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The Terrace….

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Primo Italiano-There is nothing better to warm ways available. If you crave fresh fruit for dessert,
you up and fill you up than Italian food. Primo it is just steps away.
Italiano offers several pastas served with your
choice of protein and fresh sauces, a wide variety Alfred’s 24-item salad bar is a star attraction at
of pizzas baked in an authentic pizza oven and gar- The Terrace. Offering two soups every day for
lic bread galore. You’ll never be more than a few lunch, fresh produce and greens are sourced from
steps away from Alfred’s favorite ethnic food
(ACES Customer Satisfaction Survey 2009.)
the College farm and greenhouse and the Angelica
farmer’s market when available. The Terrace goes
way beyond iceberg lettuce. Look for at least
Just Desserts-Dining Services has always offered three fresh and tasty lettuce varieties at lunch and
extraordinary desserts and Just Desserts continues dinner. Dress up your salad with a low-fat, creamy
that tradition. Enjoy a variety of different desserts or a simple oil and vinegar dressing. The salad bar
at every meal, including offerings that come di- provides an important entrée and side dish option April 4-10, 2010
rectly from the Wellsville Culinary Arts students. for students who seek a healthy and hearty life-
Soft ice cream, yogurt and ice cream treats are al- style.
The new Terrace at Central Dining sandwiches. On Saturday and Sunday,

Hey Seniors
Hall will replace the cafeteria lines of look for made-to-order omelets, pan-
old and bring in a new era of healthy, cakes and waffles at the Grille.
fresh, customizable and delicious all-
Preserve your achievement Traditions-When you’re in need of
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you-care-to-eat dining to Alfred State home style comfort foods like baked
College. The only thing that will stay chicken, roast beef, turkey with all the
the same is the warm and friendly at- trimmings, mashed potatoes, pork
mosphere created by our staff just for chops, and tasty vegetables, Tradi-
Alfred State diners! You’ll always tions can fill you up. Look for Alfred
find your favorite fare – including favorites like fresh fish, homemade
vegetarian and low-fat options -- at casseroles, and carved ham entrees at
The Terrace. The Terrace offers six Traditions.
unique specialty serving areas that
will satisfy even the most sophisti- Carve and Create-Sandwiches are a
cated diner. Look for: consistent favorite at Alfred State and
the sandwich bar reaches new heights
Asian Flare – Serving a range of stir- with Carve and Create. You can build
fry specials daily along with savory your own sandwiches, design a Panini
Asian fare from Thailand, Japan, and or submarine sandwich, and indulge
China. This specialty area is open in rotisserie chicken and smoky que-
with a classic diploma frame from every day for lunch and dinner. Asian
Flare will be closed during weekend
sadillas. Choose from a huge assort-
ment of breads for
the Campus Store. brunch. your sandwich –
think pretzel rolls,
Visit the store or go online: Grille Works-If hamburgers, hot
dogs, chicken breasts, and French rye, white, multi- Fries are your favorite foods, then the grain and sour-
Grille Works will be your home away dough bread, ba-
from home. At Grille Works be sure gels, and English
to try Alfred favorites like Pioneer muffins.
Burgers and grilled Italian sausage
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
6:30am-10:00am 11:00am-2:00pm 4:00pm-6:30pm

Bacon Bagel Sandwich Philly Steak Casserole Garbage Plate ASIAN FLARE GRILLE WORKS
Scrambled Eggs Popcorn Chicken Italian Sausage Subs w/
Steamed White Rice Hot dogs
Blueberry or Plain Waffles Garden Patch Goulash Peppers & Onions

Vegetable Fried Rice

April 5

Canadian Bacon Curly Fries Vegetable Lasagna Hamburgers

Turkey Sausage Patties Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy Crinkle Cut Fries Vegetable Lo Mein Garden burgers
Shredded Hash Browns Pasta Salad Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy Grilled Chicken Breast
Raspberry Croissants Pearl Harvest Scandinavian Vegetables French Fries
Pears Strawberry Mousse Breadsticks Variety of Toppings
Molasses Cookies Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Sausage McAlfreds Grilled Cheese (V) Chicken Wings
Scrambled Eggs Grilled Ham & Cheese Beef Burgundy over Noodles
Maple Link Sausage Tex-Mex Pepper Steak W/ Rice Swiss Vegetable Casserole

Turkey Sausage Links Tater Tots Curly Fries

April 6

Potato Pancakes Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef Two Types of Pasta
Sliced Peaches Potato Salad Potato Salad Salami, Bologna, Corned Beef
Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Whole Beets Whole Kernel Corn Plain pizza
Pastrami. Cappacola, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad
Frosted Brownies French Bread Assorted Breads & Rolls
Pepperoni Pizza
Vanilla Pudding W/ Oreo Crumbles Carrot Cake Marinara & Alfredo Sauce
Sausage Bagel Chicken Spiedie Carved Pork Tenderloin Variety of Protein Toppings

Scrambled Eggs Macaroni & Cheese (V) Perogies W/ Marinara Sauce (V)

Bacon Garlic Fries Sea Dogs

Turkey Bacon Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy
April 7

Round-A-Bouts Shells, Crabmeat & Ranch Salad Garlic Fries

Fresh Fruit Salad Oregon Blend Vegetables Shells, Crabmeat & Ranch Salad
Cheese Lattice Danish Butterscotch Pudding Tiny Whole Carrots JUST DESSERTS
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Italian Bread Cookies, Pies
Key Lime Pie/Oreo Cream Pie
Ham & Cheese Croissant Gnocchi W/ Vodka Sauce (V) Baked Potato Bar Fresh Fruit
Scrambled Eggs Tuna Melts Rotisserie Beef
Country Sausage Links Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy Mexican Style Pasta Bake

April 8

Turkey Sausage Links French Fries Baked Cod

Lambs Hash Browns Macaroni Salad French Fries
Assorted Yeast Donuts Garden Trio Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy
Mandarin Oranges Carnival Cookies French Fries
Berry Blue Jell-O Angel Food Cake
Canadian Bacon Biscuits Sea Nuggets Served 4:00-6:00
Available Daily At SOUPS OF THE WEEK
Scrambled Eggs Penne Pesto Pasta The Terrace:
Bacon Cottage Fries Hoagie Steak Monday Thursday
Stuffed Manicotti Bagels
Turkey Bacon Onion Rings Wisconsin Cheese Soup Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

English Muffins
April 9

Fried Redstone Potatoes Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy Ravioli Espanola Portabella Mushroom Soup Italian Wedding Soup
Spudsters Salad Bar
Apricot Halves Cole Slaw
Cinnamon Rolls Spinach Mashed Potatoes W/ Gravy Omelets, Waffles Made to Order Tuesday Friday
Strawberry Jell-O Cole Slaw Saturday & Sundays Split Pea W/ Ham Soup Beef Barley Soup
Macadamia Nut Cookies Make Your Own Sundaes @ Tomato Soup Cream of Cauliflower Soup
Brunch Brunch Wednesday
10:30am-2:30pm 10:30am-2:30pm
Cream of Celery Soup
Pancakes French Toast Rip Roar’in Crab Soup

April 4

Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs

April 10

Brown & Serve Sausage Maple Link Sausage

Turkey Sausage Links Turkey Sausage Links
Home Fries Superb Chicken Casserole
Grilled Chicken W/ Vegetables Hash Brown Stars
Sliced Fruit/ Assorted Pastries Assorted Danish/Sliced Fruit