the vortex’ PLASTERED to the back wall of their cart. That was thousands of people in one day. Sometimes I had 4 on vortex simultaneously and then I’d do a flick of my wrist and mix it up to put the others on and some (like cute girls or something) would be on the vortex the ENTIRE ride (3-6 minutes). I especially enjoyed doing that or to some teenage boys who usually loved the vortex. The sense of power and fulfillment that came from my cognition (knowledge) while I was making sure these unsuspecting people had their ride bars locked in was priceless. They didn’t pay me enough for the value I gave these people but I got value in return because I gave so much to them. *Disclaimer: No one was hurt (other than throwing up) and I fell within park and supervisor regulations at all times. Although I don’t think they knew the level of control/ power or influence that I had at least on that last day! You reach that level in your field you had be�er be ge�ing paid very well! Keep in mind that no one else could even do it ‘on call’ or ‘at will’ like I could. In fact I became known for my prowess but that day I unofficially made park (and tilter) history. My effect and level of influence compounded by maintaining the highest level of synergy throughout the 12 hour shi� and consistently whupping people around on the vortex.

The overall effect of influence from my control was I’d say 100 times greater than anyone else had (or anyone else working in the park for that ma�er). That day, those people had no idea how much power and control I had. To them, they didn’t have an awareness of the relational dynamics and they didn’t have to. They were there to have a good time and ultimately ended up being influenced on what was a high level of synergy (also outside of their cognition). This was 100 times greater than happenstance. Without my awareness of my independent ability and the relationship to the machine to create a synergy I would not have been able to had anywhere NEAR the level of power, control and influence that I did. And it was power, they were PUTTY in my hands! For some of those kids it could have been the Best day of their life and I had the biggest single part to do with it. Within relational dynamics lies the key to success. Through cognition alone of the relational dynamics involved in that situation (and for you, in ANY situation) I/you can reach a level of power and influence that is dynamically effective and influential. A level of influence that is MUCH greater than without cognition. Take the peak performance or ideal (or of other producers examples) and it’s that level of relationship between the elements that you want to control. Business, cooking, teaching, sailing, farming, auto repair, surgery, producing music, architecture, construction, furniture building, carpentry, graphic design, driving, flying, so�ware engineering, magazine editing, programming, dj’ing, technology, editing, remixing, bartending & mixed drinks, juggling, spinning bo�les like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, engineering, problem solving, circus acts, machines, vehicles, electricity, HR management, atmosphere, marketing, and sustainable life itself - you name it. It’s all about relational dynamics; the relationship of the elements synergizing together. You can learn about ‘anything’ once you understand the elements involved and how they relate to each other. You can master new fields, even create new fields (and definitely products), you can have power and influence on a world-class level once you master relational dynamics within that field. So LOOK at the elements in your field of interest, understand them and be cognitive of them. Then understand their relationship to each other and the ideal relationship. Study other professionals who have effectively synergized those elements together (ie. top music producers, top chefs, top architects, top fashion designers) and you can learn from

them or you can learn by yourself (like I usually do) just by seeing an entire production complete and then differentiating each of the elements within it and then reconstructing them on their own. That is how I created Star Wars posters that look as good as the mass-distributed ones (and no one taught me; it was all relational dynamics and cognition) and that’s how I OFC’ed the Tilt-a-whirl and influenced thousands of peoples lives that day. And the relational dynamics involved with becoming a very successful ladies man?’s understanding your relationship to your own biological character, the social matrix and her three energies/responsive characteristics; that is the root that will get you to Alpha character and fearlessness in congruency around women. At that point you won’t need to be dependent on the lines or words to say. If you look back in history there never had to be any ‘pick up lines’..people just were social with each other and met through social groups. Even without social groups now, by being close to NIS alpha all you have to do is make connections with women and deal with her natural character and you’ll be a modern day Don Juan because you already have what she wants (the narcotic stimulus-response relationship off of your high natural character).

Chapter 13 Power Relationships
Remember that there is ‘always a relationship’. ..A true relationship that is o�en hidden. You should be able to sense who has the power in any situation or relationship if you are cognitive and thinking (instead of le�ing your brain be a mushy sponge of a response). The Home Depot commercial where the house-leading wife says, “I’m going shopping” and the husband is on the couch...”:at the home depot”. And he says, “(uhh..) should we take the truck?” Can you see what’s going on here and how representational of our society it is? The weak wussy guy who has been repressed so much by his dominating wife. Even if it is a subtle shi�, it is very real. I’ve seen all kinds of relationships where the wife is the leader. Few relationships (of man and woman) have a pure 50/50 dynamic. In that case, the wife has at least 51% control. Or how about the pet ad where it says ‘man’s best friend’ but the dog is si�ing on the ‘wo’ and runs away to say ‘woman’s best friend’. There are a million examples and I just want you to think for yourself about what’s really going on. See how it is reflective of our society and remember your relationship to it. Hey, I love independent women too...they make awesome friends because they’re more interesting and intellectual. They make great sex partners too but to actually live with (YIKES). It’s up to you to decide if you want to make that kind of compromise with your destiny unless you KNOW (and time will tell) that she’ll support you instead of break you down. A man is supposed to lead the relationship naturally and the woman will step up and do it if she has to. Nowadays anyways, by default they o�en just kind of tend to take

over the reigns because they forgot what their natural role was especially if the husband doesn’t ‘stand up’. With Beavis & Bu�head, Bu�head is the obvious ‘leader’ of the two. Begin to see the relationship dynamics that exist around you. Keep power for yourself by consciously choosing to stay powerfully independent and only operating with others interdependently. Power/Authority-Submission can also be overt like when Biff Tannen is slapping George McFly on the head. Being Alpha and high in natural character means you’re going to have to stand up but you won’t mind it as much anymore because you know it’s the right thing. Power plays can be subtle but they are real; the represent the greater context of what’s going on and can be extrapolated over time to form a solid picture. When you meet a woman, there is an invisible relationship that is going on and it o�en determines whether you have any chance at all with her. This is how and where most guys fail. And because it’s usually invisible it’s all that most other expert’s know how to focus on. Keep your power to yourself in the first place by remaining the stimulus and she’ll be able to trust you and can then start opening up more. She is looking for a man she can ‘trust’ and ‘respond’ to but it’s not going to be you if you keep responding and giving her the pedestal power relationship. It’s about you BEING a man of equal or greater power to any woman on earth and you can do that through Relational Mapping. Just keeping your power for yourself in relation to her is priceless. Plus, you’re backed up by powerful universal laws and principles; powers that are much greater than your own ‘inner’ game. Harness them and use that leverage because women are using tremendous social and inner leverage when you meet them. Your independence is a universal right, so claim it. You have that same quality as every other independent entity. When you enter any new situation, look at the actual group dynamics. You can see it for example on reality t.v. shows. Look who starts to take control, who is a natural leader, who starts bossing others around and o�en who ends up really being a leader in the end because he was just not taking a part in the group right away, etc.. You can actually watch things happen. In past group dynamics people will think they

had power over me because sometimes I didn’t participate right away but when it came down to more of a ‘test’ through time they’ll know what they’re dealing with and that I was actually the most resilient of all of them. For example the 10 year class reunion gathering where my outspoken bossy vice President (who had a token wussy husband) seemed to take control of the meeting when it was still me all along who had control. I just made sure she knew her role and that everything was on me to make sure this thing happened which it did. I knew my ‘relationship’ as Class President to the others. You don’t have to ‘match’ an outspoken person because o�en they aren’t the ones with real power. A real leader and powerful person will be able to influence people over time without having to intimidate and repress others. Here’s a scenario of a power relationship. One person is si�ing in a prime spot, leaves and someone else is si�ing there who refuses to move...well, guess who just went up the social hierarchy. And it’s all about his congruency with it too; does he have the character to take on the challenge if necessary. Now, you don’t have to be that guy that tries to take over other’s space. In fact you can just be the independent and strong observer if it’s not necessary that you be a ‘part’ of the group. A good alpha or leader is one who the other’s can trust to lead without compromising their own respect. A good leader allows other’s to be influenced under his leadership allowing them to save face. In many environments the hierarchical structure is already set (like a job or a military). I’m just encouraging you to eventually step up in every case you know that you should because that is who you’ll become. I’ve found that I’ve become a group leader more than I thought I would just because of my character growth and experiences. As you continue to grow you’ll find yourself stepping up and taking on more responsibility and quite o�en other’s will not challenge your authority. If they do, either compromise if possible, step down (your choice) or stand your ground. Those are decisions a leader has to make. Whoever has the strongest influence or more power usually wins and influences the other. As you go through life, you’ll notice the actual relationships between people

including who has power and who doesn’t. Obviously you will. Look at ‘Project Greenlight’ for example. Who has the power? Ma� Damon & Ben Affleck as producer’s and financiers. So bring in a new director and make him look like crap and showcasing it so that no ma�er what he does he is still subject to higher approval or heresay. That’s why I could never be a studio director (unless I was using them for my own experience before I breakway). It’s up to you to be independent and effective enough in your own right to form the relationships that you really want. For example, George Lucas. He operates win/win with Hollywood and distributors. He has enough financing, experience and capital to do things independently (Skywalker Ranch, etc.). He even offers his services to others in the industry; that’s real power. But he’s not subject to anyone else; he keeps control by being fully independent and only working win/win with other power players. Compare that again to Project Greenlight where they can make you look like shit if they really want to BECAUSE OF THE TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP. Porn stars are still essentially subject to the hierarchy of their producer or who is paying their paycheck. So why keep YOURSELF in relationships of disempowerment by acknowledging or working with people as if you’re in a hierarchy and they’re above you (like almost all seducers and PUA’s do no ma�er how they try to re-frame it ‘inside of them’). It’s up to you to be independent and powerful. Then you can choose to only operate interdependently with women. Be the George Lucas from the start instead of the new Project Greenlight guy (who has to prove himself). You’re already proven by being high character independently (and much of that comes from being independent itself). In the beginning of a relationship with a woman though, if you don’t set the frame that you are the stimulus and lead of the relationship, she’ll o�en just step in and ‘take over’ by default now that she’s independent (if that’s who you’re with). Marry her and it will be a subtle and not-so-subtle daily power struggle or balance. With a lot of these challenging, independent women you’re GOING to have to assert yourself when they cross the line or try to tip the power back in their favor. There’s almost no way around it; (they have ‘become’ this). This will let them know that you have standards.

Alcohol, drugs or guns don’t kill people although a person’s (chosen) relationship with it may. People kill people and co-dependencies kill people. Women can get away with a lot without taking accountability for it but do assert yourself when necessary if she is violating your principles or she can leave the relationship. It’s easier to be that Alpha man of power with the leverage of the relational formula on your side. This is all your responsibility but perhaps most importantly from this lesson, apply R.D. so that you can ‘be’ that man of higher character who gives all women room to ‘respond’ to him. You don’t have to give up your power for anyone. Everything runs across your decision ‘desk’ first. Apply N.E.O. training live!

Chapter 14 Basic Relationships & Interdependence
I’m going to keep things short here as I talk a bit about relationships in the ‘Relational Formula’ Chapter and the rest of the program. I want you to be ‘cognitive’ of the TRUE relationships that exist between people and other sources of power and influence. Ultimately you want to truly be ‘independent’ so that you can be interdependent in relation with all other people and forces of influences. Most people just aren’t; they’re o�en stuck in submission positions at work or in a response relationship to the stimulus of the social matrix without their cognition even. When you differentiate yourself (as in the video ‘Relational Mapping’ exercises), you’ll experience a whole new level of power and control that you never realized you had. For now, let’s look at the model below:

Say that you want to achieve a large goal. YES, there is power within one but it’s o�en limited by the time you have. In order to ‘take on’ or accomplish a really large ‘goal’ it would be beneficial to gain some leverage. Simply, this o�en means having other people working for you to leverage your time and resources to accomplish the goal faster. They may even do things that you aren’t capable of but you’re the manager or producer; yet YOU have the power.

So this is you in the middle yet you’ve gained some leverage in the form of other people, power or resources in order to accomplish a huge goal. The examples here are absolutely limitless so I’ll just give one; Peter Jackson and the LOTR trilogy. He was the main man, yet he had a ‘team’ of 1,000’s of people working towards the one, clear goal of producing the movie version of the book (or essentially their adaptation). It would take him probably 1,000 years to have done every render, every costume change, every edit, every soundcheck, every lunch catering, every pyrotechnic duty,

every weapon design, every expense decision, every legal agreement, ETC. But he was ‘the man’. The powerful producer and director. He had such a great task before him and the investment of two major studios that he HAD to step up to the plate. Quite a difference from ‘The Frighteners’. So ultimately I’m saying that if you really want power, influence, respect, money and acclaim you should operate INDEPENDENTLY and pull together the interdependent resources (because that is what all of those relationships are) to overcome any dream, goal or vision that you have. So in the bigger picture again; you want to have LEVERAGE in order to overcome or accomplish a huge goal. NOW...let’s just go directly to women. If you want to ‘accomplish’ or ‘overcome’ a hugely edified goal of a very beautiful and desired woman (keep in mind it’s still an interdependence of win/win value), then you’d be�er have some LEVERAGE in order to deal with her POWER. In reality, if you don’t have some kind of way to ‘deal with’ her very visceral power right upfront, you will prevent anything from happening. These things aren’t natural. It’s her social character (and inner o�en as well) that has become so edified and developed that it is ‘above you’ on a hierarchy - IF you play the social game. Truth is; you ARE independent and real. And so is she. The leverage you can have on YOUR side to go up against these women is not techniques, pick-up lines and the sort; it’s knowing your true relationship to the root of her power. It’s also actually BEING and OPERATING fully independently. From there you would only be interdependent with other people (including ALL powerful and beautiful people); you’d never let them violate your own independence because that’s what we essentially are; one and equal biologically. Powerful people ONLY operate interdependently and they’ll o�en stand up to protect their own rights if someone threatens to change the relationship. If Peter Jackson were to say to his FX department head, “I’m sorry, this project is just too big and I can’t do my part.”..chaos would probably ensue and it would be stupid; HE ALREADY HAD THE LEVERAGE AND RESOURCES TO GET IT DONE; they were available TO HIM.

So with women and ‘seduction’, you already HAVE the leverage. It’s just up to you to accept it. If you take an approach where you’re the FX head and trying to start directing the entire production itself you’re going to LOSE and FALL FLAT. That’s an IMPROPER relationship. Look at it this way; You are not the lowly guy doing costume check with her as head of production so that you have to answer to her and do what she says. When it comes to a�raction and sex itself there is no other way than you being the ‘head of production’. She cannot procreate without you. You ARE the stimulus biologically and everything else has just go�en in the way. Just because she may be the stimulus ‘socially’ doesn’t ma�er. You don’t play that game. You’re not on that crew. Biologically sex will rarely happen in ‘free will’ without the man being the natural stimulus and the woman responding biologically/naturally. You’re not a millionaire with good looks, etc. it doesn’t ma�’re the producer of the mating game. And you have all the leverage you could want to go ‘up against’ that large goal of giving a woman value. It’s not even a large goal because in production, that which seems great is o�en in ‘realtime’ just more ‘work’. Enough for now; check out the video portion and be cognitive of your relationships ultimately so that you only maintain win/win relationships with other people and you’ll will go a LOT further in life and with women.

Chapter 15 Hierarchical Relationships & Subcultures
I just want to quickly delve into this topic to help you gain a greater sense of awareness and self-control/power. It’s not to say that you should ever deny social culture or community but rather just be aware of what’s going on and then you can ideally add value to each new social group that you are thinking of joining. In nature, you could study groups of animals such as chimpanzees or prides of lions, packs of wolves, etc.. There is usually a hierarchy of which there is one clear leader. It’s not always a democracy because the leader could take the lion’s share of the food and females. Most subcultures are not really democracies in their structure. When we look at groups of humans in their immediate group of subculture, it’s important for us here to understand the relationship between all of the elements. It’s quite simple. If you ever want to join a new social group, subculture or field of interest there is almost always a hierarchy. This can consist of different levels of social status. You will start out at the bo�om and work towards the top. The top of a subculture or social hierarchy is the leaders or best of that field (o�en the originators or most effective people). Here are some hierarchical relationship structures; frat houses, military, corporate work environments, high school subculture cliques, even business conferences of experts in a certain field. You can be an expert in one field and then join another area you’re interested in and be right at the bo�om. Now here’s what ma�ers; if you don’t understand your relationship to this new subculture, you’re probably going to feel like crap. I remember going to new conferences saying ‘I deserve more respect and awareness than this’ but it wasn’t until I started offering value to the people near the top of the hierarchy that my own status within that social group started to rise. Even then, don’t take social status too seriously and don’t be dependent on it.

Separate that from who you know who you are and it will leave you always with a clear conscience no ma�er where you go. Even when people challenge your ideas, etc. as long as you are grounded in your own independence you’ll notice that people will respect you a lot more everywhere you go and sometimes they will do favors for you. You will also be able to negotiate a lot more because you’re being interdependent with others; you’re not draining any of their energy by making your relationship needy, or co-dependent. They can’t change who you are. Men, don’t let anyone violate your independence I say. Men of power and influence don’t let other’s repress them. You don’t have to be an Al Capone or Scarface and shoot people down who disagree with you. If you grew up in a social environment where there wasn’t any promotion of drugs, sex, danger, smoking and the ‘coolest’ people were actually good role models (like things used to be and are in much of the world), then you wouldn’t be having all these kids being under negative influence or being pressured as much to ‘fit in’ to raise their status within that hierarchy. Now media and society glorifies these behaviors so it makes the ‘pressure’ stronger for impressionable young kids trying to find themselves and only seeing social groups as an option. I could start an entire nationwide high school campaign of individualism with the resources..maybe it’s something you could do. I notice the campaign and that is definitely a start. It’s about time something like that is ge�ing across but it’s not enough. The moral fabric of our culture has been unwinding for the past few decades to the point where we take it for granted now. The social matrix itself would have to identify with and promote the right ordeals instead of just a few outsider resources. Unfortunately even preachers are ge�ing caught up in scandals. Look at it this way. When sex is just a natural part of life, it’s o.k. The focus is somewhat on pleasure in a relationship but more for procreation as compared to what is going on now. Now the act of sex is completely exploited and blown out of proportion so money can be made. Where are the feminists now? I think that matrix women have adopted traits that feminists stood for. It’s morphed into our socio-cultural reality now; women have independence and o�en more rights than men (look at court cases).

This social characteristic of sexploitation and it’s propaganda, is flagrantly waved in front of us to sell products. NOW...all of us are somehow so much more aware of it and we all want it MORE than we would have before or if we were living in a Muslim country (o�en where women are required to veil themselves). There’s no competition there to ‘outdo’ other women and raise your own social status towards the top ideal. The reality there is to fit in and now exploit yourself. The fact that there is sexploitation and the literal carrot is being waved in front of the donkey which can never reach the carrot makes us so much more aware of sexuality so that this massive repression takes place in those who cannot reach the carrot. That’s where the architect’s want you to be but you know you don’t have to be a part of the social hierarchy where you are below these women in status. Even preacher’s will now do things they never would have done before when everything was kept in control. Now it’s just all sexploitation and it’s RAMPANT in western culture. It’s the promotion of a woman’s inherited sexuality that is now exploited socially. Even in many relationships, part of the challenge is that the guy is always viewing women of a higher standard (seemingly impossible beauty) when compared to his wife. In fact I would go as far as to say that although adult people must be accountable for themselves (because they are independent), social influence is at the root of ALL of our problems. It is the boon. It’s why we have the most developed technology and fields of expertise as well but it’s also our downfall. Without ge�ing too deep into it, the social idea of empowering women (for be�er and worse) has set a chain of events into occurrence that where we are at now is such that all romantic relationships with these women become a challenge. When a woman is placed on a pedestal above you in a relationship, this is the opposite of nature and she will lose feelings for you. The relational reality of a�raction is man = stimulus and woman = response no ma�er how many feminists or people try to think it through ‘logically’ (socially). Your relationship to a woman’s sexual/natural/emotional nature: Remember that women are the response in the game of a�raction and you’ve been the response in the

social exploitation. Someone once said that men pick but women choose (their mates). Let them want to ‘choose’ you by being a man of desired characteristics. It is up to the man to lead but when he is operating naturally he can take a woman to the point where all of her logic is out the window and she HAS to have sex with him. Look, it doesn’t ma�er if she is the most beautiful woman in the world by society’s definition..she is STILL a woman. She has a natural response part of her that would allow a man to mate with her. So in order to bed a women of this calibre, you would have to get her physiological response to you (and you alone) to a certain point. Most likely in your case, the women you want are much higher than you on the social (status) scale. That’s a hierarchical relationship if you play that game. If you are high in natural character yourself, then in many cases all you will have to do is just meet new women and spend enough time with them so they can justify having sex with you. When someone says something that intends to ‘put you down’ you’ll know your relationship to it and that you aren’t in any hierarchy; only equal trade of interdependence so you won’t allow it. (Relational Mapping). Differentiate yourself from subcultural and social influence through relational mapping and you’ll be able to retain your strength in any environment or hierarchy. It’s how I kept sanity throughout 4 years of military service. Notes: The real answer is not in learning lines, techniques or how to be cocky and funny. The answer is in understanding who you are and your relationship to all of these forces. That is the only healthy and real fix and no one else is teaching it. That is the way of nature. It’s not rocket science. You just have to BE a man of solid natural character. Create your own self-reward hierarchy of natural grounding influences as I have done.

Chapter 16 Macro Social Dynamics
We can generically cover an understanding of much of the social world in this short chapter by looking at ideologies which represent the relationship of most of the people involved to their government and economies. Why is this important for R.D.? Because you will be able to see who has the power and in which areas. You’ll see dependency, co-dependency, independency and interdependency. Before I quickly look at macro social dynamics, let’s cover your basics first. Through all of this of course I assume that all of your basic physiological ‘needs’ are met. That means you are in an interdependent situation with subsistence because as an independent human you have the resources to buy food and get food (sometimes really good food). It’s just a reframe...yes you are dependent on food, shelter, defecation (had to say it) and a mostly stable body temperature to ‘live’ but it is so easy to fulfill those basic needs now that your relationship to them becomes one of interdependence. You can fully choose from abundance, what when and where you want to eat and even live (with enough resources). So with those physiological ‘things’ taken care of, (as referenced in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) you can consciously move on to self-actualization and self-transcendence. And this is what we are doing. Just be aware of your relationship to your basic needs and that they’re taken care of (you’ve got that handled right?). If you were in a situation where, say you grew up in a 3rd world country, then most of your focus would probably be on covering your basic necessities. You might spend much of your day harvesting food and doing laborious chores (your relationship with the land for subsistence). Be grateful that you live in a first world country...too many of us just take it for granted. Why do immigrants o�en make such great business owners or hard workers? Because

they respect the level of independence and newfound resources that are interdependently available to them when they come to ‘the west’. Plus they usually have a strong work ethic and don’t take it for granted while someone’s day is ruined because their cel phone ba�ery died or they can’t reach their lawyer in the Hamptons. It might benefit you to think about your relationship to the rest of the world, other cultures and your country’s relationship to them as well. Just to have more awareness and knowledge/power. Poverty within the U.S. is a problem. It should not be happening and is a byproduct of disempowering influence and a disempowering environment which people are brought up in. I don’t have time to go off into this subject but it still comes down to each individual and what they make of it (so let’s get them some positive influences). One benefit (to those who were lower down the economic scale) of socialistic cultures is that pre�y much everyone has their basic physiological needs met. Sociological ideologies have had a tremendous influence on people’s relationship with others, religion, business and their government. I have sponsored 6 foster kids for over 5 years now and have visited two of them. It’s an interdependent relationship because they’ll still ‘survive’ without my support. But I donate money monthly to the 6 different children and their families which includes Plan International support within their community to be�er their environment. The children each write me a couple of times a year and we communicate back and forth. It’s a special kind of win/win relationship and I feel I have been doing something important that has sent me good karma back. Look at the United States and it’s history. We (since I’ll speak as an American) gained ‘Independence’ from Great Britain in 1776. Our National Holiday is called Independence Day. Now we have an interdependent relationship with them. People fight around the world for the cause of democracy which in my words is respect for other people and representation of them. The mo�o of the U.S. Special Forces is ‘de oppresso liber’ which in Latin means ‘Freedom from Oppression’. If you think about the cause of Democracy throughout the world, it is based on ‘respect’. Respect for one another.

So what happens with terrorists is they are essentially disrespecting other people. They may have one selfish ideal but the problem is that it violated universal principles. They create and instill fear in others essentially oppressing them. Can you see the relationship between the people and the government in each following case (representing generally millions of people each) and how they differ? This is a lot of daily influence. I just wanted you to get a bigger picture of things and see that each person (who IS an independent living being) can be affected according to their socio-cultural ideology. Some ideologies are less empowering than others. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that most advancement in fields has come from Capitalism because you’re giving people the freedom to independently add value (or synergistically with others) instead of repressing that ingenuity for the ‘common good’. Yeah, you got me, I’m a hardcore Capitalist. But it’s all about value. Wikipedia definitions: Communism is an ideology that seeks to establish a future classless, stateless social organization based upon common ownership of the means of production and the absence of private property. It can be classified as a branch of the broader socialist movement. Communism also refers to a variety of political movements which claim the establishment of such a social organization as their ultimate goal. Socialism refers to a broad array of doctrines or political movements that envisage a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to social control. [1] As an economic system, socialism is usually associated with state or collective ownership of the means of production. This control, according to socialists, may be either direct, exercised through popular collectives such as workers’ councils, or it may be indirect, exercised on behalf of the people by the state. Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production are mostly privately owned, and capital is invested in the production, distribution and other trade of goods and services, for profit. These include factors of production such as land and other natural resources, labor and capital goods. Capitalism is also usually considered to involve the right of individuals and groups of individuals acting as “legal persons” (or corporations) to trade in a free market. The term also refers to several theories that developed in the context of the Industrial Revolution and the Cold War meant to explain, justify, or critique the private ownership of capital, to explain the operation of such markets, and to guide the application or elimination of government regulation of

property and markets. (See economics, political economy, laissez-faire.) The word “tribalism” can refer to two related but distinct concepts. The first is a social system where human society is divided into small, roughly independent subgroups, called tribes. In this sense its usage is similar to that of the word Feudalism. Tribal societies lacked any organizational level beyond that of the local tribe, with each tribe consisting only of a very small, local population. The internal social structure of a tribe can vary greatly from case to case, but, due to the small size of tribes, it is always a relatively simple structure, with few (if any) significant social distinctions between individuals. Some tribes are particularly egalitarian, and most tribes have only a vague notion of private property; many have none at all. A shared sense of identity encourages the development of altruism. As a result, tribalism has also been sometimes called “primitive communism” (though this term clearly does not apply to all tribes). One thing that is certain is that tribalism is the very first social system that human beings ever lived in, and it has lasted much longer than any other kind of society to date. Each of these ideologies affects how the people involved generally relate to their government, others and the economy. China is still Communist but they are having a wild spread of Capitalism and growth. We can go on and on but don’t really have to. I just wanted you to see how these root forces of influence can shape people behavior pa�erns and how they relate to other people. There are a lot of people making money in a Capitalistic society like America and those are the producers, dealmakers and developers. It’s the people who are independent and take responsibility that are the stimulus. It’s not the people with entitlement mentality who are primarily acting as a response (look at how people will demand things from the government instead of stepping up and taking care of themselves). Think about what value you can offer to other people instead of how much you can get for nothing. With women, you have to offer some kind of value and that’s usually your natural character but it will open more doors to have a great image and social character as well as being a great personality (NIS alpha). The social dynamics of the social matrix itself is the most important one that we cover here and you must understand your relationship to that for sanity and natural success. Notes:

We’ve gone from the Industrial Age to the Information Age but in the overwhelming amount of knowledge that can be harnessed for power and good, many people would rather sit back and turn their brains off and be programmed so they don’t have to always think.

Chapter 17 Destiny vs. Fate
I see Destiny as having conscious control over the design, influence and direction of your life. If you want to grow in character tremendously (inner), then I would recommend choosing a clear, definitive purpose for your life. I know what mine is clearly and that helps me grow more into the person who represents that. Look at Peter Jackson and LOTR trilogy; he HAD to step up to the plate and deliver in directing such a huge production. It stretched him and it was a clear end goal in mind, there was no option BUT to make it happen to a very high standard. Set big goals for yourself and commit to reaching them all within sight of your greater destiny. Fate is viewing life as a co-dependency or you not having control or choice over what happens. People who live like this are completely repressed. They feel like they have no control over much of anything. They are powerless but the person who takes control and realizes that he CAN choose the direction of his future, lives an empowered life. It’s pre�y clear, the difference between the two. I encourage you to take time to really figure out what you want to do in life and more importantly, who you want to be (yourself but ideally) and what kind of influence you want to have. I’ve repeated an affirmation of my own destiny at least 20 times a day, every day for the past four and a half years. That is something you can do as well but make sure you have finalized your took me many years to get clarity on that largest of topics/goals. To figure out your destiny is a separate field of study but just focus on your ultimate purpose in life and it will probably take weeks, months or years of thinking quite o�en to ultimately figure it out, unless it’s something more general (ie. ‘to improve myself’). Remember this, the choices you make will determine the actions and will influence your future outcome. If everything remains an interdependency throughout life you’ll be good to go. Accidents may happen along the way where someone else is at fault or you are both at fault for dropping in your independence for one second but generally I strongly believe in Destiny.

It’s through your thoughts that lead to actions that lead to habits that lead to your destiny. And if there was someone who had everyone in line and knew everyone’s date of death, when I’d go up I would say, “I don’t want to know. Don’t tell me.” You can study gruesome accidents, etc. and realize how precious life is and how it can slip away because of one element involved dropping in it’s own independence and thus creating a co-dependency. But going through life scared isn’t full independence, it means you’re le�ing other things repress you. Carpe diem. Seize the day and just believe in your destiny (see ‘Return to Innocence’ lyrics).

Chapter 18 Identity: Social Constructs & Influences
Without ge�ing too in-depth into a sociology study here, I just wanted to brief this area. You are who you are today because of your past influences and decisions. If you want to be somewhere else than where you are right now, you’d best change your thoughts, actions and habits. It might be time to get some NEW influences. Influences that are more aligned with where you want to go so that you have an improved identity and state of mind to be able to handle that level of lifestyle. Your identity is your social history in a way. Past events have actually shaped you whether you were aware of it before or not. Since you are hopefully aware now that you have control over the direction of your life and that you can consciously CHOOSE new influences, why not do that? Your biology and nature is already taken care of, it exists. The only thing le� for you to do is to reach a synergy with your natural/biological character by clearing away the repression of it’s existence. Yes, you have a sex drive but we’re going to understand it’s place more throughout this program. Maybe the desire for results brought you to this program, good. Your nature is that you are a man and the more in touch with that you are (high natural character), the more effective you will be with women. You can ‘turn on’ the natural part of you (and what it represents; fearlessness, comfort, authority) and boost it’s awareness and affect on your identity and life. So in nature vs. nurture, you are physically how you are (which can be altered) and it may arguably have SOME effect on your character but the rest is ALL nurture. It’s your character development primarily because of social influence but also from personal choice that allows you to be who you are today. Think about who you really want to be as a man (or woman). Other self-help guru’s

might focus on what things you want to have and where you want to live..and that’s important, but I want you to think about your character. Think about your identity and who you really want to be. Don’t you want to be an interesting, valuable and unique person who has a lot of value to offer people? Think about the ideal you. Being comfortable in your own skin means having a high natural character but it also means being congruent with your identity and inner character (personality). You should be happy about who you are today despite all the wasted years when you didn’t know any be�er or were oppressed. Today is a new starting point and it’s time for you to choose some new influences. When you can choose new influences, choose ones that will help you grow in the direction of identity that you see yourself being. If you want to learn a new skill to be a more interesting and confident person, choose that and set out a timeline for le�ing it influence you. I have consciously chosen to get involved in certain things which retrospectively (and I knew it would) have shaped my current identity and character. Other people are merely social byproducts or stereotypes who have li�le inner or natural character le�. They only care about how other’s perceive them and how they look in the eye’s of others. I have unlimited humour because I can do impersonations and quote all kinds of movie quotes. And because I was a free thinker instead of a social stereotype (I’ll o�en choose to use different ones to my advantage sometimes), that’s been more power to me to draw from the plethora of influences I have to create new, funny things at anytime. It’s time to take conscious control over WHO you are. Most people don’t know who they are and just kind of dri� through life following the social norm or a subculture they think they identify with. However you CAN consciously CHOOSE who you want to be and you can direct yourself that way. Once you can break out of the programmed mode and really start thinking for yourself and taking control of your life, your income earning potential will start to skyrocket. Your newfound level of (growing) independence will be able to work independently with other sources to add more value to people’s lives. And with Relational Dynamics you should be able to excel within any field within record time. There’s a saying; “it’s all been done before.” Well, I disagree. It’s NOT all been done

before. New (human developed) elements and technologies are being created all the time by humans that can allow new synergies, systems and products to be formed which will have a new and lasting impact on countless people. You can be a part of that. So it’s up to you to take control from this point onwards of your identity. Don’t just be a social stereotype, instead draw from a cross-referenced section of influences that YOU have chosen that help form your more powerful, universal identity. It will help break you free from conformity and pigeonholing. It’s most important for your inner character and what ma�ers is that YOU approve of yourself instead of others. There’s a lot of pressure in a socially oriented culture to ‘fit in’. You’re old enough now to understand and see exactly what’s going on and if you’re going to have any real influence, you have to be differentiated and independent from that level of coercion. The ideal is to always be fully independent and taking in new influences to grow your character. It is also to only operate with other people and sources interdependently in win/win situations. We have so many people that we can call ‘characters’ because they are quite unique and stand out. It’s more important to be a MAN of character who has control over himself and consciously chooses his own influences and direction in life. Your identity will be ever-evolving on this journey through life. Don’t ever stop evolving. The most prolific rock groups or performers are the one’s that keep reinventing themselves and adding more value (ie. u2, madonna, p.diddy) to the world but still are who they are. Meg Ryan was such a socially upli�ed ‘good girl’ but it said nothing about who she was as a person. Then when they found out she had an affair it tainted her. A lot of celebrities will be open about their mistakes because it makes them seem more human/ real and down-to-earth, plus the publicity helps. Sometimes I wonder if they do things on purpose and wouldn’t be surprised...somewhere a recording artist’s manager is saying, “ok it’s time to boost your identity and record sales so carry a loaded gun in your car and try to get stopped by the cops”. I’ve also noticed that celebs will piggyback on something another celebrity just did (ie. acknowledge their long ba�le with alcoholism). Relational Dynamics is about being your true and empowered self and when you’re

aware that you could have made different decisions in the past and you’d be a different person, why not start right now to create a bu�erfly effect on your future to BE the ideal man you want to be?! It’s important to be aware of social influence and that if you want true power, you have to have a win/win relationship with it in which you are taking conscious control until you can maintain a near unconscious level of competence (like I can). It may obviously seem that we are social creatures but the ‘machine’ has become so influential it’s extending beyond the influence of Socialism itself. Fight back by differentiating yourself (through Relational Mapping) and gaining true control so you can carve your own identity; one that is much more under your control. Choose your own ‘bullets of influence’ and stop the negative bullets of influence using Relational Mapping; N.E.O.

Chapter 19 What do Women Want?

To put it as simply as possible, women want men of high character. More specifically they want the reciprocal value they get around a man of high character in the three characteristic areas (natural, inner and social). Being with the man of highest character ensures a healthy social position as well as protection and provision so that she can ultimately nurture their healthy, vibrant children. It ensures through natural selection, a high quality of life, the best chance for survival and continued value for her. Yes women want ‘romance’. This is essentially just a socially taught ideal mixed with portions of inner and natural character response (thus their emotions will build up the fantasy as well). Being ‘romantic’ is an issue I’m not covering here but at certain times I’ve been very romantic with some of my women. Women are extrapolating those male characteristics that you represent right when they meet you and acknowledge your presence. They’re essentially judging you more than you ever knew.

This can be looked at in my F.A.R.M.

Women have the power to choose but their decision is a li�le different than yours. They are the internal reproducer and have to be more selective. The closer you are to her expectational ideal, the more easily she will be opened up to the possibility of being with you (much more readily) once she can see those characteristics. Nothing means as much as being a man of high character. That man has power and choice amongst women. Women are always the response in mating relationships.

They will always respond to men and that’s why they choose different men and act so seemingly illogical sometimes; they ARE the response. They will respond differently to men because each man’s character is different and they have to determine the level of value that means to them. So if you’re nervous, she’ll respond and be nervous AROUND YOU. You’re telling her o�en everything she thinks she has to know about you so you want to be telling her the right and accurate things. You can rarely fool a woman’s intuition. In order to have consistent success with women you have to BE that man of high character across the three areas you represent; your natural, inner and social character so that they can respond how they want to respond. Then you have to make connections with women (or have them connect with you) and because you’re high in character (what women want), success is quite predictable. O�en, all you’ll have to do is just help her get through her remaining inhibitors (of logic and paradoxical social expectations). Once you become a man of higher character and don’t drop in character around her, you will start having much more consistent success with women across the board. If you don’t have high social status or good looks, then you’ll have to at least be strong in natural (alpha) character otherwise it’s a numbers game. You’ve done almost all of your work by ‘being’ Alpha because you’ll represent ‘power’ and other universal aspirations WITHIN your character. This is infinitely greater than your limited ‘inner game’ (which has an initial power ratio of ‘1’). And when I say ‘inner game’ isn’t enough, know that I’m saying your ‘inner character/ personality’ alone isn’t enough. You’re N.I.S. character allows you much greater leverage and power because you DO represent something in those areas... ..Powers that are greater than you or that you have allowed to destruct you. Powers that will initially put you on a level with women who are playing the power game.

“BUT ISN’T THERE A SHORTCUT OR TRICK?” Yes. That’s called fools mate and all kinds of other teachers will teach you how to have inconsistent success with women until you actually DO become a man of higher (ahem, social) character (like many of them have become). There’s no substitute for a man of real character and self-integrity TO that character. And whether you actually represent it or not right upfront o�en means everything or nothing. So you may as well face it (the rewards are worth it though). And of the 3 characteristics you represent, your natural character is most important by FAR. This is where the mating dance occurs. It’s a power greater than yourself and it’s what’s been greatly repressed. BECOME a man of high natural character and you can sexually fulfill countless women (and represent/carry that knowledge with you) by reaching through and dealing with their natural character which is the response to yours as the stimulus. What is this Alpha natural character? It’s masculine energy, lack of insecurity, personal authority, self-centered resolution, fearlessness, being the leader of the pack, your biological and sexual nature, the courageous warrior, intestinal fortitude and strength. It’s power leverage ratio is infinite and you can represent it. It’s much greater than your ‘inner character’ could ever be. Real character cannot be faked. It can be ‘acted’ but incongruencies will slip through around the women you want the most and they’ll prevent success. Women want to know they can TRUST you upfront physiologically to ‘be’ a man. You can then balance that with your other characteristics and her ge�ing to know you. Ideally you would want CORE physiological change to ‘go Alpha’ leading to natural success with women. This is the real thing that is completely different than other approaches where it looks like you’re making progress when they tell you to ‘stick your chest out’ and ‘walk slower’.

I now teach raw, core physiological change (here) that comes from becoming Alpha; not from a surface/technique oriented focus. This real change is priceless by the way because women notice and you’re becoming much more of a real man (once again, what women want). Then you don’t have to ‘act’ or worry about anything because you can just ‘be’ around natural women. The game IS easier when you represent ‘what women want’. It’s not as hard as it seems and it’s much more consistent to give value to women.

Chapter 20 Body Language & Physiology
You probably know how important your nonverbal behavior is when it comes to attraction. In fact women will o�en reject you if you have poor body language right when they notice you (respond to your character). It doesn’t ma�er if it’s not fair that she is representing social powers that are greater than her; you just HAVE TO know your relationship to it...and in doing so, you’ll keep your energy and power for yourself. It is to your benefit to not just have good body language but to actually have the thought processes that BACK UP your body language. In essence, your physiology itself will change and grow once you grow inside. Because without the actual thought processes (re-aligned via Alpha Relational Dynamics here), you wouldn’t be able to ‘act’ consistently as a man of strong natural character. What comprises ‘great’ body language that women respond to?’s deeper than just the physical aspect of what you are’s what you ‘represent’. Remember that women (when not socially distorted) can sniff out any incongruencies in a man’s character through his energy and action. Ideally you would be the man that can walk into a room and women just melt instantly. When there are no obstructions, a woman will KNOW when there is definitely an Alpha male in her presence. And they can also ‘judge’ other men accurately such as the cologne models you see as the NIS ideal in advertisements if they see one of them in person. Women will give you more of a shot if you have high character (of if they’re in a socially distorted environment) just because you have higher natural character and a strong, authoritative presence. Women want to be able to trust you (and have to if they’re to sleep with you), so if you don’t have the actual character to ‘back up’ your body language, they’ll eventually find

it anyways and then you’re not ge�ing anywhere with her. Women will test you to see if you’re really a man of high character who can ‘hold it down’ for her. If you’re just acting and faking it, she’ll find out. And the ho�er women are, the faster they can find these things out. They were born to know what to look for and respond to in a man (the alpha provider, protector who can pass on the most fit genes for her kids). Now they are also judging by a mix of social expectations (see the F.A.R.M.) but you know that even if you’re not in her social subculture (or whatever) that it doesn’t matter; you have natural character which shows itself in a strong ‘presence’. When women are ge�ing approached by men daily, they’re cognition and experience gives them a good insight into what man is B.S. and what man is real. A real man retains his own character and is comfortable in his own skin; he doesn’t ‘respond’ to her or drop in character. You can practice ‘techniques’ all day and still NEVER have the actual character to be able to pass her tests (leading to sex). So.. People telling you to do techniques like (walk more slowly, stand up straight and stick your chest out, etc.) are only focusing on the external and not the internal, therefore most of those exercises I think are fruitless despite the immediate impression that results are there. Doing that, you’re just ‘acting’ anyways without the mental (or natural/inner character) wherewithal to back it up. Because you’re NOT that man of character she was looking for, that’s primarily why your results have been so inconsistent (other than the issue of women holding their own success back because of social distortion). I’ve been there as well before because I was nervous and incongruent around ‘tight’ women because I didn’t understand my relationship to them; I became the ‘response’ instead of remaining at the level of character I was. So it may ‘seem’ that you’re actually ge�ing somewhere (which seems good for the teachers) when you practice those ‘action’ exercises but you’re actually not dealing with the real issues and core itself. With Relational Dynamics, we’re dealing with the core; your natural and inner charac-

ter. Your level of natural and inner character will manifest itself outside in your nonverbal behavior (even unconsciously). NOTE: This Chapter is just about making you more aware of body language and physiology itself. Your changes will occur when you apply the rest of the training and realign your natural game. Real changes stems from the inside-out. All you need to be a great actor is congruency of character. That’s it. I just read an ad in Maxim (where you’d be�er know your relationship to) two days ago from Hennessy (which I read a�er I wrote the line above), “Great acting is being able to create a character. Great character is being able to be yourself.” -John Leguizamo Character is what women are looking for in a man. Ultimately an N.I.S. Alpha man who is high in all three areas; natural, inner and social. He has eternally enough value to continue offering to a woman and she knows that he is what other women want so that makes her want him more. And how do they know if you’re a man of character who she can trust to lead you to sex? She judges you (see the ‘RMA’ and ‘A�raction Defined’) based on representational details of each of your 3 characteristics. She reads your nonverbal body language primarily to (instinctively) gauge your natural character. It’s in your entire presence (global and the details) that will determine whether you really are that man or if you’re just ‘acting’ it. When you start talking to her, it will become more apparent where you stand (and hence where she might stand) if you drop in character, especially as a response to her. O�en all you have to do is just ‘BE’ a man of higher character and superhot women will be interested in you for no other reason than you DON’T drop in character as a response to her. ALL of your heroes and leading men remain high in character no ma�er what happens to them. You’re aligning yourself in good universal energy. I go into this more in detail in the RMA videos but your nonverbal body language essentially represents your state of mind and level of character, even though you may not be aware of it, women generally are (especially co-depending on the environment). People and women will respond off of YOUR character in different situations or circumstances. That’s why women will respond differently to different men; because they

are always the RESPONSE when it comes to a�raction. Can you see how much it ma�ers that you are ‘squared away’ to begin with instead of focusing on ‘lines’ to somehow trick her into bed (women are sharper than that). I’m teaching you to HAVE the level of character of a strong alpha male through understanding your relationship to the social matrix, your biology and the three feminine energies. You can grow even further by improving yourself across the character continuum and especially by doing the further natural grounding exercises. All of this will help you to naturally radiate confidence and lack of insecurity that women will be able to read/judge and extrapolate off of you. When they do that in an open environment and see that you have value through your high character body language, they are supposed to respond and give you nonverbal signals (flirting) to initiate the mating process. Remember you always start it because your work is in being high character and they are supposed to non-verbally respond. If they DON’T respond and you are close to true alpha, it doesn’t bother you because you know you are comfortable with yourself and that it’s most likely the socially distorted environment (and their social development) that is clouding the woman’s natural character-reading skills to see your true character. Then it will just take some time to make the connection and let HER see that you really are the man. Don’t ever let the lack of flirting/mating abilities of socially developed women throw you off; they’ve been affected by the social matrix as well. Understand that they were taught more to pricktease or ended up being dismissive (because of their own independence) instead of flirting. Natural or more pure and uncorrupted women know how to flirt and they Will let a man know when they’re interested. It’s important you’re aware of this fact so that you don’t take all of the blame like you used to onto yourself and let it further damage Your psyche. If all you have seen is women being cold, dismissive and rejecting it’s time for a dose of natural energy or cultural differentiation. Anyways.. Your body language will represent your inner state and the fact (hopefully soon for you) that you don’t drop in character (when challenged, approaching or connecting with a woman) will tell her that she can trust you to be you. At that point she should

be opening up even more to you. Women love being right so confirm their idea that you’re a man of high character by staying high in character simply by remaining the stimulus who is centered in his own energy. Your body language radiates confidence and security. You are the same man before during and a�er any woman you interact with. You may tell different stories with different women but that’s because you’re inner game is so deep and you’re so interesting, you can do whatever you want but you’re still you. You represent a LOT and if you don’t, then grow your inner character by becoming more interesting and ge�ing more experiences under your belt. For an exercise, look at the physiology of a really weak Beta male and then compare him to an iconic Alpha male. Again; others will just look at their body language and try to emulate that of the Alpha men thinking this is how we can get closer but if you really look at it, you want to have the mental character and natural state of this level of man within. This is what we’re working on with Relational Dynamics; all of the ‘stuff’ that others just couldn’t put their finger on. If you’re still wondering what the techniques are you have to let go. Techniques are social devices in a consciously developed world. This IS the Jedi level training so trust that your physiology WILL change because it WILL when you assimilate R.D. and the truth into your character. All you need to be a great man of inspiration and a�raction is a congruent high level of character who doesn’t drop in character (response) when in front of or interacting with beautiful women (or others). You can try and ‘act’ or ‘emulate’ the body language of other men of alpha character but you just don’t have the true natural/inner character to back it up. So when you do begin to differentiate and focus on the independent sources that have repressed you, you can put them into place where they actually belong in your life (away from repressing you) and you’ll actually FINALLY have ROOM to grow in character. You’ve just been repressed by powerful, influential forces that was beyond your 100% conscious control. That’s it bro.

So when you can push away all of the clu�er and only deal with things interdependently (win/win) in life, then your natural and inner character will skyrocket. There will be NOTHING in the way anymore because the freeway is clear. Now your level of natural character will rise (along with our other exercises there..) and your inner character can remove all of the previous burdens and you can just BE. Be yourself. It will REALLY help you to understand the Character Continuum inside and out as well as the F.A.R.M. and the RMA. The beautiful thing is, that when you do all of this, you’ll be experiencing somewhat of a miracle...your natural character will rise. This means you will be becoming more fearless, more in self-control, more assertive, more respectful, more independent, and more a man of authority. This will, in turn raise your Inner Character as well because you’ll be free to be yourself; true colors. You will notice the minor miracle taking place; your physiology will CHANGE. You will FIND yourself HOLDING eye contact, you will find yourself walking and moving more slowly. You will find yourself in much greater personal power and self-control. You will find yourself COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN. It’s OK to be you (a�er all these years)! And you’re more of a man than you ever where because you just have to clarify a few things that have just been holding you back. THAT is the real power and the real change. You’ll find that you’re not afraid to speak up anymore. You’re not afraid to put your foot down when something crosses your boundary. You’ll find that you’re not actually acting but you ARE this man of higher natural character. You can finally just chill and be yourself. Nervous energy and tension will leave your body. Welcome to the next evolution. Doesn’t it feel be�er? Isn’t every minute more enjoyable knowing that you can just fully be yourself knowing that no one else will be allowed to repress your independence? If you’re not at this level yet, don’t’re ge�ing there. More advice? Here’s what I want you to do. When you grow in natural character by actualizing your natural character’s power and moved away the forces of repression,

‘be aware’ of your body language. Notice that it is changing. Just be aware of it. If you WANT to practice techniques of walking or moving slowly, etc. you can but I don’t deem it necessary unless you want to pace ahead of yourself just a bit. It’s more important to have the real thing. At Cliff’s List Convention, I said that these ‘techniques’ were B.S. unless they were used on ‘top of’ universal principles. So as you grow here, go ahead and take conscious notice of your body language. Stick your chest out and shoulders back. One thing I sometimes do is move my arms out to the side (for a visual; giving the armpits room to breathe) like the heavy bodybuilders walk. For me, when I saw the social matrix itself, it hit me in a blinding flash of light. I was thunderstruck. All kinds of tension le� my body and I couldn’t believe the level of truth that was hidden all those years. From that moment on I’ve been fearless and comfortable around all people. I went alpha. My body language changed even instantly as I was relieved of the internal repression. Now..when I moved on to ‘extrapolate this, bitch!’ and a�er I came up with the Relational Model of A�raction, my character rose even more. Now I could really see that my physiology had improved. I was walking slower with more authority and I could hold anyone’s eye contact until they looked away because I had the character to back it up. For you, most wonderfully of all, is that women will start to notice you more. They will start responding more. And here’s some good news; when you become natural alpha again (you were born with it), the most natural women will be able to read your soul. They will actually RESPOND physiologically to you (when in an interdependent situation...walking in the mall doesn’t really count). No more pick-up lines. No more wondering what she’s thinking or whether you’re doing or saying the right thing. It doesn’t ma�er; you are what ma�ers and women can take it or leave it. And until you reach that point, you’re not there yet. Remember, (I have to say this again) that social matrix women have been so developed away from their natural/sexual character that they will not always be able to see even

an NIS Alpha when he is in front of her, ESPECIALLY in a socially distorted environment. In naturally responsive environments you’d be ge�ing laid every night (as I’ve done). In more superficial environments and socially distorted ones your only mission is to (while remaining high character) break through a woman’s social distortion so that she can see your natural character. All you have to do is go to places with women and start making casual connections; your body language and confidence will speak volumes and then you can amp things up from PG-13 to rated R (but not rated X) in your dialogue. By remaining high in natural character at all times, you will ALWAYS be sending the right body language signals instead of having to act (like I used to do sometimes even). This puts you at an ‘always on’ level of reality. Then it’s just up to you to meet new women and raise their F.A.R.M. enough so that you sleep with them and give them the value they want. I’ve said this many times; women love sex the most with men of high natural character. There’s more value in it for them. To them it’s the same as you sleeping with a SUPERHOT woman. That’s the equivalent and we’re ge�ing you there if you aren’t there yet. Embrace your new power a�er being in awe of it at first. You do deserve it and if you don’t ‘control’ yourself, others will influence you and women won’t be able to receive the high value of being with you unless you ARE higher in natural character. A man of high natural character will always makes the right actions around women. So let go of ‘what to say’..that’s only a sign that you’re NOT there yet and with R.D. you should be soon. You’re not playing the ‘video game’ anymore. Mating is a natural process of stimulus (you) and response (her). Deal with her on the ‘natural’ character/response level and refuse to deal with her on her exploited social level and your world will change. It’s the only way to get to sex with her anyways (unless you’re a multi-millionaire with great looks). Remember that these women (prickteases and o�en Prada’s) are primarily making decisions about men socially because of their life-focused center on social status. This o�en leaves them even more bored and unfulfilled. You can sneak in around that by being a ‘real man’ of natural character and you’ll be the one whose arms she ends up in.

BE high in character and just start making connections. Expand your social network and magic will happen because you are what women want. You body language will speak volumes to receptive women. This isn’t acting, it’s the real thing and women know it because he is this man of congruency throughout. She can’t get enough of it...she can continually respond to his high natural character in the future therefore she wants him NOW or she’ll lose him to another woman because he IS what women want. And because he is always making the right actions, he DOES make them upfront and women can tell the level of integrity and purity he has to his character (when they’re not socially distorted or influenced). Your inner state of mind manifests itself in your outward appearance. Consider it as an energy or state of mind that surrounds you. Now imagine if you never realized this! You can do techniques such as what many others teach and get a quick fix. But if you look at the truthful formula of Thoughts - Actions - Habits You’re not doing anything to permanently change, Plus it’s not stemming from the original source itself your thoughts. Sure those exercises can influence and affect your state of mind, they aren’t permanent or lasting unless you made a habit of them and connecting a continual positive state to them. But with Relational Dynamics and the training you’re going through, you should be conscious that your own physiology is changing. If it’s not then you have to delve deeper into clarifying relational dynamics for yourself. Remember there is a LOT of leverage for you when you can clearly see the social matrix and your relationship to all of the oppressing forces. Your natural character will leap up your own character continuum. With it, your body language will change because you actually will be unafraid of those sources that have previously repressed you because you can kick their bu�s to the ground. You have more control over yourself and your reality and have moved the forces of natural oppression away so you MUST grow in natural character. Remember that you were BORN WITH IT. Go over the Chapter on your relationship to your biology many times if you have to but apply Alpha R.D. and you WILL experi-

ence that strong, permanent inner growth and representation. If you were super-beta before and have gone alpha, get a hold of me and let me know. Notes: One of my favorite things to say: “This is NOT a dependency.” It just helps remind me of my reality and the right decisions to make. If you want to grow further in natural character, I encourage you to choose some trials by fire perhaps. Relational Dynamics vs. NLP: Watch out baby! Maybe I’ll start an ‘institute’ someday or something.

Chapter 21 The Power of One
This is a very important concept. If you can understand and live it through applying relational dynamics and influence, you will lead a richly rewarding life. This is actually the title of a fiction book by Bryce Courtenay that influenced me so much that it even altered the course of my life (through my conscious choice). Since I shouldn’t be holding anything back here I’ll tell you a bit about it. I never really told anyone this yet but I ended up joining the U.S. Army for four years based off of the Rhodesian mines experience he goes through in the book towards the end, otherwise I never would have even thought of joining. That’s the power of influence right there! It’s about an English boy growing up in South Africa who goes through all kinds of trials and tribulations but ends up having a mystical yet real influence on countless numbers of other Africans. They made a movie about it with Morgan Freeman a while ago but that version doesn’t do the book justice. However the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is one of the main sources I have used for (re)gaining natural balance back in my is deeply rich, emotional and natural. (I still haven’t seen the musical but I’m sure it’s another grand independent representation that makes up the entire LionKing dynasty). It comes from another place entirely un-influenced by social Western culture; a place that is much closer to nature. It is representative of the people, legends, tribes, myths and land of southern Africa. Everytime I listen to that soundtrack it brings tears but it’s a very independent thing for me and makes me more humble and strong as a man. I choose to let that value in and it has greatly inspired me. I had a friend from South Africa who I had listen and he was mesmerized because he knew what they were singing as well. You may not ever love the influences that I have chosen as much as I do but you don’t have to; you can still learn a great deal from them or ground yourself in natural energy. I encourage you to find sources (productions) of inspiration that can help you re-balance, grow, improve yourself, and differentiate yourself by consciously choosing to let

that influence you. I’m talking about consciously finding and choosing your own bullets of positive influence. And of course you’ll let them in with full 100% control. This is something I have done for over a decade and it has enriched my character beyond fathom. Ideally you would choose not just socially ‘cool’ or derived sources but sources which are connected to nature or influenced by nature. This is why I love new age music, Hans Zimmer, The Lionking, The Power of One, foreign music videos, etc. because they are all ‘closer’ to nature itself. In fact even in socially defined music videos you will be able to feel and sense the natural energy of the people and it is different than that of ie. American ‘acting cool’. When you are conscious of how you are acting you are not being natural unless you are ‘acting’ congruently with that. It’s good to be aware because that’s what a big part of this is all about but I’m saying you would probably want to be more ‘natural’ and ‘real’ instead of aware and trying to act a certain way to win over approval of others. So back to ‘the power of one’ itself. It’s really about influence which is (as we know) “the act or power of producing an effect without any apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command”. In the case of the book itself (which represents it perfectly) it’s about the effect this one/independent growing boy has on countless others (interdependently in a win/win situation). Throw a li�le chaos theory of influence into the mix and you’re looking at probably 1 million things+ that happen a�erwards in other people’s lives because of an initial influence that was stimulated by the power (or effect) of one. Even in the movie “Old School” Vince Vaughn’s character at the wedding references Chris Columbus and “you’re here, so that worked out well didn’t it?” That’s the power of influence of one man (like him or not) that caused an impossible number of chain reactions (interdependently) a�erwards that let to all of us being where we are today. In the movie ‘Back to the Future’ when Michael J. Fox is scrambling to get his parents together instead of his mom falling for him, I think that even he wouldn’t have been born. Why? Well because over the years her level of a�raction for George would have grown because he was more of a man for sticking up for her (that’s a chain reaction off a stimuli/event itself) so that they would have had sex more o�en or on a different night. And when you consider that there are millions of sperm released EACH time sex takes

place and that only one of those sperm is the half that would have been him, there is so much variation that he would have been a different person entirely because a different sperm would have reached the egg instead. Just thinking about that is pre�y deep but it proves that you are indeed a miracle. In the ending of the movie his new sci-fi book is published which was influenced from MJFox going into his room pretending to be from another planet. One SPECIFIC sperm though and one egg come interdependently together to form one zygote which becomes you; out of MILLIONS of possibilities. And maybe your wife only had sex with you that night because you had a good day at work so you made dinner for her all because your co-worker had a birthday party. We just aren’t aware of all of the POWER of influence (and your ability to create or add value) that it causes because it’s just happening in realtime and we rarely look back to see the chain of events and how different they would be. Think about it. Any chain of event can branch off in unlimited ways. We are all interdependently connected. One event, one person, one comment, one look, one le�er, one epiphany, one production, one phone call, one word, one email, one compliment, one promotion, one sentence, one book, one song, one cd, one restaurant, one second, one man, one bullet, one dance, one kiss, one meal, one night, one gi� or one MOMENT... ALL are a power of ‘one’. That will have some kind of effect or ‘influence’. Chris Columbus or a Hernando Cortes would have fainted if they had any idea the level of influence/effect they would have on world history. It cannot even be fathomed. Calculations in both cases probably extend into the trillions (of following events from that one influence or moment). It’s all because the power of one. The time/space continuum would result in a great paradox as Doc Brown says. Remember that YOU are ultimately ‘one’. You are independent. But within that independence are powers that you can ‘represent’ that are more leveraged than you alone could be. That’s why I don’t see it as ‘inner game’. That’s an initial power leverage of ‘1’ when meeting women. Within your entire N.I.S. character though, there is unlimited room for representation that contributes to your ‘one’ whole. It’s just like any production; within are countless other elements. You ARE more powerful than you realize, especially when you harness natural power

(unlimited) and even social to use to your advantage to ‘represent’ WITHIN your ‘one’ character which is comprised of the 3 (NIS). When you can be aware of the (positive) potential power or influence you can have on countless people, you will realize how important you are. You have more freedom than you can imagine so don’t hold yourself (or social influence) prisoner anymore. Imagine breaking free and having the resources to go anywhere and do anything. Would you do it? Or would you keep working a repressed yet comfortable life at a job? Runaway from the comforting ignorance of the social matrix; it’s the only way you’ll have true independence and power. Then know your relationship to those powers. Soon you may be doing great and powerful things because of applying relational dynamics and operating from a powerful position instead of a conditioned unpowerful one. And when it comes to success with women, your character continuum represents a unified you with harnessed energies that are greater than yourself. You are still one and you can have a lasting effect on one woman’s life even with just one night with her. Look at the diagrams in the video on how to take your power back by differentiating yourself from the Social Matrix and you will have a greatly leveraged power of one. You’ll be able to defeat (in a sense) that tremendous power that has repressed you. When you are in ‘the light’ you will be able to now influence people because you have more personal power.

You actually have to NOT CARE what others think. You can consciously choose to keep all your power and respect for yourself in the face of challenge, turmoil or social pressure.

Chapter 22 Control
Pure independence means absolute control and self-discipline over yourself. It means taking full accountability for your own actions and not blaming others. If you have pure independence you HAVE full control, not someone else who is influencing you. You THOUGHT you were independent but (likely) you really aren’t if you look at your current status of different types of relationships. By default, many people are just giving away their own (independent) control by letting others influence, coerce or persuade them to get them to do what they want. When you have full awareness and cognition of your independence and your relationship to everything else AND you take accountability for your actions, you will have a LOT more control over your life. When you have real CONTROL over your actions, you will be able to cause the desired effects you want to happen much more o�en than if you didn’t. This can be applied to anything. If a person playing volleyball doesn’t have independent control over his own actions, then he won’t be able to effect the outcome he wants or be able to operate interdependently with his team. He won’t be able to achieve the skill of bump, set, spike or to synergize with the team for offense or defense. Yes, in certain skills you will have to acquire or ‘learn’ the ability to control your independent actions, but that’s all it is..then you can get the results you want. But by understanding relational dynamics and just being aware that you HAVE TO have that level of independent control, will allow you to reach it faster because you will get yourself up to speed to TAKE accountability fast to achieve the results you want. You’ll be more cognitive of that entire new learning process in order to have control over your actions. When you reach a basic level of independence and control (instead of co-dependency and carelessness), you’ll be able to be interdependent with the other elements in anything, such as the other team members on your team.

Look at Metallica, Green Day or U2. These bands are perfect to study how well they synergize together. They each (band member) independently have mastered their own instruments by having a full level of accountability and control over it. Kirk hammet of Metallica plays his guitar almost every day of the year. When each person has a full level of control and independence (and knows their relationship to the group through past synergy) then they can come together to masterfully synergize, flow and take things to another level. All those years of being accountable and taking control over their own instruments allows them to create a very strongly desired effect. The socialistic, bureaucratic, careless way of thinking is just not being accountable. It’s le�ing whatever happens happen and if something goes wrong, placing the blame on someone else or trying to sue them. These kinds of people who feel they don’t have control are not operating independently. My father and I (and some friends) were involved (still are) in a Forex investment. The Feds froze it and now the lawyers are trying to sue the investors for investing in it. My father has been through a lot of trauma in his life and many situations like this because he doesn’t always apply R.D. For example he’ll get into risky things hoping that someone else will be ‘good’ on their word even when it’s quite obvious they won’t (based on their previous track record). But the people who are out there being unaccountable are not capable of creating a high level of synergy or value. Some government or postal workers that I have seen who just don’t take control over their own independence create a co-dependent, unaccountable, hapless environment. This a�itude is pathetic. Incompetence is pathetic and I don’t have the patience for it especially when I’m the producer or person at the head. Why? Because I have control and I know how everything is supposed to operate so I o�en have to babysit each supplier to get them up to speed because they lowered in their independence trying to make things difficult for me. Have integrity to yourself and take full control so that you can trust yourself to do what you say. Then, others will be able to trust you. Set the standard yourself and then hold that high standard for others and you won’t be afraid to put them in check for trying to abuse you. Entrepreneur’s HAVE to have control. Take that state of mind and be proud of your independence. Then you can leverage other sources to get a lot more done.

I encourage you to accept responsibility. All leaders step up and take accountability for their own independent actions. It’s how they achieve higher success. Learn to develop more skill and faster learning ability simply by choosing to be accountable for your own independent actions. Realize that no one but you can make it happen. So when it comes to women and success there, despite what has happened in the past (because of social repression), you STILL have to take control and responsibility for your past actions. If you still feel like you’ve been used (it’s in the past now), then you won’t be fully accountable and you will be less than independent in character, thus less of what women want. Put everything into it’s proper place with R.D. and you will be able to regain control again over your life. Take accountability for your past failures (knowing what oppressive influences they stemmed from) and take responsibility now for your future actions. If you don’t take full accountability (even though you’ve been unknowingly programmed to behave a certain way), then you will continue to struggle. Taking FULL accountability for your failures (even when essentially caused by social influence) will allow you to get things into proper alignment quickly. Take control over your past decisions and behaviors and you’ll be able to move on with a clear mind because it’s not just your ‘inner game’ that’s been to blame. And when you fail, learn from it...don’t slump off with your tail between your legs like a dog does in a stimulus-response (master-pet) environment. Be independent and get right up anyways because there is no reason to drop in character. When a cat does something stupid like gets itself stuck in an empty Aquafina case and hops around the living room bumping into walls for 30 seconds it doesn’t hunker in a corner a� is still high in character. I remember a guy from California who tripped as we were walking across the street in D.C. at a conference and he just got up smiling like it was supposed to happen. Even when bad things happen, stay high in character. “I get knocked down, but I get up again.” from Chumbawamba. That’s what it’s all about. Women want to be around a man who takes accountability for his actions and self...that is a powerful man. And if you don’t have full control over your actions (and not 100% independent), then you are sway to other forces of influence (ie. other people) which will overpower you and push you in the direction they want you to go when it may not always be an interdependency. Life will be a lot more miserable if you live like that.

At least when you have control you can see more clearly and know when others are screwing up or trying to use you. This can apply to any situation. Either you have control or you’re (knowingly or unknowingly) giving it away. For example (it’s everywhere, just run everything through R.D. first), a used car salesman who is pressuring you to buy a car who says ‘trust me’ but you’re not fully aware of the blue book value. This means that your independence when it comes to that situation is less than full... you don’t have full control (or full leverage), therefore someone else can overpower you because they know more than you do in that situation. The answer? Do your research, be armed with knowledge so that you can negotiate with people and come to a win/win situation instead of being used because you didn’t have full control/independence/awareness of your end of the deal. In fact, don’t go into major deals or situations unless you have full control and knowledge over the facts involved on your side. You then have independent ‘control’ and can keep things interdependent. Just by being aware that someone could be ‘using’ you to their advantage in a lose/win relationship, should be enough for you to make sure of where you stand first. If you armed yourself with the knowledge of how the car repair industry operates (at something like, you would have a full level of independence and control in your relationship to a car repair shop. You would be able to not let them screw you over by calling out their B.S. You would keep it a transactional win/win situation by having control over your rights and independence in that case. When it comes to women, if you don’t clearly have your own independence and control over yourself taken care of and handled, you’ll fall under the powerful influence of the power’s that she is leveraging. You might slip into a pussytrance or even do stupid things like have them use you for gi�s and meals instead of sleeping with you while neither of you feels good about it. But a fully independent man who also understands his relationship to all of her characteristics and those forces of influence will be able to handle himself around the most beautiful women in the world. This is probably the major reason why you bought this program.

When you have control over yourself, women can trust you to ‘take care of things’ when she’s around you and in the bedroom. Remember that the special relationship between you and women (for ‘dating’, etc.) falls under the Relational Model of A�raction. Always retain control over yourself; it is an alpha trait and all of the heroes have this ability to remain high in character no matter what happens to them. If you get angry at something it should only be because of a violation of pure interdependence (and gain control back quickly) otherwise you will be a LOT happier by being in control. You should get to a point of pure independence that you understand as I do, that your own energy never has to change or sway for anyone else’s. When you go into new environments, you HAVE control over yourself and you’re comfortable in your own skin. Heck, you’re the only sure bet anywhere you go. You’ll be able to then have influence because you’re just not going to sway or change who you are for each different environment. You won’t be ‘responding’ to women and le�ing them be the stimuli or ‘control’. You be the ‘control’ in each situation and new encounter with women and you’ll be fascinated at the wide levels of response you’ll receive (dependent on the other relational variables and her history of social influence, etc.). A woman can’t respond naturally to a man who doesn’t have control over himself. If he’s responding to her, she has become the stimulus and that is the opposite of natural a�raction..she can’t feel anything for him even if he meets her social expectations or ideals. Sleeping with him just wouldn’t feel right. So stop being this guy if you were in the past. Taking control means understanding the forces of influence, pu�ing them in their place (removing them) and increasing your own natural character to the point of full personal control over yourself in any environment. This is a priceless reality that I expect you will reach with Relational Dynamics and your application of it. It’s a reality that probably has never been taught before and it’s something that men will live decades without and be jealous of other men who have this level of control and therefore influence. Those are the men who get the chicks. And if the woman in front of you isn’t interested, it doesn’t ma�er because you know that there are millions of other women who DO want what you have (high NIS char-

acter) and strong self-control in any environment or relationship, especially around beauty and women. So take conscious control over yourself, your past and your decisions. You will be a much more powerful person. Don’t pass the buck.

Notes: More Random Thoughts on R.D. There are certain (high quality) songs of tremendous influence (for me) that I won’t even consider playing until I approve it 110%. That means if it comes on on the radio I’ll turn the station. Look, either you have the power or you don’t, get it. Pick your absolute favorite influential songs and LIMIT when you hear them but edify them more and get more out of them. Do not take them for granted. Fortunately because they SHOULD be universally/naturally connected you’ll be able to get more out of them (literally indefinitely) like I do. When you have pure independence (like me), it won’t ma�er what anyone else thinks or says or ‘disses’ about your personal influences. YOU and your choices are all that ma�ers; otherwise their independence (and NOT YOU or YOURS wouldn’t ma�er). If YOU don’t have full control (or awareness) of your independence, someone else is AMOG’ing you. When you reach my level you will be looking at some images of female social exploitation in total DISGUST because you know what it is and you’re stronger than that. In the Lionking when Uncle Scar unrightfully takes over the Kingdom and scares Simba away by blaming him, Rafiki shakes his head. This is what has happened essentially. The social matrix is the Uncle Scar that has taken over the land and made it dark. The rightful King (or person in control) of your own life is you and it’s up to you to take it back. The more you watch the LionKing the more you should realize not only how ‘natural’ and close to earth it is but also how it is a perfect analogy for Relational Dynamics and life. I never gave in to peer pressure for drugs, smoking or alcohol. Not once. Before I had my first drink when I was almost 20 I had a good discussion with myself. Even then I was consciously choosing to make it an interdependent situation and I’ve had control over that since before I started. Yes, I could reform the entire AAA curriculum or meetings with relational dynamics but I don’t have time. Why don’t you?! But just give me

credit where necessary ;)

Action Steps: Relational Mapping of Differentiation At first you may want to put the blame on society because it is the cause of much of your behavior however you STILL have to take accountability. So a�er you se�le down and have put the social matrix into it’s place, consciously take full accountability and then your natural and inner character will rise up the chart.

Notes: If we as people had more positive sources of influence and would take independent accountability, there wouldn’t be much to any willful crime as those people would be responsible for their actions (and not willing to risk giving up their valuable influence on others) instead of blaming it on sources (of influence) outside themselves as many o�en do or not caring.

Chapter 23 Massive Self-Control & Awareness
So how do you gain a superior level of self-awareness and control? Well the fastest way would be what you’re doing now..understanding relational dynamics and differentiating yourself from the stimulus-response relationship of powers of influence. It’s clarifying your ‘true’ relationship to the powers of repression. However, it would help if you’ve already taken a lot of time out in your life to ask yourself leading questions and self-defining questions such as ‘Who am I?’ ‘What do I really want to do?’ ‘What is my destiny?’ Doing this will ground you in your own character more instead of just being the sponge-like conditioned social byproduct. If you are just a social byproduct who is unaware how much he has been influenced, you’re not going to have too much value to add back to the community at large unless you can differentiate yourself, be unique and truly independent and then can give back. If you choose to stay in a modern, Westernized culture, I would recommend ge�ing control over the bullets of influence and influential trajectories that are coming at you right now and daily. And to do that, first you must be aware that there are influences which have been harming you or repressing your independence. We do this through Relational Mapping and N.E.O. in the video portion and the diagrams. You be the one making the decisions instead of le�ing your brain go to mush by plopping in front of the t.v. That’s the lazy man’s way. Remember, it’s ‘their’ job to keep you entertained to keep you a part of the system. It’s about time we have men of real character again back in this country and other Westernized countries. And the men of character we do have..guess what? They’re not the one’s si�ing in

front of the t.v., they are the ones who have choice and control over their own lives and the direction they want to go. It’s imperative that you have integrity to yourself and your own decisions as much as possible. All of us can work on that. To help gain more self-control I encourage you to set goals and reward yourself when you reach it. This will prove that you can further trust yourself. People without self-control will ‘respond’ to anything that is a stimulus (a con, another person, t.v., ideas, directions) without being fully aware of in control of themselves. They can’t even trust themselves because they don’t have self-control or even awareness that they could have self-control. Find something to you that is SO GOOD and only reward yourself with it when you reach a certain goal. For me, what I did was agreed to go to the best steak dinner in town and a movie a�erwards once I made my first sale online. Then I did another one at a certain financial goal which took me around 7 months a�er that but the victory was so sweet and I proved that I had self-discipline and integrity to myself.. If you can have the self-discipline to stick to your guns, you’ll be able to accomplish some amazing things. But you MUST have integrity to that commitment and it cannot be violated. ONLY reward yourself with something ultimate when you know you deserve it. Do that for the bigger goals and this way you can keep working towards it. But it’s important that you have as much integrity to your smaller daily goals and decisions as well. Once you’re aware of your relationship to others and that you should only operate with them win/win, you will be able to tell when others are trying to get you to do something. Unfortunately this cognition may only piss you off at work even more (because they’re telling you what to do) but deal with it while you can and try to set up something else in your spare time if you’re serious about true freedom/independence. I made certain choices to get me away from that environment which included living at my dad’s house a�er the Army just so I could gain my true independence through my own business.

What looked like a co-dependency was a transactional interdependency (he made more than enough to cover my rent from an investment channel I gave him) and ultimately now I don’t answer to anyone but me because I have my own businesses. If someone is ‘telling me’ to do something most likely I won’t do it. I don’t comply to the influence of others demands. I did that enough in the U.S. Army which by the way is a huge dependent system which is holding it back from much higher effectiveness. The teams that are always most effective are interdependent such as Delta Force. Why? Relational dynamics once again. There, each man is given more respect and ‘independence’. He is known as an operator. There’s no dependently flavored repression going on (and believe me, I was in the middle of it for years), so now the operator’s can work constructively at a much higher level of effectiveness because they each have their independence and the real respect of the other people on the team. Then, they can work together to achieve phenomenal things. Special Forces teams are similar although not with that high level of independent respect for each member. Sure there is still a hierarchy (of having a team leader and rank) to hold it together but when it comes to fire teams, you are each equal and independent you ‘relate’ to each other will quite o�en determine your success or failure. Keep it win/ win. There, the Army should maybe hire me to form be�er teams and achieve more consistent results. Maybe it’s something you could do to earn 6 figures (or even be a go-to sharpshooter business analyst who fixes problems). All you have to do is implement interdependent systems and doctrine for a more cohesive and effective operation which is win/win. Anyways, so just be aware when someone is telling you to do something. That’s why I’m an entrepreneur..I ONLY answer to myself. It’s very clear when someone else wants me to do something that I’m not comfortable with or that would violate my basic independence. I don’t let that happen. I am fully independent and fearless in state of mind/character wherever I go and it doesn’t ma�er where I am...why would I change? Just like 007, I’m the only variable here that I can not only trust but that I know is a sure thing. When you can be at this level if you aren’t yet, you’ll be able to have an EFFECT on the environments you go into (social) or otherwise. If you’re stuck lower down the hier-

archy at work, yeah I can understand that but it’s not something I deal with anymore because I consciously chose not to. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE and choose what kinds of relationships you have and participate in. At least ‘be’ independent in all other areas of your life and understand your relationship there should only be temporary if you want true freedom (financial independence). Either way, don’t let it affect the other areas of your life, you CAN differentiate work and that relationship with the other separate relationships (of more empowerment) in your life. Ideally you’d find a position that allows you to offer more value to that corporation or business such as being an independent consultant or contractor instead of being ‘under’ them in the hierarchy. But back to the point here of massive self-control and awareness. It’s up to you to embrace your independence and consciously choose to operate interdependently with others. Ultimately you would ‘free’ yourself from co-dependency on money by creating financial independence for yourself. This will give you even more resources to live life at a higher scale of synergy with others. But be aware of your independence and your relationship with others. You have the right to reject anything you don’t like if you don’t agree with it before ‘le�ing it in’ to influence you. Your own awareness will help you be a much be�er judge and decisionmaker to the things that are best for yourself. It will also save you from a ton of turmoil from bad choices or relationships with con artists, etc. because your level of awareness will seek out any red flags they are sending of a co-dependent relationship and you’ll be able to extrapolate them (fast forward or enlarge them into the future) and say, “no.” This is just part of what self-control can do for you. Does it mean that you are self-conscious at all times? Actually, not at all. That has to do with your social character and whether you care about what others think or not. Your self-awareness and self-control is really part of your independent or ‘inner’ character; it is the logical part but doesn’t override or get in the way of your great comfort in yourself of your natural character.

Your logic of ‘inner’ character allows you to do what’s best for your overall character and helps in being cognitively aware of the relationships to other forces of influence. Maintain relational purity as o�en as you can. That means win/win relationships or exchange of value. Don’t depend or expect things from others. Notes: Another example for me is that there is a certain mixed music VCD that I only watch several times a year. The reward of watching it is so good especially because of the value I get out of it each time. I know what it is for me but you have to find something that is an unquestionable reward for you for when you accomplish certain goals that you set (such as completing a new project, etc.). And here’s the thing, it is 100% independent for me. The last time in fact, I ripped out the cel phone ba�ery and threw it across the room because the integrity of the experience is 100% mine and cannot be interfered with in any way. That is a super-high level of interdependence in the relationship I have with that chosen source of influence. Compare that to someone who gets distracted by another bullet of influence...someone calling and stopping the one thing they love the most just so they can chat with someone else. That is not interdependence. When it’s TIME for you to take time for yourself, DO IT. Men have to find their own space and rebalance. Find something that will renew and reinvigorate you that is inspirational and use it only as a reward for achieving certain goals.

Chapter 24 Sexual Transmutation
In the book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill which was wri�en in the early 20th century, he briefly brought up a subject called ‘sexual transmutation’. No, it’s nothing to do with gender reassignment, it’s about the transference of (influential) energy. Sexual transmutation is the drawing of sexual energy or awareness of a woman’s sexuality and using it to inspire you as a man. It can be used to your advantage or for motivational purposes. It can be used for example to help soldier’s get through wartime (thinking of their woman or an objectified woman or sex itself). He only briefly mentions it in the book but I’ve gone on to further differentiate and expand on it here. There are different kinds of sexual energy and of course different ways in which to transmute it. Remember when Count Dooku throws lightning at Yoda but he catches it, harnesses it and can redirect it elsewhere (or dissipates it)? That’s’s the conversion or adaptation of energy. Men throughout history have been inspired by women and their natural (or pure sexual) energy and the act of sex itself. They have used it to create great things and endeavoured to improve themselves because of the influence of sexual energy and the desire for more of it But let’s dig deeper into it. There are two basic kinds because of the fact it is an energy (which can when differentiated or isolated by itself be called ‘independent’), it can be used to have an influential effect on the user (and his relationship to it). Since man is a part of the relational equation (in this case the response or acceptor of the energy), he can choose or control the level of effect or influence he wants it to have IF he is cognizant of it. He can transmute the sexual energy (or influence) positively or negatively. The two basic kinds of sexual transmutation are positive and negative sexual transmutation. Positive is indeed where a man would use a specific woman’s energy (or even thought of sex, or images of sexuality) for a productive or inspirational effect which could lead him on to achieve more in his daily life or within a specific field of endeav-

our. Sexual transmutation has an almost invisible yet powerful grip of influence on men’s lives and it’s up to each independent man to transmute that energy properly. There is also negative sexual transmutation. The sexual energy itself is independent and can be used for good or bad. Negative sexual transmutation is things such as jealousy, rape, murder, hostility etc. and on the less serious side, negative sexual transmutation also leads to repression, confusion, frustration, resentment, self-denial and 40 year old virgins. It’s interesting to look at how exploited sexuality itself has become. Now there is a great deal more awareness than say, 100 years ago when women could not uncover or reveal any skin at the beach. So what kind of effect does this have? It’s not just in the media everywhere, women have actually adopted this as a social response as well. Sex is everywhere now and the energy is there yet multiplied by enormous quantities. It is up to you as a man to convert it into positive influence instead of le�ing it repress you or frustrate you or WORSE. Because the carrot is still being held just in front of the donkey where it can’t reach it, you have to allow the carrot (in this analogy) to inspire you to be more productive by understanding your relationship to it, otherwise it will wreak havoc. You don’t have to have a muse or a mistress as a source of positive sexual transmutation..the social matrix is overwhelming you with sexual energy (and exploitation/accentuation) everyday. Women who adapt this social character to look like the socio-sexual ideal of today (so� porn) are carrying a LOT of power leverage upfront. In seduction, you’ll want to neutralize it all and see through to the true, feminine character. Her social character is only preventing more sex from happening for her. Learn to see the representation for what it is and differentiate that same aspect within each of the women you meet and you will have power and influence back on them. For women, romance and strong male character is like their aphrodisiac or positive sexual transmutation. You can be that man of high N.I.S. character who provides influence, anchor, hope and desire for the women in your life. Remember that you are the model of a�raction for women. You are the magnet which ‘a�racts’ her and keeps her to you because of your growing natural character. There is

a tremendous value in the mind-body-spirit response that a woman feels around a man of high natural character; it’s addictive and it’s what ensures sex and the continuation of life. This response is the essence of her natural energy and character at it’s peak (in the charts in synergy with yours). Isolate and deal with her natural energy and you can grow in strength as a man yourself. The balance to your character; in perfect harmony. Be aware of the different root feminine characteristics (or energies) through that part of the training and take on that state of mind in dealing with women by knowing your relationship to each of them as I’ll train you. Ultimately it’s about inspiration instead of desperation so don’t let it get out of control anymore. Apply Alpha R.D. to cut through her leveraged social or inner character and you will be inspired by the true feminine/natural character of them. A�er all, that is where the seduction is for both of you.

Notes: When you can differentiate feminine energy, you will be at a level above 99% of men in the social matrix. The other 1% don’t care and/or don’t get it either. I ADORE natural feminine’s the source of life and pure sexual transmutation. but I’m not naive to think that this is the energy that these socialized girls are throwing off. Remember that women are the response to this STRONG social influence, they will more easily become a byproduct of their environment by nature. You as a man are LOST if you’ve followed it because for years it’s confused the heck out of you.

Chapter 25 Stimulus-Response
Before we get to Stimulus-Response; Why are we talking about all of these somewhat boring subjects when maybe you just want to be seducing more women (or any woman)? Well because if you don’t understand the underlying relational dynamics you’ll continue to do what doesn’t work or is inconsistent. And you will continue to be repressed and anguished, perhaps forever. The level you can/will be at and the (sexual) rewards (for women too) are well worth it. In fact, you will be able to go through the entire seduction process with minimal disturbances without having to worry about what you are saying or doing once you are congruent with relational dynamics and your place in the game. All you will have to do to ‘seduce’ new women is to meet them (make connections, which is easy coming from our understanding/reality here) and build enough history or rapport with them to take them to the bedroom. That process becomes near automatic anyways and when they help you it’s an efficient process. But even then, it really is about her being able to trust you (physically and naturally to be a man of high character)..and it’s really about interdependence. Not ‘taking’ or selfishly ‘ge�ing some’ from women (deriving from your social anxiousness and instant gratification), it’s about adding value to their lives by celebrating their natural/sexual character and giving them pleasure. It means holding back instead of aggressing forward when she’s not ready. It’s a delicate and natural (unconscious) process of you both pushing and pulling back and forth building her anticipation leading to sex as her F.A.R.M. rises in response to you. I have anguished men write me once in a while with a slur of expletives or pent up repression against hot women. Yes, it’s kind of rude towards me and distasteful but I can still understand where they’re coming from but now I don’t have any empathy anymore; learn my stuff. Learn the reality of what’s going on so you can influence women’s sexual nature instead of le�ing repressing forces influence you. Yes I’m talking about you will be ge�ing laid more than ever once you apply relational

dynamics and get your global and inner game taken care of (then social is EASY because you’re fearless, more laid back and women are generally more responsive...natural ones being VERY responsive). In fact, a woman’s social distortion or barriers or justifiers are the ONLY thing that’s le� in the way between her sleeping with you. Let us look at the stimulus - response type of relationship and how it relates to success with women. Throughout this book it is mentioned that women have become the (social) stimulus with the exploitation of their sexual character for men to ‘respond’ to (physiologically) throughout the media in order to ‘influence’ their purchase decisions. Keep in mind that men are naturally simpler. Women are more empathic naturally. Men are interested in sex the most and then having a woman be ‘nice’. Now, I’m clearly grounded that I would rather have a high natural character ‘nice’ woman instead of a sexbomb for a long-term relationship. That energy never dies and she is the intended behavioral ‘response’ to me. She’s closer to her biological roots and can make the relationship last. YES, I would prefer a woman’s natural energy (for long-term) over her level of beauty or ‘sexiness’. I’ve just recently clarified this personally too. Their energy is inspirational and being Alpha in natural character, I now am aware of it very clearly (as my dual balance). Call it natural feminine energy induction, but seek to ‘know’ that. Go to my seminars and I’ll show you more examples..there’s also some in the video training here I think. But back to this S-R relationship. A woman’s sexuality which was never THREATENING to a man has now been exploited to be the stimulus for men to hit them where they’re weak. That is exactly what’s going on and maybe you were never able to differentiate it before either (it took me almost 30 years to see that). If you can just clearly let that sink in, you will take your power back for yourself and know that you must be the stimulus instead of just continuing to respond to every new ‘message’ that the pipeline/media feeds down the tube. Independent people, leaders and alpha men are the stimulus in life. Why not with

women?! They should only ‘respond’ when their alpha status is threatened or they have to stand up for their (universal) principles. Look at the ‘Rock Star’ relationship or the ‘boy band phenomenon’. Who is the obvious stimulus? DUH and guess who is the response; the screaming women. Women love these guys because their social character is off the charts (remember the power leverage ratio we talked about?) plus the other screaming women only makes them want them more and have to ‘prove’ themselves to them (like backstage a�er the show). Sculpting environments like that is not a lesson for here and don’t get thrown off by it.. you just want to leverage as much as you can congruently within your character too. Usually that’s biological; your lack of insecurity around these powers. So mainly, look at the stimulus-response relationship. Now flip it; guys are essentially approaching women of the same level; they’re like rock stars yet they’re already WAY below them in that hierarchy...they’re the obvious response because of how they are acting to the smallest detail. Now, let’s say you’re a roadie (who is still below them in the hierarchy) yet you’re comfortable around these guys. Maybe they’ve told you to seek out some ho�ies to bring back stage. Or say that you’re a promoter or reporter: what kind of relationship do you have now? Interdependent. You’re on an equal but same level essentially when it comes to respect. They may have their big show right here but you’re also your own single person as well and have things going on. So how do you treat them if you’re the promoter or reporter? As an equal. You’re not in ‘awe’ of them and thrown off. You’ll see selected women coming in backstage and feeling ‘lucky’ (sound familiar?) for their chance to be near the stimulus. But to you, you’re just on an equal basis with them - the rock stars or boyband. You see, there ARE relationships going on and that simple difference of S-R or INTERDEPENDENCE makes ALL the difference when it comes to women. BE independent and treat them at least as TRUE equals (though still the stimulus yourself) instead of acknowledging you’re just one of the new breed of salivating groupies who is dying to get close to them. With most guys that are thrown off; it’s a clear stimulus-response relationship in which they are succumbing to. These women ARE (also) leveraging social character like the

rock stars. But they’re really just people and would prefer to be brought down to earth (they have to respond off of you remember?). STOP TREATING HER LIKE A ROCK STAR and simply reframe the entire relationship itself. Don’t mess around with techniques, hypnosis and ‘inner character’ treatises because it’s child play compared to relational dynamics. It’s like a woman coming backstage saying I’m not going to be nervous or show that I’m interested BUT IT’S SO DAMN OBVIOUS because she’s going backstage. The difference is in truly being differentiated. Then you’ll be comfortable and ‘indifferent’ because you’re not playing that game. I encourage you to cut social influence off completely for a while so you can understand what’s going on by le�ing this all sink in. Then turn the t.v. on and watch commercials with the volume off and look at it through the eyes of relational dynamics. Ask yourself: What message are they really sending here? Who has control over my own reality? Am I the intended ‘response’ here? Am I aware of what is going on? Can I see how obviously or blatantly they are using a woman’s sexuality to try and get me to buy this product? What product are they trying to get me to buy? Is the woman even aware that her sexuality is being exploited to create more revenue? What kind of emotional response are they trying to elicit from me? Can I feel myself somehow connecting with that product (or wanting it/approving it) only because I see a beautiful woman? Does the woman enjoy being a pricktease? What would this woman be like in person? In order to remain the stimulus you are going to have to filter what comes through to

you if you are going to remain powerfully independent (ala N.E.O.). The best way to start is to turn off those forces in the first place or CLEARLY understand your relation to them and their intentions (like I do) so that you don’t just ‘fall into’ your old habits or turning back on SportsCenter and ge�ing sucked back into the social matrix itself. It WILL take some discipline on your part. The seriousness of the issue if you can’t differentiate it.. If you just ‘soak up’ all of this social programming and advertising that’s coming your way...what’s going on here? Who is being the stimulus and who is being the response? Remember, there is ALWAYS a real relationship...and it’s o�en hidden. We used to have more men of character (ala Cary Grant’s) in history because they improved themselves and were very careful of le�ing certain influences in which would take them away from their own destiny. One relational element has the upperhand power. Stimuli-Response. Either those wings you just picked up that (are the stimulus) are smelling SO good that they just have to jump into your mouth OR you have the self discipline to know that you are always the stimulus and that means you have self-control. You can wait to experience that transactional relationship until you get home because of the traffic. In classical conditioning, Pavlov’s dogs responded to a number of different stimuli (not just bells), in order to trigger the salivation. Now for you it’s not just lipstick but bigger breasts, tighter mini-skirts, etc. Alpha R.D. resolves that by actualizing your true relationship to that force of power.

You’re not the response in a�raction because it doesn’t work for actual sex; that is a social device used for money.

Look at the social matrix and YOUR environmental (social) influences growing up. They’ve all tried to push their ideas and programming on you. You were conditioned in all kinds of ways; how to act around people, what to say, what not to do, how to ‘treat’ women. It probably didn’t take the dogs too long to connect the ringing of the bell with salivating. My mom has a ritual of feeding the pets a snack before she goes to bed; that’s conditioning. So in recognizing the stimulus-response relationship, know that you have been conditioned MUCH MUCH more than that. You’ve probably received millions of individual influential trajectories that you allowed into your character that have ‘conditioned’ you when actually someone else had the power over you to influence you. A�er millions of signals (ie. t.v. commercials) it’s hard to differentiate the truth anymore. That’s why we deal with the ROOT of where it all stems from in the first place. Doing that you can remove the entire burden away from your character and start anew so that YOU can be the stimulus and stop being under the impression and invisible forces

of others. Look at a hit song go on in the club and see how people will ‘respond’ to it. Their behaviors and actions will change...women will start acting sexier and even behaving differently all as part of the stimuli-response relationship. But who is INFLUENCING that? It’s the DJ’s choice of a certain song; HIS idea at a certain moment. I want you to get thinking as a Producer...a person of ‘cause’ yourself because those are the powerful people; the 1%. If you’re not aware of what’s going on in the relational environment, you’re being an ignorant puppet of other forces. When a crowd does ‘the wave’ at a stadium event..this is a tremendous amount of win/ win synergy Be aware of all bullets of influence and consciously CHOOSE what to let in or not through N.E.O. Relational Mapping. This is like the Daniel-San training to become the Karate Kid who wins the championship in a way. By remaining the response to other people’s true influence over them, most people can’t fend off the bullets of influence that are coming at them at machine gun fire rate, so for countless years, these influences ‘add up’ (chaos theory) to define so much of who they are. Many people don’t have much of a personality or inner character at all and really are mostly social byproducts or social stereotypes. They actually play life pre�y safe too because they can escape to their fantasy world instead of living it. ..Wannabe’s of real character but you’re different, right?! More people are a balance of both S-R but if you’re just ‘basking’ in the social matrix or going back to your old habits and continuing to let the bullets in, you will never have the personal power you could. With millions of ‘signals’ or stimuli coming at you, it’s up to you to differentiate them. I’ve noticed I’m confused and fragmented a�er watching a li�le t.v. in the past..I can’t focus on myself because I’m thinking of li�le things. Leaders are readers (vs. watching t.v.).

When you’re always the response, someone is above you in that relation..they’re the one with power and you’re essentially disempowered. For the television relationship; The people become like the salivating dog who wants more; the NEXT flavor, the next t.v. show but it’s actually NOT a dependency. It doesn’t ma�er, the people treat it like a dependency. Meanwhile, the t.v. producers / architects are scrambling to come up with new content to appease the masses to give them more power and keep the cycle going. They’ll put out new ‘pilots’ of new t.v. shows and put an ad in a magazine or t.v. guide. I see what’s going on as being differentiated myself and it’s kind of stupid. Despite the restless (because it’s socially rooted) and fickle consumer consciousness, it STILL the Architect’s who have the power in the stimulus-response relationship. If they can get you to watch and stay entertained they still have the power, otherwise it’s the OTHER networks at that time slot who have the power and influence because the consumers are still stuck in the mass ‘zombie-like’ responsive co-dependency of that relationship with t.v. (which was their choice). You dont’ have to play the social game, since you have power independently you’re equal to the greatest of any of them; it’s all in how you interact with people To help you have the leverage to make such a change of differentiation, maybe you should see the damage it has done or would continue to do. Look for the actual relationships that exist. Do you have inner peace or are you trying to find yourself? Do you get restless? Do you care what other people think? Do you have social anxiety in front of women or crowds? All of these things will repel a woman from wanting to sleep with you. We have to work on the root of it all itself; your natural character. The sexual natural character in women is what you have to focus on. THAT is the part of her that is the ONLY path to sex itself in reality. And yet all of these other seduction teachers (most of them) are still WRESTLING with the confusion of a woman’s social character or how to ‘break it down’ or defeat it.

If you focus on her socially promoted/aligned character you will be unstable because she IS the obvious stimulus socially. You have to differentiate all of this and operate on the natural level. You don’t have to deny her causal social status but like me, I don’t even fact I devalue a woman’s socially exploited character because I know it has li�le to do with who she really is in the bedroom; she will rarely lead anyways there despite being the object of a�ention/stimulus. I know that my relationship to a woman who is acting like the social stimulus is all a contrived ‘control’ because of her causal nurture environment. She has to know that you as a man are going to lead. That is your natural role in the bedroom. She won’t let anyone who is nervous, twitching and/or drooling over her even allow that prospect to develop (of sex with him). That’s why who you are upfront speaks volumes. If you’re really strong, she should pick that up very quickly and then can trust you to handle her in the bedroom and then she’s interested. You have to lead as a man and if you’re focusing on her as the socially aligned stimulus, you’ve become the response and it’s not possible for you to lead the way then (even if you ARE a great Alpha like guy away from her). When you play the game naturally and with her natural character/response, everything is flow. When you know your relationship to feminine characteristics and ARE the stimulus by keeping your power for yourself (true independence), you will be the same man in front of the most beautiful women in the world. You’ll allow room for them to respond. You’ll have defeated their initial ‘power leverage ratio’ because you know your relationship to it. Nothing ma�ers but her NATURAL and responsive character. She WILL respond to your character, so BE the Alpha stimulus that you’re supposed to be so she can respond the way you want. This is how you have success with women and the times you have before, you DID tap into your natural (and hers) character. So when you just ‘are’ on the natural level as the stimulus in a�raction (and at all times), then you are much closer to her response sexually because women are born to be aware of and know of a man of strong natural character (confidence, fearlessness, alpha characteristics, ability to procreate, masculine..).

“It’s all in the Charts”. Her a�raction response will rise to your character as the stimulus. Her response will be different for different men because they have different character. The best thing you can do is BE closest to the universal female ideal/expectational response by being high in N.I.S. character. This is what you’re doing now, you’re ge�ing there. Women will look for you to be the positive stimulus. As long as she can trust you to fully BE who you are (congruency), she can decide to ‘respond’ to your reality. Women are looking for a man with a strong reality. These strong men most likely are clear on their relationship to social B.S. That’s why women go for bad guys; it’s his high natural character and it’s about time that real and balanced men raise their natural character because they ARE more deserving. Take any pure, natural woman and put her in the social matrix of American nightlife and social culture/influence for 5 months and she will turn into a different woman. She’ll say she loves you and then she’ll go out with her new girlfriends dressing sexy, ge�ing a�ention and who knows what else. She’ll have this power (socially derived) where she’ll now play with a man’s heart... she’s torn between her new decisions. Such is the case of my new good friend and we talk about it all the time. Still, his relationship to her is not a co-dependency so I’m still working with him on it. Especially because women are a ‘response’ and are more adaptable to their immediate surroundings. Ignorance = confusion and awareness = clarity in our case with Relational Dynamics. The SOCIAL act of sex is representatively called pornography (now so� porn has influenced much of the economy and daily lifestyle of the mass people). It is used to INFLUENCE men (and women to raise their social status) to make certain buying decisions. BE the stimulus who keeps his power for himself so that women can respond by knowing that no ma�er what social leverage she is using, you know that it’s throwing off her naturally responsive character (the only way she’ll really get to win/win sex outside of a porn contract).

They can’t change who you are and they ALL have natural/feminine character which ‘responds’ to alpha men. The rest of this training will help you grow in alpha character as well as become and remain the stimulus in your relationships with other sources of power and influence (especially women). It doesn’t ma�er HOW beautiful she is, you remain the stimulus and high in character. Let women be the response because any other way is the opposite of nature and won’t get you anywhere. You ARE a man and it is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Be proud of that fact and also know that women are looking for ‘real men’ (and that means not falling into social ironic brainwashing). Bask in the beauty of her natural is NOTHING to be afraid of. In nature if you were ever afraid of procreation you’d be the lowest male on the food chain with rare a chance to procreate. Remaining the stimulus in the metaframe of the relationship: If a woman is still held up with intimacy issues or wants to keep me for the long-term (part of the problem because I am a desirable ‘long term’ catch) or for me to take her out and buy her stuff I WILL drop her a�er the fourth date at the latest (even Prada’s). I don’t buy women gi�s that appease them. O�en times even for me, the relationship starts out ‘logically’ (ie. off of online, etc.) and because I know I can take any woman to sex, I’ll get caught up in the 4 date rule (drop them a�er that if didn’t have sex). In order to be the stimulus, you’re going to have to let them know what your lifestyle is. If I go along with a more equal reality, of course it will get to sex but now I’m like; no, right up front. It’s my way or the highway and I’ll let them generally know, “Look, I only have time and interest for a physical relationship right now so I respect you and your decision of wanting a ‘dating’ relationship but that’s not for me at this time. If you want no-strings hot sex, give me a call. Nice meeting you, bye.” This means NOT ge�ing all of the girls. It means dropping some; even HOT ones. It also means never ge�ing rejected because you let them know you’re lifestyle up front. I’ll teach more about this somewhere else because dealing with Prada’s it’s something you’re probably going to be going through; those who have strong socio-logical expectations. (The best way is to meet them in a conducive environment such as a hotel bar or night place).

Consequently I always do let them know (in the past) but sometimes too late. I’ll lay down an ultimatum because I got fed up. Ironically almost all of them boomerang back to me (sometimes months later) because of my character anyways. If she’s trying to lead the relationship or to frame it for what she wants, and it’s not what you want (and you’ve even told her) - get out dude. The man must lead the relationship and if you have difference of opinions and she’s le�ing too much of her social development get in the way of even your first sexual encounter (within 3 or 4 dates), she doesn’t deserve you. Give her an ultimatum and drop out. There’s plenty of other women out there who would like to have the best sex of their lives. For years what I have done is when I have positive thoughts I will a�ribute them to my main internal directives. This means when I’m watching i.e. music video’s and I feel a strong impulse of value I’ll directly connect it or ‘autocalc’ it to it’s representation where it belongs. This subconsciously adds up and compounds in my favor. It’s just a high level interdependency and habit that I have where I remain the stimulus and all else is a part of my reality if I choose it to be. The animal kingdom doesn’t let ANYTHING get in the way of mating when it’s going to happen. There is no social ‘logic’ or ‘added value’ b.s. that would stop a Lion from mating with a lioness. This is pure natural character so when you can see and actualize that it’s your birthright to provide the seed for a woman to procreate, then you’re ge�ing somewhere. But you must understand each of the elements at full independent representation so that you know how to place them together and how they interact/relate to each other (which we’re ge�ing to). When Rafiki shakes his head at Uncle Scar’s taking over of the Kingdom. There IS’s time for YOU to take back your rightful place because if you don’t, it will continue to be ruled and influenced by other forces. But you HAVE the power. You don’t have to be greater than it, you just have to be in harmony with your true place in life. Allow yourself to be influenced (by sources you consciously approve of) that no one else can change your mind (as to their residual value and effect it has had on you).

You’ll come from a new place. A new level. Like standing atop Pride Rock with awareness and power/influence over what’s going on instead of just being an antelope or whatever. It’s time to be the lionking of your life where you are the inheritant and independent stimulus; it’s who you were MEANT to be.

Notes: When you walk in a nightclub with the dancefloor as the nexis, all of those people (99% I’d say) are under the influence. They are behaving accordingly as a response according to the stimulus. I just thought of this...what would happen if the element (of influence) the music wasn’t there? Well, the people wouldn’t be responding and they’d think it sucked but as producer here let’s keep the people dancing and just take out the element of the music or turn it all the way down. Imagine the level of power you would have’d be able to actually interact with people. When they film nightclub scenes for movies there isn’t any volume, they add that in in post-production so that they can actually ‘hear’ the actors. A woman cannot see your true soul in that environment because of the social distortion and the illusion of social status that influences her decision making. We’re coming from the frame of NATURAL women with a li�le social thrown on top vs. SOCIAL women with more social thrown on top (and when these SOCIAL women try natural they just can’t connect or be real): a world of a difference We’re not just taking power back for the men but we’re doing it for the (sexual and relational) benefit of WOMEN. If men take the power back then women will realize how overrated they were and be even more desperate (instead of the other way around). I don’t know if they’ll change (as a response) b/c it would take a mass socially approved movement to rebalance the Force but a�er women have had their ‘heyday’ for 3 decades it’s time men stand up and bring light back to the balance of nature and relationships. A mass rebalancing. When you’re watching women in music videos, natural energy is closer to ‘real’ and ‘acting’ or conscious heightening/awareness is closer to social/logical/fake

“Are women expecting me to chase them and just playing hard to get, or am I just beating myself up about one broad? Also why do I get mixed signals flirting and lots of eye contact and smiles but it would kill her to stop and ask me a question. In this world of the liberated women are women still generally standoffish and evasive until a guy nails her on it.” -David C. Natural RMA stimulus-response is the source of all life. Tap into that baby. Social exploitation/distortion is the source of 40 year old virgins because men are the response instead of the stimulus. .....real sex is not like a porno unless you can get her to that point or lead the’s a NATURAL thing. Alpha men in history and in nature are used to impregnating as many women as possible. Ultimately what you want to do is differentiate the social matrix and everything that stems from it as a single, independent power that is equal to you. Re-frame everything so that you have an equal (or greater) power relationship with it (very few people other than producer’s really DO). It doesn’t have to influence you UNTIL you let it. You’ll know that when someone has a bad radio station on or the volume is just a li�le ‘too loud’ for your taste you’ll LET THEM KNOW. Why do you think James Bond has such a discerning taste? He knows who he is and most importantly, he knows his relationship to others. He’s not afraid to be alpha and just ‘be’. If a woman is testing you but you know she wants you to say the wrong thing don’t cave in. Perfect example, I was talking to this one girl with two of her sidekicks just there upstairs at a club (where it was quieter) and she was trying to say it would be sexy if a man would ‘try’ being homosexual or something just once. She was testing me like a mo’fo but she didn’t win no ma�er how hard she tried to ‘influence’ me to change my mind. Turned out she was married (which is like le�ing the air out of a balloon for me) and this aphrodite was telling me that she massages her husbands feet and that they don’t have problems. Hmm..some kind of incongruency there. You can learn the lines and even be a pre�y boy but if you don’t have the character to back it up or understand relational dynamics NONE OF IT MATTERS, she’ll move

onto the next daydreaming with her vibrator. The Military Recruiter’s sexual abuse cases. You want my opinion? I don’t think you can handle it. Of age women who provoke, flirt and nonverbally ask for or have consensual or dating relationships with recruiters to raise their own (social) status, fine. Leave it at that. Dismiss it. Just don’t put all the blame on the man like he’s the only one ‘at fault’ because you’re using him. Where’s the balance and accountability there? This is not a dependency when she willingly participates. Actual rape where she wasn’t responding and was coerced or forced into it I can understand, but real consensual relationships (where she probably had the best sex of her life) and then tries to ruin a recruiter’s career or life without taking ANY accountability, that’s not right. Where’s her accountability? Prickteasing women can literally get away with murder and they dependently put all the blame on the man. I would think that those women would have some kind of negative karmic reaction for their part.

Chapter 26 Above the Influence
Before we get into being ‘above the influence’ or ‘aside of it’ I want to bring this up: I had no idea the power of what my grandmother was doing when she would watch her show “As the World Turns” and she would ALWAYS turn down the volume when the commercials came on. That simple act represents pre�y much everything. She consciously chose to watch ‘her show’ and yet she didn’t let commercialistic/social influence interrupt HER reality. It’s only been recently that I fully understood that. In fact our elders have looked at what’s going on and shook their heads to it. It’s like when Uncle Scar takes over the Pridelands from the rightful ruler. Well, it IS up to you to take it back; take back your power and position for yourself and have control over what is and can be yours. Let me also say this about my grandmother. She was in a way the ‘lead’ in the relationship with my grandfather (on my mother’s side) but you know what? She MADE the relationship work and she knew her role. They stuck together and made it through thick and thin. She knew her place and she edified her husband beyond his death even. What has happened to the (not all but many forced reality) women today who despite ANYTHING that they will say (or try to justify) are basically homewrecking challengers who have such demandingly high expectations. Without knowing it in who they have become, they habitually ‘take over’ the relationship just because it is who they have become because of (once again) one thing; social influence. Li�le do the actual homewreckers know that they would be a completely different woman had they grown up in a different social culture. And once you can see and understand this reality, you will be above the influence. And when an independent woman is talking to you about this, it’s basically her social programming talking because in a best case, a marriage becomes a compromise. It’s like when two stars collide when two empowered and independent people come together.

That is why we have a 50% divorce ratio in the U.S.A. and around 70% in southern california (the ROOT of socio-cultural influence itself). I haven’t ever smoked or done drugs (outside of prescription) to date. Many people don’t believe me but the truth is I never fell into ‘peer pressure’. I remember kids at high school trying to ‘find themselves’ and fit into any group that would take them. Many would start smoking out front because of one reason ‘peer pressure’ (ie. social influence). They wanted to ‘fit in’. Look, I’m not denying the importance of social peer groups. I’m saying if you’re a truly independent person you’ll be interdependent with all kinds of groups that can benefit you and that you can add win/win value to. Don’t ever do it just to ‘gain acceptance’...that’s real close to a dependency. Keep the power for yourself. Do you have to be an outcast? No, it’s important to be involved.. it’s part of life but I encourage you to ONLY operate interdependently and be aware of exactly what’s going on. If some group tries to ‘persuade you’ to do something you’re not fully yet clear on yourself, say NO. Snoop Dogg himself could offer me a joint and I’d still say ‘No’. That’s the power of control I have over myself...that’s pure independence that doesn’t fall into social pressure or social influence. It would be ‘his’ reality then. No. I only operate with other people interdependently. that means I respect them but I expect them to respect my independence as well. And when people try to ‘cross’ that line, it’s VERY clear to me and it will be to you too once you achieve a full level of independent energy and awareness. Ask yourself at what price would you compromise certain values of yours? Ask yourself what level of social influence or peer pressure would it take you to ‘cave in’. It really is a gauge. Remember your thoughts determine your actions determine your destiny. If you aren’t fully independent and disagreeable with what someone is imposing upon you, you maybe fall into that person’s stronger reality. And if you weren’t clear with it, you’re going to feel ‘used’ almost (a�erwards). It may seem ‘cool’ (which only a social function itself) to do something that someone wants you to do in order for you to raise your own ‘social status’ in that specific situation but if you know that you’re not fully clear about it within yourself and your pure independent, I suggest saying NO.

If, for example you already ‘smoke’ or whatever and are open to it, it can be a moment of synergy but remember this; independent people generally respect other independent people...even those with different opinions and beliefs. I sometimes VIOLENTLY (if that’s possible) turn off the radio when I hear advertising come on because I know exactly what it is. 99.9% of people in this culture will just continue to soak it up all up like a sponge, being the response. Yes they have found ways to develop ‘who they are’ but they are still a social byproduct of sorts because of the SOCIAL culture in which they grew up in. Countless people will always feel ‘unse�led’ or ‘restless’. Why? Because all of these social bullets of influence have already penetrated them so much that they can’t see anything solid anymore...they’re search for the next ‘ho�est’ thing or turn to drugs. Speaking of dependencies; how do you solve drug or alcohol dependency? Simple. Have a person take their power back by keeping it an interdependent relationship instead of dependent. Have them say, “No...I choose NOT to smoke/drink right now.” It’s all about being ‘independent’. That person is ‘above’ the influence when they are fully being independent. Only have one stream of influence coming at you at one time and be aware of it so you can let it through (approve) of it or not. For example, I rarely listen to the radio anymore (and have stopped watching t.v. for over a year). Instead I choose what movies I want to watch and listen to my own collection of music which I (repeat I) choose. If I’m listening to LaunchCast on Yahoo messenger, I will skip to the next song if I’m not feeling one song at that moment. I have complete control. It’s quite a difference that it makes and that’s what I encourage you to do. Build your own digital collection of music which has a positive influence and be the d.j. yourself. Speaking of d.j.’s and I don’t want to talk long about this subject right now; when you step into a nightclub. What’s happening here? Do you have any control anymore? Hah. Only if you’re the d.j., the owner, a popular celebrity or a promoter. This is the perfect example of social influence and society. Look at how fake and controlled the environment is and yet how strong it’s influence is. Women will not be themselves AND will change furthermore (as a response) when a certain influential song (stimulus) comes on.

If you’re not aware of what is actually going on and that it is a very contrived environment you’re going to feel like crap in many cases. It is possible to have fun still but even that is easier done when the ‘social’ environment is more open MEANING the music is turned way down, the environment is neutralized so people can actually communicate instead of be limited to one person’s idea (the dj - different than yours) of what should be played. What I’m saying is, you can actually sleep peacefully at night knowing what is actually going on and that under that controlled of an environment (if you start thinking more as a producer yourself), you would KNOW exactly how to make that environment be�er or more conducive for real interdependence instead of a fake, socially contrived hierarchy of status. I think that people are sick of going to clubs and it’s very tiring. Why on earth aren’t there actual places to actually ‘connect’ and meet people? I’m talking an open environment where there is no D.J. yet there is so�, quiet music that has an atmosphere like a wedding reception right a�er dinner? Drinks, a nice environment, classy people and h’ors deouvres. Take the women off from the B.S. social pedestal and bring them back down to earth; neutralize the environment so people can actually connect and let their true talents com out (without pretension). Then we’ll really see who has game! I don’t have enough resources yet and yes I thought of the idea but if you’ve got the resources, it’s a ‘gamble’ (until it takes off) but millions of women and men just want to ‘meet’ people and actually socialize instead of living in such a fake reality as most nightclubs where it’s a direct stimulus-response to the environment in a loud environment. The lounges I’ve seen so far suck too because the music is way too damn loud. I’m telling you, this can make a lot of money and when I have the financial resources I’ll do it and without a singles club membership or anything. The social matrix is still really lacking in real places of interdependence. There are great women out there and a lot of great guys who would be fine if they just had a conducive environment for meeting people to see who they really are without all of the social distortion and B.S. default elevation of women who slip into the response of prickteasing and cold-fronting. Things that are socially derived and naturally derived. Look at nature itself as being quite simple. Procreation and the basics of life and survival; food, water, shelter. When you can differentiate that a guitar solo from Van Halen, the latest trend, latest

music video, the latest band, the winning streak by Tiger Woods, or that you beat your highest score on a video game is ALL 100% socially (consciously) derived you can start to understand your relationship to it. I encourage you to ask yourself what is socially derived and what isn’t. People’s lives become so screwed up because they have basically become co-dependent on the forces of social influence. That’s why celebrities are so screwed up and their relationships never hold; they represent social (conscious) influence. It’s ALL un-natural no ma�er how ‘cool’ they are. They become co-dependent on what other people think (the social/communal) and trying to please other people without centering their own energy and independence and pu�ing that first. I would recommend finding powerful bullets of influence that are either culturally differentiated (which will bring you back to your natural power) or that will help you grow and improve in other positive ways. In fact, with a deep understanding of relational dynamics you will be able to find value in anything that comes across ‘your desk’. You will be able to choose from the smorgasbord more clearly because you can SEE what is in front of you in focus. You can find influences that other people would just ‘pass over’ or not even ‘get’ AT ALL. Your awareness of relational dynamics will help you to prevent relationships that would fail. Yes, I’m talking about interpersonal relationships. If you weren’t aware, you’d get sucked up into a relationship because that’s just how you thought things were or what society promoted. She was independent yet you had some sparks and your differences but maybe you thought you could ‘work them out’ because that’s what everyone does, right? Put it this way...if you’re compromising your true integrity to yourself and being yourself when you’re around a woman just to allow ‘room’ for the ‘power’ I will guarantee future strife. My favorite example? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pi�. She basically OWNS him in that relationship (no one else will say it). We’re talking about a man who used to be the “#1 bachelor” and look what happens in that kind of relationship and influence.

She becomes #1 and it is the opposite of both of their biological natures. It’s a socially influenced relationship. Brad Pi� is now repressed and less than a full man because of this. Her a�raction for him fades because he falls into her strong (socially developed) idea of reality. If you want more substance than just a marriage contract or kids to ‘keep’ a relationship together (by the strings) then if you’re single, this book should be worth thousands of dollars to you because you’ll understand the type of woman who can keep and hold a real relationship. Hint, it’s not ‘miss wonderful’ who you put above yourself, sorry. That’s society who developed her and it’s society who says it will actually work out. My own father was divorced 5 times because he chose empowered women and yet he is still a very traditional man. HE didn’t change...the women did. Men are wondering ‘what the hell happened to the women’. Without ge�ing too deep into this subject (I have a whole 362 page ebook on it), let me just say this: if you can learn to read a woman and see how natural or socially influenced she’ll be able to have an idea whether a relationship could actually work out or if it’s going to be a complete repression/struggle of yourself or filled with compromises. Yeah you might say but ‘of course I would marry a woman from my own culture’. That’s still your problem if you’re thinking that (no offense) because that’s what society taught you to think. Look at cultural differentiation and it could save your life and turmoil. There are countless millions of more ‘natural’ women out there (who don’t even speak your language) yet would still make more effective wives, mothers and caretakers than many of the women in your own culture. Yes that seems to be a radical ‘idea’ but think about it. If a woman is so socially developed and influenced that she has her own career and essentially more power than a man why WOULD she want to regress just back ‘down’ to her more natural roots? A�er all, she has all of this (social) power. It’s just taken for IS who she IS. And if you can’t see ‘what it is’ for ‘what is REALLY is’ then you’re going to be on ass end of things through much of your life and maybe you already have

So, in order to be ‘above the influence’ you’re going to simply have to differentiate yourself from the social matrix (as ‘one’) with relational mapping. You can reframe your relationship with it because you have complete control over what you let in and how you ‘exchange’ value. Differentiating yourself independently will give you enormous power and you can maintain that through N.E.O. and managing the influential trajectories as we’ll get to. Notes: Affirmation: “I am above the influence because I AM the influence.” h�p:// 1&cbsid=603c8f62c9cf4e4c95769876496a0e3c-210477959-WS-2 I despise 80’s metal rock in general but I love song’s and artists that break through that stagnant quagmire such as “I can’t stop loving you” by Van Halen. This is effectiveness that reaches universal level and can’t be contained by an oppressive stereotype upon it limiting it to just a secular niche market that immediately identifies with it socially. If you truly want a wider view on the world and you’re stuck in just liking a few subculture genres of ie. music you’d best widen your perspective and find value in more things beyond that..seriously. Aligning yourself to more universal principles is not giving up anything, it’s becoming more of a balanced man that represents more universals ideals and more of what women want. If you JUST like 80’s classic metal you’ll probably a�ract just those kinds of women and only accept them...get beyond that if that’s you. There’s a much greater world. One of the most important things you can realize that ANYTHING social or that you run by socially is not a dependency. So if you’re a producer for example and run something by a ‘crowd’ that means a lot to you and it doesn’t quite synergize (or even if it does), it doesn’t ma�er what their ‘reaction’ or ‘opinion’ is if it’s fully represented in your independence. This is a very important distinction because nothing can change the value which you have already received. Become more universal in ‘character representation’ by accepting and leveraging the powers that are aligned naturally and greater than you; the relational formula.

Chapter 27 The Architects
I talk more about this in the video portion of the Alpha Relational Dynamics program, but I wanted to bring it up here as well. As in ‘The Matrix’...there is Neo, Morpheus and ‘The Architect’. The Architect was the one who created the Matrix in the first place. He defined it’s general rules and protocol. By now you know that I reference and talk a lot about the ‘social matrix’ or the ‘forced reality’. In essence it is analogous to a ‘programming influence’ upon countless people/clones/responses that they just cannot see. All they see is what’s right in front of them and as open as it may seem in it’s offering to them; it’s really a strategically designed relationship of which they are not cognizant. In the social matrix, there ARE architects and they are real. They are continually creating the new codes and programming that will influence and consequently determine the behavior of countless people. In order to have cognition here we have to differentiate and acknowledge what’s going on. Los Angeles is the epicenter of the social matrix. The highest number of ‘architects’ exist there. Some of them aren’t even cognizant of their own relationship to the social matrix itself...they are just ‘in the industry’ or doing ‘computer rendering’ at an FX house, etc. The people that have the TRUE power and influence (which is quite o�en HIDDEN) are the architects aka executives, financiers, producers, promoters and distributors. This is what most people can’t see in relation to their social reality and where they stand. They definitely are NOT aware of the amount of influence that has already been HAD upon their life. Quick reference; cultural differentiation and causality. People (nurture) are social byproducts. Their are the essential amalgamation of their environment, surroundings and experiences. In First World countries and Western cul-

ture this stems from the ‘social matrix’ itself; the most influential socio-cultural identity ever to exist in history. It’s reach is probably near 2.5 billion people now to some degree or around half of the world and definitely most or all of the civilized world. Remember in the movie T2..there was a scientist who created a new program/code that eventually enabled robots to take over the earth? Arnie came back to prevent that from happening (as far as I remember). He was an ‘architect’; a person of influence. The current Architects have mass popular society within an invisible relational system of stimulus-response (see my ‘Television’ Chapter). Don’t think these people are real? Look at the 2006 ‘Details’ Power Issue; the 40 Most Influential People under the age of 42. You’ll start to see the people who are really behind what’s going on. Surprise; it’s NOT the Paris Hilton’s and the ho�est new actors or actresses. It’s definitely not the women you are edifying. The ‘Architects’ are the people that are feeding the whole system itself. They are ‘above’ the porn star type women and even above most recording artists. They are the hidden people that have the real ‘pull’ and influence. The producers, the media, the bankers, the financiers, the CEO’s, the producers, the effective entrepreneurs, the high-level negotiators.. Your cognition of this fact is important to your understanding of and then differentiation from the social matrix. The Bill Gates’, Michael Dells’, the guys who started Yahoo, Hotmail, YouTube, Myspace..the Timbalands, Sco� Storch’s, Kanye Wests’, Steve Chens’, Jimmy Wales’, Sergey Brin & Larry Pages’, Ryan Kavanaughs’, Tom Andersons’, JJ Abrams’, etc. If you didn’t know who some of them were; of course you didn’t. They’re architects. The people with the REAL power and influence who o�en best stay behind the scenes. THESE GUYS ARE ABOVE THE SOCIAL MATRIX. Guys like Clive Davis, Jerry Bruckheimer, R.E. Turner, Henry Ford, Wright Bros. (the level of bu�erfly effect a�er Ki�y Hawk!), Russell Simmons, it goes on and on.

The architects are o�en so good at hiding all of this that most people ‘accept it’. They see what they see in front of them and ‘this is life’. Just like the flame shadows on the wall in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. The system is SO perpetually strong and non-stop in it’s ‘programming’ that most people would never escape it’s grasp or influence. It’s primordially important to look at the TRUE relationship of what is going on. Just take a look here and see if you start to ‘see’ the true reality. The whole system is flawlessly invisible unless you can differentiate yourself from it like I did (and a Neo).

Without differentiating yourself from the inherent, repressive Stimulus-Response relationship, you would forever be trapped from your true power without ever knowing that you probably have more capability than some of these dudes. The potency of what is represented already in this Chapter is quite strong so I’ll let it sink in. Mind you, I am one of the Architects (and think like one) and I will probably become one of the most powerful and influential ones long term (shhh), but it’s really up to you to KNOW what is really going on and see the TRUE relational reality.

These people aren’t stuck ‘under’ the situation, they’re on top of it. Welcome to the secret reality that was always right in front of you. Stick to the relational maps instead of being sucked right back into their response powerlessly when you turn on the t.v. again. There are people behind ALL of it that have more power than you in that relationship. Be powerful by only operating interdependently with the social matrix. Maybe you’ll even become a powerful and influential Architect or Producer yourself. You know how simple this can be? Perfect example right here and I really want you to think about this: You can write any kind of sentence or paragraph. Now, as producer you have the #1 voiceover artist in Hollywood. YES, I mean the guy who does ALL of the voices. Now, have him read your paragraph and realize the strength of representational independence and universal quality it brings. ALL YOU DID WAS WRITE A PARAGRAPH and bring one other fully independent element into the play. HELLO. Do you have any idea how much power that is? What if you worked on that paragraph to make it sound like something interesting and cool and then had him read it? All of a sudden you’re representing a lot of power that is much greater than you...especially when put into the proper channel (even promoted on the internet). Now you’ve become the ‘stimulus’ for countless people to ‘respond’ to. And because they know of ‘the voice’ they instantly fall into the ‘this must be good’ category. They’ve been conditioned to. Think about all of this and how much power you can REPRESENT by thinking differently and applying relational dynamics!

Chapter 28 Social Matrix
What is the social matrix? It is a tremendous, ever-reaching network of programming that hold’s the power to control, influence or sway countless millions of men and women. It’s most significant aspect is that it’s effect is invisible to 99.9% of those who are a part of it (including most of it’s icons) and it’s top objective is to now profit from the exploitation of feminine sexuality. If you live in a Westernized culture, it is all around you. It is so pervasive and influential that you have been conditioned to take it for granted. It has become an invisible force of incredible influence on your life that has repressed your true power for many years. Sadly it will continue to repress millions of men without their awareness of WHY. That’s exactly how the architect’s want it to be. They will continue to influence and coerce their intentions amongst millions of unsuspecting people. It’s power has grown much stronger just in the past 3 years alone. It’s influence is so strong that it’s flipped around the balance of power and now it’s the outcasts who succeed more with women than the actual good guys. The bad boys, outcasts and jerks succeed with women because they don’t let the social matrix affect them, thus they are the only men seemingly le� that have retained their natural character and don’t drop in character when around women as a response. The social matrix has conditioned you to be a RESPONSE to the sexploitation of women as the stimulus. And, indeed they ARE the stimulus. This is why it’s near impossible to not have an emotional response to their power and beauty when you are in front of them. The flipping around of the stimulus-response in a�raction is why EVERYTHING is so screwed up. By default you have been ‘programmed’. It’s up to you to differentiate yourself from it and reclaim your power by understanding your relationship TO the social matrix and women. Therein lies the only (now) known path for real and balanced men to regain their power (I should become a billionaire because of this).

Men’s lives will continue to be destroyed and repressed. We now have 40 year old virgins. The social matrix is.. MTV, porn stars, paris hilton,, jessica simpson, independent women, mean girls, television, radio, movies, advertising, nightclubs, fashion, and the industries that support it (fashion, cosmetics, porn, cosmetic surgery, health spas, gyms, entertainment). Furthermore the social matrix is Desperate Housewives, bleached hair, plastic surgery, taunting, teasing, tantalizing, bitchiness, fantasy, fake boobs, las vegas, it’s consumerist commercialism itself. It’s realtime effect is invisible unless you look at causally. Is this commercialism really pu�ing the consumer first? All of these brand name corporations competing for your a�ention to further promote the programming of this forced reality. It may seem like you have the power and that’s the beautiful trick of it all. That’s how the whole cycle keeps running. And aren’t they trying to influence you to ‘buy’ anyways? Advertisers support the real brainwashing; t.v. programming itself as the nexis. You may have more options and benefits of Capitalism but really you’re being influenced beyond belief by the programming. But where you see it as the most challenging of all; prickteases. Yes, the women that you want the most. The women you just want to sleep with the second you see them. The one’s that flaunt themselves and their sexuality. The ones that crave a�ention from men only because they were taught to and saw it around them in others to raise their own social status. You have to know that the ONLY reason they are like this (and have grown away from their natural roots) is because of social influence alone. The reason and answer is within cultural differentiation; compare them to women in other (more natural) cultures. The social matrix has added so much value to the social version of her sexuality that

the women that fall in line with this program don’t act natural. Their behavior has changed. They are co-dependent on their social status and what people think of them. Ironically they won’t sleep with a man unless he has high natural character. Li�le do they know that they are just a clone of what the power’s of influence want them to be. By the women dressing sexy and acting like a pricktease (or pornstar), the architect’s know that more men will buy products to try and alleviate this frustration or get closer to these women which is just an illusion. I am not representing the social matrix. I am here to take you away from it so you can actually succeed with (these) women by regaining your power. I’m not here to continue the illusion of ge�ing closer to them by waving the carrot in front of the donkey who can’t ever reach it. With so much social influence and pressure that is the standard in Western culture today, it is BY DEFAULT easy to lose sight of our roots and the simpler things in life. In fact, life itself isn’t that difficult when you look at it biologically (purely natural). It’s now so complicated and challenging because of one primary thing: social influence. And yes it is so visceral and REAL. The way women have treated you is so REAL isn’t it? Yes. And that’s why you MUST know your relationship to the real truth. You have seen real behavior but you haven’t seen another different reality. You haven’t seen the reality of her natural character. Learn to see this and live this and you’ll be a Don Juan. So much programming comes down from the social matrix and it’s so POPULAR that it’s near impossible to be cognitive of what’s going on unless you can step aside. Turn on the radio and you’re zapped into it. Speaking of that... Love songs and the fruition of current social dogma (I mean culture) is that your relationship to a woman or a man that you love (or think you love) is that you must be dependent on them. Look at the lyrics and it says it all. In fact, look at the words someone says and you can find a lot about them. When songs are saying, “She’s so high above me...a cleopatra, etc.” or “I’d die for your love” and blah blah you REALIZE what’s going on here? People are ge�ing ‘programmed’ by this as such that THIS is how to act and what to say to the people we

are interested in. NO. It doesn’t work like that. You must understand the TRUTH of reality (based upon relational dynamics) to know. What this Wussy-producing propaganda represents are idealized social standards which connect to the heart and emotion. They synergize with how a man ‘feels’ about a woman but only because he is le�ing himself be the ‘response’ to her instead of doing the only thing that works; le�ing her be the response. If you want to listen to love songs I’d recommend listen to it from women, not whiny guys but either way know where you stand in relation to it so you can filter that influence properly instead of le�ing it continue to destroy your character and behavior patterns. The fact that it was consciously produced (as a representation of emotion) should make you wary anyways. Think of those songs as a ‘representation’ of how you ‘feel’ and not how you socially ‘behave’ and you’ll live a lot healthier dating life because once a woman knows she ‘has you’ her a�raction and interest will start dropping beyond her conscious control. When you can realize everything that has influenced or controlled your behavior in the past and realize that it is all kind of STUPID and disempowering, you will start to have a real level of resolve and strength within yourself. Your energy will become more centered and you won’t be whim to the next wind of change or trend. Understanding your relationship to those lyrics and popular songs will save you from severe frustration yourself. Understanding your relationship to the elements of life including other people, powers of influence and society could probably be THE most important thing you’ve ever done for yourself and that’s why this book is NOT cheap. Now there are divergent enclaves of respute such as ‘The Man Show’ where it’s ‘safe’ to be a man and revel in that environment. Ultimately you aren’t a stereotype but represent much more to women and will be making that initial (for connection and sex) relational ‘fusion’ instead of helping to create the current separation even further. Look at Jewel...hate to say it but she did ‘sell out’. She fell under the influence of the forced reality’s commercialism and had herself ‘made over’ (to look more like the social ideal of blonde beauty). It used to be her independent/inner character that she let out (and which made her

famous) but she gave in to the social influence to try and sell more records. I mean it’s understandable (sort of) but I know on the inside she didn’t feel that great about it besides shallowly being accepted a li�le more by the main ‘purchasing power’ people. Even ‘Good Charlo�e’. Look at the punk philosophy; it’s anti-social, anti-matrix. I’m sure they didn’t ‘fully’ intend to become so famous (hmm..) but you can see that they have synergized with pop culture (the matrix) itself. The lead singer is/was dating Hillary Duff and mingling with hip-hop artists. Maybe you have to be Trafalgar square U.K. to be true punk (ie. Rancid) and remain outside the social matrix to fully stay aligned with your punk values but then again you wouldn’t reach as many people with your message. What a dichotomy huh. But for ‘Good Charlo�e’ they could have been ‘using’ the social matrix to their advantage to get the message’d have to have a candid, disclaimer-signed discussion of the relational dynamics with them to find out. If you were only brought up or trained in your culture then that is what you have been influenced by. In fact most people just take it for granted as part of life. But if you’re aware that there are some disempowering things going on in Western culture then I would recommend strongly that you step away from it all, get outside the country and look at it objectively (what’s been going on) and look at it through the eyes of other cultures. If you’re not aware of the repressing social matrix and it’s tremendously strong-arm level of influence on people within it (one could say that all women who were pure become corrupted by it) then you wouldn’t have control over the level it has influenced you. You might be 80% societal programming yourself but just didn’t know it. Most undergrads don’t know what their major is and it usually changes...they’re just following what everyone else is doing and what they thought they were supposed to do (heck, it’s how I started out). Fortunately because we are not dependent on social groups (or tribes) for subsistence anymore, each person has the potential to completely differentiate themselves from it and use it to their advantage instead of being held under the coercive influence of it. Rare is that man who has been ‘under the influence’ yet has regained his full power (because of the S-R relationship). This is a man that will stand out amongst men and women.

To succeed with women, all you have to do is operate with them on their natural character. Know that they are causal byproducts of their social environment which allows them to leverage and exploit social powers that are greater than themselves (your natural ability to stimulate her response is also greater than yourself). Know your relationship to her social character and seek out her natural character within her. Don’t fall into the conditioned ‘response’ of her exploitation which is purely a socially produced function. It may shock you to hear this but at the root of the social matrix is money. It’s about money and money is power. Somewhere around the time of Marilyn Monroe, producer’s and executives realized that they could make a LOT of money by exploiting the sexuality of women. They could ‘sexify’ women to reach to the one weakness of man; his desire for sex. The formula worked out great, because women could choose to participate in this and model themselves a�er the leading icons and start to receive all of the same a�ention. Their own social status began to rise and they could use this ‘sexual currency’ to overpower men and gain free meals, gi�s and services from men. This whole system has only grown stronger. It’s almost irreversible and it worked. The architect’s who continue to perpetuate the social matrix are making so much money because they have got the women to fall in line to the entire program that the women don’t even know they’re a part of it and the men are completely clueless. Working in tandem with the exploitation of women’s sexuality through media and advertising is the li�le thing called ‘female empowerment’. I go into more detail on this in the ‘Men’s Guide to Women’ but this is a huge part of what has repressed you as well. I will keep repeating it; the influence and force of the social matrix is SO strong that it’s nearly impossible to break if you don’t differentiate yourself from it. It is SO persuasive and SO gravitational. It is designed to put you into a direct and mindless ‘response’ mode so that they can continue to ‘program’ you. This isn’t to be taken lightly either because it’s effect on you and countless millions of men affects them daily. There is a great divergence in the force of nature (and the mating game). It is called social influence. It has flipped the power of nature upside down and mother nature doesn’t like being repressed.

The number of women who are being ‘corrupted’ and falling under the influence of the social matrix is compounding. It’s probably doubling every year now as the force of influence and the number of people becoming a direct byproduct grows stronger. Social pressure grows stronger. Now just about any woman can massively improve her image to fall in line with their role models..get a boob job, bleach their hair, tan, get lipo and electrolysis and look like a porn star clone. Then they’ll predictably get all kinds of a�ention from men. FYI: I originally called the ‘social matrix’ the ‘forced reality’ in my breakthrough ‘Men’s Guide to Women’ ebook. That eBook will help you further understand the root of the social matrix itself. As always, Relational Dynamics is understanding the elements of influence and your relationship to them. You will only have true power when you can differentiate yourself FROM the powers that have influenced you up until now. First we must have you ‘see’ the matrix yourself. Cultural differentiation will help you to view it objectively and comparatively. Even the so-called ‘anti’ system people (like American punk music) is still a part of the social matrix...they’re even stuck within it. People will spend their whole lives trying to ‘fit in’ or abverse their personality in ‘the system’, forever trying to ‘find’ their place in life. Byproducts such as marriage counseling, the seduction industry, the porn industry, NLP, hypnosis are all systems that are advertly trying to fix people or help them fit into the system which they still can’t clearly see. They will go their ENTIRE lives without clearly seeing or differentiating the power of influence they are wonder there are few people of character le� anymore. If other’s who are outside of the system tell them to ‘runaway’ they won’t listen or understand. People outside of the system don’t understand the enormous impact and grip that it has on people because they’re not a part of that culture or grew up in it; it’s easy for them to see and say what’s going on but they won’t feel the impact that someone like me had when I finally broke away from the matrix into my own full independent energy. Their morality and judgment is clouded, their personal freedom stunted. Sure most people in our socio-cultural society are an amalgam of different (social) influences and they’ve kind of turned into their own personality by semi-choosing from the influences that came at them (socially). But what are they doing? They’re likely following what society told them to do anyways and are stuck at a job, living the

American dream or so they hope. I’m talking about pure empowerment here...I know what the neighbors are like where my dad grew up. Ever hear the saying, ‘for some people their backyard is their world and for others, the world is their backyard’. Well you can guess which one I am. Everyone (mostly) is interesting in some way once you get to know them but I prefer people like me. And you probably do too! Well if you’re the world is your backyard kind of person, be that and find others like’ll probably have to move if you’re in a small town around small-minded thinkers. If you still can’t ‘see’ the matrix, you will continue to confuse a woman’s exploited social status (promoted as the stimulus) with her natural sexuality (which is the RESPONSE to you as a man). When you have seen the matrix you will be fearless around her because you’ll know what represents the matrix (where she is just a programmed response trying to fit in) and you’ll be able to see right through all kinds of women to their real self. You’ll also be able to recognize other people who are not a part of the matrix and especially those who are. Social culture is the root of our demise and personal repression/disempowerment. Nature and natural selection did fine on it’s own but society and social influence has turned it upside down. It’s up to you to take the power back for yourself with everything in it’s proper perspective. It’s just like in the Lionking..Uncle Scar unrightfully takes over the land but Simba comes back to take his rightful place and restore the natural order and balance despite the challenge. And when he does, the light and abundance is brought back to the land. You restore your natural order by realigning things where they are supposed to in your life and there will be an abundance of women because despite the irony of their ‘power’ they resent it when it comes to romance and relationships. You have to get this as a man. Many people once they see the Matrix were close to outsiders anyways and they don’t choose to stick around. I’m talking more than just a backpack trip to Europe before you went to college. Soon you can turn things around and use social influence to YOUR advantage to make YOU a more powerful person when connecting with women. It’s all about you and your power. You’ll be able to ‘represent’ many things. This will make it easier for her

to raise her level of interest and a�raction to you making ge�ing to sex much faster. Keep in mind that social influence in any woman’s life is her social character and how she behaves because of that social environment. So when a hot girl is like acting when the camera is on all the time (conscious)..they’re just duplicating the models and porn stars. Learn to see the socially derived character within women through the video training and take that cognition onto your own. It’s your path to handling the tremendous social leverage she represents. Notes: Most of the people who want to produce want to do it for higher social status (sex, money, power). Note the HUGE success of The LionKing and even Ice Age that deal with more natural elements of sorts. You don’t have to align yourself to one ‘group’, ‘subculture’ or ‘clique’. In fact, I’ve been the kid who went in and out of different social groups because I wasn’t dependent on them and didn’t let myself be ‘defined’ (socially) by any of them. For over a decade I’ve been consciously grabbing bits and pieces of experiences in all kinds of different subcultures and the whole time, allowing them to form a strong me. I was ultimately what was important and came out on the other side. I took value out of those different groups but didn’t define myself to that subculture. I also don’t ‘represent’ any single city either. Those that do, respect but I can’t be held down like that.. it’s too limiting and the city itself becomes more important than the person in a way. I’ve above that...I represent several cities. Think in terms of YOU and separate yourself powerfully through the Relational Mapping. This will ground you in power and control.

Chapter 29 Television
Wow. Where do I start?! The most powerful proactive action STEP that you can take to start is to turn off the t.v. That’s it. Followed by the radio. That digital cable box on top of your t.v. can be the greatest (invisible) enemy you’ll ever know. It’s power of influence is elusively EVASIVE. If you have been conditioned to habitually ‘watch’ t.v. then you have more work to do. It is difficult to break habits but you should have enough leverage here to take the power back for yourself and do’s not going to kill you to miss your favorite show. If you occasionally watch t.v., you’re closer to ge�ing a handle on bringing your power back. The things that you take for granted as part of our social culture have been the exact forces which have influenced your behavior over decades. This is the same source that continues to edify the beauty of women beyond reality and the same source that is helping transform men into weaker guys. If you feel you MUST watch t.v., therein lies the entire problem itself. You’re making it a dependency. I don’t care how entertaining or interesting a certain t.v. program is (they’re made to be that way to sell products through advertising support), YOU DON’T ‘NEED’ TO WATCH IT. I don’t care what new fall preview there is or the next season of ‘whatever’, you DON’T need to watch it. Ouch. Ok, I’ll lighten up to say that if you really are ‘interested’ in seeing a certain program, this is the effective solution: Choose one or up to three t.v. shows that you feel add SOME kind of value to your life (even if it’s entertainment value) and take control over it so that it’s only a win/win

situation. You have to reframe the relationship because there IS ALWAYS a relationship. What you would do to gain control back is treat it like a movie basically. Don’t turn the t.v. on until the exact minute the show comes on. Watch the show itself and turn the volume down when the commercials come on (yes BREAK that conditioned habit of just ‘watching’ the commercials because this is about YOUR power, not theirs).

Turn the t.v. OFF the minute your show is over. If you don’t ‘take control’ over your life you’re just soaking up all of this ‘programming’ as a sponge ‘response’. It is taking away your fact, when you are ‘watching t.v.’ you cannot think independently. Your mind can’t think freely or focus on another task when it is occupied (esp. in a S-R relationship). There is only ONE stimulus and one response so the best thing to do is to set the metaframe of ‘this is MY show’ and this is when I watch it. This would be an interdependent ‘win/win’ frame where you only accept value into your character. ‘I have conscious control over this show. Nothing is a dependency and I can even turn it off and walk away to care of my own things during it if necessary’. This metaframe will make a huge difference. You see, when you watch t.v. you become a passive participant; you are the direct RESPONSE and are almost unable to think independently. Even with watching sports or playing video games, you’re living in a fantasy world and doing nothing to help your real world social skills. So many people just continue this; living in these fantasy worlds that are marketed to them to experience emotions instead of actually living that life for themselves. Men are not the only ones to blame either. Women get caught up in soap operas, romance novels and their ipods, only further separating themselves from a socially interactive reality. Studies have been done that show that we even have fewer friends than

we used to. Millions of people are living so ‘independently’ and escaping to their own fantasy worlds (t.v., video games, books) that almost everyone (in America) is lacking in actual SOCIAL interactive skills. AND, they generally play it safe around social environments so they can retreat back to their divergent fantasy world. It’s time that we take control of our lives and be more interdependent (interactive) with each other, more like a familial society or like old Europe. The pressure to live in these fantasy worlds is just a contrivance of the social matrix architects (corporations seeking profit). YOU can make a proactive choice to actually live the fantasy and BE interdependent yourself with other people. It has created a HUGE divergence. You can ‘rescue’ some of these women from their own fantasy (and career) worlds and bring them into your reality. You can be their ‘stimulus’. Be acutely aware that all of these non-stop sources from the architect’s will continue to try to program or influence you. They are designed quite o�en so that you aren’t even aware that you’re being influenced. In fact right when you could think about what’s going on in a t.v. program, commercials come on to do the thinking for you. The point of commercials is to influence or get you to do something. Through 2 or 3 decades I’ve been more pessimistic and unimpressionable as far as commercials than I would say the average person. Even back long ago, I still held quite a bit of awareness and control over what I chose to actually accept. There are a lot of great things about a commercialistic society such as competition and the tendency for the consumer to have control over B.S. price-fixing and secret raising of interest rates once they have you ‘hooked’ (which is still happening with Banks and financing institutions where they hold the control and expand their control). You just have to understand your clear relationship to it all if you really want power. Ultimately you would ‘free yourself’ from it’s influence so that you only operate purely interdependently or win/win with any sources of influence. Part of that equation is financial independence which I’ll mention again later.

Do you really need 30 choices of toothpaste?! Non-stop commercial programming: this is one of the reason’s why I love movies. I get to CHOOSE what movie I want to watch and when; without interruption. Without ‘programming’. It’s in a controlled se�ing and most importantly there are no other social influences trying to program me. I can stop it or rewind it if I want. I’m choosing an interdependent win/win relationship here; one in which my independence is preserved. Even if there are product placements in a movie, I’m aware of them and I’ll kind of tease about them if it’s too obvious. There are several movies that I have allowed to influence me because I look for and derive value from them. Certain influences have helped define who I am because I let them. I remain the true stimulus because I’m choosing to allow a certain influence ‘in’ to influence me and then I can review it’s influence a�erwards. Look for influences that add real VALUE to YOUR life and lifestyle. Ideally these would be universally aligned productions or resources. Examples would be Gladiator, LionKing, Star Wars, Last of the Mohicans, and many hero movies actually where the man ‘steps up’ into his true character and goes through challenges. News itself has a negative slant..they have the power to ‘be objective’, then how is it that if they really are that we never see the good side of things? You never see photos of the positive efforts of U.S. involvement in the Middle East. You turn on the news and they start talking about death and what’s wrong in the world today. This enters your brain which has become the stimulus and all of a sudden you feel crabby and fragmented...DUH. T.V. has become the nation’s number one babysi�er. We’re raising a nation up under that influence. If you’re not aware of what’s really going on there (kids will soak up anything in front of them), you’re in deep. Kids aren’t old enough to be (independent) able to clearly differentiate fact from fiction, violence from t.v. violence, and tongue-incheek from reality. When you are listening to advertising, you cannot freely think. There is a one way relationship that you really don’t have any control over. The choice you have to make is to listen to it or not and therein lies your power. It’s imperative you understand the type of relationship (relational mapping will clarify this). When I’m listening to the radio and advertising comes on while I was thinking or want

to think I turn it down (or off) immediately so I can’t receive that ‘channel’ of programming. When you hear an advertisement, it is a program/channel/stream that is coming across into your brain. That is the source (stimulus) and you are the response or ‘sponge’. You cannot change it’s content. So the media which is the root of the social matrix has a society-molding hold on shaping and influencing people’s thoughts, behaviors and actions for the past few decades and will continue to in the future. Commercial culture today is absolutely brainwashing those people who soak it up like a sponge. If you can’t see this or haven’t been aware of it, you’ve BEEN a part of the system that money-producers want you to be a part of. You take it for granted. Look, there’s GREAT and entertaining ‘programming’ (which is what it is) that is on with different stations or shows. How do I know? I’ve thought like a producer for over two decades. They HAVE TO make great shows so people keep watching them so they can make more money from the advertisers. I’ve seen bits and pieces previously. So for action steps... If you REALLY want empowerment and fearlessness you shouldn’t ‘half-ass’ this; “ok, i’ll just turn the t.v. back on and watch Le�erman, etc.” NO. You must see your relationship with crystal clarity (as in the Matrix) if you want FULL absolute personal power, fearlessness, influence and control. You must (I hate using dependent words like that but I want to get the point across) fight the forces that put you into a weaker ‘response’ type state. Frame it so that if you’re going to do something in relation to a behemoth, keep it interdependent (as I talk about elsewhere). THERE IS ALWAYS A RELATIONSHIP. BE COGNITIVE AND IN CONTROL. SEEK VALUE ONLY IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR TIME. Watch it with a wary eye (during the exact time schedule you set) instead of just accepting everything as fact. Yes, look for value but be conscious of what you do and don’t like or agree with during the entire show; that is very important because it keeps the relationship interdependent. “That joke was DUMB...that was stupid...haha, ok I like that one.”

Don’t just ‘soak it up’..keep it a conscious banter back and forth in a way. This way you’ll get more value out of it anyways because you’re still cognitive. Here’s one possible action plan. You don’t have to get rid of the t.v. or throw it away but instead, just have your cable disconnected. What’s that? You had to THINK about that? Wait a minute...what IS your relationship to t.v. programming? Is it a dependency? I’ve stopped watching t.v. If you don’t see it as being closer to an infectious poison than your redeemer you’re in relational trouble. Have you become such a response that they forced a co-dependency out of you? If you were TRULY independent, you could walk away from the t.v. at ANY point during any program. When you say you ‘have to’ watch a show that means it’s become a dependency and you have lost full control. Something like 99% of Americans own a t.v. set and the t.v. is the center of the matrix...can you see the MASSIVE influence that is happening and altered our culture, buying pa�erns and behaviour? Zombie Nation T.V. and the ‘architects’ have control and influence by being the stimulus. And most people aren’t able to differentiate the signals or retain a true interdependency with it like we can. When I used to have cable there were about two channels of actual value; the Discovery channel and the Travel channel. Now I’ve seen there is a Food network which I think could add value to my life but I would always be ‘aware’ of these influential trajectories and my true relationship so that it’s clearly adding value to my life. Doesn’t it leave you with a SHALLOW, unfulfilled feeling to just waste time channelsurfing? Especially when you know you’re not ge�ing anything done? The one time I actually watch t.v. is when I’m in a hotel, I’ll channel surf a bit until I find some crappy t.v. movie. I enjoy doing’s an experience for me where I’m in control. Who is being the stimulus there? I am, I have control and can turn it off at any time. So I’ll watch part of a crappy t.v. movie before I go to sleep in the hotel. There’s too much ‘programming’ being fed to you for you to sort it out or filter (dur-

ing you can’t until you reach my level because it’s a stimulus-response relationship and your brain differentiate so fast) even AFTER you’ve watched it all. And NO you are not dependent on Le�erman or Leno. Let the rest of the culture be if they want. If you’re SERIOUS about taking control of your life you will turn the t.v. off completely. If you are dependent and watch too much, then you can work your way to absolutely minimizing it and still under relational control. And even be�er from a tape of Ed Foreman ‘Terrific’ he says (paraphrased)...’if you don’t like something that’s coming down, turn the channel’. And I say, turn off the channels until you’re ready for relational control (no the remote control makes it seem like you’re in truly charge but that’s the illusion....your control is REMOTE!) ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ as my dad says. He also says, “Kame apart” for K-Mart. And “I’ve got the squirshy hurts” for something else. The social matrix probably has had an undeniably violent hold or grip on you (ask yourself if it has). MTV is one of the central forces of social influence. Put it this way, I’m going to be a music video producer and I only watch a few minutes of MTV a YEAR (I watch videos from sources over which I have control over). LaunchCast on yahoo will give you more control where you can be the stimulus. If you’re just soaking it all up like a sponge like countless millions of others, when what it does is further bit by bit, image by image engrains you as a response to all of these sexy women you are going to continue to struggle with these women (or even close to it) in real life. MTV programs and influences you PERIOD, unless you are one of the few people in the world who is cognitive of it and can consciously choose to limit it’s effect and process that relationship through the eyes of pure interdependence as fast as I can. When I do watch, I’m very critical and objective because I know what it’s trying to do and what’s going on. Social status is everything to so many people, they would live and die by it yet that doesn’t have to be you. You are aware of more important things; your natural character, real balance and real inspiration that stems deeper than the next fickle fad. In Last of the Mohicans, Cora doesn’t have ‘feelings’ for Duncan even though they’d make the ‘most marvelous couple in London’. She falls for the high natural character

of the independent hero (Nathaniel Hawkeye) OVER Duncan’s high social character. The media; they’ve conditioned you to be the response and they make billions off of it. And without real awareness of what’s happening you allow yourself to be programmed and you build up the fantasy even MORE (that women are the exalted stimulus) to stand much less of a chance with super hot or high social status women (unless you can somehow be like those guys with bling and erratic behavior pa�erns). If you want real personal power, you must have complete control over commercialism/ T.V.’s (and MTV’s) influence on you. You can be above the influence through Relational Mapping and applying N.E.O. (nano elemental oversight). You HAVE the true choice to stop ANY bullet of influence or know your relationship to it. This will happen when you become ‘one’ and truly differentiate yourself from the social matrix so that you are powerful. Keep that t.v. relationship interdependent which means that you only watch it to receive balanced value and because of the density of programming that means that you’ll probably have to cut WAY down on the time you’ve been watching t.v. When you turn the t.v. (back) on (see you have the power of choice there), and the first light enode hits your receptor cells and the audio hits your ears, your brain cannot act independently because you have become the response to the t.v. (THE center of the matrix itself) being the stimulus. Hey, I can’t say it enough so I hope it’s really sinking in because this could be the hardest step for you. STIMULUS-RESPONSE That IS the relationship unless you can consciously gain control and awareness of it. Ask yourself; is this really a win/win value exchange situation here? Am I learning something? Hey, it’s ok to take a break and let your brain go to mush for a short period of time (I do it every few months), but other than that and keeping control over that, you’re going to become someone who is influenced more than you thought and you’ll care too much about what other people think of you and ‘do I fit in?’ because you’re viewing things on the social level. Until you have the level of awareness and cognition I have (even I had to ‘work’ at it),

you should get to the point of at least viewing t.v. and commercialism from a third person perspective. Look at it objectively in light of relational dynamics. Don’t just be a ‘response’ who sucks it all in. Have control MOST to ALL of the time and be truly AWARE of all types of relationships that you’re in. How much harm can one boob tube do? It’s already been done. It’s influence has tremendously affected female behavior as well. Social influence is the invisible root or nurtured ‘behaviorism’. Don’t believe it? Look at cultural differentiation. People ‘think’ they have control by choosing which stations they watch during the average 5.3 hours/day. When they are really only making a decision during maybe 1.5 minutes of that time which includes flipping stations and taking a leak. Li�le do they know their brain is soaking up (as a response to the direct stimuli) all of that ‘programming’ information. “yeah but commercials are ok because I get to watch all my shows for free.” Boy, you don’t get it do you. That’s exactly where they want you (not to mention you ARE paying for your cable/satellite service). Now it’s time to take our power back through R.D. and understanding your relationship to it and everything it represents. By being a ‘response’ 90% of the time in life, you’ll continue being a ‘response’ to women where success is fools mate at best. LIVE your life as the stimulus DAILY in everything you do so that you are le�ing others respond to you and you’ll have more of the ongoing character to be the stimulus around women instead of being the habitual response. Spend more time being the stimulus to develop the habit of it and you will be a much more powerful person. Women are not a�racted to men who are the ‘response’. Learn to critically look at every message that is coming at you when you are in that relationship. See what it means and think about where it came from and what it represents. Think like a producer and who has the power of influence here. Take the action steps and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. Stick to your guns too. The Home Depot commercial where the house-leading wife says, “I’m going shopping” and the husband is on the couch.

Chapter 30 Sexploitation
(Beauty and the New Power) It’s very important for you to realize the now prominent exploitation of a woman’s sexuality and understand your relationship to it. I call it her ‘social’ character. Not the definition that communicates with others but the part that represents (and defines) her social persona and image (influenced from the social matrix). SEXPLOITATION. It is purely a social device. This is what is going on and it’s probably what has you ‘hooked’. The danger is in thinking that ‘this is just the way it is’. The danger of that is that you have become what the architect’s and controller’s have wanted you to become, someone who is strongly under their influence. You have probably been a man who edifies a woman’s sexuality and who creates a growing fantasy that separates him from reality. I used to do it to because it was all I really knew. But now I know be�er because I can ‘see’. Now I have made female sexuality (not just the fantasy) a part of my lifestyle. Men have edified the exploited nature of these woman so much (just look in Maxim or on, that this objectification creates a fragmented fantasy world. When they actually meet a woman like that they fall right into the programmed response to the beauty and power of that stimuli. Using a woman’s body to flaunt, tease and stir instant fuckable desire is used to create billions of dollars. You’ve been programmed to be ‘in awe’ and sucked in as a response and you don’t know how to handle yourself around this fantasy that you’ve edified so much. There’s no way anything you say is going to work on her unless you’re literally a movie star or millionaire.

You’ll continue to have an uncontrollable response if you don’t handle it..there will still be some bu�erflies because of the leverage of social power you’re going up against.

Women have become the stimulus for men to respond to; that’s the relationship. That was the whole plan that the architect’s of the social matrix want you to believe. It generates billions of dollars in revenue for them and you are just a pawn who has lost full control or clarity on his own life and the social dynamics have changed so that all of these women are now ‘above’ you socially. They have the (social) power. We don’t see their true characteristics (until here). Even the girl down the street.. All she has to do is dress like them, put on makeup and act like them and she has power over you (if you let her) if you fall into the ‘response’. I mean what does the AFC HAVE to offer these high status women? You have to have something to offer her and it probably isn’t high social status yourself unless you’re Ashton Kutcher or something. You should already know the answer and it’s in the RMA charts. You have REAL character to offer her, most importantly NATURAL character (fearlessness, alpha dominance and self-control).

A woman’s NATURAL/sexual character (and her response) is something that should be edified, not the exploitation of her body and image which is her social character. Her new identity is so important to her that it defines almost all interactions with people; she’ll view them socially first (talking about the women that fall in line to this). The porn industry itself is the exploitation of a woman’s body in relation to men. All of it is meant to influence men to make purchases of the products and build up a fantasy world even more. Now, we’ve got all of these women on and in the club’s with the same attitude of porn star women; they’re prickteases that appeal to fantasy and not reality.

A woman in a porn video is purposely flaunting and teasing with her own body to appeal to men’s fantasy. It’s a conscious act. When you’ve had sex with as many natural women (as someone I know really well), you’ll realize that this isn’t at all what women are like (unless you lead them into that at the time of sex).

You don’t have to even meet natural women in order to figure that out though; you have this program. It’s important for you to differentiate this exploited, bitchy, porn-star, teasing, flaunting, unnatural, behavior and to realize that it is simply a social CON-struct and NOTHING more. The exploitation of sexuality is PURELY human. So what IS natural? Flirting. It’s when a woman responds to a man of high natural character who she has some immediate potential interest in. Matrix influence has been so strong that so many of the women have forgot how to flirt by sending out subtle to clear signals of interest in response to a man’s character (s.o.n.a.r.r.). They only know how to pricktease because that’s what they see their role models doing. Even Angelina Jolie; she’s a REAL pricktease and Aphrodite. The devil in disguide hiding under good deeds. Her shower scene in Tomb Raider is all woman who is natural actually takes a shower like that, flaunting herself consciously. Unfortunately so many guys just can’t tell the difference anymore because all they see is prickteasing going on EVERYWHERE. Hey, just take accountability for yourself because by DEFAULT you have become a response to it (unless you were a real social outcast already). Men have tried to figure out women for centuries and here with my training I think we’re closer than anyone else has ever come. Once you know the ‘game’ and their games you don’t have to put up with it because you’re not ignorant anymore. These exploited women have by default become a symbol of high social status (o�en for no other reason than their own genetics and then falling in line with the social ideal). These women usually want someone of higher social status than themselves, so if you’re not that guy you would logically think there’s no hope. However, it’s your natural character that over-rules her social character. You can make her feel a�raction for you and that is a priceless value that say a boring, low character millionaire can’t offer her. Let’s look at the stereotypical standard first and take it from there. Fembots (not the same as but the name influenced from Austin Powers): A bleachblonde pricktease of an American woman who falls in line with the new social ideal

and gains instant social status because of it (also known as ‘pop tart’). The closest reference point are porn stars. She will wear clothes and a lot of make-up to accentuate and exploit her body and sexuality. She usually has a bitchy ‘hands off’ a�itude with it. She doesn’t o�en know how to flirt anymore but she knows how to pricktease guys so she can manipulate them (like the architect’s are manipulating men and Prickteases).

They are almost dependent on their social status and they’;l do things such as ge�ing a boob job and anything else to heighten their ability to rise up the social ladder. Now she knows she can get the a�ention of millions of ignorant, drooling guys just by falling inline to the fembot program and finding similar friends. Who leads all this? Look at the highest status and recognized women in the social matrix. For example, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Pamela Anderson or Jenna Jameson. The social matrix is there for her to spend money too (that’s the whole point and what

makes the cycle go ‘round). Makeup, clothes, fashion, accessories, cosmetic surgery, magazines, nightclubs. People care so much about their social status and judging now that they o�en forget just how to ‘have fun’. Because there are so many of these ‘fembots’ out there (that seem to be replicating throughout the social matrix), even more guys will fall prey. In Relational Dynamics we look at both sides whereas almost all other seduction teachers focus on the men (and put the entire blame on the men as if women are angels). I am the one who looks at female behavior as it’s not just the men who are at ‘fault’ or ‘to blame’. In fact, trying to align men to a backwards social reality can only be more psychologically damaging. Style himself says that what he went through to become the #1 pickup artist didn’t prepare him for a real relationship. What I see is that these young women who fall in line with this fembot program (now you can find them in any nightclub in the U.S.), have become so socially oriented and superficial that they have grown away from their own natural roots. When J.Lo sings that ‘love don’t cost a thing’ she’s talking about her natural character response to a man of high natural character. Then she’ll also sing/talk about all kinds of social excess and flashiness. THE KEY HERE IS TO DIFFERENTIATE these characteristics. That is your literal salvation and POWER. No other training program out there teaches you this either. If you can’t differentiate a woman’s social character from her natural character, you’re screwed (or rather, you WON’T be ge�ing any). They’ll continue to ignore or use you for your other qualities (like free dinners). If you can’t differentiate between sexploitation and raw feminine character you’re literally doomed to be a ‘chunky charlie’. See the sexploitation around you, get comfortable ‘seeing’ it, isolate it and gauge what level it’s at (paris clone, Lindsey clone, wannabe, etc.). Go through the exercises on video that I have (if you have that portion) and that will really help you to differentiate her social character (exploitation). A woman’s social character CAN BE DIFFERENTIATED. That is your hope. Because if you can’t differentiate it and put it in it’s proper place (in relation to you), you’ll forever be a ‘response’ to the obvious social FACT that she is high(er) social status than you.

And I’m talking about the NEXT woman you see on the cover of a magazine or the next super-ho�ie that you see in person. When you CAN differentiate her socially sexploited character and put it in it’s proper place, you will be fearless and finally able to deal with these women because you know that the only way you’ll succeed anyways (unless you like gold-diggers) is to ALWAYS let her be the response in a�raction to your character as the stimulus. I go over this in other section’s as well but it’s your natural character as a man that she dreams of and desires. It’s up to you to lead women through their own social distortion to experience your high natural character. Note: There are a LOT of visual examples in the video portion You do this simply by being your high character self and se�ing the frame of the relationship near the beginning. Because of her character she’ll want to sway and take control over you (prickteases or prada’s) which is why you MUST be strong in character so that she knows her relationship to you. Unfortunately you may have to keep things just physical because an actual long-term relationship with these women...well, yikes I don’t want one. It’s over-rated. If you want daily drama go ahead but don’t say I didn’t warn you; look at the statistical 50% divorce rate. Am I being radical? I’m being REAL. The impetus for it all is also within the power of the social matrix. That is why countless millions of men are sexually frustrated beyond belief; they’re still succumbing inadvertently to the powerful influence of the social matrix. And it’s dominion is growing stronger. Until they can differentiate themselves from it, they’ll never have real power and they’ll continue to have fear around these women who are not only beautiful and super high in social status but also have super high maintenance a�itudes. It’s so powerful and influential that the next song you hear could easily sweep you back into being the ‘response’. Know your relationship to sexploitation and a woman’s social (sexually exploited) character. Relational Dynamics and your training now will allow you to actually deserve women like that and then you’ll question if you even want them. Prickteases are the opposite of who I would want to live with; it’s all a consciously derived fantasy.

You will learn how to see through the facade of ‘showcasing’ to the real woman inside.

Even their daily drama I don’t want to deal with so that’s why a lot of my relationships I just keep sexual by framing it at the front. If they bring drama or I see more red flags, I give them an ultimatum with no fear of loss and they’ll o�en come back just for sex. These pop tarts have a low inner character and low natural character (if you view it like a man’s character continuum) and super high social character. Prada’s have low natural character, peaked inner character and almost as high social character as pop tarts. More important though is the F.A.R.M. and her response to you. Cosmo is the literal bible of Prada’s and how to be the ‘ultimate’ independent and fashionable woman (ie. 1 Victoria Beckham). Prickteases are more into being the ultimate guys girl with role models such as strippers, porn stars, pro cheerleaders, and certain movie or musician stars. Now, in women’s defense I’ll say a few things. Many women have some balance of

each level of characteristic. Not all of them are pure Prickteases or even pure Prada’s. I have more personal interest in the Prada’s because these women actually are intelligent, capable and independent as well as beautiful..they’re more like me! I can relate to them and connect with them on an equal level (or now a sexual level). These women WANT to find good men, in fact o�en desperately so. They want men of high character (NIS). They want a man who is comfortable in his own skin, a great personality and humorous as well as financially well-to do (or be�er). Tell the editor’s of Cosmo that I’m the answer to what they’re all looking for! Real and balanced men like you and me. The question is whether we’d want to be in long-term relationships with them knowing their lack of interest in child-raising and the divorce rates. It’s not the women’s ‘fault’ that by making themselves look be�er that they intimidate most men they meet. One would think it would a�ract ‘the right’ kind of men to them. Well, it kind of does. All of these ‘nice guys’ are close to the balanced ideal they’re looking for except for one major thing; they’re low in natural character through repression (you can graph it on the charts) because they were a lifelong response to the stimulus of social conditioning and programming. They also believed it when the movies, books, counselors and music says to ‘tell her how you feel’, buy her gi�s, etc. but it’s deeper than that. Women became the stimulus and got used to it. It used to work when women weren’t as socially distorted or edified. It was OK to give her a real compliment. And it still is in some cases but guys drop in character and she knows that she’s the stimulus nonverbally so nothing will work for him. Now the only thing she seems to a�ract are bad boys jerks who she ends up being attracted to and he torments her emotionally. You already know the answer to this; it’s his natural character. It’s what the actual ‘catches’ are missing because they’ve got so much else going for them except the one thing that ma�ers the most, high natural character.

Obviously Alpha Relational Dynamics will put things in perspective and solve that for you provided you apply it. You’ll be able to connect with these women and help them get over any final inhibitors they have. Remember that you don’t play the social game anymore, therefore you can’t be classified within it or pigeonholed into a subculture for her to reject. You’re independent and you’re also ‘above’ her social status because you really are separate from that system’s influence. And guess what?! FINALLY, a man who is worthy and on her level! She should be taking that opportunity to make sure she knows you before another woman does. Don’t forget that thing called ‘social distortion’. Your social character should be the only thing that fluctuates (if anything). And this is only because the social ‘environment’ you are in is o�en a co-dependency; it is still involving other people where someone else has even constructed it and is the social alpha - not you. It’s too much effort to try and become social alpha if you’re just a regular guy compared to the leverage of what you’re doing now. Handle your natural and inner character and work on your social (connections and people skills) but don’t try and ‘master’ the clubscene if it isn’t you. The powers of influence are so strong there and although I will be teaching how to be social alpha in that environment, it’s still so distorted that women will still think they’re the (‘hot shit’) stimulus even if they aren’t plus they won’t be able to see your true character. The dj and loud music is the stimulus and the crowd is the response. There’s too much distortion going on that is all socially developed, contrived and controlled. It’s a waste of time if you’re not social alpha to try and secure women in that environment unless you’re actually having fun and can let your character across. Look at things this way; a woman can always develop MORE socially. She can do things and wear things that will help her a�ract more a�ention from men. But she can’t go back habitually to her pure natural roots and energy. How can a man have control over this and balance it out? Because he is a man, he was born to be the stimulus. Once a woman ‘develops’ it will take a lot for her to remain in a natural state. Why would a career woman want to just ‘drop down’ to raising kids?! See what I’m saying.. that’s the problem in a sense.

Social involvement is generally more important to women that’s why they take it more seriously than men do. That is why they have changed more than men and have adapted to this new reality; because they are the response. She has too much power and favor now socially. In order for that to happen and be more natural as a woman, she would have to completely dis-acknowledge social influence itself and as a man you would have to close off that influence by literally living in the middle of a rainforest and bringing her back to a more natural state of mind. She would have to live in an environment and re-integrate into a place where a woman’s traditional/natural role is glorified and not her social one. Remember that she is the stimulus and will adapt. It will be harder to re-adapt to her most natural roots. In her favor, you would have to take all of her other opportunities or career advancement options out of the way, etc. in order for HER to focus on her natural role of being a mother. Have her focus on what’s most important; raising the kids and being a good mother and wife. Nagging, demanding and fighting is not being a good wife. I understand the development of women today so just know what you’re ge�ing into if you choose one of these socially developed or ‘empowered’ women. It will be a power struggle at best. The music videos I show you of natural women BEING natural are fascinating. Here’s the thing, you could show an American produced music video of ie. Beyonce (or name anyone) and you could ask 1 million matrixed men what kind of woman is more desirable and I would be the ONLY guy out of 1 million to say the natural (ie. thai) women. Ironically that answer is what gives me power over these ‘socially’ desirable women while the other 999,999 are out of luck unless they’re ie. a famous basketball player. I am the guy who stands a chance with them (just let me meet them in a real environment) while all these other guys would fall prey to the directive of the architects of the matrix. Prickteases such as recording artist females and music videos are created to make sales by giving men a li�le hope but keeping it just out of reach. Are you man enough actually hold one of these women down? I doubt it, I wasn’t ‘man enough’ before to do it because I was nervous around them too. It’s not until you REALLY know who you are and/or understand relational dynamics can you have enough character to hold down a woman like that..

If you’re nervous or having ANY bu�erflies le� up front, the level of woman you want can’t trust you to take her to the bedroom. You have to be on an equal or greater power level at the get-go. Ironically the women know that their natural character (biology and intuitive response to a man) is important despite their own allegiance to the social matrix. What an interesting paradox. They will still make decisions based on their biology about who they sleep with. It’s more powerful than their sexploitation so see through to it and operate with them on that level; natural where you are fearless and know where her social character stands. And I really do believe that the natural women are more desirable not only because I’ve experienced so many of them (and know how they support a man as well) but because it is the way of nature. They’re more pure and uncorrupted. Somewhere hidden within all these prickteasing women is a part of them that is (and should be) absolutely jealous of these natural women. It’s the one part of themselves that these socialized women have lost touch with and in the big picture, they’ve got nothing on the real natural women. Real, natural women are the women that can hold and keep a relationship yet no one is upli�ing them in the forced reality! They are the women that want to let their man be the man, who will support and upli� him instead of breaking him down. Think about it. Studies have been done (and it’s OBVIOUS) that these kids are be�er adjusted, the husband makes more money and the relationship sticks together more o�en than, you know. All the women that are in music videos and flaunting their sexuality are only doing it in the first place because of social influence ITSELF. ‘Independent woman’ is now celebrated and allowed in it’s roots from social influence going back a few decades. I appreciate natural beauty and women who don’t have to make themselves up. Billions of dollars are spent across different industries because of the sexing up or ‘made up’ (improved accentuation) of a woman’s natural features...and guys keep falling for it when if they could just see it for what it really is would think twice. There have been campaigns that tried to promote natural beauty (such as Dove) to the mainstream social matrix but it just doesn’t work. Men want to continue to see the sex-

ploited beauty and women want to be like those women. None of it’s natural. If you can see the matrix you will be ahead of everyone else and close to being on top of the influence because you have differentiated yourself independently from it. In fact you might laugh at how seriously people take it. And if you don’t know what’s going on, you’re going to fall into the trap and the next beautiful woman that walks around the corner who synergizes with that edified social ideal you fell into, you’re going to lose whatever centered energy you had and you’ll have an uncontrollable emotional ‘response’ to that stimulus. DON’T DO IT. For your own sake. Because women also don’t respect you when you fall into it. Because on the inside that still want men to be men despite the repression society has promoted. Why do you think porn is such a huge industry? It’s an outlet of all this amplified repression. Look at Tag body spray...just a complete sexploitation right there hi�ing directly on the heart of it. Get this product and directly or inevitably women will be all over you. Didn’t take a genius to figure that one out. Even the ‘True’ online dating ‘ads’’s ridiculous. True ‘SOCIAL’ or true sexploitation that is only developing the drooling ‘response’ trigger of that stimuli. I see right through that with Superman laser beam eyes! But you may think you don’t know enough about her without ge�ing to know her some more. By then you’ve already lost the power struggle upfront and the powers she’s fronting. Throughout the exercises this will kind of prove the entire point itself; you should get to know her for who she is instead of edifying the social or sexual part of her. It’s time to judge people on their character right? Even these women don’t realize they are byproducts of the social matrix and social influence EVEN the most ‘powerful’ of them. And to think that you are above it all because of Relational Dynamics. Your natural character as a man can fulfill a celebrity woman’s sexual desires. She is a real person as well (natural character/response remember?). You view it all ‘socially’ like they want you to and you’re screwed (rather NOT ‘screwed’ with her).

You can say, ‘yeah but we live in a social culture’. Of course, and if you continue on the same path you will continue to let it repress your true independent power. “Well I represent this (social) or I represent that.” Great. You want to actually have an influence on more people like you? Then become a producer instead of continuing to soak things up. The more time you have as the stimulus being in control of all of your actions, incoming influences and environment (vs. being a response), the more power you will have. Unfortunately, the social matrix is not going to go back towards the natural direction even though hundreds of millions of people are ‘missing something’. Can it ever be ‘beat’ on a mass social scale? Well, if it is it’s going to take my future influence and a lot more in order to completely turn the tide. I know that countless millions are feeling they are missing ‘something’. The thing they’re missing is their natural character (or their roots) because they’re being programmed every day ‘socially’ and not naturally. There is rarely any natural energy le� within the matrix and if there is, it’s fleeting. We’ve grown too ‘socialized’ and not only that, the social programming doesn’t stop (just turn on the t.v. or open any magazine). Social barraging influence keeps people so confused and powerless. Today’s leading women such as prada’s and pricktease’s are becoming MORE of who they are and living their lives even more under the influence than ever before (even compared to five years ago). And men are becoming more and more afraid and questioning of their relationship to women. Today’s men are becoming MORE frustrated because of the decapitation of their reality into an idealized fantasy. Within millions of people is a divergence or divide between their social and natural character. Some men have even lost it completely almost without hope. This root influence has already led to rape, suicides, murder, gambling and overt consumer spending through the massive sexual paradox that is created. Being interdependent (relational) with women in which you might be interested in physically, romantically or for long-term means; take it to the RMA. You’ll act as you are but understand your relationship isn’t a ‘business-like’ one but rather that you are

the stimulus and she is the response. Being independent and understanding/applying R.D. means that you’ll never have to worry about ‘what to say’ or what others think at all. You’re high in character (and with some effort like this) and you’ve already done your ‘work’.

Notes: Other alpha men and high status people will respect you more if you remain who you are. Even if you’re different from them, they’ll respect you for being independent, often for no other reason than that other people act co-dependent around them and drain their energy. Don’t look for them to say something for your to ‘respond’ to, just be yourself and retain your independence no ma�er what. Can you still have people that influence you? Yes. Can you edify them? Yes as long as you view it as a win/win situation and in that when or if you were ever to meet them you would respect them the only way; interdependently and as an equal. If you’re ‘bowing’ before them like countless other fans do they’ll just view you as a response to their character as the stimulus. You want them to see you as an equal so be it. They’re human too and had influences just like you did. Being social is similar to ‘acting’, ‘pretension’ or looking around to what others think or how you should act. Being interdependent is being independent yourself and respecting others as other independent human beings from which you can trade value from. There IS a difference. Too many people are ‘pretentious’ and also cautious because of not wanting to disrupt others or violate the programming standard from society. The social matrix is the corruptor for those people who don’t have control over their full independence and will just let it in. It will take away their purity, it will. If you bring a natural woman here, marry her and let her watch t.v. and soap operas and she will ‘change’..she will develop the way that social influence wants her to develop. Sad but true. Are there ANY real male role models le�? The architects and perpetuators are so focused on keeping women the main focus.

Chapter 31 Cultural Differentiation
Cultural differentiation. This is the one thing that allowed me to finally ‘see’ the social matrix itself and it was the first thing I told to David DeAngelo when I met him (“ever hear of cultural differentiation?”). The question I asked myself for a whole decade was: “How can I have success with women every time I leave the United States and yet it’s so difficult in the U.S.? (And I AM a great catch!)” If you grew up in a Westernized country (including 1st world Europe, Canada, Australia or the U.S.), and you’ve never le� that culture you grew up in then you just don’t know what you just don’t know. There’s a whole world out there with different beliefs and customs. In most of Europe they’re more aware of other cultures but it’s still a strong first world influence. Students email me a lot saying how strong the Social Matrix of influence is and how it’s growing in places like Finland, U.K., Australia, northern Italy, etc. The priceless experience of my previous world travels allowed me to focus in on those cultures and see the U.S. from a different perspective. I could compare different cultures to the U.S. and I could also compare ‘foreign’ women to U.S. women. That whole decade from 20 onward, I still preferred international women. Not because they were more ‘exotic’, but because they were more responsive and open-minded. Part of what helped lead me on that path was my involvement in AIESEC (eye-sec), the world’s largest student-run (college) organization ( I had friends in 25 countries that I would spend emailing instead of ge�ing college coursework done. Compare that to my brother who stayed in his hometown and never became aware or quite aware just what else is out there. Unfortunately most American’s are quite content in their ignorance of the rest of the world. How is this so? Well, the programming of the social matrix keeps them igno-

rantly content and busy. If you’re American, I hope that you aren’t anymore if you ever were (ignorant). Of course I love my country and would have died for it in my 4 years serving, but back to the relational formula: the one thing above and beyond independence is interdependence. If America generically represents independence and my people are too proud representing independence, they’re losing sight of the one thing that is beyond it; interdependence. My having relationships with people in 25 countries in college was interdependence. It opened my mind BIG TIME. I was VP of Reception at AIESEC Madison (UW-Madison). This meant I had to organize parties and welcome international trainees to the states (including paperwork) who were hired by U.S. corporations. I organized over 30 events in college including multi-state parties. Being involved with so many international students and workers allowed me to see things in a different light. None of them hated America and there was so much we could learn from each other. So a�er I dropped out of college my junior year, I went on a trip to Brazil by myself. It worked out that I was invited to the AIESEC conference ALDS (Americas Leadership Development Seminar) in Rio. So I had about a week or so to myself (staying in youth hostels) and then met up with AIESECer’s to go to the conference. So in Brazil I got to experience more natural women. Even then I felt that this experience would add more intrigue to my life and it did. Sadly, many people who are stuck in the social matrix won’t even choose to do something like that to experience a different angle on things...they’re too content in their repressed, limited and habitual lifestyle. So back to the point of ‘cultural differentiation’...throughout the decade I still couldn’t ‘figure out’ American women and their behaviorisms. And then it finally hit me. I was watching ‘Stepford Wives’ and how they mock the traditional housewife and thinking about things a�erwards and then I was just lightningstruck. It hit me all at once...I saw the matrix and everything made sense. It took a decade to figure out and that was WITH me consciously seeking to understand other cultures more and objectively analyzing American popular culture. Cultural differentiation; the ability to separate social matrix (American/Western) culture

from other cultures and compare them afforded me a priceless level of wisdom. I had to go to SouthEast Asia three times in order to (unintentionally) get close to the breakthrough not to mention 1000 hours of language study and cultural study. There’s not way someone is just ‘by chance’ going to stumble across the answers when they grew up in the restricting social matrix that keeps them within the tractor beam of mainstream culture. It was cultural differentiation that SAVED ME from a life of ignorance and loss of true self-control. And it is this that is the impetus of why you are reading this, otherwise it would not be writ. Yes, that’s the power of influence and I mention elsewhere, other people around the world can look at and mock the social matrix and see how repressing it is to those people...but you know what? They would be talking on closed ears. It’s not unless you have been stuck WITHIN the tremendously oppressive influence, would you have one iota of how much it means to really understand it and free yourself from it. When I saw the social matrix and it struck me, a lifetime of burden was li�ed off of my shoulders and I hope that you can experience that SOON as a result of choosing to invest in this program. I believe it takes someone like me; someone who grew up in the social matrix and who understands it to lead other men OUT of it to regain their own personal power. It can’t be done effectively by someone who looks on from a third perspective and never was a part of it because no one would listen to them. So I’m glad that I can help you take your real power back for yourself and just remember that it was because of cultural differentiation that I was finally able to break free and differentiate MYSELF from it. That is one of your PRIMARY goals; see the social matrix and differentiate yourself INDEPENDENTLY from it. The level of power you’ll regain can’t be fathomed. And I encourage you also to not only seek cultural differentiation yourself (away from the forced reality) but to GROUND yourself in the natural roots and energy that is out there, outside of the social matrix. If you just didn’t know anything else there was to know, you’d forever be ignorant having NO idea the level of oppression you were under. You may have to literally ‘fight’ to break free from the massive level of control and influence that you have been under; and you have to want it (your freedom) BAD. Understanding other cultures and more natural people (and more responsive women) will be perhaps the greatest breath of fresh air you’ll ever have. This is because you’ll

realize that it’s NOT been you that’s at the root of the problem. So many guys just take it all on themselves and it devastates their psyche when it comes to women because the ‘guy’ is supposed to take the lead. Most of the mainstream men have been repressed and damaged psychologically because of this. But when you can get cultural differentiation and see the matrix you’ll know where everything fits into it’s place and that natural/responsive women are much more desirable for long-term relationships. That feeling of liberation is priceless. Seeing and putting together the pieces of the puzzle is nirvana compared to continuing to live under ignorant oppression. You’ll also see how screwed up so many of the matrix women are and wonder, “why on earth did I overrate them before!?” Simple..because that’s what they wanted you to do when they had control. I encourage you to view everything from a third person perspective, get some different cultural experiences and relate them to the social matrix. The more you know, the more powerful you’ll become. There is a lot of leverage on YOUR side, you just have to use it. Understanding that there is more to life than a consumerist, backwards (naturally) socially powered society is VERY refreshing. And the more things you study that are outside the forced reality, the more balanced and INTERESTING of a person you’ll become. I know fragments of a dozen languages that I can use to instantly synergize with people from that culture. That’s just part of my inner character. I also know a LOT of geography which creates an instant connection and rapport with (international) people. Since I’m interested in them in a social way, they’re interested in me and since my natural character is always high, it doesn’t take long for women to notice. One more thing here about international women, the more natural they are, the less you have to know their language to take things to sex. In fact, you’ll be able to bask in the fact that it IS a completely natural process. I’ve been with so many women whose language I couldn’t speak yet our ‘relationship’ was successful. And then there are other women who are stopping their own success with men because of all of their social development ON TOP OF their natural character even though you can FLUENTLY speak with them. Knowing this will also relieve the repression on top of your unlimited character. It’s all R.D.

If you don’t believe me, go to one of my recommended places. You really should experience natural women for yourself. You’ll find that you have to rely on your body language and non-verbal behavior more but that it’s OK because she is actually responding to you on the ‘natural’ level. This was a huge part of my cultural differentiation; experiencing and grounding in natural energy including the mating process with natural women. If it wasn’t for cultural differentiation and ‘natural grounding’ I may have never escaped the strong influence of the social matrix. On another note which is relevant: I have a habit of 30 minutes of language everyday. I have done this for almost 3 years now. I will either listen to (primarily Pimsleur) language tapes or cd’s. Otherwise I will o�en watch foreign music videos or karaoke music videos (which allows me to see the words). Since I took German for 7 years, I will speak that if I don’t have access to technology. I did this during Hurricane Frances when I was stuck in Orlando a�er a conference. Actually to be more accurate, I did my 30 minutes a day for 2 years straight and then I opened it up the third year (as a reward) that I must average 30 minutes a day over the course of the year. This allows a li�le more flexibility as long as it still adds up. This habit of mine has tremendously helped to differentiate my independence AWAY from the direct stimulus-response relationship of the social matrix. Anything that brings a different perspective (and in this case cultural differentiation) allows you to ground yourself in energy that is different or opposite from the social matrix. In fact anything that you consciously choose to do WITHOUT outside interference or direct programming empowers your independence even more. Funny thing, you’ll never see actual promotion of cultural differentiation coming from the matrix sources; you might see travel ads but it’s only catered towards the quick fix, fast re-balancing of someone before they return back to the influence of the matrix. You see, they don’t want you to know ‘what else’ is out there and they’ll keep you distracted SO good that you hardly have time to even think about gaining REAL cultural differentiation because that might take you away from their influence over you and they would lose money and power.

Sure there are certain people who live in the matrix who are more cultured or ‘earthy’ who live in Europe half of the year, go to foreign film screenings and despise the social matrix but I’m talking about you. I’m not talking about expat’s who have found more freedom (and have discovered the secret of natural women) outside the U.S. either, we’re talking about you. I’m talking about real people, real men who can’t just be a ‘cultured’ outcast that easily. I’m talking about mainstream men that are still heavily under the influence of the forced reality. Using cultural differentiation will help balance out your own character as well as make you much more interesting. It will also help you to differentiate the energies of different people and women to create synergy and rapport very fast. The reason women respond more in Montreal is because they speak French as their primary language. Go to Toronto and the women are icier like American women. This is because English is their primary language there. Does it make that much of a difference? Yes it does. It’s a whole different frame of mind because they are thinking differently in the first place. I had a French girlfriend once in Hawaii (there’s a reason it’s called the ‘french kiss’) and her energy was very natural (once we were past meeting) and she was quite romantic. The point here is to ground yourself in energy and knowledge that is different from the programming of the social matrix. Study other cultures and get another view. You can do this through language study, traveling, experiencing more natural women, having international friends, watching foreign t.v., foreign movies, learning geography, foreign music videos and did I mention traveling? Particularly to more natural (third world) countries. Cultural differentiation by doing a lot of the aforementioned opportunities (pick a language you’re interested in!) will give you a greater perspective on the world. It will help you to differentiate yourself from the social matrix which is very important. Do whatever you can to make sure you have the bonus package of international/natural energy examples. I draw from these natural feminine energy a lot and it further grounds me in natural energy (vs. social B.S./contrived energy). It will help you to clearly see. And if you can runaway from the forced reality itself for a while. Go to a more natural cultural to see for yourself and know your relationship is that you can embrace this into your own character representation instead of blindly following the programmed ideology of the architects.

Get back to your roots, ground yourself in strength and natural induction. It will tremendously add leverage to your character and cognition. Notes: At new year’s eve I will make 1-3 new commitments for the next year and I will stick to them. I find that any more than that is really challenging. I encourage you to do the same thing and have the integrity to yourself to stick to them.

Chapter 32 Looking at Relationship Reality
With all of the relationship ‘experts’ and counselors (that are a part of the social matrix themselves) you would think that there would be an ‘end’ to marriage relationship problems yet they keep coming up, HMMM... Once again, we look to relational dynamics and look at the independent elements. In this case, the husband and the wife. And we would also look at roles models of marriages that have stuck together, primarily traditional marriages throughout American history, world history and other cultures. It’s glaringly obvious to me what the root of ‘most’ of the problems are. With R.D. you can solve problems by going to the pure root source and looking at how the other roots relate to each other. Yes men are weaker (generally) today but it’s because of being a response and having to deal with woman’s newfound power that society has given her. This is the root influence of most marriage relationship problems (her empowerment) today. It’s not: Money Chores Debt The In-Laws As I said on stage at Cliff’s List Convention, “It’s women’s empowerment”. On their behalf, yes, they ‘are who they are’ (for be�er and worse). They WERE brought up in this culture which gave them all of this power, opportunity and responsibility. The root cause itself has become SO prevalent and taken for granted that it’s virtually invisible. It’s become engrained and evolved into our social culture but no one can see it and the blame gets put on men while these women get away with literal murder and without taking accountability. In most marriages it has become a ba�le of two independent wills all of a sudden. The

woman has expectations, her own career and she o�en finds herself in the midst of now her traditional role (being a mother and housekeeper) which she has consciously avoided (if she was a career woman). Now she has to struggle with a career and being a housewife/mother. It’s understandable from that angle but let’s broaden the perspective again. Today’s average husband ends up just being who he always is habitually. And he ends up wondering why the relationship is so challenging, how she can be so demanding and worst of all: her nagging. What’s really going on? They’re both being their true selves and stuck in a relationship that has certain roles (albeit which are pressure more towards her side). Who has REALLY changed more over the past 40 years? Man or woman? Woman. Choosing to live with an independent woman (who is fascinating, intellectual and interesting) is a double-edged sword (sorry ladies). There is just going to be a lot of drama you’re going to have to live with and accept beyond just the basic sexual stereotypes of traditional marriage. It will ALL come out in a co-dependent habitat like living together. The pure independence (and thus interdependence with synergy) they had when dating is gone. Aspects of co-dependency are now thrown into the mix and neither one of them are at their full independent and amazing peak (in relationship to EACH other). Ok, so how do you keep it together if you’re in that kind of relationship? Remember.. You have to look at the root elements and NOT focus on who is spending what money, etc. in determining a more global and effective solution. When a couple takes space out from each other and brings their level of respect back, then they’ll be able to communicate more. Yes it means GETTING AWAY from each other...probably something most ‘counselors’ wouldn’t recommend but it’s quite clear to me. When you respect each other’s independence more, then you can work be�er to resolve your issues yourselves. It’s quite simple to see the effect of the influence of the empowerment of women yet this has bypassed most (or all) of these so-called experts minds. The empowerment of women ‘can’t’ be the ‘cause’ of all, relationships are just ‘always’ like this and challenging (from their state of mind).

So in relationship counseling, what is the way to KEEP a marriage together? Keep it interdependent or bring it back to an interdependent win/win level (at least transactional). My real recommendation is to give each other back their independence and give each other space. It’s the co-dependent environment and that relational context in which they live that is a weakness in the equation. Some celebrities KEEP their marriages together by traveling a lot and being apart. It makes the interdependent win/win level of sparks actually still exist instead of falling into daily co-dependency (I need you, you need me, or we’re stuck together so much we hate each other). So, to wives I would recommend to give your husband his space without nagging him about it. Men require it more than women do in almost all cases. Women being more social should spend time with other people they can emote and empathize with. Couples that are married for decades have generally kept the temperature at around at least a transactional level (ge�ing used to cohabitation without terrorizing each other). They’ve learned to respect each other’s space and have go�en used to each other’s habits. And at times they’ll bring it back to synergy again by acting young again or rekindling their romance a li�le or doing special things together. Keep in mind that our grandmother’s even if they were more independent-spirited weren’t as judgmental, demanding or nagging as today’s women. Our grandmother’s knew their role even if they had to do a lot of the work. That is to be admired and rewarded. Today’s wives who do support their husband and ARE trying to make it work while dealing with several roles, I can understand (I just wouldn’t be a part of it). The man should be ‘man enough’ to cover the entire income somehow so that she can focus on raising the kids. Tradition worked, that’s a big part of what I’m saying so for yourself just think about what kind of marriage you would want to have. A supportive wife who knows her role (and let’s you be you) or a nagging, demanding ‘wonder’ woman who daily challenges you and your decisions making you dread coming home (simply because she ‘is who she is’ because of social influence and development).

Think about it; it’s more real than you know if you’re still single. So I would stop over-rating these women even the Prada’s who seem to be everything as sung about in countless wussy songs. The more ‘wonderful’ she is, the less control you’re going to have in a long-term relationship and generally the more you’ll have to give up as a man unless you can somehow keep the ba�les to a minimum and miraculously keep it interdependent. Marriages aren’t supposed to be power struggles. Just be aware of these characteristics because as a man YOU can be intuitive too instead of just naive and leaving ‘control’ to them. Women used to be relationship experts but not anymore (the one’s we’re dealing with). Notes: If a person trying to make a deal says ‘trust me’ but has failed in the past, with previous people or in the li�le things you’ll be able to predict the trend. If someone is telling you ‘secrets’ about someone else that are supposed to remain secret, guess what kind of action they’re going to do behind your back? Yep. Don’t fall into gossip either if you want to remain a man of integrity. If a woman has been divorced in the past and will try to justify excuses..remember, there is usually a reason. If she is still single, there is still a reason (social influence and the divergence). If a woman ‘feels’ co-dependent on you once she knows you, that can be fine but don’t you turn co-dependent on her because then she’ll leave you. You have to remain independent and represent your power as a man. It’s good to be compassionate (a special interdependence) but don’t ever let it violate your independence.

Chapter 33 The Pre-Game of Leveraged Power
Why are things so damn difficult? Because there is a true and hidden relationship that you weren’t aware of before and it now defines the game at the very start. OTHER FORCES OF POWER AND INFLUENCE HAVE NOW ENTERED THE PLAYING FIELD OF ATTRACTION AND DATING ..and up until now you were probably ignorant of these powers and your relationship to them. I used to be too. It’s now a game of leveraged power IMMEDIATELY with women and if you don’t know what’s going on, you’ll continue to be crushed in comparison to the leverage of social power these women represent no MATTER what other favorable means you have such as looks, money, pick up lines, or social status. Yep, ‘inner game’ alone isn’t enough because there are much greater forces that are going on before you even know it. She’s ‘FRONTING’ all kinds of socially derived power and you’ve been ignorant to it. You have to know your relationship to it and ‘neutralize’ it before she’ll open up herself to you. YES, it’s absolutely stupid and ridiculous when you think about it and how much these women are preventing their own fulfillment, but it’s true...that thing called ‘social influence’ and peer pressure is VERY strong; it’s overruled ‘logically’ and ‘upfront’. So now these women by becoming byproducts of their unique social culture (and I’m talking even the BEST of ‘em) are still pu�ing on this ‘social character’ and portraying characteristics and amplifications that are only rooted from their social influence. Most guys within this social culture (influenced by the social matrix and most of the First Worlds countries now), will be thrown off by this POWER that is being displayed

upfront that was originally supposed to a�ract men but now only prevents real relationships from forming. Do you know that by giving up your power in relation to her (o�en unconsciously), you have now all but lost the game! Yes, BEFORE it even began (in your conscious mind). Unfortunately you have lived in a reality where her power is VERY real but you’re not cognizant of your true relationship to that power. When you ‘drop’ in character in response to her beauty and power, she can’t trust you to be a man or to ‘be’ yourself. Don’t take it personal but she has to make decisions and FAST to protect her own self-interests. She is only looking for a man of stable character so that SHE can open up to him and allow HER physiology to respond to him. Even the slightest bit shaky, insecure, incongruent, nervous, palpitating man of ANY caliber doesn’t do it for her..she immediately puts up a red flag. She’ll put up a yellow flag if she decides to give you a chance to further ‘prove yourself’ because you ‘might’ have other characteristics of interest to her. Those are usually afforded by good-looking men or guys with social proof. If you’re just not that guy, you’d BETTER be grounded in your true relation to her. If you want to open the doors to relations with many women, you just have to ‘be’ that man of Alpha character who doesn’t inadvertently hand over his power AT ALL TIMES. So how do you ‘be’ this man? Alpha Relational Dynamics of course. In order to get to the ACTUAL process of mating and relational fusion you have to DEAL WITH the B.S./socially derived ‘fronting’ that is going on. Women DO have tremendous powers of leverage. This can o�en be stated as an initial power leverage ratio. If she’s a Paris Hilton she has a power leverage ratio of 100,000,000:1. If you play the game ‘socially’ you don’t stand a chance. For even lesser clones or the like, what you have to do is AT LEAST BE equal in initial power value or higher BEFORE the game can even ‘begin’.

How do you do this? Well...Relational Mapping alone will allow you to truly be ‘independent’ and powerful and includes in relation to ALL women (once you remain pure to the integrity of it and yourself). That is a huge start. Simply by not acknowleding her social status (and I mean in EVERY FIBER of your body and representative physiology), she’ll recognize that you’re an equal to her; you’re not playing the same ‘power/social’ game. That in itself is a huge advancement because you’ll be able to truly BE congruent and comfortable around your own skin in the face of a million to one power ratio (socially). Yep. To gain even MORE power (other than just independent differentiation from the social matrix and it’s byproducts), you will represent and harness your natural character. This leveraged power ratio is infinite; EVEN GREATER THAN ANY DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL STATUS within ANY woman. So accept it, embrace it. Once you harness that leverage (which is much greater than yourself or your own ‘inner game’), you will REPRESENT (within your total character) a power that is equal or greater than any of the most beautiful, gorgeous or sexy women you could come across. How? Because you are man and you have inherited masculinity and external reproduction (as well as the power that comes with that). SHE; no ma�er her level of ‘social’ development (all a causal byproduct) can never reproduce without you and your representation no MATTER how independently wonderful and/or slu�y she looks. Your goal is to be ‘equal or greater than’ her in the initial power ‘game’ that is played (and which seduction and dating experts overlook). It’s up to you to ‘pass’ her tests with the enormous front (I know it’s so unnatural) so just know your true relationship to it and represent a leverage ratio your of greater than hers and you’re in. THEN you can pick things up where everyone really starts because she IS extrapolating and judging you on YOU no ma�er the power game that is going on and that she’s representing. So you don’t have to align yourself to a false reality where you’re much lower than her; play the real power game. All those other guys that get rejected and (secretly) most of the teacher’s out there; they’re just fighting against this power game that they don’t understand that happens

right up FRONT. Ya’ ge�in’ it?! So, in summary of this Chapter: There IS a very REAL power game that is going on BEFORE anything even gets to happen and that’s how most guys (and what most seduction teacher’s are teaching) fail and do so inconsistently. The answer is within Alpha Relational Dynamics; becoming congruent with cognition and harnessing the powers of leverage that are much greater than your own limited game could ever be. Once you truly know your relationship to her social and inner character (no ma�er how ‘alpha’ developed she is..and it doesn’t ma�er), you will be able to be ‘comfortable in your own skin’ around these women. Hey, they ultimately HATE playing the stupid social ‘power game’ upfront but their influence and pressure to do so has been so strong that it’s habitually become them and their behavior. Save them from their misery by REPRESENTING natural power that over-rules social character and influence, because the only way you’re ge�ing to sex ANYHOW is through her NATURAL character (and not her prickteasing, frontin’ social character).

Chapter 34 Female Behaviorism Rundown
There are some overrated women in our society. No offense to them; I mean they are socio-cultural byproducts behaviorally, but it’s up to you to understand what’s actually going on in order to prevent turmoil or win the affections of the ones you would like for your version of a relationship. Men will objectify (the exploited sexuality), over-rate and edify so many women without ge�ing to know them at all. This happens within a second quite o�en. And without knowing it, that seemingly uncontrollable response prevents their success with these women. Women who are daily edified socially like this have grown further away from their natural roots. When they get all this edified a�ention (provoked by the forced reality) of course it’s going to go to their head and change their behavior (unfortunately). Men aren’t doing anything to help the cause by continuing to pander to these women but the whole system was setup for men to be the ‘dumb’ response to these women who can supposedly have it all (because they are being offered it everyday on a silver pla�er). Other experts will (o�en through roundabout ways) put all the blame on the men like there is nothing wrong with the women themselves (because they’re still acting in the meta-frame response to align themselves to women’s power as the stimulus). This is why it’s very important for you to realize that it was really social influence that created this in the first place. The power is in Relational Dynamics and not in surface solutions that don’t deal with the root issues of Causation that define their behavior. This is why your change will be worth the investment you made as compared to other teacher’s who only deal with techniques instead of real, habitual change.

So let’s look at some different women in their ‘Alpha’ quality and start understanding them (then the more ‘Beta’ women are even easier to deal with)...

Each independent woman is her own unique (inner) person but there are two general (broad and sweeping) categories of women which men put on pedestals which I call; Prickteases and Prada’s (or career women). There is another category which is the least ‘edified’ whom I currently call the (naturally representative) ‘pure’ ‘pastoral’ or ‘provincial’ women which we’ll talk about later. Prickteases are the Ashlee Simpson clones or myspace ho’s who exploit their sexuality but actually aren’t very intelligent (or don’t show it) yet are the ones men want to sleep with the second they objectify them. They have been around a few decades but are especially growing in popularity now as a response to our social culture. Remember the Marilyn Monroe pose of the air li�ing her skirt up? That’s a premiere and classic example but even back then, most women weren’t like that. It’s not just L.A. anymore, it’s reached to probably every high school in America by now and the extent is strong in other Westernized countries as well.

The Pricktease’s always make sure they look hot and sexy to be able to push the buttons on men (as they aligned with the social promotion of sexuality). They have generally forgo�en how to flirt because they are, a�er all, prickteases. Showing photo’s of their tits or ass is not an uncommon thing now.

They o�en have the ‘you can’t ever have me/bow before me/you’re not worthy’ look on their face. Ironically doing this is preventing their OWN success but you’ll see it’s all just a game that has defined social behavior. Flirting is the natural process of sexual communication and prickteasing (I draw this reference from the movie ‘Dazed and Confused’) is the social process of a woman being the stimulus for a man to respond to. It’s not natural and it’s muy importante for you to understand first that there IS a difference and second, the difference between flirting and prickteasing. You should be able to clearly see a woman who has the energy, image and mindset of being a stimulus/pricktease. In fact, they’re everywhere so it’s easy to find. So when you can differentiate what’s really going on between different women (in your training), start looking at the basal things first; is she a Pricktease, Prada or Natural?

In training it helps to look at extreme (or stereotypical) ‘Alpha’ cases of each to further help you differentiate it’s independent/ideal representation. Then you’ll be�er be able to judge the mixture of how each of the three independent characteristics relate. The video training will REALLY help you see this. We can get you at a level of intuition that rivals natural women. This is a lot of power. You’ll know what women to run from (or tell your friend ‘don’t do it man’) o�en just by judging their character and it’s representation in your extrapolation. You’re turning the tables on them to prevent heartache and trouble for yourself. It’s up to you to qualify women and just put your trust into it. A�er interacting a bit you’ll especially be able to tell her level of character in each area. Women ‘screen’ men and their judgment is quite accurate (provided it’s not clouded through social distortion when judging). Because men can’t generally ‘judge’ women accurately (because their own unawareness gets in the way), they fall into countless traps including ge�ing married again just because they see boobs and blonde hair instead of all the red flags of warning (when I or even you soon could SEE them just by looking at her picture). If you feel negative or an independent or pricktease ‘spirit’ in a woman’s photo, chances are with that thought pa�ern that she is going to be that person in real-life and you’ll get the full experience. You’ll be able to discern when women are ‘acting’ or not. Unfortunately so many Prickteases have ‘become’ the act. They have become so consciously derived in taking on the socially exploited ideals that they have lost touch with their natural character until they’re lucky enough to kiss a real man. When you are actually ‘meeting’ women, it’s her actual actions that will back it up and prove if you were on the right track of judgment or not. I’ve socially stereotyped guys before and said I don’t think I could be friends with them and it turned out differently but remember that with women you are dealing with a whole different specimen. The Relational Model of A�raction comes into play and the dynamics are quite important and influential for a real relationship. Seeing any warning signs and red flags early will save you time and money. It’s time that you start holding women to a higher standard (real character) and stop accepting her just because she looks good..judge her on HER characteristics and character not just her looks. What ma�ers primarily is that she has natural and humble

energy for the long-term if you want a peaceful relationship. All KINDS of women out there look good (society told them to amplify it). It’s not wrong to extrapolate character off of women (women do it ALL the time to men). Everyone judges everyone anyways and first impressions DO ma�er. I’m teaching you to look past just a woman’s beauty and even her ‘wonderfulness’ to the larger scope of her character and how it relates to you now and in the future; that’s Relational Dynamics. Quite predictably a Prada is going to bring demands and drama with her into a serious relationship and it will be an ongoing power struggle but somehow guys just don’t see that upfront until it’s too late because she’s just so ‘wonderful’. She will repress your freedom so if you know that upfront you’ll be more careful about what kinds of relationship you set up with them. I have several beautiful Prada friends but I just couldn’t marry them. Yes I’ve been in relationships with some as well so I know what I’m talking about other than just observing. I broke up with a really intelligent one recently. They make awesome friends though because they are interesting and fascinating. It’s up to you to be accountable for your life and having as much control over it as possible. Oh, by the way; YES, you can have sexual relations with prickteases, prada’s and naturals. I talk about that a bit in other chapters and in my other information products but it’s important for you to differentiate these characteristics and what they represent and how they relate to you so that YOU have the power, congruency and character to DEAL with them (instead of being intimidated or le�ing them run all over you) so that you CAN have sex with them. Prada’s (aka ‘Miss Independents’) are intelligent, intellectual, go-ge�ers which are quite intimidating to many men yet seem to be the more ‘long term’ desired type for a relationship when compared to Prickteases. They still look and dress sexy and beautiful but it’s more conservative and repressed when compared to Pricktease’s. She can be a devil in disguise though as countless mil-

lions of married men have found out. So what if she actually IS more intelligent and capable than you in the workforce? You’d be�er understand your relationship to that and that’s all. You still have favor and power to keep her around you. If you don’t understand your relationship to her, you’re likely going to be intimidated from the get go. These women are very strong-minded and o�en quite sure in their ways. They are also the ones who make keeping a relationship with them challenging so keep that in mind as well. She can be ‘miss independent’ but if you read the cards right = future divorcee (50%+ and more if you’re an Alpha male) because you couldn’t get along with her. Use that knowledge as leverage in your mind. Hey, I’m not bashing women, I’m looking at the reality and it’s about time they be held accountable for themselves (even though they’re a social byproduct). Statistically they have fewer kids. Part of that is less desire (or application) for sex because they are so socio-logically developed. If you let her ‘lead the way’ and just kind of go along with things, that resentment is going to build up and you’re going to have to let her know. I let that happen in two of my relationships and it didn’t work out. They lost the attraction because I wasn’t being myself anymore. I’ve been there but now I let them know much earlier when I see the warning signs. If I’m feeling repressed in who I am around her I’m going to bring up the truth even if it means dropping another independent woman. With the extreme level of social development for either Prada’s or Pricktease’s, this makes it challenging for them to lower themselves down to their traditional role of nurturer and supporter a�er being essentially programmed by society. They were brought up in the culture that influenced them to be like this but you STILL have to be accountable for the reality of your relations with them and the influence they bring to the table.

Women can be quite dismissive or aloof and they don’t ‘need’ men anymore (to provide for them).

You just have to understand your relationship to this type of woman (and her three energies/characteristics) if you are going to have any kind of relationship. I recommend either a strictly physical or strictly friendship relationship with empowered women (or Aphrodite’s) as opposed to a ‘balanced’ real relationship. Even years ago I would categorize women I was interested in based on their energy. There were two basic categories; women who I would want to have a serious relationship with or women I wanted to have sex with immediately (Prada’s vs. Pricktease’s). It was the shy, skinny, tall, dark-haired, demure women who I didn’t even think of having sex with, rather it was their energy (which I now realize is NATURAL or uncorrupted) which I was fascinated by and drew from (just seeing them or being around them). This is the natural balance that lasts a lot longer; whereas, the women who I just wanted to sleep with, I didn’t pick up natural was primarily a socially developed over-sexification/vamped up energy. Consequently even a decade ago I realized that I couldn’t be in a long-term relationship with this type of woman because that ‘shortterm’ energy is fleeting. When a Pricktease ‘pop tart’ is habitually used to being the stimulus, yes it’s refreshing for her (when she gets through her social distortion) to be with a real man so that she

can finally respond sexually (naturally). Keep in mind though that a�er the fun, she will go back to her socio-logical habits of being the stimulus. She’ll go back to her daily drama and you HAVE to know where you stand (on a solid foundation). Some experts will say it’s your fault because you didn’t punish her when she misbehaved but in actuality, these women are SO habitually developed into their behavior BEFORE they ever met you. It can be dangerous to try and tame the shrew ‘long term’. Empowered emotion equals drama. YES you can ‘tame the shrew’ and I’ve done it but you can’t tame her for too long because her logic and social development WILL come back. You’ll have to rock her world in the bedroom (which is easy when you’re high in natural character) if you want to keep her around and even then it will be her struggling between her natural (desire for you) and her social (go out and party with the girls to get more a�ention from other guys) in any sort of ‘dating’ relationship. Ask yourself if you really want all of that drama of a relationship other than the physical with this kind of woman. Maybe you do just want to sleep with a lot of Prickteases; well, that’s also why I’m here to help you. But you must know where her status and power resides in relationship to everything else and then you will be able to succeed with these women fairly o�en when you just start making connections. How? Because you’ll have the rooted strength of character and knowledge/cognition of your power and relationship to her and her power. It shouldn’t take her long at all to see that you’re not intimidated by her and that is RARE. In fact, the ho�er they are (if you can find ‘em) the more they’ll probably respond to you (based on the environment as well). Keep in mind though that it’s the natural character and energy of a woman that should promoted, cherished and upli�ed because it’s the energy that makes the world go around. This is the energy that guaranteed human propagation (off of the stimulus of masculine character). If you can differentiate this within a woman and know where you stand in relation to her other characteristics you WILL be a modern day Casanova.

It is the woman who goes through labor and gives birth (but with an anesthesiologist it can’t be that bad!). A man should always respect women for what they do. Mother’s are VERY important and we can’t exist without them. Stated another way; it’s natural women who make the world go ‘round. It’s the socially exploited Prickteases that make economies go ‘round. It’s the Prada’s that also help make the economy go ‘round by working in it and having an influence (which I don’t deny of course) but the social matrix is still primarily run by men. What happened to the feminists and their stance on the sexploitation of women? Hmm...I guess that idea just kind of got drowned out. Because sexploitation is rampant and everywhere now. Once again, you must know how you stand in relation to it or it will overwhelmingly repress or frustrate you. Check this out from a recent online article: “By 2009, predicts the National Center for Education Statistics, the male-to-female ratio within the college population will reach 39 to 61 percent. “ Wow. The downstream consequences of this demographic reality seem obvious to me. A�er all, research unrelated to gender proclaims the following formula quite definitively: More College = More Money + More Power. If that’s true, 30 years from now women will be making most of the money and they’ll be running society. That would certainly mark a turning point for civilization. Despite Greek legends about Amazons and anthropological reports of the occasional matriarchal tribe such as the Iroquois, no major society in recorded history has seen true parity of money and power between men and women. The United States would be the first.” -The Rise of the College Woman by Tamim Ansary That represents the social matrix which is very real. There’s examples like this everywhere because it’s the ‘social reality’ that we live in. It’s so real that it’s all some people know. So much focus is on the social development

and opportunities that women have that it just takes them further away from their own natural character. And men are confused because they thought they had the power. Look at all the manchild pre�y boys you see (like Prada ads with men). Just another byproduct. It’s important to realize the force of social influence (nurture) is ALL rooted in Causality. I make this really clear throughout the rest of the program. You don’t have to hate women for everything they’ve become, just understand your relationship to it. I love my Aphrodite girlfriends, they’re awesome. There may be a purging phase where you are extremely independent and almost vengeful against some women. I went through a bit of this (around some women in some environments) even though experiencing much greater success but I’m finally ge�ing to consistent relational fusion and ultimate seduction. Within each of these ‘developed’ women is a natural part of her that is pure and responsive to just have to help bring it out of her. I’ll be helping you differentiate this natural energy later. Soon you’ll be able to smile and actually look beyond the fact that she is a social byproduct and see her for a real person. And ironically you already know what to do when you are in this character and when she is in that character. See ‘Return to Blue Lagoon’. To me, I don’t think I’ve ever met an American woman over 25 who still had natural energy like a Celine Dion. Why? The power of social influence is THAT strong. It is that powerful that almost ALL women will be influenced by it within the social culture (especially nowadays). And sorry, but I’m not really interested in Amish women; I don’t know about you! Women today will grow further away from the natural/biological character and energy that they were born with because social influence takes over. We just take it for granted (what we see) because it’s in front of us but that’s the trap. This is depressingly sad in a way. Now, the only time these women will return to their natural character is if they even get to have sex with a man or go through that process and then they’ll slip into the natural mode usually when they are kissed, but when sex is over, the logical and social ‘thermostat’ will raise back up to where her social character was...far away from her natural character.

She’ll be under your spell for a li�le while but then she’ll get back to her logical mind which will want her to o�en be in control of when she wants to have sex. When I’m ‘seducing’ women, in bed it’s actually innocence (her natural character), it’s not the opposite as some people say it’s taking away (society has taken away her innocence..I’m bringing it back in a way). I’m adding value and we’re sharing an experience. I’m bringing out her raw natural, feminine character, the part of her that is emotional, physiological and a mind trip. You will be doing this with women too I’d imagine. Natural character is what men should be seeking in women for a long-term relationship and not her level of social influence or social status. Why on earth do you think we have a 50% divorce rate!? Social influence. The society that gave her power and opportunity and then exploited her sexuality EVEN THOUGH other experts will put all the blame on the ‘wussified man’ and try to warp him to fit the new culture instead of empowering his real self. We’ve go�en away from the balance that worked; the more natural reality where people understood their relationships to each other instead of challenged them. Would you seriously want to live with a diva? It would be living hell on earth almost every day! Yet men will consistently OVERRATE the social (exploited sexual or even her social/ logical/intellectual level) aspects of women. They’ll primarily do it because society keeps prickteasing them (the blueball syndrome) as they are the conditioned ‘response’. Men have been conditioned to ‘respond’ like the Pavlovian dog experiment as soon as they see any woman that resembles the current socio-sexual ideal. The natural way of things is that a woman ‘responds’ to a man’s (alpha) energy/character and is a�racted to him (and he ‘appreciates’ her natural character but isn’t thrown off by it because it’s a harmonic and loving balance for him). Society has flipped it around by taking the one thing men want the most and sexploiting it so that women becomes the stimulus instead of the response. Their natural warmth, response, generosity, caring, affection, empathy and solace are covered up and replaced with an exploited, socially developed, consciously accentuated part of them and thus history changes.

Countless millions of men become repressed and confused, millions of women become demanding, nagging, homewrecking bitches, and trillions of dollars are made off of it (including a�orneys and counselors). Why? Because the natural character of the woman has been lost touch with and the socially influenced portion of their own sexuality has been exploited to raise their own social status (to move economies). It’s important you understand that I’m o�en being repetitive but these different angles will help it all to sink in I think. Ok, what about the empowered, independent ‘career’ women again? It’s still all social development that moves her logically beyond her natural character. She became this person (ie. an Oprah) because of being in the social environment that encouraged and allowed it in the first place. Ok...if men don’t understand their relationship to ‘miss independent’ and her power, they’ll never be able to fulfill her desires either. It’s up to him to know natural success but it’s really just that women have changed much more than the men (although through time the effect has compounded repression upon them). No one is holding women accountable to blame or for any of this. When really, society just used/influenced men and transmuted them into the ‘response’. Yet in actual relationships overtime where real character comes out, most men are just being ‘themselves’ (unless they’ve got a real firecracker wife). Somewhere an ‘architect’ (see the video training) took over the equation like Pavlov and turned the stimulus-response ratio around. Then the bad boys who aren’t socially influenced (and don’t care) just go ahead and tap into the natural part of these women. So all of these ‘independent women’ who are so proud of it, have essentially lost touch with their natural and innocent character. It’s all become a social game of who can get the highest social status. And about all of the people in the society don’t have a CLUE as to what’s going on (especially so many of the social matrix’ sociologists). And the women you take for granted in thinking that ‘relationships are just a challenge’ and this is the type I would se�le down with...maybe a career-oriented woman

who is fascinating, intelligent, ambitious? We’re talking about a woman who isn’t an Ashlee Simpson clone; a woman who has class, culture and intellect and is beautiful in a non-Paris Hilton way. All I’m saying is be aware of your relationship to her power. You are still a man and have the advantage over her naturally (to have her respond). If you find yourself repressing your own thoughts and not fully being yourself while having a lot of compromises and small debates (or not having those and repressing them for later), go ahead and extrapolate that into the future and see what kind of relationship you’re going to have. You see, when you deal with an independent woman’s social expectations (not just about sexual exploitation) of what her personality is, her likes and dislikes and what she likes in a man you’re going to be in for an awakening. It may have been sexual at the start but a woman like this is going to basically withhold sex from you (and from herself) because of her own ‘logic’. This is a part of why real relationships are frustrating. More natural women however are closer to their sexual nature and also to making sure their man is pleased instead of having so many logical things that can just get in the way of your physical relationship. One of these women might want to make the relationship work but you’re just going to have to deal with whatever characteristics she HAS because they’re likely not going to change. And the more set ideas and opinions she has on things (huge red flag), the more troubled waters lie ahead for you. Though admirable for her intellect and wit, the independent and intellectual woman with career goals, etc. has become more than a traditional relationship can handle. She grew up not needing men or not having to have them provide for her (women were still independent back in history mind you) so she just became this woman who society wanted her to be (as a metaframe). Li�le does she know that she would be a completely different woman were she brought up in another social culture. I can debate with feminists forever but the point here is, if you choose an independent ‘wonderful’ woman you’re going to get the FULL package. She will naturally want to control much of the relationship and you will not be the full man you can be. You will see all sides of her including her logical and illogical expectations and demands.

Compromise and respecting each other’s independence by keeping it interdependent as much as you can is about the only thing that can keep it together (besides kids but even then..). There is nothing worthy about divorce. So who has the power during all of this? By default, women and the architects/society. I say, it’s time for YOU to take your own power back and have absolute control over your life and lifestyle. You do NOT have to stay stuck in the invisible social trap where women dominate (yet above them are the Architects, producers and promoters). And it’s against women’s best interest too. This creates tremendous opportunity for you because you ‘know’! If anything you can use your knowledge of it to root and ground yourself in absolute power and self-control like I have. How? Because I SEE and understand my ‘relationship’ to all of these elements of power and influence. This is what I’m teaching you here and now. If you weren’t able to ‘see it’ or differentiate it before, then by default as a man you were brought up to ‘respond’ to all of this (backwards of a�raction) influence that has been coming down with women and their exploited sexuality being the stimulus. Re-read that last paragraph. It may seem like an ‘uncontrollable’ physiological response when you see a superhot woman in your vicinity and don’t know how to approach or what to say. At this point, she’s already sensed your energy and you don’t stand a chance. The solution is not to have a physiological ‘response’ in the first place. When that happens you’re just objectifying her SOCIAL character (because men are NOT afraid of a woman’s NATURAL character). If a woman had a bad natural character or energy, she wouldn’t be chosen by men for a long-term relationship in which he would provide and protect her and the children. This is what’s happening in a way but men aren’t realizing it until too late. Commercialism has become like so� porn in so many ways...all exploiting a woman’s sexuality ‘socially’ in order to make sales for the people controlling the influence and women will become like that in order to raise their own social status (by harnessing that social power of leverage that is greater than their own personality).

Porn itself is the social exploitation of a woman’s sexuality. The visual imagery, the attitudes, all caters to male fancy and fantasy. Porn itself is sexual exploitation (although not of the women per se as they ‘agree’ to be a part of it). Natural sex itself is not at all like porn and the heightened vampiness of the women. Edify the real feminine energy of a woman to get to the womoan. That character is within all of them no ma�er what balance or level of behavioral characteristic she represents.

Notes: In ‘Win a Date with Tad Hamilton’ the popular Hollywood actor realizes he doesn’t have his priorities straight in life and meets Rosalee, the highest natural character woman he’s met in his life and he is awestruck by it. She’s the most ‘real’ thing in his life and he wants to draw more from her energy to ground himself. When you become a naturally grounded man who has his act together (inner and social) as well, you’re a real catch. Sex itself isn’t what spoils a woman’s purity and natural energy. Social influence is what spoils her purity and takes it away. I know of natural energy women that have a lot of sex but are still high in natural energy and would make great wives. I know of impure, neurotic women who rarely have sex who have li�le natural energy.

Chapter 35 Awareness of Energy
Here we’re going to start ge�ing into awareness of ‘character’ and energy. This will help you to understand the type of behavior that exists and how you relate to it. Much of it you have been ignorant to. First; this is just from my awareness and observations but have you noticed how cats behave differently from dogs? Now I am especially aware of it because of R.D. cognition. I think it’s just important to understand these differences. Cats are related to their feline big brothers; lions and tigers (the ‘kings’ of the animal kingdom). Cats generally have a fearless and independent energy. They just don’t care, nor do they ever feel sorry for themselves. You can tell it to stop doing something and it will keep doing what it wants. It’s own independent center of energy stays with it. You can learn a lot from the animal kingdom and even studying cats and dogs. Men today are behaving like whipped puppy dogs around women. They have become the response to women being the stimulus. It doesn’t work that way and women aren’t a�racted to that even if they might find it socially or logically acceptable for a man to be ‘at her heels’ treating her like a Princess. Dogs are quite different from cats. They are pack animals so in a relationship with a dog there can only be one master. This also means that the master is the stimulus and that the dog is the response but the dog will o�en ‘test’ the master for authority position. Domesticated dogs and people; that is a special kind of relationship. Cats operate more independently instead of as a response to their masters so it’s more of a pure interdependent relationship or even just two independent elements; a cat doing it’s own thing and you. You notice why men and women love (domesticated) dogs so much is because how they respond to you. They get excited when you’re around and get very energetic if

you’ve been gone for a while. They are also aware when you want to scold it. They are very emotional creatures and they are also very intuitive. Domesticated dogs as a relational ‘response’ (like women are in a�raction) have to be very aware of energy and receptive so that they know what is ok to respond to and what isn’t around the stimulus (master). This is why domesticated dogs (I’d say) are 10 times more intuitive than cats. If you want to be a ‘dog whisperer’, what’s basically going on there is he is being the authoritative stimulus in his entire body language and energy so that the dog will respond and be calmer under his command. Dog’s you run into will o�en test you for your authority to see who really has control between that relationship. But I still prefer cats. As in the movie ‘Meet the Parents’, my paraphrase of Jack Byrnes (Robert DeNiro)..”Cats don’t sell out like dogs do..You yell at a dog it will lower it’s tail and cover it’s genitals and walk away.. Cat’s make you work for their affection.” People love dogs so much because they ‘respond’ to humans. This makes people think the dogs are geniuses because they’ll do what you tell them and usually obey. It gives the owner more fulfillment and a sense of power and pride. Unfortunately men are behaving like puppies or dogs (response) to the stimulus (master/control) of women and sexual exploitation. Once you accept your complete independence if you’re a man you will be able to reach levels of intuition that rival many women through differentiating the different characteristics and energies of women. So when applying it to humans; what I want you to do is to begin to differentiate the energies of a woman. Instead of just objectify her socially exploited beauty and falling into the ‘programmed’ or conditioned ‘response’, I want you to seek out her 3 different energies or characteristics and know what your relationship to each of them is. If you want absolute power and effectiveness you will NOT drop in character around women because you are the stimulus to them. You will stay high in character (just like you are around your buddies) instead of ‘dropping’ in character when you are around women. When you stay at the same level of character (because you’re independent and know your relationship to her energies), then women will FINALLY have a chance to respond to you because you are the stimulus (no ma�er what level of character you’re at).

So by not dropping in character around hot women and just actually ‘being yourself’ you’ll be a lot be�er off than a GREAT catch of a guy who does drop in character when around women. Remember, millions of guys have been conditioned to drop in character as a response to beautiful or powerful women. You can be the real guy that doesn’t. This means that you can just be yourself and this represents ‘natural success’. And then of course you will be continuing to improve your own character across three areas (natural, inner or personality/interests and social) to become an even more fascinating guy. To have success with women you cannot drop in character around her ESPECIALLY if you aren’t that high in character already. Plot your own character continuum out (in my separate RMA training) and the level you are always at is where you should be at around women. If you ‘go above’ and act comfortable when on the inside you’re bu�erflies, you’re just acting. If you drop in character around women you’re slipping into the conditioned response so she couldn’t be a�racted to you. Your energy then isn’t that of a strong natural character. When you can stay the same man before, during and a�er because you understand your relationship to her 3 different characteristic responses and energies, THEN you are ge�ing somewhere. Women will be able to respond to you and they’ll be more interested and you don’t have to be a jerk. So the clearest answer and action sequence to having success with women is to be the highest man of congruent character that you can be (and of course the same when you’re around women) and then just make connections with new women by just being social. Then it’s just a ma�er of building enough history (rapport) between the two of you so that she can justify sleeping with you. Wash, rinse and repeat. How? Because your ultimate goal or prime directive is to BE the man of NIS alpha character (or as close to it as you can). This means improving yourself in all three areas. Other than that, it’s understanding your relationship to the 3 female energies/characteristics. This is your way to leverage insight that should overwhelm and then assimilate into your character. I will teach you how to ‘read’ these energies with accurate intu-

ition. What are the three representative feminine energies or characteristics? Simple. It’s the same as in men. Natural, Inner and Social. Let’s take a look at them in the eBook here to start becoming aware and cognitive of them.

Chapter 36 Tri-Fem Characteristic Cognition
Remember that (beautiful women) are very aware of a man’s energy and character. They can tell if he is congruent or not in who he is. THIS is what ma�ers; does he live in a strong reality of his own or not. It’s a waste of time (in my mind) to study ‘pick-up lines’. You’re in the RIGHT place for real and effective change with leverage. Because if you don’t get your own global and then inner ‘game’ sorted out, no pick up line is going to work anyways. This is what you should be focusing on and this li�le Chapter here is worth the price of admission by itself. In fact I encourage you to go over the profound strength of this chapter several times. Let it sink in and do the exercises and for goodness sake STOP thinking about pick-up lines. In fact you don’t have to say much at all and it doesn’t ma�er what you say (“I saved money on car insurance”) when you get this area taken care of. Social is logical...a woman’s response in a�raction is intuitive and emotional. Her defenses will be up if you play the game on the social level and place her ‘above’ you. Play the game on the purely natural level (but use social character to your advantage) and don’t forget birth control. Here’s the thing; the actual reality of whether you ARE strong and high character in front of women will be proven when you meet and interact with what has to happen is that your natural character has to rise and stay at that level around women (and basically at all times and will rise higher during making out and sex). And remember that it’s your thoughts that determine your actions and affect your physiology and energy. So to get your natural character to grow through fast yet real and effective change (we’re talking a CHANGE in your physiology), I recommend Relational Dynamics, understanding the RMA and this exercise (as well as my audio cd program; ‘Overcoming Fear of Aphrodite’s). Then, once you are this man of high natural character (who isn’t a jerk), you will be

able to seduce the most beautiful women quite o�en just by meeting them and developing enough ‘history’ (or rapport) with them to take it to sex. And it doesn’t ma�er HOW beautiful they are because you understand your relationship to it all. This gives you a rock-solid ‘inner game’ no ma�er WHO you are as a personality. I want you to practice differentiating the three different (response) parts of a woman; this is the huge action centerpiece of this program. Any and every woman HAS three root behavioral characteristics which CAN be differentiated. All you have to do is know your relationship to each of them (and the repressive social matrix).

The answer is NOT in going out there and approaching hordes of women because that is only a superficial surface solution. The answer lies within and knowing your relationship to the characteristics and energies of any woman. This one exercise (later taken to beautiful women in-person) ON TOP OF understanding relational dynamics (and the Relational Model of A�raction) can help you overcome fear of even the most beautiful and most powerful women in the world.

So let’s get started. When you look at a woman I want you to look at and differentiate the three different areas; her natural/sexual character, her inner character and her socially derived character. What’s a great place to do this? Magazines like Cosmo, Victoria’s Secret, I especially recommend and Remember, we’re starting with photos of women to get your thought process aligned correctly and then you can move on to being fearless one-on-one in front of actual beautiful women. Follow through with the video portion of this if you have it. So when you’re looking at a photo of a woman I want you to FIRST pick out the social part of her. To me it’s CLEAR AS DAY with women who are a part of the sexploitation and I see right through it. Don’t just see glorified sexuality..understand it, what it represents and it’s relation to her other characteristics. Look at the make-up, the tight clothes and the bitchy a�itude.

This is 100% social influence. It is NOT natural. If this exact same woman grew up in a more natural culture she would not be doing any of this and she would actually feel ashamed of herself for doing this.

Think about how long it took her to get ready and ‘sex herself up’ for this photo. Think of the conscious accentuation that is going on that exists beyond just naturally waking up. Can you feel how all of this vamped up sexiness is being used as the stimulus to influence (even control) economies? The powers that be are using (yes using) women’s sexuality, making it social, exploiting it and essentially tapping into man’s single weakness in order to get them to buy products and this woman that you are looking at is only acting and behaving the way she is because of social influence. Notice how most of it is geared towards men and the perpetuation of other women to join in the high social ideal. It’s in mainstream programming and commercials. Now, compare that to how sexuality isn’t exploited when advertisers are marketing specifically to women such as housewives. In the video portion I talk about the fashion industry a bit and the more respectable approach there because they’re target is ‘independent women’. Here they might cater to a woman’s independent inner character (and sometimes show the husband as being ignorant to household chores) but they’re not exploiting a woman’s sexuality. Look at a toilet bowl cleaner commercial and you’ll see an average yet fairly goodlooking woman acting fairly normal. It’s just important to see things as they really are and to think about what’s really going on; what message are they ge�ing across? Back to the women who align with this programmed social ideal, they know that if they dress like this then they’ll be the stimulus so that men will give her a�ention and favor, and like clockwork they usually do. It’s up to YOU to hold her to a higher standard and see through this part of her so that you’re different from all the other guys anyways. She may test you etc. but you’ll stand your ground because you know what’s really going on and you won’t cut her any slack for it; I don’t. You’ll be able to pass this level of woman’s tests. Ok, remember sometime in the past seeing photos or video of a National Geographic special where you saw naked upper body tribal women? THIS is natural. Do you remember seeing nude art or tasteful representation (ie. in some European commercials)? This is celebrating the natural and basic sexual beauty of a woman. It is not the same

as the socially derived sexploitation. You must be able to distinguish the difference. It is rare to see natural feminine character in modern programming today. Some examples of feminine natural character are of Lorraine (his mom) in Back to the Future and how she acts around Marty when he’s in 1955. Also Kate Bosworth in ‘Win a Date with Tad Hamilton’. A great example of a relationship is in ‘From Here to Eternity’ where the woman (Donna Reed) has this social front in her environment but she responds and is interested in the man’s natural Alpha character (Montgomery Cli� as Pvt. Prewi�). She has pride but ultimately devotion to her man. Awesome flick by the way. When you’re looking at photos of women in the exercise, in order to see her NATURAL character K.I.S.S. Keep it simple (stupid) because life (naturally) essentially is. If you’re not able to single out her natural character then just go back to the purest ROOT of the elements that you can find (it always works); Look to the animal kingdom if you want but it all boils down to this: SHE IS A FEMALE and you are a male (unless you’re a female reading this). So, be aware that she is a female...don’t look at her socially exploited status anymore right now. Just look at and focus on the pure simple fact that she is a female and that without you (or man) she cannot reproduce. Don’t move on to the next photo until you can let that sink in. She is a woman. She has breasts, a vagina, different reproductive organs than you or I do (as men). Whether she IS a�ractive naturally or not, she is STILL a woman. This fact can be celebrated naturally because of the natural experience you can give her but don’t over-rate or edify her natural status more than is deserved. Remember that our grandparents and those before them WERE natural. They didn’t have the levels of powerful social influence coming in and throwing things way off. The fact that you are a man should be celebrated because with that comes certain responsibilities; you are the leader, you are the king of the jungle, you are the conqueror. She is nurturer and caretaker; this is her biological inheritance. And if you sense her social influence is to strong, you’re probably right in that it’s going to interfere with her ‘natural’ ability to fully be that nurturer at all times. That’s why we do have lower birthrates amongst these developed women throughout America and the first world countries. A perfect example of that is the neighbor couple in ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ who have ‘one’ special kid (and the wife is leading the relationship.

Not to mention that THEIR relationship comes into jeopardy when she gains her independence going out there to promote her book and she has all these demands when she comes home. When viewing women for exercise, focus on her natural character alone right now. Isolate that fact from her inner and social character. She is a woman. She is a female no ma�er her level of beauty. You are a male and that means you can lead her through the process of a�raction by pure simple fact of being a male. Defocus the socially exploited sexuality and just see her as another mammal of the opposite sex, pure and simple. If you don’t feel any of her natural ‘energy’ then focus on the fact she is FEMALE. No ma�er how ‘pre�y’ she is, her biological role is to ‘respond’ and eventually reproduce so until you have the inner strength to ‘be’ a strong man around her, the chances are unlikely you’ll be with that physical calibre of woman (unless you go somewhere where you become the social alpha). Beauty itself is in the eye beholder and the concept differs from culture to culture which implies that it’s a conscious/social/logical thought. You walk into a nightclub whose environmental relationship is influenced by 1 person (the d.j.) and what his idea of it is, is really the pure stimulus (and a really loud one at that) and the entire social environment is CONSTRUCTED to be a response. This is hard to work around but it can be done and how? Be social alpha and synergize with the environment. I’m a promoter and can teach you to be the #1 guy in that environment but don’t beat yourself up over being inconsistent in that environment because it’s completely fake and unnatural. Aligning yourself to it can only damage you if you don’t know the truth. Anything that looks ‘sexy’ or ‘made up’ is all a social characteristic (even scary).

Give me a conducive ‘open’ environment and watch me work baby. A wedding party of single girls or actual lounge with an environment that focuses on the people instead of the stimulus-response of one person (the dj) and it makes a huge difference. Then the truth will be seen. It’s rare to find that environment anymore in the social matrix that isn’t socially distorted. Aren’t people ge�ing tired of the same old stimulus-response of nightclubs where no one can really be themselves?! And that’s coming from a promoter - me! But I know where I stand in relation to it all. I always sleep in peace at night because I understand what’s going on and that it doesn’t affect me either way; with a woman or without. Third and finally we’re going to look at a woman’s inner character or her personality. This is much more important than her social status yet guys get caught up in how sexy or cool she looks (which is all social). Remember that she’s upholding that ideal anyways and doesn’t always look like that. Have you seen photos of celebrity women with their makeup off? I have. And if they rated a ‘10’ they became ‘8’s with their make-up off. You will become aware that makeup is a social stimulus device meant to have men ‘respond’. You should be able to start visualizing the women who are overdoing it (I’m not saying Tammy Faye, what a horrid thought..I mean the ones who are using it effectively but still vamping up themselves) and differentiating natural beauty from ‘made up’ beauty. But we’re focusing in on a woman’s ‘inner’ beauty or personality. This is easier to see in natural women because they’re not ‘acting’ socially. On go through different countries and start picking out women who definitely have natural beauty and those who have obvious socially (and consciously) derived character. If she is flirting or pu�ing on a pose, then it’s a sure bet it’s her social character. Become the auto-response to that and you lose. It’s harder to see the real personality of the ‘social’ or ‘vamped up’ women because they are hiding behind the facade of society. That isn’t her true self anyways (and if it really is, it’s SCARY). Learn to put her social influence aside and this ebook is once again worth the price of admission for you. Because then you won’t be giving her all of this added value anymore; you’ll treat her as another real, live human being. And hopefully her real personality is that she actually IS down to to earth. Those are the kinds of women you would want a long-term relationship with.

It’s easier to see ‘inner’ character in the Independent or career women (Prada’s). They’re not flaunting themselves as much and they seem to be good catches. These women have developed their inner character and have a healthier social life instead of fake, pop tart friends (although many are crossing over to the dark side). Think of a typical gorgeous NYC woman. This is a woman who has strong inner character and personality. By starting with the most extreme examples or stereotypes you can begin to fully ‘see’ these characteristics in each woman more readily. The problem with Prada’s is that they are equal to men now in Inner character (even above sometimes) so in an actual dating ‘relationship’ there’s going to be a lot of differences of opinion (inner character struggles between you two). Nature is what works for the propagation of life. Society is effective intervening in many cases from that happening. So all of this is to help you sort it out and awaken yourself to the truth. Ok, so back to the women. Notice the social front a Pricktease woman is pu�ing up and how you can’t see through to the real her. You can look at music videos and if you didn’t know any be�er you would think that the women always act this ‘high above’ everything. They can’t keep that act up and the one’s that do are very damaged’s unnatural and unhealthy. And look at how psychologically disturbed Mystery himself is/was for trying to align himself to that reality. Look at the unflaunting yet obvious Inner character of an Independent woman. The inner character is the devil to reckon with. It is different than the shallower pop tarts who are pu�ing their ass or tits right in front of your face online. The inner character of an independent woman (for be�er and worse) has destroyed many men and many families. Character is more important in men (for a�raction) than it is in women but you still have to understand that. A woman will not choose to be with a man of low character across the natural, independent and social aspects unless she is really low character herself. For a man it is more desired that we have beauty followed by niceness in a woman. That is what ma�ers and that she will be a good nurturer. Just an aside; if you want to raise a family and keep it together I would suggest choos-

ing a traditional or natural woman instead of an empowered, demanding woman who has drama and will end up nagging and potentially taking more than half of your estate. But millions of guys continue to fall into this trap because they don’t see any other option. Marriage should be a blessing and not an ongoing compromise or ba�le. Will Prada’s get mad at me for saying this? Yes, they already have. But back to exercising, you want to differentiate the different characteristics and stop overrating both her inner development and her social powerplay. Look at a woman for who she really is, her soul; her natural and innocent character that is somewhere still within her. The eyes are a great place to start. The more aware of yourself you become as a man, the more you will have the intuitive powers that women do. Differentiating the characteristics and knowing your relationship to them will allow you to ‘percept’ what level she is at in either of the three areas. You soon won’t be over-rating her social development (rooted in Causality itself).

You will be able to effectively read people and their energy. You will know that even

though a woman has a seemingly wonderful inner character, it can also be your complete demise because you don’t see the other half of it when put in a relationship with you. You should be wary of falling into that trap and becoming a ‘response’ to her control and power. You will be able to see huge warning signs like ‘RUN, RUN’. I can point out women like this o�en IMMEDIATELY yet somehow my father keeps ge�ing a�racted to them. Here’s examples of women with known ‘personalities’ or strong inner character (who have become more like men in that fashion); Hillary Clinton, the new Chancellor of Germany, Paula Zahn and other newsanchor women, Oprah Winfrey, etc. As scary as it is to think about in some cases, even these women have biological functions which are the same as all of the other women in the world. Angelina Jolie. If you don’t understand her power, where it came from and that she too still has a natural/sexual part of her, you’re going to succumb to the social influence. If you want to bed the most beautiful women in the world you cannot be afraid of them. The answer? You know it; relational dynamics. Understanding your relation to her social power, her personality (or powerful state of mind) and her biology. To get more advanced in the exercise you can start going through the thought process of being fearless and seducing her. I have done this before as well when looking at pictures. I will ‘sense’ my natural character in that I know what to do (we all do, we just have to clear away the social clu�er) and that no ma�er how beautiful she is, she will respond. First you have to differentiate each of the 3 different aspects of her and her independence. Someone wrote me and mentioned that doing this is similar to the Gunwitch method of visualizing sex with a woman. You can do this when you have control and understand your relationship to her powers quite easily. Unfortunately most guys will melt around the social character because they’ve been conditioned to respond to her. To actually get somewhere you can visualize mating with her natural character...take her from the social ‘fantasy’ into the natural ‘reality’.

It REALLY may not be anything like a porno and you’d best get that out of your mind because that’s a consciously derived fantasy. You have to be the stimulus and take her from that social character and fantasy into her natural character; that’s seduction. See the original Italian ‘Swept Away’ and as the two get stuck on the island through time, watch the complete change of an Alpha (developed) Inner/Socialite woman into her natural/raw responsive character. It’s PRICELESS. OWN that movie.

A�er a while you should get good at quickly differentiating between the three different aspects of each woman. Your own character should be growing in the process as well and I’m not a big believer in ‘techniques’ because those are consciously derived however this is one way that you can effectively overcome your incongruencies and fear around women and beauty so that you can actually be closer to success with them at all times. Remember that they can pick up your energy (when there is no social distortion) very fast. Sometimes all some of these edified women want is just ANY man that isn’t afraid of them and then they might choose to sleep with him and fast. But the natural part of her ideally responds to and desires a fearless man who is high in natural character and when you ARE that man you don’t have to keep using pick up lines. You just have to make a connection and let her feel your energy and since you’re playing the game ‘naturally’, it will go from there as you lead and she responds. Remember that your success with her is consistently (NOT FOOLS MATE) determined

by her rising level of natural a�raction response to you. S.O.N.A.R.R. is the science of natural a�raction response reality; essentially the (modern day) mating game. To seduce women, operate on the natural level and represent your natural character to deal with hers.

There is nothing to be afraid of because throughout nature, there is no fear in the mating process. Species would go extinct if there was fear yet now because of social influence we have 40 year old virgins who have become afraid. They’re focusing on the socially exploited part of her character but you know be�er. You don’t play that social game because that’s all it is; she wouldn’t be flaunting herself if she grew up in a different social culture (that wasn’t influenced by the consumerist socio-centric society). You’re now seeing the real picture and yes it may mean having to hold your ground and gently ‘pu�ing a woman’ in her place so she knows that she can’t get away with B.S. around you. Hey, it’s not supposed to be like that but these women have become ‘something’ else. Deal with the natural part of her and celebrate that. I reward women who respond to

naturally because that’s what they’re supposed to do. If a woman puts ‘you’ down socially or even for buying her a�ention, just understand your relationship to all of that. Your power as a man is in your natural character. If she’s seemingly got ‘it all’ and is an Aphrodite, you STILL have power over her in one area; natural character. How? Because you can stimulate her response by remaining high in natural character. You can affect the natural and purely sexual part of her even if she is stronger than you independently or socially. Return to Blue Lagoon..(hmm another island theme!) So what favor do you have ‘naturally’ as a man? (Especially if you don’t have a chiseled body?) Put it this way; all the lesbians in the world can’t procreate. A woman cannot continue her prime biological directive of being a mother WITHOUT a man/men. That’s the balance of nature. Nature chooses whether it’s a boy or girl and it balances out around 49 % men to 51% women in the world. So your favor NATURALLY as a man is that you are the initiator or ‘stimulus’ of the process of a�raction or the mating dance. It is the role of women to respond to you and your character(istics) whether she nonverbally senses your energy or whether you make the connection first. If you don’t understand your relationship to all of the sexploitation you’re probably really being repressed. In fact this is why we have 40 year old virgins and that is just one of the byproducts of sexploitation. It has created an unrealistic gender gap between men and women because of this unearthly ideal. We have added and edified so much unearthly value to this unnatural standard that women will now get surgery and do anything they can do ‘synergize’ with that social ideal. Doesn’t it almost make you feel sorry for the women who don’t come close to meeting this social ideal? Learn to isolate the female’s social character and put it into it’s proper place when viewing images of women (and then in person); you’re not a part of the social ‘game’ because you’re independent from it AND you have power over her naturally. A good gauge of whether it’s natural or social energy is quite simple, if you’re stuck.. just ask yourself if you just would want to fuck her or if you’re interested but without

the immediate desire to fuck her. This is a quick gauge of feeling out Social or Independent (even Natural) character in women. Be careful though because the Prada’s (or independent women) who have grown intellect and a habit of being dismissive around men are more of a hidden surprise (your long-term demise). It’s their strong Inner character which is actively thinking on the inside and forgot how to naturally respond to men or flirt. When you see a woman and want to immediately ‘do’ her without feeling her natural energy, this is her social character (aligned with the matrix). This gauge is just to help you differentiate social energy from independent or natural. Remember that Prada’s aren’t as flaunting of themselves, they used to be the natural women you would want. They just have a different kind of characteristic development (inner character). This becomes fickle and judgmental towards men logically (RMA) so you must work with the natural and emotional level. When you’re watching these natural women in the (foreign music) videos, soak up their (sexually transmutative) natural energy. For me, I’m not thinking about ‘sticking it to them’ or screwing them. I’m drawing from their natural and feminine energy. It gives me strength whereas a quick fuckable girl (like the american music video/social matrix girls) are here one minute, gone the next. Real men should want a woman whose positive and pure sexual/natural energy they can CONTINUE to draw from. She is a woman they can ‘make love’ to instead of just wanting to screw her the second they see her and then forget her. Unfortunately so many women are socially falling into the environmental trap of being ‘prickteases’ and also unfortunately, continuing to be overrated by countless men. Am I the ONLY one who wants to bring balance back to the force? If that’s the way it should be, fine because I’ll represent it on national t.v. Do you want to harness the energy which makes the world go ‘round and culminates in sex or do you want to represent the energy which keeps you as a socio-cultural response in order to lead you away from sex in a fantasyland where you’re a consumer and the women remain unfulfilled (because they are social responses themselves)? Make your choice hot shot because women still won’t get to sleeping with you unless you have natural character or her ‘natural’ response has risen enough. You will have to portray mostly through your body language that you aren’t afraid of her, that you are self-centered in your energy and that you know what to do.

You can beat the system by acknowledging it’s independent awareness, differentiating it and choosing what level of influence (if at all) you will let in to your own independence. If you’re American, ever notice how fat and homely women o�en are the nicest people you will meet? These women are kind of ‘outcasts’ of the social ideal so they retained more of their natural character. No offense to those homelier women, but please don’t just think that those are your only options either. You might just have to see the bigger picture and step outside of this social matrix of influence. The social matrix and media is sending nonstop messages every second of the day to KEEP people involved in the social matrix. This is in the form of even an image or picture itself. Sometimes the pre�iest ones are the most screwed up. It’s because they’ve gone the furthest away from their natural character. Yet when they do have sex they choose the most obvious natural character men there are; bad boys and jerks who emanate natural character because the other men have had their natural character repressed. It’s up to you to be the other option who is more balanced. It’s up to YOU and you alone to step away from the ‘game’ and not only see what’s going on but get a different outlook on the world and life itself. If and when you can get to my level of understanding of this all (you see, natural men outside the influence can look on it and shake their heads but I’m still a part of this culture in a sense so it takes someone like me to represent what’s going on because I am root American and people will listen) the social matrix will almost make you sick at times because you can clearly see a woman’s social influence and that she has become a social byproduct just trying to fit in and other men will continue to fall for it. It would be a relational deathtrap to try and have a real relationship with a pop-tart. You’d get bored a�er sleeping with her enough times because that’s all you’re doing mentally anyways when you see her. You just want to fuck her. And Prada’s get even more ‘you’re beautiful’, ‘you’re wonderful’, ‘you’re so far above me’ type behavior from men than pop tart prickteases. You think you want a relationship with them but do you know that it will be two stars colliding and that everyday will be a relational power struggle in which your character must be repressed to allow

room for hers?!

When you can see the social matrix (or ‘forced reality’) you will WANT to get away from it and even step outside of it to travel around the world and experience much more natural and real women. You’ll understand that these idolized women (Prickteases) are actually really screwed up on the inside because they have become social byproducts. I have seen natural women come to the United States, get ‘corrupted’ (in a sense) and more socialized as a response to our culture to fit in and I shake my head like Rafiki. They were more of a catch before they wanted to fit in so I give props to the women who DON’T want to become like the American ideal. Cultural differentiation was the one thing that allowed me to finally pinpoint the otherwise invisible social matrix. In fact countless millions of people don’t even know it exists because it is ALL around them and it’s ALL that they know. They are stuck in the matrix and oh it is GOOD and keeping them in it. That’s why so many American’s literally aren’t even aware of other cultures (or even care), because they’re so stuck up in the busy-ness of the new messages that the sources send down. A�er all it’s what we know and there’s always something ‘new’ everyday to respond to. There’ll always be the next ‘hot thing’ socially. If you bring a foreign wife into a first world country I would strongly recommend getting rid of the T.V. if you haven’t already. You want to have a relationship for what you saw in her first; not the social byproduct she can become. Remember, these women actually DO have this a�itude much of the time so you really HAVE TO know your relationship to it..that’s the only real answer. Know where it came from and understand your relationship to it.

Unlike other experts, I will NOT put the blame on you when you enter a relationship with this woman who is ALREADY developed like this. It ISN’T your fault for her habitual behavior even though she is still the response in a�raction. That’s more pressure on you when there are other elements and characteristics involved long term. Her response relationship to men here is completely jaded in the fact that she will turn back to her causally rooted (and un-natural) stimulus ways because it’s habitual. You should not have to turn into an asshole in order to ‘tame her’ if you’re around her too much like other experts essentially imply to scold her behavior. You might have to NOT have a longer relationship in the first place. YOU’RE NOT AT FAULT FOR HOW THEY ARE. I’m saying the BLAME ISN’T on you alone. But you have to know how to work around it. You’re taking a part in the social process of a�raction when you ‘respond’ to this beauty or when in person to this part of a woman’s character. And that’s why you (and I before) have failed. It’s not what women want but the pressure of social influence is so strong, they’ll keep doing it. The clothes she wears, the makeup, the bitchy look, the a�itude, the vamped up and exploited sexuality is all her just trying to climb the social hierarchy like society promotes.

I talk a lot about Jewel (who does have talent but sold out) in the video portion; here look at the other girls and how prevalent their social character is.

She gets free meals, rides, a�ention and silver pla�er service so why not use and exploit this sexual currency?! (she thinks)..a�er all ‘everyone else is doing it’ or ‘of course i should’ or ‘I’ll have more power if I do, so why not? It should a�ract more guys.’ Yeah...and keeps on a�racting them until it’s all blown out of proportion. It starts around the time of high school and only grows worse. Compare the cliques and strong social hierarchy of high school to a uniformed, traditional school. Now I understand and respect what these traditional schools were doing. I talk more about this in my Men’s Guide to Women (which will help you understand more of the social matrix and where it came from). Sexploitation of society and our women falling into that trap: Don’t fall for it. Be independent from it. See it for what it really is and understand your relationship to it. She’s waving her ass right in front of you I want you to see what’s really going on and for what it is. She’s just caving in to social pressure because now everyone else is doing it too. How to conquer your ‘uncontrollable’ response is something we’re working on. It’s been uncontrollable because you didn’t have control; you were allowing yourself to BE a conditioned ‘response’ to that stimuli. Take control, know your relationship to it and you won’t be the response anymore. Ok, she can have a ‘10’ ass for your sexual/natural character but her inner character is saying ‘my ass is TOO fat’ (insecurity) and the social part is telling her shallowly to wave it in front of guys and flaunt it to get yourself some a�ention and raise your own social status by ge�ing some social approval by exploiting your sexuality (a power much greater than your inner character). You MUST be able to differentiate these areas clearly and you should already be doing this. If you’re distracted by her beauty or sexiness you’re not differentiating yet and it’s not going to help you. You HAVE TO isolate the different aspects of who she is (and FAST) if you’re not already alpha in natural character like I am. You will reach a certain point where you just instinctively ‘get it’ without having to differentiate. This can be called unconscious competence but in training and ge�ing there, go through the exercises and keep differentiating the three characteristics of each woman. If you are just continuing to see and respond to (your perception of) her beauty, you’re not going to stand a chance with her. Why? Because you are giving her this socially

connected ‘added value’ and placing her as the stimulus. You as a man MUST be the stimulus in the game of a�raction. This is why she chooses bad boys and jerks, they’re not le�ing all of this social influence get in the way of their own natural character so they are remaining the stimulus. She wants a balanced Prince Charming ideally but will take the closest thing to it for sexual relationships. You can be a man who is more than just a jerk and she won’t want to let you go. When looking at women in photos, video, music video, t.v., or in person and her behaviour and energy is that she expects men to fall down before her, or that she is obviously accentuating and exploiting her sexual nature then she is trying to be (or being) the stimulus (‘look at me and if you do i’ll hate you for it, buy me this and that’, etc.) which society says you are supposed to respond to. If on the other hand she is being humble, demure, smiling (not acting) and happy you should compliment her.

(Yes, Parker Posey is still somewhat real! duh) Millions of women have even forgot how to flirt because they don’t do it anymore and being a pricktease is not the natural process of a�raction. That is the SOCIAL process of a�raction.

Remember that a beautiful woman’s sexuality and her social use to exploit it are both powers that are greater than her own personality. They are leveraged. Your power over that is your natural character (no ma�er your level of inner game or social status). And guys just don’t get it. They’ll keep falling for these venus flytraps because all they see is tits and blonde hair. These are women that o�en couldn’t keep and hold down a long-term relationship if they tried. Why? They’ve become too socially oriented and grown away from their natural role as nurturer. In fact, once you got to actually know her inner personality and real character you might wish you had NEVER met her. See why it’s important to see relational dynamics and the TRUTH? You want to see her for who she really is; not who society expects you to ‘respond’ to in order to get you to be influenced and buy products. These women are just falling in line with that to raise their own social status for a�ention and approval. You don’t need any self-validation from other is ALL within. Keep in mind I’m talking about the ‘most’ socially approved and beautiful women. When you see a girl’s ass blatantly in your face as an online photo, think about how far we have got (degraded in a way) socially for this to now be acceptable. When you have sex with a woman it’s only with her natural character; it’s emotional, it’s not logical or ‘thought out’.

Building rapport is independent/inner/personality synergy between a man and a woman. A�raction itself is purely the natural/biological characteristics between a man and

a woman that are synergizing. When a woman says ‘chemistry’, it’s mostly an intuitive emotion or feeling which is her sexual/biological nature responding to a certain man (who is high in natural character). It is not her social (or ‘logical’) brain who is making that decision. She could socially or logically choose to sleep with nice guys but she is not a�racted to them because they are low in character therefore she can’t ‘respond’ to them or get the ‘click’ or synergy of ‘chemistry’ with him. And once she didn’t get it shortly a�er meeting him, the guy probably doesn’t have a chance anymore. How do you make a woman feel a�racted to you? Is it something you say? Is it the car you drive? No. Those are all social devices. It’s who you are; it’s your current level of natural character (which had be�er not drop) when you around her. A woman can have social expectations and she’ll look for that in a guy but if you want to succeed with women sexually then focus on your natural character the most. That is where you are biologically like a magnet when you have high character. Sometimes with these socially influenced women you will quite o�en just have to break through their own social distortion that is ge�ing in the way but once they can see that you are that man in there, then you’re good. So you have to hold your ground and BE high in character even though they don’t respond the way they should (like more natural women do). I reward women who respond to me naturally. What does this mean? I know that as a man I have power over women...I have the power to initiative their physiological attraction response in relationship to me and my character/energy.. Seek out their natural character and energy. So...when a girls flaunting her TITS or ASS.. HELLO...this is just her social character.

If you can’t differentiate it (natural is where YOU have the power) you’ll continue to flounder. And that’s the only answer -the sage And remember that your version of a woman’s beauty when it comes to sexual a�raction is your natural character. It’s your level of confidence, self-control, authority, independence, lack of insecurities in any environment especially in response to a beautiful woman. If you are comfortably congruent and there is no social distortion, her a�raction response to you will rise even if you aren’t that good-looking. Learn to see and differentiate a woman’s energies and it will help you remain strong in character especially in relation to her. Notes: I can sense energy when I meet women. I have around a 50% accuracy ratio in guessing where someone is from (country). Also another li�le secret; GEOGRAPHY. What?! Yep, geography. It’s how I ‘open’ most of my sets or approach and talk to new people or women. Especially if I sense their energy is non-American (and I can tell) then I will especially want to talk to them to find out where they’re from and where they’ve been...I’m just being ‘social’. So if you want to really expand your options of building rapport and synergy, know some geography. I recommend (ideally) learning all the capitals of the countries in the world and know generally where each country is. This will take you a long ways and it also shows that you are a cultured and interesting man because you already have made a connection with them and know something about them FAST. Perfect example; walking through the v.i.p. section of a lounge/club and the American blonde women are stuck up in their own energy ignoring me and there’s this li�le Asian girl who drops her jaw when she sees me. It’s not my looks; it’s the whole package (my character). I instantly knew she wasn’t American or been here long. Why? Because she wasn’t socially distorted like the other women were. She is a woman who would be a prize for the long-term (provided she doesn’t stay here too long and get more socially corrupted). So she dropped her jaw (like she should have) when she saw me in a strong physio-

logical response. This tells me that she is quite natural because she is sensing my pure energy and closer to my soul whereas the other women can’t anymore. That’s why it takes longer with these Westernized women to develop a�raction; social distortion and influence has been interfering from their own natural process of a�racting men.

Chapter 37 How to Differentiate Inner Character
The audio and video training on this is excellent but let’s take a look here. ‘Inner Character’ in women.. This is basically her state of mind, personality, interests and taste in clothing or style. Keep in mind that the more developed she is, the less likely she may end up in a real relationship with you because you don’t want to deal with daily drama (that’s up to you). It’s easy to pick out these Independent women. These aren’t the ones who are out their being pop tarts and flaunting their sexuality. These are the more discreet ones who many would think have ‘everything’ a guy could want. They’re smart, beautiful, educated and know what they want.

The best way to start is by picking the stereotypical examples so you are aware of this ‘character’ and then take it from there. Think of really independent women. Their primary energy is their inner character. It has been allowed to develop within the social matrix so that now these women rival men in many areas including intellect and productivity. It’s important for you to understand that independent women who aren’t flaunting themselves like prickteases but still dress well, are dominant in Inner character. If she takes control, is bossy, states her mind, is demanding you will definitely know she has this inner character. She doesn’t even have to be like that. Eva Mendes in Hitch is the perfect example. Cosmopolitan magazine is the Bible of Independent women or Prada’s. They are smart, cultured, career-oriented and can take care of themselves. But you must know where you stand in relation to this or you will forever be stuck in a loop of fateful, powerless mistakes.

This ‘Inner’ character CAN be differentiated and therein lies your hope and power. Just like you have characteristic a�ributes that define who you are and how you think; so do women. However, no ma�er the level of development she has had (and represents in front of you), she was still a byproduct of her social environment in the first place which ALLOWED HER to ‘develop’ as such. She would probably never acknowledge the truth in that she could ever ‘be’ anyone else than who she is (and you may not either); that is dead wrong. Causality and butterfly effect is at the root of everything; about ALL nurture and development. If Oprah didn’t grow up in a culture where there were these levels of opportunities, she wouldn’t be who she is today. If she was born in Indonesia for example, she just wouldn’t have eventually grown to be who she is. That’s just one representative example. It’s important to discern this characteristic that makes a woman ‘unique’ but to know that when it comes to seduction, it’s o�en ge�ing in her OWN way of sexual (natural) fulfillment. Her inner and logical character will dictate what she wants (sociologically) but it’s her NATURAL character that is the true response.

So don’t over-rate her intellect or ever place her above you; you deserve beauty in your life and must always remain the stimulus. Let them respond and be a�racted to you. Finding and differentiating her inner character (if it’s not OBVIOUS already) is best done during the rapport phase where you just find out a li�le about her to overcome basic niceties before ge�ing to sex (in most cases). You’ll find that if you’re in an actual dating relationship with one of these women that they will inherently make a lot of the decisions about what the both of you are going to do. I dated two women like this who I kind of just sat back and lowered my character so that they could ‘be independent’. That was years ago. Don’t ever fall second-rate for her sake too. Unfortunately it may mean HAVING to put these women in their place because society took them away from their natural roots. If you don’t, they WILL lose a�raction for you. You don’t want to become the ‘manny’ of the house do you with your glorious wife leading the family to fulfill her social ideals, do you? Think about it and think about all of the ‘added value’ that you’ve given these women so far. You haven’t seen the other side of them and many who have KEEP falling for the same trap by ge�ing into new relationships with Prada’s. When dealing with an Inner driven women, she has to feel she knows you a li�le bit so respect her qualities but do NOT over-rate them or be in fascinated awe of ‘what a catch’ she is.

If you find her so fascinating and are blinded by her level of intellect, etc. you risk putting her as the stimulus and even at 51% of the power and favor in the relationship and she’ll still lose interest in you. You can remain for the most part an enigma or mystery but find out a li�le bit about her on your follow-up date. Find out what she represents, what her interests and tastes are. And just know that she is different from you and she can never change your knowledge of what you already know and love even if she disacknowledges it. Distinguish the inner character (personality, opinions, viewpoints, goals, level of intellectual development, etc.) in every woman you encounter but know your relationship

to it and you’ll be fine. Prickteases have a lower inner character (sorry girls) than Prada’s do. I would say almost the entire seduction industry is focused on bedding prickteases (social character women). There is very li�le out there on the Cosmo type Prada’s that have more to offer (until here). Even so, it’s up to you to KNOW these characteristics and your relationship to them. No ma�er how ‘developed’ a woman is, she is still ‘real’. She has an internal character that is truly feminine and non-threatening (believe it or not). You can appreciate a woman’s level of development TRULY but only a�er you reach a level of cognition and grounding such as through Alpha R.D...otherwise you would continue to skew it out of relational proportion and ‘never get any’ except for a rare fools mate.

Chapter 38 How to Differentiate Natural Energy
In the women that you have been programmed to respond to and lust a�er, it’s going to be difficult to find their natural energy/character because it’s been covered up so well. One thing you can do is visualize an essence of purity and responsiveness in the shape of a red glowing ball of energy near her heart.

Now imagine that it’s been covered up with layers of ice that protect it very well. It’s a special ice that can only melt as a response to men who can get to it, those who can see through her protective/developed outer persona. Just know that it does exist and it is there. She has desires and dreams to and it will rarely happen by her continuing to play the social games she does. Yes, the social matrix has influenced women to have many new opportunities but has all but taken away the most important one; romance, love, and lust fulfillment. Now, the icy and developed woman usually a�racts jerks because all of the other men are drop in character when they see her and thus ‘respond’ to her. The jerk deals with the natural energy within her or by default doesn’t care and is acting so ‘alpha’ that she her energy finds it’s way out of the cold exteriors. If most ‘nice guys’ and healthy catches could be grounded in the fact that their natural character was born to trigger HER response to them, they would be fine. You have been dealing with her Inner and Social development and that is your demise. Aphrodite’s especially are a cold case. You’re one way in is their ‘weak’ spot; their natural, pure and innocent core that is deep

within them. If you ‘play’ the game any other way than natural you’re delaying effectiveness and she’ll likely lose interest anyways or not view you as an a�raction. Note: this ‘weak’ spot is not to be abused or taken advantage of...keep everything win/ win and you’ll be fine. I only say ‘weak’ because a woman’s exercise of it in reality is weak in comparison to her habitual inner and social behavior. Fantasizing with a vibrator is just creating a more separate ideal instead of a real one. Look; REAL FEMININE ENERGY IS NOT THREATENING.

When you experience real feminine energy - her true, innocent and humble natural’re not overwhelmed by the prospect of sex with her. Around natural women, you actually feel somewhat complacent at times about the idea of sex and they want to give it to you more to hold onto you. It’s this natural energy and spirit which are lasting. She will ensure sex with you to keep you around. This true natural character is o�en the OPPOSITE of her social character, so know that and deal with it. If her true sexual energy was threatening to men, she herself would be risking the chance of her seed dying out with no procreation.

I want to show you a perfect example of true feminine natural energy here AND she’s an entertainer:

h�p:// Check out those video clips and start to feel how real and pure she is. Other women should be envious of her purity. She’s half thai and half belgian. She’s not the pre�iest girl in the world but her natural character almost blinds you to it. She hasn’t sold out her social character at all like any of these other women you have probably edified daily have. You can only get a sampling here (remember ‘extrapolation’) so I recommend you order those video cd’s from if you don’t have my bonus package. What is happening to a large extent today with many women is that they have lost touch with their pure and natural character because of the new social reality; which has crusted more programming on top of it. Birth rates HAVE dropped too in these countries yet continue onward in more natural countries (ie. throughout Africa). In essence, this ‘icy’ and unnatural behavior is ‘scaring off’ men because they o�en want nothing other than a quick lay with them. Naturally men were more the threatening ones in the sense of being able to protect and provide for his mate. Social influence is the causal root of jeopardizing their own repression and potentiality of procreation. This conditioned disillusioning of making you think that you’re ‘lucky’ to ‘get some’ is’s all a social device. YOU’RE the one with the power. Put more focus and visualization onto the end result and state where you take this porn style ‘social’ character and tame it with her non-threatening, innocent response. Yes, this part of her is vulnerable and that’s why she has to trust you (to be a man). Respect that part of her ALWAYS when you can differentiate it.

So if you want to succeed with the women who are socially edified, apply R.D. and know your relationship to each of her energies. Practically, her natural energy is (for example) when she is kissed and slips into a different state of mind; her social programming will fade away. You may not be able to see it with a lot of these women because they aren’t pure and innocent in natural energy all of the time but just know that you can bring it out of them by remaining a man of high character. Ultimately you want to take a woman to her pure natural state of being during seduction and sex. You’ll be able to tame the wildest of women when you deal with her natural character. This is your power and by harnessing your natural energy/character you’ll be able to deliver. To help bring it out of her you absolutely must isolate her at some point where she is out of the influence of social environments. Remember that she will be a response to those environments which o�en put her as a stimulus. Get her alone as soon as possible and away from her friends (respectfully) or meet up with her somewhere where the environment is neutralized so she can fully focus on you and your character/energy without the B.S. of playing her social game. Then you’ll start to see her for who she really is and o�en she’ll become nervous be-

cause she doesn’t have the crutch of high social status and you’re a comfortable man so there is no choice but to trust in you. Being aware that she does INDEED have a natural character by default (biologically) is proof enough; it’s all you have to know. Just operate with her on that level by not overedifying her other characteristics because you will rarely get to sex otherwise.

A lot of the social ‘alpha’ women are quire insecure but you are the ROCK. Be her escape and tap into her natural character. That’s what she will respond to and open up to for sex itself once you can get past her socially derived ‘front’. Seek the natural character out and put aside everything else because you know your relationship to it. Now you can flirt and tease fearlessly and you’ll start bringing her natural character and real smile out of her instead of the prickteasing one. Neutralize the environment and the magic will start to happen. KNOW THIS: (Again) ALL women have a natural character and feminine energy to them. Just the same as you were born with a natural masculine character. Everything else is primarily a product of ‘nurture’ or their social and environmental influences (and we know where THAT stems from). Remember she would be a different social creatures if she grew up in another culture; she’d probably be more in touch with

her own femininity and responsiveness. And being a man who is high in natural character, you’ll find that you know what to do (esp. because she’s helping you now when in natural character) but the objective is to get her to your place within 2 dates (a whole different topic). When you have sex with a woman you will see a whole different side of her, so why not just play the game naturally in the first place by only dealing with her natural character and disacknowledging her social status/games?!

Ground yourself in masculine and feminine natural energy so that you understand it, bring it into focus and can isolate it from the inner and social character of any woman and you will be a modern day Casanova. Go through the video exercises to be�er understand how to differentiate her natural character. And ground yourself in natural energy from the sources I give you and you’ll be able to have a level of intuition that is acutely aware and can find it within people and women. Then you can cherish it, bring it out of her (naturally, teasingly and playfully) and she’ll be seduced by you.

Chapter 39 How to Differentiate Social Character
This is an expansion upon what we already talked about on this This one is quite easy to differentiate and you can pinpoint it immediately in so many women, yet it is the one thing that holds the power of being a stimulus that men continue to respond to. Master differentiating this and it will open up your sex life. You should almost get bored with the social character of women. A�er all, it’s just this one GREAT BIG FRONT, that is covering up her true character. It’s easiest to just go straight to the pop tarts who epitomize ‘social’ character. You can learn the most by studying the most pure source of this characteristic. Log onto and browse; just browse. Your power once again (as always) is in knowing and believing your relationship to that. Social character can be differentiated just like inner and natural character can be. If they can be differentiated then they are independent in that right and you can henceforth clarify your relationship to the root of that element. Instead of over-rating and continuing to edify or ‘add value’ to a woman’s social character, you’ll realize that the entire representation of it is a byproduct of the social matrix itself. The system designed to make billions of dollars by having men ‘respond’ to the exploitation of her sexuality. This is all social development and doesn’t exist in nature. If she looks all sexed up and is a pricktease or flaunting herself, it’s too easy to differentiate it.

That’s her social character and it’s nearly impenetrable to men who remain the drooling response to her.

You know that you are the stimulus in a�raction (I’m talking the a�raction/mating process that actually LEADS to sex) and there is no other way; and that’s your million dollar ticket. Understand your relationship to her social character is one in which you don’t fall into the social matrix’ game anymore, you have natural power over her in that you know how to have the hidden natural part of her respond. Think of it as a gi� that you can give to women, having them get in touch with their natural character. They’ll drop the social act and ‘respond’..this is what they really want (and they sometimes hate that they have to follow this social influence and peer pressure). The video’s will really help you ‘get’ this part because this is the major link to your success and also why other guys won’t succeed; differentiating her social character. Remember that her social character (tight clothes, make-up, lipstick, a�itude, dyed hair and enhanced breasts) is rooted in social influence which is the opposite of nature and she has become an unknowing pawn or player in the great social game of sexploitation for the profit of the people at the top.

She would be a different person entirely if she grew up in a culture which didn’t make it ‘ok’ to exploit a woman’s sexuality. Root yourself in natural character and deal with her on that level or you won’t stand a chance because by default all men are the response to these women unless he is rare enough to deal with her on the natural level. This is your key to massive success dude so differentiate her social character immediately and go through the (video) cognition, differentiation and exercise so that you’re rooted in it and you’ll become not only a lot more comfortable in your own skin, you’ll actually be able to handle these women and seduce them.

So, once you are aware of those energies and can consistently pick them out and are grounded in your relationship to them (applies across all women), then you will be able to just remain your true independent self around women ( you were supposed to). Remember that our grandparents were natural in character/energy and didn’t have to deal with the powerful forces of social influence as we have now. The reason so many guys fail all the time (even great catches) is because they’re not being themselves anymore right when they meet the woman; they’re dropping in character even if they were a great guy and they’ve placed her as the stimulus through their

own body language and words. This is the pure roots we’re talking about yet fortunately it actually does cover ‘what to do’. Once you change on the inside and are able to NOT drop in character in response to that superhot girl standing across the room (because you understand your independence and your relationship to her 3 energies), you’ll have ‘control’ over yourself. You’ll be light years ahead of the competition even above much be�er looking guys. You’ll also be ahead of guys studying just about any other dating program out there as well. Think of it as a simple stimulus-response relationship because that’s what it is. No ma�er a woman’s social conditioning and the behavioral reality (including her actual social status position), if you put her above you or as the stimulus in the relationship through your physiological or verbal behavior, she will lose interest or let nothing happen from the get go. Your key to fearlessness is understanding your relationship to the 3 feminine energies and that is all. Your power (which is much much greater than your own Inner and Social character) lies in your natural character; it overrides all of her 3 character/energies. In women, the 3 energies and characteristics CAN be differentiated. In the video training, I further teach you to see and sense the female characteristics or energies and I ground you in your relationship to them. If you weren’t aware of them, then by default you would likely continue to be the programmed ‘response’ to the stimulus of the ‘added value’ that society has placed with great leverage on these women that fall in line to promote their interests (profit). Ironically, it’s not what women want because the whole system is destroying relationships with great people. It’s up to you to operate independently of that B.S. because you know the truth and you’ll use it to give these women what they really want; unforge�able experiences with a man of high character. I can’t say it enough: Differentiate and understand her energies and your relationship to them, ground yourself in it (and your natural energy) and you will be able to handle or seduce the most beautiful women in the world including diva’s, actresses or models given the undistorted opportunity. If you find yourself slipping into the old conditioned ‘response’, remember that you

are the stimulus. Re-center your energy by being aware of it and remembering your natural roots and then sense her energies and remember your relationship to them at that you are the one with power and without power you wouldn’t have a real chance with her. Do whatever it takes to be able to differentiate the energies/characteristics of women and understanding your relationship to them. It may be the most priceless thing you have ever done because it will put you on a level of being able to handle and seduce them with ease (once you meet them in a conducive environment). You are the same high character man, before, during and a�er you meet ANY hot women. Remember also that women are the ‘response’ so they’ll more easily adapt to their social environment. As a man it’s up to you to HANDLE IT. Thank God you’re here because you’re one of the few men with the guts and impetus to take care of things. You don’t put on your ‘game face’ because you are content; you already know and understand your relationship to all women and their three different response characteristics so nothing can throw you off. And you’ll easily be able to put them into their place if they give you drama by le�ing them know that you don’t accept it or flaky behavior. Because of your power and because you have become what women want, you’re not afraid to dump girls for their behavior if it isn’t adding value to your life. It’s up to you to lead as a man and when you are close to NIS alpha you can rest easier anyways because you can always start new relationships very fast because you have the characteristics that women want. They’re literally lined up to meet a guy like you. It’s up to you to KNOW your relationship to their energies once again because if you don’t you will start ge�ing bu�erflies in your stomach and your knees will get weak at just how hot she is. The answers all lie within Relational Dynamics; your relationship to her 3 characteristic energies and representation. Even the new ‘Miss World’ from Czech Republic looks like the popular American ‘social matrix’ standard Bad boys, outcasts and jerks intuitively know their relationship to her characteristics in that they don’t give a damn..they’re going to be their independent selves no ma�er what. For the rest of us (who were massively under the influence of the forced reality), differentiating the feminine energies is how we can re-gain our true Alpha behavior to give

women what they really want (a real man who remains the stimulus of a�raction) and without being a jerk. Use the audio and video training to really let this SINK IN and ‘see it’ for yourself to change your reality by being grounded in relational truth.

Chapter 40 Tri-Characteristic Differentiation & Grounding
The video training is very important but I wanted to have this in writing a bit as well. When you see a woman’s body that is naked in a photo teasing you or whatever. The first thing I want you to do is cover up her face and JUST see her body. I want this to soak in (don’t mind do ya?) and a�er a while you’ll be able to defocus her face despite whatever pricktease look she’s giving. She’s exploiting her body for you to look, so enjoy the look but learn to actualize your relationship to her and then everything will be like a candyland. A�er all, ALL of these women are biologically female (I hope!) and you’re biologically MALE. You know that you can stick your dick in them so just look at it on the natural level. Why not deserve some of the best? There are no limits and when you believe that you DO deserve the best, you’ll broaden your horizons and be congruent around those women (when fully applying R.D.). Denying that they are beautiful or sexy is a dangerous, just understand your RELATIONSHIP to it and their power. Now to help differentiate her natural character I want you to just note her feminine features. Her hips, her breasts, her pussy area. Now think of these purely as reproductive tools. Now, think about yourself. Note your absence of any of these features (I hope!). You may even want to check in your pants just to get the point across. Now you can say it however you want (as long as no one else is around): “I have a dick. You have a pussy.” or “I am a man. You are a woman.” “You cannot ever have kids without a man (me).” or “You can’t procreate without me” “Those things that I made fun of in grade school (your breasts) are nothing to be afraid of anymore at all either..”

“Once we can get past the logic (and B.S.) in your head, the things I’m going to do to your body for your benefit..” “I’m be�er than your vibrator because I’m a real man and you know that’s what you want the most; the real thing and I’ve got it” “My dick goes there, even there!” “You are pregnant for 9 months and have to go through labor while I keep going about my business.” “What on earth am I afraid of? Is it your body? No. In fact, I’m never afraid once I start kissing and making out because it’s a natural process. I love your body and respect it..I want to please you. I know that if I was afraid of your body there is no way you’d let me that close anyways.” “You are not ‘above’ me because you are woman, in fact in the natural order I am above you.” What this is clearly doing (which will sink in more through time) is helping you to realize your relationship to her natural character (or body) and your natural character focusing on your pure sexual differences and reproductive abilities. This may seem redundantly obvious to you but it’s an important part of truly becoming fearlessly congruent so uphold the integrity of this exercise and learn to look at a woman’s body and understand your different relationship to it. Get this: The Natural (and fearless) act of SEX is called; SEX. It’s about stimulus-response, anticipation and synergy between a man and a woman. Everyone can ‘do it’ even without any teaching necessary (Return to Blue Lagoon) because it is the pure essence of life itself. All you have to do to get a woman to sex is raise her F.A.R.M. (it’s in the charts) to the point where she HAS TO have you (her natural biology THANK GOODNESS overrides her socially influenced logic). As a natural you ARE fearless because you wouldn’t be having sex if you had fear. In the past it’s melted away during an inconsistent history as you fell into your natural character and she fell into her elevated natural ‘response’ (overtaking logic). The only thing you have to fear is not finishing this ebook and missing out on your true power! But what you have feared in the past is the exploitation of a woman’s sexuality which is all SOCIAL. Nowhere else in nature is it (or can it) be exploited like

humans can do. Keep things simple; you and with the power game upfront by applying Alpha R.D. and knowing your relationship to her characteristics so you can be equal and mono-a-mono.

The actions you take from here on out (based on your thoughts) will determine your future habits and will change and influence your entire lifestyle and destiny. Do not underestimate the power of a positive step in the right direction. Your success and ability to have success with women (when you choose) should compound once you get all of your areas handled (R.D.). Now, compare women you’re intimidated by vs. women you’re not. Let’s go with different cultures and more natural vs. matrix 8’s vs. 10’s 9’s vs. 10’s Since her natural character is the only place and time that SEX ITSELF happens (not

the prickteasing which you MUST be able to differentiate), you can visualize escalating her natural character by playing with her pussy (always works)...YOU have the power here. You have the power to give her an uncontrollable, undeniable ethereal psycho-sexual, physiological experience (esp. as NIS alpha). YOU have the power. All these women who are exploiting their sexuality for higher social status and a�ention/’power’ will RESPOND to the few men that can see beyond it and deal with their actual sexual/natural nature and not it’s economic version (you’re a powerless or confused wimp if you don’t see through it). If you deal with her where she has the power socially (even though you don’t buy into it), it will still be a struggle and challenge. You have to deal with her on the NATURAL level; this is where YOU have the power and ability to make her respond and melt away all of the pretentious B.S. of her social persona and it’s overt sexploitation. Differentiate and realize your power and you will be THE MAN (and without being a jerk). I should have charged more for this!

You HAVE the power naturally as a man over her. She may seem to socially if you continue to buy into it but you’ll be able to see right through it all FOR HER BENEFIT.

Someone give me a Pulitzer already or something. Why would you be afraid of any woman’s body or intimidated by it? Get this straight now. Covering their faces up, if you’re still afraid of a woman’s body and don’t understand your relationship to it, keep working on it now. DON’T go back to studying pick up lines for goodness sake. This is everything that ma�ers right all stems from your natural character or everything else is a waste of time. What is it exactly that’s thrown you off before? We have to isolate that. More than likely it’s been her social development (personality, a�itude) or her socio-sexual exploitation or her social status itself. It’s NOT been her body. Dude, this is EVERYTHING right here. Get this and the information will be wouldn’t be able to sell it to anyone. Note the similarities between all of these women; it’s the fact that they are women. All of their ‘differences’ as far as personality, a�itude, intimidation, or social status/power is just added on top of her pure biological nature. Sure some women may be ‘naturally’ sexier (of higher caliber and desired for procreation) than others but even that is nothing to be afraid of. It’s your logic that spurred increased emotion and ‘added value’ to blow it ALL out of proportion. I mean, don’t you want to ‘mate’ with the best? Then you’d be�er realize that you fully deserve that part of a woman’s pure natural being. You want to get to know a woman for her roots; NOT her social level of distortion or response. It’s natural character to value and prize the most in a woman followed by independent (her personality) with social the least important. What do most guys do who are still stuck in the (influence of) the social matrix? They ABSOLUTELY hands down value a woman’s social status and exploitation over her natural and inner character. They are pawns in the big social game and it’s not even what women want! It’s all a complete objectification anyways. And when they find a woman who is a superstar ‘personality’ or strong inner character, they are still thrown off because they don’t understand their relation to that. A man must know where he stands and his relationship to all of it if he ever hopes to realistically be able to ‘handle’ any level of woman.

Let me restate this one as well; I value women first and foremost for their natural character. That’s what I’m looking for (for long-term hands down). Other guys have it backwards and that’s why they’re so screwed up; they’re valuing her illusional ‘social’ character. I reward women who respond to me naturally (because I am now NIS alpha) and that’s what they are supposed to do but I make it worth their while and will let them know in some way. I know that there is that natural and true feminine character within all of these women and the art of seduction is reaching through to that. It’s easier when you know it’s there in the first place and you can see through to that part of them (even when they don’t ‘respond’ upfront). Grounding yourself in the tri-characteristic reality is so important. No ma�er how exploited or developed their Inner or Social character is, it’s the Natural character that ma�ers.

For short-term physical relationships, once you are grounded in your relationship (after differentiating the 3 characteristics), then you KNOW that what really ma�ers (and

the path to sex) is her natural character. When you really apply the video training (and audio) you will be able to be playful and seductive around the strongest of women without ever being thrown off. You can start teasing them playfully like a disaffected 007. And you have the character to back it up because you’re grounded in your relationship to anything she could represent. The video training will really help to get you cognitive and then grounded in differentiating these female characteristics. You’ll know your true relationship to them so you won’t be thrown off and then can operate with any woman on earth without having her sway your energy. SO...when you ‘know’ your relationship to her and the 3 behavioral characteristics she represents, you’ll be able to be comfortable in your own skin and retaining of your energy. A�er going through the training enough and differentiating around women ‘live’, you’ll be able to get to the point like me where you fully ‘know’ your relationship to all three of characteristics. The tri-characteristic differentiation is just meant as training wheels to get you to that congruent cognition in behavior. Then you’ll be able to connect with women at anytime because there is no more fear; it’s up to you! And I do encourage ge�ing around women during the training as you progress to see the differences. Guys email me all the time saying how they’re changing and that’s just from the email list. It’s important to approach but now, when you do it will count a LOT more. That’s other training from that point but really, this is everything that ma�ers the most and when you ‘become’ that you’ll see that you can finally just be normal (which is hopefully intriguing, enlightening and seductive) to women! Hoo-rah Master Chief.

Chapter 41 Fearlessness Around Beauty
Remember that these socially edified women indeed ARE the prize socially (unless you’re a rich Hollywood actor). So if you play the game socially accepting her status and power no wonder you keep ge�ing shot down! They’re only socio-Logically looking for men who are at their social status or higher. And most men just aren’t because any woman can turn herself into a fembot pornstar clone now and get the social status or a�ention that is promoted by the forced reality. In all actuality of course she isn’t ‘above you’ but so many guys continue to treat her like she is because they were conditioned to. This is all the great social scam that is going on and the people involved don’t even know they’re involved because they haven’t differentiated themselves from it. Fortunately you are with Relational Dynamics here. So if you just don’t have the good looks, money and social status right now then what do you have? A�er all you have to bring something of value to the table. The one thing you have (and about the only thing that ma�ers) is your natural character. Nature choosing you to be a male puts you by default at the TOP of the food chain. Throughout history man has been understood and accepted at the top of the food chain and at the head of the family. The leader of relationships, the provider and protector. And when it comes to a�raction, it’s your natural character that reaches to the natural response part of a woman that causes HER to feel all kinds of things you can’t imagine (well actually you can because of the fantasy world society helped you create). For women though, a�raction and sex is best and at it’s most pure with a man of high natural character (the alpha male). It’s the equivalent of you sleeping with a superhot woman. You just have to understand and grow in your natural character to ‘be’ that man and

you’ll find that women will start responding to you more. They’ll notice you more because you’re comfortable in your own skin and not thrown off around them anymore. Very few men who are high in inner and social character as well have this high natural character (NIS alpha). These are the few men that the most beautiful women in the world wouldn’t want to let go of once they were with him lest lose him to another (beautiful) woman. With Relational Dynamics and the rest of my training programs as long as you apply yourself, you can become NIS Alpha. It’s not about trick techniques, it’s about REAL character that is like a narcotic when women respond to it. That is the value you have to offer them. That is why they would want to sleep with you even if you’re not the best looking guy. It’s all about how they ‘feel’ when they are around your character. Don’t trust society. Society has misled and taught you the opposite of what actually works. Be very wary of it now especially with your cogniton of it. You were BORN to be the stimulus for women to respond to in a�raction. Society has just repressed this within you by flipping the power dynamics around to make a LOT of money. So just take your power back, apply R.D. to her three energies (until it becomes a habitual state of mind) and you will be fearless around the most beautiful women. You have to stop ‘responding’ to the exploitative social character of a woman. That alone will leap up your results and level of response that women have around you. If you still have some bu�erflies, you’re not fully there yet so keep working on it. If you want to be fearless around the most beautiful women there is only one true fix. Apply Alpha Relational Dynamics and ‘be’ high in character. Be solid in your own independence and know your relationship to her three energies/characteristics. Then you will be able to communicate with her without dropping in character. This is done effectively in the video training portion. You will be able to be a man she can now respond to. Remember that most men are conditioned to be ‘thrown off’ or nervous around this energy because they’ve edified it so much. Looking at the root influence (the social matrix) you can relieve the burden placed on your ‘inner game’.

Remember that these women can smell any B.S. or incongruency in you which means your ‘inner game’ has to be ROCK-SOLID and unshakable. In fact it HAS to be in order for her to have room to finally ‘respond’ to a man. This solid congruency can effectively be reached through R.D. and realignment. She is so used to being the stimulus (which society told her to be because she’s pre�y) that she wants to be able to finally trust a man so that she can respond to herself. It’s hard for her to find that man who won’t abuse her. All the other men will see her beauty and their own character will drop from wherever it was; they have become the response to her being the stimulus so she won’t give them a chance. Man must be the stimulus for her to respond to in the game of a�raction and sex (unless you want to be an Aphrodite’s secondhand husband). There are processes that she goes through and has to go through in order to reach orgasm or sleep with a man. Those processes are blocked for any man that puts her as the stimulus and physiologically ‘responds’ to her. You don’t have to deny that she’s beautiful (that can be a dangerous fix). No, just understand your RELATIONSHIP to her beauty, her body, her biological nature and her social power. Ground yourself in natural energy both masculine and feminine so that you exude it and can pick it up fast. See through her leveraged power ratio itself by just knowing your relationship to it; it DOESN’T fact, you have to take away that social character and ‘convert her’ over to being in touch with her true natural character - that is seduction and the path to all sex (unless you’re in a porn contract). KNOWING YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO HER 3 CHARACTERISTICS AND BEING GROUNDED IN THEM WILL MAKE YOU FEARLESS AND COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN. Things naturally are NOT that complicated. Even bu�-munches have procreated throughout history yet now we have 40 year old virgins because of one thing; social influence has go�en in the way of our natural character (in both men and women). So to have success with women you must deal with the natural/responsive part of them by first understanding your relationship to her and her social powers. Go through the video training to learn how to differentiate this characteristic.

It’s truly priceless when you can ‘see beyond’ her wielded leverage b/c you’ll be at least equal in power by not giving any sign of ‘bowing’ before her as the stimulus in your nonverbal behavior. Once you ‘get it’ with relational dynamics you will acquire fearlessness, centered energy, personal authority and then women will start responding to you more o�en everywhere you go. In fact, you will closer to sex at ALL times. Isn’t that worth the price you paid right there? In dealing with the natural character (the most important for when it comes to a�raction and sex), other experts were vague on how to tap into that potential. Most of the training out there is on the social end of things, whereas Relational Dynamics is all about raising you to BE higher in natural character. Fortunately (if you’re a man), you are in the right place now to have the greatest leverage in your favor. My own level of knowledge and awareness allowed my natural character to grow and FAST. My entire body language changed, I stopped ‘responding’ to beautiful women and was peaceful and content around them. All the pick-up lines in the world may not help you, so this formerly ‘vague’ area of what women are ultimately a�racted to has finally been isolated. It’s your natural character and you can differentiate that between your inner/independent and your social characters. My Overcoming Fear of Aphrodite’s program goes into a lot of detail in leveraging and grounding you in fearlessness. So; apply Alpha Relational Dynamics by knowing your relationship (a�er cognition of each of them) to her 3 root behavioral characteristics. You will be lacking in any insecurity around any woman or person alone (like I am) when you apply the Relational Mapping technique of embracing and accepting your PURE independence. Your ‘ability’ to be fearless around even the most beautiful and powerful women in the world will put the advantage in your favor right upfront where there is that power struggle you must conquer. Few men in the world truly ‘are’ at that level. You can out-perform multi-millionaires by REPRESENTING perfect comfort and leveraged value (your natural character ALWAYS overrules a woman b/c of the S-R relationship) around these honeys. SO GET OUT THERE ALREADY (ok, a�er you’ve gone through the program at least once!)

Chapter 42 Dealing with Matrix Women
So you want me to tell you how to succeed with these women? Well, first you have to differentiate yourself like NEO and understand your relationship to all of the basic forces of influence including her 3 characteristics (NIS). But when you really get this, you might think that some of these women are more screwed up than you ever thought. You’ll realize how over-rated they are (even the Prada’s in holding long-term relationships) and you’ll start to desire more natural women themselves. Once you get to this level you will be fearless around these types of women and realize that you can have them because of your level of natural character. Applying Alpha R.D. and becoming a man of higher character, you’ll find it easier and easier to just ‘be’ yourself and connect with women. You’ll be ‘closing’ more o�en than ever before because you’ll at least be on her power level to start with so she can open up to you. Being fearless will allow you to make connections and do all the things you thought of doing without consequence (as long as it’s in good fun). Of course I’ll have more training on connecting with women and the ‘social’ end of things but really, once you have ‘this part’ handled, the rest will much more easily take care of itself. The thing is, the prickteases are so socially oriented that they’ll judge any man on his social status or subculture FIRST. And if you’re trying to become a certain social stereotype to succeed with these women, then who is being the ‘response’? You are. You’ll realize there are more important things than going out of your way to capture these women. And once you know them and how they are around their friends you’ll realize they’re not desirable that much at all; you’ll see how superficial they are and that you have higher standards. You’ll also realize that you couldn’t fathom LIVING with a woman like this. So you just want to screw a lot of them? Well, that’s understandable because they fell into the program of being prickteases who accentuate and flaunt their own sexuality.

To succeed with them when you aren’t yet the social alpha within their native environment (nightclubs), it’s not going to be easy. Why? Because it’s a social situation and if you’re not the guy who fits within their social clique’s expectation, you’re instantly cast as undesirable. Then you have to DHV and set yourself up for rejection. So it would be up to you to get your natural character across and not care about the outcome. Even be�er would be to meet one of these women when she isn’t in the immediate influence of her peer group of girlfriends. Yes the Prickteases o�en act like bitches. The solution isn’t necessarily to treat them like a bitch. Isolate her and always deal with her on the natural level which also shows her you’re not afraid of her social status because you don’t play their game anymore, you play your game. WALK away or reject her if she crosses the line. You can learn to use pick-up lines while taking the social path but she’s already ‘above’ you by default anyways. Play the game socially and you’re just trying to play it logically by hopefully proving to her that you have higher value. The only guys who are successful at that ARE at (or near) her level socially and/or have some level of natural character anyways. What about rejection? I don’t deal with rejection or ‘feeling down on myself’ ANYMORE because I’ve differentiated myself to be a fully independent man. Nothing anyone says can lessen who I am (especially because I’m aligned with universal principles and objectively know the truth of if they’re right or wrong most of the time). I can talk more about this another time but you don’t have to experience any rejection. I don’t ‘run the numbers’ game of fools mate. I make connections o�en socially and by remaining high in character I take it from there. Start pg-13 and upgrade while she responds and I lead and we flirt more, etc. By framing it upfront and le�ing women know tidbits about the kind of lifestyle you lead, you prevent rejection. You beat them to the punch. There is also the direct-direct approach which polarizes the female reaction (yes or no) but I don’t currently do that although it is effective for some tops guys even, they still get rejection once in a while. I like to lay out my gameplan if I’m not sure where she stands and I can walk away at any time as there is abundance as well and I’ve become characteristically what many women want. If she’s doing her part of responding and following my lead which is what usually happens, then there is no rejection anyways since I have her hooked.

This is an advantage of being high in character; you know that they’re interested and they are taking actions that obviously show it. Relational Dynamics may be the only (known) way for real men to (re)gain the level of natural character that is associated with the bad boys and jerks that women fall for. You may think that universal or relational dynamics is my opinion and you have the right to disagree with it...go ahead. If you don’t align yourself with the truth of reality and relational dynamics, you’re the one who is being repressed. These are power’s that are greater than I could ever be, I’m just harnessing them and teaching them to you so that you can maybe align yourself with them as well. It’s time to start thinking about your influence on the future. If you’re going to grow tremendously in character to be able to handle and seduce the most beautiful women, your character must be real and true. You can’t act it. So in ge�ing there, you’re going to have to face not only the forces that have influenced but also some of your greatest fears in order to truly ‘go alpha’. It probably won’t happen overnight but stick to Relational Dynamics and an action plan and you’ll get there. The time it will take to get to a minimum level of equal power as these social women may happen overnight for some, for others it may take months (with cognition). This really is the fastest way I see possible though; you’re way ahead of the power curve. Now just work on your social character a bit and make connections. You’ll find that women respond to you much more readily than they did before because you know your place in relationship to all the external powers of influence. When you do approach you’ll find that what you say ‘counts more’. Plus, if you get into the action and then habit of ‘socializing’ and bantering with women, things will really start to accelerate in the meta-context; but of course you will be centered in your energy and bringing value to women which they will see (and social proof of being with other women always helps). Follow the 9 step plan. Make connections, showcase true colors and Git’r dun.

Chapter 43 Relational Model of A�raction
All I’m going to say here is that you should look at my A�raction Defined videos. If you ordered the full ‘Relational Dynamics’ package, it’s included. Ok, I’ll say a li�le bit more. A�raction IS logical. And it’s also fairly predictable. The Relational Model of A�raction is the special relationship that defines a�raction between men and women. You can’t have sex or get to sex without the woman’s approval or level of minimum response. All men and women can be plo�ed on the charts (even if they refuse to or don’t agree with it!) First is the male Character Continuum. This is what women are looking for and judging you on when they meet you. Generally, the higher in character you are in each area, the more options and choice you have of women.

Then there is the F.A.R.M. AKA the ‘Female A�raction Response Model’. This is the flipside of the Character Continuum because she responds differently to each man (his character).

The two of these together form the Relational Model of A�raction...>>

I’m not here to train you on that as it’s a separate training program (which you received with the full package), but it’s a very important ‘model’. It boils down to be the man of high character and get those characteristics across as soon as you can that are close to her/all expectational ideals. ‘Remember that the energies I am teaching you to differentiate are the characteristic in a woman’s F.A.R.M. They are the same as a man’s and we’ll be judging her on those.

These are what you should learn to differentiate if you want to truly be comfortable in your own skin around them. It will also give you a great level of intuition as well. You’ll be able to deal with women and seduce them much more by being aware of their energies/characteristics and edifying what is supposed to be edified (her natural and sometimes independent character). To succeed with women (in desiring sex) as a man you just have to raise a woman’s response to your character across all three areas; natural, inner and social. So the higher in character you are in the first place, the closer you are to her expectational/ideal of what she is looking for in a man. That’s why it’s so tough for men of low character and reeking of insecurity; they are further away from her expectational/ideal so she’s hardly interested in the first place (and not to mention they drop in that level of character to a level even lower). And then they try to find the magic pill of a solution to their growing fantasy for women. The only answer is being a man of higher character; everything else is just a lot of rejection and fool’s mate at best. High character is how you have consistent success; primarily high Natural character. The RMA is a stimulus-response relationship. This is a special kind of interdependency. While a couple can be interdependent and respect each other normally, the man must still maintain the special ‘stimulus’ aspect in the metaframe of the relationship or it will fail because she will lost a�raction and interest as a response to him. In other words, she must be a�racted to or magnetized to HIM. Most short-term relationship failures boil down to a violation of the RMA. She’ll lose interest and stop calling when his character drops and he puts her as the stimulus in the relationship (ie. on a pedastal), even if it’s 51% in her favor. When it comes to sex, all that ma�ers is a woman’s level of interest and a�raction in you (as a response to your character), because without it you’re not ge�ing anywhere. So apply Relational Dynamics, understand the charts and you’ll be that man of higher character and most of your work is done. You’ll be way ahead of those guys who take in-field workshops and keep trying and keep failing. Romance is the balanced and rising level of a�raction response in the woman’s F.A.R.M. to a certain man of character. Not only is her natural/physiological response there, but she is meeting her social/expectational ideal as well in response to this man

who does everything right (just by being himself in high character). ‘Love at first sight’ is just a woman responding to a man on first extrapolation who is already at her expectational/ideal across the entire F.A.R.M. spectrum. Her intuition backs it up that she is likely correct and when he proves that he is (and frames the relationship properly) she would likely be sleeping with him quite soon unless he sets the frame of a longer term relationship. Action Steps: Go over the ‘A�raction Defined’ videos until you really understand the RMA. Plot your own current level on the character continuum and then if you want, plot your c.c. if you know you’ve been ‘responding’ to women and see how far away from her expectational ideal you have been. Now take full accountability and apply the rest of this Training and exercises to become a man of higher character who doesn’t drop in response around the women you desire and you will be far ahead of even be�er looking guys who don’t get it. Looking at the big picture basics; ‘go alpha’ by continually becoming a man of higher character and BE the stimulus around women (don’t ‘respond’ physiologically). Then you can ‘say anything’ and be well ahead of your competition because you are what women want anyways. There’s millions more for you.

Chapter 44 Respect
A�er you officially do your leveraged power move through Relational Mapping of differentiating yourself from the social matrix, you’ll have a new outlook on life and how you live. You’ll be much more clear about the types of relationships you are in and what’s going on. Expect respect from others but also give it out. I have a general ‘base’ respect for all people and I won’t hinge upon their personal freedom because I expect the same myself. True interdependence and win/win relationships are first formed by having respect for the other party involved. Respect the independence of other’s. You don’t have to coerce them and don’t view them as ‘less than you’ either. I could talk a LOT about respect in R.D. with other areas of life such as business but let’s keep it tight here. In the case of success with women, you want to respect the natural and inner character of her and NOT her social exploitation if she is a pricktease. You respect that part of her you won’t stand a chance because you’ll come of as a wussbag. Instead, look for the ‘real’ her that is past the social exterior (o�en known as the bitch shield). Respect her for that but don’t let a woman ever push you around or disrespect you. When you know that you can rock a woman’s world in the bedroom by dealing with her responsive NATURAL character (which you can differentiate from her social character which you put in a lockbox where it belongs), it will further ground you in the strength of your factual reality. All you have to do is meet new women and develop enough history with them to justify them sleeping with you because they know that you can deliver the goods.

In fact, the only thing in the way is her social logic and sometimes social distortion but when she can see that you’re not dropping in character around her and that you’re not intimidated her natural character will know inside as a response that you can ‘take care of her’ in the bedroom. They call it ‘sex life’. Women will ask each other, “How’s your sex life?” The thing is, (the Prada’s) they treat it as a separate entity. Even if they’re in a relationship with a guy, the woman will quite o�en want to control if and when she has sex (because it’s her logical mind thinking). This isn’t the place to teach this now but when you’ve got several ‘physical only’ type relationships going, you can have women call you (booty call) when they ‘are’ ready. And then you can be like ‘come on over’ if you’re free that night. It’s important to respect the natural character of women. Respect her as a person but this doesn’t mean over-rating her fascinating inner character or hyped up social exploitation (tight clothes, makeup, a�itude and hairdo). Jerks seemingly take respect out of the equation but women come back for sex with them because their secret is that they are respecting her body and natural character during their many mating phases. Just because you’re a great catch doesn’t mean you have to become a jerk. R.D. is the solution for balanced men to have those levels of success. You can give a woman an even more memorable experience because of your high NIS character by respecting and adding value to her actual sexual (natural) character.

Thoughts - Actions - Habits - Destiny

Chapter 45 Personal Power Manifest: Differentiating Yourself from the Social Matrix
Once you are aware of the Social Matrix and the entire ‘game’ of what is going on, you will be able to ‘see’. You will have cognition instead of ignorance. It’s like the story of ‘The Ugly Duckling’. He grew up in a family and social group that mocked and criticized him because he ‘didn’t fit in’. This really bruised his character and he felt so WEAK and insecure. So, biologically (and naturally) he ended up blossoming into a beautiful grown Swan. HE WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE with the duckling society. Let alone be repressed and influenced by the ‘social’ norm or standard. He ended up being more magnificent than any of them once he got away from it and found others who were truly ‘like’ him. Biologically you ARE the swan and not the duckling (metaphorically). Your environment has conditioned you your whole life to believe that you’re an ugly duckling. It’s up to you to differentiate that and see that it was purely social conditioning. The social matrix is at the root of your repression. It has affected all areas of your own N.I.S. character representation. So, now that you ARE aware of the stimulus-response and conditioning relationship of the social matrix and it’s ‘programming’, you can make your power move. You can even think of it as an umbilical being a�ached to the power and influence of it. You are so connected to it even in ways that you weren’t aware of (remember it IS the root). It even includes the people you associated with in groups because that is ‘social’ and if they were in this culture, they they were a part of it as well, and ARE. If you’re ge�ing caught up in the li�le things, then you’re not fully free. You would know if you’re independent and I’d bet that you aren’t...even I wasn’t until I could

probably re-frame my relationship with it. So the goal here is to cut yourself off from any kind of relationship or dependency on the behemoth of the social matrix. Take one more look at how these relationships are playing out:

Your power move is really quite simple but it has to be real. I encourage you to officially do this for yourself when you are ready (and perhaps a�er going over the full training a few times). It is essentially just a ‘shi�’. Instead of just being the ignorant, unaware and usual ‘citizen’, you’re going to be fully independent and powerful. All you have to do is re-frame your relationship to everyone else (and everything that comes from) the social matrix as an equal exchange of value relationship. Make a partnership. This is is how you are SUPPOSED to operate. Only you can fully have this power and you DO. Just choose to only have win/win relationships or equal exchange of value with all

sources of influence. It’s really not that difficult, you just have to CUT the umbilical cord of feigned co-dependency. This is why I recommend to ‘Runaway’ for a while by turning off ALL influences and ge�ing ‘Environmental Control’. It’s important to be CONSCIOUS of this process until you can become unconsciously competent like me. Yes, you will have to work at applying N.E.O. This means being aware of the influential trajectories (and now you can see them by being further away) and consciously CHOOSING what sources you let in and what you don’t. It’s not that difficult. Just look at each of your relationships (like t.v. shows) and ask yourself who really has the power in that relationship. Remember that I talked about the ‘hidden and true’ relationships that exist? Well, there is ALWAYS a relationship. So take accountability and have conscious control right before or during any stream, channel, or program of influence that is coming at you to try and influence you. If I turn the radio on and a d.j. starts talking and I have to ‘listen’ by slipping into that mode; that is a stimulus-response relationship where I am the intended response. It is DISempowering if I’m not ge�ing any true value out of it. If you’re serious about your independence you will go through and reframe everything you can until you are in full control. This is about your independence and power. Do the t.v. method that I talk about. I ALWAYS make sure I’m in control and that it’s an interdependence. There IS a difference because the real relationship does exist and I encourage you to be cognitive. But, it’s so difficult you say? Then you’re not fully free. You have to disacknowledge and walk away from all of those influences. I don’t give a damn what your favorite show is; that’s where they want you - it’s NOT a dependency unless you make it so. Runaway until you can truly cut the umbilical cord and then officially reframe everything so it is ONLY an equal exchange of value (for your time). You’re going to hold integrity to yourself because watching 5 hours of t.v. a night because there is value in that entertainment doesn’t cut it. You should only be ‘referencing’ other sources and pu�ing them under YOUR power. If you’re having trouble, view things from the frame of a producer and someone in-

volved in the industry; an architect that ‘feeds’ the masses. But it all looks so advanced...well start thinking like a producer who works on a team with a budget, actors, top of the line cameras, a studio, and all the technical tools and advances with a programming slot and you’ll start to see it differently. You could walk into an Annie Leibovitz photo studio that is all prepped with the backdrop, celebrity actress, top of the line camera and lighting; all you’d have to do is pull the trigger. That’s not to say anything against professional photographers (I’ve taken 10,000’s of shots and I’m still ge�ing there); I’m just saying to bridge the gap and think like an architect or at least a high level power-player consumer who has his life under control. A man who is CLOSE to that much power and influence if he wants simply by differentiating himself FROM the influence so instead of being the ‘response’ and soaking things up like a sponge can spend his time creating/producing alone or on teams to add more value TO the social matrix or elsewhere. No man is an island so make sure that your bridges are under your control. Only operate independently in as many relationships as you can. Abolish all co-dependencies and other relationships of submission or ‘response’ and you will be like all powerful people. It’s imperative to have ‘environmental control’ even if you have to be ‘conscious’ and think about your relationship with others to always maintain win/win. I go into any place comfortable in my own skin expecting to be treated fully INDEPENDENTLY. I respect others (interdependence) and mostly I receive great transactional or be�er service and response. Don’t base weak self-esteem on your ‘inner game’ issues or anything like that. As a man and a human being on this earth, you ARE one and a living miracle. Different people just have different influences and environments growing up. There is no excuse to place it on any internal insecurity; remember that we are dealing with relational dynamics and the PURE ROOT of what influenced that causal behavior in the firstplace. Global re-alignment; this is more powerful than ANY amount of ‘inner game’ The rewards? You will have a LOT more power and everything will become much

clearer to you even in your daily life. You’ll stop other people from pushing you down because they are just in a type of relationship which you don’t accept in your life. People will respect you and you will get be�er service and response from women. You essentially ARE on the same level as any celebrity or woman on earth for the simple fact that you are independent in being and you only operate interdependently with others. Don’t let ANY excuse get in the way. I have this amount of personal power because this is how I operate. These universal principles are much greater and leveraged than any of us. Embrace your power. And remember... ONLY WIN/WIN OR TRANSACTIONAL INTERDEPENDENCE with others and other sources of power or influence. Doesn’t ma�er if they have higher social status than you; you still treat them as an equal and you’ll find yourself ‘rising’ up with them instead of playing the game on the ‘hierarchy’ where you admit lower status.

Differentiating yourself means you will have a LOT more power and you will be congruent with it because you’ve differentiated yourself from the ROOT (and continue maintenence with N.E.O.) source of your repression.

Look, it doesn’t ma�er HOW wussy or insecure you are. It ALL boils down to the social influences you acquired throughout your life. People and programming has just had a more powerful relationship to you than you had to it. Now you’re just re-framing it. This goes even moreso for the wussy guys; DO this and your entire life will turn around massively. You will become powerful when you relieve the burden by realizing that is all it was - a repressive burden in the first place. You just weren’t aware of your true independence and let others have influence ‘over’ you. Unfortunately they didn’t teach you at the beginning but look at our society have to grab it for yourself. Now that you know the truth, how could you go back? You’d be ADMITTING you’re a wuss and failure while seeing WHY right in front of your eyes. There is NO excuse now. Universal leverage is behind you so go ahead and make that power move and then maintain relational control with N.E.O. It will make a HUGE difference in being comfortable in your own skin and success with women. Remember that their ‘social character’ is also rooted in these environmental ‘powers’ and ‘reality’ that you grew up in, so just know your relationship to that; you’re win/win only and nothing phases you coming from there because you are equal or greater than the social matrix (and women) itself.

Chapter 46 N.E.O. (nano-elemental oversight):
This is essentially seeing, stopping and managing the bullets of influence in their influential trajectories. Before you were ignorant to the actual relationships that were truly going on; here you will be cognitive because you are perceptive of what they are and your relationship to them so you can manage them properly. N.E.O. I obviously draw from the Matrix trilogy but in this case it can represent: nanoelemental oversight. I think you might already know what that means. It means an awareness of all of the elements surrounding you (even broken down to the atoms though you don’t have to take it that far) and understanding your relation to them. With R.D. and N.E.O., you are essentially ‘overseeing’ and ‘cognitive’ of the elements and forces (of influence) around you. Now, granted you don’t have to understand things at a literal molecular level (that’s going to take me a few years probably even to see the ‘digits’), but it does ma�er. Obviously the scene from the Matrix towards the end when Neo finally sees the matrix and understands his relationship to it is one of the most important things about R.D.. In a way you can even use it to represent Relational Dynamics itself. You can get different things out of R.D. that will empower you in real life to see much more success but in a way, this is the central issue.

N.E.O. or being able to understand the elements involved and your relationship to them.

In the diagram above (which I go through in-depth in your video training), the red bullets represent (as influential trajectories) any stream of programming that is coming from the social matrix. This could be turning on the t.v. or radio, even being thrown off by a woman’s high social status. Applying N.E.O. simply means that a�er you differentiate yourself from the social matrix in your big leveraged power move (and reframed your relationship), all you have to do is be cognitive and aware of your relationship with the social matrix and everything that it is representing or trying to program/influence you with. You have a conscious power now to stop those influences from ever reaching you by only le�ing them in if they represent the win/win agreement and relationship that you have with the social matrix. When you were in the S-R relationship before, the social matrix was just plugging away the bullets of influence like Jesse Ventura’s gun in the Predator. It influenced you massively without your true power in relation to it.

So as long as you are independent, you’re far enough AWAY from the social matrix that you can finally know (or see) when the influential trajectories are coming at you. Now you have a choice to make and can stop them all from ever affecting you at the very start. Those that you do want to let in will only be if it adds value to your life but you ARE in control in the context of that relationship. Quid pro quo. No more disempowerment because in S-R you were the response and less powerful. By being conscious of what influences you’re accepting and what kind of relationship you have, you are much more powerful. You will be cognitive immediately when you know what kind of REAL relationship is going on For example, you’ll know that right when you turn on the t.v. or radio and you start ‘listening’ and get ‘sucked into it’ you have become the response. N.E.O. means having the global control over your types of relationships. It’s not that difficult but will take persistence for your re-framing perhaps. I have total control now over my relationship with other forces and influences. As a technique just consciously re-frame your relationship with t.v. through this program and also right before you turn it on to truly make sure that you are ge�ing equal value out of it for your time. You must uphold the integrity which means that you might only pick 1-3 shows to watch and strictly control that regimen including turning down the commercials. The metaframe relationships ARE o�en invisible. You have to remain cognitive and it helps to be truly independent and runaway for a while so that you’re almost pessimistic about the value ‘it’ offers you anymore. N.E.O. can be applied for your relationships with people as well. The simplest way to see it; since you’re independent, always go for WIN/WIN relationships. If it’s not adding value to your life, get rid of it. Once Neo saw the matrix and understood that he actually had the power, he could stop the bullets (of influence) from ever reaching him (instead of damaging him or his character). In that scene he stops them and they drop to the ground. He is also able to see Mr. Smith’s punches like it’s in slow motion because he can ‘see’ and isn’t ignorant

anymore. Most people cannot ‘see’. They only see what they are told to see. Neo has the power himself when he has cognition (awareness and KNOWLEDGE) of the matrix and chooses to stop it from influencing him negatively. He takes all his power back for himself and that’s when his independence is many times more effective. He can now use the matrix to his advantage when he unleashes his full level of control. There are no inhibitions anymore. Remember in the dojo where Morpheus says, “You’re faster than this.” It’s the same as your thinking has only been conditioned and repressed within you. You may think it’s just a cool movie but the truth is, society (the ‘social matrix’ is VERY real and) HAS limited you. I was conscious of it even a decade ago and I refused to just become a social stereotype or follow what others wanted me to do. I retained my free-thinking creativity that I had as a child. I stopped social bullets of influence from repressing my creativity so I kept it all these years. Unfortunately maybe you have been repressed so much that you really have lost sight of how powerful you are. The Power of One. It’s just going to take you some more time to sort through it but it’s all’s all in relational dynamics.

The main thing and first step is just to be able to differentiate yourself from the social matrix by seeing it for what it is and focusing on the interdependent-ONLY relationship you are supposed to have with it.

A li�le more advanced here is to stop the negative bullets of influence that have weakened your character by programming you with their messages where someone else has the real power. And instead, start drawing from your own chosen sources (environmental control) in which you will draw universal/natural and valuable growth from. In the audio and video I get more advanced into this part. Ideally you would have full independent environmental control like I have. I wake up when I want, I work when I want, I don’t listen to radio or t.v. if rarely and even then it’s under my control. So step back and take control over your relationship with the powers of influence. You have a lot of power to be able to step up to the social matrix; the key is to view it as ‘1’ source. It will send billions of bullets of influence at you but it’s coming from that one source; social power and programming. Your character growth will accelerate faster by keeping your shield up and stopping those negative bullets that were disempowering and instead drawing from powerful sources of influence (like those I recommend or through ‘return to innocence’).

If you don’t take your power back (and by default most people are ignorant), the social matrix will continue to shoot it’s bullets into your character and repress you from your true potential and daily independence. When you can differentiate yourself from all powers that are coming in and have clarity and awareness of them, you’ll be much more powerful. You’ll have control and you won’t be inhibited by them anymore. Most people don’t have the power and effectiveness of a NEO because they are ‘programs’ who have been influenced so much by the social matrix that they are invisible to it’s power over them. They are ignorant to their ACTUAL relation to the forces of influence and that is exactly how the architects want it. They want to be able to influence you to buy certain things and become co-dependent on them so that you keep buying. They know that they can easily sway most men by just exploiting the sexual character of women and building it up so much that the only connection they make to it is to that product which represents that growing desire. Most people in the social matrix will never be able to differentiate themselves from such a strong influence because they remain the direct ‘response’. It even took NEO most of the movie to get there. The influence is so strong even that when natural people come INTO the social matrix, they’ll get caught up in it as well. I’ve seen natural women get corrupted by it pre�y fast. They’ll meet new friends who go out and party all the time in the clubs and tell them what to wear and how to’s only a ma�er of time before they grow further away from their own natural roots. It’s pre�y sad actually and to know that the architects have fashioned it this way. The women especially will become a ‘response’ to this influence because they realize that they can finally become the stimulus and have power over men which includes free a�ention, dinners, drinks, etc. They’ll adapt to look and act like what they see in music videos and follow the lead of other prickteasing women. It’s an easy trap for a woman to fall into. Now, SHE has all of this power and control (stimulus) over men and they swallow it up like puppy dogs. If you don’t yet see that it’s ALL a social CON-struct, then keep referencing this training (awareness) program. It destroys relationships and marriages even families. Ironically this a�ention and power is exactly what women DON’T want when it comes to choosing who they sleep with. Why do you think they choose the bad boys, outcasts

and jerks? DUH. Those are the guys who aren’t influenced by the social matrix, THUS they still have RETAINED their high natural character (which is of course what women respond to beyond their social conditioning even). Women would RATHER choose a man of balanced and high character like a nice guy (Prince Charming) but all these guys have lowered their natural character. Unfortunately society has conditioned them so much that they’ve lost a lot of their own balanced response mechanism. It may take these women (some you could classify as ‘fake’) a lot longer to see a real man of balanced character simply because they are habitually conditioned to the type of men they are used to and the fact that they themselves aren’t balanced anymore. When they find him, they should be concerned about losing him to someone else. Countless fembot clones have li�le inner character and are just social byproducts themselves (prickteases). When you can see past it because of R.D., you’ll realize that most of them have very weak to li�le actual true personality or character, but if you can find it that is good. You will be miles (or even light years) ahead of other men (your competition) when you are aware of the elements and their relationship to each other in any circumstance. When it comes to women, apply N.E.O. now and with enough understanding it should sink in because the power IS in your favor. So in practical application for becoming an ultimate ladies man, apply N.E.O. (of Relational Dynamics) to your biology, the social matrix and her three energies and you’ll be able to handle/seduce the most beautiful or independent of women. You still want ‘techniques’? No...techniques are ‘social’ or consciously developed. And play the game socially you’re trying to DHV (determine higher value) socially with women; a losing proposition. When you really grow in natural character you’ll realize that is all you have to have. Deal with the women of your desire on the natural level and bring that response out of them (while disempowering her social exploitation) and the ho�est women will be a�er you. I myself have complete control and awareness of all of the forces that are trying to

influence me. How? N.E.O. and control over myself. Is this amount of power scary? No. Should you ever be scared of it? No, however you must be able to grow into it if you really want to have a strong, a�ractive, centered character.

You see, in life, everything is related to everything else SOMEHOW even if it’s not related.

Once you understand how independent you really are and actualize that (and keep your energy centered), all of the decisions you make will be made much easier. You will be able to make correct decisions much more o�en. I want you to view the social matrix as one single independent element or object. Don’t think about it’s past influence on you, instead with applying R.D. I want you to see it as one single force instead of the billions of details, flashiness, images, lyrics, emotional responses, thongs, blonde hair none of that. Everything that is representational of the social matrix IS the social matrix. View it like that or you’ll never be able to isolate it and ‘get on top of’ it in order to put it in it’s proper place. It may seem stupid to others (‘socially’) but I plug my ears when a REALLY loud source comes by. I’ve been doing this for two decades. I don’t care ‘what would others think’ because I’m representing my independence and am congruent with it. I still plug my ears around overly loud sources to this day because in a way ‘I’m ‘BEYOND’ cool’ Seriously, if it’s going to wreck my hearing (adds up over time) or disturb MY reality (because some dumbass is revving his tires at 3 a.m. from you know exactly why). Besides, that’s a stimulus-response relationship. I’ll plug my ears in my apartment when really loud trucks come by because of the fact alone that it is disturbing my control over my tranquility and pure independent state. While other people will say they’re ignoring it but they let it disrupt their reality for those few seconds yet that trucker has won in that hidden relationship. If you don’t see things on a miniscule detailed level (relational dynamics) that I do, you may never

reach my level of personal power (sorry to say)..sometimes I just have to be cocky; it’s in my independent nature and I have that level of control over the bullets of influence so that I don’t let others ‘win’ or repress my independence for even a few seconds. When YOU can reach that level of control, you will be a NEO. When I go out, my independence is so STRONG ( it is respectful mind you) that I am aware if anyone or any source is trying to repress me or influence me negatively. In fact I usually avoid trouble because people steer clear and recognize my personal authority and independence. Because I’m universally aligned anyways I almost always avoid fights as well. MOST IMPORTANTLY; go through the video training where it will become really clear as to how to apply this level of relational mastery and power. Notes: Like Neo you’ll able to see it (influence) in slow-motion. You’ll be like, “Oh, Hell no (you don’t).” You can look at a ‘perfect’ woman in your mind and she’s not even ‘responsible’ for her good genetics (natural character). The ones that ‘are (produced) lucky’ because their (natural, not socially exploited) parents came together (R.D.) and now all of a sudden SHE can exploit her sexuality because of wearing tight clothes and make-up (because society told her too) to her OWN sexual and relational DISadvantage?! Once you fully understand this it should be worth more to you than your own net worth. You’d be�er understand the truth of what’s going on (that includes bitch-slapping distorted social influence and it’s previous brainwashing of you). “Remember...who you are” -The Lionking in reference to your TRUE natural character as man and being on top of the circle of life (even above women). You are the king.

Chapter 47 Silver Bullets of Influence
Find some sources that are of such a strong representational quality or value that you can continue to draw from in the N.E.O. relationship. Think of that relationship. It’s a balance. If you want MORE in life, then give more.. it’s that simple. People trying to sue other people or corporations for their own lack of accountability is foolishness, there’s no balance there. If you want to be a millionaire then find a way to give more value to more people. If you unrightfully try to ‘take’ from people, you’re forcing a co-dependency and that is probably going to come back to haunt you if you have any conscience. So when it comes to bullets of influence (stemming off of our N.E.O. training). There is a two way relationship. The bullets of influence that you take in and the bullets of influence that you ‘shoot out’. The value-adding silver bullets that you choose to let in will strengthen and grow your capacity to give back out. It’s a simple win/win synergistic relationship. Once you reach a certain level (it’s hard to explain) but you’ll feel your energy representing outwards at the same time as you take it in. Most people are just soaking in the machine gun barrel bullets (think of the Predator and Jesse Ventura’s gun) which only create holes in their own character. This means that it’s hard to give anything of value back out to other people. They just soaked in the damaging bullets of influence and are acting like a sponge; a mish mash of social matrix conditioned messages and ‘programs’. How could they give much actual value back out? Like my dad says, “Garbage in, garbage out.” Notice people around you especially social stereotypes; they’re just byproducts of their social environment. The way they think, speak and act is based off of how they were conditioned and their influences; be aware of that. I am VERY wary of just le�ing in and ‘accepting’ new influences coming at me in influential trajectories. I’ll o�en test a seemingly high value resource out by le�ing it in, but

it usually goes through an approval process where I continue to realize the value it can add to my life. This is where I have control consciously. I am choosing MY influences and they might make it to silver bullet level where I can gain tremendous value, character growth, grounding and inspiration from it. Look at trash t.v. shows and the people who soak all of that junk up everyday. It becomes a reflection or representation of who they are or worse; it IS who they are. You are what you eat I think is just a literal saying because no one looks like a hamburglar (actually..). But there is a relationship, so intake healthy, positive value or influence and that’s what you’ll be able to give out. Plant the seeds and reap the harvest. In order to take control, don’t let other sources choose when you receive your pure power. You should have control from the start. Practically this means have the sources under your control; music player, ipod, computer, dvd player, etc. So that you 100% choose to start the influence, otherwise with the metaframe of t.v. saying when you receive takes away your true power in the first place. Let’s say that you took in silver bullets of value though, you’d be able to give out similar or positive value once you start synergizing those influences together with each other. A musician could have lots of influences growing up, but he synergizes that whole collective together to form his new, original style or at least new value-adding productions. He or she is able to ‘give’ value back out because they chose to be a PRO-ducer and chose to think independently. If you’re just another person who soaks up the radio and doesn’t ever behave as the stimulus who has control, there’s no chance you’ll ever be able to produce or add value back to others. Be a stimulus and your opportunities will start to open up. Figure out what kinds of value you want to give to others and think about what kinds of influence you’re taking in. Always be aware (ideally) of the influence that you let in and don’t just accept trajectories that want to ‘program’ you. You have to maintain the N.E.O. relationship a�er differentiating yourself in relational mapping for a win/win only relationship with the world. Get in the habit of controlling the positive bullets of influence and keep everything else win/win.

Practice ‘environmental control’. 007 does this when he orders a drink or meal to exacting specification. One thing you can do is go through fashion magazines with a pen and start crossing out things you don’t like or that are ridiculous. I had friends over laughing with admiration that I crossed out certain items on a page. Put that strategically where a woman can see and she’ll get the message you know what you like. By developing your independence and taking control more, you’ll start to see the world from what do YOU like instead of what do OTHERS want you to like. There IS a difference. Now I clearly go through magazines like GQ and Maxim and I start saying out loud, ‘THAT’S can they even sell that?! no way. not for me. that one’s ok. i like that. that’s definitely good. there’s another prada femboy. yep, there’s some obvious prickteasing. are they ‘trying’ to show us crappy clothes to program the masses while they retain their own true ‘style’?!” Start running things through N.E.O. under your filter and control; don’t just accep things. I’ve got to the point (where years ago I didn’t) that I can now know EXACTLY if I like something or not when I see it; and o�en things are just ‘ok’ but not good enough. A real and cultured man (NIS Alpha) develops this ability. He knows what he wants and is discerning because HE is in the one in control. Dont’ be afraid to fully develop your own different tastes and influences. Silver Bullets are the magical, extremely valuable positive influence that you have control over (I’m not talking t.v. shows) that you let in your life. I recommend saving them for special occasions. It’s ok to build their value up and give them the added value because it’s just a higher representation of synergy. Don’t intake the ‘best’ everyday, reward yourself for it. “You should never take more than you the circle of life.” -Circle of Life lyrics, LionKing

Chapter 48 Runaway
I think you’ll get the point here as this is a great representation of what’s going on. Ironically, a decade ago I KNEW there was something there but I couldn’t fully ‘get it’ until recently. Runaway from the bullets of influence by turning them off and ge�ing control back. Do the reframing for your life with Relational Mapping. Balance your life out with more value. Ground yourself in natural and universal energy or sources to balance out (and runaway) from the coercive influence of the social matrix. RunAway Chorus: Run away, Run away, run away and save your life. Run away, run away, run away if you want to survive. Run away, Run away, run away and save your life. Run away, run away, run away if you want to survive. Money, sex, in full control, a generation without soul, perfect people in a perfect world, behind closed doors all in control, life, in a world of luxury, cold cash money mentality, you go�a keep the faith, you go�a keep the faith, you be�er keep the faith and run away. Chorus It’s time to break free, oh oh oh oh, run away, oh oh oh oh, you be�er break free, oh oh oh oh, run away, oh oh oh oh. Money, sex, in full control, look, big brother is watching you, unlock your brain and save your soul, no more limits, no more curfew, life in the perfect system, take a stand and fight for freedom, keep the faith, you go�a keep the faith, you be�er keep the faith and run away. Chorus several times It’s time to break free, oh oh oh oh, run away,

oh oh oh oh, you be�er break free, oh oh oh oh, run away, oh oh oh oh Keep the faith, you go�a keep the faith, you be�er keep the faith and run away. Keep the faith, you go�a keep the faith, you be�er keep the faith and run away. (lyrics and music coypright O-Jay (Olaf Jeglitza) , Lisa Cork, and Vanessa Mason) Speaking of Causality, check this out from wikipedia: “...but then Clive Davis at Arista Records in the USA showed some interest. He had already had success taking Ace of Base to the States and now wanted to do the same with a re-branded Real McCoy. A new video was made, another ‘singer’ Vanessa Mason was roped in to form a trio and the single shot to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in late 1994. It also climbed to #2 in the UK. Follow-up “Run Away” also got to #3 in the USA in early 1995 (and #6 in the UK” If you look at the true Architects and power players, everything they do is based on cause and effect with influence. This song extends into the universal. It’s a perfect representation of differentiating yourself from the social matrix so try and get past the mid-90’s social pigeonhole and get value out of the universal representation. It should blow your mind when you can be free in that win/win relationship. Returning to innocence itself does not have to be a challenge. You’ll be able to learn about yourself a lot faster because your own judgment won’t be clouded or distorted from social influence or distraction. Find some hardcore influences that you see great value in and keep that influence to yourself. I will not watch certain movies or listen to certain songs around other people because my synergy with that source is so high that it would spoil the integrity to see someone who doesn’t care or ‘get it’ around. YES, I have that level of control also. I am adamant about my independence in a healthy way. It’s part of being Alpha baby. Notes:

TiVo I guess is a step in the right direction (over giving consumers SOME control) but still, it’s up to you to have the true control in that relationship. This is hard to explain but when I’m at a high level of synergy and interdependent exchange while listening to a naturally/universally rooted song what I’m listening to is a reflection of the quality of my life and the level of value I’m going to give out. Seek out universally rooted sources.

Chapter 49 Return to Innocence
Return To Innocence (Curly M.C.) Love - Devotion Feeling - Emotion Don’t be afraid to be weak Don’t be too proud to be strong Just look into your heart my friend That will be the return to yourself The return to innocence. If you want, then start to laugh If you must, then start to cry Be yourself don’t hide Just believe in destiny. Don’t care what people say Just follow your own way Don’t give up and use the chance To return to innocence. That’s not the beginning of the end That’s the return to yourself The return to innocence. (lyrics and music coypright enigma; cross of changes 1994) Get that track! This song itself effectively represents the concept of ‘Returning to Innocence’. This was a solid (independent in itself as a production) source of influence for me for many years. Why is it so effective? Because it represents relational dynamics and universal ele-

ments. Throughout this information, a major theme you should be ge�ing is how you must get control over the sources of influence and how they affect you and realize how independent you really are. It will blow your mind and it be�er; it does to me all the time. ‘Returning to Innocence’ in the male character continuum is closing off your social character (and more importantly external social influence) and it’s returning to your core being; your inner and natural self (or character). There are parts that are deeper than your own independent/inner self or ‘personality’. Deeper than your level of self-confidence and beliefs. You know what it is by now; it’s your natural character. When you can return to the pure innocent strength of your natural character and deep inner self, you will be feel renewed and rebalanced. Some call it meditation. I’ve been doing my own form of meditation for over 15 years. It’s quite simple and the whole point isn’t to follow some ‘yoga’ trend or any of that (although it can be beneficial if you choose so), the point is to get in touch with your natural and inner character. Also known as ‘returning to innocence’. Children are so innocent because they are close to nature and their biological roots. It’s through the years that they really start ge�ing all kinds of social influence which even causes them to hate others. No child is born a racist or with hatred. It is all social influence that is brought into them; especially when they are impressionable. As humans, naturally we don’t have to kill each other. All of that influence and idea stems from our relationship to each other in the social context (struggle for land, influence and power). I’ll save that discush for another day. Our natural character is what is PURE and innocent. It is refreshing, humble, yet powerful in resolve and goodness. You can escape all of the socially derived b.s. and brainwashing by returning to your more natural state or character. That’s why Buddhists are generally so peaceful and respectful of others (except when they have to bring the heat like in ‘The Protector: Ong Bak 2’). They are closer to their natural character and they are AWARE of it. They have more respect for others than other types of influenced masses. I’ve never seen it as ‘I’m meditating’ or falling in line with some new self-help or guru

thing to do...I’ve just done it and found ways on my own. So what I’ve done over 15 years is prevented other forces from distracting or influencing me during this time alone. I’ll get alone where no one can interrupt me, turn off the cel phone, lock the door and put on music. Others would say not to use music but I find it helps me synergize with myself faster and more effectively because it helps provide one stream of thought (or chosen stimulus track) I can align with instead of being distracted by countless voices in my head. So set aside some time when you cannot be interrupted. I use MUSIC and usually my headphones. I have the Sony MDR-V700’s as I take audio quality very seriously. If I can turn up the volume without any possible interference from others (ie. neighbors) I will do that but it must be PURE independence. There cannot be ANY interruptions. I encourage you to do the same. Have absolute control. If you try ‘meditating’ without music or subliminal peacetracks you’ll find (until you’re disciplined enough) that it’s too hard to go deeper or relax because the voices will be focus on all kinds of things. So use music. Now, what KIND of music is very important. I will tell you what I’ve listened to as I do think it has an importance here. What you choose is ultimately up to you of course but make sure that it is basically music that allows you to think INSTEAD OF forcing a direct stimulus-response relationship. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EVER use the radio for meditation (unless it is a nonstop new age channel, etc.). If you have sirius or XM that have no commercials, that might be effective but not purely. I usually use digital music or cd’s. It’s important that you choose and control the music that is being played (unless there is a format that will synergize with your meditation without interruption). So, get comfortable by either lying down or si�ing. Breathing they say is important but I’ve never focused on that. I supposed it’s more important if you’re not using music. Now to the good stuff. I choose music that allows me to instantly escape into another world or different frame of mind. Music that takes me away from the ‘social’ present. I will not choose popular music or anything being played on the radio. Let me list some of the direct sources I have used:

Anything Hans Zimmer: The LionKing, Gladiator, The Power of One Ennio Morriccone: The Mission Enigma: Return to Innocence Anything Enya: you name it (still my favorite artist b/c received the most value) Yanni: select tracks (yes absolutely Yanni) Sarah Brightman: Harem (although at times too thematic)..’time to say goodbye’ is great amongst others I don’t have too many others for ‘pure’ meditation other than that because those sources are trustworthy in their level of representation and synergy for me However, you can also use: -other movie soundtracks without lyrics (romance, epics, orchestra-based) -other New Age music even soundtracks to ‘nature’ that you can find -Classical music (just never did it for me though yet because it’s too period specific much of it) -HoloSync And a note about lyrics; the lyrics can make something even stronger IF it synergizes with the music to further promote the (natural) message. The LionKing is a perfect example of that (ie. ‘Circle of Life’) and also ‘Return to Innocence’. But be wary because lyrics are more intentional and’s best that they be universally aligned so can represent and connect with greater forces. Just a sidenote; musicals can be more memorable than movies when they follow relational formula/dynamics effectively. When the music synergizes with (instead of takes away from) the rest of the movie/theatrical it can be a be�er experience. Back to our main subject here though: So what I’ll do is o�en close my eyes and listen to the music. Sometimes I’ll visualize or start out by visualizing another land or place and then eventually I’ll just start thinking deeply or intuitively and asking myself questions. Otherwise I’ll just be ‘feeling’ the pure natural energy of this music (even though it

was consciously produced it was made to synergize with nature and the elements) and my connection to nature and the part of me that is deeper and not influenced by social pressure. Even the same music will likely mean something much different to you. I don’t know how long it will take you to finally ‘find’ yourself but you should be moved to tears almost every time. When you can ‘find’ your natural character, the purely innocent yet strong part of you Fast, then you are aware of and also raising your own natural character. Remember, that if you’re not cognitive about it, you’re probably ignorant and that’s how most people are. I’ve used this form of ‘meditation’ to IMMENSELY grow in my natural and inner character strength over the years. I remember playing the soundtracks in my head to ‘The Power of One’ when I was in Army basic training standing in the very co-dependent ‘chow hall’ line with my shaved head, good looks, dog tags tucked in and you couldn’t even look to your side. I WAS FREE INSIDE and nothing could take that away. If you can find other music than what I have found, good for you, but find music that will help you return to your natural character and inner self. Music that is emotional, pure and raw that lets you ‘feel’ instead of think logically. It will put you into the proper state to reach your natural state. A�er a while you can play the music in your head to consciously induce a state of mind or reference your deep power. If you can go out in nature with headphones (as I’ve done a few times) it will also help you as long as you can synergize with the music and nature at the same time. This really is powerful stuff when done with no interference. Also, I think you will get good at visualizing when you just let your conscious or logical mind go and you ‘step into’ the deeper more natural state of mind. Allow the music and your mind to go free and paint pictures across your mind. You can also listen to this music at other times but when you consciously set aside time for yourself to ‘go deep’, that’s when you’ll get the most out of it. Why are these so specific sounds so effective? Because most of them are synergistic and representative of nature itself or they deal with the Hero’s journey. They’re not trying to ‘program you’ into a specific social response. It’s about you hav-

ing the power. That is the difference that makes all the difference. It doesn’t ma�er if others think ANY of it is ‘uncool’ long as it ma�ers to YOU. Hey, I’m still the guy who loves trance, progressive house, hip-hop and other styles of music; I just know how to differentiate them and I take a full independent level of value from each great genre and track. You WILL grow in personal power and strength when you follow this effective strategy or technique. Do it as o�en as you can to start and then you’ll know when you are ready for another big re-balancing when other pressures are ge�ing to you. This is about you and your power. This isn’t about social pressure trying to tell you what to do. I find that this music REALLY helps take me away by going into a different frame of mind and allowing myself to turn off social influence and go deep into my own inner self and natural character where I find new value everytime. “But I don’t like that kind of music” some might say. Well...they probably don’t really like themselves either or even know themselves. They probably just like ‘what’s popular’ or approved my others like their peer group. You can learn to love many things because they will each add a different value and kind of influence to your life. The more influences you choose (that are different) to enter your life, the more interesting and diverse a person you will be (like me!) instead of just being a one-dimensional social stereotype like so many people are. And; you can find value in everything...just look for it. The glass is half full. I encourage you not just to think about ‘oh that’s a good idea’ should really do it or if you have done some form of it, tweak it so that you’re really ge�ing a great experience out of it. Audio quality is important to. Why? Because the full level of independence there, represents and synergizes with the other elements (your hearing and mind) to create a more powerful experience. I encourage good headphones (anyways) especially if you have a crappy stereo system. The Sony MDR’s are great for new age and also hip-hop, house, etc. I’ve tried monitor headphones like AKG’s before but it’s missing out on the pumped up, full bass experience. Koss is also a good brand. You might seriously want to invest in a good pair of head-

phones. It’s worth it as the value you receive is tremendous from your ‘meditation’ experiences. Get quality source material too (digital tracks). Like I said, I’ve been doing it off and on for at least 15 years and not only has it allowed me to rebalance and ESCAPE social influence, it’s influenced me in countless ways as well as tremendously growing my own level of natural and inner character. So get started already! On a larger note; I have all kinds of independently chosen independent and valuable sources I can choose from. I suggest you also create an unlimited variety of sources you can draw value from that you don’t watch ‘all the time’ but that you can look forward to on a rainy day or a good night in. Welcome to the next evolution. We’re on a level beyond 99% of most forced reality people. I want you to see things and others will question why you’re enjoying it but you know the real reason because your perception is MUCH deeper into the truth as theirs is - period. Skeptics would say no one knows anything but I disagree. What other specific tracks/songs/independent productions have influenced me? Creed - Higher This was a HUGELY important influence for me at about the roughest time in my life. It kept hope alive when I couldn’t see or focus on the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. Watching the music videos kind of initially spoils my interpretation of it but at least I can differentiate that and not let it influence my ongoing interpretation. I encourage the same for you. The answer is R.D. once again. Other good influences? P.O.D. “Alive” I don’t even want to mention this one because it is so secret and personal to me, but because you paid ‘the price’ I’ll tell you: Sunblind - “Believe” It’s a new-nrg trance song from the producers. A perfect production of synergy and then there’s the perfect universally rooted lyrics

on top. Blows me away every time. I shed everytime I listen to it, although I only listen to it selectively and a few times a year (as a reward). It took me a li�le while to set it aside and edify it like that for the super-synergy but I encourage you to find influences that ma�er TO YOU and learn and grow from them. Wait-did I just say I cry everytime I listen to it? Yup. EVERY time. These aren’t tears of weakness, shame or dependency, rather this is the root of strength, inspiration and overpowering hope. There is a world of a difference. There’s almost nothing more masculine because I am becoming a stronger man of higher character that will continue to influence countless people in the future. In fact, I o�en ‘cry’ when I feel the natural energy of women in foreign music videos because I am so sensitive and a�uned to it while still staying Alpha! Aren’t women saying that’s what they want in a man!? Why? Because I’ve reached a level of intuition where I can read and feel their souls and it is the exact opposite of what other women have become. It’s the root of life itself and it overwhelms me. I hope you could only get close to my level of cognition ;) Put it this way; if you’re NOT crying and breaking down around certain influences you’re not ge�ing it and you’re not growing the way you should be; you probably care too much about how others want to influence and operate your life instead. It means you’re not le�ing the ROOTS affect and influence you at the level they should. It should overwhelm you at time to be aligned with these powers that are greater than yourself that you are harnessing within your character. ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE OF US THAT GREW UP UNDER MASSIVE LEVERAGED REPRESSION. This is the liberation. That’s why it means so damn much that others just won’t get who are shallower. To put another angle on it, I never EVER breakdown or cry in the middle of a challenge or extremely tough ordeal. I don’t do that and I’ve been through a lot. That shows I guess how much of a ‘man’ I am in case you were wondering (and if you were wondering then you probably don’t get this yet). And leave it to the distorted media to try and warp the words I just said too (just make sure you include all of it including this sentence)!

It’s in the self-reflective time that it’s OK for a man to 100% independently ‘be influenced’ and to grow as a man. Then is NOT the time to keep your ‘defenses’ or ‘cold shell’ up. No way. In fact it builds your character up for those real-life challenges so that you DO have the intestinal fortitude to carry through. So don’t go saying that this alpha guy cries and think you’re trying to win more social approval (like the media). If you don’t respect the differentiation you definitely don’t get R.D. and you’re not anywhere close to root power itself anyways. In fact, my independence is so strong that you couldn’t break me if you tried (and many have tried, ie. the military). So I just want you to get that straight and don’t skew it like the media would (purveyors of the matrix itself). I didn’t shed a tear when going through an impassable wall of thornbrush with a creek and 70 lb. rucksack for 200 meters alone with 0 lume without light or night vision. When I got through it and rested on top of a hill I made it through that challenge and shed some tears of relief and powerful growth looking at the moon AFTER I had made it through. I’ll admit many weak people would have CRACKED under the pressure at any second of the way through it. I mean this shit (and much of what we went through) would make grown men cry DURING it...not me though; not once. Soon a�er at the top, I realized I lost my map itself with the checkpoints and had to go back to find it in the thornbrushes...that’s another story. FDNY firemen didn’t cry when the WTC was struck but maybe a�erwards when they made it home and realized how precious life was they did. There’s quite a difference And if you don’t respect the differentiation then you’re just a dumbass. There are times every man should cry and if he doesn’t he’s just being ignorant. The last and only time I cried in public was when our cat of 18 years died and that was just around my family members when we were burying him in the backyard. What I’m teaching you here is a very independent thing and I encourage you to keep it for yourself. The only reason I am telling you this is because I am training you so I have to reveal that so that you can get more value than you would have (because you paid for it). That is our deal. I never warp it when other men reveal things to me, I

honor it and keep it safe. I think I got that important point across. If you study the most influential people you’ll notice that they actually had STRONG and respected sources of influence in THEIR lives. They had a high level of trading value (intake and respect) whereas most people just ‘suck up’ every thing that comes their way leading them to powerlessness. All great people had great influences - Rion Williams Get inspired. Find meaningful things to you and if they’re worth it, limit your access to them until you deserve it as a self-disciplined reward to yourself. This technique will do WONDERS for you and will inspire you with self-control and hope in your inner character. Take your power back first and then grow it from where you’re at here (finally IN the position to take your power back). For me, I kept growing my power and then it hit me (took it all back). Unfortunately you probably have a li�le further to go than from where I was because I was consciously improving myself for about a decade. If you’re older or have been doing something similar, then you are already a man of high inner character. If you haven’t and people describe you as ‘boring’ ‘listless’ or ‘apathetic’ (I hope no one does)’s time to get interesting. Find some influences that you like, take control over it and learn from them. There are influences that affected me (I’ve let in) that I guarantee that have affected no one else on earth more than it has me. THAT’S the level of character you should want to be at. That alone says that you HAVE character and you believe in SOMETHING. “If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything” -anonymous So find sources you can ‘return to innocence’ from (green bullets of influence). You’ll draw incredible amounts of strength, hope and inspiration from them and they will help you grow your character. And again, they’ll probably be ‘effective’ and ‘synergistic’ productions that would (hopefully) represent universal and natural ideals to further ground you in them and grow in power. Let them ‘build up’ YOU instead of you just soaking them up powerlessly like 99% of people do. This is the absolute opposite of listening to the radio.

You are the stimulus and in this exercise you are completely closing off social character and external influence. You’re going inside and you’ll find your natural character. Do this and it will also ground you in natural energy as I mention elsewhere in the program. Be aware of the bullets of influence (N.E.O.). It’s about the most empowering thing you could ever do in your life. Books: Awaken the Giant Within (read it twice around 8 years ago) Rich Dad, Poor Dad series - Robert Kiyosaki (who I met and talked to twice) How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie The Power Principle - Blaine Lee (I only read it once and went over the highlights twice and that was about 5 years ago but this is probably the closest thing in line to Relational Dynamics out there..but not nearly the same as in application and esp. with women;)

Chapter 50 Natural Grounding
Natural Grounding is something that is crucial if you really want to gain true personal power and a balanced NIS alpha character. Once you are naturally grounded enough, you will be comfortable in your own skin, high in natural character, more aware and extremely intuitive. Add this to your cognition of relational elements in your environment (you’re always in control of yourself) and = power. When you are further grounded and aware of your natural energy, you will be able to sense the natural energy of a woman. You will be able to lead naturally responsive women through to sex as they will fall into your lead. You will be able to differentiate the natural energy of superficial pricktease’s and finally stand a chance with them even if you’re an ugly guy. You’ll see right through their social ‘game’ representation to the real and innocent girl inside. Why? It’s all within you and your energy. You will operate with the natural part of her and disvalue her exploited social character if she’s a pricktease. People telling you that you’re not “whatever” enough doesn’t even ma�er anymore because your own power comes from within. You only have to have your approval a�er all. You are grounded in yourself and aligned to natural/universal energy and that’s all that ma�ers. How you relate to others and women is only a win/win interdependency. First let’s recap your relationship to your biological (or ‘natural’) character. This is the part of you that was chosen by nature to be a male. Women didn’t choose what sex they were to become either. With that biological inheritance comes certain powers and rights. Naturally, the female is the nurturer and the male is the provider or protector. So when people like Nicole Kidman are interested in ‘mothering’...their biology is speaking.

When women talk about ‘sex life’ and their experience with a vibrator, that is their natural character they are reaching into. It’s universal and extends across all cultures. Men alone don’t want sex. There has to be a duality in order to continue procreation of life. Women love it too but they have to be more selective about their mates because of the 9 year pregnancy and then the time onwards (18 years). This natural process of mating is essentially a ‘stimulus-response’ relationship. It’s not always as simple as smelling good food and starting to salivate. But I mean the overall context of the relationship IS that a woman is responding off of the man’s character. This is why they will act differently around different men and will more readily adapt to their environment than men will. Being a male is nothing to be ashamed of; you’re at the top of all species essentially. It’s the male who fights and wars primarily over power and for the rights of women. There is a long and noble brotherhood you share with all male species. Accept your birthright because it’s only social conditioning that has diluted it. I talk more about your natural character in the ‘Overcoming Fear of Aphrodite’s’ CD set. Grounding yourself in natural energy is absolutely priceless. Not only is it what men of potential great character are missing but it’s desperately what these socialized women are missing. Fortunately it is within us all by default. We all have natural energy and natural character. We’ve just grown ‘away’ from it because other forces (social influence) have completely hidden and repressed this part of you. That’s why natural grounding is essential for your fast character development (naturally as it’s already there). It’s the ‘backup’ character growth once you have isolated the social matrix and your relationship to it. Then you will want to continually (once a week at least) ground yourself in natural energy (through the exercises and meditation) to keep growing in natural character and strength. Doing this will allow your natural character to gain more resiliency and congruency. Your level of intuition and ability to differentiate natural energy (and seek it out) in others will grow. You will begin to be able to see right through people to their real soul. Your eye contact will be piercing and will probably melt many women in their own complete physiological response. You will actually be able to hold eye contact with

other powerful people including socially edified women. I encourage you to play o�en the ‘staring contest’ with women you have recently met. Get them one-on-one and either take the serious approach or the funny approach but you want them to ‘crack’ first. This is a powerful technique because you’ll be backing it up with tremendous grounding...during the serious approach gaze into her eyes to reach her soul..look for it. This is a great opportunity for her to see your strength of character. It’s up to you to lead women and let them be aware of your natural character. This is the part of you that is stronger than her social character and even in the mating game, YOU are the stimulus or there wouldn’t be any response from women and thus no life. That is your power. You have the natural power to initiate an a�raction response in her which leads to ‘mating’. A response to a man of high character happens by default amongst natural women in the right conducive environments and may take some extra effort amongst socially ‘developed’ women. But what’s important is that YOU are always a man of high natural character. And if women don’t always respond to you, you’ll know that you’re not the problem anymore and that part doesn’t bother you or destruct your character like it used to. Because we were taken away from our natural character virtually by default, re-grounding yourself in pure, natural energy will bring back your powerful masculinity and fearlessness. You will be able to draw upon your rooting or grounding and the remembrance of your natural character in time’s of trouble or confusion. So. How do you do this ‘natural grounding’? How do you ground yourself in natural energy to grow your natural character and become a more fearless, powerful and congruent alpha man? Well, it’s not that difficult. You will find sources of pure natural energy. Sources that represent and flow of natural masculine or feminine energy. What is natural energy? Well, for one thing, it’s the opposite of socially developed or ‘conscious’ energy. Natural energy is pure. It’s real. It flows. It’s not acting or thinking consciously about what you’re doing.

It’s the candid, real smile instead of the fake one in a woman. It’s the undiluted and pure biological innocence within women. In men, it is his core of alpha strength, fearlessness and respect for himself; the eye of the tiger in a way. It’s not caring at all about what other’s think in any environment or needing their approval. Your approval comes purely from within and no woman can ever take it away either unless you let them. Rooting yourself in natural energy and influences allows you to have the character to retain your character in challenging situations or amongst powerful people or independent women. Are there still natural people in the U.S., Western Europe, Canada and Australia? Yes. They’re called children. Look at their innocence while they’re still young enough. Innocence is pure and natural. The way they smile is real. The way they are born without hate or prejudice is natural. Everything they really had to know to survive they learned by kindergarten or they would learn from their pastoral parents. Through time however that one thing called social influence will take them further away from their natural roots. You can still find mostly natural adults in some rural areas but it’s becoming rarer still because television is in 99% of all U.S. households. For an example. Look at American music videos and the choreography. When Beyonce is dancing in ‘Check up on it’ this is social energy. It’s conscious, pre-thought and prickteasing. It’s self-conscious flaunting and flaunting isn’t natural. Flirting is natural and real. Flirting is a natural response and interdependence that a woman has with a man which is the first action step in the mating sequence. Prickteasing isn’t. Prickteasing is the social ‘added value’ game. It’s her thinking she’s above you and that you should ‘respond’ to her which roots from social influence itself. I’ve said before and will say it again, you have to be able to differentiate natural energy from social. The more you study it and root yourself in natural energy, the more clear social energy or character becomes. Social energy is what is holding you back from succeeding with these women because by following that program you’re admi�ing (nonverbally) that she IS the stimulus.

Note: My use of social character or energy in women is not their ability to communicate and interact with each other, rather the influence of the social matrix on their own character and how they present themselves to other people Root yourself in natural energy and women will start responding to you a lot more because your body language and physiology back’s it up. So, back to the sources of natural energy. I have found many sources that I use. I make sure I have my uninterrupted environment so it’s completely independent and then I’ll just focus on the sources and differentiate the natural energy and draw from it (if it isn’t pure itself). See the Chapter and audio on ‘Return to Innocence’ to practically apply natural grounding. Foreign music videos, enya, hans zimmer, and such are tremendous sources of positive natural energy that either are synergistic with nature, represent it or represent and portray natural energy within it’s elements (such as female dancers). With my examples the best way is to see it. I will show you natural energy if you have my root examples so you can really start to differentiate it. The video portion on differentiating the energies and characteristics of women is priceless. Then you can watch social matrix programming with a wary eye and easily see how it is the antithesis of natural energy and how these women are nowhere near their natural energy. We’ve become so superficial and restless because we aren’t as connected to our natural character and we’ve been the programmed response like a sponge for so long that we don’t know literally which way is the right way to go. The best place for grounding? Experience natural people (interdependently) yourself. Meet them, interact with them (especially the women). You should reach a point where you realize and know that a woman’s natural energy and character (with it’s ultimate purpose of motherhood and nurture) is what should be edified and rewarded instead of her socially developed or exploited character. In fact you will find it more and more renewing to your soul. You will find it to be the perfect, undiluted balance to your masculine character. If you want to see and feel real natural energy, get on a plane to a second or third world country (south America, eastern Europe, southeast Asia, African countries..) and go into the countryside and interact with the people there.

Put aside “I got to get back to the office” and indulge yourself in your awareness of their natural energy. Ideally you’d be independent from ‘having to’ BE ‘at the office’ in the first place. See the truth and purity of their smiles and interactions. The smallest thing or misunderstanding becomes more pure and funny than such contrivance in a ‘socialized’ culture. Your energy and cognition will grow as well. A�er a while you’ll be able to ‘feel’ it intuitively and it will overwhelm you. THIS is the level of what it feels like when (natural) women respond to a man of high character when they see him. Before men didn’t have to have this level of intuition that I have and that you may reach, but in a way we were forced into cognition or otherwise remain ignorant. It is a priceless skill. There are great opportunities that abound now. You will be able to easily seduce natural women and you will know when a woman is flirting with you and when she isn’t. When she does throw out a li�le S.O.N.A.R.R. back to your character in response, then you know it’s clear to go in and talk to her and get her information; she’s already interested. This is how things used to be in America. If you’re really strong in natural character this will still happen in certain environments where the women aren’t as influenced or distorted. Even with socialized women in conducive environments you’ll still be very effective without trying much at all. So the actions steps are listed at the bo�om but it’s important for you to ‘take action’ and get involved with sources of natural energy. Create an uninterruptable environment so that you can have your pure independence. My most effective method has been meditating to natural music (see ‘Return to Innocence’ Chapter) but differentiating natural energy in foreign music videos is rapidly gaining ground because of my level of cognition now. Yes, foreign music videos can be a wonderful source of natural energy even when it is choreographed because the natural energy still spills through. You watch American music videos and it’s all ‘acting’..they’ve put on this conscious act or developed a persona that separates them from their real (natural) character.

I encourage using all of the action steps and while doing it, either meditate on the pure energy or seek to differentiate the natural energy. Once you can differentiate the natural energy (ie. from the women involved in a music video) you will be able to grow in strength as it will be a source of inspiration (sexual transmutation) for growing your own natural character. This is explained more in the video portion if you have this. You can ground yourself in natural energy of other Alpha males or of the natural energy of (more pure) women. Look at black and white movies that were in an age before the social matrix of exploitation (and female empowerment) took over and you will find a lot (still within our borders). Cary Grant movies are perfect examples and the LionKing is the perfect analogy for Relational Dynamics (along with ‘The Matrix’). The most powerful example of masculine natural character as the stimulus and feminine as the response is the original ‘Swept Away’ movie..the Italian version: Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurro mare d’agosto This movie will tremendously allow you cognition and grounding in natural character perhaps more than any other ‘example’. A student of mine showed me that it was in line with my teachings. I know true powerful influence when I see it; GET THAT MOVIE. Look at how natural the women just ‘are’ and respond to men. Then compare that to modern t.v. programming and how women are behaving. In classic movies, look at how the alpha men (lead actors) behave and also how the women are much more responsive and amicable. The most successful films deal with natural energy and it’s the hope of that which is missing in the lives of countless millions now who are under direct influence from the seemingly inescapable social matrix. Find and bask in natural energy. Ground yourself in it weekly at least through differentiation of it (everywhere you can but esp. from ie. more natural/foreign sources) and through the meditation technique. You’ll find that with natural energy you have more in common with people whose language you don’t speak than with people from your own culture who speak your language fluently. I knew this a decade ago when I started ‘seducing’ (win/win) international women and noticed how natural and smooth everything was.

Natural character is to be desired, not a socially upward and distorted one in order to ‘impress’ other people. You may have to be the anti-hero hero. Seek it out, differentiate it, bask in it and ground thyself, oh student. Natural energy is very important to your strong natural character development. And yes it can be isolated from the social character of a woman. It will take practice to differentiate (see my video training) but you will be able to sense it when you meet women who are or aren’t and you’ll easily be able to go in for the connection even without knowing their language. Japanese women are actually quite innocent and natural in their energy despite coming from the technology leader of the world. The point is to draw from and ground yourself in natural energy which can include surrounding yourself with more natural people. Thai people are the perfect example. I didn’t say Thai-American either. The true ideal? I would say that is of women who are of high natural character AND high social character (ie. beautiful and desired). This mix of women is SO rare that you cannot find it within the pure social matrix itself (U.S.A.). Celine Dion is one of those rare women who will blow your mind if you open up to (listening to) her. There are plenty of beautiful women in the world but within the Matrix very few of them have natural character that shines. Seek that out. Celine IS a high in natural character woman who I would think knows how to balance being a social superstar and husband/wife. Why? Because she’s not from America (and under the direct influence) and because she speaks a language (French) other than English. Trust me; it’s a whole different state of mind (go to Montreal or Paris). Her time in Las Vegas is probably diluting her natural energy but I still see it’s there. She has had MASSIVE (and deserves it) success because she is effective at ge�ing across (and ‘representing’) a woman’s natural and social ideals through her independent/inner character. She really does have a level of natural character that American women/performers have either lost touch with or are not ge�ing across (they’ve lost touch with it by becoming too socialized).

If you want to make history, find a new talent outside the U.S. who can sing and make her into the next mega superstar. (I’ll do it when I have the financial resources). Because people can synergize more with a woman who can touch their natural/universal and raw emotional chords (positive bullet of valuable influence) like a Celine Dion MUCH moreso than the next Britney Spears or Paris Hilton; a socially developed/ trendy diva pop tart. In fact society has defined them so much that they would probably reject a return to natural character from someone as such. In my opinion ‘American Idol’ is limited and obviously catered to one culture. It takes someone on the level of a Celine Dion to reach the WORLD on a deeper level (not, ok it’s another American hit artist). Why? Because of her high natural character and living reality of that character which is so evident when you see her or feel her energy. American Idol will never have that level of superstar drawing from American (socially defined and directed) women who have lost touch with that raw natural innocent strength and emotion. If I were them I would find a woman who can sing from a second or third world country who can retain her roots/natural character (like Celine still has as far as I know) yet wants to add a tremendous amount of value who really has talent. That’s the only way you’re going to find someone who makes a lasting impact BECAUSE OF her raw natural character which in itself can bring you to tears. But U.S. is where big bucks are at and they’ll sign these artists who are here one day and gone the next (unless their producer’s for them can keep producing and squeezing more social value out of them). Adri� at the winds of social change, none of these women can reach the depth and raw level of natural character because it’s just not who they ‘are’ anymore. You have to look outside the social matrix completely for that level of impact. And doing that is almost the antithesis of what the social matrix represents; they completely devalue the prospect unless they are turned into the current social ideal. If something is ‘really’ good I’ll know shortly a�er I see it (whether I would want to officially adopt it as a positive bullet). In fact I’ve been able to be such a great armchair A&R rep by calling hundreds of hit songs and recording artists the first time I heard them because I would probably pinpoint it down to relational dynamics and my awareness over the past decade.

Thai-Thai women (not thai-american) can put on a brand name clothing, etc. or add a li�le (SEAsian or Western) social influence and their natural energy will STILL seep through. In order for you to understand your relationship to the natural part of a woman (in an unnatural society) you either have to have already had a lot of sex or (also like me) you should experience natural women themselves in order to FEEL and see your relationship to the natural part of a woman. If you can’t break away right now to experience more natural women and are having difficulty understanding your relationship clearly to the natural part of a woman there’s only one direct solution. Go to and order what I recommend if you don’t have the special bonus package... If you say or ask ‘well I don’t know what the lyrics means’ that further proves the whole issue here and you don’t get it yet. We’re at a deeper level beyond ‘logic’ here so the dumbass who laughs because I don’t understand the lyrics is actually the ACTUAL (socially contrived) dumbass (not that it’s you!..I hope not). I encourage you to also be aware of the ‘bigger picture’ in life instead of seeing just what’s in front of your eyes being handed to you. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY’RE SAYING EITHER and (I’ve been studying thai language for a long time and just need someone to give me more vocab definitions) but the beauty of it all is you don’t have to and I kind of bask that I don’t ‘logically’ understand all the word definitions; it’s what makes it part of an ongoing mystery to me. Words are just a socially contrived function anyway. That’s why social matrix produced songs with an emphasis on lyrics get old FAST (unless they are universally aligned lyrics with a synergistic rhythm and harmony). I’ve been watching Thai VCD’s for years and I’m still learning (and drawing influence/energy) from the female natural energy and my relationship to it and I still only have an idea of what they’re actually ‘saying’. If you’re nowhere near my level of understanding, you’d be�er get cracking if you’re serious about this. Not being in English or instantly socially/logically recognizable allows you to focus on the natural energy which is more important anyways. Oh, ONLY buy VCD’s. These are the music video versions of songs and this is what you want to learn from and pick up; their nonverbal energy and body language (of the women).

Whether you get hooked on thai music at the level I am at all or not is also irrelevant (for you) but I encourage you to learn from the NATURAL and PURE energy (which has not been corrupted) of the women in the music videos. It’s value has been immeasurable on my life to date. Even in consciously derived environments or with choreography, their natural energy is unmistakable and it may take a while for you to discern it but your awareness of it will become stronger through time. What is the benefit of doing this? will fully actualize that natural character and response in a woman (and that part of her) is 100X more important than her social influence. This means that you will be able to recognize (and seduce) women who are higher in natural character. It also means for you (still-limited) guys who ‘just’ want to ‘seduce’ these sexploited women that you will not give her any leeway in her social character and that you will find and cherish her naturally responsive feminine energy (and please her sexually) DISCLAIMER: You MUST look past your initial ‘response’ to these music videos. Just because they’re not Western or MTV or socially approved doesn’t ma�er. I’m the producer here and I know what has potential and what doesn’t for crossover (and I’ll be working on that); the POINT IS you are gaining more awareness of natural energy... both in women and in yourself. I have spent countless hundreds of hours watching and enjoying (primarily Thai) music videos and I still can’t get enough. It is an endless root of strength and balance for me so if the ‘social’ part of you doesn’t approve you are just not ge�ing it. If you turn BACK to MTV you will be forever lost, I’m afraid. You must be aware of this point. So in the music videos (and I dare you to come close to the level of appreciation and respect I have for them), look primarily for the feminine natural energy and ‘feeling it’. Once you are ‘aware’ of it (because it doesn’t exist or rarely does in the social matrix), you will be able to differentiate it and begin to grow in it’s awareness and depth. That’s why you get bored of American-produced videos and just sick of hearing them a�er a dozen or two times...this is a whole different level. A lot of these videos have SFX, etc. but to the discerning character, the natural energy just completely OVERRIDES the social development (sfx). That’s the same energy in any woman (her sexual nature once it reaches a certain point)

that overrides her social inhibitions or conditioning/standards/logic and she HAS to have sex with you. Become one with this natural energy and character...Learn to look for it. Feminine natural energy is what you want to come home to, not the social derisions of a pop tart. Popular music videos are all rooted in consciously developed energy in which the people have lost root of their natural character. It’s the natural energy primarily that causes this to be unlimited because I grew up in the social matrix and promoted it. If you don’t BALANCE OUT, you’ll never reach the level of power or fearlessness that you can have. You don’t have to impress anyone in the social matrix. It’s going back to your natural roots and you ironically have to look OUTSIDE the U.S. to find it. Why? Because we are all human. I’ve known for a decade that I was interested more in ‘foreign’ women than American was their natural energy (and response). That’s the power that will bring you to your knees and empower you as a man. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for THAT power and NOT this socially/economically contrived exploitation. I’m talking about stuff that you can’t even FIND in America or downloadable. Natural (energy) is Universal. And we know that universal is the only good stuff that you can keep watching. Socially derived (or trying to please/fit-in) productions get old. What is timeless is universal (ie. natural) baby. Here’s the discipline if you want the real POWER or have to put this natural influence/energy as priority and you must put social influence (distortion) below it and in it’s RIGHTFUL PLACE. If you don’t, you will never ‘the power’. As tempting as watching Beyonce and others shake their ass is (exploiting their social status and YOU continuing to succumb to it as a powerless ‘response’) without knowing it’s real relationship to the powerful you, you’ll be close to powerless. Real is ‘real’ and mindblowingly real to socially developed people like us (who have magnitudinal power). I’m not talking african-american people who say they’re ‘real’ (if they’re ONLY influenced socially and just being congruent with their social character’s reality) I’m talking the REAL REAL. Pure natural character.

It’s what EVERY man should strive for and edify and desire to live with way beyond the over-rated out of touch social bitches. I hope that J.Lo was purely singing about her natural and independent character when she sang ‘i’m real’ because otherwise she’s a fraud. You have to help women get over their own social distortion ... This is about YOUR power and taking back your power. It’s about taking a different path. Differentiating yourself from the mess by taking a path that may not be ‘socially’ approved, but I think you understand that importance now. If you want to actually be a stimulus to society instead of just a response, you have to follow your own path and then you can have that influence. The more natural (and naturally influenced you are) the more you will see through the B.S. of b.s. social influence and def. the more you will question it’s worth and integrity. One of my perfect examples of natural energy: GAUN MA LI BAHN. Will you feel the natural energy and be overwhelmed by it the first time you see it? No. I can almost guarantee you won’t. There’s too much social clu�er and influence to clear out of your way first. I shed tears of humility literally Every Time I see this music video (amongst a few select others). Why? Because the natural power of it overwhelms me; the raw purity and honesty of character and humbleness. In fact, the women that you probably idolize the most wouldn’t even understand this energy AND THEY ARE WOMEN... so if you’re still been a ‘response’ to them, you might be really far away but let me tell you this: when you can truly ‘feel’ the natural energy that is basically DEVOID of social influence you WILL become a be�er and more humble yet strong man. Women are the ones with intuition (or supposedly) yet socially developed women have lost their own intuition and raw power of judgment because they have become TOO socially influenced. It’s distorted them too much and it’s the sad truth. They’ve been to influenced by social development that led them away from their natural roots. So it’s definitely fair to say that I have stronger intuition than these women because their intuition/judgment has been clouded over by social influence (and expectation) and that I have gained a preternatural level of intuition (which has become me) in my

study of natural energy (which has exceeded men because with natural women before in all of history, men didn’t have to be aware of edify this was just there for and ye shall find). We’re rooting yourself in your pure natural character. By understanding the root of raw feminine natural/sexual energy you WILL grow stronger as a man in your own natural character. Thus you will be closer to sex and attraction-response and seduction with women at all times. You will moreso understand your natural character and your relationship to the part that ma�ers within a will be able to find that part of her and give massively less importance on her socially constructed sexploitation. You will probably even question why you thought so highly of socially sexploited women in the first place once you really experience more natural women themselves. If you’re not from America in the first place you are more than halfway there depending (can I use that word yet!) where you’re from. If you are an American (or Canadian) man or even European who has been influenced by a strong social culture and women who think they’re ‘it girl’ then it’s going to take a li�le more work to fully get a ‘grasp’ on the social matrix and the fact that it has been the ONE thing (well a�er influencing yourself) that has repressed you and confused you. So keep on studying the rest of this eBook and applying relational dynamics to your life. Connect with women and comfortably deal with them in high natural character long enough so that they can get their social blockage aside to realize how much they want to sleep with you (and this is with good girls). In different environments you can let a woman know straight up front your reality of how things are and she can join you or not but this isn’t the place for that discussion. If you don’t get cultural differentiation you may continue to think that you are the root of the problem or that it’s you who are screwed up. No, you do have to be accountable for change and you’re one of the men on the right path. I think there’s a negative karma that’s going to have to hit all to most of these American women for who they have become...all of this overrated exploitation and ‘added value’ is going to come back to hit them in the ass because men will finally realize that these are the women (and the most empowered among them) that they do

NOT want to have relationships with (where they are less than men). Maybe I’m starting a chain reaction here that will lead to that effect...who knows but it’d be a long time coming. It’s time men take their lives back and women will respect them more (short-term) as it’s ‘real’ co-dependent type relationships that are the real challenge. Like I said; I recommend going to a second or third world country and experiencing more natural women in the process of a�raction (of course with respect and adding value to their lives). If you haven’t yet, you have no idea what you’re missing. And watch, feel and see the energy of the women and how different it actually is from socially (matrix) developed women. I’ve been enjoying and studying it for years and li�le did I know how much of a difference it would make in my life and character. If you haven’t experienced other women or were even aware that there actually are NATURAL and RESPONSIVE women out there in the world, you might continue to be less than a man for countless years or your whole life (like others are doing) because they’re not aware of the bigger picture (outside the stimulus of a socially contrived directive influence). When a woman has a baby and is pregnant..she is still who she is. She has her own independent personality, etc. but what is happening is that the natural part of her is taking over. The process of birth is natural (although we have medical technology to help assist). It’s not something she has much control over. What the baby was going to look like was pre-ordained from conception onwards, she can’t do a computer model of what she would like it to look like. The power of nature is strong and it should be respected. But it’s just important for you to be able to differentiate it from the rest of life and the rest of a woman. The process of a�raction (or the ‘mating game’) is also a natural process. Yes it has social influences but it is controlled by our biological nature. This partly means that in order to continue life a woman must at some point in her life be predestined to DESIRE to be a mother and/or to go through the process of procreation itself. It must be a great experience. That’s why sex was created. God had to make sure we had some way to continue our propagation. Freud talks about the subconscious id and the sex drive. Well to me, this is just the natural ‘character’ of a man and a woman. We were pre-programmed to know how to a�ract and mate because by it’s pure nature, it’s biological. In some cases it’s completely beyond our logic control, these desires we have within us to basically continue

life on earth (both in man and his desire to sow seed and women to take in the seed of a high character male). This is why when a female reaches a certain level of a�raction response she is literally paralyzed and has to take the male seed..she HAS TO. This is her biological nature that is taking over and it completely (at this time) overrides ALL socio-logical reasoning (even in the MOST socially developed women once they reach this point). However, in order for a man to get to that point he has to raise her F.A.R.M. from the point he meets her up until that level. For a woman it just takes time to ensure that this man can be trusted and is of good breed himself (or high character). High natural character in a man means the survival of the fi�est and that is what he is representing. He doesn’t have to be the best-looking guy but he has to be a survivor and replicator. What is the peak of natural character in a man? I have to say this; it’s the point where you’re in bed with a woman and there are powers you feel greater than you that are driving you to enter her. When you’re higher in natural character you’ll be ‘closing the deal’ (and she’ll help you) instead of just not knowing what to do. Everytime a new woman is in my bed sex is a done deal because of my high natural character. Before it didn’t use to be like that. This is some of what you have to look forward to and soon! And to her she’ll go crazy. I’ve had problems kicking women out of my place a�er sleeping with them because my natural character was so high that they were stuck in the aura of experience. It’s worth it, you’ll see. That’s Alpha Relational Dynamics. Henry David Thoreau spent a lot of time in nature. I’m the type of person that it’s more of a challenge to synergize with nature (in nature) because I view it objectively and relate it’s components together, etc. It would take some time to really ‘feel’ nature and get back down to your natural roots without interference of consciously developed thought. Another thing you could do to one extreme is study Buddhism. It’s the anti-religion religion. The main purpose is to achieve enlightenment through stripping all influences and distractions away so that you are in the moment and completely aware, grounded in yourself. The goal is to become ‘nothing’ in a sense. While I don’t agree with everything or even much of it, (because Buddha denies meta-

physics) there is something to be learned about the natural energy and grounding in it. I have reached a level myself (without studying Buddhism) where I can sense this energy when it is strong or moderate in others. It was Buddha’s natural energy itself and his charisma that drew crowds of disciples and people 15 centuries ago because his ideas were basically banned in India. Where I immediately don’t agree is that he denies metaphysics. (I think) you cannot find all the answers within Buddhism because it only looks at the independent self. It doesn’t teach or explain your relationship to other obvious things or elements that exist. So from my point of view, the natural energy represented is probably unparalleled (in the men whether it’s ‘alpha’ is debatable because it’s very peaceful) and you can learn from it, however there are no explanations as to the reality of your relationships with everything around you. A lot has been developed since that time as well and (from what I know right now) it offers no explanation of how to interact and we just can’t be naive. Relational Dynamics is about cognition and understanding your relationship to the other elements in life and in specific relationships...applied metaphysics in a way..the explanation of all things. Look at life as a smorgasbord and you can still learn a lot from many different things even if you don’t agree with them completely. Natural Grounding Action Steps: ●Check out the audio portion of the training. ●Travel to a third world country and interact with the people ●Date international women who haven’t been Americanized and revel in their energy/ response ●Watch foreign music videos and differentiate feminine natural energy/character ●Watch and learn from natural energy movies: The LionKing, Cary Grant movies, James Bond movies, Last of the Mohicans, Gladiator, Travolti..(swept away), It’s a Wonderful Life, etc. ●Meditate to select music to ‘return to innocence’ and get in touch with your natural character (see Chapter)

Chapter 51 Trial by Fire
When you really integrate a cognitive relational philosophy into your daily lifestyle so that you are aware of forces of influence and your relationship to them, you will be a much more powerful person. Ideally you’ll let nothing ‘affect’ you without your approval first because you’ll stop that bullet and question it first (see ‘Relational Mapping’). Throughout this eBook there is a lot of leverage and power which will help you grow tremendously in natural and independent character. Use the resources included (if you have the full version of this program) to ground yourself in natural energy and your awareness of it. Study classic American films from before the 1950’s and pick up the natural energy and how comforting those women are. Study the sources of influence included that are from outside the social matrix itself and learn to pick up and sense natural energy/character and feminine response. I encourage you to leave the social matrix and travel to a third world country to further experience nature and natural character (as well as real feminine response). We have to ground you on it and away from the social matrix influence but it will be up to you to make that happen. So get control, shut off the social matrix for a while completely, be proactive and stay involved in this (growing your character). But I want you to do more. You can do even be�er. Diamonds are formed by prolonged exposure of carbon bearing materials to high pressure and temperature. There’s something else I want you to do that you might want to hate me for. I want you to go through a trial by fire to continue your Jedi training. What I mean is to pick one of your greatest fears and face it straight on. Nothing to do with women because by now you shouldn’t fear them at all anyways

(otherwise keep going over Alpha R.D., the exercises and keep meditating THEN approaching). Yes, FACE your greatest fear/s. It could be swimming with sharks, bungee jumping, skydiving, walking on hot coals. I want you to pick something that is personal to you that you have been avoiding and take 100% accountability for your conscious decision to do it. And I want you to have the courage to face it and do NOT back out. Doing this will increase your natural character tremendously and there is a lot of leverage in it. For me, yes I skydived (tandem). I’d been afraid of it my whole life but realized that I just ‘have to’ overcome this fear. Ironically since I KNEW that it HAD to be done, that’s what made me incredibly calm on the way up. They took us up even higher because it was the last flight of the a�ernoon. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” -JFK But the big thing I did which can be called my ‘trial by fire’ is that I joined the U.S. Army for 4 years of active duty. I consciously chose to and I chose Infantry. Through all of the psychological and physically demanding pressure, yes I came out much stronger. And a�er 9/11/2001 on the firing range preparing for anything to happen I came at peace with myself and war/death. I’m not encouraging you to join the military or some kind of system that would put pressure on you. That is fully your 100% decision and there are other ways to rise in natural character even more than understanding relational dynamics and it’s primarily through ‘trial by fire’ or ‘hero’s journey’. You can also schedule exciting or demanding adventures such as going on a survival training course, rappelling, rock climbing, etc. But I really recommend facing and overcoming as many of your fears as possible because you will grow much more in natural character. Unfortunately the Alpha Relational Dynamics program here can’t do this part for you but you have to take things to another level if you want to see even more growth. Do this by making that conscious Independent CHOICE. But do it a�er Relational Mapping! On the more interdependent side, I always wanted to be a youth summer camp counselor. I still plan on doing that one summer of my life.

Find ways throughout your life that will allow your to continuously improve your natural, inner and social character. Keep on learning. All the best movies are about a boy becoming a man. It’s when he ‘man’s up’ and steps into his adult role. No more time for wussiness at all. Women are a�racted to ‘real men’ and even if it means not ending up with an independent woman (because she would repress your character), well, you’re more important. YOU are what ma�ers so ‘go alpha’. The more pressure you go through, the more of a shining diamond you can be. The deeper your foundation and roots, the higher you can grow. I chose to go through Special Forces Selection & Assessment because I knew it would make me stronger in (natural) character. I still haven’t told those stories to anyone. Challenge yourself to clearly grow in character a�er you center yourself in relation to the world the Alpha R.D. Martial Arts are also an excellent area in which to grow in self-discipline (inner character) and also in natural character by facing confrontation, behaving proactively and gaining more courage. There are some other sports as well like kickboxing, boxing, hunting, etc. Alpha R.D. will take you quite a long ways but it’s up to you to take accountability and git’r dun as you see fit.

Chapter 52 Applying Relational Dynamics
Throughout this book I’ve talked o�en about applying relational dynamics to your life. Relational Dynamics applied to your life means that you understand the relational formula and you are aware of other independent sources of influence that may have previously had more power over your actions than you thought. Your goal is to have a full level of independence in which you quickly and consciously choose what bullets of influence you let in in order to maintain a win/win relationship with your environment, other people and other sources of influence. This can very easily be an active and ongoing conscious process. I do recommend you make a habit out of conscious being aware of your relationship to other sources of influence in all things where you might lose your free will. The ‘bullets’ of influence are essentially any source outside of your (independent) self that are trying to influence you. You have the full right to be aware of any person or source and their potential to influence and deciding whether or not to accept that influence. If it’s not a win/win relationship you may have to decline and stand up for yourself to negotiate a win/win relationship. If you know a charge isn’t right on your bill, this means that you will stand up for it and bring a�ention to it in order to resolve the situation to make it transactionally interdependent (a basic win/win exchange relationship). To give you an idea of what you can do with an understanding of Relational Dynamics, check this out again: In case you didn’t know, I was (and still am) a professional Photoshop user/teacher/ graphic designer before I got into this industry. No one taught me any of it either, in fact I taught myself Photoshop for the most part. No one taught me design at all. My understanding of relational dynamics allowed me to ‘deconstruct’ all of the elements and their relationships and to flow on that high level myself a�er a li�le bit of practice.

Had I not had my breakthrough that started ‘’ a year ago, I would probably be the most effective graphic designer in the world today right now. I taught myself how to design effectively in all kinds of fields; movie posters, flyers, montages, brochures, web design, digital scrapbooking, advertising design, you name it. All because of relational dynamics. Because of that I had the leverage to teach my self by re-constructing the elements and synergizing them together a�er differentiating them. h�p://

Awareness alone of the elements involved in anything will put you way ahead of the competition because most people just don’t have a clue. Seek out the elements involved and be cognitive of them; know them instead of being like most everyone else who is ignorant and is easy to sway. Look for the root elements involved in ANY relationship, look at how they relate to each other and see if it’s a synergy or instead a clashing, co-dependency and you’re on the road to solving huge problems or creating masterpieces. I remember being in the #1 marching band in the land my freshman year of college. There was a whole matrix of what looked like chaos to me because I was ignorant. I am talking about Mike Leckrone’s grid for the whole hal�ime show which includes the placement of each band member and their movements at different times. Unfortunately, no one ever taught me what any of it meant so I was le� to try and figure things out on my own. I still never really did see the global picture (here I was part of that co-dependent environment instead of the architect). Same thing in the U.S. Army..they never gave you your relationship to the bigger picture of what was going on and it drove me crazy...I was ignorant. When you can see the big picture and how everything relates you’ll have more power. You can produce troop movements when you’re in the position of power or the architect. You know the relationship of each of the components. I hated ge�ing stuck where I couldn’t know what was going on. That’s why I like military video games; it gives me more control and I can see how everything relates and fits together

Don’t underestimate the power of differentiating the elements. Once you are aware of each independent element and what it takes to produce the most effective result, you can interplace different elements to end up with different highly effective results. In other words, whatever your ‘field’ is, you can rise to the top of it once you apply relational dynamics. Know what the independent elements are and start synergizing them together (or be aware of what works) and take it from there. An hour ago I made up a new drink; the ‘Black Pirate’. I simply replaced the vodka with Rum in a black russian; so I just added kahlua. Then I added a li�le creme de cacao because I felt it should synergize with the Rum and also a dash of Angostura bi�ers because it’s from the Caribbean region as well and voila; a new drink! That’s just with a basic and elemental awareness of the elements. I want to get you thinking like this. The SECRET to great production is to have the best possible elements (and then to be able to synergize them together); all producers know this. That includes cooks (where R.D. elements become ‘ingredients’), bartenders, graphic designers, music producers, filmmakers, architects, fashion designers, video producers, you name it. That’s all it is. So if you’re a pro graphic designer, when you see a kick-ass, beautiful portrait photograph of a woman you know what you can do with it because you already know of the other independent elements that you can synergize it with. If you’re a ladies man and you see a woman who is hot and is giving you ‘the eye’ (natural not pricktease), you know that ‘it’s on’. You can synergize with her in a�raction. If you saw a woman at a waterfall AGES ago of course you would know what to do to seduce her; it’s in your natural character and hers. Now...too much B.S. has clouded your vision and that’s it. Apply Alpha R.D.! When you know the independent parts of a vehicle motor and how it is supposed to operate you can begin looking for deficiencies in the relationship to the other parts of that system and you’ll know what’s wrong and how to fix it instead of remaining ignorant to the real cause (or just hire someone in this case but keep that relationship transactionally interdependent so they don’t screw you over). A fashion designer will take different high quality fabrics and combine them with other fabrics and relational processes such as outlining, cu�ing, sewing and hemming in order to create a final product.

A construction manager will organize all of the parts involved in creating a building by knowing his cra� of all of the relational elements involved and how they are supposed to synergize together. For example a few pieces of 2X4 lumber combined with a handful of nails and a hammer can form a frame for a wall. Add in other elements (and relate them properly) such as sheetrock, insulation, any electrical wiring and paint and you’re producing a wall. So: be AWARE of the elements in your field. Recognize and respect their independence. Know what works the best for that specific field by learning from the best or just breaking apart the relationship of the elements. As a professional graphic designer myself, I’m VERY aware of the independent elements and how to synergize them together. This also means that when you see other people’s works, you’ll KNOW what works and what doesn’t and which is most aligned to the universal elements themselves. Some quirky dis-synergistic piece might only feel like art in the eyes of a few. You want the most success, stick to the elements and synergizing them together so that they complement each other and create a positive result. You can’t build a house on sand because it’s relationship to the sand is that through time it will shi�, collapse, sink or who knows what. With relational dynamics and where you’re at, the shortcut is to just study the absolute best in your field and break apart what they do. You’ll be able to do it when others can’t because you are cognitive of all of the elements or actions and how they fit together. No one even has to ‘teach you’ once you are aware of the elements involved and the best way to synergize them. You will be able to ‘pick up’ things very fast because you’re aware of the elements or ingredients and how they synergistically relate to each other (and how they shouldn’t relate). For applying R.D. myself, I’ve been able to learn new skills I’d say faster than 98% of the population. Relational Dynamics is really just an awareness of the elements involved in any situation, production or interaction. The ideal of anything is always a win/win situation; it’s not where one person has power or takes advantage over another. Instead it’s where they both win. Don’t let other people use you anymore unless you both get a win/win situation. They

should respect you for being independent and you have the right to be independent even around the most powerful people in the world (or most beautiful women). As far as applying R.D., throughout this special eBook there are action steps at the end of several Chapters which will help you immediately applying R.D. The audio program has many exercises as well as the video. Consciously being aware of what other people are saying about you or to you or how they are trying to influence you will provide you with a level of personal power (when you hold that integrity) that you have never experienced before. You will be able to get a lot more out of life, solve problems faster, develop solutions as well as be able to a�ract and handle a�ract beautiful women. In essence, you will be alpha because you have claimed (and now keep) your own power for yourself and you never let others turn you into their puppet. You have the last word on anyone who is negatively trying to influence you or create a co-dependent or coercive relationship. You’re also not afraid to stand up anymore because you’re aligned with powerful universal truth and knowledge (and knowledge that the other person is violating the truth). It’s really about claiming your independence and being aware of your independence and how other sources are trying to influence or relate to you. Cognition and awareness is your strength and through time you will be able to more clearly see what and who is trying to influence you to their advantage without your conscious approval. A big part of gaining your power back (so you have that level of independence of an Alpha, powerful male) is being able to differentiate the powers that have influenced you so far and maintaining control over their further influence. This may mean dropping or controlling sources that have influenced you previously beyond your full control. You may be shocked at how actual li�le control you had in many relationships (ie. with t.v. and radio). You should also be able to differentiate the natural, inner and social characteristics of women and fully understand your relationship to them if you want to be able to a�ract and seduce beautiful women (to give them a win/win experience for both of your pleasure). With the video training, we go through those practical exercises to get you up and running. You can become a rare man of character in a confusing social culture that is overloaded with machine gun bullets of coercive influence but you have power over that because

you have power over yourself; the power of one. You have the ability to choose whether you accept them anymore and HOW you accept them (I recommend retaining your independence and only dealing with those sources for an exchange of positive value or win/win relationship). By taking your power back through applying the exercises in this program, you’ll be able to influence more people than ever before and get much more out of life instead of just le�ing people influence you without your cognition of it. To make your independence even stronger, make sure you have a clear destiny or purpose in life which will strongly guide you forward. This will further a�ract the right people and women into your life for your (and their) benefits (Law of A�raction). Make sure to use the action steps located at the end of Chapters throughout the ebook in further applying Relational Dynamics to your life. I encourage you to be cognitive of your relationship to everything (it can and should become a habit especially when a force subtly tries to influence you without your approval), because if you don’t you will likely slip back into a powerless lifestyle where you will do things that others want you to do without your own approval or awareness. In fact, if you DON’T be conscious of your own independence in social-driven cultures (because the forces of influence are SO strong), by default you will become a end of the line ‘response’ who is being programmed more than you can imagine. You in a way ‘have to’ reclaim your independent awareness back in such a society. When you realize you don’t ‘need’ other people or the type of women that society promotes then you’ll actually stand a chance with them. The Relational Model of A�raction is another study entirely so I barely went into it here but I encourage you to find out more about it if you want to understand how women respond and how to have more direct information on how to succeed with them. As a business owner you should only operate interdependently with people and other sources as well. Everything including the right decisions and answers will become quite clear when you view it through this elemental mindset. You’ll KNOW when an outsourcer or a supplier is trying to screw you over because your pure interdependence will be violated and in your own independent reality of knowledge you will know that you can’t let ANYONE get away with B.S. so you will hold them accountable to your same high standard. You, a�er all ARE independent yourself so when a waitress doesn’t bring back the

change from your $20 bill for one beer, you’ll point it out to her to resolve the situation. Align yourself to the universal principles by keeping your relationship with others a win/win. People will respect you a lot more and you will have undeniable confidence. Power, sex and influence can be yours when you apply relational dynamics to your life and keep only win/win relationships with others; it’s basically that simple. It will also save you a TON of heartache and frustration in life because you’ll stop doing many stupid, powerless things or ge�ing into (co-)dependent relationships. Remember that with women it is a special kind of relationship that is not bought with money, power or gi�s but with your character and her ‘a�raction response’ to your character (see the RMA videos). Understand your relationship to it all and you will be massively effective as a person. You have the tools to design and sculpt your lifestyle of power and influence. You also have the knowledge to be at peace with yourself and thus, affecting your entire physiology. Refuse to be anything but independent in everything you do. If someone tries to coerce you to do something, they’re having power over you. EVERYTHING must run past you for your approval first. GIVE yourself the power, because if you don’t, someone else will and they’ll use or influence you to their advantage. With independence comes responsibility. You’re going to have to ‘step up’ and be accountable for your actions but you’ll be exercising your power and you’ll feel good about it. Ground yourself in natural energy and understand the enemy (the social matrix) so that you can use it to your advantage by only operating win/win with it if you can get some value out of it or exploit it to add ‘good’ to other people’s lives. You have the power to stop the bullets of influence and reject the ones that don’t add real value to your life. You just haven’t exercised this fully yet because you’ve been conditioned to just ‘accept’ whatever comes at you. No longer should you ‘know thyself’, you must also ‘know’ your relationship to other forces of influence so that you can regain and then preserve your true independence and power. You are a man apart, so revel in your strength, pride and humility. Everything can be broken down to the elements and that’s why R.D. is so effective. We’re dealing with the root issues of influence and pu�ing them into proper alignment. Essentially it’s not that difficult of a process once you clearly understand that

you deserve your true independence and it’s yours for the taking. Some examples of Relational Dynamics. For example, watch the live music video of U2’s (Pride) In the Name of Love. When you understand relational dynamics and can see the world through the basic elements you’ll realize what’s going on. 4 guys are having an unlimited influence of adding positive value. They are onstage led by Bono being the pure stimulus and the entire stadium is the response. Talking about it doesn’t do it justice because it’s an experience, but being able to just be aware of the elemental dynamics of the reality of what’s going on will liberate you. It will give you power. And once you understand that you will begin to to ‘feel’ what it’s like to be at that level of power and influence. You start to BE fearless Look at the beginning of Time ‘Ma li bahn bahn’ or the beginning of U2’s ‘With or Without You’ music videos (launchcast on yahoo). This is humble, natural, yet high character. MOST influences are go�en across in the form of an independent production (ie. commercials, music videos, songs, movies, products, etc.) but other influence gets across in the forms Going back into your acquired habits and becoming a ‘response’ to beauty and all of the stimuli out there will keep you powerlessly WEAK. Go through the entire program and apply the audio and video training to your life and you’ll notice immediate and leveraged changes. Notes: Every song you hear is a synergy. METALLICA. Awesome case study of relational dynamics. If someone claims something as ‘fact’ who is quite opinionated be wary and get a second opinion unless you know that they are aligned to universal principles. This is why I rarely if ever ‘stupid’ things, have ethnic outbursts like some people do or welcome negative karma. Cherish and edify a woman’s natural/sexual character. This does NOT mean cherishing her socially exploited sexuality which she is representing.

Living with a cat is like living with an (independent) adult and living with a dog is like living a kid under the age of 18 (because of their dependency and response). Being a parent is a dependent relationship with your kids.// Movers and shakers are independent. They represent. They are the ones people look up to. Every day I wake up when I want. That my friend is Independent control over my reality.

Chapter 53 How to Get Over an Ex
Relational Dynamics. First you have to look at the elements. Who is she? I’m talking what level her 3 characteristics represent at? Most likely she had the 51% edge in the relationship or you wouldn’t be thinking about her anymore habitually. It’s nice to look back upon the good points of a relationship but generally, the one who does the thinking about the other partner the most, that’s the one who doesn’t control the relationship. In the way of a�raction, a woman has power and choice in this aspect; she is the one who chooses and if she doesn’t ‘feel anything’ for you (contracts aside) she will move on to someone she can ‘feel something for’ (or who she can act like she’s feeling for if he has lots of money if she’s a gold-digger). I have a good friend who keeps talking about his ex. Why? To keep a story shorter, she keeps telling him she loves him and then goes out to party with her girls in the clubs, etc. and calls him at odd hours with other voices in the background. Without knowing it she’s pulling his strings. She may actually love him when the only relationship is her and him; stimulus-response...but enter social influence and everything is thrown off track. She can dress sexy and go out and get free drinks and a�ention from all kinds of guys, why not? I mean it’s being offered to her. Li�le does she know that she grew up away from what he fell in love with her in the first place for; her natural character. If American (and other) men could just wake up and realize that these women are actually dangerous for your relationship health, maybe they would stop edifying the part of them that doesn’t deserve it. He’s still in love with her old self; the natural woman he met who was responsive to him. She’s from another country so she actually had traditional values and natural energy and then basically she got corrupted by the social matrix (how else is there to say it?). So to ‘get over’ an Ex, use relational dynamics. Understand that the only way (besides a contract busting at the seams) to keep a relationship is for one partner to ‘lead’ and

the other to follow (usually man woman but now sometimes aphrodite woman - wussy man). Countless marriages the man will just say ‘go ahead honey’ and continue his own path to repression. His character drops as she fulfills her independent desires but feels empty because he’s not being a man. Li�le does she know that her social development disallows her from holding the relationship ideal that she was also taught. It’s near impossible. If she met her match (ie. a man like me), she would be a�racted to him but it couldn’t last because her social development has grown too much, she has too many demands and has become too much like a man. Ok, so going back to ‘how to get over an ex’ if this is you (or you’re counseling), look at who she is. Most likely she is one of these women who society has allowed to ‘develop’. She was given opportunities (and that’s great because she ended up in a culture that ‘let’ her) and became this ‘wonderful’ woman who positive a�ributes ‘apparently’ still overwhelm the reality that the man is still hung up on INSTEAD OF the relational reality and his own character/freedom. To get over any girl in your past or who you’ve just broken up with but just somehow keep going back to; apply relational dynamics. It CANNOT work if you put and keep her as the stimulus in the relationship. I’m talking about your own male repression. Do NOT make it a co-dependency. Remember how independent you actually are and that co-dependencies are dangerous and don’t work out DESPITE the emotional (or historical) a�achment you have to her. See it in the eyes of interdependence and knowing that you both had your disagreements and couldn’t work things out, there’s no chance for a win/win situation/relationship, therefore you will retain your independence and move on. And you’ll let her retain her (obvious) independence and move on.

Here’s the one thing that’s different and I have to bring it up; masturbation. Why? Freud references it in our inner conscious and subconscious desires. It’s a part of us and the driving force of our natural character. In a sense, nature is stronger than our own logic (that’s how you can bed women when you override their logic) and hence it is a part of us that CAN overpower our own developed logic (that’s how corporations make billions, by exploiting it).

Because it is a part of our own innate nature, it can be looked at a li�le differently (hence the RMA charts). In other words, you were born with a sex drive and to know how to go through (innately) the mating process (and so were women). You weren’t born to ‘take on’ these socially derived and produced dependencies. Cigare�es and beer are NOT a part of your innate nature. Therefore you have your own independence and power over them because they are separate independent elements. You can only CHOOSE to let them in. Differentiate yourself from it by seeing yourself as purely independent (and knowing it because you ARE) and viewing the object of your conditioned response APART because it IS a separate and independent element. Then ask yourself if you really ‘need’ it. No, of course not as you don’t ‘need’ anything because you are independent and only operate in win/win situations which will add value to your life. But even keep that as an interdependency. Keep it win/win. Your dick doesn’t have control over you, you have control over it (except when you reach a synergistic point of interdependence with a woman it’s going to go where it’s going to go and she wants it to but that’s because you’re at a high character and interdependent in the first place, not rape).

Chapter 54 R.D. for Relationship Counseling
Another distinct advantage of understanding relational dynamics is you will actually be able to give uncertified yet qualified and real advice to someone when it comes to relationship counseling. I have seen both men and women take on characteristics of the other sex. I’ve given advice to women and I’ve empathized with men; primarily because of the role reversal/change in relationship dynamics. But when it comes to dispensing advice, when you are aligned with the root behavioral elements (including a�raction), you can judge and gauge a situation properly. You will be able to tell a guy or girlfriend whether they should break it off with a person they are seeing. Plus you’ll have the leverage to be able to help them get out of that situation. Perfect example. I have a new friend who continues to let his X girlfriend drag him along. She tells him she loves him one day and the next day is out in the socially distorted club environment a�racting a�ention from other guys. I don’t doubt that she did love him but this further proves my point of social influence. When she gets in that kind of response environment she becomes a stimulus by default so she can get a�ention and social status from other people. This destroys everything natural about not just her but countless women who do the same thing (for at least during that time period). She was a beautiful woman who used to be innocent and came to America and now has her own ideas of how things work. Of course he should drop her but he keeps hanging on for the emotional rollercoaster ride of her pulling him along. But listen to the words he’s saying “she made me like this” “I’m like this because of her”...these are words of: you guessed it ‘co-dependency’. He is not acting independent and neither is she but it’s up to him to let her go. So how do you overcome the level of emotion and drama when you’re involved in a relationship as such? Well, fortunately the power of logic and conscious ‘yes I should break it

off’ isn’t alone. It IS backed up by the leverage of universal principles themselves. So if you want to be an effective relationship counselor (for singles) you would encourage that person to ‘see’ exactly what is going on. Explain what’s going on and that it isn’t ever going to work out. Fast forward the pain you’re experiencing and the negative feelings now into the future and think how it’s going to be. Tell them how predictable the cycle is (which I told him the first time we talked about it). It will be up to them to accept the change of moving on but you’re not really ‘losing them’ if it was interdependent in the first place. In business, you take suppliers and you can switch to different suppliers with li�le hurt feelings at all. Am I saying that relationships shouldn’t be emotional? No, that’s a beauty of it but if you want a healthy life you’ll know when someone (or you) has been behaving less than independently. Look at these love song lyrics that make me sick to the stomach; “I’d die for you” “I need you”. No, you’re independent. They are too if they’re an adult. You don’t need anyone (as harsh as it may sound but remember we’re not on that level of most people intellectually anymore). Even for women, you can move on and find love’re not ‘stuck’ with someone just because you have an emotional codependent relationship. Be aware of what’s going on and let that person know what’s going on and they’ll probably agree with you because it is the right thing to do and does make sense. You’ll just have to use some more leverage and then have them make a commitment to officially move on from that point by not contacting that person again. There’s no pain of loss when they came frame the relationship interdependently (the only way it would work anyways). So with my friend at the point of this writing, he’s still too a�ached emotionally so I’m going to have to go over and do some more consulting/talking with him. If you can be a problem solver like this, you can prevent future strife and by offering good counsel to people (even up the social chain) you will be able to get further in life as well as raise your own karma and social networks. Yes, relational dynamics can be used to diagnose relationships. Am I talking about marriage counseling here? No.

The one thing that gets in the way their is the social development of the woman so everything becomes a difference of opinions, tastes and personalities because it’s all on the socio-logical level. When a man chooses and empowered woman who has her own set of demands and expectations, he’s going to have to live with that additional drama and baggage even though she is fascinating and intelligent on her good side. Dealing with the root behavioral characteristics and knowing the relationship between men and women will help you deal with a lot of issues and problems. Dealing with impure relational elements such as a woman’s massive inner development (which never was natural compared to men’s) and her socially leveraged character are just things that get in the way and cloud the picture; ‘what do I do if she says this or acts like this?’ With Alpha R.D. in the rest of the program, you should be able to see the root of all action that defines anything she says. Who knows, you may dispense more accurate advice than most relationship counselors out there (as well ;)! Does it solve every problem? No, because if you choose an inner character ‘alpha’ woman like a Hillary for President, then you’re going to deal with the behavior that comes from that and your relationship to it. That’s why short-term and drama-free relationships framed by you are o�en a good choice for win/win value.

Chapter 55 R.D. Applied for Business Success
Interdependence is HOW business is done. A-1 is how STEAK is done. (That’s interdependence to). If there are failures of any kind in business it means one independent source (or more) have stopped pulling their full weight. I have countless examples of this because I’m a business owner myself. Let me say this; EVERY single supplier, shipper, outsourcer or source has failed me at least once. All of them have. Fortunately, they don’t do it too o�en or it would be a dependency and that is completely unacceptable. When you are fully independent and take full responsibility for your work you actually get more work done and are proud of it. You also expect others to uphold the same standard as you do. You deliver and you expect others to as well and you don’t have a problem doing so because of your commitment to win/win or transactional exchange. It will be CLEAR to you when others aren’t pulling their weight and if you’re a business owner you will be aware of the SMALLEST representation of a failure as long as it’s in front of you. Even in corporate America, managers go through this all the time. In fact the greatest challenge is o�en just ge�ing everyone to pull their own weight. My father is still a construction manager and he says it’s like an ‘adult day care’. Especially working with some union workers who have an entitlement mentality (that’s my words although they’re not all like that). Entrepreneur’s HAVE TO BE independent and accountable. If you’re not aware as a manager (or producer) of each person’s independent tasks and abilities they could be using you just to milk money from you without ge�ing any real work done or doing an improper sub-standard job. As manager, contractor or producer you MUST know the expectations of each independent team member in relation to the overall project (or at least have someone else making sure for you).

HIRE independent, proven go-ge�ers if at all possible. If you feel any draining energy on their part, your gut instinct is probably correct. It’s be�er to turn people down until you can find the right person instead of having all kinds of people keep screwing up (or not caring) the same project. The greatest challenge of any manager or producer is running the tightest interdependent (relationship) production/team as possible. This means ideally keeping everyone at a full and independent operational level (of skill-competent people). This is why I will let people know in establishments if they are taking an lazy, unaccountable, co-dependent a�itude towards everything (ie. “it’s the bosses fault”). I will let them know because if I were in their shoes it would all be ‘squared away’. I deliver results and I expect others to. I uphold people not to an unfair standard of quality but when they violate the basics of interdependence itself (such as not bringing the food out a�er taking an order, going on breaks taking their time when the line is a mile long, etc.) I’m not afraid to let them know. For you it will be more clear when you are fully independent and reframe your lifestyle only as interdependent wherever possible. If you’re an entrepreneur you probably already know what I’m talking about and there is no room for performance-lacking co-dependencies. You expect your suppliers and system providers to uphold their independent end of the deal because if they don’t, it slows everything down. It’s difficult to get teams to get much done when the teams are compromised of bureaucratic, lazy, unaccountable people who don’t take responsibility or care. Entitlement mentality also reeks of dependency. Give me this this this and that and then I might think about ge�ing some work done for you. So many people have become lazy and because they are not at full independence themselves and accountable, they choose to RELATE to others in a co-dependent fashion as such and it really hinders the effectiveness of business that could be done REALLY fast by competent, independent professionals. You will be a be�er President, manager or producer by understanding and applying relational dynamics for win/win ONLY. I don’t have to tell you about your own specific (socially developed) skillset; that’s unique to your situation. You just have to keep the components working as synergistically together as possible to complete the task.

People won’t get away with B.S. because you’d see it from a mile away. You’ll uphold others to the standard you expect with the universal leverage to back your character up. The entire team will be more efficient and respectful of you provided you give them the independent respect and nurture an interdependent win/win environment. I’m not dependent on others. I’ve closed to eradicated ALL dependencies from my life (food and shelter I’ve reframed as transactional with earth or resources). If someone says “Oh, I can make you a star/I have all the right connections/Let me finance your next thing” (which has been literally said to me) it doesn’t throw off the truth of what I know about my independence and value when those sources ‘fail’ or lower their independence and don’t commit (remember, I’m ok with it all because it’s NOT a dependency). Nothing can change or shake it because I have true faith in myself and that I will be a multi-millionaire someday (level of freedom). You should have this level of faith in yourself and the value you have to bring to the table. Take care of yourself and BE the best and through time (and proactive effort and making connections, etc.) your vision will come true but don’t EVER doubt it. Know what your destiny is. It should be summed up in a single sentence if at all possible. I know what mine is. It’s not about ‘me’ per se, it’s about ge�ing the value out that I have to positively influence other’s lives (chaos theory). That’s the meaning of life or as close to it as real. In fact, I’m SO independent that I just have to get out there more amongst other independent and powerful people (which I haven’t done in a while) and then high-level interdependence will happen. Just as an example, get me in the v.i.p. with sco� storch or diddy and see what comes out of it. I’ll be doing things on this level but I’m not in that much of a hurry. So for you, when you are super-independent and can represent the value you have to offer and speak for it; then it’s just ge�ing around other high level independent (influential) people, le�ing them feel your independence, respect and vision and then taking it from there. You’ll be able to operate on the same respect level with anyone on earth and aren’t thrown off by their level of social status or power when you apply relational mapping; you are ‘one’ and only work transactional or win/win in business. This is simply how you become a powerful negotiator as well. You’ll have the guts to

stick to your standards and work on a fair deal without them ‘pressuring’ you or having a different type of relationship ‘over’ you. This will help you in all areas of your life and even daily doings. Don’t take a deal where someone basically ‘buys you out’ unless you want to be. Always retain your independence (in negotiation). They’ll respect you more for being independent but you should be that guy who really backs it up; which proves our point.. just make sure you ARE and know it and are congruent with it. Let’s look at the elements some more. There is ‘sense’ in everything by the relational numbers. Even thoughts themselves are transmi�ed to words or action to be dealt with in SOME kind of relationship with others; whether it’s influential, transactional, inspirational or disempowering, etc. Learn to see relational dynamics in everything and it will help you understand the world. Such as “Text messaging is exploding, with 25 billion messages sent each month.” in an article about China on Look at it. Can you see the independence in it? Say you’re in Beijing and a text message is independently sent from the new friend you’re with to another friend to meet up that night. Well that is just one of the 25 billion messages sent that month. But the point is that you can start to get a handle on what’s going on. Everytime that happens constitutes one of those 25 billion messages because they’re just SMS’ing a friend or’s now not just some random number or statistic that seems out of reach; you understand the concept of what’s going on. That is the logic; relational dynamics. It IS the structure out of random chaos if you don’t understand it. Look at a NYC sidewalk at lunch hour. Countless thousands of independent people going to their own independent destination. Look at business which ‘interdepends’ on and utility companies working with millions of customers and each has a (interdependent: transactional relationship) connection just like you. This ability to look at anything through the eyes of relational dynamics will allow you to see the trees from the forest and also the forest from the trees. It gives YOU power and it helps you understand the world much faster and much easier. And any source that denies (transactional) interdependence you will be able to clearly

see and negotiate or work with them to resolve your situation because there is no monopoly (shouldn’t be!) in a consumer society. Recently I have seen steps taken by big corporations to pad their pockets to the disempowerment of the consumer. How am I aware of this? Oh, I’m aware esp. because of relational dynamics; I’m aware of anything that would throw off our win/win transactional agreement and if it sways more towards their favor and less in mine (even incrementally), I am aware. And you should be too. For example, I’m not the only one but Chase is taking over about all of my former credit cards and banks. They’re slowing ‘taking over’. I don’t have to get into conspiracy theory or anything but the fact that I’ve never been late on a payment and have a flawless credit card history (despite high balances at times) over the past 8 years and I’m now stuck at 30%+ interest rates just isn’t right. It makes me sick because it’s not good debt, it’s bad debt (mostly invested into my business). Although the relationship involves independent elements (me and the bank), that is NOT true interdependence; that’s barely transactional anymore. That’s leaning towards the exploitation and social control over people’s independent realities and that’s why I’m paying off these (business) debts and fast to reframe my financial relationship VERY differently to use even more credit leverage to my advantage. Check your credit card statements and see what kind of ‘under the radar’ stuff is going on. It’s probably a repressive relationship where you would have tremendous power if you get truly be in a win/win relationship there instead (debt-free and open credit). Then they would be callin you in to open new lines of credit and MUCH lower interest rates, etc. because you have independence (and thus, power). Then you have leverage to negotiate on your terms if you choose. If you’re an entrepreneur just check on how your suppliers are ‘somehow’ finding ways to charge you more money without your direct knowledge. It’s happening and you should be aware of it. You see how important financial independence is? Freeing yourself from all co-dependencies? I can’t even represent the importance of this and the level of power it brings. It’s been my second biggest goal for about a decade. It brings massive freedom. It’s not about higher social status rooted in a social culture that would trigger that in the first place; it’s about true freedom and independence. It’s more power to ‘operate’ and add

more value in the world. But with the banks, first you must have the mindset of pure independence to know that what’s going on and ‘their’ making up interest rates and ‘control’ (out of pure transactional balance) isn’t right. And you’ll know it’s time to take power back for yourself. Unfortunately these large companies are pigeonholing millions of Americans right where they want them; into higher interest rates and debt that is VERY difficult to get out of (esp. with a mortgage) when you’re stuck in the rat race of the traditional/corporate job system. Keep your relationship with credit a win/win instead of a co-dependency and you’ll be fine. Have the independent integrity to never miss a payment and pay off balances if at all possible. It’s important to talk a li�le more about our relationship to money. The idea that you have to go to school, get an education and work for a company is all just social programming in the first place itself. In the early 19th century, most people were business owners who worked interdependently with others. Entrepreneurs, like myself HAVE to be accountable and independent so we can work interdependently with customers and others to add value to their lives. But looking at your relationship to money. What kind of relationship is it? I mean what would you REALLY do if you financially independent? Would you think twice about continuing the habits of working wherever you are? Are you living just to make money? What if you could just take money out of the equation entirely; meaning that it would all be ‘handled’. That is one way to find out more of who you really are pre�y fast. True independence would be that you wouldn’t be co-dependent on ‘working’ for a living...resources would be there for you to completely break off any kind of relationship where you ‘have to’ work just to make money. It truly is another level of thinking. Someone once said, “Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you freedom and freedom is everything.” Think about the rare people who live like this, where money doesn’t get in their way.

So many wealthy people are worse off if they are leveraged with liabilities. I challenge you to see it pure and simple; if you’re going to be debt-free and financially free, be aware that you have a high level of independence and freedom. Don’t just get confused of ‘having a lot of money’. Read the Rich Dad series and you’ll understand it more. View it as an ultimate goal; financial independence because on top of living an independent state of mind, you will be very free and very powerful. You won’t be limited by work anymore. Is this the place to learn how to go financially free? No but just view it as an ultimate form of independence, a higher form of pure independence. Most people are just living social responses, influenced by all kinds of forces and they are just swaying around like sailboats waiting for whatever wind of change carries them along next. They’ll o�en just work for a living because that’s what they were taught. There are a few others however who have a specific destination and goals. These are the ships that are much more likely to end up going where they want to go. They are independent and self-directed. Apply R.D. to business by only accepting win/win relationships with others. Uphold them to their standards and you can synergize to achieve a lot more. Financial independence will take your own independence to a MUCH higher level because you won’t be co-dependent on much of the other things in your life (like a j.o.b.b.) - so I recommend going for it.

Chapter 56 How to Quit Smoking or Overcome Dependencies
Relational Dynamics and Relational Mapping. That’s the answer in which you can overcome any dependency. All you have to do is take 100% conscious accountability for your actions and differentiate yourself from the other independent ‘power’. Then look at the elements that are involved. Put a cigare�e or beer can in front of you and realize that it is also a 100% independent element. You can even look at the ingredients and do research on where they came from. You can replace the social matrix (stimulus) with your stimulus and sever the umbilical cord of being a response or ‘needing’ it.

Here are some affirmations that you can say that will help you realize how much power you have and that you CAN quit:

“I am independent. Only I can choose to drink this drink. I have power. I have self-control. The beer is a beer. This substance is independent and away from me, it cannot possibly control me as long as I choose not to take it. Since I only have win/win relationships with anything in my life, I’m going to modify my use of this substance and take conscious control over when and how much I choose to have. I am taking complete accountability and stepping aside from a habit of dependency. I choose win/win relationships and if there is no way that I can get value out of this (damaging habit), then I quit. My conviction to live the truth and have power for myself overrules the habits of my lack of true self-control in the past by forming it into a dependency in the first place.” For more serious situations, your body has adapted physiologically as a response to the stimulus of ie. the cigare�e. Once again, the only true and permanent solution is applying relational dynamics. If you can get value out of it and keep it interdependent, fine otherwise quit. Here though, it will either require more leverage or more of a drawn out process (for weaker minded folks or stronger dependencies). I’ll admit Tony Robbins has a great technique as well but this isn’t what I teach. His technique (which is quite effective) is to put as much pain as you can and associate it to the action of smoking. In one case he had a guy smoke so much that he got sick of it, right during the session. “When the pain is great enough to change you’ll make the change.” Even in that case you’re looking at influence. If you smoke long enough it will influence your lungs to turn black. Or ‘how will this influence my long-term health?’ ‘how much time am I taking off of my life with each pack of smokes?’ Just view each of the elements involved clearly. Separate them and gain cognition. You are more powerful than the pack of cigs and you’re taking your power back, that’s it. You’re not going to let a pack of cig’s control you.

My relationship to alcohol has always been an interdependency. Sure it may ‘influence’ me but it’s a positive synergy. Not ironically, when you’re aware of your own independence and that you’re consciously ‘choosing’ to have another interdependent brewskie you actually DO have more self-control and relational awareness as compared to someone who treat’s it as a dependency (aka. the beer has power over me and my decision-making at all times). I consciously chose to start drinking in order to ‘open up’ and I used it synergistically in a win/win relationship to that effective end back in college. I never caved in to peer pressure of ‘substances’ throughout school. In overcoming any dependency, what you’ll want to do is look at it through ‘relational dynamics’. Isolate the elements, look at each element and it’s characteristics. You vs. a cigare�e You vs. a beer I personally have chosen to consciously rid of all dependencies from my life. This would be another ultimate goal of yours through this program to apply to your life. In fact, you have so much power that INDEED you DO have control over what you choose to let into your life. The next cigare�e, the beer, the whatever, if it’s a dependency then get dependency out of your life. Ask yourself if you really want to quit or if you want to stop the dependency. Now here’s the thing, so many people will not be able to have the personal power to be able to differentiate between a dependency and an interdependency. Basically, a dependency is “I have to have it and right now.” And then taking the action. And interdependency is where it’s a conscious choice and you have control over your actions, ie. “I enjoy it but not right now because I have power over it and in fact I’m going to cut down quite a bit. I take full responsibility for the outcome whatever may happen.” Be conscious ‘every’ time that you take a drink or that you consciously choose not to when the urge hits you. It’s all about living a lifestyle of self-control and power. When you make it a habit of having control over your choices and actions, then you will be able to apply yourself to much more demanding or greater things in the future.

Any producer who says they have a drug or alcohol dependency I think is lying (or just not being accountable). They live their life through interdependence; it’s how they make tremendous money. To me, it’s can’t get it through me because I’m the male B.S. detector (you’ll become it too). You can say you’ve struggled with it but that’s still not taking full accountability. Even celebrities will say things which basically lead you to believe that the alcohol is overruling their decision. B.S. It’s complete B.S. if they’re a producer especially. A producer is someone who takes full accountability and does it habitually. He HAS to. So don’t even try to place the ‘blame’ on the ‘substance’ because it isn’t above you.. you’re above it. Heck, humans created most of these substances which proves we’re above it. And we all have conscious CHOICE whether to let that influence in or not. THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU You can stop ANY dependency by applying relational dynamics and accepting full independent accountability. Just to the same exercise (in the videos) of differentiating yourself from the social matrix by moving yourself from response to the stimulus to independent ‘control’. People are just being weak-minded, unaccountable and powerless in ‘le�ing’ things happen to them. Know in your independence that you have full accountability and full responsibility for the choice that you make. Powerful people TAKE accountability. That beer didn’t just somehow slide down your throat on it’s own accord, trust me. The cigare�e can’t jump into your mouth and light itself. If anything, by investing in this program you’re probably someone who CAN differentiate between a dependency and an interdependency but take accountability for yourself. If you feel you can’t just ‘quit’ cold turkey (and you can actually), then work towards making it a win/win relationship where you limit and moderate yourself and resist the ‘response’ you think you ‘need’. You don’t need anything just take control and keep things win/win. In the future I’m going to teach applying relational dynamics to overcome all social anxiety such as fear of speaking. I’ve been in Toastmasters and there is still the anxiety.

Well, with Alpha R.D. coming up...I predict I’ll be breaking new ground that has never been broken before. I’ll be able to take a student and work with him in relational mapping to understand his relationship; he’s the stimulus, they are the response, etc. for massive change there. Hmm..maybe some money to be made there as it’s supposedly the #1 fear of people. It’s easy to see why; we’re all so caring and ‘careful’ about what others think. We don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ because we’ve been repressed and conditioned our whole lives. Anyways, these diagrams are priceless so apply them.

Chapter 57 Your Newfound Alpha Power
This is a powerful thing; when you feel yourself ‘growing’ in character and your physiology itself changes. You’ll find that women will start noticing you more and that they will become more responsive than ever. You worked for it (and will continue to) so enjoy it. It’s a liberating feeling knowing that millions of women around the world want what you have. Now, just apply yourself by continuing to grow and ge�ing out there and making connections with women. The rest of the Model Magnet training will definitely get you there. Here’s a recap of some of what we have learned: Consciously choose your influences and if someone or some source is trying to influence you, be consciously aware of it and make sure you retain your full independence (to keep that source of influence independent itself instead of trying to repress your independence by your disacknowledgement of it). Why would you lose your own center, your own energy and drop your character (independence) for ANYONE? They don’t respect you as an equal if you do. With women you have to at least be ‘equal’. You as a man are the stimulus in the realm of a�raction and the mating game. It doesn’t work the other way despite the brainwashing of society (which is socio-LOGICAL). Notice how you’re comfortable when you’re having sex? That’s because it’s ‘natural’... the process is natural. So when you objectify a woman’s (socially exploited) sexuality and give it so much value like society has taught you, you end up being nervous around her because you’re relationship in your mind is that she is WAY above you and you would do anything just to get close to an internal fantasy of yours. You’ll find that the higher in natural character you become the easier it will be to take women to sex because your biological nature is overwhelming desiring to sow more seeds and it will guide you in taking the right actions. This is why pick-up lines aren’t

necessary when dealing with natural success with women. If you have social anxiety (once again R.D. is the solution) around women; this is a problem for you because you’re ‘dependent’ on what others think or what she thinks. It’s difficult to be interdependent (ie. having SEX) with a woman when you are less than independent in the first place around her (character drops) or you’re just ‘low’ in character to begin with. That’s why so many men are still virgins..they care about what society thinks and what the women think..they’ve become co-dependent on it and have lost their own true independence in which case they’d be fine. The guys who are ‘scoring’ the most, don’t care what society thinks; they keep their power for themselves. You have to be independent (so she can trust you) in order to go through the interdependent process of sexual communication, flirtation and sex with a woman..otherwise it’s fools mate. It may happen now and again but not very o�en (and when it does your natural character rose ‘enough’ for her to go through with the natural response part on her end, ie. once you start making out, etc.). Your goal should be to be NIS Alpha...truly independent and competent in each of the three areas of your character and to stay there at all times (especially when around beautiful women). Then, everything becomes smooth and easier so that all you have to do (like me) is build enough history with a (any) woman in order for her to justify having sex with you. Becoming Alpha is the path. So to raise your natural character I talk about that in the Character Continuum, but that is what will get you at full Independence. Then you don’t have to ‘try’ lines or anything with women, you just ‘be’ and all you have to do is make new connections with women (fearlessly of course because you will be/are) and build enough rapport with them because a�raction on your part is already taken care of by being high in natural character (what we’re doing here). Well that doesn’t ma�er anymore because you’re INDEPENDENT and you only operate interdependently with them. They can’t ever lower their perception of you because you never give your power away for anyone. Applying Relational Mapping, you will be CLEARLY aware of when people are trying to ‘use’ you. You will be justifiably skeptical for things that sound too good to be true. You will be able to see through to the actual truth of just about anything by understanding Relational Dynamics and probing further. ‘Going Alpha’ also means that your physiology and nonverbal body language will

CHANGE from the inside out. You will find yourself becoming a much stronger man by applying the leverage of Relational Dynamics( and then doing other things such as grounding yourself in natural energy and going through trials by fire) that will further that growth. Regaining your power and being able to be comfortable in your own skin and having the ability to make women melt when they see your character is priceless. Sex itself becomes be�er and you don’t even have to learn any fancy techniques because sex is always best for women with a man of high natural (alpha) character. Remember that when you connect with women you are looking for their natural character.

With enough practice in differentiating (from photos, videos, internet and ‘live’) you will be able to reach a level of intuition where you can actually SEE the ‘real’ inner girl inside despite her social character.

You can even compliment her on it because you’ll be doing it from the powerful frame.

They have to be able to ‘trust’ you first to ‘be yourself’ and you are when you are high in natural character and keep your power for yourself. Ultimately look for the goodness and feminine nature of women and play with that part of them. That’s what the greatest seducer’s do. Everything else has just go�en in the way for both of you but you know where you stand so you can cut right through it all even before PRE-GAME. Life ISN’T a spectator sport, so get involved and exchange interdependent (win/win) value from other sources and people. The most powerful are those that have the most interdependent connections. Start making them! Make connections with women and subtly showcase your true colors and value by being that man of high character to begin with and then giving her clues that lead into figuring you out more. You are more fearless, more proud yet more humble, more centered, and lacking in insecurities. Keep on growing!


(not in any particular order)

Relational Formula Relational Dynamics Relational Model of A�raction Dependence Independence Interdependence Synergy Transactional Interdependence Transformational Interdependence Co-dependency Antilogy A�raction Character Character Continuum F.A.R.M. Cognition Ignorance

Chaos Theory de oppresso liber Power Influence Elements Forced Reality Universal Elemental Trial by Fire Perception Extrapolation Judging Indifference The Social Matrix Natural Character Inner Character Social Character NIS Alpha Alpha Male Deconstruction Cause - Effect

Differentiation Causality Free Will Cultural Differentiation S.O.N.A.R.R. Sexual Transmutation Production Habits Effectiveness Duality Destiny Fate Stimulus - Response Supplication Wussboy

I’m not going to go over these although I will reference some of them throughout the program, I just wanted to include them here for your reference. Some of these are taken from the online Karma Karma is the belief held by some major religions that a person’s actions cause certain effects in the current life and/or in future incarnations, positively or negatively. A�ribution

A�ribution theory is the theory concerning how people explain individual occurrences of causation. A�ribution can be external (assigning causality to an outside agent or force - claiming that some outside thing motivated the event) or internal (assigning causality to factors within the person - taking personal responsibility or accountability for one’s actions and claiming that the person was directly responsible for the event). Taking causation one step further, the type of a�ribution a person provides influences their future behavior. The intention behind the cause or the effect can be covered by the subject of action (philosophy). Aristotle In Metaphysics and Posterior Analytics, Aristotle stated: “All causes of things are beginnings; that we have scientific knowledge when we know the cause; that to know a thing’s existence is to know the reason why it is”. With this, he set the guidelines for all the subsequent causal theories by specifying the number, nature, principles, elements, varieties, order of causes as well as the modes of causation. metaphysics n : the philosophical study of being and knowing Relational Formula Consists of Dependence, Independence, and Interdependence. Essentially defines the context of all elements and/or their relation to each other. Relational Dynamics Cognition of the elements involved in any situation or relationship and how they affect the outcome, result or behavior. Can be re-applied for an intended pure power effect or result Relational Model of A�raction The special mating relationship of stimulus-response between a man and a woman involving the extrapolation and idealization of natural, inner, and social characteristics. Female will only allow sex when she reaches a certain level of response to the tri-characteristic representation of a male.

Dependence n: the state of relying on or needing someone or something for aid, support, or the like Independence n: freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others Interdependence n : a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups). can consist of win/lose, lose/win, win/win, transactional and transformational types of interdependence Synergy The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects Transactional Interdependence a basic level of exchange between two independent parties ie. paying for dinner at mcdonald’s Transformational Interdependence a win/win type of relationship the empowers or improves one or both parties involved Co-dependency Mutually dependent. Antilogy a contradiction in terms or ideas A�raction the quality of arousing interest; being a�ractive or something that a�racts; A force acting mutually between particles of ma�er to draw them together and to resist their separation;

Duality The quality or character of being twofold; dichotomy Character the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing (man) Characteristic Being a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing; distinctive -what women are generally looking for in men with a preconceived notion True Colors the ability of a man to clearly get his 3 characteristic traits across to a woman or others, o�en in a short amount of time; honesty with congruency Congruency Agreement, harmony, conformity, or correspondence with one’s inner thought processes which reflect in his nonverbal and verbal behavior Character Continuum the live representational status (which may fluctuate) of a man’s 3 primary characteristics (and thus, desirable qualities); natural, inner and social F.A.R.M. Female A�raction Response Model the representation of a woman’s social, personal & natural character expectations & true response plays out in reality to each potential mating partner Cognition The mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, rea-

soning, and judgment. That which comes to be known, as through perception, reasoning, or intuition; knowledge. de Oppresso liber (latin); to free the oppressed / u.s. special forces mo�o Behavior n: The actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli Ignorance the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc. The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed. Chaos Theory ;also referred to as non-linear dynamics, chaos theory is a mathematical concept explaining that it is possible to get random results from normal equations. The main precept behind this theory is the underlying notion of small occurrences significantly affecting the outcomes of seemingly unrelated events Power The ability or capacity to perform or act effectively Strength or force exerted or capable of being exerted; might A person, group, or nation having great influence or control over others Influence the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others Elements A fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity

Forced Reality (also known as the ‘social matrix’) the dominating socio-cultural influence on earth that has grown far beyond natural and communal dynamic of more organic social cultures Universal Of, relating to, extending to, or affecting the entire world or all within the world; worldwide Elemental of the nature of an ultimate constituent; simple; uncompounded Trial by Fire the process of going through a set of tremendous challenge and pressure in order to come out on the other side a stronger person (generally, man). sometimes a�ributed to as initiation rituals or ‘coming of age’ from adolescence to manhood and thus, acceptance by other adult members of the society Perception 1. the act or faculty of apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind; cognition; understanding. 2. Psychology. a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present. Extrapolation the process of inferring or estimating by extending or projecting known information Indifference lack of interest or concern: The Social Matrix

(also known as ‘forced reality’) the dominating socio-cultural influence on earth that has grown far beyond natural and communal dynamic of more organic social cultures; originating from American social culture NIS Alpha a man who is peaked in the level of character and congruency of excellence across the character continuum. he is what women want. the male equivalent of a very beautiful and desirable woman Natural Character the representative and purely biological characteristic within male or female species; Inner Character the representative and unique characteristics a�ributed to an individual; may include personality, self-belief, interests, habits, education, etc. that are o�en influenced through environment, relationships, upbringing and growth throughout life Social Character the representative characteristic a�ributes within a male or female influenced or deriving from their social or environmental culture, relationships or upbringing; o�en the root of behaviorism around others including the definition of who they are in relation to others Alpha Male In social animals, the alpha male or alpha female is the individual in the community whom the others follow and defer to. Where one male and one female fulfill this role, they are referred to as the alpha pair; the male of the highest pedigree or representational characteristics of survival, strength, wisdom and/or dominance in relation to other members around him Deconstruction n : a philosophical theory of criticism (usually of literature or film) that seeks to expose deep-seated contradictions in a work by delving below its surface meaning

Cause - Effect (see causality) Differentiation To perceive or show the difference in or between; discriminate Causality The principle of or relationship between cause and effect; a relationship that holds between events, properties, variables, or states of affairs. Causality always implies at least some relationship of dependency between the cause and the effect; /..Causality is the centerpiece of the universe and so the main subject of human knowledge; for comprehending the nature, meaning, kinds, varieties, and ordering of cause and effect amounts to knowing the beginnings and endings of things, to uncovering the implicit mechanisms of world dynamics, or to having the fundamental scientific knowledge Free Will (see bo�om) Thought The faculty of thinking or reasoning Action something done or performed; act; deed effect or influence Cultural Differentiation the ability to see and know (have cognition of) a different & existent socio-cultural reality in comparison to the one primary socio-cultural environment a person grew up in; this may include different language, different thoughts, different behaviorism and

influences S.O.N.A.R.R. Science of Natural A�raction Response Reality generally the initial and growing process of natural a�raction and mating from the stimuli of male to the response of female; a purely biological function o�en disturbed by social & environmental influences Sexual Transmutation the ability to change or convert sexual energy to inspire, motivate, frustrate or repress Production n: the act of producing; creation; manufacture Habit A recurrent, o�en unconscious pa�ern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition Effectiveness adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result Destiny an event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future Fate something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune; lot Stimulus something that incites to action or exertion or quickens action, feeling, thought, etc.: Something causing or regarded as causing a response. /any stimulating information or event; acts to arouse action

Response A reaction, as that of an organism or any of its parts, to a specific stimulus Supplication the act of communicating with a deity (especially as a petition or in adoration or contrition or thanksgiving Wussy wimp + pussy = wussy Definitions of nature and nurture Nurture - Although “nurture” may have historically referred mainly to the care given to children by their parents, any environmental (not genetic) factor also would count as “nurture” in a contemporary nature versus nurture debate, including one’s childhood friends, one’s early experiences with television, and one’s experience in the womb. Indeed, a substantial source of environmental input to human nature may arise from stochastic variations in prenatal development. Additionally, although childhood experience (especially early childhood experience) is o�en regarded as more influential in who one becomes than post-childhood experience, a liberal interpretation of “nurture” might count all life experience as “nurture”. Nature - Genetic and various inborn biological factors affecting overall development. Free will From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Free will is the philosophical doctrine that holds that humans, and other sentient beings, have the power to determine their own beliefs, desires, judgements and actions. Such a doctine is held to be indispensable to moral judgment by many religious authorities and is criticized as a form of individualist ideology by writers such as Spinoza and Karl Marx. As typically used, the phrase has both objective and subjective connotations, in the former case indicating the performance of an action by an agent that is not completely conditioned by antecedent factors, and in the la�er case the agent’s perception that the action was incepted under his or her own volition. The principle of free will has religious, ethical, and scientific implications. For example, in the religious realm, free will may imply that an omnipotent divinity does not assert its power over individual will and choices. In ethics, free will may imply that individuals can be held morally accountable for their actions. In psychology, it implies that the

mind controls some of the actions of the body. In the scientific realm, free will may imply that the actions of the body, including the brain, are not wholly determined by physical causality. The existence of free will has been a central issue throughout the history of philosophy and science. Powerful, independent people who are differentiated from the social matrix or a contributor to it can easily exercise free will because they have the position to do so. They are not repressed or stuck in disempowering co-dependencies.

The Law of A�raction is an idea that is widespread in New Age philosophy. It posits that a mental disposition will a�ract equivalent external circumstances and events. Esoteric teacher Dick Sutphen states: The Law of A�raction states, in a nutshell, like a�racts like. In other words, we are like a walking magnet that draws to us anyone or anything that is on the same wavelength. If you’re radiating positive energy, you a�ract positive people and experiences. If you’re radiating negative energy, you a�ract negativity.[1] Part of this is because you are aware of the elements involved so you’ll know them when you see them. Also, since other people are similar they’ll know that you would make a synergy together. Like a�racts like and it may sometimes seem magical but it is still R.D. For example my new good friend approached me a�er reading my body language, image and energy at a club. He’s a high class, smart guy and noticed that I was like him in that way so that was the Law of A�raction. By being who I am you could say that I a�racted him into my life. There are signs of this everywhere you look. It’s really the forming of new interdependencies (or co-dependencies) because your own independent energy and what you represent is shown in the world for other similar people to connect with. A hilarious example is in the movie, “Not another teen movie”. The superwussboy best friend races the Alpha jock and runs into the closed door. The jock makes it across the busy street and the wuss and his low character a�racts cars who start honking and people yelling at him “She doesn’t feel a�raction for you.” Then he gets hit by a bus and is limping into the airport (it’s a comedy) and his relationship to the people in the line is that he is so low in character and needy that they

won’t help him out like they did by le�ing the jock through. Law of A�raction in action. Being high in character will get you through a lot of situations with others because you’ll have favor on your side..I’ve done it a lot, including not paying cover, ge�ing on standby flights when others were waiting, ge�ing upgraded, etc.

Further Definition: Relational Dynamics (isn’t in the wikipedia): Relational Dynamics is an understanding of the relationship of the elements and constructs of life in a particular relationship, production or situation. Your ability to understand your relationship to the elements of life and influence will consequently determine your level of power, influence and control in life. dependent words and emotions; fear, response, necessity, heartbroken, helpless, victim, weak, weak-minded, incognisant, unaware, repressed, oppressed, unhealthy, imbalanced, prisoner, jealousy, sullen, sulking, abused, violated, hopelessness, lust, traumatized, beaten, used, uncontrollable, ignorant, incompetent, violence, imprisoned, independent words: power, free, independent, fearless, dominant, authority, pragmatic, cognitive, perceptive, control, one, whole, grounded, stimulus, cause, competent, magnet, imminent, producer, influence, value, power causal words: [cause, make, create, do, effect, produce, occasion, perform, determine, influence; construct, compose, constitute; provoke, motivate, force, facilitate, induce, get, stimulate; begin, commence, initiate, institute, originate, start; prevent, keep, restrain, preclude, forbid, stop, cease]; ii) a set of causative names [actor, agent, author, creator, designer, former, originator; antecedent, causality, causation, condition, fountain, occasion, origin, power, precedent, reason, source, spring; reason, grounds, motive, need, impulse]; iii) a set of effective names [consequence, creation, development, effect, end, event, fruit, impact, influence, issue, outcome, outgrowth, product, result, upshot].

Unabridged Thoughts

logic is social and women acting illogical. well we know that women are natural in a�raction and o�en acting what society promotes (logical)...their confusion between their nature and nurture makes them seemingly illogical. when they do act naturally they ARE acting logical..and it’s men who are acting socially/logically conditioned. it’s time for a major paradigm shi� a�er all, a�raction IS logical (rma) SCIENCE CHANNEL: HOW IT WORKS and see relational dynamics in action Was Suri Cruise photo with-holding all planned? Sure. Once you understand Relational Dynamics you’ll be able to figure out that the people in social power have a choice to make; Let it all out now and continue the media overcoverage or let them wonder if she even exists for a few months and completely build up the positive value of Tom Cruise again. It’s all consciously planned and if you can’t see that these people are smart enough to manipulate the media to your advantage, then you’re just part of the salivating ‘response’. /The synergy of Last of the Mohicans final sequence. Great people had great influences when you can do elemental deconstruction on the best of the best you’ll realize that their secrets are already exposed. that’s power. it’s out there in the open when seeing the ultimate beauty or match, it’s not to edify her more it’s to become the man that’s actually worthy of her /the ho�est music video you see.. remember that someone is on top of it producing it /ur not aware of the level of their power b/c they’re NOT going to just STOP the programming...they’re making 2 much money

GET THIS; KELLY CLARKSON IS NOT HOT. SO MANY OF THESE GIRLS ARE ‘UPGRADED’ SOCIALLY ALONE BY PUTTING ON MAKEUP PERIOD. YOU HAVE TO SEE THROUGH THAT. /Kelly Clarkson is actually around a 7 but ‘made-up’ (socialized) she looks like a 8.7 imho at least she has some ‘inner character’ of talent. that’s more than many of these women Escapism is a good thing if it doesn’t cloud your vision.”

surround yourself with high quality elements such as great music /u ARE being influenced (beyond your recognition) /if you admit that you are representing only ‘1’ and nothing out. she is representing much more than herself. ultimately you can make your representation greater than yourself. /though it may look like the weight of the world is now put on your shoulders it isn’t... just know your relationship to what’s going on and you’ll be free and powerful /ALL I MEAN ALLLLLLLL OF THIS PROGRAMMING COMES FROM SOMEWHERE. THAT IS WHERE THE TRUE POWER LIES. Every song you listen to, every new hot t.v. show or actress. It came from somewhere and someone that is the true power and stimulus. /1:18 am. history is being made right now -rw /take the most intimidating production showcase of women and reframe it. instead of being the ‘response’ be the producer. /Production = Power /the powers she’s represents in leverage is greater than ‘1’’s > herself. what do you REPRESENT? /12:29 a.m. 9/23/06 it just hit me. your independence DOES represent more than ‘1’.

ievis. soldier placement within the ba�alion for a division ceremony near the schofield commissary hs. inner character ISN’T enough /’above the game’ = producer/architect ...put names ie.s sco� storch, timbaland, redstone..they create the stimulus to feed to the response mass you notice that when lyrics start in a song that you become the response and somehow ‘have to listen’ women have grown so much (and men have been repressed), it’s time for you to catch up AND FAST. R.D. it’s ok for man to have used women and the edification as hope and inspiration but the current level of sexploitation has completely changed the dynamics iz; can you hear the ukulele.. now add his voice.. now add scenic helicoptor scenes of the hawaiian add ...........can you see how each independent element represents itself at the highest quality. try bringing in impure elements like amateur singer and it’s not as eff. what i just told you is worth a million dollars. you know how to produce. there is a great divergence. all of these beautiful and now socially aligned and edified women and yet few real balanced men. /ROCK STAR DYNAMIC vin diesel in pitch black 007 synergy with the tux by making him sleep in it before production on Dr. No /ONG BAK 2 LEVERAGE IN THE s.C. /should you argue with women in a long-term relationship? a: yes, you should put them in their place when they deserve it. i disagree with the men who say never argue with a woman..that right there is giving her the power

a good q; if u were alone in bed with a woman would your natural character take over? As long as i can remember, everytime a woman is in my bed there is sex. Would that natural character and it’s energy start reaching out and progressing your inherent desire to git’r dun? If it isn’t, then it’s just the social (followed by inner) repression. You can be aware of this energy and develop it by ge�ing rid of what’s repressed it. If you aren’t aware of your natural character or don’t ‘have it’ in the bed where it counts (b/c that’s where you want to end up), how on earth are you going to (consistently) get any women there? All of these guys will study pick-up lines and how to meet women but if they don’t have the natural character present, they’d be lucky to reach that point. be wary of anything anyone offers you that has root/causal social influence. why? because it means the focus is on you developing and applying social techniques. i was a part of a business opportunity program for a long time and had a hard time cold ‘approaching’ anyone about it because I didn’t feel it was the right thing to necessarily do. I felt that if people were interested they should be approaching me. I just COULDN’T align myself to that social concept of cold approaching people who wouldn’t be interested in the first place. I also didn’t agree with anyone saying that I and others like me were a failure for not doing so. If you look at what is really going on. It’s all rooted in social influence. I could try and sell you a training program but all you really had to do was ‘apply it’ by doing a certain amount of steps which included approaching 15 women each day.

I couldn’t do that. Why? Because it’s socially developed and unnatural itself. EVERYTHING that has to do with making money and becoming successful is socially derived. It’s unnatural and you probably will NOT like to hear this:

I have painfully spent YEARS of my life trying to become financially independent. And what will the experts say? You’re not working hard enough. BULLSHIT. I’ve busted my ass all of the time and I’m still not there. Fortunately, I’ve been the ‘best squad for years’ and I have the wherewithal to see it through so I know I’ll make it but it’s been challenging. What does this have to do with success with women? You’ll see shortly as it will all pull together. When applying to women and taking the social approach; you’re not ge�ing out there enough. You’re not approaching enough women Let me say this, ‘approaching’ 15 people to go ‘go-ge�ers’ was about the hardest thing I’d done in my life at that point to show people my business plan. And all along I knew something wasn’t ‘right’ about it...if anything they should be coming to me. VERY IMPORTANT: when you’re in social environments don’t just ‘follow along’ without at least conscious awareness. for example if i really DON’T agree with something a speaker or a preacher says i will NOT just fall in line with the others and clap. i will not acknowledge stimuli that violates my and universal principles. so differentiate yourself. be the guy who DOESN’T clap if you don’t agree with anyone. can you beat that kind of pressure? or are you privy to the ‘social’ group? if something is worthy of praise then promote it and represent it like i do but don’t just be one of the very wary of groups of people in large numbers and the type of relationship that really exists Same thing with a�raction in a similar way though you may have to ‘spur’ the connection itself. multiple personality and *schizophrenic/toure�es.. know y guys hurt .. the biological process of sex has crossed over into the social realm - clearly. it is now used and exploited to manipulate or influence men.

Women like guys in bands because of the social status and the fact they are and act like the stimulus. Why inner game isn’t enough We all want the ideal specimen; the alpha standard So when we fix your ‘global’ game, your ‘inner game’ will be back in re-alignment and more powerful than ever before b/c otherwise you’re probably just wasting time approaching so many women. I am Not a ‘pick-up artist’...I am a ladies man (and man’s man) or seducer who praises a woman’s natural character. You can apply things the way you see fit. Social influence spirals in it’s own direction. Developing more and faster so that you need a stronger ‘kick’. Things that weren’t accepted are now accepted as it morphs into even more extreme levels of conscious development. This is why people feel so shallow and fragmented looking for the next ‘kick’; they’re too dependent on the social matrix. It’s time to return to natural roots; the one that is always there beneath it all. One fleeting example (in the grander picture of the social matrix) is Coldplay. Finally a down-to-earth natural and effective band which was the antithesis of the upward and chaotic spiral of the social matrix. Their influence is only fleeting when viewed in comparison to the near-absolute power of the social matrix...even they pale in comparison to it but they can represent their own and differentiate themselves independently from it in order to make a positive and more natural influence. U2 is a primary example before them. If you want tremendous and more lasting success or impact, have the balls to take a natural approach like a Coldplay or a Celine Dion. You will have to keep producing effectively in order to have greater and greater impact. But it will take a lot of us to turn the sway of the entire social matrix back over to the good side of the Force. When Pink is singing about ‘Stupid Girls’ yet is identifying herself as one of them (look at how much she enjoys pretending to be Jessica and Paris in the video), that’s kind of ridiculous and ‘ironic’. Someone who is that much a proponent of the social matrix herself isn’t doing anything to help the problem. Look at her picture at the awards

show: Image: Jamie McCarthy/ Talk about the divergence of energy in African-American males. In fact it’s o�en referenced within subcultural programming. It’s otherwise known as ‘fronting’. The strong black guy who puts on a threatening or vicious front yet is a so�, humble guy on the inside. Some of these men have developed this social character so well that it takes over most of the time (ie. Tupac) yet even Tupac had a relatively so�er and more humble side to him. In many people the social front is just a hard outer persona they use to protect the fragile inside and the more they front, the shallower they are on the inside. I used to think that trading gi�s and money for a woman’s time was the thing to do.. a�er all it seemed to make sense because society taught me it. If this is the way you thought, you just have to understand the deeper reality and relational dynamics. In the RMA, a woman has three different areas she’ll respond to in a man and it’s the natural that is the only one that works for her true a�raction response. Gold-diggers are a social response to a high status/rich man. So when a girl you met online wants to visit you on condition that send her money upfront for a taxi ride from Atlanta to Houston you’ll be able to clearly not fall for it. Especially when she says she’s still living with her dad at the age of 26. What a complete co-dependency right there. I said, I’ll pay for your one way Greyhound ticket once you get here and your ride back but that’s it. I wouldn’t even send that money upfront because it clearly violates win/win. I won’t give up my independent power and control for anyone where they could abuse it. Unfortunately many men might actually be duped by a situation like this in the hope that ‘ge�ing some’ would make up for being used (even if she did show up). My father was duped by a Russian bride scam and he sent thousands of dollars over when I told him the huge red flags and warning signs but he did it anyways. This was a woman who was independently using different dating services to con money out of men. They’ll show a tremendous interest upfront. Just view it all through relational dynamics. If she’s saying she ‘needs’ money or a husband, that’s trying to force a co-dependency and you can tell she has a motive. Not that all Russian women are like this, but the ones I knew were at least as Aphrodite as American women (and that’s not good for relationships). I think you’re be�er off in that case with an Eastern European woman unless you can find one that doesn’t have such a strong motive (and meet her in person).

If a woman has intimacy issues, she’ll be gone a�er four dates at the latest with me and this includes the balanced, relationship-expecting women. If you let her lead the relationship or try and withhold sex from you, your power drops in the relationship. It’s time to let her go. With all of the popularity of ‘Sex and the City’, sex is still such a logical thing for so many women. They get so used to their vibrators and fantasies that it becomes an independent thing, separate from actual intimacy with men. Quite o�en their logic will just overrule their own powerful response even when with that man, so it’s up to you in that case to decide whether you want her witholding her own pleasure in relation to you. the beautiful thing is that women ‘know’ (when there’s no social distortion basically) and that either works for you or against you ur either raising her F.A.R.M. or lowering it ..we’re gonna look at asses, tits, personalities, faces and natural response and I’ll help you differentiate them to overcome your fears and truly ‘get it’ internally. You MUST understand your relationship to it or you WILL CRUMBLE under it’s powerful, beholding influence and you will become the response and never stand a chance with this level of woman. When you ‘get it’, they will know and you’re in. The Science of Understanding and Living Power and Success

Gaining Effective Power and Clarity with Life, Women, Relationships, and Success The one book that will ROCK your entire reality and raise your entire character faster than anything else. Once you can understand your relationship to women, your biological nature, and your relationship to female social power you will have the only TRUE resolution to the confusing struggles.

You will be centered and a fearless Alpha. You will be the model of a�raction for women and the good news is that they are born to pick up this quality. Your natural character is the most important and this is the fastest way to leveraging your natural character to BE an alpha male in reality and in life esp. around women. Finally there is a real solid ‘inner game’ program. You see, I can’t tell you ‘how’ to be.. each person is different but when you can get your ‘global’ issues sorted out, then you’ll be free to finally BE yourself. I have watched and studied the other ‘experts’ and I still shake my head that they still don’t ‘get it’. I mean the reasoning, the ROOT underlying cause of what’s going on. So many sociologists and other ‘experts’ all deal with the surface BYPRODUCTS of the interfering forces because they don’t yet understand it themselves. Understanding relational dynamics is the most simple and yet advanced social/life science you could every study and learn. NO NLP. No mindtricks. No hypnosis. Those are all socially contrived anyways. No surface-level positive distorted affirmations. Just the TRUTH (and for the first time in history). Align yourself with universal principles and you will be a lot more a�ractive and interesting person. the more influence u have, the more you (can) REPRESENT I have some news for you: you HAVE been repressed and more than you can ever realize right now.

/my secret? I really want to pleasure and take care of my women by adding value. but they have to be open to it and then I will take care of them

whenever i see the world ‘need’ i replace it with at least something like ‘have to’ /The reason I like international women in the first place is b/c of their natural energy. Don’t you get it? The one thing that binds us ALL together? Natural stimulus (masculine) and response (feminine) is a biological function. It extends Beyond ALL socioCULTURAL development which includes different races. We’re all human. Of course I’m saying that as a man you can find a more natural woman who is COMPLETELY different than your own socio-cultural development or ‘race’. And she will fulfill her role more than the women in your own race. It would blow your mind to see it because she’s rooted in the one thing that ma�ers; natural energy and response. She’s so close to biology and nature itself that her ‘competition’ of a socially developed woman of your own race is actually FURTHER away from being a perfect partner. /A feminine natural energy is NOT about ‘let me fuck you now’ (that’s social representation/exploitation). It’s about ‘wow’...I can live off of this and live with it. Producers..the one’s who have the most influence in life understand the elements. They know how to pull them all together. What is interdependence? The elements of life are ALL around you. Cooking to music to products to architecture...everything is interdependent whether created by nature, animals or man. In a sense you could say that there is a ‘force’. /Difference between flirting and prickteasing girls /as a producer making musicals are risky b/c your success or failure will ‘depend’ upon the synergy of the elements. ‘Grease’ is a perfect example of pre�y excellent synergy that has gone on to influence countless millions of people..partly b/c it effectively

deals with universal themes (love, social hierarchy, status and challenges and joys of teenage life representationally - at every high school). the end scene if it was just a movie (without music) the carnival would seem ok or blah but it’s their using of adding the synergistic music (with meaning behind it in the lyrics and developed relationships) and editing that really propels it. I am not afraid of any woman on earth. Why? Because of relational dynamics alone (and this was the ONLY thing that did it). Nothing else could do it and it took me 30+ years to find the elemental truth and let it hit me. I am not afraid of (any) powerful or beautiful woman because I understand my relationship to her and her powers. Any other ‘fix’ is a fluke and a waste of time and money. If you don’t understand relational dynamics you are less than the man you should be (and I used to be) and you can’t be Alpha (if you grew up in a forced reality) and that is why you’ve had inconsistent success with women. I’ve heard founders of the seduction community (and other TOP leaders) say there will always be fear (in approaching)...umm, no - there isn’t anymore, nor in communicating and accelerating to sex with any level of woman. And these are guys who’ve studied NLP and hypnosis. Who do YOU want to learn from? Compared to hypnosis. This is the leverage to change your thoughts because if you believe something is the actual truth it will form a stronger neural pathway. Hypnosis can be effective as it deals with helping you create the conscious and subconscious thought pa�erns of beliefs that you want to adopt but if you still really don’t believe it’s the truth, then hypnosis may never work because your conscious mind will prevent you from making that change. Relational Dynamics shows you what is the truth, therefore making it possible to make an instant and leveraged change into the system you want to adapt. Feminine natural character is to live and die for; it’s what makes the world go ‘round. This is the global perspective and clarity (once you understand it) that you have dreamed of searching for. You only need reflect on it and apply it to your life. I am the messenger, the Rafiki. For the first time EVER released....the only 100% pure and REAL solution to so many of life’s problems.

I am SO excited about this. If you want the greatest leverage to RAISE your own ability to a�ract women, make the right decisions and succeed in life you are in the right place. Fixing Marriage Relationships: Give each other independence to keep your time together win/win. Get away from each other. Volunteer to sleep on the couch Man can search his entire life and not find himself. What women want simply and purely is men of high N.I.S. character. Remember ‘survival of the fi�est’. For women they want to choose a man who is closest to the ideal in the areas that ma�er (NIS). This is the puzzle put together. When you can see the puzzle in it’s entirety instead of not knowing where all of the pieces go (which is the default), everything in life will seem to fit together more and you’ll actually be able to make forward progress. I’ve said this before; if you’ve taken one ‘for the home team’..that’s about how o�en a woman will choose a man of low character (insecure, no personality, no social skill or status). If you’re NOT this man to begin with, everything is working against you and you will have inconsistent success with women at best. Understanding your relationship to what’s going on in your life is the actual secret to personal power and freedom.

When you can become this man of high character, you will BE what women want and they will know it shortly a�er meeting you. This is how my close ratio is skyhigh and under my influence because you can get 100’s of phone numbers and get nowhere. It’s time men regain their own personal power and awareness to give women choices of real men.

It’s not just your ‘inner game’. It’s really in understanding the universal principles of life and your relationship to them (including sources of influence and other people). I believe this is the only pure and real fix there is and no one else is teaching it because they’re not aware of the most simple yet profound truths; their relationship to other sources of power and influence. It’s not boring, it’s exciting because we have to go on an educational detour here in order to actually fix or realign everything, thus it CANNOT be like any other training out there (and it ISN’T). We’re going to be going through actual exercises. I’m going to show you the different types of female energy and how to differentiate them for yourself. I will GROUND you in your alpha power as a man. This isn’t just a discussion, this is the Jedi training on how to practically become Alpha. We’re going to fix your entire inner game. We’re going to massively raise your natural character through relational dynamics. You know that feeling you get when you approach a beautiful, hot or sexy woman? The bu�erflies start flu�ering in your stomach and you are just in awe of her beauty and you’re trying to remember what to say? I used to be there too. In fact, several industry-leading experts have said that fear never goes away and you just have to ‘deal with it’. WRONG. That fear is gone. I am completely lacking in insecurities around women and have no fear of the most beautiful (or independent) women on earth. How? The ONLY thing that allowed me to (instantly) overcome ALL incongruencies was relational dynamics. The clarity that I was trying to pinpoint in all of my teaching’s has arrived. You know, and if you AREN’T fearless around the women you approach or desire THEY KNOW and that’s why you’ve been inconsistent AT BEST with them. When natural women see me they melt. When girls I met online meet me at Starbucks they have a physiological reaction like they were punched in the gut (in a good way) with their mouth wide open and smiling. When socially influenced/distorted women see me, it takes a li�le longer for them to wipe away their own social distortion but

they see that ‘I am the man’ because my character doesn’t ever drop for any woman; I am the rock and they are in the presence of a real man. I didn’t use to be at this level at all. I was like countless millions of other men who was just confused and frustrated. Those days are forever over and it is a priceless peace of mind. I want you to have the power for yourself. To be able to control and choose the relationships you want as well. You can study and use pick-up lines until the cows come home (and keep coming home) but if you want to actually be able to make progress with women and live a lifestyle that’s under your control you must have a strong character. If you don’t get relational dynamics you will forever be influenced by the opposite forces of a�raction which leads to sex itself. Even the other top experts I would daresay are not at this level of clarity. The one man who might come close is Steve Piccus. He did a hardcore soul gaze when I met him, didn’t find any fear and broke it off to massage a mic girl in the foyer. There are other role models of rock-solid character but I would bet that even they don’t ‘clearly’ understand their relationship to everything to unleash even more of their potential. I’m going to take you to a level of accurate intuition about women that rivals that of women. If you aren’t cognitive of relational dynamics your entire life will continue to be repressed and influenced beyond your full control. Relational Dynamics will give you the power of Neo to stop the bullets of influence, understand your relationship to them and give you ten times the strength and power you had before as a man. With the level of effectiveness and power within this program, I should not sell it for less than $999. I’m planning on even giving you the exact specific influences/resources I use that have grounded me in DEEP natural energy and strength. I also guarantee that you have no idea what they are either. My whole life I thought that there HAS to be REAL answers to life’s most pressing questions including female psychology and a�raction. I have found those answers and they are still not within what other’s are teaching from what I’ve seen. They still have answers that are hazy, technique-oriented or surface guesses that sidesteps the actual truth because they can’t see it yet. Cognition of the elements of life and their relationship to each other is everything. You can have 100 times more power and effect if you are clear on Relational Dynamics. All real ladies men abide by R.D. even if they aren’t cognizant of it. All Producers abide by R.D. and ARE cognizant of it.

The power of Relational Dynamics is the root of power and influence itself and I will show you how to have and live this, especially with women. You will have more effective knowledge than even other guru’s out there on important subjects. You will be able to run circles around sociologists as well if you choose. This information will be for guys who know that real success with women (and consistency) is primarily about a man’s natural character, level congruency and her response. The power of this information will not be cheap and I am limiting it’s release by weeding out guys who aren’t serious about MASSIVELY leveraging and improving their own character and success with women. I’m talking about being able to approach, handle and seduce the most beautiful women. You will have that power because for the first time in your life, you’ll be at a level of power, congruency and character that allows you to live a lifestyle of power where pick-up lines become obsolete, closing to sex becomes smooth and your close ratio’s skyrocket (hey, like mine). This is NOT for guys looking for the next hot pick-up line. This is about REAL POWER, real roots, real understanding, real character and real change. This is stronger than ANY possible ‘inner game’ program because it deals with the only things that ma�er anyways (Relational Dynamics). Other programs are designed to improve your ‘social’ skills/character and your ‘inner game’. This is the one program that improves the most important one of them ALL, your natural character...which is your level of alphaness, fearlessness, personal authority, congruency and centered energy. All of this is done in alignment with your inner game (self-beliefs, personality, self-control) which will massively grow as well. Yes it will include actual ‘techniques’ as well. Others will say there’s still fear, so just approach anyways and you’ll get over it. Obviously they’re not dealing with the root of the issue probably because they haven’t dealt with it themselves or even knew how to deal with it. Well I never ‘got over it’ before my breakthrough of R.D. and seeing the matrix. The fear was still there when I was around the most beautiful women before and I usually se�led for second best because I just didn’t get over my final incongruencies. Hypnosis may not even work on you a�er R.D. and that’s fine because you won’t need it. Hypnosis is just a deepened state of suggestion and if you’re cognitive of the fact that you’re ‘going under’ your mind can prevent anything from happening because you know it’s B.S. Yes, I was hypnotized before and with my level of cognition I knew it was all just sug-

gestion. I played along with it because we were ‘performing’ in front of a crowd. It may have some effect on weaker minds but not mine. Can there still be some practical uses for it? Probably but I would say don’t spend your money on it because you’re still going to struggle with incongruencies between your subconscious and conscious mind. With R.D. we deal with the cold-hard sober truth which has been hidden. You don’t need to try and ‘work on’ your subconscious mind, because there’s nothing to hide from when you know the upfront conscious truth (though it may shock you at first). Your conscious mind will comprehend and realign itself and when you fully believe it, it will synergize and integrate into your subconscious as well. This is when true congruency and your physiological changes will really occur. I think hypnosis is ineffective in so many people because though it may reach their subconscious, their logic-conscious mind is struggling with certain things that still don’t make sense, so they know it’s kind of B.S. because there is still that incongruency there. They WANT to believe but they just can’t because they don’t understand the clarity of each of the elements involved and their relationship to it. Sex is a synergy. Rape is a co-dependency pure independence is freedom...abolishment of all co-dependencies and disempowering relationships of or between other people, ideologies, and money. -rion williams Defeat the social matrix once and for all Leverage your entire natural and inner ‘game’ or character in one shot Handle yourself around the most beautiful women Stop your uncontrollable emotional response to beauty Defeat rejection

Live in your own strong reality Be comfortable in your own skin around all women and people (it’s priceless) Be a natural Empower your own inner game Be fearless, confident and lack insecurity when you approach and deal with women Increase your close ratio’s dramatically Get you much closer to ‘being’ Alpha Male Improve your entire physiology and NV body language Allow women to respond to you Cut out the unpredictability of pick-up lines Have women wanting to sleep with you Be�er sex because higher natural character Change your reality upside-down Approach, a�ract and seduce the most beautiful women Well by now you should realize that your ‘natural’ character and it’s (high) level is what women respond to physiologically and sexually. You can use all the pick-up lines in the world, keep ge�ing rejected or keep working on your social ‘game’ when you could be sleeping with women instead because of your newfound and real alpha-power through relational dynamics (through much higher close ratios). Ge�ing to Alpha or high character can take YEARS of approaching 1,000’s of women and going out day and night-gaming 4 times+ weekly. I didn’t have time for ANY of that. Do you? You know they’re working backwards on the character continuum, right?

Being Alpha in character is ultimately what those guys are going for because that’s when the results consistently happen. You can fool women once (fool’s mate) and it will take dozens of rejections to ‘get one’ but if you want consistent, predictable success with women you HAVE to be a man of high (natural) character. Then the game is so much smoother and easier anyways because the women are the one’s interested in YOU. When I meet any new woman (ie. on a follow-up), she’s basically IN my lifestyle rotation (if I keep her there) because of Relational Dynamics. Isn’t time to address the root issues themselves (instead of surface issues) and get your behaviour aligned with the ideal that women want? I’m talking about the fastest way to actually ‘become’ a man of alpha character. I’ve found a way to leverage that power to shoot any man up to an Alpha level and I’ve finally made it ‘clear’ and concise. In fact, if you DON’T understand (or apply) R.D., you will always have less than full power to a�ract and seduce women anyways - AND in life itself. If you’re a virgin, if you’re already a ‘player’, if you just want a higher close ratio, if you want to be a natural, if you want more and be�er sex, if you want women responding to you, if you don’t want any more flakes, and if you want sex with the women you desire...Relational Dynamics is the solution that will leverage your natural character and FAST to decimate everything that has stopped you. This new program will deal with every angle so be prepared to change and grow into a strong, powerful man. When R.D. ‘hit me’, I lost all fear and incongruency in my energy and character (and thus around women) instantly. I am now fearless of any woman on earth because I am cognizant of Relational Dynamics (aka my relationship to the forces of influence). I can engage and talk to any woman I so choose without any sign of fear. You can study everything else out there and I guarantee you will never get the clarity of life and seduction itself as you do from Relational Dynamics (and most importantly, the results). There was no shortcut to being a REAL strong man of character that women are drawn to and respond to; now there is. Relational Dynamics may not be a shortcut for all of my students but it is for those who are ‘ready’ to go Jedi and can become cognizant fast..other students will take a li�le more time to grow to Alpha level. R.D. will be perhaps the only real training on this subject (be all and end all?!) and there is a tremendous amount of leverage that (has repressed your character on all levels that) will get you to Natural Alpha and to keep growing from there.

So, as I’m still producing ‘Relational Dynamics’ and finishing up ‘Natural Success with Women’ send me your questions about R.D. and for right now I’ll leave you with a li�le list of what R.D. can do for you. With Relational Dynamics ((the next and the last (!?) Hot thing in the industry!)) you can -You already know what to do; approach and connect with women and lead things to sex. Then why is it so inconsistent or why do women keep flaking? Those answers will be there. If people understand Relational Dynamics, we would have a lot more men of high and powerful character. There wouldn’t be a need for NLP, hypnosis, addiction, therapy, counseling or any of that junk. You have WAY more power within you than you realize and through R.D. you’ll raise your character to a level that you could only dream of...and fairly fast because of the leverage involved - that is, if you’re READY to change and can handle yourself being a powerful man who makes women’s hearts skip a beat (instead of the other way around).

This is the power to take a Beta or Omega and turn him Alpha in the absolutely most leveraged and fast way possible. It’s uniquely human to have the possibility to even do that. There’s SO much stuff out there on the ‘social’ end. Finally there is an actual training program for going Alpha and ‘how to be’ a natural.

My whole life I thought that there HAS to be REAL answers to life’s most pressing questions including female psychology in a�raction. I have found those answers and they are still not within what other’s are teaching from what I’ve seen. They still have answers that are hazy, technique-oriented or surface guesses that sidesteps the actual truth and real power because they can’t see it yet or thus explain it.

Cognition of the elements of life and their relationship to each other is everything. You can have 100 times more power and effect if you are clear on Relational Dynamics. All real ladies men abide by R.D. even if they aren’t cognizant of it. All Producers abide by R.D. and ARE cognizant of it. The power of Relational Dynamics is the root of power and influence itself and I can show you how to have and live this, especially with women. This information will be for guys who know that real success with women (and consistency) is primarily about a man’s natural character, level of congruency and her response, because without it, he’ll keep failing and be wasting his time and money around women. The power of this information will not be cheap and I am limiting it’s release by weeding out guys who aren’t serious about MASSIVELY leveraging and improving their own character and success with women. This is about ‘going Alpha’ and R.D. training will not be released in the podcasts (though I’ll refer to it, etc.) Yes, I am working on the Relational Dynamics program now and it will include an audio version (or portion) as well as an undistributable ebook. It will be released probably sometime in September but I’ll keep you posted. There will also be direct sources of natural influence as well as videos of women where I’ll go through helping you overcome your fears through my secret techniques. Yes, we’ll be looking at T&A because we have to deal with reality and put it completely on your side. With Relational Dynamics...

I’m talking about being able to approach, handle and seduce the most beautiful women. You will have that power because for the first time in your life, you’ll be at a level of power, congruency and character that allows you to live a lifestyle of power where pick-up lines become obsolete, closing to sex becomes smooth and your close ratio’s skyrocket (hey, like mine). This is NOT for guys looking for the next hot pick-up line. This is about REAL POWER, real roots, real understanding, real character and real change. This is stronger than ANY possible ‘inner game’ program because it deals with the only things that ma�er anyways (Relational Dynamics). Other programs are designed to improve your ‘social’ skills/character and your ‘inner game’. This is the one program that improves the most important one of them ALL, your natural character...which is your level of alphaness, fearlessness, personal authority, congruency and centered energy. All of this is done in alignment with your inner game (self-beliefs, personality, self-control) which will massively grow as well. This is the one set of answers you have been looking for and a�er the product release I will probably double the price. So what to do now? Send me your questions about Relational Dynamics to or go to the forums and talk about it (and other dating subjects) there: h�p://

Keep your own independence and don’t let any forces interfere or come out on top. Look at the desire of people and women to climb social hierarchies. ieref the new lead singer for INXS. If you were just watching the music video you’d think it was all him. Wrong. Yeah he may have value to add but he wasn’t the producer. If you ‘didn’t know’ you’d just soak up what they’re showing you like a sponge.s Are you a social byproduct? If not, much do you think you HAVEN’T been influenced socially? For most American men, social influence is the ONE thing that has repressed them (and furthermore their own inner character think that it’s them that’s the problem because they can’t see any way out or anything else)

Documentary vs. (Conscious) Production

See if you can catch the influence in this article: h�p:// id/14592938/ Jean-Jacques Rousseau Rousseau saw a fundamental divide between society and human nature. Rousseau contended that man was good by nature, a “noble savage” when in the state of nature (the state of all the “other animals”, and the condition humankind was in before the creation of civilization and society), but is corrupted by society. He viewed society as artificial and held that the development of society, especially the growth of social interdependence, has been inimical to the well-being of human beings. Society’s negative influence on otherwise virtuous men centers, in Rousseau’s philosophy, on its transformation of amour de soi, a positive self-love, into amour-propre, or pride. Amour de soi represents the instinctive human desire for self preservation, combined with the human power of reason. In contrast, amour-propre is not natural but artificial and forces man to compare himself to others, thus creating unwarranted fear and allowing men to take pleasure in the pain or weakness of others. Rousseau was not the first to make this distinction; it had been invoked by, among others, Vauvenargues. In “Discourse on the Arts and Sciences” Rousseau argued that the arts and sciences

had not been beneficial to humankind because they were not human needs, but rather a result of pride and vanity. Moreover, the opportunities they created for idleness and luxury contributed to the corruption of man. He proposed that the progress of knowledge had made governments more powerful and had crushed individual liberty. He concluded that material progress had actually undermined the possibility of sincere friendship, replacing it with jealousy, fear and suspicion. to go back to nature means to restore to man the forces of this natural process, to place him outside every oppressing bond of society and the prejudices of civilization

The seduction community itself is a byproduct of sexploitation and the forthcoming repression of men rooted out of the social matrix/forced reality. It was founded by men who were severely frustrated and made it their purpose to figure it out. Relational Dynamics is great for these guys as well as the mainstream majority of men who just have to clarify their relationship to everything that’s going on (generally) in order to increase their success with women and in life. LMR What I call justify-her’s must o�en be dealt with in order for a woman to sleep with you (or a man). Society has told her to be a good girl, etc. (actually this is changing). She has certain things in her mind that are logical which will come up and have to be dealt with. “Will he respect me in the morning?” “Will I see him again?” “What will my friends think?” Women who have the social/logical expectation of a longer term relationship can still be bedded (for their own sexual pleasure). It just might take a li�le while longer if you’re being part of that balanced expectation to get her into bed - because remember she’s likely not going to sleep with you the first night because she is defining herself as a good girl (I’m talking about meeting her in an open environment or online).

You will be able to understand criticism and put it into it’s place. You will be able to filter out what messages are coming at you and how they help or hinder you. They’ll still be afraid of her, treat her like a Queen when she didn’t do ANYTHING to

deserve that level of treatment Rapport is the inner/personality synergizing process of mating. What kind of personality traits do they have? Are they interesting? What are their skillsets? Are they funny or boring? etc. So you want to ‘seduce’ the socially extorted bitches? Well...first of all, they’re overrated. Basically I could really use a full-time publicist. Interested? Let me know. Remember that ‘He with the most toys wins’ poster? With the Lamborghini’s parked in the multi-car garage at a sunset in California or something? It’s been around a long time. Well I remember that poster and maybe you even had it as a kid. I was thinking ‘yes I want those things’ but something inside didn’t feel right about it. I was being influenced back then. The shiny red rarely truly represents anyone’s ACTUAL personality (if you REALLY put social influence aside), it’s just a socially desired status symbol. If I felt weird buying a $300 pair of sunglasses to ‘show off’ my senior year in high school before I graduated, on the SMALLER’s the same thing (except more hollowness) on the larger things. I traded those in (with a huge rebate) for a pair that more represented my personality and took the focus off of the ‘object’. Who is driving that anyways? L.A. women will objectify a status symbol like that and not even care who the guy is, they’ll just want to raise their social status...the focus is on the social status symbol itself and NOT the man. Sure he could ‘trade’ it for sex (if he has any ‘skills’ and the cars) but it’s all too shallow for me. I’m not saying I want to be poor. I know I will be mega-rich but I will be in ‘control’ of it and everything I own will be an extension of ‘my’ power and influence. Don’t design your lifestyle so that you have to ‘please’ others because then you’ll find you are surrounded by shallow friends who’ll leave you for the next higher status thing or person. However you don’t have to be a starving artist either. Use your financial power for freedom and expanding your positive influence. In fact the desire for social status or conspicuous consumption People will email me all the time saying they ‘need’ me to tell them this one technique for my Photoshop business. I roll my eyes at that. They don’t ‘need’ anything. They’re trying to make it a co-dependency. They’re not dependent on me. Point is; I want you to become aware when people say things like that to you just so you see where they’re

coming from and what type of relationship you want to have with them because they might just keep sucking your energy away. Women don’t like men who are co-dependent, who edify them on a pedestal and drain their energy like leeches calling all the time and ‘whatever you want honey’. This drains a woman’s general independence. Independence represents confidence and that’s sexy in a man. When you look deep into a woman’s eyes you either have shallow influence or you have a deeper character of rooted independent and natural strength which is the stimulus the resides over her; and it’s fearless and the essence of what millions of women want. When you understand relational dynamics you are tapping into the root of power of everything that exists. Be humble with that power and understanding that is yours. Don’t turn to the dark side or anything. When you understand relational dynamics you are above those who don’t (including super-producers and high social status people or women). So instead of soaking things up like a sponge as the stimulus, YES you’re going to start building up value within yourself that has nowhere else to go but outwards Understand clearly that the social matrix IS the source of all of these problems; her exploitation, her power, her a�itude, her demands, your repression, her repression If you want soul, if you want real character you can have it (although you’ve missed out on years of it), you can use where you’re at to your advantage but you have to take full control back over your life. You MUST put the social matrix into it’s bitchbox where it belongs. You have to know your relationship to it and have control or you will forever be a response to it. Co-dependency..if you’re still being held back or influenced by forces outside yourself beyond your true control, then you don’t have full control or true independence. Sort out yourself from the muck and the mire. I’ve noticed that I’ve rarely been angry since my breakthrough of seeing the Matrix. Let’s edify a woman’s motherhood (abilities) instead of her sexploited status or even her overpowered personality. And I don’t mean edify it from the feminist perspective

either. If I see value, I’ll let that bullet in. to b&b in 3 seconds In fact, choosing such diverse influences (and not being pigeon-holed by any single social group or subculture) has been a huge part of why I’m so damn interesting and cultured. Taking the time to also think for myself (and turning off other influences) has allowed me to grown into my own strong and diverse independent person who now has unlimited value to offer the world. If you haven’t done much of that, I’m two decades ahead of you but you can start!

People only see what’s in front of them and usually just ‘respond’ to it. If you can get a global sense and see outside of that, your character and strength will grow as a man/ person. Making big decisions.

A aphrodite diva who actually does ADD value I commend. Social byproducts women who don’t add any value, well I don’t want to be in serious relationships with them.

When someone says they ‘don’t like’ an influence that means so much to you, it doesn’t bother you. Because you’re aware of your independent and that is all you have that ma�ers. You don’t fall under their short-sighted lack of value seeing and it doesn’t bother you.