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NIT No. TH/MES/MBG/09/216
Date: 11/11/2009

Dear Sir,
We are pleased to forward this tender enquiry to you with salient features as follows:1) Tender Enquiry No.
As above.

Last date of submission of sealed quotation in
the office of the undersigned.
Date of opening of pre-qualification documents
+ Technical bid envelope + EMD envelope
Amount of Earnest Money Deposit
(See clause No.1.5 Annexure-IA).
Validity of Tender.

04/12/2009 up to 2.30 PM
04/12/2009 at 3:00 PM

90 days from the last date of submission of tender
as above.
6) Mode of submission of sealed tender.
1stenvelope containing documentsfor prequalification
2nd Envelope containing EMD
3rd Envelope containing TECH. BID+UNPRICED BID
4th Envelope containing PRICE BID.
(These sealed envelopes to be put in one outer
envelope & sealed.)
7) Instructions to Bidders
As per Annexure-IA.
8) General Terms & Conditions.
As per Annexure-I
Pre qualification criteria.
As per Annexure-IB
10) Scope of work
As per Annexure –II
11) Schedule of rates
As per Annexure –III
12) Drawing enclosed ( Three drawings)
As per annexure- IV
13) Checklist to be filled & attached to technical bid As per Annexure –V
Deviations from terms & conditions of the tender enquiry, if any, must be enclosed in separate sheet marked
“DEVIATIONS TO NIT” in absence of which it shall be presumed that all terms and conditions of the
subject tender enquiry are acceptable to you. Any deviations mentioned in the text of the tender shall be
The following tenders are liable for rejection:
Late tender i.e. tender received after the last date and time of submission.
Tender not accompanied with prescribed EMD.
Incomplete/ conditional tender.
Tender not subscribed by authorized signatories.
The Bidder must write the NIT No. on all five envelopes as mentioned above and also write respective
headings on inner four envelops.
In addition to the above, RCF reserves the right to accept or reject in part or reject any or all the tenders without
assigning any reasons thereof.
Please go through the NIT carefully and submit your competitive quotation by the date as above. In case, you are
unable to submit your quotation for any reason kindly intimate us accordingly before the last date.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
Encl.:- Annexures as above.

B. RCF reserves the right to extend the last date of submission of tenders. 1.0 INSTRUCTIONS TO TENDERERS The tenderers shall note the following before submitting the tender.2 Rates : Quotations shall be submitted strictly in a manner specified under ‘Schedule of Rates’ to facilitate comparison of rates. at S. MUMBAI.ANNEXURE. the tenderer is advised to contact the concerned Plant Engineer. Thal Vaishet Branch.IA 1. The BG shall remain valid for a period of six months from the due date of opening of the tender. For EMD amount above Rs.1 Lakh: Bank Guarantee (BG) executed by Nationalized bank as per enclosed RCF Proforma. 1. the amount in words shall be considered.1 Lakh: Demand Draft From any Nationalized Bank and Payable to RCF Ltd. If the amount in words and figures differs. 1. Foreign tenderers can also submit EMD in form of BID Bond as per Proforma enclosed. Erasures as well as corrections in figure without tenderer’s signature may be treated as rates not quoted for that item and dealt with accordingly. 1.Code No. CHEMBUR. 1. Cheques are not acceptable. I.4 The tenderer will return all the tender forms duly subscribed by authorised person / Proprietor / Partner on every page together with the company’s stamp as a token of their acceptance of the terms and conditions. This bank guarantee shall be counter guaranteed by STATE BANK OF INDIA. In case any clarification is required. SWASTIK CHAMBER. For EMD amount up to Rs. No interest is payable on EMD. his Earnest Money Deposit will be forfeited..3 Validity of offer/ Tender : The validity period of the tender shall be 90 days from the last date of submission unless stated other wise.5 Earnest Money Deposit : The tenderer shall submit “ Earnest Money Deposit” (EMD) in following form.1 Clarification of tender : The tenderer may visit RCF Thal at his own expenses to get acquainted with the work involved and other details. The tenderer shall quote their rates in prescribed tender form only. If any tenderer unilaterally withdraws or revokes his tender or revises the tendered rates for any item within the aforesaid period of 90 days or after the issue of letter of intent.2nd page ) . ( Cont. 1.7289 2.

a copy of partnership deed in case of partnership firm and declaration by a proprietor of the firm that the said firm is a sole proprietary concern. 1. b) Latest Income Tax clearance certificate.9 Negotiations : Normally.2 ) SSI units registered with N. the bids received by RCF will not be opened in presence of the bidders.( Page No. for the tendered works is exempted from submitting EMD.10 Split of work : The work in respect of the subject tender may be awarded to two or more contractors at the sole discretion of RCF. 1.8 Opening of Bids : Unless otherwise specified. d) An undertaking by the contractor that the constitution of the firm shall not be changed during the subsistence of the contract without prior consent in writing from RCF Thal. However. c) Attested copy of Memorandum and article of association in case of limited company. same may be clearly indicated in the statement. regardless of conduct or outcome of the bidding process. if the conditions so warrant. if such deviation of work is possible.6 Submission of Documents : Following documents shall be submitted along with the tender if not submitted earlier.7 Cost of Bidding : The bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of bid and neither RCF nor its nominee / its consultants will be responsible or liable for these costs. 1. RCF reserves the right to conduct negotiations. ***************************** File: NIT . Photocopy of valid NSIC Registration certificate shall be enclosed in EMD envelope. The EMD of unsuccessful tenderers will be refunded on finalisation of order with the successful tenderers. 1.I. a) A statement duly signed declaring the names of the officers of RCF who are related to them and if otherwise. 1.S. RCF may not conduct any negotiations. The monetary limit indicated in NSIC Registration certificate should cover the value of the items of works. Registration certificate should be valid as on the date of orders.C.

enclosures. successors.I GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. and assigns. legal representative. 1. 1. 1. 1. machining. 1.0 DEFINITIONS The terms repeatedly used shall mean as follows: 1. Eastern Express Highway. having its Registered Office at Priyadarshini.2 'Contract Value' shall mean the total amount payable to contractor towards the jobs actually executed by the contractor in accordance with the order issued to contractor by RCF.8 'Tenderer/Bidder' shall mean the person. 1.3 'Contractor' shall mean the bidder whose bid has been accepted by the owner and shall include contractors heirs. 1. repair.5 'Owner/RCF' shall mean and include the Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. 1. Bombay400 022.11 'RCF Engineer/Engineer In-charge' shall mean the engineer of RCF under whose instructions the particular job is being executed or an engineer superior to him and shall include RCF's representative or consultant/ if its representative appointed by RCF for this purpose. firm or corporation who have submitted a tender / bid against invitation to bids and shall include their legal representative. fabrication.ANNEXURE .7 ‘Schedule of Rates' shall mean the bid rates of the contractor in respect of which the bid has been accepted. testing etc.4 'Date of contract' shall mean the date of issue of letter of intent or the date so mentioned in the work order. successors and assigns. 1.9 'Amendment order' shall mean an order given by RCF to effect additions. substitutions or alterations in the work order. their successors. re-tubing.10 'Work' shall mean and include all activities as specified under the scope of work such as dismantling. assigns or legal representative.1 'Contract/work order' shall mean and include any award of work in writing with general terms and conditions / special conditions of tender. It shall also include the successful tenderer whose bid has been accepted. 1. free of cost. .6 ‘Guarantee/Warranty Period' shall mean the pacified period from the date of completion of work (as certified by RCF Engineer) during which contractor shall rectify and remove all the defects pointed out by RCF Engineer. annexures and subsequent amendments thereto.

the contractor shall deposit within 15 days a sum equivalent to 10% of the contract value towards Security deposit for faithful performance of the work or furnish a bank guarantee from a nationalised bank in RCF pro-forma for equivalent amount and valid for the contract period. duties.0 TAXES & DUTIES: All taxes.0 SECURITY DEPOSIT: The successful bidder called the contractor shall be issued a letter of intent / work order. This amount /Bank guarantee shall be returned after the expiry of guarantee / warranty period.0 TRANSPORTATION: To & fro transportation of all materials from RCF Thal to Contractor's workshop shall be the responsibility of the contractor unless otherwise agreed by RCF. a detailed work schedule showing all the activities for completion of the work as per the delivery period. if EMD amount is available with RCF.0 FREE ISSUE OF MATERIAL: When RCF's material is taken to contractor's workshop as free issue material. the contractor shall furnish a Bank guarantee towards the cost of the material as decided by RCF. In case of Annual Rate Contract and at the request of the contractor. On receipt of the work order. the contractor shall give a personal bond for safe return of the material. . All materials shall be issued at RCF's stores and further handling shall be in the scope of the contractor. This BG shall be returned after the receipt of material by RCF. octroi shall be borne by the contractor. 6.2. RCF may consider deduction of Security deposits at 10 % from the Contractor's running Bills. RCF's authorised representative or a third party inspection agency as per the requirement of RCF. payment of octroi etc shall also be in the scope of the contractor. 3. No interest shall be payable by RCF on the Security deposit. Transit insurance. The work shall be completed as per this schedule approved by RCF. When RCF agrees to reimburse such charges in special cases. the contractor shall submit to RCF for approval. 4.0 WORK SCHEDULE: On receipt of the work order. 5. 7. When the value of the material is small. The Security deposit /Bank guarantee shall be converted into performance guarantee after completion of the work. On submission of Security deposit the EMD of the contractor shall be returned.0 INSPECTION: The work at contractor's workshop may be inspected by RCF Engineer. the same shall be against production of documentary evidence.

/Work order and collect the material within next 5 days. the balance material and the scrap generated from RCF's materials shall be returned to RCF along with the repaired equipment.0 PAYMENT TERMS: 100% payment shall be released within 30 days on completion of the entire work to the satisfaction of RCF Engineer/third party inspection agency and after conversion of Security deposit into performance guarantee.0 TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: RCF at its sole discretion may terminate the contract for its convenience or at the default of the contractor.0 LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: Time is the essence of this contract and in case of non-performance or delay in delivery of the repaired equipment by the contractor. 12. . the B. may not be released. The contractor shall arrange a bank guarantee towards free issue of materials within 15 days from the date of receipt of L. 14. In case.I. 10. which ever is earlier. is not submitted within 15 days and material not collected in next 5 days.0 PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE / WARRANTY: The Contractor shall give guarantee / warranty for the materials used and the workmanship.O. the delivery period shall be counted from the 21st day of receipt of L.0 RETURN OF RCF'S MATERIAL: When RCF's material is taken to contractor's workshop for repair work.0 EXTRA WORK: In case any extra work other than works specified in RCF's order arises.0 COMPLETION TIME: The completion time shall be as specified in the scope of work.G.O. 9. / Work order by the contractor and not from the date of collection of material by the contractor. subject to a maximum of 10% of the contract value. for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months from the date of receipt of the repaired equipment by RCF. the same shall be done after RCF's approval and issue of amendment to this effect. 11.8. The contractor shall furnish performance bank guarantee for 10% value of the contract and valid for the guarantee period or the security deposit will be converted into performance guarantee. 13. shall be levied. as the case may be. Payment for any extra work done without prior approval of RCF. The completion time shall be counted from the date of collection of material by the contractor from RCF.I. liquidated damages at 1% of the contract value per week or part thereof. Payment for the work completed at the time of termination of the contract shall be mutually settled.

it shall not imply any limitation of contractor's liability to fulfil the work order.2 When the contract is awarded on unit rates basis. the same shall be referred to the sole arbitration of a person appointed to be the arbitrator by CMD. 15. 90% payment shall be released on completion of the work and balance 10% shall be released on expiry of the guarantee period. 15. In the event of the arbitrator dying. for the entire contract period. .0 CONTRACT VALUE: The contract value shall be computed as follows: 15.1 The total contract value shall be inclusive of all taxes. the contract shall be valid for a period of one year if not mentioned otherwise. value of contract mentioned in the order shall be indicative and payment shall be released depending upon the actual work executed. or submission of performance bank guarantee for equivalent amount and valid for the guarantee period. it shall be lawful for the CMD.0 VALIDITY OF CONTRACT: 16. 16.0 INCOME TAX DEDUCTION: Income tax as per Income Tax Act shall be deducted from the contractor's bills and certificate of 'Tax Deduction at Source' shall be furnished by RCF.0 SUB-CONTRACT: The contractor shall not subcontract the job or part of it to any other agency without the written permission of RCF. the validity may be for less than one year or the same may be extended at the discretion of RCF. However. The award of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties to this contract. 17. the unit rates shall remain firm without any escalation. duties.1 Normally. dispute or difference arising under this contract. RCF. It will be no objection that the arbitrator is in service of RCF that he had to deal with the matters to which the contract relates or that in the course of his duties as an employee of RCF he had expressed views on all or any of the matter in dispute or difference. octroi and remain firm without any escalation till the entire work under the order is completed.In special cases where the payment of security deposit is waived off by RCF. RCF to appoint another arbitrator in place of out going arbitrator. 15. However. neglecting or refusing to act or resigning or being unable to act for any reason.3 RCF reserves the right to recover the amount due from the contractor on any account. The arbitrator shall give a reasoned or speaking award. in the manner aforesaid. In case RCF permits to employ a subcontractor if found competent and in the interest of the work. 19. 18. from the bills payable under this contract.0 DISPUTES AND ARBITRATION: In the event of any question.

fire. The proof of existence of force majeure shall be provided by the party claiming it. 20. In case of contradiction in the specifications. notify the other. even if arising out of reasons due to force majeure. The decision of RCF Engineer shall be final in this regard and binding on the contractor. hostilities revolution. flood or because of any law and order proclamation. more stringent of them shall prevail. relating to the interpretation and application of the provisions of the contract. RCF shall have the right at their discretion to cancel the order or part of the order without any liability on their part to make any payment to the contractor. 21. accidents. provided it shall promptly. so long as such performance is prevented or delayed because of strikes.3 In the event of indefinite delay. the details of the force majeure and the influence on its activities under the contract. cyclone.2 Should either party be prevented from fulfilling the obligation provided for in the contract by the existence of cause of force majeure lasting continuously for a period exceeding 3 months. then the parties shall consult immediately with each other with regard to the future implementation of the contract. to the satisfaction of the other. epidemics.1 Neither the contractor nor RCF shall be considered in default in the performance of their obligations as per the contract. war. in any case not later than 14 days of happening of the event. 20.0 FORCE MAJEURE: The force majeure conditions are as follows: 20. civil commotion. regulation or ordinance of Government or subdivision thereof or because of any act of God. 20. while serving the right to claim refund of any payment if advanced or paid to the contractor. .0 APPLICABILITY OF TERMS & CONDITIONS: The terms and conditions mentioned in the scope of work (Annexure II) shall prevail over the terms and conditions mentioned elsewhere in the NIT / Work order.In the event of any dispute or difference between RCF and any other public sector undertaking or between RCF and Govt.. such dispute or difference shall be referred by either party to the arbitration machinery provided by the department of Public Enterprises. Dept.

m. OR ii) Two similar completed works costing not less than the amount equal to Rs. Copy of partnership deed/proprietorship /Memorandum of article of association l. n. e. c.This shall be adjudged by RCF for execution of subject job. i. Bidders are requested to submit following documents in the documents”. ending 31 st March of previous financial year. 3.9. skilled & unskilled manpower and equipments. Sub: Pre-qualification criteria for parties for Retubing of the GAS-GAS exchanger HE103 of methyl amine plant at RCF Thal. Service Tax Accounting Code No h. Job: RETUBING OF THE GAS-GAS EXCHANGER HE-103B OF METHYLAMINES PLANT. Details of PAN No. Minimum value of work orders along with performance certificate from user must be as follow. Average annual financial turnover during last three years.4. 1/4Cr-1Mo (P11/P22 equivalent) Material heat exchanger within last five years. OR iii) One similar completed works costing not less than the amount equal to Rs.54 lakhs. Submission of work order /PO copies for re-tubing / manufacture of Alloy Steel heat exchanger in 1Cr-1/2 Mo or 2.71 lakhs. RCF THAL. envelope titled “ Prequalification a.ANNEXURE IB NIT NO:-TH/MES/MBG/09/216 DT 11/11/09. Service Tax code No g.54 Lakhs.3. VAT /TIN registration details. Profit & Loss account/ Balance sheet/ IT return for the last three years. Category of service for service Tax . tools and tackles . A statement duly signed. Service tax registration No f.5. i) Three similar completed works costing not less than the amount equal toRs. Details of qualified. . b. declaring the names of related officers at RCF Thal. address & telephone nos of proprietors/partners/ directors k. Ownership of the company with name. d. should be at least Rs. PF registration details j. Submission of latest Bank Solvency Certificate (of RCF’S approved list of bankers)for Rs.89 lakhs.42 lakhs.

RCF THAL SCOPE OF WORK The subject heat exchanger i. 8) Due to process reasons. The heat exchanger removed from the plant which is to be re-tubed is expected to have one or more of these problems. as free issue material against indemnity bond for FIM. RCF shall give clearance for the annealing of the tube sheet to achieve the desired softening of the tube sheet to carry out the re-tubing. Care shall be taken not to shorten the shell length unnecessarily. 2) Upon receipt of the exchanger at the bidder’s works. The entire job shall be done as per this approved QAP. . as FIM against Indemnity bond. crack developing in the tube to shell weld joints. Gas-Gas Exchanger HE-103 of Methylamines plant is known to have a history of various problems like hardening of tubes & tube sheets. The scope of work for the subject job shall consist of but will not be limited to the following: 1) Arrangement of transport and collection of the exchanger to be re-tubed from the Methylamines Plant.e. 3) Arrange for procurement of materials for baffle plates and tie-rods & spacers. so as to remove the surface hardness. Due attention shall be paid to the expansion joint (Bellows assembly) which is provided on the shell. The bidder shall arrange for all the transport. cracks in hot end tube sheet etc. The new tubes in low alloy steel construction as per ASTM A213 Gr T22 shall be procured by RCF and supplied with TPI inspection. 5) Prepare and get approved the QAP from RCF/LRIS. The tube sheet to be reused shall be tested by LPT and UT. Job: RETUBING OF THE GAS-GAS EXCHANGER HE-103 METHYLAMINES PLANT. 10) The shell courses shall be ultrasonically tested for an area of 6” width from both the tube sheet joint. 7) The tube sheet to shell joints shall be carefully machined and opened out. octroi and other formalities required for receiving the heat exchanger at their works. 6) All the tube ends from the tube-sheet to be reused shall be machined off carefully and the existing tubes shall be removed from the tube bundle. The hardness testing of the tube sheet to be used for both the faces shall be carried out and report shall be submitted to RCF/ LRIS 9) Based on this report and if necessary after visit the bidders’ works.ANNEXURE II (1/4) NIT NO:-TH/MES/MBG/09/216 DT 11/11/09. it is expected that the surface on the inside of the shell of the tube sheet(to be reused) has got hardened. hence it is to be replaced. for their compliance to the relevant standards. by carrying out accurate machining. the inward inspection shall be carried out and any discrepancies shall be immediately reported to RCF. The machining. The defects generally expected to occur in this zone are crack developing outwards axially from the tube sheet to shell weld joint. if necessary fine machining may be required to be carried out on the surfaces of the tube sheet. The reports shall be submitted to RCF/LRIS and shall be carried out by a person who is certified for Level II in UT. All other materials shall be identified by M/s LRIS. 4) The tube sheet of one end has developed multiple cracks in ligament. The forged tube sheet blank shall be procured by RCF and supplied with TPI. The re-tubing is to be generally carried out as per enquiry drawing No. In any case the correctness of the tube holes as per relevant codes shall be ensured. The materials shall be covered under TPI of M/s LRIS at the manufacturers works.RCF-T-553-01 and 02 revision 3. If necessary the successful bidder shall make their own fabrication drawing based on these enquiry drawings. Alternatively in lieu of annealing. RCF Thal. in order to ascertain that there are no defects in this area. drilling and reaming of tube holes as well as groove for gasket shall be carried out by retubing party. Due care shall be taken to ensure that the tube holes do not get deformed during course of annealing.

19) Shell side hydraulic tests shall be carried out at the required test pressures indicated on the drawings and the same shall be acceptable to the TPI agency. since it is necessary that stresses caused due to welding carried out need to be eliminated. Approval of QAP. Hydraulic testing of the completed assembly and issue of final release note. including dimensional checks.e.5 to 0. Party shall provide Indemnity bond for this FIM for this value. M/s LRIS is summarized below for sake of convenience a. RCF THAL SCOPE OF WORK 11) If found necessary based on the UT examination.The transportation of the tubes. 17) Necessary stage wise inspections shall be carried out by LRIS. 20) The completed exchanger shall be dried and filled on both the shell and tube sides with dry nitrogen at a pressure of 0. 21) RCF shall also issue new tubes and one new tube sheet as FIM against indemnity bond.e.). 12) Manufacture new components like tie-rods. tube sheet. 13) The inspection of the tube holes of both tube sheets shall be carried out and it shall be ensured that the tube holes are within limits specified as per TEMA “R” latest Addendum.6 kg/cm2 (g) and then transported back to RCF Thal.2) and thickness (i. e. 23) Completion Time :. Receipt of completed exchanger at Thal site shall be treated as completion of job. 15) Carryout the assembly of the tube nest. 8 (Eight) lakhs. A sample may be cut from the removed plate and got analyzed to confirm the grade. and exchanger from RCF stores to bidders shop shall also be in scope of the vendor and charges for the same should be considered and included in the prices to be quoted at Item 1) of “Schedule of Rates” enclosed.(Three) months from receipt of date of tubes. Stage wise inspection of the fabrication and assembly. . ASTM A387 Gr 22. thk. 14) WPS/PQR for the shell to tube sheet. Bidders should consider this aspect and quote accordingly. PWHT etc. 24) Transportation of tubes: . tube to tube sheet joint shall be got approved from LRIS. stress relieving procedure and other required procedures for the subject job. This transport arrangement shall be done at bidder’s cost. Final dimensional check of the completed assembly. welding of the second tube sheet and complete the tube bundle assembly. 22) The scope of work of the Third Party Inspection agency i. WPS / PQR. 21) RCF shall issue the leaking heat exchanger as a Free Issue Material (FIM) the cost of which shall be considered as Rs. f.e. b. which shall be got duly approved from the TPI agency. Job : RETUBING OF THE GAS-GAS EXCHANGER HE-103B METHYLAMINES PLANT. baffle plates. 16) Carry out the tube to tube sheet welding and complete the manufacture of the tube bundle. the shell portion adjoining the tube-sheet shall be suitably replaced by arranging necessary plate of requisite material (i. This PWHT is to be carried out irrespective of whether the annealing of tube sheet was carried out or not. Necessary repairs for any tube holes shall be carried out to the satisfaction of RCF/LRIS. d. 18) PWHT (Stress relieving) of the completed heat exchanger shall be carried out as per the enclosed suggested procedure. spacers etc shall be carried out. Identification of materials to be used in the job for their conformity with applicable specifications.ANNEXURE II (2/4) NIT NO:-TH/MES/MBG/09/216 DT 11/11/09. tube sheet and old exchanger at bidder’s shop. Cl. c. 12 mm. Prequalification of welders and mockup of the tube to tube-sheet joints. No separate payment on this case shall be payable.

2) The contractor shall have to deposit 10% of the contract value as performance guarantee for the period of 12 months from the date of completion of job as certified by RCF engineer. Job :RETUBING OF THE GAS-GAS EXCHANGER HE-103B METHYLAMINES PLANT. This amount can be given in the form of cash or Bank guarantee (BG). security deposit & performance guarantee 7) EMD amount shall be released on complete receipt of performance guarantee amount/BG 26) Liquidity Damage (LD): Time is the essence of this contract and in case of non-performance or delay in completion of the work by the contractor. shall be levied. materials used and workmanship is found satisfactory throughout the guarantee period of 12 months from the date of completion of the job as certified by RCF engineer. Drawing no TPE-RCF. 4) BG must be from any bank in RCF’s approved list of bankers & in the proforma prescribed by RCF. Alternatively Performance guarantee shall be deducted at 10% of billed value and returned after the guarantee period of 12 months from the date of completion of the job as certified by RCF engineer. The validity of the BG must be for 18 months from the date of completion of the job as certified by RCF engineer. 27) DRAWINGS: Drawing no TPE-RCF. subject to a maximum of 10% of the billed value.T-553-01 REV 3. AND DRAWING FOR ARRANGEMENT OF HEATING ELEMENT ARE ENCLOSED. In case performance of the equipment. 3) The contractor can deposit SD cum PG in the form of bank Guarantee (BG). NOTE: If terms mentioned in Annexure-II are contradicting with the terms and conditions mentioned in General Terms and Conditions Annexure-I & IA. 6) No interest shall be payable by RCF on amount towards EMD. However this BG must be for the 10% of the contract value and shall be valid for the period of 30 months from date of issue of LOI/work-order.ANNEXURE II (3/4) NIT NO:-TH/MES/MBG/09/216 DT 11/11/09.T-553-02 REV 3. RCF THAL SCOPE OF WORK 25) Security Deposit (SD) and Performance Guarantee (PG): 1) The contractor shall have to deposit 10% of the contract value as security deposit for faithful performance of the contract within 15 days of work-order date. 5) Any defect noticed during the guarantee period shall be rectified by the contractor. then terms and conditions mentioned in Annexure-II shall prevail . liquidated damages (LD) at 1% of the billed value per week or part thereof. The validity of the BG must be for 18 months from the date of LOI/work-order. BG shall be discharged. free of cost.

RCF THAL SUGGESTED PWHT PROCEDURE FOR TUBE TO TUBESHEET & TUBE SHEET TO SHELL JOINTS FOR RETUBING OF THE GAS-GAS EXCHANGER HE-103 METHYLAMINES PLANT. HEAT TREATMENT CYCLE Loading temperature 300o C Max. capacity and the joint shall be electrically heated. Rate of Heating 100o C per hr. RCF THAL METHOD : The job is to be carried out inside heating element of Ni-Cr wire of suitable gauge insulated with ceramic beads & covered with ceramic fiber. Heating operation will be controlled manually. Soaking Temperature 700o ± 20o C Soaking Time 1 Hours (Per 25 mm. max. Care shall be taken to ensure that the compensating cable is not subjected to a direct or indirect heating sources of electrical interference. Calibrated certificates shall be available for review whenever required. Thick) Rate of Cooling 100o C per hr. COMPENSATING : Chromel / Alumel compensating cable will be used. 2) Starting time and Completion time. . The chrome lead (+ ve) shall be connected to the Nickel chromium Conductor. max. TEMPERATURE RECORDER The time temperature shall be in a six point temperature recorder of 0o .ANNEXURE II (4/4) NIT NO:-TH/MES/MBG/09/216 DT 11/11/09. The heating elements shall be connected to a power source of 220V and 100 Amps.1200o C range and having continue recording chart with chopper bars and colors ribbons of six colors. DOCUMENTATION :The heat treatment chart shall have the following information:1) Date of heat treatment. The proposed arrangement of the heating elements and temperature recording elements is attached. Job: RETUBING OF THE GAS-GAS EXCHANGER HE-103B METHYLAMINES PLANT. The recorder shall be checked and calibrated before commencement of the heat treatment contract. 3) Specification (cycle) 4) Joint number and number of welds 5) Job no & equipment no.

welding.machining of tube sheet. SCHEDULE OF RATES – 1) Charges for retubing of the heat exchanger HE-103 including to & fro transportation. Procurement of requisite material. RCF THAL SCHEDULE OF RATES The Quoted Rates shall be as follows. Rs.per tube sheet. as would be required by the TPI agency Qty. Qty 01 Nos. b) Bidder shall submit copy of registration certificate for Service Tax and indicate Service Tax code & Accounting code. Job: RETUBING OF THE GAS-GAS EXCHANGER HE-103B METHYLAMINES PLANT. testing & final PWHT of the exchanger etc. . material procurement (with certified tubes and one tube sheet and exchanger to be issued by RCF as Free Issue Material). in case Service Tax is applicable c) Rates shall be valid for the one year from the date of work order. Lump sum Rs. PWHT. . 2) Charges for annealing of tube sheet Qty 01 Nos. Bidder shall mention percentage of applicable taxes & duties in Un-priced copy of Annexure III and submit along with technical bid. /- /. /- 4) Third Party inspection charges including stage & final inspection & release note Qty 01 Nos. /- Following taxes and duties shall be applicable: _____________________ @ __________ % on _________ _____________________ @ __________ % on _________ _____________________ @ __________ % on _________ NOTES: a) Quoted rate s shall be basic rates. radiography etc. Lump sum Rs. 01 No. Lump sum Rs.ANNEXURE III NIT NO:-TH/MES/MBG/09/216 DT 11/11/09. 3) Charges for replacement of shell course of approximately 6” width (jncl. Taxes and duties as applicable shall be paid extra. fabrication.

ANNEXURE V CHCKLIST (TO BE ENCLOSED ALONG WITH TECHNCIAL BID) JOB: .TENDER ENQUIRY NO :. PAN NO SERVICE TAX registration no SERVICE TAX code no SERVICE TAX accounting code VAT Registration no Agreed that cenvatableTax Invoice shall be submitted during billing Signature of tenderer . 8 Lakhs Indemnity bond for Free issue of material (one new tube sheet & tubes) clause no 22 of Annexure II agreed Price shall be firm till completion of contract Names of Taxes and Duties . REF:.11/11/09.0 of Annexure I agreed Indemnity bond for Free issue of material clause no 21of Annexure II agreed FIM value – Rs.TH/MES/MBG/09/216 Dated. fax no and name of contact person Stamped and signed copy of technical scope ( Annexure II) submitted Stamped and signed copy of un-priced price bid (Annexure III ) submitted indicating applicable taxes & duties Stamped and signed copy of General terms & conditions(Annexure I ) submitted Stamped and signed copy of Instructions to Tenderers Annexure IA) submitted EMD draft submitted All pre-qualification documents as per Annexure I B submitted Liquidated damage clause no 26 of Annexure II agreed Separate deviation list if any submitted Security deposit/performance guarantee clause no 25 of Annexure II agreed Performance guarantee period of 12 months agreed. SR NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Date ITEM YES/ NO REMARK Name of tenderer along with phone no .RETUBING OF GAS GAS EXCHANGER HE-103B OF NEW MAP. Payment terms clause no 14. their percentages and applicability on all individual quoted rates mentioned in priced and Unpriced bids Completion time of 3 months as per clause no 23 of Annexure II agreed.

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