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ACME PUF-Panel Installations Photo Album

About ACME
The ACME Group is a leader in the eld of energy management
and innovative solutions for the wireless telecommunications and
alternate energy sector. With business focus around three Es of
energy Energy Conservation, Energy Management and Energy
Generation, ACME is constantly engaged in disruptive innovation
to develop technologies that not only make great economic sense
in terms of acceptability, efciencies and return on investment, but
also have a lasting impact on social well-being.
ACME operates through its fully integrated state-of-the-art
production unit at Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand. The Pant Nagar plant
is the largest of its kind in Asia and incorporates world class
equipment and a high level of automation.
Highlights of the plant include:

A fully-automated state-of-the-art PUF Panels

Manufacturing Line

Automated manufacturing lines for various green technology


The corporate ofce of ACME is based in Gurgaon, Haryana with a

nationwide network of 19 sales and service ofces, which serve all
major hubs and telecom circles in India. ACME also has
international ofces in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania,
Madagascar and Rwanda. In terms of marketing, sales, installation

and after sales support, ACME has the requisite and highly skilled
manpower to provide end-to-end solutions and support in any part
of India.

Global Energy Management Centre (GEMC)

GEMC created with an objective of remotely managing energy,
assets and eld force has been providing critical insights to
ACMEs customers.
The information patterns are analyzed for usage, cost, carbon
footprints etc in a number of ways to help customers to understand
consumption and usage practices & optimize inuencing business
processes. The recommendations have resulted in energy saving
options like replacing or upgrading the inefcient equipment,
tackling routine waste or energy theft.
The center is uniquely positioned to serve clients across the globe
by acquiring data from various distributed sources and ensures
anywhere any time availability for real time decision making. The
application is hosted in the latest cloud frame work (Private/Public)
based on Microsoft Framework and Google APIs.
The GEMC is powered with highest quality standards of process
and certications like ISO27001 &SAS 70.

ACME Sandwich PUF Panels

Energy Efcient Panels for better living, working and storage
ACME is the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art PUF Panels
with in-house manufacturing plant, quality testing labs and strong
experience of executing large scale EPC projects.
ACME has one of Asias largest on-line, continuous PUF
manufacturing machine with a manufacturing capacity of over 2.5
million SQM PA. As per the requirement, Sandwich PUF panels of
different thicknesses and lengths can be manufactured with
consistence chemical and physical properties as per relevant
national and international standards.
ACME PUF based Pre-Engineered Building Structures are
accredited by Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals

Advantages of ACME PUF Panels:


Fungus & termite proof

High load bearing capacity with light weight

Higher energy savings due to low thermal conductivity

All weather proof construction & highly space saving

Best functionality - Designer & Architect friendly

No degradation of insulation property with time

High water and vapor barrier

Easy erection, low maintenance and easily cleanable

Tongue & Groove panels with excellent joining and sealing with
design exibility

Non-shedding and non-aking properties

Our Certications

CBRI Test Report (Fire Retardant)

ISO 9001 : 2008

DGS & D Registration Certicate (PEB)

ISO 14001 : 2004

State Govt. Registration

BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007

Applications of ACME PUF Insulated Sandwich Panels

Cold Storage

Pack Houses


Food Processing

Clean Rooms

Telecom Shelters

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Floriculture / Horticulture



Hospitality & Food Retail

Roof-top Structures

Site Ofces

Temporary Housing

High Altitude Accommodation


Super Market

Paint / Coating Booths

Communication Shelters

Industrial Premises

Walk on Ceilings

Information Kiosks

Frozen Food Industry

Dairy & Ice-Cream Industry


Community Shelters

Medical Devices & Electronics

Games / Sports Venues

Fruits / Vegetables Storage

Meat / Poultry / Fish Storage

Low Cost Housing

Reefer Container

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility in Pantnagar,

Uttarakhand spread over a sprawling 11 hectares of prime land

PUF Panel Production Line

Decoiler operation of
PPGI sheet

Size Cutting

Roll Forming

Curing Process

Prefabricated House - Constructed at Kargil, Leh, Karnataka & Tawang

Double Story Prefabricated House - 4 Core (Indian Army) at Tawang

Prefabricated House - Drass (J&K) for Indian Army

Pre-Engineered Bullet Proof Shelter

Prefabricated House, Arunachal Pradesh

Prefabricated Shelter, Arunachal Pradesh

Prefabricated Ofce for NTPC, Karnataka

Double Storey Pre-Engineered Building for NTPC, Assam

Double Storey Pre-Engineered Building for NTPC, Assam

Prefabricated Telecom Shelter

Prefabricated Cold Storage

Prefabricated Telecom Shelter

Prefabricated Cold Storage

Prefabricated Modular Cold Room

Prefabricated Shelter - LGG, Arunachal Pradesh, Indian Army

Prefabricated Kargil Battle School, Drass

Internal View of Multi-purpose Hall

Prefabricated Subhash Hut, Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang


35 National Games Village, Kerala

We are never too far from you!

ACME Presence

United States





ACME Sales and Service Ofces


Corporate & Registered Ofce

ACME Cleantech Solutions Limited
Plot No.152, Sector 44,
Gurgaon -122002, Haryana, India
Tel: +91-124-7117000
Mob: +91-9999399500
Fax: +91-124-7117001
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ACME Cleantech Solutions Limited

Plot No.152, Sector 44, Gurgaon -122002, Haryana, India
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