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Testimony of Matthew Philip Gill

My name is Matthew Gill I was born on the 29th of August 1978 to Philip Gill and Alyson
Gill. My parents were the making of me for it was from them that I learnt how to commune
with God and how to pray and do all things that a believer in the Christ does. This is the story
of how I found the Lord and how I was chosen to do a great work upon this earth and how
that would eventually lead me to becoming a Prophet Seer ,Revelator and Translator.
I was twelve years old when I first read the book of Mormon for the first time. I remember
wanting to read it and wanting to find out if what I was told about it was true. I remember
that the book of Mormon always took pride of place in my family home and that the Prophet
Joseph smith Jr was talked about freely and with love and respect. I had a love for that great
man even before I picked up the Book of Mormon. His testimony was strong, stronger than
anything that I had heard or would hear. He truly was a man lead by the Lord. With this
strong feeling for the book of Mormon in my family it was only natural that I would one day
find the time and desire to read it for my self and do as I had been told I must do and pray and
ask if it is true.
I was drawn to it, like nothing I had ever felt before I almost felt that if I didn't read it I would
be stopped form progressing with the rest of my life, it is a very strange thing to explain in
words but I all I can say is that I felt compelled to read it.
The night was a Friday I remember it well I took the copy of the book of Mormon that sat on
our shelf and I made my way to my room. I had decided that I would read it all night if
necessary until I had finished it. I took to my room made my self comfortable, with supplies
and enough food and drink to last out. I started to read. Soon enough I had finished chapter
one and I found that I had not tired or even felt like that would happen. I went on chapter
after chapter I couldn't stop reading. After a while I noticed that it was getting late and I put
the book down and decided to go to sleep and continue in the morning. I could not sleep I
tossed and turned and finally I had had enough I went to get out of bed but found that I could
not move it seemed that I was being held down by some force or other I struggled for some
time to move until the weight upon my chest become to much to bear I called upon my
saviour in prayer and I suddenly found that I was free I sprang to my feet switched on my
bedroom light and I knew that I must finish the book before the morning. It wasn't long
before I was reading about the saviour and his visit to the Nephites and how he walked among
them. I went on. Three o'clock went by then four then five I had finished. The joy of doing so
filled my heart and the words of Moroni filled my head “Ask God the eternal father in the
name of Jesus Christ if these things are not true”. They went round and round in my head
and I knew that I must do as he asked. I knelt down and began to pray.
As I began to pray I became aware of a light gathering in my room, so much so that it filled
the room and the brightness was so great that I had never seen the likes of it before. I saw
descending from above me a personage who was glorious to behold he was dressed in a white
robe and he descended until he came to a stop just off the floor. He spoke to me and said these
words. “My name is Moroni I come to you from the presence of the Saviour Jesus Christ. I
come to you because you asked with a sincere heart and with real intent as to weather the
things that you had read were not true. I bear witness in the name of the Father and the Son
that they are true and they do bear record of my people and of our dealings with the Saviour

Some accepted it others did not some said it was of the devil others that it was from God. I stretched forth my hand and he took hold of it I felt him and he was real. All I can say is that I felt the pure love of Christ and that it was over whelming for a boy as young as I was to have this happen to me. Turn the pages that you might know that they are real. Stretch for your hand and feel them. The room became engulfed in light and I saw descending out of heaven a personage he rested just of the floor and he spoke to me calling me by name saying “behold I am Raphael sent unto you from the presence of the father and the son”. As he said this I noticed that the light gathered around him and that he ascended back the way that he had come until he was gone and I was alone. The time will come when you will be called to do a great work upon the face of the earth like unto that of the Prophet Joseph smith Jr. But behold I say unto you that this will be the last time that I come unto you for when you are ready the saviour will send another unto you. although I did at times faulter with regards to the latter and I did stumble along the way I was quick to call upon the Lord for forgiveness. May father told me that I must do as the angel Moroni had instructed me and that if I did the promise would be fulfilled. I told many people of my experience. I was visited many more times by Raphael each time I was given more commandants and revelation until the time I was given the book of Jeraneck. Years went by. It was in 2005 that my life changed for ever and the promise that had been given me by the Angel Moroni was fulfilled. I can’t do justice to how I felt when I did this. it was the most amazing time of my life to hold in my arms a newly born baby and to realise where its spirit had come form was truly wonderful. After I had touched the Golden plates Moroni spoke to me saying. I had retired to bed with my wife early. I testify that these things are true . I stretched forth my hand and I did as I was commanded. I had decided to spend that time reading the book of Mormon and praying. The time came when I met my wife and we married and we had our son Levi. He went on saying. For it is the will of the Saviour Jesus Christ that I show these things unto you. I never forgot that experience and I don't think I ever will. it was while I was praying for guidance about what I could do for my family in these last days of trouble and strife that it happened. I felt totally over come with the spirit I felt tears fall upon my cheeks I was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and I knew that he was from the Lord because the spirit had bore witness to me. I fell to my bed exhausted when I had gathered my strength I made way to may parents and told them what had happened. Be faithful and obedient to the lord. I continued to do as I was commanded I was diligent in reading the book of Mormon and honoring my parents. Feel the writing that you might know that it was by the hand of the Prophets that is was written”. I sat on my bed and listen to him talk to me about the work I was to do and the at one day a book would be given to me that would speak of a people that once inhabited my country and that it would stand as a further witness of Jesus Christ. I leave you know and I do so in the name of the saviour Jesus Christ”. I know what I saw and I will never deny it.Jesus Christ”. Read from the book of Mormon. Honour thy parents that your days may be long upon the land. “Do not wonder in your mind why I have been sent unto you. “Behold Matthew the golden plates. read third Nephi and study it out in your mind.

.that I have indeed spoken to Angels from God and they have indeed imparted many things unto me. I know that my Redeemer lives and that I have been given a book that indeed testify's of the Saviour and that it speaks and bears witness of many things to do with the gospel of Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. I will not deny them and I will defend them till my death and beyond.