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State Representative

Debbie Phillips


Contact: Christopher Germain, Legislative Aide (614) 466-2158

Rep. Debbie Phillips Announces State Funds to Expand Green Energy

Research and Development
State to contract with Ohio University to develop statewide database, help
businesses identify needs

COLUMBUS – State Representative Debbie Phillips (D-Athens) today announced the release of state
funds to expand clean energy research and development in Ohio. The state will work in conjunction with
Ohio University to create a statewide database detailing Ohio’s greenhouse gas emissions that will allow
the state and businesses to assess their clean energy needs and prepare a comprehensive carbon
management strategy for the state, ensuring Ohio remains both a business friendly and environmentally
responsible state.

“Ohio University continues to be an economic engine in southeastern Ohio,” Rep. Phillips said. “Their
proactive work to earn contracts such as this provides an economic boost for the area, as well as valuable
learning and development opportunities for students. This project will further strengthen Ohio
University's position as a leader in clean energy research and development.”

The project allots a total of $499,958 over fiscal years 2010 and 2011 for the development of the database
and to make recommendations to the state. The project will receive $111, 261 for the current fiscal year
and $388,697 for the following year. The project will result in a state-of-the-art, scalable and robust
computer application for establishing a database management system necessary for tracking Green House
Gas (GHG) emissions within Ohio.

“Clean energy technologies are an important part of growing our local economy,” Rep. Phillips said.
“This database will assist Ohio businesses in making environmentally and economically smart
decisions as we move forward. It will also help Ohio pursue robust economic development
plans, enabling the state to build on its strengths and lead the way for business investment and
Ohio University will be partnering with The Ohio State University to provide project coordination, state
policy analysis, modeling, and policy development.

The proposed data management system will be web-based and will allow easy access to chart GHG
emissions including carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide from stationary, area, and mobile sources
that will provide detailed information in multiple geographic information systems

The funds were released by the Ohio Controlling Board, which provides oversight and final approval for
state expenditures.