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Based on the article, the researcher concentrates on research framework that can be identified
consumers purchasing behaviour of pirated products. This framework emphasizes those
independent variables like Personality/Believe, Social Influences, Economic and Pricing.
These are the factor that could influence consumers’ perception on pirated product which is
supported for dependent variable. The detailed diagram framework is given below:

1. Social Influence
Social influences have a major influence on consumer’s decision making. Pirated
products provide great cost saving to consumers although some compromise in quality
and the perceived high value. The moral was included magnitude of consequences, social
consensus and moral judgment of consumer which will affect consumer’s ethical
decision in purchasing pirated product.
The study viewed that the social factors as the roles, standards and values of the society
that influences an individual’s intention to pirate software. The standards and values can
be conveyed from comments, suggestions or indications by friends, colleagues, and
family members who are all examples of social factors.
Malaysia government had implemented the regulations and imposed about continuous
effect for these harmful activities but the demands of pirated are still in the “welcome”
trend and can be found at everywhere such as night market and shopping complex. This

Music and video recordings has been rated the highest pirated products sold. Piracy of musical CD is so bad that about 25 songs of a musician can be compiled in one CD and sold at a very cheap rate since consumers are price sensitive they go for the pirated copy and in most cases consumers are aware that they are purchasing pirated musical CD as piracy but doesn’t bother in the case of counterfeiting. Manufacturers can consider producing a trial version which is originally authorized by manufacturer. There is a curious on why the consumers still prefer in purchase the counterfeit good even it bring lots of negative impacts. The solution is to buy a pirated version before buying the original product. Most consumers want to know the best things about a product before making any purchase.could be a red alarm to the manufacturer of the genuine product and the government. Economic Influence . This would include selling of the pirated copies of video CDs (VCDs) and CDs and they have been the most targeted in police since piracy is intellectual property rights (IPR) infringement and this was a legal issue where the musicians have also embarked to solve this problem. Due to this. 3. The study also shows that consumers who buy pirated version product do not buy the products for its quality but its functionality. 2. Personality or Believe Personality can be defined who has psychological characteristic that can be determine and reflect how he or she responds towards the environment. Musicians complain that they spend so much money to do the recording of their songs but in return they get little or nothing. Among the factors that influence personality are value consciousness. personal gratification and enjoy the thing in life. The most popular pirated goods are entertainment products. manufacturer should consider this situation where consumers actually want to experience the products before making any purchases.

but where piracy is prevalent. piracy activities also destroy the potential of genuine local industries and local performers. a developer's trustworthiness decreases the optimal quality and increases price and profit. The consumer also might be attracted to the availability of these pirated products in various locations. Moreover. it can conclude that price has significant positive impact on consumer perception about the piracy. for example.According to the article. purchase price. it no longer provides any advantage in pricing or profitability. The choice of the pirated product is often connected with purchasing a new end-user. but it frequently justified by the monetary value of the product. the positive relationship also might due to consumer prefer the pirated product because of the monetary value of the product. It further explained that when piracy is not severe. consumers’ consider the cheaper price with similar function of the pirated product. Besides. even though trustworthiness continues to allow the company to lower the product quality. 4. this is not only a lost to genuine sale by an individual but also a loss of investment and a loss to the home country’s economy. but also on availability and morality. This is because the economy situation affects consumer purchasing power. . it stated that the economy from the marketer’s and country perspective are associated with countries and companies economy. Although they might not classified the products pirates as products of good quality. the easy access that makes the shopping easier and convenient. Hence. Pricing The article also stated that pricing has a positive relationship in consumer perception about pirated products since selling and buying of pirated products not only depends on sales. Hence. This study showed that product economy has a significant impact on consumer perception about piracy and pirated product. Furthermore. This is because each successful products or recording are more open to the threats of piracy. economic influence has a positive relationship in the buying behavior of piracy products.