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(ALL RIGH1'1 RusavsD


The Key to ,Scientitlc Prediction,//


aa111G TN&


By 1/t, l4 Dr. W. J. _immo11it11M.D., Ph.D.





N- Edltlon, whb ',ddhlona, by

: !.





W. FouL"IIAM & Co., 4, P1L0a1,c STa&&T,

1.vDGATa HILL, 1.o:Cl>Olf, E.C.,

PvaL1a11ao aY



S.U 6J li Ottlt Doolt1t1l1r1, o, w,t

,;,m 6J ''"


Pa1ca, l 6u.



Reader, it givea me great pleaaure to again publiah thia uaeful
store of knowledge for lhe bencfit of my fellowmen. The
tcaching and rulea laid down in thia book will aaumlly
bcnefit you with a little study and care. M y taak ia now to
iuue to lhe world the Sixth Edition of "Horary Aatrol~,"
it being lhe true key lo Scienlific Prediclion, The firat editton
waa isaued by the late Dr. W. J. Simmonite, M.D., Ph.D.,
who bid the world adieu in hia Mcteorological Almanack of
186i, The prcscnt volume has bt.oen very much enlargl'd, more
than any ot the former l'ditiona, and containa rulea by which
thouaanda ot cnquiriea with regard to lhe future may bc
Lct me givc you one word of waming, vi1. :-Exercise great
careto sckct the right Rulcr and Significator of the queation
pro~und'!d, Thia is the primary and fundamental rule, which,
1f v10Jated or miaundentood, ia the cause of so many of thoie
falae predictiona which are taken a& a baaia for argument againll
the truth of Horary Aatrology.
Astrology i& the oldeat and truest Scicnce ot which mimkind
haa any knowll-dgc, and whoao doubta ita truth and reliability
can prove it, if thl'Y will test it fairly and truthfully, Lct them
Jcam the nature and innuence o( the Planeta, and their co-ming
k-d innucnce in aspcct to ,-ach othcr, thcn take theae facton u
their kl'Y, and 1ee if it will not unlock some ot thoee ICrioua
probllma which are alway1 troubling unenlightcnl'd humanity.
Thia ia the Key to lc:t you into Light ; it will unlock lho.e
occult lawa which, whl'll once secn and underatood, will bring
with irreaiatibk: force auch a n:velation to your mind, that you
will recognise it as thc highclt and trueat that will ever be
olfcrcd you on thia aphl'l'C,
Look at the rapid atridea Aatrol~ haa made aince l re,.
publiahed the "Arcana of Aatrologf '' m 1889, and tbiaadvuce
will continue while Ncptune ia m Gemini, the House o(
~tercury, the Rulcr of Literature. Readeri of my editioo ol
the " Arcana" will n:mcmbc:r my remarka upon thia point.
Sincerely youra,

C,-11,ry Roc4.
Si,1~114, 1896.




A Work on Houn AsTRoLoov ha.'l long bem a deaideratum
with the Studcnta of the Astral Scicnce. They are here tur
niahed with tbe objcct ot their nccd, lt will be tound an
acellmt and intelligibJe Text Book to ali my other treati11CS ~
both thole bearing my name and othen wh1ch I havc iaaued.
be ring other names.
Thia mwl work ia unahaclded from prolix, conflicting rulca.
and aphoriama. Ali the rulca are founded upon thc Author'a.
atensivc alld experimental practicc for twt.-nty yean ; couscquently may be co11fidently rclit.-d upon fur thcir aimplicity, conepicuity, and, abovc ali, their vcrity,

Aa to the opponcnta against tbe acience we ahall aay nothing

bere, but reter them to our lntroduction, and adviac thoi;e who
dmy ita truth first to undcntand it ; for hy thc timc tht.'Y
undt.'l'atand th"'Y will bc convinct."1 of it truth, which truth
will for ncr ailt.'IICC tht.'ln AI its foes, and convcrt tht.'ln to ita.
doctrioct, and irrcaiatibly compel thcm to bt.-comc ita advocatea.

Onc: of tbe chid' fcaturea of utility of thia volume is, that

any young lady or g1.-ntlcman who ia mcrcly a tyro in schol~stic
acquirementa may with ear.c aunnount thc a1,pan'l1t difficultic:s.
by a ~ t.'W wccka' atudy, and convincc himac:lf, hcraclf, and
othcn, of lhe fcawbility of fon'ldling the n'liult of any impor
tant undcrtaking or evt.-nt, 1n ahort, 1 may say, hcn: ia a W ork
which will on the one hand t.-nablc thc etudcnt to ailcnce thc
opponentl againat a Scicncc which haa outlivt.-d the laah of
aitica and the Bulla of the Church; and, turthcr, tt"ach thc
lincerc inquirera after Astral Truths thc Vt.'l'ity of that Art,
which ahall atand the teat of phil010phic invt'ltigation and
ec:natiay hen tbe workl ia on fin: and art shall a-ase.
Nothing more than thia volume and Astronomical Eph1.-men'S.
publiahed annually, ia noquirftl for 1he atudent to practiseHorary Aatrology, or answcr hia own or hia frit.'llde' ain<:1.-re

That it may


the cautc of truth, anJ bring 1hc reader

neam- to tbe mind of that Being who ruln lhe Stan, is the
einceft wilh of


HoRAKY AsTROLOG\', which the Author has more palatahly dcnominated PKOGNOSTIC ASTRONO)I\, is the
sublime art of foreseeing events (10111 the position of
the hcavenly bo<lics, thc stars.-which wcrc madc hy
Omnipotcnce for sig11s of things to come, and for
scasons, and for d;.ys, and for years,"--at the moment
the questio11 is seriously propounded, or when an individual may be non hypocritically anxious about any
i111porta11t matter, the result of any business, or any
circumstance on the tapis with which he may he con-

ncctc<l. An<l if thc pany hc not an artist himsclf, hc

may by the succinct, pcrspicuous, and correct rules in
this book, solve any question which comes within the
jurisdiction o /udicial Astrology, This part of the
science o Astra Philosophy is the casiest understood,
and the most advantiigeous to mankind.
1 he Art o{ solving Horary Qucstions is founded
upon tho!.e inexplicablc or miraculous sy111patl1ttic
propcrtics which are universally found to exist more
or less throughout the natural creation. Of these
wonder-striking sympathies, there can be no doubt
in thc philosophic mind; lmt the vegelive sou! of the
world mvisibly carries, and inseparably unites a
specific virtue from the starry heavens betwecn onc
thmg and another, which goes under the nickname of
gravitation, ever working those secret efforts, which
no reflective mind can fail to warmly admire. ln the
present case, who is to determine what this soul
cannot effect between the heavenly bodies and the
animal spirit of man ? working such uniorm sympathies, as that a question of importance cannot start
from the mind, hut in a sympathetic point of time at
which the planets and signs of the zodiac governing


the person's birth, and acting upon the very subject
tbat engages the thoughts and attention Hence, the
birth of the question carries the story of the whole
matter in hand on its forehead I And hence, also,
follows that skill in natural prediction by which the
artist can satisfy, by the rulcs in this hook, those
douhts to which the mind of every man is more or
less subject; by this simple and easy, but beautiul
theory, as well as Abiathar the priest was by the stars
ol the epho, which presumes that the samc sym
pathetic power which causes thc iron and magnet to
approach each other-the waters to approach the
luminaries-the planets to revolve in circles around
the central god of day-which inlucnccs thc needlc
to point to the earth's magnetic pole-which, by
occult sympathy, influences the unhorn fu:tus in the
womb, and produces correspon<ling marks with the
mother's wants and fears-the sarne sympathetic in
stinct which induces the child to approach the nipple
-which induces animais to feel the approach of
danger; also of changes in the atmosphere, and thus
to oretell rain. The same occult influence which
drives the frantic herd about thc pasturcs, which
afrects the brain oi the maniac, or which, circulating
through all living nature, pcrvading ali, disquieting
ali, evcn to thc minutcst swarms that fali in thc hcavy
dews, when the sky means to lowcr, this universal
sympathy is neither more or less than the poi.,,fi,J
tcJl11"1 of llu luat1enly bodus, and is the ji,sl pcrvading
cause o every anxious and ardent doubt to which the
mind is subject, or upon which the mind dwells with
eagemess and desire, if possible, to know the result.
Ali instinct is hut sympathy, and the sarne common
af&nity between vanous parts of matter, which induces rats to orsake a falling house ; ants to quit
tbeir nests, carrying their young with them, before
ao inundation ; dogs to foretell disasters by strange
barkings and whinings, will enablc a human being
to propose a horary question at the very moment the



heavcns are particularly disposcd to give a corrcct

solution. Such was the foeling o David whcn in
I<cilah, where he hear<l that Saul was coming to lie
sicge him, was <lesirous of knowing thc trnth, whether
Saul was coming or not; and if hc was, IV/iellitr llu
111e11 o/ Keilal, wo11ld be tr,,e to J,im, o, wo11/d bet"'J' liim.
An<l heing informed thcv woul<l betray him into the
han<ls of his enemy, who was sccking his life, hc fled
into the wilderncss of Ziph, an<l escape<l the danger
lhat was impcn<ling over him. Hcnce, Naturc, in thi:casc, is always founll to accommo<late hcrsclf to evcry
cmcrgcncy, by a chart of thc hcavcns, cast at lhe
mumcnt when the dcsire is most arllent, an<l thc
qucrent possessed of faith on thc suliject. For wc
know ali perso11s, who have any provisional carc, or
honcst, honourahle concern for themsclvcs and others,
are desirous to know, nay, freclucntly won<lcr with
trcmulous cxpcctations, what s 1all l>e the evcnt, or
cn<l, o this or that undertaking. The true issue can
l,e known, as this Work will prove satisactorily when
solve~ by the rulcs hcrtin. And thcre is nothing, be
it remembcred, in it, eithcr of b/ack a,t, or wl,ite art,
or any other art, than thc A1n ni: Taun1, conse
qucntly neither angelical nor dial,olical, meritonous
nor criminal, good nor cvil. A pcr!;On is e<111ally as
justifial>lc in makin~ an cn<Juiry in one thin~ as
anothcr; an<l to propose a horary qucstion is an act
as in<liffcrent in itself as to ask what u clock it is, or
does it r.iin, that l may provide myse-lf to go out in
it so as to escap'! <letriment. This cont11ins nothing
supernatural or devilish ; for it is nature itself, oper
ating in its usual way.
Scctarian bigots, ignorant enthusiasts, an<l religious
hypocrites, say it is wrong to wish to know what shall
l>efall them in this or that undertaking at a uture
day. Let us ask, Have you not anxious desires about
your uturc prosperitf or a<lversity? Has not the
Omniscient Creator unplanted those <lcsircs? And
has He not contrivcd and provided a supply for ali





our moJerate wants and enquiries ? And if it be

essential to man's welfare to be forewarned of "the
time and the judgment," that the uise man shall know
it, that he may not be overtaken with difficulties, so
as to wrong bis neighbour and bis friend by cheating
him of bis honest claim-as many religious cants,
who are willing to follow blmd and deceptive chance,
which they blasphemingly call "providence," have
done within the circle of our acquaintance. These
have hea\'cd at a gnat and swallowed .. carne).
When they embark with their ncighbour's property,
let them ask what the "signs of heaven" say will be
the result, and then let prudence and common moral
honesty and moJesty be the reins of thcir procedure,
and then they will reflect honour on the cause of GoJ,
instead of stagma and reproach.
Very probably the medi um throu({h which the influential sympathy operates, and whach causes distant
portions of m11tter to o~rate on each other, may be
a very fine subtile fluad, emanating through infinite
space, wholly imperceptible, cxcepting by its efforts,
and thus apparently unaccoHntable, were it not attri
butable to celestial agency ; but which, to a believer
in Astrol~, appears nothing more than the orJinary
and unemn; laws of nature. 1'hus, this specics of
prognosticat&on, notwithstanding the silly, common
place gibes of imitative witlings, . "ld the foolish
ridicule of selfconceited egotists,. tnc tyranny of
priestcraft, the ignorance of godly bigots, is really
founded on the sarne immutable laws to which the
universe at large is subject.
As to the absurd and foolish idca that it is super
atitious, unlawful, or sinful to study Astrology, a
moment of unprejudiced and wise reflection will con,
vince to the contrary. Prediction is deduced in a
demonstrahle way, according to a cert:u chain of
causes, which, for ages past, have been found uni
formly to produce a correspondent train of eff'ects.
Where, then, consists its sinfulness, or its supersti
D,g, ,zed



tion, since the whole system is founded on the result

of actual obscrvation? H Astrology, which foretells
foture events by the course of the stars, is either
sinful or unlawtul, 50 were the labours of the ceie
hrated Halley, Kcplar, Herschel, and others, who
nightly pore<l over the starry heavens, gauging the
firmament in search of discoveries; and alike un
la wful are the labours of the present Astronomers
Royal ; 50 is the prediction of the return of a comet.
Equally sinful is the calculation and anticipatecl
eclipse of the luminaries. The Horary Figure is
nothing more nor less than a chart or representation
of the heavens on a flat piece of paper, and planets
placed therein, and there is nothing sinful in this,
any more than in the innocent young lady reprc
senting the face of the heavens at any hour on the
celestial globe; and by predicting from the sai<l
configurationsof thc heavenly bodies, the Artist does
but verify and fulfil that passage of the sacred Scrip
tures, which positively declares that the stars and
planets were crcated and placed in the firmament
for "sig,u " of that which should afterwards come to
The Almighty Creator gave the Babylonians notice
of the "signs " of their destruction : " For tlu sta,s o/
/,eave11, and the constellations thereof, shall not give
their light ; 1/,e s11n s/,all b, da,kene ;,. !,is goi11g /orlA; "
that is, snall be cclipsed, " an tlu moon slul nol eauu
/,e, ligl,t to sl,u." * This evidently meant the lumi
naries werc cclipscd in the zodiacal sign Virgo, which
rulcd Babylon, as noticed in the 38th page of this
work. And the fearful fall of Egypt was prognosti
cated by the sarne species of " lieauenly sig,,s," which
he knew the Egyptian Astronomers well understood;
for" when I shall put thee out I will cover the he~ven
and make the i.tars thereof dark ; l UJiU &tlWr 1/u sru,
11-ith " &loud, lllld tlu
slul ""' gifll Ju, ligl,I. The
" bright lights," that is, the sun and the moon, which,


IIAiala aiii. 9. ,.,



at thc crcation, God callccl thc " ltiJO great lig/1/s,''
.. will I makc dark ovcr thce." Are not the bchests
o( pro\'idence r.lTected by mcans ?
Did not God
wish them to understand these precursors of thcir
calamity ? lf not, why did He use them ? lC such
invcstigations are sinful now, they were sinful then,
and God was the author of such sms. But, sceptic,
do not charge the Almighty wilh foll>,: ; " let God be
true, though every man a liar."
fhe judgments
which fell upon Zion, wcre predicted by the eclipse
o thc sun, and the moon, and the stars withdrawing
their shining. ; "I sl,a/1 sho,., ti1011ders ;,, tlie /1eavens
alld in f/,e tarll,, blood. and firc, and pillars of smoke;
tl1t sun s/1a/l bt lurned i11lo dar/mm, anel thc moon into
biood, hcorc thc ,;real and tcrrihle clay of the
1 he Astrolo~ers of thc East nndcrstocxl the "si,;ra,"
or "the star," which actcd as thc hcavcnly mcsscnger o the "JJirth of the Holy Chilcl Jesus.'' And the
hcathcn philosophers, who were ali Astrologers, told
the heathen world, whcn thcy saw the extraordinary
eclipse of the sun at Christ"s crucifixion, "that thc
world was about to hc destroye<l, or thc God of
:Sature suffered. Thesc Astrologers wcre many
thousand miles from the "bili of Calvary" at the
samc timc. Thc cnd o thc worlcl, or Christ's second
coming, will hc prognosticated as ollows: " thc sun
shall he darkenc<l, and thc moon shall not give hcr
light," &e. ;
Surely aftcr 1mch authority as the foregoing, wc
shall not find many who will chargc the Astrologcrs
wath sinning while contemplittin~ such phcnomena
as above, nor deny thc portents o the "signs of
heavcn.'' Yet I know thcrc are some narrow-minded
bigo(s who make man a sinncr for a word-a race
o unhappy ficlgetty mortais, "under Mercury aftlicted," who with loud ooastings about morais and
- - ----- - ----- - -- --- - -- - t'.kicl uui. 7. a.
; Jt,cl ii. 10, Jf>, '"' J
1 l\lark ~ii,. 4, s :
l .ttke

i. "S


li 19. ,o.
D,g, ,zed


rcligion, go about to condemn every look, word,
action, and opinion, that squares not with their
narrow, misconccived, and selfish views of thin,:rs.
Y011 must walk with them, or walk out of the world ;
for they are perfectly ,iglzt-you must say their s/1ibbo/e//1-you must subscribe to their articles--you
must observe thcir observances-you must kneel at
their altars, bow to their gods, and listen to their
councils, or you cannot be happy here, nor prepare
happiness hereafter. They have chalked out a line
of duty so narrow that neither themselves nor
others can walk in it with safcty. They, therefore,
pass th:ough lifc as if the ground on which they
trcad w;.s composed of nothing but bogs and quagmires, andas if the azurc aspcct of thc hec1vcns was
ahsolutely injurious to thcir sight. Could we follow
thcm into thc hid<len haunts of their own hearts we
shoul<l thcrc sce what sinuosities, what serpentinings,
what obliquities of eelings, views, and principies,
. what secret longings, what mixtures and contradictions, make up their characters ! Here we should
detect the <lemon of pride lording over the soul ;
there the little imp of envy and malignity creeping
round the heartstrings; there again the yellow eyed
fiend of jealousy inusing its poison into the liver,
blood, an<l heart's core of the wretched victim, while
ill nature an<l malignity riot in wantonness through
the whole system. Ali this can never escape thc
experimental Astro Philosopher, who will stand aloof
from having dcalings with them, and expose them
and their ba1-e im:inuations to the understanding of
those thcy dcsigningly, though "as angels o( light"
in appearance, wish to victimize.
Far be it from the author to suppose that there
are no truly virtuous objectors to our science. I
know therc are many ; some who think that, were it
fully established in society, it might be dangerous:
and others imagine that they disbelieve it altogether.
But, as Si, G. MtUe,ui, observes, "o( ~9)\ y~




say that they do not believe in the possibility o( foretelling future events, 1 have known ew on whom
it had not a very scnsible effect " Those who rcject
the science on account of its supposed dangcrous
tendency, do not sufficiently reflcct that no science,
having 1ts basis in truth, can really he dangerous.
But what if bad men should apply it to bad pur
poses, is it more than is clone with almost every other
art or science? Have not the arts o engraving, and
of good penmanship, been productive of forgery?
Have not the fine arts been used for the pnrpose of
ldolatry, and o obscenity? Has not religion its
bvprocrites, who use it as a cloak for their licentiousnss? Have not some men prayed themselves into
bigots, and others philosophized themselves into
Those who rcject Astrology as an idle drcam and
an 1llusion bave never seriously applicd thcir minds
to the study of it. Thcy havc entcrtaincd wrong
impressions respecting its pretensions; and havc
imagined that the science professes to teach more
than it really does. They have never been ahle to
erect a figure of the heavens at any required moment
o( time. They knew not the data on which thc predictions are based. Thcy have never watched the
bi.neful influences of Saturo affiicting the eastcrn
borizon; nor the benignant operations of Jupiter
upon others; nor the had aspects of their own Mercury with Uranus ar.d thc Moon. They havc their
Mars vitiated by aEpect of Uranus, which have declared in them a certain portion of querulousness,
mixed with no small share of ignorance, arrogance,
and envy, eternally prompting them to find fault
with what they do not understanJ. These persons,
unwilling to be thought ignorant of any thing, J>re
tend to be familiarly conversant with every thmg ;
and they imagine they manifest their superlative
shrewdness and incomparable dexterity by a sort of
wholesale dealing in notes of interrogation. fhink




ing, as they do, that they individually are the etn

porium of knowledge, they grant nothing to their
opponcnt; they conce<le no point ; they admit no
position, not cvcn for the sake of argument; they
are mighty dexterous at a syllogism in their own
avour; hut uniformly reject the minor, the major,
and the ergo, from every other quarter. They are,
gencrally, smatterers in some art, or dabblers in some
science; and having acquired a string of techni
calitics, never fail to pour out a most abundant portion of them into the ears of those who may not
happen to make any particular science their stu<iy.
liut ask these persons a qucstion, even in their own
favourite study, and for the most part the answer
will be an expression of astonishment at your ignorance ; but you must not look for a definite answer :
most assurcdly you will he disappointed if you calculatc upon deriving aoy information of real utility
from them. Are thcse the individuais to <lecide upon
a qucstion of i.o momcntous, so profoundly philosoplucal, so invaluablc to cach man, to the millions of
:;ociety, nay, to thc whole world, as Astrology? a
science based upon the fahric of creation ; which has
cmployed th<: mastcr mind of a Ptolemy, a Thales,
a Plato, a Virgil, a Keplar, a Newton, a Davy, and
thousands more, whose names are immortalized by
mcn of talent. Let those \\ho wish to explode the
science first cast their own horoscopes, or prove,
from ;;omc authenticated nativity, that there is no
truth in Astrology ; then, and not till then, will we
listen to their pompous assertions against the science;
but by the lime they are capable o performing the
above requirement they will be ully convinced o(
its truth, and bccome converts to the doctrines which
thcy formally condemned.
Neither should the occasional ailures o some o(
its professors afford any argument against the uiRtu.
\Vc are aware that to juggling nonsense and knavery
of some o its proessors this science owes much of




the odium under which it lahours. But mt:n do not

condemn the Scriplures merely because hcresies,
and heretical schisms, have anscn lhercfrom ; nor
do they dcny the art of the physician through
his own inefficiency : nor explode the whole sciei,ce
of chemistry, mercly bccause the chemist fails in
some of his analytical expcrimcnts. \Vhy, then,
should Astrology ak,ne, which, of ali other sciences,
claims lhe most serious and undivided attcntion, bc,
come the butt of incredulity through the sins of
some of its proessors? Let the studcnt make bis
opponents answer that question bcforc hc proceeds
to argue: with them. They say it is supcrstitious.
Ask the caviller-what is s11perslilio11 ? And r.ot one
in a thousand can ~ive you thc import of the word
.. superstition." Thesc are lcarned cncmies, forsooth ! They are butts for ridicnle and laughter.
The science has been uscd by des1gning pcrsons as
a kind o( /orl11,u-llllinl( system ; hcncc, olcl women of
no education take it up, and some who havc prctended to understand it have afTccted great ,.,isdom
and sagacity, great foresight and knowlcdgc. Hcnce
they have hcen regarded as a species of nccro
mancers, objects of foar and wondcr to the ignorant,
of disdain and contempt to thc wise and discerning.
Astrology has nothing in common with magic, or
any like crafty art. Jt dcals not in mystery; for
mystery and truth are, for the most part, at enmity
Wlth each othcr.
The true and educateJ Astrr.loger scorns ali idea
o( secrecy in his science ; those who entcrtain a con
trary feeJing know nothing aho1Jt it, whilst he pro
ceeds by certain rules, which ali men may learn if
they will take the pains; though he makcs no pretensions of infallibility, or perfection, entirely in bis
Astronomical judgment, and does not hold himself
accountable for the i1l use which evil-disposed per
IODS may make of these rules. His skill in Astral
science, like real skill in every other branch of use




fui knowlcdge, has a direct tendency to promote a

spirit of modcration and reserve ; of caution and
prudence, incompatiblc with the arrogance and pre
sumption of eithcr a mcrc pretender or an opponent.
The Author looks forward to no very distant day
when stellar doctrines shall have acquired that
stability of charactcr and utility as to again, as in
<lays of genuine philosophy, entitle it to universal
rcception, an<l whcn its advantagcs shall be looked
to as the main auxiliarics of sound morais, rational
philosophy, and true religion.
ln the mean time its prescnt indcfatigable dis
ciples, a<lvocates, and admirers will hc content to
havc thc sneers, the contempt, the ili nature, and the
ignorance of its a<lversarics; and guarding against
prccipitation on onc hand and inattention and in
differencc on the othcr, will not fail to make those
observations on nl<:n and manners; on cause and
efTect ; on signs and correspondencies, as shall con
firm them in the principies, and endear them to the
practice of Astro Philosophical investigations.

1. During your studies in the Astrologic J..ore
you will come in contact with wiseacres who will
ask yo11 silly rp1cstions, hut take Solomon's advice,
and " a11sr. tr a /1)()/ accordilfg to /,is folly, /est /11 6' a,is,
in his 01,,11 co11ctif ."
2. You will soon perceive that your opponcnts are
pt;rsons of little knowledge, or grelt prejudice with
v':!ry f.ntall capacitics, and almost incapable of re
flection, without any original thoughts, or indec<l
any thou~ht~ at all but what they have borrowed,
and such ai; havc madc few observations of their
own respccting themselves or the universe in general;
mcn who are eithcr absorbed in other speculations

D,g, ,zed


than those o nature, or who think only by permission ; who would helieve the legend and deny the
existence of the antipodes, if others ahout them did
the same. With them the vox po;,ui is truly the wx
Dli, while they in loto despise or turn a deaf ear
to the oox sttllaru111. The only argument capahle of
convincing them is a great show of hands, and any
absurd hypothesis, having the major part of the
world on its side, would soon add them to the
number of its disciples. But exercise your discriminating powers, and you will soon perceive that
O Every prudent
dealeth with knowledge, but a
fool will lay open bis folly." Prov,rbs xiii. 16
3. You will sometimes meet with antagonists who
will quote the opinions of learned men, hut let them
know that Jearning is not always united with discemment, nor real knowltdge, any more than the
words of a talking bard are united with ideas.
Leaming is a mechanical acquirement, and may be
pouessed by a very silly person, and of this we have
numberless instances.
With such men reason is
useless: they would oppose custom to reason, and
authorities to facts. You have the better of the
world, ifthe opinions of ,;reat, good, learned men are
to settle the question of ats truth or otherwise. You
have ali ancaent philosophers of note, physicians,
utronomers, poets, mathematicians, divines, judges,
kiap, prophets. and patriarchs, on )our side.


You have Seript11r1 autborities :Adam


















You have renowne<l Pliysieians on your side, as



John Dee


You can boast of immortal Poets, as





You have a host of Philosopl,m, as

Pia to

(a namcaake)



You have on your side Historwgraplun, as

Camden, and thouaand1 more

Dion Cuatu
~hom we could name.




You have in your train CJ,,islia11 Reformers, as

Bilhop Hall


J. Usher


and many others too numerous to mention in this

synod o unquestionahle talent and picty, who wcrc
zealom, promoters o( truth, whcrc\'cr it could l>e
found anJ ex1>0se<l to the kccn imcstigation of ex



You have thc grcatcst Astro110111ers that cvcr livcd,







and an innumerable multitude o fix,d st,irs o science

and authority, ,vhose names will livc till the earth
itsel shall be dissolvcd, and whose <liscovcries shall
be a boon to socicty as longas mcn shall ex,st. Can
any other science boast of such namcs ? No. Can
the sceptic place in your hands such a list of learncJ
men as opponents ? Ali these themsclvcs were
Astrologers. You can proudly boast o( ha ving kings
on your side of the question, as David, Alfred tl,c
Great, the Charleses, Cromwell, N apolcon, and the
kings named in the sacred volume. \Vc have pursued our catalogue sufficiently far to outwcigh the
scale o( your oprnents' authority o( great men.
\\'hat myriads o men have no other ground o(
tenets than the s11pposed honcsty, or learning, or
number of those o( the aame profession ? liut where
ia the original mind that does not examine, wei~h,
and concludingly establish himself on well-traed
principies? Catechise these and they give a reason



for asscnt, lmt will l,y thc 11,u.origi11als he considcred
ccccntric or foolish .
Oh, man, think for thysclf.
Lct no selfinterest and opinionatcd lcaders or parti
sans decide for thee I Takc St. Paul's advice, and
" l'ro111 ali t/1i11gs a11d /zold fast tluit wlzicl, is good " How
many will you mcct with who are rcsolvcd to stick
to a party in which e<lucation or intcrest has cngage<l
thcm, and thcrc, like thc common soldiers of an
army, show thcir couragc an<l warmth as their
lcadcrs dircct, without c,cr cxamining or so much
as knowing thc cause for which they contcnd. 1t is
cnou~h for most poor crcaturcs to obey thcir leaders,
to havc thcir hands and thcir tonguc, and, we may
alld thcir purscs also, rcady for thc support of the
common cause, an<l thcreby approvc thcmsclvcs to
thosc who can give them crcdit, prcfcrmcnt, or pro
tection in that society. Ah I this mammon in ali its
hidcous forms I
4. You must avoid the assaults o prejudice and
mistake, till cxpcrience and mattcrof fact shall
silcnce gainsayers and stop thc mouth o( ignorance
Bc not <lismaye<l whcn evil spokcn of, for " ruisdom
mtdli in tlie lu,,rt o/ /1i111 tlzat /1atl1 1111dersta1uli11g, but tl,al
,..,J,ic/1 is i11 tlte 111011//1 o/ fools is 11urde k11own." So you
pcrccivc that your enemies no sooner open their
111011ths in railing, but you will easily judge what
thcy arc-what ~olomon calls them. Bcware o(
pri<le and sclfconceit, yet nevcr forgct your dignity.
ilc humble and let no natural knowledge elate your
minds so far as to withdraw you from your duty to
that divine l'rovidence, by whosc omnis.:icnt order
an<l appointmer,t ali thmgs hc:avenly and earthly
have their constant motion, but the more your know,
lcdgc~ is enlarged b) this comprehensive sciencc, the
mor~ you must cndcavour to magniy the power anJ
wis<lom o( thc Almil,{hty Go<l, and strive to preserve
yoursclvcs in "His favour which i11 better than lie,"
havint: in constant rcmcmhrJncc that thc nearcr to
holincsi1 you are, the nearer you approach to Go<l in



your religious duties, the purer judgmcnt you will

always give.
5. When a qucstion is asked, you must take it for
granted that no more is meant than is asked, aiul 11ot
JraNU quutio,u and answers of yo11, ow11. This will
not agree or sympathizc with the mind of the querent,
and will consequently be a faJse prediction. Everything, however, sincerely propounded, may be
answered by the sarne figure. Let no wor<lly consideration procurfl an crroncous ju<lgrnent from you,
or auch as may dishonour this sacred scicnce.
Affiict not the uniortunate with the terrors of severe
isaue, in such cases inform them of their adverse
fortune with sympathetic concern, direct them to
ca1l upon the D1vine assistance to avert the illfortune through which they have to pass.

1 .





1. The Zodiac being the great circle of the Sphere,
is divided into 36o degrees, each degree into 6o
minutes, each minute into 6o seconds, thirds, &e.
2. Every Sign contains ~o of those degrees; thus,
12 Signs complete thc Zod1ac.



'Y' Arie$ opposite to 16 Libra

l:S Taurus ,.
" llt Scorpio

t Sagittary
n Gemini ,.
Cancer ..
.. 1-j' Capricorn
S\. Leo
., :::: Aquarius
11.Jt Virgo
3. Therc are also nine other hodies, called planets;
their symbols are:
li' Neptune
ll Jupiter
? Venus
1 Uranus
3 Mars
11 Mercury
~ Satum
0 Sun
([ Moon
4. THB AsTaao1os ARB :
Vesta, Juno, Palias, and Ceres.
5. There are other points which must be considered, viz., Q The Dragon's Head, or Moon's
North Node; ~ The Dragon's Tail, or Moon's
South Node ; ~ The Part of Fortune.




6. Tlu Co,,ju11elio11 o/ d
The d is when two planets have the """' geocentric longitude. This aspect is ound to be good
with good planets, but evil with evil planets. Its
eft'ects are strong in ali cases.
7. T lt, S1111islxtil1 S 30
The ,emisextile aspect is moderately fortunate and
slightly beneficial. Jt consists of 30 degrees, or one
ligo in the zodiac ; thus, suppose 2" in + of 'Y', and
t in 4 of ~ or
they would be S of each other.
8. Tlu S1111S1Jtl4YI o 45
This aspect is evil in signafication with ali or any
ol the planets, and is nothing inferior to the square.
9. Th, Suli/1
This aspect is ormed when the plancts are two
ligns distant from cach othcr, or 6o apart, and is of
a benign influence, not mucl1 inferior to the Trine.
10. Tltt Quartil, O 90
The o is a distance of 3 c;igns, or 90 asunder. I t
is an aspect peculiarly evil, and seldom can its
malign influence be lessened by the interposition of
more friendly rays.


. '1 l :


Tlu Tri111

t:i. 120

The Trine aspect is 120 distant, or 4 signs between

two heavenly bodics, and is indicative of good.
12. Tlu SUfttisgu,m SSo 135
The SS o is unfonunate and equally malign to
the So: it is a ray of 135; thus, supposin,: a star
in 19 of i,, and anc,ther in + of 111, they are in
13 T, Opjiosili4 8 1So0
Tbe 8 is ,-hen two plane,~:,e,r i&8'q~ i1tant, or
jus& haU the space of the zodaac apart, whach pJacea


them in diametrical radiation. This is an evil and

unfortunate aspect.
These are the most notable and powerful con
figurations ; and though there are others of minor
importance, yet I refrain from mentioning them, as
they are of very little moment in Horary Astronomy.

1.i, lt is very seldom at the time a question is

proposed that ali the aspects which appear are each
perfcctly composed of tht-ir txact number of degrees.
ln such cases they are still in aspect as longas they
continue within the moicty, or equal /,ai/ part of their
,mited orbs. This is callcd a platic aspect, in contra,
distinction to a partile, or perfect aspect ; that is
whcn two planets or two significators are in the same
degree of their respectivc sigos, and it is necessary
to observe in these platic aspects whether the CO
opcration of the two plancts is going off or coming
on, as that will matcrially affect the matter under
RuLE.-Add the orbs of thc two planets together,
an<l takc one half of the sum ; if the planets are
heyon<l that distance they are not then even in platic
EXA!\IPLE,-Suppose I;, in 15 of 'Y', and i in 10,
thcy are then in platic aspect ; for the orb of ? is 9,
and that of i 7'' added to 9 equal 16, the half of
which is 8; so they are w1thin orbs at 8 degrees
distant, and in like manner of thc other planets.
The number of degrees each planet extends an
inftuence round its ho<ly is: 'i' 5, W 7, ? 9, 2l, 9,
0 15, 3 7, i 7, ~ 7, and (! 15 degrees. . . t. ;..' ,,:
Thus Neptune, which is placed first, applies to no
planet except he be Retrograde; Wapplies only to 'i';
.2" applies only to ? , W, and :i'; and so of the rest
ao order, as may be seen (art1cle 3). The (!, who..Js
placed last, applies to ali the plancts, as she ,,md'vesiogle


h\.1 I


round the earth in about 28\ days; but no planet

applies to the <! except that _Planet be retrograde, and
then it is called mixed apphcation.
PaasoNs Dasca1aao av THa 12 SrcNs.
15. 'Y' Ascending at the timc o birth, or of a
question, and uninfluenced by any planet in the
Ascendent, produces a person o a dry, Jean, spare
body, rather tall, strong limbs, large bones, thick
hl'oad shoulders, long face, sharp piercing sight, dark
heavy eye-brows, reddish and wiry hair, freckled
complex1on, and neck rather long. Disposition good
and agreeable; temper hasty, but soon over or ap
peased; witty, ingenious, and qnick of apprehension.
16. Neptune in Signs will be like Venus.
17. Uranus in 'Y', or on the cusp o the house signiying the quesited, denotes one rather tall, auburn
hair, thin in appearance, a little colour in the face,
eccentric and hasty temper, and one that remembers
an affront a long t1me; ond o learning, inquisitive,
and one that does not marry early in life; given to
novels and writing; a worker jn wood, an artificer,
inventor, and ond of arming l'nd cattle.
18. Saturn, a significator in 'Y', declares one moderate in stature, dark ruddy complexion, high forehead, good intellect, rather ull eyes, dark hair, not
much beard or whisker, a spare hody, strong voice;
given to boasting ; morose, a retainer o anger ;
craty, and not easily imposed upon ; fond of disputation and contention, and in this he generally
proves conqueror.
19. Jupiter in 'Y' denqtes a middle stature, ruddy,
oval v1sage, light brown hair, quick piercing eyes,
high nose, and oten reckles or p1mplci; in the face ;
a very obliging person, o a noblc, ree disposition ;
industrious; a lover o peace and tran9.uility. The
person ollows some respectable calling in lie: sometimes a respectable iitmer, corn dealer, or one con'' "d byGoogle


nectcd with architecture, or a seller of articles ovu

a counter.
20. Mars in 'Y' portends a native of a middle size,
large bones, well set, furrowed or wrinkled forehead,
bold fierce countenance, rather sunburnt complexion,
sandy hair, sharp blue c,r grey eyes, often a mark or
mole above the nose, ambitious of rule, a lover o(
war and contest, yet generous and free spirited; ready
apprehension, active fancy, and often fortunate. The
natives make good butchers, drugg1sts, smiths, and
ali or any business connected with fire. Combative
ness large.
21. The Sun in 'Y' portends a middle stature, strong
and well made, good complexion, though not very
clear, yellow or flaxen hair, and full eyes; one of a
noble d1sposition, full of courage and valour, delight
ing in warlike deeds, and gaining victory; formidable
to hts enemies; he raises himself in society, but is
rather proud.
22. Venus or Neptunc in 'Y' represents a middle
stature, but slcnder; hght hair, good complexion, a
pensive aspect, with a mark or scar in the face; oval
visage in the 15th and 16th degrees; a lover of company, oftcn to the querent or quesited's detnment;
1mprovident and unfortunate ; one not fond of fast
employment, and does not continue long atone branch
of business ; apt to change for ease. Amativeness
mcderate, with foolish combativeness.
23. Mercury in 'Y' gives a thin :.;nd middle stature,
oval face, light brow11 and curling hair, dull complexion, except ~ be in thc 14th dcgree, then clear;
one quarrelsome, discontentcd, lying, th1evish, and
contentious ; but if ~ be in good aspect with 11, 2l,
or 2 , and is not afflicted by tJI , ? , or l , the disposition will be much improved. ln the last 5 degrees,
hollow cheeks, light eyebrows, and ftattish nose.
24. The Moon in 'Y' personatcs a middle stature,
rather plump round face, light brown hair, tolerably



good complexion. 1n disposition, choleric and

churlish, ambitious o honour, but not very fortunate;
often changing residence, with various mutations in
life. Men generally prospcr most by speculating as
hncksters, selling o eatables and ru1t, and other
.uticles o consumption.

Taurus alone denotes a short, stout body, broad

brows, large eyes, full face, thick lips, short neck,
thick broad hands and shouldcrs, dark curlin- hair,
awarthy con1plexion ; brutal, unfecling, and v1olcnt ;
melancholy, slow to angcr, but when oncc enragcd
difficult to pleair.e ; large animal propensities: this
happens if unaspccted by stars o a contrary nature.
26. Neptune will be thc same as Venus.
27. Uranus in ij rcprcsents a person of mcan
stature, rather stout, not vcry handsome, dull com
plexion, and brown hair, large gustativeness, grcy
eyes, one somcwhat conceited, fond of money; in
actions, secret and cccentric.
28. Saturn in ij denotes a body heavy and clumsy,
lobbing walk, hair dark, gcncrally inclincd to vicious
actions; determinate in prosecuting any movcment
in connection with contention; destructiveness large.
29. Jupiter in ij pcrsonates a middle stature, stout
welset body, strong and compact, not very handaome, brown curling hair, swarthy or yellow complexion; wise, discreet, ree disposition, and humanc,
but a lover of the opposite sex.
30. Mars in ij gives a middle stature, well set,
dU5ky complexion, brown hair, which is rough or
c:oane, brown full face, and sometimes a mark or
scar on the throat or Cace; a treacherous, false, dissembling person; gluttonous, luxurious, and debauched ; given to gambling and betting wagers ;
generally fond o keeping ale houses, victualling
houses, and other places of aportive amusemeot.
Abuaive amativeneas.



:, . t



31. The Sun in ij rather short, well set, dark
complexion, wide mouth, broad Cace, Roman nose,
strong and athletic. He or she is conficent, has
much self-estcem, and is not a httle proud ; delights
in contention ; having plenty of combativeness,
gcnerally becomes conqueror.
32. Venus or Neptune in ij denotes a comely
person, mean stature, fieshy body, well made, ruddy
complexion, dark eyes, but not clear, luxuriant brown
hair, ando( beautiful character; the temper is mild,
winning, and obliging ; the disposition kind, humane,
and engaging, beloved by every one, and ~enerally
fortunate. The natives are often engaged m teach
ing, or sclling articles across a counter, as drapery,
grocery, confectionerv. &e. lf they ue trades they
follow, those that are clean and .>rnamental, as
joiners. Philoprogenitiveness good and pur,.
33. Mercury in ij gives a middle stature, cor
pulent, but well set, swarthy sunburnt complexion,
short thick brown hair ; in condition, slothful, glut
tonous, and wanton ; large ~ustativeness ; fond of
sexual intercourse, to his detnment and misfortune.
He follows light and trifling callings by way o( living,
such as Irishmen are fond of.
3~ Moon in ij gives a corpulent, well set person,
low middle stature, dull complexion, brown or black
hair, but disposition mild, peaceable, ingenious,
obEging, and r.ithcr proud, but of sober carriage ;
just in all bis actions, and consequently gains the
res~ct o( ali with whom heis familiar, he also most
eas1ly attains preterment suitable to his station in
life. Good developements o( amativeness and philoprogenitiveness, especially if the Moon be unaffiicted.

35. Gemini represents a tall upright body, well set,

complexion good, though not clear ; bright eyes and
good sight ; long arma, fteshy hands and feet, strong
chest, brown hair ; acute wit, ingenious, a ftuent




tongue, apt discourse, but not very faithful, being in

disposition fidgety, curious, petulant, changeable,
light, and trifling.
36. Neptune describes the sarne as Venus.
37. Uranus in D personates a body tall, well pro,
portioned, dull sanguine complexion, brown or dark
eyes, dark hair, oval face, intelligent looking countenance ; in manners blunt and prompt, especially if
Wbe not ili aspected by the ([ ; the mind is somewhat scientific, but not profound.
38. Saturn in D denotes a rather tall stature, dark
sanguine complexion, oval visage, well proportioned,
dark brown or black hair ; ingenious, not very fortunate in his transactions ; his manncrs rathcr
unpolishcd and pervcrse, and therefore warily to be
dealt with ; a tolerably good husband, and he is
ofcen employed in managing busincss for another, in
writmg, ordering, and superintending.
39. Jupiter in D personates a well compact, plump
body, lull middle stature, sanguine complexion, but
not very clean; brown hair, full expressive grey eyes,
graceful deportment, affable, courteous behaviour,
gentle, mild, obliging, but too fond of the opposite
sex; fond of learning, but never acquirin~ more than
ordinary. lf between five and filteen degrees the
native will be rash, a bad husband or wife, unsettled,
and often an encmy to himself or herself, then very
unacceptable to others. Men are gencrally connected with writings, and are employed as book
keepers, clerks, lawyers, preachers, &e. The moral
region is good and beneficially developed.
40. Mara in D portends a person rather tall, well
made, light complexion in the first ten degrees, hut
generally good in any part of this sign, bruwn hair,
except an the tirsc and second face, then the hair
will be ftaxen ; very unsettled in most affairs, yet
ingenious in many things, though unfortunate in ali,
anel generally livea in a mean condition, shilting here

D,g,t,zedbyGoogle .

and there, exercising bis wits for a livlihood, and not
continuing in any calling to which he served his
apprenticeship; wishes to be a mason, Carmer, COW
keeper, &e.
4 t. The Sun in o represents a . well proportioned
body, a full middle stature, sanguine complexion,
brown hair; in disposition affable and courteous ; he
is subject to be controlled by others, and is frequently
imposed upon on account of his passive turn of mind
and proccdure.
42. Venus and Ncptune in o portends a person
of ahove the middle stature. rather tall, slender, and
straight, brown hair, modcrately clean complexion,
hazel cycs; <lisposition charitable, honourable,
liber.. l, easily wrought upon, and rarely guilty of a
dishonourable act. Vcnus afflicted l,y ? or J, then
thc nativc is dissipatcd, mischcvious, adulterous, and
if a female, she is unchaste and blameable ; and if
marricd will dcccive her husband, more especially if
~ oo in n in the w1fe's nativity. (See ArcalUI,)
4J Mercury in n gives a full statured person,
upnght body, well made, brown hair, a good com
plexion; in disposition, ingenious, a good orator,
lawyer, bookscller, or some other calling connected
with the pen ; Self interested,
H The Moc:>n in o portends thc native tall and
wcll forme<l, upright and comely; hrown hair, good
complcxion. Thc quality of the mind subtile, crafty,
mgcnious, ili disposcd, and generally unfortunate,
unlcss othcr k:.li111onics assist. Jf the (( be in good
,1spcct of ~ , 2+, or thc 0, then thc party will bc
dmritable and sincerc, gentlc, and obliging, genteel
in manners, and much respccted by thc opposite aex.
45. Cancer denotes persons, when uninftuenced by
aspect or position, of short stature, the latter 6fteen
degrees rather taller and stouter, and the.upper part





of the body more thick and better set than the lower;







little eyes, pale and wan complexion, oftcntimes distorted teeth, brown hair, and winning voice; females
are liable to have many children; and it generally
gives men a eminine appearance.
46. Judge Neptune as you do Venus.
.f7 Uranus in e represents a short stature, dull
pale complexion, sad brown hair, thin face, sharp
nose, small eyes; disposition jcalous, slothful,
eccentric, malicious, fond of recrcations, ancJ often
puts the best side outwards; seems to be what hc
really is not; thievish and othcr ili 'qualitics, except
ll, <!, f , or ~ , cast a good aspect to 1 Hc confines
bimself to no ast employment .
.fR, Satum in e 1_>ersonatcs one of sickly constitution, brown hair, tlun face, palc complexion, subject
to jealousy and malicious actions, which are mitigated
by the good aspects of the benevolent planets. ? d
4, the native will be imprisoned some timc of lifc .
.f9 Jupiter in ~ gives a person of a micJdle stature,
pale fleshy face, rather corpulent body, dark brown
hair, oval face, a husy loquacious pcrS(ln, intermed
dlinJ with ali persons ; conccited in his or her own
abilities; a favourite among women; fortunatc hy
water, and delights to bc thereon. He makes sailors,
apirit or wine merchants, puhlicans or becrsellers.
50. Mars in e gives a short person, dull com
plexion, thick brown hair ; disposition servile and
ltupid. sottish and idle, shallow and trifting ; never
closely employed, but fond of leasure and loitering.
51. Sun in e gives a little body, unhealthy counteoanc:e, DOt very handsome ; brown hair; disvasition
bannleu, innocent, cheerful, and a lover of the
opposite sex ; an admirer of &porta and pastimes,
muaic, dancing, and such kinds of recreat1ons ; but
,aot foad ol labour, neither mindful how he performs


any employment. He does not generally follow any
calling or trade.
52. Venus or Neptune in qa represents a short
staturetl pcrson, fleshy body, round face, pale com
plcxion, light hair ; i betwcen 2~ and 30 degrees,
changes the colour o thc hair to a redder appear
ancc, anda little hue in the face; in disposition lazy,
slothful, inconstant, yet puts the best appearance out
side, but not to be depended on ; employcd in selling
confectioncry, wines, ale, &c., and other articles of
consmnption, and in thcsc hc prospers, but in noth
ing cise.
53. Mcrcury in Q pcrsonatcs a Jow or short stature,
dull complexion, sad brown hair, thin face, sharp
nosc, and small eycs; disposition dissembling, sol
tish, thicvish, cxcept ts happens to be in good aspect
to thc ;[ and ~ ; but if ~ bc in nr or n , then the
nativc is a vagabond, &c.
Si The Moon in ~ represents a plump middle
staturc, well proportioncd, round full face, brown
hair, pale dusky complexion; disposition changeable,
jocular, mcrry, harmlcss, free from passion, and
gcncrally well hclovcd; fortunate in most affairs, yet
changeable in his resolves. The native is fond of
travclling, watcr, sailing, and often does best at sea
ports, or in any part of Scotland; he does well as a
fishmongcr, or any calling connected with the water
and liquids. He may turn publican, or brewer, or
bcer seller.
Tua:; PLANF.Ts IN Lao.
55. Lco rcprescnts a largc body, but the first six
dcgrees will be lower an<l stiffer, broad shoulders,
plcasant countenancc, sometimcs austere, ull eyes,
ycllowish or flaxen hair, rather curling, large head,
high forehead, good complexion, strong and active;
in disposition resolute, unbending; but if the (:) be
afflicted a mere coward, hasty in temper, yet often







generous, Cree, and courteous ; the latter part o( the

sign producesa weaker body, with lighter hair. Male
natives are fond of ease and pleasnre.
56. Uranus in 5\. portends a person o! a rather
upright genteel make, tolerably good complexion ;
hah broad shonlders, strong bones, brown or auburn
haar, fullish eye, and Roman nosc; hasty tcmper,
ambitious, and proud. The qualities of the mind
are philosophic, mgenious, learned, inqnisitive ; hnt
eccentric, difficult to plcase, and secrctive.
57. Saturn in 5\. a moderately large staturc, broad
round shoulders, wide chest, light hair, large boncs,
grave aspect, large perceptive organs; stooping walk.
The quality of the mind tolerahly good, generous but
passionate; not very couragcous or valiant whcn put
to the test. The tradcs mc,st 6t are hricklayers,
farmers, shepherds, masons, porters, carriers, pot
ters, &e.
58. Jupiter in 5\. reprcsents a strong person, tall
and well made, light hrown or yellowish curling hir,
ruddy complexion, full cyes, rather comely appearance; noble minded, courageous, magnanimous, lofty;
delighting in warlikc actions, a terror to his enemies ;
one that scorns to hend, contcnding for honour,
mastership, &e. He often produces persons who are
workers in wood.
59. Mars in 5\. gives a well proportioned body,
sanguine or sunburnt complexion, largc eycs, short
limbs, and a hrisk cheerful countenance ; a lover o(
the opeoste sex, inclined to hoasting ; delights in
recreauons and warlike exercises, as shooting, riding,
and fighting : loves decent apparel, and is genera!ly
beloved : in disposition noblc, free spirited, and
endeavoura to pleaae. This denotes masons, joiners,
lmiths, cutlera, and manufacturers of steel.
6o. Sol in 5\. gives a stron({ well made body, light
brown hair,aanguine complexaon, prominent eyes, full


face, with a mark or scar on it ; in disposition a just
person, faithful to his or her friends, punctual in the
performance of promises; ambitious of honour, a
respectahle person holding office under govemment,
anel superintends in common course of life.
61. Venusor Neptune in S\,personatesa tall stature,
well made, clcar complexion, round face, full eyes,
Jight ftaxen or red hair, and frcckled face; in dis
position moderatcly faithful, soon angry, but not
lasting, generous and free, but rather proud, often
indisposed, a good humoured person ln selling over
a counter heis generally employed.
62. Mercury in S\. gives a large body, swarthy
complexion, hrown hair, round face, full eye, and
hi~h nose; in disposition hasty, proud, conceited,
amhitious of honour, a boaster, and subject to con
tention. Thcy are mostly fond of being employed in
puhlic situations, where many men are employed.
63. The Moon. in S\. personates a tall stature,
stroni; and largc honed, large eyes, full face, sanguine
complcxion, light hrown hair; lofty, proud, aspiring
disposition, amhitious of honour, desirous to rule,
ahhors scrvitude, and rarely proves a fortunate person.
His most proper trade is that of a fishmonger, &e.
TnE Pu.NaTs IN V1aco.
6~. Virgo alone denotes a person of mean height,
slcndcr staturc, hut very neat, and decently composed,
dark hrown hair, round visage, not very beautiful, yet
much admircd, i;niall shrill voice ; all the members
inclined to hrevity, and the person is witty, discreet,
of a pleasant conversation, studious, and given to
65. Uranus in n1 represents a tall proportioned
hody, dark complexion, oval face, hrown or hlack hair,
~oocl sized head, and austere countenance; the quality
of the mind is clever, learned, acquiring knowledge
hy difTerent means, though abrupt, and cares not for


the f'oolery of' f'ashion: generally employed in scholutic callings, such as teaching, writmg, superintending, an excise officer, &e.
66. Satum in 11Jt represents a tall spare hody,
swarthy complexion, dark hair, long head and face;
in disposition melancholic, retaining angcr; a projector of' curiositics to little purpose; studious, subtlc,
reserved, and determinate. He follows light hnsincss,
as pawnhroker, a hrokt:r of some description, and one
who deals in articles over a counter.
67. Jupiter in 11Jt gives a f'ull sized person, well
made, and handsome, duk hair, ruddy complcxion,
not clear or Cair, but well proportione<l altogether,
choleric, amhitious of' honour, hoasting and studious,
yet through rashness subject to losses. ln husiness
clever, and ahle to perf'orm his duty in any calling in
which he may be engaged. He significs schoolmasters, editors, printers, accountants, lawycrs,
clerks, hook-kecpers, &e., also gardencrs and workers
on the land.
68. Mars in n1 personates a middle staturc, well
proportioned hody, dark hrown or hlack hair, swarthy
or sunburnt complexion, generally a mark or scar on
the face; in disposition hasty, proud, retains an
injury, not easily pleased, and from his precipitate
procedure is ohnoxious to error and dissipation.
6g. The Sun in 11Jt denotes a tall, slcndcr stature,
well proportioned, ~ood complexion, much dark hair,
cheerf'ul and conv1vial, fond of singing and other
pleasing recreations which delight the ear and palate;
an the last degree thin face and dark hair.
70. Venus or Neptune in nJ! gives a tall, well proportioned body, dark complexion, oval visage, and
sad brown or black hair; mind ingenious, a good
speaker, aspiring tum f' mind, but often unfortunate
in hia undertakings, unless he hold a good situation,
which ia better than business.


71. Mercury in nx makes the hody tall, slender,
an<l prop<>rtione<l, dull complexion, dark brown or
hlack haar, long face and austcre countenance; quaJity
o the mind changeahle, fidgety, ytt ingenious and
7i. The Moon in nx personates a tall stature, rather
dark ru<l<ly complexion, oval face, and dark hrown
hair; ingenious, reserved, courteous, melancholy
person, selclom well disposed, and generally unortunate, petulant and sottish, talkative and boasting.

73. Libra atone denotes a person tall and elegantly

formetl, round face, having heauty, rather slender,
lank auhurn or flaxen hair, generally hlue eyes, fine
clcar reli and white complexion in youth, which in
ol<l age hccomes pimpled; courteous, friendly disposition, just and upright.
74. Uranus in .e. descrihes a person rather tall,
upright stature, comely appearance, moderately stout,
smooth hrown hair, oval face, sanguine comP.lexion,
1,igh forchead, grey eyes; in disposition mald and
kin<l, the quality o the mind learned and accommo<lating, faithful and trustworthy. He follows a
clean, light business.
75. Saturo in .e. portends a person o middle stature,
goo<I looking, hrown hair, oval face, large nose, high
forehead, tolcrahly clear complexion, opinionated of
himself, rather extravagant, on<l o debate and controversy, and oten comes off victorious.
76. Jupiter in .o, indicatu a hody slender, tall, and
face, light hrown hair, full
handsome, upright
eyes, fair complexion, but sometimes pimpled or
freckled on the cheeks, yet a prepossessing appear
ance; <lisposition anel temper mild, winning, and
ohliging, fond of recreation, much esteeme<l; fortunate
if in goo<l aspect with Venus, Sol, or the Moon.








77. Mars in 6 personates a tall stature, well proportioned hody, oval face, sanguine complexion, light
sot brown ha1r ; the beginning o the sign, to the
first ten degrees, hair wiry or reddish ; disposition
cheerul, but rather conceited, fond of dress and finl!
outside, much attached to the opposite sex, and
warmly heloved hy them, and from whom he oten is
maligned when connecting himsclf with imprudent
characters. Hii. wie is rather often wild who has
this position in his nativity.
78. The Sun in 6 gives a tall, straight, upright
body, full eyes, light hair, rather handsome face,
ruddy complexion, a slight rash or pimplc on the face;
in dispositaon fond of talking of warlike affairs, yet a
JCat coward, and not to be trusted as a friend, weak
an his attachments, and not altogether given to speaking the truth.
79. Venus or Neptune in ,,e,. rcpresents a tall,
upnght e'egant person, oval face, rather beautiful,
sanguine complexion, often freckled, hrown hair, and
heautiful dimples; disposition ohliging, Cair in his
dwings, much respected. They signify drapers,
tailors, confectioners, grocers, druggists, musicians,
barbers, &e. i cS 3 a tohacconist, i cS W a tailor
of a respectahle character.
8o. Mercury in .e. gives a tall hut not thin handsome person, light brown hair, sanguine complexion;
disposition just, virtuous, prudent, a lover and promoter o( learning, and happily qualified with natural
abilities ; fond of light reading, such as novels,
romances, poetry, &e.
81. The Moon in 6 gives a tall, well made body,
with smooth light brown hair, fine red and white
complexion, and handsome face ; dispos;itiun pleas
ing, a lover of mirth and recreations, respectetl hy
the opposite gcnder, liahle tu dishonour in courtships,
unleu i be well placed and the <! in good aspect of
2', e, or i ; denotes publicans. hair dressers, hatters,



music seUers, umhrella aod parasol makers; also

female tailors.
8:a. Scorpio when uninfluenced by any planet
denotes a person strong, robust, and corpulent, broad
face, middle stature, dusky complexion, brown curl
ing hnshy hair, dark eyes, thick neck, coarse hairy
lcgs, often bow legged ; active, thoughtful, and
reserved in conversation.
R3. Uranus in 111. portends a mean stature, well
set, l>road make, long face, dark complexion, dark
hair and whiskers, l>road shoulders ; disposition honourable, faithful, firm and conscientious ; the miod
ingenious, thoughtful, hut reservcd, and fond of
84. Saturn in 111. reprcsents a person of mcao
stature, thick trussy hody, hroad shouldcrs, dark hair,
strong constitution; disposition surly and contentious,
a retainer of anger, oftcn to his or herown detriment,
not willing to yield when in error. He works io
metais or minerais.
85. Jupiter in 111. represents a stout compact body,
mi<ldle staturc, full eyes, dull complexion, and browo
hair; disposition proud, lofty, and ambitious; one
that dcsires rule, and if 2' be in the angle the native
is ortunate among nol>les, great men, and wldiers ;
a person of great stal>ility for his own purposes ; tem
per rather turbulent ; in ali bis actions selfish, and
therefore ought to be warily dealt with. He makes
gardcners, quarry masons, colliers, excavators, and
railway lahourers.
86. Mars in ll\ signifies a well set middle stature,
rather corpulent, broad face, swarthy complexion,
and dark curling hair ; in tempcr ili humourcd, passionate and revengeful ; in disposition determinate,
rash when put to it, and revengeful, but the quality
o( the mind is ingeoious, active in gaining know




ledge ; fond of warlike engines : in arts and scieoces

ready appreheosioo and inventive. A worker in
metais, tin-men, smiths, and artificers.
87. The Sun in 111. personates a square built and
fteshy body, broad face, cloudy complexion, dun or
sunburnt and brown hair; disposition amhitious, and
will noi admit of an equal ; the qualily of the mind
ingenious but ahrupt : fortunate upon the sea: he
gains a good living at a seaport, or in dcaling in
liquids, &c. His father dies a violent death, if the
Suo be afflicted. He may he a carpenter, or worker
in wood aod iron.
88. Venus in 111. denotes a stout, well set, corpulent
body, broad face, dusky complexion, and dark hair;
io disposition debauched, yet a despiser of fcmales
under pretence of chastity, opposed to marriage,
subject to contention and envy ; guilty of many
vic1ous actions, especially if ~ happens to be in ili
aspect of '1 , 3 , or ~. lf he marries he is disposed
to strife, contention, and jealousy, and probably
through this diabolical principie may cause his wife's
death. He gambles, and makes any shuffle rather
thao work for an honest livelihood.
Sg. Mercury in 111. gives a mean stature, well set,
broad shoulders, swarthy complexion, brown curling
hair; disposition suhtlc, a lover of the opposite sex,
given to pleasure and loosc company, yet careful of
bis own interest; often he is thievish, aliar, and crafty,
and subjects himself to trouble through his deceits ;
io miod he is clear and ingenious, fond of inveotions.
He is given to drunkenness and other dissipated and
abomioable practices. He ought to be shunned as a
go. The Moon in a short, thick,fteshy body,
c!Mk brown or black hair, dark complexion, ili dis
posed, treacherous, malicious, brutish, and sottish :
1mprudent and thievish,concertin.rwith ill characters.
If a woman she is generally infamous. Gil ([ eceive
D,g, ,zed by

the good aspect of ll or i , the disposition is
improved, but still unfaithful; a retentive memory,
and the organ of firmness good ; a lover of friends
and children. Most fortunate at fishmon~ers, green
grocers, hawkers of articles of consumpt1on, also in
huckstering and marketing.

91. Sagittary cndows the native with a strong,

active, and well formed body, tallish, face rather
Jong, but handsome, fine cler.r cyes, ruddy or sunburnt complexion, chestnut coloured hair, growing
off the templcs ; subject to baldness; generally a
straight Grecian nose ; jolly, daring, intrepid, act1ve,
bold, generous, fond of horses and hunting.
92. Uranus in t delineates a person tall or full
sized, genteel make, Cair complexion, brown hair, not
fleshy, strong boned, and rather thin face; one hasty,
but soon reconciled; moderately careful; well disposed and not covetous ; rather proud, but strives
after honourable things ; fond of recrcations, but no
spendthrift ; a sincere friend, l,ut a perpetuai foe to
his opponents. A joiner, mo<leller, architect, timber
merchant, cabinet maker, &e.
93. Saturo in t gives a large person, brown hair,
good make, tolerable complexion, not stout, but raw
boncd ; obliging, careful, choleric, and will not bear
an affront, .yet willing to do good to all, but too
precipitate m making he or she cannot
convenicntly perforrn without prejudice; a lover of
his friends and merciful to enefnies ; the native
gcnerally buries father or mother. He makes a
good farmer or dealer in cattle, &e.
94. Jupiter in l personates a fine tall stature,
upright, well made, oval face, fine eyes, chestnut hair,
and thick beard; disposition noble, free, obliging,
affable ; an admirer of females ; magnanimous,
industriou&, and friendly. He mixes with religious



i '1


~. 1

persons. ]l in d or 6 of 3 renders the native of

good credit, and prosperous in martial enterprise.
95. Mars in t produces a tall, compact, well made
body, oval face, brown hair, sanguine complexion,
quick, penetrating eyes, cheerful in company, but
bast}' temper, merry, active, courageous, talkative,
delights in decency and elegant appearance. ln
aspect to 3 a chemist, surgeon, duelist ; he is
choleric, proud, lofty, and daring.
95&. Sun in I describes a tall, handsome, well
proportioned body, oval face, sanguine complexion,
and Jight brown hair; a very lofty, proud spirited
person, aiming at great things, and does not like to
give way to others; one who performs some honor
ary distmctions in life. J or ]l here renders the
native daring, one that will rulc over other persons
in the same calling o( life.
g6. Venus or Neptune in I personates a tall, hand
some, well proportioned body, oval face, sanguine
complexion, and brown hair ; ingenious, but rather
proud, a little passionate, curious temper, fond of
recreations, and very obliging ; often the querent and
bis friends are at variance, nevertheless the querents
marry advantageously, gain by their partner, or by
their father or grandfather. i, d, or 6 of 1'
denotes the love or friendship of superior persons.
97. Mercury in I describes a person of tall stature,
well formed, not corrulent, rather spare, large bones,
plenty of nose, ova face, ruddy complexion; pas
aionate, but soon appeased, dehghts in chases, not
~dent in judgment, neither very Cortunate, rash
ao bis actions, to his detriment ; forward in youth,
but does not improve progressively. V d /, pas
aioaate ; V d <I, stupid.
g8. Tbe Moon in t gives a handsome person, oval
face, sanguine complexion, browp hair, t>eD and
geoerous dispoaitioo, rather hasty and ambitaous, but


honest and kind; Cortunate and much respected. ln
good aspect of i or 2l Cond of amusemeots ; has
great power among kindred ; fond of females' company, yet virtuous, sinccre in friendship, high spirit
and good abilities.

99. Capricorn shows a short, slender person, long

thin visage, thin beard, dark hair, lon~ neck, narrow
chin and breast, weak knees, crooked, ali formed legs;
mind subtle and witty, but changeable.
100. Uranus in l,j' gives a lean person, middle
stature, dark or black hair, plenty of whiskers, thin
face, dull complexion, littlc eyes, and stiving walk ;
disposition reserved, secretiveness large, firm in his
dcalings and procedure; one that may be depended
upon for his promises; a farmer, or having to do
with railways; butchers, and business that requires
101. Saturn in 1!f personates a lean, rawl>oned
l>ody, dark hair, middle statuae, sallow complexion,
small eyes, long, lean visage, and a wkward, stooping
gait; one who is peevish, discontented, covetous, yet
rcspected by persons of honour, sound mind, of few
wor<ls, a lover of employment ; connected with the
earth, by which hc profits ; retains anger, and is of
great grav1ty. ? <I portends povcrty; in t:,. of the
(( he is changeable, jealous, and mistrustful ; ? , ruler
of thc 7th, the nativc does not marry early ; vexations
and troubles in marriage, suffers much anxicty, and
in Janger o losing his life ; he is also liable to con
tcntion with enemies; (128, in of ]l grave and
serious ; in t:,. he would be fortunate as ~ farmer,
excavator, potter, plasterer, and other heavy dirty
trades. ln bad aspect of ]l he suffen from
102. Jupiter in ~ declares a low, middle stature,
pale complexion, not much beard or whisker, thin







. 1\


face, little Read, dark brown hair, rather darker than

beard ; mind ingenious but pecvish, inactive, help
less, and not very fond of work. ]upiter unaffiicted
the native will be miserJy, and wif appear poor and
indigent, although plenty laid up in store; if in the
7th he overcomes h1s enemies, and marries tolerably
well. He is honest and discreet, whose pcrson is far
above rubies, and portenrls happiness in thc qucrent's
latter days. 21- cS 3 the qucrent is bold, proud,
magnanimous; in had aspcct illnatured, suhtilc,
ungrateful, ambitious, fond of war and quarreling.
(! cS 21- petulant and changcablc.
103. Mars in 1l'J' givcs a small staturc, Jean body,
little face, httle head, lank black hair, and dark com
plexion; ingenious mind, good di~position, witty,
shrewd, and penetrating, generally succcssful in bis
undertakings. ln thc 7th thc wedded partners will
be hasty, man:y bickerings will arise between them.
3 in the 7th, at is never well to trust to friends, for
they will tum malignant enemies. ln Aor *o(? heis
prudent and cautious, yet bigoted in religion. Should
aspects hefriend J he is likely to gain wealth ; in cS
of i too fond of women, and not always very par
ticular as to their respectability; in cS of (! fond of
travelling, and dan~er of dying a violent death. He
will do well in keepmg cattle, &e.
1~. Sun in ~ represents a mean stature, not well
made, apare, thin body, oval face, sickly complexion,
brown soft hair ; in the first face, light brown hair,
the party is just and honourable, a tolerablc temper,
yet very hasty at times, gains love and frieodship by
hi1 agreeabJe cooversation. ln old ag: honoured,
although in his younger days he will expose both
reputation aod estate by the meaos of lewd women ;
food of taking short journeys to visit friends. ln A
of 21- he gains money : in A of ? he is ostentatious
and conceited, he would be succcssful as a farmer ;
in A of ([ be ia proud and aspiring ; in o or 8 of ?
cowardly and treacherous.


105. Venus or Nepture in ~ gives a mean stature,
pale, sickly complex1on, ctark hair; if in the first fau,
sad brown hair, generally a person fond o enjov
ment, a lover of women, not fortunate, subject io
sudden changes in lie, and strange catastrophes. ln
the 7th the marriage will be happy, but the wife will
be irritahle and a little extravagant ; many enemies,
hoth public and private, but they are unable to injure.
I n d o( ', or J hc is wrctched and debauched. Ir
a man o{ property he often wastes most of it by
gaming or plE'asure ; in * or t::. o{ u. the ~rson 1s
virtuous and incapahle of fraud or malice ; 1( in t::. or
of ? shy and retiring in his manners; in or t::.
of ~ ingenious and gooo natured ; in o or 8 o( J
treacherous and inconstant ; i it be a emale she is
a prostitute, or very shameless.
1o6. Mercury in ~ personates a lean stature, bow
legged, thin face, dusky complexion, brown hair,
helpless, sickly, and dejected, peevish and unfortunate ; in d , o, or 8 o( ? or J public
enemies, calculating and covetous, capable o leam
ing, and very artful. 1 should avoid these as companions or fri~nds.
107. Moon in ~ personates a low stature, thin,
small weak body, thm face, dull complexion, dark
hair, weak in the knees, idle, dull, and debauched in
his conduct; yet i the (! receives the friendly rays
o( the 0, U., or i from good places o the figure the
dispoc;itinn is therefore much 1mproved; (! in the 7th
sorrow in youth. He never marries early, but foi
lows vicious and disgraceful courses. The querent
dispairs of the matter in question, nor does lie care
much al>out it (141).


1o8. Aquarius describes a person short, well set,
robust, strong, healthy, rather tall, never short,
delicate or fair complexion, long Cace, clear, but not




paJe ; somewhat sanguinc, hazel eyes, sand) or dark

ftaxen hair; generally an honest, benevolent disposition.

109. Uranus in
rcpresents a middle stature,
rather fteshy, clear complexion, a good sized head
and face, and brown hair; in disposition honourable,
faithful, and punctual to promises ; the quality of
the mind firm, ingenious, stcady in speech, patient
and industrious; yet one that does not marry e.irly.
A mechanic, an inventor of items of machinery, and
things connected with railways, &e. ( 142 ).

:t !W

1:, !li





:l j

110. Saturn in
portends a strong staturc, large
head and face, corpulent, dark brown hair, clcar
complexion, soher and graceful deportment ; if ruler
of the first or sixth, rcquently indisposed. Affable
and courteous, profound wit, able in art or ~cience,
and naturally a person o a eregnant genius, by which
he gains wealth. 7 d i m the 7th he marries a
woman o an oppos1te temper and disposition to
himself. If in * or 6 o ll sober, wise, and
reJi,ious. '1 afflicted by 3 the native is base,
env1ou1, and quarrelsome.

111. Jupiter in
personates a middle stature, well
set, brown hair, a little red tinge, clear complexion,
and rather corpulent : disposition cheerCul and affablc,
hurtful to none, but obliging to ali ; delights in
moderate recreation ; just and merciful to enemies,
in short, a good humoured, laborious, industrious
person, rarely guilty of extravattance, but ,cenerally
ol a very commendable disposition and deportment.
ln d o{ '1 he is careful and gains wealth ; in
6 heis eo9sessed o an inheritance, or houses may
fali to h1m ; :ti in
or 6 o 3 bold, proud, presumptuous ; in o or 8 the native is rash and
adventurous: 21. in d ,
or 6 of i , courteous dis
polition, lond of the femaJe sex, and rises to preferment and honour.



112. Mars in :: personates a body well set, rather
tall, corpulent, Cair complexion, and sandy hair,
turbulent spirit, too much addicted to controversy,
often to his own detriment, if other testimonies do
not occur. IC he have brethren they die before him.
c1 in
or 6 o i the native is kind, gentle, and
courteous, 1et too Cond of women's company; in d ,
o , or 8 o the 0 he aims at high thin,s, but too
Crequcntly falis into trouble and misery ; 1{ 0 is lord
oC the 6th, 7th, or 8th <langer of death hy meaos of a
Call, or a wound with a weapon ; iC lord of thc 1oth
he is vcry likcly transported, or at least imprisoned;
if in * or 6 of ]l the native is cheerul and merry,
of a jovial disposition and just ; one of good {ame,
and obtains the Cavour and good w11l of worthy
1 13. The Sun in :: prognosticates a middle stature,
well made, yet corpulent body, round Cull Cace, clear
complexion, and light brown hair; dispositioo mod
crately good, checrul and of good convcrsation, but
suhject to ostentation, and desirous to bear rule, yet
Cree Crom malicious actions ; clever at most handicrafts if he is cmployed in thcm. 0 in d , *, or 6
of 2l or i religiously dispased, he obtains the love
of women, by whom he 1s benefited ; but if the o
or 8 o( ]l the native wastes bis patrimony, is lofty,
proud, and pragmatical ; 0 in o or 8 ol danger
of the loss of an eye, rash in all actions, and
squanders away his substauce. The querent is
employed ahout Coundrics or railways.

114. Venus or Neptune in:: givcs a handsome

person, reasonably corpulent, clear complexion, light
hrown or ftaxen hair ; in 6 of 2l a perfect beauty ;
in disposition just and commendable, aff'able, and
courteous, inclined to no vicious actioos, ooe that
lovu civil recreations, quite obliging. i afflicted
by ? , if a female, ahe is unchaste; the native is poor
and of a timorous spirit ; 2' in o of i a flatterer :
Digitized by



if a professor of religion, a hypocrite, aod geoerally
joins society for the sake of gain, or to mingle in
youthful society; t afflicted by given to strife,
dehauchery, and wickednesa; t in bad aspect of
the ([ a mere vulgar, sordid creature, deceitful, and
subject to misfortunes, especially for and among
women ; t in
or 6 of the (.( the nativc arrives at
bonour, and becomes very popular, but is inconstant,
and perfom1s no great actions ; t 0 the native is
proud and prodigal, liable to consumption and hectic
fevers, frequent crosses and vexation.
115. Mercul'}' in
pcrsonates a body of the middlc
siz.e, rather fteshy, full face, clear complexion, brown
hair, and a prepossessing countenance ; disposition
obliging, humane, and charitahle. The quality of the
mind mgenious, witty, inclined to the study of arts
and sciences, and apt to find out many curious
invention11. To be prosperous they ought to be
employed as book-keepers, teachers, clerks, sec
retaries, travellers, and other businesses connected
with the pen. ln W astrologers, ministers and
lecturers, but of an eccentric character. 111 Sextile
or Trine of ? the native is selfish and determined in
bis or her own way, parsimonious, aod churlish ; in
good upect of Jupiter or t courteous, prudent, and
amorous ; in good aspect with the ({ mutable, a lover
oC inventions and novelties ; but V, affiicteJ by ?
or 4 , unfortunate, poor, selfwilled, and treacherous,
and DOt fit for a companion.
116. The Moon in
descrilie! a middle stature,
corpuJent but well formed: brown ha,r and clear
complexion ; di1positioo affable, inoffenaive, and
benevolent. Mind ingenious; a pregnant brain,
Sond of learning, and a good gen1u1. Trade, a
lhipwright, painter, merchant, &e. The Moon in
or 6 of f or f , then fond of leamir.g and
traftlling The 1', or t , givea prudence, and
aims at high and boaourable thinp., 1trivea to oblige




and serve bis acquaintance; but the <! afflicted he is .

jealous, suspicious, and mistrustful, fond of tavern
PLANETS 1N Piscas.

*, shows a short person, thick set,

pale, delicate complexion, fleshy face, and rather
large thick shoulders, stooping gait, dumsy step,
dark hair, illshaped head, not very well-made, sleepy
looking eyes, and large eye brows, short arma and
legs, thc native holds the head down when walking;
disposition timid, dull and phlegmatic.
118. Uranus in
pcrsonates one of a middle
stature, palc complexion, oval face, dark brown
curling hair, h1gh forehead, inclined to be plump or
fleshy, and modcrate beard and whisker. Temper
malicious, but not without cause ; a lover o female
company,and sometimes addicted todrink; disposition just in his actions, rather fond o debate;
ingenious, but somewhat mutahle in his resolvc:s,
and generally fortunate. He does best in following
a trade in which he sells articles of consumption, as
beer, bread, huckstering, fishmonger, and seller o all
kinds o liquids.
117. The sign

119. Saturn in
represcnts a middle stature,
pale complexion, dark brown hair, a good sized
head and face, full eyes, and not good front teeth,
active in his movements, but waddling walk ; disposition contentious, malicious, fikle, not to be
trusted as a riend, treacherous, though with a good
outside. The disposition improves as the native
growsolder. Employment-butcher, farmer, having
also to do with railways, metais, and other things
connected with the produce of the earth. The d
of ? and , portends many sorrows; ? d Sun,
liable to losses, the native subject to be cheated in
his property; in d or ill aspect of Venus, he ia dishonoured by emales, ~nd is libidinous ; io d or ill





aspect with i, , selconceited, and ond o( mysteries ;
in il1 upect o( Jl., trouble and vexation ; but the
good aspects o( '1 and li, denote gravity, ond o(
travelling, desirous o( seeing new things, and he will
gain by merchandise.
120. Jupiter in
describes a low stature and
fteshy, dull complexion, brown hair, sometimes
ftaxen ; disposition dull and stupid, deceitul, idle
and worthless ; sottish, debauched, and a bad
huaband or wie, and much addicted to lustul dcpravities. Businesses which the native ought to
follow to be most successul are those of a ship
carpenter,painter, whitewasher, haft-presser or knifehafter. Mars here affiicted by ? the party signified
is a sloven, dissembler, espec1ally if this sign be on
the house of question; more especaally if Venus he
in n, in the 5th, disposing of the <I, lady of the 7th,
rendera the party not only a notorious whoremonger,
but a1so a thief and liar, and so much the worse
or 6 of the
should Jupiter be in nt Mars in
Sun, then he may meet with preferment, and may
gain by a nimb1e tongue in good aspect with Venus;
he is too much given to females.
121. Mars in M describes a mean stature, rather
ahort and ftesh(, dull complexion, but pale ; disposition dull, artfu , stupid, often debauched, inclined to
drink and to be idle. U Mars be with J upiter, the disposition is improved, more benevolent and industri
ous. Mars with Venus, then very (rodigal, much
addicted to the oppositc sex ; but i with '1 cruel,
he aul"ers from bis dishonesty ; but in or A of ? ,
then grave, cautious and cowardly. U M ascends
with t in n , in the ,th, disposing uf the ruler of
the 7th, the querent 1s a notorious liar and thief,
anel ao much the worse should Jupiter be in "l
122. The Sun in M aignifies a ahort fteshy body,
l'OUDd face, a ,roocS complexion, light brown or ftaxen
bair ; dispoeitaon fond of gaming and feasting, a



lover of the female sex ; yet a person very harmless
to others, and who injures oooe but h1mself and
amily, which he often does by bis extravagance aod
123. Venus or Neptune in M portends a middle
i;tature, rather plump and fleshy, full face, with a
dimple in the cheek or chin, good complexion and
brown hair; disposition just and mild, peaceable and
ingenious, somewhat mutable in his resolutions, yet
moderately fortunate in the world. The hu&iness
best to follow is that o a seller of eatables and drinkables, and such things as decorate or omament
124. Mercury in M shows a person stiffiy made,
palc, sickly complexion and hairy body ; disposition
repining, disconsolate, yet a lover of women and
addicted to drinking, and consequently a nuisance
to himself, amily, and neighbourhood, and indeed a
pest to society, as all Mercurial persons are, when
that planel is found there, significator, in the sign
Pisces and I .
125. The Moon in M dei:cribes a pcrson o a
mean, low stature, pale countenance, light brown
hair and plump; disposition idle, Jull, evilly disposed,
and often unfortunatc. Fishmongers, tripesellers,
and such like are indicated by this position. The ([
in ,
or ll of ~ or ll, the disposition is im
proverl anel the body is more active. The ([, hre,
affiicted by ? , the person will be in danger o losing
an eye, and he is subject to many crosses. ln good
aspect of Sun, he aims at honourable procedure.
126. Many astrologers make sad confusion in describing the form of any person. Their rules are too
intricate to admit of clear definition, and too contra
dictory to be easily and perspicuously reconciled.
The sign of the cusp of thc honse s1gnifying the
quesited, and the sign intercepted, if there be one,


Digitized by



. 1

their lords the planets any way aspecting; and to

those some add the luminaries, and the stars that
aspect them ; ali thei.e are significators of the form
of the bo<ly as wcll as thc mind. 1 am ccrtain no
human intellect, bowever acute, can form a corrcct
judgment of any one's appearance from so many
confticting testimonics.
RuLB.-Take the planet which rulcs the housc of
inquiry, and the sign in which heis posite<l, together
with any planet in the sign of the cusp of the houses,
and judge of the appcarance and quality of the
person quesited: If there be no planets in the sign
of the cusp of the housc signifying thc inquiry, thcn
Judge solely by the lord of that house, and the sign
ID which he haepens to be. Ncver mind aspects,
neither conjunctaons, nor any other. There is, however, some slight mo<lification to be made; for when
a P.lanet is direct, judgc just as the forcgoing dei.cnhes ; hut if thc planet be rctr~rade, the person
will partake somcwhat more of thc dcscription givcn
by the sign, in<lcpendcnt of thc planct, anel this
must be attcndc<l to ; for thc planct bcing in their
exaltation, or fali, detriment, or acci<lental abilitics,
have been ully provided for in considering the



denotes an cccentric person, far from

fortunate, always ahrupt, an<l often violent in hia
mannera. When well dignificd, he gives sudden and
unexpected changes in life of a beneficial character,
full of inventions and novelties. When il1 dignified,
he causes remarkable and unlooked for tosses, a
violent t, mper, anda very bad husband or wife, and
misfortunea by public bodies.
127. 1





? when well diE,rnified, as in

1'j' and A, is
profound in imagination: in his acts, severe; in words,
rescrved ; in spcaking and giving, very sparing ; in
labour, patient; in arguin~ or disputing, grave ; in
obtaining the goods of this hfe, studious and solicitous;
in ali manner of actions, austere ; a true friend, except
inflenced hy others, which is not often the case. (75).


129. When ilJ dignified, as in 'Y' and G, he is

envious, covetous, jealous, mistrustful, timorous,
sordid, outwardly <lissembling, sluggish, suspicious,
stubborn, a contemner of women, a liar, malicious,
murmurer, ncver contented, and ever repining. (48).
130. When well <l1gnified, as in I and G, the
nativc is magnanimous, faithful, bashful, honourable,
aspiring at high matters: in actions, a lover of fair
dealing, desiring to bcncfit ali persons, domg glorious
actions ; honourahle and relii_'ous, sweet, affahle
conversation, in<lulgcnt to his wife and children.
rcvcrencing age ; a relicver of the poor and full o{
charity; liberal, hating ali sordid actions, just, wise,
prudcnt, grateful, an<l virtuous.
131. \ Vhen ill dignified, as in u and n1, he wastes
his patrimony, suffers anyone to cozen him, ia
hypocritically rcligious, tenacious and obstinate in
maintaining false tencts, ignorant, careless, rcgardless
of thc !ove o his fricnds, a gross, dull capacity,
systcmatical, abasing himsclf in company, insinunting
an<l stooping wl1<.'rc no ncccssity is, in ordcr to gain
and rctain good opinions o others : a bad husband.
Most sectarian higots have 1+ ili dignified, as when
in D or "l especially.

Mars, when well dignificd, produces a fearless,

violcnt, irascible, and unsubmitting person, naturally
dt:lighting in war, or contention, but in other respecta



pcudent, rational, and even generous, or magnanimous. Generally very (20 and 86),
133. When unfortunately dignified, the native is
wholl1 destitute of any virtue, prone to violence,
boutang, quarreling, pride, treacherv, robbery, murder, treaton, and every Apccies of cruelty and
wickednes!'l, He is not so violent in l:$ or .a.. although
in his detriment he is the worst in G and 11:f'.
SuN 0,
134. When well dignified, the disposition is noble,

:. i




'j .


magnanimous, yet proud and Jofty, but humane, a

aithful friend, and a generous enemy, scorning to
use advantages which may be given over his oppo
nents, generally of few words. but very pompous and
magnificent, fond of dress, ornaments, and decorations
of ali sorta, extremely parti,J to costly jewels and
splendid attire. (2 r and 6o


135. \\'hen ill dignificJ, as in G and

the native
is both proud and mean, arrogant and submissive, a
tyrant, and yet a sycophant, empty, vain, a great
talker, restlesa, A vain boastcr, uncharitable, dcspot
ical, unfeeling, selfish, ungenerous, unamiable, disliked on account of his arrogance and ignorant
pomposity. (78).
VaNua i AND NaPTuNa 'i1.
136. Venus or Neptune, when well dignified, the

temper is even, quiet, placid, graceful, enga,ing, fair

apoken, sweet, merry,and cheerful, amateurs an music,
dancing, and accomplishments .,ut of the ordinary
way; the native is much inclined to jeAlousy.

137. Venus, ili dignified, the native is lewd, idle.

profta~te, shameleu. timorous, and lucivious,
espec:ially if in iU aspect to t, , I , or e, ; and if a
female ahe will be a drunken creature, a notorious
thiel ud liar



138. Mercury, well dignified, as in u and llJt

represents a subtle political brain and intellect, an
excellent disputant and Jogician, arguing with Jearning and discretion, a searcher into mysteries and
learning, sharp and wittv, learning almost any thing
without a teacher, ambitious of being exqmsite in
every science, desirous to travei and see fore1gn parts,
o( unwearied fancy, curious in occult knowledge.
139. When ili dignified, as in I and Pisces, the
native is a phrenetic person, his tongue and pen
against every man, wholly bent to ool his estate and
time in trymg nice conclusions to no purpose, a
gambler, a grcat liar, coxcomb, boaster, prattler,
cheat, busybody, newsmonger, and is alse, a tale
carrier, easy of belief, constant in no place or opinion,
pretending all kinds of knowledge but void o real
lea.rning, a trifier. If the native prove a divine, then
a mere verbal person, frothy, of no judgment, easily
pc,rvertcd, unprincipled, constant in nothing but idle
words and bragging,


1~0. Luna, when well dignified, as in IZ or I, the

natave has manners, is a lovcr of science, a mild
searcher and delightcr in novelties, naturally inclined
to remove his habitation, unstt:adfast, caring for the
present times, timorous, prodigal, and easily frightened,
loving peace, and to live free from the cares of lie.
l a mechanic he leams many occupations, and
tampers with many ways in which to trade.

141, When ili dignified the native is a vagabond,

an idle person, stupid, hating labour, a drunkard, o(
no forecast, delighting to live beggarly, careless, and
is discontented (107),








W signifies antiquarians, astrologers, phre

nologists, teachers, chemists, lecturers, sculptors,

metaphysicians, mesmerisers, and ali uncommon


1,1-3, ? signifies husbandmen, clowns, and all

employments o old men, curriers, bricklayers,

miners, tinners, potters, plumbers, maltsters, sextons,
scavengers, hostlers, carters, chandlers, gardeners,
cowkeepers, shcphcrds, shoemakers, dyers, exca
vaton, and tanncrs. (101).
144. 2' significs judg<:11, senators, counscllors, law
yera, prcmchcrs, proc!lsors, doctors o tho civil law,
bisho_PS, pricsts, ministcrs, cardinais, chanccllors,
clothaers, woollcn drapcrs, and civilians.
Mus ,
1,u, 3 signifies generais, colonels, captains, or
any soldiers having command, ali manner o soldiers,
physicians, a~thecaries, surgeons, chemists, gunners,
butchers, baaliffs, hangmen, thieves, smiths, bakers,
armourers, watchmakers, tailors, cutlers, barbers,
dyers, cooks, carpenters, gamestcrs, and according as
Man be strong or weak (132 and 133).
SuN 0, (134)
146, The 0 signifies kings, princes, emperors, &c.,

dukes, m~rquises, earltt, barons, lieuten .. nts, deputy

lieutenants of counties, magistrates, gentlemen in
general; courtiers, justices of the peace, high-sheritrs,
const~bles, su~rintendents, stewards of noblemen's
houses, the pnncipal magistrate of a city, town, or
country village, even a petty constahle, where no
better is ; goldsmiths, braziers, pewterera, copperamitbl. excisemen, and minten of money.


VaNUS ~ ANO NaPTUN& \jl. (136).
147. i signifies musicians, gamesters, silkmen,mer
cers, hahcrdashers, linendrapers, painters, jewellen,
players, emhroiderers, lapidaries, women tailors,
choristers, fiddlers, pipers; when joined with <!, ballad
singers, pcrfumers, seamstresses, engra vers, upholsterers, limners, glovers, and such as sell those com
modities which adorn womcn, and those sold over a
MERCUR\' ti (q8).
148. ti, when well placed, s1gnifies astrologers,
philosophers, mathematicians, secretaries, officers
of state, travellers, sculptori;, poets, lawyers, printers,
tcnchers, divines, orators, ambassadors, commissioncrs, artificcrs, anJ all ingcnious clcver persons.
Whcn ili dignificd, hc representa scrivcners, clcrk1,
pcttifoggcrs, vilc persons, cunning in acting mischief,
thicvcs, carricrs, messcngcrs, ootmon and servants.

MnoN <!,

149. The (! signifies sailors, navigators, travellers,

fishermen, fishmongt:rs, brewers, puhlicans, milkmen,
letter carriers, coachmen, huntsmen, messengers,
mariners, millers, maltsters, watermere, boatmen,
navy officers, inferior servants, and dealers in ali
kinds of ftuids, midwives, nurses, and kackneymen.
( 1,p },


150. Ariu,
Denotes pasture ground for cattle, sandy, hilly
grounds, hiding places for theives, and unfrequcnted
places. ln houses it denotes the covering, ceiling,
or plastering ; stables for small cattle, lands recently
ploughed, lime and brickkilns, and the eastern part
o the above.
Diqitizcd by




' 1




15 1.


Denotes stables, cowhouses, places for holJing urni

ture or cattle, pasture grounds at a distance from
houses, grounds lately cleared of bushes and sowed
with wheat, trees that are not far off, cellars and low
152. Ge111i11i.
Denotes wainscot, plastering and walls, coffers,
cbests, trunks, barns, storehouses Cor corn, hills,
mountains and high places, pia} houses, dining
rooms, schools, nurseries, and places for learning.
153. Ca11cer.
Denotes seas, and great navigahle rivers, lakes,
canais, brooks, springs, wells, marshes, ditches,
sinks, sedges, trenches, sea banks, washhouses,
cellars and pumps.
154. Leo.
Denotes haunts of wild beasts, woods, forests, dens
and deserts, rocky, inaccessible places, castles,
orts, parks, kings' pala.ces, fircplaces in houses,
chimneys, urnaces, ovens and stoves.
15~. Virgo.
Denotes studies, libranes, hookcases, closets, dairies,
cornfields, gardens, hayricks, malthouses, storehouses o butter, cheese, or corn, J\d barns.
156. Libra.
Denotes detached barns, outhouses, sawpits cooper
~es, inner chambers, attic stories, grounds near
wandmills, mountain tops, sides o hills, chases,
commons, barren, stony or sandy ground, and places
having apure, clear, sharp air.
157. Scorpiv.
Denotes places where vermin and reptiles breed,
sinks, draans, stinking pools, ruins near water, muddy
swamps, quagmires, marshes, gardcns, orchards,
vineyards, kitchens, larders and washhouses, moors,
and places whcre rubbish is laid.


158. Sagillary.
Denotes stables for war horses and receptacles for
great cattle, hills and high lands, any rising place,
and the fireplaces in upper rooms.
1 59 Capro,11.
Denotes cowhouses or receptacles for calves, toolhouses or places for lumber or old wood, ships'
storchouses, sheep pens, fields, Callow or barren fielJs,
thorny, bushy places, dunghills or places for soil,
dar k corners near the ground or threshold, and low
16o. A q,111,ius.
Denotes quarriP.s o{ stone or mines of metais, or any
place recently dug up; hilly uneven".'grounds; vineyards, sources of springs or conduits, roos and eves
o{ houses ; windows and places for machinery ;
surgeries and lecture rooms.
161. Pisces.
Denotes marshy grounds ull o{ piings where water
fowls breed; nvers and ponds ull of fish; moats,
water mills, old hermitages, and those places in
houses near where the water is, as pumps, cisterna
or wells.



U,am,s'.c Pla&es.

Wrules railways, steam cngines, banks, gas vessels,

asylums, infirmaries, dispen~aries, railway stations

and offices, ba,tiles and workhouses.
163 Satur,, 's Places.
? delights in deserui, woods, obscure valleys, dens,
caves, boles, sepulchres, church yards, ruinous build
ings, coalpits, sinks, wells, muddy, dirty, stinking
places, and nuisances o{ every description ; in
aspect with W, or in 'Y' or 111., very dirty places in




~l 1 1



l: !
t'. ' !\





f ..




.: 1




164. J11;ite,'s Piam.
2l denotes churches, oratories, palaces, gardens,
altars, synods or courts o( justice ; wardrobes and
magnificent abodes, or neat and curious places,
woods, orchards and bushes
165. Man's Piam.
3 denotes all those places appertaining to fire or
blood; laboratories, furnaces, distilleries, hakehouses,
ovens ; smiths', cutlers' and butchers' shops, and
auch like.
166. T/,e S11n's Places.
The 0 denotes princes' palaces, magnificent build
ings, dining-rooms, towers, splendicl apartments,
and costly houses.
167. V,1111s's Places.
t denotes bcds and bcdchambcrs, dancing and
diningrooms, gardens,
fountillins, wardrobes,
banqueting houses, theatres, &e.
168. Merc11,y'1 Places.
V represents, symbolically, schools, common halls,
or public convened assemWies; places where livcly
games are held, as tennis and racket courts, fairs,
ordinaries, markets, bowling greens, the hall, study,
libraries, counting houses, pulpits, attorneys' and
clerka' offices
16g. Tlu Moo,., Places.
([ representa the sea, the ocean, large lakes or bodies
of water, fountains, fields near the sea, seaports,
rivers, pools, fish ponds, brooks, bogs, docks, springs,
common sewers, whars, &e.
170, U
W shows coai, mach1nery, coins, baths, fish ponds,
ali things used in employments where danger is in
the using thereo.
G g lC
D,g, ,zed by


171. Satum.

? &hows lead, iron, things o! dark colour, wool,

black garments, heavy materiais, agricultural imple
ments, wheelbarrows, spades, shovels, farm houses,
and their out houscs.
172. J11pitw.

has rule ovcr honey, oil, silk, fruit, men's clothing,

merchandise, horses and domestic fowls.
173. Ma,s.
3 denotes arms, pepper, brass, silvcr, red clothes,
red wines and red things; sharp instruments, cutlery,
cutting instruments, horses for war, warlike engines
or instruments.

174. Sun.
Thc 0 gives gold, hrass, yellow apparel, diamonds
anJ valuable things.
175. Veniu.
i governs women's apparel, rings, ornaments,
hrooches, ear-rings, &e. : white cloth, bedding, and
white wines ; i and ~ joint rulers, denote metallic
ornaments ; i and 3 broochcs and externa! orna
ments, trumpery.

176. Mercury.

shows moncy, bills, paper. books, pictures, party

coloured dresses, &e. ; sc1cntific instrumcnts, pen
knivcs, inkstands, and ali other things useful for the
writing tablc, and for schools.
177. Moon.
The <I signifies all common commodities, such as
crockery, poultry, washing instrumenta, and ailver
plated articles.
THK TwaLva S1cNs oP THa ZooJAc.
O Lest thou lit up thine eyes unto heaven, and
when thou seest the suo and the moon, and the atara,




I li

I '! I'i l;


1 (


.. '1

'. .
' '







~ ' 1 .,'


even all the host of heavcn, shouldest be driven to
worship them, and serve them, which TH& LORD THY
WHOLE HEAVEN," Dertl. iv., 19.
178. Countries :-Britain, Galatia, Germany,
Luthiana, Lower Poland, Burgundy, Denmark,
Palestine, Syria or Judca, cspecially Lebanon, and
near Damascus. titics and Towns :-:Saplcs,
Capua, Verona, Florence, J3runswick, Padua, Mareeilles, Cracow, Sarragossa, Utrecht, and Leicester .
T tr/lTIIS
179. Countries :-Persia, Mozendaran, Media,
Aderhijan, Georgia, Caucasus, Asia Minor, the
Archipelago, Cyprus, Poland, lreland, \Vhite Russia,
and Holland. Cities and Towns :-Dublin, Mantua,
Leipsic, Parma, Franconia and Palermo.
18o. Countries :-Tripoli, Armenia, Lowcr Egypt,
Flanders, Lombardy, Sardinia, Brabant, Belgium,
the West o England, and the United States of
America. Cities and Towns : - London, Versailles,
Ment.z, Loraine, liruges, Cordova and Nuremburg.
181. Countries :-North and Wcstcm Africa,
Anatolia, near Constantinople, Scotland, Holland,
Zealand, and Mengrelca. Citics and Towns :Amsterdam, CaJi.z, Constantinople, Venice, Genoa,
Tunis, York, f, Andrews, New York, Berne, Milan,
Lubec, Vincentia, Madenburg, Manchester the 29th
and 3oth Jegrees.
182. Countries :-Italy, Sicily, France, Puglia,
the Alps, Bohemia, Cbaldea, the coast o Sdon and
Tyre, Capadocia, Apulia,and Lancashire. Citiesand
Towns :-Rome, Bath, Bristol, Prague, Taunton,
Damascus, Ravenna, Bolton-le-Moors lespecially the
last teo degrees), Portsmouth and Philadelphia.



183. Countries :-Ali Turkey, Croatia, Messopota

mia, Babylon, Assyria, the country bctween the
Tibcr and the Euphrates, Greete, Livadia, Thessaly,
Corinth, Morfa, Candia, Switzerland, and the Lower
Silesia. Cities and Towns :-Jerusalem, Navarre,
Paris, Basil, Padua, Lyons, Toulouse, Heidelberg,
Reading, Bagdad and Cheltenham.
184. Countries :-China, Japan, and the parts near

China ; Bactrianna, the vicmity of thc Caspian,

Usbeck, part of Thihct, Livonia, Austria, Savoy,
Upper Egypt and Oasis. Cities and Towns :Antwerp, Lisbon, Frankfort, Spiries, Fribourg,
Vienna, Gaeta, Charlestown, Suessa and Plazenza.
185. Countrics :-Algicrs, liavaria. Barbary, Cata-

lonia, Fez, Judca, Jutlancl, Morocco, the kingdom

of the Moors, ancf thc Country about Norway.
"The Natives are pugnacious, indiffcrent to danger,
regardless of blood, and carelcss of each other."
Cities and Towns :-Frankfort on the Oder, Ghent,
Liverpool (about thc 18th dcgree), and Messina.

186. Countries :-Cape Finisterrc, Arabia,Dalmatia,

parts of France between La Seins, and La Garrone,
Hungary, ltaly, cspecially Taranta; Moravia, Province in France, Slavonia, Spain and Tuscany.
"These inhahitants are lovcrs of frccdom, simplicity
and elegance." Cities and Towns :-Avignon, Buda,
Cologne, Narbonne, Naples, Rotenberg, Stutland,
Sheffield, especially the 17th and 18th degTeea;
Toledo and Volteri~.

187. Countries :-Jndia, Khozassan, Circran,

Macian, Punjaub, Macedonia, Thrace, Morea, Illyria,
Uosnia, Albania, Bulgaria, Stiua, Romandiola,
Digitized by


Saxony. Hesse. Mexico, Meckleberg, Lithuania.
Cities and Towns :-Oxford, Prato. Brandenburg.
Tortona. Constance, Mayence.
188. Countries :-Stony Arabia, Prussia. Red
Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Tartary part o{ Mu~chovy, Circassia, Tartc&ria, especially Ursbeck,
Walachia, Sweden, Westphalia, Piedmont, Azania
and Abyssinia. Cities and Towns :-Hamburg,
Bremen, Trent, Saltsburg and Ingoldstadt.

18g. Countries :-Portugal, Calabria, Normandy.

Gallacia in Spain, Egypt, .Fezzan, the deserto( Zara.

Nubia, and the Southern parto( Asia Minor. Cities
and Towns :-Alexandria, Ratisbon, Worms, Seville.
Compostalo, Silicia. and Tiverton.


1 :


,.j; 1

1' :1 1

' 1.


li !



\! 1


ut Horue.
190- Answers qucstions concerning the state,
health, circumstances, accidents, mind, form, and
stature o( the querent, the state of a ship at sea,
voyages, fathers of kings, sickness of enemies,
joumeys o children, fricnds of brcthren, and the
succeu of any enterprise.
2,ul Ho,u,,
191. Answers questions conccrning lent money,

wealtb or poverty, loss or gain by traffic, prosperity

or adversity, loss or gain, moveable goods. money
employed in speculation, or suits o( law, or what the
7th house denotes; it shows a man's friends, trade o{
children, private enemies o{ brethren, and our first
brother or sister. the death of wife or husband,
partner., aweethearts, and public enemies.


3rd Houu.

192. Answers questions on brethren, neighbours,

short journers, removing o manuactures, brothers,
sisters, cousms, rumours, epistles, or letters, children
of riends, sickness of kmgs, friends of children,
private enemies of athers, messengers, children's
trade and honour, churches, clerks, long journeys o
lovers, husband or wife, sects, dreams, mutations,
churches, and the trade of servants.
41/1 H o,,se.
193. Solve.'3 questions concerning fathers, land,
houses, estales, towns, cities, castles, entrenchments,
hidden treasures, gardcns, orchards, and fields. It
denotes the house or tenement of the querent, and the
issue o every unclertaking; dead men's goods, sub
stance of hrethren, children of private enemies,
sickness o friends, tradeof puhlic enemies. purchasing
or hiring land, trade of hushands ; things mislaid.
5th Houu.
194. Answers questions relating to children, pregnancy, health of sons and daughters, personal effects
o( athers, success of messengers and ambassadors.
ammunition or strcngth o a placc besieged, pleasure,
charters, lottcries, hrethren of hrcthren, death o
monarchs, privatc cncmies of servants, clubs, hills.
our second brother or sister, anda person's first child,
bettings, horse and oot racing, games, dancings,
music, and merriment.
6th Hr,use.
195. R~lves questions that appertain to scrvants,
small cattle, the recovcry o( a s1ck person, the real
state o thc disensc, whcthcr o a long or short
duration ; particulars relating to uncles, aunts,
kindred of the ather's side, stewards, tenants, shepherds, farmers, substance of children, brethren of
athers, death of fr1ends, long journeys o monarchs,
private enemies of wives, day labourers, and brethren
or sisters' short joumeys.
7th HMIU,
1g6. Answers questions conceming marriage, law
suita, whether property lost will be r ~ , ~~


i i



\: l

aff'airs, description of the person thc enquirer will
m~, theft, and describes the person of the thief,
ugit1ves, or runaways, off'enders escaped from justice,
grandfathers, whether it w1ll he well to remove, contracts, whether favourable or not, speculations in the
funds or shares, &e., whether to buy or sell at given
periods, partnerships in trade, fines, pleas; in battlc
who is victorious, children of hrothers or sisters,
death of private enemies, in physics the physician,
defendants in lawsuits, our third brother or sister,
and our second child; banks, bonds, men with whom
we have common ,lealings, in astrology it signifies
the artiat. Uranus, Saturo, Mars, or the Moon ili
placed herein shows unfortunate marriage.
Hth Ho11st.
197. Answers questionsconcerning deaths,legacies,
wills, property o{ a partner, wifo, hushand, or enemy;
Jabour, sorrow, brethren o( servants, sickness of
brethren, dowry of wife or husband, substance of a
second brother or sister, or of a public foe.
9th Ho11se.
198. Solves ali questions concerning the safety,
profit, and success o{ voyages and traveis; clergy,
benefices, preferment in the church, advowsons,
auc:cess of books, inEurance, science, and learning ;
kindred of wives, health of fathers, children of
servants, or tenants ; our grandchildren, our third
child, and our fourth brother or sister.
1oth 1/ome.
199, Answers inquiries concerning kings, nobles,
magistrates, and masters : honour and preferment
if attainahle : the gaining of office, appoin:ment or
employment, It dt.notes the mother or father in
law of the querent : the businesi; for which a man
ia most fit, substance taken away by thieves, children o servants, private enemies of frienda, lawyers,
aickneuof children generally, gaina by long joumeya
or by arta and sciences.
uth Houu.
200. Answers inquirie11 relative to riends, hope,
truata, ftatterera, expectance or deaire ; perfidy o!
D,g, ,zed



friends, ambassadors and advisers, the substance of

monarchs ; sickness o servants, death o athen,
enemies of children, our brother or sister's long
journeys, our enemies' enemies, our fith brother or
12th Ho11u.
201. Answers questions concerning tribulation,
sorrow, affiiction, imprisonment, persecution, malice,
secret enemies, suicide, treason, assassination, large
cattle, relations on the mother's side, banished per
sons, the substance of friends, sickness of wives or
husbands, death of children, trade of brethren, blasphemy, fa:tus of animais previous to birth, servants'
enemaes, mother's first brother or sister, short journeys of mothers, or master or mistress.
A Diagram ex/1ibili11g t/,e pri11cipal Sig11ijicatms

Ho11ses o/ t/,e Heavens.

o/ t/11


of tbe

D,g, ,zed


ln the signification of the houses, and how each
indhidual question is to be taken, care must be ex
ercised in order to take proper significators, and
grea~ stress must be put llp('n the symbolical signi








EA>Jawi'on o/ the Diagram.

The above is called a Horoscope or Figure of
Houses. Thcse houses are distinguished by figures,
and are either angular, as E. S. W. and N. or by 1,
10, 7, and 4 : succecdcnt, as 2, 5, 8 and 11 ; cndcnt,
as 3, 6, 9 and 12. At E. thc Sun rises; at S. the
Sun souths, or is on the meridian; at W. the Sun
seta, and is called the western angle ; at N. the Sun
is on the n11dir. corrcsponding to midnight, being
the fposite point thc Sun possesses at noon. Angles
are o the greatest power, ncxt the succeedents, and
lutly, cadents are thc weakest. The 1oth is the
South angle, the ut the East ang~~. the17th the
Wat angle, and the 4th the NonbJ angle?g e


W Plaids, checks and mingled colours.

? Black and green.

2/. Red mixed with green, or ash coloured.

3 Fiery red or scarlet.
0 Yellow, inclined to purple.
2 White and purple, bluish.
~ Light blue, azure, or dove colour.
<I White or light spottcd cream colour.

w& 2/.
ljlf & 2

w& ~

w& <!

? & 2/.

? &2
'1 & ti




2/. &
2/. & 0
2/. & 2
2/. & ~
2/. & cr

J & cr
0 & <I

2 &~
2 & cr

V & C!

G rcen plaids.
Green and red plaids.
Rcd plaids.
Grcen and purple plaids.
Blue and white plaids.
Light blue plaids.
Fine chcckcd plaids.
Dark green spotted with dark.
Dark rcd<lish brown-a tawny.
A blackish orange and shining-bronze.
A light grey.
A dark bluc or grey.
A dcep rmset or grey.
A tawny light spotted.
A deep shining red.
A greenish grey.
A spotted green.
A high coloured green.
A deep rcd or scarlet.
Light red or crimson.
A tawny red or brick colour.
A light red and glistening.
Olive col0l1r.
Lght grcy.
Lght yellow or green.
Purple or light mixture.
Light blue, or hluish white.
BufT or awn colour.
Digitized by

Goog Ie






Thc meaning o this is, that whcn a planct is in thc

housc o nnother, you nrc to judgc o him as mixcd
with that plnnct ; thus, 1 in S\., the house o the 0,
would denote thc dres.e; o thc qucsitcd to be eithcr
dark yellow, or bronze colour. Evcry artist mayorm
his system as he thinks hest, and wherc the sympathy
is very strong, no douht some inormation mar be
ohtnincd respecting thc colour o their dress, i the
artist thoroughly undcrstands his own system.
20,.. CoL'>URS



" THR 7.oolACAL SIGNs.

'Y', White mixed with red.

M, White mixed with lcmon.
o, White mixed with red.
G, Green or russet.
st, Red or green.
n1, Black, speckled.
6 , Black, or dnrk crimson, or tawny colour.
U\, Brown.
I, Yellow, or green sanguine.
;;,,, Black, or russet, ora swarthy hrown.
A sky colour with a blue.
.K, White glistcning colour.


Observe that i the significator be ~ , in his own

house J,j', and not in close nspect with any other
planet, the querent or qucsited will be drcssed ll in
black, because both planet and sign rule that colour.
But i he was in thc first, which rules white (205), he
would have some white nbout bis person : also, i it
was l, who rules red, and in lJ\, which rules brown,
he would denote a rusty, dirty, rcddish, brown, but i
he was in S\., which rules red and grcen, and ll was
in close aspect, there would be much green, as well
u red, about the dress, and so o the othen.
Diqitizcd by



1 -White
2 Green
3 High Yellow
4 Red
5 Dark
6 Dark
11 Blue brown
81 Black
9 Green & White Masculine
101 Red & White Feminine
1 1 Deep Yellow
12 Green


I Good

I: Evil
, Evil
I Moderate
I Evil
E vil


2o6. It is generally very difficult to judge o( time
with accuracy. The limitation o( time is taken
either by house and sign, or by aspect To ascertain
the number o( days, weeks, months, or years, consider
the <legrees and mi011tes belween the bo<ly or aspect
o( the significators, and accordini; to the number of
degrees which are between the1r aspect, even so
many days, weeks, months, or years will it be bef'ore
the matter inquired ater is accomplishedordestroyed.
Observe in what house and sign the applying significator alls. Succee<lent houses give weeks, months,
or years as the sign is movahle, common or fixe<l, and
cadent houses give months, in movable signs, years in
common, and unknown in fixed sibrns. Great south
latitude prolongs the time, great north latitude o(ten
cuts it shorter, if the significators have no latitude
the exact time is made simply hy the aspects,
Degrees and minutes o( latitude, if it be south, should,
it is said, he ad<led to the time, but i north, subtracted from it, as north latitude shortens the time of




an event, and south latitude lengthens it, but I bave

not much opinion o! this.
Transits show thc progress of the matter, and point
out the most probable time in which thc matter may
be terminated, and that is the time to judge o!.
The good or evil days are those on which the transits
are good or evil. Mixed application givcs, instcad
o( years, s;iy months; Cor months, wecks; and for
~ks, say days.


207. OP THE



Moveal>le Signs Moveal>le Signs , Mo~~ii:l>le Sagns




e ~ 1'!

Give Days.
Give Wceks.
Cmmon Sagns Common Signs


Give Weeks.
Faxd Si,.;ns
~ S\. n1.
Give Months.

I. Givc


. !

.! '1



FixcJ Si,.;ns
is S\. 'fl
Give Years.




Gives Months
Common Signs


Give Ycars.
Fixc<l Sagns
is S\. 111.

Example.-Supposc is in
of 'Y' in application
to a t:,. .:,f ]l in 16 of S\., and f hcing in an angle,
the distance betwcen thc partile an<l platic aspect
being 2 denotes that two <lays woulJ clapsc hcorc
the event promised by ~ 's application would takc
place; anJ had the sarne aspect happened from a
succeedent house the time would have been two
weeks; and had it been from a cadent house the
time would have been two months. When a thing
is denoted by any approaching aspect the proper day
to uodertake thc business is on the day of the aspect.


Wliid Way is tlu Qtsiutl.
208. Wherever the siJ.rnificator is there is the thing;
t'1e bouse where the significator ol the thi" is poted
rng;,; ,d by



shows the quarter o heaven or point o the compa~

which way the thing may be. I the house and sign
cohere this judgment is so much the more firm; i
they disagrce consider the position o the <I l\nd
with what she agrees most, and give judgment rom
her. I the C{ agrees neither with the sign nor house
in which the significator is posited, then consider the
(B in the same manner as beore you consider the <!,
and judge accordingly. The distance is discovered
rom thc proximity or distance o the significators to
ho<ly or aspect, considcred as they may happen to be
cither angular, succeedent, or cadent, respect being
had to their latitude, whether little or great, north or
south. Great latitude shows obscurity, and ~reat
difficulty in finding what is sought for; i the latitude
he north it shows difficulty only, not im~ssibility;
but i south, then all the labour o seekmg will be
vain, unless the significators be angular and near
the aspect.
209. Tlu Signijication in Ho,,us,
The 1st, Eut.
.. 2od, N. by E.
.. 3rd, North E.
.. 4th, North.

The sth,
,. 6th,
.. 7th,
,. 8th,

N. by w.
W., N. W.



The 9th, S. Wnt

., JOth, South .
.. nth, S. E. byS.
by s .
nth, E., S. E.

Dirtions by tlu Sig,u.

'Y' East.

'! North.
\,j' South.
S. hy E. S\. E. hy N. U\ N. by E.:::: W. hy N.
II w. hy s. "l s. by w.
I E. by s. )( N. hy w.
A t W l,at Distance is tlu Q11esited ?
210. The significator angular, and without latitude,
shows short distance; i it has north latitude, some
urlongs ; i south, some miles. The significator
succeedent, and without latitude, shows some fur.
longs; i it hath north latitude, some miles ; i south,
some leagues. The significator cadent, and without
latitude, shows some miles ; i it hath north latitude,
some leagues ; if south, some degrees. But th~




rules are chiefly to be consider~d in things having
lie. lf it be required to know the number of miles,
or degrees of distance, consider the number o
degrees and minutes between the body or aspect of
the significators, and according to the number o
degrees between d ,
o, 6., or 8 , so many miles
or degrees is the thing sought after distant from the
placc whcncc it wns lost, or from thc pcrson making
1nquiry. Thc significator
ln 'Y', ,a, ~. or 1'J' for cvcry degrce, two miles.
ln o, n1, I, or )E, every degree, half a mile.
ln ~, Sl, 11\, or
every degrce, quarter of a mile.
!, lhe SHbjt of lnq11iry lo Be o, Not '
211. Ali Questions concern either things pnst,
present, or to come, so the matter supposcd cither
once was, now is, or may be hercater. Hcre the
first thing to be attcnded to is the pcrection or
destruction of the matter undcr considcration. First
d when the lord of thc asccndant nnd the lord
o that house which si~nifies the thing demandcd is
hastening to d , and m the fiht housc, or in any
angle, and the significators meet with no prohibition
or refranation bcore they come to perect d , thcn
judge that the thing sought atcr shall be brought to
pass without impc<liment; the sooner if the significators be swift in motion, and strong ; lmt if this
d of the significators hc in a succeedcnt house it
will be perfected, but not so soon ; if in cadent houses,
with infinite loss of time, some difficulty, and much
212. Aspects of * or 6..-Things are also efTectcd
when the principal significators llpply by * or 6.
where they are essentially well dignificd, and meet
with no malevolent aspect to intervene ere they come
to perfect
or 6.
Aspects of o or 8 .-Thangs are also produced to
perfection when the significators apply by o,




Digitized by


provided each planet has dignity in the degrees

wherein it is, and applying, otherwise not. Some
times it happens that a matter is effccted when the
significators apply by 8, but then there is mutual
rcception by house, and the (( separating rom the
significator o the thing demanded, and applying
presently to the lord o{ the ascendcnt. 1 have
seldom seen anything brought to perfcction by this
way o 8 but the querent had rather the thing had
been undone; for 1{ thc question was concerning
marriage the parties seldom agree, each party repin
ing, laying the biame on their covetous parents, as
having no mind to it themselves; and if the question
was about portion or money, the querent did recover
his money or portion pronused, but it cost him more
to procure it in suit of law than the elebt was worth ;
and 1 havc sccn it happcn in many other things,
213. Translation -Thin~s are hrought to per
fcction by translation of light. When the signifi
cators both of the quercnt and qucsited are separating
from , *, or A of each other, and some other
planet separates himsel from one o the significators,
of whom heis received eithcr by house or joy, anel
then this planct applies to the other significator hy
d or aspect hefore he mects with the or aspect of
any other planet, he thus translates the force,
influence, and virtue of the first significator to the
other, and then this intervening planet (or such a
man or wnm11n as it signifies) shall bring the matter
in hand to perfection.
214. ConsidcP of what house the planet intcrposing
or translatini,: thc nature anel light of the two plancts
is lord, and describe him or hcr; and say to the
qucrent that such a party shall do good in the
busincss o{, &c., viz., if lord of the 2nd a good purse
effects the matter ; if lord of the 3rd a kinsman or
neighbour, and so of all the rest of the houses.
215. Collection.-Matters are also brought to per
fection when the two principal significators do not







behold one another, hut both cast thcir aspccts to a

more weighty planet than thcmselves, and they both
receive him an some of their essential dignities, then
shall the planet who thus collects both their lights
bring the thing demanded to perfection, which signifies that a person somewhat interested in both parties,
described and signified by the planet, will perform
that which otherwise could not be performed ; as
many limes you see two fali at variance, and of themselves cannot think of any way of accommodation,
when suddenly a neighbour or friend accidentally
reconciles all differences, to the contcnt of both
parties; and this is called a collcction .
Gnural Melhotl lo be Oburved in all Queslio1,s,
216. The Ascendcnt rcprcscnts thc pcrson o( thc
<1uerent, the 2nd his estale, the 3rd his kindred, thc
4th his father, the 5th his children, the 6th his
servants, the 7th his wife, the 8th the manner of his
death, the 9th his religion and journcys, the 1oth his
cstimation or honour, mothcr, traclc, &e., the J 1th
his fricnds, and thc 12th his secrct enemies; also
undcrstand that whcn onc asks concerning a wonmn
or any party signif:d hy thc 7th house, it shall l>c
her ascendent, and sigmfy her person, the 8th house
denotes her estate, as the 2nd, the 9th her hrcthren
and kindred, thc 1oth hcr father, the r Jth her
children, the 12th her sickness and servants; the xst
her aweetheart, the 2nd her death, the 3rd her
journeya, the 4th her n1other or trade, &e., the 5th
her fnends, the 6th her sorrow, care, and private
enemies. Let the qucstion be of or concerning a
churchman, minister, or the hrother of thc wife or
11weetheart, the 9th house shall represent each of
these, the 1oth house shall signify his substance, the
11th house his brethren, and so an order; and so in
ali questions, the house si~ifying the person or
matter o( inquiry is their or 1ts I st house, the next
the 2nd, &e., round the whole of the houses.
D,g, ,zed

bi~ gle


How Pmons a,ul Thinps ar, Fnutrad a,ul

Things and persons are hindcrcd by frust
ration, prohibition, refranation, &e. When the
significators apply to d or other good aspcct, and
hefore the aspcct is completed another planet aspects
one o( the significators, then the thing 1s hindered or
frustrated. Consider the nature o( that planet, o{
what house heis lord, and then judge the quality of
the imped1tor ; if lord of the 3rd a relation or neighbour, if the 4th the querent's father, and if the ~th,
children. 1'hings are also hindered by refranat1on,
also hy aspect o or 8 without reception, and no
planets transfer the light of one to the other from
them ; by reason of some questions or quarrelings
disgust was taken, and so the matter is destroyed ;
or i( onr. o( the significators be applying to an
infortune, or he be wcak, or cadcnt, and bchold not
the lord of thc house, or the cusp of the house of the
thing demandcd. The aspect to the cusp is better
than to the lord of the house. If the significator, as
above, be joined to an infortune, or retrograde,
combust, or cadcnt, thcn observe whether mutual
rcception intcrvene, which shows the perfection of
thc mattcr, though with much labour and solicit
ation. If there be no reception the affair will come
to nothing, thou~h there may have been much probability o( its pertormance.

Wluthw tlu Quutiolt b, Radi&4' tw Fit to b, Judgld.


The Astrologer, before he delivers judgment,

will consider whether the figure is radical and

capable of judgment. The question 'i not radical,
1st, whcn only the first or second degree o{
'Y', ij , or a ascend, then do not venture judgment
unless the querent be very young, and his corpor
ature, complexion, and the moles or seara on bis
hocly agree with the quality o{ the sign ascending;
and, i 27 or more degrees of any sign ascend it is






' .


1/I: t

not sae to give judgment, except the querent's age

correspond with the number of degrees ascending,
unless the figure be set when any event happened,
as a person went away at such a time prec1sely, to
learn the result; here you may jud,e, because it is
not a propounding question ; 3rd, 1t is not safe to
judge when the ([ is in the latter degrces of a sign,
especially in n, 11\, or ~ Ali matters go hardly
on (except the principal significators be very strong)
when the <! is void of coursc. You must always he
wary when, in any question, you find the cusp of thc
6th house is afflicted, or the lord of thc 7th retro
grade or impedited, and the mattcr at that time not
concerning the 7th housc, hut helonging to any othcr
house. It ii. an argument that the judgment of the
Astrologer will give no contentment to the querent,
for the 7th housc generally significs the artist. Whcn
the testimonies of fortuncs and infortunes are cqual
defer judgmcnt ; it is not possil>lc to know which
way the balance will turn; howevcr, defer your
op1nion till auother question hettcr inform you.

O/ tlle Ti1111 o/ Ereding 11 /lo,a,y Fig,m.

219. 1.-Many disputes havc arisen ahout thc
proper time for the figure of a horary qucstion to hc
erected, Some think the moment when the qucrcnt
ia firat scen hy the artist; othcrs whcn hc salutes
him, othera when he inquires of him, &e. But thc
proper time is the hour and the minute when the
quer~nt feels the most anxious about the matter.
2.-If a person apply to an Astrologer the figure
must be erected for the minute the querent proposcs
bis question.
3.- If a letter be sent to an artist thc time of the
letter being received is not to be taken notice of, but
tbe moment the artist reads the very question.
4.-In sickness the time nmst be taken wh~n the
peraon first spoke to the physician concerning the


disease, whether the querent is the afflicted party
or not.
5.- 1f a parent bring the water of a child, though
the child cannot speak, the Ist house represents the
chil<l, and not the 5th, and so of the rest.
6.-Jf it be not a question but a sudden event, take
thc moment of its commencemcnt, as the setting off
on a journcy, heginning a letter or any business, &e.,
or when you first discover the loss of any article. ln
ali thcse cases the first impression on your mind is
thc time and moment for the figure.

Is tlu Matter Gol o, Evil;

220. Considcr the housc to which the thing or
qucsited helon,;s, its lord, and thc planets therein ;
also consider the house signiying the end of the
matter, its lord, and planet or planets therein; and if
the house signifying the thing be fortified by the
presence or beams of good plancts, or if Q be there
located it shows good, but the contrary indicates evil.

Is tlie Rt}orl T,,u tw Falu;

221. If any planct he in the house signifying the
matter conccrning which thc report is, or the Q be
thcre, or the lord of such house be angular, or in d
or aspcct of any planet, theR the matter or report is
true; hut if the report was good, and the said signi
ficator or planet posited in the said house be either
retrograde, slow of course, combust, peregrine, or
cadent, in evil aspect of a more weighty planet, or
in d with ~, or if the e bc posited in the said
house, any of these si,nifics the report ia false. The
<! angular generally s1gnifies the report to be true,
if the report be evil, especially if she be in evil
aspect ; or good if she be in good aspect with li, or i .
The ! in fixed signs, and in d with Q, shows truth;
hut moveable, void of course, and in d with e,
i;howeth falsehood,




222 .

TalJ o/ llu Esu1ilial Fo,lilttdu '"'" Debilitil;

o/ lh, PlalUI,.




1. The first column shows the Twelve Signs o

the Zodiac.
2. Lords of Houses.-In the second are the Planeti
and the signs opposite each, which denotes that thc
planct is Lord or Lady of that sign ; whcre i,
placcd, denote11 hiK housc to hc f't' ; i Lady o ~
and so ol thc rcst. Four of thc plancts,
11 ,
and <! havc cach onc house; thc other planeta havc
each two houses. A J>lanct in his own house i,
strong, and is a powcrful significator, unless he bc
retrogradr, combust, or afflictcd by any malevolcn1
planet or aspect.
3. Exaltation.-The third column shows in whict
&f.,'1\ each planet has its exaltation : thus, the 0 it
'Y' is exalted. lf a planet J,e in the sign wherein h
is exalted, )'.OU may consider him essentially strong
lf the signaficator be in bis exaltation, and no W.t)
impedited, but angular, it repreaents a person o:
haughty condition, and arrogant, usuming more te
bimself than is due.




4. Triplicity.-The fourth column tells you which

planet governs each triplicity ; for if a planet be in
any of thoEe signs which are allotted to him for his
triplicity, hc is also strong, but in a less dcgree. A
planct in his triplicity shows the querent tolerably
endowed with the goods and fortune of this world ;
one well descended, and the condition of his life at
the time of the question to be good, but not so
much 50 as the former dignities.
5. Joys, or very powerful.-The fifth column shows
you m which s1gn each planet is most powerful.
The cfficacy of these has been proved by repeated
e~perience, and they must be consiJered with atten
Thc forcgoing are the cssential <lignities of the
planets, and are good.
6. Dctriment.-In the sixth column, over against
'Y' is found 2, being in 'Y', is an opposite sigo to her
own house, and 50 is said lo Le her detriment. This
is an evil position.
Every planet has its detriment opposite to its own
house, an<l its fall opposite to its exaltation.
7. Fall.-In thc i;cvcnth column, in juxtaposition
is oun<l 2l ovcr his hca<l, fali : that is, 2l when in
'rj, is opposite to nis cxaltation, and so is unfortu,
natc, &e. When thc lor<l of any question is in bis
dctrimcnt or fali, hc is then vcry evil, and no good
,::cncrally comes of the mattcr in hand.
223. The Dragon's Head Q, is of the conjoint
nature of ll and 2, but the Dragon's Tail ~ is
feminine, and of a malignant tendency. As before
stated, they are two imaginary points, diametrically
oppositc to each other, where the Moon crosses the
Ecliptic, or path of the Sun. These points are
moveable at the rate of three minutes and eleven
a;cconds daily, or nineteen degrees and twenty




minutes in year ; moving round the Ecliptic in

eighteen. yt.ars and two hundred and twenty-five
days. The Moon, therefore, at every lunation,
crosses at a diff'erent place, and an eclipse never
occurs but when she is m or very near these points ;
an eclipse of the Sun when the Moon is in her
Ascendang Nodt>, and one of the Moon when she
ia in her Descending Node.
22+ This also is an imaginary point in the Zodiac,
and as rejected, together with the Dragon's Head
and Tail, by some modern professors o the Astral
Science. lt may demand less o our attention than
the two Nodes, but in questions concerning money,
lotteries, bills, &e., it is particularly useul, especially
when the testimonies for and against are equal, then
the Part of Fortune can alone decide.
The reason why such a point has any symbol
appears to be that the 0, the <!, and the eastern
pomt o( the horizon, being the prime conduits
through which the streams of life flow, this seat o(
the Part o( Fortune is the harmony of all three,
concentrating and uniting their natures in one point,
which, when it is found to fali among fortunate stars,
ia indacative o good, and if it be found in the first,
fifth, or eleventh house of the figure, then it promises
aucceas in health, weaJth, honour, offspring, &e.
To ERacT A F1GURH o, THE HuvsNs.
225. First erect a fi~ure of the Heavens, as
directed on page 45; d_ivade the si~es into two equal
parts; then draw the hnes E. to S., from S. to W .,
from W. to N ., and from N. to E. ; the next the
inner aquare, and draw lines rom all the angles, and
you have the figure erected.
Paoacaw.-To lNSBRT THB S1GNS 1N THE F1Guaa.
Rule 1. Look in Simmonite's Astronomical
Ephemeres for the Sun's Right Ascension, which


you will fmd on the let hand column o( each month ;
add this Right Ascension, the previous noon, to
time of day for which the Figure is to be erected,
and the sum will be tbe R. A. of the 1otb house.
Remark, if the hours and minutes exceed 24 hours
after addition is made, take the excess of 24 hours.
Rule 2. Find tbe longitude answering to this R.A.
in the column o the Table o Houses, headed,
"Time from Noon."
This Cound, the number
required in the next right hand column will be the
dcgree occupying the 1oth house. ln a line with
this is Cound the longitudes of the nth, 12th, Ist,
(Ase.) 2nd and 3rd houses.

IOth opposite 4th,
I ath
"l i
" Cace o( the heavens, Nov.
" 27th, .._b.
What is the
34m., P.M., 1850?
h. m. s.
The Rt. Ase. of tbe Sun, at noon, 27th, 16 " 24 11 10
Add the time from noon, 4 11 34 ,. o
The Rt. Ase. o( the Midheaven, 20 ,:-.S 11 10
The longitude nearly equal to this, casting away
the odd seconds, is 12
which I place on the 1oth
house, and the sarne degree of the opposite sign st
on the 4th. ln the 3rd, next CC'lumn, I find 9 M
which must be placed on the 1Ith house, and the
same degree o( the opposite sign, nt on the 5th,
ln the 4th column I find 26 o( 'Y' ; place this on the
12th and 26 o( the opposate sign, .e. on the 6th house.
ln the 5th column I find 20,, n 27 on the 1st, and
the 20 t 27 on the 7th house. ln the 6th are 7 o





e which must be placed on the 2nd and 7thof


on the 8th house.

ln the 7th column is 23 'l :

place this on the 3rd house, and 23 o ~ on the 9th.
The figure now exhih1ts the signs of the zodiac at
the aorementioned time o birth.





226. Rt1LB I . - Find in Simmonite's Ephemeris,

the amount of longitude the planet moves rom the
preceding to the succeeding noon.
Rule 2.-Thcn look in Simmonite's Astro-Tables,
in Diurna! Logarithms, ~or thc log. answering to
that daily motion, and add the log. o the time
given, and the sum gives the log. of longitude o
that time.
Rute 3.-Add the resuh to that planet's longitude,
at the preceding noon; but if the planet bc retrograde,
then subtract the result rom the planet's place at
the preceding noon.
The Studcnt may gencrally equate by inspection
ali the planeta' daily motion, except the Moon,
M.:rcury, and Venus, without calculations, suffici
ently near for Horary Profession.
Example : What is the Moon's place in the figure
for 27th of November, 1850, at 34 minutes past 4,

aternoon 1

November 27, noon, the Moon in

17 1ll 38'

On the 28th, noon, the Moon moves to 1

Moved in 24 hours 13


Add log. of (['s long. in 24 hrs., that is 13 52

To Time since noon, 4h. 34m. = 72o6
Moved in 4h. 34ffi

2 38'




Moon o 27th
Add for 4h 34m.


17 n1 38

Amount 20 n.1 16
I place the Moon 20 n1 16' in the 5th house,
hecause she has passed the cusp which occupies the
9th degree. The 0 moves 61 minutes in the day,
equal to 12 min. which 1 add to the place at noon,
4 I 56, add 12', equal 5 I 8, which 1 place in the
6th house, because Sol has not advanced so (ar in
t as the cusp of the 7th 1/} 1 place in the 12th,
in 27 'Y' retrograde, Satum in 14 31 Aries, in the
uth. Jupiter 16 6 o, in the 5th house. Mars is 5
I 41, a little nearer the 7th than the Sun, as heis a
few minutes arther in I, Vcnus 1s 2 },j' 3 in the
7th house. Mercury is placed in the 6th just under
the Sun. We now place the Moon's Nodes in the
figure ; these nodes move in a retrograde motion,
about 3' 11" per day, so they may easily he equated.
On the 25th of the Month, the Moon's node is 8 Q
47, and will have gane about seven minutes in 2
days, 4h. 34m., and which node 1 place 8 Q 401 in
thc 3rd house, and 8 ~ 40, in the 9th ; for one node
is always opposite to the other.
MOtk o/ Eguati11g tlu Pk,1ul1.
Rule.-Divide the amount of longitude made in
24 hours, 1md also the time since noon, by 12 ; then
multiply the quotacnts together, and the result is the
answer, in minutes of a degree, the last figure being
a decimal.
Example-The Sun madoe in 24 hours, 61 minutes;
dividcd by 12 1 gives 5 ; time since noon, 274 minutes,
divided by 12 1 gives 23 one-twelfth ; then 23 onetwelth multiplied by 5, gives I 16 or I I minutes and
6 tenths of a minute, which may be called 12 minutes.
The figure is now completed excepting the Part
o( Fortune E&,
Digitized by



To fintl 11,, Piou o/ lhe Pari o/ Forlune.

Rule.-Add the longitude o the Ascendant to the
Moon's longitude, trom which sum, subtract the
longitude of the Sun; the remainder is the longitude
of the Part of Fortune.
Where is the Part of Fortune in the ollowing
Right Ascension, 2oh. 58m. 1~ o M. C.




The Ascendant is 20 D 27 or .... . ::: ., 20 ,, 27

The Moon's Place, 20 111 16 o,...... 5 ,, :::o ,, 16
The Sun's longitude, 5




8 or ...... 8 ., 5 ,, H

o" 5., 35


Place of e in the figure is 5 '\" 35, in the xI th
I now recommend the student to gather out all
the aspects that the planets are forming, or within
orbs o{ application, which may he known by referring
to page 19 number 14.
We shall now give rules for general jndgment.

xst flwse.
Uranus :,.scending, some strangc, unexpected,
and vexatious occurrences are about to take place;
unscttlcd in mind, pursuing cxtraordinary and uncommon objects, especially s11ch things as the house
signifies o{ which hc is lord. If well aspcctcd, the
sudden actions will hc more advantageous.
a0!1cting thc -! or ~ , unhappincss in courtship and
unh .. p{>incss in marriagc. The qucrent is partia! to
travelhng, fond of novclly, and ro111antic in bis
ideas ; fond o{ anti11uc things
228. Saturo hcrcin gives hcavy thoughts about
thc matter queried; pain in the tceth whcn young,
and will havc lost some front teeth. The quercnt
will not be in good health; is suhject to blows,
hruises, falis, and given to shed tears. Thc disposition, thoughtlcss, reservcd, {earful, firm in opinaons,
and not easily moved.
229. Jupitcr herein, unafllictccl, denotes a good
constitution ; he is checrfol, sincerc: ; he is much
rcseectcd, acts honourahly, SIICCCSS attcnds him, an<l
he 1s gencrally fortunatc.
230. Mars hcrc is cvil, subjccting the qucrcnt to
burns, scalds, cuts, quarrels, uneasiness of mind, hot
temper, scars or marks in the htad or face; heis a
liar, boas.ter, fond o{ <lisputation; and this according
as Mars is dignified. (131 and 132.)



231. Mercury here, wtll dignified (138) the que,
rent is a good speaker; he is restless, fond of travei
ling; has a busy, active mind; but if affiicted (139)
or R. then a short memory and frequent dii;appoint
ments, with a bad deliverance, or he has no elocution.
Mercury o <r, great disappointments; he is slan
dercJ, and has sorrow from that house rom which
the aspcct is thrown, an<I of which they are ruleri..
If close to the Snn, the mind will hc profonnd.
232. Venns here, rce from affiiction, gOCk.l fortune;
lives in credit; quiet, mild disposition, though given
to pleasure, which will dctriment his health. Venus
well aspected, gain by means of females ; if ili
aspected by the querent is 11nchastc; if hy '1 a
rake; a.sccnding, gives strcnl{th to the constitution,
yet too fonJ o( followin;.{ aftcr the animal inclina
tions; if in her <lcbilities, fit for ;tnythin"' infomous.
233. Thc Snn rising, l{vcs n Jci.:rce of pri<lc, and
in good aspcct with thc Moon, succcss in lafc
unless 0 he m ~ or :::: ; l111t if in ili aspccl, rash
and injurious; makes thc nati\'c n hoastcr. lf in
aspect with thc nntive is involvc<l in !ove mattcri.


about the age of 19 years. 1n h:ul aspcct of 'N, 1,

or , then ili health anel ,langcr of acciclcnts; af wcll
aspccteJ, long lifc and goocl hcalth ; fon<I of puhlic
employments. Sol's evil aspccti1 denote dcath o(
relatioos, disgracc, loss of riends anJ hononr.
234. The Moon in the rst, fon<l of trmlging about;
if wc.k, the native is Jis:;olntc; if affiicted by aspect,
then bad hcalth, uncasincss of min<l, and troublc
according to thc housc shc go,crns ; given to Jrink,
ing, gluttony, and dchauchcry; if strong an<l well
as)*:ted, healthial ; afllictc,I l>y thc Sam, lial>le to
inJuries to the eyes ; in good aspect to Sol, he marriea
rcspectahly. lo whatever sis:n shc as will denote a
mole or mark on that part o( the boJy which that
sigo governs.


235. The Part o Fortune herein, riches, and the

native makes bis own Cortune, especially in good
aspect of ~ , 1', 0, or CI The Q gi ves honesty,
thc ~, knavery ; and the querent will attempt to
deceive you, and will not deal fairly in his queries,
therefore heware o him. He is in great anxiety of
mind, he will very likely be pockmarked, or otherwise blemished in the face.
236. The Lord o thc First, in his all or detri
ment, the quercnt dcspairs o thc matter; vcry likely
has only one parent alive, d o ~, injury to his
character and health, and other damages according
to the house in which they are placed.
2nd Ho,u,.
237. The ruler hereo affiicted, retrograde, &e.,
loss o moncy lent, or a dcbt. Many planets here,
grcat want o moncy, two or three planets ill dignificd, much povcrty. W, '1, or 3 herein, strong,
anel wcll aspcctcc.l, denotl! thc qucrcnt's suhstancc to
changc rom evil to good ; hut thcrc, unortunated,
his substancc is changing from goo<l to evil. 'fhe
Moon hcrcin, unaffiictcc.l givcs wcalth ; hut afftictcd,
the reverse. '}} portends changcs, an<l unscttlcdness
in pccuniary proccdurc. Thc Sun, Mars, or Dra~on's
Tail hcrc, a pcrpctual waste, with somctimes
povcrty. JupitP.r hercin denotes succcss in money;
so does also thc e unaffiicted ; ~ ;.ccording to her
dignity or debility, gain or loss gcnerallr by meana
o( emal~.
li gives a loss as he is s1tuated, by
learning, books, &e.
3rd IJO/IS#.
238. WCrequent warnings; c.lisputcs among rela
tions or neighbours ; 11 hcre, thc same, and loss by
journeys, cspecially if they bc peregrine. ll, more
success in short journeys, and favour among his
lamily, accor<ling to the planet's dignities. 3, 11piteul neighbours; evil for journeys; danger o being
robbed ; want o money ; the Sun, good from relatives



and neighhours; i , good journeys ; brethren, and
neighbours pious; ~ , crafty relations; swift journe);S,
according as hc is dignified; thc (! well aspccted in 'Y',
e, tr, or :,s, many short journcys, either for
ple.isure or health; Dragon's Head, good neigh
bour and relations; Dragon's Tail therein, the
re\crse; the $, gain uy journeys, brethren, or
nei1thho11rs. A planet peregrine hcrein, or retro
grade. the tr:wcllcr 111ccts with disappointmcnt.
The ':iun or :\loon afllictc<l porten<ls trouhle and
anxicty to the parcnts, anti prohahly dcath to thcm.
4th l/011se.
239. W, the native has lost a parent and is in
danger o propcrty, or ha\"ng disputes about
inheritancc; I;,, the nathc is oftcn annoyctl ahout
money affairs, connectctl .is thc ri,.:ht of his family;
2t hcrc, is more fortunatc, .in<l declares thc qucrent
is likcly to havc a l<~acy lcft him ; , the parents
are in distrei:s or dcad, ;,mi thc nati,c is dissipated;
the Sun \\CJI placccl hcre, declares thc fathcr to hc
nohlc minde<l, with honour in ohl a;{c; ? givcs thc
sarne; V , he gains hy lcarning or hy craft ; thc
Moon, gain hy tra\'elling, ancl hy emi~rating, hc
posscsses lan<l; Dragon's Hcacl, hcncfits; Dragon's
Tail, thc reverse; $ improves his propcrty.
5th l /011se.
240. fJ}, ? , 3, or Dra;{on's Tail hcrcin, untoward
children; only small family, and <lisohcdicnt off.
spring ; grcat <langcr of miscarriagc; 2t or i , gives
good cluldren ; fortunc in spcculations; thc Suo, fcw
children, hut those high-niinded and virtuous; V,
ingenioui= issue ; some annoyances from their unto
wardness; the Moon gives children, an<l they well
or ill disposcd accorcling to her aspccts ; a large
family if e, 111, or )( be on thc cusp; thc Dragon's
Head here is favoural,lc for childrt'n, an<l they do
well ; the $ causc!'I the native to gain hy bis children,
or by apcculation, if unaffiicted.
Many planeta


herein, predict the querent is or will be given to

pleasure; or he may live clishonourauly with son1e
person, or he lives at a pnblic place of resort. A
planet here, exaltecl, denotes the inquircr to l,e fond
of ~aiety and pleasure. Venus, ruler of the fifth, in
~ m the 8th, denotes, if the querent is a woman,
that she will have chietly female childrcn, yet the
111ajority o{ thcm will die.
6th Jlouse.
2.p. f}1 hcrein, indisposition of body, family sickness, cheatery hy servants, Joss of cat.le, if any, also
loss hy servants; ruler of the 6th in the 8th, a death
in the family shortly; 1,, herein, crosscs and losses
hy small caule; 2l, thc reverse; c1, <langer of fever
:md dcstruction among cattle ; ~ , profit in small
caltle, servanl!'-, sicknc!<s by mcans of women,
espccially i afflicte<l hy l)J, '], or ; thc 0, mental
uncasiness ; prou<l, was,cful scrvants, and long sick,
ness, unless assisted l>y the good aspects of 2l or ~ ;
the $ or Q, good servants and profitable cattle ; f
or Dragon's Tail, knavish servants; unhappiness
and nervousncss. J , ruler of the 6th, aftticted hy
JJ, in 'Y', declares thc '1'1erent to suffer marasmus, or
general wastc of thc bo<ly, low spirits, depresse<l
appctite, :,nd deect in the mcmory, more certainly
if ti he rulcr of the 1st. Many planets in this
house, sickly at the time, m:my private enemies,
especially if thc Jonl of thc 12th bc therein. Thc
rulers of thc 1st and 6th, hemg m each othcrs' houscs,
or affiictin~ cach other; or if the lord of thc 1st be
the lord of thc 6th, or in o or 8 o( ? or ; or
Jord of the Jst comhnst, in thc 6th, 7th, or 12th, the
native will he sickly, anel his scrvants dishonest.
The nativc will havc a mole signified by the sign on
its cui.p.
7th Ho11u.
24-2. This is an important angle, and we are capable of predicting many things connected with aff'airs.
merely from the position of planets therein.



Wherein, or affiicting the <C, or lord o the 7th,

disa_Ppointment in courtship, disorder in domestic
affaars, death of rclations, disordcr in wedlock, and
long beore the native marries; the wie or hus
band will be eccentric and difficult to please; ? ,
long beore hc marries, and ili ab'l'eement in marriage;
many enemies; if peregrine, as in ij, n, llJ, .o., I,
or M, a poor husband or wie; i in o or 8 to thc
Jord of the 7th, an immodest person ; just on the
cusp shows much lingering sickness, and liable to
blows, bruises, and falis; ]l hcre, a good husband
or wife, unless hc be in n or nr, the reverse ;
agreeahle courtship; t, quarrels, law suits, public
enemies, a had wife or hushand, disappointment in
courtship, a lover gi\'en to change, and is unfaithul ;
i in o o <C , danger of being burnt to death. The
<:> hue, indisposition, powcrful cncmies, honourable
marriagt.; 2 herc, a modcratc wifc, ln1t careless,
not many enemies ; in ili aspect of J , unchastc
husband or wife; Mercury here, setting, denotes
removais, or ruler o the 1oth, denotes changes in
business affairs, a good wife, but quarrelsome; the
<! setting, a change o residence, a good marriage.
hut inortunated an ili m.irriage; the Dragon's
Head, ortunate marriage; the Dragon's Tail, the
reverse, and many Coes; the e, a wife or husband
well off. Many planets in the 7th, anxictf ahout
lovers, husband or wife, many enemies. lf an good
aspect with 2 or <C, or with the Jord o the 1st or
7th, the nativc will marry more than once. If the
lord o the 1st be stronger, or less affiicted than the
lord o the 7th, the querent will overcome bis
enemies ; but i the Jord of the 7th be strongest,
they will overpower him. Good aspects, reception,
&e., between the lords o the 1st and 7th, show
harmony between a man and bis wie.
243. The ruler hereo, herein, the querent has
debt1 he will never get in ; thi1 Jord in good aspect


with the lord c.,f the first, or to planets therein, the
native will dic a natural death ; or if the cusp be cy,,
lll, or ~. dangcr of a violcnt dcath; Where, in d
of the Dragon's Tail, and bc ruler of the 6th, many
deaths likelr to occur in the family ; W affiicting
the rulcr of lhe first an<l sixth, gives diseases in that
part of thc body signilied hy the sign possessed by
Uranus; '1 here, douhtful legacies and destroys the
wife's dowery; the poverty of enemies; the ~; the
same; 'J.l gives hopes of a Jegacy, and profit by
marriagc ; thc Q or $ thc samc ; Mars shows a
violcnt death, loss of substancc, want o{ money,
diffcrcnce with lovcrs, or on account of legacy or
moncy ; ? here, a natural dcath, i orne gain by
marriagc ; but ? or 2l rulcr hcreof, in affiiction,
portends the querent will sulTer by reputedly honest
pcrsons; thc <l oftcn shifting his or her residence.
9th Ho11u.
herein a scctarian or enthusiast, fond o(
occult sdenccs, disposed to travel, and ond of seeing
rcsh sights; ,~ danl{er of drowning if he go on the
sca, and losses thercon, hc is atheistical, bad of ali
journeys ; 'J.l hcre unafflicte<l, a <lisposition mild and
hene\"olent ; J journeys ha<l, and a religious bigot ;
? affiicted, very immodest, inquisitive, but i una
fllicted, kind and charitablc; ~ givcs, inven
tion, ond of travclling, and ~ wcak, or in cS of 0
thc mind rath<'r contracted and superficial, though he
mar bc fit for plo<lding husiness; in s (! here, hc
wil travei; thc ~ herc, cspccially in a moveablc
sign, much journeying, great insinccrity in religion ;
the $ or Q, gain by journeys ; the ~ the sarne as ? .
Lord of thc 9th, just falling from its cusp, the que
rent is on a journe;, and probably one o( pleasure or
visiting; also if the <[ l>e passing into the 8th. The
ruler of the 4th herein, antl affiicted, the Cather o( the
querent is affiicted, and if i, affiict, the parent has
sufi'ered in his beaJ, memory impaired, and hi



nervous system dcbilitated: his disease is callcd

'thc rulers of the 1st and 9th in good aspcct, thc

nathe will do wcll as a merchant, scholur or travcller.
1oth Ho11se.
2~5. This is a vcry important housc, and predicts
most weighty matter, thercfore thc planets therc
located must he .. intently studiccl. Where, shows a
person has more than one husiness, or hc changcs
from one calling to another, with dangcr of sudden
loss in trnde (142); 11 hcrc, dishonour, short lie to
parents, danger of imprisonment, pain in thc tccth,
falis, troul>le m husincss, and dcstroys thc most hopc
ul things, ali his alfairs go wrong, and unlcss vcry
strong aspccts countcract this evil position, thc
qucrcnt is a child of misfortunc ; it <lemes honour to
pcrsons of rank; the ~ hcrc, shows the samc, with
dan,;er of discrcdit ( 128, 129 anel q3) ; 2+ here, !>ltC
cess, prospcrous tradc, wealth and honour; 2+ d 0
here, lasting honour anel rcspcct, and his customcrs
are respcctahlc (130, 131 and 14+); here, fond of
warlikc procceelings and may gain by violcnce, hut
Mars peregrine, scanclal and dishonour, whcthcr hc
descrvcs it or not, affiiction or dcath to thc querent's
mothcr ( 132, 133 and 145); 0 hcre, honour and assist
ance rom respcctahlc pcrsons, a rising fortunc l 13,l),
but if Sol he afilictcd thc reverse (135); Venus here,
respectable, unlcss in ili aspcct to Saturn, when the
querent wall hc mean in his conduct. Whatcvcr
planct she aspects, shc partakcs much of thc naturc
of that planct, and this must hc particularly notice<l;
if well aspected, gain hy means of fcmales (1361; if
iJ1 aspected hy Mar11 1 the nativc is unchastc; \$
gives preferment, the qucrcnt is honoured br, Jearning
u 138, or if affiict<..>fJ, a mere babbler (139}; 1f affiicted
by Uranus, of vcry shallow ahilities; the ({ here, un
afflicted, pro6t and honour by trade, females, and by
the aea; prefermcnt and gaan, if E9 or Q be there,
the reverse if tt be in the 12th,



Thc ruler of the toth and the rst in good aspect,

and unaffiicted by position, then succcss in business,
he is honorablc and perscvcrinl{ in bis calling. But
~ or any othcr planct rulcr of the toth, in d or bad
aspcct of Uranus denotes the querent has a desire to
chang-e his occupation, difficulty in his employment,
and discontcntcd with his present situation.
I tth H 011se.
246. ~ herc, wavcring' friends and fidgetty wishes;
11 despa1r, false friends, anJ death of children; 2'true friends, riches and happiness; Mars, false
fricncls, ruin, and wickcd children; the (:), good
fricncls and happincss; Vcnus, honourable and aithful fricn<ls, cspccially fcmale ; ts or the Dragon's
Tail, inconstant anel dcceitful fricncls ; the <I, the
fricndship of womcn, if shc be unaffiicted; the $,
gain by friendship.
Thc ruler of thc t Ith hcrcin, unaffi1cted, good and
sincere frien<ls, in aspect with the first, friends will
he permanent and advantageous.
12th Ho,ue.
247. Uranus here or near its cusp, clcver in bis
busincss, changcahlc cncmies, anel they of a public
character; Saturn, anxicty, trouble, persccution by
false friends, more particularly if Saturn be R. or
stationary, then ili luck if he kecp cattle, and his
enemics will bc very unccrmining; 2'-, few enem1es
and victory o~cr them ; but 1" afRicted, many calamities, reproachcs, damagc from large cattle, adverse
circumstanccs and bondagc; Mars, hold and daring
cnemies, sorrow, trouble and danger of imprison
ment, liable to acci<lents in the hands and feet ; if
weak, thc cncmies are unablc to affiict him, loss h.Y
servants or by dcalinJ in cattle, the Dragon's Tail is
the same: the (:) affi1cted, manv enemies, long and
tedious diseases, extravagant and careless; Venus
gives profit by great cattle, private foes but unable
to do any harm, consider well her condition, it often
D,g, ,zed




denotes the native to he vile, an<l if a female, infamous ; ~ givcs knavish cnemies, but this accor<l
ing to bis condition which will make m11ch diffcrence ;
his enemies will be writers an<l clifferent kinds of
pettifoggers; the <! makes the lowcr or<lers of r._ersons
foes, danger of losing by servants, cspccially a thc <!
be aftlicted, great <langcr of being imprisonl!d ; the
Part of Fortune shows loss anJ frequcnt disasters.
The ruler of thc 12th in thc 1i;t or lor<l of thc xst in
the nth, much anxiety of mind. lf the !orei of thc
1st be in good aspcct with thc lord of thc 12th from
the 4th, 6th, 8th, or 12th, thcn cncmics in thc guise of
248. CAUTION.-The dcscription of the houscs ai;
here laid <lown may be depended upon, hut the lords
of the different houscs have no particular effcct, although Gadbury says a great <leal from pagc +S to 6+
on the aubject of posilw1,s in houscs. The lor<l of rst
in the 2nd, says Gadbury, Lilly, Raphael, White,
Salmon, and others, gives riches by the native's own
industry, but this is not consistent with Horary
Astronomy. For instance, the , la<ly of the rst
located in thc 2ncl, afflicted hy J , ~ or thc Sun,
would denote the qucrcnt to hc profligatc, who in
atead of realizing a fortunc by nis own industry would
work his own ruin by extravagance, with the assistance of bis dissolute connections an<l h;sown unsettlcd
dispoaition, which would prevent him from adhcring
to anything good long enough to be scrvicablc. lC
posited in the roth he would work his own downfall
1n the same mnnner, and if c1 were in 8 to the 0
and <I his end would be violent, an<l if eithcr Suu or
([ were in the 1oth or in evil aspect to its lord or to 21.
he would probably be transported. Thus the artist
will see the indispensable neccssity of adherence in
anawering questiona proposed according to art. But
....,,. -" the aspect of thP. planets ha ve a powerful
eft'ective aignification, for every planet is deemed a
lignificator of something, therefore, the aspects he
receivea muat be considered accordingly.
D,g, ,zed


O/ Moles, Marks"" Scars OH P,nons.
249. Notice, the sign ascending shows a mole
mark or scar on the part ruled by that sign. The
sign in which the ruler of the 1st is will ,:rive another
mole or scar. The sign on the 6th will g1ve another.
The sign in which the rulcr o the 6th is gives a
mark. The sign in which the <! is denotes another.
W, S, or '1ars in ili aspect w1ll give a mark or scar
accorJing to their position. I! the sign and pJanet
be masculine the mark will he on the right side o
the member, but if fcminine on the left. lf the sigo
and planet be above the earth, the mark will be be
Core or frontal ; but if under the earth, behind l(
the planets or cusp of 1st or 6th be in the first, 10
degrees, the mark will be on the upper part of the
member. lf from 10 to 20 degree~. m the middle;
if in the Jast 10 degrees the mark will be in the lower
part. Read 208. The colottrs o( the marks caused by
the signs are in 204, the colours of the planets 202,
203, the houses 205.
Exn,pu.-IC the 1st or 6th, or their lords, or <I be
in cy,, tne mole will be on the head ; if in ~ , on the
neck ; if in n , on the shoulders, and so on according
to the sign.
Sips a,uJ Hot,us Ruling Man's Body.

ut House or cy,, Ali the Head and Face,

,. ~, Ears, Ncck and Throat,
n, Arms. Hands and Shouldera,
,, G, llreast, Epigastric and Stomach,
,, SL, Heart, ~ides and Back,
11 n1, Bowels and Abdomen,
,. .o., Reins and Loins,
11 1'1., Secret Members,
,, I , Hips and Thighs,
,. l,j>, Knees and Hama,
Lega and Ankles,
,, M, Feet and Toes.




A malefic violently affiicting will somctimes give
deects instead of moles or scars, as
on the 12th,
and ? there gives weakness to the ankles, because
the 12th and M rule the eet, anel ? a malefic ; witness Victoria. lf the ([ be exactly at new or full and
in ill aspect of , some blemish in or near the eyes,
more especially if the (:) and \! he in the anglcs.
Ge,ural Reuui,lu 011 lhe Moles oj lhe Q11esiled.
251. lf you wish to know what moles the person
enquired 1tbout has, the sarne rules apply as in 249,
only be careful to take the right ~ignificator as
directed in 216. If you enquire of a public enemy,
a lo\'er, or a thief1 consider thc 7th their ut; for the
7th rules these parties, the 12th their 6th, and there
they will have a mole, &e., also in thcse parts ruled
by the lords of the 7th and I 2th, as wcll as those in
which ? or is located. For a friend, take the
signs on the uth and -1,th, and whcre thcir rulers are1
for on those parts of the body they will have marks.
Remember, the uth rules friends, and the 4th is the
6th from the 1Jth (roo). For a master or your
mother the roth is the ascendant, and the sign
thereon shows on what part of the body a mole may
be expected, and the 3rd is their 6th which will show
another mole,
Examp-Ho,oscope, Page 8o.
The querent would have a mark on the arms 1 as D
on the rst denotes, also another on the rcins and
loina, as "' sibrnifies on thc 6th, the (! in nx, shows a
mark on the upper part on the let side of the ahdomen, also moles or scars in the head as i, and \li are
in 'Y', which sign rules the head.
Were the enquiry about a Coe, that Coe woulJ have
a mark or scar about the chin as the latter part of 'Y'
ia on the 12th, which is the ascendent of the enemy,
another mole on the belly. for the fifth is the &ixth
from the 12th and f ruler of the 6th in I A masculine aign, and under the earth, shows a mole on the

1 1






right thigh, towards the middle of it, on the back
part, or that which is not visihle. Mars, ruler of the
12th, or ascendent o( the Coe in I , would give a red
dish mark, or he might have a scar thcre, as the 0,
3 and ~ are in d
O/ t/11 Nantes o/ the Querent an Quesited.
252. Many persons have reported it hoth far and
widc that I can, do, and ha\'e told the name o( hoth
the quercnt and quesited. This certainly I have done
very often, nevertheless I maintain it is not always
possible to do so. However the following is my
RuLE.: -:fake that planet, ~hose name .you wish to
know, s1gmfies; see 1( he be m aspect w1th another
planct; if he be not, that planet whose house he is in
is the planet that forms the namc. ll, 3 and the
Sun denote short names, i( they are angular, and i(
in thc xoth. the name hcgins with A or E. ? or 9
givcs longer names.

! ,~~~;:~ I_____ Probable Names.

0 al?ne
~. w1th i 2'-

,, ,,


I Ann,Rodger,James,Joseph,Stephen
, Lucy, Lawrence.
' Andrew, Mark.

Benjamin, Edith, Margaret.

,, ,, . 9
Alice, Maude, Matilda.
(( alone 1
Neil, Eleanor.
,, with : ~
Simon, Ann.
" " 1 ?
Mary, James.
1 3
,, ,, ,3 & 0 Mary, Mary Ann.
" ,,
1 in
Mary Ann.
'1 alone1
,, with 1 0
George, Elizabeth, Julian.
,, ,, 1 9







Pl_- - - -

~....,.....~ joined.

-? w1t

Prohable Names.


<I&"i Joan, Harriet.

11, alone

Charles, Rachael.
John, Richard.
3 alone
,, with
Robert, Peter.
Isabel, Eliza, Sarah.
y "
lf" l"i
,. "
Edmund, Edwin, Edward.
" ,,
3 & 0 Christian.
O/ Finding a pmo,i at Home.
253. The ruler of the 7th is significator of the person inquired after, if that person be no relation. lf
a father, the lor<l of the 4th ; if a mother, the ruler of
the 1oth; if a frien<l, the lord of the I lth ; if a
brother or sister or neighbour, the ruler of the 3rd;
if a child, the 5th ; and so of the rest of the houses.
(216). If this said lord be angular from the house in
question, or in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 1oth, from the
house, the quesitcd is at home ; if succeedent, not
far off and easily found ; if cadent, the person will
not be found.
If the ruler of the 1st has good aspect with the
planet signifying the quesited, or if there be a tra,u.
,Jn, (213) between them, he may be met with, or be
heard of by accident ; the planet transfering such
light, will denote from its sex the person from whom
the information will be received, whether male or
If more than one per,on l>e wanted, that pcrson
will be found who lives in the direction of the sign,
(209) containing the ruler of the house of the quesited
and the querent, where that sign is posited. lf the
application be both to the lor<ia of the exaltation and
,, with





house, two o( them will be found ; if also to the lord

of triplicity, tlme.
Example-Ho,oscope, Page Bo.
Is the person at home? Jupiter ruling the seventh,
as the party inquired about is not a relation, and
heing in the fifth, indicates the person is not at home.
\Vere it a friend the answer would be the same; because 1+ rules the I uh as well as the 7th. Were it
a sister, the <f ruling the 3r<l, and being cadent from
her own house, indicales thc sister is far off.
_ O/ abu11t B,ot/11,s, Sisters, Cottsins, Neighbou,s,
C/iildm, o/ F,iends, &,e,

254. The Ist, its lord, and tlae (!, are taken for the
qucrent. The 3rd and its ruler are taken to signify
the Jost one. Consider well the 3rd, and the cond1tion of thc ruler of the 3rd, as well as the <!.
The ruler of thc, 3rd in d or bad aspect of W, ? ,
J or ~, lhe conclition of thc hrolhcr is sorrowful;
if in thc 3rd, unaffiicled, then he does well; but if the
rulcr of the 3rcl be therein afilicted, he may be in
hcalth, lmt is perplcxed and in sorrow of mind.
1'/,e b,of/11, is sick o, dead if the <r and ruler of the
thircl are in 8 oC the rulcr of the 8th, from the 2nd
anJ 8th or from thc 6th aud I 2th houses. Also if the
ruler of lhe 3rd he afllictecl in the 12th by the ruler
of the 8th and iulh, and if the (( be ruler in this case,
anel afllicted by 'b', then say the brother is drowned.
Great danger of dcath if the ruler of lhe 3rd be in
the .;.th, in o of lhe <. in thc 7th. lf you find the lord
of thc 3rc.l and Moon combust in the natural 4th or
Xth, or joinccl with thc lord of the 8th, then the
qucsited is clead.
The ruler of thc 3rd in the Ist house, unafflicted,
shows he is among fnen<ls, l,ut there in d of W, ? ,
J or ~, then his frien<ls are deceivers, and lie haa
no hopcs of succcss.
' I he lord of thc 3rd in the 2nd house, especially if
rctrugradc or in his del>ilities, he is in great sorrow


1 .


of mind, and will move from bis present abodc as

soon as possible ; but if bis significator is much
afflicted, he is then confineJ in prison.
If in the 3rd house, frec from amict1on, then say
hc is in health, but aftlictc<l without mutual recep
tion he ia in distress, and wishes to move from his
present place.
The ruler o the 3rd in the 4th house, without
aspects of the malefics, the quesitcd intends gettin~
rich where he is, hnt heing aftlictcd he will nevcr
gain much property.
ln thc 5th house, in d of the lord of the 5th, it
shows the ahsent brother to bc in health and happily
situated; l>ut i( lhe 3rd be void o( coursc, or in d o(
any malefic, or othcr bad aspccts of thc infortunes,
and thosc infortunes thcmsclvcs impcditcd, tlic
quesited is in a poor con<lition and discontcntcd.
\\'hen in the 6th housc, afttictcd any way, thc
quesited is sick ; i he separatc from thc rulcr o( the
6th, hc has hccn ili. Hc is sick if thc lor<l o thc 6th
be in thc 3rd, unlcss Y,cll sitnatecl
lf you find his signilicator in lhe 7lh, unafllicted,
he is in the same country he wcnt to, and is wcll ; if
he he afflicted, thcn hc has enemics, anel fails in
ln the 8th he foars dcath, and will die if he hc in
d of the lord of the 8lh ; should he be hercin a(.
fticted, say death.
The ruler o the 3rd in thc 9th, he has removed
from where he first went, or is forming some clerical
engagements,or is employed in travelling,an<l inlen<ls
beang married there, i already single.
The ruler of the 3rd in the 1oth, in good aspect o(
the fortunes, espec1ally if the 0 rules the 1oth, or in
mutual reception with 2' or i heis profitahly em
ployed ; i( combust and afflicted, danger of dcath.
The lord of the 3rd in the 11th, in d o( thc: ruler
of the 11th, he is among fricnds ; a good aspect of
the fortunea denotes him to be with friends, and that


he still desires to stay ; but if he be afflicted by any
of the malefics, or be in his detriment or fali, then he
is discontented and wishes to escape.
The lord of the 3rd in lhe 12th, and well aspected
by the fortunes, and the ortunes themsclvcs unafflicted, show he will deal in mcrchandisc, hy which
he gains; hut if he be infortunated in the nth,
whether by aspects of the malefics or ruler of the
8th, then he is discontented, troubled, and not likely
to see the land of bis nativity again.
Wl llu Q1ur1nl's Lif, be long J
255. The 1st, its lord, and the Moon are for the
Sig1,s o/ Lo11y Lif,.

The degree rising, the (! and the 0 Cree Crom the

P., , e or 8 of the lord of the 4th, 6th, 8th or
12th houscs. The qucrent's significators in their
dignities, in good houscs, increasing in light and
motion, and wcll aspectcd.
Jupiter, Vcnus and Q, well fortified and rulers of
good houses. Rulers of thc Ase. in the 1st, or the
fortunes in *, t::. or of the degree ascending, or
to thc (!, the 0, or lord of thc 1st.
lf ali or most of these are reversed, short life is
denoted or great danger.
Sig11s o/ Slwrl Lif,.

Lord of the Ist R., or the (! peregrine, or combust

in the 8th ; ruler of thc Rth afllicted in thc ut, or in
e or 8 o( the (!, or ruler of the I st. The ~, W, 11
or 3 in the 1st, afflicting the <I, or besieging the
Ligl,t o/ Tim,, especially if these malefics rule the
6th or 8th ; also fixed slan o( the n.ture of W, ? or
3 ; or ruler of tJ1e Sth, aftlicting the cusp of the u,t,
1ts ruler, or the ({.
When the significato,s are ili aspected Crom good
housea, or the benevolent planets interpoae thcir


rays, the malevolence threatened will be mitigated,
w, 11,na.
Hoa, long ili, Probabl, tlu Q11mnt ""'.Y Uv,.
256. I the ruler of the 1st be going to , o or
8 o{ 0, or to either the lord of the 8th, 6th or 4th,
see how mnny degrces he is distant and in what signs
they are, and so judge according to 2o6. Death is
approaching if the (!, lady of the 1st, be afflicted by
the Jord o( the 8th or <C aftlictcd thercin.
See how many dcgrees the (! is Crom W, I;, or 3,
or Jord o( the 6th or 8th, anel so judge. f( the male
fies be in the 1st, mark the degrees distant between
the emJ, o{ the Jst or 7th, and the aspcct, so will it
be years or months according to :zo6.
Wllat Pari is lik,ly lo b, mosl Fo,l1111al1 ?
257 Sce in what part of the hcavens Jl-, i or the
lord o( the ut is, if /11 b, slrong, i( not, rcjcct him.
U Jl- or i be in the 1st, 12th or 11th, his younger
days are most prospcrous, or up to twcnty-onc years
o{ age. l in the 1oth, 9th or 8th, most lucky Crom
21 to 35.
l in the 7th, 6th or 5th, from 35 to 50.
J{ in the other parts, has latter days will he the bcst.
Tlu Nal11r, o/ Ev,11/s likely to lnke plnee.
258. Observe the aspects which thc ([ has latcly
ormed, and rom what the lord o( thc 1st scparates,
o{ good or evil aspects; thcse wall show what acci,
dents have taken place, according to the houscs in
whach they ormecl aspects, and o( which they are
rulers; thcir next application will show what they
may expect, and judge according to our G1111ral Judg,
,.,.,; i{ ili aspects, judge evilly; if good aspects,
judge fortunately.
Wm ,,., Qu,r,nt MaY IXJ,lel " Cluu,g,.
259. Erect a figure, and direct the significator to
promittors, u in a nativity, if in a matter of grcat
coo1equence. ln ordinary casea, the number of de


Diqitizcd by



grees between the significators and promittors will

point out the time 'iufficiently correct by taking a
dei:ree for a year. IC violent fixed stars occupy the
cusp of the Jst, 1oth, or place of the ([, some sudden
mischief is near ; but if their nature be good, it de
notes some sudden benefits.
Of tlu Good o, Eflil atlendi11g Life.
26o. This is taken from the figure generally. When
1" or 2, or the 0 and (!, possess good houses (205)
and the malefics evil houses, then good may be an
ticipated generally. llut when lj}, ? or 3 or ~,
occupy the good houses, the querent will be subject
to a troublesome life. IC W possess the 1st, the querent will act independently (127). lC ? possess the
important places, he will lx: melancholy and pensive
(128 an<l 129). H 3, he wall lie choleric and rash
(132 and 133). lf the tj be in the 1st, much scandal
will attcnd him. Wherc a Nativity cannot he had,
a horary qucstion will answer ali ats purposes ; and
if asked with strong- anxiety to know the result, a
figure o( this kin<l may l>e ju<lged as a nativity.
Wl,at Pa,t o/ t/11 fvorltl is 111ost P,ospero11s for t/,1


261. \Vhen this question ?

is asked in a genf"ral
sense, it is propcr to direct him to that part of the
worl<l where 1" , 2 , the ((, or the (& are posited ; or
if they be not togcther, whcrc the greatest numher
of them are, b11t thcy must bc strong and free from
aflliction, or nothing gooJ will l>c done. It is better,
thcrcfore, to takc thc <lircction of that which is most
<lignified or fortified, than of two or threc that are
weak. The part of hcaven wall be found in 209, and
the ,ou,,try in that part according to pages 49 and 50.
WMc/1 fllll)' ,mui /u sleer for bule,, Suecm ?
262. lC any particular eurposc or pursuit be stated,
he must follow thc signaficator of such purpose. lC
health bc the object, Collow the lord of the ut and





the ([; if riches be his object, the lord of the 2nd and
the $ ; if honour, busmess, or situation, let him
f.>llow in the direction of the lord of the 1oth and the
(:). If they lie in different places, follow that which
is strongest and well dignified. Jf neither of them
be in good condition, or the mal~fics afflict them,
then abandon thc pursuit, or remain where he is.
The places where the malefics are found, are always
to be avoided. The placcs of dircctions are 209.
Exarnpk-I! the lord of the ut were in 'Y', in the
9tb house, and fortunate, the querent would <lo well
to tra vel South East ; for 'Y' is an eastern sigo, and
the 9th house is S. W. The journcys should be made
to those countries subjected to 'Y', and in the S. E.
part of those countries.
0/ 11,, W djar, o/,.,, A bsmt Pm01,
26), Generally, the ahsent pcrson will be '!Orne
relataon of the querent. But if there be no relation
ship between them, then take the ISt, its lord, and
the ([, to signifr the ahscnt party. I( hc be applying
to the d , or il aspect of the lor<l o( the real 8th, he
is near death. U the aspects are past without thc
assistance of any henefic, he has cease<l to exist for
IO many days, months, <., as there are <legrees
between the significators.
If the ruler of the xst be in the 4th, and the CC in
o to him, danger of <leath. The <! in 'Y', lord of the
1&t, in d with the lord o( the 8th in the 8th or 4th,
he is dead, or if in the 6th, he will die. The lord o(
the 11t, or ([ in the 8th or 4th, combust, the party is
Jf the lord o( the ut, or the ([, separilte from the
lord of the 6th or 8th, he has been m great danger ;
and if he apply to no aspect of the fortunes, he will
long remam so ; but if to good aspects of the for
tunes, he will lOOn recover. If the lord of the xst
separate from a bad a11pect of the 12th, he hs been
coo6ned, or in trouble.




ln all other respects, his present, past, and future

situation may be known hy considering the figure
according to the roles laid down in other departments
o horary questions (216).

0/ tlie Exc/,angi11g o/ Co1Hmodils.

264. Would it be well to exchange the watch, orna
ment, drcss, or any other article ?
The ruler o the 1st and <I are Cor the querent.
The 5th house, its ruler, 21, and ? , are the article.
I the <! lcave a bad aspcct of the ruler of the 1 st,
5th, 21, or ? , and apply to good aspects of the ruler
o( the 5th, ? or 21,, or to any two significators. then
it is well to change, or purchase more.
Belter not Exchang,.
The ruler o thc ~th afilicted, or the <I, ~ or 21,,
badly situated, or 111 aspected, let the exchange
alone ; Cor you will go from ill to worse.
T fllO A ntago11isls.
1. Will A. B. win the oot race?
2. Which will win the quoit match ?
3. \Vhich will win thc game at cards?
4. Shall l bc able to win the hattle ?
5. Can I bargain to my advantage ?
6. Shall I be successul in the ratBc ?
7. Shall I win this wager?
8. Shall I win or lose by purchasing these shares,

The lord o the ase. and the <! are Cor the querent.
The 5th house, its ruler, and planets therein, are
for the gain or loss.
The 7th house and its ruler, signify lhe opponent.
Ruiu for w......,.
1. Rulers of the 1st and 5th, or the 1st and 2nd
strong, or i and U therein, unatBicted and not





2, The ([ unafflicted, or the ruler o! the 1st or 2nd,
or ([ in d or good aspect o! the E&.
3. The tp in the 1st, 1oth or 5th, and not in bad
aspect with the malefics, or the ruler o! the 1st, 5th
or 7th.
4. Jupiter, ruler o! both the 1st and 2nd or 5th, un
5. The ruler o! the I st, or <! in thc 7th, or espccially
in ij, in the 5th, or the ruler o! the 5th in the Jst, in
dignities, and not afflicted by aspect of W, ? , or





6. The governor o! the I st in d , * or ll, to the

lord o! the 5th, especially if these significators are in
7. The ruler of the 2nd a henevolent and power
ullr posited.
8, A benevolent strong in the 5th or 2nd, and also
in good aspect of the lord of the 1st, 2nd or 5th.
9. The ruler of the 5th better dignified than the
ruler o! the 7th.
ao. The rulers of the 5th and Rth separating from
,tood with each other, and the lord of the 5th 1i1pply
ing benevolcntly to eithcr the ruler of the ast, 2nd
or E&,
11. 'J he ~ in the 1st, 2nd, 5th or 1oth is a slight
Losi11g T,stimoniu.
1. The Jord of the 5th, 2nd or 7th, an infortune, or
R., or debilitated.
2. The ruler of the ast or 5th, or the <I, afflicted,
or much debilitated.
3. The lord of the 5th in the 7th, in recept:on of
the ruler of the 7th.
4. The lord o lhe 5th separating from the lord of
the 2nd, and applying by d ,
or ll, to the lord of
the 8th, or W, ? , or 3 , or "
5. Tht- E& in the 7th, or in good aspect to the ruler
o( the 7th or 8th : or W, ? or in the 5th, and ui



6. The (! in o of ll or

will not detriment unless

slu IH tbilitad.

7. The t, in the 1st. 2nd. 5th or 12th house.

If you find UJlllll testimonies, judge the most power
fui significators win ; but if there happcn to be more
of the one than the other. always decide in ali ques
tions in favour of the greater number of reasons or

Wl Mosky wi Pi,ulw this A/1tr110011 ai Sk,Jld


Hyde Parki
tpiter ruler of the 5th, angular.
upiter ruler of the 2nd, in * of the $,
upiter ruler of both the 2nd and 5th, unafflicted,
he Moon in * of 3 the ruler of the 1st.
The ruler of the 2nd, a benevolent. ia angular,


6. The ruler of the 5th, bettcr dignified than the
ruler o( the 7th.
7. The A in the 1oth house.
There are seven testimonies for winning.
Fo, Losing.
1. Satum posited in thc 5th, and hc not its ruler.
2. Mars rnlcr o( the 1st, and in dctriment.
3. These lu,o testimonies are against him. As
there is a majority of 5 for winning, 1 said Mosley
will win. He did win, ai six o'd0<k tl1e same eve,iing.
O/ Bills nnd P,omisso,y Notes.

.l 1.

266. Thc 1st house and the <r signify the querent.
The 2nd, the G), and thc rulcr o( thc 2nd for the
The 7th and it11 lord denote the qucsited, thc 8th
his money.
If the rulcr o( thc 7th or 8th affiict the G), or thc
ruler o( the 2nd, there is rcason to fcar the liill will
not he honoured. The prcsencc of W, ? , J , V or
tt, in thc 2nd 1 unlcss the plancts so located bc wcll
aspccted hy the ruler of the 7th or 8th, or by the G),
i or the <r, from the 7th, 1oth or I Ith, the Bill will
he dishonoured. U the :i reccive any evil aspect of
the lord of the 1st, it will not be paid.
U the Parto( Fortunc reccive a ~ood as~ct from
the ruler of thc 1st, 7th or 8th, it will he pa1<l.
No16-At the time of signing a Bill, &e., takc care
that the Part o( Fortune, V or W, be not aftlicted in
thc 2nd, 7th or 8th, for this in<licatcs fraud. Thc
Part o( Fortune always denotes money, whet!ier in
Cash or Bills.
Your principal significators are the rulers o( the
1st, 2nd, Part o( Fortune, 6th, 8th and 4th. Then
look to the planet which may afflict or assist your
significators ; unless affliction come from the 7th.
8th, 5th or 11th house, it need not be feared. The
e in the 4th denotes evil to the firm in question.
Diqitizcd by



f;1$, ? or 3, unforlunate, near the cusp o( the 4th,

shows the firm to he unfortunate, especially if the
ruler of the 4th be unfortunate also. A fortunate
planet in the 4th, well aspected hy the 0, <r, or rulcr
of the 7th or 8th, juelge the firm will stand. ln order
to juelge of the condition of the parties with whom
you do husiness, look wcll to the planets aspccting
the rulers of the 7th and 4th. If many planets aspect anel are well con<litione<l, the firm is doing well,
and will hc ablc to meet all demands. lf planets of
an adverse conelition throw cvil aspects to the rulers
of the 4th, 7th and 8th, judge the firm will suffer loss
through thc parties describc<l hy thc planct afflictin-,
Yct if the rulers of the 4th, 7th anel 8th be in the1r
dignities, it will not go to ruin a compromise. The
evil a~pects of 't} anel ~ , to the sigmficators, are in
dicative of forgery or fraud.
O/ Hopes a11d Wisl,es.
267. "Hope that is seen is not hope; for what a
man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we
hope for that we see not, t/ien do we with patin,e, Nil
fo, it."
PAUL, Rom. &h. 24, 2511.
QuERv-S/,a/l 1 oblaIZ my Wisl1es J
The I uh house, its ruler and planets therein, de
note the hope or wish.
Thc 1st, 1ts rulcr, planets therein, and the Moon,
signify the querent.
Yoll mny expect it if,
The <I bc strong in ~ , Sl or
and shc in good
aspect of ~ , 0 or 't} ; or if (! and these be in mutual
rcception ; yet if the receiver of the <r be itself unfortunate, such as detriment, fali or other affliction,
detriment is shown to befall the thing after obtain
ing it.
The rulers of the 1st and 11th in good aspect with
each other, or with the Moon, or in benevolent
mutual recep~ion; or governor of the 1st fortunate




in the uth, or the ruler of the uth in good position
in the ascendant, or the ruler o{ the I Ith in an angle,
strong, and received by the ruler o{ the ISt or in
or to the lord of the 1st.
The receiver of the Moem and hersel{ in mutual
reception, and more especially i{ the ruler of the 1st
be in mutual reception with the Moon, he shall rc
ceive bis desire, 50 far as is feasible and practicable.
U the Moon and the ruler o{ the Ascendant apply
to $, i or ~, not cadent, expect the thing desircd.
I{ the ruler o{ the 11th he a tortune and apply to the
lord o{ the 1st by evil aspect, it will bc obtained, but
with difficulty.


T/11 11,ing ft'ill ,wl b, obtnilfed,

U the Moon is not well connected with the ruler
o{ the 11th, or any benefic, or the ~ in the uth, a
fai/r,"; a}50 i{ the significators are m bad aspect,
combust, retrograde, cadent, void o{ reception, or
with bad fixed stars.
I{ the receiver of the Moon bc in 'Y', G, .e. or 1';f,
a promise o{ it, but eventually frustrated and disap
N.B.-1{ the querent nn11u the thing hoped Cor,
then !udge o{ it by its own proper house, and 50 on ;
u, i{ at be money, take the $ or the 2nd house; if
it be employment, take the 1oth, and 50 vary your
judgment according to thc house to which it belongs
O/ a Ship 4' Sui, a11d its VoJage.
268. The various parts o{ a Shif are ruled much
the sarne as the parts or members o man's body :'Y', The breast o! the Sh1p.
l$, Under the breast, towards the water.
u , The Rudder or Stern.
e, The Bottom or Floor o{ the ship.
&\., The Top o{ the ship above the water.
111, The Belly o{ the sbip.
, That part above tbe breast in the water.



1'1., Where the Mariners abide.

I, The Mariners.
l-f, The En<l of thc ship.
:::, Thc Captain or Master.
Thc Oars in galleys, the Whecls in steamvessels.
Thc Ascendant and the Moon signify the vessel
an<l cargo.
The lord of the ascendant denotes those that sail
in her.
Whcn all these are fortunalc, they signify that the
Ship is safe, and in prosperity; on the contrary, if
thcy he impedited or afflicted, the vessel, and all -in
her are in imminent danger, if not lost.
A malignant, which has dignities in the 8th,
locate<l in the 1st: or the lord of the ascendant in
the 8th, in ili aspect with either the lor<l of the 4th,
6th, 8th or 12th ; or the Moon combust, under the
earth ; ali these are indications of loss to the ship.
lf thc ascendant an<l the Moon be unfortunatc, and
the lord of the 1st fortunate, the ship is lost, but the
men saved.
On the contrary, when the Moon is fortunate, and
the ruler of thc 1st unfortunatc, then the vessel will
do well, or is safe; hut that her crcw are in danger
of death by the ship,fever, or some epidemie or en
dcmic disease.
Thcse rulcs mcrcly apply whcn she is on her
voyage, an<l thc qucrcnt is anxiously serious to know
how the ship is or has frcd. l.lut to know the re
sult of a voyage, wc must invci;tigate the figure as
Wl tlu Voyag, prw, Prosj>wMU?


269. If the ortunate planets and the Moon be in

the 9th, 1oth, 1st, 4th or 7th, and that at the sarne
time aftlicting the Moon, or the ruler o( the first, well
located, or the ruler of the 1st and 9th well aituated,
then the voyage will be good and safe.

D,g, ,zed





But iC W, '? , or tt be in the above places, or

in suc:eeaent houses, the ship will meet witn some
misortune in that part o( the ship, or to those
persons significd by the sign whcrc the malefic is
Jocated; for which, see 268.
Satum affiicting the 1st and the C:, d:motes sickness, shipwreck, enemics, or pirates ; shows fire,
fever and capture, i no good aspects of the fortunes
intcrvene, the tt much the same as . I( the ruler
o( the 1st in this case be frec from affliction, anel
strong, the crew will escape; i( thc lorcls o( thc angles
be free from affliction, and the rulcr o( thc 1st, most
o( the cargo and crew will be saved.
lf the 1oth house be aftlicted by J, and ncar
violent fixed stars, heing at thc samt: time in n ,
n1 or
the ship will be in dangcr o bcing burncd
hy the enemy. But i( J he in the ioth, and not in
the above humane sigos, thcn the ship will bc in
danger of fire by lightning, or accidcnt.
lf ? be in the 1oth, it is very cvil; danger o( ship
wrcck, and thc strongt:r the afflicting planct is the
greater will be the danger.
Again, if a o or 8 exist hetwcen the ruler o( the
zst and the disposer o( the <!, without exccption,
there will then arisc discord and contention among
the seamen, or there will be so much dispute betwcen
the captain and bis crew as oten to cause an opcn
mutiny. ln this case, thc strongcst significator will
overcome, that is, if the ruler o( thc xst is better
digmfied than the disposer o( the <! tht: men will
overcome; but if the disposer o( the <! is stronger
than the lord o( the xst, thcn the captain will prevail,
and the mutineers be put down.

Will 1/u Voyag, o, Longo, S/uJrl?

270. The ruler o( the 9th, or a planet therein swit,
or in a moveable sign and oriental, denotes the voyage
to be short and quick ; but if accidental, long and
tedioua; if in common sigos, a reasonable time, and



the ship may land at a diffcrent port from the one

originally inten<led. The rulcr of the 9th and the ,
and the ruler of lhe 1st in fixed signs, denote a long
voyage; ij, nt or 1'$', on the ascendant, porlcnds the
shap to be a dull sailor.
I the ruler of the 1st be R., or cither hc or the <!
apply to a R. planet, it signifies the person that goes
the voyage will return in a short time, or perhaps be
fore he reaches the place intendc<l. Jupiter or ~ in
the 1oth, denotes mirth; in thc 9th, health.
O/ tl,e im,e of a Lo,zg Jo,muy.
271. I( the qucrcnt's significator be fortunately
situated, hc will do well ; also the same if the quesited's significator be well aspected and located, that
is, whcn the query is made of a pcrson absent. The
significator in thc 1oth, success on the joumey; if in
the 7th, at the place to which he goes: but if in the
4th, he will come home.
Whatever planct is significator, denotes the pcrson
or means hy which he will he hencfite<l or the contrary, accorcling as that bo<ly is well or ili dignified.
If it be 1, reacl 127 and 142 for the character and
employment of the pcrson bcnefiting the cnquiry; if
? , it will be hy old persons, or ancicnt matters, or
armcrs, as you will fin<l in I 28 and 133 ; if li,,
benefits by clergy or magistrates, according to the
querent's situation in lifc, which is found in IJO and
IH; if J, thosc things and persons dcnoted m q2
and 145; if it he the 0, by noblcs or persons 1n
powcr, as 134 and 146; if it he ~, gain by women,
or by dealing with those things connected witb 136
an<l 147; if 11, by writin~ or merchandise, lettcrs of
introduction, ancl such thmgs as 141 denotes ; and if
hy the <r, gain by such things as are denoted in 149.
Advise the parties to entcr into those affairs, or avoad
them, as the planet is good or evilly affected.
W he11 shall I obtt1i11 a Sit11atio11 J
272. See when the lords of the 1oth and I st forma
good aspect with each other ; if near an aspect, give
D,g, ,zed



for every dt-gree a d:1y or a week, according to their

being angular or succeedent ; or in moveable, fixed,
or common signs; study wcll 207.
If the above do not apply satisactorily, see when
tbe (:) and the ruler o the 1st gain a good aspect,
or the time when the (:) and the rulcr of the 1st are
favourably aspected, according to their Ephemeral
motion : so long will the qucrent be before he or she
obtains a situatior,, Thc day the aspect is com
plcted will be the day when succcs.;ful.
The quality oC the situation will he juclged by the
dignity or otherwise of the ruler o( the 1oth; the ruler
o( the 1oth and the (:) portend the qnality o( thc employer. The 11th and planets therein, and its ruler,
1nd1cate the wages, whether they be good or not.



Abstomfed Mot/11r-Dtatl or Aliv, J

273. The 1oth is her asccndant, the 5th her 8th,

the 3rd her 6th, and thc 12th her 3rd. The ruler of
the 5th in the natural 8th, and an infortune, she is
dead. Danger o{ death iC 3 or ? he in the 1oth
or 8th. If it be ? , she is drowned ; iC J , then
violence; as cutting of throat, shooting, hanging,
&e. Either the ruler of the I oth, 5th or 8th aftlicted,
danger of death. The lord of the 1oth in the 4th,
and in o of the <!, she is dead. Thc <!, or the lord of
the 1oth, in d oC the ruler of the 6th or 8th, in the
5th, 8th or 4th, dead. The ruler of the 1oth, or <!,
combust in the 5th, 6th, 8th or 4th, she is dead.
These rules never fail if the querent fears sei{ dcatruction. If the ahovc rult'!s, or the majority exist,
say, dead.
The student may ercct a figure Cor Feb, 11d. 6h.
3om, P. M., 1850. The querent's mother was found
drowned ; her mind at times was insane.
1. Witl the querent obtain the money he has lent?
2. Shall I be able to obtain money from the club,




3. Shall I be able to obtain money for the goods

sold and delivered?
4. Shall I get the goods left in pawn, &e.?
5. Shall I be able to recover a certain Jebt ?
6. Shall I be able to pen a banking account with
this bank?
The ruler o the I st, planets therein, and the <I,
signiy the querent.
The ruler of the 2n<l, denotes the substance of the
The lor<l o thc 7th, represents thc debtor, or the
person of whom you inten<l asking the substance.
The 8th and its ruler, show his means of paying it.
T/,e Q11trent uill obtain lhe S,lbsta11u demande.
The lord o the Ascendant or the Moon out o( its
accidcntal dchilities in good aspcct of the ruler o the
8th, and the latter unaftlicted either hy aspect or
position; or the lord o the 1st or <I be in d of 2 or
2' , and thesc too unafflicted, in an angle, in the Sth
house; or the querent's siE;nificntor in d of 21, or 2,
an<l these fortunes in the1r di('nities in the sign ascending, or in the intcrcepted s1gn.
Even an infortune in thc Sth, or ruler o the 8th,
and that malefic receive eithcr the ruler o the 1st
unatllicted, or the ({; but then ali these must be in
mutual reception, and in their dignities.
Lord o the 8th unafflictt:d, or he he in good aspect
o 21, or 2, in the 1st or 2nd, in rcception, undebilitated, or these in application to each other by good
aspect, or even they be in good amiliarity o the ({ or
rulero the 1st. Ali thcse denote thc qucrent will be
Tlu Q,tere,,t may ,xp,et a disnppoittt111e11t.

275. Ithe ruler olthe 1st be retrograde, or rerain

rom good aspect o ruler o the 8th or 7th, though
the ruler o the 7th or 8th should be 21, or i , more
especially i 21, or 2 be debilitated, although they






mar he angular : most bittcrly the querent will feel

it i the lord of tlic J t.t should bc 1,1 retrograde:
The ~, lj} , I;, or 4 , in the 8th; or lord of the 8th,
u,t, or 7th in detriment, fali, peregrine, or retrograde;
or a malefic joined to thc ruler of the ascendant ; or
ruler o( the 1!t just set and clebilitatc<l.
Ruler of thc 7th or 8th positcd in thc 1st or 2nd,
and not mutually rcceivccl by cithcr 1st, 2nd or the
({-tbe significators in o or 8 to cach othcr--or
ruler o( 7th or 8th, apply by evil aspcct to ruler of
the 1st, 2nd, the ({, or the $, thc quesitecl is a cheat,
and has no good foeling to the querent.
It is said, a malefic interposing, or evil aspect,
shows the cause or person from whom the impediment arises, by the house such planct rules, at the
time o( the question.


lnstead of taking the lord of thc 7th and 8th,

For the recovcry of wagcs, take the lords of thc
1oth and uth.
For asking of the ather, takc thc lords of the 4th
and 5th.
For asking of a brother, sistcr, or neighbour, take
rulers of the 2nd and 4th.
For asking of a friend, takc the lords o( the , 1th
and 12th.
By this means you may go round thc heavens, only
remembcr that thc succeeding house signifies his
aubstance to that which is his asccndant.
The following Map of the Heavcns will shew the
indispensable necessity of taking the proper signifi
cators of the quesitecl.
The student must erect a figure for the 11th
August, 1847, ato h. 5om. P. M., for an cxample.
Ctt 1 h, 1Um/ul ;,. lxwmui11g M_o,u~ f ,om 11 &lub l
Mercury retrograde, ruler o( the quesited money,
out of ali dignitiea, denotes the persons are unable to
lend it,



Mars ruler of the first, signifying the querent, out

dignities, just set, portends disappointment.
Venus in quincunx, the quesited significatrix to ~
rulcr of the querent, and received by ~, symbolically
declares goo<l foeling existing between the earties;
yet the qucrent was disappointed, the ques1ted not
having any cash at command, as I tol<l the querent.
I dircctcd the quercnt to try to borrow of a friend
and hc would hc succcssful.
I Jcrc, ? rnlcr of tlic 11 th for thc fnentl, strong in
hcr own housc, on thc cusp of lhe J I th, an<l rulcr o(
thc fricnd's 2nd as wcll as I st, declares he would get
it o( a friend, and so he <li<l within an hour's time.



276. The significators of riches are the 2nd house,

ils rnler, the planets therein, the e and its dispositor. Thc qucrcnt will be rich, as these are
strongly <lignificd, frce from alli<:tion, well aspected
by thc fortunes, or in rcception with thcm.
T/,e Quermt ,.,j/1 gai11 Weallh.
I f the rulcrs of thc I st and 2nd be in mutual reception, or in good aspcct with cach othcr, or the lord
of the 1st in the 2nd, or thc lord of the 2nd in the 1st;
this is strong in each other's houses.
If lhe (! apply to the ruler of the 2nd, cithcr by d
or goo<l aspcct Crom goo<l houses in thc figure ; or ((
in her dignitics in the 2nd, in d , *, or A of 2l, or
? or thc e. Thc (( or any other planet transferring
the light of thc lord of thc 2nd to the ruler of the 1st,
then hc will live in estcem.
The e in the 1st, gain hy his own industry. The
disposer of tht: $ well aspecte<l and free from affliction, are signs of riches, especially in the 1st or 1oth.
Thc best si(Pl of riches is, the lords of the 1st and
2nd, and 2l, jomcd together in the 2nd, 1st, 1oth, 7th,
4th or 11 th. The next bcst testimony is their ap
plication to
or A, with reception. All the planeta
angular, swift in motion, is good. AII of them direct



in good houses, and each having some accidental
Jup1ter, who naturally signifies riches, or ~, or A,
free from bad aspects of ', , J or 1 , and posited in
the 2nd, denotes riches ; and if this happens in fixed
signs, so much the better.
The luminaries in
or 6, from good houses, is a
symbol of ric.hes and hononr, c.~pecially if they bc
es!ICntially dignificd.
Symboli&nl Testi11umies of Poverty.
Uranus, ? , J or '7, in the 2nd peregrine, R., or
affiicting the ruler of the 2nd, ll, ~ , or EB, either by
body or a.~pect, is a sign of povcrty.
Many planets ili dignifie<l in the 2nd, is a sign of
poverty. The 0, J or ~. in the 2nd, wasting thc
estate already pos.~ssed. The 0 in bad aspect of
Jl, denotes also extravagance.
\Vhen the significators of suhstance applv to each
other by o or 8, if they are in mutual reception,
may show the acquiring of riches, but it will be with
grcat difficulty ; neither will hc take goo<l care of the
aubstance he may then possess.
By Wl,at Mea,u ft!l 1/u Quem,t oblain Rielus?
277. If you have foun<l that the qucrent will ohtain
wealth, you may know whence and by what means
by the followinf : The ruler o the 2nd in the Jst, ei:pecially if well
aspected by W, gain without much labour. If the
ruler of the 2nd or <I promises sul>stance, by mutual
aspect, observe from what house the aspect is, or
what house the <I rules ; if neither of these is the
promiser of substance, see in what house the EB and
ats depositor are in.
U the planet assisting l>e in the rst, the querent
will gain by bis own industry; or if a poor man, he
,vill thrive hy labour, or by care, or invention. But
if tbe auisting planc:t be not lord of the 2nd, he will
gain by well mana,cing his own afTairs, &e., or by

.,. j.
:. 1





Digitized by



such things as are o( the nature o( that planet, the

sign he is in being also considered.
The lord o( thc :md in tlae 3rd, or in good aspect
with each other, well aspected, shows that his wealth
will be derived from his neighbours, or kinc.lred, or hy
inland journeys.
The ruler of the 2nd in the 4th, fortunately placed
in good aspcct of the lord of the 4th, and not afflicted
as aforcsaid, the querent will attain riches hy hia
father, or hy, or houses purchased, or by monuy
lcnt hy his relations.
The rulcr of the 2nd in the 5th, anc.l in goo<l aspect
of thc lorc.l of the 5th, portends gain by cards, racing,
gaming, or other amusements, keeping alehouses, or
places of recreation, matchmakin~. or connected with
theatres, anel such things as the 5th house denotes.
The lorc.l of thc 6th givcs gains by workmen, ser
vants, dealing in small cattle, physic, stewardships,
and things denoted hy the 6th house
The ruler of thc 7th denotes gain hy womcn, wives,
hargains, lawsuits, war, or commerce.
The lord of the 8th casting the aspect, denotes
legacies, ora wife's portion, or gain by travelling to
some country wherc he will settle and become rich
unexpectedly, especially if the planet should hc f.
The rulcr o( the 9th inc.licatcs riches by voyages,
wife's relations, or by some lawyer, or clergyman, or
by religious professaon, or learning. IC e or M be
on the 9th, he may gain hy a voyage; but i( ij, 111
or ~ be on the 9th, he shoulc.l remove to those places
denoted by those signs, and by dealing in such com
modities as that country produces.
The ruler of the 1oth promiscs gain by holding
office under some king or great man, or by any
mechanical profession. IC the querent be young, he
should learn those businesses that may be shown by
the sign anJ planet in the 1oth, or its ruler if not in
the lOth.



The 11th and its Jord p<>rtend unexpected benefits

by recommendation oC Cnends, great men, and unexpected good Cortune. The fortunate aspect cast Crom
the 12th increases the querent's substance by horses
or great cattle ; or i the sign be n or
by means
oC prisons, by thieftaking ; as a jailor, shcriff's
officcr; iC the sign hc 'Y', ij or 1'!, by cattlc, horsc
racing; iC n1, by corn.
N.H.-The student must bc carcCul in observing
to answer this query by thc sarne figure with wluch
he answered the first question ; that is, whether the
querent would be rich or poor. Also be careCul to
keep in mind his rules at the hcad of these enquiries,
namely, the lords o( these houscs or planets therein
casting a good aspect to the lords of the ISt or 2nd 1
or $ or ([
Tlu CtJNU o/ Poverty o, 11i111leran(e oj Gai11.
278. 1( the figure deny riches, the cvil arises from
the planet or plancts affiicting the lord o the 1st,
2nd 1 the ([, or $, or its dcpositor. Jf the lord of
the JSt afflict, the querent is his own ruin ; if lord of
the 2nd 1 he is poor and cannot help it ; if the rulcr
o( the 3rd1 he will be kept poor by frequent removais,
poor relations, or by some neighbour undcrselling
him. And so judge by the signiticators of the houses
u in the last series of causes (217).
Wherever the ~ is, will always show the cause o
losa or poverty, accordini: to the house it occupics.
Also 2' or i may be struck by being afflicteJ, for
every planet must denote the work Cor which he is
by Providence assigned.
Tlu TiHU W/ui, tlu }uere11t may atlain Riches.
279. Mark well the application o( the <I , or ruler
o( the JSt, has to the planet or planets signiying the
substance o( the querent. Sce how many degrees
they are distant Crom each othcr, and so judge e,(
~eeka, months~ or ye!lrs, as they are angular, &e.,
fixed, &e., u d1rected m paragraphs 2o6 and 207,


. '~ j,



Digitized by


Will Ticlut in a Lot,y b, a Blank o, a Prizt..
280. Thc $ well aspected, and its depositor in a
good aspect, and the ruler of the 1st and the <I well
dignificd and aspected, there is no doubt of the
Ticket being a Prize.
The IP in the 1oth, or many plnnets dignified in
anglcs, and thc (.( at the same time unafflicted and
in good aspect to the 0,-these portend a chance of
IC thc rulcr of thc 1st or 2nd, $ and <I, be in afflic
tion in any way, then Joss; and you may safcly foretell
of the ticket heing drawn a blank. 1 more generally
take thc 5th house for these things, the sarne as in
horse racing, &c.
Wi/1 t/,e Q11e,e,1t obtai11 tlie Mo11ey le11t, Goods
forwarded, sold, and delivered J
281. This question may hc answcrcd hy the rulcs
given in 274 and 275 1 but we will here give some
specific tokens Cor these questions. As usual, the
lord of the 1st, planets therein, and the <I, signify
the querent. The 2nd and planets therein, the sub
stancc of thc qucrcnt.
The rulcr of the 7th or plancts therein, represent
thc quesitc<l, and the 8th and its ruler denote the
substance of the quesited.
T J,e Qr1ere11t ,,,;11 Obtain tlu Substanee demondd.
Thc rulcr of thc xst or the <I, in ood aspect of
lord of thc 8th, an<l he unaffiicted ; or m d of ll, or
ll in the 8th, an<l ll and i unafflictcd, or these
Jatter havc dil,{nitics in the 1st; Jord of the 8th in the
1st or 2nd, in rcception by hom,e of the lord of tbe
2nd ; ruler of thc Sth rcceiving thc lord of the 11t or
the <I; thc <! in d of ll or i in the 1oth or nth,
and they unaffiicted.
Tlu Quere11t flliJI , Dwppointd.
The significators in o or 8 w1thout reception;
i,, ? , 3' or ~ in the 8th; Jord of the 7th or Sth R.,





1.,...'. '
'. 1



ti ~;11

or in detriment or fali ; lunl of the 7th or 8th in thc:

1st or 2nd, and not receiveJ hy either the lord of the
ISt or the Moon.
Wi/1 l/11 Querenl ,eeeiw /ais Wagts o, Sala,!I?
2X2. Look well to the lord of thc 1st and thc I!
for the querent; thc 1oth an<l 11th to signify thc
person and i;alary qucsitcd. The forcgoing rulcs will
answer this, only rcmcmber that instead of taking
the rulers of thc 7th and Xth, you takc thc rulers of
thc 1oth and 11th for thc quesited.
The rulers of thc 1st and 1oth, nth and 2nd, in
goo<l a!-pcct with cach other, the salary will be
gained. The lord of thc 1st or <! joincd to the lord
o( thc I Jth in thc 11th; lord of the Jst in gootl
aspect wilh tlw rulcr of the I Jth ; thc <! in gooc:
aspect with cithcr thc lord of thc 1oth or 11th, ali
thc.c;e show easily gaine,l.
.Uut if thc <( , or ruler of the 1st, hc in good aspect
o( the infortunes, and thc unfortunate planet receivc
them, hy house, then the quercnt will gain after long
waiting, anti with many solicitations. 1f there be no
reception, it will not hc ohtaincd.
lf thc infortunes intcrpo!-e thc fricndly signs, see
in which house that malcvolcnt is, and that denotes
thc person or thing that will be thc hinderancc.
Thc time of rcceiving will he marked by the num
ber of degrees hctwecn the lord of the I st and the <! ,
and the lord of the 11 th, as in 2o6.
O/ Ag,u,nenl betwun B,et/mn o, Neigl,bo11,s.
283. The cr and rulcr of the 1st are for the qucrent.
The 3rd and its ruler denote the quesited.
GllfWall)' Gootl A,:,u1111nt
The lord of the 3rd a benevolent, and in thc ut or
3rd ; the CC in goo<l aapcct with a planet in the 3rd,
or ita ruler; the rst and 3rJ either an good aspect or
mutual reception ; ~ or i or Q well situated in the
3rd. Thoee persons whose significators do not apply


are most impervious, and apt to disagree; but those
whosc significators apply, are fiexible, willing, and
yielding, and desirous of agreement.

Not any Gmeral Agrte11u11I.

If the rulers of the 1st and 3rd, or 1st and the <(
he in ill aspcct of cach other ; or if the ~ he in the
3rd or in ili aspect of the lord of thc 1st. Any bad
aspect of J;l;I, i, or 3 , to the Moon, or ruler of the
1st, from tne 3rd or 1st. If the ili fortunes he in the
ascendant, then the querent is stupid, or most to
biame; but if the 3rd, the quesitcd is the irrecon
cilable party. lf W, 7 or 3 are H., peregrine, or
comhust, thc malice and mischief thcy threaten will
hc the more mischievous.
/ s tJ,e A dvice Goo<l or Bad ?
lf you dcsire to know when in difficulty or emharrascd circumstances whether the advice is to your
benefit which you have asked of a friend, erect
your figure, and judge from the following Rules :The 1oth house, its lord, and the Moon, signify the
lf thc 0, ll, ? or Q, he iu the 1oth, or if <I apply
hy hody or aspcct to the ruler of thc ist, the adv1ce,
counsel, or pcrsuasion is good. Or eithcr of the fortunes in the lulh, and applying hy
or ll to the
ruler of the 1st, thc same.
If 1, i, , 3 or ~ be in the 1oth, peregrine, R., or
otherwise dcbilitated, or affiicting the <!, or ruler of
the 1st, thcn conclude that the pretended friend is
knavish, and only pretending frienclship. Also the
sign asccncling being movcable, and the Moon and
rulcr of the ist in movcable signs, justify you in
giving tbe same judgment.


285. The 1st, its lord, and the Moon, are for the
querent. The 3rd and its lord signify the journey.



Is it well to go my S /10,t J o,muy ?

The lord of the 3rd, 1st, and Moon direct, swift,
and well dignified, or in ,
or t:,. of cach other ;
or the Moon in thc 3rd, in
or t:,. to thc 1st, or its
lord ; lord of the 3rd in thc 3rtl, anel in
or t:,. to
the 1st, or its lord; lor<l of thc 1st wcll dignificd in
the 3rd,-sure to go.
A n Agrteable Jo11r11ey.
If thc rulcr of thc 1st or thc Moon apply to goo<l
aspcct of a planct fortunatcly positcd in thc 3r<l ;
lord of the 3r<l in goo<l aspcct to a fortunatc planct
in the ISt; Jupitcr. i or Q in the 3nl, a profttablc
journey, cspecially if the fortune apply l>y
or t:,.
to the cusp of the 1st.
Nol tery s11a,ssf,1/.
Lord of thc 1st stationary, slow, or I<., hc makcs
tardy pro~rcsi., ;incl mccts with inci<l:utal impedi
ments and <lisappointments.
Uranus, ? , or e, in thc 3nl, or affiictin~ thc
lord of the 3rd, or thc l\foon ; W thcrc denotes thc
peregrinator to mcet with accidcnts and extraordinary
or uncxpectccl hindcranccs; i thcre, shows him
melancholy concerning such things as that housc
signifies of which ? is thc lord ; or ~ in thc 3rd,
danger o being rohhcd, and if in 'Y', st or I , acci
dents or lamencss.
Lord of the 6th affiictin~ lord of thc I st, 3r<l or (! ;
or the lord of thc 6th with ~, hc will hc sick,
1f the lord of the 1st, 3rd or thc Moon he allictcd
by e, lj, ? or , from anglcs, dan~er of <leath ; or
the lord of the 1st or 3rd going to combustion, or
evilly aspected hy the lor<l of the 8th, cspccially i he
Lord o thc uth affiicting lord of thc 1st or 3r<l,
or the Moon, he mects with privatc cncmies ; i lord
o( the 7th afflict, then puhlic enemics.
Whatever planet affiicts the ruler of the 3rd,
judge of the nature of the evil to be expected ; and

,. 1.

;, .

Il h:

1.: .

. t





thc house over which the planet roles will show the
natl,re of the evil.

286. Somctimcs persons rcccivc lettcrs of a friendly,

somctimcs of an unfricndly and degrading character,
an<l the reccivcr knows not whcncc and from whom
thcy come. 1n ordcr to discovcr the appearance and
intcntion of thc scn<lcr, take,
1. The 3rd housc and ~ to denote the letter.
2. Thc ruler of thc 3rd portends the description of
thc scndcr.
Thc housc in which he or she is
posited, inclicatcs thc relation or otherwisc of the
sendcr; as if in the 1st, or in , or good aspect with
thc rulcr of the 1st, it is a person with whom the
qucrent has frequcnt conversation or intercourse.
ln thc 2nd, a pcrron with whom the querent has had
pccuniary transactions. And thus go round the
lu:avcns, jml~inl,{ accorcling- to thc signilication of the
I2 houscs in pai.{cs ,p-45.
lf thc ruler of the 3r<l bc in bad aspect with the
lor<l of thc I st, then thc sendcr is malignant and ill
disposcd towards thc qnerent. But if the ruler of
thc 3rd bc dcbilitatcd, then the sender cannot hurt
the qucrent; if powerul, judge the contrary.

Thc 1st 1 its lonl, and the ([, signify the querent
or huycr.
2. Thc 7th, its lor<i, an<l planets therein, signify
thc scllcr.
3. Thc 4th, its lord, and planets therein, signify
the propcrty.
The 1oth, its lord, and planets therein, denote the
Qui;av 1. Is it well to p11,c/UJU tlu prop,ny l
Y~s: PURCHASE if any of tlu followi,ig '""' "" ;,.,
1st. Venus, 21- or Q on the 1st, or $ una.fflicted
ti\ the 1st.




2nd. Lord o 2nd in the ut, or in * or to the
degree on the 1st or 4th, and not afRicted.
3rd. Venm1, 2', or Q, in the 4th, or beholding the
cusp favonrably, it is \\ell to purchase.
QuBRY 2. S/uall l p11,c/1au, --c., 1/,e p,operly?

1st. U lord o 1st, or <!, be unafRicted in the 4tb,

or lorJ o 4th in 1st.
2nJ. I..orJ o thc nt, or the Moon, in d with the
lord of the 4th.
3rd. Lord o the rst, or the Moon, in * or ll with
reception o the lor<l of thc 4th.
4th. U lord of 4th, 7th, or the Moon, npply to good
aspcct o lorJ of the 1st.
5th. \'ou will easily agrcc if lorJ of 7th join lord of
the 1st by reccrtion.
6th. Lord o 7th apply or translatc its light by
reception in o or 8, you ngrec, but with difficulty.
7th. If the e( translate the light of one siJ,rnilicator
to the other, you agree by a third person s inter
Rth. Lord o thc 7th in thc 7th, or casting a good
aspect to its cusp, or V , 2+ , $ or Q hc therein, thc
querent profils least by thc hargain.



I st, W, ? , J or t7 in thc I oth, or they affiicting

either lord of 1st or 1oth; and if it he land they
dift'er about, the timber, &e., or huildings; i a house,
about repnirs.
2nd, W, '1, J or t7, afRicted in the 4th; or lord
ol 4th bc in o or 8 to the cusp o thc 4th.
~rd. lf there bc no application, r~eption, or translat1on o light betwcen the lords of thc 4th, ut, or cr
with each other it will Le very difficult to bargain.
QuaaY 3. WAal i, l/11 g11ality of llu proJ>erly?
11t, This is chiefly judged hy the lord o( the 4th
house, f , '1 , I or t7, in the 4th, either in1potent


or peregrine, the property is not good, the huyer will
waste it.
2nd. Lord of 4th R , or in its detriment, the propcrty is bad, and will not stay long with the buyer.
3rd. 21,, i or Q, in the toth direct, the timber
will be profitable, and the property lct well; if R.,
the contrary.
4th. lf W, ? , J or ~, bc in thc 1oth, few trees,
an<l the house will not let well ; if be be R., the
buycr loses rents, &e.
5th. lf thcre he no planet in the 1oth, take its lord
and jud~e of the rcsults as hc is weak, affiictcd, &e.
6th. 'Y", Sl or I , on thc 4th, or its lord in thue
signs, thc estale is hilly, dry and har<l.
7th. ij, n1 or t,j', on the 4th, or its lord therein,
the g-round is of a mixcd nature, pa:-tly hill, &e.
8th, 'l, lll or *, on the 4th, or its lord therein,
the soil is watery, and there are rivulets, &e.
gth. 1f W, ? , J or Q hc R., in the 4th, it will
partake greatly of the nature of that misfortune, and
will not be profitable. ll't, on thc 4th, and ? therein,
thc land is marshy and boggy, and the house damp.
1oth. ? or W, on the 4th, in 'Y", SL and t , the
land is harrcn and <lry ; and if they be afflicted, it ia
strong and worthlcss.
11th. ? or lj}, on the 4th, in D, , Aquarius, the
property is not of a good qnality ; and if they be
affi1cted in n , thcre has heen had man~ement, &e.
?2th. ? or W, in ij, 111, or J,j', thc so1l is clay and
hcavy; and if ihcy bc aftlicted, it is not manageable.
Wl tlu prop,rly , d,ar 01' elutJ; J
u,t, This is known by the lord of the 1oth. Lord
oC the 1oth angular and strong, the price will be
high, and the seller stick up to his terms,
2nd. Lord of the 1oth weak, cadent, or afflicted,
the price will bc low, and the seller want money.
3rd. lf IIJ , ? or l be in the 7th, and not lord
thereof, care must be taken conceming the writings,


agreements, &e. ; for the seller is for his own ends,

4th. A fortune in the 1oth, they agree, and the

puties will be satisfied.
28g. ,. To every thing there is a scason, and a time
to every purpose under thc heaven ; a time to be
bom, and a lime to dic ; a timc to get and a time to
lose; a time to kccp anel a time to cast away."Ec. iii. e., v. 1- H.

Thc ollowing rules will answer qucstions on removais of situations, residence, house, tenements, &e.
Qu aRY J. Is it u,ell lo romove from ""' /1011se, }lace, &,e.,
lo a11ollier J
The 1st housc, itl' lord and <!, signiy the qucrent.
Thc 7th housc and its lord signiy the placc to
which hc would go.
The 4th house and its lord signiy the substance
of the querent.
The 1oth house anel its lord signiy the profit o
the remova!.
li is betler lo re111ai11, if m,y lu"' r11les are found.
1. , ll, ~ , V or Q, unafflicted in the 4th or 1st
2. Lord o the 1st or 4th in the 7th, or the lord o
the 4th and 7th, ortunate planets, swit, or powerfully posited.
3. Lord o the 4th or 1st in d oC l+, i, ~ or Q.
4. Lords o the I st and 7th in g-ood aspcct.
5. Lord of the 1st stronger than the lord of the 7th.
6. Lord o the 4th in the 7th, an<l he, ll, ~ or
sepuating from Jl. or ~ , The e,, W, ? or 3 in
the 7th.
7. W, ? , l , e or V , afflicted, even then better
Evil planets in the 8th, or aftticting its lord, the
property would be aff'ected whither the querent
would go.



Quuv 2. li is hetur for t/,e qtterent lo remwe.

Lord o the 7th in good aspect with a good
planet; anJ the lord o the 1st or 4th with evil
2, IJ}, ? , iJ or t7 in the 4th or 1st ; lord o the
2nd wcak.
3. LorJs of thc 1st anel 4th, or Ist and 7th afflicted
hy thc malcfics
4. Thc (B in thc 8th, 12th or 6th; or Uranus, ? , l
or ti approaching to aspccts of ll, Ycnus, or Q,
5. Lord of I st or , scparating from the mal, fie ...
6. Lord o the 7th stronger than the lord of thc 1st.
7, Jupiter, Q or 2, in thc 7th.
QuE~Y 3. Whal aj}licts in "'Y }reuni }lace, &e,}
Scc what planet affiicts the lorJ o thc rst or thc ((.
, . If lortl of 6th he in the xst, or afflictetl lord o{
I st, or thc ,{ , ill hcalth ; or ili luck by mcan:. o{ ser
2. If lord of the 12th aftlicted, ili disposed neigh
hours, &e.
3. Jf <! he in the 6th, 8th, or I ath, or lord of the
2nd in ili aspect to tlac lord o the 1st, adverse
fortune, &e.
4. Lord o thc xst peregrine in the 2nd; or he the
afflicting planet, povcrty where he is; also if thc lord
o( the 2nd l>e aftlicted.
5. l the lord of the 8th aftlict, hc sulfers by
deaths, &e:.
6. lf lord o 9th affiict, hc suffers from wife'i. kin
7. U lord o 1oth affiict, loss o( trade or c credit,
8. If lord of 11th, alse friends, &e.
9. lf lord of fth, injury by rcpairing the house, &e.
10. Jf lord o 7th, mjury hy a.o opposite neighhour
who undcrsells hi111, &e.
11. lf Jo,d of 5th, children oppose, bad specula
tion, gambling, &e.






Qu RRY 4. A bo11I fi1/1al lime sl,al/ l ,em(Jfle J

The depositor of the lord of the 1st, 7th or the
<I, by any planet in an angle, bnt the 4th anJ that
planet slow, a removal when the disposer comes in
d of lord of 7th, or turns R , or leaves the sign he
2. See also whcn the lord of the 1st, or 7th, ora
planet in thc 7th lcaves thc sigo in which he is then
po~iteJ, anti ahout that time thc querent removes.
Thc cusp of thc 7th movahle, snrc to go.
Quaav 5. Whal wou/ aj/lid H l1illu, l rvo11/d remove?
1. If lord of 8th aftlict lord of 7th, money matters
would be very fluctuating and affiicted; some losses.
2. lf lord of 9th aftlict lord of 7th, harm by mcans
o( relations, neighbonrs, as 3rd house signifies.
3. lf lord of 7th is affiicted hy lord of thc toth, the
querenfs father wall injure hy mcans of property, as
4th house.
4. 1f lord of 11 lh affiict, children oppose, as 5th
5. If lord of 12th affiict, sickness, servants, as 6th
6 lf lord of Jst affiict, wife opposes, lawsuits,
enemies, as 7th.
7. If lord of 2nd affiict, sufTers by Jeath, as 8th
8. If lord of 3rd affiict, tosses hy means of wife, as
9th house.
9. If lorJ of 4th affiict, loss of honour, crcdit,
trade, as 1oth.
10. If lord of 5th affiict, falsc friends, rebellious
sons, as 11th.
11. If lord of 6th affiict, secret enemies, persecutions, as 12th house denotes.
Quaav 6. Wliieh u,ay m11sl J ste., for l>ellu sU&cm?
1. ~ee what planet is strungest in the figure, and
hu the bet as~t to the lord of the rst or 2nd; and


t. ..


! ' '


accorJing to the quarter of heaven and places that
sign rules which the promising planet possesses; and
thither better remove.


""'~~ -----~






1842, "



- --- -- -


""-// '


~ 0
~ ,~ ">

4h. 3om. P. M.




...., !, ~.,~t,. ::".}

'~J.1 _ _

A lady i11l,rr,galtd llu /oUoflling ,pu,iu :

Is il well for me to remove ?
r. The Sun in = exactly describes the querent,
2. Saturn. JorJ o the 7th anil sign =, indicates
the place to which she wishes to remove
3. Mars, lord o the 4th and 111., sign1y her sub,
4. \'cnus, lady o thc 1oth anu ~, signiy the profit
of the rc:mc.,al.


5. Lord o 1st, Sun in his dctrimcnt in the 7th

angular; and ? lord of thc 7th strou;: in bis own
house, are tcstimonies o bcttcr to remove. Mercury
lord of 2nd weak, as being in his detriment, and in
his fali : Sun separating irom
of 11, anti applying
to a d <' Uranm;; and Uranus an<l J evil plancts
in the 8th, are all in<lications that it woul<l hc hettcr
to remove.
W/1111 Afflicls i11 Ili)' fmml /'lace?
Mcrcnry, lor<l of lhe 2nd in his <lctrimcnt :u11l fali,
indicatcs the <Jncrcnt to hc in povcrly, an<i loss of
money. [This t/,e qum11t co11fmcd.J
Lor<l of the Jst, Sun in lus Jctrimcnt an<l in S o of
'1 lord of thc 6th indicates ill hcalth. [Tl,is r.,as lr,,e,]
3. lV'"" sl,all l remove ?
The Sun is torci of thc 1st positc<l in thc 7th, :m<l
he leaves the sign on thc 19th of Fchruary, and
about that time )OU remove.
[Utader, slie umoved 011
llu wry day I ! ]

'' ...

t ..i,:.

; .f

.. q


01' SUCCF.&l>ING TO PkOl'l!kTV.

290. The 1st, ils lor<l, an<l thc Moon, si~nify thc
querent ; thc.: housc and its rulcr hcloni;ing to thc
person leaving thc l,ropcrty liy \Vill or othcrwise
must be taken as thcar signiicators; as the 4th for
the father; thc 1oth for mothcr, mastcr, or mistrcss;
the 3rd for brolhcr, sister, or cousin ; thc 1Jth for a
friend, &e. The houscs succccdin~ thcm, <lcnotcs
the property ; hecausc they are thcir sccon<ls; as
the 5th for a fathcr; the 11th for mothcr, master, or
mistress; the 8th for lovcr, hushand, or wic; the
4th for sister, cousin, hrother, or ncighbour; the 12th
for a friend, &e.
lf the lords of the quercnt anti <Jucsitctl's seconlls
be in e.lCh other'11 rcccption uy housc, or applymg uy
g.>Od aspect, the quercnt will inhcrit thc expectc<l
property. lf the lords of hoth their sccon<ls he thc
same planet; or the lord of thc quesited's 2nd dis
J)06e o the querent's G\ in the natural 1st or 2nd ;
Diqitizcd by


or if the rnlcrs of the querent's 1st and 2nd dispose
of thc quesited's lord of the 2nd, or the quesited's
$, wh1ch may he calculated for that purpose; or if
a hcnefic be in the 2nd of the quesited, in good
aspect o( the ruler o thc rst, or thc <!, or the
'lncrcnt's 2nd cusp or its lor<l, or if therc he translat1on of light hctween the lord of the qucrcnt's 2nd
and thc qucrcnt's rcspcctivc 1,rds,-all thcsc are
signs that the qucrent will inherit, and vire versa.
And if thc lord of thc qnerent's 2nd he comhust.
or l<., the property will not e.lo him much good; an<l
if lhe lor<l of the qucsitcd's 2ncl bc so situatc<l, tht>re
is not much property, if any. lf the two seconds'
lords apply to each other by cvil aspect. provided
there are othcr good tcstimones that thc property
will be ohtainccl, then it will hc had, but not without
difficulty. lf there he scparation from good aspect,
it is to bc cared thc lcJ{acy will be left elsewhere. or
that the quercnt's hopes are ill founded.
Will ll,e q11ermt "IJ.Y tlie estale"/ l1is Fallier J
As the ahove said, thc ... th denotes the father, and
the 5th hcing his 20d, <lenotcs the property.
/t ui/1 be obtained.
The lords o( the md and 5th in mutual reception.
The rulcr o( thc :md in the 5th, or rulcr of the 5th in
the 2nd. The lord of the 5th disposing of the $ in
rst or 2nd. The rnlcr of the 1st or 2n<l disposing of
the lord of the 5th. The <r scparating from the 5th
hy * or 6, and applyin~ to the ruler of thc rst or
2ncl Jupiter or Vcnus in thc 5th, heholding thc
rulcr oi the 2n<l, ora planct in the 2nd.
W 1,m reai11td.
Thc lords o( the 211<l and 5th applying by gooJ
aspect or d by retrogradation, thc qucrcnt will rece1ve some of thc propcrty shortly, or in his fathcr's
lietime; but if thc lord o{ the , be in aspcct with
Uranus, Saturn, J, or Dragon's Ta1l, or with





'I !

i ! ...

i 'ti1'.4
1 ~l, :

these in the 4th, denotes the fathcr will not part with
it during bis lifetime.
Do11blf,1l Tesli111011its.
The ruler oC the 5th 1 R., or nlllictcd by a malcvolent planet, presages that thc estatc which the
querent's Cathcr intcndc<l will he wastccl or other
wise d1sposed of. I! thcre be nny gooc.l aspect,
reception, &e., betwcen the rulers o thc 4th an<l any
other planct, strongcr than therc is hetwcen thc lord
o lhe ,Jth and lord of thc 1st1 the ather rcgards
the party signifiecl hy that other planet better than
the querent ; iC it be thc lord o the 3rd1 or any
planet in the 3rd1 thcn it is onc o the quercnt's
brothers, &e.
0/ a llii11g Mislaicf-l,ow aud ,A,ere lo ji111I il.
291. Consider to whom thc thing hiddcn or mislaid belongs; i to thc quercnt, take thc Jord o the
2nd, and 1 should advise the artist not to answer any
but the person who has lost the goods or articlcs.
lf the ruler oC thc 2nd he in any o thc Com anglcs,
say it is nt home or whcre thc qucrcnt suspccts, par
ticularly if thc dcpositor o( the EB ~ast a good nspect
to the lord of the 2n<l in the anglcs. A fortunc asccnding having dignitics in thc :md; thc <! in thc
2nd, in good aspect to thc lor<l o thc I st, or in the
1oth in ll to a planet in the 2n<l, or in the :md in ll
to its lord, or to the lord of the 1st; the lord o the
1st in the 2nd; the luminaries in ll to each othcr or
to the cusp of the 2nd ; the lord o( the 2nd in thc
11th or 4th; the lord o( thc 8th in the 1st or joincd
to it1 lord; ~, ~ or ~. in thc 11th or 2nd; the lord o(
the 4th in good aspect of the lord of the 1st or 2nd,
or in the 4th well dignificd, are ali signs of its heing
found again, and has bcen merely lost.
Tl,1 Ne1t11re o/ l/11 Tl,ing Stoleu ""Miuiug.
1"his i11 judgec! by the ruler o( the 2nd or planeta
therein, Veous signifies cata, engines, water,closets,
Diqitizcd by


haths, ncw coin ; ? shows lca<l, iron, tin, instru
ments, dark articlcs, shoes. umbrellas, wool, carthy
materiais, agricultura! implements, carts, cows ; 21,
<lenotcs oil, money, silk, honey, poultry, paint, mcn's
clothes, merchandise, horses; 21, and W, paper
money; portends silver, arms, hms,;, rcd cloths,
sharp instrumcnts ; 0 <leclarcs gold, ycllow cloths,
diamonds, kcys, and valuahle articlcs ; 2 denotes
women's ature. pawn tickets, rings, hrooches,
cspccially il and 2 hc in aspcct, car-rinl{s, and
whitc cloth; ~ shows papcr moncy, l>ook11, papcr,
pictures, ornamcnts, scientafic instrumcnts, wnting
apparatus ; the <C, ali common coanmoJities,
crockcry, with the ruler of the 8th, funeral attire
ments; 2 and ~ , joint rulers of the 2nd, pawn
tickets, especially iC they he in the 7th.
Tlie Piar, wlure 1/,e 1J,i11g 111ay b, Jqsl.
Thc ruler of the secon<l in the 1oth, then it is in
!ais hall, shop, dining-room ; if in the 1st, where he
most frequents or whcre he put it; if in the 7th,
whcre thc maid or wifc most frt:qucnts, or in their
rooms; an<l iC in the 4th, whcre his father or old
pcrson mo;t frcqucnts, or in the oldest part of the
1'/,e ki,ul o/ i'lace tilliere //,e 1'/1i11gs are.
The rulcr of the second, <!, or 'B, or uny two of
these which will give the testimony stronger, be in
'Y', st or I , thc things lo:.t are near the chimn'!ys,
or where 1ron is laid, in the caves, or near a wall or
upper part of a room ; if in n , '" or
upon a hnc or trce, or UJ?On high shclves ahove thc
grvund: if in qz,, 111. or )(, 1t ill in or ncar some dairy,
water-closct, pump, washhouse, moist place, or near
water; if in ~, 111 or J,j', near some pavement ?r
ftoor, laid on the ground, or under the earth, as in
the cellar.
H the significator bc going out of ono sign into
another, the article is behind somcthing, or flillc:n







between two rooms or places, as wainscotting or

nichcs of boar<ls, or at tbe joining of two rooms.
Notice also thc quarter of thc hou!'c hy thc sign in
""'hich the significators are, accordin"' to thc points
of the compass found in 20C.).
Tlu A rlitle o, tl,i~ will 11ot be (011nd.
The Juminarits un<lcr the earth, cvcn in ~ocd as
pect, will give a sli"'ht hope, hut if cver found l will
be Jong first; also if the lord of thc 2nd he afflictl!d,
O/ Tr1as11re, Mi,us, r..l1ttlu, rt(01Jerable o, not.
292 To discovcr Mines, biddcn trcasurc, an<l othcr
things supposcd to bc conccaled in thc earth, yo11
must ohser\'e whether therc l,e any planet strong in
the 4th, or iC 1'- or ? bc in thc 4th, there is treasure:
the lords of the 1st anc.1 4th joined in any o the
angles; the EB in thc 1st, and thc luminarics or the
benefics in good aspcct, therc is trcasure. Any
planet dignifiec.l in the 4th anc.l in good aspcct with
the ruler of thc 7th, then therc is treasurc ; as if ?
be lord o( the 6th, thcre is coai or other minerais;
1'- strong and lorc.l of the 7th, in good aspcct of the
lord of the 4th, there is t-ilver, or cloths, &e., hidden;
if i, women's ornamcnts; i ~, moncy, writings,
medals, bookl', or such like ; if 0, gold or jewcls; iC
the <I, silver, and common articles; if fJJ, new in
vented articles.
Tkere is no treasure, k.
If the 0 or <I, or the EP be caclcnt, or Corm no as
pect among themselves. If W, ? or J , he aftlictcd
1n the 4th, or the 0 or <! wcak in thc 4:h. The
ruler of the 4th, or <I separating from good plancts,
denote there has been treasurc hid, but it is rc
mo,ed. But if they scparate from ili aspect, then
aay there never was treasure hid.

293. ln giving general judgment on figures, it is

som:timu necessary to give thc querent confidence in
D,g, ,zed



thc ahility of yourself, and in the truth of Astrology,

from some important past evcnt ; and to do so, take
the following rules to show
A Dis/10110,mtl C01111$/1ip.
Lords of the 1st and 5th, afllicting lhe lord of the
I llh ; ruler of the 5th and ! in the 5th 1 in detriment
or fali ; lords o the 1st and 1oth atllicting the lord
of the 5th ; W, ? or , alliicting i , or ruler o the
5th rom lhe 11th and 5th 1 or thosc malefics rulers
of the 7th in the 5th afflicting thc lord of the ist.
Lords of thc 1st and 1oth afflicteJ at one and the
samc time hy thc rulcr of lhe 5th. Mars in , o
or 8 o thc (.( from lhe 5th. Vcnus afllictcd by ?
or , an immo<lcst person. espccially i or i hc
in 9b or 1':f, or the C! in 8 of i and in o to the (:).
Mars and i bcing rulcrs o thc 1st and 5th, 7th and
11th, all at one time. These rules never fail. The
ist, the 5th, and the rulers thercc.,f moveable, or in
movcahle signs ; a ruitful sign in the 5th, or i in
the 5th, evilly aspectcd hy W, 17, or ~, show she
is unchaste.
Tl,e Fe111ale is CJ,aste.
lf you find the 1st, thc 5th, and their rulers in fixed
sigos unalllictcd. Many planets angular, or the nder
of thc 1st or 5th with the (:), The 0 in the 7th, or
rulcr o lhe 7th in the 1st 1 a good testimony. Mer,
cury and 2l in thcir own houses ; though if W '1 ,
or ~ be in the 5th, and not badly situated, she
has then had many temptations.



29,.. Thc rulcr of the 1st anJ the <I, denote the

Fatlaer and Mothcr. The ruler of the 5th and V

portenJ the runaway or lost child.
Tlie Abst11l 0111 wi/l Rt111r11.
Rulers of the ISt and 5th 1 or lorJ of the 5th or V
retrograde, or lord of the 5th appl) ing to good aspect
of the ruler of the I st or a planet therein ; the <! V



or lord of the 5th separating from li, or i ; lhe cI in
or ll to the cusp of her own house. 1 the l\loon
transer thc light o the )ord o the 5th, or ~ to the
lord o the I st.
l the Moon separate from lhe lord o( the u.t an<l
he joined immediately to lhe ruler o the 5th, news
will be brought o the runaway.
Lord o the 5th or ti in d of the 0, he wilJ be
found against his inclinations.
Huler o the 5th, the , or V, aftlicted in the 1oth,
especially by W, 17 , or ~, or a R. planet in affliction.
Lord of the 5th or V in thc 4th or nth affiicted
by lne malefics from the 5th, found in prison.
Tl,e los/ 011e 1101 /01111d.
Lord o thc 5th in tlic 7th, 3r<l 1 or 9th, and very
sw1t 1 or lor<l of the 1st an<l 5th, in o or 8, or
separating from each other.


it ' ,,:
'' .


. ..






Tlte IV0111a11 1,ill /,ave CJ,ild,m.

295. l the Jord of the 1st l,e in the 5th 1 or the ruler
of thc 5th or <I in the J!>t unafflictecl; the rulcr o the
Ht, 1 or ll, in d of the <! in thc 5th; a fortunatc
pla1.ct in the 1st, 3rd, 5th 1 uth and 9th ho11ses. The
cusp of the 5th posscsscd by ~, 111. or *, and the
lord of the 5th 1 1st, or the (( in thcse signs. Translation of lif{ht between thc !oreis of the 1st and 5th, particularly 1 made by thc Moon.
Tlte N11111bt, o/ Cl1ildrt11.
I woul<l advise thc sturlcnt to bc very minJful how
he answers this question ; for it is extrP.mely difficult
to say, unless the Natus be cast for life However,
I generally find the number o( ofTspring by the num
ber of gooJ a~p<.'Cls betwccn the ruler o( the 5th and
other benefic planets.
lt is said that i being lady of the ut, and in the
5tb, in or 11\, ghes three children, and if this sigo

be )(, therc will bc six childrcn ; should the <! hc

with i , there will be nine children. A fortune in 6
to good planets gives an additional three, or if in
* two.
Testi11w11ies o/ Barre1111tss.
The ruler o{ the 1st, 5th or the C!, in n, Sl or ni.
Vcnus in o{ 0, or in bad aspect with W, ? , ,
~, or any o{ thesc in thc 5th, or if thc rufer of thc
5th is aftlicted hy the above. l f childrcn should bc
bom undcr thcse infiuences, thcy will not live long.
A Wt>111a11 ,11q11iri11g,-sl1e is E11cu11t1.
Thc ruler of the ist or \! applying to the lord o{
thc 5th, hy , *, or 6, from gooJ houses, or thc
Moon or rulcr of thc 1st in thc 5th; the lord of thc
5th with his dispositor.
Thc significators applying to good aspect in fcuit
fui signs or houses; as the 5th, 7th or uth, or 2+ be
Jupitcr and i swit in angles, ree rom bad as
pects of the malcfics, or on the ist in ~, Sl, 111. or
::::. Moon in the 7th, and aspectin~ its lord in the
11th; or thc Moon in thc uth beholdmg the lord of
the 7th in the 7th.
Lords of thc ist nd 5th, in ~. 11t or M, in the
5th, 7th or uth. Lords of ist, 5th, or the Moon in
reccption with a planct in an angle.
Sltt is 1101 E11cit11t1.
Lorcls o{ the ist and 5th afflicted in a, Sl or n1.
The malefics or ~ in th~ 5th, or angular and atBicting
the Moon. Venus and thc Moon aftlictin1, each
othcr. If thcre is a majority of testimon1es for
enciente then thc contrary, and these are ound in the
5th, thc.:n say abortion or miscarriage.
ll' >. M>.N Asx U:,ixr,.owN TO THB WoMAN,
S/1t is f'regHallt.
LorJ of the 5th beholJing a pl.met by good aspect
in the ut, 4th, 7th or 1oth with rcception. lf lords



of the 1st, 5th or 7th he 2',, i, 0 or <!, or the Q,

or noy o( thc forcgoing in the 5th. Lord o( the 5th
io the 7th, or the lorJ o( thc 7th fortuoate in the 5th.
Mercury io aspect to a malefic aod oot in aspcct to n
beocfic, caonot bc rclieJ upon.



S/,e is ""' l.i.11cimte.

nnJ i afllicteJ, or i joinc<I to )JJ , '1 or

l, or bc in d o( thc 0, R. or stationary, cspccially
in st, lJt or l,j', Thc malcfics in the 5th, in a or 8
to the lord of thc 5th. Lord of thc 1st in d or rc
ceptioo of a R. planct. LorJs of the 1st and 5th in
no as1>ect.
JVill tltt Cl,ild be Mnle o, Female?
A Boy.-Lor<ls o( thc 1st and 5th, and thc Moon
and tlw i1il,{ns of thc , i.t :mel sth in 'Y', n , S\., tr, I ,
l)ii1poscr o( thc Moon m thosc sig'ns, or 2', in
thc 7tb. lf thc lord of the 1st hc W, 11, 2',, J, or the
0, aod the lady of thc 5th bc Vcnu~. or the Moon,
take the strongcst tcstimonics ; considcr wcll the
Moon, and if she apply mostly to masculine sigos,
judge accordiogly. H the orcgoing testimonics he
m emale sigos, the child will be a female. Mercury, we
must also observe, is convcrtihlc, and is eithcr geodcr,
according to thc plancts with which he is cooncctcd
by aspect.
W '"""' lhe CJ,ild t,1i/l liv,
Tlu CJ,ild fiill tlie ;,, Infn11cy.-Lord o( the 5th R.,
or in d o( the e:>, or in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, or 12th, or
in his detriment or fali, or weak, aftlicted by either of
the rulers of the 8th or 12th. Lord of the 5th, weak
in the 1 :ath or 8th, or lord o( the I st and 5th afllicted,
or W, i,, 4 , or ts in thc 5th, and retr~radc.
There uill be 1'r.i11s.
tr a , t , ot
bc oo thc cusp o( the ut or 5th,
and 2',, i, 0, ((, and rulers o( the 1st and 5th be
also therei~ But unless ali these concur, it is not
safe to say twins.

.. .
,1 f...'!;-

A , ~

: .. i

.. ..,i
. t

1r )










The receiver of the Moon hy house with the tt or
11., or Venus. Fixed or moveable signs on the 1st
or 5th, and thc (:) or <I located thcrein, there will be
but one,
T /,e lmgt!, o/ lime s/11 /,as bem fregn1111I
Sce thc rulcri. of thc 1st and 5th, or lord of thc u;t
an<l the Moon, and which are nearer past aspect. If
they scparate from a d or S *, shc is in her first
month ; if from a *, her second or sixth month ; if
from a 6, her third or fifth month ; if rom a o , her
ourth ; and if from an 8 , her seventh month.
lt is eaid, if the receiver of thc Moon be angular,
or in the 7th, the party has just conceived. If ?
bc in thc 7th, she is quickcncd.
1'im, r./1e11 llie /Jirl/1 will ta~t place.
Ohscrvc whcn thc Sun or i:. in d of thc lorJ o{
thc 5th, or there he a d o thc 1st and 5th in thc 5th,
these show the time.
Notice whcn thc lorJ o the ist goes out uf one
sign into anothcr, or transits the place o CC, 1l, or
Venus, espcciaUy in thc 1st, 5th, or 1Jth-that is the
probable timc.
See how far the ruler o the 5th is from the cusp of
the 5th, and for cvcry sign givc one month ; also how
ar thc lorJ of the 5th is from passing the 1st, and at
that time a Jelivery. Togeth~r with this, you must
take notice how long she has been pregnant by the
foregoing rules, an<l then considcr the tokens o
<lclivery which may take place about that period.
Tltt lime ,.,J,ei, s/11 111ay buo11,e E11e11l1.
Having l>cforc uund th'-l possihil,ty of issue, in
what timc it may bc.-Some say if tho ruler o tho
5th hc in the 1st, it will bc in thc first yenr; in the
lnd, the sccond ycar; in thc.: 1oth, the third year;
in the 7th, the fourth year; in the 4th, the fiftb year;
and so on ": cording to the pre-eminence o{ the




Ov A MesSKSGIUt SliNT os 1>.110KTAST Dus1Ness.

2g6. The ist aml its lord denotes thc scndcr, thc
lord of the 5th, the messengcr, the Moon is the
message, and the 7th and its rulcr the person anJ
place to whom it is sent.


1, .,;

.. '


Othcrs, with more proprit:tv, mcasurc thc timc by

the api,lication of thc rulcr o( the 1st, or thc Moon
to tne lord of the 5th, 2l. or Venus, reckoning by
degrccs, accorJing to thc nalurc of the sigo the
applying planet is in, as heforc
T /;e Q1urml lu,s jmt C11taiv,,f.
If translation of Jight has passeJ hetwccn thc Jords
o( the 1st aml 5th, or if the <! hc just separated from
the ruler of thc 5th in a fruitful sign, or in thc 5th,
7th or 1, th houses; also if thc lords of thc J st and
~th, or thc Moon, bc in reccption with a planet that
11 angular; or if thc Moon and the lorJ o( that tripli
city _she is in he both in fruitful si~ns: or if Jupa ter
or VcD11s bc both anJ{ulilr, and frcc from anliction.


f ,


W /1nl IJ11si1uss is elfeclc,I J

\Vhen the rulcr of tl,c 5th scparates Crom thc lord
o( the 7th, and applies to good aspcct of thc lorJ of
thc 1st. lf hc separatcs from thc Jor,1 of the 2nd or
8th hy any aspect, he hrings money with him. lf
the Moon !ieparates from fortuncs, thc business has
aucceeded well, but if from malefics, not very well.
lf the ruler of the 5th or ti translatcs thc Jight of the
lorJ of the 7th to thc lord of the 1st, he has succecded.
JV,ial t,,kes plnce 011 lhe Jo11r:1ey?
A fortune in thc 3rd or 9th <lenotcs travelling, hut
if an infortune. therc shows thc contrnry. Saturo
causes privations and disappointments, J or e9 Jan
ger of robhers, losses and insults. \Vherc there is
reuon to apprehend danger, the lord of the 5th io 8
to ao infortune, or either of the luminaries in same
aituation, are very had 11ymlx,ls. 1f the }loo:-i alone



be afflicted, the mcssenger mccts with bad reception.

If slow, there will bc <lclay.
l thc rulcr o the 5th apply to W, 17 , or J, by o
or 8, beforc hc can separate from tne ruler o the 7th,
gives impediment to the party to whom it was sent.
lfot i the ruler o the 5th go to a o or 8 oC the
infortunes, after hc has scparated from thc Jord of
thc 7th 1 he will receivc disappointments on bis way
Tlie lime o/ t/11 Messenge,'s retun,.
When the lord o( thc 5th comes to a *, A, or d
o the lord of the 1st. When the Moon separates
from the lord of thc 5th and applies to the lord of the
Jst, thc qucrent will havc intelligencc of his messengcr. Thc application of thc significator to a ponderous planct <lcnotcs the dar. The rulcr ofthe 5th R.
he rcturns whcn thc planet bccomes direct, or
according to the numbcr of dcgrces he wants of being
direct. (207)
Tlie C/1nracter o/ 1/,e Mesu11ger.
Mark well the ruler o( the 5th, what planet he is,
and whether he be dignified or dcb,litated, and so
judge according to 127-1,p.
If the rulers of the 5th and Ist are in mutual
reception, or in good aspect from good houses in the
figure, thc messcnier is faithful and honest. But if
there bc no recept1on or aspect, and the configuration
bc in the dignitics of an infortune, the contrary
may hc expectecd. Also if the ruler of the 5th be
combust or retrograde, then doubt his integrity or
ahility to pcrform thc business.



297. \Vhen tlus quesuon 1s put by the master or

mistress, take the xst, its Jord, and the ({, to signify
the qu~rent ; the 6th house and its ruler to denote
the krvant or lodger.



,' .........


. .. 1

: ,}

.1: .. ''


.. '

i ~(.{J

':! .:: ;


Tlu Se,vanl, Ap;re,ice, o, Loger will lH lumesl.

lf the ruler of thc th be in good aspect o{ the lord
of the Jst, or the <!, or to a good planet in thc 1st.
The ruler of the 6th in the d1~nitics of Jupiter or
Venus, unlcss their ruler be dctrnnented in ~, 6 , I,
or )E, as Mars and Vcnus are, then the servant will
be honest. U the ..! transfer thc light of thc lord of
the 6th, hy good aspcct, to thc ruler of thc I st.
Do 1101 mgage //,e Se,,,anl, Appre11lice, 0-c.
Wasteful-whether it he washerwoman, senanl,
workmanor workwoman,apprentice,&c.-Sol affticted
in the 6th, or in -er or :::: on the 6th ; or the lorc.l o{
tbe 6th affticted in the 2nc.l. Thc ,.! in thc fth in o
to the rulcr of thc 6th in thc 2nd, thc scrvant is a
kna\e. The principal significalors void of aspect or
Dishoncst, if thc ~ bc in the 6th, or affiicting thc
ruler of thc 6th, and thc lattcr hcing in the 2nd
especially. Also rulcr of the 6th in d or ili familiarity
to the 1st or its ruler ; bad if the Moon bc in 111. in
the 6th. 1f thc Moon trnmfer thc light of thc lord of
thc 6th to the ruler of thc 1st by bad aspect. Mer
cury ruler of thc 6th H., or combust, or in d of thc
Moon, or ili aspectec.l of W, 1, or , the scrvant's
intellect will be shallow, oml his pdnciplei- or dis '
position not good. Also if thc ruice of thc 6th bc in
the 8th or 12th, or in o or 8 to thc cusp of the ist.
Wke11 is lh, btsl lime fo, t11:;a::i11g Strv1111ls?
The best time, whcn thc rulers of thc ist and 6th,
or the Moon and ruler o( thc 6th, are in good aspect
with cach other, and especialty in mutual recept1on ;
this will be best seen by "5immonite's Aspectarian."
Let the Moon he in ~ , q,,, or X , lor women servants.
1:or men servants, let the Moon be unafflicted in n ,
11.l, t , or
If thc Moon be afflicted in )E when
you engage a servant, be will prove unfaithful. H
the Moon be in ~. he will be idle, run away, but
retum in a day or two, but he will go agaiu.




Is //,is Servant, Wo,kman, ~e, failhful ?
The ruler of the 6th well dignified, unafflicted, or
wcll aspected, either by the rulers o the 1st, 2nd, or
the Moon. The 6th or 7th possessed by ~, ~ , or
Q, thcn the servant is aithful.
But if the ruler o the 6th afflict the rulers o the
1st, 2n<l, or the Moon, or -the 6th be possessed o '1,
, or ~, an<l thcy not dignifie<l, or he in i11 aspect to
a planet in the 6th, tben he or she is not to be trusted.

R1rnovAL 011 TENANTS.

1. The 1st, its lord, and the Moon, are Cor the
2. The 6th housc, and its lord, are Cor the tenant.
3. The 7th, and its lord, signiy the substanCP. of
the qucrent.
4. The lord of the nth, and its positiob in sign,
shew whether the tenant will go.
Ju1>GMEST xst. The lor<ls of the 6th and 12th in
good aspect or mutual reception, declare they will
2nd. The cusps of the 6th and 12th moveahle, or
thcir lords in movcable sigos, or near the end of a
sign, denote the tenant will leave.
3r<l. They remove when the lord of the 6th or 12th,
or a planet in the 12th leavcs the sign, and probably
whcn he turns R.
4th. Lord of the 6th or 12th and the 1oth afflicting
each other, the rent is too high; also if the lord of
the 6th or J 2th is afllictt:d in the 7th or Jst.
5th. Lord of the 6th or J2th aftlicted by the lotd of
the 8th, or in the 8th. a neighbour injures him. And
so ju<lge who atliicts the lord o the 6th or 12th, con
sidering that the 6th is the tenant's last, &e.




299. By small cattle is meant sheep, pigs, calves,

and small animais, as dogs, cats, an so on.




1 '



1 '.

1. .,
1 '


~ \ \ ;

i,; ~;


: ..:il








II the rulers of thc 1st and 6th hc in d,

or t:.,
o each other, the querent will thrivc hy dealing in
thc above. The ruler o the 6th in d, *, or t:. o{
the (i),
/t rii/1 be tvil lo ,l,a/ ;,, 1/11111.
Ao ill fortune or ~ in the 6th, ora malcfic affiicting
either thc lord of the 6th or a planet thcrein. 'fhe
ruler of the 6th m ha<l aspcct either with thc ruler c-f
the ut, 2nil, ({, ~. or (i), or its clispositor. The
Jor,l of the 6th rctro~rn(lc, comhust, cadcnt, or
pcrct,:rine. ~aturn in thc 6th, they <lie of murram, or
epidemies ; therc, thcy wil1 happcn accidents,
bag hargains, or be robbed of them, or lose them by
their own carelessness.
H'km is t/,e besl lime to B11y?
Whcn it is ound hyanyfigureor the Natus that it
is well to deal in cattle, then notice when the ruler of
the 6th is strong hy house or joy, and in good aspcct
with the ruler of thc 1st. If you wish to buy cheap,
let thc Moon hc passini{ through ~ , 'lj, fll, or M,
separating Crom d or ill aspcct of W, ? , , or ~,
and applying to good aspcct of ? , ll, EB, or the rulcr
of the ascendant.
lf lf ttil li1111 to [J11y
An evil time to huy when the Moon or ruler of the
6th separates rom good planets and applies to the
Dragc,n's Tail or to the malefics. Also whcn the
ruler of the 6th is cither dehilitated by position, or
afflicted by ill a,ipects of the malefics, or the lord of
the JSt,
O/ Stra;rd S111al/ Caltle, o, Sm1a11ts.
300. As usual, the ruler o the 6th denotes small
cattle, hired scrvant, loclgers, workmen, apprentice!l,
c)erks, and so on.
Th, St,ayed One will b, /011nd.
U there be a ,ood aspect between the 1st an<l 6th,
or a alight test1mony if between the 6th and the


Moon. Rulcr of the 6th retrograde. lf the Moon
translate light from the lord of the 6th to the 1st.
Lord of the 6th, fortunate in the 2nd, 5th, or I 1th, in
good aspect with 0, ll,, or ~ Also if lord of 6th be
rising in the ascendant.
Heis not disposed lo rtlrm,.

Ruler of thc 6th swit and in the 3rd, 9th, or falling

into the 5th. lf there he no goocl aspect, reception,
or translation hetween the rulcrs of the 6th and 1st,
or i thc rulcr o thc 9th hc in the 8th or 12th, or
joincd to an infortune. Rulcr o the 6th in o or 8
of thc ruler of the ist or the Moon,or with the ~. or
combust. These rules denote neither ti.e finding nor
thc retnrning o( lost cattlc or runaways.
tvl,ic/1 tl'ny is t/11 Strva11t, or Straytd Callle?
The ruler of the 6th must he considered, and the
honse in which he is located mm,t be taken for the
direction, according to 209. Jn ~, 111., or M, 11ear
watcr, or at a seaport, i a person, or i cattle, on or
ncar marshy ground, as meadows, and such like
places. ln earthly signs, ~, 111, or I,f, on good
ground or dry Jocahties. ln 'Y', st, or I, near wooda,
plantations, and sbrubberics.
301. ln women's marria~es, the ruler of the ut
and thc 0 must 1,e invest1gated, and how they are
connccteJ with the ruler o the 7th and l,
l Vili t/11 111a11 or uo,11an "'"")' ?
ln this it matters not whether the querent bc male
or female, for thc general rulec; followmg will answer
for hoth, provi<led the party bc sincere in the inquiry.
Tlu Q1ure11t will Marry.
The luminaries in good aspect with li,, ~ , l, or
ruler o{ the 7th. Ruler o the 7th or 1st in the 7th,
5th, roth or t 1th, and especially in good aspect with
the lord of the ascendant. Tbe ruler o the 1st, the





.. ..

<C, i , or d' in the 7th, especially in distnitiei:, anJ thc

ruler of the 7th in the 11-t. Lord of thc 7th, 0 and
d',in e, nt,or
Rulers o the ilh and 1st in
gooJ configuration.
Lord of the 1st in or near the cusp o the 7th, in
its deh1lities, declares the party to be almost
tnelancholy to be anarricd. Vranns, 11, or , lor<l
of the ;th in the 1st, inJicatcs uncasincss ahout their
lover. Thc <! for the man, or thc 0 for the woman,
or the rnler o thc 1st for cithcr in its fali. the quercnt
dispairs o thc matter, anel is carclcss ahout it.
Tl,e Woman tiill not Ma,ry.
At birth i thc 0 has lct, or apply to had asp<.ct
of Wor ? , or the 0 to one and the <! to the other
malefic, while thesc two planets are in ili aspect to
each other, or the <I aftlicted hy them at the sarne
time the 0 may be. This will apply in Horary
figures, thc age o( the querent at the time being duly

The 0, d' anJ rulcr o the ut. in n, S\. or n.Jl,

especially in o or 8 to cach othcr, or to the rulcr of
the 7th ; aftlictcd or wcak, late before marriagc.
The 0, J and the lord o the 1st, or any two of
them in their fali, she either cares nothing ahout it,
or despairs o hcing marricd.
Site wi/1 marry t/,is Jooer.
Lord o the ist in o the ~un, or eithcr o them
in o the Jord of the 7th, in the 1st, 1oth or I Jth;
also lord of the J&t in the 7th fortunate. Lord of the
JSt and tbe Sun in * or ll ormed rom the u,t and
11th, 7th anJ ~th, or out of the 7th anJ 5th ; or lord
of 1st and 7th m , or any good aspect.
T/11 exfe,ttd marriage /a/Is awa)'.
The rulers o the JSt and 7th reraining rom as
pect, or the Sun and ruler of the 7th, separating rom
good aspcct. l the rulers o the ut and 7th, or the
Sun and Man in o or 8 ; the Moon applying to a

! :


i . :l





1 ....
! .. . ..,,




!.;' ..



planet in its fali; the Moon separating rom ill aspect
oi W, '1 or 3 , declares some evil has happened. If
W or '1 receive the light of the ruler of the xst and
7th, and should ha ve a a or 8 at the same time of
a malefic. An ili aspect between thc luminariu.
Ali these denote a breaking off.

Prevmtio11 o/ marria,:e, a11d ,ts ca11se.

IC thc significators of marriage are applying to
friendly aspect, and an cvil planet interposc, the
marriage will bc ohstructe<l; observe o what honse
he is ruler; and whcre positcd. If thc 2nd lord, it
will bc want of money, or other want o means. The
lord of the 3rd denotes that it will bc causcd by the
qncrcnt's kindred or ncighbours, or hy mcans of some
short jonrney.
The Jord of thc 4th shows that her father will not
agrec, or it may, espccially if a feminine planet, be
lhe mother of thc quesited, or of some settlemcnt o
house or land, &e.
Thc lord of thc 5th causes obstacles by mnns of
chil<lrcn, or by the qucrcnt hcing a character for
Joose living, &e.
The 6th denotes sickncss in the que1ent, or opposi
tion by some relation of his fathcr. or by means of
servants, or private cnemy of the quesitcd, or the
qucrent has a bastard, or child by another husband.
Thc lord of thc 7th, or a planct thcrcin, denotes a
public enemy of the querent, a lawsnit, ora rival.
Thc 8th denotes a Jack of money on the part of the
quesited ; or, if other testimonies concur, 1t may be
that the querent's death may intervene to prevent
the match.
The 9th in likc manner shows opposition by the re
lations of the quc::sited, or thc interference of some
Jawyer, priest, or that thc qucrcnt may go a long
journey or voyage, an<l so the match be hindered.
The 1oth and its lord show the father of the ques,
ited, or thc mother of the quercnt, or some person
having authority over the querent,


I ,



1 ' " '



!. t

Or i it be the 11th house or its lord, then the

riends o both the parties dislike the match ; or
those who first introduced the parties, or endeavoured
to bring it about, will now try to dissolve the con
U it be by the lord oC the 12th, or by a planct
therein, there is some undcrhnnd dealing or sccrct
enmity to the querent. The affair shall l,c much
retarded, hut the querent shall never know by whom;
or some private scandal will do harm, and break off
the matter.
ln the sarne manner you may thus learn who will
oppose the quercnt, you may ascertain who will assist
h1m in bis desires. And by varying the houses, you
may know the persons who will aid or hinder thc
ll11sb,111d dts(ribed.
J, Observe in the Nativity the planet to whch thc
(:) first applics, and that planet dcscribes thc Cuture
hushand ; also observe in what sign that planet is,
and co-mix them, as is given in the description of
persons, Crom page 20 to -.s,
2. IC the birth cannot be had describe the man by
that planet to which the ruler of the ascendant
applies by good aspcct, especially if it be in the 7th,
or more particularly if it be the ruler of the 7th.
3. IC these do not nnswcr your purpose, then notice
the planet to which the (:) first applies by good
a1pect in the Horary figure.
4. Let her avoid the description oC the man to
which the (:) approaches by ili aspcct. For bad
aspects always show disagreement and unhappy
8. O/ lhe Tin,e o/ Marriag,.
The degrees of distance between the rulers of the
11t and 7th by d , *, or 6, or the Jord oC the 7th
rom the cusp of the ist by conjunction. Lord of
the 7th or ~ to t or (:), or the (:) to good upect of
D,g, ,zed



3. A a or 8 o{ the Lords o the xst and 7th, i in

mutual reception. 'fhe time must be judged according to the degrees o{ distance o{ the s1gnificators ac
cor<ling to thc "Measure o{ Time" in 2o6 and 207.
9. IIas /,e A 1101/,er L011er ?
He has anothcr.-If the rnler of the 7th be in conjunction of any planct, exccpt thc 1st be also in the
7th. , Or scveral planets in thc 7th, anel not any of
thcm thc rulcr of thc 7th. Thc ( hcsci~cd hetween
two plancts, an<l ncithcr o thcm thc ruler o the rst
or 7th.

llut if nonc o thcsc occur, thcn say he is not ad

dressing any other cmale that hc cares at all for.

O/ tl,e Cim1111sta11m o/ tlie llusbmul and Wife.

Ablc to provide a good living.-I lhe lord o the
8th bc in "'ood con<lition an<l frcc from altiction thc
quercnt will bc a pcrson able to ohtain a good liveli

hood; and it is a good sign i{ ll,, i , or the Q he in

the 8th. Lord of thc 8th an<l 2nd in each other's
house, and in good aspcct. A fortune, ruler of the
8th, and disposing o the 6, in the 8th.

u. No grent Gai,,s by Marriage.

If W, ? , , and ~, or any two of them be in the
8th. Lor<l of the 8th affiicting the ! or the $, Lord
of the 8th or 2nd in his debilities.
12. Persons and Mea11s /1i11deri11g Pro}erly.
See what planet afilicts the lord of the 8th, and of
what house he is rnler, and that will dcscribe the
person ; the house in which they are located will
mdicate by what- mcans. which may be discovertid
as in the "Prevention of Marriage and its Cause,"
page 145.
Mcrcury, ruler of the Sth, in the 9th, in a or 8 o(
the EB, indicates hy means of Jawsuits respecting the
future partner's property. If ? be lord of the 8th, in
D,g, ,zed


. t







. ~i .

. -..: 1~

the 9th, afflicting the $, it mny be a farmer or kins.

man that hinders. Mark the signification of each
house over which the affiictor rules.
13. li<tW ti,, parlies ili agree ;,, Ma rriage.
Good agreement.-Lord of the 1st or <! in , *
or b., i( lor<l o( the 7th or 2 . The ! in o( 2l, or
? , they are industrions. Jnpitcr or ? well positc<l
in the 7th ; or even thc lord o( the 7th in o o( thc
1st, but they must he in mutual rccept1on. The <! in
good aspect to her disposer hy house or exaltation.
Contention and its Canse.-Lord ofthe 1st and 7th
in o or 8, or <! affiicted, beholding the tst by ili
aspect ; or W, ? , 3, or ~, in the 7th ; or thesc
malefics in the tst, the qnerent is to biame, or is
Joose, according to the sign ascending. 1'1ty thc
man who marrics a woman who has ? in her tst;
shc is sure to turn out a harlot, and she is likcly to
elope. I would rccommend every man to avoi<l
marrying a woman who has 11 rising. The <! in hcr
fali, or in o or 8 o( the malefics, or any R. planct
the man is hlameablc. The 0 in his fali, or in o or
8 o{ thc ma)efics, the woman is blameable.
Lord of the 7th angular, and more weighty than
the ruler of the tst, the qucsited strives for mastcry
Venus affiicted by 1,1,1, ? , 3 , ~ ; or R., or in fali,
worse for the man. Thc <! afllicted, thcy both sulfcr.
U ranus, ? , 4 , or ~, affiictc<l in the 1oth or 4th,
continua) brawls, or scparation by means o( parcnts.
Any p)anet affiictin1:e the ruler of the 1st or 7th, in
the 3rd, injuries hy means of ncighhours or relations.
ln tho 4th or 1oth, hy parcntM ; if i:1 tho 5th, by
I.Josencss of off.'lpring ; if in thc 6th, by scrvants, or
persons visiting or loclging ; if in thc 7th, by opcn
enemies; if in the 211<l or kth, h}' money difficultics ;
if in the 9th, the quesite<l's relations : ? and '1 in
d, beholdang , jealousy. 1 he <!, void of course,
and in conjunction of the ruler of the 8th, or in thc
12th, with W, ? , , or ~, one of them will soon
die, or have some misfortune,
D,g, ,zed


14. Will Wi/1 o, H11sband b, a St,agw.
A near rcsi<lent.-Ruler of the 7th in the 7th, or
on thc 1st, or both these significators in onc house.
If thc sign of thc 7th nnd ruler of the 7th disagree in
thc quarter, mix thcm, prcferring the sign.
A stranger.-Lord of the 7th in the 3rd, 9th or
peregrine. If the ruler of the 7th and 9th be one and
the sarne planet.
15. Wliicl, o/ tlu tuio is best co,meded}
Judge whether the lord of the 1st and the querent's
significator, or the lord of the 7th, the ques1ted's, is
bcst affected, and so judge.
Thc querent is the best connecte<l.-If the lord of
thc Jst bc in the Ioth, Ist, 7th or 4th, and the lord
of the 7th in the 2nd, ~th, 11th or ~th. But a more
surc way is, by obscrving which of the two significa
tors is thc most powerful in dignities.
The qucsitcd is thc bcst.-Lord of the 7th in the
1st, ioth, 7th or 4th, and the lord of the ist in the
2nd, 5th, 8th or I uh.
16. W ili tl,e Q11e,ent M"Y
tJ,a,, """ }
lf the qucrcnt's significators be in double bodied
signs, thcy will marry more than once; an<l the sarne
if thcy are joine<l with, or apply lo many planets,
particularly from the 5th, 7th or 11th houses. ~any
plancts in lhe 7th, or in good aspcct with thc ruler
of the Jst, or the luminaries, are all sigos of repeated
If the significalors are in fixed signs, or in aspect
to only one planct, thc quercnt will marry but oncc.
ln th,s case, prcfcr thc Moon for the man and the
Sun for the woman, to thc rulcr of thc 111t, lf the
luminaries havc no application, or l>ut one, the que
rcnt will ncver mnrry, or hut once, let thc lord of the
nt bc situated how he may.
17. Wlutlur Mat1 o, IVif, dia fi,st.
The ruler of the 1st and the Moon signify the
querent, and the lord of the 8th portends his death, &e.






Ruler of the 7th dcnolcs thc quesited, and

lord of the 2nd portcnds hic; or her death.
See which significators, that is, the lord of the
and Rth, or 7th and 2nd, are first in with 0, t
will die first ; in 'Y', G, 6 or r.s-, dcath shortly ;
n, "!, I or *, longcr bcorc death ; S\., nt, ~
many ycars heore death.
Whose 1-i1:nificators is an,:;ular, or strong in dii
ties, frce from aflliction or combustion, or free fr
the lord of the 8th, that party will li\'e long4
more et1pccially if in "'ood aspcct with 2l or i ,
or she will outlhc the othcr hy severa! years, exc
the parties are both very aged, thcn the survivc
hcalth will he goo<l.
Thc Quercnt dics first.-lf the rulcr of the ist
6th first hastcns to thc of 0 ; or if R., or in
fali ; or if thc rulcr of thc I st is in thc I st, or 2l
, o or 8 to either lord ; or if thc rulcr o{ the I
or J 2th hc W, 1 or 4 , el co11t,a.
The Qucs1tcd dics fin,t.-lf thc rulc:r of the ~
or 7th is in the ahovc sit11,1tion; lmt if the rulcr
thc Jst or Xth hc in thc ahovc condition, thcn 1
qucrent die:s hrst.




t i' . i


t : . t.
1I t'(''
. .,
! . ..


I K /las "" /,,,IJ' a11,,1/1<r /,nu?

Shc has :mothcr.-lf hcr si~naftcator is in d,
or 6 of any othcr planct than that which signil
the qucrent ; or if S<:vcral planets be in the 7th ;
the 0 in aspcct to many plancts, or hc he joincd
4 lf the 0 or lord of the 7th hc in o{ 4 or
and Q bc therc. The ~ in the 7th denotes at lc.
diacrc:ditablc dc~ircs.
The lnrd of thc 7th with a,, !>hc !oves an cldc
r._ers.,n ; i with ttJ a mechanac, en~ineer or authc
a with 2l a prctcnlc<l rclil,{ionist, or a profeaaio1
man; if wath ti a clcrk, writer, <'r hookseller.
She hu not another.-The ruler of the 7th void
coune, or with Q, or i no planet be in the 71
The lord of the 7th upecting only the ruler of t

tst. Mars in the 7th, unless he be in bis own house.
The description o the person mny be described by
the planet signifying the party, considering at the
same time the sign in which that planet is located.
19. Ilas t/u gentle,nan another knler}
He has another.-When any planet is in the 7th,
an<l not thc rulcr thereof. Lord of the 7th or the <!
with V, and shc is vcry giddy; if in
or 6, the
lady is fond of him ; but if the <! or lord of the 7th
does not dispose o V she caces not for him. Either
the rulcr of the 7th, or the <! in of the triplicity
ascending, and the <! separating from the lord of the
Lord of the 7th or cr feparnting from I to 3
degrees from any planet except the ruler of the 1st.
Lord of the 7th or C.: in of Q or ~, or any other
planel be with thcm. Lord of the 7th an<l V in
in lll, cspecially in the 7th. lf the <! or lord of the
7th Lc in of 3 , li, or ~ , hc has one descrihed by
that planet, and her age may be known by the
numhcr of deg-rees he is advanced in the sign. lf
with ~ a tcachcr o youth ; if with '2 he loves an
el<lcrly pcrson; if they scparate, hc is leaving her;
if with thc 0, a pcrson o conscqucnce; if W
changeahle, also with V or 0.
20. Wi/1 f/,e absco11tled llusband or Wife retu,n}
A rcturn.-Ruler of the 7th or 9th R., either in
the 1st or applying to the rult:r of the 1st. Lord o
the 1st in thc 7th unafflicted. A translation of light
bctwecn the lords of the 1st and 7th. The <! quick,
or in good aspcct to the rulcr of the ut, especially if
from thc I st. The (! scparating from li,, V or Q,
and applying to aspect of W, ? , ' or ~. Lord of
thc 7th combust. Ruler ol the first beholdm..., thc
infortune which afflicta the fugitive, will bc found
against his or her will. .
Lord of the 7th with a stationary planet in an
angle or succeedent, he or she knows not which way





togo. The ([ separating from the lord of the 1st,

and going to of the loril of the 7th, the fugitive
will be heard of. The <r aspccting her own house,
with a * c.r 6, he or she rctums, or will be heard
of in two or thrce davs. The lord of the 7th or ~
combust in the 1th, dan,;cr of impr1sonment.
The lord of the 7th applying to the 0 or to the lord
o( the 1st.
21. .-1 IV"'" lctn,i11g l1tr h11sba1ul.
The 0 undcr the earth ; ~ hetween the 4th and
ut, and R.; also lord of the 1st, thc ~. and lord
of the 7th in 6, she returns.
Lord o the 1st, <!, and lord o thc 7th in o or 8
without rcccption, shc does not rcturn.
Mars in an anglc, clisposing o thc <! at the sarne
timc, the rulcr o the 1st :dso in 'Y', ~, 6 or 1'f,
content to scparatc.

1 .


' ~' ~,
i. ..

1; ' !;


, .. d

: r ~: ..

: .. . L

t ' '




22. Wltal distanu is //,e /11gilit1e J

Sce where thc ruler o the 7th is, and judge
according to No. 210.
To know which way they are ~one, take notice
wherc thc rulcr of tltc 7th is; in what housc and
sign, according to No. 209.
To know the timc of returnmg, soe whcn the
nalers o( thc Ist and 7th are in goacl aspect with
each other, as directed in 207.
Thc Asccnrlant, its rulers, and thc Moon, are takcn
for the querent.
The 6th house, its lord, and the planets therein,
are for thc tenant.
Thc house, premises, or property will let if the
ruler o the 1st and 6th are in good aspect of each
The Moon in good aspect of the lord o the 6th, or
a planet therein, is a promish,g testimony o letting.


1( the property should let under a bad aspect, the
tenant will not pay his rent well, and the owner will
have trouhle frorn him.
The time of lctting will l,e when the rulers of the
1st anel 6th are in good aspect with each other, which
timc will be pointcd out hy the regular way of
measuring t:vents. Read well thc directions given in
paragraph 207. page 66. See also when the ruler of
the 1st and 6th are m good aspect with each other,
by ephemeral motion, and about that time the property will lct.



If thc Moon hc joincd with tlie rulcr of the 7th,

the <J11crcnt may makc thc, unlcss she be in
111. Thc lightcr planct of the Jst or 7th will be the
occasion of thc sale. Uranus, 1~, J or the Dragon's
Tail in thc I st, thcrc will hc grcat labour in thc
I( thc infortunes posi.css the 7th, hcware of the
scllcr ; hc will trv to trap thc lmvcr. Thc 4th housc
shows the result; if the ~loon bc voi<l of course,
there will be many mectingi:, but never any agree
ahlc bargain concludc<l.


\\1111.;N TO Si-:1.1. LAKGJ; CATTLr.,

Thc rulcr of the ascen<lent denotes thc scller.

Thc 12th an<l its rulcr portcn<l the horsc, cow, &e.
'fhe 7th and its ruler signify thc huyer.
Sell when thc rulC!r of the 7lh and 12th, or the 7th
and asccn<lant are in goo<l aspect with each other,
anti thesc may always hc known by thc Astro110N1ital
E.plw11eres, puhlishe<l yc:1rly.
A goo<l price may ht! ohtained when thc rulers
of th<: 12th and 211<1 1 or 1i.t and 7th, are in mutual
rt.:ccption and good aspcct with each othcr, and
cspccially 1f thcy bc in thcir accidcntal fortitudes.
Thc caule is dcfcctive if the Dragon's Tail be in the
1 2th ; and if it be in the 7th, the purchaser will de
ceive the sellcr; if in thc tst, thc contrary.




1 ,



The ascendant and its ruler are for the querent.
The asccndant also denotes the kind of place
whence the money or goocs were taken.
Thc 7th, its lorJ, or a peregrine planct thcrcin, or
in any angle, or in thc 2nd house, may also signify
the thief.
The 2nd housc, its ruler, and the Moon, denote
the things slolcn.
Thc 4th, anJ its lord, show thc placc whither thc
articlcs are takcn and then are.
QURRY 1.-11'/10 ;s t/,e Tl,ief J
One of tlae fomily.-Lord of thc 7th in thc 7th 1 or
the significator o( the thicf in thc 1st, or the 7th.
Sun or Moon in the 1st, or in thcir own house, or in
6 or *, if thcy l>c in mutual rcccption in ti:e 1st or
7th. Thc lord of thc 1st and thicrs significator in
one house, or joincd to,;cthcr; if in the 2nd or 4th,
one of the honsehold ; if in lhe 5th 1 a son or
dau,;hter; if in thc ,lth or 6th, a scrvant or a lodger.
Lord of the 6th in thc 2n<l 1 a scrvant or lodgcr.
The thief is a stran~er -Thc significator of the
thicf in thc 3rd or 9th of thc figure, or from its own
housc, or in thc 8th or 12th.
2. Wlut/,er t/11 tl,ief be a domestie is Jmown tluu :0 sagnahcs fathcr, master, son's wife; if setting, a
ne1ghbour (146).
C! signifies mothcr, mistress, daughtcr's husband
W aigmfica Cricnd11 who mny bc on a visit, or go
occasionally ( 142).
~ signifies servant, grandfather, lodger, strangcr
ll significs profcssors of religion, or professional
men (14+)
4 a relation, brother, cousin, or neighbour (r,u.)
i a woman, wife, housekeeper, or waiter (147,}
f a young person connected with thc famlly,
'''"d byGoogle

Mars and 11 comhincd, they are common thieves,
and are \'illainously <lisposcd.
2. Is tlie suspected parly tlie T Me/?
Your suspicion is correct.- -If lhe Moon or ruler
of the 111t bchold thc rulcr oi lhe 7th hy ;;ny had
aspcct, or shc be in conjunction with thc significator
of lhe thicf. Thc Moon in conjunction with any
planet in an angle. The rulcr of Jst in an angle beholding a planet in a cadent housc by ili aspcct ; or
lately separatcd from an infortune. But if thc ruler
of thc 7th be a peregrine planet in an angle, and in no
aspcct to eithcr the Sun or the Moon, or to the ruler
of thc Jst, then ju<lge the contrnry.
3. Wliat Mnrks, S,ars, otlu, lokms /111s 1/,e Thief?
Consi<ler thc face of the 7th and the position of
thl: rulcr o{ lhe 7th, anel thc place of thc l\toon, an<l
thenjudgc the; thicf has a mark, mole or scar upon
that part o{ the body rulc<l by thosc signs (294 an<l


29 ilhe significator of lhe thicf apply to ili aspcct

of IJ}, 1 or ,1 , out of :m:.{lcs, some punishmcnt will
soou bcfall thc tlucf; as if the ili fortunc be ruler of
thc 6th, <lani,:<:r of imprisonmcnt ; if of thc 3rd,
dangcr of dcalh ; if o( tl1c ,, hc will soem be
brought to justice ; if of lhe 10th 1 an unortunate
4. Gmcrnl Sig11ifirntio11 o/ tlie T/1ief.
The lor<l of the 7th in thc I st, it is one of the
fomily, or thcrc is rnusc to susp<:ct thc owner
himsclf; if it is in thc 2n<l, it is his wife, sweetheart,
or mai<l-servant. ln the 3r<l, a brolhc.:r, sister,
cousin, companion, messenger or Cavourite scrvant.
I n lhe 4lh, hiK folher, or some olJ rnan, or a fathcr's
rdalion. lodgcr or inmatc, or an a:;ricultural ser\'ant
of thc q11crc11t, or lahourcr in ai{ricullure, mines or
buildings. ln the 5th, a child of his or of hii. cousin,
or ncphcw, his kept mistress ora companion, or one
frequenling a tavern. ln thc 6th, ll servant, lodger






i.. ;,




: . ,
1 ~ '

' l

' .


. l

. . 1' .;~!

. ...

~t ....

. !

,(t! . '
"' -~ '"

. ,

or some servant or lahourer, or some sickly or

melancholy person. ln the 7th, an enemy who owes
him a spite, or a vile prostitute. ln the 8th, some
person in thc habit of coming to the house occasion
ally to Jahour, kill cattle, nuri;c, char, or one to
whom the quercnt has bcen a friend. ln the 9th,
some vagrant, or one pretending to religion, some
needy author, sailor, or man of learning reduced to
distress. 1n the 1oth, some great person of conscquence, who is not necessitatcd to turn thief. ln
the I Ith, some friend or person in trnst, or one
that has done thc querent a service. ln thc nth,
some rascally \'agahond, hc~gar, or miserahlc wretch,
some cnvious pcri;on, or onc who li\'cs hy thcft.
5. O/ tl,e Bodily dtscriptio11 o/ //,e Tliief.
\Vhenevcr you have <lescrihe<l the significator of
the thief, notice in what sign he or shc is posited,
and then describc as thc planct is in that sign
according to the dcscriptions ~ivcn from page 20 to
45. The disposition of thc party, ilCCording as the
planet is well or ili dignified, pa!;C 46 to 51
6. O/ //,e T/1i,f's B11si11ess
This is known hy thc planct who is cither rulcr of
the 4th or is found in the 4th, and so ju<l~e according
to the dignity or otherwisc, as the planet may happen
to be. This is known l>y rcferrmg to paragraphs
under the head "Employments," page 50
7. O/ lhe Age and Sexo/ tlu Tl,it/,
'fhe usual mcthod of judging the sex is to consider
the gender o the significator o the thie. Thus W,
ll, 3 and thc 0, denote the thief to be mafe.
lf 'li or ? be si~nificator, it is a man, and very old,
except he be at thc beginning o a sigo, which shows
bim to be al>out 40. lf ll, 3 or the 0, it is a man
about the age of 30. And if i or ~ , the thief is
very young. Venus and the Moon show a female;
anel V as he is most in familiarity with male or

1, ,



or lahourer, uncle or aunt by the ather's side,
female planets. If the Moon he in her rst quarter
and significatrix, the thie is youn~; i in her 2nd
quartcr, hetwccn 20 and 30; if aftcr the ull,
betwecn 30 and 45 ; anel if past her last quarter,
betwecn 45 and 6o.


8. Is tliere 011e T /1ief o,

t/,a11 one J
Jf thc anglcs o( thc figure are in fixed signs, or
the significator of thc thief in a fixcd sil{n, in no
aspcct with any planet in the :2nd, only one is
More than one thicf.-Many planets aftlicting the
ruler o thc 2nd, the EB, or its dispositor. The signi
ficator in c.louble bodicc.l signs, or in
or ll. with
other planets ; also the Sun and thc Moon in angles
in o aspcct; if thc significators bc in ~. 111. or M:
or thc anglcs bcing moveahlc ; thc Moon in a double
bocliec.l sign and in thc 1st.

9. 11'liic/1 "'Y

r.1/1nt dista,ue is tlie tl,ief J

Thc significator of thc thicf in thc clilTercnt houscs
will show thc direction from thc 'l'crcnt's home
whcrc thc thicf thcn is; ns 209. Mix thc house and
the sign an<l then judge ; as 2o8.
The distance is known hy thc position of the rulcr
of the 7th being angular, or otherwisc according to
the <lircctions in 210. .But to bc a little more parti
cular, if the thicf bc in thc enc.l of a sign, or
scparating from comhustion, or applying to a planct
in thc 9th or 3rd, hc is making off with thc property:
also if thc Moon and rulcr of the 1st L,c in different
quadrants. lf thc thief bc in a fixed sign, take
three milcs for cvery house he is distant from thc
lorc.l o{ the 1st. lf in a common sign, one anile:
if in a movcablc sign, he is so many c.loors Jistant.
lf thc l\loon be angular, he is at homc; if succecdent, about homc , cadcnt, a good way otT. The
lord of- the 7th in the 1st, the thie lives ncar the




. '



querent. The lord of thc 7th in the 7th. he is hid

at home.
10. Dwription of tlu Thiefs Doo,

'\ .


J :

j .

!. . :1



' :,

.. r



'l) :



. r

1. ( ! .,~

Q '

The thiers door is said to be describcd by the

position o( the Moon ; as if shc be in a fixcd sign,
there is lmt onc door: in a moveable sign, the door
has a step or two to go up: if W aspcct thc Moon,
it is an oldish door with ~lass ovcr the top : if ? aspcct thc Moon, it is a mcnde<i or very old <loor ; if
the Moon nspect , it is ol<l. an<l iron is seen outside
of it; if both I;, and J aspcct thc Moon, thc door is
iron, or ve:y strong: if thc Moon is hut threc or four
days old, or three or four days from thc changc, it is
a back door. or the house is in a yard: if the Moon
he affiicted, it is n broken door; in common sigos.
there is more than onc door.
I 1.

Tltt Stolm G00tls tiill bt Nt:overtJ

Notice the aspect the luminarics hcar to cach

other, and the <lisposcr of thc Moem, an<l thc Moon's
application to each other will show the recovery.
The <I. rulcr of the 7th in 6 to the lor<l of the 7th
or 1st. or lady of the 2nd in the 1st. Jupiter
direct, and in thc 2nd. The Moon in the 1oth or
2nd, and in 6 to a planet in the I oth or 2nd. The
luminarics in 6 an<l in 6 to the cusp of the 2n<l.
Lord of the 2nd in the 11 th, 4th or I st. The Moon
in of U or ~ in thc 2nd. Lord of thc I st or 2nd
in of thc ruler of the ?st with reccption. The dis~ r of the e in the ut or 2nd. Lord of thc I st
10 the 7th with the E&, found after much search.
Jupiter. ~ or Dragon's Head in the uth, gives
hopes. The lord of the 7th in coml>ustion. The
luminaries, both in the 1oth, sud<len recoverr The
Lord o{ the 2nd in his exaltation. Lord o the 1st
and 2nd in . Lord of the 7th in the 1st, he brings
them. The Moon in the 9th in , o or 8 , of W,
'1 or I and the aspected planet R the thie{ brings
D,g, ,zed


them back. If the significator of the thief be af
flicted in the 6th, he wall be transported or imprisoned.
12. Tl1 Sto/111 Goods u,i/J not be Reco11,ml.
The Dragon's Tail, W, ? or , out o( their essential dignities, in thc 2nd. The lord of thc 2nd in
combustion or in the 8th. The lord of thc 2nd in o
or 8 with the lord of thc 8th. Thc lord of the 7th
and 8th in ; or if thc lord of the 2nd behold
neither the 1st house nor ats lor<l; or thc 0 and <I
not aspccting each other, nor thc @ ; or if hoth the
luminarics hc under thc earth. 'fhe significator o{
the thief stronger than thc lord of the xst or 2nd, or
in cvil aspect to lhe Moon.
13. Are tlu Goods Missi11g Stolm or Not}

Thc goo<ls are not stolen.-If the Moon hc in the

2nJ, or shc lady thereof, going to oC rulcr of 7th,
thcy mislaid. The Moon lady of thc 1st, in the
4th, and lor<l of 2nd thcrein, or in thc 2n<l, and
or 6 to lord of
cspccially thcsc anel thc Moon in
thc 7th, takcn in jcst. Thc Moon, lady o the 5th,
in conjunction with ruler of 7th, mislaid through
thoughtlessness. Thc rulcr of thc 7th in the 1st, or
disposing of thc Moon, or lor<l of the 1st, or the Moon
disposing of thc rulcr of thc 7th. Uranus or in e,
in caclcnt houscs. l{ ncithcr the disposer of the
Moon, nor ruler of 2nd havc not latcly separated from
thc 6th, thcn the articlcs are misplaccd.
The Goods are stolcn.-If the Moon or lor<l of the
1st or 2nd, or the e he in conjunction or cvil aspect
to the significator of the thief. Any ili aspcct of an
evil planet, or the lord of the 7th to thc xst or the
Moon, denotes the thing is stolen. Uranus, '? or
, in the 1st or 2nd; or lord of the 1st peregrine.
The significator of thc thief in ili aspect to the dis
poscr of thc Moon. If neithcr the Jord <> the as
ccndant, nor rulcr of the 2nd, nor tbe disposer of the




,. ,



! 1

! '





l : :

, 1


' ;:

'B, nor the Moon separatc from other planets, hut
other planets separate from them.
14. fVill tl,e Arlide be Sto/e11?
Thc thing will bc stolcn.-If thc Moon rulc thc
7th, or any planct therein, and at the same time dispose o a planct in the 2nd, 5th, or 11th, and hcrsclf
or the planet in no good aspcct to lhe cusp of thosc
houscs. Thc lord of thc 1oth in , o or 8, with
thc significator o thc thic, thcn thc thing will be
15. Tl,e Tl,ief will be lnkm
Lord o thc 7th anel Hth in the 1i-t, or in conjunction in the JSt, The Moon m the 1st, or in A to the
ruler o the 1st. Sun or (! in aspcct of the lor<l of
the 7th. LorJ o thc ist in thc 1st. The ([ in thc
6th, 8th or 12th, The (! in the 7th, going to con
junction o thc lord of thc Sth. Moon in thc 8th in
of . Lorcls ol 7th and 8th in conjuncti<'n o
1st. The Moon, or lord of thc 7th joincd to 19, 17,
or ~, in an anglc. Lord of 7th in conjunction o
0 he will soon die. The (( joinc<l with a R. or
stationary planet, he rcturns. Thc (! scparating in
aspect, an<l aspecting thc thicrs significator. Thc
Moon in the 7th, and applying to the o of , 0 or
\1 Thc <! scparating rom thc o of W, ? or ~ ,
and applying to o ,,f 0, or thc (( scparating from
the conjunction o W or 17 , and applying to a o of
\1 The rulcr o tlic I st an<l 7th togcthcr in thc
16. Tl,e Tl,itf ,vill 1111/ be lnkm.
The lorJ of the 7th in good aspect with li, or ? ,
in the 11th, by means of fricnds: in the 3rd, by
strangers; in the Qth, by his kin<lrc<l ; in the I st, l,y
other thieves, and by tlaose who may have received
the goods, or one who has receiveJ stolen goods from
the thie. If in the 1oth, he hides himself; i in the
12th, by means o the <lomcstics : if in the 2nd by
means o( his wife.


17. ln whal ireetio,. dou tlu t/1i1/ ""' l
Observe in what sign and house the significator of
the thief is, and then judge according to 207 and 209.
ln a fiery sign, bear castward; in a watery, bear
towards the lowlands, northwards; in an airy sigo,
go upwards, or to hilly grounds, westward; and in
earthy signs, go among quarries, woods, farm houses,
dunghills, or clay localihes, southward.
18. W lietlu, t/11 t/1f holds t/11 goods.
It thc i.ignificator of the thicf is in good aspect of
any hcnevolcnt, an<l at thc sarne time disposed of
nnothcr planet which is a ortunc, they are then in
thc han<ls o{ the thief. But if othcrwise situated or
affecte<l, then they are sold or divided, or othcrwise
Jisposcd of
19. O/ tlie time tlie tM11g rvi/1 b, recovtred.
Observe thc two planets signifying rccovcry, and
notice the degrecs distant between their body or as
pect, an<l t11rn thc <listance into time, according to
the directions given in paragraphs 2o6 and 207.
When both luminaries behol<l the first, a speedy
recovery. The significators increasing in light and
motion, and locate<l in fortunate parts of the figure,
presai;c a sudden recovcry.
20. O/ tlu Dms o/ t/11 Tl,ief.
Observe what sign an<l house thc significator of
the thicf is in, and thc col1>ur that significator de
notes, an<l so juJgc and comix according to the
paragraphs 202, 203 and 204.

N.B.-Most of these questions will be similar to

those on marriage.
1. M ay 1 ,nte, into Parlnmilip tw Socly l
The ruler of the 1st and the <! denote the qu,,
and the 2nd and its ruler his money matters.




,i;. .
! :.


. :}

. ! :


, 1

The ruler of the 8th signifies the quesited, and the

8th shows bis pecuniary affnirs.
The 1oth house porten<ls the honour, credit,
henefit, nnd so on, hy thc Partncnihip.
Thc 4th ho11sc and its rulcr denote the cxtent of
Partnership, whethcr to good or ill.
2. /'arl11ersl1ip ttill do tnll.
The lorJs of thc rst and .7th in goocl nspect, mutunl
rcception, or thc !oreis of thc 1i-t or 7th not npply
ing to each other, but in mutual rcception.
3. H ow sl,a/1 tu, agre, J
Ihhe rulcrs are in ~, st, nt or
more especially
i{ there is mutual reccption, you will a,;ree, and the
partnership or society endure long. IC m 'Y', ~. ~
or ~. without reception you will have many conten
tions and disagreements ; at other times agree wcll;
yet you will mistrust cach other, and no grcat gains
will accrue from the firm. Thc significators in o,
Ili, I or )E, are a symhol of good.
4, Whal fllill b, llu cause of tlisagrt111unt ?
See what house the aftticting planet is ruler o{; as
i{ it be the lord of the 6th, evil servants defraud or
make strife betwecn yo11; if rulers o the 2nd or 8th,
money matters are ba<l ; and so judge according to
the signification o{ thc house ovcr which the affiictor
rules. An evil flanet in the roth, or ruler thereof
afflicted, want o trade, a lar<liness in disposing of the
5. S/111/l "'' SN&&eed w,U in B11siH1SS J
The ruler o{ the 1oth strong, and hc a fortunate
planet, unaftlicted,-good succes.c, The Moon apply
1ng to good aspcc t of the fortunes, or to the ruler of
the 1oth, anJ hc not vitiatcd. Good planets in the
aoth portend prosperity.
Not ,ery gcod success.-lf the ~ is in the 1oth;
if ili planeta behold the lord o the 7th and 1st; iC




the ruler of the 1oth is unfortunately situated or aspected.
6. W/,ih will b, tlu ~est affeeted}
If the ruler of the ist be more ponderable than the
lor<l of the 7th 1 and better <lignified, it denotes the
querent will be the most bcnefited by the partnership; but if the rnlcr of the 7th is most ponderous,
the quesite<l gains most.
Mars or V heing lord of the 2nd, or ~ therein,
and atHict the ruler of the 8th, the querent will defraud ; but if 3 or V is ruler of the 8th, or '7
thercin, an<l afflict the 2nd's lord, the quesited will
cheat. That significator which affiicts the EB, will
waste the common stock. An evil planet in the ut,
the qucrent is falsc; hut bcing in thc 7th, the quesatcd is not to be trustc<l, and hc is in poor circumstances.
He whose si~nificators are thc strongest will prospcr and be the most fortunate ; and he whose
i.ignificators are the weakest will be injured, if such
significators are posite<l in evil places in the figure.
lf the ([ separatc from a good planet, and apply to
an evil one, although a good beginning, it will neverthclcss end in debate and strife; if the ([ separate
from one evil planct and apply to another, it signifies
a bad begiuning, and a worse ening.
A good planet in thc 4th, or the ruler o( the 4th in
good aspect to the ruler of the I st, 2nd 1 7th 1 8th or
the EP, denotes a good end. See in the 4th house for
the rest of this judgment (193).
Retrograde or peregrine planets are cvil. lf the
ruler of the 7th or 8th is R., the querent's affairs are
desperate and he wishes to retrieve them ; if in the
6th, peregrine, have nothing to do with him, except
there is ap~lication between him and 21,, ln the
sarne cond1t1on is the querent if bis ut or 2nd is ao

Digitized by


~- '


! .


' .

t, . ;,


:, : . :J
t ..
. . ;:
. .!

.. r .


. ~: ,. i.,


:., ,

1 ' .

.. Brother goeth to law against brother; there is
utterly a ault among you, because ye go to law one
with another Why do ye not rather take wrong?
why do ye not rather sufTer yonrselves to he Jefrauded?
nay, ye do wrong. and deraud, and that your
brother.'' 1 Cor. vi. 5-8 ,erses. Observei, LorJ o ist, Sun and < signify the quercnt.
2. The 7th hou~ and its lord si~niy thc adversary.
3. The lor<l o the 1oth, denotes thc lawyer, &e.
'l'he lord o the -1th, anJ , 's apphcation, shew the
1. Sl,all 1 J,a,,, a Lawsuit ?
No, You MAY P1tEVENT IT AND na RacoNCILBD,1. lf the lord of the 1st or the ([ be unafflicted,
and in gooJ aspect with lhe lord of the 7th, with
mutual reception, you will agree.
:a. 1f lord o( thc 7th disposc of lord of 1st; or lord
of 11t disposc of lord of 7th, you will agrce hy mcans
o( some person's interposition .
3. 1f lord of ut and 7th aspcct one planet
4. If 'Y', e, 6,or \,J', beonthc 7th, you may be
reconciled by your own prudence .
5. If the ({ or any planet leave an aspect of lord o(
the 1st or 7th, and apply to either lord o 7th or 1st,
you will be reconciled by a third person described by
the apflying planet, and the si~n it is in.
6. l lord of 1st be thc npplying planet, the querent
will seek to be reconciled.
7. If lord o :and be the applying planet, by mcans
o( money, friends or assistants, as the 2nd house
8. Jf lord o 3rd apply, by means o brothers,
neighbours; as 3rd house signi6cs.
9. 1f lord o 4th, by mcans o athers ; as 4th
10. l lor<l of 5th, by amusements, gaming; as 5th



11. I llord of6th, by uncles, aunts, &e.; as 6th house.

IC lord of 7th, by means of the querent's wife;
as the 7th house.
13 IC lord of 8th, by the adversary's friends; as 8th
14. IC lord of 9th, by wife's kindred; as 9th house
15. lf lord of 1oth, by mothcrs, masters; as 1oth
16. If lord of 11th, by riends; as 11th ho11se
17. lC lord of uth, by money o Criends; as 12th
I f none of the foregoing rules are found, then say
the qnercnt will have law; also, if the 7th house
have two or three evil planets therein. IC thc cusp
o thc 1st or 7th be possessc,l hy l:1, SI., 111 or
2. W/10 will be most ,eady to ag,ee J
lf lord o 7th apply to lord of 1st, 0 or <! ; or lord
o 7th R., the adversary.

2. IC lord o 1st apply to lord of 7th; or lord of 1st

R., the qucrent wishes to agrec.
3. That party will he most ready to agrce whose
signiticator is dasposed o by the othcr.
4. lC they compound, the first attcmpt thereto will
be ma<le by the significatcd, by the lightcr planet.
5. IC lord of 1st and 7th hasten to mutual aspect,
anel the lord of 2nd interpose an ili aspect, they will
dispute by means of money matters ; as 2nd house.
6. IC lord of 3rd interpose, disputes by neighboun,
as 3rd house.
7. lC lord of 4th, as it signifies, and soo{ the reat
o( the houses.
8. JC lord of 9th, 1oth or ~ , they dispute by means
oC the lawyer, judge, or the person who is to decide.
3. Who &0111J11m Lawsuits J
Observe whether the lord of the 1st or 7th be best
aspected, most powerful, and that one shall gain the





: 1

:' l


i ;-~

. . !: l


Ii .
I! .




? t

,, . t~:


: . + ,.l,

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day. The adversary gains if any of the following are

found:1. Lord of 1st afflicted by aspect or position; s
R., fali, &e
2. Lord of 1st in the 7th; or lord o 7th in the
7th or aspccts the Sun or <!, in favour o thc adveraary.
~ Jf both the lords of 1st and 7th be afflicted,
neather party will conquu, but both will be detrimented.
4. Doth lords of 1st and 7th, in cqual dignitics and
in angles, ncither party will submit, and probably
both are ruined.
5. Lord of 4th affiicting lord of 1st or 2nd; ot lord
of 1st or 2nd afflicting Jord o 4th, the adversary
6. lf the <! apply to good aspcct o lord o 7th or
Sth, and to ili aspcct of lord o 1st or . n<l, thc a<lvcr
aary ovcrc~mes, through crat or quibbling,
Tlu tJtllYIHt OfllfCOIIUS ij,1. Lord of 7th be affiicted by aspect o position.
2. Lord of 1st better fortified than lord o 7th,
3. Lord of the 7th in thc I st
4. lf 0 or be in the 1st, or aspcct lord of ut, or
the 0 or <! be received by Jord of 1st, good for the
~ Moc>n apply to good aspect o lord o 1st, and
to ili aspect of lord of 7th, the querent conquers.
6. Lord of 4th in iU aspect o lord of 7th or Sth,
the adversary loses money.
+ Wi tlu j11dg1, lca,yw, ~ proeutl jtJirly J
1, lf the lord of 1oth be Wor ? , he will not decide
Lord of 1oth R., he will not act fairly, nor str\'e
to terminate the cause. U W or ? be Jord of 1oth,
and t, 0, V or <!, be in any respect but an opposition, there will l>e an iJl report against the Judge,
&e. ; but if it be oppoaition, the case will be proD,g,t,zed


tracted by the judge. lf opposition Wor ? , the
judge will have a bad character; also i 0, o, W or
? , he may be disgraced. lf a planet be in Joth, and
have no dagnities there, nor reccived by lorcl of ioth,
the parties will not be satisfied, lf n , n.Jl or *, oo
on the Jst or 7th, the cause will bc moved out o( that
court. U lord o( 1oth have an ill aspect to either
significator, the juclge will be a~ainst that party.
2. Lord of ioth direct, or in his own house, except
it bc W or ? . Lord o 1oth in his triplicity or joy.
lf lord o 1oth rcceive both significators, the judgc
will scttlc the matter bt:fore it comes to a full triai.
I. S/,all / ,e/11,11 safe f,0111 Wa,?
'J hc 1st, its lord, and the (!, are signihcators o(
thc qucrcnt ; the 7th, and its lorcl, of the enemr lf
thc figure he ercctccl for a rclation, the housc o such
rdativc 11my hc takcn, as before clecided, for the as
cen<laut an<l thc oppositc house, which is 7th, for the
enemy ; or it may be erectcd at the will o thc que.
rent tor a relation, as for any other pcrson, by ~iving
them the real asccndant. lf be wcak in the figure,
the qucrent will be earful, and probaLly be das
graced ; anel the sarne i Wor ? be in the ascendant
or 1oth. The ~ in the 1st or 1oth, is said to have
a similar effect. The lord o the 1st combust, retrograde, peregrine, or cadcnt, are ali disastrous tokens.
Saturn in conjunction with the lord o the ascendant shows Cear anel great misortune. Tbe o or
conjunction o infortunes denote much evil ; ? shows
deeat, anJ wouns; and iC he oppose either of
the luminaries, there is elanger o a violent death,
anJ i it bc by application, and nearly partile, he will
be killed on the spot. Uranus 1,,rives burstings up o!
magazines and guns. Mars in the ascendant, par
ticularly i ill dignified, shows he will be dangerously
wounded, and i he be in o or 8 to the ([ it is cer
tain death. The lord o the 7th stronger than the


;: ;

': '; i;


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i ;

' .

lord of the 1st, and in 8 to him or the ([, shows

defeat, and if he be an infortune, denotes great
danger. The lord of the ascendant or the ([ separating from thc infortunes, denotes great danger. The
lord of the ascendant or the <! , separating rom the
infortunes and applying to the fortuncs is an un
Mars well
doubted sign of victory and safcty.
dignified in the 1oth, or in 6 to the lord of the ascendant or the ([ , denotes victory ; an<l if he a or
8, the 0 or (!, thcrc is great danger. The lor<l of
the tst joined to the Q, denotes courage and strength
in all aspects bctween the lord o thc 7th anel 1st 1
that which is thc strongcst will be most victorious.
lf the lord o{ the 1st and thc <( he wholly ree from
affliction, the qucrcnt will return safely. Evil
planets in the 8th are ears o dcath. An evil planct
lord of the rst, and a good onc in the asccndant, then
he is woun<lcd, hut not killc<l.


t' '
' '



\\'hcn it is rcquired to bc known whether a place

besicgcd will be compclle<l to surren<ler, the 4th
housc mutt he thc significator o thc placc hcsieged,
thc lor<l of thc 4th is thc govcrnor, an<l thc 5th its
means of deencc in every respcct
lf the lord o the Jst bc strongcr than the lord o(
the 4th, and joineJ with him in the Jst or 1oth, or in
reception with thc <! , or in own house and disposing
of the lord of thc 4th, and he be combust, retrograde,
or in no aspect to tlie 4th, except he bc well dignified
in the 5th, 1t will be taken.
The lord of the 4th in reception with the lord o
the 1st, the governor is tread1crous, and will sur
render it.
lf the lord of the 4th be stronger than the lord of
the 1st, free from the malefics, &e., supported by
benefics, angular, in good aspect with 3 or tne 0
well dignified, or if the lord of the ascendant be un
fortunate, afflicted, combust, retrograde, in the 4th
''''zed byGoogle


house, cadent, or peregrine, it will not be taken.

Saturn in the ist or 1oth will defeat and disgrace the
besiegers, and if in o or 8 to either of the lumin
aries, or to the lord of the xst, the commander of the
expedition, or thc quercnt, if hc be onc of thc be
sicgers, will he killed or desperately wounded.
Wluthe, tu,o Ar111s wi/1 figl1t or not l
Observe the ascendant, its lord, the <I, and lord of
thc 7th. If thcy he in conjunction in any angle, they
will fight. If the lords of the 1st and 7th be not in
conjunction, but are m o or 8, from anglcs, they
will cngage ; or if there he any planet which trans
fcrs thc light of one to lhe other, hy o or 8, there
will bc a fight, if there he no rcccption between
them. But il thcrc bc none ofthese, and the heavier
planet receivc the lightcr, thcrc will hc no scrious
1 . IIas I he Q11ere11t P11blic E11e111its l
'fhc ruler of thc I st or thc II afllictcd by aspcct o(
thc lord of thc 7th. The lord of the xst m u or 8
to many planets, many public foes ; the sarne if
many plancts he in thc 7th (242). And their relation,
con<lition, and quality are known by the house tbey
rule. If Lhe ili aspects are applr,ing, the enmity will
increase ; but if separating, it w11l decrease.
2. W ili the Enems Ove,co11u l
Thc qucrent overcomes.-This must bc judged as
in a lawsuit (307).
The encmy overcomes.-If the ruler of the 7th be
thc best affectcd by position or aspect, according to
No. 3 of 307.
3. Deseriptio11 o/ E11emies.
The number of adversaries is known by the num.
ber of planets afflicting the ruler of the 1st; tbeir
appearance by the planets situated in tbe aigns at











... "''
. '1

1r . .

:; ,:)
1 '.

the time of the question. Investigate the persons

described by thc twclvc sigos.
The number of Coes will be described by observing
all the planets which affiict the ruler of the rst and
the <I, as well as any planet which may happen to
be in the ascendant.
Their power to do evil may hc known by the malignancy of thc planct or its aspcct, cxaltation, joy; or
the contrary, by its <lcbility, fali, and so on.
Shall l b, ah/1 lo JJtm l/11 /nso/11,111 Co11,t I
Rulcr of the 1st and thc <! signiy thc qucrent.
The 7th, its lord, and planets then:m, denote the
opponents or creditors.
This is judged much the sarne as lawsuits.
l the ruler of the rst, or thc <!, bc well situated,
or unafflicted, or the <! and lord of tlic I st are in
good aspect with thc rulcr o thc 10tl1, or -4tl1, or ~ ,
or with the 0 ,-thcu thc 1111crc11t passes .
llut if the ruler of thc 7th l>c unafilictc<l, or in
good aspcct with the ruler o the 4th, 1oth, or with
t, or 1', or the 0,-the cre<litors or opponents
He whose significator is most afilicted, will be the
greatest loser
lf tbe ruler o( the 1st be the strongest in every
way, and should at the s.une time be R., shows the
querent is put back for a thircl or fourth hearing, hut
will pus when that significator becomes direct, or
elevated, or in good aspect with the ruler o the 4th
or 1oth house.
If f be ruler of the 4th or 9th, then the lawyer
bu not made out the case snfficaently clear, or the
balance sbeet is defective.
5. Whal 1,;,u1 o/ dltll/, 1/u
will d J
Ruler of tbe 8th unaffiicted in the 8th, a natural
death, lf 2' or t be unaffiicted in the 8th, or as
pect the cusp by or 6, a natural death. Uranus
m the 8tb, or afflicting the ruler of tbe 8th, por


D,g, ,zed



tends death by drowning or machinery. Saturo

denotes death hy agues, dropsics, consumption ; 3
by evers, epidemies, falis, wounds, &e. ; the 0 by
pleurisy, or some obstruction in the viscera; V by
phthisis, lethargy, or phrenzy; and the <I by watery
diseases, colic, drowning ; thc ~ with the significa
tor o death is evil. Thc lords of thc 1st and 8th the
sarne planet, denotes that the querent brings on bis
own <lcath hy impruclcncc.
Thc timc of dcath is only known hy dirccting the
1,yleg to the a11areta; an<l this can only bc dono where
the timc o birth is known.
6. W /,etlter tl,e q11erent ruill s11ffer from w/ust l,e J,ars.
Hc will suffcr.-H thc rulcr of the 1st or (! be
unfortunatc, anel falling from an anglc, especially i
in thc 12th, or the <! hc affiicted by thc ruler o the
12th ; and he will bc accusc<l of much o which he is
not guilty. Thc rulcr o thc 1st applying to an in
ortun, thc thing thrcatcncd is truc; but i apply
ing to a fortunc, it is alse or ungroundcd.
O no im~rtant consequcnce.-I thc ruler o the
Ist ascends m the 1ith or 1oth, or be joined to a
fortune. The Moon cadcnt, and applying to a cadent
planet, the supposed danger will be nothing. The
Moon in to thc Sun discovers ali suddenly.

311. 011 TIIK Racovaav o, DanTs,

Thc 1st, its lord, and the Moon, signiy the querent.
The 7th and its lord, denote the <lebtor.
The 8th, which is the debtor's 2nd, and its lord,
his means o paying it. (281)
Thc dcbt will be paid.-I the ruler o the Ist be
a fortunc, or thc Moon be in or good aspect o the
lord of thc 8th, or with a planet in the 8th. I the
lord o thc 8th l.,c a Cortune, and in thc 1st or 2nd,
applying to good aspect o( the 1st or to the Moon.
A Cortune having dignities by hou5e or exultation in
the 1st, and also joined to the ruler o the ast or the











Moon. The ruler othe 1st or the Moon joined to 1l

or ~, in the 1st, 1oth, or 7th.
The debt will not be obtained.-Uranus, '1 or 3
ruling the 8th, 7th, or 2nd, and afflicting the Moon,
or Jord of the ast. Lord of the 8th a malefic, and in
no reception of the lord of the IHt or 2nd, the moncy
will be lost. Lord of thc 7th m thc 8th, without
mutual reception. A malefic in the 8th without
mutual reception. l'he e .fflicted in the 1st, 2nd,
7th, or 8th, he is not ahle to pay thc deht.
Frustrating rules.-The lord o the 7th or 8th R.,
combust or peregrine, with no good familiarity with
the fortunes, shows the dehtor to be a cheat, or a dasbonourahle wretch, from whom little good can bc
expected, particularly i he be 3 or ti , ili dignified.
If the ruler of the 7th or 8th apply to the lord of the
2nd, or to the EB or its clispo,-itor, his desi~n is to
defraud; and i the evil application hc to the lord of
the Jst or the Moon, he owes the creditor i1l will, an<l
is determined if possible not to pay. (217)
It is said a malefic interposing an evil ray shows
the cause or person from whom the impcdiment
the house over which the planet rules. (216)
Usefu observations.-lf you receive a bili of
exchange or promissorr, note, the figure at that time
will show whether it wall he paid or not, according to
the above rules of dcbts. lf the e receive a good
aspect of the lord of the I st, it will be paid; but if the
e receive any evil aspect of tbe lord of the ut, it
will not be paid. (266)
The $ always denotes money, whether in cash or
bilia; but property, whether in goods or lands,
housea, &e., is always shown by lhe ruler o( the 2nd,
or a planet therein.

1 .


2. Will 11, safa lo easl, tlu peno11 tlu Bl l

Safe to cash it.-lf the ruler of the 1st, 2nd or
Pars Fortune bo unaffiicted, especially by the ruler
ol tbe 7th, 8th, or the disposer of the Pars Fortune.


Not well to cash the bill.-If the ruler o( the 7th,
Sth, xst, 2nd, or e be afflicted, or badly situated by
position in the figure or in thc zodiac, or if the rulers
o( the 1st or 2nd should haepen to be the lords o(
the 7th or Sth at the sarne hme. (266)
3. S /1all r.11 l,aue dtall,s ;,, tlie family soon J
Uranus or Saturn passing through the Sth, you
will, that year. The ruler of thc 8th, 3rd, xoth, or
4th, heavily aftticte<l, thcn <lcath is approaching the
family. But if none of thesc occur, then death isnot
likcly to enter the family soon. Thc malefics coming
from the 9th to the cusp of the Sth, then say death
after many months.
4. A"' l likely to stop at l10111e uill, partnls J
Remova) from home.-All the angles or cadent
houscs possessed by the moveable signs. 7 he ruler
of the ut setting, or in a cadent house with moveable
cusp. The ruler of the xst leaving a sign in the 7th,
3rd, or 9th. The ruler of the xst affiicted by the
lor<l of the 4th or xoth.
But no rcmoval.-If thc ruler of thc xst be in any
o( thc fixed signs, unless he he leaving that sign and
not cadent.

Wliat ,vi/1 be tlle entl o/ ti,, Sirk Pmon's WiU J

The answer to this question would be most
rationally given from the J)\)Sition of the heavens
at the time the invahd performs the last act of execution, i.,., when he places his fingers on the seal.
The rules are as follow :.The ({ or lor<l of the xst or 8th in a moveablc sign
denotes mutability, and that after a short time tbe
Will shall be re-made, but regard must be here had
as to whcther the testator will reco\er from his in
disposition or not ; for if you observe in thc sarne
figure the Moon, the ascendant, and its lor<l, to bo
alllicted, it denotes the speedy death of the party, and







thus the Will shall stand, especially if 3 be not in

the ascendant or aspect it, but is joined hy body to
the <! , yet though it is kept, in a short time it shall
be lost or stolen; if 17 affiict thc asccndant the Will
shall be altered. If W or 17 be in of the <! or lord
of the 1st, and in no aspcct to tbe ascen<lant, it sig
nifies that the sick person shall yet live, and the Will
then made shall not bc revoked, but continue in
force after his <leath. Jupiter anJ Venus so posite<l,
intimates that thc testator shall rccover, an<l some
time after, he shall destroy the ormer Will and makc
2. JViU tlu Wife o, H11sba11d's Porlio11 be obtai11e J
h will be obtabed.-If thc lord of the 8th be not
impeded or affiicted by the unfo,tunate planets.
Jupiter, , or the Q, on thc cusp of the 8th, or in
the 8th. The ~ in the 8th, in the dignitics of 2+ or
, , and these casting a * or 6 to these planets in
the 8th. A frienJly aspcct bctwcen thc rulers of the
2nd and Sth, with reception. Thc lords of the 13th
and 2n<l, in each othcr's houscs, and not affiicting one
lt will not be obtained.-I therc hc a o or g of
the 1st or 2nd, and thc ruler of the 8th. The lord of
the 8th combust or R., Saturn, W or 3, in the 8th,
and peregrine, very little mav be ohtained. And if
the chief significators are aftlcted, thcre is no portion
of consequence to be expected.
Will //11 Husband o, W,fe be u,e/l off l
The quesitcd will he hctter than thc querent.Observe the ruler of the 8th and planets thcrein. I
the lord of the 8th be well aspccted by the <!, ll,
i, 0, or Pars Fortune, or they be unaffiicted in the
8th. Lord of the 8th or Q in the Sth. Lord of the
8th and 2nd in each other's houses well aspected,
Lord of tbe Sth disposing of the Para Fortune in the.
8th, in good aseect to ~ or ll The Part of Fortune
in the 8tb, and in S\. or
or V, or I , or 2l and , in ,




good aspect o the Part o Fortune. The disposer o
the Part of Fortune in good aspect of JupiterorVenus.
The Jord o the 4th or 1oth in good aspect witb the
lord of thc 8th, from nngles.
Pmo11s and Mea,,s /1inderi11g lhe Prop,,ty.
Sometimcs it happens that persons have a claim
to propcrty, or expect it, knowing that there is
wealth or cstnte, hut are wronged out o it. ln this
case wc are to observe plancts afflicteJ, the rulers
of the 8th and 1st, and the sign anJ house they are
in will describe the eerson, anJ show the cause of
the qucrent not receaving his or her right.
Mcrcury Jord of the Sth in the 9th, in o or 8 o(
the Part of Fortunc, indicatu a lawsuit respecting
the wife's property.
lf ? , 1;11 or 3 be Jord of the 8th, in the 9th,
afflicting tne Part o Fortune, it may be a farmer, or
kinsman that hinders. And thus go through the
heavens and signs, hy whatever affiicts the Sth,
or Part of Fortune; as in the " Prevention of
lt can never be ohtained.-If W, ? , 3 and ~, or
any two of them bc in the 8th, or if the Jord of the
Sth or .2nd be in its dchilities.
Wl the Q,urent obtai1t tlu expected Legacy J
ln judging this question, we cannot too greatly
impress on thc studcnt's mind the absolute nccessity
of directing his attcntion to the proper house.
If th,. '}tJerent expects a Jegacy from his own
mothcr, then the 1oth house of the figure signifies
her, and conscquently the 11 th, her suhstance, prop,
erty, &e. If it be the querent's wife's m,,tht:r, then
thc stuJcnt must consider the 4th house of the figure,
which, bcing the toth from the 7th (his wife's house),
constitutes the ascendant of his wife's mother, and
so forth.
H the ascendant, its lord, and the ([, which are
thc querent's significators, be strong in their own




.. .

. t


houses, unafflicted by body or aspect o f/1, ? , 3' , or

ff, and if the lord o( the quesited be riendly with <:,
or lord o( the ascendant, and aspect her or him by
or , or join with her or him in , it shows that
the legacy will he let as desired.
The lord o( the 8th debilitated, and ili plancts in
the 8th, or ruler o the rst affiicted in the 8th, all are
testimonies o( gain hy legacy.
'fhe lord o the 8th housc, bcing in the ascendant,
or in good aspect with the Sun, :t, or lord o( thc
ascendant, unaffiicted, many good planets positcd in
the 8th, denotes gain by legacy
Yet you must also observe whethcr the querent's
second house, its lord, or thc Part o Fortunc Le
afflicted, and then, collecting the testimony, judge
The 8th and and houses, thcir lords, and the Part
o( Fortune, being affiicted, and thc querent and
queaited's lords hcing enemics hy naturc, shows that
the enquirer will not obtain hopcd Cor legacy ; and
the student will be able to say what will be the
hinderance in this matter by consulting othcr aspccts
and parts o( the figure, for which purpose the rules
immediately preccding these, will, we hope, be (ound
o( some use.
Shall I b, able to e/fed an lns11,ance l
You will not.-I the ruler of the 9th and the rst
or the <I are in bad aspect ; also, if thc rulcr of thc
7th is in bad aspect of the ruler of 1 st or 7th house.
If the rulers of the 7th and 9th are ill Cortunes, there
is not much hope. The company, or their managers
or agents, are indifferent about pushing the execution
of the affair.
Expect to succecd.-I none o the forcgoing testi
monies are powerful, and the rulers o the 9th, 7th,
11t and :and houses are in good amiliarity.

Money can be advanccd.-When you find the

benevolt:nts 2' or V, or the Part o Fortune in the
7th or 9th houses.


' i'
~:. l;
.. ....



i ..



But otherwise.-The malefics in the 2nd, 7th or 9th,

and no reception between the rulers of the xst and
9th, or bctween the lord of the 2nd, 1st, and the disposcr of the Part of Fortune, by mutual reception.
This question may be answered generally by the
sarne rules as borrowing money rom a club, b:mk,
&e., page 112 1 only the 9th house more particularly
porteods insurance companies.

7. 0/ tlu success o/ 11 Book, <k,

This question may he answered either by settmg a
figure to the time when the writing of the book was
commenced, its publication, or when the author fclt
an ardent dcsire to know its fate.
The production is signified by the 2nd house, its
lord, and planets therein posted.
If ~ and the Part of Fortune be in the 9th, or V
is lord thereof, wcll <lignificd, and unaffiicted by evil
planet' or by the lord oi the 4th, 8th, or J 2th house,
or if ~ he m his own house or dignities, and at the
samc time cazimi of thc Sun, in good aspect to the
lord of the 9th house, thcn fear nothing-the work
will prosper.
A good prognostic.-\Vhen good planets are in the
9th A to ~, in the xst house; or ~ in the 9th, well
aspectcd by good planets in the ascendant.
No gooc success.-lf V, or ruler of lhe 9th bc in
the 6th or 12th house, or if ? or 3 be in thc 9th, or
most of thc planets under the earth, affiicting the 9th
h.:>uSP. or its lord, there is then a dreary time, and the
publishers will not exert themselves to push the work.
The planets denoting this, and particularly the one
afflicting Mercury and the ruler of the 9th, will dis
cover the cause of thc calamity.
8. l'ill t/11 qumnt profil by th, Scuru,.
Both profit and dehght in the scicnce.-When the
lords of the 1st and 9th are in ,
or A, with each
other from angles or succeedent houses, or li,, Venus





or Q, in the 9th, in their own dignities, and in good
aspect of the ruler of the ascendant.
The Moon in the 2ud, in * to the ruler of the 9th,
in the 11 th, especially if
be on the 9th, and IJl be in
good aspect to the cusp of the tst, aoth or 9th fiouse.
Not much gain.-lf none of these astro-symbols
happen, but on thc contrary there should I)(' a o or
8 betwccn the rulcrs of the 1st an<l 9th. \Vhen thc
planets, 1: or 3, or thc Dragon's Tail should l>c in
the 1st or 9th, or afAicting their lor<ls, or the Moon:
or if ? or 3 happens to rule the 9th, and he locate<l
in a ha<l place of the figure.
A good judgment may be gathered, answcring this
question, by investigating the " General Judgmcnt of
the Houscs" (244).



9. Wl /1,uband, fllije, ""low, ,et11,n f,om ab,oad J

The ruler of the 1st and Moon, as usual, denote
the querent. The ruler of the 7th and plancts
tberean portend the absent hushand, wife, lover,
partner, thief, and other persons denoted by the 7th
house (96).
The following rules will also answer for servants,
lodgers, workmen, and so on, by taking the ruler of
the 6th in the same way you consi<ler the lord of thc
7th (195).
For brothers, sisters, cousins, neighhours, and so
forth, will be the same, by considering the lord of the
3rd, instead of the ruler of the 7th. But this we
have more minutely explaincd in 254.
For mothcr (273), mastcr, fathcr-in-law, kings,
noblcs, magistrates, and so on, by taking the rulcr of
the 1oth, in,tcad of the 7th; Rnd tlms proceed round
the houses.
RuLBs :- The ruler of the 7th in thc 4th or 1oth,
and especially in fixe<l sigos, he is not thinking of
returning, also the disposcr of the Moon afflicteJ.
News will be beard ofthefarty.-Mercury or the
?tloon in the 11t or ioth; i they separate from a



fortune, the news will be good, but if from an infor

tune the contrary, if from W, the querent is eccentric
in his or her mind, and does not know which way to
proceed for the best ; if from ? , sickness or poor
employment.-Page 151.
The state of the absent person.-The planet from
which the que!-ited's significator last separated is the
significator of the statc and condition in which he or
she lately was, the significator separating from the
ili fortuncs, some evil has befallen him. The planet
to which the quc~ited s significator applies, prognos
ticatcs thc state in which he now is, or shortly will
be, according to the degrees of distance between the
The quesitcd in combustion shows evil, such as
imprisonmcnt ; and if it hc in the house of death,
which is the 8th from lhe q11csitecl's, or thc Sun be
lord ofthe house of death, it generally portendsdeath
before the quesite<l can return.
lntcnds rcturning.-The ruler of the quesited in
the 3rd or 9th, applying to a planet in the 1st, he is
on his journey homeward.
If the quesited or ({
apply to a H. planet or the quesitcd be himself R.;
but if lus signilicator be affiicted, portcnds some im
pcdirnent )ias taken place, which prohibits his arrival
for some time.
Wl tlu Benejice l,e obtai,ud J
Ruler of the 1st and <I astrally signify the clergy
man; and the 9th housc portends thc living, or any
other ccclesiastical preferment sought for.
lt will bc obtaincd.-If the Moon or mler of the
ISt hc m good aspect of the lord of the 9th. If the ({
or lord of the I st lie in thc 9th, or ruler of the 9th in
the rst, in mutual reccption. 'fhe lord of the 1st or
<I, in good aspect to the Sun or Jupiter, in the 1st or
9th. If the P.rincipal significators be in * or , with
reception ; a they be in o and at the sarne time
in reception, then gain ater much labour and delay.
If the ruler of tbe 1st separate from good aspect, im




mediately of the lord of the 9th, then gain by the

means of a person denoted by the translator.
Not obtaaned.-The ruler of the 1st R.,or combust,
or he or the ({ in evil aspect with the infortunes, it
will come to nothing. If in the 12th, 3rd, or 6th, in
evil aspect with the lord of the 9th, very doubtful.
If an infortune be in the gth, or its lord be R., then
continuai uneasiness. Malefics in the 1st or gth,
afflicting the lord of the I st or 9th, or the ({, trouble
and disappointment.
The cause of hinderance.-Observe that planct
which casts a a or 8 either to the lord of the 1st or
the Moon, and take notice over which house he rules,
which will furnish you with the cause of his rejection.
The aftlictin planet being lord of the 3rd, it is
through a relation or neighbour. If of the 11th, a
pretended friend plays the knave with him, it may be
a parson, for they will deceive each other whcn filthy
lucre is in the mess, or some fat living to be enjoyed.
If Jord O I 2th, some sccret cncmr 1f the Jord O the
1oth, his patroa dislikes him. I of the 9th, his in
terest is not strong enough, or the parishoners or the
bishop dislikes him on account of some article of his
dogma or creed. If of the 7th or 5th, he is thought
contentious, immoral, or some way improper. If of
the 2nd. he either wants gcnerosity or the means. If
of the 6th, he will lose it through ili hcalth, want of
activity, or some unoreseen misfortune.
J 1.

0/ llu 111osl app,opriale lmsi,ress.

This should always he judged more particularly

from the Horoscope at Birth, and judge according to
the pcrspicnous and concise rules in the .. Arcana." -~
But whcn a quercnt is desirous of knowing what
trado ia bcst to ollow in ore.ler to hc provic.:ntially
fortunate and happy in bis calling, take thc mler of
the ut and the Moon to denote the querent, and thc
~ - l 1 e ' a ArcaH ef Aalreleff, &he

-plcle Doc&rltoe ol N-1

tol., 11/6,

AelNlaa,, la t Puta, I> ~ or la -



ruler o the 1oth an<l 5th, as well u planets in the
1oth 1 for the trade.
IC the greater part o( these be in watery sigos, tbey
will do best as publicans, druggists, brewers, distillers,
medical-botanists, or any trade that makes or deala
in liquids, herbs, or drugs.
IC in fiery sigos, he will do best as a chemist,
apothccary, surgeon, physician, smith, cutler, glassblower, steel mclter, or any trade that works by fire.
ln airy sigos, a lawycr, accountant, surveyor,
clerk, astronomer, astrologer, meteorologist, paioter,
miller, draper, printer, bookseller, or any light, clean
husiness, not too sedentary, and chicffy in the retail
ln earthly sigos, a gardener, grazier, coachmaker,
carpenler, bricklayer, mason, agriculturist, or any
calling connected with the earth, or substanccs produce<l from it.

Sluzll 1 p,osp,, ;,. b11sin1ss /

You will prosper.-If the tradc is going on and thc

Moon and thc lords o thc ist and 1oth are in good
familiarity with cach othcr, .and with the luminaries
an<l fortunes, the querent will be a good workman.
lf the 1oth is possessed by the EB, li,, 2, or Q. Tbe
lords o the 1oth, uth, and 1st, are in good aspect
with each other, then gain by bis business.
Not very prosperous.-If the rulers of the 1st, 1oth1
the Sun And the Moon are in bad amiliarity, he will
be dull, unpromising, and unfortunate. Losses and
pecuniary vexations i( the ~ or ? , 3 , or f be
aftlicted, or affiicting the 11th house or its ruler.
13. lf l/11 e1111i1,g be a p,ofesswn o, arl.
Takc thc rulcr o( thc 9th 1 \1 , and the Moon,
instcad o the lord o( thc 1oth. l these and the lord
o( the 111t bc in good aspect in anglcs, or in good aspect o( 21, or 2 in the ut or 9th, or the lord of the
1 st and 9th in the 11 th, and above ali i lf be joined
to, or in good aapoct with tho Moon, and Cree from


aftliction or combustion, good progress in his art. lf
~ and the Moon be in bad aspect with the lord o
the Joth or 9th, or they hc comhust o the 0 or R.,
it is an evil symtom. The ~ in the xst or 9th, or
the lord of the 9th be an ili fortunc, are bad omen. lf
thc 0 has no good aspect with thesc significators,
it is a poor astro-symbol for the querent.
14. W/ul/,er a Petit,011 to Parlia111e11t, or auy' persu11, will

/,ave s11ccess.



1he xst and its lord signify thc l'etitioncr; the 5th,
its lord, and the Moon. signify the pctition. The
1oth, its lord,and the Sun,denotc the person to whom
the pctition is dirncted, or with whom cntrustcJ.
Successful.-Lord of 1st, Moon, and the Ascendant,
unaftlicted or aspcc-tcd by thc fortunes. 1f to a kin"',
&e., Jct the Jord and cusp of the xoth I)(; unaffiicted.
Ruler of the 5th or Moem in 10th or 1s1, dignined and unaffiiclCd, or in good aspcct of JorJ of xoth,
and he a foctune or thc Sun, or if he bc an infortune,
but well dignified. Thc fortunes angular, and the
infortunes cadent, or the Moon in xoth strong, or in
good aspcct to thc Sun, or lord o the Joth, or in good
aspcct to a planct in thc xoth.
Not successful -Hulc:r of thc 1st, 5th or Moon, a
flictc:cl by the lortl of thc 4th, Xth, 1oth or 12th, or i thc
lord of the 5th affiict, thc petition was 11ot ably advocated; or the Moon aftlict, the petition is not made
weJl in some of its clauses.
I 5. Sl,all / oblaiH 1/u sit,ialio,c J,sired J
Situation gained.-The ut, its lord, and the Mooo,
are: for the quercnt. The 1oth, its lord, and the Sun,
signiy thc honour, placc, &e.
Lord o thc xst or Moon fortunatc in the Joth.
Lord o the roth or Sun strong in the rst housc.
The Moon and lord o the Jst in their dignities, rec
from aftliction. Lord o roth fortunate in the xoth,
or well aspected, LorJ of th<' 1st or 1oth in d,
parallel, or good aspect to the Q, Sun, ~ or ~ , in



the 1oth or 1st. Lord of the 1oth receiving lord of

I st or Moon by reception. The Moon is parallel, or
good aspcct to a planet which has its exaltation in
thc 1st houi;e.
The Moon, li. or ~, separating from the lord of
the 1oth, and applying to the lord o( the 1st. The
Moon in parallel, or good aspect to the Sun, or to the
lord of the 1oth. Lord of the 1st or the Moon in
good aspcct to the lord of the 1oth. Any planet in
parallel, or good aspect to the lord o( the 1oth or the
Sun, lct the querent make applicatioo to such per
i.ons as the applying planet dcscribes. Lords o( the
1st and 1oth, fortunes in , and the Moon applying
to them.
Lord o( the tst in , parallel, or good aspcct to
thc lord of thc 4th, or lord o( thc 4th in , parallcl,
or good aspect of the lor<l o( thc 1oth, you 11:a_, hy
hanl labour. Jupiter, ~, ~, Q or <!, in , parallel,
or good aspect o( Jord o( 1oth, and having dignitics
in the ascendant. lf W, ? or , are 'Strong in the
1st, and in , parallcl, or good aspcct of the lord of
the 1oth, it may be gained after much delay. A.
translation of light from thc Sun, or lord of the Ioth
to the lord o the 1oth or the lord of the 1st. lf the
promisor be in an angle, easily ohtained; in succecdent, lmt slowly; in ca<lent, w;th difficulty,
Not obtained.-lf not more than two of the above
rulcs are found, expect a disappointment; also if any
three of the following are fo11nd :U ranus, ? , or ~, in the Ioth, or they affiict
the lords of the Ist, 1oth, or the Moon, the quercnt ia
hin<lered by the person who is to solicit.
Lord 01 the 1oth in o, parallel, or 8 to the Suo,
Moon, or to lord o( the Ist, without reception.
Uranus,.?, c1 or Sl, in evil aspect to the lords of
the I&t and 1oth, great perplexitr and anxiety; also,
if , or lord o( the 1oth, be in lus detriment or fall,
Uranus, ? or , strong in the 1st, in their own
house or exaltation, and in good aspect to the Jord o{
Diqitizcd by


the 1oth, a probable gain by some person who intercedes.
Slul l ,011li1111e ;,, n,y preset sit11ation J
You will not be removed.-lf the lords of the 1st
and 1oth be in , or good aspect ; and if the most
ponderahle planet o( the two he in any anglc but the
4th. The Moon in of the Jord of the 1oth in the
1oth house; or if the lord of the 1st or thc Moon bc
in good aspcct o( the 1oth or its Jor<l. Lord of thc
ISt in good aspect of ll, i or Q, in the 1oth, and no
eviJ aspect is found by W, 11, J or ~ ,-Jong crc hc
leaves. Lord o( lhe 1st 10 the 1oth, or Jord of thc
1oth in the 1st, the same.



17. S/1all l ltafle my sil11nlio11 J

\\"hcn n per~on is in nny cmployment, officc, or
trust, and is afraid of hcing turnc<l out o thc samc,
ol.Jscrvc thc following rulcs, for if more than two
occur, he is sure to leaYc,
lf the Moon or Jord of the I st be in cviJ aspect of
the Jord of the 1oth 1 or the Sun without reception, in
danger of losing office. Thc lord of thc Jst or '\foon
separating from thc lord o thc 1oth, and applying to
W, ? , or ~ ,--surc togo. lf thc lor<ls of thc 1oth
anti 1st bc iri cvil aspcct, and the most ponderahlc
in the, or approaching it from the i5th. The
Moon in conjunction with any planet not m bis own
dignities, though with rcception (unless it be ll or ~
or t;. ), hc will Jeave. Either the Moon or lord
o the 4th in <r, G, .o. or ~. in the 4th. The Moon
in ~. and afflicted, or ,oid of course, and lord of the
11t atBicted.
18. WAe,r slu,ll l lloe Y situation J
The disposcr of the lord of the 1st, 1oth, or the
Moon, with auy planct in any angle but the 4th, and
that planct slow, you will be removed when the dis
poser comes in o( the 0, or turns R., or Jeaves
the aign he posEe!ISe&. See when the lord o the

bf *

D,g, ,zed



1oth, ora planet in the Ioth leaves the si~ in wbich

he is then positcd; for about that time he leaves.
19. Wlu wl lu lhe eauu o/ my afling J
The lord of the 1st or the ({ in evil aspect with
any planet, and that planet in d or good aspect with
either the lor<l of the 1oth or the 0,--he receives
harm from such persons as are described by the
planets which are in good aspect of the 0 or lord of
the 1oth. The lord of the 1st R., and in d of the 0,
you have incurred the displeasure of your master, or
the person unJer whom you are.
Sl,all l be ,eslored lo my sualio,i J
The followin~ rules will answer the question of the
rc-clection of any meml>er ot parliament, for any
place he has formcrly rcpresentcd; as wcll as any
clcrgyman. ministcr, banishcd officcr, or dethroned
monarch to powcr, &e., or the return of an individual
to any office or employment.
Rcstored.-lf the lor<ls of the 1st and 1oth are
in mutual reception; and rcturned speedily with
honour. lf thc Jor<l of the 1st be joined to a planet
in the 3rd or 9th, and ater separation, the lord of tho
, st join any planct in the 1st, 1oth or 7th. If the
lor<l of lht: 1st join the lord of the 1oth, and the
heavier planet behold the Ioth by good aspect. If
the <! he in 'Y', e, .o. or 1'.f, unaffl1cted. If the ({ be
strong and in d of a planet in the 1st. Lord o the
1oth in d to a planet, except it be the 0, Lord of
the 1oth a lighter planet than the lord of the 4th, and
separatin~ from the lord of the 4th. If the lord of
the 1oth be lighter than the 1st, and be in d of the
lord of the 1oth.
Never restored.-Lords of the 1st and 1oth separ
ating from cach other. Lord of the 1st aspected, and
not received. The <: in d of 1, ? , 3 or ~ in tho
9th, he removes far off. The (( or lord of the 1oth
aftlicted in the ut, 1oth, 7th or 4th.




21. Slul l get "'Y 'll!ages advt11tcul ?

Ycs, an advance.-Lord of the 2nd in ood aspect
of the ruler of the 1oth, and especially a in mutual
reception. Ruler of the 2nd strong m the Joth, or
the ruler of the J oth strong in the 2nd, or thc $ in
the 1oth or in good aspect with its ruler, or with the
ruler of the II th. The rulers of the I Ith and 2nd
in good aspect or mutual rcccption. Tbc luminarie,
in good aspect. (282) But if none of thesc testi
monies occur, then say the querent will not have :m
advance, and the employer cannot afford it if the ~
be in the 11th house.
22. ll'ill it be u,ell to engage tl,is wo,k }
Well to engagc.-If thc 0 or ruler of thc Joth,
11th, 1st or 2nd, are in good aspecl with cach othcr,
or well situated themsehes. Jupitcr. V , or thc ~ in
the 1oth. Thc rulcr of thc 1st or 2n<l, cxahe<l in thc
1oth or uth. The $ unafficted in the 1st, 2nJ, 1oth,
or 11th. (224)
Decline it.-IC the above significators are not so
&ituated, or if the 2nd or I oth or their lords hc
afflicted. The <I or $ aftlicted in the 2nd or 1Ith.
23. Wl il b, rvdl lo luve tlu sil11alitm ?
Remam as you.are.-If the ruler of the 1oth be in
its detriment, Call, or any other debility, or if the
ruler of the Ioth is. hastening into aftliction, espccially
if a fixed sign be on the 1oth. If the planet or
aspect be a fortune, to which the 0 next applies.
The ruler of the uth a fortune, or fortunately
aituated in the Jst, 2nd or Joth. But .if none of
these appear, then say hetter to remove "way.
24. Wlullu, "" ,x, Mil b, r,smd.
The ascendant and its ruler are for the officer,
nobleman, gentleman, &e.
He wiij be restored.-If the rulcr of the 1st be in
d, except it be the 0, with the lord of the 1oth, an<l
the most ponderable planet behold thecuspofthe 1oth.




If the lord of the J st should not happen to behold

the cusp, if the <I be joined to any fortunate planet
in the 1st or 1oth. lf th~ .lord of the 1oth be joined
to a planet in the 1oth, except it be the 0, The lord
of the 1oth a lighter planet than the ruler of the 4tb,
and scparating from him. lf the (( be in "(', G or
~. easily returns. lf the ruler of the 1oth be a
lightcr planct than the lord of the 1st, so also if the
(( be joined to thc lor<l of thc 1oth, and behold the
1oth, unless dii.posed of by a peregrine planet under
the earth.
The <C joined to 2l or 9 in its dignities, but not
restored if 9 or 2l be not in its dignitics. The lord
of 1st in dignitit:s, in * or 6 to a planct, mutually
rcccived, rcstored.
Thc ~o,crnmcnt, officc, &e., not rcstorcd.-Jf thc
<C be afllictcd in tlw 3rd or 9th housc, hut if shc be
well situatcd, an<l wcll aspcctc<l in the 3rd and 9th
house, thcn he trics to gain officc an<l popularity in
another place.
The time c restoration.-Observe ,11hen the promi
sors come in powerful goo<l aspcct with each other,
according to thcir <legrces of distance, or, if more
likcly, by thcir ephemcral motion.
Thesc rulcs may bc furthcr corroborated by thosc
given (20) for discovering whether a querent will be
restorcd to a formcr situation or office.
1. W l,at J,:i11tl o/ pm01, 011glit I tt1 tnut as a frinul. ?
Scc if there be any good planets in the 1?th, and if
so, <lescril.Je thc friend or friends according to the
number of planets therein, observing the sign in
which they are placed, for those will give a descrip
tion of pcrsons, either male or female, most to be
Never trust a pcrson who has oncc made a breach
o( friendship.
Also take notice what planets are rc:ceived by the
lurd of the 1at, or in good familiarity with the ruler



o the ascendant, either at birth, or in the horary

figure, and the si~ in wl)icb they are, and they will
describe their nends, and this latter especially if
there be no planet avourably situated in the 11th

2. /,

llu guuited a f,iend lo""?

The ascendant and its lord are for the quercnt, and
the uth house and its ruler denote the quesited.
The friend is sincere.-If there be a benevolent
aspect between the rulcr of the tst and the uth,
or a friendly reception between them, or between the
disposer of the lord of the Jst anJ uth. The Moon
in friendly aspect to thc ruler of the 11th; good
planets or Q in the 11 th ; as if this cast a good as
pect to the cusp of the 2nd house, its lorJ, or to the
~. gain thercby.
Not a Caithful fricnd.- lC thc t5 hc in the 11 lh,
much deccit; the lord of thc 1st or thc (! in 111 aspect of the ruler of the 11th, ?r of W, ? or J. If
1' or 9 be affiicted by the ruler of the 11th. The
lord of the I Jth in the 12th, sccret enmity. Mercury
in the 11 th, perfid1ous.
Fortunes and infortunes make much difference in
thia question; malefica always cause that which is
disagreeablc, howcver wcll positcd: and henefics,
however iJl disposed, never denote a very great
d~ee of malignity, Application signifies rcconcihation, if the aspect be good, or a renewing of
enmity if evil. Separation shows a Calling off in
attachment if the aspect was ffood ; or if it had bccn
evil it denotes contempt or andifTerence, and if no
good aspect follow with a benefic the connexion will
6e dissolved or evcr,
When persons know or suapect they have private
enemies, and fear the eff'ecta of their malice, in
wanton miachief and ao on,-we talce the ruler of the
11& and the Moon to signify the querent or tho
D,g, ,zed



injured party; the ruler of the 12th, or planets afflicting therein, to portend the enemy. The afflictor of
the Moon or ruler of the ut will describe the general
appearance of the enemy, as wtll as if the lord of the
12th afflicted the ruler of the 1st.
1. Wluit is tlu dumptio,c o/ ti,is foe?
Observe the rulcr of the 12th if hc be 1, ? , t or
~ , in bad aspect of the 1st or of the luminaries
denote a foe or Coes, and are describe<l by that planet
and hy the sign in which it or they happen to be.
The foe's dress is portended by the sign on the 12th
and its ruler combincd with the sign in which the
lord of the 12th 1s posited (202-204). The house in
which the aftlictor 1s placed will manifost in part, the
cause and quality of the enmity, as well as other
peculiarities concomitant with the affa1r.
Mariy ili planets in the 12th or 7th denote many
Coes; also i the lord of the Jst be evilly affected in
the 7th or 12th, or either of their lords in the 1st,
there are enemies. IC the lord of the 12th behold
the ruler of the 1st, from the 6th, 8th or 12th, or Crom
the 4th, 7th or 1oth, he has malicious wishes; also
enemies there are if the lord of any other liouse
besides the 12th be in a or 8 to the lord of thc 1st,
or to the <I fron1 the 4th, 6th, Sth or 12th house.
2. T/11 slale a,ul qualily of ll,e /ou.
If the lord of the 12th afflict the lord o( the 1st or
the <I, Crom the 3rd, thcy are kinsmen or neighbours,
especially if the lord of the 3rd afllict likewise. lf
the 4th, it is his father ; if in thc 5th, his children, or
some visitor or companion; if he he in 6th, or joined
to its lord, it is bis scrvant or very probahly bis uncle
who is also afflicted with some secrct malady ; if the
ruler of thc 6th be in the 12th, hc is sickly. 1f the
lord of the 12th afflict the Jst out of the 7th, it is his
wic, patron or partners. 1f the lord of the 12th be
in thc 1oth, or with its lord, be is in favour with
some respectable person ; and if he be strong it wiU



not be wcll to interfere with him. The lord of the

12th in the nth, a Coe in thc guise of frien<lship. He
may also expect evil from that part whcre the ~ is
posited, especially iC its dispositor be in evil aspect
with either the Jord of the 1st or thc Moon.
3. The power of th,ir 111111ity.
IC the lord o the uth be a superior planct or dig,
nified, they are more powerul, an<l conscqucntly
dangerous. If thc Jord of thc I st l>c more angular or
better dignified, or better supported by the benefics
than the lord oC the 12tb, he will overcome Jus
enemies, et oiee t1n'sa.
ICthe lord oC the 12th be also Jord o the 1st and in
evil aspect with the Moon, the qucrent is chiefly the
cause o the evil by his own indiscretion, and if an
evil planet be in the I 2th he has formcd an ili
connection, and will rcap discontent as thc fruit of his
OWD folJy.
4 H e /,as no p,io,rfe 1111111ies.
lC the ruler o thc JSt or ({ is unafflictcd, or 21, or
t be in the 12th unaftlicted. If the 1st house, its
ruler and the <I be well posited in the figure with no
evil rays o the malcfics, he has no private enemies.
Many planets in mutual reception indicate no par
ticular enemies. IC the lord o the 11th be strongcr
than the lord o the 7th or 12th, Cricnds will be more
powerul than enemies.
If the planets signifying enemies are peregrine,
retrograde, or combust, they are mean, rascally
5. Is tlu al,seolfded &lol d111 tw alive ?
This enquiry particularly belongs the 12th house,
u it is the Sth aom the 5th; and the 8th signifies
Fear the child is dead.-If the ruler o the 5th be
allicteJ by position or aspect in the 1oth or uth.
The 1oth or 8th lord heavily afflicted ; if it be '1 ,


drowned ; if 3 , other kinds of violence. The lord
of thc 5th in the 4th and in o of the C! , dead. The
ruler of the 5th or ({ combust in the 5th, 6th, Sth,
12th or 4th, dead.
Judge this question cxactly as you do for absent
brothers, sisters, &e., only rememhering to take the
rulcr of the 5th in evcry case the sarne as you do the
ruler of the 3rd, in the 254th paragraph.
The 12th house is that from which we astrosymbolically prognosticate, conceming persons imprisoned, banished, transported, or in any other way
The ruler of the 1st and the ({ denote thc querent,
be it parent, relation, or neighbour.
Freedom is denoted.-By the ruler o the 1st or
the ({ bcing swit and unaftlicted, especially i the
lord o the 12th is in a moveable sign, and at the
sarne time in good aspect to a fortunate planet ; also
i( the lord o( the I 2th be stronger than the ruler o
the 7th, 3rd or 9th. l the lorJ o the 1st or the <I
separate from the lord o tbe 4th and immediately
apply to a ortune.
A long confinement.-If the ruler o the 1st or the
<I be in fixed signs in the ca<lent houses. I the lord
o( the rst be iu the 4th, 6th, 8th or 12th, in combustion or retrogradation. The ruler of the 1st aftlicted
by W, ? or J , or the lord o the I st under the 0 'a
beams, then the querent ears long confinement,
wh1ch will be the case. The lord o the 12th
afflicted by W, ? or J , and that infortune the ruler
o( the tlth, tne quesited will die in prison.
A fixed sign ascending, and the lord of the 12th a
superior planet and angular, long imprisonment.
The lord o the 1st being also lord of the 12th, is
srmbolical o( lasting misfortune in prison ; likewise
i the lords of the 1st and 12th apply to a with
each otbcr, and the latter be the stronger and an


infortune, a fatal imprisonment. IC the lord of the
1st be cadent from his house of exaltation, and the
<I in nt or
long imprisonment. IC the lord of the
tst or the (! apply to evil aspects of l;i,I, ? or 3,
particularly if the infortune be lord ol the 8th, or
going into combustion without any good aspect of a
benefic, or if 3, ? or W, be in 8 to the luminaries,
or the <r or lord of the 1st be near any violent fixe<.l
stars, particularly Caput Algol, it <.lenott s that the
whole will end in a v1olent death, or at least that he
will die in prison.
The time of release.-May bc known by observing
the degrees of distance between the lord of the 12th
and the ortunes; or between thc good aspects o the
(:) and the 12th, according to the sign i11 which the
applying significator is, as bcorc descrihed, whether
it be common, fixed, or moveable, according to paragraphs 2o6 and 207.



J. Whal pari of l/1e body is afflieled?
Notice the sign in which the ruler of the ascendant is located, and that will in part show the
disease, and the part of the bo<ly afflicted.
2. Notice the 6th, its cusp, its lord, and the planets
therein, i any, and these will show the complaint
3. Observe the sign in which the ruler of the 6th
is, and that part will be afflictcd.
4. Take notice of the place of the Moon, and that
will in part be aftlictcd.
From the combination of the above you may come
to the true disease: and then apply the remedy as
laid down in my Hlf'hal Gt1le lo l/ealth.
That planet which affiicts either the ascendant, its
ruler, or the ruler of the 6th or the Moon, will declare
the dliction in part.




If it should hc ' you should then administer

nervines. When ? or ~ is the cause o dii:ease I
should recommend stimulants, such as preparations
of composition powder; see my He,bal, 238. When
or the 0 rules the complaint, 1 use cooling medicines .or refrigerants, and those are generally o a
purgative character, as Herbal G11itu, 138. If a ever
or mflammatory action, use ebriuges, 181, 182, or
183 in the Herbal.*
\Vhen the <I or 2 , is the cause o the disease,
dinrctics are generally o great service; but as the
dii:eases are various, they must be distinctly discovt:rcd ; then apply according to the quality o the
disor<lcr, and this will be found under the head o
various Recipes.
2. Sig,u o/ Shorl Diseau.
When the <I is on the cusp of thc 6th, and ruler of
the 1st and 6th in "t', !, .o. or },j', or the ruler of the
1st i;wift or near the cnd o( a sign, so that it be not
thc sign of the 6th or 12th. Venus or 1' in the 6th,
or t, produces short sickness. The rulers
in -o.,
of the 6th, 1st or the ({, in good aspect o each other,
denotes short.
3. Sig,,s o/ Lo,ig Diuas,.
The ruler o the 1st, 6th or the <!, in ~, st, lfl or
:::: , long and tidious ; and i these rulers be an bad
aspect with each other, they denote thc sarne.
Common signs, D , n1, I and
denote neither
long nor short, l>ut a ew weeks; or, i the ({, or ruler
o( the ut or 6th bc R., or slow in motion, will give
rather a chronic and protracted illness.
If the Moon be in ili aspect to the lord of the 1st,.
the disease will increase.
Evil planets in the 6th denote an il1 end to the
disease, and the ruler of the lith afflicted in the 6th,
8th or 12th.



Dr. W,), a1am. .11ea "M-'lcal . . . . ..,, w Hel1Mll R11141a

Haahll," Price ae. M.




The ruler of the 6th in d of the 0, or R., or in

bis fali, and in the Sth, in d , a , S a , or 8 , of W,
OI' '1, or l, fOU may fear that the diseaso will never
lave the pataent till death
The 0 and cadent, and thcir disposcrs with the
ruler of the 1st, and afflicted, denotes a long disease,
although li, and i may lend their aspects.
The ruler of the 1st in the 6th, and thc ruler of thc
6tb in the ut, is long.
4. Progxosli&s o/ Li{e.

lf the ruler of the 1st be stronger that the lord o

the 6th, Sth or 12th, or li, be in d,
or 6, of the
lord of the 6th, and the Sun and Moon be free from
afflictioo of W, '1 or l ,-ali these presage life.
Ruler of the 1st dispose of the lord of the Sth, it is
very good ; and li,, or i , or 0, or the Moon in the
11t, not dlicted by the ruler of the Sth, takes away
all fear of death.
The Moon in the 1oth, in t{ood asP._CCt o \!, ? , l
and 0, is a perfect &iJnificat&on o hfe; but 1t shows
vomitings almost to dastraction. ln such cases medi
cine ahould be given to stay sickness.
The Moon or ruler of the 6th separating from the
ruler of the Sth, and immediately apply to good as
pect of the (:) in the 1st, 7th, 1oth or uth, the sick
will recover, and this recovery will be by means of
The Moon in e, t, M, ~ or 6 , and in good as
pect of i or li,, takes away either the imagination or
Cear of death ; also, if the Sun or Moon, or ruler of
the 11t be free from affliction of the ruler of the Sth,
Examine ali the signi6cators ; as the ut and its
lord; tbe 6th and its lord ; the Sun and Moon. lf
all these or the greater part of them be well con
figurated or posited, tben certain recovery.

rngi ..



5 Ti1111 o/ Rl&llflwy.
When the chief significators are in good aspect, in
e, 1'J', 'Y' or .:i., say so many days as they are degrees to complete the aspect. I in ~ , st, nt or
then say the sick will be so many months as there
are degrees between the principal s1gnificators beore
he recovers to perect health. l the chief i;ignificators be in n , 111, I or *, then so many weeks as
there are degrees hetween them.


6. Proposts o/ Death.
The ruler o( the ist and <I in conjunction ot lord
of the Sth in the 1st, 1oth, 7th or 4th. especially if
the ruler of the Sth be W, ? or 3 . I the ruler of
the 1st separate from conjunction of the lord o( the
8th, by R. motion, when they come to conjunction
by direct motion, the sick will die, unless the (:) interpose his benefic bearps beore them.
The ruler o( the 1st in conjunction o( the (:) in the
1st, or the lord o 8th in the 1oth, anel the ruler of
the 1st in the 4th, 6th or 12th, and atllicted by W,
? or 3 , very evil, or the ruler o the 8th R. and m
conjunction of the <I, or in o or 8 to her shows
The <I in the 4th, with t or the 0 therein with W
or ? ,-death; ab:o the <I on the cusp of the 1st m
o of 3 from the 4th. The <I in conjunction of the
0 in the 8th, or if lady of the 6th, and in conjunction of 0 in the 1st or 4th, the s.'\me; and more
especially i the lord of the 8th be afflicted.
The lord of the ut with one evil planet, and
another evil one in the ut, destroys hfe without
Also if the lord of the I st is in d , a or 8 o( the
lords of the 4th, 6th, 8th or 12th.
The lord o( the 1st under the earth, and in ili a..
pect to the ruler of the 8th, or if the two lords be in




, .t

'I I



conjunction in the 4th, or the lord of the 1st and lord
of the Sth both one planet, 1f he be cadent and
a.fflicted by W, ? , 3 or 0, is very dangerous
The lord of the 1st and lord of the 6th in o or
conjunction from anglcs shows an incurable disease
with great pain. Or the ruler of the 6th retrograde,
combust, detriment, or all, in the 8th, in conjunction of W, ? or 3, shows the disease will continue
to death.
Jupiter ruler of the I st in the 8th and ruler thereof
retrograde, the <! separating therefrom and applyingto , shows death. The 0 ruler of thc 1st and unfortunately placed in the Sth and behold ? from the
The cause of disease.-Look to the lord of the 6th
or uth and to the planet from which thc <I last separated from body.
lf the Moon separate from J and he be lord of the
12th or 6th, then by a strain, or bruise, or fali, or
fire, or some sudden calamity.
lf the Moon separate from W or , in n ,
and i, lady of 6th, then by surfeit. lf the Moon
aeparate from 3 and apply to W, i, or f , and ll
ruler of the J 2th in 'Y', the party has ovcrw".>rked
7. O/ gioing Mtdici'lfe.


Take medicine at the timc the Moon is in e, 111,,

M ; and if the lord of that sign he under the earth,
then medicine will have good cffect.
Do not purgc if possible whcn the Moon 1s in 'Y',
ij or t,;f, but you may give cmetics.
But neither
give vomit nor purge when the Moon is in st.
Mark well -Let not 'Jl be ruler of the I st when
you give a purge, nor in conjunction or aspect with
the Moon or , nor ll in the I st, for thcse hinder
ali purga operating beneficially.
Digitized by



Medicine given when the lord of the 1st is retro.

grade, and the Moon in conjunction or aspect in e,
1)1., X, the party will vomit it up again.

Sluul l be mlo,ed to my s11alion l

The ollowing rules will answer the question of the re-election
o( any Me:mber of Parliament for any place he bu formerly
represented ; as well as any minister, clergyman, banisbed
officer, or dethroned monarch to power. &e., or the return of
any individual to any office or cmployment.
1. You sl,n/1, if the lords of the first and tenth are in
mutual reception; and retum spcedily with honour.
2. A ret11rn-i( the lord of first be joined to a
planct in the third or ninth; or to Jord of third or
nin,h. and after separation, the lord of firsl join any
1l.111ct in t hc first, tenth, or seventh.
3. Hestortd, if the lord of the first joins lord of
tenth, an,l thc heaviest planet behold the tenth, by
gOt>d aspect.
4. Soo,, return, i( < be in 'Y', 9a, .o., or t,J>, unafflicted.
5. A ,a11,11-Lordof tenth in to a planet, except
it be 0,
6. A ret,m,-Lord of tenth a lighter planet than
the lord o fourth, and separate rom lord of fourth.
i. A ,el11rn - -if lord of 1oth be lighter than the
first, and be in d of lord of tenth.
8. A restoratm-IC cr be strong and in cS of a
planet in thc first.
New, reslored.
1. Lord o first and tcnth separating from eacb
:i. Lord o thc firi-t aspected and nol rlUiwd.
3. The <I in d of 1, ', , c1 , ~ in the ninth ; he
removes far off.
4. The <I or lord of tenth aftlicted in the fint,
tenth, seventh, or founh.




1. The Moon passing through the twelve signs
takes the character of each planet that has rule in
the sign in which she happens to be. Thus, if in
the sigo Aries, she becomes martial and masculine ;
if in Taurus, 1he is feminine, and takes on the char
acter of Venus; and so on for tho other houses
2. If the Moon is aspected by any planet what
ever she partakes of its nature.
3. If tho Moon ascend in Taurus, the child then
bom will be effeminate and fond of pleasure.
4. If the Moon ascends in Aries, the child then
bom will be a martial man, brave, but yet of a
changeable mind.
5. Venus or the Moon, in Taurus, ,t thc time of a
birth, denotes a fruitful person.
6. Every planet when in the house, or exalt.ation
of another, partakes of the nature of that other.
7. The Moon rules or governa existences, and
without she be in power conjointly with Venus there
ia no animal existence.
8. Ali animal copulation is in vain if the Moon
be not in power at the moment.
9. The periods of gestation and incubation in all
animais, even to the human female, are exactly regu
lated by the periods of the Moon, and the moment
of completed gestation strike, exactly as tho tide
Jlowa, to the motion of the Moon.
10. Tbe Moon adversely aspected and evilly placed
at the moment of the birth o( a child or animal, the
progeny will never see the light.
11. Tho child bom when the Moon is in Cancer
ia easily brought forth.
12. Wben the Moon is in opposition to the Sun
the brain ia nearest the top of the skull.
D,g, ,zed


13. There are certain times in the day when it is
most fortunate for an infant to be born, the cause of
which is the particular position of the Sun. During
the winter season from 11 to 12 o'clock in the morn
ing, during the spring and autumn from 10.30 to 12
o'clock, in the summer from 10. to 12 o'clock; the
Sun is thcn in the 1oth house, and will elevate the
native, procure active honourable employment,
generally under some public body. Females born
near these times generally marry men above their
own station ir, life.
14. Here is a fact-easily verificd even if you are
not an astrological student-females bom between
sunrisc and noon, or sunset and midnight, usually
marry earlv in life, or otherwise marry men younger
than thcnselvcs; while those born between noon
and sunsct, or midnight and sunrise, generally marry
late in lie, or to persons many years their senior.
Of c.ourse those bom nearest to noonday, but not
past it, are the most fortunate, for the solar
infiuences is then most powerful. Note, t~ij1~dg
ment by position must not be considered i
for aspects from the planets will accentua~ or modify
this, and if the sun is in evil aspect to either Uranus,
Saturn, or Mars, the parties may be very unfortu
15. lf the native is a male, take the Moon and
judge in every respect relating thereto, u the Sun
in the female n11tivity.
16. Persons born with the sign Cancer ascending,
have always some defect, mole, mark, acu, or diseaso
10 the breast.
17. The Moon in d, o or 8 o( Jl, in the horoscope, will cause either an illness or peculiar trouble
near evel'f 7th year of the native's life ; this wil1
be illness 1f the <I be hyleg
. 18. The Su~ in d, o or 8 o( Jl, in the horosc:ope,
w1ll cause an illness or peculiar trouble near ~
D,g, ,zed

. 1


1oth year oC the native'11 lie; iC the Sun is hyleg it

will M illness.
19. ln a Cemale horoscope the 0 and i in cS , o I or
B oC t, will cause an evil love atrair near 19 years
of age, and danger of an illegitimate child.
'In a male's, 9 cS, a or 8 oC , sarne love,
danger, and prohabilities of an illegitimate child
being laid to his charge.
The *, ., will cause cither a love atrair or
marriage, and with a fcmale the 0 and 9 in *, .
of 4 brings a love atrair or marriage.
20. The ascendent in a nativity is a very impor.
tant quarter o the heavens, as it sigmfies tbc
Jeneral health and disposition. It is the beginning;
at is the individual.
21. The 7tb and 1oth houses are extremely powerful. Powerful for good if the henefics are there, but
if the malefics be there calamities are threatencd. If
the ortunes fali in the southern angle and the Moon
has good latitude, free from affliction, then the person
will become eminent.
22. Several planets in sympathy or good aspect,
continuai success attends thc efTorts of the nativc.
23. The Moon in the 2nd denotes mutability in
circumstance or means, but i ll or 9 , * or ., it
~ much improves, and ghes wealth in the decline
of lile.
24- If )l and 9 be well posited in a fiure and in
good aspect to the 0 and <!, the native will he
liighly successCul in bis undcrtakings, have a good
disposition with many ricnds, and be held in high
25. If at the birth o an individual ljJ, ? or
on the meridian and afflict the 0 and <!, ili fortune
and calamity will pursu~ the nativo through life, in
wbatever sphere he may be.





26. In a male hor~pe 11hould the (:) be in d of

in 'Y' or nt., the man will prosper and attain
dignity in all martial coocerns.
27. Should the 0 ~ in d o{ ~ in u or 111,
the man will gain honour by science or literature.
28. Mercury rules the brain, and accordingly as
he is powerul m a nativity so will the mental quality
o{ thc native be. \Vhen in highest exaltation and
power the native is remarkable for brain power and
29. ~ or 9 in the ascendant, void o{ evil configurntions, will 111akc thc 111in<l just an<l upriht ; and
such persons may be trusted in any pos~tion m which
they m~y be placed.
30. 1( you find ? in the ascendant, with other cvil
configurations, such persons are exceed;ngly mean
and selfish, seek a{ter other people's goods, and should
not be placed in any position o( trust.


Elections are understood by astrologers as certa1n
ol>servations o( days and hours, which times, by the
motion o( the stars and planets, are either known to
be fortunate or unfortunate, as they agree or disagree
with the nativities of persons who desire to have
success in the business they are about to undertake,
as thc opening of a shop, marrying, travelling, selling,

In thc commencing of any enterprise, fortiy the

Moon and the Planet under which the querent was
horn. lt is a good election when that s,gn ascenda
which was posited OD the ISt at birth, rrovided t be
not afflicted by the presence of an il ortune. In
electing a time for anything o( a long continuance,
place H, st, nt, or
on the ist.




2. ln making an Election for anything connected

with the 2nd house, ortiy that planet which was
lord o the I st at birth, and 21,, and let either o them
be in the 2nd unafllicted.
3. ln all things relating to the 3rd house ortiy
the lords o the 1st and 3rd, the EB, ~ and her dispositor ; let planets be placed in the 3rd which wcre
ortunately posited and in aspect to the 3rd at birth,
let not these be the lords o the 6th, 8th, or 12th.
Consider for what you take your journey, and let the
lord o that which is significator of the business about
wbich you go be unafflicted.
4. ln Elections helonging to the 4th house ortify
tbat rlanet which was rulcr o( thc 4th at birth, the
4th o the figure with thc <! applying to good aspect.

5. ln Elections appertaining to the 5th hou~

Corti(y the 5th m the Radix, and place the lord thereo
on the cusp o the 2nd ; let 21, or 2 behold the cusp
o the 5th ; be careul not to aftlict the ut and its
lord, debilitate the 7th and its lord.
6. For the 6th house ortiy the <I, and let her he in
H, D, or i,;,, and the lord o( 2nd at birth in thc 6th
of figure in good aspect to 1st.
7. For the 7th house ortiy the ISt lord thereo(,
the ([ , and these must not be afflicted by W, ? , or
4 , or e, let a or
8. For the Sth, ortiy the ut, its lord, and the CI,
and let lord of 1st and the ([ apply to good aspect o '1
9. ln Elections o the 9th house, see that the lord
of the 9th at birth and that o the figure be free from
10. For the 1oth house, let the cuspo( the 1oth at
birth be the cusp of the ut of the figure, making
the Jord of the 1otb, ([, aod lord of the 11t well

Digitized by


11. For the 11th house, let 21, and ~ be therein,
and the lord of 11 th strong and in good aspect of
lord of 1st at birth.
12. For the 12th, let the lord of 1st and ([ be free
from affliction, in good aspect of lord of 12th in the
By these short Rules the Student in Astrology may
give a correct judgment of the events of every
undertaking in life.
Never begin any undertaking when the Moon is
going to be joined to any retrograde planet ; it will
soon be destroyed, and if there be other evil configu
rations at the same time it will put manr other im
pediments in the way, and end in great m1schief.
It is wcll not to lend or pawn anything when
Jupiter is under the sunbeams, for 1 he should
be at the time, and not in good aspect of other
planeta, there will be little or no hopes of redemption.

Eledio11 for ,,ceiving YDf" Wif,'s porlI.

Let the lord of the Ascendant and cusp thereof be
well fortified, and lct the lord of the Bth apply by
or A to the lord of the ascendant, or to the lord of
the 2nd, and if they cannot be made to behold each
other, let them be in mutual reception. But for the
making of wills and testaments, in order to continue
long, let the <I be increasing in light and slow in
motion, and let the lord of the ascendant and tbe ([
apply to
or A of '1 or ~
Ecti<na for R1etn1wi11g Mo,uy Oll1it,g.
Be sure to fortify that planet which was lord of the
ascendant in the nativity, and also 21, 1 who is a
natural significator of wealth and substance; and, if
possible, let either of them be placed in the 2nd house,
or essentially dignified in a good place of tbe figure,
free from combustion or other application, and in
good aspect to the fortunn that bebold the 2Dd







house, or lord thereof, hy any good aspect at the

hour o birth.
Eeli<c eneeming Friendsl,i/ belween B,et/zren,
Kind,ed, and NttJJli&nm.
Let the Jord o( the ascencnt in thc nativity be
well fortified in the election, and. i( you can, lct
him apply to some good aspect o( the lord of the
3rd; otherwise let the loril o th~ ascendant ,rnd Jor<l
o( thf' 3rd be in reception an<l well poi.itc<l in a hopeul place o the figur~. Either of thcse ohservations
will make a good and successul election.

Eketion fo, Buyi11g or Taki11g liouses, Ln11ds,

or Ttne111mls.
To perform this you mm,t fortify that plancl which
was lord o( the 4th in the i:enitnre, and also thc 4th
house itsel, together with the -! , and let her apply to
or l:J. ot the lord o the 4th and 2nd houscs,
and let as mauy o the significators be in reception
as possible, and in good places o the figure, and let
a fixed sign be on the ascendant.

EluliOII Jo, findi11g Hidden Treasu,e.

Beore you make choice o a time to dig for hidden
treasure, )OU ought first to view the party's nativity,
to see i there would be any probability that the
native would be Jikely to find any hidden treasure.
Jf you find the lord o the ascendant and the lord of
the 4th well posited in the radix, and in good aspect
ooe to another, and both o them in good aspect to
the cuse o the 2nd or its Lord ; it is an argument
the natave will be ortunate in finding riches in the
earth. When you intend to search for it, ortify the
lord o{ the ascendant and the <! , 4th houFe, and Jord
tbereo, and let them apply to a
or l:J. o( ll or i ;
alio let the infortunes be cadent and tbe benevolent
p1aDeta in anglea.




0/ Remwing f,0111 plaee to place.

The changing of houses, lodgings, &e., is best done
whcn the C! is in a fixed sign, incrcasing in light, and
at thc sa111c time in i:ood a!-pect with fortunate stars
in thc 4th housc or asccn<lant. Thc lord o thc :and
stron;.{, and above the ea, th, and in
or 6 with the
lord oi thc 7th and 8th houses, for that is the place
the party must goto for profit or penury.
Tnki11g possmion o/ any lumse.
ln the performance of tlus, let the <I be in her
i;rcatcst dignaty, in goo<l aspect of ~ or 2, and in no
way afilictcd by 1 or J , let a fixed sign ascend, and
both thc cusp of thc house and its lord he befriended
by the goo<l rays of the fortunes; let not ? nor 3
ue in the 7th, and let the lord of the ascendant be in
goocl aspect with the lord of the 7th, and, a possible,
with reception also ; let the luminaries also cast
their frienuly~1eams to the tst and 7th houses; but
do not let the ~ aftlict any of the aforesaid houses
or significators.
Electio11 for FisMng.
Thc most successful time to fish is when the ([ is
in 'l or
in the Ioth house, in * or 6 to 2 in
the 7th, the (( applying and not separating from aoy
planet in a watery sign. Let not the <I be affiicted
by either ? or J , neither let them be in angles of
the figures, espccially the first and seventh.
Eleilw,u for engaging Sert111nls.
\Vhen you engage or receive servants into your
house or cmployment, be sure to let the <I he strong,
well a!-pccted, and free from ali manner o( afflictions.
and lct the lord of the ascendant or lord of the 2nd
in the rn'ix hc in good aspcct to the lord o( the 6th,
or lct thc fortnnate plancts be placcd in the 6th : provided they wcrc lords of good houscs in the geniture,
or in goo<l ai.pect to thc lord of the ascendant ; and
lct the <I bc placcd in K, n or n,,



Elletw11 for B11ying and Silling.
He that buyeth any thing when tho ([ being Crom
the beginning o( 1'j' to the latter end oC u , buyeth
dear and selleth cheap.
He that huyeth an{thing to sell again, the ([ being
from the beginning o e to the latter end oC I , buys
cheap and sells dear; especially if the ([ at her cn
trance ioto e be swit in motion, and in good aspect
The <[ in her last quarter is good Cor him that
buys any secret or hadden commodity, which he
would conceal, or not have known.
From the first quarter to the Cull is hest for the
seller ; rom the ull oC the ([ to the last quarter, is
best for the buyer. Always remembering to let the
([ at her entrance into the first quarter (as beCore
binted) be swiCt in motion, and in * or l:J. to ll or t .
The first 12 hours o( the new moon are bad Cor
the beginner of any undertaking, but from I 2 hours
to 72 bours are good and successCul for the be
ginner, provided, as I said before, that the <I be
wel1 aspected, and strong at her entrance into the
beginniag o the 13tb hour.
Edwr, Jor Sllti,.g i

""7 Trod, or Profusm.

Let the cusp o the 1oth house in the nativity be

the ucendent In the election, and let the lord of the
ucendant and the ([, not only be Cree from affliction,
but in
or l:J. to the lords of the 1oth and 2nd
bouNs ; and, i possible, let the ortunes be angular
the infortunes cadent at the aame timc.


El#lin for lllll""f

07 Piou or Of,,e, E,n~"''

Fintly, let the luminaries be in their dignities, or
at leut not afflicted by infortunes; and secondly, let
~ be ua the ascendant, and the (:) in the midhea ven.
D,g, ,zed


Let the 7th and 2nd be strong and fortunate, for
the one signifies money and the other counsellers
and council to assist in public afl'airs; for if in these
houses the unfortunate stars are placed, it shews
much damage and hurt to thosc thmgs, the more so
if 21, and 9 do not cast thcir good aspects tbither.
But in ali martial undertakings and offices, it is
necessary that be well placed in the figure.
EltclMI for Buying Horus a11tl Oxe.
Let the lord of the asccndant and <! be free from
aflliction, and in some of their essential dignities,
also in good aspect to the lord of the uth in the
radix and 2nd in the election. Let ali the significa
tors be in good houses in the figure, and, if pos.,;ible,
let 'Y', SL, t ascend, and let the lords of those signs
be free from affiiction.
Ellms for mosl UHJUrlaking, tUUl Firsl of Jounuys.
The <r increasing in good aspect of the (:) helpt.
for journeyings. ln ali joumeys the greatest impedi
ment of a planet is to be peregrine or retrograde. lt
is bad in journeys to have in the 3rd or 9th, but
much worse to have him in the 2nd. The lordof the
9th or 3rd in the 1st, the journey will be successful,
but if strong and well aspccted the better. ln al1
journeys view the <I , for she is a genial s1gnificatrix
of journeys.
El1elion for Marriag,.
ln thc marriages of men, let the <I and ~ be
strong and fortunate in good places of the figure,
and in good aspect of 21,, he being the author of
peace and wealth, and let him be in reception with
one or both of them, and all in friendly aspect to the
lord of the .ascendant ; and let theJth house and <I,
as also the ascendant, be free, an in sucb signs as
favour marriage, as ij, 6 , I,
and M, liut in
marriages of women you must depute the (:) and I
as before you did the ([ and f



ln marriages, the aSC'.endant stand!' Cor the man,
the 7tb for the woman. ln which of these parts
good planeta are, it will be best Cor them.
Let not the <I bc combust on the marriage day,
for that signifies thc death of the man; nor in the
combust way, for tlut signifies an ill end. It is very
ill in marriages it the <I apply to ? or , though
the aspect be ever so good, Cor then there will be
neither peace nor love between the contracting
ln ali marriages let the <I increase in light and
niotioo, and let her have no ili aspect to the 0, nor
any at ali to ? or .
Yenus is the general i.ignificatrix in marriage, and
therefore it is best to let the <I apply to her by d ,

If the lord of the ascendant i,; weak, anJ the lord
of the 7th atrong, in the 7th, and he a commanding
planet, aod in good aspect of , the woman will
want to be the master at ali times, and endeavour to
hold dominion over her husbanJ.

----- - - --

- -- - -~----

--~ ~

Let cxiled Reason be restorecl,

Just Education bear the sway,
Let Nature's Empire be explored,
And Truth her volume wide display.
Let Science 'luminate the mind,
The Mystic World her page unCold;
Let Truth and Justice rule the world,
And Knowledge teach to young and old.




Comp11ted to lh, present Obliquity of tlu Eclipti&,ft>r 53 27' Nwti
Lat., a11d 1 291 West Long.. tfu m,an M,riJ,an o/ Slujji,U;
also s,rving ali pla&es 120 milu aro,md
A. lt.



h m.

&c., o(


lOth. llth. 12th.









O 65 ! 1
1 60 i 2
9 4518
8 40 4
4 851 6
6 80 6
6 25 j 7
7 20 , 7
8 15: 8
O 10 , 9
10 5 10
11 55 ;12
12 50 ,IS
18 45
14 4015
15 85 JG
10 80 17
11 25 19
10 15 20
20 10 21
21 6 22
22 65 2,
28 511 25
1 so
24 4326
1 42 l . U 4 27

O 8 40
O 7 20
O 11 O
o u 40
O 18 20
O 22 O
O 25 40
O 29 20
O 83 O
O 86 40
O 40 20
O 44 O
O 47 40
O 51 20
O 56 O
O 58 4
l 2 20
1 6 O
1 o 40
1 18 2
1 17 o
1 20 4
1 24 2
1 28
1 s1
1 H 2




69 28
1810 46125 47 28 24;14 8) 8
1111 49;20 85'29 26'. 16 91 4
912 5427 281 OS\_16 11 4
1128 11 o 47111 1 6
616 7i29 O 1 2U 7 61 6
8 16 12129 69 2 29 118 41 7
117 16 Oe49 2 47,10 81 7
59 18 20 1 88 8 2Gi20 21 8
60 19 24 2 27 4
921 11 O
59 20 28 8 15 4 45,22 1 9
58 21 82 4
6 26 22 61 10
58 22 85 4 51 6 ~23 4111
5723 87 6 89 6 8024 8112
57 24 89 6 27 7 14125 2118
5625 401 7 15 7 55,26 1114
6620 40 8
8 8 8427 114
G27 40 8 61 O 18127
66 28 401 O 89 O G!l'. 28 4010
66 ~o 40!10 2110 8020 2a 11
64 0D4011 1511
6 0111 8 18
r,2 1 8912 811 45' o 4810
40 2 88:12 5512 26'. 1
48 H 86 18 4418 12 2
47 4 8t 14 8218 5!'. i 4822
40 6 8111> 2014 28: 8 2828
44 6 2716
914 66 4
41 1 2:5l16 5815 86, 4496
4 8 U,17 '716 18, 6
15 9











..... ...-.








ac., o1


h. m. s.
1 46
1 60 O
l 158
1 67 20
1 1 Ci
1 4 40
1 8 20
1 16 4
119 20
s 2S o
I i6 40
1 80 20
1 84 O
1 87
S '1
s 415
s 48 40
S 62
s 68
s 69 401
8 8 20
8 7
a 10 ~
8 H
8 18 O
a 11 40!
a u 20i
8 29 O'
8 Si 40]
a ase
8 40
a 48 ~
8 ,.,





26 86 28


, jo

8~ U
27 80 29 8610
28 26 o~ 8sJ11
29. 20 1 81112
80 115 2 2818
81 10, 8 25,18
82 li 4 2814
88 O 6 20 16
16 16
12 17
8G ,li. 8
87 86 10 120
88 80 10 6621

: :g:;


26 11
20 12
15 13
10 14
li 16
60 18
86 121
15 :24
15 2a




ltf ltf 8716

1419 2417 8-1 6
1020 1018 14 7
620 4918 6817
221 80.10 81 8
6922 10;20 18 8
6228 820 62 9
4428 61121 41 o
8724 88122 15 10
8026 15'22 62 11
25 26 6728 24 11
10126 8728 68 12
12'27 17,21 80 12
4127 6726 418
52,21 6228 2725 88 1-1
4822 4729 17 20 l 14
44!2s ,0;20 67 20 llO 16
sol24 8~ 05\.87 27 28 15
82126 28 1 17 27 67 10
2826 2 1 67 28 8116
28127 16: 2 89 20 ll7
1828 6. g 42 20 89i18
18 28
8 29 On118,HI
129 so,, 18 O !i.10
l Ool91 6 7 1 8720
66 1 o, 6 67 2 10:21
49 2 16. 6 66 8
,a a
o' 7 68 8 48.22
87 8 491 8 48 4 2'28
81 4 89'. O 20 6 7'24
25 li 21.10 li 6 40124
18 G lG 10 52 G 8125
1 7 4 11 8 7 J 8,9.0
7 67 12 lt 7 .26




~o .

81i28 HI
40 06 8
18 1
46 2 G
19 8
65 4
80 5 s
6 2
40 7
l 8 o
liO 8 47
25 u 84
010 21
81:i 11 7
10 11 62
4li 12 87
2 18 22
6i 14
40 14 62
28 15 87
GlG 20
49 17 8
82 17 46
16 18 20
8i19 12
41110 6!i
2820 88
4121 21
46122 4
202~ 47
728 80
4824 18



a. M. e.





in me,





m. s. o
51 o 67
64 40 58
68 20 69
2 O 60
6 40 61
9 2oj 62
1s o 68
16 40 64
20 20 65
24 O 66
27 40 66
81 20 67
85 O 68
88 -to 60
42 20 70
46 o 11
40 40 72
68 20 1s
57 O 74
O 40 76
4 2 76


20 81
O 82
40 88
20 6'
O 85
6 "' 40 86
IS 48 20 87
a a2

86 122
80 128
25 ;213
16 '21S
10 26
6 27

12th. Ase.



45 tv 6t1 ij
40 : On49 o
85 1 42 10
80 2 87 11
25 8 29 12
20 : 4 1912
1s is 10 13
1016 814
6 65 15
O 7 4715
65 ,' 8 89 16
60 O 8017
46 '10 2218
40 11 14 19
85 '12 520
80 12 66 20
26 18 48 21
20 114 5022
16 15 8028
10 16 2124
is, 17 1824
O 18 4 25

: n:g ~i !:g! t~
: 2102
6 20
6 80
6 88
6 87
6 41


20 21
21 124

s,s_21 6829

2628 46
1729 88
8: OS\,21
671 1 10
48, 1 56
861 2 44
29, 8 81
19 4 1
o;:98 10. 6



44 9
!-i 10

4 10
44 11
4 12
28 18
6 14
15 16
5 11


1 27j2-l
2 725
2 47;25
8 27,26
4 7'20
4 471121
IS 2628
6 8.98

87 27 2u124
1928 1825
41, 06Ci0l27
21 1 86127
1, 2 22.28
41j 8 8j20
20, 4:

u, ""

68 6

12 6
40 7
26 1 8
11 o
80 9
81> 14
61 20
8 2i



46 O
1 i9
82 2 1
17 9 61
8 87
1 4 98
'4 IS 9
27 6 H
6 41
60 7 i7
8 8 18
16 8 69
69 O 45
4 10 81
2511 17
11 8
6111 47
8418 8S
1514 SG
ISIS 16 16
1 16 66
6017 -46
4 18 SG
2010 M
IS 20 18




A. k, >.1.<.:.


in Jca .
&e., o(


n ,



5\. ,

nx ,

h. m. s.
6 65 4111 l'<M Ci5' 2()
U 6
5 li9 201 1:10 601 29 61 O 17 7
O 8 O UO 45 1 Oqz,41 7
1 7
G O 4() 91 40 1 82 1:1 14 7
G 10 211 02 85 2 21 O 10 8
6 14 O 08 80 8 12 !) 62 O
O 17 40 94 25 1 4
810 87 9
o 21 20 95 201 4 5411 25 10
6 25 O 06 151 5 4512 14 11
G 28 40 97 101 6 88
6 82 20 08 51 7 2518 60 18
686 O 90 O 8 1614 8814
G 89 40 00 551 O 715 2514
6 48 20100 601 o 6710 J.115
6 47 0101 4510 48117
O 50 40 102 40 11 8!l;l7 48 17
6 5420108 85 12 8018 2718
6 58 O104 80 18 2110
7 1401052514 1221 1410
7 5 201106 20 15
7 9 0107 1515 5422 501121
7 12 40 100 10 10 45 28 80122
7 16 20109
17 86 24 26128
7 20 1110 o 18 2825 1824
7 28 40110 55' 10 10;26
7 27 201111 GO 20 10 26 5Sl25
7 81 01112 45 21 j2
1 40126
7 84 40.118 40 21 U'* 28 2 8120
7 88 201114 85 22 46129 10,27
7 42 O115 80' 28 86
1 OnJl 4 27
7 45 40 110 25 24 80 O 4-128
7 40 201117 20 :!G 221 l
4 ll8
7 58 01 lR 15 20 161 1 80 20
7 50 401110 10 27
7 2 20129



Ase. 1 2nd.

llJt ,


"' ,

o '111. ,

41,~U 11 12:i tlll 21

1929 4024 1421 O
67 0621 :24 62:.?2 46
25 1 12 25 29 22 44
lli 2
628 2!l
Ci 2 4R20 4824 14
56 8 8027 2024 ii9
45 4 2s 121 57 25 44
85 5 10128 84 26 26
25 55,:W 11 '!.7 14
15 G 40 2!l 4~ 27 69
5 7 25 Ont.2720 .U
56 8 10 l
7 O/ 29
45 8 56 1 47 1
85 O 80 2 27 1 40
26 10 (; 8
7 2 84
1511 11 8 48 8 19
12 45 4 20 4
5s\rn 10 5 114 49
4:i 19 50 5 50 5 85
8814 20 O 82 6 19
2814 4!l 1 14 1
1815 18 7 5G 7 49
815 46 8 28 8 84
5816 18 9 201 o 19
816 80 10
11116 5610 44110 49
40 J7 2811 20111 81
2217 50 12 8 12 19
541118 17 12 5ol1s 14
27 18 48 13 H2 18 49
{l 14
J.I 14 84
2710 8514 50,15 19
57 20
115 8816


,._ a.. w. e. A.R.11.c.ll

in dc1,
ia thM,


F.qua&or. .

h. m. s. o
, 1 o
ti o ~u,1iu 6 ,it1
8 4 Ojl21
s 1 121
8 11 20122
s 1s Oj1~s
8 18 401124
8 22 2012i;
R 26 0126
8 29 40 127
8 811 20128
8 87 o 129
8 .CO 40180
8 44 20 181
8 48 O 182
8 151 40182
8 65 20188
8 60 O184
O 2 40186
9 G 20186
O 10 O 187
9 18 40 188
o 11 20 1so
n 21 e uo
o 24 ,rn 1n
O 28 20142
O 82 O148
9 8 40148
9 80 2Gl44
9 48 0145
9 46 40146
9 60 20147
9 a,
9 17 40149
10 1


1 J th






, o
, o
, o
o tS 11 u ~71:to ~7 1u w

O,~8 61 8 68 O
61> ,20 45 , 46 1
O l OSl,87 6 28 2
451 1 80 6
40i 2 25 6 87 8
851 s 11 1 2 8
80i 4 20 7 62 4
25 ., 6 14 8 84 4
20 G 7 9 17 5
151 6 6110
10. 7 45 10 68 6
6 8 8011
40! 7
O O 8412
1 7
66 10 2oj1a 40 H
60 11 22114 150 8
45 12 1716 60 9
40 18 1~16 65 9
85 17 717 1500
80 16
18 8011
25116 67 lP 912
20 16 15819 80 13
u 17 4R 20 66 1s
10 1s H 22 o 14
6 10 4022 40115
O 20 26 28 88 16
66 21 8224 6017
60"22 2926 2019
46 28 2626 1619
40 24 22i6 6919
86; 26 18 27 46 20
so. 26 u u ss 21
~6! 27 12
80 U


68120 4 17 117 M
20121 u 11 "118 ao
O21 4718 26!20 8
ss!2s 2819
424 019
8624 4020 99.129 H
826 2 21 1(125 10
4126 o21 1561
1826 8222 8327 41
6627 012~ 2028 68
2927 88i24
129 H
8 28 20i24
87 28 42 26
1 li
11 20 ul26
1 u
46 20 40:21
1 se
10 Ont.1027
8 18 1
158 O 44:28
4 O
27 1 18:29 1 4 41
1 1 621 OI
6 M
11 9 26 O 48 6
o s o 1 a2; 6 ,a
H 8 84 9 17: 7 80
46 4
s s
2' a 11
86 4 42 8
27 6 16 4 821 9 86
18 15 60 6 17,10 18
8 6 24 6 2'11
8 6 68 6 42:11
15 7
ti19 M
151 8 84 8 41119
48 9 1~2 s 4~1a ,e
~~110 1 9 ti[!' 80
10 l;lS 1S





D,g,tized by





lOth. llth.


li 1 1

2'5'7 211

O' 2

O 8

661: 8 8, 4
6G ,
2, 6
46 , 64 O
40 . 6 64 6
86 1 G 60 7
80 ' 7 48 8
26 8 47 9
20 O 4:10
16 10 40 11
10 11 42
6 jl2 4812
o 18 421s
65 14 4o;u
60 16 80 l
4l 10

40 17
86' 18
80 19
25:. o
20 21
16 22
10 28
O' 26
66 1 20
46 28





h. m. s. o
10 6
10 8 4 169
10 li
10 18 O164
10 19 40 164
10 18
10 97
10 80 40167
10 8'
10 88
10 41 4 160
10 41
10 49
10 l i 4 168
10 16
11 o 0;166
11 8 401101
11 7 20166
11 11 0)167
11 14 40jl68
11 18 20,160
11 U 0170
11 u ,01111
11 19 IO1172
11 88 0178
11 86 401,174
11 40 20176
11 44 01110
11 47 401176
11 11 20177
11 l i 0178
u 68 40 110
1S 1 20180
11 8 0.181





.io' to 88 26
86 068S127
80 1 8dli

7~4 1:J81~
6726 2818
47 26 20,14
8727 1214
27 28 4'15
1728 50'16
7 20 4810
56 On1,4017
45 1 82118
18 2 28
2-1 8 lG 19
14 4 820
O 6 020
O 6 5221
42 6 44:22
s2 1 8622
60 8 28'20
10 O 624
50 9 4.f24
4810 2525
88111 8'26
28111 ,,j26
1712 10127
40,12 50 21
5618 2528
44 14 0128
121a 84 120
18116 4:20

i!: s:,ss g1 1 :2~18 ~~

40 10
80 16

4U5 64
2011 2210 40
112 217 81
4212 4218 26
2818 2210 20
414 220 81
4614 42 21 85
2016 2222 48
716 228 56
4810 42i26 12
2017 22 20 8-l
1018 227 66
5110 4220 18
8220 28 0=40
18,21 4 1 2!)
64,21 45 2 88
8.22 26 8 87
16'28 7 4 86
61 128 48 G 86
2524 29 6 84
68 26 1017 88
so'25 66 8 s2
026 48 9 80
80:21 20110 80
2028 1611 29
68:20 2 28
2020 48:18 21
u; 0.-,2, 114 26
1:JU 10


57 1 46 8 iGll8
26 2 14 , 1419
66 9 4 1 i;iO

D,g, ozed




,._ R. M.


in de,,

in lime,



S, o


O 184
40 187
40 100
20 101
O 102
40 108
20 194


40 201
20 208
40 200
4 ili

lb 5~j

11, 66
us 60
L4 8
l4 7
L4 10





U 40 ltf~ ~6 :4






88 tu



s 8820 4818 6"

lli 4 88 0Ul4821 20
101 6 8& 1 82 21 87 6
6I O 88 2 2 22 19 6
o. 7 88 8
8 13
66! 1 s 881 8 60 24 28 7
soi: o 88! 4 44 124 40 8
45L10 88, 6 82,26 17 8
40! 11 88; 6 24:26 67 O
ss11~ 88j 7
0126 4210
80 .18 881 7 li8,27 2410
26, 14 88' 8 46'28 8 ll
201u ss1 o 88128 51 12
1s 10 88;10 11120 ~61s
10!,;17 87jll
9l O11614
:18 80 111 G7 1
1 l
o, 10 ss112 46 1 47 10
65! 20 88 '18 84 2 8817
60j 21 8114
22 8 16'17
45 1 22 2fM 5 9 4 O18
40' 28 27116 67 4 4418
85:124 25 16 44 6 2410
80 25 2217 28 6 4219
251:20 20J1s 2 6 69 20
20 21 18110
6 7 49 21
16,19 66 8 8021
10 20 12120 48 O 11J22
5 01'l 9121 81
68 28
o 1 822 1010 50;28
56 2 1!28
11 84124
60/ 8
6128 1912
8 26
46 4
8 24
lll 10126
401 4 17121
14 4)!7

Digitized by


A. L 11.c.

. .

h. m. s.

l+~c. !! lOth. J 11th. lith. Ase.

ID-a1'ot ,



Eq...... ,




U 1' Wj218 61 6 64126

,14 18 01214 80. 6 60,27
14 21 40 215 26i 7 46121
H iS iO 216 20 8 42,28
14 29 o217 u: o 88129
14 82 , t18 101110 8-l o t
H 86 90210 6,U 21 1
U 40 0220 0 1'12 27 2
14484022066!'18 28 8
1' 47 IO 221 60liH JO 8
H 61 0222 46jJ16 1 4
U 64 40228 40 16 9 6
14 68 20224 861'17
' 6
16 9
226 80118 o 6
l i 6 40226 26 18 68 7
16 92022790:10 67 8
16 18 o228 16120 44 o
16 16 40 229 10:,21 41 9
16 IO 20280 5,22 8710
16 M O281 01i28 81\11
11 fl 40281 51iJ124 26:114
1, 81 20 282 601126 19148
11 85 0288 46,26 1114
16 88 40284 40,27 614
u 41 20281 81121 6616
16 46 o286 80 28 4716
16 49 40;287 26! 20 8816
1668i0128820: Of8018
16 67 0280 161 1
18 O 40IMO JlO i 1710
16 4 20241 6 8
16 8 o:242 O 4
18 11 40194! 66 4
,18 l i Jo.248
6 4621


27 661 U 68, ' 401
10 16 11
2 8 62
61116 s 29 so 12 111 G 4
8016 46 01,j'27118 20 6 lG I
12111 47 1 1814 20 1 7 28
80118 2sj 2 12 u 681 s .ao
110 O 8 417 1719 52
49 110 68 8 5018 1711 4
86120 U 4 6010 4712 1G
24'21 82 6 46 21 87:18 28
1722 27 6 8828 27114 40
7 8625 2216 62
4724 22 8 84 27 17!17 22
8{24 47 o 2929 12 18 62
2226 8810 27
71!20 22
28 26 2211 28 2 2,21 62
i27 1112 88 8 67:28 22
45'28 4118 86 6 62'24 52 1
8828 5016 84 7 47i26 22
62 29 46116 82 8 42127 62 ,
9j Ot,;,81 117 8010 4029 22 1
67 .
6218 2812 88I ~ 62 .
71 1 1410 2614 86 2 22
89 1 4620 2416 84 8 62
60: 2 4021 2210 8214 22
101 8 61 122 26,20 801 6 62
68; 6 86 28 88 22 28, 7 62
4'0 8826 16,24 26,0 22
60 7 2026 4226 2610 62
16' 8 Bi28 6j27 261,12 17
li: 9 15 0=1U9 2414 2
0;10 llj 1 4 l'Y'88l16 87 '
60111 6 8 88 8 8U7 12
40,li 1: 6 1 6 8118 47(

Diqitizcd by


A. ll. M. e.

&e. of





h. m. s. o
, .1 o
tu rn 012u 45 6
10 22 40 245 40. 7
10262021685 ! 8
l(j 80 1247 80 : 9
10 88 40248 25 110
16 87 20249 20 10
lG 41 0250 15 :11
rn 44 10251 10 12
10 48 20252 5 18
10 5:& 0258 OU
111 55 40 258 65 li';
16 59 20254 50 10
17 8 0265 45 16

llth. , 12tb






25 20
20 21
16 21
10 22
5 28
O 24
55, 25

, o

29 24 1818
2025 814
12 26 5616
420 46,16
5027 28117
4628 22118
8629 1119
2929 48120
20 0~5821
111 l 40122
8 2 '!'28
53: 8 202-1




g17 lg14 :i0258

.::~ ;80~ 19~~ :i20 6

111 6
8 7
6 8
48 9




57 1 e;
581 O
49 9
47 20

9 9
lV 18

46 7 :JO ~u n
48 9 29122 81

011 2822 61
86 18 27 24 1
2U5 2625 12
1017 2626 8
4H 10 24 27 4
8821 28t8 o
4028 22,28 '6
8825 2129 41
2~27 201 0 D 86
1 20 19 1 80
88 1 ij 18 2 94

:g,:g ~: : ::
88 G

1: ;

8528 4215
so!29 8216
25 1 0~2817
20; 1 14'.18
16 2 519
101' 2 54120
6, 8 45121
O 4 86.ll&


628 S 1)(2414
6829 12'. 8 20, 6
60 0=15 IS 80 6
42 1 28; 7 861 7
85 2 80 e ,ai 8
28 8 88111 651 9
21 8 4814 8810
14 4 57118 40111

1N: : ;
g17 ~;60 sg,:::
401267 40; 27 62)4 56 8

2~i:~ ~,~:
81125 84:14
4727 84,16
10129 88;17
40! OfYt45:I8
40'1 2 6019
80 5 4720
48! 8 4221
1811 1811
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48 6
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60 e
62! 9
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'''"d byGoogle



,._ Jt. M. e. A.R.M.~
.. .....

h. m. s.

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, 20
; 21
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in dep.,
A:c., ol



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16,lU WlU

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88 0)E2112 1611
65 6 82 1 2818 62
60 7 26 2 4916 82)8
46 8
8 6 17 10114
40 O 14 6 1218 48115
86 10
6 25,20 20;16
80 11
2 7 9 22 4117
25 11 67 8 60 28 42:18
20 12 62 9 49 26 20,19
16 18 4NO 8120 68,21
10 14 42111 1020 3022
6 16 81:12 81 oij u;28
O 16 8218 45 1 8424
65 17 28114 68 2 64i26
60 18 24;16 1s 4 u 120
46 19 2016 27 6 84127
40120 15!,11 86 6 14!28
86121 1220 ss1 8
80, 22
822 9 9
25 28 4 28 4110
20, 24
1 24 61 19
16. 24 6826 1818
l(i 26 66 27 29114
6 26 62 28 45,16
0,27 49i9 66)17
65, 28 16 l,rl61l8
60120 48 2 81120
46 O)E 41 8 47;21
40! 1 89 6 2 22
85 2 87 6 18124
22 o'aas 801 8 86 7 88:26
H ,o:aso 26 , 8 8 48121
Si .29 I0,887 IO G 8 10 8129




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40 826
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66 2 829
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8 4880
7 201881
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1827 66
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64 4 14.

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60 7 k
84 8 16
18 O 14.
66:10 4a


u :10 w
Hli M
18 M

D,g, ,zed



A. Jt. M,C. ~R.M.c. 1


h m.


,n decs.,







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22 88 0888 15 , 6
22 86 40 889 10 7
22 40 20 840 6 8
22 4' 0841 O 9






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o 401847
1s 2oju8
17 0849
20 40!s50
24 2ol'8s1
28 O862
81 40;852
85 20 858
89 O 64
42 401 55
46 20856
50 o'857
58 40r858
67 20:859
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66 10
60 11
45 1112
40 18
85 14
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6 120
65 22
60 28
45 '. 24
40 25
85 26
80 21
25 28
20 29


8011 .18 Un84110

29 12 48 1 40 11
27 18 88 8 12,12
2615 18 5 8412
25 16 16 6 6618
24 11 80 8 18,14
22,18 44 9 40 15
21 19 67 10 216
811 44 J 7
1022 1012 1017
10;28 8612 6018
18125 1118 so 10
17j26 014 6210
17127 1115 89 20
11128 2216 80!21
11,20 8817 28,21
171 o ~ 8 17 52 22
11 1 6818 41;28
171 8 8819 1228
17 4 2819 89 24
17 6 2120 86:24
11 s 8021 88 2
16 1 88j22 ao:20
161 8 40128 46,27
u 1 o 44 28 59128




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1.1:t. 1-1


8628 l(i 15 4
17 29
O 15 54
6829 14 16 44
89 OS\,2817 84
21 1 8118 24
42 1 4810 14
28 2 28 to 4
4 8
6 20 54
45 8 48 21 44
26 4 28 22 84
7 5 828 24
48 5 4824 14
29 6 28 25 84
10 7 826 54
51 7 4927 H
82 8 2828 14
18 O 828 44
54 O 4820 14
2010 2829 54
60 11
8 On.186
5011 48 1 16
l112 28 1 86
5212 58 1 56
618 40 2 47

================c.:::..===========c============.Slmmonite's Oally Oulde shows the Daily Trnnsits an<

Aspects of each Planet and thcir cfTects in passing through th
Twelve Houses of any pcrson's Horoscopc of Birth, to cnabl
them to form their own judgment through lifc; it contains th
approximate longitudes of the planets W, li , 1+, J , ~ and ~
on the I&t and 16th of each month to 1901 1 with the table o
tbe planet 'i' 1851 to 18go; a table for finding the Moon'
place for any hour of the day. New Editio by ~ Story, 1/



Anc1ss10N of light, is when a light planet goes to a
conjunction of a ponderous planet, but before his
conjunction of the ponderous planet goes to a more
ponderous, whereby the light o the inferior is cut off.
Affliction, a planet, or cusp of a house, being in evil
aspect to any planet, or in conjunction to a malefic.
Airy Sig11s, u, 6 and =
Angles, the 1st, 4th, 7th and 1oth houses. When
planets :ue therem, they are more powerful tban in
any other situation.
Application. To apply. These terms mean the
approach o any planet to the body or aspect of
anothcr, or to thc cusp of any house.
Asc11ulanl, the Ist nouse, that space between the
eastern horizon and one third o( the distance towards
the mercdian under the earth ; also the cusp o tbat
house which represents the party; as the cusp of the
5th is the ascendant Cor a child of the querent, the
1oth for business, &e.
Ascend,,cg, a term denoting any planet which is be
twecn the 4th anJ 1oth houscs. more especially when
rising abovc the eastern horizon.
Aspetts, the being placed at certain distances Crom
a planct, or the cusp o a house ; as if 1', be 6o deJrecs rom the Moon, then they are botb said to be
m sextilc aspect to eacb otber. Tbey are zodiacal
and mundane.
Barr,n signs, Gemini, Leo, and Virgo.
B11ufics, the two planets 1', and ~ , and some
times ~
.Beaslial sig,u, cr, ~, S\., I (the first half exceptod)
and ~
Besiegtd, is when a planet, fortunate by nature, ia
situated betwecn two malevolent stars, as i in 12
of e, '? in 15, and 'li in 10of the same sign, where
she is in a state of" s1ege, and highly unlortunatc.
He whose significator it wu, would bo denoted


tbereby to be in II a great strait," and particularly
hemmed in," or surrounded with ill ortune.
Bieorporial sip,, D , I and M ; because each contains two different animais.
Cadn,t Ht111us, so called, bccause they are falling
from the angles. These are the weakest of ali the
houses, and are the 3rd1 6th, 9th and 12th,
Cartliul sigs are 'Y' , G, 6 and 1'J'.
C,1/utin o] LigJ,t, when a plnnct receives thc as
pects o any two others which are not themselves in
aspect. It denotes that the affair will be orwarded
by a third person, described by that planet ; but
not unless they both receive him in some o their
Cobuslio is when a planet is posited within S 30'
of the 0, either before or after the 0's body. ln
horary questions, unless the 0 be the chie! significator, this is decmed unfortunatc. The Moon is
aingularly weak when so elongated.
Co111111t111 sig,u, D, 111, I and M.
Cor,juetin, two planets being in the sarne longitude. If tbey be exactly in the same degree and
minute, it is a partile conJunction, and very power
ful ; if within the hal o the sum o their two orbs,
it is a platic conjunction and less powerful.
ClllIIIU,, to arrive at the midheaven, meridian, or
cusp of the 1oth house.
Cal, the beginning o any house. Thus tbe eastern
horizon is the cusp of the I st house, and the meridian,
where the 0 is at noon, is the beginning, or cusp o
tbe 1oth house.
D,lnlils, a planet in a weak and afflicted position,
as fall, detriment, &e.
LJ,di,clin, the distance any body is north or south o
tbe equator. The Sun has never more than 23 28' of
declination, which happens only when heis in e or },J',
D,er""UC( ;,. Utll, when any planet is past the 8
ol the Suo at decreases in light ; it is a tc:stimony of

Digitized by



Decu,,,biture, a laying down, the figure erected from

the time of any person being first taken ill and taking
to the1r bed.
Descnulent, the 7th house or that space from the
western horizon to onc-third of the distance towards
the meridian above the earth.
Destniclion is when three planets shall be in one
sign, of which one planet is ponderous, the other two
more light ; then one of the light planets should pass
thc pondcrous, the other tends to a conjunction with
the pondcrous ; but before that conjunction is made,
the planet which passes the ponderou& turns retrograde, and as again joined to the ponderous, and Crom
thence passes to thc other light planet.
Detrimenl, the sign opposite the house of any
planct, as in 6 is in his detriment; it is a sign of
weakness, distress, &e.
Dignities, these are <:ither essential or accidental.
The former is when any planet is in its own house.
exaltation, triplicity, joy ; the latter is when any
planet is in an anglc, and well aspected, not afflicted,
swift in motion, increasing in light, &e. The reverse
of dignities are debilities.
Direct, as applied to planets, denotes their moving
in the true order of the celestial sigos, as trom 'V' to
l:S, &e.
Dispose-Disposito,, a planet disposes of any other
which may b=: found in 1ts essential dignities. Thus,
if 0 be in 'Y', the house of ' , then ' disposes of 0,
and is said to rule, receive, or govem h1m. When
the disposer of the planet signifying the thing asked
after is himself disposed by the lord of the ascendant,
it is a good sign. To dispose by houso is the most
powerful testimony, then by exaltation, then triplicity, then .term, and lastly, faet:, which is a very
weak recept1on.
Do11bl!bodied signs. a, I and )E.
D,ag""'s H111d, thus marked, Q, ia where the <I
crosses the ecliptic into south latitude. lt is alwaya



a good symbol, denoting success, a good disposition,

Drago,., Tail, thus marked, t,, is where the ([
crosses the ecliptic into south latitude, or her south
node. It is very evil, and in ali things the reverse of
the Q. lt dimmishes the power of good, and in
creases that of evil planeb.
EJl,1m1ris, a kind of almanack, containing the places
of tne planets, &e. The best is Simmonit,'s, in which
tbe as~ts are also calcnlated to the minute, an
acquis1tion almost invalnahle to the stndent of astrology, astronom y, astrometeorology, astrohotan y,
astrophrenology, &e.
Et11i110tlial sigxs, Aries and Libra.
EultatiMI. An essential dignity, ncxt in power to
that of the house. U a planet be in that sign
wherein he is exalted, yon may consider him es
sentially strong. U the significator be in his exalta
tion, and no way impedite<l, but angular, it represcnts
a person of a haughty condition, arrogant, assuming
more to himself than is due.
Fali. A planet has its fali in the opposite si&rn to
that in which it has its exaltation. ln horary ques
tions, a planet in its fali denotes a person unfortunate,
despised, degenerated, mean, insolvent, or helpless ;
aod the thing signified by it is in a helpless state,
except some good aspect by application, or some
translation of light happen, which will relieve it quite
sips, ~ , i., 111, nt, 1'j' and *. These
are the even signs; they are supposed to be weak
and feminine on account of thcir passive qualities,
coldness and moisture, and are supposcd to render
those they govern the same.
Fiuy s,gns, or fiery triplicity, 'Y', st and t.
F;,11r1. l'he diagram which represents the heavens
at any tame ; it is also called a scheme or horoscope.
Forl11,us. lt and i , and (:), (! and ~ , if aspcctmg
them, and notafflicted areconsid:re<l fortuna te planets.





Forlm,ate sig,,s. 'Y', II, SL, 6 1 t and

Frust,ation. 'fhe cutting off, or preventing any
thmg shown by one aspect by means of another.
Thus, if i , lady of the asccndant, were hastening to
the A of 3 , lord of the 7th, in a question of marriagc, 'it might denote that the match would take
place ; but if ~ were to form an 8 o( 3 before i
reached her A of that planet, it would be a frustration, and would show that the hopes of the querent
would be cut off; and if ts wcrc lord of the 12th it
might denote that it would he done by a private
enemy ; if of the 3rd, hy means of rclations, &e.
F111itf,1l signs, ~, 111, *. The ascendant, the 0,
or lord of the ascendant, in one of these signs, and
strong, are symbols of children.
Hora,, questio11, so named from the latin word luw,
an hour, because the time of their being asked is
noted, and a figure of the heavens for that time is
taken by which to judge of the result.
Horoscope. The ascendant is sometimes so called,
but it is more generally a term for the figure of the
heavens used by astrologers for predicting by nativities, mundane astrology, and horary qucstions.
Jlo11ses. The twelve divisions or compartments
into which thc circle of the heavens is divided ; also
the signs in which any planet is said to have most
H11111mie sig11s, D, nJl, :::: , and the first half of t .
They are said, by Ptolcmy to give the native a
humane disposition, when the lord of the geniture or
the ascendant is in one, otherwise he will be brutish
an<l savage. Hc also says, that thc lord of an eclip1oe
being in any humanc sign its evil effects will fali on
J,,c,ease i,, ligM, when any planet is leaving the 0,
and is not yet arrived at the 8 ; after which it decreases in light. The former is a good, the latter an
evil testimony, especially as regards the .

Digitized by



lfl&f'ltm"f ill motion. When any planet moves faster

than it did on the preceding day.
lfmo, pla,ut,, 2, f, and the <I are so called
because their orbits are inferior to that of the earth.
lforlnu, W, ? and ; also f when he is much
Ligl,ts, the 0 and <I
Ligl,t of tinu, the 0 by day and the <: hy night.
Lo,ds are the planets which have the most powerful effects in particular signs ; thus, if 'Y' ascend in
any figure 3 , who rules this sign, is the lord of the
Maufie,, \!Jt ? and , and f in money, marriage
and law.
Muad,u sig,,s. They are odd signs, viz., 'Y', n,
$\., ,o,, 1 and
Mediu11, Celi, the midhcaven.
Midluavm (M.C.), the south angle or cusp of the
1oth house.
'Y', e , ,o, and i,,.
Mute si!!"', &, 1'1. and
Natioity. The birth, the instant thc native draws
brcath, or rather that whcn thc umbilical cord is
divided, It also significs a figure of heaven from the
time of birth,
Notlu. Thc point where a planet crosses the eclip
tic out of south into north latitude is callcd its north
node, and whcre it crosses into south latitude its
south node. The Moon's north node is called the
Dragon's Head, and is marked Q; and her south
node, the Dragon's Tail, and marked t,. Their
motion is retrograde, about 3' per day.
Nmlun ,ip,, 'Y', ~ , n, e, S\. and 11.l They are
also called commanding sigos, because planeta in
them are said to command, and those in the opposite
signs to obey.
is when two planets are distant 18o, or
jusf lw the distance o the zodiac apart, which






places them in a diametrical radiation. This is COD
sidered an aspect of perfect hatred.
Orb. The deferent of a planet, Sllpposed by the
ancients to fit into Cl.Ch other like the coats of ao
onion, and to carry the planets about with them.
The word is now used to describc the distance at
which a planet may operate from a partile aspect
before it quite looses its efTects. The orb of the cusp
of any house, a fixed star, or the e, is 5'.
Pars Fo,tmu. The Part of Fortune, e.
Pereg,i11e. A peregrine planet is one posited in a
sign where it has no essential dignity of any kind.
It is reckoncd a debility of 5. ln questions of theft,
a peregrine planet in an angle, or in the 2nd house,
is the thief. No planet is reckoned peregrine if it
be in mutual reception.
Pomlerable pla11ets, 1i1 , W, '1 and ll , so called because
they move slower than the rest.
Proi1ibitio11. The sarne as frustration ; it indicates
the state of two planets that are significators of some
event, or the bringing of some business to an issue
or conclusion, and are applying to each other by
conjunction, lmt hefore such conjnnction can be
Cormcd a third planct, by mcans of a swifter motion,
interposes his bodf, and destroys the expecte<l COD
Junction by formmg an aspect himsclf; and this
mdicates that the mattcr under contemplation will be
grcatly retardcd, or utterly prevcnted.
Q11ere11t, is hc or she who requircs or asks the question, and dcsircs thc rcsult of any evcnt.
Radi&nl-Radix. The figure at birth is tbe radix
or root from which every thing is judged ; and tbe
term radical refers to it.
Rays. ln the common acceptation of tbe word a
ray is a b< of influence or sympathy wbicb accompanies such ray, when two planets are within
orbs of each otber. The fixed stars have no distant
inftuence by aspect, but only operate with a planet




when joined to it within from 2 to S of its body,

according to the magnitude of the fixed stars.
Ra,Jtion, is when two planets are mutually posited
in eacn other's essential dignities ; as ii in 'V', and
the G> io G, where ii, heing in the exaltation of the
G>, and the G> in the exaltation of ii, both are in
mutual receptioo ; or the G> in 'V', and ~ io 5\., are
in reception, one by house, the other by triplicity.
This is accounted an aspect of singular am1ty and
Rllrogrtul,, when any planet is decreasing in longi.
tude: it is a very great debility.
Rdrogratl, application, is when both planets are
retrograde, and move contrary to th: order of the
signs of the z.xliac, applying to each other.
s,;ar"'ion. When an aspect is past, the planets,
&c., are said to be separating from that aspect ; and
denotes that the influence is passing away.
Sig,,ifitttlor. Thc significator of any party is
that planct which rulcs, or has dominion by celestial
house, over that part of thc hgure or schemc pccu
liar to the busincss in hand. Thus, werc the qucstion
about money, the lord of thc 2nd house of heavcn
is the chie! significator of the matter ; and his good
or evil as~ts must be wcll observed ere the answer
cao be fa1thfullf given. The lord of the ascendant,
is the general s1gnificator of the querent. The ([ is,
ia general, bis co-significator.
Sig,,s o/ wiu, n, 11Jt, 6, =, and the first part of
I ; because it is said, if any of thcm asccnd, and
f be strong, the native will be a good orator.
Slnl o/ eouru, is when a planct moves slowcr than
its meao motion. It is considered a great debility,
and it may be so in some cases of horary questions.
Sl4I>lls, are those parts in the orbit of a planet
where it becomes either retrograde or direct ; because
it remaios for a while there stationary before it
changes its course. The first station is when they
bec:ome retrograde ; tbe second station is after they


have passed their perigee, and from retrogradatioo.
become direct.
Stalionary, is when a planet is in its station, and
appears to stand still.
The lights are never
St,onc ligns, are Sl, 111., and
because they are
strong, athletic bodies.
S,,eceede11t Jw,ises, so called because they follow or
succeed the angles. These houses are ncxt in power
to the angles, and are the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th.
Swift i11 111otio11 1 is when a planet moves quicker
than 1ts mcan motion in 24 hours, and slow in motion
when it moves less.
Viole11t signs, are the houses or exaltations of the
malcfics, viz., 'Y', .o., 111, r.f, and =; also those sigos
are called violcnt where therc are any remarkably
violcnt fixed stars, as ~ for Caput Algo), &e.
Unforlm,ale signs, are ~, a, 111 1 1'j' and )(. The
natives are said to be unfortunate in the general
tcndency o( the cvcnt of their livcs. The most un,
fortunate o( thcm ali is !,j',
Watery sig11s, o, t,iplicity, a, llt and )(.
N.B. T/,e St,ule11t will do wdl to ltarn a,cd digul t/11
Ter,111 1 a, a correcl lmowledg, o/ 1/,e,n is lft<asary.



Teaches the complete Doctrine o Natal Astrology, and enables
any person to calculate his or her nativity. or that o any ol
thelr riends, and give judgment on their wbole lile, &e.
Published in 9 Parts at 1/3 each, or bound ln one vol., U/6.
Thls old work twhich ormerly aold at lsl i9 now wlthln lhe
rea.cb o ali. For Catalogue o otber ola Books on Ast.roklff
aend 1tamped address to


Cemetery Road,





Terms used in this work
Table of Houses, 53 271 North Lat. ... 209

Absent brothers, cousins, neighhours, childrcn...

Do. Mother-Is shc dead or alive? ...
Do. Person-Of the wclfare of an abscnt
Abroad-Will hushand, wife, or lovcr rcturn
from abroad?
Advicc-Is it i:ood or bad?
Do. To StuJents
Agrccmcnt-Uctw<..'Cn brcthrcn or ncighbours ...
Antagonists-In raccs, games, or purchasc of
Application-Orbs of
Aquarius-Plancts in
.. .
.. .
Armies-Whether two armies will fight or not ...
Article-Thc articlo or thing missing will not
be found ...
.Aateroids-The Asteroids



I 18




Barrenness-Testimonies of barrenness...
Benefice-Will thc benefice be obtained
Besieged places ...
.. .
Bills and .Promissory notes
Birth-Tame when the birth will take place
Bills-Will it be safe to cash the person the
bili ?
Books Of the success of a book or other
literary undertaking
D,g, ,zed





Borrowing Money-Can I be success{ul in
borrowing money from a club, &e. ?
Business-Of the most appropriate business
Do. Shall I prosper in business ?
Do. If the calling be a profession or an an ...


Canccr-Planets in
Capricorn-Planets in . ..
Cattle (large)-When to sell large cattle
Do. (small) and dogs ...
. ..
Change-When can thc querent expect change? ...
Chastity-The female is cbaste ...
Children-Of absconded children
Do. The woman will have childreu ...
Do. The number of children ...
Child-Is the ahscon<lcd child dcad or alive? ...
Do. \Vill thc child hc malc or female?
Do. Whcthcr thc child will livc?
Colours-I<cprcscntcd hy sil{ns .. .
Do. :Uy compoun<l signilicators
Do. I<cprcscntcd by the plancts
Countries and Cities undcr tho influencc of the
Conception-The qucrent has just conceived
Courtship-Dishonoured courtship






Dcaf.-\Vhat kind of death the qucrcnt will die

Do. \Vhethcr the querent will suffer from
what he fears ...
Do. Shall we soon have death in tho family?
Debts-Of the recovery of Debts
.. .
Debtor-Shall I be able to pass the Insolvent

Court? ...
Diseases-What part of the body is afflictod ?
Do. Sigos of short disease . ..
Do. Signs o{ long disease
Do, Prognostica o{ life

Digitized by






Diseases-Time of recovery
... 195
Do. Prognostics of deatb
Do. On giving medicine
... 196
Dispositions produced by the inftuence of the
Planets ...
Dragon's Head and Tail-Indications o{ tbe
Dragon's Head and Tail

Elections-Doctrine of elections
Do. for engaging servants
Do. for most undertakings and first of
journeys .. .
. ..
.. .
.. .
Do. for receiving your wife's portion
Do. for receiving money owing
Do. for ~nding hidd~n treasure
... X .. .
Do. Takang possess1on of any house
Do. O{ removing rom place to place
Do. for buying or takang houses, lands,
or tcnements
Do, concerning friendship betwecn brcth
ren, kindred, and neighbours ...
Do. for fishing ...
Do. for buying and selling . ..
. ..
. ..
Do. for setting up any trade or profession ..
Do. for entcring into any place or office
. ..
Do, for buying horses and oxen
Do. for marriaie
.. .
. ..
. ..
Employments sigmficd by the Planets .. .
Enciente-Thc time when shc may become
cociente ...
Enemies-Of erivate cnemics ...
Do. What as the description of the foe
Do. The state and quality of the foe
Do The power of thcir enmity
Do. He has no private enemies
Do Has the querent any public enemies ? ...
Do Will the enomies overcomo? ...






Enemies-Description of the enemies ...
Estates-Will the querent succeed to the
estate of his father ?

Event-When and what time will the event

happen? ...
Do. Thc nature of events likely to take


~~of commodities ... ...

Exile--\Vhethcr an exile will be restored
Explanation of thc Diagram
. ..
. ..
Equating-Mode of equating the Planets







Figure of thc hcavcns-How to erect a figure

of thc heavcns . . .
. .
. ..
.. .
Finding a person at home, or otherwise
Friends-What kind of person I ought to
trust as a fricnd ?
Do. Is the qucsited a friend to me?...
. .
Frustrated-How persons and things are Crus
Finding-How to find the places of the Planets



Genethliacs-Points in
Gemini-Planets in

Homc-Am I likely to stay at home with

parcnts? . ..

Honesty-The servant, apprentice, or lodger


will bc honcst ...

Hopes 'and wishes ...
Horary Figure-Of the time of erecting a
Horary Figure . . .
. ..
.. .

Houses-Diagram of the principal significa

tion of the houses
. ..

Do. Signification of the twelve houses.

Do. Miscellaneous signification of the bouses





Houses-Signification in houses
Horoscope ...
Do. Example o
. ..

... 67


lllegitimate children
... 132
lmprisooment or banishmcnt
Insurance-Shall I be able to effect an in
surance 1 ..
I 76
Insert-How to iosert the signs in thc Figure... 76
Journey-Issue of a long journey
Do. Short journcys ...
Judgment o the Horoscope

Lawsuits-Shall I have a lawsuit?

Do. Who will be most ready to agree?
Do. Who conquers in the lawsuit? .. .
Do. Will the Judge, lawyer, &e., proceed
Legacy-Will the querent obtain the expected
legacy ? ...
Leo-Planets in . . .
Libra-Plaoets in ...
Life-O the good or evil attending life...
Do. What portion o qucrent's lie is likely
to be the most ortunate 1
Do. Will querent's lie be loog ? .. .
Do. How long is it probable querent will
live 1
Do. Sigos of long or short lic ?
Local places-Rulcd bf the planets
Do. Ruled by the a1gns
Long journey-O the issue o a long journey ...
Loat-The place where a thing may be lost ...
Lottery-Will a ticket in a lottery be a blank
ora prize 1












Manufactures and other articles affected by

the planets
. ..
. .
. .
Man's Body-Signs and Houses ruling man's





Marriage-Will the man or wonian marry?

Do. She will marry this lover
Do. 1 he expected mamage falis away
Do. Prevention of marriage and its cause .. 145
Do. The husband dcscribcd ...
Do. O( thc tini e of marriage . ..
Do. Has hc another lover ? . . .
Do. Of the circumstances of the husband
or wife
:?o. No grcat gains by marriage
Uo. Pcrsons and means hindering mar
Do. How the parties will agree in marriage
Do. W11l wife or husband be a stranger? ... 149
Do. Which of thc two is best connccted 1 149
Do. \Vill querent marry more than once? .. 149
Do. \Vhcther man or wifc die first ?...
... 149
Do. Has the la<ly another lover ?
Do. Has thc gcntleman another lover 1 151
Do. Will thc abscondcd husband return ? .. 151
Do. A woman lcaving her husband ..
Do. Elcction for marriage . . .
... a07
Do. What distancc is thc fugi tive . ..
J 52
Matter-Is the matter good or evil 1 ...
Messcnger-Of a messenger sent on imponant
busincss ...
. 138
Do. What business is effected by him? 138
Do. What takcs place on the journey of the
mcssengcr ?
Do. Time of the mcssenger's retum...
Do. Character of the messcnger
... 139
Method-General method to be observed in
aU questiona



Mialaid-0( an article mislaid, how and where
to find it ..
Moles, marks, or scars on individuais ...
Moles-General remarks on the moles o( tbe
quesited . .
Money Lent-Wille the querent obtain the
money lent ?


Names o( the querent and quesited

Obtaining money, debt, goods, &e.
Oft"spring generally
Orbs o( application

110-lII .


Partnership-l\lay I entcr a partner11hip or

society? ...
Do. lt will prosper
Do. How shall we agree?
Do. 1( we disagree, what will be the cause? 162
Do. Shall we succeed in business? ...
Do. Which will be the best affected?
Parliament-Whether a petition to Parliament
will succeed
Do. Member re-elected or restored . .
. . . 197
Part of Fortune-Portents o( the part o( ortune 76
Do. To find its place ...
. 8o
Penon1 dcscribed hy tho twelve sigos .
... 20
Pisces-Planets in. .
... 43
Pointa in Genethliacs
. . 198
Poverty-The cause o( poverty, or hinderance
o( gain

.. .
. .. 114 & 116
Pregoancy-Thtt length o time she has been
pregnant .
.. 137
Do. 1f a man ask unknown to the woman ... 135
Place-Tbe kind o( place where the things are 131
Property-Shall l purchase the property 1 121 & 122
Do. What ia the quality of tbe property? 122

D,g,.,zedbyGoogle . . -


Property-Will it be dear or cheap? .

Do. Of making pnrchases, or sales of property
Do. Of letting property
Do. Of succeeding to property


Quesited-Where and in what place is the
quesitcd? ...
Do. At what distance is the quesited?
Questions ...
Do. Whether the question is radical or
fit to be judged ?. ..
.. .

Do. Is the answcr good or evil ? .

Do. Is the report true or false?
Do. General method to be observed



Racing-Rules for winning

Do. Rules for losing
Removals-Astrological judgments on ...
Removing-What would affiict whither I
would remove ? .
Do. What affiicts in my present place, &e.?...
Do. About what time shall I remove?
Do. Is it well to remove from one house to
anothcr? ..
Do. Is it better for querent to remove ?
Do. To which quarter should I remove for
better success? ...
Report-Is the report true or false? ..

Richcs-Thc limo whcn qucrent may obtain

Do. ~y what means will querent obtain


'riches ? ..
Do, Or gain
RuJing-Signs and Houses ruling man'a body

s .




1 14


ll[:Ittary-Planets in


Sc1ence-Will the querent probt by the science 1 177


Scorpio-Planets in
Servants-Do not engage the servant, or
Do. When is the best time for engaging
servants? ...
Ship at sea, and its voyage
Short Journcy-Is it well to go my short
journey ?
Siclmess ~enerally ...
Signs-Duection by the signs
Do. The twelve si~ns .. .
Situation-When shall I obtain a situation ?
Do. Shall I ohtain the situation dcsired ?
Do. When shall 1 )cave my situat1on
.. 184
Do. 5:ihall I continue my prescnt -situation? 184
Do. What will be thc cause o my leaving ? 185
Do. Shall I be restored to my situation? 185, 197
Do. Will it be well to leavc the situation?. .. 186
Small Cattle and Dogs ..
.. 141
Do. lt will be unfortunate to deal in them... 142
Do. Wbat is the best time to buy them ? 142
Do. An evil time to buy
. ..
. ..
.. 142
Stolen-The naturo of thc article stolen, or
missing .
Strayed cattlc or scrvant will bc found
Do. Which way is hc, or it, gonc ? . ..
Strayed servant-Is disposcd to return .. .
SubJect o inquiry-lat 1t to bc, or not ?
Succesa-Wh1cb way must I stecr for bctter
success ? ..


Table of Houses . .
. .. . ..
. . . . 209
Table of tbe Fortitudes and Debilities of the
Planets ..
Table of the Measure of Time
. 66
Taurua-Of the sign Taurus
. 22
Tenants-On removal o tenants
.. 141
Terma UICd in this work .
no 'd


Do. Doubtful ...
Theft-Of theft questions generally
Do. Who is the thief?
Do. Whether the thief is domestic ...
Do. Is the suspected person the thief?
Do. What marks, scars, or other token has
the thief ...
Do. General signification o( the thief
Do. O( the bo<lily description o( the thief ...
Do. O( the business of the thief ...
Do. Of the age and sex of the thief...
Do. Is there one thief, or more than one ...
Do. ln which direction and at what
distancc is the thief? ...
Do. Description of the thiefs door ...
Do. The stolen goods will be recovered ...
Do. The stolen goods will not be recovered
Do. Are the missing goods stolen, or not? ..
Do. The thief will bc taken . ..
Do. The thief will not be taken
Do. ln what direction does thc thief live? ...
Do. Whcther the thief holds the goods
Do. Of the timc thc stolen articles wtll be
recovcrcd ...
Do. OC thc dr<'ss of thc thief
Things rulccl by the Planeta
Treasures, Mincs-Whcthcr recoverable or not
Twins-Thcre will be twim,
Virgo-Planets in ...
.. .
Vovage (The)-Will it prove prosperous?
Do. Wm it be long or short ?





J6x .




Wages-Shall I get my wages advanced ?

... 186
Do. WiU the querent receive bis wages or
saJary ?
,., D,g, ,z,,o,b,' ,w gle


War-ShaJl I return sae from the war?

Wealth-Will the husband or wie be well ofT? ...
Do. Persons or mcans hindcring property ...
Will-What will be the purport o( the sick
person's will ?
Do. Will the wife's or husband's portion
be obtained?
Wishes-Shall I ohtain my wishes ?
Woman En<J.uiring-She is encientc
Do. She as not enciente
World-What part o the world is most prosperous for querent?
Work-Will it be well to engage in this work ?...
Workman-Is the workman, scrvant, &e.,
aithul ? ...



Zodiac-Countries and cities uncler thc influ.
ence o( thc twelve signs

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