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13th, Jan, 2016
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel ,
Riverfront 2 &3 Room



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wellfine. Food Additives. com 7 WELLFINE Jinhan 3 CHUNGWOO LIFE SCIENCE Seaweed Crunch Onion.wellbeingls.bifido. LTD Extract of peanut sprouts.adbiotech. LTD Nutritional & Functional Food. steamed peanut sprouts te a www. Health foods and drinks www. Bio-Agro-Livestock Pr www. Seaweed Crunch Sea Slim Yogur tics. Seaweed Crisps Almonds I g Drink. AC-Fine Cosmetic www.chungwooLS. 5 GANGSUNG BIO Natural mineral fermented brown rice www.peanutsprout. Ig-Guard. PAI Probiotics www.c om 6 JANGSUCHAE CO. Daoom 48-hour diet www. & Fermented Food: Fermented Coffee kr .c om 4 DAOOM Health Functional Food & Dietary 8 WELLBEING LS Functional Daoo m m 2 BIFIDO CO. oducts. Fermented Ginseng.SUPPLIER LIST Company Product Website 1 AD BIO TECH Special Feed & Food Additives. Bifidus Meal.

Food Division. The company has four division which are the Animal Science Business. Ltd is established in 2000 with the goal of meeting nature on the table.. Products Provided: • Ig-Guard (Helico) • Ig-Guard (Rota) • Ig-Guard (Mutans) • Ig-Guard (Cholestrol) • AC-Fine Moisture Cream • AC Fine Foam Cleaning • Ig-Top .com ▪ Overview AD Biotech Co.adbiotech.AD BIO TECH ▪ Introduction PIC: Cheong Hong-gul Phone: (82)-33-261-4907 Fax: (82)-33-261-4920 Website: www. Cosmetic Division and Cosmetic Division.

The company focus on basic research and product development using probiotics. bifidum BGN4 • Website: www.. Ltd was founded in 1999 to fully utilize science in nutritious and functional food materials for the improvement of human health and well-being. longum BORI • B.bifido. Products Provided: • ▪ Overview Bifido Co.BIFIDO ▪ Introduction PIC: Ji Geun Eog Phone: (82)-33-435-4962 Fax: (82)-33-435-4963 Email: 3531083@hanmail.lactis AS60 • PAI Probiotics • GNL Probiotics • Bifido Meal • Slim Yogurtics .

com ▪ Overview ChungWoo Life Science is established since 2009 as the manufacturer. Products Provided: • Seaweed Crunch Onion • Seaweed Crunch Sea Salt • Seaweed Crisps Almonds .chungwools. exporter and supplier of the various food ingredients and food additives in international Website: www. Besides that.CHUNGWOO LIFE SCIENCE ▪ Introduction Phone: (82)-02-373-3601 Fax: (82)-02-6052-3601 Email: office@chungwools. ChungWoo Life Science also focus on manufacture the seaweed crunch & crisps which provide a healthier way to enjoy the snack.

Products Provided: • Daoom Onbaek • Daoom Whole Family’s Love • Daoom One Ebony Meal • Daoom Organic Kale • Freeze-dried Black Bean Cheonggukjang • Daoom Wild Grass • Ndaoom 48-hour diet • Daoom Natural Meal . common processed ▪ Overview Since Daoom first established in Website: www. the company has been continuously developed leading the natural food market with special food.DAOOM ▪ Introduction Phone: (82)-02-3446-3553 Fax: (82)-02-3446-0631 Email: doomail@naver. health functional food and dietary supplementary.

Products Provided: • natural mineral fermented brown rice .com ▪ Overview Established in 2011. Gangsung bio is specialized in natural mineral fermented brown rice the characteristic of the nature The charateristic of the natural mineral fermented brown rice is that it can absorb the daily essential nutrients through the rice from containing Natural plant in nutrient-rich ingredients.gangsungbio.GANGSUNG BIO ▪ Introduction PIC: Phone: (82)-33-345-1126 Fax: (82)-33-345-1127 Email: Website: www.

The company is providing the world market with pe anut sprouts for ingredients of food and drug and will create new bio-material opportunities through continuous research and development.JANGSUCHAE ▪ Introduction PIC: Shin Young-taek Phone: (82)-2-479-1966 Fax: (82)-2-479-1967 Email: winrws@naver. an d Korea. Vietnam.peanutsprout. Website: ▪ Overview Jangsuchae is an agricultural company incorporated in Kore a and it has registered its world first patent on producing pea nut sprouts in 11 countries including China. Products Provided: • Extract of Peanut Sprouts • Steamed peanut sprouts tea • Res-Time(Jangsuchae-Hwan) • Res-Hongsamjeong .

proceeding with collaboration through its own distribution organization. and institutes of Korea. We have also performed the development of foods and health foods with wellknown large ▪ Overview Wellfine co. Ltd has proceeded with MOU for diversification of food business based on retail business for 16 Website: ww.Wellfine ▪ Introduction PIC: Son Il-kwon Phone: (82)-2-853-8175~6 Fax: (82)-2-853-8177 Email: wf2011@wellfine.. Products Provided: • Jinhan Series Concentrates • Health Foods and Drinks . Website: ▪ Overview Well-Being LS Co. Ltd is a specialized bio research company that has launched functional food. Products Provided: • Veautylac VL-7 • Fermented-Coffee • Vegetable-origin Probiotic JS • JSA 101 • Wellpoongnyeon . food additives and bio-agrolivestock products. and fermented food.WELL-BEINGLS ▪ Introduction Phone: (82)-33-646-2738 Fax: (82)-33-646-2735 Email: deuk0522@hanmail. (Goodhill) . Koreacentre.SINGAPORE-KOREA Thank you See You Soon! DIGILOGTECH Organizer Chuncheon Bioindustry Foundation.