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OeO. ELUS CO. RONTON. "rtiNTtH'i.. . H.

and also. for permisof photographs family portraits and houses. Exeter Place called for his earlv Rowe down home in En^^land. Milt nil. than that have had Avliich Pierce's puiper. John Rowe. Place and Rowe*s Wharf. ought to be extracts put beyond the possibility of loss . and Mess" Houghton. all of which add ter. and there are to the livinti' who remember Rowe Street. are printed. wish to thank D' Joseph Rowe Webster. Annk Rowe Cunningham. - . and the very few who the privilege of reading the original man- listened to ^P uscript. because it seemed that such vahiable records of life in Boston nearly one hundred and fifty years a<^o. Mass.^ yore III hi r. ] C. 1U02. sion Miftthi to copy greatly to the value of the book.PREFACE. Miss Sutermeis- W. bring his Boston of to-dav. These from the Letters and Diary of my great-great-uncle. & Co. Amorv. M'' M'*' Charles Amory. that they might interest a larger public. and the name many last of Rowe's Pasture. and the ^Massachusetts Historical Society " Proceedfor allowing me to reprint from their " ings parts of ^r Pierce's paper.


i'h Lnmax: Susaxxah Speakman From portrait owned by Mr. C. Rai. John Lixzee 223 All three from portraits owned by Mr. Belcher's Heirs in 1781. James Murray. Mrs. FACING PAOB John Rowe From portrait owned Mrs. Hanxah Spkakman P^roin portrait FiKi: Frontispiece Bucket.ILLUSTRATIONS. Mrs. Houghton. 1 . Amory. 397 W. Joseph Howe Webster. meister. pages 252-3. Milllin & . W.) (See Letters of By permission of Miss Suter-. Rowe Estate at Miltox 333 Boucjht of Gov. 112 Co. 4 owned by Mrs. John Lixzee: Susaxna Ixman 197 Ralpu Ixman 220 Capt. Charles Amory. Rowe: by Dr. C. Amory. ITOO Jonx Rowk's House By permission 74 in Pond Lank (Bedford Street) of Messrs.


253. 290. " " Caner. Johnnot should be Johonnot. " 2G7. 226. Barber. Oatum " " Barker " *' Page '' " 92. 324. Chuckly should be Checkly. . " 13G. Boutman should be Boutineau. Canes " 248. 253. Occum. 185. 190.ERRATA. 171.


. ]>ai^e heing* pag'e completes a Tlie Diary nund)ered volnme. — 1705. whicli imposed duties nut only on sugar and nu)lasses hut on other articles hitherto exempt. it is Hkcly that later volumes have disappeared. one from Au<^. ii Boston merchant. year. — the force its — British g'overnment was jnst putting in sclienie of taxing the Colonies for the pur- avowed of ''defraying the expenses of The defending. ume wliieh 1. inchides tlie period from Sept.INTRODUCTION I'AKTS :\r li. aceordlni^ to ]77(>. '^ mislaid or taken out of his store ". and securing tlie same." pose as Sugar Act. the last 219*). to Auii'. memorandum the next volume. 12. and as tliis liis death. in Septemher.S IIISTOKICAL SOCIETY The Diary of John Rowe. 177cS. to April 10. with three hreaks in it. the other two hreaks are Iiis in snpposed to have occurred since is pai^'cd continuously. protecting. another from June Deeemher 21 of the same to Nov. li). 17()(). 17()1. and the third from The missinir volmakes the seeond hreak was. 1775. At the time Rowe's Diary hegins. 1771). K 1) OF A rAPKK WRITTEN BY WAKD L Kou I L L I K P I EKCE Tin: MASSACllUSKTT. 17. 8. 17G4. to July 15.

Clerk. and Concord. Otis's pam" The phlet on Rights of the JJritlsh Coh)nies asliad serted and proved " had been In ^lay and issued. 27"' Old Style) 1715 died in Boston Feb. Jacob ami W" in <S: his will his lands to his his Heirs forever. . dated 2. New Hampshire. J(din. Exeter England Nov. leaves all "eldest son John the (S: sons of Jose[)h who ]Marv America. protests against the new poHey were being made by the I5ostou townmeeting and tlie General Court. or (iuincy. a about the town of sixteen thousand iidiabitants.joirx HOWE.")''' Feb'y 170(). the siege of Boston. the Boston massacre. John Rowe was born (Nov. The Stamp Act* during the was Act in less than a twelveRowe's Diary thus opens at the initial stage to follow the Sui2'ar month. Boston was." cK: chil- Three of Rowe emigrated to "John was Syntal. The battle of Bunker Hill of the occurred during the period included in a lost volume. of the Revolution. summer and autumn. at tlie period covered bv the Diary.of Oliver Rowe. boston mekciiant 2 been passed -the previous spring'. He was dren of Joseph in the oldest of the eleven ^ Mary (possibly Hawker) Rowe grandson . — present population of Northam])t<)n. the passage and repeal Stamp Act. or Burlington. 1(3'" 17"' 1787. in this State. Vermont. and the visit of the French fleet to the town. The Diary comprises the period of the im])ositlon of the new and hated taxes. the beti'Innini:' of civil war at Lexington and Concord. the throwing overl)oard of the tea. the evacuation by the British troops.

sailing thence to went Into became After commissary-general." Syntal Rowe came to W" Boston to 50 but onlv remained on a visit Oporto where he business. 3 when he was only twenty one years old. and the vault Is not supposed to have been disturbed by the subseipient construction of . brotber John's death he returned to Boston. after seven & " forty year ! & You have been wanting* forty year. But then how soon Avas it blasted. thnnigh John. the "Jack" of the Diary are the only members of the family known his son to be In this country. brought considerable means with him and besides he continued to own property in his native city till . his death." Writin^." Jacob came to America some seven years later as we learn from a Rebecca (Rowe) Robins dated " Exon June 1"' 178-1. but re" What a pleasure would it ferriiii.^ to Jacob. she says letter of their sister be to see a 13ro. Jacob moved later to Quebec In 174!) or his brothers. ])equeathing it to the sons o£ his brother Joseph who remained behind. as he purchased that year a warehouse on This early purchase indicates that he L()n<:^ Wliarf. his His descendants. I thank God. set my mliid on Riches.*to John. 20^'' 1751 she writes early adds '• days we were indeed blest bevond measure. John Rowe and his wife were doubtless buried (though no record of interment is preserved) in his vault under the iirst Trinity Church.INTIIODUCTION here as early as 173G." In a much earlier letter l)efore her marriage dated " " Exon " In our Aug. a wooden building. I never. «S: asst.

*" historian it sal<l in (then Newbury) ami Kiniiston streets as western and eastern limits. 1). I50STON MEKC'IIAXT • 4 the stone Tlie vaults were e(lilie(^. at the a<:*e of Hannah to years." way that it was de- three considerable a acres. Auburn Cemeterv. 17(>(). Trescott.\ iiior. now Bedford the north side of where he lived remained till till his death. and Historical Descriplion of llos- ..h'.K Mis.'e Kalph Inman. and built a lu'w Tlils one.shiirtlftrs T<>iM). llowris in tlir iMisscssion <W . and where The year his Street.rai»liical (ou. whose family Uowe continued always Loyalist."). at the time of the lire found in knoAVii " oi* Rowe's are probably among* the " unAvhich Avere then removed to the Trinity Church tomb in Mt.JOHN KOWE. with be very intimate. dyin<j^ Her eit»'htv. . John Howe Avas married in IT-lo Speakman. her death. who survived him eig'hteen' Julv the 180. Rowe owned L'^l. i». to Pond Lane. not. Cliailrs llostoii. Ui'. measuring tract. and the renuiins sister was the Caml)ridi. its and here It lived. widow after his pur- chase he pulled down the house he found statullng" there on the north side of the lane."). with Street. known Without attempting be as to define a general may extended from Bedford Street to Lssex limits accurately. The sisters are said to have Rowe bou<»]it in IKM the estate on been twins. 1 A . 1().^ of wife ih'st cleared beliii*- 1^^72.N Washington port rail of Mrs. house with o-nunids about it was sold In ISIT by Rowe's heirs to Judge William he and his son molished in the nearly " Rowe's Pasture. into which he nu)ved Oct. ot' -..

^1 ^..^ MRS..14 .^^ia^^l). ROW I- .-'^ ^» ^« > .


well as in other parts of the wharves still other in Medl'ord. JNIilton." 17G7..'). and Pitts.losiali the alonii' (iuiiu*y." rich men with whom he had ])een ac(juainted in the way of ])usincss. Diary shows. Jr. Grafton. coast. lie and Deeriield. his '"warehouse fell in in salt. lie owned houses and lots on the south side ol. a ribbons. Gloucester. dealt 17(). We nu'cting the wants of the people of that day. (jiinntity 1 Works. 15o\vdoin. to One of them Charleston. towns. '* Massachusetts Centinel. South Carolina. His ships traversed the wealth ac(piired I ocean. ii. Shelburne. calls ^ — unlike by their own industry. iish. ton. placing him among those who had his death. touching Washhigton Street at any point. Stoughalso in and Woodstock. lMk." in noting him " an eminent merchant of this John Adams names him among the very. and small lots belon«^ing to other people perhaps On this jutting' in here and there. Essex Street as tables.IXTIIODUCTION 5 however. his as raised. crops of ample tract he hay and vege- and pastured sheep and cattle. place. in Fe])ruarv.. largely of silk stockings. His imported nu'rchandise was miscellaneous. On get glimpses j\hiy He ol. town bears his name. Spanish silk. — Dighton. llardwick. ITTo. and one of his owned property Plymouth. . carried and ran . Connecticut. On July Avitli o. IMalden. lancock. who had acquired it by descent or marriage. . of was what it here and there. Ivowe became one of the foremost merchants of Ilarti'ord The Boston.

ing Boston in iMarch. Winslow. 1708.'lit Kowe pounds. and town and colonv. BOSTON J^IErvCIIAXT and Indian and Eno-lisli talVetys were stolen at nig'lit from liis store. the Colonies and the mother country became one of he was largely purveyor for the Ku^lish licet. toolv from him checks. . that ancient corporation In which leadlnt. which was rarely absent alto<j. sterlin<>-. and woolens. th()u<. new ."ether from the harbor. of wine. 19. The Britisli troops. no one more I>i:ir\ :iii<l L«'t tris.' uu'rchants like Hancock.*h in history less is said of his cari. to the so. 1770. Dec. holdthe same position as that of his intimate friends. July 22." 2200 pounds <. cloths. and Boutineau were shareholders. of for eii. four yards of superlhie A vessel of the value of Conniiodore ]Mrs. — He was one of the Proprietors of Lonj.JOirX 6 HOWE. 1707. and the mass of his fellowrelatives." Wharf. Goverj)I})es from Madeira with seventy nor Hutchinson's accounts' show a purchase. (probably Rowe's) arrives. twenty-' silk. He was also one of the Pro- prietors of Point this respect merchants.()()ds ^^sited his store. Rowe's sentiments in relation to the controversy with Great l>rltaln were those of a nioderate.I uly of a quarter cask of port-wine He was the owner of one of the tea-ships. 1770. Oliver. ing. and Hood hoii<.' iirst was the Until the conflict between first to be dealt with. when evacuat" hnens. 8.'o than of Francis Uotch's. which arriving. 77. Wells. wished He was well to his He was as a public-spirited strongly opposed as any ^ citizen. force.

and patriotick speeches Parliament." j). 18. to wait on Governor Bernard with a redress of grievances. on a large C(mimittee.INTKODUCTION 7 on trade which the parent country had and generally he was not in sympathy put with its repressive policy. in — the last ])eing ap[)ointed for a recognition of John '' Farmer's Letters. Dec. 11. to express tlie thanks of the town to Conway and Barre " for " their noble. 17(37. 17(37. and sometimes not so of a committee. use inoiiev (U'lived tioni forfeit uros. Sept.. chairman). to wait petition for the on the Governor and coming of troops to in(piire as Boston. . and June 15 and 17. 17 and 21. cliar. (. particularly of foreign superfluities." He served on a Dickinson's committee. 4. the <. 17G5 (Otis. 1708. Oct. slates ItoAve's HIT to . ill his History of Ilostoii. up of the courts on to protest against the shutting . and to to tlie reported recommend the emergency.Tievances of the Colony. 17G8. of which he tives . June 11. to prevent importations.^ He served on committees appointed by the town or by merchants to set forth restrictions in force. si. Nov. 17()(). April 21. as one of the selectmen. 17(). Sept. 20. 17()8. and on a connnittee. 17. September 12 of the same year. and encounige dcmiestic produce and manufactures. He signed. and served on siniilar committees. generous.' tiu* Cr(»\vii t)l]it'eis \\i\\{ ai>i>n)iniat iiiy to their own S.u'iiij. 17(57.') (Samuel Adams. . sometimes willingly He was a member willingly. 28. committees. was chairman. chairman). 17()8.i petit ion to tlic ( Jeiicral Court as early as Dec. Dec.^ii:it 17<i<». (mT. Dec. 18. and March 14. to instruct the representaon a committee. an address measures reijuired 1 in " Diakc.

wliich was communicated to tbe committee by Klbrid<»e Gerry." — party who supmotlier country. he signed. r>OSTOX MERCITAXT 8 to other toAvns.His position is misconceived when he is pendence. .JOHN HOWE. ITTi). and '^ to force a eurrency of gold and silver on document ruins. the lishery. classed witli tlie "Patriots. l^)^ve. and reprobating " the attem])t of "sordid and un[)rlncipled Avretches to de[)reeiate the paper eurrency by whicli in(lej)endenee had l)een almost secured. in June. and tlu* ported separation from the had in view the use of force outside oF law to ' Iii(I('lK'in1(Mil Cliioiru.Iiiiu'L'l. and to bring t(> punishment olVenders against the Act As ehairproliibiting monopolies and forestalling. He was eliairnuin of a eonnuittee." as the main support of the future commerce of the Northern States. j)ro- . June 22. in its behalf a testifying their patriotie devotion. wliile considering tlu' conduct oF the British goyernment impolitic and harsb. ." its This "anxiety for the security of that important staple. however. and at no time did lie Favor appeal. also expresses Congress. ITT'.hnues Lovell. was to indisposed carry opj)osition Iteyond argunuMit. on receiving the ])etition.^ man of a merehants' eonnuittee. and Samuel Holten. .tlie General Conrt and against tlie taxes levied bv Parliament. eonnnunieation to Congress. and protest measures lookinti* to Forcible resistance and ind(. 1771). protesting against Bernard's dissolvino. passed a resolu- tion of thanks.t. tlien nu'nd)ers from i\hissacliusetts. duly 27.!*'. to fix the priees of mereliandise. 177i).

]. preferring This to remain in order to protect his property. ii." S.o may 1 (Diary and Li'tters. Ainil 'JS. the uood ollices he freely dis(Japtain . and found it prudent J lis close relations -with the to witlidraw. for a pass liiinself liave thoiiudit out with his cllVcts." Drake's "History of lioston.)(»liii (lordoii (. British evacuation he proposed ceremonies for the interment of Dr. (i.uives enirt'iicy to the ahsnid ini]iiitalioii tliat I'oNs e led he ni(d» in he assault on II iit cliins^ni's house. Intel liii1 I son class (»f a. WoiUs.(' of IJostoii.:'•.'»s.'iiou^rh.INTllODUCTION 9 mote that end} He did not join the patriotic exodus from Boston Avhen the sie<^e began. in sulferer. incrcliaiil maltt'rs of mat tcrs of trade. The poj)Ular feeling was. so that before peace was reached he was tributed a among rclii'f citizen ." ]>.'* tnu' —a (. note. must have made him an object of suspicion. note.*>. Dinkc's 'J\-ii liCavt'S. .John townsmen. The words ' This ciTor AtliUMs's . citin^^ an aiiony- mons nieiiioiandiini. family of Linzee. Too. an English navy officer. his elected a representative to the General Court. liis a<'liv<' slatciutnl wliicli. soothed in time by his amiable manners. a hrotlier Mason. llistury. he encountered rude treatment from the populace." ]». '* S. must have senslblv cooled his attachment to the country of his birth. however. Ix'cii lia«I ill who knows how '^ found in Frothiii'^lKuii's '*Sic. (ITi for sonic rcast)n icfuscd.*. which was i. I'l'". is !•'. tea will mino^le with is who traiU*.. ilu' si<Ic ot liiiiiicd to '* s:i\ s I!o\\»' \v:is liltfiMy in "a j).i. 2. 177.'.u'ainsi -' lo He j. seems.^ may have counted against hhn Avith the Patriots . tliat Iho iiMTehants lo whom Kowe ln'lon. The lo()tin<»' and nillaiiinii" attendin<r the close of the which he was a British occu])ation. however.ed lia<l stiired \\\i vi< deuce the Crown ollicers. his active service on and his general usefulness as a committee. for Avlien after to join in tlie tlie Warren. lohavc aiti>Iii-d. <»ii i. .

" It sliould l»e mentioned. must. 11. IG. that the traditions of Captain . See " under also "The Diotioiiaiy of National I'Ji. with youni»' people. she married. but his liouse was well Idled Avas chikUess — . Adjniral Viscount.: House on the eveninjjf of said to Okl South Dec.lohn Ijinzi-e's family do not a^ree with the statement of Kowe's Diary that he was the brother of Admiral lUdx'i't Linzee. 177. Rowe was very fond of her. allcr a brief illness. is j .')4. 1772. and also of 3Irs. Ids i^rrandfather and ^'landinot her.JOHN's parents." brother of Ca})tain. at the a<. of IJoston. Lin/e*'. her nephew George Innian (aiul his cousin John Innian) and lier nieces Sarah and Susanna Tnman. after- ward Kear-Admiral. The late William Aniory. Captain John Linzee. 1773. and Mrs. 17.and tliey remain with the Amory family.*e of eighteen. lJio. Three days after her wedding he records: ^' Cai)t. Si'iit. however.ulish.'raiihy "Samuel Hood. Se[)t. then connnantling the British warship " Beaver." He had been hdbftNc for three years at Rowe's house. be apochryphal. Mr. 1 Sarah died. The last-named was adopted by him. Robert Lin/.i. in the refj^arded as Rowe insti<:^ate the destruc- hght of his Diary. ownetl tlu' portraits of Captain John and Mrs. wife's. as well as his provided liberally for her and her children. and of an she the day after her marriage gave her husband written authority to draw on him every New Year's Day for twenty pounds sterling . and called " " familiarly Sncky in his Diary/ Born March 2)>. -^Kowe's Diary states that Kohert and. Kalph lnman. Lin/. and also Admiral Samuel Hood's wife.. BOSTON MET^CIIANT 10 salt water ? in the " have been spoken by" Rowe Meetinj:. where was livinii'. with a view to tion of the tea. and his will. his wife's nephews the Speakmans. (it'orpo's career elsewhere noted. hdin were lu-others.

177i">. the future admiral. or with her father then her husband while active on dutv livinjj in town. ])()rn Dec.from Boston . — beinc: with her from time He was at Rowe's to time. Linzee and her child remained for the next iNlrs. 2. . Capt. 177r>. 27. April IG. nine months with Rowe. 2r». 11. they arrived in Boston Easter Sunday. Samuel Hood Linzee. and now and then presence at Rowe's liouse till is after the siege his recorded. 2!». . " Collins in two small armed Linzee and Capt." encamp proper vessels were ordered to bring fact of this order has escaped the attention of hisLinzee had also on the 20th an engagetorians. 177r». 1775. 2S. to Doc. 'JO.INTRODUCTION 11 Lin zee sailed this forenoon and carried Siicky with him I wish . and was there each day till his next sailing. 27. name 2». 2..'. Rowe brought the Linzee was just in armed conflict of the time to take part in the first On April 19. Rowe records: Revolution. June 11).->. is niissiiit." which he was then commandin<^. . Liii/cf's 2:?.ID. 177«J. 27. 1«. vessels which cannonaded the American works on ' 22. house at dinner and for the evening on the day before ami the dav after the battle of Lexinoton. them happy my dear tog-ether." Ahsent for nearly three years. Howf's Diary from May :'. '-M. 14. apix-ars as hoiii^'at Uowc's Ai)iil 17. May l." one of the six manded. 1775 .Jan. thought Percy Hill The on Bunker this to night. oil' the troops to BosSmith Lord and Gcnerall but ton. Doc. in the " Falcon. 21. three to his house tlie same day. 7. ment with the American troops below Cambridge bridge. 2S.().^ He com- the " Falcon. 1773. hringingwith them their first-horn.

as com. 1 life. accordins. his son.* to a letter of her hushand.'j't." and resumed was certainly one He ^ ill its oi' a recovered. suhject to his wife's life estate.loliii 171>S. command.' 20.JOIIX KOWE. to sio-ned his commission Boston.".* permission to lire a salute and expecting" one in return. to a house near the hrldi^e over the Neponset Klver. still preserved. the adtnlral.'O. IT'. infant dan^Iiter Hannah.' to tradition and Sanuiel Breck's ^' Iiccollcctlons. tcis arc in the iiossfssioii of his IJiizci'. olVerini. commander hehind. -Soinc of Captain Liii/cc's ^'faiidsoii . lived an eccentric of and lonely Miissacliiisftls ('ciitiiM'I. where. 17i)0." lu. 'Mvin<»' very dani>erously fever at his house in this town. whence. l)e(pieathed his to her hy Kowe. moved to ALlton. and occupied a house on Essex Street. leavint. hut it it appears that the'* Peneh)[)e" sailed from Boston. and joined She died a year later. at the aii'e His eldest son. cock's answer is of consent. the mother of nine childien. tlie and his ^vIfe. tiikiiii. i). has de- fifty-six. UOSTOX MlCltCHANT 12 Bunker " Falcon He Hill. for Enoliuul. of Uostoii. HanSept. at his re- wlDr the ail'eoF He rethirty-nine. to Governor Hancock for in and a})[)Hed to enter the harhor with his sliij). and also his hrother-in-law Georiiv linnan. Jim. '' sailed. In 177(>. Septend)er 17. in W. His wife with her children ahout this time made her way to Boston. Later he com" " nianded the Pearl and after the war. l'"*. for not known. accoidini. however." he was Boston llarhor. in in Lin zee 17iM. let . Itowe's house on Poiul Laiu»." there was an open walk across the Held Mrs. horn in IJoston. dvlniJ*. mander of the '' renelone. S.

ht — 'J5«i'. last 177J Aveek meeyour favor he also handed mee your of the 21"' Septend)er son . Rowe Tiieir adopted Jack. .' with her niece Sucky Inman who is . 1775. descended a branch Boston Amorvs. son of his brother Jacob at Quebec ^ve quote some })arts of a letter in Avhicli he «S: announces the boy's arrival at Boston. Boston. near or in live not Eni.) After the marria^'e of Sucky Inman Mr.lack \vho is very well cV: a Merry Smart little fellow.'hter. that will School. Oct. 13 name Linzee's eldest dau<. (Mass"^ Hist.INTRODUCTION in sceiultUits hoAvever bearin<^ liis in this country His other ehildren remained name. Society. — The BuoTHKU. Ivowe is now very well but has been Bather Dull in Bartin*. in the historian's de- condiatants on blood of united the is on the memorable June 17. I shall take care of him cK: M'* Kowe seems well pleased with him. and some of . one of Avhom became the ulfe of William II. born in Boston. lie is brooke to I than this ji'o dont think to winter but Proii'refs a Clerj»'yman New iM'" on Tuesday to M' Hol- to School let M' him stay lon<>'er there de[)end on Some Nicholls is makinjr in n. swords crossed are a possession of this Society. <j^randson of Colonel of tlie William Prescott scendants sides o])|)()site and thus . Cap' Truman arriv'd here Dii of ]>e<'inninj:: cK: Broujj. Prescott. their descendants bearing* his From Captain Boston.laiul.

aiul spent many From IT. tion with the order began some years death he held hiiih O oflices In the ^lasonlc fraternity. served as one of the was lire-wards. ^vlio comnuuuls the Denver ]Man of AVarr & is o:oiie to Eiioland. 1771). moderator (^hirch oO. .JOIl^^ 14 inamed KOWE. sometimes overseer of the poor for the years 17G(>. often served by the choice of town-meet- ings on Important business committees (Aug. and was selectman 17G7. its regular nu^etlngs April P. was once at least . whose meetings he often nuMitlons . Rowe held various trusts and oflices. 170S became Grand Master of the order Anu'rica. 1J08TOX MEUCIIANT Cap* John Liiizee. declining a .IO (his connecevening's at its meetings. together in 1787 to attend his months afterwards Rowe his it resumed till f unei'al Its It .' hroken up soon al'ter the battle of Lexing'ton) removed to the school of and Rev. lie was treasurer of the Charitahle Society. ^hiy 7. - in suspended was called and a few sessions. H\v lodge In l)«)ston 177"). to Our United AU'ection ^ Good Wislies attend you & you shall hear from mee your Spouse <fc Family from time to time Lettini»' you know how Jack uoes on (& T Remain yr aUectionate Brother ^ hum Serv J KowE Jack went to Rev. 17G5 Jan. Phillips Payson at Chelsea. 2(). and 17GS. 17(>()). M' NIeholls school at Salem later (that school heliii. and In North earlier) till 4. 7.).

receiving 388. and Gray.loliii Adams. or perhaps picpied by Iiowe was again his rivalry at the special election. The seven hundred. ii.. his a<]["ainst for the enough untrustworthy. which (piite not uidikelv. for filling tlie vacancy caused by the death of Oxen])ridge Thaclier. M)r. Otis. Gushing. "Is there not another John may do better?" This has been much copied. who had 437. Adams threw t when he r>osto!i. unsuccessful in 1707. a still At number. Kowe John Hancock — the vote being Samuel 137. •'. who had 301). was the beginning of his legislative iMay. Thacher. \\1. not thinkini»: him earnest work in hand." i. 17G5. and ballot. larger the election special in vSeptemher. savin <''. and })()inting at the same tune to Hancock's house. there was no choice on the Adams 247. 71!t. however. Adams's Works. story is. and Adams was chosen on the next -10. note. first ballot. and the other successful candidates. Otis. 111*. that influence Kowe. re-election in Marcli. Wells's "Life of Samuel . CushAdams receivinir each between six and ini!*.that by Gordon the election when Kowe\s name was men- tioned for the place. — James who was chosen. Jolni Ruddock 110. received only 134 is in error in staling iinc. Kowe. May. and this The next career. 158.TXTRODUCTION 15 He was a candidate for Kejiresentative at the election in wlien he failed. 1765. as told Adams promoted History.'^ is that It is piece of gossip.ikt''s ** History of U(»\v»''s clfi'tion at this ••: 1. receiving 238 votes." p.^ his in — of Hancock. 17G9. was defeated by Hancock.

in . elected to out of (dune 1*2) Whv votes cast. and • lUnVE."- his ot* Late year he boui^ht pew 82. diu-s luit iiifiit ioiiiii. ((Illy .4out vrU-v lo clrc! ion as St-iiai or. himself with 1711. the Inan<.'J'lu' lMo. at was onlv eiiiht years old. to. chosen a niemher for the years 1780-1781. He was I'rom the ' t Adams's ion. i»'() at a special electio!i Adams a Sen- ator a few weeks before. niaiiiisciipt lilliii. and his death. already .JOHN 10 votes. when it shows that he did not wish It In somewhere between 1711 the time 17b*). however. I'he in that records. Samuel the hd'adlno' list but Adams. when he was warden. Senator. o[)en from 1711 to 1711 for Its organ.chosen also at the election In Octo- he ber). He became a eommunlcant In 17(i().. continued to be one till a vestrvmau in 1700. subscription list. IJOSTOX ^[EPvCIIANT lie was not afterwards a candidate for a considerable period.ok part in He Constitntion.' liis tilt' tliis »!«)iil)l(' (>]»•(•- ircor»ls of 'I'?iiiii\. Avhen there were several candidates.Clniich havi' assistfd Diary as to Kowc's coniifct ion with it. was j)laeed on the I\e})resentatlve ticket. — probably marrlasiv. as appears by the His wife's relatives the Speakmans apj)ear to have been connected with it I'rom the iirst. lie was. except for one (u* two years (177()-1777). particularly as his subscMpient choice between the two to ii'o to the liowe was connectitiLl" and ollices House.^ »)i'l chosen Rowe oOO received Adams. is o'reatlv not easily understood. As a member in 1780 (beino.'rai>lM'i\ \V('lIs. bears his name with twenty pounds annexed to He was chosen it.'nration of the State failed of a re-election in 1781. Interested In Trinity Church. chosen a and to the hii>her chand)er..

follows closely the sermons.Ian. 18. '' to stantaneously in his 'garden.£2. come leni»ih to its .'))." all'airs.rief and sorrow of his peo})le and the loss of his i'ajnily. the collections for the poor at Christmas i! 100 8. and for most of the time of his t'oniiec'tion Avitli the church he contributed a first sum funds tlian any one else. Conn. ().")o for good ^Irs. wliich he re- . marks upon as " very clever. as to which gentlemen so indiirerent the (." wliom Iiowe calls his own "most valuable and wortliv and never to be foriiotten " friend". 10.'' sensible." Ahiy lo. 177(). ralslni." '' very polite. which was o-Ivcn a few months later (October to it . 2) to a sister church in Norwich. old ( tenor." of the church's bell (March (5.')). convention of the K})lscopal cler<i^y (June 17. and the contribution of . Avhich he copies at ill. lie was from both Sunday services. except rarely absent lari." " metaphysical. .".* tlie (October." to say of or much parish suit against the ejectment Jan. 1707) the death of l\cv. salary 2. 1772). (. 1707.Inly .") and Decend)crO). or the ])arber failed notes ahvays the text.. Hooper. Feb." He d(divered.. — Mr. church (Dec. IK)." " rious.'er ^vllen to or troubled in spirit. Dec.")). l)elng appointed the church connnittee in relation the crackin<. who ex[)lred in. the . 17(>."rets to see the of the minister's new tlie ori." delig'htf ul.'reat L. 2." " " " most ^^ seexcellent." " very elegant. April 11. 177-1 )."). . William Hooper.'an in 1770 ])roposed altera- 20.s'. has Banister's »j1.'. 17G-1. (April 177. ^NLircli Mi)^)) on and patlietic " well movin.INTllODUCTlOX 17 a ii^enerous giver. tion he of the church re<. the <.

were as — when. Hooper. II. and Howe. . cannot describe his virtues. in reco<. " he Is so good a man that my pen for instance.'). his name- He was between a peacemaker.nItIon of his uniCorni kindness. with Mr. Walter shines more and more in his preaching. iiiiplit's an inmicA. a week later. T50ST0N JSIKKCIIANT Rowe was the intlinute friend of the successive ministers.June 1 1. 1772. June 9.ite " conUiins a similiir error. Walter on one occasion took umhraii'e Hooper (July have a ^*f>f sunnier 10. "The Kev. Parker. and of their Their evenings. The <!l. LKi pounds sterling. ^'>. 170'"). but verv lengthy. 1708. particularly Sunfamilies as well. composlni.JOHN 18 nOAVE. lie '' smoaked a pipe. Parker. Mr. '* Aug. President of The record the Colledge at New York. 177»\.S8. he wrote. day evenings. Thompson of Scltuate read prayers and preached [in tlie morning and the Both tliese sermons were honestly afternoon]. Rev." Nearly a year after Mr. . !'-'>!. is. the friendship.")). AValter.' dillerences ministers." On then a stranger clergyman appears. heipieathed a and an sake. Mr." iMililislicd in . The clergy would 170. Clicsl«'r's "Tiiiiily Cliiucli.succession.^ with a salary of 1H." iii. preached." and. . if at all parishioners friendlv critics of their sermons as was he. 17(). Hooper. were often passed at his house." Now and '^ Mr. lei^'acy on Pond Lane estate In recoii^nitlon of to the father to tlie son. April 4. Cooper. ." . Hooper's death. Mr. as when Mr. for May 10. Mciiioiial History ol Itosloii. William Walter was chosen unanimously desiii'ned liis 1 successor. named a son for him . life some behavior of Mr.

5. 1773. Tlu' wanhuis and vestry decided (the pro- . July 18. 10). INTRODUCTIOX and a gratuity of 50 pounds 19 sterling for the year to Mrs. Rowe took especial interest in the calling of new to have been an ministers.. vice as ])cfore. 1777. "were 7. Parker informed the wardens and vestry. him" as assistant (October England. Nov. Samuel Parker of Portsmouth read several chapters privately " " tlie in the church to gentlemen of the vestry agrcealjle to show wliat his voice was. and was fearful of (bnnage to the church and be desired counsel and . and a good voice seems essential recpiisite a " a candidate. " May 22 is that he tlien preached time from 12*1' Psalm and the 1'^ verse Rowe's record for for the first a sensible. and I tliink he has a pleasant and recommended for assistant.. 1771. all of them for and ordination. for his hi'st good discourse. lie was found to " "a " liave good voice. that Lord's Dav and that he had received threats of interruption and insult in case of a repetition. 1773. 7." aiul to read with propriety " was much liked. for IG. young gentleman from Andover. Hooper. The parting Mr." of the ways was at hand." Oct. lie sailed for arrived home May G." who had been " read prayers in the cl lurch this morninj^ to several of us tliat we mi<rht judge of his voice. in Dec. and very well delivered time of preaching. he could not witli safety perform the entire ser- tliat he was interrupted the previous wIumi reading* the pravers for the Kin^. advice." and the wardens and vestry .. Rev. 177G. voice.

heacce[)ted. assistant minister.JOHN 20 rfOAVE.i. iii. voted. services." ahout lifty Kin<. BOSTON MEPvCITAXT only altoriiativ^e for sliuttiii<»' up tlie churcli. Walter left for En<>land in 177(). Parker. I'J'. June that Parker. says lliat war. April the lina. April 10. communicants. a united service mittee) declined to sus[)eud their 1 iMi-or. and after some rellectlon on the propriety of takinii" the i)lace in view of his friendly relations Some iih'a with Mr. II. 1 nays. Pethune. 177(). with Mr. Colonel Hatch and Mr. after minister. July 2r>.-e had ended may he had from Kowe's entry May -<>. I stai<l at the sacrament this day. withdrew hel'ore week later Mr. Parker aeted aecordlniilv. lias tlic sanu* Tho "Mcmoiiaf History P. hut Parker churches. 177(3: "Mr.. A." a week. Mr.- hotli churches at the Chapel Tor hoth as the minister. I!.u-k('r bccaiiK' it-ctor ccHTCct." Two of the proprietors." wliicli is not strictly Clu'stcr's ••Trinily Clmicli. to spirit recjuest the minister to omit of the the part wliieh related to the Kinj^' lltiir<>'y the concun'ino-)^ as prietors . Parker preached a well adapted and good discourse. "Mr." i». invested Mr. in view of the temper and of tlie people. 12 yeas.'>. The prothe prietors.f llosloii/' atlt-r tlir .^ of tlie condition of the church shortly after the siei. in view of keeping. own soon . for one year with all the powers Tliiee vears afterwards they of ineund)ent minister. and Mr. Parker was clioscn inthe vote. A eund)ent minister at a salary of three pounds sterhiii. correspondence with Mr. chairman of the comTrinity Church (liowe heini. proprietors of 1770. 1771). "the church lias not an iiicumhcnt l.' open. Walter.-\s Chapel proposed.ncial in dilllculty The 1.

" A in very interesting religious event of this period visit of the most renowned Massachusetts was the evan<2'elist of These were modern land he loved so well his times. sometimes attending. and ^^ before and after . in Dr. ^lay G. preached in Faneuil Hall to at least twelve hundred })eople . the Presbyterian afterwards Federal Street Long Lane. who had had a place of worshi[) in the town for more than a hundred Rowe July notes. Sliute of lliniiham at 22.their special services. Mr. Sewall's Meeting House. where Dr. ^loorhead's. "This afternoon Mrs. Samnel Blair. being an 17GS). Chauncy preached. Occum minister. she seems to be a woman of good under- standing. . churcli in JNIr." of the (Quakers in Boston. ITGG. as the installation of llev. Georii'e Whitefield. The entry July 0. was observant of what was l^oino* on in other denominations. " the ceremony there was an anthem sun<^ of Indian an Mr. : Mavhew died much lamented bv ji'reat numbers of These seem to have been the best days people. 1773)."). while a loyal Episcopalian. 17G7. Nov. . voice was last heard calling sinners to repent- . 21. the election sermon of Rev." " This about of clock the Rev'' Dr. 17GG. and iNIr. the famous Quaker preacher. hour and forty minutes. Pemberton prayed the ordination of Rev. he was to sleep in the and his sepulchre is where his last days. — ^^a very long sermon. 17G1): years.IXTKODUCTIOX 21 Rowe. 11). is five morning (May 2. where Mr. Rachel Willson. (Aug. Blair preached Simeon Howard at the West Church. preacliinj^ tlie .

Maiden the llMli and at Medlurd on .L'." and of the second (text " This was in mv ()])inion St. ^Vlli((•^u•l«I. 'J'ycrmaii (il. at the the at Caml)rid<. 28th. 12. set a record of services on Powe 2()th. at the New North the oOth. is. at the New North (Dr. ''The Pev'' Mr. North Church l^lth. at tlie Dr. is much pitied. Pemberton's the 18th. and notes the text on both occasions. liustoJi iiewsi>apers t says that lie •Jfltli. lie picaelied at Neither lie lake note si»ecially of his preaching on nor llu. Sewall's tlie 2:5d. at Uoxbury the 2d. at Old South the 2!)th. at Dr. .V. at Cliarlcstown the 2-1 th. 1770. at Jamaica Plain the olst. Se})tember oO. I he 'J."!••_').:rai>lier. the 2()th. . l^oston most of be to " misre})resented falsely came from Wrentham Boston to lie preached at the old Whiteiield ! 11. and on the The Diary does August IDtli. IIOSTON IVIEKCITANT 22 lie came to us in the midst of threat excitement on public all'airs and it is pleasant to think of him that our fathers had his sympathies. Eliot's the 17th. .at Newberry. he <i*ive and out for Portsmouth. saying of the lirst sermon (text Zechariah ix.'' I liked his discourse.- heard him twice. at Milton September 1st.JOIIX ROAVE. a clever discourse. at iMr. Sewall's at New North the 21st and 22d. at the OKI South the »3d . : New Eno'land How all." Ills entry Sunday. -His bi(>. 1st clause). Whitfield died suddenly this mornini>. just a week before his death. on August IGth and 2-1 th. he said feelingly " Toor ance. Aui.' at the Dr. j\hitthew xxiio 11-K)). 4tli not 2r>tli. SewalFs the IGth. and that in the last letter he is known to have Avritten. 1 Tycnnaii's "Life of ii.'e the 27th.•' reverses tlie dales at Cainbridiie and Cliarh'stowii.'dli.'. Eliot's) Dr.

]\lr. Dec. iel ehureh • . — burled . . multitude llev. Tliis wasthc case with lU'V. so <j:reat at the [Trinity] church that a great many gentlemen ladies could not uet in.INTRODUCTION much lamented. with " a great concourse and multitude of people attending the makiiii»" solemnity hardly to be conceived.^ Among the pageants of the town.. Those of eminent clergymen and lawyers and of civil or military ofHcers drew of spectators. Mr. funeral ceremonies were the forcMiiost.l. Nathan- rn'l«]*s tln'oloijy Kohltins of Milion. 0. Chauncy sixteen were coaches and chariots. .hdy 11. .m.1700." '* '^ great concourse of pe()])le attended the funeral A of the llev. April 17. Itiuvineial ti-easnr»'r. probably and a special messenger must . The funerals of Captain llay of the warship " Tamar. have been despatched to carry the intelligence to Boston. . Hooper. Dr. nuMi and women on foot. IKi. wlio refused to admit Whitetiehl to his and the hitter i»rt'aehed in the open air on Milton Hill.. ])reached a very pathetick and moving discoiu'se. preceding and following remains. Rev'^ Mr." of (uuj'nm pciiioriH 23 His death was at 6 a." jNlarch 2»). were fifty-seven carriages. " the Similar rites accompanied. Teele's "History of Milton. 177»3. the — the ])raver and many cler<>ymen attendini'-. mournful funeral of Howe's worthy and nuich lamented friend. 117. Walter and .." Rev. 1773. in front of the Injuse whicdi was the former lionie of William K«>ye. a day when the thermomBesides a long procession of eter stood at 1)0°. ^Tayhew was a. of which Dr. 1707." i.j. under an elm whieh stood till the storm of lsr.. and particularly of Lieutenant1 Some of llic cU-rj^ynu'ii avi-ic not wrll alVected towards Wliiteand iiu'thods. Moorhead.

father of the bar of Boston. coaclies. Every As merchant." social to him. an all'alrs. i\\K} judg'es and James Otis as hearers. and carBut the most auii'ust rites In honor of the rlaii'es. member of clu])S. and tlie presence of olllclals of hii." dead accompanied.JOirX 1U)WK. BOSTON MEUCIIANT 24 Governor Andrew Oliver. the <»reat lawver of the Province. I could not well avoid Rowe was colonial a leader Li'Ivini*' In all mansion was open Mason. " STU-h a multitude of spectators as liowe had never before seen since he had been In New l^ii<. and followini>' them Avere the Lieutenant-Governor. funeral Vassall's 17()!). 1774. is at "a descrlhed as Camhrld<. wluMice tlu' bodv had been taken at the bet>Innin<''. INLireli S. Precedinii' the remains were the olllcers of his rei>"I- ment and one liundred and sixtv-one ^hisons In full rei»*alia and hearinu: the svnd)ols of the order. a of and witli clialses. chariots.h — civic rank. : . olVicer of Trinity . solenni music. Howe remarks of the display " T do not miicli approve of sncli j>arade and show but as It was his and his relations' desire. tlien relatives. the lirini»" of minute-g'uns. the hurlal of Jeremiah Gridlev." After the interment the [)rocessI()n returned In tlu» same order to the Town IIou.-e. chariots. Grand Master of the Masons (lv()^ve helui. Hancock and his Cadets. coaches. combined and nillitury pomp. Ilenry March 22. master and i^iilde of John Adams In lei»al studies. 1707.' then Deputy Grand iNhister). the town. 12. lawyers in o'reat tlieir many o'enllemen roljcs. mv very handsome funeral and a g*reat nund)er of people. ft.

Apthorp. Otis. Swift. a citizen active in pn])lic concerns. Pitts. Auchniutys. Phillips. Hallowell. Inches. Brhnnier. the British evacuated Boston at the end of sieii'e. the Quincys. Aniory.INTRODUCTION ' 25 Cliureli. and the dishes were ' . and in the records of in cated estates which we could wish our confis- fathers had not left us as subjects of explanation and apology. manv of his of his kinsfolk left also . number private meals. lie knew every in the town who was not alto<^"ether obscure. to-day in any American town of less twentv thousand inhabitants. Hancock. Boutincau. visitors <»et had not yet come into voiiiie . Olivers. We French novelties only lilimnses of the menu. salls. The hour of lUix like it exists than dining was in the early afternoon. best and and some names ap[)ear Hutchinson^s and friends their Sabine's " Loyalists. Grays. Gridleys. and a When the more hundred bearin<»* familiar names." and in Curwen's journals. Timniins. Bowdoin. Cusliing. olUcers of the army and navy. and that of the Uowe records a great su[>per in the evening. a leader in public and private festivities. liis Diary one In the principal personag'es pass again before us. Boylstons. Vasconspicuous citizens. all the leading clergymen and physicians. of with names of guests. Hutchinson. — friends. or from other Colonies or from Europe. Goldthwait. whether olhcial persons or all and again — Bernard. Adamses. relatives. The amount of si'avetv and feasting' in Boston in the period preceding the Revolution appears promiIt is safe to sav that notlinentlvin Uowe's Diary.

<»'r()wln<»" '* strawberries. soups.*ulated the price twenty shillin<." March 7. . . 1700. "very i>"ood dancin<>' and ii'ood wine and punch." dinner came Capt. The named is o-reen from only vegetable peas. Of the fruits whieh now complete a dinner or <." At people alma- in his John liowe a dinner at Minot was very introducinj'' some sterl<»'.luly ID. " 1707) her patrons and puiu'h with ])unch. ''a line the beverai»es of the time. we went to Ca})t.JOTTX HOWE. paid CS. ball and excellent music in Faneuil Hall. as more nu)dern for a qr. June il.luiv : . We Eiio'lish. Cordis's tavern (^hu'ch 2. -'After ii'lasses not well manaiivd. sii!»'i»-ests in delig'hted in kir<'-e ii'ood plumb cake" accompanied. Bennetsand drank a bottle of Madeira with Lewis Gray and Capt. 1708) there was at tea "a the last doubtless cherrys and of desert tine wild.")." said except tliat at Tnman's one afternoon (duly ().ive relish to a est dishes Avhieli eould breakfast or tea. ]70r).'* At the dinner on the (Jueen's birthday at Concert Hall 1771) there was musick. Hutchinson. nothini. 1707. but turtle (how served hear notliino* of not is it venison. Inman for i\Luleira [)eriods. Davis ami Mr. IS. nao for 1770. and salmon seem to have been stated). ^* iH)tes cask Rowe's. BOSTON ]VrEl{CIIANT 2G mostly substaiitiiil. Bethune to drink Welch ale. picked his own o-arden (June 10. on his new coat from one of the Le<4h()rn May 1. 17G7). thirty " her. Doble. " Chrlsto. H. but very bad (. l>oston Old Madeira. Solo. 170l>. rei. the ehoie- be set before <»"uests..'s shillini^s a of wine double bowl a bottle ^ladeira.lan." At Mrs. wroth with Mr. of T)." A Tlie Diary Then.

Rowe meets Adams Jan. " Mr." " Mr. Sept.ain Feb. Kent. Jan. Hunt and and Arnold military dinner a at in titles. 17G. 17G7. and other iI7()7. in Rowe has at Gridlcy. and the latter was as often in l^>ston life as his residence at to have been much of Mr. John Adams ^ "• enters in his. Braintree. of Boston. At : dined with Mr. Ezekiel Goldthwait. clero'ymen Ciishini!^. Braintree. except at the Fire Club. 20.INTRODUCTION The g^iiest Rowe was private dinners at which bring us before the misses host or citizens pruicipal One Boston at that time. Henderson at com})any with the J^acon. dines with Rowe May 5. sharin<. Adams 7. . and Dudley. bearinj^ 177^*). 28. 27 altog*ether'. Addams of dinner. 1774.'entlemen nearly all bearini»* military titles.* in Hancock and a<. Rowe company with Messrs. and repeated iinds only m a very few instances Samuel Adams the Paul of lists the conviviality. of in names. 1700. with and Cushin<^. is and liowe's relations as friend Adams seem client with John very cordial. The last-named.") Went to Boston . in company with <. lo. Inclics's. ton. Otherwise Samuel not traced at dinners and clubs. Dec. Otis.1. a mlsslnu^ point in Rowe's Dhiry." at ]3racket's. Adams (Julncy meets '' the of time permitted. not o'ucsts." 1 Works." com})any Payne of TaunAdams and also has to dine Feb. Wells. 24. l-'iS. Rowe lawyer. 4. ii. in company with Colonel James Warren of Plymouth. the tavern. Revere. In with lawyer. 17G.

17G7. Adams records in his own Diary. Mr. ''Dined at Lieut. Mr. iMr. Bowe. Colo. CaldAvell. was also in ol' Halifax. 17G0. the 0. liowe had pleasant relations with J. Nicholas Boylston. Esq. Ills jMajor Cunhis ofTicers all of his company. Dennison of New i»'uests Walton and Otis. Mr. 2. Some entertaiinnents noted: Jan. and his lady. his Uowe may be home with his 1) rot her Foster Hutchinson. 1770. June i\Irs. . . Inma!i. calliiii.*:J." home with Colin Campbell. Marcli G. Dana the lawyer. were James Otis. Es(p." and others. 1!). i\Ir. had law business in Taunton and Ipswich in which liowe was concerned as client or witness. DUSTOX MKIICIIANT notes. Andrew lie Belcher. Benjamin Kent the lawyer. 1(3. 17G9. Nov. Dalrym])le. Feb. 'J'liomas and William Apthorp. June 17. John Adams.JOHN 28 He llOWE. . Aui. Otis. 20. Mr.nnes Otis. John Adams. 17()i)). John Timmins. at Otis's. a dinner at Avitli nin^'liani's him.^'adier-General Brattle. to hy Howe's Diary Aug-. Mr. Ca[)taln Solomon Davis. G. Capt. 1772. l>ri. John Amiel. 17G8. Kowe's 10.-. Mr. Hender- son Inches. Mr. Dennie. i>iven by 1770. Elliot.Mrs. and they met from time to time in a social and {'ricndly way (July G. April 1. " two sons. Lane. where were .lolm '' 1 dined at 1770.-Govern'. and friendly intercourse with John Hancock." their liowe's house to at out i»oin}2* toji'ether as a[)pears Adams. Jeremiali Gridley. Gi'aiit IIuL^hes. Mr. York. 17G9. warm himself. the Rev.lunc IJowe dined. Mrs.. Honor. ]Mr. and attend a funeral. Mr. lawyer. jNIr. Dr.

1770. whose sumptuous furniture im. Capt. Daliymple and Capt. 2. 17G4." consisted of Jolin Hancock. WiUIani Sever of Jedediah Prel)Ie Lathro]) of Isaac. Walter. Whipple. and. at Governor Bernard's. . 1775). 1 Art('i"\v. the fair ^^Ir. Porter. Trontheck.^ Capt. Kol)Linzee. Colonel Gorham. Pohert Temple. Alice ^liss Governor (Quaker". 4.1. Dr. A Inman. 23. Cliarlestown. 1772. and '* liev.") and April II). where were the Secretary (Andrew Oliver). ert Treat Paine. Feh. — There were dinners Avhich Powe attended.s IN'iir Admiral. *>0. Krving. Tninims.INTRODUCTIOX 29 Colo. Avho was shortly to hccome an historical character. l^ellew. 177-i the l^ritish evacnated. (John Temple) Feb. of John Piclcering'.ir<l. tlie i>arty Mrs. g'cnteel dance . Itowe. 177]. and Sneky. Falniontli (Portland).loliii TJiizco. Rol)ertson and his son. Feh. Gardner. to American oHicers (Sept. HoW Capt. Mr. 21. Dr. where were Bontlnean. Samnel Wentworth. Hancock. and Trontheck at Nicholas Boylston's. Capt. and tlie Feh. Nov. brotlici. and Dr. at which military olHcers were — most prominent. Walter. 1770. Channcv at the Surveyor-Generars . after ]. Dec. Bnllinch.">. " " '* was nivcn for " Sucky 177(5). Nov. Frecpiently hefore the ^var Howe g'ave dinners to the British oillcers. Pev. Hutchinson's. Pitts. among' them Captain Preston. Byles. Mason of tlie 14^'' regiment. 11). Plyniof Gorham King'ston. nillitiiry ontli. the clergymen Caner. and naval (Oct. Mr. where were the families of himself and at Lieutenant-Governor Oliver. Josepli Ilawley. Mrs.of Captain . 2. Innian. 17()7. 1. Feb. 2*].

20). wliere were James Pitts. 3Irs. Ivowe reeounts attended. June 17. and his son Kl10. Brown. Judi. 1*>.'e IJead. Mareh :i(). Aug". (May 1707. 1-1. — lie as at Ezekiel Gokltliwait's in lioxhury. at Ilaneoc'k's. Timo. of ii. Tliomas Fhu-ker's. 1778."uished ])eop]e of the town Avere to he found. General 'i'lmothy 1707 PvUi'Llles 1 \V. 17()0 . 8. Captain of ^hlrl)lehead (Sept. ]]OSTOX ^IKKCnAXT 30 pressed John Adams 17G1) INIay 10. 177o. ^lardi Thomas Gerry 22. 17()7). 27. and open house for friends from the he notes their dinini>' with lum. wliere were . 17()1)) Ilardwidc IT'. 170!)). P). 1770 11). — Tristram Dalton of Newherry (July K). Aug". June 8. 4. whose entertainuRMits the dlstlni. Coloml . and ^hirch K • . 1700. " Madam Ihineoek. 1700. Coflin's. JH. Thos. E]>ps Sersi'eant of Gloucester (Auir. 2o. son . 12. Aug. then risinn- to <listinetion Worcester and Colonel John (March 1. Kowe kept country. (Jan. 177() l>()st(>n. and Benjamin Gerrish. 1772. Untland ( . ^Turray of Dec.^hly 17()r). 2. 1772). . • Nov. numerous dinners tlie j»"uests at and . at . 1771*. 1770). 17.John Chandler of hrid<2'e. 1772. Brattk'. :]. Nov. 1771)). April 10. . Thomas Cushinii'. and Dee. 10. Iluhhard's. Pohert Tieat Paine of Taunt(m (Feh. 11). ^ 1708 Jan.t. 18. 1770. Get. lames Otis. Soh). 1708. June 21). 1770). 5. and . Oct. Tutliill Huh*' ha]'d and James Perkins and '' the fattest veni'' whieh Kowe had ever seen was served. . 7. Fiteli.JOHN KOWE. Feh. ^hireh 1. Kaljdi Inman's in July P>. Aiio-. )*>.»iks. Tuthill . Treasurer Gray. Tlios. Davis. 8.

from England and there seems to have been more c(numunication between the town and the motber countrv than between the town and the Col- to or . Burrows. Iiowe often notes the sailing or 27. 25. 1772 . traders from the G. onies h'inu' stand how Boston It is at an early tinctively English stamp. 1772). Sept.ixthoduction He had 17G7). 2G. Occasionallv there ^vere — an liini and after . . both English and American. 1772). G. 177G). New York Se[>t. The English oflicers. and Englishmen who came for trade or curiosity (Oct. 2»>. 21. the tavGeneral Winslow. were much in social request. them from tlie arrest for debt or other diihculties. IT). visitors or West Indies (Aug. arrival of passengers. 17G7 ]1). nies. (Nov. 27. 1772). civil oi). ^vith nel Bradford. as in cases of Sir Tbomas Kich of the " ^* Senegal 1771). occasionally Frenchmen and Spaniards (July IG.u<^<»'les. 7. Conner 1772). as for instance Lord and Lady William Campbell (Oct. G. Aug.' (July 7. 1771 July -1. Bracket's. of Tenerill'e (Nov. and Major ji^uests from other Colo- Izzard. 8. 7. Kingston. 2:]. Nov.'21. iNIr. 177G). Sever of jNIr. 31 (Suiuky. and some of them had to seek Kowe's good oflices to relieve . and military. now and then bearing titles. southward. 12. Conner of Madeira and Mr. 10. and Captain John Linzee (Aug. Jan. and Mercer from Carolina.'ston. King. Colo- lie ern. Oct^. 17G8) General Winslow of Mai'sliiield to (lino witli church spent an hour at Mrs. ol. General lv. Alden. 28. lo. Aug. and Powell from South or a Livini. 1(5. thus easv to under- day accjuired a dis- . 1772).

"i'atitude for ber bavini.'. ^NIKltCIIANT A romantic ehiii-aetoi* appears trauslently in — Lady Frankland Howe's born in 172G. wbere be [)laced be llutcbinson's. a Marbleliead (Ai. bim I'^nuikliUMl.ivini.irl. 1708.reat-<. 17. country 2. be was a benel'actor of years ITlo—i-1 Trinity Cliurcb.IS. Tbey 17. 11. llij was accom])anied and said to be bis natural son. t 111- is (U-at li of Avitb 1.")8. Jan.'es.".''s Cbapel as vestryman in tbe and 17-H)-r)l. lo A iiiuils liis lilh- liottk oi' jour- <'(titH' . liis iiiu-h' ill itrrscrvrd in t hf l-'r.Society. returnint!" to iMiHand died near Batb. born in February. Once or twice more Franklaiul came to ]>oston. <.irl Boston and llo[)kinton.JOHN . Henry and Ladv Frankland were ai»ain in Boston in 17. as bouLi'bt. and tbey entertained tbe liowes and Inmans dan.")0. Tbou^b danii'liter of tbe Protector.e).M. an llopkinton. now Asbland. as appears by its records. wbom is well several years afterwards be mar- ried at Lisbon.^ ton as collector royal c identified witb in to 15os- lit/ closely KIni. 20.')7.j2 BOSTON HOAVE.'rands()n of Frances Cromwell. tbe lie bad come 1711. caliiiu't ol i."). l»y Mliiis Xasoii .' rescued bim at tbe time of Sir tbe eartlupiake in 17").m-1«'s Henry K'i lilt's C'li:i|H-l. by Ilenrv Cromwell. wblcb was exceeded a subscription for its iirst oriL.'.'). celebrated ballad. 1711. Frankland. i. to 1 1 diil not : l-'ootc's is iii<'iii(»i'aii(liiiM this . estate in Besides bis city bouse next to Vassall."an only by tbe amounts contributed by Peter Faneuil and Henry known. in Hobnes's i. before bis ac(piaintance witb tbe Marblebead wliom be took Sir J of I ill nal C1i.nes Surrlai. bis mistress. Avlio attracted tbe eve of Sir Cbarles JbMiry pat. tbe left Feb.iiik!ri ii<l 1717. in <.

and died.! villi. and not loni. never to return. till' is oil' the French said to have been liv- iii. Henry Cromwell's origin is involved in obscurity. rose to be a English navy. 77. Utilise of Cronnvcll. Lady Frankland and Cromwell were of a party at Menotomy Pond at this and they disappear date from Howe's Diary.' after sailed for En<^'land. and was with Admiral Kempent'elt Nov.^e of liftv-seven. 1783.. April 2. 11. at The only glimpses of her the a. may be added that she married in 1782 John Drew. but the history which comes nearest tlu' time makes him the natural son of Sir his Thomas Fraidvland. 1781.*). when after some obstruction they were allowed by the Provincial Congress to go to Boston. A^iu>s's iianic as ** Urown.INTRODUCTIOX 33 A few months after her husband's death Lady Frankland and Henry Cromwell sailed for Boston.^ The curious history of Ag'ues Surriage is only pursued It thus far in order to illustrate Rowe's Diary. captain. 421. Sir Charles's uncle and immedi- No writer makes any ate predecessor in the title. coast 1 - McDiorial Ilisuny of N<>l)h''s MciiMtiis ot in an action He Ilostoii. . a banker of Chichester. Noble luaUrs two mist akt'S. sojourn in Boston after her return as a widow are time o])tained from Rowe's Diary." He entered the suggestion as to his maternity. Lady Frankland 1773 Aug*. 28. after for her estate in Ilopkinprol)ably left shortly remained there till 1775. and Cromwell She ton. 4'J:'." and pv*' Colclu'stcr" iiistt'ad of Cliicht'sttT as the i»lace where she iii^ I)assecl tlie hitler part o\ her life. . Sir Charles Henry Frankland is usually named as now for tlie iirst putative father.-. ii.

^ '* had tlie pleasure to dance with ing.lanuarv. 17(M." There were once in two weeks in the winter and sprini>-. Murrays. Nov. where he Feh. the new hrideA larp' numher of t. ^'Mr. Hooper's with her. It Navy. heirinninu' witlr TIic bi-l(lt''s poit lait Aiiioiv of IJostoii. Weddinii's were the occasion of o-ood cheer and Amorv Thos. he was leavini. the and others." Ilallowells.JOITX ROWE.t'aniily of 1 lir late William ." lie records. 17()7. Dined at — leafs. ly there was a g'reat company at old jMr. eveninti' in — remainini. Nason makes a statement whieh is not trnstAvortliv.'room and hride.' with the rank of cn[)tain." to tea '* a dance. and spent the whole day very clever and ai^reeahle. a attended on the occasion." paj^'e 1781. ''a weddini. instead of in still it in 17!)7. 17()8.^^^s first to t of . We and joiiiinj. hirth. \\\ii 1 Ixloii.'s."uests were <.Teat dance. married JMiss BettvCoiHn this evenJ l\owe j. the navy. ''This morniuLi" Miss the bride. Greenpresent. " Jan. 8. native from the service previous to the There is no evidence of retired lie liis close of the Kevolution/* his American and the dates indicate an Eno- " List of the lioyal appears hy Steel's his that first commission was in 20. 1*).*ayety. and that.lohn Erv. Collin's hi^' on the occasion. iiip^ — tliat/M)eini»' ninvillin<»" to liMit ai»"ainst country. mentions. BOSTON ^fEKCITAXT 34 and to have had a family In Chicliestcr hi 179G. Walter.' in were meriv. lisli hirtli." Polly Jfooper was married in Trinitv John Russell Spence hy the l^'reat cont-ourse of peo[»le Chmclito Vlw Mr. 2. dancing*- In. IJev'" Mrs. and a <. Jr." frollick at . Aptliorps.

though perhaps rather as a guest than as a member. itary 1708. tlie lawver. Senior. Colo. James Richardson. often than any other he sought what was its boiul of fellowship It had a limited number of mem- l)ut John Averv. Deacon Thomas as follows: Collin. with them. a great navy and army and genof the town. Major Furlong. Kerr. Major the assembly. and too manv " March enumerate. General. William Sauuiel Deming. Sanuiel Swift. 10." 17G1). He was however an ha])Itual visitor at clubs social Tlu're Avere several political or connnercial. and sometimes it rose to two hundred. the connnissioners. Colo. jNIajor number of Fleming. which one. 35 The Governor and mil- and naval officers quite often attended them. ])ut be belonti'cd to none of them. l\ufus Greene. " . is iu)t <'"oin<»" almost everv eveninir to one More or another. that it was a brill- oflicers of the tlemen and ladies and verv iant assemblv u'ood dancinir." attendance was usually rather more than a hundred. the *' Possee bers. Occasionallv a member introduced a guest who lived in the countrv. Harrison. the all to brilliant lo. . Commodore. and Howe describes them many times as " very brillThe number of <^entlemen and ladies in iant. "Spent the was a very evening. usuallv met Foster. Benjamin Greene. John Box. Mr.INTKODUCTIOX assemblies at Concert Hall. Lesly. the Governour and Liuly. and John Ivowe." clubs in Boston in Howe's time. known. Spent evening at the assembly with the Governour. Francis Johonnot. Feb. William Ilensliaw.

Benjamin Faneuil. On the same '' he states this where fact he The writes." were at twenty this Lawyers as well as merchants came ^ })robably citizens was. Nov. Works. -1. 5 Club. held at Cohuiel Joseph Ingersoll's I^uncli of Grapes in King Street. is Kowe ^' i"). Sok)m()n Davis. the poet. either in Kint»' Street or Mei'chaiits' The names resorts — (d' persons sonu' on one 1 . the meetings every evening. meetliii. — however. Capt. Niiiht Club. ]JOSTON JSIKKCIIANT 30 The Fire Club. \\\ 17(57 liitlicr. mentioned as 1701). jMelatlali Bourne." attended. Mrs. front room towards the Long wharf Merchants Club has met where the also '• made up of [)rominent citizens whom The chief rendezvous of the leadinjj^ at He a later date. Thomas Flueker. and when he. Wednesday 17() connection with the Wednesday Evenin<>' Club of mentions. . John Dennie. the 1-1. '_'!>(». who was present Sept. Jerry Green. William Lloyd. William Kowe's lirst meetMolineux. meetiu<)^ the No. Master John Lovell. at Captain jNhirston's." word. 17(>7. page whieli may have been thr })assword. in<. and William ShealVe. Cordis's or at In^ersoirs. July 4. 7. was made up of Geor^'e Bethune. Cordis's ])ut a))out 177*2 thev were . Joseph Green.John whom Kowe met eveniiii»' at How. ITOS.JOIIX KOWE.' at Mrs. Ask more.* with tliem was Sept. left IJoston. ^' the I^ritlsh ColVee Mrs. Samuel Fitch. Dr. Nicholas and Thomas Boylston. Joseph Green. James Boutlneau. Cordls's. John Brown. Harrison Gray. ii. House tlie in years." he names. ])r()bably havint». tliese and some on an- Adams's Diary.

Nat. 22. Thos. White. John Dennie. Barber. and Joshua WInslow. . William Lee Perkins. French country were round Koxburv and Dorchester. John Hancock. except on special occasions like tlie visit of the The usual drives Jamaica Pond or times " over the (. the Neck round the 10. hahit of fre(|uentlng insurance offices for reading newspapers and hearing gossip belongs to a yei'S The date. John Ervhig." Brattle. Joshua Blanehard. George Apthorp. Nat. Samuel Quincy. Andrew Clark. Joseph Jackson. Ilendersou Inches.. 1708: Spent the evening at the North Insurance office later " James witli Otis. Edward. Samuel Fiteh. " little and S(piare sonietlmes as far as Rowe often drove to Kox- bury to see his old friend and relative Robert Gould. Davis. hut liowe records. Samuel Hughes. Joseph Scott. (J. James Per- son Dr. Aug. and the kiAVkins. 177-i). Vernon. Edward Payne. Joseph Dowse. Treasurer Harri- Gray. Thomas Flucker. Solo. Hide. Nat. Solomon. iind all of his — pages and George Bethune. Gridley. iMIlton (April In lleet. Aug. . other.Tames Warden. John Timmlns. and Swift.lohii Club life as well as public festivities ^vere mostly suspended after the ])attle of Lexington. and . INTIIODUCTION 37 them recurrinj^ again and again in are John Amiel. Edward Wendell. William Mollneux. and William Davis. Thomas Brattle.Inly 2!>. Ezekiel Goldthwalt. John tlali and Nicholas Boylston. Melaand William Bourne. Jiimes Otis. Capt. Sewall. Thomas Gray. John Erving. James Boutineau. someIn 17(1!)).

parted with deep regret.. at whose house at the Milton liridge. and sighed in exile to Uowe drove to Hutchinson's nKinsion return to it. The drives were to the soutli. ^diere an ag'reeable eoinpany sometimes nsed to drive to Savin gathered for afternoon tea drive Ave may presume sometimes j\Irs. IMErvCIIAXT the latter's death early in 1772 (May In the smnnier of 1771 he 170^")). 5. 177»)). company with Dr. in but tlie chariot" (Sept. a party set out. July To. — a house then lilled with sons ami daugh- home on lie loved that ters. "a very ap^reeahlo rural a to his friend Thomas l)rattle ^vhieh spot/* place had hired. and others. which looked out in front and the ]>hie Illlls in on river and ocean the rear. of Boston were attractive in those At Milton lived Thomas Ilutchin- son. 38 an invalid. 17()!). near the railway station. 11. in . as connnunication -with the north was so cir- For instance. still standiui!" . 10. 1772. liowe (iNhiy 1(3. friendly rekitions with Daniel Vose." (June 1(5. and sonu'times on olhcial business He had Sept. in a house standing till 1872. Cambridge and dined at Martin's : we got to Salem about four of clock. Nov. from to it make calls. in Paddock's coach for Saleui (Uowe's chaise " We went all round through accompanying* it). cuitous. Lhupiity Hill. I^ut the house in Miltoti which Jr.TOTIX l^OAVK. ^vas often '' took in an June The )>). a chaise airiiii»' ." The suburbs as in later davs. Joshua Win slow. 17()(>. June 22. 17()l)). Catherwood.BOSTON . May (J. 2. the Sull'olk Resolves were })assed and dined there. till Hill. the nu'rchant " of tlie})lace.

1707. where he Kiver. introduced Howe's] Smith. standing. 170. records in a quaint and his hrother-inway the courtsliip law Inman "After dinner [at duly 22. where liowe passed the evening and the Iiowe was often at this Brush Hill house.lanu'S Kiji. and once ^Irs.'' Septetn'hcr 20.''s liousi's ar«' in '• Cliapel. \'<>s('. Kohhins. Sniitli. followed by a dinner at Inman's. was of a Scotch family. and her maiden name is found the middle names of her descend- \n ants. Howe was badly bruised (Aug. Inman and : Mi's. and owned an estate of one hundred and seventy-one acres running to the Neponset lie had also a farm at Watertown. was a wealthy sugar-refiner. who are still She became hv a third mar- riage Howe's kinswoman.")..^ gave a distinguished dinner-party July 1."^ He of herselt* visit to Mrs. Itowe jKiid a Smith over Mr. Elizaheth Camphell. and Smith History of Milloii. Mr. art' buried at . and for a long period the home of the late James M." -SIm" and lu-r second liusband. Rohhins. iMrs.*)) . Inman his design to Mrs. September 1. born IMurrav. once at least taking a sleigh-ride there (Jan. who lie soiio'ht tlie still died in 1709 at the age of eighty. au'reed on his to Gold- })leased plan of matrimony. Smith. Inman came home well thwait's. 30. night. 177. MMcl mcs TiM'Ic's (if tlio II iitcliiiison.1. .INTRODUCTION 39 most was that of James Smith on Brush Kill. Ezekiel Goldthwait." Howe and notes the publication of banns at King's Chapel. the late Mr. "Afternoon Mr." August 10. and the marriage "at the seat of Mr. and others in liviiiLi' iMilton. His see(md wife.

John Forbes) old ^hidam Belcher. widow of Andrew Belcher. Amiels. 17:." I at Feb. 171. Auchmutys.-place as he (liivino* there.JOIIX ROWE. Phippses. 18. Aug. at Cand)ridi2'e.G). daughter-in-law. 1707. j. Tnmans. July 22. and Dorotliy (the last afterwards the wife of llev. his daughters Anna. 22.e being' iq)set as she was . We ^' 1771).It Avas Rowe's st()})pln<.is :it Brattles. Oct. and Richard Lechmere sion of lier and where were the Oliver's (Dec. Kiii^'Vs Clinpcl. Kdward Winslow and Milton neighbors. Belcher. 0. Aug. July 21. 1(). from fishing or bnsiness excursions Under tliis roof (July 20.Mi(lsoii. 17()0)." at eomiuLi" to a close. of them. March of the dinner. > ladies succeeded in the estate saviuLi" records Colonel 1708. Van Homes Edward Winslow. 17G7) by her cania<. 1705. buried — 170(. 7. Temples. Goldthwaits. Vll. ^ sin. 170r>. 17(. .'r. and Mrs.. Avas returniiig often gathered Avere \vliere gay dinner-companies. the Hoopers. liev. James Murray and wife. These hai)i)ydays merry. Miss Blowers. of -Teele's" History of Mil on. Betsey. Vassalls. Vassalls. 2:5. who was both iNLidam's daughter and ^ . . it the war. 2.. the o'reatcr ill* com)>any sharini. the Governor's widow. I Icr I'\ulies. 20." (luiet during" There were then attractive houses Rowe writes were yery Brush Ilill were then from confiscation by remaining upon very 1700. I50ST0X MEPiCIIANT 40 18.' The Murray itself ]vee])in<»' number of the festive the fate of Loyalists and exiles. \^\^. 28. at several festivities Thomas 17. the Prattsand Clarks (March ."). Temples. )t(»rt and at niit is in i1h' posses- Milioii. Feb. Byards.loliii M. . July 19. Ilallowells. Goulds. IJI. Kowe 170!)).

17. that renowned In excej)t home perhaps "the <>iven in recent years at the of culture and class spreads" Hemenway Gymnasium Rowe makes these records: July Commencement Dav. panies (Feb. Mr. Oct. Temple. 17. IG. IS. some of which have been elsewhere noted (Oct. ner at Ten Hills (Mr. Capt. 17G4. Ilis record for Feb. where were "Mrs. Saltonstall of Haverhill. Colo. Mrs. also Colo. . 23. 25. 2. 17G5 . 17G8. . Otis." of t lit- lioiisc i». ls7. Ellz"' Hubbard. 17G8) has been noted elsewhere. Ilobt. 17GS). Byard. since known hospitality. Temple's. Robert Temple's). AVent to Cam- and Beck Hall. The entertainments at Inman's and at Colleire ro(uns on Commencement Day surpass anything . James Major ard. Vassall's.IXTIIODUCTION John and Henry 41 where were shnilar comDec. Ang. at stood in Ralph Inman's in is jnst behind site of which No buildintis then interven- iug to obstruct the view. a house the the i)resent City Hall. was of a din20. 1771 Aug. June 21. In no house in or about Boston were there entertainments lavish than Cambridge. Mr. 177»>). 12. 1 j^i " DniUr's " Historic vi's a (Icscrijil ion ami Ficltls iiiff iiio ami Maiisioiis of Middlcsrx. SheaU'e of Charlestown. his son Jaines Otis. 17GG Feh. 17G5. the spacious grounds about it. Charles River and Boston it ont on the looked beyond." dinner at Colonel David Phipps's A (July 7. W" BayMr. Dewar.^ kinsman was often more here for I'amllv Noble Rowe trees as a and friendly gatherings. Lavicount. Miss Henrietta Temple and 4 daughters of Mr.

and returned niornini. Councill and too many to enuI staid till six. and Sucky Edward Winslow's room.'e recorded 'luly '' I went to CaniAo-ain. 17(kS stopped at Mr. the ceremonies I was master of Tnman's. Hensliaw's." in New Brnns- Mr. 1771: "1 went 'to Cand>ridi>'e and dined with Mr. 15arnard of Marhlehead. and Sally Liman after dinner I went to Colo. canje to Camhrid<^'e Greene. too many to ennmerate. very lar^v eomj)any eveninii' a danee at the Town House i^iven hv vounix IIo()[)er's (pro])al)ly .l)ri(l<»'0. hridi. Col. 1 llollislliill. company . " ollieiated as master of th(. Inman. Tntor Hancock's. Murray's room in the New Colled^'e.*e. met the paid a visit to Kev'^ ^Ir." to I We . A similar festivity Iar<. spent the evening' there. there was a diinier at Kohert Hooper of the Class of " " with a and in the 17().'' town this ''A very hot day.")." came 1(). with a very comj»any. at BOSTON JOITX HOWE. Green's where were a very larjj^e co]n])anv.")). Rowe. at Mr. IIoo})er's room. is he- : company at dos. Inman's. Taylor's. duly 20. Nathaniel S[)arlia\vk. 42 [NrEllClTANT Mrs. at whose reijuest Howe ceremony. afterwards paid a visit to Mrs. Pollv dones.* dined with Mr. dined . another of the Class of ITO.-e com. pany.^ where there was a lari. also to Youno. . Greene of the Class of 17(JS hecame a July 17." Colonel John Murray merate. the Governour. Polly Hooper. dined with a very 17GG. David Loyalist. Sparhawk and prohahly Hooper Loyalists. had slept a . dnlv -1.Winslow was to die an exile The next day wiek. lariie dance. a very lar^-e went to JNIr.

who made the genteelest entertainnu'ut I ever saw on account of his son Georii'e tak- to iuii" his dcii'ree yesterdav. whose college all closed so merrily. Whit- and worth's sou." A ball pleasure. the Lieut-Governour and « ramily. be- fullest record of festivities at in July. the Admirall and family. The class of the following year. and many other jifuests whose names are <»iven. at the " all Town House in Cambridge followed. to Mr. Admirall Montau'ue and many other I paid a visit ji'cntlemen too manv to enumerate. Judge Sewall. He had three hundred fortv-seven ii'entlcmeu and ladies dhied. where " were verv happy and cheerful and Rowe at Tmuan's. also his son Samuel of the came Loyalists. . two hun- dred and ten at one table. Rowe adds : " After dinner we were visited hy the Governour Counv'il. both which took their deii'ree.Jonathan AVilliam's son and also Dr. and all the remain- der gentlcnu'u and ladies of character and reputation the whole was couducted with much ease and . and joyned in making each other hap]»y. On the l/)tli Rowe Camhridofe is dined at Samuel Murray's room. where were Colouel Murray the fatlier. Samuel Quincy. Major Vassall. Coh)nel Saltonstall. Colonel Oliver. amongst the company the Governour and familv.INTRODUCTION and 43 his son Daniel of the graduating class." " I want is as follows record of the next dav : The earlv Mr. such an entertainment has not been made in New England before on any occasion. Inman's. George Inman. left his home slept life three years later to . 1772.

James Otis. He has posterity other tlian tlie Llnzees and Philadelphia. were .' Grenada in the These annual festivities were approaehini. Thos. find died at West Indies in 1789. Another well-known suburban house was that of " There. July 22. 1774^ that pension . The buildin<>" itself. Sparhawk. Treasurer Gray. besides Kowe. Es(|." There also. Koyall at ^* May o. were Miss Polly and Isaac Miss Betsy Royal. Es(j. and lie returned to live and die upon it.' in Boston. 1708. 17GG.]. is now a double tenement liouse.. from the daughters of his son Geor«^e. Avho came with their mother from Grenada to i\hissachusetts soon after their father's death.' kept puhllek Ininan^s house became General Putnam's head(iuarters durin<>' the sie<>-e of I)oston. IJOSTOX 44 MICllCIIANT join tlie British army. " the distressed situation of the town and Province prevents Conimeneenient as usual. Cushion [Cushln^. removed twentv and more years ago. line Street in nuud)ered 04 and and that citv. Ralph Inman's estate escaped confiscation. and descendiiii.. — an event commemorated hy an inscription on a stone placed on its site by the citv of Cand)ridi. 1788. recently bewhich is slab reft of its piazza.* a susand Kowe reeords. " the Governour and Council. duly 20. and Mr. and to be»|ueath it by a Avill proved in July. General Brattle.JOHN KOWK. corner of Brookline and (HJ on Prook- makint»' the soutlieast Auburn streets. New ^'oi-lc. Nathl. Danforth." or Medford. llvlni. Mystick.'e." who were liberally wills of their ji'randfather provided for in the and of Hannah llowe." Day helni.

among them Colonel Plckman and Joseph Dowse (Oct. Isaac Koyal. .Alarsh field (April 2. " Westown " Major Goldthwait's country home at (May 13. 23. 17(>n) General Timothy Ruggles at Coloncd John Ilardwick (May 21. Royall gratefully remembered by jurists for the professorship founded by him at Cambridge. April 21. Fluekor. 25. . Jolm. guests Kowe attended. . Edward Whislow July 30. 1708. 20. May 21. 1770. 17()G . . Colonel John Murray at Rutland in Marlborough peared All in other tlie — . 17(. BoAvdoin.July 3. 1709. both at . a large dinner" jNIallden " given by Captain Ilaskins. Aug. 23. . the hosts and the larger numl)er of is becoming Loyalists.IXTllODUCTION 45 Gray. 1707) those of several friends in Salem. 1707. 1770. 22. 17G7) . 17G1). party at where were several whose names have already apconnections in these pages. April 23. . Nathaniel Ray"^ Thomas (May 1. April' 27. . 1773. . his relatives to Rowe. (May 21. 17G7) Treat Paine and Captain C()])b at Taunton (iMay 8. 28. April 30. 1771)." years later. at Plvmouth (May 2. 17(K3) Robert Chandler at Worcester (May 12.r> . Mr. 1705 July 28. 1705." where . 1. April 28. 177()). 1771). April 25. May 1. 17()7) Captain Thomas Gerry at Marblehead (Jnly 31. April 170i)) and Winslow General 21). where were his sons Thonuis. . and Klbridge and of " Tristram Dalton at Newberry Old Town. PepperThis company were to be scattered a few ell. 30. notable houses in the Province were open those of the S})eakmans.

charitable societv dinners. with cleru'vmen and ollicial or eminent i)ers()ns as <»*uests. and Noddle's islands.JOHN HOWE. Portsmouth. and the KinL. often and he de- zest the entertainments as on bounl Kowi^'s <»u ii '' <j. when returning. and has the most extensive prospect I ever saw. the sea particularly of the River INIerrimack and beyond. The public feastin^. BOSTOX 40 Rowe ^^lEKCITAXT 2(5. Dalton's is nu)st (lelli. servin<^ as scribes with 1 Rowe was chairman much Ai»ril LM. dinners vessels of war and commerce. 1771. to celel>rate the Kinji's accession to the Boston at this time was bevoiul anvthini:' now seen in i>laces of the same There po[)ulation. artillery election dinners. Newberryport and Hampton Beach.4n. Patrick dinners. pi'csent at all or toastmaster ." . dinners on S[)ectacle. the "Mon(a. ol'ten with dancinii'.^ dinners on ])oard at Faneuil Mall to celebrate the close of the school year. dinners."htful]y situated. dinners of the Proprietors oi' Lon<>' Wharf.en- ship. Lii2'ht diinu»rs. : seat of jMr. Masonic dinners.from Of Dalton's place he writes " This July (lined. were merchants' St. and the at There were House. 177G.''s and (iueen's birthdays. these. and to express the public joy at the repeal of the Stamp Act. Rainsford." One •^'ets the impression from this Diary tliat in tlie days before the Revolution tliere was a country life in New Eniiland in houses remote from lariie more I^oston (not sunimer cotta^'es onlv) and in<»" like it havins*' oTOjitcr social vitalitv in those or shuilar localities in interest- than anvthinii* our time..

2. — . John Gideon. Ednuuid Otis. or " barbikue. comwarship ". Belchers. Hutchinsons. Kowe Cofl'ee The House. Quincy. teel. Hiil Aug. were not occasions for the masses only leading people. and he always o-ives tiie names of Dec. had been appointed the day bel'ore by the town to express its thanks to Captain Gideon for his conduct while stationed at Boston. Auchnuitys. at Faneuil Hall." —" the ox beini>" carried throuo'h the — at the Turk's triumph" day before. \M)." of which Rowe was a mendjcr. R). more pleasure. and Hallowells. Ri. on the Common. Grays. has been celebrated the to St. ladies as well as . as lonjr as I have fraternity. Sometimes our ancestors feasted cm a roasted ox. Island (Sept. to mander of saillnir. 1770). prlncii)al A committee. Here were all the prcsidini. the Boylstons. Swifts. Capt. and Goldthwaits.S. 17()r).'. and Dennis Head. Aug. Shealfes. very genteel entertaiinncnt it was. May 2!). 1764. Aug. 1. streets in tlie .INTRODUCTION 47 He seemed to enjoy more than any the Masonic dinners whieli came twice a year. The — places for feasting when the company was very large were Faneuil Hall and Concert Hall. — Olivers. Dec.(J. 2S. Rowe says: "And a Amorys." : ^' I don't belonji^ed Avith remember John.Jamaica. in June and December. 27. he wTote the brethren present." dinner at the the merchants and citizens." just before was a notable festivity. 17(. J7(. including* Hancock. These but the gentlemen. took part. more decorum and merchants' 1700. Gushing.

27. — but period/ modern south corner of and standlnii* considerable till a Avere parties entertained at Mrs. may he 1772: '^ chronicled This morning Mr. and Kind's Anus on the Neck. Auuf. Sometimes eacli paid his own score. Saml. '^ at Watertown Bridi»'e": Weatherhy's Coolidii'c's Menotoniy Pond. Mr. and Greyhound). Kent's and (tlie Koxhurv ])lanv's In . Colonel Joseph Ino-ersoll's Inuu'h of Grapes in Kini. [)oint (I. The French consul was the host at Marston's Feh. Oct. Marston was his successor there. Mr. I77i) and John Lane on other occasions at tlie Peacock (July 10. Brattle. inu*. oO.i. and Colonel Dalrymjtle. to witness a launch at Wevmoiith. . 1775Bracket's. Cordis's ColVee House. the Peacock. An excursion to a renH)ter In tills connection. Coopei*. hut also hv niiddle-ai." went. 11^ 17()7.* Street (Caj)taln 111\)) . These restlvitit's at cluded a j)leasant o'ontlenien sleiii'hs). BOSTON I^IKIK'IIANT 48 tlie latter resort situated on the Court and Hanover streets. Calef.'ed pe()[)]e of foremost rank In tlu* town. . Mr. Eighty gentlemen. Greaton's KIchards's. Tiithill lluhhard. 1771). "a higli campaign. An-. John Chanipney's (tlie Turk's Head) In Dorchester. Aug. and ])laces of rerreslnuent Fresh Pond and Spot Pond. Dr. 20. Giirdner's. Hancock.JOIIX nOWK. Mr. hut at otlier times one of tlie party was host and tlu^ rest i^uests. Francis Waldo. Winthroj) of Cam' It was liiially (lriii(»li. round a dlinier su])urhan Pond daniaica and tea drive and a (In in- and ladies ot* at Avinter In daiu-e In the even- lolned In not hy the voun<»' oidv.sli<'<l in isd'.

There were a succession of enjoyal^le inns on the leading' from Boston southward to Plymlii<. now Canton. and verv <xood beds.{. 1888." pp." party returned August 22.•. Here during the siege hved Ezeklel Price. just ])eyond tlie Blue IIIlls. an insolvent debtor). to stop often at this tavern. standing Most till burned Avas It Here race-course. slept there.INTRODUCTION Mr. tlie and nlHit Dighton. ])v whicli its site now a County Con- the head of the Boston at an adiourned meeting" held in Milton were passed at at the liouse of Daniel 177-1 tlie " Vose famous SulVolk' Resolves. and 1 set he wrote: " it down We su})ped as an ami extraordinary entertainment. who drove often to ^lilton the the news and ol)serve I'lom the hill tlie movements of the British sliips in tlie harbor." Other country taverns which he frequented were house 1 An of accoiml. brldj^e. with a picture.*' in December. from lie iNIay 0. Once when returnino. . isfxiveniii lluiitoon's "History of Canton. 17()(). Hood went Nlclio. to learn Howe had occasion on fishing-excursions or journeys Dighton on business (the alVairs of Ebene/XT to Stetson. ..541. Avith gress. of this tavoru. from Boston • in the Providence packet to visit the eastern parts of this province and also on a party of servant Henry Smith and Davis the pleasure. My man went with harher's The tliem as attendants.*liways and Taunton. in nu*t Warren dek^ti'ation.V. managed whenever he could to pass there. and outli also to the east and west. sou<^ht by Itowe was Doty's/ in Stoughton. 49 Bowes and Capt.

and Gay's Pratt's at Needham." which atlerwards ]»assed he Siilt'olk llCsolves at . Spoars's and Hall's Pembroke. . Ames was the Fislier Ames. mimI manicfl \\'<'(i<hvaiil toi. and Pi.sher's on Charles Iviver in the upper part of that town. which Mrs. ITTO. Widow Noves's Sharon (then Ston<. . Deacon Cushinj^'s in Ilino-liani". sometimes tlie resort of parties of gentlemen and ladies dilving from Boston. does not jiive so favoral)le an account of them.Mtss.lohn Adams's Diary fron< Goldthwalt to (II. and ])ryant's in Sudfish These wayside inns. Elislia ForcFs in Marslifield. "vvell ").John Adams bury. appear attractive in Kowe's pages but . "on 1T(35. and Iiowe was one of the jolllest ami most expert lishermen. Adams. met. and Norwood's in Lynn. Mrs. Tread well's in Ips- good k)dg'ing* Avieli. Indlard dressed very ^lann's in Wrentham. Johnson's. avIio was to start the next day for Ports- These taverns were in DedliaiM villa^'e. 1 <»!' i 1 - Works. Holland's in in SandAvieli..her second mother hushan(h At Woodward's he *'C'<»iiiity (_'oii.'. '"a o-ood tavern and " 1.- Fresh-water fishing was a great sport \\\ tliose days. Stone's in in Plvnioutlu Ne\vcond)'s Stou<»'litoii.*>. BOSTOX IMEUCHANT 50 Brackett's in Braintree. We read in . in Dedham.. 1 TOT). ii. loward's and Kini^'man's in Easton. Goodhue's in Sak'm. Tapk^y's. I'J. Widow Ames's and Woodward's the same) ^ (Oet. 2»38) a note.Iuly .JOIIX ROAVE. 15ullard's in Natiek (where Kowe dined .'htoidKun. and ehsewliere. Needham 1 (both being jNkiekintosh's in bridge. .Milton.lune 2. where one of the Ednmnd Qninevs seemed to be an h(ih'ihiv). MeWhorter's in in I Taunton.

the early part of the Diary he Avas in Flax Pond in Lvnn. . iishinn:-res()rts freciuentcd bv him were Menotomy ablv with Pond. are to dine there under the shady trees by the pond upon fish and bacon and pease. in the but oftener at Richards's (prob- Timothv Richards). tlu)u<>'h not a tavernOther keei)er. His com- were often Samuel Cak^f or llenrv Avres. Brattle. Davis. which he sent up the river. Wyndshi})'s tavern near by . Do you dinner and o'ciiteel fix We'll give you a call. and once left behind his " rod 17()4). 17G7). and as to iNLideira. once lost " and hooks by a very large pickerell (Sept. come up to it. excursions 2. can . .'* Howe took care to provide himself with all a fisherneeds. 177G.3) . Fresh Pond Jamaica Pond Spot Pond Ponkapoag Pond (Doty's tavern near by). nothin<>. : Rowe.INTRODUCTION 51 mouth on a professional errand " Do you call tomorrow and dine with us at Flax Pond near Salem. . «S:c. and perhaps Houghton's in the vicinity (Aug. and sometimes his clerical In friends. 17GG) Mossepong (or . received hhn in a friendlv way. 2. 10. who. as imported rods (June 11. dram leather panions on bottle these and fishing " (Oct. June 12. and stopping kitter part sometimes at Kendrick's or other taverns town or vicinity. 17G8). keeping a boat at Dedham. and in the mostlv fishin<»* mostly in Chark's River at Dedliam and Nccdham. . 17. " " lost several fine hooks man's and snoods somethnes " the top of his rod line (Sept. you oil' on your journey. and half a dozen as clever fellows as ever were l)orn. 17G.

Miss Dol. and trout elgliteen inches h)ng. Jones. in Tlingham. weijihinu' four and a quarter pounds). 13. by Clark. July (). Sonu^times was very the tiood.JOirX ROWE. Powdoiii. Bourne. but generally it Four or live dozen was an ordi- but ofteri the lis]iing-])arty ]>rought nary catch back ten or even twenty dozen. Taunton.!4iiiii<)ii(l. and eighteen inches lon^*. " the Great " ^ Worster Pond entertained Shrewsbury. luck was poor. Hutchinson. 17()^'). ^liss IMowers. \vith all these Kowe 'was familiar. 1 Lon^ Toiid. and weiiihinj'' tliree and a half pounds . Murray. sixteen. 1TG7) " and a pond "at the upper end of Mallden (July 2. I>elcliers. Avhere he ^vas " and fished at Furnaces in " Mr. two erel (one feet cauii'lit lon<>' and June 2!). Ladies were sometimes of the niii'ht at the tavern near tlie l)v and passed but thev do not party. at "Worster Bridge" (May 12. was of the party. 17G7) in Sharon . sometimes i)ick- — . Waller. — Pembroke. . Mrs. iMiss Amiel. or Lake (>uiiisi. weiiihinii' nearly four ])oiinds 1770. Pitts." "the two Miss jNlrs. July 27. 150ST0X JSIEUCIIAXT 52 Massapoag') Pond (July 30. the fisherman. the iishing-party At Doty's tavern in Stougliton was joined. To the south Avere sheets of Avater invitiiiii' 17G7). At Kendrick's appear on Charles River. and Mr. . and Nicliolas Boylston to liave joined in the sj)ort. Duxbury. 177(). and Plymouth and . and Flucker were accompanied by tlieir wives for the day. . p>erch fifteen. At Flax Mr. Boutineau. ponds or streams in Natick and Wrentliam . 21.

when Rowe and the Admiral were fishing* there. did not fail to take advantage of ponds and hrooks in that town and vicinity. 1770. 1771. Wells. 1773." ticularly The hooking of turtles is sometimes recorded. April 28. We were very Capt. April 30. May 20. 28. June 25. and at South Pond. 12.INTRODUCTION 53 Pondj June 29. Aug. the ladies of the "Wendell. 1700. he had very good sport. nusisured 18 inches and weighed three pounds and half". Simpson." Howe. " and Collector Harrison. Williams. each time catching . Adinirall. and 8. fifty-eight. and I had very poor luck. Commissioner Ilulton. at Dux- — bury Mills. At JNIonotomy Pond were jNIontagu and his Avife and June tlie daughter. 1773. Win slow families Admiral Montaparty. and May 31. — one at Fresh Pond. when visiting Plvmouth for business or pleasure. where he " caught a Plymouth. " We were Richman's. 1770. ladies Leehmere. 1705. ladies came there a fishing aiul to pay a visit. The jolly. Gerry. weighing thirty . and May 5. Avhere five dozen trout were caught at Pembroke. Goldthwait. Richman. very large perch. Aug. the fish very small. parMiss Polly Rrimhall of Plymouth and two dautiliters of Mr. 17G7. sixty trout . when lifty. some younii' very merry . 17G9. Lady Frankland and tlie Henry Cromwell. joined o'u's wife and other ladies were at Mann's tavern in Wrentham for the nig'ht. several militarv and naval olHeers. Flueker. afterwards dining at jMr. Inman. 177').

luiie ^' our waters: ID. This morning our lishermen caught a large hsh in the shape of a shark twenty foot long his teeth were dilVerent . Mi)^). I^rlstol. sels. Except BOSTON trying for some smelts twice (Oct. Glasgow. altliouo'h within the memory . The next and lilled day's record two laro-o is : ho<rs- heads with his liver. from a shark's *' Tliev cut teetli. In the period innnediately preceding the RevoluWartion. Lisbon. Suri- nam. Newcastle." the ui) llsh. Cadiz.MEIICIIAXT Rowe the of living iishing-gronnd. Passau'cs between Eutillsh ])orts . several in a dav.JOHN 54 KOAVE. the port of ]5oston was a Hvely scene. vessels were leaving' for or comintr in from Halifax or the South or England. Madeira. the West Indies. 17G4). Liverpool not having tlien attained the ])r()mliience it has since held. Alicante. '* . or going out on short The saillni»" and arrival of merchant ves- cruises. sells '•^ town topics of keen Above thirty sail Vinevard in- of ves- this aftei'uoon. 5. Gibraltar. Whitby." We have sports which were unknown to our but they had iishing-resorts within fathers. apparition in once or says notlnng of saltharbor of Boston has been good [)e()ple records."). were April 19. Plymouth. London. or their arrival from those ports. water lislun<>". Tie strange." Rowe mentions tia and New the cK'aring of ships for Nova ScoBrunswick. a IK). Oi)orto. arrived from the terest. one or two hours' drive from I^oston which we can only have by long iourneys to the l\an<»ek'y Lakes and the Adirondacks. "^ pounds. 18.

Another short passage is twenty-two days." (arriving ^ shorter passage."). That evening at Mrs. in con- the a])plication. Later he records a still passage ever known. run from London Oct. ITGi): "This afternoon Post arrived from Glasgow in a short passage Ca})t. April 20. . 7!K".INTRODUCTION from and Boston ranj^ed but Captain Bruce made five the 55 to ei^rlit weeks. tlie " Assend)lv ])robably to start A these i>'eneral town occasioned by consternation in re[)eatcd sittini'' the Tliat bankruptcies. On . leii'islative The General General j nndvc — which an will Court. the l()th . ." . Delnoted May 8. Cordls's the conand Mr. 1774. Lnuan went to versation was on liis alfairs alarmed. 17G4) to Boston in twentywhich Rowe mentions as " the shortest six days. with u})wards of a hundred pasthe only instance of a body of immisengers. Nathaniel Wheelwright " stopt payment and kept in his room.").-7!i. passed the Act of ^larch which was approved by tlie rroviiicc Acts. sel — grants mentioned in the Diary. Privy Couiu*il. 170." seipuMU'c 1). May 11. 777-7S1. . 17(). Court which are now determine act for the relief of insolvent debtors. of a ves- from Scotland. 1 oi' action.'111(1 Krsolvcs. 20." " This day arrived Caj)t. be very seasonable."». A great number of people The trade has been much will sulVer by him." notes the arrival. iv. The town was not without commercial panics and a serious one occurred in January. 17G7 of : ano from London Rowe in 27 days passage.

1 wciity-roiir da.TOIIX HOWE.John Hancock irase another it '' comnuMuls Itowe 1772. " i.). ir»l. a terrible foul chimney.Kli . not worth innnber of Hies i»Teat They it is many started in stances from foul chimneys and bakeliouses. tlon.\ p." In clever behaviour of the South (Jan. b)hn Scol- tial citizens 1 Thero wore shorter made one 4:. Scollay's and Wheelwright's estates Avere distributed under the new Act.lounial and LcMits. as six fire-en<i'Ines. wlien there lost his bfe by one poor man ^' a ladder. There were as early as ITdS as many 12.^ Arbitration was usually resorted to !)v merchants for adjusting disputes wlilch arose in the way of Rowe and niercluints of his standlnt>* often trade." fallins»" oil' 2. Ou were several alarms. waid: KlclKird ChnUc . Ca[)taln Thomas Dawes. and The 2. 150STON ^lEKCITAXT though such an act had been disallowed eight years before. sat on such boards. dexterity and " 17GS. His records of such sessions are so frequent that while to give the dates. citizens. (-'iirwrii's made one Diary and Tirttcrs.'»s7). Hancock. worked with ji'enerallv u'ot 'Twas record he sometimes a is '' in in- it must be and ener<»"y the better of the said or<»ani'/afire before spread beyond the ])ullding where It started (Oct." makes (Feb. 17G5). 2-1^. Captain Adino Paddock. which House nu't usuidly at the Coll'ee or Colonel Inii'ersoirs tavern. iii. 17()7). ill (Jt'iK'ial t luissaues wciity-oiic days niir. 17Gr>). Mc'iiiorial ilislory of IJosloii.^'oyii(' (lliitcliiiisoirs - like ^^oiiij^ eiist (S. s" . to their credit. and . in less llian . Howe's Diary discloses a Boston at this period. April tlie Knd Engine men The tire-wards were substan- Samuel Adams.

to the General (Jourt askini»* for a <>rant of relief for the suiVerers. 10. who got excused from further serMarch 9. 27. several houses of Mr. " John in marked." continued and . collection for the sulferers " Mr. G. already mentioned. Ball began at ten of clock until three in Public the nu)rnini». there late tire. 17()0. that it consumed more than twenty houses. I'orty of whom were reduced to extreme The selectmen promptly sent a petition poverty. ami distributed the fund March They addressed ing for contributions April 5. breaking out in "a baker's wareliouse in tlie possessic The most and spreading round about tlie neigliborliood. clever on this occasion. "much Avet n of his great-grand-niece.'ht tliem vigorously. Jonathan WilHams's dwellin<»*-liouse. vice coming home afterwards and tired.ens. anu)ng which were Mr.INTRODUCTION 57 and Rowe. nuMi (Uowe being one) received a statement of losses. There was a Fire Chib. several beit longing to (Japt. was a usual In Trinity Church. Mav the 17. lo. 17()G)." is still large letters. 4. and private charity was invoked in behalf of the sulVerers. Rowe. lay. a letter to the churches." and going to bed (Jan. which w^as composed of tlie most Kowe went to the fires and substantial citi/. disastrous lire of the period was on Feb. and that body voted C-iOO to be The selectpaid to the selectmen for the purpose. to their 12. John Hancock.. 170^'). June His leathern bucket. 1772. IS. fou<." by extremelv his consfreii'ation The selectmen also . 1707. ask- Walter ami ])ehaved urs»'ed benevolence.

pied his attention for a year.*.:l:iM<l 177." Ml»>\v«' (1(M'S Mii. Au<>-. took nificance of the of in place the last reiii'n. house and eiiihteen houses were destroyed. 7. near or remote.JOIIX HOWE.loliii Aiitlrcws's letters. Uowe. which is but he notes."litin<.(dan."inator.. to AuL>\ 10. ori<. who were aillicted with misfortune. Witaker's nu'etini. 58 BOSTON MEKCITAXT distributed the fund which Ciiine from the churches (June A collection 12). the sig-- Avhich inspired a well-known [)assaj. with its rival North processions.">. its than less into Charles a the century ]>oston leaders.* . fact staifd in . Trinity Church for in It is pleasant to note was taken. (piite likely Newell's and ol* year nuMitions Diary Second's later its oidy this Howe an(l . which occu- make . and their conat Mill ]>ridi»'e on ITan- sometimes niciilioii tlu- loss of tlic tiisl laiiips sent ri'diii w r('<*k of :i Ica-sliip <»lf ('a)tc Cod in DrcM-mhrr. makes no reference fires.' ol* the streets of London. Somewhat rePorm was introdnced was one of 'J'homas li<. hv lire at ^Montreal. hy llic .'e third chai)ter of ^hicaulav's History. attended with loss of mentioned Thomas in Newell's Diary in notinir Fish that in life. October G of the same year: ''A lari^v lire happened at Salem last nit^ht Dr.!. 1774. November End and South End test or 'M)attle. the first also his beg'innini. 1771) to the tops of the <.'' The li<.i ii(»1 . with others. — . as thev have been ever since.' Pope's Day.lass lamps but Kowe g'ives in detail the prog'ress of the enterprise. S. Street. who was keen Curiouslv enouLjh. .htini. sull'erers how the well-to-do peo[)le of ]>oston at that dav were svni])athetic. ^"). 17()8.

troubles own March came. 17(>7. and custom. The ]7()." Rowe gives of incidents and crimes })unish- ments. 23. the figures. The lottery existed in this Puritan comnni- still legalized for public objects. and there was a fatal iniurv. and sometinies superadded discretionary pelting of their 11. kept two for rest to Mrs. and gave the iVIarch and sold one. less of an all'air. described by Howe. 1770. but the popuhice was too much for militia thousand people were in attendThis "foolish ance. 1774. even the The populace militia. Rowe and the Inmans. Jan.*> fashion of duelling still lingered. 15oston does not and well-governed seem to have been the orderlv town which our fathers some- times proclaimed it to be. ID. is and In 1764 the undertook to destroy slieriir. defyin<j already seen. Howe bought. they sacked When and 17G4 . 11. 4. became in later years. Several tliem. There was no force which amounted to anything stabulary con- when such a force was recpiired. then died out altogether. Oct. John Ruddock. (Sept. Dav. himself. " Colo. The mobs of Pope's as had their own way. Bourn of M'head and Jerahmiel : l]owers pistoll each challenii'ed and sword with other yesterday about the excise. seven tickets of nity. Feb. Rowe calls it. 2S.INTRODUCTION 50 • over Street. arrested at pleas- ure the inlliction of public punisbments judicially ordered. the political destroyed the . 1771). justices.'' as in 17(>9. as and 1773.

him in this plight. . 177»'>). and transported without hindrance. elfective and the when princi- iires were be extinguished or patriotic enterprises to ])e On the whole.JOHN HOWE. main thoroughfares as a spectacle for a jeering multitude (Oct. the militia. Boston is now a safer executed. March One cannot helj) asking where at such 9. t. through the declvcd hini with featliers. lAIay 18. times were the selectmen. to ])lace to live in differ good for one who with his nei<»hljors asserts than it the right to Avas in those old days. 1770. covered liim of Avitli tar. the twelve constahles. 28. Hi'/. stripped the olTender naked. 1308TOX MEKCIIAXT CO houses They unpopuliir citizens and magistrates.). Hancock and pal citizens avIio were so his Cadets.

oil' in CamhridiiC ^ Rose 10. settled ^vitll Jarvis put Clock — very tlie Lon<>. Spent the eve'ng at the CoiVee House with j\r Treasurer Gray. home with Bannister <S: jNP Inman. One of the soldiers beliaved saucily to his Captain upon which they called a C(jurt jNlartial and ordered him Wooden Horse. but the mob got foul of the wooden horse ^ broke it so that the Fellow to Ride tlie escaped. morning & Wind So. Cap^ ment appeared in the Common this afternoon. Capt. Sept. Sept. noice. bein<^ Training Day. Youni. Very damp morning. West. Wind North Jarvis in Nantasket Roads.' Dined 8.17()4-1779 DIAllY OF JOHN ROWE BOSTON ]\IEKCIIANT 17G4 Journal beji^ns Sept. Jarvis. him went ^1' l^innlni'* at Was much 17G4. CapV early this Wharf about twelve of passeng'ers M*" Apthorp of of Jhillfax Motlier Douglass Sam Wentworth & M' Kimball. W diverted in the Common. iM' Gridley the Lawyer. The regiEast. . 11.

in L"). the Sun Shining Cap' Jarvis sailed Tbe . Went to Court.£0*300 d Clement Jackson. 13. 18.lurv 6c this morning bro' in their favour of M' Bannister. dinner to Faneuiell Verdict against young Jarvis. Jolm Lane vS: cK: Cap' Tracy Henry Ayres Joyned ]>y had very Good Snort. Found by Gol til wait. at M'' Ezek' the Treas- bond d'ld cS: was sworn too that he had o'iven Rec''' for . for assaulting Fk'tcher. Went M' Henderson the Judges sunnned ^I' a fair morning. heard the Trial iJc favour of Se})t. jmxu* very earlv before six. M' Jon'' Simpson cK: the Rev'' 31' AValter. M'** noon to Flax I lost the Top of my Rod Line 6c Hooks by a very ham' PickerelL Dined this day at Jolni Cham})ney*s on Sept. 17. from Nantasket Koads. 12.^ Fletcher's that yesterday «S: paid the Treasurer . Uowe to between Bannister. W" young Welsli Jarvis. had pond in com[r' with iM' Inman 6c were S.£1300 me Also Cap' Davies. up ^. went witli l)eautIFul Jamaica Pond. Went after Sept. in the afterof New])errv. Court this 6c in Ck'nient the Rest they ac(piitted.BOSTON JOIIX KOAVE. The storm abated. 02 W John ^1' Goltlnvait — — this information pk'ased very much. John Bannister & heard Lewis Gray youn"' ^V Archibald Neale tryed Tyni>-. went a fishing luck. Sept. urer & Boylston iMErxCIIANT Bose morning. 14. Sept. Verdict Jury ])ro^ in their Jackson. W'" Tyng & tlie afternoon. M' InnuuTs Bigg which proved Tuif 6c the Com- . A Se])t.

Rowe. the afternoon Sept. Did not go to Church this fore]U)on occasioned bv the Barber not comin<i: to shave me. 19. Capt met the Committee ahout M' Hancock's donation to the Town. Rained very arr' there at four in the afternoon. 2o. went to Flax pond. Sept. M' Henry Ayres. M* Hale. one measured fourteen Cap' Lessly arrived this day from a Cruise Got no Prizes. found youno' M' Lewis \k SheriiV had taken up two Spent people that had stole Goods from Colo. the eve"^' at Johnson's with Sam Calef & slept there.DIAIIY — 17G4 63 Surveyor General M' Boutiiieau. fast. 21. Sept. paiiy as follows. Lee. ik> ^k three (piarters & about Pond Perch. Cap' Antrobus arr' in Nantasket in the Maidstone. M' Paxton. Rose early this morning. Beiij" Iniiuui IlalloAvell jimr M' Butler. Solo. Just after Cap' Gidyion came Round of Beef. cK: dinner to our house Was drank Rose Cap' Bishop & <& got a piece of a well pleased they stayed all tea. Man of War. M'. very early this morning & . Sept. Davis Na' Bethune. J. Weiitworth. ifc 22. In the afternoon Ti]<^lnnan arr'. Spent the eve'ng on board Cap' Jacobson. fished with M' Sam' Calef had great caught two Pickerell one was two foot long sport. had tolerable good luck. 21. weighed three pounds four dozen large inches. M' ^r Lane. Went to Flax pond at twelve of Clock Sept. went from there when I came there to Johnson's on Lvnn Plain.

<fc iS: The ^ . Collector of New Haven came ISV Fear. 28.BOSTON MERCHANT JOIIX ROAVE.' twenty pounds cS: liis thinl part of eve"" tlie Spent M(*rcli''* the at between to be divided is M' her. at the Turk's becue with Janu's Smith wife. M' Lane Sept. the afternoon to see old M' in continues Dined M' Arnold Wells Ezckiel Golthwait Madam Belcher Blowers. all W" ifc Gould iS: Jolm Gould's Troutbcck ex- M'"" Gonhl has }»'iven four hundred pounds sterlini^' Leg'acies his two sisters a each. Cap' Prini. set out for Thos Pahncr. Old told me he had W upon which desire I called JMr Goltlnvait. his Brother lil'ty [)()un(ls stcr'i. :>!' Ayers. Oliver. which the at of the Gout. to town.his settled a mistake Avitli' sailed this day.' sailed this day for Cape M' Harrison. myself Sept. day. ^liss ^ wife.\: Head on wife. day 21). Went Gould who still Sept. Miss M" Bo we. ///r/r-/: M' Cockle suspended Salem. The first was that after his dehts etc were paid M" Troutbcck was to 1 have fortune lier tween M'' Troutbcck Children. with the New York with Ilou-se Coil'ee Shaw iM'^ Committee. a Bar- John Jones and M' Waldo Inma::. M' Daujj^hter. iM' «S: wile. 04 Cap* Brown. 25. wife. wlio took from him minutes on that affair wliich will. thought were very Just. Cap* Brown Gould sent for niQ & some thoughts of makino. cS: be divided be- Gould the Furniture to cepting* tho plate whicli W" Kest to tlie vS: ^ the House. ill AH takes place this from his ollice yesterpeople at that place .

65 making Bonfires. Surveyor General much applauded by the merchants in the Town of Boston for his Good & Spirited Behaviour. Went Octo])er 2. (S: Willfully man the endeavouring to starve behaved in the most mob pelted him which was what he deserved. (3. W the Kowe. by Entertainments. 4. Spent the eve'"^ at the Cliarltal)le Society Avith Jos. Intended to have met ^P Henry Ayres at Flax pond but my Business would not permit Oct. . Avhether measure Wine Measure. I). Firing & &c Guns. i). to the Collectors and Surveyor General's a])Out the Molasses Act who a^Teed the Advocate General should determine the method of should be Winchester cauii'Ini:' molasses. 4& for Cruelly their Child. Dowse Esq. M' W'" Coffin Sen' M' Dan' Hubbard 6c M' Robert Jenkins o'ave away Charity a])out twenty dollars Ca])' Brownot took away — his Bag Oct. Lane cK: — to sail for Bristol this afternoon. Cap^ audacious manner . Doane M' Whitney. AVent after dinner upon Boston Neck saw John ^ Ami Tlichardson set on the Gallows Oct. Spent the evening at Wednesday night Club. Enterd at Custom House Cap^ Ashburn & Took a Kide this afternoon with tlie Ca})^ Barthlet.DIARY — 1764 Rejoiced at. so that the John Hammock. S})ent the eve"*^ at Settled the arlutration between Elisha or the Posee. cK: Oct. The Booth post l)rought ])er me letters from Mess'^ packet dated 11"' August. me.

The Kinji's Accession to the Throne. came to M' Liman's dined (with a numerous company) Oct. Jacobson Caj)' cS: Davis Cap' Bruce Seventy Six days from London. Cleared out Cap' l>arthlet. 12. Meetini. from me word the Gov' stoj)ped ]>arthlet which made me very Ang*ry. arr'^ Oct. L). ^ Cap^ Mallard in the ma*rt went in the afternoon to M*^ ship from Lisbon. 2o had Cap' J5arnes from Cadiz. also Capt Calef Cap^ CofHii Cap' Dasliwood arr'^ arr'^ from London. Spent the evening* at Colo. 2. l)rou<. M' Stetsn's Briu'u" arr' from Lisbon Oct. Colo. 10. the mornini. Oct. . Caj)* the Spent ^ v. Oct. London. lu)l)*s Funeral & was one of the Bearers. 18. ]50STON MERCHANT 0() Oct. lishin<»' for Smelts with M' Fen- none. Oct.JOHN HOWE.' for ever known Oct.">. 17. Jugendts* on the Arbitration of Clement Jackson 6c the Underwriters. cK: bro' Ca[)' News Ben net sailed this arr' this eve"^' in sliortest [>assa<j. had very bad sport. entered in The General Court met liobert Monti.]acks(jn the Underwriters.* llui:"h Cap* Giirdner ]Monti»"omerie Oct. yesterday from London.' arr' from (Hasoow. 20.'e of Hunter's arrival.). luLivrsoH's with M' i^ Spent the evening at Doane «S: Henderson Liclies on the Arbitration between Clement ^ .()merie. this day. Went with Henry Ay res to Monomy pond. ton but ji'ot Went a at the Merchnts from Bristol (S: Cap^ evenini. 21. Oct.

Oct. Cockran Cap' A sorrowful accident happened this Nov. Solo. White 67 Plorse the City of Jerusalem. 28. A. 2G. Nov. Olllcers of the ^lilitia S" ^ were ordered to destroy both North End Popes. sails St. the wheel of the caring sk . The Sherilf. riage that the Pope was fixed on run over a Boy's head \k he died instantly. to the Coll'ee House in the afternoon on an Arbitration between M' Jn" Chip- man ik Davis & M' W'" Davis. In the afternoon they got . M' Houtineau & M' Simpson. »)1.DIAKY — 1764 The Troop & Cadets mustered in King^s James Montgomerle an*'' from London. in short I dont tion on the Publick. November Went 2. Joseph Greene Esq. Church with the Church Warden & Vestry on M' Bannister's afPair they cliose a Committee. Went after dinner to see a Show at the wh was a very faint Representation of Oct. Took it. Dull heavy weather. sat ik linished ik. Spent the eve'ng a walk after church with M' Erv- found Cap' Sherrard arr'^ from Newcastle & from Newfoundland. Bri<»<>' cau<>'ht on lire occasioned hy the Tar boilin<>' over the Cal)oose. myself at the Masters' Lodiie. forenoon at the North End."). Gardner's settlers for KenneThis day half after twelve Cap^ Dashwood's heck. much seen so 'tis a great Imposi- Remember to have Rainfall in so short a time. nanu^ly jM' Doane M' Rufus Greene. Cap^ Marshall Cap^ this day. (S: A snow arrived yesterday with Dr. Justices. Stopt at Oct.

Tubes of salt which I bought at ci<rht shil- Avith a car<»o Smith told me he had secured about one hundred half Barrels of Gun- lings sterling p hhd. Bought the salt out of M' Gould's cS: also ship this day. Spent the eve'ng at the Colfee House. sailed this at forenoon S[)ent the eve'ng at the Coil'ee House with Treasurer Gray. 8. Nov. South End but the pe()[)le (many were hurt <S: bruised on Brought away the North End pope Battle both sides) «S: & burnt Both of them at the Gallows on the Neck. The North Eiul people having their repaired got the pope. the eve'ng at the Wednesday night Club. Davis. <»ave re<»'ister bond for took him for Cap^ Ashburn's jMediterranean pass. . Coll'ee House. Solo. Aniory nuirried Miss I5etty was a great company old M' Coillns on the occasion ^ a <2'reat Dance Collin this evening there Nov. out a for Cai)^ Mitchell. Cap^ Pvob' Caldwell arr' from St . James Perkins John Boylston ^ Nicholas Boylston & James Warden. 12. Si)ent })art of the evening at the jM' Thos. Entered Cap' Robert Caldwell. GS the North End Pope BOSTON MERCHANT they went to the S^ End but could not Conquer upon Avlnch the South End people broui^ht out their pope <fc went in Triumph to the Northward and at the Mill pulled to pieces. 7. powder belonging to M'' Rich'' Gilbert Berkley of Pbila. Nov. Spent Nov. Ca}/ Ashburne for Alicante with a fair wind. G. Bridge a Battle begun between the people of Both Parts of the Town. hallow- Several ing <S:c.JOIIX ROWE. thousand people following them.

Li the ove'ng was at an Arbitration l)etween jNF. li'ot — — the Town was much alarmed ^ there was some Danger. l)ourne Es(| jMlta])lah Clilmnev «S: myself. 19. Gray. 29. half past six old M' Palfrey s on iire made a most Terrible Blaze About Nov. Nov. Providence & two also six from Nanfrom Surrinam arr'^ this day . Spent the eve'n<>' at the Poseo Club. 21. Nov. fee House on an Arbitration between James Kussell John Avery Ks(|" against jM' Aaron Porter of «S: The arbitrators were M' Thos. Dined at the Govern'" with M' BoutiJn'^ Hancock. Nov. M' Erving. g'reat of vessels — tucket. M' Sam. London Cap' Scot arrived in Nantasket from having the small pox on hoard. day at £415. Nov. Halifax. M' Austin of Charlestown. 22. M' Niclu/ Boylston M' Tho. North Carolina. Went to the was verv ijlad to be Ca})' jMitchell sailed ^ also Cap^ Logie. 17 Agreed for 69 M' Thompsons Estate this Law money. Maryland. Pitts. Spent part of the evening at the Cof- 2^>. 20. W neau M' & young Arnold AVells Tlic Arbitrators were Grav <S: Nov.DIARY— 1764 Nov. A number from Phila. myself. Wcntworth. Day. morning ab" Eiglit of Clock Both bound for London Went after dinner to Kob' this Goulds & Old M' Goulds found him much indis- . warehouse Thanksgiving tliis forenoon alone to examine my cS: Books. the Govern' & Ladv ^ Dr Chauncv.

Ivers. Went lo. made Choice Boutineau Law of The Vestry met Goal to after church Stephen Greenleaf ^ James to defend the Es(|' to be a Connnittee Suit M' l^anister has Commenced ai»"ainst the church. Major Kogers was Committed 7. M' Mitabiah Dourne.NT Georg'e slept at our house to- i<j. Dec. Voted that M' Ivers Drino" an Action at Ezek tills JM' Court of live ag'ainst the Collector for asking" the Shillinii' sterlini»" duty hundred on Loaf Su<»ar or cleared out at his ollice Dec. M' Thos. M' Iniium il ^ iMKllC'lIA. !). Gardiner to Old ment ab" Cap' Dec. Have had a sore throat three or four Days. Wrote Cap' Diamond sailed this day for LonCap' Valentine sailed this day for Surrinam. Dec. eve'n<»' Thos Gray. Dec. mittee of Merch*'"* <S: present Treasurer Gray. jM' John Dennie. IJOSTON posed. jM' Kiehard Clark.*ht December Spent the o. James AYarden. M' M' Es(|' Edw'' Paine. don.70 JOHN KOWK. the Church. WiHsk)w Jos. 17. Governour INT Nat Wheelwright. Goltlnvalt. Cap' Solo. iS: Sundav. dispute Phillips Cargo. a letter to John Bannister on the affairs of ](). Davis. Got my Letters by the packet from . Dr Goukls «S: came to an auree- with & lnterro<>ated between him ^ by the sent for bv Iiim the concerninjj a Surveyor Generall. M' Wentworth was 1(). 31' with the Com- others about the Loaf Su<»ar. yesterday Dec.

out Cleard ^ & held sore throat in the night. Dec. M' AValter read prayers Went to Church. M' Hooper Box to me to collect for the poor. Collector had a warm dispute this the Ivoom of In attend throuoli General to ^ the day. have been very Unwell in the NI<j:ht the snow falls very fast.I)T & Any — 1704 71 Cap^ James Oliver & dispatched hhn this day for Madeira. Cai)' Scot in M' John Hancock's l^rliiiiatine sailed for London. M' Hooper preached Sc V the Gospel oF St John ^ 17'" I was much pleased with the Discourse. Dec. — dind home at g. Was inucli out of order with a Couo'h Booth Mefs"* Lane. Christmas Day. Cap' at M" Bowe «S: Sucky Stayed at noon with the above company. 1(S. of bonu' with Cap' BIsho[). Dec. went with M"* Rowe a Slavini**. Caj»' Montgonu'i'V. M' Salter Sampson Taxes Town was Meetinu' this afternoon. Went Dec. 25. Blake. arrivd this day from Ilallifax tell Dec. Verv cold. begins to snow The Fortune Sloop Cap* Bishop nine of Clock. 21. 22. Dec. A Chap.o to the Weather. Chose a Collector of M' Harris who could not The Surveyor hifirmitv of Body. Continued very cold 11). of severity could not all the whole Day Cambridjje for the Spent the evening at the Free Mason's Lodofe with thirtv Brethren. M' Lnnan. My ac(]uaintance M' J"" Morley died this mornin<»'. Dined from Verse. home all the after- . 24. ^I' Jonas Clark. Cap' Brnce. great sent the number oF people at Church.

Wheelwrig'lit. .'e anniversary of the which were present of feast St tlie I'ollowinL.* Esq. Henry I^lake. J. J. 30. Box . ^ this sii»'n is as . W" Perkins. Jn" Amiel. Thos. W" Uowe. Lapier. Jolmnot.Ir. M' Bannister about his Lawsuit with Ti'lnity Churcli ft & find him very Obstinate however he made the followini. V. With tlie aforesaid very C(mi])any we s])ent the day very a<'*reea])lv ^ ioyfullv. W" Pourvier. last nl<»'ht more <K: as lon^' «' I heen ceh'hrated pk'asure.* proposal which I Record he Fear for the Church wouhl <. . Chrlsto' Cljirlc. Price. Jay. dlschariic drawn. Duniaresque.:j. Seth Bh)(]<. Jn" Ph.I JOHN 2 z ^ Dined with the Brethren of St John's Dec. Golthwait. Jos. Brethren Jerry Gridley John Bryant. he would on should these Conditions if tl'ive them any any Deed that they shall near what he said as can j^et be.In" Edm'^ (iuincy Jr. . And.In" Gai-d- Tvn«»".)ames Cliarlty. 27. Rich'' Gridlev. Sava<^e.lohii PtM-kins. Dawes. Cutter. Archi' jNIcNeal. W" Jaekson. James Jaekson. Jn" Rob' Jenkins. besides the Charii'es on tliat amo'.et. Abram ner. Sam Quiney. EKas Dnpee. Georo'e Gardner. • ' *- I dont remem])er St Jolm as ft liave heh)n<2'ed to the Fraternity has witli more decorinn Dec. Box Sen'.'ive him for<^*et it. :n. at L()(l. J. . EJni'^ (Juiney. in Cap' T^acy. Had a oreat deal oV Talk with Dec. . Sam Fitcli. that a pew ik })ay one hundred ^ hfty Ounces oF Silver.1. Lewis Gray. Charles Apthorp came to Town Rice's our late Brou<:h an ace' of I\r & W Oro-anist arr'd at N. And. Shu])ael Hnsscy. the hein<>* Lodu'e John's BOSTOX MEIK'ITAXT ROAVE. IIu<^-h M'Daniel.

Roh^ Auch- the forenoon to M' mootvs. tlie Skillin<. with iM' Rufus Greene. sailed for Bristol.'o()d day from The General Court met S[)ooner this forenoon. Geoi'o'e Rowe <fc 73 () r> Dined at home Avitli M' Inman. 2. 8.-s twelve of Clock with a fair Roh' Gould's Snow sailed jnst hefore Blake for So Carolina. Brinley's to i>'o this day hut was stopped hy the Ice. Christo Minot Years dav. today ^ made a house.DIARY — 170. Snii'ar. M'^ New 1. . Duini in hy M' IIenders(m Inches & to the warehouse ^ settled Blake sailed from Hancock's called Went Caj)' Wharf ahout Caj)' & verdict. Brii»'<i^ wind. them. Phillips.'e of nine weeks.lohn Skimmer came passenger in hro' me a letter from Jarvis. ^2.' Thos. 9.In" Was Blake. in the afternoon to Funerall. Jan. on ])lalntilV hotli I\r I M' Hale & rela- sides hut the Very warm DeJury found for the which was g-onerally thoup^ht a vers. ])ates this Cap' .') 7 1 Jan. Wont . Settled ^ Skllli!i<. Bruce endeavored youn<. Cap' with M' John W^Mit after dinner to the Court Duties on Loaf tive to the ^ Denim heard the Tryal hetween M' Tvers <.'s Jan. Ca})t. Jan.Ian. . Went Siicky.Ian. M' Boutineau & i\r Stephen Greenleaf to consult him on Bannister's action ag'ainst the church. Mess''^ ]]en^ ^ Kdw'' Davis' . London Capt hetween M' John alVair n. arrivd after a passa<.

M' Inman went Jan. Was sent hv Shi^'IlV (Jreenleaf on John Scollav's alValrs. 74 Jim. \K: Was much to he iS: Pctci l)oui'ne at a lai-^'c suH'erer hy slippery walklni. 1. room. 14. IM" Cordis'. M' Inman. lilm. sent for this forenoon on Mv Friend dos. out of order today occa- sioned hy the Distress the Town is In.-lit st()[)t jjayincnt cS: kejjt In liIs A <.'ot myself much wet. S[)ent the by the Con- Nat Wheelwrijihts versation of the eve'ni*' Avas on • sull'er to the Afsend)ly. Still very cold. i\r np.' IM' Colleet(n* Ilale's at his lodj^ino's with M' Koh' Temple.HOSTOX MEIK^TTANT JOTTX I^OAVE. mv mind too nnich disfor tuihed. M' Sam' Wentworth. Scot's alValrs. at eve'ni. Ahout halt' an hour alter nine of Sloop Clock the Town was alarmed hv the C'rv of Fire port. The Trade lias been nuieh alarmed this Wlieel\vrl<. M' day. IS. did some damn^^'e hut was Keduced in about an hour cS: half. the North Knd. all'aire.lohn Dennie shut up Am like Kxtream had Jan. . occasioned Was princlpallv hy the failure of M' Wheelwi-Ii. ace" M' John Scollav shut \'erv had .'. 1!). Jan. Did not i»'o to Church.). M' Steward Collector of New London. 20. Tlio Flarboiir aliiiost Froze over. of Halifax — «S: which happened in an Out-house of ^1' M'Neal the ]>aker. <. he seemed <»Tcatlv distressed. M' Koherston (Jolleetor of New- M' Thomas of Marshlield the (Comptroller also Ca[)' Bishop Connn' of the Fortune of War.*reat niind)er of people will Spent the eve'no.

FIRE lU'CKET I 760 .


25. the .1)1 AUY — 1705 M' Ciulwortli tlie Business & M' Cary on the Jim. 2G. Apoplectiek vesterdav olVice. <fc occasioned hy these Kepeated Bankruptcies. Dr Spra<^"ue. 21. Madame Hutchinson Jan. Dr Golthwait Es(|'. M' Nat John M' Hancock ^ M' Pitts. Dehtors. Dr Gardiner Jun'. Spent the eve'ng ^vith the DocScolhiy sdiooner. .bin. after Jn" Sent M' Mallet to the II Jan. 21. oil 75 Slierllf came here Ail'airs of W" llas- C" Avho shut up this morninj^ as did my kiiiL»' A General Consternation in Friend Josej)li Scot. of These any Harbour froze for in. tors cK: the Proprietors of Point Sliirleyj namely Dr Gardiner. coldest ')0. last 12 four days have been the years past together. M' Artliur Jan. That the General Court which are now sittin<»' de'J'oNvii. . buried this after- noon. man »\: came home a lire happened at the So End in a Dutch Bake House which Burnt it down ])ut by tlie Dexterity cS: Clever Beliaviour of the South End J5ull{inch. iM' Inman. E/k' I iMiL^'ine men it did not spread. Inches in tit the Spent on SavaiiX' fell soon down in an this expired. termlne to make an Act for the Relief of Insolvent which will he very seasonable at this the time. as M' InHolmes. happened the afternoon at ^I' Kent the Lawyer's iS: the ail'airs M' Henderson of Clement Jackson cS: the afternoon at Underwriters. eve*n^' at the Royal Exchange Spent with the Grand Committee of Charity.

Nieh' Sam^ Stnrgis. Boylston. This Forenoon 1 to the Hooper appeared with the Petitioners on ace' of the Excise on the lloor of the House ^ was heard on that subject. ordered to prej)are the writ- . proceeded iS: Choice of Managers when M' Wells. M' Kinstosh Cai)' M' .M' Greenleaf on is the plan Boutineau W the of alTairs of settlement. alVair.hunes Otis Gray M' Sauiulers (d' eise Aet. iS: Sinq)son Trinity Church M' ^ aLi'reed ^r Reed the Lawyer nii»"s. Bob' ilooprr of Es(j'. B>anist(r. M' Lee of Cambridge 31' Croeker of Barnstaple. TIios.los. Aim. twas a Terril)le Foul Chim- iiey- Febrv 7. Spent the eve'ng at Solo. Febry Snow beini»' east About of away M' Bromfield's Henry Ann at Ca})e eiu'ht tliis eve'ni>* the ni^lit before was alarmed by Fire proved to be the Chimney of the Great House at the Head of Loni»* Lane. Febry B).lustiee Dana Nov. The two South Fiul wliieli Eng-ines were there. W"' Collin >^L^n% .Inn'. cS: others tryed before ^S: Storey for the . 1U)1ST0X IMKKCITANT 70 last. Sam' Wells of ^larblchead. Molliiieaux. W" W" Story. Solo. . . Spent tlie evehiLi* at jM" Cordis' with the Committee from the General (>ourt on the Kxnamely . M' cS: M' Justiee Story were Chose. M' Tlu)' Ks(j' Ca[»(' (yushing". W" Kiehardson.lohn Krving Winslow Es(|' .loshua several others. i\r Bourne ditto.Justiee 5"' of Febrv 12. Davis' with the Firewards. Fei)ry Jn" Met M' 18. Ilenshaw. . Davis. Heard 2.JOIIX HOWE.

liaiu Byles the minister. 1.").Jackson's all'airs with M' to dinner jM' Henderson Inches and came to a KesoAward. ab* 210 persons there. the al)out Mar. over to Gardners to see the in Orphan acted Avliich was miserably performed.DIARY — 17G5 Febry 21. & Febrv 2G. went in the eve'n<>. Brush Hill & diiul with Jemmv Smith. Mar. Sam* Wells Joshua llenshaw Francis Wells iS: the olllcers belongin"^ to Cap^ Cun- Mar. Made a Great Strutiiile Warden Act but could not prevail. Dined 4. Febry 23. «S: tbe Case of home rhilli[)s Clock. Douse & John Bannister ik others.). . Bourne of M*heacl & Jeramiel Bowers challenj^'ed each other with sword & pistol vestenlav ab^ the Excise. M' Otis behaved verv well was pleased with M' Dana in this arg'ument. relative to the Excise Bill. . adjourned till tomorrow ten of Set on Clement . Colo. went B' Cap^ Potts cargo of Salt this day. The General Court 77 are still on the Excise. came & went after dinner on Cap* Jn'* Arbitration. the eveninjj. at nini^lianrs his Comp- also Deacon Elliot. 13. Mar. noon in AVent to the Superior Court this foreheard the learned Debate before the Judii'es v. Winslow. & lution to u'ive in our heard more ari»'nmcnt both ^ I iM' Auchmootv ^ on John Bannister's Allair. this day with Cap^ James Cunhouse with Gen. M' ninL. M' Inman & M' Bannister went to iNIar. 11. Went after dinner before the Council was heard on the floor.

hest New in that a proper piece for that use. 24. <. iS: I all 1 ^ ni<>ht this The weather so stayed at home from fast. — high water about Tide Ilit. Went to Mar. Mar.'ot the Vote accej)ted for Dined at M' Uob' Auch- . 1 am content about it. 23. Voted that The Town accept of the Donation laid out in the Ground be of A Mar. nu'etlni>' ^ M' Hancock's donation. M' John Ivuddoek. M' Sam' Sewall. 20. this Lamb I have tasted this season. BOSTON MEHCIIAXT 78 M' Inman had Mar."land so the incredible. Bethune. Laml) today for fine dinner. my Went to Town Lady Day.1. Anchors many c^' of vessels droye lost their masts. the whole weii. Went to found a s'reat deal of damau'c done. M' M' Nat. morninii' snow — the been est Storm. ahnost Wharf every in Town has suf- ft fered.JOHN ROWE. from mine their A nund)er in particular. One «' sunk at my wharf. Otis. 2. but as it's tlie Proyldenceof God. wharf & town meetlni*-. M' . tion. several others mv cS: Went down was amazed dama<»'e will not be to my wliarf (S: to see the destruction. M' Esek' Goldtlnvait ^ myself. Visited all the Stores I liire & have not fouiul so nuu-h Salt cS:c washed away as I expected. very heavy storm ^ rain very M" Row very bad that Church tliis forenoon one & Common half after have known since I have accompanied with the GreatDamage It has done is ahnost Eni.'hed 28 lbs. okl tenor. is the first Fanewill Hall in the afternoon there met the Committee on iM' Ihincock's DonaM' Tho^ Flncker.John IJarnat. Ive])alred for two tliousand pounds.

W'" Coflin Sen'. Also Vestrvmen. 5. mvself. Stephen Greenleaf Rufus Greene. MInot. Thos. the Comptroller M' Geo. thorp oF the Ground appears as much winter as in the midst of it. forenoon c\: After church the vestrv all'airs Went to ^ chose the Wardens. Jona. John John Gooch. 7.DIARY — 1765 70 Surveyor General M. !). Greene. Apr. ^V Hooper iMurray. 2. 28. Sam' Hughes.Hale. Joseph Douse. a pair of ohHu'cd me Shoes that pinched home. Ap- niooty's ^vidi the i\r Paxton. Smith ^ wife. Fridav. James Perkins. wriglit who met cS: advised them to take up with M' Cliarles Ap- Dined at Brush Hill thor[)'s proposal. Miss Polly Hooper. Gillam Phillips. hy wearing foot c\: A]>r. Simpson. M' In man. my Right church in the to stav at Faster Monday. Penj'" Greene. met on M' Walters to (fc unanimouslv a^'reed Ster"^ P Annum to his Salarv. M' Hallo well. James ]>outIneaux. ^liss Dolly M" Howe Sucky & Forl)es arrivd in Town day from Liverpool by way of Plymouth in Colo Warren's Schooner. . Snow'd all night & the face Chris. & W Last eve^ng the Creditors of Wheelheard the Report of their Committee Mar. Cap' Edward Avith James & wife. the Gallery Pews 8' pt. this Good A])r. j)onnds Sterling to he added to his Salarv «& taxed the Pews l pt on the Hoor. Found myself a little Lame occasiond add Hftv ])ounds Apr. Voted tlie Rev' M' Walter fifty Frviiig Jun'.

Ai. . met the Committee al)out Went to Panewill Hall M' Tho' Cushion. Hammock. W Eben Lewis to bnild Apr. Pich'' Gridley.' I this fore- think very well. all davs. Phillips cS: myself. reached Cushing''s cS: spent the eve'ng* ^ slept there. lAP Koh' \TenkIns.JOIIX liOAVE. 20. *S: Flucker. W" M' Cap' W" lAI' Price. M Dan' Iluhbard ^ M' Tlu/ Greene Trustees. E. sent me a do/en fine Set out after dinner from Poston for comi)any with the Pev'' M' Walter. Joshua Lorino* jun' cV: Edw'* W^inslow Jr. Payne. jMajor Vassal 1. M' I'ho' Gray. M' Sam Calcf. — Dr. Xath ^ Greatons Pethune. noon at 2'). M' . Stopt at Pracketts. in I'll). Wind N has Continued in this (piarter 21 it but one halfdav.reed with me a Schooner forty four foot Keel. «S: This Apr. M' Tho' the Town AlVairs. oO. to a came back to by spent an hour with .lamaica Colo Solo. & M'" Cordis' BOSTON I^rEllCriANT Tlie Charitable Society met tliis day at dined. J)niintree. had a Genteel dinner & twenty three dined there. made choice of ofhcers for the Year ensuing' as follows Howe J.'ly in *S: Pond Parker Lane. seventeen foot Beam & ton have a to Huii'hes Hold (Quarter deck. '^<>Ii» — Gardiner Deputy Treas'.Jan\es Poutineaux. Sam' Tho"" Gray. Schooners Car^'o Pnblick Vendue Apr. as usual. larjic W" Sold the Trout. Went 10 p after Pond . Silvester Treasurer. 22. 10.James Otis. 80 Apr. IMymouth in M' vS: Pickerini. Coflln. bei^an hn\<^ round dinner the seven foot ^ nu)rnin[!^ M' down mv House pnll Lonjj. M Aj)i'. M' Ed. Davis.

outh at ten in forenoon. Went a lishiiig with M' W'" Watson. Geo. Reached Plymouth. vS: 1 1 Went in I the Cushinirs reckoning. in the foreiu)on. . Business. M"^ iSLijor Vafsall. Set Stopt at Pembroke at there met Spears & got in the eve'ng to Cushhigs. M' Watson ^ daughter. Watson's with very line ones. had e^ot tolerable luck. dined at M' Nath. spent the eve'ng & sle})t there.Jos. M" Winsh)w. Miss Penny ^ Miss Sally Winslow. 1 cau<»ht one very larii'e Trout cS: several other Dined at Colo. ]\Iay at Breakfasted there Braeketts. May 2. . Spent the eve'ng at the same ]. . M' Gill of I^oston. bury Mills. Loring. Two Gentlemen came a Car<»'o of Coals which May settled at fr Newberry to Bought. A. Calef & M'' Pelham Winslow. the evening to Concert Hall . had very good sport. heard of Whitmarsh saIlino\ stopt ]Iin<»ham. Edw'^ Winslow Jr. the I went about my dined at M' Edw'' Winslow's with him. Slept at Cap* White's engaged lisli from several pe()})le this afternoon. M' Calef.Ar 'Walter. reached had bad began to to Dux- hick. — May Breakfasted at Capt Whites.)lace with the same company S: ^liss Joanna W^hite. Set out early this morning for Plymcalled at Silas Mortons. spent the eve'ng «fc slept there. was much wanted. ^>. out after dinner for home. Ray Thomas on a mess of Trout.DIAKY— 1705 out Set 1. Reached home between 10 May sell ().M' Walter. went a fishing. May Pembroke went Kain which early this fishing* 81 morning. 10.

A Great Number of Gentlemen tliere & a Genteel })retty entertainment. Went lisliinii' at iNIanotomy Army & ^ Ladies Pond with Sam' Calef had very the tavern tliere also verv of Good Pond Perch & i. Representatives namely James Otis . fished there in the afternoon had Si)ort. Mav 11. cK: we eauiiht at k'ast ten doz" several Pickerel.'ood 8[)ort. dined at Winship's.JOHN S2 KOAVE. liOSTOX MEliCHANT at an entertainment of the OiVicers of tlie Navy." spent the evenino* at the This dav the Town of Boston chose JNIay 14. came home <S: '* Possee.

lune -I. M' Lane 83 M' Geo. Rose very went early. M' Geo. Went early in the morning with W'" Sheall" iS: Sam' Calef to Manotomy had very Good Sport Hshing were joyned pond. Becky. Pond to Flax & Miss Becky. Went in the & eve'ng at Nundier of the General Court a — that is. Davis. went a fishing. dined with M' Bcnj" Fanewill Sen^ ^ wife. Stayed at all nij^'lit. ad- — Went to the Brick heard M' Gad. Chandler chose Councillor in Went to Fresh Pond the Room of M' Hancock. James <fc V^ the afternoon to old M' Letch- mere's funeral. M' J""' Coilin & Cutter ^ Solo. the New where they were Shoeing Colts Mend)ers that are Chosen treat the Council <S: House of Ivepresentatives. *S: This day to this my Warehouse Town Meeting day Week. Colo. «& May 21). Artillcrv Election fell with in this afternoon. Avitli Miss dined had great sport. Avitli jNI' home with M' Hale J. . Went till journed June »). Hitchcock of Pend)rooke horn the Went in 21"' Cliapter of St. M'' May heard Went ')().DIAKY — 1705 & M' Hale. M' Hale. M' W'" Shead' let. — . breakfasted there M'Geo A[)tliorp. Tapley's May 25. Major J"" Vafsall ^ wife & ^ wife. Bethune & wife. Dr Chauncy with Blodiiets to wife xAP Frol- Doctor Sewall's meeting preach. Aptliorp. May oL fish. & M' Lane Liiuan — came spent the evening with the Kev' M' Walter fonnd Old M" Graves dead. ^leetinii* preacli Verse. Kin<»''s Birthdav.

»f. Apthorp. June 2. large tish in his M' Miller 10. Spent the eve'ng at the Jarvis Charitable Society. l)y Diivis Geo. Cap' Koh' ^ M"* Kowe It has rained all day which much was wanted ^ came hy the providence of God in Good Time. Dined at home on a trout that measured 18 inches with Ezek' GoUhwait.1 Lane. Casco Pay. . <& Betliune — M' Wyiulshlps together at ini»* at Fresh Pond — we all dined went Slieall <& 1 lisli- In the afternoon. had June Idled in the the 20. June 21.JOHN KOWE. afternoon to Fresh Pond with Sam' June Land This morninii" our fishermen cautiht a the shape of a Shark Twenty foot hnig. 11). ^1"* Rowe Sucky W'" S})eakman c\: Cap' l>U(hlicome that arr' from London last night. cS: Went Cah. June next tlie June to heii'an after dinner Jacohson. Dined at honie with M' . Calef cS: Geo. in Avhom came passenger j\r Arthur Savage who is ap})ointed Com[)troller of 2o. Teeth were dilVerent from Went mow Barn."). June 5. Went after dinner to Fresh Pond with Sam. found IM' James Perkins <K: Lady there Iiad pretty sport. Falmouth. [)retty This dav hir<i"e Sliark's teeth a thev cut hoiislieads with u]) Ids the Fisli Liver. two to Jamaica p^)nd with — Caj)' good Sport. I hooked a Turtle to the hest of my Judgement must weigh oO pounds. This afternoon M' David Wheeler — tryd his New Engine 6c it play'd very well. 1508TOX MERCHANT 84 Solo.

Danforth.'>. Julv !>. Col Watts on all'airs of the Government.DIATIY June 28. ^ Miuot was verv wroth with M' Inman for Introducinti' some ster'^' Madeira on his New Coat from one of the Lejihorn Glasses not well manaired. Cap' . Paid a visit to several of mv two & Friends cS: came away about six got to Flax Pond wee alias Gravesend & there met M' Sam' Calef.lacobson. gft Marblehead about Ten of & dined at Major Reed's with Cap' vSoutheote Frenchmen. 'julvi Paid a Visit to his AlVairs all W" night — very & found Gould under a Cloud. Julv i\r j\r •">. met at the Colfee House Choice of W'" Phillips. ^I" Kowe Suckv. at Edward W^alker.lulv IK tinir ^V Inman had an unluckv Fall on his horse Scolley's Creditors wh Bruised him. . Dined home with M' James Welsh.lohn Erving act as Trustees in his all'airs. stop three hours at Pratt's at Needham it rained so Dined hard. at 15ullard's on Fish which iM" Bullard dressed In the al'ternoon came Colo. Christo ]Minot. very well. I went to — 17nr. Pose verv earlv Moiiotomv Pond with the M' Sam Calef had great ^ sp(n-t. <ret- & made myself to this mornino. Rev'' in this eve'ns: ]\P went to M' Auchmootv «S: we caught above . Hose very early this morning & went July with M' Sam' Calef to Natick Pond. however wee had very good sport. . Chiisto Inman.. Colo. Clock iishcd (S: supped ^ stayed there agreeablv entertahied. Sam Calei'. was obli^i^ed to . Brattell.

the Rev'' ^M' Auchmooty pond beyond tlu' P)lue Gooch went iishini'' — the weather very ^ M' myself went to a Hills ^: [uit at M' Joseph — — had very up Diversion — came tVom thence M' hot fine to . it. P. Town House to a Dance with a Very Colo. this ^ mornin<.) Pose very early this moi'iiinii*. July Howe till Went went noon. Colo.\ dined at M' yery Larj^'e (^om[>any after dinner yisited Col. Fowler. Commencement Day. July 20.Milton.e Company. Set out with tlie Ivev' M' Auchmooty ^ Sam' Calef for Prat's at .*e early to Cambridii'e Cam- to Siiky — dined ('ompaiiy. a yery at FaUv^ 18." Stoddard M' Kd^^'' Winsa In the eyeninti' went to the low.* ife spent it Day at liome with tlie Kev'' JNP Walter who had taken nmbrage at M' Hooper's behavionr wliieh I enSixteen doz" of & deavonred to Keconcile elfect The Rev' IM' Jnn" came to breakfast. he desired me to olViciate as hawk's Son made Master ol' the (/cremony which 1 did to ()blii»'e him. liappened between IM' Walter ^ John misnnderstandln^" hav- Hooper cK: M' Walter was very happily made np this forenoon. W Ik'als E.' hope be able to shall it.JOTTX ROAVE. ini. went iM"* bridii'e.). to ^ lier Calef. Sparl^ari. T^OSTOX MFJiCTTAXT 8G — made a Kouii^li pond & sea pereli (if it & came home in tlie eveninj. Hooper's with Town to Ervino- S: Lar<. (Welles h<»use. staid Polly Hoojx^r Winslows Koom. July v. cS: house now moved Auchmootv's dauo-hter al'terwards l^rook's Milton. July 17. A Jnly IG. i^P" M' daughter Bella married Sam' Wells.

Bro. Melahiah Bourn there witli cK: ^ wife. Forhcs in Rowe. Krvin<.\ Tho*" M' Nicho. Peters.DTAT1Y-~1705 87 James Smiths' & dined Avith him & wife. Es(|. iM' Sam' Calef. . the Rev^ M' Winslow tlie Kev M' Auehmooty & his DanohM' Rol/ tor Bella. i). JNIan of War. went to the Coll'ee House on Arhitration hetween Cap' Geo. Daniel.himes Boudoin. Cutter.'o()d sport — dined dames Pitts ^ wil'e. Spent the eve'ni»' at M" Cordis' with Jerry Gridley. Bro. Bro. dames Boutineau & wife.*. Davis' This afternoon arhitration an hroui. takini. Bro. i\r doliii Krvin<. Was much alarmed in hearinir dxW had circumstanees. wife. eveniiiLi' at Auii'. Rose very early this morninir. Polly ' — — — July 24.'ht ace' of — M' s])ent on Benj"'<S: Edw'^ Gerrv came to Town & the Nig"er. with INI Sam' Calef to Gap' Kendrick's on Charles River a lishino' — had very <. Bethune ^ Melahiah Bourne. Avent July 27. (piaintance ^c Friend. one^ to his Father *S: two to Kpps Sari>'ent.lun'^M' Geo. M' Sam' Ihmhes came home cS: spent the home. Jenkins. Boylston. Miss Hannah Fhicker Went to M' Inman's after Flucker KSi — there wife — dinner cK: wife. as he is An Old Ac- — am much Cap' Aui. M' Roh' Auehmooty & wife M' liiman.' . Forhcs shut up his shop this day <. M" Rowe M'" Prat Temple cS: wife Miss & Bella M' OverinoPrat & Sam' Calef. r>. Box Sen'.- three Schooners out of the Jlarhom* of St. Joseph Gard- . St Barh ^ Cap' Roh' Rohins with Nat. l^ro. — 1 met M" draidv tea there.'rieved for him.

this Cap' GI<h)in. at Deacon A Great Nundx'i' of people assend)l('d Flliots (/orner this morniui. six of cK: John W" l^oylston.M' . . ner. Ilallowel Jun'. M' Sam Weutworth — came ashore Chrlsto Minot sk about Clock spent the FiVenIni>' at the Coffee House Avith Treasurer Grav. at the bikue with the followino' cK: wife.lames persons ^ a Par- Otis Ks(j' wife. \ afsall. Sava<^*e. Auo-. M' W" Shealf ik wife.' all three sailed for London this day. The Surveyor General. Hui. Cap' Bislio]). M' Paxton. M' Wentworth's vessell cK: . VI. M' Peet Lieut of the Jamaica. M' V>. Inman. ('olo. i\r Phipps. . . — Aui»*. Tho"* Apthorp. Melablah Solo. M' Tho^ Palmer.i. Nicho. Geo.Mollineaux Auu".lames Otis. M' . Bi'o. 11. Gray Fsij *S: Turk's Head on — . Davis. k Dined 1*). Harlow arrived from Cap' Good News brou<>*ht the that j\[' l>ristol Pitt ^vas ai>"alii cS: in the Ministry. Dined Ani»-. wife. M' Jordan. on Deacon Flliot's tree ^ Libel alont?' on the side him a . l^ovlston.JOHN nOAVE. M' Ralph Iinuan iK: M'" ('ap' Freeman. P^OSTON ^^EKCITAXT 8S — Bro. M' Sam.lob Prince's l>rii. Cap' Solomon Davis ^ wife. Qiiiney tlioy euiiie to the choice of ii Treasurer in Uooin of Cap' Forbes they unanimoiisly chose mvself. M' Ihde.John liowe — Armiel isi wife. of wltli Maior a <2"entleman from ]]ar]>adoes. 14. Bro. Apthorp. M'" Hallowell Sen'.' to see the with a Stami) OHicer huniv in Fni<>-y Breast. 'i'he Hon''' Foster. Man War day on hoard the Jinnaica. Fitch. M' The Hutchinson Treas.hes ik wife. M' Temple. ]>ourn.lames Perkins cK: Avlfe.

home with M' Inman M"* Rowe ^ Suckey. islu'd with Caj)' Rowland and went over to Gardner's with Cap' Davis where we found M' John Boylston. tliroug'h the Dock — they House ^ Round hy Oliver's down a New Jjuildlng' which some was to building. Heard that M' Andrew Oliver had reCommission in Form on which there was Auu'. Diary from Aug" 10'" 180 to o23 I 7 (i ITG. the S" End down the Main Street. carried in Triumph amidst the ac- all Day layd him out ^ clamations of many thousands who were gathered They proceeded from together on that occasion.DIARY — 17G0« Boot 89 stufPed with representation. . M"" John Scollevs Creditors met at M'" Cordis this afternoon 1 was olilliicd to lousiness so could not he there went to Dr Se walls Lecture a vei'v serious Discourse. si<»'ncd his last g'reat Rejoicing' the Vol H of tlie 11"' 17()0 (pages evening in Boston. out of Burk ]\\u\<^ II}) — — at night they cut him down. 10. April 11. () — A fine soft morning dind at 1700. & attend — some other in the Evening I heard M' Blair preach — In the afternoon finWet c\: rainy April 12.for a Stamp peo})le 011ice<S: did Town pulFd thought some Mischief M' Andrew Oliver's house (which think they I were much to hlame).") to inclusive) is April missing. which represented this stamp officer the Devil coming.

— John Ruddock. Jackson. in o!i a <. hut no certaintv of the Pe[>eal of the Stamp I spent the afternoon with the Select Men Act. for Sunday."ned to nus helon^ino" to M' Jonas Brown don of Whitley. whieh 1 ex- aee' of the amined heinii" into true Feh'y the 1)V (S: ^ found the o-icatest ])rol)al)ility of its passed hv the House of 8"' last hy IMarvland. M' Sam' wlio wee stayd with an Gray — lo April. We let Deer Island to Colo. this 1 think was a very 1 home eanie I heard of an Express beino* Brought to town <:. Phillips cK: the Pratts at forty ])ouiid p <& annum Boston Neck to Gideon Gardiner p annum. P"). this fehry. The Selectmen met this forenoon to April 14. afternoon —Cap' he He Brought Calef ai'rived from Pon- <>"o()d left the Downs tiu' 20 news ah" our American AH'airs. — M' Hoo[)er Pead prayers ^ JNI' Walter jn-eaehed and much adthis was a very ele<.'ivin<>' an Repeal of the Stamp Act.' from Newcastle consit. Capt I^fET^CITANT Cjilef aiul M' Tlio" lioiir. for seven years at sixty pounds . I went to M' Walter read prayers the forenoon.reat majority."ant Diseourse — mired. consider iS: Hx on a Dav for Peioicinu". Antii.'ua in Clinrcli and M' Hooper Preaehed — When Judieious diseourse. W'" Timothy Newall.JOTTN ROWE. Cap' Dohson arrM last eveiTs. wliich aj)pear'' a letter of that date From iMess" j\r jNIaxwell their Commons in Correspondent the afternoon I Dav ^ Son Petaxion to Pivei*. went to Chureli. John Hancock. Georjj^e Holland sailed in Cap' Bruee's Ship. Apr. 90 BOSTON M' James Perkins.

Calef's. — 170G & M' Tho^ Gray. Cap' .DIAPiY Apr. I went this morning with M' Coor to April 22. 3r William Marlet came me ^ go to take his leave of for this morning New York this Cap' Bryant sailed from Nantasket Road morning in the Sloop Chagford for Antigua. M' Ilenrv Lovd i<c M' who George Aj)thor}) York. broTig'lit acc^^ tliat Apr. Cahoon Cap*^ appointed confirms tlie & next to be a Cap' McClean arrived from Ireland & ace' of the Stamp Act being repealed. — went to Cambridge & this Rode mv Colt for the iirst Time Church cS: heard M' Agar Read prayers Forenoon went to Thnrsday — & dined at M' Iinnan's with the Surveyor preach. 17. The Select I\Ien met this afternoon at Fanueil Hall. A Town Meeting ajiree on a method of Keioicinsi* this & Forenoon to lllnminations. forenoon.lacobson arrived 19. 21. came home set ^ out after dinner for went to see M' W" New Vafsall . at Caml)rid<>'e about some Business & M' Foxcraft's Relation to the I went as a M' Edward Churchs In the afternoon Iveturued to dinuer. 23. this S{)ent the eve'ng at Cap' Cunningham's with the Fi rewards. 10. Tlie Select Monday Apr. fuiu'ral of wife. Aj)r. in Nantasket from London. 18. April 21. Generall M' Rob' Tenn)le. took a walk over the neck with in the afternoon I M* John Thnmins April from Glasgow arrVl Men met this morning & Town Meeting. Apr. 91 correspond with Capt.

the last Mondav. ab** his Brotlier — Spent the Apr. 'I'he Ucv'' M' prayed Sen' gave the Cliaige ^ the Kev' M' (Jooper Chukly the Right Hand of Fellowsliip. Papers Apr. the afternoon I went to the ordination of M' Bowen. — eve'ni. BOSTON MEllCITAXT 92 Henry* Ail'airs. Deacon Newall ^ W'" Phillips. 29 April. 30.* at M' l^lodgetts with Grand Lods»'e this eve'nu" a Committee from St. Samuel Sewall. After Church I went and p'' a visit to see Kob^ Gould who has got the Gout pretty Smartly. IIoo})er j)rayers and M' Walter preached this discourse of M' Walters I Esteem'd much and thiidv it is a very l^eneficial cK: excellent sermon and was admired by all his ilearers. 25. Andrews Lodge presented a Memorial to the Grand Lodge upon which they appointed a Comthe mittee to meet tliem on Monday ev(»'ng cV: adjourned to next Friday eve'ng. I Avent this morning with W'" Vafsall M' Read Cambridge <S: sto[)t at Francis Foxcrafts Esq' where wee linished the signing of M' Dinely' din'd at Major Vafsall's. In M' Chukly's nu'cting to A Country minister Dr. John Hancock. Chauncy preaclied. 28 April. This day was Appointed by the Gov" & Council for a fast Day which is generally a})pointed once a year.JOIIK nOAVE. The Select Men met this forenoon & Esq' to — ii'ave orders for a Town Meetin<>' next Tuesdav. went to Church in the afternoon. with Colo Jai*kson. 27 April. — . S[)ent the afternoon at the SelectnuMis Chambers beinii".

P:s(|'. Howards Spent tlie <S: reached Taunton at seven eve'ng at M' Rob^ Treat Paine's. May (3. 8. whom 1 sent M' F(jxcrofts papers. the Lawyer iS: Slept at M'O. M' Inman & M' Kennedy came Cap^ Solo Davis & M' N. of Voters were 74G the Town made Cliolce The nund)er I & 573 G91 G22 427 30i) votes.uarter's. & W Gould Betty & after Dmner Hooper. James Otis Tho^ Gushing' Esq^ ^ M' Natli. Medio rd witli Spent part of the eve'ng at the Possee mainder at home. Treas' Brattle. May at 93 M^ Rob^ Goulds with him The ReV^ Sally Gould. Gray. at the Plon"'^"" Isaac Royal Dined 3. Sparhawk. Esq at liim ^ Lady. we dined tliere «S: went forward through Easton Woods (S: of stop})ed at Ch)ck. Town Meeting tliis for the — James Otis M' Sam' Adams Tho^ Gushing Jn" Hancock Choice of had May forenoon the re- of Re])resentatives for the Year ensuing. found liim in great Confusion.DIARY — 1766 Dind 1. Mav 1). jMiss Polly & Miss Gen. Went with M' P>en'" Davis to see M'" Stetson at Dighton. Bethune to drink M" — Welch noon by May Cap^ Davis salld for London the fore- Ale. Betty Royal. Davis cS: dined at M' M'Quarters . our house About witli M' half-past eleven I set out Benjamin Davis for Taunton from — at two of Clock we reached Stones at Stoughton. after 1 liad discoursed with him on his affairs I came back with iM' B.

Colo. Thomas many them. who met M' Abel Puller who me that he understood the Cure of a About nine Rattle Snake. after dinner came Deacon Russell. Doty's at Stoughton. several other Fish. conversation with him ab" the nature of attacliments on the Bankrupt Act. Bratties Farm we set out from thence a))" li\'e of . from thence <& 1 tells Bite by a Clock we set out called at Colo. caui»'ht a — cS: I line reached Colo. Rose very early this nuirnini. IM' John Nazro cK: Colo. namely Colo. Oliver's at Dorchester home about twelve reached afternoon «S: of 1 went over to of Cloclc. Leonard & many others ab'' hall' after two we set out from j\r"Quarters for Boston ^ stopt at M' Heino'man's at Easton who lives on Colo.c\: set out jNIay to Woodfor Ilopkhiton on my old mare <. Koxburv Pliiin In the where I spent two hours with iM' Troiitbeck cK: wife vS: Ca[>' M' Auchnu)otv came there. May ^ breakfasted at Colo. cS: . Doty's lives hard bv. dinary ^ We 10.JOHN ROWE. B08T0X ^rEKCIIANT 94 Taunton where met a number of my acquaintances. James Milieus their ace" cS: — after settled . Col. White. . Richmond <S: his two Sons.*ot — burns at nine of Clock Ilopkinton at twelve Charles Inches cS: & with liim daug'hter. I Milieus debates ^ wife cK: we adjusted Slept there. I — Clock We & stopt at Colo. I had some Jacobson. Jones at went to the Brook with Red Trout measured 14 — Dined at Colo.fones ones wife. I set it (h)\vn as an extraorsupped »& sle})t there of house Entertainment ^ very Good Beds..

which God long preserve <fc his Illustrious Repeal of the total House. May Went to church in the afternoon.\: very grand tire . Both IIo()[)cr prayers M' Hooper's c\: ^I' Walter's discources were much adnoon.DIAKY — 170r> May 14. Roes early. some trout but could not. the Joyfull Day indeed for the people are to Rejoice this day is for the Joyful News Bro' their vessels from London that the Stamp Act is Repealed. Cap^ Blake arr'd both from London Strand this fore(S: Cap' 18. M' Hancock behaved very well on this occasion & treated every Person with Cheerfulness. very Grand Illuminations Common there was an Ei<'*ht Gentlemen — we very Loyal they Avere & In the evening there was all over the Town. Obelisk very Li the beautifully works were displayed. M' read M' Walter preached. This being Whit Sunday M' Walter read [)rayers tS: M' Hooper preached. mired — after church the the Or}»an May all voted cS: it This day li). I contribDecorated «. Dined at Colo Liiiersoll's drank with lifteen Twenty Toasts ^ suited to the Occasion. America ^ all Vestry met ab" cleanhis: to be cleaned. <S:. & Jones after breakfast Framingham (at as it & tryed to get stopt at Cap^ Drury*s at got to M*^ Inman's — in the afternoon. Cap' Sliu])ael Collin arr'd ^^>' of Clock ab" 11 & went Came away from Colo rained hard Cambridge) at two ]\Iay I 05 l)r()' the Glorious from London News of the Stamp Act wliicli was signed by his Majesty King George the o'' of Ever Glorious iMcmory.

<^ I^reakl'asted with the Brii.'les' with him. Parkers at Rutland at eiLiiit of Clock called on Colo. After dinner wee set out for Slirewsbury ^ Reached Furnefs' at six. Major Golthwait. from thence we i^'ot to Sudbury at Bryant's «S: from thence to Sister Speakman's at Marlborough. Oakum Ware River Passed tliroui.'i. Ru<»"i». spent the eve'iig at Bri^'adier Rni. alter diniu'r lariie Thomas' thinus were 31' sold.adier to llardwick Fair of Pe()[)le. BOSTON J^IERCIIANT much to the General Joy as Any Person. M' Abram Sava^'e.*- large gles.h Murray.' them M' Joseph Spooner ^ Lady which I much admired also Miss Ju^ttv Piii."e lvni.'' lari. where there were a Dined at ]>rii. Braintree crossed cS: at Caj)' Paul Mendall's at One. M'* Speakman. There wee dined with M' Henry Barnes.h lloldcn. M' Cak'f <S: I went to tlie Great Worcester pond *S: caught Two (h)z" of iine Perch which wee BrouLilit to FurnelV vS: supp'' on Sk'{)t there cS: <. The whole was much achuired & the day Crowned iited as with Gh>ry & May honour. In the iifternoon 1 attended the \'eiulue had some conversation with M' Asa Hatch cS: — M"* .JOHN 06 ROAVE. Set out early this nu)rnln<>' for Ilard- 20. Calet'.les went to with a very Vendue where jM' Os: a <.adier Comi)anv. Murray.i. M"* Instant (S: Miss Betsy Leddell.()t up early Ov: May 21 passed thro n<.les ^ went company with a very Company amon<. Reached Dr. wick with M' Sam^ Reached Woodburn's before nine.*ot New part of in Dined at llardwick 15rit. then joyned Major Golthwait. Colo. M' Joseph Blake xAP Sam' Calef May 22.

Furnels* cS: Reached & Wee set out for stopt at Marlborough & break- home ab" Shrewsbury at at two. with Colo. Election Liberty was chosen Clark of the House by one vote 1 went to meetiuii' (S: heard M' Barnard of Haverhill preach the Election Sermon from the 5'*' Chap. <S: the 1!)"' Verse I think this a sensible Nehemiah discourse iS: very Politic. In the evening they had Great Kejoicings at Rutland they behaved very well. May fasted We Wee 21. Reached it at eight — & reached home at eleven. M' Otis ^vas chosen s[)eaker of the House. Miss Betty Murray & Miss Chrlssy Green after dinner we went & wiek —W — mess of Trout. rose early this morninij. Murray nine in the nu)rning. I Y— 1700 97 concluded should remain on the After doln^ my Business Major Golthwait M' Calef & I set out for Rutland from Hard- May 2J3. but negatived by the Governour M' Sam^ Adams who had a great Zeal for May 28. We dined at Sister S[)eakman's. We reached Colo. Healths drank. iMurray's where there was a Grand Sup[)er ^ entertainnuMit prepared <& Many Loyal then retired to bed. 1 a Genteel afterwards wee re- turned to Colo. I dined with the Gover- . Murray's & dined there Avith him & lady Bliss. Ab'' 4 of Clock wee set out <S: Reached Sudbury at six & proceeded to set out at nine Woodburn's. Day. had a large Bonfire iS: many sky Rockets which cau<^lit a — — there was put them in a way to fire entertainment at ye Tavern.DI All Hatch who Farm.

James Bowers. room of M' Otis who the Governour aj)proved six Conn- in the of. others. Ropes.lery Powell.' Council at Fanewill Hall noon ^ spent part of the after- at j\P *)n" Hancock's. GerColo. June this 2. James Otis Pitts. John l^-adhury. Council &c iMEPiCTTAXT The at Fanewill Ilall. Andrew Belcher. BOSTON us nour. Bowers of Swanzey. Brattle cK: Colo. Tlio" llubhard. Jose[)h Gerrlsh. Colo. Royal Tyler. Jerahmiel S})arhawk. The Kind's 5. Tlu/ AVilliams. Saunders Sam' — Gam. . Dexter of — Colo. Tho"* Sen'. to the Ephesians lo'' Verse. following* — Gentlemen were Chose of his Maiestv's Couneill Sam' Danfoith. John Erving Sen'. June 4. Bradford. June sununoned between Arnold Wells ^ to Court on a Dispute — Cap' Christo.JOHN KOWE. Benj" Lincoln ^ Sam' Dexter Es(]'\ Mav '2\). Otis Dedham IM' 6c this ol' occasions u'reat murmurini»'s in some ^ reioicint»s in S[)ent part of the afternoon with the of Representatives in Shoeing" Colts. Artillery Election forenoon the — Went M' Brown Rev"' House to jNIeeting of Cohasset preached from the o"' Chap. Nath. Timothy Paine.lolm Chandler. Was Bii-thday ^ a i>reat Holli- day. Dined hv invitation with the Gov' & <S: ft. Israel Harrison Grav\ James llussell. Nat. S[>arhawk. This day the Governour neiiatived cillors viz rish of Newberry. i\r Tho'' CushiiM** was chosen Sneaher Hill. John White. Prince Heard the tryal between Colo. W" Brattle. James Boudoin. M' Saunders Gloster — Colo. Fhicker. . IMur- . Isaac Royal.

Governour <& got a statute taken out aiiainst Eben*" Stetson. in fav' of M' M' Rich'^ Pattershall Rich'^ Pattershall. Gun. Brattle. June 7. there is a Trout Brook empties itself into ing with luck & — c\: Charles River ab*" a mile ik half Island Crossway — dined under beyond Dedhani a large apple tree & fished again. June 10. About half after six a iire broke out at . lln<^<Ae8 ^ lAP j\P Otis Nat Wheel- had some dis- hard language this day on the Floor of the putes Town House We had this eve'nu' the bad news of cS: Colo. June 8. Bowers <S: I went to his honour the Lieut. June V2. & heard the tryal between the Commissioners of the Land Bank ^ the Heirs of Rentham which was a perplexed Cause Commissioners. iMalbone's fine house on burnt down on Saturday Rhode Island beinjj last. heard of the Death of wright at Guadaloupe. June 15. j\P Archil)'' jMcNeal we had middUnj. heard the tryal between Charles tend Court again ray — Ward Avhich Aptliorp went & & Co.DIARY — 1700 99 — the Jury found thirty pounds damages for In the afternoon "was obliged to AtColo. June In the afternoon I went to Court G. Ingersolls with the Charitable Society. in favour of the Land Bank Spent tlie e\'e'ng at the Possee. Rose early this morninjj & landed some casks out of an Eastern sloop. Spent the eve'ng at Colo. M' Tlio'* Knights. Colo. went this forenoon to Ncedham a fish- I lAP Stevenson — was W John Sam' Calef.

Cap' Geneste arrived I from Liverpool. to a})point Trustees liini — namely Colo. plentH'ul Kain cK: the weather Cold. xM' St. Good Sport. Cap' Birney sailed for London this After dinner I went to Monotomy Pond morning. had very tomy Pond. P. Governor's at i\likon for extliii:!^ulshed home ciinie «S: Chirks but by the Dexterity fire wee soon [)eople Dr consuined in a splendid liain. June 24. paid the Normans a visit «S: heaid of the lofs of Cap' Gwynn's ship o!i the Isle of Sables. Went 21 June. caught seven doz" of Perch. which was very seasonable. 2') . Job. -0 June.lune. Greatons at Koxbuiv with Dined J(M''y at INP Gridlev John Es(|' ^ . spent the afternoon with the Selectmen (S: the evening at the Coll'ee house. ^ got Stedson's allairs Colo. myself. London ^ Rose very early 10. Cap' ]>ravlev arrived from Biddeford I this morning. at din'd this day on a T<u-this time being very Dry cS: tois. Bowers. to the Lieut. with M' Sam' Calef to iMono- & went fishing.OSTON MKHCIIANT 100 North End the ^ several other houses took of the luucli wet June vS: tired Eb. AVinslow cS: biirii ^ *S: went went was 1 it. Neal cS: M' Knight had" pretty John's Day. at JM' W" Sheall'e — Cap' Duncan Ingram ar- rived from Surrinam last evening. This morning* Cap' Hunter arr' from a short passage..JOHN KOWIC. to bed. A 18 June. The wind South Kast 17 June. din'd there with Archil)"' Good Spoi't.

Overseers Select the Ministers of the Poor ToAvn the of «& Country with a Number of other Gentlemen went ^ visited tlie schools of this Town ^ we found them Good Order. Doty's at Stoughton. Number a of Men. Cap' Jacobson ^ 1 Hose very early & went to Bullards at Natick where I sent for M' Luis. a some Lich Louis al)" aii'reed with him Tor as (joidd Brinti'. & M' Swaine & Kennedy. Hose very early this morning & set out July 2. Merch'" Meeting* tlie there Spent the eve'ng at adjourned until that day <& month. hours witli for Taunton. Dined at Bullard's with Cap' Jacobson went down to Charles Iliver *& fished there. June 2(). went on to Kin^'man's at Easton ^ from . I spent two Cap' Jacobson on Jamaica Pond. June <fc The 2r). in North writing School 2G3. tlie AP in North Latin togetlier in Fanewill teel Number In the South Lovells Latin Seliool Scliool — We all dined Hall wliere there was a Gen- Entertainment and Pleasure of Scholars in the School are 251. was joined there bv Tim" Foliifer. wee had very Good Sport. wee had poor Luck. June 2S. DlAPiY 101 thirty nine otlier Brethren of the Fraternity.— 17fU. &c — anu)ng evervthini*' the went on with I company invited M"" young gentleman from London. writinj*' in the IMO. We many went Oak Boards Quarter <S: as he lishin<jf cS: at & his neiMibours Natick Pond & had very good sport. Sto})t at Colo. was an elegant entertainment. We got in all our hay.

was g'oric out. It raiiunl so IMilton when I ^ at canu' there found a Lars. with Cap' Jacobson.JOHN ROAVK. I went Ponds SeadJiiio* Dined at M'XJnaiters M' Koh' Jenkins ^S: to Kbcn. Cap' Forbes from S" Carolina put in here in distress vS: valued himself on me. Rose very early ^ set olf. Had very poor S[)()rt. 15()Nvei's ^ Colo. July 4. A schooner. to Fresh Pond. . July 7. BOSTON MEriCTIANT 102 & thence passed by Winnlscoiniet ^ Reached Tannton with Cap^ at two. spent Colo. M' Isaacs of Swanzy. M'. before the said Rowers «S: Winslow. Doty's Stoughton ifc sle[)t there. for in my way from Tauntim 1 met the old Colo.Swain. Cap' Gwynn arrivM from the Sables a schooner in belon«j^in<.* g'entleman the SheriiV. had Little S})ort. Winslow Trustees July 3. Stedsons at him ^ sle[)t there.with tlie was the youn<. stayed there to accompany them."> with duly. of Stedson came ^ wee went to Colo. Rose very early «K: went with M' Arnn'el July 8.' to Caj)' Tsl' of Soamer. Folgor.'oins. 1 went to old M' Gould's M' Went worth who I found S[)ent ab" an hour a iishing* After Dimu'r Rowe jM"* to see yery weak vS: Low." to dine on I Turtle. caught but a . hard that 1 was oblig'e<l to stop at at Kent's at Dorchester ^ Greaton's. din'd at Cap^ Cobbs with him ^ wife <k> in the afternoon reached Colo. Richmond the Shei'ill:' & showed his son the Judii'cs warrant cS: Got him to read my Bill of Sale for the I^ri^'u^atitie this Ahiti'ail. (S: a<rreed to meet him at Taunton on Monday week following". G July. Dl<>"hton eve'no. for the ('olo.e Company was i.

'i at Prentice's with a very company. j\r Epps Sergeant.£8415 Connecticut July 1^. «fc CliMiMicev prayed in the corps was carried out. to ninety. July 1). then the Clergy Gentlemen of the Town «fc fifty-seven carriages Dr.DTAllY Dined dozen of Perch. .iuly I & Cap' Atwood from Halifax. Then the mourners. May hew died much lamented by Great Numbers larg'e of people. — 1700 lO. Gave M' Lander . Dr. ough this . 21-5-9. M' Klliot <fc M' Cooper.Inly 14. The Bearers were lowed the Corps. Jarvis Cap' Cobb. I went to Cam- morning 1(). Pitman M' Douse. Meetinghouse before the Hose very early . Colo. money to exchan<i'e — the A interest thereon very hot day In the afternoon July 11. ^ dined at the Hall with the Council. Spent the evening at M' Limans and slept dinner there. — the thermometer up I went to the funeral Mayhew which was a very large one. President. Chauncey M' Pend)erton. M' Gay of Ilingluim. ^ sent Kennedy to Cap' Giddins arriv'd fr(»m Halifax last night also Caj)' Cathcart & Cap' Sherrard fnmi S ones arriv'd from GoldsberCarolina M' Natlian Tainiton. IM' Appleton. . The Corps was proceeded by tlie Gentlemen of his Parisli ])eing fifty-seven C()U})le of Gentlemen then folof Dr. bridge with Governour cS: M" K. After I went *S: visited M' S})arhawk. This morning* at live of Clock the Rev'^ Dr. Colo. Commencement Day. tlien the Ladies cS: women of his Parish. Tutors c\:c. amonu" tliem sixteen Coaches «S: Cliariots.

I \k> arrived there with Colo. July 20. Smulav. & Ciinie to T()\vn o'ot Cap* Jn" Skinner Custom House.104 JOHN ROWE. July 19. Rose very early with Kennedy — to be began M' James Smiths ^ *S: set out for Boston the Widow Noye's at nine extreme hot weather got to dined there with him cS: wife ^ ^^got to o'clk till cl'»ht. ^vas very clear at tlie <& visited in merry. reached of Clock. M' In- man's. Sh'])t at clever. Noyes at After dinner M'Quarters. — .^ dob Winslow spent an hour Called at youn<»' Col" lllchmond's iS: with him M' Crook of Newport. July 21. 1 Avent to Cam])rlcli»'e the same <jfeiitleman as yesterday. White's about Kben StedFrom thence 1 went to M' Stedson's son's ail'airs. & I returned slept at M'(iuarters. to the Gov- Lund)er Certilicate Cap* Bennet arr'd from Madeira. me as ]\Iaster of the to oiliciate was conducted very Avhole a Gen- Pepperell desired INI' The Ceremony. BOSTON MERCHANT ' July 17. Got to the Wid" Colo. I went down my wharf & sent away the Cap' Skinner for Oporto. c*c Ca[)* Dobson for Whitby. After dinner went over I ernour's to get Cap' Dohson's signed. the eve'nj^' Colo. Stopt Dined Kinti'man's <& reached Taunton at one. Miss Dorothy Murray. Cap' Calet' also sailed for London. Set out early this mornhig. botv's at Eight t7 ft Stoughtonham at half past nine. Spaihawk had teel Ball at tlie Townhouse. iM' Shcrilf Ivlchmond at at cS: spent two hours at Colo. Then to Taunton 22 July.

sailed this forenoon.. to Brush Hill <& dined there with James Smith ^ wife. at Cap' Gerry's. who settled T sailed for from GibraUar with London.DIAEY — 17GG r 10. Jacobson to M'head. Tlianks<^iving Day. I Avent with M'" July 21.Jacobson <N: I went to Flax Pond.lits.'ers Cliarles July 28. Cau<»'iit twelve dozen Perch in two hours. Ashburn Cap' The Fortune ]\Lin 27 Jidy. Cap' Bishop ^ Wind iM' in AVhom Tho' Pahner. Attended the Tryal of Keen Molasses — he was found Joseph Gould's at Lynn 30 July. Colo. After dinner Cap' Farr. in Cap' Ro])ertson arriv'd a Ship belong'in<»' to M' Lane. spent the afternoon with the Creditors of Eben"" Stedson at Cordis' the Creditors made choice of Joshua Winslow Esq. K. ing the Barrell of for stealGuilty. liad verv Good Sport. 20 July. Thomas Forbes Cap' Paxton Caj)' from arriv'd of the War. White of Taunton & I was called as an Evidence on the ^lyself. Cap' . reached Mar])lehead at dark. I was very sorry the & think he has Jury dismissed Cap' Dunn's action been vilely used. July 29. forenoon. j\r Murray. with a fair went [)asseni. I Cap^ MontL»*omery sailed this day.'> Cap* Robert Montgomerie Cleared this July 23. July 25. Tryal & between Scollay Dunn. worth who thinks he is I went Strai<. Dined at Flax Pond <fe sto[)t at M^- — from thence came home. Dined I went with at Martin's Spent the eve'"'' & Went- to see jNP on the mendinii" hand. .

G. very hot morning.JOIIX HOWE. Winslow. Went ^ Young with (Cornelius White. . IJOSTOX iSrElK^IANT 106 1 A Au^. wont this morning' with Cap' Jones Afterto the Lieu' Goveniour ab" Stedsons alVairs. Aug. j\r' John Lovell jun' 2 Aug. 12. Howe continues very unwell. Sport caught a great many lish tho they were M'" liowe has been unwell but is <>'rowin<r <fc small. still ife the Selectmen 4 (S peo- present. jM'" Auii'. M'" Auo*. Rowe Eclipse of the Sun yesterday. Auof. Rraintree Dr <S: at Deacon llalTs at Pendu'ooke cS: ^: Ivcachcd I^ittles — at — we put up Kingston ^ from thence Plymouth Ilowlands. conipin Set out with Cap' Ashburn. much o I Better. ple applv'' for I^icense. A 4 Aug. -1 new ones ap[)i'obated live that had been Retailers before. ¥aV" Bradford also Cap' Ashburn to . Howe M'"" took a Ride. afternoon they were — in the Met all the There was an unwell. Set out this a little better. 5. M" Rowe for Plym" in M' Rracketts morning Stopt at Cushini»\s at Iliniiham at there wee dined. 11. Gideon Spent the eve'ng — ^ White's with him ^ wife ^ Miss Joanna to at at Caj)' slej)t there.ib" From Colo a mile wards to a pond Dotys witli wee had Good ^ Sam' Calef. very about Ridgeway's Plate was heard this day Jury found in favour of the Creditors. liot at Ju" dlii'd Day • Chanipney on a Bai'bekuo. Aug. Rowe M"* The Tryal unwell.

Pond ^ on Spectacle Island. wife ^ Two out for home. We overLaugliton took M' Calef. After Dinner to diiuier M" Rowe We & my- stopt at Colo. ^ M"" Tohy who was this day moved hito Colo. . To. found Cap' Dashwood come D) Aug.1)1 AllY South Pond a fishing caught a very large — 1700 — had Perch — & Aveighed three pounds Win slows with him & <& a 107 I very good sport. An<»\ 2i). M' Sam' 1 went Calef.AI' Armiel. 18 Aug. measured 18 inches - Dined at Ed'"^ halt*. in from St Kitts In the afternoon I went liaving sprung his masts. Daughters. Aug. Cfot Rose early this morning ^ set out & home to Boston «S: found M"* Rowe nuu'li Bet- ter. unwell. to M"* Forhes Funeral «& was one of tlie Bearers. cau^llt Eiiiht — Doty's (S: slej)t there. ^ W'" Speakman at Winnesconnet Pond they had cau<»ht a i»Teat many Fisli which wee dined on at Howard's at Kaston. Set ont from thence ^ reached Col. lleached Hall's at Pem])r()oke & from thence to Cnshintr's lodj2^ed that niiiht. W still Amiel W'" Speakman J. White & of Ehenezer Stedson with all'airs oave M' Adams a Guinea as a fee. Doty's Dozen of Perch. Justice Elisha Ins olhce. After I had done my Business jNP <S: I set out for to come home. also IM' Justice Fales wlu) Court — had some conversation M' Adams on the B i\: Ed'' Davis ^ is Clerk of the with Colo. After dinner we <fc set where wee Stopt Bracket's where we Kphraim Leonard. M' Justice Williams. . self set out for Taunton.

M' Amiel <»rowini»* weather. i^I"* Auii*. Mr. Wee Rose Aiiof. still ik T went to Mvstiek «\: diu'd wards we went to Spot Bond tliei'e at . not as well as vesterdav. very hot verv hot. weather ehanu'ed. Two M" l*ek'hei's.*)(). had Good a fishino- BOSTOX IMEKCTIAXT James Smith cS: wife. M' M" Bekhers! iM" Jones land took his Faee this afternoon. 20 Ann. M' wee all dined there cK: a verv eleiiant Dimier Parto tridg'es for the first time this season. Ezek^ Golthwaits at Rox])ury with him at wife cK: James Smith cK: wife Both ^ M' Waller. the wind Kasterlv 2!) Auji'.JOHN 108 21 l^OWE. M" Rowe had unwell. joyned hy Major Golthwait.'. 27 The weather Auii". Halifax M' Howe Hope no sleep a very arrived here from dInM tonii^ht. I ones. 'Phe Gai-land . we went Rowe Good many eveniuL!'. lei Arm vS: M' Calef. Core eame earlv this mornins:' ^ wee were Cap^ Kendrleks a lishlni. ^1" Rowe lU'tter. after- « small Bereh cV Returned cS: in caught the M"" Au<i\ . Aui»*. went in the afternoon to Jamaica Pond cK: lished there with had prettv Good Sport ^I' WentCap' Jaeohson oM' Coi)ewortli lies dani»vrouslv Bl at Roxhury cS: three Daui. iMiss Clark Miss Dolly Murray jM'" Jones Miss Blowers Miss Amiel M'^IIutchin'son & M' Waller. still ^ly Lord ni^'lit eame home 1 ^ very unwell.. at found iM" 22 Restless 2»*) in the evening' Howe last on a snoAV.hters. We all Din'd Coh> Doty's. and went \Ve were joynM by M' oarlv this inornino: S})ort. a vS: 'i'he verv Cold.

Col.lohn Nazzro for Dighton. morning ahout Ca[)' MarsJialTs all'airs and sent him some provisions 1 went to the Charitahle Lecture at Fane will etc. Cap' Mar- at his Ris(pie with shall has arr'd in Nantasket from London havin<»: the small-pox on hoard. any jiccident happens to her it's this h\ agreement. oV\ 2 Sept. forenoon for the this -1 iirst time since her Ilhiess. S[)ent part of the afternoon Cap' James Sei)t. Cap* St John. Sept. I went this forenoon Jacohson to Gov' Barnard's to get his Cap' despatches ])ut they were not Reddy. \K Stopt at Set out with . Dotv's ^ at the Wid" Noves at Stouglitonham cS: dined at the Wid" Godfrey's at Norton.DIARY— 17GG niJiiin Wav of sailed this clay 100 on a Cruise. my Sorrell Mare morning* for which lie is to ti'ive me a hundred (h)llars or return me the Mare again in the Spring if safe iS: souiul. Reached Taunton at three of Clock. this morning & settled ah'' Ten of Clock Ca})* Dashwood who sailed Came home <S: took a Ride Out with M"* Rowe. M"* Rowe took an airing in the Chariot Aug. met . 7. with the Creditors of For])es. M" RoAve (thank God) much Better. Tho" Oliver sent for (3. Rose very early Sept. Ilall *S: heard the Rev'^ M' Elliot })reach a sensible Discourse Freeman arriv'd from London this (Ja[>' afternoon. dln'd at home with M' ])avne of Taunton Lawyer with «S: Addams iM' of Ih'aintree Lawyer and Miss Suckv. I met the Selectmen this Sept.

Set ont of Tannlon for home. M' (Jnincy I for home nonr's cS: Ketnrn *S: <S: went a annext. old was not at home. Wid" Noves where wee Sc stoj)t met Kdw' 1 set ont for Colo Doty's lieached his Iiome at Eleven of Chx-k. 11.JOHN HOWE. ^ White drank tea at his honsc with iM" White her two dangliters which a})pe:ir very neat c\:c. Stedson's all'airs liiehmomrs the Inventorv eve'ni. at Howard's Qnincv . . 12. Snnday. Pnblished to Miss Lidia Oman with — Cap' Hatch —to Cap' Ship — Kider went the •afternoon Sold Tavlor cS: M' the Fnneral of at tlie after dinner set ont hononr the Lient Gover- d'ld his Daniihter the SherilV I on Spent the lishin^". 18 Sept. 14. Richmond Sept. London this morning. After dinner I set ont witli Colo. cS: all ni^-ht. Old Colo.' my in my old I part at liome in to Friend Sam' Wentworth. White cS: me. IMet the Selectmen in the afternoon at six of Clock met the Creditors of Ehen Stetson at the Coil'ee Ilonse.Inn' ^ at the cS: hreald'asted tliere. livered all Stedson's eU'ects as pr met ns & de- inventory in presence of John Nazzro ^ Eben Stedson to Colo. 150ST0N MEllCITANT 110 & Colo. wee went to Eben Stedsons stayed there White Colo. Cap' Marshalls snow came np from 1 went to Nantasket yesterday in the afternoon. Sept. cK: the remainder Coil'ee Ilonse. Sept. Cap' — 17 Sept. llichinoiul went with him to Dijjhton. 10. his stopt at arrived from The Rev'' M' Walter was Lynds this forenoon. Sept.

Cap' Daverson Sen' arriv'd from Lon1 went to Fresh Pond & din'd there on don. it. 20 Sept. Cap' Ashburn also arrlvM from Liverpool. but cS: it. M" Cutler M' J. 21 Sunday Sei)t. 24. of the Seizure but thev could The Governour Sept. Monday. make could tlie adjournes to Sept. from cil it met on the make nothini*' of tills alVair. 2(). on all'air Council met again manv Evidences. o() Sept. 25. M' White moved into 22" Sept at jNP £8 p annum my — house on this house Amiel's. Turtle with Henry Vafsall cS: wife «S: (a large company) The Custom Sept. Amiel ^ wife ^ Miss Chrifsy. Spent the afternoon at the Selectmens Room. Pose very early this morning & went . Walter's) were little <>()od — Both M' Hoopers <S: sensible tS: his {W Discourses but a Meta[)hisical. 2i). Two M'" Belchers M*^ Inman. Cap' Freeman arr'd from Bristol in liim came jNP John Powell.DTATIY & 111 Watertown M' Fessendens dined there with M"* James Smith & wife M' Smith's Farm I^rotlier — 17GR at M' Murray & wife. cS: examined nothin<»' of Se]>t.M^ Walter Colo Henry Vafsall ^ wife M^ Trollet. Cap^ Buntin ^ Two French Gentlemen from Guadalope. some wine liouse attempted to seize out of Malcom's cellar but were hhulered by about two hundred people making their The Governour ^ Counap})earance in the street. 2o Sept.

i\Ieetinj»* made them provided they apply mentarv way. this that the Sulferers here have Edw'' tK: I alValr met the Committee — James — John (iiilncy Edw'' Payne. Otis. Oct.JOHN ROWE. tinu' Little Cand)i'id5>'e The Rev' M' Hooper went came out lirst Handsome into the in «S: on House . The forenoon. much one house to the other Malcolm's hurried in removlnii* from Met the committee on Cap^ all'alr. Town ordered a JMeeting on Wechiesday next. BOSTON MERCHANT 112 & a fishing with James Perkins 2 Oct. Slept this night for the is a Wm"v Good. wee under a tree on the Causeway beWee had very great sport. the myself Joshua Ilenshaw Compena in parlia- afternoon iM' the Selectmen at Fanewill Hall JMet this nu)rnlng. Oct. llaUoweH's Sheppard in Briggs for London. JM"" II. 1»). Oct. Yesterday in Samuel Holbrook was hurled. business I Went to oil* this day. Sam Hancock. Town 8. came Ninety Ann Cap' Cop])inger arrM at Cape 5''. Town Voted sation Green 7 Dollars for horsehire etc i»*o- Bridiiewater. • Oct. This afternoon on Cap' Dan' JMalcom's Adams. Oct. in<r to P'' Oct. from to lAhirtlnlco c\: gives an cS: ace' of Sail of Vessels beinj^ lost there in a llurri- cane in August. Spent the eve'ng at the Possee. Cap' Brli»'<!'antine sailed ^ The Sekn'tmen met o Oct. (lin'd t()<^ether yond Dedham Sam' Calef Islaiul. 7. our new house which Convenient house. Town. M). 10.

)OH\ ROWirS HOUSi: 1\ I'ONI) LANK ( Ikvifo'-d Street) .


Howard's to C(do.un the Vendue from jM' Stcdson's. li). Wee Oct. breakfasted from tbence to Howards the Wid" Noyes' . 2^). Oct. Proverbs <& C' Verse this was a clever sensible discourse. Capt conliiincHl until dark liiid cK: the stnlV. Doty's ^ from thence ai'ternoon — . White's. M' Stedson had aiireed with the dovner for ol Dollars for Ids work cS: Stedson to After dinner wee bei. DIAKY— 17(50 113 at home with Andrew Sunday.'an M' Ste<lsons io sell lirli^i. Ijrijnmer on Stayed — went business church to I the in M' Hooper read prayers ^ M' Walter preaclied from Chap. at ^M' c\: 1 — went Quarter's to c\: c\: Ladv.' (^ sent for the Joyner 6c several examined the BriLVi!" — olhcr Tradesmen. from thence to Taunton wee — cK: — There wee be- thinn-s Cap' Hatch b" the stopt at M'(jiuirtcrs vS: thence to Dl^'hton. Old Hill. Dined at home with Cap' Harris Hatch set out with him for Dl<^'hton at two of Clock wee stopt at Colo."ail hundred six ^ me at — John «S: Nazro sold part of the Household Furniture.bimes Smith's at IJrush liim We Set out for r)Oston..'" n[>purtenaiK'es c\r car^o for ten i)ounds lawful money Abi<. wee dined at Ebcn Stcdson's after dinner i. Wee there breakfasted (S: a evenin*. Madam c\: cV from from thence there Belcher to we dined with ^ W Delcher .Oct. rose very early this mornin*. Oct. 21. Hatch Oct. 20.*)'"' — — reached JM'" AVee spent the Noyes' Edm'' ()uiiicy Jun' with slept there. 22.' there Dartmouth Man put on to Howards at Easton.

Ivoad. M"* Jones.JOim HOWE. This morning' Ca})' . found very 27 Oct. I I Cap' Hunter saik'd from Nantasket the afternoon I went to the Select mens 00 Oct. i). vS:. ^ Stacy ail'airs. The House of Assembly tried for a Compensation for the SulVerers this afternoon but not obtain there were 51 against it c\: -b*> — did for it. Oct 2dL. Oct. Winslow Esij'. 25. M' Iniiuui. Kijiht 111 in lloom and attended 1 Weeks ^ Ohl M' Could who Lon<»' Passajie of cS: [)' a arriv'd visit to from Lomlon. in paid a visit to the Gout. After M' Harrison Our new spent the evening at the (Joll'ee House. Nov. Stacy &j Cap' Brown of Marblehead. the Referees Jos. din!ier I went Collector cS:. between Rhodes. Miss Clark. Nov. Stacy t\: Brown. 2() London havini»" a three Days. all'air . M' John Pi(l<. Spent an hour at Norman dy. Young Cap' Nov. Spent my time this forenoon with M' John Pidgeon on Stacy c\: Rhodes alfairs. 4. tliere.larvis arrivM from Oct. Miss Dolly Murray ^ Miss Betty Murray. on a large carriage thro' indeed tbree very large Finished the ones made their ap[)earance this day. M' Cutler Mlfs Anna BloAvers. Spent the afternoon at the ColYee House on an Arbitration between Joseph Khodes ^ Geo. BOSTON 114 MEllCILVN^T her Diuighter. Tliis occasioned by a tlie pope ^ is a Day foolisli the Devill of Confusion in Boston Custom of (Carrying about «S:e the streets of this Town.eon IMet the Arbitrators on llhodes myself.

to Rose very early 2(). Wee did a Good Deal of Business tliis afternoon. She has seventy people belonging their to tlie women Roval & ']^*ain of Ai-tiHervon board. Capt Collin arriv'd from London in M' Hancock's him drew Belcher Avife <& three daughters. to the Itomans To verse. Sewall's Meetinj^ to see the Rev'' jM' Blair Installed. went to Dr. Am in hopes wee shall get Redress in our Trade. INI' Pemherton prayed (S: M' Blair preached from 11'' Chap. The master Cap' . Nov. Nov. Nov. AntSj The Select men met Byfiekl Lyde. . Harrison Robei'tson's alVairs & ^ went paid a cS: Gov' Barnard. 2. M' Hancock. Bvio'cr". M' Otis. forty-tliree nineteen Smith values on me. M' Jos. & at 116r M' Francis Joliannot's with M' Craddock. Met visit Got Cap' the Selectmen at room in the afternoon.John Scolly's Creditors. A Transport Ship arr'd bound from Halifax to Que])ec but could not get up the River. tlu'o'. 20. A number of Merchants were there. iM' Adams. A o-reat house many reo[)le were there. 12. Last night 1 sent my negro Cato to Bridewell for a very ])a{l fault. tee of the General Court. M' Stephen Hall. Spent tlie afternoon with the Commit- M' Speaker. 22."). This day the General Court was adSpent the afternoon with 1*>. Went on business to M' Otis ^ gavQ him a Guinea for a fee on M' Rob' Cook's business in the Admiraltv. Nov. Nov. I 11). children.DIARY — 17GC Dined Nov. journed for three weeks. M' Dexter. Nov.

loseph Green.lohn Irvini. Court Met Nov.^r Arnold Wells M' Kd^' Paine M' Kdw" DaVis. M' . M' Tho' M' Poh' M' . Tliaiiksii'lvliio" l)eiii<»' into enteriiiL*' my is my second iii'ty year.well.lonathan Hu-hes M. cS: a Kol>' Peele Doct' iM' Ksij . boston iMeik^jiant iir.lun'.joiix nowE.- to the Train a<»'reed with . M' HemUMson Inches Cushinii" Prattle K/ek. W" Kich'' Rob' Gordon. J^oylston.lohn Hancock.Joshua Inman Gideon Cap' Winslow Flucker . deceived two from M' Peter liuhhert dated at Mantieoke Maryland N()vend)er ini>* The ITOO. ]5oylston . M' .lam' Potineau head. M' Geo.Jn" IJrvant for iJeel' Archibald M'Neal for Hread.lona. Mdm'' (juincv . M' . Birtlulay now This dnv Day.' . Gideon The Merchants made 2. cS: lor ('aj>" Gente(d hjiter- a very Company did me the Honour Company consisted of the rollowini. Stephen Greenleaf M' .lames Peikins Powell M' (umu'l^c Mollineaux M' Heiiiy .lohn ^1' Krvini. -1". tliis 29 Nov.lohn . !28 Committee of the tlie General afternoon. 27 Nov.Kzek' M' Prioo-s M' ray Tinnnins . Urio-o- letters Iviver Gent'" Ik'loni. Golthwait M' Sam M' J5enj" Hallowell Sen' Ilalh. . M' Dinner 'i'he the Gentlemen.John i\P J\r Pethune Price nalh)\vell. Cap' Smith In M' Sam Ilnnhes arrival from London this (hiv.' Clark . S: Dee. Simpson M' Tho^ M' Mur- Lovd. M'.lames Pitts of Ks(| Hooper Tho^ M'Me- M' .lames Otis M' Nich. house at the ColVee tainment it to Preside was.1" Amory M' Amory ^P .' myself Pettii^'rew.

M'*" Gray afternoon Dined on board the the SulVerers was burled this Thames with him Kev M' Walter. 5. to in London The Treasurer's wife. The Queen & Royal Family 3 The Parliament of Great Britain 4 His Majesty's Ministry 5 The Earl of Chatham G Lord Chan- After Dinner 1. Settled .DIAllY— 1700 117 tlie followln<^ Toasts were Drank The Kin^ 2. A 7. M' Mohn Hancock (cS: others) Dec. fire broke out ab" four of Clock this our Lam* «S: burnt M' Snow's potash uu)rning house down with the Buildini>s Adioyninii*. Capt . Colonies Britain tS: age to the Jamaica. Went in to Church this forenoon sensible Discourse 8 Dec. Duke Gen' 7 cellor Conway' 8 Earl Sherburne 10 Duke of Newcastle of Grafton 11 9 The 12 Duke of Richmond 13 14 The Exchecjuer Right 15 Gen' Howard 16 Sir Artliur Onslow Earl of Chesterfield The Chancellor Il()n'i)le of tlie 17 The Patrons of the British Colo- Colo' Barre 18 The Lords of Trade 11) The Lords of 20 The Army & Navy 21 The 22 The United Extension of Trade ^ Commerce. nies the Adniiraltv t\: Interest lnse|)ara])le of Great Britain (S: Her 23 May the True Interest of Great Her Colonies he Never Hidden of their Eves 21 Sir Edw' Hawk 25 My Lord Colvil 27 A Good Voy2() Prosperity of N" America. cK: ^1' Walter preached a historical Town meeting this forenoon. W" Robertson Fair's ship sailed this foreiujon for Cap^ This Day the Court voted Compensation Dec.

S[)ent Foster cK: wife the afternoon with M' Sam' Sewall M' Ruddock.Iohn Scollav Ksii this afternoon DlnM 12 Dec. Deacon Phillips cS: John Hancock Ksq cS: the eve'nj^ at ^M"' Cordis'. bridge with Dinner jNIiss him wife cS: Penny ^ New 17 York. him €200.JOIIX KOAVE. Dec. Phaeton. In^^^'ersolls (Bunch of Grapes . 18 Dec. a Portui. 20 Dec. Spent the afternoon ^ evenin*:^ with the Conunittee of Merchants namely ^P Edw'' Payne M' John Krvino-.Iose[)h Andrews. 1) p' Cap' tTarvis set out for Providence. in Ids Settled Decon with ahout the Iron worlcs. No post in. arriv'd Caj)' Met Straiu'lits to I M' Brown [)ay from Bristol Morrison sailed this dav for the the Creditors of . I50STON ]\IE1JCIIA^T lis & with Cap' Geneste he saiFcI Loud" ah" foi* five of Clock Dec. Deacon Newall."ese was the Selectmen Colo Jackson taken at iNIarhlehead cK: hronght here put inio *S: Goal for Piracy. One . 21. Dec. M' Tho^ Gray cS: M' Sam Huc^hes Tavern) at Colo. 2^) has snowed Dinner put the Horses could not much It Dec. (v\: Vafsall's at ten CamAfter others) Winslow Kdw"' set out fi-om came home with Major thence for Plvmouth of John at IMajor ]5vard.2/ lawfull money this day a Brijiti'' 11 Dec. after all in^ht over the Neck ti'et in very dee]) the Slei^^'h hnt cK: is the snow very very drifted.

lun' at a weddini'' Frollick Frollick this mornino'. Dined at M"" Cordis' at the invitation . *']().' at M' Cordis' at a very Genteel Kntertainment ^ Danee wliere I presided. — at this M' John Ervinu^ was an aii'reeable had the pleasure to dance with the Stewart. 17.lohn S[>ooner. This eve'iio' Cap' Williams of the *>!)th lle^^iment noon <fc was arrested by Sherill" Greenleaf on the suit of « M' . which occasioned much noise in <Jcc Town.bin." .7 111) ^P" Speiikman went out of Town this Cup' Seott arrivVl from London Ciiij' 24 Dec. Andrew Brimmer 1 sent Salem to this on BuH'ams affairs Spent the eve'ng with Masons Committee of Charity. Free the Dee.' also arrived is 17f.Ian. to Town the after^ Meetinj^^ in spent the evenini. P).at Colo. me for was ])ound for Cap' Williams. Another snowstorm blows very hard. Clap[)am's. Ilohnes Dined i\r Pitts. A Dec. The Gov' Sent Jan.' at Ezek' & AP"* Gol- M' Nath. from London. 17(17 Jan.DTAllV niorninj. tlie evenint. S. iS: W s[)ent at Ca[)' Solo . Went 7. 1 «S: I ^let the Proprietors Colfee House. ^n. tlie Spent the P>ride W . I very cold the Lik freezes as Day write. 20. Davis on Venison. Lio^ersolls mornini>' Willi ^ Jerry Gridley about 40 J^relhren. of Poii»t Shirley at tbwait. liryce — Dee. Jolm Hancock eve'ni. S})ent the eve'no.

lit of hand. 2o dan.Ian. Gorhiini ^ Lady arrived Livitation from Caj)' 22 Jan. Cry of Fire Was alarmed earlv this mornin<»' bv the 'i'imes two Thieves set the (Joal — two ft.lames Flagg. Gardiner tiees. Ls(|' M" cS: (. Cap' at M"* Clappani's by Williams Avith him cS: Gov'' Barnard. Major Townsend iams. the evening at the Poise. on fire The vS: i>'ot General awav — it did not do Court met much yesterday — 1 daniaii'e. one of the hut no other of the Spent the afternoon at erenee between Dr. met the . After dinner I took a llldv with Major Grand Lodge 24: . Major ]>yard. j\r Gre<.JOHN 120 MERCHANT KOAVE. Cap' Jarvis was ready hnt a Leak. . Jan. Spriin<^' Jan. C^ap' Will- Lien' Cart. j\Iet the Seleetnu'U at tlie liepresentatives llooms. M' Paine.'ins to snow. 20."er wiio verted us mncli in playinj. Cap' Henry Smith in tlio Transport Sailed this day.'ordls' on .)ns- a licf- M' . Henderson Inehes cS: Sam Hughes were the Referees it was a Publiek Hearing* ^ a Great — Company. Jan. Byard over the Neek Spent very good Sk'ighing. Coh-). Spent the evening" at North Knd with him (several Cap' iMatehet's at tlie other gentlemen) cK: Cap' Clark a Strani. 20.()ry in Dined Soanies from Ihdifax. 21).']iilL 15e<.loshua Court of Sessions met Winsh)w us." A[)th{)r[)e whok* day Canse the di- between M' Dehlois eame on ^ Spent an hour with the ^ ^ tlie evening at tlie Coll'ee llonse. Charles Ward the lasted This morninj. IIOSTOX of Cap' Wlllson." the sll<. «S: l>utler.

liad a <>'reat deal of his AlVairs upon Fs(|. M' Liman. lady & three Daughters. went I M' Jos. cS: l)iilVam. Reached Salem Lynn — — visited Pvncheon the Lawver. Douse. M'" Boudoin.reat tire leaker's in Boston Warehouse « round see to Slept at the Tavern. Pickman's 4''. called on at three of Clock. 1 ik> paid a Cap^ the Surveyor visit to Lady where we found the Governour's Secretary. ladv &' Miss Na])l)v. — Conversation on ]\P the Si)ent Fisher also eve'ni:" at After Breakfast in of a home & Brav the set out for <. him 10 p cent on the Sum he collected.'hb()rhood. M' Armiel ^ wife. — 121 17(. Sheriil' Greenleaf. Miss Howard. Road heard which broke out sj)rea<l — M' Gould. Spent part of the iS: Sessions. dined at Norwood's at Friend Selectmen witli tlie alxjut tlie Neii. ^ General K. Febry jNP" 2''. M' Pitts & <S: Miss ]5etty. Bullinch (K: wife. Cap' Phillips & wife. & Rich'' Set out for Salem with M' Sam. Col. that it & Con- smned more than Twenty houses amonji' which was M' Jonathan Williams Dwelling House several . Lady. Walter ^ wife. the Rev" Troutheck the Kev" Madam W W W ShealVe tlie afternoon Miss Sally. Dr.7 we ao^reed to allow Creditors of Cap* James Forbes. Colo Gorham eK: lady. Sam Wells Joshua Winslow Esq Feb. M' the Dana Esq. Febrv Committee of a Foster Hutchinson. M'^ lloW the Lady. Apthorp. Jarvis sail'd for London. Calef o"*.DIAIIV . Temple & two Daughters. Miss Alice Whipple the fair Quaker «S: Miss W'" Phillips. Spent the evenino^ at the Collee house at a Dance.

Nat. Oliver We went round Jamaica Wendall ^ James Lovell. sevorul Beloiio-ino' t() It Boo-un at i^n\ of Clock «S: eoiitiniUHl Cap' Ball — Three until the In when nHn-nini. <liinier M' Taine Amorv. Fostei' Hutch- Sheaife. Es(j. Deacon We self. Jolmatban Amorv. . S])ent the afternoon cK: evenlnii' at the Selectmen's rooms with the Committee of the Sessions the Committee of the cK: of the Townhouse. The two Committees of Town cS:('ounty met the Committee of the General Court a]>" the for the General Court (Jap' Kdw' Townhouse — — — for the County Sam' Stephen Hall W\dls. Deacon . Sam. VC Inson sSj Jackson. witli niiiht. Kdm' (iiiincy •' • ft in ShMi»hin<i" In Sam' (jnlncy.' It was stopt. Jos.lackson Ks(j. Deacon Xewall cS: mydrew a petition to the General Court Gave Behalf of the SuH'erers by Fire. Rich'' iM' Dana Sam' Ks(|'^ Sewall. 1'ertius. (Jolo.lobn llcnrv Hill. Wells about Kscj. WInslow.JOIIX 1U)WK. In Town also W" ThUHps. Feb'ry 9. Bi'acketts slei<. IJOSTOX MKIKMIAXT 122 houses of M' John nancock's. Stopt at Gideon Gardners on the Neck Avhere we were Jovned by W'" Tasloi-. Foster Hutchinson Ks(| sk Dana Ksij Josepli . Dr. for the 'i'own W'" ]Miilli[)s. • I Mv pnmp went cd' the Taunton. Gai'dner. Febrv G.lerry Gridlev. tlie Sale WInslow Jerry Grldley Esq. Jos. Dr. Jos. 'i'avloi". Pond cS: Townsend Greirory cS: Fraidc White Bart" vS: Kneeland. bond A verv cold After front yard froze. M' Sam' — lllch'' Sewall. Cap' l^arker's Feb'rv 7. . Spent the afternoon at the Seleetniens Kooni.h Vl Kent to Sue.

h stopt at <S: all nioht me <fc — in the after- wee took a Ride Gardners where wee found Good Com])anv. been all dav on the Land Haidv scheme. Town of Select Men Justices of the 15oston. Attended the Tryal between Dr. This morniuij: the Lawyers finished Feb'rv 21. tlie Overseers of the met 123 Poor & the this aL'ternoon to fix a time for a general Visi- tation. 6c afterwards at the Coil'ee Spent the eveiiini. their Debates on D' Gardiner <S: Flaji'tr's allairs the Court adiourned until the 2' of ^larcli to & <»iye their ()j>inioii. has snowed It noon Maior Bvard •I a called on tj in his home with the FireDined at home with Colo White of Taun- Major T^eonard of Norton.DTARY— 1707 Newall & The myself. in tliis Hatch Cap' sailed this mornin*»' for Lon- don. tucket. the Deeds for Cap* Forbes' at four met the creditors of Sam.Jn" Nichols House. let M' Pipon half the Brick T^ane at ten pound lawfull money p This day Feb'ry 20. Feb. I met the Creditors ol* Houses — M' I lope. In the afternoon met the Creditors of Feb'rv lih M' Jolin Wennid at Colo. The House of Representatiyes haye Feb'ry 2(). House anum. at the Coffee 1 si<j^n'd House. M' Stephen Ihissey of Nan- ton. wards. .. GarFeh'ry 10. 11. In<»'ersolls met the Creditors of M' . Buffam Feb'ry 27. Colo Payne ol* Worcester. diner ^ M' Fla«»'<^'. his son-in-law.

Afternoon met the Selectnu'n at their Koom. 1)>. 10. to treat The General Court with cbosi^ Conniiission- the Governtiu'iit about the Line between them Governor. li. Colo. IJOSTON went h)st tliroutili After Dinner 7 Mareli. ers iM' c\: I Stacey's alTairs.los. aec'" of had Avhat they — wee feh'rv MKUCIIANT llOAVE. i\hir. Meetinj»' today on which 1 at- day. room in Spent the afternoon Dlstril)utinLj. Went It to froze Court . tills Ihivdcn forenoon. hy the nrovlnce to the Superior Court set M' Benj'" Austin M' between J"" Timmins «S: cS: Stedson licvi linlshed our Iveport \k> sulVerers. Mar.' money John at the Selectmen's the to sull'crers by met the Committee Pldt.'e()n of the General Court at M' l>lodi. all ft- Mar. teiuled Town I). sharp. Mar. The Arbitration Select- tlu' the distrihution of carried it on an sat 1 W" Ov: in vesteidav. Spent the afternoon with men. the same as last year. the Seleetniens ilt Fhe tlie the whole then* in I>rou«»lit at the acc''\ Davis M' Ininan Cm|)' o"' ^ paid a visit to lv()l)ert Gould who wee found hild then wee w<Mit to Cap' l>enup with the Gout nets \k draidv a I>ottle of Madeira with Lewis Gray I — ^ Cap' Dohle. Mar. ik^ Geo Mar. Khodes Fire. Still exceedin<^' cold *fc almost as far as the Castle toniiiht. room.JOHN 124 Mar.'ets on . M' SbeaiVe of Cbni-les- town. Spent the afternoon The SiilVerers by Fire 6. on the money u'iven 11. 12. Bi'attle c\: ^ (d' us — New York 'i'be Lieut.

Cap' Tho' (Jast voted M' McDonald. Winslow inn'. 'J'ho'' 'Hioinpson. Cap* W" Bowers.* for a year's salary. Jos. Colo. M' Smith from Lond«. v\: a Ca[)' In the al'tcrnoon I iNIitchell. Cap' Cap' Matchet. Dined at Moses Bennet's with the Sons of St Patrick Mar. (Jalcf. l\*ter . Day. 'I'ho^ Amorv. Sam' (iuincy. Boyal Family — His — The Majesty's MinisI' « . Gi'idley 125 17r. Inu'ersolTs with the followins*' Gentlenien. This IS. Jos.n. Kdm'' (Juincy Trunihall of Lehanon. Sam. Cap' ants. W" Cap' W" 'rhoni])son. . W" Collin jun'. James ll()j)kins. Gre«j"orv TowusimkI. M' Josiah (Juincy.DIAPiY & Andrew Colo. Otis Ks(j. M' Dv Spear. —Cap* M' M' Malcom. 1 dined at do]. M' Tho^ Alter dinuer they desired the occasion. Blanchard.'ivat Cap' James Bcnnet. Arch' Mackav. Jarvis. know. is Anniversary Day when the ]»ar]iament of Great ]>ritain repealed the Stamp Act. Kdw'' Davis. Lewis Gray. Dr W" Lee Peikius. two Bry- old Nichols. St 17. M' Nath' many i. ]\IcNoal.7 on an Action depending between forenoon this — Hall. M' ]>cnnct.ios. Moses Patrlek's oihcrs went to did 1 not Court — they Dehert two hundred pounds st'li. M' W" Davis [^ We had a very Genteel Dinner.lohannot. ^I' Forrest. Brinley. Tertius. Forrest. l^i-attle. Dan' Iluhhard. Mar. Scot. Tuthill IIuh])ard. Iioh' W I hdlowell. The Kiuji' — 'I'he 'I'iie me to he foll(>wini»' Queen Parliament of Great Britain ^ Toast Master on Toasts were Drank. Sam' Treat Paine of Taunton. Tim' Foli. Tho'' Apthro]) '^I'lio'* M' John Tinnnins.

of I attended the Selectmens room this After met the (yommittee M' Ebenezer Perry. Day of Pros])eritv to the March 17()().JOHN 126 KOAVE. — — Prosijcritv to the Town of Clock in the afternoon to attend at Fanueil Hall. the day Stamp Act was repealed he ever had in memory Prosperity by all Trne Britains *S: Americans the to the Sons of oblig'ed a <>. ^ dith Kxehe(|- Sir Colo. 1 of was where there met the Kind's Conconrse of Peo[)le to Drink (S:c prvote of tlie Town The were drank as above. li). tS: the same Toasts Hall was illnminated also Liberty Tree ^ snndry other Gentleman's Houses. Snky Liman Sally Imnan Geoj'<»"e Inman 1042 Kept myself the Affairs ]>oni»ht of .reat Healtli Li])ertv At fonr Boston. Britain ^ Her Colonies Trne Literest of Great Britain cK: lier ColojNIay the (fe nies be never their oil* jNIay the Province. 10:]S Gave VM) " " 10-10 " 101 1 " " " '' M' R. INler- of Dissentinii' of British of cS: of Liseparable Literest of Gr. BOSTON I^IEIJCTTANT — The Earl of — The Lord Chancellor — General Con^vay — Dnke Grafton — KockinoJuun — The Chancellor the — W" Gen. Mar. forenoon. N" (d* Pnddock . 18'' Eves.bdni Es(| 7 Lottery Tickets. I never saw more Joy than on this occasion. Howard — Barry — The Five Lords — The Patrons Colonies — The Lords the Trade — The — — Lords the Admiralty The Army Navy Traded Commerce — The United The Extension Cliatliaiu try of jMarijnis of of iier.

Uuo'o-les. Mar. Isaac Smith. a Judg'e Superior Court. 25. on by Cap* Daws to view the Land by the Fortifieation. 3 April. our Friend Jerry Gridly. jNP Sewall. Sam G Hughes & my- self. nlg"lit wee M' Cordis. special Attorney to act in the absence of M' Gridley. Town meeting tliis on an arbitration between Cap' Glover of iMliead <& The arbithe Underwriters at M' ridi>eons olUce. I was cS: Doz" Tho" Brattle. M" Cordis'. Spent an hour at l>rackets on business with Judo-e Danforth. The Gov' appointed noon.s a Bottle ^ladeira. This S})ent the evening* at the of cS: wine lte<. Kin<»'s Attorney General. trators were live — namely Foster Nat. 27. 20. 28. Hutchinson Esq. Thirty ShilHni. Mar. JM' tliis fore- Trowbrldg'e. General Mill'. ^lar. Bethune. Mar. Twenty Shilling's a double Bowl Punch. *>1. & his Son came to see this afternoon.DIARY — 1767 127 N" 1043 Kept myself '' 1044 Sold James Kennedy. Dined at head on a wager of money we nuule a to the Suf- ferers J"" a Champney's l\um[) at the Turks- — lost by forenoon. our The Governor New House April 5. Spent the afternoon the Select men at ^ evening* with Fanewill Hall where Division of the Kemainder of the bv Fire. There was a General Council Colo Bradford. Several other the of . I was called Tlio** Cobb."ulated price punch with promotions. After church there was a Vestry to .

W 10 April. A[)r.lolm Cotton iM' untill Frydjiv.' out a New Street in Paddy's Ti-yal between Charles AUey. Attended the ApthorpecK: M' Deblois. April.. cK: M' Walter.neously to the Great (u'lelW: Sorrow of his People cS: the Loss of his Family. Met the the Kev'' Vi' I'ell ('hureh Wai'dens cK: In his X'estrvat three of Clock to eon« suit on ^V Hooper's Funeral. also i\\(' Funeral of Wardens Met the the Chuj-eh 1(> cK: M" Hooper. Winslow of the 'i'broni!' many Gen- . also attended leetnuMi. Spent the afternoon with the Justlees 8. Vestry of Trinity Chureh. Letter aU" Sulootiiu'ii's tlie Siill'erers 7 April. Hall cK: linlshed the alValr of the street. cS: nOAVK. valuable 10 I>etween 11.lelVrles.consider of for tloii tlie iind by ii Cuntribu- Fire. went Mv Sloo[) (Jhaj^l'ord a whalln!»' this dav. Justices and Seleetmeti much Laniented Friend The Great Concourse i'"reat the Solemnity the Kev'' M' Multitude of hai'(llv (o Is I)r Thom[ison of Scltuate. worthy c\: never to be c\: down my most oF Clock 11 cS: Friend I'orjiotten Garden <S: exHooper pired Instanta.lOlIX V2H . the Cretlltors of ]\let adjourned Apr. I cK:. A[)ril Met the L"). at tlie (church that a ••'reat be (Jhauncey. my worthy Wharf Loiil. proprietors of at M"" Cordis this afternoon. IIOSTON MKIJCIIAXT . 17. M' Pralntree ^P Trout beck was so iV' His beai'crs were the Ilex' l)r iiyk'^? ^I' at ' attended the mournfull funeral of IN'ople that attended this <*onceI\(Ml the Se- Also met . Sek'ctnien ah"]avlni. Apr.

Apr. . all Ni^ht Set out early from Halls cjiught live o'ot to Dux- cS: Reached Plynunith. After church returned to the House of mourning in<4' cK: endeavoured to 1 Comfort t>'ive to the distressed intend to he their friend. went 1 M' Greenlcaf <S: Church Wardens to W" IM' Collin chosen Avere sen' 12 vestrymen. Apr c\: cS: Dined 2. M' Troutbeck roikd the Burial Service on this occa^ M' Walter })reaclied a very Pathetick ^ n\ov- sion Discourse from 14"' Chap Revelations ^ 13" verse.ham. liave her Picture After Sunday. hury Mills. Inman cK: Hooper went to Coi)k'y to as did Cap^ Dalton cS: wife. jNHss Miss Patty M" Goldthwait. 20. Reached Dr Hall's at Pemhroke in the afternoon <S: stayed there A 1)1' 2S. 1 fainilv. 2(>. Goldthwalt.' for to iM' iS: IM'' cliurcli tliere drawn was a the ex[>ense of the Funeral of TIu'v collected seventy two pounds. Harlows. M' K/ek' Goldthwait's with him at Lewis. DaUon wife.atherinL. jM' Donn ^ mee went to the . Praintree dined at Cushin<.'.'). M' Sanj make wife. Apr. Cap' Michael JM"" Marhkdiead. jM' Yesterday Murray.Uidj^v of Prohate to prove M' Hoopers will. 27. Stopt at Pracketts. Set out for Plymouth in (company with CaleF c^c M' TJio^ Knights. had very Good Dozen Trout. Dined at Dr Sto[)t there I see all my Friends.'s at Ilin<. Apr. i. ' Slept at Cap' White's ^ fished. M"" Hooper of Cunnninj.DI All Y tlemcMi & — 1707 Ladies could not 120 <^et in to the cluircli. Hooper. Spoi't. Trinity Church this forenoon for the Choice of oihcers tlie ensuin<^' year.

After dinner set out for some conversation with out from thenee set ^ there M' at stopt at Kin<. Winslow's. Acts ol' ^ Iliiiiiham Perllev'' 2' iS: ])rav'd The Uev' M' Sam Mather ]M' Aj)[)leton oF Camhridi.. cS: went Iteturiied Rev'' M' Gav Charge. Keaehed IlalTs there. 29. ah*' Town 1 (>. Tho^ Gushing r>r)7 '' . then for May <^"ot Set out for home. 1. In the evenin<»' Gen. nation of *)'"' • iM' verses. boston i. John Hancock (HS " . iMav 8. business I liad to do. home jMav Duxhurv to Set out from the General's. the Rev' Kii^ht ol' 7'' Chap. rant for Dr the to Cus]iin<»''s. finished the the Selectmen kins of 15ri(li»ewater ^ had very ]5rook. went to the Simeon Howard. Marsh field cS: sle[)t cS: eau<»ht ah" a wee went to there. James Otis Ks(j' 57i votes.'ood We *)(). did what. lished Dozen Trout. gave dined iS:. pray'd also tlie t!C' Brackets. lieaehed Duxhury Mills. Before c\: alter the ceremony there was an anthem sung. Apr <.'ston jMarslilield • iMiss Lydia Little's. Went to my For<>e Avitli Cornelius White. sport. The Ordi- iS: Meeting'. General's ten of Clock Met j\Iay 4. Town Meetinii* todav for the Choice of llepresentatives the four old ones were chose.m isrEncirAXT Apr.JOHN HOWE. Edw' Wiiislow jnn'. West Churcli to the The Kev' M' I)e<»"an with Praver.e Fellowshij). The U'ave the Stopt at War- Cliainicey preached from. rellmin Winslow. had Wee Fiittle.

dined there. <. one Trout l>ridi. stopt at the i»'ot to Worcester bridge cS: oot half a Doz" Trout. Stopt Reached Hows at Marlborough slept there."i.h jM" Barnes a thence *S: visit. Drank ]Miss Dolly Chandler. set out jMay with M' John Greene for home."ht went forward and stoj)t & at a side of M'"* Dozen perch. the Chandler did 4^c mv Ruiio'les Return on Business. Rode at Wood- stayed <S: thro' Marlborouo-h. S})eakman's. Chandler's. Delano from London. examined there. from the May « M' Coil'ee 17. Westown. Suiulay. called at Worcester 1. .'ins carried olf Polly yesterday House. IMav 12. IIi<. «S: dined at Colo. called at M'"* Reached Martin's at Nortliborouii^h. Brook two miles this ten Trout. After church there was a « SulVerers by the Lite lire. myself 134.lohn Nazro Greene.*).DIAllY Adams 574 Saiu' The This day arr'd 27 days 131 votes."ot to Major Goldthwaits IT) May. Connnissioner's Isaac Thonuis' Estate. caut.'e. I set out iMay 11. breakfasted tliere. spent slept there. Reached Furnace's. number Avliole — 17G7 was ab" G48. Finished what I had to do. tea with ^I" the even'i. for Worcester with John ^ burn's in cK: Kennedy. Reached half a Shrewsbury. drank Tea there. M' Walter behaved extremely clever on this Occasion Collection for the . ^ P'' Set out from Spent the eve'ng at slept there. of votes Cap*^ passag'e.'ht S[)eakman's at Marlboroui. caui.' cS: Met Gen.

IJOSTON i:)'2 & Ml«:i*iCIlAXT his Coi)j're<i'atioii to urj»*ed usual l>enevu- their leiice. -1 had l)ut poor Wee S[)ort.")."ht Da v. liuhhard And. Ahout Ten '2:i. Sinitli wife «S: sot out with James other eoiiipany for Sherhurue 6c »S: Marlhorough. iNhiy Tiinotliy Fiteh to Ivev'' i\r of Cloek I went with M' jMedford c\: paid a visit to the with him for his pieee of a<^*reed ohl liouse for four hundred (h)llars. afterwards io ('ap' hojue Keiid ricks Danforth Es(|rs Tho^ Mucker Isaac lioval . lips ahout ernor vS: Uoad \}\ Election Dav. This day M' luiuaii 18 May.hnues Uufsell John Nath. liopes Tim"' Paine W'" li'vinn' Sen' r>rattle James Doudoin Koval 4. 1 [)avin<^ the ^hiv 27. (Jouncil to the ing' When came I on waited Town went with M' Tho' Hrattle dined there. AVee set out after diiuier for S})ot lN>nd tS: lished I We there. House. Phil^hiv 2(). ah" eau<. a few piekerel cS: three Evils. pavenuMit ]>y at the SeleetnuMi's roonu hein^' l)rauL. the Fortilieation.' 1 vS: found the follow- 1 Gentlemen were Chosen Councillors Sani' the (m)v- 'J'vlei• Thos. Harrison Gray Jn" Chandler I>elcher — iirst 18 . Turrell Lnnd hy my ^ Afterwards dined at M' Benj" hill's at iMedf'ord.JOHN KOWK. iMav went with the Seleetmen 1 2. Went with Deacon Sew-dl .\: D*ea. t() view the S{»ent the afteinoon the fortilicati(m.'ht dozen of small pereh.

Peached in Needham.lohaimot. invitation GovernoiH' cS: Dined at Fanewill with the (/omnaiiy of Artillery.ham ]n'ejich a sernum to them from the 1)"' 18"' verse. Saunders Jeramiel Bowers May 2S. For Sa^'adohoek — At Lari>e. Hill. Benjamin Lineoln.DIARY — 17G7 James Pitts 133 Saunders Tho'' Jn" Woi'tliliig'ton Jos Gerrisli For the Late Colony of Plymouth Sam^ White Gamaliel l^radford James Otis Sen' Jerahmiel Bowers • For the Late Provinee of the Main John Nath. M' FiJrrest. ('oiim-il cS:e iS: heard the Rev' M' Shnte oF lliii<. Caj)' Hunter arriv'd from London in Days Passaj^e Mav :U). Sam Dexter Es(jrs.lohn Tinnnins.' Wee <S: I set M' Makintosh's Tav- were soon joyned by Cap' . Geor<. Thos. Dr W'" Lee Perkins.* Artillerv Kleetlon. May. ('hap. Dined at the Clnh at M' Williams hy 21) 1)7 . Fcclesiastes tS: sihle out cK: ern at After diniu'r M' Amiel Discourse. & Sam' Dex- ter Es(|rs. Jeremiah Powell Esq.' The Hon''"'" James Otis. Sparhawk tS: John I5radhury Esqs. hour [\\\ . this The Govern' negatived five Councillors inornini.lamalea l)v with Dr CaleF ^ M' l^rattle on Pond L Juiu' Hall lishlnj. the evc'ni. Jose}>h Ger- risli."e BrlnPler[)()int's Mills with Peter Tho^ Brattle. this was a sen-. Major Jn" Vassall M' . Tin/ ApSpent thor[) M' S[)eneer tK: M' Dalrymple an oflieer ley.

Still very hot. M' \UA)' Apthorp. to the Sull'ers June. Kendricks with Old Mad" A})thorp Major iS: W Amiel Ladv iS: wee Ihs caught came hack cS: dined at I Wife M' Inman .'ether slept there. Geo In- ^ man . June 4. ^ Ye from invitation Mean Company The House examined etc. We Hshin<>'. had did not wei<.JOirX ROWE.Marblehead ternoon. Dined at Fan- Isaac Smith. Natick. I i^iiess 2. and the Underwriters at the North Olllee.lacohson Sam SpeiU'c Calef.June. Hmh Trainhiijf Day. ») Wee Jack Wheelwri<»ht. Capt Oman were very merry London sailed for this al- Spent two hours at iM' Sam Hughes on an Arbitration between Cap' Glover of . The were Foster Hutchinson Nat Ih'thune Arbitrators Sam myself afterwards 1 went to the Funeral of Cap' Ituddocks Wife. evein*n<T: at the SelectnuMis money i) S[)ent tlu* even- etc."h the caught ahout Eighty weight. BOSTON ^SIEPvCirANT 134 Jiicobson. Bottle Brown's alfalr ah" drinkln<»' with Comnilssloned In the Into Common Spent the afternoon Chamber cS: in DIstrlbutlnL. W*ry hot. M' Thos Apthorp. June my up very early this nu)rnini.!. spent the evening very cheerfully <S: to<.">:J Aveighed at Kendrick's." ^ llouted companions cK: set out for Bullard's pond at I rose 2.V: IJyard M' Howe M' ^ Miss Sally Shea He Cap' . We extraordinary lish. the remainder at honu*.. where went a Sport. I went to Monotomy . Hall ewill ])v IJuiihes cK: Qnicers with the Gov' Council ing at tlie Hall in part June . ^ M' Saiu Calef M' woe Tlio" Ai)tliorp.

had i^'ood Sport to lioston.".' at the Pofse forenoon met IM' Nath' Ik4hune. On my way there the Horse took {Vi<rht Chaise ^ run ai^'aiust — thank God fishinii.' Gov' Wentworth arrivVl I dhi'd at iM' Greatons here from the Southward. between Cap' Glover of Marblehead ^ the Insurers of the North Oilice.DIAHY — 17G7 r 13/> Newalls there. Dined at home with Cap' Major Jos. M"* Bowe <& Hunter. hour with them cS: then Cap' In<. with hhn <& Andrew Hull. Lent Major Jos Goldthwait Twelve pounds and sent pr his servant Aaron llichards. — came to dune Town (S: this \K spent the eve'ni. hardly ever saw a severer storm. About twelve of Clock I went with 1 Duncan Ini. M' Foster Ilutcliinson iM' Isaac Smith iS: W Sam' llui^hes on the arhi. Suckey on . n it Last evenini.'i'am ^ 1 spent an went to Freshpond a iishini. on Turtle with (twenty-eii^'ht other <»"entlemen) June 115. dinner wee went a lishin<^ <Jt This evenCauii'ht a1)'* 4 dozen of niiddlinj}^ Perch. Bose very earlv this mornino: for Natick Pond.Iud<»'e ^ & went to found him <>'one Called on IFcnry Vafsall cS: IM' Trollet. Goldthwaite. L"). 8 June. June.ram Capt' him Braddocks Ehen' at to Canihrldg'e din'd with after dinner I Danforths on Business . Ca])' Brow in Cap' Dashwood's Brigg sailed yesterday For St Christo[)her June 1(). June Bock which overset the got no harm only broke my a 1 Cane. Sam' ^vIt]l injT Ctilef <& din'd at ^ Liiihtened it thundered <fc Rained extream hard. after.

Wis- iM' M' Gilchrist of Salem who preached 'twas a Sensihle Sermon.TnuMi Di* — Canes. M' Secretai-y Oliver. din(»d scers (d* Gray cKrc at PaiU'wil visited the (diaiity Sclux^ls llall. M' Troutheek. it was a Genteel 'I'reasui'ei' Dinner — ah" Six . Convention — GardcMi In tlie after- Jamaica Pond a to lishing*. lU)STOX ^SlKlK'TTANT 130 Greeiipeas out of our W" noon own ^ Spojiknian went I had poor Sport. Weeks Fairweatlier oF Narrai. dune 17. at (d' cS: hou<»iit a (Quantity M' Howard M' Greatoiis with forty thi*(»e « Brethren I The presided. tiniies Countrynu'n has hlown very hard AVeathei-. .' CU'r<. M' ]NP of jNTarhleheaik M' IkivIcv of Keiineheck. iM' t(d jM' London. Iiose very early of Tind)er for mv WhailV Dined . Ck'rii'v. 2Sth dune. went 1 Day ehureh to with this the Kpise(>])al Tront- nioininj**. (Jon- Pain Cap' Lyd(* arriv'd fi'om London. 15oston iM' — M' Thompson Greaton cS: M'* Walter of of Seituate. AP others. the Ovei*- the Poor. M' Usher of UrisGraves of Providence. i\P Graves of New I>ralntree.lune 21. Worshi[)ful l\ii. dune.'()od (inu». it « at the Sf> Mist hut no Pain. Gridlev heinu" siek.anselt.JOTIX TM)AVE. the • A very Dry little — in Ixain in the nii»ht hut the afternoon pleasM God to nive it us it hct^'an to in i. Tliere were present tlie followini. M' Winshnv of Lvon of Taunton. jM' heek read prayers cS: M' Gilchrist of Salem preached.Inly «S: This dav we 1. wall of Casco cS: 18 JJro. \'ery Dry • foi' eom|)lain all Day ')() cS: it want oF Uain. the Selectmen.

' L") . Pose very early ^ got hon\e to Break- fouml All Well. Wee of Perch supped cK: slept there mefs caught a Good 7 . 1 went to Cam- bridge. wee dinM at M"* Set out after Dinner.Inly. M' Furnaces at Shrewsbury. at had Weston slept there. Commencement Day. Speaknian's at Marlborough. Cauiiht another mefs of Fish.lohn Nazro the afternoon wee ad- cV justed several ace"* 8 July. h)st Silk Stockin<j^s I Avent to 137 ps India Tall'aty 1 & other thini»s not all Day in l>s Spanish known searching for it — 2 doz" yet. stopt at M' Inman's <& dliiM at ^^ Smith's Faini at Watertown (with a com!)any of thirty .DIAKY — 17G7 Rowe & of Clock M'^ tlie Evenln<. 1) fast. ]\Iajor lish'd Major Goldthwaitt there. . good ^ out ^ home with for at came to Gold- Shrewsburv !^)nd. cnnLili*^ at M' Pariu's at Mail- dln'd Set out for Sudbury sport.luly. held Sterns — din'd the Vendue with there at GeniM-al Blak'c ^lajor Th()m[>son.luly. my Goods no purpose. ^lajor Gold- M' . a Set Wee st(i]>t Mefs of Perch borouuh. M' W'" J. & spent eiuno to the store I found 1 4 ps Kno'lish TalVatyes ^ Itil^bons Have been Busy Cambridge Tnmaii's. Thomi)son Joyn'd us at Colo Williams. broke o}>en 1 some Silk.' M' iit When July »^. ^'ot to Wee Keached Worcester at Twelve M' at i\r Uuggles. Stopt at Major Goldth wait's he went with me. th waite ten of Clock. l)ut to G July. Set out for Worcester. thwalt.

when done wee spent the evening" at ^P Keeds ^ sU*})t there to jMarhh'liend 20 July. The Court would not July. lis fell alVairs. 2-1 llaiuy our cistern. (2 to Punkaponf]^ Dozen of . cauiiht upwards of Twenty John Ervint. Cap' Ininan cause.lacohson c\: M' Sam' Calel'. Cap^ Cumminj^s in my Dri^. Aui». there We caught Pond ^ lished Pond Perch IkIoi-c g-entlemen. ^ Stetson met voted M' . God "Two Iiic'huled) Jas Murniy ^ BOSTON JOTIX "ROWE. o-ot his Went had very Great doz" l-li il Attended Court on Davis Davis jNP M" Dry time Holy Name. Cap' . S])ort. M' tfu" Drown.John Povlston cK: me to l?"<> arr'd to Dighton.John Doylston k^ went 2() ten of Clock. wee siicnt the afternoon very nu'rry tS: M' ('alef cV' Timothy I went met Jerry Lee iS: Cap' Cojuner on Buslnefs. where After church Old M' Gould who is vci-y 1 went 1 111 ^ \nu(\ of the a visit to Gont in Ids Stomach. ^P Powells pipes Wine. " July 21. measured iMiuLuiio Belchers to his People in this <>"racioiis very the People ]\rETlCIIANT Miss Polly jM array.'' Nancy from Livei])ool this day.five which ^ W Kowe (fc all ^ wife A is most oui^'ht to praise in 2''].-Cap' S()h)mon din'd there witli M' Davis.1... 138 Duncan Inoraham. AP . Inches as vessel iS: receive arr'd Stetson's Stetson's with M' Tim" Pitch to Flax pond.. M' P^itch. I 7() all'adavit «S: inorniiio. from Madeira with Julv Deli<»hti'iil The Kaiu yesterday July 22. Tills aftei-noon the Ci'cdltors of Pihen' July 28.

l>it After dinner wee went in 17. Spent at a tlu' launclniii^ at al'ternoon with the Justices of tlie Sessions Men Select ler's on the Petition.\ 12 While wee were Auii'. Yesterday tliere was a liigh ^ Company Weymoutli of Clem^ Jaclvson's. I should be & very Glad to accompany him at any Time on a party of fishing.PIARY — 17G7 139 himself) John Boylston is a Good Companion but very Fretful Uneasy in his make. i\P Powell Howe & Dollv Murray. Aug. Crissy. Silk Stockings p' of Fnglish TalVaty. cS: (piest «S: of Morris one small M' Wells committed them to Bridewell Dined at Brush Hill with James Smith M' Murray cK: wife. who Day & forty two years sittinii' a Great Roji^ue day. thieves ^ took uj) one Davidson a Peddler found one Morrous. M' lady was to have been there but they . & of the Family of the TySelect Men also set upon Li- all'air the censes This day the Colours were displayed on the Tree of Liberty ^ ab" Sixty People Sons of Liberty met at One of Clock (S: drank the King's 14. Health. Aug. near eighty gentU'men went from Boston. jNP Amiel & Miss Auo' 18. Aug 12. iNP Tiuuan <S: . tl\is himself calls i^lichael Jlendly was brought before the Justices. especially when the fish Bite fast. ^ wife. /I old M"* Kowe's Birth Au<.lackv Burgoin ^ Dav — M" ^ Miss Polly Hoo])er. for Brealviiig open a shop was admitted to Goal.

wee went ('omin<»' lishiiii:".'ue with M' Edw. Ca[)' at honu' Solo. struck his 'J'allous into her side which killed her. overset tlieir Carriao-e A\v^ ^ Lawreuee tliem to <fc bruised themselves mueli them. sa^v a Kite attack a full ^'rowii J)iick.140 . darvis this went paC- sen£rers. i^ 1. all'air Gould FImi. Se])t. W" iM' Aui»'. M" the Grand I*<>\ve t. M' Zejdianiah Leaned of Raiidiam. liOSTON MEIK'IIAXT jMary iM' tliree Guire thieves this forenoou. 'i'lie . Sept.TOIIX IJOWE.K: Snckv Lodi^'c with the .' whom olV heiiiii" lv()l)sou sailed for Cap' M' Sears vS: ]\r would have INirsucd Loudon Colo. Dined on Turtoi.lurv Verdict not (Juiltv. Neirro Fellow helonoinj*" tothcTowii trv'd for in their kllh'iii*" a man. day. ou the of the Coueert sailed for Jkdllsk'. 2!>. Ca[)' Gcucste tlu. The Rev'' M' Sari^eauts sou died iS: day. wlileli liiiulered Took up v. M' Khen' Stedson of I)ii. 4. 2. «& Pati'Iek Marra ^ seut GoaL S[)eut the Mf'tenioou at the Warcliouse Aui. 1 Aveut houu' wee Grand Lodii'e uu't Room. hut did not carrv her hy the people.!il(Mi. Spent the eve'ng* at Davis. Ilaiu-ock's Uiilou was hoisted for the llrst time. This ai'teruoou 27. M' Sept. Cap' IJrass arriv'd from IJrlslol. Wlnslow oF Plymouth.-.' 2*2. iu this sailed. Au<T^. W at Clark's WharF. with Speak'niau to Keii- W" after diuuer driek's. 2») Aui.). 'Jh'ollet. of This afternoon Jauu*s Smith was trvM found Guilty A Newton was Rrouiiht (d* Steallni>' ^nv Goods.

Otis and M' Sam' Kitcli. . U'reat Such a multi- never saw at anything het'ore tude of S[>ectators since I have been in New Lniiland. 11. I iittejuled the Last niglit at eleven of Clock departed Sept. in ^ their then a llohes. nei'al Grand I^ook.DIARY — 17G7 141 Miister AViirdcMis of the three Re«2^iihir Lodges. The oiliiMaster. Wardens tlicn tlie then then the then the Brethren nroniiscuously two hy two. Chaises. then the three ^Listers of the three several Lodges.lustice lluhhard. Fiinend of M' Peleg Wiswall. eral votes were past wliich Avill he Recorded in the Grand Lodge Sept. After his Bodv 1 . Chariots ^ James then followed the Biela- them the Lawyers then the Gentlemen of the Town tions. ^hister. as De})uty Grand Master. 12. Wardens then the Second Lodu'es. then myself as Deputy Grand the Grand Wardens. The Corps then the Tvler with on a Black the Bearers were the Lieut. J udge Trow- hridge. Andrew's Lodge. St. L()(h»cs. Life Jerry Gridley Es(|' Grand Master of this Masons «S: The Brethren met King's Attorney. to- about the Funeral trether this afternoon to considt Sevprocession of our Brother Gridley tomorrow. cers of his Iicgiment tlie attended the Fu- I Brethren of marched in order Stewards of the G-rand Lodi»'e.h'wels tlu' Grand blaster's Velvet Cushion. G()veriu)ur. tlie of of the first then the Wardens of the Master's Lodue. then then the past Grand Olhccrs cS: the Treasurer. iirst. . Sen'. Li tlie afternoon of our lliglit Worsldpful Jerry Gridley Esq. John Frving manv al'ter (Joaches.

my <»ivin<. very heavy Uaiii. Discourse 1 went to Cluirch. twelve of Clock hist ni<. hlew as hard as it I ever heard panied with Thunder Lii^htint^ ^ Walter iM' at Peck's ter 1!)''' Bead prayers Verse. 1 Consent. I caut.'ht. J50ST0X MEKCIIANT 142 was interred wee Returned Form in Town the to house (from whence his Cor[)s was taken at the Beof the Proeessioii) in the same order as wee walked. Dined at Salem at . I do not much ap})rove of sueh «»innin<»' first ])arade sliow hut as «S: eoukl not well avoid the Numher was his Ivekitlves desire. accom- Skinner arr'd from Bristol.of line Stopt at Flax Pond. 15. M' W^d- preached from lOo"' Psaliu i\: ^ Good very Patlictick very Appro[)riate to M' Walter's late in wliicli wee all Beiovce for God's ^J'his <S: Misfortune iK: drowned Connecticnt Afternoon Sept 27. Oct 1.JOHN HOWE.' think I of the Brethren that attended was IGl. upon the whole Good Order it it as the was as well Conducted ^ Nature of it would admit. Hinds the Balance Master perform he is hut a ni^ — clumsey Hand. Inman ^I" Kowe jNI' ^ Sucky was there. wife had like to have heen Wharf M' Inman tX: was a — Kemarkahle Deliverance of him c\: wife. M' Amiel ^ Gardner set out in (piest of Powell this mornin<>* The Sun passed the E(juinox ahout Sept 24. Ca[)' set out for it. Set out with Cap' Ashhorne for Salem."ht two dozen . lar<>e Perch ^ three Pickerell. in as S{)ent the evenin<»" at Blod^'ct's in seeSept. 18 Sept. We had a very severe Storm.

at liome Ahljah Folger jr from Nantucket. mee to u'o God we Oct. Went to Oct. IM' Sam BarEpps ^ Spent the evening* at IM"* Colo. good Lodging. cS: Avaited on the Select a — Bought Avayhome Left my Fish- tliere. forenoon agreed on Fry day Oct 7.){>h\\ ])all in seeln<>' M" Cap' Pohert Jarvis. Gray. Ahout eltiht of Clock we were alarmed hv the crv of Fire which in-oved to he Edes Bakehouse at tlu^ North Fnd. all I'our Sam' Dash wood c\: ing at the ColVee (uav (S: . one of Clock for P") u'ot Cap' llohnearriv'd from London. ahout I Dram Bottle callinii' my in fislied tliere. Fish.DIATIY M' Goodliews of after dinner I paid a visit to several M' Douse. men this Wee To\vn-meetlni». thouiiht the weather too Cold London soon ('ap' cK: Coj)mer therefore adlourn'd sail'd this day ah" I>l(ldeford. did some other Business stopt at Fhix Pond Leatlier inii' Pod ^ Oct 5. the het- Pose very early iM' Walter called on to Kendricks hut on Consultation wee — mitll Thursday. 2. ^ a good Tav- Slept at Goodliews. Cap^ Powe Spent part of the even- House with Treas. Oct 12. Cap' Davis ^ Cap' Davison hoth from arriv'd this afternoon. . Isaac Paddock. Piekman's. ern 143 old Aeijiiaintanees my ton. the wind was very hljrh hut hv the Providence of ter of it. Boylston «N: tlu' Tho** remainder at Turner's the younLi" Ladies Dance. P) Oct. Pichard Coihn. — 1707 M West's Fish Fence.. Ills & Friends. Dined with Stephen Ilufsey.

Nii»ht ^ which aii'ain I I It has hlown a very Town continued. Cap' BOSTON Wood 111 'd T^IERCIIANT Lar^'c Ship from St Christophers arrivM ooiisl<. . Davis. at ont for Ivicliards wee lishcd at Dcdham liicliards Med- of Ash- Ca[)' Da v. Present. from London. Thos. 2iK In the afternoon attended the T\>wn\s Committee at Fanewill Hall. Melahiah Bourn.ird to inee. 18 Oct."ood with dln'd cVc C'd\)^ Wood the Woods Sj)ort llev' cS: come hack to M' Townsend W'" Sj)eakman. myself. myself. iMeetiiiLl" attended.") Days.lonathan Williams. John Hancoek i\: Nathaniel House with the H(dmes 2S Oct. London In 4. Oct. Cap' Scot arrlvM this day from London. Henderson Inches. l>rcakfastcd witli Oct. in lieavv Storm all this forenoon the afternoon 'r(>wn Meeliiii. the afternoon tlu^ In (Jommittee met hy Adjournment. Inches. M' Tho' Cushin<^'. Cap' Hall arrlvd from Cap' Calcf arrlvd from London. hnrn i. attended. salld to « Arrlv'd the Captains Freeman 27 Oct. Williams. Joshua could not aii'ree cS: Henshaw *S: Soh). Sam' Austin. Spent the al'teriioon cS: the at — Smith C/oll'ee James I*ro[»rietors of Point Shirk'V Pitts Kzek' Gol(hh\vaIt. John We Uuddock. 17 Oct. iMelahiah Pourn. oO. Kdw' Payne. Oct. Jonathan Henderson Sam' Austin. Cushini^. 144 ]G Oct. Met the Selectmen this Forenoon.'. three of Clock. Present. liomc.JOIIX RO WE. 2. therefore adiourned until to- morrow.*) Wee set Canfsway had Cap' Avay. .

'P'' nuMi. si'veral on Apthorp sailed for Jamaica did Cap' Scot for London. 15ad Brii. ]]rI-<. Charles Paxton.reat otlicrs.i.=^ Nov. Pope weather the al'ternoon men's Room <5c at the Select Spent to ! the evening. This al'ternoon Cap' jNLirshall arri'd at 7 Nov. A wet Rainy Day. The Select men met ^ gave llartly his Instructions. ern(U'*s to <S: divide ourselves into six Classes su])sci"Ii)tions 1)'" Ruddock.U:jr DIAllY— 1767 E(lw'' Pjiyne. day as Nov. M' Williams. ^ Ca[>' Jar vis M' Nat Rogers. ^V' this Nov. Solo.larvls's pass sl^'ned. news from the hack of the Cape. a Cap' a <. o Nov. M' Ilollen ^ Twenty uiore names unknown me. ^ Prince's Sloop. () Scot Nov. uiiTt'ed to what the Oct. Joshua Greouleiil' I went over to the Gov- . Iioh' i\r Spent the al'ternoon with the SelectCap' Watts arrlv'd From London In whom Gentlemen Pal'sen^ers. DInd Connecticut at Bullards Sloop many Turtle with (nineteen other gentlemen). the pest house from London having the Small Pox on board. . Wards. the Sclcctmens salld for London (fc Cap^ the afternoon at Spent Room. except M' l>Ircli. M' Porter. Quincy we & to o'et M' Bourn and mee for Colo. ^ Kdin'" Ileiisluiw. After dinner ^et We tortius. Jolin W" Diivls. Gent" of the Charitahle Society. Green & Boylston's Several vessels on Shore. ]nt»"ersolls with M' kins cK: Roh' Jen- M' Daniel Huhhard. hard's 2.-. Roh^ Temple. ]()•" ')!. M' Tuthill IluhM' Holmes' Brlw^ Nat.

a from I^lake Din'd at Colo. 3.Vi Avith mellow self [)retty Walter's child was • now on me paid ^vent to Ih'd." the Duties on Glass. Dec.lames Nat llohnes. this mornlnii^. Town J^lheii' the ('olVce Point Sliirlev ol* prietors all vV Stedsons all'airs <& House with the ProPitts John Han- — . An Opinion as Dani. The Supeiior Court set yesterday <Ks too Day.vntlenien) iS: I ft' Superior Court spent the eve'ni.Ali'etin«»' with cS: tlie Great Cap' Plake arrived this Pro[»riety ^ ^Moderation. canjc home Nov. ThanksLJ'ivini'' Dav. 1'"). Atten(h'd the Trial of Thieves which was condnctcd . i^ot my Venison tlie (christened «S: Sponsors Ste[>hen Greenleafj Jona wife. 20. . afternoon ^vhich saved the Freiuhlei-s ahove three hundred Time pounds Lawful fixed Colour's money — this' Gollhwait Nov. M' 12 Nov. Spent tlie forenoon & afternoon Avith the All Present ^ the Town Clerk. IG. Cap' 11 Nov. K/.erous as the Stamj) Act. Select men. iM' named Lvnde Simpson cK: Nov. Iniiersoll's with the (/haritahle Clever Discourse Society *S: the remaljider at Cap' Solonu)n Davis'. ^iliis Is mv nirthdav OKI StvK' « ^ am ft Attended the years old the 27"' Cui'rent." at day on cock. ^ lard wick Inii'ersolls (thirteen other t. 1 went Walter read prayers from the 97"' Psalm ^ the 1" Verse. IJ08T0X ]MEKCirANT 14() Met the 9 Nov. visit. iM' to Church ^ preached This was a ^ much appi'oved. S[»ent part of the evenini?' at Colo.JOHN HOWE. Select men Forenoon this ^vith ]\I:irshall. . Painter's Imposition on Ameiica In my to [»av the cK:c.

till tliree meetlni:' this alternoon.'entleineii). S[)ent tlie afternoon with the Com- mittee of Instructions j)resent Ivlcli'' Dana. Davis (S: ^1' Tho Dec. myself. 11. The Harbour cold. Dr Church. The York Papers Brouglit ace*" of Colo Dec. Town in meetino.' Dana 147 & Ezek^ Price. Thames Cap' Watts with on board the Din'd (fourteen j. ^P Ezek^ Price. After Dinner I went in the Sk'i<^h over to Gardners «S: spent an hour with . adapted to the present Season. to Begins snow ^ a i»reat Storm. Brattle Extreme as far as tlie Castk'. 'J'liis Old ^huhime 17 Dec. this the afternoon.*ivin<. Snows fast aiialn. 21. 1!) Dec. 22. of the 11 Dec. Henderson Inches. Our Report. went to Church hoth Forenoon & AfWalter read prayers & preached both Sermons from the 111)'" Psahn & IGO'" verse. News 1)> Scots ^ Brouiiht Duke of York's Death.lohn Ervlni^' Joseph Scot. «S: I ]\r ternoon. afternoon attended the Funeral I Otis. Hen- Es(j derson Inches afternoon with the Commit- tlie Instructions to the Kepresentatives. G. Both these Sermons were JMetapliysical but well pickt Dec. M' Amiel. tee for Ulch'' Spent M' Edw' Payne. Dec. froze in This Day the shortest in the vear. <. Solo M' Payne. Snows very forenoon — adjourned n\)wn fast. 'J'he Halifax Packet arr'd Dec. The town received . ^^> (d' Dec. Brouiiht them home.DIARY — 1707 Dec. Sir John Sinclairs & Dr Grants Ladys. 4. Death.

8t ^1' applaud Walter's l)eliavIour very nuieh. dames \\'arden. M' entertained us thiidc he plays most a-'reeahly on his \'iolin. . Dennie. Nieh" IJovlston. Funeral (<f Vi" I to the Kufus went afternoon tlie Greene (S: was one of the Bearers with Stephen . iMills of House M' Kiehai-d Newhaven who with \k> Spent the re- him. M'" Ihirrison. Gray. Inu'ersolls with of St John. »)(). Gray. John Krvini!\ Sol()nn)n Davis. Inman Otis. 2n. Dee. Still very eold. 150STON JNIErvCirANT CluistiiKis tills c'liiiirli Day forenoon. eve'ni.JOHN 148 Dc'c. « M' ])arnes of jMarlhorou^li ]>realvfasted Dined at Colonel at our House with iM" S[)eakinan. 1 Jan. to PvOWE. 7 (is Years Day. — . »)2'' cS: 1 — very cold. Present Treas. Spent the eve'ni." at M" ('ordis's where the Chd) had their Aiuiual Snp[)er.lohn thwait. the best of any Performer 1 ever heard. Thos. preaelied a very ele\'er cS: Lnke verse.*)!. '^rown Meetini»* this forenoon to receive Jn tin* Report of the Manufactory Committee. P3.Joseph Miss Harrison. M' the ColVee Harrison's Ks(| J>etty. W" ?»Io!!inenx.lames Bourn dames Perkins tS: I i^. I Jan. The Inferior Court set to Day.' at at ^ . part of the mainder Melahiah New Jan. the Free Mason's at the Celehration Present (-1!) ])rethren) The Ceneral Court heiiins their Sessions this Dav. 1 wont M' AValter rend [)niyers sermon from 2' Chap. K/ekiel GolDee. .

)an. had a were merry «S: spent the Avhole day very clever a^'reeable. not Guilty. of Clock wee were alarm'd hy the Cry of Fire whicli proved to be Shoj). iM'vini?- cS: Dr ]>ultinch lady. the afternoon wee were ioyned by M' Inman. wee all Tea. Collin Sen'".AP W Payard. Jan. Polly Hooper was married in ^frinity Church to M' John Russell Spence by the lley' M' Walter. M'"" M'^ Greeideaf.DIAllY Greenleaf. s[>ent the evening" thei-e. Rowo James Simpson Assembly Avent to whom in . Miss Dolly Murray. linker. Mrs. 2().' at the Assemldy* There were 27 Couple that drew. Pridemen maids. M' Th(r Apthorp. M"" Kustis Nat'' kSZ Pride- Stephen GreenWalter. the evenini. Major Tho^ Hooper. toni^lit. M'" 149 John W" sent I iVhout 21.lohn Hooper. vSpent 1'his morninj^ Miss Keb'ry 2. «K: Wee lady. ^ Jonathan — 17CS soon A the better of u^ot JM' Valleys it. <S: . A of People attended on the O-ccasion. The Day. M*" Cliaiidlor. Cap' Blake sailed for Jamaica this fore- Jan. my eiji'ht Neu^ro I^oy Cato. M'^ Rowe. .lohii *S: lady. leaf. the new ]h'idei. 20.lury it their in continued all Verdict. M'" Drank Dance.'room *S: Pride. M' the Rev" . concourse <»'reat Dined at i\P'' Hooper's with her.Tun. M' Rob' Hallowelb Miss Nancy Poutineau. noon Colo. M' . ]5yard. Wee . famous Trval before the Conrt of aii'aiiist M'^ Kneeland for stealinir « Sessions this day a Silver Spoon from Dr. M' Murray. AP In Apthorp.lohn A])thoip Ks(j Amiel. brouiiht . Miss Suky. IIill. . 27. W ^lurray.

rec'' letters j)r Avas a the iill many post giving an ace' of Geneste's arrival at Newport Ithode Island. M' Harrison ^ too 1 to enumerate were there. aic yon at a Loss i\r the Survey<u. — & further said that there was an ai»'reement hetween the Surveyor General ^ F<>l<»'er. forenoon the Spent Honse hearing* the Debates Council & at hefore Conrt the Gov*" tlie <& Honse of Representatives on the Land Bank Scheme.(Jeneral. which lady* The GoviTiioni' cS: very Brilliant ()ne. u])on which one of the C<>mj)any asked M' Mollinenx. tion kS: talk used the Surveyor General M' 'I'emple most Cruelly and Bar]»arouslv he nhnsed the Char. acter of said that if that it Gentleman most shamef'ullv M' Folii'er made any would not he of any seizures or henelit to cV: lield him. Spent the eve'iig at the Assenil)ly Feb'ry TO. 11. who then would receive the heni'fit of M' Foli»*er's '^ part as Informer iS: he rej>lied Why. Why.BOSTON MEltCIIANT JOirX HOWE. 150 Feb'iy 9. 'J'he was ahout the Seizuie Discourse Folger eveiiini*" ColVee the at evenin<»- Disa<»'reeal)le the Caj)' the S])ent tiie resei/ure of it afterwards W ^lolliiieux in his re[>resentahy Cap^ nallowell. Temple. said this. Commissioners. Intimatinii' that the Surveyor General gave Folger his Place with a view to get money hy it ^ swore he helieved it. M' iMollineux was asked hy ^P John P]rvini»' " Surely you cannot helieve the* Surveyor General guilt v of so Base a Design ^ you have hehaved very 111 in . Feh'ry House <S: Topick of made hy a cK: it was.

" severall Times Upon Avhich M"" had ]\Iollineux some & smart speeches with Erving maldnfl^ the Some each other." ^ seemed to lav iri'eat Stress in mv J^ehalf these words siunifyino' that liiiiht in \\\H)U Now repeatinj^ of this Sentence Gentlemen. Pi. that in had many times heen in jNF Mollineux' company hut never heard him i»'uilty of so iireat an Indiscre- I tion hefore Geo. lie thou<»'lit. Kxi>rcssion in l)ut tliat tliere sonu* People it tliat was one Hesitated ahout llepeated the Sentence in the Commission Avhich audio my Behalf to seize for his Uuns thus i\: — — Upon Majesty's Use " ]\r iMollinenx what I said. veyor General terms. 1 ii'ave him nuMitioned his ari sin i. . ^v. The late Surveyor General last evewiui.DIAllY — 1708 151 " — his Reply was company think so " I do Believe it. Solo. renew'd his Discourse as hut soon went away. Davis.Molllneaux a Visft ah" Two j\P Fenton of Clock.' Feh.") !>•' ]\i. Gray. was very Good. James Warden Feh'ry. Tho'* ^ myself. — Present — Bethune. he. iMollinenx. M' jMollineux on the 1. at these Dolnu's. Janu*s Otis.' ^ the said from such that the Sur- Commission on these the Course of this talk. of company were very uneasy tlie mentioned Commission that tlie had Received from the Surveyor General Foliier 1)0 ^ Douhtfnll cS: Authentic not to enou<>']i to make U[)on whicli M' Otis said the Commission seizures. you see that I am — — whatever seizures w(Me made hv Foli»'er. S[>ent W" John Ervini*'.'er.' was there & at iM"* Cordis'. the eve'ni. was not to have the p roll t the hut seizures Surveyor General Fol|.

IM' Inman came liome this moiMiinii' (from Connecticnt) Cap' Lewis Cencste arriv'd from Spent the Liverj)()ol <S: Caj>^ JMythe from Lristol. Spent the W" There were it is tlie Measure 1^8 eyc^ni. Henry tlie n\eetin<j: of the Overseers oF the Poor yesto lix on a Day for a Genthev iix<l on Frvdav. T.OSTOX MEKCTTAXT ir. tliey voted. Vafsall vK: 1 paid Faniilv where 1 fonnd Dr Knssell who was married to Miss Betty on Monday V. at Canihri(li. Normandy.) Last. Brii»i»'" from this ]>ristol Cai)' Sai'iieant Forenoon ha\ iiiii" had Small Pox. merchts present.JOHN KOAVE. the of Goods from Great Britstoppini. Select mention terday at Fiinewlll I hill eral Visitation of the Town Dind at JNhijor ^ John Vaf sails a visit to Colo. Mar.. L Meetini. eyenin<»" at t^G ab" a Attended the Select men Feb. this forenoon. Feb.e.*. the best measures for carrying* in ." the Importation ain under Certain Limitations mittee of nine to fix and — then Chose a (/om- Itcport to this (Jomj)any on adjournment. 21). Feb'rv.2 17 Feb.'.' Philli[)s Kscj at the Merchants was chose Moderatoi*. S[)ent part of the Afternoon at the ScoIIy's son who was most un- John Fnn(MalI of iM' fortnnately DrownM. Attended the Court of Admiralty j\P Folj^er's cause was put olV until Friday. I for<»*()t to men ^ Jnstiees. that O[)inion of this Company tli'at every Le^al for freein<»" the (Jountiy from i\\v ])resent Endjarrassments should be adopted ^ anjoni. 2*> Feb.

tlie ])uilt heiiig a ])y good Selectmen to view the Dav'' Wheeler Spent the Forenoon with of Merchants. John Arnold Wells Escj.DIARY — 1708 execution the foregoin<>. . & ap- one. it witli (>. tlie ^ Committee part of the eve'ng with tlie Connnittee of Mercliants. tlie As- 1*) April Spent the day with the same Committee of Merchants c\: in the evenint*' wee reported to them as follows: send)ly to the The Connnittee of McMchants appointed at their meetinLT March P" ITOS. 2. vote. Mar.' jiui'. 153 The following Gen- — myself. do Ueijort the f(»llowin<i* liesolutions viz In consideration of the Great Scarcity of money which for several years has heen so Sensihly felt now must he Ueiulered much Greater oidv hy the immense Sums ahsorhed in the Colus anjonii" not • lection <»rcat 4> c\: « ol' the Duties lately Imposed hut hv the <»iven therehy to ]>ranches of Trades checks r^ ^ . Spent the afternoon Mar. W" Pliillips Esq. John j\r Tho** Ervini. it was also voted that John Hancock Es(j he desired to procure a Copy of the Commissions of the Commissioners of the Custcmis c\: [)roduce the same at tlie next meeting then the meeting was adjourned until Fryday evel^ourn. Hiincoek Es(|. InLiersoll's. M' Edw'' Payne.'). & part with the Charitahle Society at Colo. havinii* duly considered what they had in charji'e. Meliil)iah Boylston tlemen were Cliose Henderson Inches. Mar. This dav the Gov' Proro<»"ued 4. — niiiii'. 1 went new Engine No proved of it.

the province ^ other provinces in En<rland to<»'ether with those in New ^'oI•k'. towns hi Jersey hereto — 'J'"' cS: '^J^hat factur(?s of rennsylvanla we That will encourai»'e Invited the Produce shall stand in cK: inanu- them in the Purchase of Such Articles as we all in accede to these colonies hv the use of Preference to 3"' l>e New New other mannfactui'es — need of. must terminate not only U[).JOHN ROWE. Deht noAV — In consIJenition & means also of the <»Teat standing* against us. Coals.lve a Constant Pref- erence to such Persons as shall suhscrihe to these llesolutions — 4^'' That we will in our Separate (ya[>acitys infoi-ni our several Correspondents of the Reasons cS: point .' Salt. Our in Own cS: Our Country's lluin hut that of many of our Creditors on the other side of the Water — In consideration farther of the l)an!»er from some Measures of Late IMessIuii's cS: oni- fore «S: lnestlmal>l(' advantau'es of the IJritish (Constitution which Constitution we have Basis many losing- Security of Voted That we 1'^'' will all e\'er we enjoy \u KevtM-M as the this hlfe. Flsliini»' Lines. Duck. Fish Hooks. Wool Cards ^ Card Wire iV'c tS: that the trndlni. Hemp. wlilcli we il* Increasinof hv the excessive Import we i>'o on liave heen aecustonied to Avhlk^ our Scourees of llemittance are daily dryln<>. we will <. BOSTON MEUCnANT 154 which vellded us the most of our money o£ Kemlttance. Bar Lca(K Shot. there- not for one Year send any f(U* European Conunodities exceptini.

. S[)ent the whole day with the Merch^'* Committee myself. Kdw'' Payne. 10. John Hancock. cS: House. jNI' Colt yesterday from Put- land. lioom Spent the afternoon at the Selectmen's the eveninL!* at the Merchants jMeetincf a.. Arnold Wells.* tary Purpose tliese or otiier '^I'owiis tills ill the iieinhhoi'liii'' That a Committee he (V' merchants spond uith T^)^vlls o'oiii^- call ^k> ikj Provinces ik that s'' Votes. Henderson Inches. Company is «S: Fessenden voted some further Resolu- Spent the afternoon Avlth the Selectpaid a visit to one ^hiry Phillips avIio ^ Dumh ik has remainecl so ever now upwards of 80 years was horn Deaf since The same Committee was chosen ]^>r()Ught my of age. W'" jNhir. 'J'his Day ace* of the (Jap* Death of PinjM"* . We men. c\: a[)[)ointed the in Colonies hefore — to Corre- mentioned forward to them the fore- Committee he Impowered to a meetin<»' oF the merchants ^vllen they think — necessary Ahir. to tlie same Saluhe adopted hy most of tlie Tradinjj. ^V\\{)^ Poylston. & Prouu'ht an Scot at Dominico.t \). n. DIAllY — 1708 155 out to tliem the necessity of witholclinor our usual the said ImpediOrders for their Miinufactures — ment may removed l)e — liourish aii'aifi That i>"' tliese & & Commerce may Trade Votes or Hesolutions torv or hindiii<r on us from ])e Ohhj^'a- after the time that «Jc Singular or tendini». tlie (yolVee a. Phillips (S: ney arr'd Melahiah Ponrn."ain tions the iS: — ^hir.

Conway — her Colonies — lAhiy — — G' l)rltain the in Day the Memory i^rosperity Pi*osnci-ity to the Company were \kj (d' to Towti of very cheer- hroke up ahout Fight of Clock —A . Solo. in met the SeleetnuMi Gray Ih'nry inn'. John (n-een. .Alareh Poston ful ikj — — P> Aftt^r these the Gay ik (jneen (.JOHN ir>c PiOWE. t3ost()x lyrrjicirANT 13 ^liircli.hani '^i'he Ccni' ^ Duke Darrv— Fxtension I'he United The '^Fhe \\ Howard—!) 11 Alter dinner Kntertainnu'nt. Stamp Aet was repealed he ever had \7) all True Priton ik Americans All Sons of TJherty The Grafton Inseparahle Interest !. — 1.'hatham (). Davis. Apthorp. Stamp Act. After Cluircli I paid a visit to M' James Smith who I found very weak cK: h)w\ also to OhI M' Gould ^vho is also very 111 and full of Pain Gout. Ilairison T rimmins. Family — Chaneellor — —7 Iioyal Lord of 1. 15. In^'ersoH's with Treas. ^vith the Mar. Ralph Inman.hnnes wee had a Genteel DinFoi'rest iK: lioh' Ilallowel Tho'* — ^ ner Toasts ikj drank.' Kai'l the IS'" ot* oF Trades . Gray. Tho^ l^rattle. Mai-(piis —S (ien' — — Coinnu'ree 1of the Province — 11 lO Sir W" Mc-e. John Spenee. Fanewill Hall to swear ve Ollleers. Joshua IJlanehard. Gen' il R()ekini. Geo Krving". of the Ilejjeal of the Dined at Colo. 14. this Spent at the Day Annual To^vn — the Meetinu* for the Choiee of Ollleers Seleet inen the same as last year. at The Anniversary jMar. Avt're of Klni.Joseph Seot.*> Prosj»ei'ity to Day of the* rollowlnii" *_!. (Jrei.'ory Townsend. .lith cK: IKJC). In the afternoon jMar. IS.

*.DIARY — 17C8 ' 157 consideriiljle JNIob of yoiino.). it last cK: . 1 dont remember Tlio^ Crafts ]\Iar heard verv were very <.' Spent part of the afternoon with the Towns Cnmmittee to draw a Letter of Thanks to the Kai-nu'r for his liiii'enious Letters-^ Mar Attended 22. 1 tides. l)ut Avery Jun^ Very stormy. W. the Town Meetini.* all the which many Debates about iM' Adams whose Friends were so warm in his favor that the Gentlel)av. man." this Wharfs s[)ent the to have dama<»'e done morninij: much — — snows forenoon at the Court House to liear tlie Tryal between Cap' Foli. afterwards with the Select men. There were two Tree this morninj^ marked C." the ^lar 21. fellows ^ made this & neirroes Noise <>'ot llal- <& Evening <^"reat hundred ap[)eai'ed in Kin<^ St tS: at Liberty Tree ^ went to the North End to John.'etlit*r ab" looiiis.'lad of.lolm blow harder than — verv amont. Eii. Williams the Inspector General.'er tS: Cap' Ilallowell about the Seizure of Tea after the whole ^ morniuii" debates it was ad'iourned until next Satur- day mornini. in men could not passed on <»'et Monday last As soon jNlar. l)ut did him no which the greatest part of the GentleDama^'e to<. bad a news about iNT Ueconsideration of the vote — as 1 i»"ot abroad — whose Spence 1 heard very all'airs — have been imjuaulently Treated by M' Spooner In the afternoon attended the Funeral of the Kev'' ]\P Sam' Cheekly jun'. . liiii'h ^ Shi[)pini. 2)). P were taken down ai^'ain by W'" Speak- Lil)crtv 20.]it — men Town in on ElliLiies ^ .

Hon''' . M' Spooner a<»'alii on ace^ roronoon this witli jM' 8[)ooiK'r this al'ternooii attoiKkul L — am in Sponccs hopes to get tliem aeeonnnodated. Tills Cap' Broma<. S[)ent the afternoon at the Seleetmens this vessel! Koom aftei'wards c\: Wharf at the Colfee i\Lir )>1.lohn Savai. tlie all'airs Jnd^'e of Admiralty. Cap' Hen j" Wahh) M' John Powell. M' Phlllli)s M' Arnold Wells. 2G jMar. Hender- Sam' Hews. 150ISTOX 158 MKHCIIANT 24: ^Iiircli. my on M' Spence all'airs.(s M' .loshna Ks(| — chosen — Treasurer — M' M' dohn Hancock. from St KItts In 2-1 Days." the Colfee Ilonse Preasent . M' into the tee M' Jos. jSV son We iin<. ('ap' Waldo. cK: be put CommitWells.lohn Kvlni. M' Abi jah Savai. arrlv'd was blown oil* In Deeember last comlnnfrom Leitli bound here.'e iM' forenoon I paid M' Spenee a be laid ont In Iie[)airini." Ks(j' voted that t\\v Stock In the hands of (he WliariM' Powell. Case before 27 Mar. M' Davidson Itotunied this ovo'iij^ from Scituate tifter li:ivini>' jjot Ablol TiirntM* to iittuch ]\r S[)CMR'e's Sloop for Have been 2»">"'. Tin. Ca])' Dalton Aj)ril ]. Spent the afternoon on M' Spooner's This day the Lawyers ])lead M' Foliiers all'airs." the wharf Hands cS: nnder the Direction of now chose viz. Good «X: . oO Mar.JOIIX llOWi:. Loni»' House — Secretary ])oiitIneaii.In" Friday.lohii Stevens. M' a Savaiiv 1 went to church this . ('ap' Job Piiiice. Wharf at Winslow met the I pro[)rIetors of AttiMided the proprietors of the Loni."e Glllam . M' James Oliver.

Hancock's men pouiuls ^: to tlie mere iifty — this present year.tary Oliver ^ M' Poutineau Fornu'r Committee. 10. his Life hv fallinii^ oil' a Ladder. out eijiht Loiulon weeks.' Trinity Church met to choose Officers in Custom lor the year ensuinj^ hut this cS:c a ^linister & This Forenoon the AVardens. S. went to church hotli forenoon & afternoon. ]M' Walter read prayers «S: preached too very j^ood Discourses on Prayer from the 2'"^ Apr. 7. The Town several Times alarmed this man lost One poor morning' hy the Cry of Fire. A[)r. head services the year past Ca[)' Priiit:'" Scot arr'd from . M"" ^ 2"" Verse. Corintliians April 2. This day Antony Letch- sig'ud his Indentures. I .' the Pritish ColVee House cK: Wharf met voted to huild a at [>ier added M' Secr(. Pews of the j)roprietors annual to their according. St Paul's first Epistle to the forenoon. They were afterwards voted iifty six him a Salary of one hundred p annum cS: forty pounds Ster'<»' ponnds more for his extra Ster'<4* they also voted the Ster'<.— 1768 DI All Y 159 Walter read prayers & preached a very Patlietlck & niovin<^ sermon suited to the Solemnity of this day Avliieli >vas j^reatly admired from the 2'"' Chap.* Widow Hooper The pr()[)rietors of Lon<. The in M' Select visited jM' Proctor's school. Apr. A})r 4. Vestry the room in of day to choose a my Good Friend the Kev' M' Hooper there were 57 voters & the whole in favour of the Pev'' iM'W" Walter.

Avere well Avlilcli soriiioiis lirst Siiiidav sliiee ^ our minister 14 Fast. Colon' Dalrvmple eanie to New York ^ several (dheers. Cap' Lewis Geneste.' nu't *S: San/ Calef for PlvM' Tho' KiULihts who Praekets at Praintree Cushiii<»s at HiiiLiham. wee <linM at Dr Harlows. 22 April. went to Caml)ridi. Set out cK: called at jMajor I^radfords ^ from thence Peached Plynu>uth. . M' IT) Ai)ril. cS: Fust is jM"* Gould. Geori. Henderson Inches. Melahiah Houriie. T' Chap Kpis. Halls Pemhrooke. Peached Dr. . Town from Mat the Committee of Merch'^ at the John llaneoek. 1() him with IniiersoH's on the said After Dinner A[>ril. wee Preakfasted there. this cS: BOSTON Inmans iM' ^1'^ ^iiHy? llowe. Arnold Wells. M' .' he was iinanhuously ehoseu Tueumheut. A[)ril.lohn Frvin^• I took a Ride liound Dorehester. from thence to Duxhurv iished there cK: caught «!j)wards live Dozen of line Trout.M''M5illv 1 M' Forenoon. Gray. W" Phillips «S: After Dinner nu)uth.JOHN 100 PtOAVE. ColVee House.e. j'^dward Favne. Met M' Thos. from there untill with We stopt at Peaehd spent the evenini.John Low'l at Colo cS: John Lowell's alVairs. Din'd ])reaehed. Tliessalonians us" the IMEIICIIANT V' cS: Verse " Pray for adapted to him helni. at adjourned Settled 2(> April. Set out with M' Gardiner wee tloyn'd us. 1 spent the evening' and slept at Cap' Wliite's.e Chureh Uead prayed ^ Ser<. ^ Wee sle])t there. 27 A[)ril.'eant at ^ Sueky . . I Monday.

2. Massy Little . Did wliat Business I had to do diii'd at Edw' Winslow Es(i witli him M" Whislow. t. stopt at Fords c\: at Dr Halls & from thence to Cushinj^s iS: Wee oO Aprin. nor Lnport any of Octoher.*ood Dozen fine AVee went to General Winslows spent the Trout. liad Cau<^ht al)out a I Sport. Dinner set Iieckoninj^' . Paper sentatives — cK:c be repealed — meeting' for the choice of Reprefollowin<^ Gentlemen were chosen . slept. Ahout three of Clock wee Keturned to Duxhury.Miss Polly Little W" Sever Esq & Dauohtcr iM' Pclham Winslow M' Nat Kav Thomas M' Kniiihts M' Calef.Iourney. G Stopt at Crampeys 2. until the Act Lnposfirst Duties on Glass. slept there. Returned to Generalls tS: dind there with him M'" Winslow Miss 2i) Aprill. After Kniiihts caught the finest Trout I ever saw.DI ATI Y— 1708 161 28 Aprill. M^ Edw'' Winslow jiin' Miss Dyer Miss Penny Winslow i\r Calef M' Kniohts i\I' Hooker one of the Inspectors arrivd at Plyniouth with Attendance. After Dinner we set out from thence. went M*^ Cushin<^s Brook. found out for home stopt at Brackets paid our Old Ten"^ pr man for the C7. Mav jifter to first Day May 4. Town — the — of June.' had l)ut poor Luck. cS: evening" M' Pelhani Winslow joynd us wee went a lishinj. came home and lutions of the City of any Goods after the the at the Town House Room ag"reed to the ResoNew York not to write for Met the Mercliants in tlie Keprescntatives in<»' <& all well.

Went with Greti'orv Townsend M' Sam' S[)eakman to Dedliam Cofsway had Good Sport.Tlio^ Ilu])])ar(l Esq' 1 M' Thillips cK: Camhrid^e with M' PoutiM' Inmans witli him M' Grej^ory went dind at to TownsendcK: M"" 1\)wnsend iM'^ Hooper M'^ Rowe ^ Sallv Inman. 15 May. M"* Otis.JOHN 102 by a the inajorlty. terday . jj^roiit JMEKCIIANT TJCnVK. 1) Ilaneoek M' xNewell Committee on jM' W" . James Tho^ Otis 410 Es(| " Ciisiiino- John Ilancoek " Sam Adams " 4:j:5 4*>V2 41-1 DiiVa at M' James Otis Adams Avitli lilm.M' Sam' Hughes departed this Life Yesroad. Came home vS: found Ca[)' Jarvis arr'd heard iM' from London 12 May. The Romny Man of lishiiii*' War Cap' Conell arrivd yesterday in Nantasket cK: this day in Kin<. mvself neau ^ the James Pitts Rich" Dana (S: W Phillips M' Newall cK: Resi<>-nd. 1 Sewall myself aee' Coopers Royal Tykn. 1 May. 1 went to tlie Dudlevan Lecture ^ Parnard of Salem preach a most sensihlc Discourse. Calef ^ W" at the Select Merch" mens Meetin<»' in the Room. 8am' (and others) Spent the afternoon with the Seleetmen. r>()STON niniibor Avliole of vot- ers 441. Present Colo Jacksiui M' Kiid(h)ek M' Sewall M' • May.\: ' M Th(/ Phieker. Room cS: Spent the afternoon the evenlnti* at the Re])resentatives 14 May.

Cap' Skinner arrivd from Oporto & Ford from Hallifax 2S May. Went to Flax pond with ]\P Sam* . Cap' Cadiz this forenoon. 2() 'I'he hein*. I Avent to Meethiij^ heard M' Slnite of Hingham preacli. This was a 2") one hour & forty minutes. jNIay afternoon. Rotch — Sewall. Snow het's & from Liverpool arr'd Perkins. Cap' I^rown. M*^ Attended 23.iicld Day cK: cK: o1 May. First June. Sucky went I take witli cK: diiul there with ^P spent the eveninj. ArrM from London ArrM from I Brl<i<»*.lohn Hancock «fc Thomas Saunders Es(|. loni»' May.' with the Select men to visit a view of Winnissinnnet M' Ferry way. cock i\: Colo Ward new ones.M' Tho^ Kniohts iK: M. nne's Arr'd 24. — all cK: arr'd from Bristol M' Cor- lono^ Passa<. Henderson Inches Pemherton. M' HanIn the nl'ternoon tliey chose Councillors. 27 May. Halifax.DIARY — 17C8 May Town meeting this men Resi<^ned.' Governor nci»atived the followint*' GcntlcnuMi Colo Otis Colo Bowers Colo Gerrish Colo Ward . & May."cs noon with the Committee of — Spent the after- iNTerchants. Ituddock cS: M' Days came home wife M" Uowc at at Strawherry Hill in had hut poor Sport. Election Day. M' Bethh" her Caroo. very sermon. M'" three were chose place Jos ITenshaw.Sam' Calef Sprlni. three of the Select Newall — M'" Phillips 163 cK: in their M"" Sam' from London yesterday Cap' this forenoon. Went a fishino' with . 1 had fifty two votes.

the liev'' M' l>rown of Portsmouth the liev' Doct' Cooper President at New York. «X: Firini»'. A line morninL»' WXW. The Kev' M' Sai^ent of Cam- Dined at IM' bridge. June 8''. Governour many Dined ^ the GolVee at House with the Council. Eeturnd to Flax After Dinner Ave breakfasted at Golo Pond. Wee jNI' Goodhues ^ sle})t there. 2'"' Wee June. dlnd s})ent the IIl«!<»-Ins()ns had but Ordinary Sport lieturned to IJoston Kini»\s ])irthday. spent tlu^ evenin<^* at home with the . June Wee Sen''. after Dinner M' Harrison ^ M'^ Hariison paid us a visit same eompaiiy. iMy New Store Kaiscd this Day. jM"" Itowe evenin<^ with iNP' 9 June. Thursday A line mornin<>' Wind West- dined at home with M' Henry Cromwell Lady erly Frankland M' Inman Capt Solo Davis M" Lowe ^ Sucky. M' Rob' Temple cS: wife. E08T0X MErvCITANT 104 Calef. Capt Freeman arrived from J>ristol in whom came Passenii'ers Lady Frankland cK: Henry Cromwell. The Pvev' M' Troutbeck <S: wife. Inman's with him. >vee ^ve^e lovnd <::()0(1 M' IMeKneal hv^ from Surrlnam cS: Archibald MeKneal at INP Graves wee ^vent to Salem. Cap' ILiiulfield had W Tlu/ Jackson Sport. Guns — Spent part of the evenini. the OHicers of — M' other Gentlemen tlie Clark of Artillery ^ Lexiniiton preached a Sensible Discourse on the Occasion. tlie re- Driidv- iug Healths etc June (>. Wednesday. June 7. Avee evenino. ^ Suckv came home c\: spent the Kowe ^ Sucky.' at tlie (charitable Society mainder at the ColVee House.JOTIX HOWE.

loshna first i\I' " Mvsell'— i\P <S: parts tX: as follows. spok'c sensibly to I'etition The I'he Gov' rec'' in Conuiiittee ^ to in . the people Ye Moderator proposed adjourning that M' Otis to — which was voted — thev met there — A Committee of Twenty One wait upon Gentlemen were Chose Barnard — Ihnnlde which with him l)r ScwalTs Meetlii'»" accordinii'lv <\: to Petition a on Gov"^ KilecS: 1 Petition to think a verv smart Petition.DIATIY— 1708 1G5 Juno 10. to IM' beloiiiiinj'' — The People Asscmhled under Liberty 11. a Coaster Jolm Hancock. — promised M' Hancock's returned order — Hancock Henderson Inches Boval Tyler — Genteel S])eech. June !>. iNP to hein<»" Chairman introduced the Petition with a — of the Speech some very an answer the morninq. j\P Otis. . Yesterday the Select Men viewed Ground for a Gun house ^ the Nortli Battery. i\P j\l' us very cordially Henshaw John lUiddock Esq " " Edw-' Payne Kich'' Dana Sam' (iuincy ! . mob considerahle toni^'lit occasioned ])v tlie A a seizure Some Damagfe to M' Harrison the Collector & his Boat Burnt.* a man out of cK: the All'airs of tlie Town. is The whole Twenty One met in form Otis at M' J"" Hancock's cS: proceeded lioxhnrv to wait on Gov' Barnard. The Select Men waited on the Gov"^ & Council ahout Ca[)' Corner's presslni.liiiK' Tree from thence removed to Fanewill Hall it was to j)ro|)oscd which was calliMl Town met have a Town Meetini^ done — Afternoon the Kej^'ular acc()l•(lin^lv — there were so many at Kauewlll Hall.



W Tho'






Colo. Josepli Jackson
i\r San/ Penibei'ton




The Man


Meliiblah I5oiirn

Benj" Kent
(iulncy Jr


Dr Warren


all in carria<>'es


Daniel jMaleolni.


^yar the Ivonuiey nnnioored this




The To^vn met




Meetino" —









Town, myself. Dr.

the lie[)resen-




Warren, Dr.
M' Henderson


hear the Ke[)ort of their
their Considtations with Caj/ .lohn

Corner of his Majesty's


men were ordered






on the Present Dlllicnhiesv that attend

Church, M' .John Adams, M' Dana

Dr SewalFs

afternoon with the






Shl[), tlie


as yesterday.


forenoon with















met Cap' .lacohson vS: M' Sam.
Calef, wee fished there, had Great S[>ort


Sixteen Inches.

Cap' lUdlew

In his

Majesty's Sloop

Beaver arrivd yesterday evenini;* from iralllfax ^
cK: Jamaica conCap*" Marshman arrivM from Lisbon
sio'ned to


20 June.


at Inmie with

W W"' ShealV


DTAKY — 1768
Inman Cap* Marsliman

Boat to the


Rowe M" Speakman

Dinner wee went







Cap*^ T^rett





London with CapMIaHowell Pafsenger.
22 June. S})ent the afternoon with the Selectmen Dismissed James Kennedy this Day.
Dind at
2I> June.
Ik»<»:un to mow our Pasture.
Old M' Goulds at Roxhury on Turtle (with



St Johns Day.

21 June.

Dind at M' Greatons



willj (lifty



sixMit tlie aftiM'uoon


After diinier wee



seven l>ret]iren.








out for Sher-



sloj)t at Naiiclc c\: reached Sherhurne.
at M' Rich'' Sanger's juir.





hundred tons of Oak


of M' Sani;er, for (Jap' Marsliman


22/8 p

who was



also Ca[)' Jacohson.


Hiis day






accordini;' to the

who have any

most Good






Court hehaved

Approhation of
Rciiard for their

they would


scind their fornu'r Resolutions whicli

took olVcnse

iHunher of voters

for luy






the Earl of

vide Newspapers
17 Yeas.





as Kn<>lishmen,
namely their Ri<?"hts,





Peter Fry Salem
2 Dr. John Calef Ipswitch
Jacol) F(»wle iMarhlehead
Rich'' Saltonstall



satisfaction I record the seven-

teen veas, that wi^'c so nu'an si)irited
to vote












AVilliums ILitliold










.lohn Ashley Es([
Ca|/ Jos Hoot Siiiulerlaiul
10 Tim" Riij»-<>les
Great Barrinotou

11 Josiali Kdson Brld^ewater* 12
Sayward York L*) IMatliew Mavliew Clilliuark



Brown Salem




Foster liar-


IG ^r W" Farrl<»an or .loiirni<>aii
17 iM'
Chad wick ^rirriiii»ham in the (N). ol' UerhshiiH^
July 1.
Yesterday (lie Gov' ])roroi»ued the Gen-



Conrt to the




Barnard disolved the

This Day Gov'


General Conrt.
AV at West
Tnesday A fine mornin<^
Dined at Greatons at lloxhnrv nii Turtle with
.lohn Tiniinins
James Otis ^ wife


Solomon Davis
Joseph Scot


.Tames Perkins





id" (Jiceiie




Miss nonehce


William ShealVe


Henry Cromwell







Lady Miss Katv Wendall


Sam FAhen

Geor^'e Bx'thnne

OtiscK: wife


Hen j" Fanewill


M' Iinnan


Afterwards we

werc^ .loynd





had a Dance there very














Miss .loainia




spent the Fveninj^



the Seh'ct

dined at Fanewill





with seventy (Jen

DIARY — 1708
John Erving Esq'**
James Bowdoiu '^

Rev' ^r Mather


Dr Byles
Dr Coo})er

r Counsellors


Tli(/ Iliibbai'd




Harrison Gray
Tin/ Flueker





I^'prfsm hh
(tf ihr Toirn



Tlie Seven Select

IV IMain

W Bowen




Men, Tlie 12 Overseers.


Marshal, Majcn* Ciuininc^liam, Cap' Dawes, Cap^


Holmes, The Town Treasnrer, The Town Clerk, ^V
SeolSewalh M' Ast(n-, INI' IMilHIps,
Jay, M' .Joseph Greene, all the schoolmasters cS:






Head form




of Master

Lovells school.

After Dinner

W .himes



M' liimaiis where we I'onnd Col.





myself Avent to


wlFe Ca[)t. Solo Davis









Bettv Dehnke,

Miss Katy Wendall, M' Inman, M'"* Uowe, Siicky
^ Sallv Inman. We Drank Tea and had a line
Desert of ('herrvs



spent the Kvenlni;' with
Chaiitahle Societv at (Jolo









at Colo



M' Dan !Iuhi)ard







came home





M' John ]h)x Sen'.

Italnv iMornlnii"

W at


David Phipps at (Jand)rldi;e with him
Apihoip \' wife M' AVllllam Davis


M' Menrv Cr(nnwell M' Inman Ladv Frank-

M" Howe



Dehnke Miss Katv

came home iS: spent the j^venini;' at
olVee honse with Ih'easnrer Grav Joshna Win-






Pavne W'" Molllneanx .lohn J>ovlston


.lames Otis.




RoW Temple


July 9. Siiturdiiy
Dineclut Ten mils Avlth




M' Cromwell Liuly Fninklaiul .M' Stewiirt M' Fenton
j\r" Fenton
Howe Miss Bessy Tern-







^ve Avere .lovnd 1)V




in tlie al'teniooii

Tenn)le the Surveyor


Came home and



sj)ent the




Miss Snekv iioue to ^hirlhoi-oui»h.

Went to Flax Pond, we fished there*
July L").
and had pretty <;'ood sj)ort. We spent the eveninj^'
at M"* Graves'

slept at iier dauj;hter l^eeky's.

Ivose early

July J().
M"* Graves.




Came home ^

Sons of


eveninii' hefore


on the ChaFiiiC





dined at

M"" IJowe told nu'




M' Wilhams the


dav whieh he did


meet thenv

c^ ii'ieat


he asked them what

hers, she savs were ])resent.

(Questions thev had to ask him that he miiiht answer
them hut no Person made him any 1um)1v.
I went to (/amJuly 20. Connneneement Dav.

dined with a yery lar^e eompany at .I()s.
a visit to Tutor Hancock's, met


Kev' M' ]5arnard of Marhlehead, al'terwards ]>'d
a visit to i\P^ Greene whei-e were ii very lar^e comtlie

])anv, too


July 21.

to enumci-ate.

Dined with M'

David Greene with a

Spent the eve'ni;' there,
had a Dance. 1 was Mastei* of the Ceremonies.


Slept at M' Inman's.






at liome with



M" Uowe





DlAllY— 17G8



Cap^ Christo Prince arrived from London
Spent the afternoon with Lady Frankland
Rowe & Sncky & the
Eveninii' at M'"



W W"


James Ricliardsons

witli the Fire-

Present Joseph Tyler Cap^ Wahlo M' John
Wendall IM'
Cooper Coh^nel IMarsliall,




James Plehardson .Jolm Seolley Cap^ llohngs




Cap^ Paddock.

28 July. Thursday A line mornini;' WS" West.
Dined at home witli Cap^ Joseph Williams M"^
Henry Cromwell jNP Tristram Dalton iNP Lnnan ^P*
Rowe Sucky ^ Georu'c Lnnan. Li the afternoon
the Merchants met (S: adjourned untlll Monday.
Rufus Greene
S[)ent the Eveniiii;' at the l^ol'see.
Ih'uj" Greene Prnneis .lohiniot W'" Coihn James
Richardson Jolm Avery W" llenshaw Tho*" Foster








This forenoon the Governour






Pelatlve to the Litroduction of Troops which has


alarmed the Lihalutants.










whieh pkice

Meetlni;' at Fanewill Hall at

there were present sixty two

an aL;'reement 1 have on File not to ]m[K)rt any
Goods. Spent the evening' at M' Rarher's Lisurance Ollice



the Silver l^owl was this evenini'' for

time introduced, N" 45.
holds 4.") <j>ills.








M' W'" Bowen



45 ounces



Ciip^ JMalconi


M' Jolin White


Cm})' Cobl)



Danlol J\uker





James Otis

.lolin ltU(I(l(K*k

^Fajor Doaiie

M' Crane of the Vineyai'd



The Connnittee




Nat. V>in-]wv



further sul)seripti()ns.
1 Avent to ehnrih
AuiT, 7.

Merchants met


Walter read


preaehed from 1-1 (-hap. St Luke ^ 11"'
this ^vils a most sensihie, eharltahle DisVerse,



heini!' a

hy Fire at Montreal

Ani;'. S.




Cliaritv lor tlie SulVer-

the province of (^Jueheck.
at Kaiiewill Hall

Merch'' met

ent ah" 100.



went with the

FollowinL!* c(nn|>a!iv to

view Kainsl'ord Island on the l*ro\ince Ace'.
.lames Otis, S;im'



Adams Joshua ilenshaw

John Ruddock John Hancock Sam'
Pemherton Ilendci'son Inches jh/nj" AustiJi Tho*
Gray David .lell'ries W'" Cooper Dr (.'hauncev Dr
Colo. .lackson


Sam' Mathew C<do. Drattle




dined there, were very nu'rrv.




Gentlemen ahout one










(jlreatons with a


— who

the lorcnoon a



were very



were at Liberty Hall where there was




every coufitenance,
Sons (jf Liberty






the Anniversary




Au<r. IG.

— 17C8


Dennis Island



dind there

on a Barbicue with (23 others).
After Dinner I set out with Cap^ JacohAu<j^. 17.
wee Hslied on
son <& Sam' Calef for Coh). Doty's

— spent

Punkapaud Pond



Colo. Dotv's.


Auii'. 18.



Lar<»'e Fisli


a^'ain to fish



— had



twenty dozen cS: some
set out for lumie, were eau<»ht in tlie

and stopt at M' Clarks at Milton.
24 Auiiust. Wednesday a Cold mornln^^
W. Dined at home with Colo Bourn of Mhead




Bowe ^ Sueky

S[>ent the Evenin<^ at Lady
and his sister, M" Cromwell

Franklands with Her








<S: Suckv
Our Weddinj*' Day liaviiiLT heen martwenty tliree years. M' Davidson arrivd from




in liim.




the Island of St .Johns







Cap' Folder saild


went home pafsen-


Poor W'" Speakman was taken

had douhtful





in a


for Life.



Cold Mornini;*

N West


Snperiour (Jourt setts this Day
at honu' say at iM' I^avieount's at Candjridjie with


^ M"


land M' W'" Sheall'e







Lady Frank-

ShealVe Colo Phipps


John Apthorp his lady and JNIiss
l^ettsy Creeideai', (Jap' Solomon Davis M"* Davis
j\P Liman Miss Sally ShealVe & M'" Bowe
lionui <S: spent the evening" with M"* Bowe.












went to the Quarterly Leetnre jit Fanewlll Hall,
^r Adams of Roxhury preached a Good Sermon on
the occasion

Wee met






on an

A rhit ration

Bowes present

M' Ezek' Price


K/ek Gol-

iMurrav myself.

the evenin<>* at the Fire Cluh
The Word " Ask More

The Governour


hetween M"*


for the



tion Yesterday mornlni»" that he






had Stav'd



Introducing' Troo[)s as long as he could hut could



no longer.

went out to Richards with Sam'
was very Lucky
Calef a iishini»" on the Cofsway
Lost seyerall
cauiiht many Perch ^ fine ones
10 Sept.







ahout a Cask




was fixM on


the Saddle



the Peacon.


N" West
Fryday A fine iMornlng
home with Capt dacohson M' Thos 15rattle
Rowe Kk> Sucky. Spent the FiVenin«»' at .iohn

10 Sept.
dined at


Rout helng his Pirtli Day with him
his Lady siui ^ DauHiter M' Fentoti M' Arclilhald
iM'NeaKK: Two Dauu'l iters M' Rohert Gould his wife



Es(j at a





Miss Sally M'


Two Daughters


M' Lavlcount








Vafsall M' Kdw" Davis cK: wile M' Parsofis M'
Inman M" Rowe c\: Miss Sucky IM' George Prlnley

tliat are expected. orew M'^ Har(lrio'<r M" W" Gould «& 1 attended the Select Men Afternoon 20. thev all met ^ did not think themselves . his wife Sc W waited on the Council to consult about Barracks <fc for tlie Troops 2'). Colo Dalrymple summoned the Select jNIen. vention met at Fane\vlll Hall this day.(hdene u ] a leaver St Lawrence u AlkMI a Senciiall ] a a i\hirtln a in Corner (Jlas«»()w ii supposed to Cap^ Gill Mermaid BoneUen (4 War Regm' on hoard. Kind's Coronation The Con- Day. Se[)t.DIARY— 17G8 175 M" Atkinson M"^ Griffin from Maryland M' llnW llallowell Dr PettiM' Forrest M' Hartley Cromwell. Se[>t. tasket l\oads six sail have the M'" Keoni' Sept. Shl[>s of harh(jur Arr'd 21). more of his Majesty's 2!)'" three Itomney u of from Halifax so that are now The Launcestoii a Men " Callder — This day the Troops came ashore the 21)'" with and 2 of the Kegm' companies — a company of Artillery they marched Into ye Common. War — of ^ a a Smith a Wallace U'" iS: 2!)'" Cookson Bllllnii's " Cap' Allen " Dawson Hope 1. Sept. hi V wood " Gaspee Oct. Tills forenoon came to anchor in Nan2S. our Schooner armed Cap' Dundafs Mai.

Dumares(pie. After Dinner a Committee from the Grand Lodiie Bro. 1 went to the CoU'ee House to Oct." 1 took who were present as it was spoke about to see Twelve of Clock at xXoon. Driidey <S: several the ^ Army who entry did not I — way 1 any Notice of know thoni. — "No" he 1 are in 1 say to was rei)eated inii'" 1 earnest.lit it it then iust in W the ColVee Frudent not but Phillip ollicers of Uoom to take came home to dinner. liich'' Gridlev. hope — Shoes — ^ tell You vou. Bro. John Cutler mission from the Duke of Beaufort appointin<. 150ST0N ]MK11CIIANT belnir Quiir- Town so that the 21)"' pitclied their Tents Common the 14"' <>"ot into Fanewill Hall tered in in the <fe part of the oD"' at Koh' Gordons Stores. M' Geo. pay a was most smartly aeto I^r Ediniiton visit ^ eosted hy Cap' Dundass in " Ila John are you there tlie followin**' — Danuny have heard of for vour heinu* Dammy You deserve it'' 1 words — expected to before now. M' Forrest. 2. i). you're Jokiui. handed upon which nuide " 1 — *''• Surely Cap' Dundafs.170 JOHN obliii'od to take Coti'iilsaiui* for their 1K)WK.' " he answered " iS'o Damn him if he which upon wjis. 1 am in liini are an Incendiary liotice (S: I you handed yet in your shoes.' m(^ afterwards 1 met Grand Master of N" Anu'i'ica — « — . Jeiddns <fc they Presented me the ComBro. in '' repeated the ''Then you are hopes you were iokDanui you. Oct.for vou are a Damn Incendiary ^ I shall replv you see in hanii'ed your same — upon which earnest vou.

Dalrymple. under arms cK: made a Good Ap[)earance. the Center. This who came very Politely. The Oct. Gen. -0.M. This day the Sheriif got into the Factory House. Oct. 7. Society Let one of my houses to Cap"" Oct. 1 had him ah" the troops. 10. General Gage arr'd from New York The reginu'uts were at Major i5yards at Uoxhurv.* 2± Waited on Cob). his attendants General with four The v. Maitland Adj't Gen.I of Great Abilities cK: waited on Colo. Colo. . niorniuii. U. Skinner ^ went I the to Funeral of Old M" was a hearer. Gai»e en!»a«'ed me to wait on him tonu)rrow mornni*''. Oct. hut I think the scoun(h-els tliat did it oui. Artillery came saluted iS: a 1 full lind lie received me hour's discourse with him very cool met Gen. They passed ertson in ToAvn ah"" with 17 Guns. L"). Oct. of Ohara Guard House the some people nudce Li^ht of this all'air. Major Furlong — Last niglit some Villains cut the Frame so as to llcnder it useless. Itob- with Gen. the Front of both ^ Ca[)^ Wilsons two Companies who Uegiments were formed to be severely punished cK: I Avish they may he found out. took a walk into ^ marclied ah>n<j. Gage to he a ^ cK: Gentleman I dispassionate.DIARY— 17G8 the Select & men spent 177 the Chari- eveninji^ at tlie ^ an hour at the CoiVee House. tiihle vestcrchiy <S: the otlier this day to botli at C20 Ster'g per annum. Oct. K). Gatie.

met ahout an 1 Nov. 2») The Honhle John Oet. they present hut rel'erred — at all Monday. WW M" cS: carried Suckv hef(jiv Behaviour it until Tuesdav the Dined mortiini'' IJowe c\: were alVair of Cap' Wilson's. the Grand the Install -o"' of with ^ ordered c\: « the Secretary to write a h'tter to our lirother the liev'" Mr." at the CotVee house with . Ks(|' — Oet. ]}OSTOX 178 ISIET^CTTANT to provide a Division for the KIii<. lirst this from went of Novend)er a liome Justice Dana hound over to for tlie M'. Roh' Ten»[de his Ladv hy the name of Greenville. was Christened this Gunpowder who 1 deserted. The Teni[>le S[)onsors were Gen' C'a<.' Nov. IJass of Tins 2\K Oct.*s the Maii'ir/Ine. Ga<»e iS: Colo Uohertson. 'I'roops The Selectmen Fanewlll Hall Into the Barracks. also attended Es(| Child forenoon at our Church. Gen.\: the Uemaimler at Cap' M'Nealls with him.Mills M' .James Otis iS: . his T^adv his Daujihter Genei"il Gaire Colo Itohertson Colo Maitland Colo Dalrymple C'olo Kerr Major Gand)ell Major Small Major SherilV Cap' Kind)all Cap' Matr'ln Cai)' Preston M' .John Krvini»' . Court Martial on a soldier of the 1-1"' Colo. Dalrvniple sat a President.JOHN nOWE. 28.e. Grand Spent pari Thev Lodtiv. wltii day Cap' line Inman Willson was some Drunken Sessions Spent part of the Kvenini. Newhury on the day the occasion. In forenoon \\as held a General Tliis of the aiireed Master on Wednesday the to eveiiiiii.John Dennle. Henderson Inches Solo Davis Nich I^jylston James Warden W" Mollineux .

. dined at M"" Royall Miss Bri<rg' Miss Gardner. cS: arr'd Avith ^ their oflicers all — ^ the church time they have day — Dr Buhlick Catherwood on the appeared — War from Halifax her the Romney ^hm — Lord W" Campbell Commodore — Doctor the Commodor Cap' Gould at this first arr\l in of in « c\: also T^ady o-lves '^Fhe c\: Hood a li'reat Nov. M' Dumaresq ^ wife M'" Arch". ^ ^ M'" liowe tlie Billy IlaiKlfiekl Wednesday A Dull heavy home with Ca[)' M(desworth ]^>raeket Cai)' Gould Miss Martins W" Siicky Ininan Cap^ Ilandiieia !) Dau<. Bomroy the Irish Rei. the Sueky Came TIs Reported the Commlfsioners this And Otis M' Inman M' Cromwell al)" G5 — This ^lolllneux 6c kileven of Clock. Neall Lady Lei<>li Moleswortli Major — & wife «& cS: three W Howe W ^ Polly Royal Nov. character When 1 got to my store this morning. Nov njornlnii' '^J'hls Colo. The Commissioners Nov. IS.inu'nts N" Gf part of dav also the famous Trval between — Snow (A)tU)i\ to Town saw One of them M' Rohinson 1 10.liters M — Two M' morn<»* WS" the 21)"' of Leight of the U"' M' luman Spent part of the evening at Sueky ColVee house with Joshua Winslow Treasurer Gray Tho' Gray Edw'' Pavne Ezek' Goldthwait Geo iJethune Melaclilar Bourne Will'" JMolhneux John Nlch" Krvinu* ^ Boylston home Ivemalnder at Lady Fraidcland her with sister James M" Bowe & Day.DlAllY — 1708 170 M' Forrest M' Cromwell D' Pettip^rew Cap* Vtii'sull ^ M' Lavicount l^^July. B).

St . evenin." at the ColVee Quincv sundry Goods therein a hefore fellow on suspieion of alias Jaeohs thel't. M" Bowe cK: Sucky Nov. Gen. the oi)"' Church. to Trinity Walter read Prayers v\: our Rev' M' Bass of Newhury preached from the 21" Chap. I earried to night name Tobin his — Silent tlie House with the Grand Lodge.lohn c\: part of the After service wee returned in Procession 20^'' Verse to Concert Hall aiul dined on an elcL'ant Kntertain- ment provided hy a Committee. — who — .180 JOHN KOWE. of musick. 11). 21). Gaue «S: Family went Town eral this morning.. in tin? home with D' out tlie of Gen- .lustlee wlio called eoniniitted him. who hehaved very J took my Bolitely leave of *S:c. the Kev'' ()!"' cS: M Worthy Brother the two with accompanied tluj Town JJands IJrass Ucj'iments. had the honour Grand Installed America 1 blaster cK: j>leasure of Masons of at Concert Jlall this mornini. ap[)ointcd \)\ the there were one hundred thirtv four Grand Lodii'e — — wee afternoon very s[)ent the did honour to the which order good Brethren present cheerfully ^ Craft came home 1 evenhig cS: in spent at the Fight of Clock evening at Catherwood.- After the very solemn Ceremony whole Fraternity proceeded in Order for heing North This was a installation in cV marched Troeession from Concert Hall round the House. 1J08T0N MEKCIIANT found it ^ Broke open my taken wav to iireat nu)rtilieati(ui 82 15rethren present Nov. Nov. 2-i.

* & home & Koh^ Temple. 27. M"* Swain. 20. Miss Ik'tty Dehiike Miss Katy Lady Wendall. Capt O'hara. W" mere. <jfoiiiii^ Dined waited on the I TlKinksi^ivinc^ Day — I paid a visit to Campbell at M' Boutiiieau's. ceiv'd me Dee. also Dr. INI' Cromwell. spent 181 Commodore who Re- vely politely. iM" W me Ih-oul. 5. M' SheallV. Dec. where we had a John very elegant . Gilbert — 111.DIAllY Nov.e with Dr. 1. who was Board (the Glaso-ow to sail for Plalifax) oil at IM' Tniiiaii's at Cambrid<. W" Lord — 1768 Sz Georii'e the iM' Iiiman — eame Sally at Cap' evenin<. 1 Tln^ . M'" Rowe Solomon Davis' with Davis.M' <S: cK: pd a visit Sam' — Ca'lef. L"). Miss Penny Winslow. M' Thomas Brattle iS: M' Inmim. M'^^ Slieall'c. Dec. Miss Saky SliealVe. Dec. Siiekv. Cather- wood. ]i(»me with Sucky Sunday 2. ]5e it rememhered tliat Sir Tho" Bieh of tlie Senegal ])ressed all Ca[)' Dashwood's hands. Friuikland."). Dee. may hear 1 dined at M'^ Bowe ^ Anthony LechOld M' (Jould who is very Speakman to Day Christmas B>rattle. Skinner. Catherwood. at Colo dinner cK: We celebrated the Feast of St In<»ersoirs IS present.' (Customs Bill a on attended 1 Commissioners of the the witli Caj)' Watts from twelve almost three on their ]Ii<»h Miiihtinessesses till this Behaviour of theirs ^ he horn Imt not to is not only very Insolent for which they more about. Cap' McNeal arr'd from Queheek who him.

Birthday the Connnoii (Jueen's under arms on they made a — three lirst ^ (M'" S[)ent the eveiiiiii. Justices to the Coal. 1. 1 savinii' it Colo. their for the names — . came This day the Kino-*s speech Jan.inuMits 14'"— 2!)'" — fusion Jan. BOSTON iMKHCIIANT 182 I7()l) We Jan. some of m house searched ]\r found my g'oods that were stole out of my ^vareNovember sent Stoodly to goalthe —& — other Vickers made his eseape.* to I came home found the Uev'' AI' Walter with whom I had two hom's Conversation on the Times. Yesterday examined before Sessions for tlu' tliree of Pench of settinti* lire the Prisoners were . clever on lick ollicers this Occasion «S: ou«>ht thanks of this I'own. Master Ilolhrook. 10. & Viekers liouse Spent the when at the rofsee. Jan.* too mucli Contime line appearance. at the Assend)ly for the Uei. of Fire it « down <S: The <rer. 6. their Ik'haviour.JOITX HOWE. Commodore Dined ^ supped at Ilood^s. were the means of dier Pomroy <S: of Kerr urers in the — to extremely have tlie Puh- can truly sav they 1 waited on l>ri<'"a- thanked them For Attended the SelectnuMi on tlie cK: Attended Ilollidavs. eve'nj. Last ni<2'ht T Was awakened hy the cry was the County Coal which was huiiit the neiii'hhourhood very much in Dan- *)1. hand. aiVair hchaved Arniy cK: the this afternoon nu*t tlie Whale Fishery of Fnnei-al Advent- at the Coll'ee Houses ft/ Febry. li).

1 went this morninij^ in the Sleijrh to Feb. The harbour all froze in. his ollicers of his Comsons all his two him. Clark. R). not to vote for nu' as Selectman was not in mv Room. pany. The & 183 Town. Mar 7. . Town Meetinti". with Mar. the Rev'' Dr Elliot — M' ^ . JM' Henderson Inches. cS: wbat they. M^ Inman. This forenoon M'Kowan*s Cap' ship was seized bv the Custom House ollicers. at this W M'^^ M" Gouhl. the Rev'^ M' Forbes M'^ Forbes. Meetinti'. ^ in (/onse(pU'nce C/bose.DIAKY — 1709 Abel Badger of this Donnelly. (). 11. ^SV Rob^ Gould. Spent the at M'"* Cordis with the Fire Club. Miss Betty ^ Sally Gould. a Great Rogue Man one Michael — M' Forbes married Rev*' — one all very to Miss Brush Hill. wliich appears to be a very wrong step in tbe Town. day Dolly Murray I went to James Smith Esq at Brush Fel)ry 7.lobn M' George Trot jun' eve'iij*' Adams — — M' Lawyer «S: Tliomas Trot Sen' M' Baker. but M' Jonatban Mason was Chose In tbe al'ternoon M' Sam' Adams ad'air I Avent to came on Town «S: the prayer of his Petition Granted. I am afraid will r<'[)ent. Cand)rid<re ^ dln'd at M' Inman Dined at ^hijor Cunningham's. 1 desired mv Friends Mar. Rowe iK: Sucky After dinner jNIad'" Belcher ^ — daughter paid them a visit Febry !). Hill ^ dined there with him iM" Smith. a soldier bad Fellows Febrv 2. People came from the Castle on the Ice.

Atten<led 1(). Colo. Thaidv (Jod. . 22. that It was a JJrilllant Assend)ly yery (lood cK: Danelni. Lesly. i\hijor jNlalor A Fordyee.' at tlie Fife Major's Concert at Concert Hall there was a lar<»"e i»"cnteel all'alrs. Just heard of the death of 1!).m in tlie afternoon 1 went to the Fnnerall of Iletirv Vafsall dined at M' Inman at was a Palllioldei- ( with (Jenei-al Es(|'.yn^ JOHN HOWE. Mar. New in the pearimce. Ollicei's of the Navy & Army *S: Gentlemen ^ Ladles of the Town. Mar.s Spent the evenini. with Kerr Colo. Mill".at th(^ Assenihly the Governour. BOSTON MKRCITAXT 184 This forenoon the Superior Court met Court House ^ nuule a splendid ap- 14. It did vei-y little Damai-'e. i\Lir. afternoon ah" iM' the Court Su[)erl()r Thomas's this Ilallowells' l)rli.'es. I ]>i'attle Colo Phipps Jos Lee l']s(|' Rich' Letchmore Uoh' I'emple Fs(j It was a vei-y handsome Es([ cK: Fnnerall ^ eaine to- Town a Great in Numher to^-ether <d' Peoph* iK: Cari'ia<. iry.'.Ahilor Nundn'r of Fleinln<r. (Jreat Knrlono'. Ahir. General. West 'andn'Idi^c with him ^r Cromwell Lady Frankland M'^ IIai'dini»' Miss Molhe Wethered M" Uowe iK: (Jeoi'ii'e Inn».«. Colo Henry — V'afsall of Cand»rid<''e who my Fiiend died Kryday nmht. Wednesday Cold very lilows hard N. the Fvenlni!" cV: spent the l*]venin<»* . — Company the hest Mnslck *S: I have heard jKM'formed eame home wee were alai-med hv the of Fire which hapj»ened at Henderson Inches ery there After 1 « hut. Spent tlie evening. Coinnio(h>re.

s the Superior Court l>rlii"i»s Present Wife sent ont the Tickets to invite the 1 Cliaritahle Society this inorninu^ t(> liis of the 'J^homas Ueoiment 2!)'" 'JMils Mr preached a most excelk'ut discourse' Forhes is a most delli»htFu] kS: charmin<»" preaclier. Dan' Huhhard..John Greene Nath. 2. Barnard C(>k). M' dolin Box Sen' John P>ox Inman . 2i). Poniroy. sh)\v.Ion Simpson. Ivxcelk'ncy Gov. 2)^.ers(>lls with the Mar. 4. .'<»lcs married after the year 17o7 i\hir. Dined at Colo. Ini.lolin « Uowe Treas.DIAKY — 1700 185 Greene Benj Greene Tlio" Box James Richardson Will"' at the Pofsee with Riifus Foster SanV Swift Jn*" W" Henshaw Francis Johnnot & Coilln John Avery. The Ilev' ]\r WaUer. 20.. Spent the Kvenlni.'. Greene Jos Greene. Mend)ers of the Charltahle Society — Present . afti'rnoon c\: acted as Warden for tlie lirst time. The Rev" M' Pahner ^ the Uev' Dinner — M' ]>yk*s We had a line Salmon for Mar. I laid a Wai».]"" Apthorp Stephen Ills Greenleaf — W" Collin Sen' . ]>lllin<. Henry Loyd. Tlie Key" M' Troutheck.* at tlie Assemhly which was a very 15rilllant one. The Pvev" M' Winju!. Connuodore Hood .er of a Beaver Ilat with Sam Swift that M' Geor<. 2S.*)'21). iM' Tlio'' came on 1) ill sold 1 I attended Tlionuis' action ag'ainst the Jury Brought in a cK: M favour of Forhes my Schooner aftei'noon 'JMils (Japt. Suky Wirdlct llallowcll C. T went to chnrcli hoth forenoon & Apr.e llui. M' Mar.

iys. 1). Hooper of Marblehead came to . Dr Canil)rkli. . j\r — Andrew Oliver Ks(|. Cap' Molesworth of the 2!V" <'arrled off Miss 1 nu't the* Suky ShealVe to Ham])tou Sluu't — Merehants at Fanewill Hall Apr. 2L IM' this nfternoon. derson. at the Coll'ee House witli the Proprietors of Long' Wharll* Arnold Wells. Apr. Tho'' (K: WInslow Ks(|. Ai)r. IM. Earl of Hilshorough are sent over hy M' ])ollan whieh makes great noise ^ censure. Miss Polly Betunie. Whitworth. his Lady. Jolm Phillips ^^ Sam' iM' M Oliver Wendall Hewes. Spent the evening at the Assend)lv. 12. 180 BOSTOX ^rEIlCTIAXT After dinner T took a Klde to Milton. M' J"" Powell. came to To^vn ^ spent the eve'nj. Ca[)' .JOITX ROWE. 20.. 11. About eleven JM"* Howe «S: 1 went to wee dined at IM"* VassalFs with her.lames Dalton. his Daughter. HenGlllam Phillips.'e Russell M- Fanewill Sen'.lohn myself. a very large Company Gov' absent. Inman M' Inman W" ^ In the afternoon wee went to ehureh —Suky M'" Vassall jNI'"* Kowe cK: myself stood S[)ons()rs for Dr KusselFs ehlld named renelo[)e AFter ehureli wee returned to jMIstress A^issalTs cK: draidc tea cK: colfee. Cap*^ Jos.* at Colo ln<4*ersolls Apr. Some letters of Gov' Parnard to the Apr. Hahejah Savage ^V Jos. G. A Ca[)' Parker arrlvd from Glasgow — In Passage of Twenty tw(» d. Vassall. Dined Apr. Cap' Penj'" Waldo. Koh' Jeidvlns Haneoek Savage. Prinee. D' Job M' !M)utIneau. Apr.

Colo. Went & INP of them ah" 12 with M' James Perkins — we were joyned Sam' Cahd* Spot Pond Medford — Major Vassall Thompson Wee had very luck — never saw such hum* a to «fc l>y lishini. .DIAKY — 17G0 & town 187 brings the melancholly ace* of Lieut. Widow sum was of the T^ate Ilev' i\r Hooper. IlenM' Foster. Election Day.* ji'reat Percli.i:. Colo. Brii. May After church there was a contribution 14. sold my Stillhouse ike to Colo Jack- son for the sum of £880. M' Saunders. Walter Spooner.los. James Otis.fune 1. I^owers. tlie i::ni). & M"" sellors sliaw. May & M" jNP I iNIay 7.lames Governour Neji'atived eleven conn- Boudoin.l) ccpial to £42. I some hands of — ah^ the went out of Town I Payson & M' & M" & Jones at JMilton Bridjje. Men of War I . before Caut. Jun(» *>. Paxton beinij killed in endeavoring^ to Press M*^ Hooper's May Land near the on called & Voses went found in 8"'. tlu're. M' to see ao.13 & :r Lawful ]\Ionev this for the be — sum voted her c([ual to the hope think with Private Donations nuiv 1 last year. inches.. June in of jM' 1 many — All the King's birthday harlxmr fired 21 u'uns each.1*5. at least I so. Colo.ain & M'^ Payson very depl()ra1)le circumstances.'<i^' Brattle. I Stillhouse iM' dined at who Cap* Poor fr Cadiz. . \. with W" Speaknian Bri<»'<^. Tlie — . Settled G. jM' Greenleaf. Ahiy *>1.4.

Wasliiiii. Bei. Loyd to have my Tooth drawn ^ had not Kesohition to t. were Rej»im' U ^ 1 Pond where wee had took a Hide round .ondon.June 10."o thro' the OperaThis day Power *S: others were on Trval for tion. Spent the evenino. their Conduct on hoard the Hose Man of War. is News."). Great Ca[)t Hall arrivd from F. the Concert Hall with a very — ^ Ijadies aline Brilliant eonipanv oF Gentlemen a ii-ood lar<»e lMnnd» Cake. Uohertson. June 5. Diiiod at Faiiewill witli the Govern' <& Council ^ the ArtiHery Company. Sloop St to <••() . Dr (/atherwood. 'I'hey . June June dred This tS: li). Let Kil'ty 2!)"' <lay the Really made A my Dollars mow the Pasture." day. also the Lihrary. Behaviour was very Courai»ions their cS: 1 think very IMiiht. I rose Golthwalt. *» «' tlune McKay Gen' Avere The 1. «!v: CJov' After dinner M'" Iieviewed Heliavcd extrenu'lv Clever they much A<lmired General. Ball. IMaior June hrld<»"e 7. M"" «& hi'ejik fasted at Inmnn's— M' Uowe Snckv iS: Al'terwards T we!it same Company to the Collei. Sent for Dr.JOHN 18S BOSTON MFJICirANT TiOWE. excellent iMuslck ^ very early <k went to CamAvith iMelancholly of Mai' I^yard's Ruins.'e witli M' Winthroi) who was very ohlii»liii»' «\: shew ns tlie with the Apparatus which very J^lei^ant.lohii to t'oi' One Hun- ilahlax «S: UeninuMit wei-e Keviewed. . fine Appearance. Lord Geor<»'e Gordon. II"' ^FIh' hv ^: were much Approv'd hv the Adjourned the General Court. June 14.lamaica the Sii.'an to 20.

lohn iM' Temple attended with Blows Jiii. M' liowen. preached in Fanewill Twelve Woman ol' hundred Good people.*. Boylston.ham Coh). (vS: ol)" IIous fi'om I found arrivd l)eini»' N" Carolina.luly Sh)op of . Dr. (^ap^ on the his brother others)."). Master Prince. Byles. ]>rattle M' Otis. Court yesterday untill the 10 Jan next.lulv the Schools Commodore Ilood waited on 1 •'>. 180 TIs said that Gov'' Barnard missed G. St John's Day. in Several The Small Pox broke out . M' Nlcli. ft' Families. preacher. Select tlie Men Bev'^ Dr. YaV Carnes U' \luW Jenldns A vers. . Iv/e' Master Hunt. Present (-11 JMasons. Uol)' Lyndsav \'l[)ers Ca[»' When S.lulv^i. the Hall This al'ternoon Famous (Quaker to seems to at ])e Least a M'^ Rachel Willson. . to Visit iM' W Wahey M' HowJames Colo. very Genteel liad a (Quarrel town-house home came I cS: iNP in the the Diah)i»ues.DIAHY — 17C9 Juno 21. thither. Marshall.\{>\\\\ duly Fhu-ker at Our Warr Lyndsay Last 1. Maj' CunninL. Brethren). . Boston in Overseers of dined with «K: the JN)or. Brattle from dis- lias Col. July 21. Klliot. I'he ard. The Governor Proroj^ued the General July 1(>. The Commodore. M Cap' doh Jr (S: W" M' I Proctor Master llolhrook. of his lleu'im*. Major Lovell M' James Lovell. Dhied at the Kin^"'s Arms on ]>oston Neck Avith the Free A very Elegant Dinner. Ijeiiiii* June 24. . Very hot. Ciohhwait. She Understandini.

this afternoon who gave me a pretty tight Lecture ah" the Luportation . Roh' Auchmooty. present W" homo with M' John Siicky. Hugh M'Daniel W" Read. This forenoon 1.JOHN Kowr:. M"' Rowe 1 c\: Great Ponlire in the Gov"^ Bar- cK: Flai»' Pells Rin<^ln<^' the in Thompson Ca[)^ for EiiL^land Ri[)pon. Rainy weather. Henry Laughton. Harrison's Charles Funerall. M' Georj^e. uostox 11)0 Spent the M'" eveiiin<»* at Rowe ^ cock. Fi'ancis Johnnot.. — the Llherty Tree in The A People. John Adams. Ll^htninj. — tended the iMerchants Meetlnii. vessels sunk at Hancock's wharf. Fort Hill. Tuthill Hubhard. on well.John Company a Pig'y Hancock. July Two eveninti' 1 went hear M' Doui>lass to he Performed heads. Swift. July 24. I^ecture hoisted on — Great King' St Joy to ^ on went with Caj/ Galdwell. John Cutler Tliom'' Amorv cS: Peter Johnnot We sunk thel^oxat I atmy Wharf this noon and were very Lucky James Otis. the Merchant's Conunlttee at the House. Henderson Inches. Coil'ee iMErvCiiANT went 1 Tho'' Cushln<j^. Au^'. jMan of War — nard went home him. Benj Kent. In the »)1. W" Coflln Sen'.-. ^ Edw" Tayne Phillips. Sam. July 28. Met Lyiidsay. Sucky in Cap' CaldNvell's Cutter up wee landed near the J^rid<»'e (X: Cambrid<»e River — dined at M' Inman's Dined Aui. — to M' John Han- myself. Aug" 2. with the at following' John Clwnnpney's on — .vK: thunder. 4.

Sen'. dined on invitation from Cap' Cald- 1 Kose on Noddles Island well ol the The S(mis of Liberty met at Liberty dined at Uobinson's at Dorchester they M' Ilancontained loD Carria<»es on their Ketnrn Ani. T). to take a I j.* Ju"" *k JNP Inman The Freemas(Mis walkM in form cK: made a very handsome Appearance On Tm'sday IM'W" Coihn Sen^ myAn--. & my God- son this afternoon Sej>t. self i\: M'^ Itowe stood sponsors for M' Walter's Son William Anjj^. 7." at the Pofsee <S: ^1' ^ was oreatly snrprised to find when I came home my Old Friend M' .lohn T^ane at Our house \\<^ came in the Nafsau very unexpected. i\r — tis iis Last evening.DIARY — 17G9 of some Porter on not been hiul Imported This mornini.died Uneasiness Smith boiiril Jiirvis I'Jl James Smith nil'. Tree — ik. VI. James iMnrray Jonathan Simpson.b)hn Frvlnj. of I at Milton. 10. 11. S. ti"'. 0.()t view of up tlie at two of Clock this morninjj^ Comet which hath made Appearance from twelve until three in the his morning .*. cock j>receeded the Comj)any the Rear Otis Bron^-ht np Sjjend part of the eve'nj. 1 paid a visit to oM" Walter Sci)t.b)hn Frvlniz. Ani»'. 1 was a JU*arer to my Old Friend Cap' Forbes toiietber with ." died James Forbes A wish the Porter like to make an my Friend ^P James my okl Friend Caj/ the afternoon attended the Funerall In Ani»'. .

Two looks like the it found ln-foie followed hv a ^K: cV' of Olis — examined liclicNe j trciierallv this after- foi-mei'lv Ih-atini. lind the Iiiliahitaiits I met ' at the I'satir was thoiiLiht hr noon the Sah'ni Ik* Dana W ' ' liiown acccssarv m Thonsand — M' Miiirav was there People S. Peni" Il<'ws.*ieat damaL. c\: Pi Piehes Calel' the* selL Smith ."^P a the Fn- Pearer with Adams.M his l^inn<*ht had \\'hai"f. James cK: — Oils Ks(| it's sal'l Otis is imieli luMiised.lOIIX V.' .^ieatlv alanncil with IJascallv treate<| \«m\' Shci-ilV lor was Otis ." — People of tis — j^s<] Pemiterton .i'2 for it Ni^lits ])rocc'(M]lni.'. M' Sam' attended 1 .lustice vX: Great NnmlM-r 1)V tiie — to l^aiicwill ilall Cc Carrieil . -'). Sprai^ne.\: (Irav. Sept. A 1>. rose eai'lv cK: M' — ahont ii^e^l L. otiier j)arts of the Town. an AU'ray Its Tail very Loiil*' cK: the CnlVeelioiise between M' Uohiiison liapjKMied at Coinmissiouer tlie IJOSTON MKltCUANT — five I^jiriie IlOWi:." . 'J his afternoon of Miss Sarah Treasurer Tho" iierall Grav Fanewlll .«> ^ Ship this Dav Se})t.^oji M' Hen]>eai<T Dr. I very Oreat Storm Tail oF a hnn-ieane Se[)t. I^nnei-al to^'ether with 'J'ho" CusJiiiiL. ^hi.the Shippuii.Iiistiee toolc heini.Isiiae Sam' afternoon wife'. ^ yi M Tho" Pus- .. IS. ^P liallowell iNjiiiihlv the Storm done Sept. derson 2']. Se[>t.e anion^.>> was v.i|>[)(*Jir(Ml very Iji the ove'ii^.lohnathan I attendicd was a cK: f. ').Pur Sept.^'j'.

»)().DIAIIY Dined Sept. Walter to i\r Jos. .'hters. This day tliere was a Oct. Oct." at ^ M' J. his & M' Christopher's. met at Fanewlll Hall to consider wliat measures should he taken ahout Cap^ Bryants cari. 1 li). & Thomas at — 1709 & Company which not I did know now.e Seizure from Cap^ John Homer who 1 take to l)e a verv honest Good man «S: for which 1 am liappen at tliis tin\e. njornlni. as 1 for ^ was did not I his Passen<^'ers Can' Courance Oct.*'d London iio tlie M' Harrison. for have heen I in Dau<. Tliis day the Custom house oiHcers Sept. INIiss Loring married to Night by Betty Lloyde. S. of W'ulson Winslow Oct. made a lari. afternoon GouMs M'"" *& Creditors evenin<. Snuth Murray."o. M"* Lane Uoh^ Goulds Cred"* after a Lon<^ jU"0[)osed to pay / in the Pound. 1). two sons Paxton two of the JM' time since their arrival tlie first their Lleu^ Gov- tlie Harris a Gentleman from St ^I' EHslia.*). This . ernor Avitli Commissioners. ]\r ever saw. Oct. ]0. ih'l)ate 1. 4. 28. (S: I Ks(|' TL iNIy worthy Friend Jos died yesterday iM' Tol ]]r()Ui:ht me home a New Coat breeches. VX\ honor liis two his lilni. 15ettv iS: Spent Roh' Cordis' wltli Church to this forenocm U) attend Cap' thicol)son wlio sailed ohlli.") payahle in four years. Dined at home on the linest Haunch Oct." tlie Mercliants vei-y sorry sliould Oct. Town the Transactions are agreed he puhlished to iMeetin^" & to- morrow.

ai"inii"iS:c occasioiK'd anuMJL. beini. 1 sent Cato on ])oard the Rose this morjiin<>' Man of . ])c *Jv: Court met Superior the to the liave charge todav. this M'"* oi' his Majesty's The Vestry 2().5. to M i\r Publication that ^ has Given Great uneasiness Day — a[)pearcd this eveninj'' Some people spoke to by Cap' Dashwood he ii'ot into Kzek' Price's oflice «S: <»'ettini»* aroused he Avas from thence of the 21)"' lired a Pistol in Ivciiiment c\: the Issued out to secure him but In the eveninii' a lar«»e Mob wounded a (u-enadier Arm. Oct. between M" Ness of tlie 1 J"' <fc M' rierrepoint >vlileli has made some Considerable Noise about Town. 2J. IIOSTON MEPvCITA^^T All nlVniy happened at tlie So' Guards Oct. Jud<?e terror Inbabitants I'olsee.").VM JOIIX llOWE. War. ^ of Kin<>"'s accession 2. 24. Oct. of Chnrcli met Trinity Church AlVairs of 8' day Ivowe had the misfortunes to — her ancle s[)rain this day.' tlu' (). 28. Oct. Grand Jury. and all found. Year Tentli settkHl all the ^ throne tlie the l\eii»ii. The Lvnde tben ('art tbis sonu' rcarlull ]i()ld strij)t cS: the main Streets of tbe at nine dismissed mucb was with tbe Nov. 2. Well. Wai-rants were lie could not Assendjjcd of one Gcor^^e Greyer an inf(U'mer j»-ot who they painted him al! over with Tar covered him with Feathers cK: put bim in a naked cS: carried bin) thi-o' hu///. Nov. Monday \\)\)v cV'c — — Tbe in bim — W'lien tbis Peoj)le ^ 'I'own matter Peopb* bap[>ened 1 have bebaved Day.' Nov.

18. Twas a handsome Funeral .). Cambridge morning M' John Dennie of his house bv Fire for Avhich 1 am This lost very sorry. W" Greenllef Samuel Dashwood W" I'^hlllips John Barrat ^ Jon" Snutli Henderson Inches W" Whitwell 3Iason Dec. the Brotherhood. 0.DIAKY — 17Cy Nov. Dhid at Colo Inger- . 22. Jolm's Day. solls AvIth St. 27. Birth My Day being 195 fifty four years SnoAvs this morniiif^ for the second time. i\r Avick Dec. & M' Checkly this evening at the Charitable So- ciety. Avlth tlie ing. Dec. Dec. my Friend Sam' Cary Escj*^ Avho Avas buried from his Brother I was a Bearer tojjether Richards at Cliarlestown. attended the Funerall of I 7. Dec. Isaac Ed\vd Payne W" Mollineaux. 27. Avith Spent the afternoon at Colo Ingersolls Blake ^ Savage ab" tlie Forji'e at Hard- V. Avith Jolm Ervlng Sen' Ks(| John Avery Powell Cap' ilenly of CharlestoAvn Temple Esq.I()hn Es(| & M' Rob* Spent the evening at the Colfee House Connnlttee of jMerch'" Present Thos Cush- Dec. Afternoon at the Funerall of the Rev'' old.

W" Grccnieaf we (lay ^ distributed tlie al)ont niu riillllps. M' John Lane j\r Jan'y 17.' at M' Iioi)' Gould's to see the Celehration of the jNIarria^e hetween jNI' Jan'y 4. — money Sj)ent the eve'ni.lackson aiiain thev adiourned until tomorrow. Coh). 1 believe. iMess" Day.JOHN KOWE. Itoiiers. jM' Lillie.M' Rowe. M' . ordered ^ his them onlered in)tice of. to Colo. ft the visited ft ft.lolin M' Math. the alternoon S[)ent ^leetiui** at chants visited M" ^S: Hall at part of the eve'njj. of W" W" Ku(hh)clv Ksq. Jan'y chants met The harhour ag'ain to froze in. Kanewill the ColVee House tian'v IS. ']1icoj)hilus ^ . ^lerchants came to waito on SheallVs This Deacon allair. ewill Hall which highly di. M' Nich" Boylston. cS: . Molllncaux Conimitteo tlie W" John Poor's M' Dcnnle. W" dav this aLiain the whole J>o(lv as they are called jM' the Merch^" ^ 'JVmi of Clock. Dal- Regiment to keep .sed the Lieut. John Baker I^rimmer ^ iMiss I5ettv Gould. Dalrymple Cap' Caldwell. Dined at home with Ills Honor the ft. Inman.splea. Jan'v i). Governour who sent the SherilV disperse which they took no rymple. JiOSTON 11M. 17 JSIEKCIIANT 7 This afternoon Jairy 1. Govern' his Brother Foster Hutchinson ivs(|. %* ID.' at This Day the Body of iMei*- W" Jackson The Merchants met sons of his Honor Taylor. 'i'lie Mer- Hutchinsons to deliver agTced up The Trade met a'»"aln today at FanJan'y 2'>. Lieut.

f tm ^ mm'^w^l^^ i 1 .. f .• • . '.--• .


(Quarrel Tbe Ladies v<>uni»' A A the Great soldiers <S: Inhabitants. M"* Geor<>"e l>riidcv M"* Louder Miss Bettv Liches ik> two or three ^hlr. the afternoon on a S[)ent ^ Inches Ilendei'son Harrison of London visit to jNI"" Ladv. This nioht tbe 29'" lleo^m' on Duty. Feb'y21. T). Feb. Sucky. afternoon the Boy that was by Kicbaidson Avas buried.DTAIIY under Arms all nio-ht — 1770 — the 107 Body voted said Colo.Mar. Fei). season. 2. Farce.^ Feh'y 9.lan'v tin? The Ilarliour full of Neck in the Slei<'h. where we found ^V Smith M' Kd Favne JM' . IM"* Itowe to }>lease Sucky made a Dance ^ cntci'tainmcnt wbicli was a Genteel One. Dalryinple should be cashiered. )).Isaac ft/ i\r .1. This 2()."cisolls I took a ice. very unconnnon at this 24. mand (^)narrcl whom I didn't know. Ue<. M' IinnaDs. I am very sure two tiiiMisand people attended his Fuiu'rall. Smart Thunder «S: Lightning ah" Ten of Clock. Snow ^ I Tail. to Aveiit I IM' & Cainl)rid<>'e dined at Lane Head us the Diverting* . killed iMar. Spent the eveniiif. on Arhltratlon between John Colo at Hugh Tarbut & IhMij Caldwell.lolin Timmins M' Jnman M"* Itowe ik. A A between Bells Rung' Kinjj^ Street. the JMayor of' cS: . between sonu' oF the 29"' — the liopemakers yesterday cS: today. Jaii*y 25. Number Assembled in Party of the 29'" under the C<mi- of Cap* Preston fired on the People — they . Hide over . 21). Tni.

]\hir. they chose a Kespectahlc Comnnttce to wait on his Honor the Tjieut. to . Town the went ahout to warn a Town The he removed from the Town Upon which — — the he Consulted Colo. Fanewlll at Hall.BOSTOX MEIICITAXT JOIIX ROAVE. Kerr Lieut. Governonr Peturncd for answer that 2!)'" Kedm^ should o'o Remain in Town.lov to the General Satisfaction the I\Icetin<»" verv 7.* at met ^ Uproar nu't. IMost (). l)ali'vm])le con- Gi-eat . The Committee Keturned that His Honor would Order hoth it — Castle this <»ave I helieve a they went from (S: Colo. Governonr to desire the 1'roops mi<. all The Gov' fnslon." House cK: i\{'ivv some Dehate they unanimonslv Voted not \(> accent the Lieut Govcrnour's Pro[M)sals hut Chose jinother Committee of Seven to wait on him ai:"ain *S: Insist on & the Troops Peini. his in 2!)"' not nl<>lit — the Avitliout Keason. Dahymplc ^ Colo.' luMuovcd from the Town is Complved with it would not he all without this the Satisfactory to went cK: to the Iteu'inu^nts sented to tants & Ldiahitants. in Council «S: Inhahitants ^Fhe ConCrver Kleven of Mcctin<. 198 killed five W Ed" — Avounded Payne several — hears a ixood Character cS: Committed more oF the ^ enraii'ed liTcatly Preston Caj)^ taken in the lie \vas also seven are iidiahitants others. A Military Watch lidiahi- so that Peaceahly their Hahitations. met at the Old South cS:^ the the 1 1"' Afternoon the Inhahi- Keu'im^ tants Castle to the — t()ni<. particularly Rioht Ann. Mar.

Mar. iM' 1(). . Mar. expected. <& in 1 cK: this day. Town Committee. that were People liai)py Funeral of llelatlons their Men aii'ain tonight. broke a <r'reat c\: settled a Lontr 1 M' Millins. Select 190 Dis- Sj)ent the myself Chair- Isaac Smith. found four Un- Military watch. cS: the House of Representatives. in Cap^ All liobson. followed went I Goal who tlie on Monday last. Otis cfot into a the Tl"' Itco^imcnt are i. I attended the 8. then Military the Watch paid a visit to Ca])' Preston much better spirits than I a Militarv watch.'one to the Castle the Last of them this day. M' Robinson one of the Board of Conunissioncrs went PasseniiX'r This afternoon Mar. never saw before I killed Sucli a Concourse of Peoj)le I ])elleve Ten or Twelve thousand. I Dal- . Still Tliis moiiiini^ li">. W" Dennie mad Freak to niirht many windows in the Town House. 17. man the Inhahitants. 1). IS.lones Kuddock Ks(p M' Timothy Fitcli. . afternoon with the «S: ^ otlit^r A in pute hetwecn Colo.— 1770 DI All Y Mar. happy The will • Sull'ercrs Court (icncral another of the un- was Buried from Fanewill Hall sittini*' at Cambrid<»"e — Avhich be the Cause of a (iuaircl between the Lieu* Governour Mar. Cap' llobson (S: Cap^ iMiller both sailed for T^ondon this forenoon. One Corps with Yesterday two Companies of the 20"' the ('astle ^ four com[)anies more went went to ^ — 10.John Mar. ]\lar. was olad to iind the C(do.

April IS. Part of (mii- was verv Teiuh'r.aid us a visit this afternoon.K: dolm Allen Ks(j p.!! M' Daniel cS: was o!ie of his lk*arers '^I'he I^rotheihood walked in Procession before tlie ^ made Coi'ps a handsome Ap- pearance. 19. i\P Hancock was Chosen Sj)eaker of .JOHN HOWE.e The In the eveninj.losliua Davis.* Hall to hear iM' Joan read iMar. 2»). James ae- Adjournment eordinji" to shiii' met 8n[)eiior Conrt Taste. read lie Sonj»-s. Solo. Our Hannah dyed tbis day. voted a vessel to he hired to eariy The home <fc Cap^ Dashwood oll'ered liiniselt' a Candidate to Carry tlieni. the Suni.. 28. A[)ril 17. G(»Ithwait. Ti-inity Cliurcli All'airs as usual. M' Inman. Town Mar. Dined on April !). i^oston merchant 200 r}^nple was ploiisod Avitli the juiswers to his Letters by lleturn of the Express. My Goddano-hter Miss Sheall* r>ella dved.los.oek was instahed Presi- dispatches dent of Cand)iidt. Cap' Feiiton. Avhich Poston Neck at . This Day M' T. Mar 21. April 2. I attended the Funeral n\' mv old Ac- quaintance l^rother Hut. with Kzek' Goltbwait. In the forenoon I attemh'd Apiil 1(). Pracketts . lAhir. Winslow v!v:- Dinner was PulValo Stakes Sir Tlio^ Pi<'b *. Town attain meetliiii^ today. I went to the Concert tUi' hut indilVerentlv were upwards tliere Opeia Uei^ij^Mrs ^ hut liundred on(^ people there.

hiry. . AVarren was Chose in his Room & ap])rove(l. Itlchardson wms found Guilty hy the attended the Merchants Meetln<»' this fore- Aj)ril 21. this Kev-' afternoon M' Walter's M' Georiie CWM Krvlni»''s was wife died last evenln<»'." April 2(). it Is Called I attended the meetln<«^ of the Trade tliey j)assed a Vote I did not like. This day Representatives the Town (f Boston Chose . madly."). A[U"I1 was to UKin. April Hannah this afternoon. — Proceedings did thiidc severe. I noon. as April 20. — The Lifamous RIcliardson on Trval today. April 22.). Attended Merchants INIeetin*. Commissary Ge!ierall Merchants Meetlni. TIs said a Lari. not approve them too A prill hurled I uiuch (d' their 1 Meetlni. May S."e ft.DIARY — 1770 • 201 the House pro Tempore & negatived by tlie Lieut Governour Colo.'. our Lieut Governour Is made (loveruour — he nei»*a- tlved Cushlnii" as 2. The 2S. Cap' Scot Brln^-s an ace' of the Repeal of the Duties on Glass. April 24. my Great iMortilicatlou chose a ConniiitteeadjM. hrlni»' This afternoon M' Otis hehaved very Guns out of his Window that Caused Nand)er of l\'ople to assend)le ahout him. Oyl Pa}»er cS: painters Colours hut the Duty on Tea still Remains. 1 attended. attended the Funerall of I V.-.

!»-oini»* the — to IkmI there street *S:. House tlie eveninL. Marched from jNFay 18. M' Iinuan. Kzech' (JoUli Avitli wait ^ Tho'* Golthwait. J"" Paker. r>l() Uoxlniry iM' HU'iiers went on husiness for me. " Smn' Adams' " of votes Woodstock this mornini*' S[)ent — Lecture 4. Hohnes. .lohn Hancock Ks(|.* at the Coll'ee House with the Proprie- — tors of Point Sliiiley. J30STON ]\IE11CIIANT 202 Tlie Hon'"*' " '' nnmber May James IJoiuloIn Esq. him thr<>' the Sli'cets. ^ ^ so 2*). j\Iay 10.lohn Han- i\: ('harh's Siiioui-nev ^^ — ft to the Point lU'xt Frvchiv. Nat.James swe[>t our Chim- neys. Tho'' (Johhwait. Day Tliis !). jNIav 11. Pitt (Johhwait. May exliihited — Wee out Indian Town — Wee took a Guide." tlie Cal'tle to . M' Pashaw. Iv/. a (icnth'man in the Navy a Pushian ]\r Jolm Tiane. mornini.).John J>aker.'reat Ks(|.ekl Nat. Dan' Huhhard au'reed to May <»'o very This 17. covered with Tar an infornuMput ^ Feathers May P. ^ of A(lan»s i\I' preached the Dndh'ian to r>l() r>l.JOIIX ROWE. <.' at tlie (^'olVee the Proprietors of Point Shii'lev.. Dined at Innne with Sii* Tlio'' Picli.Just as 1 Halh)oinL. This nH)rning .' was in the li!)"' Re^'iment Providence. . VM) " 511 John Hancock Tho^ Cushlno. Hohnes. a was moh a of it seems tlu*y liad i^ot upwards a thousand peo[>le him in a ('ait.*). M'^ P. cS: Suckv S[>(Mit the evenini. . Sandwich for Mashl>y an rose early <fc set . flames cock.

Convention of the Dr. to he a Ck'ver Danohters of man iM' — Indian Minister wlio T llev- take were two youn<. Kind's Restoration wjis carried thro' tlie <S: Caui^ht From thence we eiiihteen Inches in Len<»th. This ))(). May an Ox 29. foiiiHl it a — Wee had — from thence wee went Crocker's — & wee were joyned by wee dined the Tavern Good Sport to M"" tliere Cap^ Solo. returned River ever saw several of the eveninj. 15etty ^ Miss Sally from tliis we Returned Genteel tliere — very Clever Sandwich — we spent the M' Fessenden's — We — We passed very Good «& Ih-attle ifc'the to slept ]5eds Pond. Ilall. an Indian cS: a preacher to the Indians his S(piaw had a neat 1 hour diiu^d there an thei-e. . Flection kept at Camhridi^e. a Native. Asliers." Newcomhs — hy the most Beauti- ful — St(>pt at Fllis cS: & set out for from thence ment where we <. wild place fislied there.'ot Plymouth monu- to the stopt at Isaac Jeifreys. erend INI' M' Calef. Wee Rose early M' at supped at «S: eveniiii. May 24. named Wakelv. Wii.'\vam slept — went down Trout — The Largest alter <linner Ten them — 1 We to the I to Plymouth ^ spent Fidward Winslows.DIATIY one M*^ Wee Fowler — 1770 — wee readied 203 Jos.' Ladies Miss Crocker. a an Ox was on Roasted whole the Common day Great many People attended & a Lar^-e Company May — dined at Fanewil May *n. Davis. Coo})er preached at Dr INIinisters — today SewalFs Meeting* House. M' tlie Ilawlev.* — This streets in at afternoon Triumj)h to he exhihited tomorrow.

Chose a Mend)er June ernor a . 'Hiis I*roro<»\*ition afternoon " it (d' lv('pealin<.'ii Coin})any — Proyince House in I)rlnkinj»' his A (u'ntlemen Great many mark of Loyalty to his 'J\)wn tJune G. July Puhllck this Family. . dli-ect S" weather — The JJlack tlie hel'oi'e caterpillai's in- crease. Smith of the Nassau arrived fi-om .Iuly IS.Inly 22. Yesterday iL — for the 'i'own. M' John Adams was meetlni." they march fi'om the North Last 10. visit at his seat at Catei'[)illar attended Ma lest v ^ In the afternoon 14. his Miijesty's Counthe Gentlemen Ollicers of the Artillery *fc :i Avitli cS: — At'ternoon the CercnHUiv — the Great Nund)er of other GentlenuMi Hancock's Avent to JM' «S: saw 1 In- ol Artillery C:\\)^ vesting" the New Ofllcers of Heath of Ivoxhurv. — dined ut Fiuunvill the Lieut Governoiir.*." will as the tin* have Virtue Loim* as the ' '^i'he Podv as they . Cai)' Martin. July 2 i. Caj>' London ^ i»*ives an ace' of Parliament the 20"' of Duty on Tea — the the witluMit May jx'ople I hope enouHi never to make use of Duty is demanded. Gay Lieut.' with the House oF Iicpiesentatlvcs at the ensli. was which devoui's discovered evei-\'thini. ^ Jonas Clark — the made a pretty S[K'nt part of the appearance cK: exercised well eyenini. BOSTON 204 June Hall cil ^rKTICIIAXT Artillery Election 4. Majesty's Health Dry it — West.lulv pd The Lieut Gov- I Milton. 1'his was the Day iirst « the new Ih'csi- « dent made his ap|>earance in PuMiclc.JOHN ROWE.

Tlio" leaker -1.20. of *' Hope Au<. Aui. Dr Whitlield preached at New North. this (lay An--. North) Dr Aui. hell Ks(j All-- cS: Youiij^ at their head The Gov' M"" vS: & Drums Beathig a them carried one of — The meet- prove very Predjudicial to Trade of the Town of Boston.'. — 1 them Proeeeded much Blamed hy me lie is July 20.' at preached Time — dinner after lionse ^: the Old went to I heard M' Whitlield preach fr(Mn the i)'' Chap. Klhots. 17."s Horn — freuch iui. 1 liked his Discourse." Flying-. of /achariah cS: 12 Verse 'i'uiii ^e to the Stron<'' Hold Ye Prisoners.' & just before some of met are culled 205 Uowe oll'ered paid a me the Colonial Colin visit to Camp- Lady M. morning" at i\P Dr Whitlield Sewall's. preached a<^ani this . M' Whitlield j)reached IS.* at iM' Pemberton's. Whitlield North vesterday lii'st D' ScwalTs meetini. Au«4' 22. M' 1(5. this morninjj.'e Party Liberty dined this day at the House of Tho"' Carnes at Dorchester. Connnisslon Dr Fla<.DIARY— 1770 the streets with tlii'on<»li Three Avith for whlcli 1 believe today will ^ the jNIerchants Aui.. —A TUii Uev" M' Whitlield came to Town ol* the Sons of Iiar<." j\r A\'hitlield Preached at (New Klliots this mornin*''. AuLi' at .M' 2L j\P Whitlield preached this mornino* Dr Se walls.

In Wliltfiekl preaclied :it New North.JOHN HOWE. Sept Whitlield preached at Uoxhury this 2. Whitlield preached at JMIlton tliis day. Aug. the JMerchant? Se[)t 11. 12 cS: i:) Verses — 22' Chap. M'" Whitfield [)reached at day Sept Se[)t 4. Hall 1 I attended the Merch" Meeting at Fanattended the Funerall of M' Fitch Pool yesterday in tlie afternoon. Aug i\r ]\r »>(). Whitlield preached yesterday at Camhrldge. St Matthews this Avas in Aug opinion a Clever Discourse. Sept 10. W Old South Whitlield set out for Portsuioutli — shouhl have goue to Point Shlrh*y with the pro])rIetors hut was very Pusy. I I resen t 21. spent the forenoon House with the Merchants. This day tlie Council Governour delivered up th(^ ('astle set cS: the Lieut unto (yolo l)al- rym[)le hy express order from his Majesty in Coun1 s[)eut the evening at the Coll'ee House with cil. yesterday. present 1)*] at the Coll'ee . at Jamaica M' ol. ]\r :>. Aug 21). my have been married twenty seven year 1 2(). Plain.^ Sept Ar 1. JJOSTON MEllCIIAXT 200 Aug Aug 2:3. M' Whitlield preached at Old South. Whitlield preached at Whitlield preached New North. this day at Charlestown. 1 Sept ewlll i). Aug 28. tlie forenoon I Avent to Old Dr ^ SewelFs meeting heard M' Whitfiekl preaeli from ^ U. M' 2-:l:.

Forward a Letter to After Dinner Sept 21. I spent the evenin<]^ with the Merchants at tlie Coil'ee House. of Lon«!' Lniian set out for Newport with Sucky cK: Katy Wendall.DIARY — 1770 207 Sept 12. Cap' Sept oO. Sc[)t Thatclier Young v. Spent the afternoon at Fanewill Hall with the Body as they are called Cap^ Scot — London 7 weeks passage arrivd from I attended the 11:. to preach. Ilall with the Merchants Meeting this spent the afternoon at Body as they are called. M"" Ap[)leton ^ M*" to have a Cook are . Hallifax. This Day Council iS: house are fast at Cand)ridge. Sept 113. Sept forenoon. Mother this afternoon. Packet arrivd The Rev' M' Whitiield died suddenly morning at Ne wherry. I attended Mer- the chants Meeting at M' Cordis there were present G4 1 also attended the Body at Fanewill Hall <& they came to a Conclusion Trade at Philadel[>hia. Sc]>t 2S. I This forenoon ^^).">. Fanewlll Se[)t Present rA. Cruise Sir Tho"" The Viper The St . Oct J). much Lamented.).lohn Ilicli tliis day from Cap' Porter Returnd from a Cap' Murray from Halhfax Cap' Skinner from St Jul)es The Bristol ('a[)' Fellows from liondon. 1 to th-e was ordained this attended the Proprietors Wharf. tliis Hussey arrivd from the Streights. Uichardson who buried Scj)t his i\r 2. Spent the evening at the Pol'see all present except J. present 74.

JNIeetln^ this Comm" Hood ^ with War came np to . Cap"" Hood iMajor (>()''. Powell of the :. Inman cS: 1»). his Son. House. BOSTON MEriCITANT 20S Oct Oct attended 4. Thomas M' cS: spent the cyenini. I spent the afternoon with the jNIercliants at the Coll'ee Oct. HenPaviu'. Spent on an Arhitratlon Clark of Milton. with M' John Cutler <S: ^vcllt 1 viewed the Or<^jm (of Trinity) cS: g'live the key hini of the Ori.JOHN UOWE.' arrivd Cap' Davis from (/omm" CJamhier from JMi^land cV: Made- the Sahshury. 10. ol' myself. The Sallshury the Wharir this Day. London ria in c\: This mornini. I />. Oct. 1 Avent on l^oard the Itose with Caldwell from thence to the Cafsell on hoard the Romney his Lady. morniji^' cK: I paid dind at Comm" home Lady. Oct. Isaac Smith C'olVee John LInzee arrivd in the I^eaver from HalliFax. IM' In man came home from New[»ort Winslow iS: Sncky day ^ hroniiht Sally Oct !).8". the Coll'ee House tiie evcniiiL. Cap' Present 72.)"" Aniory FaV ^ of the Tertershy. Man of Kowe Sucky Attended the iM'" I> hetween W" Tho"" Philli[>s Fhickcr ^ Jos IJarrett ^ Cand)ier a visit iM' myself Keferees. Artcriioon tlie Funemll of Coll" ." with the c\: Merchants at the derson Inches. West.. 12. 11.Iiirvis.*an Oct G. M'" I)r Ca[)^ from thence dined with Comni" iMajoi' IJntler returned I Conmnttee ^ cK: to- House. Cap' J no LIn/ee M' Inman & Sally jNIerch''' Oct.

Sugars Anchors. the ^ M' Inman. John Linzee Oct. Cap' Bcnj" Caldwell of the Ros(*. — I . Spent the evening* at home Avith Cap^ M" Rowe. Sucky and Sally Inman. Cai)t l>ond of the Gibraltar. eaine up. 18. Troutbeck had his Daughter Christened. dined at home with the followintr Coinpany Ca})* Barclay of the Salisbury.). 15. Oct. Storehouses & Damages — QuanLundjer Wood The great cS: Rich of <S:c a Drift Several People have lost Several vessels drove ashore from their Even Storehouses set adrift After noon paid a visit «S: found my Wharlf & stores had es- caped better than I expected. Sally nini»' I dined at Rowe Suckv & I'ownsend M'* Greo'orv ]\r home with Cap* John Lyn- Inman <^ Antony Letchmere & spent the eveat home ^vith Cap^ John Lynzee etc. Capt Hide Parker I)f the Boston. ^1" Uowe afternoon <S: })any Oct.DIARY— 1770 The Boston Man Oct. 14. (hjiic evening at Iliiiliest — I — Tide I ever saw it to the vast (^nantitys of titys ol' Salt washed out. 1 v. Sucky Inman Spent the home with the same com- — has WharlTs. Cap' John Colo. zee. Dalrymple Cap' Lynzee of the Beaver. IG. 20. Oct. The Man Gibralter of Warr Cap^ Bond arrivd from Enti'land Oct. Sir Tho'' Scucgall. The Rose of & Senegall 209 Warr CapV Parker came up the Har- bour. Mason of the 14'" Reg'. 21. Oct. Afternoon I went to King's Chaj)el M'.

' A Mrs. A Dec. ended (after Spauish War i\: of out in the Island a heini»" l>i'oke a Schoonei* arrivd front Ilis- c\: to Day perform 'J'he (Juai-antine. Dec. the Commodore heiuii" well [)leased.' jM"* Child's tlie . Throne. 20.' — . 'i'ryall of the Soldici'S days trial in the Superior Court) were acipiitted cS: two were found live Six of them Guilty of Manslaughter. . Me. — The 21). Preston Cap' verdict Preston Tlie Tryall. the Comm'' to Seniority in<. PJ. Great Talk of Report of the PlaLiue of ilispaniola. jiit'iT. Cap' Linzee ]>roui.'ave iH>t Nov. The whole Klnj.Iiidi.").JOHN KOWK. Battervs lired on this cS: then every Ca[)' accordPreston still on Trial! Ca[)' on Still Guilty. from Ist ^P J^'operts pay commences as i). Gould cSs M"" Iloiivrs Godname Ellzaheth.'>. noSTON MKKCIIAXT 210 Godfather stood motliers Oct. IS. Dee. patiiola of the Superior Court met Trialls of C'apt Ship were ordered This .*es today and ordered the morrow. The Peaver j»'ot Docked cS: well out this evening'. to the -to- first. is ill of lliis (Im' |»<».es i. this Dec. miiiialiirt' I>i)\\.i'»<'lli <»!' TrinitluM-k. The 2. 21). Nov. Oct. their Opinion in his favor.lit the l^eaver into graved her.->r>>i(Mi I01i/.'s Ascension Fleet the ('astle Occasion. TheJurys \)ct. my Dock ^ day C 10 at Sterl"^ [)r Orj^'an- Aimum. 12. IJnwc's Mflcrwanls L:ifat-L:r:iii(l- .").Iud<.

^lorii'an alter the Concert a Dance others the Com- tlicre tK: — modore there ^ ^ the Captains of the Navy hei-e.lovial lirint*' (Joneert eveniiii. the p]venin<»' at verv (rrand Assend)lv. Jan. (Jov- ernnur. Dee.Ian. Avere C(do Dalrvnnjlc cK: liftv or sixtv Gentlemen vS: all — the same luimhcr of I^adics Present Spent the . town Peace Lucy —A vK: I'ltickti- General Kriendshi[> \\:i^ aflfiw ('oalition will mkN tlic so that once more he wit'f ••!" (i"»'Mfral .ee M"" John Lane. Colonel. where was a (-oncert perforinc(l l)v Hartley. (io\' Cinnmndnre. Day — 211 I dined at home Dr Miller with Cap' John Lin/. IS. Lient. I Jan. ( 'onnnlssioners. (^aptains of the Navv ^ Armv. 77 I S[)ent the evenint. S]>ent respectahle line weather. Guns 'J'he Hall veiy (Queens . all the i5est People in Haiinony 'Mi>s Kiiux. S[)entthe evenin<>.. Miss Lucy The same Company Sucky Inman Joseph Goltlnvait & Fhicker' & staid — & spent the afternoon & evenino- were ^vee very A at an Dav with a c^ Lnr<^'e IVirth — the Concert Uoon\ Dav. 20. M' Inman.DTAUY — 1771 Christmas M' Lewis Dehlois ^ with him too his to many new Avife enumerate & a very Larjj^e Company a very Genteel Enter- — taimnent. Afscmhly. afsemhlv it was. 25.' at Concert Hall *). jNI"" RoAve. 4.

11. Sam Austin Tho" Kufsell IMar. The Chaplain M' Mofsely Mar. BhisterliiL. 7. of the Salis- bury was taken in an Ai>oplectlck (it yesterday which hindered him comini. <>])t'iiiiiL. attended I ^ Mason .lona.los. li:i<l at ]»:»>s('tl Mr. 14. 8.' to our liouse. Nat. the Govern' were Gentlemen Best Fortunes — I oF cK: liej)utation the spent the eveiiingat the Assembly which was very Brilliant M'roDi tlic every Sniidav l>('tliiim''. tlie Kben' Storer. . CJreen Nich" Boylsloii Solomon Davis Mar. in a <>k)()niy My ^ Bad Wine Spout an hour 29.\c('i>tioii. with M' .' March Inches I (>. also jM" Inches.s. weather Snow for the Choice oF Piir[K)-se to oblige my cS: Ollicers — Friend sleet. Betliune ^ l]outineau Tho'' Fhudcer cS: was a Bearer with James .JOIIX KOWK. cawen Cap^ Cai>' Arrlvd from lu>l)son cK: London Our Bos- Shl[) the Mar(]uls of Uockliigham. Mar. I at- Fzek' Fs(|' The Goyern' Commission Bead today Govern" the Company that waited on also the Lieut. ^ attended the Funerall of M'^ Sarali was a I>earer with Isaac Smith. BOSTON I^rKllCHAXT 212 Established Boston in Good Musiek but Jan. Whitwood both from London 1). Funerall of my wortliy • ft' Friend Nat.' Town meeting tended on Goldthwait Mar. <>r the Diaiv almost without Mr. very — Very who I found March 4.^ «'Vfiiiii'_r.lames Otis way worthy Friend Nat Betliune died this morning'. Good Daneimr ^ Punch. Ilowr «'.

Trinity Church this nu)rnln<»' erall of General Shirley. <& Vestry of Afternoon the Fun- . Lane In slnii'liiti' Propert Is a line hand. coal Fellow stood in tlie Pllloiy." tlie Ervlni. John — ^ s]>ent the eveninir Solomon Davis of* the with most same ^vhen I there Company came home I found M' .' hy play- all on Sucky's Splnnet cK: Joyned hy M' J. Mar. Edw'' Payne Melahiah Bourne. Bri«^«. Dan' Huhhard. IS. 2S. Walker's Launched 1 my at this day.*<^' d(>lni»- A .*)(). Sucky Bri<j. Ezek' Golthwait John Dennie. 11). Green.*s an ace' that matwere accommodated hetween the Contendln<^' ters Powers. Jos.\'' Cap' llosey arrived this day 51 from Liverpool in days hrln<. 1 had a letter from Qucheck that mv of an Horrid Assasination on Mar. Ervln*. Hen- derson Inches. Geo. & a Char- The French Boy Populous hliulered his dutv. Lane ^ jNP Propert Aniorv cS: \vho supped ^ diverted us — the evenini.1. . was to have hecn whlpt hut the the SheillV Mar.DIARY— 1771 Afternoon 213 Merchants met at tlie British ColVee House to prepare an Address to the Miircli in. Keceivd ah" iNIy Brother ft- ])revented mv Goiiiji' out this Day Wardens 1 attended the April 1. John Kieh'' Clark. — Present Governour self.-. The Merchants waited on his Excel- — in<^' lency. my- Tho** Gray.* Mar. This Day The Freiu'h Bov Mar.'>L The News 1 tells me lU'other. The Govern' with their Address — Present lOO.

• with inenihers of the Charitahle Soeiety at Coh). Coinino. Gilh' W" of Caml)rid<»'e *S: eseorted to the Cohetic where there was an Oration spoke in Latin l)y one of the stu- dents. inii" Scot arrivd 1 dind The Wid" Green M' Townsend cS: iM'^ Denj" CJreen junr Vi^ UoL. — Dr Ivoh' John Green. IJOSTON ISrERCHANT 214 Easter April 2. Aprill LS. M' MusvUi cS: day the CJen' Court meets at CamCJovernour was met hv the Gentlemen I'lils . Gamhier. Nat Greene. at Our aiVairs. . Al'ternoon [attended the Cre(litors of VC Caleh Lorinu' at the ColVce House. Dan Iliihhard. dined 1 Tuesday. Box John Box . on Salmon for the lirst time. The I^oseawen Cap' Kohson saild Whitwood sailed Ilallifax this morning" sk Cap' for for . hrouiiht iireatlv i* tlie (Ja[)' news of M'' Kustis \.]"^' Cutler J"" Ihiskins. M' i^yh's. Kui'iis Greene. After Chureh the A'estry met April! 7. Gov' Iliitehinson.loseph Greene. l\al[)li liniian. Hic-h" DeMois.1"" Greene. M' Walter April J'. the ministers W Koo- Collin. The hridii'e. JM"" is %. Dr a!>" I^ondon ' Voyaii'e has had Ai»rill from Cant Airv arrivd from a Wlial- liamented . ^ Stephen Greenleaf Winslow. 'i'liis \). soils ill Present Street. J"" Aptliorp.*).ers Miss the Uev" M' Walter spent the Betty Gould ^ afternoon with us. M' J"" Lane. Greene . sup[)(l Townsend «X: Luek Foicnoon Our Vestry met house ah" Dr ]>vles Aprill 10.JOIIX KOWE. ]>vles aiVairs. Death — who Aprill 10. I>eiij" Jenkins. Kiiii:^ the ln«»"er- INIyself.

1 attended ft Choice of P('j)restMjtatives M' Sam' Adams iK: Town — M' Meetiiii:: »* Otis. mi*t the Proprietors of Lout. Hancock were Chose bv a M' Great Majority.'al the Transj)()rts arrivd from (). • I Mav • 0.*>. Aprill 10. the Ca])' all (M'' Parker.">'' c\: HcoinuMits in this llaibonr. & afternoon (Plymouth) Set out for the Mano- 2^). Cap' Stratsbur<j^ paid us a visit this is a Chearfull Old Gentleman. Mav 7.-. M' Grey came . Passent>ers — they Cap' llallairived from Lomlon Tho'' Palfrey. the water been very hii»h ** ^ wee stjiyd the Day had but poo n<»t <lra\vn olV Parsons Wi<^*\vam — ft Luck.(). the Pose cK: Cap^ 'Hiompson Ilallifax with the ('aldwell. M' for the Cushini.' WharlV at the Coifee House May S[)ent the Kvenini.' at the .DTAllY Barbadoes — 1771 & him M' Sober in 2ir> M'* Sol)er went Paf- senji'ers. ft I Rose verv early this mornin<». Aprill Wee Keaohd ment Ponds Isaae JeH'rys the Indian wee were joynd ])y Pelham Sc wee were disa])])ointed in our Edw'* Winslow junr' the Ponds (fc Diversions. very Grand one ft Ladies Si\ty-eii»lit *^ Afsembly a cK: fortv-Hve • •/ (i(Mltl(MUeil Mav The <>. the iMermaid Senei. of I 12!). ^ 1 attended M'^ Taylor's Fiinerall Aprill :. t* ft • cK: found — Andrew Primmer. 15oston (>ap' Cap^ Smith. Aprill Warr diiid Man on board the Salisbury with the Gentlemen of the Wardrobe.

Ji Clean House from thence to Bullai'd's I spent the evenliii. made a Dinner house . James Itufsell M — Ks(j' JNI' ('hurch. M' Price the Picture man May & JMiiyor Tower — Al'ternooii 1 "with j\r ]5rattle think a very BOSTON iMKIKMIANT of 1 . Put jNIay V. went to Needham with Grci.*J Lawl'idl money. 2ir» (111 Oliver beiiiii' May of ncc^ Brlnnf 1(3.lohn Llnzee arrivd in the Beaver ^ — Spent — The Oovernour for the Klnii's Ollicers at the Coll'ee the evenini. 2(). a<2^ain no din'd at J^ullard's from thence Great Sport came home — to . There was a (Jollectuni for Sunday May iM'"* IloojK'r the sum was C2!). 'J'rinltv 22.' June n. Esq- • ft May 27.lohn his Tyler Ksij' Generall Brattle.h from James Lord tlie in tlie to a a<>'reeal)le went over new W" Dorchester to hird Ikis I ifc Cap' Barthlet arrivd in the St John Koyall Tyler Died died on Fryday Iviver Virginia 21.JOTTX KOAVE. Klnji^s iriithday June 4." Ks(j' Sam' Dexter John Barrat ^ W" Whitwell. Wee Wee ^ sle[)t lishd there. at (concert Hall Comm'" Gamhier's Ball which was vcrv 15rllllant A Great Company cK: verv Good too many enunu^rate — — L *." TownWee James Perkins send.7. %-' at — t<) ft. Caj)' from Antit. Ca[/ Fenton cS: Harry.'. June 10."ua paid us a Visit. Stopt cK: dlnd at (Joolid^'cs Watertown who keej>s wee snppd. attended I the Funerall — he was hurled umler attended the Funerall — hearers were Price iMav place he Aldoriiiaii Rural Spot. Old of — Uovall Krviiii.

Wet to Skin. The mowers my Pasture yesterday. Wine cS:c entered her Carj^oe of Mohisses belon<»ini»* to j\P Foister of Cape Anne. They bes»an to mow my Pasture yes- terday.lolm Llnzce from (iK: his horse June Masons July 2^"). There Avere three seizures made. Slooj) Cap' l>rown saild for Oporto in my New Hriggatine Sucky this morning.'lit in much Lio'litinj** called up by JNIajor Fleming on a Particular between Cap* Linzee & All'air Lieut Sharp INIarine oilicer of the Sjilisbury June 12. I evening at others) hurt himself. These aiVairs i. 1 dind at Ciimbridi'e at j\P Tnman's witli him Hutchinson Connuo Gand)ier James Gand)ier C(do Phipps M'" Goyei'ii' M'^ (.DTAllY Boston. Oliver M'^ Oliyer M'^ Kowe Georiie cK: Sucky Inman ^ Sally spent the (bjukl. A schooner from St Peters with — another Scliooner that short ]5randy. ^rajcu' V. . Ride over to . some Tea at Plymouth.-d'sall M'^ Val'sall Colo. June 21. June 1().and)ier INI'^ Phipps.lune Another 17. . honu' My Coachman After Dinner 1 John took a — present o2. with Capt was thrown cS: dind at M' l>rackets with the Free at the Celel>ration of St n. I was C:iut. June 20.'ive Ji^reat Uneasiness ^ tis believed will Raise the Minds of the People. Avas — 1771 217 a very liard Sliower of Kuin «& Tluinder. made an end of mowing* was Seized this Day from St Peters by Cap' Parker of the Jjoston Man of War.

M'^ Smith M" Kowe. Attended the Tryall hetweeii James July 2. 1 verv • • wrote until of waited on M' John c\: London in the Shij) Hoscawen ('ap' Rohson.JOIIX imWE. . — rose 1 of mv I head. to enumerate — July 22. Nat. Cap* LInzee July Commencement Dav 17. George aftei* DincS: Sncky Inman cK: Anthony I^echmere ner M' Iinnan Inti-odnced his Design to M" Smith. M' Mills of Newhaven. of Jose[)h Henderson at Olivers Dock. ^ Collin WIH'" Collin jnnr."). 1 dind at home with Cap' Fenton M' Inman.lulv M' — Wee went to Saviiu* Ilill Miss Atherton a Smart. Warr. After Diuner I paid a Smith wlio Cauu^ to Town last Night visit ^ M'" to eanie Pal- seuger in the Mast Shi]) two of her nieces came afterwards I took a Ride to Dorchester with her — with — weeCap^ John Ijnzee nu't 10. I dind at Hnickets in School St with Williams of Mnrvland M' (Hover ot* Leeds Yorkshire Henry Lovd. Clever Girl. Inman Mnrravs Room — in could not write anv mor(» for I after the went to Candni(li»(» c\: dined Dinner went to ('oh). iMElU'ITANT The Court Geiierull this day. July 12. New I ('olK'j-c where there was too manv Lane who sailed a Large ('onipanv. Whores at the Ilonsc. Bishop Rinrett 'i'h(>^ Annnv John Amory Jonathan Amorv M' Innwm. • earlv the cS: l*ain with M' The Heaver Man saild this dav. 218 Dorchester Prorogued witli BOSTON M'" Rowe.July 24. tlu' Govein' ('ouncil I staid till six. liast Ronted the the nu)h nii»ht . Otis ^ M' Rohinson for also — .

Talbot In C'olo.'es in favor of tlie Plaintilf. I spent the evening at home with Cap' Linzee Avho is just come in.* with my jNP Friend about some Par- Shrimp^ Hutchinson & Old M' Gould who I 111. A(hu' John Monta^^'ue. went on board the Commodore's bv Invitation from him with the f()llo\\in<». Cap' Caldwt'll. the Genteelest supper I ever he came out in Company with the Captain. the Lively <^c Swan Men oF Warr J Aui. I ^vent *30.'. July 20.Company (then follow 01 Wee all spent the eveninjj. Cap' Skimmer arrivd from ing 8 weeks })afsage.DIARY— 1771 219 Tlie Tryall of M' Otis a^raiust M' Robinson Hnislied the Jury found J^2000 Ster^' dania<. 1-f.' had a tine ennames) Auii". 12. lay airivd from Kni. Aug. ]51alr (S: M' Compliments Aug. In the al'ternoon (>. Lis])on hav- . ceived to The Commodore went on board the Admlrall Ca}>talns Warr Dalrymple. Admlrall Montague In the Captain & — the Lively arrlvd from England Ca[)' I dind on board the i^eaver with Cap' Jolin Linzee. I Shli) the Salls])urv tertainment Aui. July ticular I>ufsiness paid a visit found very to this niorninj. July 27.'. to cK: all his pay their went on board the Captain i\Ian of pay a visit to Admiral Montague who Re- me I very Politely. M"* KoAve & Jolin Sucky. Cup' 15arcklv? Cap' llolwell. of Warr Cap' Charles «S: The Tamar Man i). L*>.

' 2r>. o. 17. Linze(» sailed this Aii<. Caj)' John lk*aver people ma(k* a Seizure for sorry.' IM' Gore died very suddeidy this day. Cap' Airy ar- . Sej)t Younj. Auii'. Linzee.lohn liinzee Returned from a cruise.JOHN HOWE. 27. Au<»" with M' 1 had a Considerahle Atkinson the Admiralls Conversation secretarv.". MI<:i{CIIANT an ace' of Cap' a Ks(j' fr Midshipmnn of the Beaver . Smith at the Kinii'^s Puhlished this morninii* to L M" Chapell. tlie John to the Shi[)s. Day.'s cS: Shij) In the Service of the (Govern- ment under the Direction of Sam' Holland Plym" 1 home. to cS: ai. Capt . in who advisd me to stay at Jarvis arrived from London Ca{>' armM Canso in Kn^land M' Burnet Aui. a visit to M'" nian came home — of IMatrlmonv Aui:*. ^Fhe Beaver. 150ST0X 220 Tho Beaver Man li^. I5rini.'. L")!) Ikirrells. Cap* to lind out Cjisliier's Fjedtre.In" Llnzees finding* Cashier's Led lie. 1 am Sep^ 5 1 The dined on hoard the Beaver."reed In- on his Tlan very Busy in Sendln!»* Provisions was taken verv 111 the Niiiht. wh. oil' day 1 Avell am I 1!). Law iM' Liman was jNIy J>rother in Sept. Perkins 1 jM' over Siuitli of AVar. Se[)t 4. sent to Dr.*. -1. ]\ry Whale Sloop rived this day with Polly. all Aui. did Innian pk'ased Sc IM'"* Ivowe paid M' Golthwait's. Al'tenioon 1(). Aii<.

..-i-..^. KALI'H INMAN.-^^-.i. . t m .. II : ^>^wr«lf *- - 1 -Jam .^-. wmtmn^mmf!»iimmmf^^>!i^ t i\ .. l^y.-— — t^ -. .- ..^ -.^ . -.^..^ ^.... tm v.^.^aitXj^ feiMI 1 .iwj tn. t<< « '>timmmf>^i i mm i..


Keturned to Cam(. him full all them gallop as sini»"le Horse then he mounted a speed ^ while Itunning he on three severall times. bridge with v.ith him <S: 1 <fc Inman Sally We slept there. afterwards upon two Horses ^ after that on man 1'hree. cK: 1 1 . did not go to Church this I ])cing engag('<l with i\P I\lich' Everet going to sea in the Viper. M" Golthwait to Smitli.ame to I^oston.ln/ce «& dined at iNP Cai>' INP"" Sei)t 2!). Jumped . Sept 20. after marriao'e we We dined all went except Dr Caner to M'lnman's. Nov. ]\P The Company was .. Sally Gould. The Beaver Man Lin/ce sailed on a Ci'uise Oct. there «fc were Joyned by the llev'' iNP Serjeant. Inmans T. he fast as c\s olV Itun ^ endeavoured to make he could. 20. M' spent the evenini.DTATIY — 1771 221 The Kings Accession to the Throne. dined at M' Henderson Inches*. Inman. Inman etc. Diinicr went to Cand)rid<'e with Cousin Jacob (linM at M' Inman's. OctM. About eleven my Brother in Law was married at the Seat of M"" Ezek^ Riilj)h Inman Sept 22.lolin Inman ^ M'Tho' Hooper. Oct Uowc I 2»>. wc went over to Brackets cS: After see a Yorkshire stand upon a horse's Back ^ Gallop liim full Speed. very Chearfull. Ivowe i\r^ iS: Sept 27. George Sucky jM"" Cap' Bryant whom my Kinsman INP tin's of War morning who is Cap* just John day arrived from Jacob Kowe of London in Exeter came passt'uger.tliere with Inman. the Ceremony Avas Per- formed by the llev'' M' Caner.

Crecn. Crav. of M' Sheaife."). The Hope. me Diiv 17. Yesterdav died mor!iini»" ** • W" inn liftv six years of N'erv at»"e. j» took the House . was sent for ordered Printers of Gov' l>v tlie the Kinii''s Massaeluisetts tlie Counelll this dav. Tlio^ Fhu-lcer. l^ovell. 'I'nir l^'oh'cr the a ma(h'Jus- 1^'nnci'all of M"* StoH'r this afternoon. dos. Master Iniivrsolls ** (leo ]>ourne. Our Henry Smith left us yesterdav. a (^uantitv of S!ie|>pai'd. the Fire Cluh at ev<Mnni. Nov Nov 21.* at vote(l Kdwai-d seized in . We took in our wood 20 cord of : M' Hateh. 2. Spent the 2.lohn Dcnnie. Dec opposite K). atten(h'd Mrlahiah Fanewill . Nov The K). i\r memher. with Trcas. Wine Mala^'a Dec tices M' 11. c\: Spy thev Attornev to Proseeute them. suddeidv • ft The Commissioners have appointed William Waterhouse in the Koom my Friend old ShcallV. M' tlie 'i'hompson 1 'i'hls 1"' went Instant at Day M' 1*^)0 'i'liompson into mv house annum.'o was wlio Cookson for uiuler arrest at the Suit of Ca[)' tested to n])oii IMoli a pro- hill. l>en We Iinnan. TIOSTOX ^rKKCIIANT J()]I>s" Nov. Scliooner arrived with her seizure. Dee Colo. iV. Nov 2. This Dav 1 21). Nov After dlinier 7. Dee 7.lolni vcslerdav.222 170WE. ft Davis Solo. M' Tho' ]>ovlston Favne had the Mcron hv Dcnnlc 1 j' in Ih'thune. liouse tlie Coll'ee was 1 e:illeil see Sir Tho"* to to <.

IN/KK / .> \ l' -v *A*«« CWPr. lOHN I.SI 'T'^iirmiifSmifSiffiimm^mmi^ilv^S^ .


laiiv. a Great Nundjer L*5. Churcli this forenoon. paid a visit to see Old M' Gonld who Cap" Linzee ^ Sncky ij.Iohn's JNIiss i»'ersolls — Day with the Brethren dined at Colo. Christmas Day. writers of the berry."c. is Din'd Cap' .G/ ohi tenor j. the ink freezes — We ColS. 1 attc'iidci] the Distrilmtioii of the Poor money at the Church.DIAIIY—-1772 over tlie 1 (lelivM 22. (rentlemen . Dec for six months. 27. evenini. 177 2 I'liino .'athere(l than I exjK'cted went I l)einL»- to in I\r very cold Still 2(>. 1 cV: others attended. — wliicli ^ (^a[)t was more few People at Stephen Davis — Sloop Tolly sailed for Mach'ira this day Henderson Inches was married this eve'nj*' to my Hettsy J5rimner.lany 8.lohii Linzee i\P M'" InIinnan also M'^ Kowe.' at ma!i. Sncky very ^ S[)ent the home with . Sally cS: I 111. Avery cS: John Scollay. excessive cohl weatlier. My Worthy Friend Old iM' Gould Died. St . In- I H Present.lany IG.-one to Cam- bri<li. Dec 2o. Spent j)art of the evenin<i^ at the Coffee House on air Arbitration between the Under- N" Fml cS: Pain Newman of NewJohn myself.Iohn Gould. . Dec. Jany of ot* my Attended as a Kelation The Funerall Old Friend M' . Jany 1).5 way at 100 DolP pr Annum him the key. very Cold Cluiirh.

Chardon Shrlm[)ton Hutchin- V^d'sall. ^ Feb c\: oil' Stat la. & Walter read prayers j\r 2(>. tludt. A most charming* Disc<mrse.4'ua Feb 12. between told us of a Conference ^ MoHineaux. (lay for Jan Day M"* Uowe linnuns bhtli ISV to Cainl)riil*»'e. the evenin<. Feb lo. a<. Spent the Present 44 Gentlemen Feby Wee 2.OSTOX iMKIU'IIANT 2-J4 17.] Assembly Ladies. preached.-ainst Jan oO. 1 attended tUi^ Funerall of Sister to are heard this Afsembly M" Miller and was a Bearer paid a Visit to Kob^ Gould who Val'sall Ks(| lias . this Treble Daniaiies. ifc Jan 27. Wethered ner James son Several Vessells J5lown i).-ht. & Trial of W" came on Tyn«». Feby M' Golthwait . attended the Funeral! of IMiss Polly was a Pearer toiiether with l)r Gaid- 1 ^ Pitts Peter M' Pi. Major Wendall eyenlu<'* was at Feb W'" IG.' at r/. r. have liecM the ]>ad news Uol)^ Gould's Sloop was cast away on Plum Island Fry- day nit. John S])ent the afternoon. to destroy Josiah (^uincy cS: l>enj" liim wantini. Jany Siieky ji'oiie The Jan 22.JOTIN UOWIO."). I bulled the There was a Clever (yom[Kiny. Feb'y oil* at Anti.e told in Auchmooty his Decree W'" Tyng*.iM' Kent. yery extraordinary G.. I sj)ent an honr or two with Kob' Gould & perused his Uncles' Last Will Testament.

to as Our house. There was an Ex- Dr SewalTs to hibition at M'" A inn*. wounded Feb. Feb 17. Town meeting of the Lieu' Governour M' Also were Dismissed iNP this excused from Mar noon. they Meeting" house where there adjourned was an Oration s[)oke by Dr Warren on the memory tis said of this day Two Year. 1 Lartie day — The cS: morn- Petitions Dr Gardiner Payson's {k> M' ^lolliSam' Austin iS: Colo. I The Ink Freezes write. Treasurer's (Gray) IJirthday. the Clark. iK: ]\Iar A Town r). aired I'lie he says he was very Sixty years. Inches J]ein<r a Fire attended I^risk this Hubbard Two new Select Men Marshall in the Uoom of j\P neux. Meetini** this Fore- alVairs of M"^ MoUi- . Caj/ of M"* Davis ^ Katy Wendall came Clock Ten ab" Solo. Ward. Very Smart Cold. upwards of four thousand People were present. the Gimner has Lin/ee's Clark have had an All'ray. in<i'. INIar 9. The Superior Court met yesterday & made a Good Fij^ure. neaux. Lireat iMar 7. 19. they were attended l)y a Great Number of Gentlemen. Tlie iksiver's Gunner Quelch ^ Cap^ Feb. 22. the Governor. Clappams many in Spectators.DIAnY^1772 o'ot Gout the eanie 225 home&spent eveninp^ with tlie Davis Cap^ Linzee M'" Rowe ^ Siicky. 1 o'ot this even- Kings Street Town Debates on the c\: M' Mason. Admiral many more. meetin*^ this morninc^. 10.

(From is there scarcely a day when the Diary Jan'y does not record his dininii" or s])endint»* the evenint*" ^hir 27. W" Collin. Callahan (>a[)' . BOSTON MEI? CHANT 22G Mar 2(5. Suckv This morning ah" fonr of* Clock The April L Town was alarmed hy a liiv which IJroke Ont in the it was Front Room of the j^ritish ColVi'e honse — very lucky our En'»ijH's Aj)rill 2. Synnns Shut Young uj) Koh' Jarvis Yesterday. l''^ at M' lu)we's ^ oftener hoth).foliimot Ca[)' Par- ^vitli trrdi. fast Tho'' ^ DilVereiit parts hlows hard at North East. Treas' CJray 'J'hos 1 Gray E/ek^ Goldthwait Solo.lenkins arriv'd from London a!id a (dinner) Great nund)er of Other Vessels from it snows very Aprill A prill )). jnn'.-e Cap^ Dogget M' Hews <K: M' The Glasgow Man of Carpenter. Capt ('ap' very Leaky. Ingersolls with John Jhmcock. mainder at home with Ca]>' Linzee iM" Kowe ^ Scot. Davis W" Davis. 4. preached a very Clever cK: [jertnent sermon. The Treasnrer told a storv ah" Cap' Tynt!' 'i1ie iusending' his Irish man to hnv cheese etc. Cap' Linzee salld in the J5eaver. Malthy arrivM from England. vK: After Cap' Linzee Came in heing KcturnM \\\ l^eaver the Iligginson. Arnold Wells TnthiU lliihharcUVc Jos. i»-ot the ]5etter oF it Soon.JOIIX llOAVE. M' Walter read prayers Fast Day. spent the former Part of the Evening at Colo. nl<'ht. M"^ Grace Gardner Ihiried too Iluogles the Warr Cap^ Last from Lishon. & I attended the Fiinerall of IM' Etliondu'e Bearer Avas a Fraiieis . . arrive! in Geo.

Cap* Wood in Hancock's Bri«>*o'" was Cast away on Point AlScliooner Ervinji^s Tlio" 15oylstoh's Ship ]\r near the same place from the AVest Indies both in the Storms yesterday. Aj)rill Year— M' !i(). Icrton another cS: Cap' Jarvis arrivd in 27 Days from Aprlll G. Aprill attended 1 the Governuicnt. Aprill Treasurer. Commissary were Chose olliccr i^r went 1 i\Iondny. Tho'' Cushing'.-— M' KusselL Lewis Turner died very Suddenly. went for Itcpresentatives to the to Boston were Hancock. j\P Thompson read . The General Court met at Cand)ridge M' Hancock is Chosen Speaker & ap- proved.DIAllY— 1772 227 from London." to Cliose Church to ollicers Church tliis which were the same as Last Year. monnni. Merch" Meetinjj^. n. The A(hnlrall visited the Fkiet to Day. May Thompson from (. this day. A prill 8. Aprill Cap' Davis arrivd in my Sloop Polly from iMadeira port The 17." Sir TIio** Uich Passenger in Jarvis. May Yesterday John Elected M' Sam' Adams 10. Grav ItS.•" noon 1 of ik M' went I W" to Scituate Chap. Aprill — tliis cS: day tlie & same as LiiList Cusliini. The 7. Phillips church Uead this morning ^P pi'ayers ik preached IG'" Verse After- Komans church. Cap* Folger in from London. Priiiji' l>rattle Majiu* llawlev *S: John Hancock were Chose Connnifsioners to Treat with New York 2)). London — Bri<»'<.

Lawyer tlie Shephard Avas hurled tliis Searcher died the this mornlnii'. The iNhiy 27. niOVINCK OF MAYNH.* Gentlemen were Elected Counsellors for the ensuing* year Sam Danforth W" — i:s(| Ih'attle Ihirrlson Gray Sam Dexter IkMij Greeideaf Tim" ^yoodhri(l<^e Isaac Koyall . George Leonard jun'r Es(|rs. IJOSTON MKIU'IIANT . Both Verso. estly (lesimied G^'' Cliap.22S JOHN HOWK. Janu's Otis — W" Jerahmiel Bower Seyer — Walt' S[K)oner ^ Es(jr.r SaiT'Ulahock — ernour consented to the Choice exce[)t Jerahmiel Bowers. fo]h)wIni. declined taking" his Seat at the ]5oard. of tlie tliese Prophet sermons were hon- lenii'thy. Gentlemen of INI' all the Ihmcock . .. Nat Sparhawk. James Gowen Esii.lames Boudoin James Russell ply"" colony. AT LAliCE. John Humphreys.John IJradhury. Jeremiah Powell Esqrs. hut very Okl Dana W" morning*. The GovF('. preached from priiyers <& llosea ^ G"' May li).

cK: dined at TreadwelFs Lee of APhead. Flax Pond.lack Williams on ace' of rose very early witch with Sam' Calef <S: Tho" Knight. many went 1 ^ Green Jos.June 1(). to Uichards with I Tho"* Twentv Dozen of Trout Kiii<»ht cauiiht sent the Admirall a The Admiral told me that Cap' Dunniwas wounded his Vessel hurnt at Providence. 1 Law at Suit M' Salem We iMlller Dined set Nich" Tracy. nilddlliiii" Two to enumerate.— 1772 DTAllY June Kings Birth Day. the hilt J""' Trout. Kp[)s Sargeant of Gloster. at the Council cK:c his Reg'ini^ well. wee fished S[)ort I ever was at. 4. cK: & out for Ips. the I spent the evening at Concert Hall where there was a Ball. June sln 10. too AVe St()])t Keached cS: at Ipswitch hcfore Treadwells with Dr Smith hoth of New])erv Port. Kini»" of iM'head ^ Jol) Prince in l^oston. Head a])pearance at the his 220 looked Grenadiers Governour of made — tlie Major Paddock's Clever. M' Tho'* June 11). Lawyer the IS. Wee went wee had the Best thei'c. liave with I c\: Lyini Dinner. a great Company there the Admiral & Gent'" of Navy & June i3. June with Adams M' . very Company hehaved very Colo. wee had fished Perch. Erving attended I Chamher. tS: a wee Wilhaiiis Luck. v/ee to I # . I ^ attended M' Calef. ('olo. attended the Court — Afternoon I spent the evening at Treadwells with M' Marston of M'head ^ Calef.luiu' my M Attended Court. (S: . ( 'ourt cK: aii'reed to Refer Action to l>enj" (Jreeideaf of Newherry Port. 17.

M' Phillip M' Forrest. Townsend. llOSTOX MFJH'IIANT JOTIX 2:50 & very near a liuiulred Weiglit of Fish Largest Perch I ever saw there. M' Sam Fitch. Pease oF Xewj)ort. Poom ^lurray's son's ' ft with Col" Murray Col" Saltonstall Colo.lolni's Day. I)r Warren <& liis Lodg'e walked in procession to Dr l>yles' Cliurcli wliere a sermon was Preached ])y M' Sam' Fairweather.'iment appeared in the the exercise. M' Ahram Savage.Inly 1 I.lohn . M' Grei. M' Archer a Gen' of Lishon. . forenoon. M' Dumares(pie M' .* Commencement Dav. iM' Letchmere. Connnon this ai'ternoon. M' . mow hei»an to tlie Pastnre this day.los. also Major Paddock's Comthe whole hehaved much Better than pany nre «S: — usuaL . dined with the I June 27.KOWK.' of Salem. Cap' Fenton M' P>alch. I dined at Col. Another ] niuh'r Lodii'cs *^ Present at 15rotlier Bracketts.!. my Care ft f>8.'). he set tinne ^ l)r Chnrcli to oil' 2!). Dr Pussell ot* Concord. Unssell. St. We July 10. — hehaved very well throutihout the whole of The whole Kei. 7. I attended the Ceiemonv in the .Iud<»v Sewall. caiio'lit the June 24. M' Flai. Major V'assall M' (Joodini. Oliver Sam' Quincy ?*!' .Iose[)h Green.'. me others petitioned to liodL^'e. . went to Camhrid^e it heiiii.". M' Archibald Rich'' M' Neal. Jhmcock turned out tins i'oienoon July with the Cadet Comnanv thev made a Good FijiCoh). Turf in heinj»- on the were alarnu'd Connnon hehind in the Nii»ht hy the Powder House the Fire.

to 1 returned present. Gentlemen all njakin^' Tlie Gov' slept all there. Admirall Monta^^ue & a Great many other — too niaiiy to enumerate. M' J"" Liman met a mislortune at Camhridii'e. Gentlemen so Lulill'erent . I — — am(ni<»*st tlie Company Lient Governour ilv cK: cK: Finnilv. went ('omi)anv *S: made in I to the Ball to Cheerful ^ Dance Inman's cK: — they were all verv the whole was conducted hapj)y the General Satisfaction of to i\r cS: The Admirall the Kemainder. Character cK: ^ Family. where most of the has not heen Gecasion. ducted with mnch Kase each other Hajjpy — such an Entertainment New P]n<>land hefore on anv came to Town sav Cand)ridi>e & Avent at the Town House. I'his day ah" noon Sunniers Shop was l>urnt <lown. . After church the Chiu'ch Wardens Vestry met ahout some alteration T was sorry ah" it. <fc The Fam- ^ Ladies of The Avhole was eon- Pleasure «& all . went early to M' Innian's who nuule the Genteelest Entertainment 1 ever saw on aee* of Iiis son Georj»e takin<»" his De<i^ree he yesterday liad Three hundred forty seven Gentlemen & Ladies Two hundred cK: Ten at one Tahle dined. July K). hotli whicli took their Deuree.Tovned in lleputation. After Dinner wee were visited bv the Governour & Couneill.lulv -<). ]\r Tho" Briiiley & M^ Dan^ Murray. to see the in & Our Church.DT ATI Y — 1772 231 Cotton. I paid a Genth'men M' Jona Wilhams' Son & also Dr Whitvisit to wortli Son. July 21.

Dr Peterson came witli my Lei»". of the my Dr Peterson came with Dr Heron to Dr Heron to Le<»". I am Rich'' Swanwick New York (d' Phila- gon(» to Cand)ri(lge with her Ca[)' still Linzee unahle to ii'o to church . I liurted 'wlileli Wintlirop of M'- W Hood went from Boston Cap^ Packet to and C^unUridoo visit on a also of ^ the Providence in the Eastern Parts of Partv Bowes NIcIi" Province tliis My Pleasure. 10. Caj/ .*>. Dr Cooper Aug. Aug 14.JOHN 232 IIOAVE. were fired on this Occasion the Auti* Wound dry it in (h)nt my Leg' <»•() out Conliiied heiiii»* Fk'ct l)v tlie the Doctor cannot at piesent up. G. see ihv Beaver Cap' Linzee came ashore to })ay us a visit who staid the afternoon ifc spent the evening with M'^ Howe myself ^ Suckv. Servant Henry Smith iS: Davis the l>ar]>er Man went witli 'I'his forenoon them as attendants. Cap' Lin zee arrivd in Man of Warr from Kliode Island. M' Sam' Cak^f. This morninii^ jNT Hancock. paid me del])hia father Aug ^ M' Severance ('larkson of a visit also M' Sucky Inman her mother cK: 2. Auix 22. BOSTON MEKCIIANT Dr. Au<»' see 1 !). look to my iit leg* on Saturday last. M' Tuthill Ilubhard.* Fisher Sh)()p. Heron came July 28. Aui!" 1 1. M^ Bnittle.Ionian removed into tlie Ko<»"e Man of War from (he Ca[)^ Lohl) cS: King"lisher Pesinned the Connnand of Guns the Kini.

there. Aui. The Aug \k.a<j^ed ah" Cap* Aug* 27.'. Sept W M"" Gould. M' Lnnan. at I I have ))een much eni. M"* Montague. M'" Walter. Sun Lod^e consecrated. INI"' Lnnan George.John Inman. The Rev" M' Troutbeck. Cap' Linzee was taken hist nio'ht M' Ininan's at the Suit of Clark & Niti'litin^rale. Wee all dined . M' Rob' Gould. The Rev'^ M' Walter. waited on M' lleeves a])()ut this ail'airr. I sent Tho" Hooper much Rhode Island on Purpose. Court sat to Day. Present The Admiral. his Party arrived here yesterday Doctor says & 233 M" my from the Eastward 25. 20. Better thaidv God & in a fair My Leg way. horse Linzee's The Dr Heron was Brought Superfiiies Superior Drel'sed my Leg* Avith Tincture of Myrrh. to llisin<»' 28. Aii<»' liome last Cap* Saturday. Tlu' Rev'' M' Serjeant. Lin zee's business with the Board. M' George & Miss Sophie Montague. Sucky cS: Sally Inman. Miss Polly (S: Miss Anna Murray Miss Howard. The Sherilf in Quest after Cap* Linzee Col. Brattle was o'oinj". Cap' Linzee. George raise the Militia. M"" Rowe. . TroutlKM'k. mysell' \k.DIARY — 1772 altlio' tlie Hancock Le^^ is much better. the Sucky Bev'* M' Walter i)erformed the Ceremony. Aug oL Ca})' Linzee was arrested on the Mu- latto alVair. Miss Hannah Speakmau. L I Avent to M' Liman's to see my Dear Inman married to Cap' John Linzee.

ht Brother .*. i\r was iMarcellus Neii'ro much hurt. 'tis Sueky.Iudj. Sept 4. Sept iMv 2'*). S('[)t sent Antony to .'ot all the Fellows taken Sept 2."). liome this eve'ni. down Sally Avent in ft liouse with Cap' forenoon wish 1 Iiim. Fraser For <fc mv with Day money of the aee^ ft.14 I g'ave Cap^ Lin zee a Letter Sept 2. ft' Georg'e Inman went Sept Anch'ew Hrlmmer's this day."e ^ the l>eaver as Tar as the IJjiht*• M'^ Linzee a fair wind. 2S.'e Sewall at hridge on husnu'ss of Ini[K)rtance ah" Cam- (^ap' I^lnzee's matter. M'" ^ tlicm Iiniian (ieort. Cap' * W" r>rown ari-M In Hh^ Sueky ft the Sloo[) Folly from Cap' Airy Whallnjj^ havinti" met ]5ad Weather ^ an unsuccessBristol. L Oct his son Oct from 1 waited on I W*"' to Vafsall Herman Fsif ^ — ahout lenry. Tho'' l^dnu'r t(K)k mv I>i'oui!ht house this Day ft T t. cK: Inman.lack (Jap' Freeman Itowe Son of my I>roui. Qulney. Linzee Cap' my Dear Sueky earried iM' tog'ether. After Dinner my Kinsman . with tliis ft ft' happy sailed cK: My took their leave Lei.* much is ol! hetter tonig'ht. (>. I ().' Sept 24. Orders to draw on me every New Years Twenty Pounds Lane Son Mess'" taking* Sterlinj. 2.BOSTON MEllCITANT JOIIX HOWE. in full Voyaii'e. ahused Mareellus cS: trvd them hefore u]> that . t» ft/ Oct in li).Justice the Justice onk'red them to Goal.

50.^ Dauo-liter.John who had been to wait on Gov' Hutcliinson as a Connuittee man I'lom the Town me tlie Key of tlu. I him the Key. M' Joseph Douse (S: Several Younjj^ Nickolls. oi* ()r<»'an cK: M' Propert sent at Trinity Church. delivered Adams this mornintr Town meeting this after- attended M' John about Colo.hick tliro T Paddocks Coach for set out in ^ladame Apthorj). He 235 is in Old. sailed Hooper Oct 31. noon.h.' sent for Nov M' John Cutler 2. ^F Gilb' & Murray day for this After Dinner ah" the Judo-es Family Cape rode over to Brackets 1 spent an hour with Treas. Town Oct 28. M"Lady.DTAKY — 1772 Cap^ Wies. i\r in Cand)rid<»e ^ M" Uowe my ^ dined at Salem ab" four of Clock. wltli linnan «S: cK: M" Iinuan Uowe . Cap' dacobson Avent all jNIartins.* Company tlie Kin<. cS: I . his Gentlemen under his tlie Care of M' Nickolls'. the Uev' Old W i\r We cliaise. Day Meetino. o'lad he is come. Oct 2G.'s the 13"' Year of his <& Majesty's Ueii. I am Upwards of seven Year he came Jacob of Quebeck. Oct W . We Nicholls where Sc we Hound <xot to spent the Evenini. Lee's alVair. 1 Hoston. Salary. aj)})eare(l Accession to the Throne his witli under Arms Yesterday ])eint.* at we were Joyned by Son . Gray Cotton ^ we were .loyned by James Otis Aviicrc Tho^ also Fear. . Fisher the Cohector. Nov Salem 10. Hancock Colo.

faeobson there. & G(M)rt»"e Tinnan has Jack Uowe has had them at Salem iiot cS: the nu'asles i2(>t well . BOSTON MKUCIIANT 2:}0 Nov We 11. any Pirate. Nov 22. The man was l>roni. 17.* to New England ^ denianch'd a Sliips at Uliode IslamL have Nov. cS: *S: examined before others Uelatinii" the the l?i- they Committed him to Goal. Barnstaple ^ l>acon says is come iMan the is I'own to in from Goal ah" the The Story is very Intricate. to Town from Barnstaple this eveninj. M'" jM"* Inman. Stronj»" Sns])i- eions aiiainst him. Nov /( M' 21. We we dined at Martins. breakfasted stopecl at M"" Nickolls RoAve there to soliool. Nov The 10. Admiral i\b)ntaLL'ne raev. JOIIX ROWE. Coast this me Acbnirall sent for this morn- ah" the Fresh I>eef Contract extend- The (hiy.' Gov'." safe ariived at Ports- Nov 24. li'ot Sc GoodheAvs iit k*ft We . We . Piracy. Primo Dee.. an ace' Lively for the suj»|>ly of a Pirate on ^hm War of is tlie littint. me inir ^^ tokl ins. Innian left I my Kinsman Caj)' & Jack we set out for liome we to Cand)ridi:'e. J>irth Day I am this dav Fifty seven The Lively Cap' Talbot lletunu'd from No Further ace' of a Cruize into Nantasket Roads. Nov 27. Mv years old Nov.* to jro in search of her. <>ot safe to l^oston. Cap' Jeidvins airiyed from London & bro^ news of the lUviver beini. mouth.

Inman. Timothy IG"' Verse. & 237 Day. Dee 14.DIAIIY Dee. 2. Christmas Day. Tlie Admirall The Jud^e of Admiralty. M' Waldo. This mornin<»' ah" one of Clock wee were alarmed hy Fire. M"" mornin"' to sev- us tliat Avee mi<>ht Jud<»e of His Voice eral of thlidv lie & has a pleasant ai»'reeahle & I Voice.' at Kowe (& Geo. ft Dec Day 18. Geo Inman set out for Norwitch. M"* the Rev'^ witli Gentleman Church tliis M' Walter frcmi Candidate for an Assistant to that's a lie 1 7. Tlianks<»iving. down cK: it was a Dee Prayers lar<ie Barn hurnt M' Sam' Wells house much Damaued Great Daniier. Lieut Gov'. Jae()l)S()ii Ca}/ ternoon <& evening. hundred pounds Old Tendr I^"^ collected ah" four & . iM' Fisher the Collector of Salem."). & M"* home dined at liome M' Serjeant a youn<»' I Uead Pravers in tlie home dined at Kowe & Avitli spent the afCap^ Jaeohson. The man tliat is suj)p()sed to have Committed tlie Piracy was arraiiiiicd this Day hefore The Goyernour. sk W Walter preached a sensihle metaphysical for Christmas from We Black Colt away to to hreak. The — Collector of Falmouth Casco Bay. for the Poor. my new Terry took Dee 24. witli Dee — 1772 Andover Walter. 3. A very Busy Day with mee this Day. The Secretary of the Province. in Read sermon Chap. Dee ]().

('ap' . dred GentlenuMi cS: The The season.larvis to Tho'* Duini for nine hundivd Guineas this sold I the Sessions set this dav on the IV'tition ab" Our Goal. ))1.Ian 21. Pussell dav — ^ Ca[>' I'lie Hannah. . the others l'2r)0. slj»iicd. iM' CaHV Walk. A Fire broke out at the Foot of the IJope UusselFs house. Present.Ian 2(>. jjostox 2. Deaeon Grant. Feb 3. vount*' mvsclf had a loni*' M' Coond)s of Philadelphia talk as an M' I^or- ab" the Assistant for us. Cap* Daltoii. Svmms. which coldest 1 spent the (Jueens Pirthday Hall at a very Prllliant Pall. Dav Chief this nii»'ht J l*^>()() ernour's Speech Twice this Forenoon. The Lleut-Governour M Oliver. John Ilaneoek Es(| W ^ Job Prinee. M W" AmV Philli[»s Powell. Jan int!*. Loiii*' spent the at'ternoou with the ProprieWharf at the Coll'ee House. also other Damage to the Neii!"hb()urhoo(l.thy Speech. James Uichardson called on W me ab" the alVair of I'ho^ Jan The 18. The House voted . Jan 7." u[>\vai(ls of Two hun- the Judj»"es Salai'V this p ann. House Uead an Answer to the Gov- Justice . jNP jNI' Arnohl AVells. Ladies. ilohn SavaL»*e. it Consumed Tanhouse cS: a Carpenter's Shop.j8 ^^ieuciiant 1778 Jaiiy tors of I •'>. a very lcnL.JOHN UOWK.Ian 22. at C'oncert eveniiii. I Avent to the Concert at the ColTee . After church M' ^r Walter Ilev'' cS: Krvini**.

Present Heiulerson myself. New Ezek Golthwait of Jack Lin- Our house ah" the settlement zee's alVairs."). The coldest nli»ht ever After Dinner M' known. This mornino' Fel)'y 8. Afternoon T spent at Faneuill Hall with the Committee ah" Lighting the Lamps. Fehrv -!1. jNIoon — Feh'rv came to 2i. Spent tlie Evening at tlie Coffee with a Great numher of Gentk*men JNI' Poperts Concert. March Dr Church performed an Oration at Dr SewalTs meetinii-. Benj" Ap[)leton. cK: Day &. Brio^<^ sailed for my So Carolina Cap^ Skinner. Acce[)tance — This evening an Exhihition in M"* . young' Josiali Quiney Avent Passenger Fel) 17.DIARY — 1773 — very House of ^r Propeit's 239 fine Musick & Good Performers. The Judj»es say to Great . I attended Court the to hear the Ti-yall Long Wharf all House Ladies heintr at the Superior hetween the Proprietors of Geo. JNIinot — The Proprietors lost their Cause. A lire l^i-oke out this mornini»' hetween two iS: three of Clock in M' Sunuier's Shop at the Bottom of Cole Lane — it Burnt several Dwell- The Coldest Day this Avining Houses (S: Shops. Austin cS: ^I' Inches. Fehry 18. AV'"' Phillips. the Ink ^ evervthlnii* else freezes. March 1. The ter — weathei* so veiy cold M' Walter did not preach this mornliii*" Fehrv 22.

Birch. Anna c^ Betty Munav — AVee were very merry. M' Paxton. M"* Itowe. 1 attended the Funeral of Cap' Hay of the Tamar Procession as follows Man of War. Bearers Howe <S: — Cap"* Crosse Lorln*. Antony went to Newpiut this morn- Staiie. March 1(>. E/cck' Goltlnvalt. Clapliiini's BOSTON IMEKCIIANT Great Concourse of People ^ in Kinii*\s St of all sorts member the — Claphams of T)'" ^larch 8. Jones. The Cleriivmen of the Town. full mournThe Doctors Peterson cS: White — ing. Afternoon tlie new (. M' Talhot. M' Hallowell M"" . Jordan. The Governour*s Lady was Lieut this evenlnii". my Friend The order of The Band of the ()4 Kciiiment. Atkinson.JOHN 240 ROAVE.lacohson. March 2'). — The Admlrall.\)urt house took Fire hut did no Great Dama<2"e. Sally Jnman. The Commissioners M" Hulton. March 22. The Corj)s (S: Symonds. M" Golthwait. The Governour. 20. iNIarch Inti" In Browns iMarch Burled 11). M'" lU'h'luT. A Balcony. Town Number a lari>e March 1770 assembled Meetlni>* for the to re- at M"* Choice of 0111- cers. Cap' .'. went I Brush to Hill ^ dined with M" M'cS:]\r" Iinuan iMadam Belclier. The Ollicers *S: the Marines of the Navy.

u .

Town- John Coirm Solo Davis. Pound the Little much Pain. I went to settle the no urav J ace present Davis mvself.'et Day « Aprill i own 1 20. Jaeohson Cap' Jarvis. 1 Am 22.' «fc — ft' stood Godfather for M' Gih' Dehlois Son toiJ'ether . — wee M' Liman M'^ Powe Geo Jnman cV: Anthony r>"" ]{)"' had a Pike w'' verv tine. A[)rill took a Uide in wluMi SipKire. M' Ini^'ei-sol. 1 ft I dind at home with M' Meredith. Apiill still niiicli ^ Pain eoiitliuie So Day Apiill 20.e Pet limed round 1 took a Little CJeneva of mint ah" Pelieved me A prill 2:>. 2»">.. am not yet (juite Well. Krvino-. still weak. liich' Greene send Coilin Barker Nath' Fiteh. Tutldll Rev" M' Walter. r>OSTOX MKKCIIANT 24--> all have I li). to ohliiied i» numhers oF mv Friends ^vho have heen ft kind enoniih to visit me Coldthwait Jos Golthwait W" K/ek' Siekness. Primo May. I went to Clia[»e]I this moi'nin*.* hut have «S: 1 eat a Little Veal for the yet a Little Pain. A])rill 21.*>(). I slept Tolerahle to Nioht.'. l)ro. Still in l^towii \veak Detter this felt 1 ^ Pain nioniiiij.' still I much Better hut Time lirst unwell did 1 not <. still in the Great Pain.JOHN KOWK. Aprill Ahroad Rode out 1 1 this after dinner ^ felt dind l)elow for the Jielni. reasnrers Amorv Major A})rill After Dinner t) . this in Meredith iM' Crej. %. C(do. Ten (d* Clock. I am much First time. it Carriai. Cap' The Iluhhard.

iNIeredith This afternoon wee met went out of Town todjiy.'e May M' i. j\Iay L*).K>.DIAUY— 177:J witli Howe & M' M'" Inmiin. had very line at Pend)ro(dv for Dinner. Camhrid!L. Storer ^ Appleton. home Avith The Rev'' M^ SaiMay the Rev"* Fairweatlier IM' W Dehh)is diiid at Avitli — W jent of* on Calf. 1 met the Committee ab" the Lamps. May Wee S. 1 Trout which I Caught sent M"* Monta<. Present myself. inj. I him M'" De])l()is his tliree The Rev^r FaiiSons Stei)heii Will"' (fc Jack ^veathel• M' Inman M"* Inmaii Geo Iiiman Madam Rowe. W" Phillips. 243 It was Baptized by and Named Ralph. Samucll ('usliin^'. Apthorp M"* Snow ^ 1 dlnd at 2. May IL I attended to paper the Town Bookeeper James Perkins was way V Rooms at the meetinii" for his — my Old ])uried this after- noon.' 1 the Tiam[)s.4 let annum he Own K\])ense. iNhiy 10.C2().) There was a Town meetinjj.ue Six Lariie Ones." this day at Boston John the four Old Re})rescntatives were Chosen. waited on the Connnittee ab"" Lig-ht- . May the Townsend M' O. do/en 'I'ho^ Hancock. Adams & W" PhilHps. Jih" <& myself five caui^ht cS: ei^lit line Trout (at Pendnoke. at the ColVee house Benj'"" Austin jM' This day I ])r W \u\ house over ft' ft/ . Lamps Present myself Deacon Phillips M' Henderson Inches M' Appleton Deacon Storer Benj"' Austin.

JOHN KOWK.Hawley. Colo May 23. Benj" Austin. 7 c\: 8 24. Henry wee were Langhton cS: Sam' Calef to Natick Pond late — Joyned hy Tuthill Huhhard *S: . Nat Appleton also John I^asset Cap' l^radt'ord JosephJackson. W" Philli[)s. Cap^ John Homer Cap*^ Job Prince & in . xM' Walter desired a Con- After church versation with me ^ M' Ervinj'' ahout M' Pickerin<i' of Portsmouth. Tho'"" Gray. Henderson Inches. — We the North Lamps No — 2 — o — 4 — 5 part of the finished Divisions. Attended the Coninilttee Mixy wee lished there wee had Good Sport npwards of Ten doz" rickerell in very Bad order last New York tlie ford — ah" — Our Leaky cS: Returned liome Government. which we hnislied. M' John Leach M' Tanl Kevere M' Ld" l^rocter M' l1io^ Ilitchnm. May 11). Present myselF. M' Appleton. ]\P Storer. The Rev'' M' How was ordanied at the M' Cheeklys meetini. l^oats Conuuissioners ni^ht from the Coni»"ress of IJne which was licld at Hart- — thev have adjusted the tion of sS: — Perch — the Hancock ^ all'air to llie Satisl'ac- Gov' Hutchinson.Joshua Blanchard (S: Wee caui.. BOSTON :MKKC1IANT 244 May Town 14. Deacon Philhps Deacon Storer. 1 al)" lixin<^ the Town l*resent myself. the Brattle. this nieetiiig afternoon I at- tended. Gen' Majcn. May 22. May ab" the This day I went with the Committee Lamps to view tUa Wards N"' (3. I went with James Terkins.this afternoon. Major Daws to which were the GentkMuen of tlie Several Wards M' J"" ]5ro\vn.

Walter Spooner.DTAllY tlie — 1773 245 afternoon Dan^ Hubbard Jolin Amory Major Paddock.leremlah Powell.lames At '^J'he Adams Governour cK: . the Commissioners were very yeslerdav avIumi they came out from the Pnhliek Dinner at (^nicert Revere Gowan . May tlemen 2G.lerahmlel Whitcoml) declined ^May 27. 2S. John Sweetzer & Tho" Amory.lames Humphreys. . Avere Sam^ Dan forth liis Es(| " James Boudoin " Sam Dexter " Calel) Cusliinjjf " Humphrey llobson WilHam Phillips " Pcnj" Greenleaf John Hancock " '' " James llussell Artemas Ward James Bowers Sam Pliillips Esq Jolm Winthrop " " Jolm Adams " John Ervliio" James Pitts '' Isaac Royall Otis. I attended the Select Men in order to ^K: Sloop St John up.ledediah Ihehhle . .John np.olni. Geo. May <»'et my W'" Phillips. W" M' Hnlton & Dennie. W'" Brattle Esq for the Province of the Mavne . Two much ahnsed of nei. Leonard jun' Lar<»'e."atlved Bowers i. Chose John Whitcomb " " Colony of Plymouth W" Se\'er. Majesty's General Election.' M' Ilallowell. The following GenCouncil. Paul several others were the Priiu'ipal Actors. Ilnll. — Jn" Ham*ock & John . Jeremiah for Sao-iidohock. W'" Molllneux. Deacon Church.

!). their a}»pearanee in the or Ivather Multitude never saw hefore.' —Company all made of People as Speetators 1 Major {\\v Sueli a (Quantity Colo. Miss l^lak'c. the Admiral with Admiral c^ M"" Montai. I wee June \2. 1 ^ Cap' Jordan. May KOAVK. Wee cau^lit a j^reat I dined at Mann's Tavein nuuiy hut very small. all ^ wejit ft witli alishini*' ** Tin* Achnii'al cauiiht ITo i*erch.* hiirnt with all the Stores in Town the Inhnhitants of the Verkins. ^ Krviui. eame home I heard of his Majesty's Store Ship iire Jiiines IIiil)l)ard. Hood arrivd from London wltli the Small on hoard." her. Wee spent the after]Maj' Musorave. *S: Colo.ue. ('ap' ^ M"" Jor- dan. 1 stopt at liichards ^: at Rohin's Walpole i\: at went a tis!iln<».' li afterward miter awav. Han- a}»ed of).' in order 29. . Caj)t I^ox on hoard June coek of Company cK: Colo. liOSTOX MICltCIIAXT Tiitliill Avitli Calet' cK: W" went to Uiehards I After & "vvas havini. 1 (>aiit.JOHN 210 2:t»t a iisliini.with eleven 1 reached Wrentham. it put Into Great Consterna- tion for Fear of a Lariie (juanlity of Powder heliiii" They tow'd her to Noddles Island.". to Sam' I rose very early tins inorniii*. noon c\: June eveninj. Phi[)ps Kini»-'s I>irthdav 4. they hehaved very welL dune for 8. Letteis from Suck v. Cap' George Montaigne Miss So[)hia Montai. «S: Common Cadets. Artillery. Davis. slept tliere. rose very early I the Admiral. 1 rose very eaily Wrentham on cK: set out with Duncan a Party with Admii-all Montaijue. Padth»ek Keiiimeiit.

"ood sport Salem. • The very Chearfnll. not yet over are the Gov' M' — his nutchinson. Newalls from at thenee to Flax Pond sto[)t Lynn — -^ I fished there. the \vlio Inman went J"" 5. Jack Prnve. The July 7. favoured the Select t(» The 2. Sam' Calel' there — We dined W Jack Itowe. for the First time this in day. Dr Warren Avorshipfull liis Most Part of my Hay T attcMidod tlic at Braeketts on witli in li^ot W — Went with Powe to Salem We July 28. l^uilt lU'W. Tiodi. Sally Inman. Jack there M" «S: Tnmaii — We were merry — On our way home we met M" Fisher Salem — Miss Douse Ladies Nicholls Lynn — Yesterday Ansell NickerTea Collin «S: Lewis Dehlois there of cK: ft. I July We 4{) T>retliren) went to Milton July lo. I — We reached had very Goodhew's Tavern — Afternoon i. Rev'' Or was Preai'hed ^ paid a visit to Coo})er's Meeting House.'es spent the to Mendon after the Men & other Gentlemen of visit th(s schools. we dined at we paid a visit to Rev"' Flax Pond — Perkins ^ M' Nicholls Went with M' When we came July 29. at PejJi'u'v draidv Toii'ether soiTs Triall foi" Judi»'es '^Fhe Piracy l)e. Lieut Gov' .D Any — 177a 2A7 I June 19.»un. Day villains. Winders ^ (cS: to Brethren at their Feast Boston Neek. Juno 24.und James <S: under the Trees (S: were Inman. Gov' llutehinson. joyned hy Ptowe. the liev' M'* Nicholls. I Day Company au'reealdv July — both Town were Present myself. Duncan to we fo.").

'. j\r i\lortimer. This day Au<. IM' Walter Shines Good Discourse verv Serious in his preachiiij. their — ]\r 1. Walter read prayers Pathctick Discourse Deut. Saturday I rose very early moi-n- tliis (Jai)' went with Admiral Montai»'u Wilhams in<^ '^ O i of the Advice iS: Duncan to Menotomy Pond (S: Wee dind at — the Tayern were doyiul hy the INP I'ollowin*^ Weathcrshys — Company cK: M'"" wee Mon- . was lie was ac(piitted contrary to Generall expectation.JOHN KOWE.* Field hy John Williams there were upwards of four hundred tliat dined there. ^« "i'he Collector ot* Salem Roh' Admiralty. BOSTOX MErvCTTANT 248 Andrew Oliver Esq. 28 Auuf. his Prother M' Walter is so Good who all Died in this week a man that mv Pen cannot Descriljc his Virtues — M' Lynch. Adiuirall Monta^T^ue Secretary of this Province M' Fliicker. Indian W Lynch iNIinister ^ W Oatum Ptowe went to hear the j)reach at M' Moorhcad's Meetin<i^. Auchniooty Counsellor Es(]'' New Auii'.')2 Cha[). (S: 29'' Verse — tS: — went to church I — AP preached a very moviuji^ *S: the . M' Dudley Collector of M'" Fisher Newport. his Wife. Sons of Liherty held the Annual Feast at Koxluiry in the Trainini. Geo . ]5ook of I'rom this sei-uion was occasioned hv the Death of four of his Parisliioners viz' Charles — — Hammock."). Aufji' A more An more cS. Ansell Nickerson Trvall of over this forenoon.' 14. After dinner 2*2.Tefrey Judj^'e of Hampshire.' IT Walter read Prayers ^ Preached.

Ulcerated. Imnan is very 111. Austin. . This afternoon ^I' Bates performed for Se[)t 8. Miss tagu Lady Frankland M"" CroniAvell. Sept 7. Miss Bettsy Collin Daughter of Symonds Commandor.DIAHY — 1773 249 Montagu George Montagu James Mon- tagu. Faneuill Hall on the W'" Lamp AlVair — Present myself. Yesterday was Suckys Wedding Day. Sally Sei)t P). A great many Peotlie first Time liorsemanshij) — ple attended him. 1 attended the Town's Committee at Se})t 2. Jack Rowe came to Town Yesterday. ]>enj" Inches hridi»*e. Commands that the G4^'' Natli Collin M"* Rowe & ment — Wee s[)ent th(^ Inman Dr White Surgeon of M' Atkinson ^vho made I Came home & very Jolly Evening at home with M"* liowe ^ Geo ^vere Miss Mary Green Daughter of Rufus Green much Lamented died this morninii* rail the Hospitall. this Entertain- Cap' Williams ^ 1 — The Admi- had very Poor Luck the lish very small. Ehen Storer. Ilen'derson Nat Appleton. tV: Sallv linnan beinii' much out of order with a very bad Throat. M"" Rowe went to Cam- Pliilllps. Riclid Letcliniere M'* Letcbmere Miss Letclimere i\r Jonathan Simpson M'^ M''' Simpson Miss Inman Geo Inman M" Ilulton Sally Simpson M'' Inman Inman Connnifsioner Secretary Flucker M'" Flucker Ilulton Miss Flucker Lucy Flucker Sally Flucker M' Harrison the Collector of the Customs Cap' Tho' the Captain Cap^ Campbell the Marines Major Musgrave of llegiment.

I went this day with Sept I'"). Dear Sally Kowe. Sept 22. Tlw staid all niiilit there with iM"" 1 Wee 1-1. of Lar^ie eyeninii" alishinii' Luck we very Great there ha<l cK: W^Mit with Cap' liohertson -21.*).lUnVK. Inniaii Allllction. Inman's to attend the Fnnerall Inman ('lock this the ileahns of .-)0 arrlvd The Doctor 1. r.OSTON ^[RKCIFAXT . made Hancock — Co ^ Major Faddock dined Deacon KIn'»'\s lM-yint»' their ap[»eaiance. to — a yery Cleyer (-ai)' iS: Duncan — we cani^ht iislied ni>war(ls Inman was . . Is M'"" ^ Dehhns 1 Hroni»ht Sallys Fnnerall. to i»'one came to '^J'own tfc met M' «S: them hack to consult ahout iM' from Letters Sally Imnaii continues veiy Sncky. lic^Im' 1 ('olo. Ferch. Sept Soia'ow to (Ji'cat (d' my Dear Sally win* was hurled in the al'ternoon ah" four of Clock.lov. Sept 2d. attended hy a Great Numher of Friends too many to enunu'rate with npwards (d* F(uty ('ar- ahundance of Spectators. Packet Tlio 11. th(» ^F Town Committee Walter read ai)" [)rayers the Lamps. over. yonnii" Ihu'land Sept to — Dedham.I(mu's ^ ^ on Turtle hy Inyitatlon.lohn Haskins Daujihter ^^>n^ll•' Lady. (/oronation — Colo. will Hall Sept Sjicnt Fart of the Afternoon at Fane- with 2(>. Sept my i. She was a most Amiahle Girl c\: heloy'd hy All her 15earers were riag'es Sam W" iS: Antony Terkins.ives are Great In all Dear Sally Innian Departed ahout One of Slie inorni'ii». ^ j»reachcd . IM' Twenty Dozen married this IMIss Sally Woodwards y(HUij»' Feiiton. Sept 111.Fonathan Williams CoHin. Letcdunere.lOlIX 2. at ..

ht hetween iM' Cii[>' Parker — There Malthy of the was a Glasgow . 7. — Parker Read sev- Chapters which he did with Propriety cK: had a lie Voice was much liked Afternoon — Good ]\r Cliurch cK: at my — Pres- Uufus . myself we went met M' Parker from Portsmouth Parker iM"" Perfonnance man Powe ^ myself ^vent to see Bates in lIorsemanslii[) cK: does — The Vestry every stroni. Oct P).lohii (/utler eral to ^ heai'd Dan lluhhard. Geo Ih'tliune . Oct This rj. Our house — it — Tlie ah" the Little Church Wardens.' tance — adi'"' thin<. active & General Accep- too Thursday 10 of Clock. l>eni" Green.' t'is to a smart. visited I settled the {icc'*" the Adinlral ^ for .DIARY — 177r{ from Psalm 34^" & 251 the ll^" 12'" 13^" & 14'" verses. Vestry cS: Heirs of M"" met accordiiii. This sermon wns juhipted & direetecl to i^\ tliink very cleverly hiindled. heloni>ini»' Vestry liouse <& also to Gentlemen of the tlie morning* Trinity Churcli ent Stephen Greenleaf Jon' Simpson. We had a Vestry meetiim' after Service ah" the settlement of Duel foui.Johnson Jackson Henry Greene.lilon. Oct 4. Dr Bundle from llopkinton came to Farm there that was Cap^ Kllis' he says he ])ays eijihteen Pounds a year for me three hundred ^ Ten pounds for it cS: olVercd Oct.luly tliis tlie Youth moriiinir & Matters August Navy with M' Atkinson. jM' Laiii. IM' Goldthwaits Son in Law Williams dyrd this nio'ht.' to Adjourn- Tho'' Grci'iM' Dt'ccnscd — ment ahout the Choice of ^1' Parker they were all <d' them for him.

. then the Persons to whom the Tea there to hear ship[)e(l M' Fouiul an advertisement stuck Gen"'". to tlu' Kin<>-s at l)ridi.'e. 2n2 & Mail of Will' Fiiniev of Lieu' Noddles Island Yesterday — in the Breast Lieii*^ jMurines tlio Finney is on wounded <& t'is tliouji'ht inortally.the llev" 2. Accession Oct Throne — The — Cadets Under Arms General Muster Camtion at I 25.BOSTON IMEKCTTAXT JOIIX UOWE. them by said Com])any 15oston Yessell sailin<»: for London. the Sons of Liberty appointed a Com- . Nov This mornino.()t a I To Towns Tree the cK: our Cliurch Freenien ^ of this the — neii»*hhorini»' meet at Liberty day at Twelve of Clock at noon. — The Gentlemen yesterday ft' Supposed mons iS: to be ('onsii. make a «S: is pub- lick Resi<»nati<)n of their Ollice as Consii»nees Oath also swear iS: that they will re-ship X ft that may be Consigned upon any Tea ft. ft This day the Iidiabitants of the Town are alarmed Occasioned by tlui advertisement of Nov o. Parker paid me When abroad 1 <. to C. Oct. 18. Levi Ames was lianiivd this afternoon — many Thousand Spectators attended the Execu-— dind home with M' Finlay of Quebeck. you are desired to this W Walter alVairs oF Corner as Follows U[) at ahnost every *' on visit by the Fast India Company. Secietary.**"' 177') — 0. Oct 21. ]\r Quebeck paid me a froin Finlay visit.'iied make upon which whom Tea was did not obey the Sumto the their Ap[>earaiu*e at Liberty Tree." by the first Nov.

Dr Young. { . Nat Cary. Blanch- ard Tho" Brattle. Gray. M' Tho" Laughton. M' W" neux were as Follows Dennie. M' Jos AVinslow of Marshfield who are the Gentlemen These Teas are supposed to be Consigned to. two Sons. Hubbard. Nat Barker. Tutli. Tho" Gray. Colo. M' John Pitts. Cap' J'"^ Matchet. JMelabiah l^)urne. Ezek* Cheever & about five hundred more as near as I could guess The same })ieces was posted up this day The — — — as yesterday with this addition Shew me the Man I spent the evening at that dare take this down — the Bunch of Grapes. M' Benj" Faneuil the Governour. James Warden. Scot. Dr Warren. Ligersoll with Treas. Gabriel Johnnot. Hatch of Dorchester. Dr Church. Judge Lee of Cambridge. Colo. Heath of Roxbury. Winslow. Frving. M' Nat Gary. Jos.DIARY— 1773 253 & ^vait on them to know tlieir Determithe Committee with a large which nation. Geo. Cap^ Hopkins. & many M' INIolliiieux as Chairman of this Comothers mittee Read to tliem a Paper ^ produced another M' Rich'* which they Rcipiired them to sign <S:c Clark <& the other Gentlemen ii'ave them for answer they would not Comply with their Recpiest or this was an Unexpected words to that purpose answer to them cS: has gi\'en them nuu'h Displeasure — — — — principal People that accompanied M' jNIolliM' Sam' Adams. Colo. upon Concourse of People went from Liberty Tree to the mlttee to go store of M'" Rich'^ Clark & Sons at the Bottom of King Street Avliere they found M' Kich'^ Clark. Jos. Jos. There Avere several of their Friends there with them.

This mornini. 17. S'ward yesterdav. Sam' The Town 4. This day the Gentlemen to whom the .]()TIN 2. mornini*' a was called on this cS: the 'i'ea AlVair the Gentlemen to Committee Chose Meetinii" — Another — This — — — is Consi^'iicd ordei'S as thev are may still Pesolved to receive. Tea from the Kast India a measure tliis between Knji'land aii'reement Nov.' at the Possee. liOSTOX . Gov' sent Coh).' Ca[)' Scot arrived from London ik> lie P)rini»'s Brnce are Comnanv — vS: approved People to Prinii' the will paraded that is niiiht thro' the Collin Generallv Pcmaln a Great Occasion Last 18.Vt Hew to the forenoon. Cotton. Conslderahle a (d' dis- Streets cS: Hodv attacked of the House of M' Rich' Clark One of his Familv iired a Gun from the House hut luckilv did not Hurt thev Proke all his Windows c\: Window Frames hut very Town little other Damau'e Avhom the Tea Pursue such Nov. ^ Dis- Amei'ica. 11). Jolni Goltliwiilt ^ Davis. AV" Davis Nov at l>racketts on l)oston Nov — M' Nloht Pahner's ])a]l (juiet for a Nov Nov Nov Pahner IMio'* — dav Neck on Tnitle tliere is to ])e a was verv Pope Town (). advice that Hall. iMeetln!»' aiiain this 1 1. This dav r>.Jos. 15all to Solo Davis. Meetini:* there ^vere I^rilliant. llaneoek an order for llini to liohl his Coni])anv in Peadiness. Two Imndred GenthMnen U[) wards of Verv ()iil('t KJw'' at Coneert Hall. '^rhe iS: Ladies — Nii. tins dined 1 Spent the Kscj had liis sSi Town Tlie Geese VI. liorinii'. M KKCII AXT KOWIC. (Juliicv. vcrv evenlni.

" Pnrj)ose "Friends. 21).) to Pesistance to this meet (at to Posterity which time the Bells mak'e a last cS: is at Fanewlll Hall at nine worst United cS: will Successful most Destructive Measure of Administration. Nov Nov & 2'].DTAllY— 177. . the Hour of Destruetion or manly Opposition to the ^hichlnations of Tyranny Stares you in the Face: every Friend to his C(Kintry to himself now called upon of Clock this he<. Sunday hless — knees-— Pather my In my is fr. this Matters. This mornini.'in to to Day Pin<. 177*). years old elj^lit stronii' — hut — am 1 at 15irthday I am — to File agitated Hall (Ja[>' mornini'' my mind & arr'd Noise ah" the Tea on hoard Nov (fc I me. Brethren. Tlie Governour Council uiet 21.' there were Papers stuck np to the lollowin. ! testahle Tea. — M' Walter read prayers preached a most charmiii. niorninjjf Nov Letters from Dear Siieky Iiinian.*? Tea cil is Consiti'iied Petitioned the Governour & Couii- Relative their alVairs. ship'd for this Port hy the East Lidia Company is now arriv'd in this harhour.' Sermon Suitahle to this Order ol* Goveriimenl from the 1)2"" Psalm 2P' cK: 22" Verses. was Bn/ me a thrcateiilnii' letter Sii»"ned Determined which — This Chuirh — fifty very hearty Feehle.i villi. on the '^IV'a T ha nlvsi.. *' That woist of Plagues The De(Jonntrvmen 2i)." 25." I>oston Nov' cSi.. [>reseiit God tor all his Mercies This Nov 2S. I did is on not go to London — Great Ca[)' Hall. Nov This day 27.

Cap' Bruce arriv'd this mornin<^' from Dec J"" London. staid some time at the ^leetini** much iNLin a^"ainst my After Dinner word. them messai.' Cap' Bruce ^ I weie sent the Committee Belative the Tea on hoard »). .'e advisini. Met the Committee. Hancock. 1 vS: will was ('hose a Committee hut was sent dare I foi- say a the hv Binly hv Two Messeniivrs John Jni»ersoIl iS: This was at the motion of M' llancoclv. uulil the morniiiii" afternoon ah" Twenty meetini»' this hundred People as near as I couhl j. 1 Kvres.JOTIN l^OWE.*){). Dec for hv This mornint. ]. Jonathan Williams cS: mvself. The 15ody met aLL'aiii tliis The Gov' de})art of sent them on their Perill the messa<»'e a — there mornin!i'. l^OSTON ]MET?CITANT 2r)0 In consequence of the aUove notlHcation about one thousand Peo})k^ met at Faneuill Hall where they past a Return this Vote that they would at all events from Faneuill Ihdl they adTea — iourn'd to the Old South met iS: ati'ain were in the adjouruM Afteriu)on they iMeetin<>*. wish he it.- — they tooh — thev met hut live little to notice aLiain this afternoon. Iiad Omitted iH)t »Jos. that it was on the wharlV c\: that Caj)^ Bruce when he arrived would ap[)ly to the Body ^ that 1 would eiuleavour with Iveason in this him to prevail on A Hair cK: — that 1 to act was very sorry is he had any Tea on Board <\: whicli very True 1 for it hath i. present Sam Adams. Nov .uess.iven me t. Dec 2. I told them that 1 had purchased a Car^o for Cap^ Bruce' Ship."reat Uneasiness.

in in I Price. 1 heinj^ all Day ^ came this eveninii' that Yonn<»* was cast away on the Back of Cape a little Unwell all the evening'. Bro. Foi'm. John Potts. M' John Brown Voted a mend)er. attended this Funeral. (Questions. Cutler M' Elliot. Afternoon Jenkins he . iMcNcal. Dec IG. Dr Great Con- attended the Funeral of M' I Procession with their Jewels Dec A Lathr()[). Spent the eveninj^ at CoL IngersoU's liim " Dr W" Loyd. J\r Treas. iMollineux. ]\r Melahiah Bourn. meeting* in ^ i . Coh). Dr were. Bro. . the IMasons of the Several l>ox. M' Tin/ Bovlston. Bro. cS: W" Bruce's Ship. myself & M' Inman. Cap* Lorino- ace' Cod last Friday. Body '^rhe of the people met at Dr Sewall's meeting-. jM' course of JM' arrived in I i Nantasket Road part of the Tea. Cap' Colli with the Small Pox Dec Bacon. home staid at . Gray. Dec Kol)^ 7. Tlie Rev'' Ar jMoreliead was buried tills afternoon his Bearers Avith "The Five Chih Geo Bethune. Dec An 15.DIARY — 1773 257 they ordered lilni to Griffins. Wlmrll* & gave him the same Directions as to Cap* Hall. Bro. The Body . Present. Secretary Fhicker. iMather. l]ro. AVarren. Dec G. Solomon Davis. M^ M' Fitch. cS: Brother was Buried me ^ Lodues walkin«»* White Aprons. Timo Pem])erton. to know when she would he uidoaded «S: ah'' many other Dec 11. Dr AVarren. M' Pe()j)le a heini»* was Pallholder with S. Dr Stlllman. This forenoon a Committee was sent to 11.

25S ^lEJlCIIANT the Forenoon atljournM nntll afternoon. — its ]>lowh Dec 2(>. My his Shij>. they Tea ik> Unnii* opened the Hatches. * my house. am I My New day. was launched Dec this after- of Destrovlni*" tlie 'i'ea makes Town. hoisted ont the it overboard this nilu'lit I believe' .Wharlf ik Tillstons <fc Blown off the Tiles from Dec 27. We 1 Ghurch this preached a collected in old tenor :C4()0-8/ for the Beneiit of the Poor. The home all Shlj). M' Walter read most excellent sermon.">. present at this Dec allair.lack Town from this aftei-noon.BOSTON JOIIX HOWE. » Great Noise coiH'crned in <ilValr the In I it. still unwell «S: staid at dav at Walker's Yard. Several Thino-s passed between JM' Roteh / iit A nnniber of Peopk^ ap]>earln^' In Indian Dresses went on board the tliree Ships Hall. In- . St John's Day. the Montague. ExceiKlIni. 1 can truly sav. Broke np Dark. Tls a Disastrous AlValr ^ some Peo[)le are much Alarmed. nephew came to went to pi-ayers ^ . Christmas Dav. would rather have lost live hun- dred Guineas than J5ruce should have taken anv of this Dec Salem Dec Tea on board 20. mornint. l>rnee cS: tlieni. .' windy ^ stormy down manv Turrets \k> done Damai»e amon<»' the Shi[)plng' at Long. I dined at Colo. 2.'. Miss Ik'ttv Inches was buried ^^. I know nothlui»' of the Matter nor wbo were noon. — have been prevented. 1 am sincerely sorry for the Tis said near two thousand People were Event. «S: Cotlin. this 17.

Cap' Hall sailed this day for London. Brouji^ht <& Coninion of Boston This eleven of Clock Tea Burnt <& it this it into the ni<»*lit about supposed to be part of the ^ lloated over is that was taken out of the Ships to Dorchester. 1 I 7.' paid Admiral Monta«. Jan.ry.DIARY— 1774 259 Masons under gersoirs with the Brethren Free Jurisdiction (Present 34) my Dec 31. 8. Jan. M"^ Wal- preached a uu)st Dellghtfid Disexceedin<j. Passeni. Jan !). I 1 attended the Carpenter ^ Blacksmith .ers Francis Uotch John Whitworth Billy Threer cK: Youn<»' <fc Willson. 1 think without cS: Itcason. 17. 1 nu't the Committee about the Lamps. The People of Charlestown collected what Tea they could liiid in The Town & burnt it in tlie View of a thousand Spectators.*ue a visit this found him very An<. 17 mornlui. 1 li). There was found in the House of One Withinufton of DorChester about half a Chest of Tea the People ^-ath- — crcd toii'cther took the Tea. Jan L">. Jan'y 7 it 1 may if he wish the Ani»'ry he may be Good Wishes of All is should Esteem his Favour — ])ut as for that dont t»ive nu^ any Concern he away with" Just Cause. (S: dined at Childs' in Roxbury at the The Inferior Court sat this well delivered. be that as <S:c. Peacock. pleased a^ain Mankind — «S: his lousiness has taken it Jan. Afternoon ter read prayers course & Avent to Church.

2»5.* JSIEliCIIANT pliifcs the This Forenoon the tlie Lamps be are to iixecl. Selectmen Lamps met Connnittee for the & the at Faneuill ILill.JOHN ROWE. <!'<> abroad Gliurch. Received Letters from Suckv this day hy Cap' At. write — very did not went to preached. BOSTON 200 ill out iiuirkinj. The was the Coldest of any nij^'ht it froze all the way from the — . Jan. Present Selectmen Tho" Marshall John Seollay Saml Austin Oliver WenJall Tim*' Newall John Pitts COMINHTTEE John Rowe Henderson Liehes Benj" Austin Tho'' Gray Th(/ Dawes W'"'Phillips Ehen Stores We had a consulted on the nu^thod of lonu' li^litin^" them ^ Conference with M' Smith for that Pur- pose. 1 I 1 Sunday.*ness who has heen arrM from London a month. Freezes as in.lacoh Rowe ^ M' iMeredith from (Juel^ec pr Cap' Iluter McKneil who came over the Lakes. a very this Good Sermon. iM' Great Propriety Severe ]5ad Travellini*" this forenoon. rec'd letters from my Pro . Jan 20. We Jan 21. JM' tS: made The Irdc — no Post Afternoon prayers ^ Subject with Walter read Walter handled Peo})le say that Last for thirty years past cold.

Jan 2il. M. ^Fbe General (Jourt met yesterday. enrag'ed the Multitude that they took him & put him into a Cart. Jan 27. Henry Price Desij»n so as to malvc (S: in tlu' Fiaternitv . Tarr'd ^ feathered him carryin"^ thro' the princilence to a — pal Streets of This Town with a halter about him. Jan 2(). I s])ent the Evenin<. .DIARY — 1774 2G1 South End clown to Castle William. After- noon I drove M'" Foster Roimd the Little Square. A Jan 24. he Refused. Lio-ersoll's with tbe Rretliren of the Several Lodges imder mv Direction. I did not see the nund)ers attendin*^' l)ut tis supposed by the Peo})le that did. Colo. tliey R. John Malcom havinfj done some vio- man with a Sword.Ian 2S. vci*v — hickv for him. there were upwards of twelve hundred ])eople tis said that Malcom be- — haved with Great Fortitude & was looked upon by me act of outraji'eous Violence lidial)itaiits liis in This Resolution. snow fell Little in the Night. every Sober & when man as an several of the applyed to a particular Justice to Exert Aiitb(u-ity him & <S: siij)[)i'ess execution of the ^ his would support Duty. also almost the wliole harbour. from thence to the Galhnvs Returned thro' the & Main Street mahinj'' Great Noise & Iluzzaino*. A Great Concourse of Peojde were in they Quest of the Infamous Richardson this ni<>ht could not find him. The Goveniour's speech mucb admired. beini»" Reputable.. on a very amiable Boston ^ ii'ood more Uniform Present Myself G.

Feb No evenin<. G. G. '^I'lie Hx on Dr Cooper as their President but he i-efused aece[)tini. tliis day fortnight cliose cS: a to prepare a Draft. tin's forenoon.'. tliis meetin*.JOHN 202 ROAVE. Committee Lamp Feb 7. Foster Cushinoare wiHint»t(» Reeeiye j^ r^ Granted their them by the Grants froni the General (-i-own.ludi»(' . W.* ^ myself.* the Choice as President of that to . Feb. {^ thirty BretliG. met I tlie Connnittee Lamp tliis forenoon at the Seleetmen's lloom. Abraiu Suviige S. John Cutler P. W. I met the Lamp Committee this of Onieers for the I met the fore- noon. The Pey' Dr Feb brid<»'e Corporation of the Collei. The Jnd<>-es of the Su[)erior Answers tui'ued their . G.]uds>(? Trowbridi»e JIutehinson ^ Court «S: . Feh Tlie 2. The Chief Justice Peter Oliyer Fs(|' has Keeeiyed Part of his money as Salary i»'ranted him ])y the Crown already therefore the ^ will n()t House voted P('lin(|uish his that CJrant. We adjourned to Committee Feh 1. thro' the Choice ensuiij<'* Year this Day. Court Rethis fludi»'e day. P. 8.nnmet this forenoon in the (Council Ch. G. Socretary .'unber 10. Sam Fiteli J. Answer not satisfac- tory. Cooj)er of this Town was yesterday Chosen President of the Colleu'e. . BOSTON MERCIIANT''e n as their Salaries reliiKjuish the to House lioijes. W. Cliaritahle Soeiety person hut Nat Greene The General Court went o. W.John Box T. ren).'!* at C. Tho" Brown G.

15. Feb. G. John Box P. W. W. Abram Savaji'e S. G.). This day the Superior Court adjourned too June which has given Great Uneasiness. I spent the at Colo.DIARY — 1774 — to the great Parisliioners. W. William Tyni:' Falmouth Casco W'" Jleath of I\oxbury (Ja])t Maior David ln«»'crsoll of G^ Barrini»'ton Sam' <d' W Adams also M"* Gardner of Cand)ridge Geo Inman. Yesterday the whole House presented in a Body a Pemonstrance to the Gov' Relating to the Chief Justice M'Oliver. M' Boylston buried this afternoon. The Su[)erlor Court met Sc adjourned until] this day week upon the Acc^ of the Chief Justice Peter Oliver. Thomas Brown Grand Secretary. Very ii'ood slciiihini''. Feby 21. The House of Assenddy passed several Res(dves ati'alnst tlu' Conduct of the Chief Justice Peter Ohvcr Ks(j wliich may ]>e fully seen in the Fleets ^ Fdes cS: Gills Papers & tis my opinion tliey'l tle of — lu'j)cnt of their Ucs(dutions — they are in Direct ()p[)osition to Goverinuent at lu)me. Fitch J. Old Feb. followiuii' Gent'" 1 dined at home with the Colo dames Warren of Plymouth M' Nat. M" Hubbard burled this afternoon. M. Graham of (Jhai-lestown Colo. 11. our Brotlier BratCambridge (& 25 Brethren). 22. Ingersolls witli the Lodge. College Feb Joy & 2G3 Satisfaction of his Beginning of the evening members of the Grand Present Myself G. G. Feb. . Sam. P. After Dinner I took of Boston Cap" Tho" Kowe ^ a ride with M" Kowe over the Neck.

BOSTON JOTTX .e over special I 2. Feb i spent the PiVenino* at Colo. *]. Mar 8. of M" Inman. i» Oui* cracked this day. Tlon'ble M' Isaac W" Cliarlestown Sever W v\: Prebble of Falm** Plymouth T\\o of Tjatliroi) Kingston. M' Goiliam of Inman. havin<>~ t»"ot <» This nine weeks Passa<»'e. nne from London Bell on Trinity » Mar 7. Last eveniui'" Tlie Lam])s were Lighted — for the hrst time Burnt TolerabU' Well. Paine of Taunton. Jedediah Pickerino. Sonu' Gentlemen speak of the Oration with Great Aj>j)lause. nii. are in Town ^hir.of Casco l^av."). M' Kob' I. Tn<. Gorham in tlui l)ri<»'i!" afternoon his Honour Last eveniniJ' diew the attention of The Tea I^rouiiht by Fortune was destroyed. IM" Uowe cK: Geo. Cai)' Gorham ari-'d in the l^riii'ti' FortjNIar (). M' John Jolin Salem. his ('lark wife iS: Curlil's INIiss f Providenre. the Lieu' Goyerjn)ur Cai)' 'I'his An- . tryd to uet in but could not. an Ivxhibition was Put on M"* Clappam's J^alconv which most (A' the Inhabitants. Oration this Meeting' house to the Greatest that ev(M' met on the Occasion. I (lined at liomo Avith The Ilon'ble Hancock Es(j.ersoirs Avith the Brethren of the Grand Lodi.1. tliev His Honour the Lieu' Governour Andrew Oliver Es(| died this mornini." Ahir . Jack Fe])V 27. iNIatters. Lstatis M' Hancock delivered at Dr Sewalls Number of People day 1 — Antio An (JS. Major Joseph Ilawley of Northampton. 264 ISIET^CTIAXT Feb 2:5.

RV' April next.e Bearers were Danfortli. Foster Hutchinson Es(|. 1 had Cap' Solo. Afternoon 1 went to Church. then the Chaises amountMinute Guns were fired from the S" to amountini.'. next in order should have & house of Assemhly hut thro some Blunder the Admirall <& his Core followed the the Council Family (M <fc Iv('i»'inu'nt tliis Then Towns which were very followed the & Coaches chariots Twenty.DIAKY--1774 265 drew Oliver Esq was Buried as Follows. Hancock's Comj)any had fired & the Funerall over. Davis ik ah" TriHes — too ()uick. Colo. M"^ . next to Ten. lowed the Family.' in<'' ids c\: the Nei<»hl)orin<»* ik few. Lesly of the Core. . M' Secre- Then Foltary Elucker. Hancock with his Company of Cadets & Colo. The Ervin<i^ —-Jud<». as I T a few took liim helieve u[) words a little him honest hut too Volatile. as tlie Relations were Returning". them Colo. Such a Concourse or rather Multitude of Spectators I never saw at any Funeral Thro some misunderstandini>' liere hefore. Rude Beliavi<»ur. Jud^e Hutchin- Gray James Russell son. Battery. with the officers of his the Regini^ preceded — Hancock's Colo. Mar 10. sorry. llu'ii tlie Gentlemen of Relations. There was. Mar 1*^. The Governour Sonu' Coiut yesterday to Mar VI. Treasurer Es(j. or Blunder the Gen- tlemen of the Councill did not attend this Funerall (S: very few of the House of Re])resentatives. tlu? Proroj^'ued the General 1 lie was am wroiii. after Colo. Corps Conip^ under Arms.

with Gai'vin Bi'own for the Clock the with Town Dock. John well delivered. lixini. on this Treatise his inider Mind. Pilnce him.JOHN nowE. up the 24. The Genth'nuMi 2^. Ites[)ectini.*]. had 1 Town »)()." 1 this morniuii*. This afternoon my town from (^ueheck'. at Faneuill We nu't linished our Diafts.' mornint*".' The Acce|)ted. After church the Gentlemen to vestry .reed the South IJiother daeoh on Meetinii' house. Rowe came Apr met.' the Mcetin<»" this We erecting. (& Discourse Walter l)le read Green Lord Bishop of Suhject very Title of tlie Mar in delightfully Lnprovement of treats IT). Mar of mornint** at Faneuill the Committee Mar 15r('thrc!i).this day. Mar 1 with Lodii'e Wardens his Mar tee spent the evenin<»' at 15ro. jNhir tliis 22. attended the ('ommittee 21).' a Fillin<»' foi* Conversation Lont. I attended. tlie Town Meetinii. delivei-ed ^ with all'aii-s. Hro Saltei*. tlie s[)ent the evenins. Mar in.lackson IG. Chose Modei'ator. Our in I was llepoits up the Lamps Town ai. met 21 («S: Town. *S: I 2r). . INIar Lincoln tliis dav. March in Connnlt- Committee ah" the Lamj)s Tlu- Tristram Dalton on the insnrance ^hlr Lamp HalL a Xund)er of Merchants. Town Meetinsi* aiiain 14. Hro Ih'ni . bostox mei^citant 200 prayers & preached a very SensiDr.

n Aprill. We (volo. Stephen GrecMileaf. M' W'" Collin M' James Perkins M' . Wharll' kS: Admirr' T(>\vn there Rose early & went down to my had a Lo)i<»' Conversation with Montauiu». James Perkins. P>usiness of the Meetino- ^ Chose Cap' W'" Fleet Wharlinti'er for the ensuin<»* year.aiii.DIARY — 1774 207 Wardens Vestry & Proprietors of Trinity Church met this forenoon on allairs of the Church. John Cutler. Apr Cliiircli IM' Pliilli[)s Erving' ^ M' IIu])l)ard were Chose Wardens. & Christened this afternoon. God Mother were God Father Child.'one to M' After Church a Vestry. M' And. 7. (S I Apiill.. Rlcliard Greene. James llufus Green. Present. Dan. A[>r IT).'.lackson. Daniel Croshy. Mcetint. Es(|. 15ro . M Aprill. Fane' The 4. 10 A prill. W" Collin. M"* in<»*. Cand>ri(Ii>('. The Famous Dr Latham who has heen . Johnson .idi!i Pev' M' Walter myself. After Caj)' Dinner Hood in IM' attended 1 Hancock's Ship sail'd vesterdav for London.John Cutler The T. Myself. John ErvBoutlneau. My Pro dacoh M' M" Imunn for dohn Head's <& Jack Powe c^one to Salem. Frviii^' cK: M' lliihhard the Wardens. Iluhhard. M' Poutman Present M' (J(M) I^ethuiu' i\r IvuCus Greene M' Johnson M Jon" Simpson M' Henry Jackson. John Head.lacoh & Little Jack <. Apr Wharf I at nu't the Gent" Proprietors oF Lon2^ did the Usual In^ersolTs.

l)oron<»'h iNIaster set ^ Knox & Miss also Lien' arrlvd cK: DIs- from Lon- Post.lisher. BOSTON 2r»8 Salem at My iiinoeulatiiii*' Brother Jacob g'ot Ml^riCIIANT Town came to home this even in <>* last eveniiio. 24.'crs on I'horn- Martial hoai'd Active the "Cap'" as Follows. K/eck' Golthwalt. We were attended hy . The Kesnlt we shall soon know. The Apr an — he Ca[)' hclnii' Proke Folt. Cap' Talhot (. from Ca[)e Ann. Connnlttee on the AlValr of the myself. M' Present Whitwell Aj)r ^ 21). met the Connnlttee ah" the (Jranary. Granary met Avsconu'li sailed from hence this Yoik'. Cap' Jordan of the Foye Cap' Aysconi. Montaigne of the l\Ini. Apr v. Lncy Fhiclvcr paid ns a visit.h of the Swan 6c Ca[)' Geo. Lee paid me a visit.' etc. After chnrch M' Henry Apr]?.. ^rhls (lay the Admirall A[)r IS. George Montaii'ue Post of Fove t]\{^ Liherty to in this made old M' Commander. VaV' l^avne W'" 1 M' Thos.JOHN KOWE.f the the Active President Cap' Tho^ SImonds of the Captain. The Conrt & to day made Tiy lie his son uave him tlie Connnand (d* Can' Jordan who lias Koom the go home. The Kesnlt of the Conrt Martial on Lien' KoL»ers Is Severe missed the Service. Connnodore Lorlni. The Swan ace' that the New York last Man of War Can' New mornInj»" I'oi* Apr 2S. 'J'he tins morning*.*s Tea Ship is arr'd From Antli^na to iMondavat Sainlv Hook. M' Peter Mnmpford l)rlni. 1 dind at home with Dr Latham. don In six weeks.).

Walter Kerfoot. Annual Town Meeting. they were The Harmony Cap^ almost nnanimously chosen. of Warr. our New Lively. Tlie }>r. Rowland Hunter. John old Representatives were Chosen. Cap' Bishop is arrived has Brou<>ht out Gen' Gati'e. This evening tlie York Paper Brings an account of Tea tke Destruction of Eijj^hteen Boxes of Iiig to May (Jjip*^ Ghanihers. Koger Rogerson. After Dinner came to our house M' 30.DIARY— 1774 Cur Leverett paid me Apr a & M' David 209 Jeffries Mess" Wilklers visit this iiioriiing. Willsun a Gentleman from Sheffiekl in Yorkshire who has keen taken in Grossly by Edm*^ Quincy. This day 1 recM a Large Paccpiet by Cap' Smith from Liver[)ool from the proprietors of Campo Bcllo. severe as 1 God Gi'ant think him his to ])e a Instructions be not Very Good ^hm. My *). Sam' Hancock. . the Post Packet. I\kiy tliat Letters from \M"* Linzee 8. Shavlcr arrived from London c\: brinii's the Severest Act ever was Penned auainst the Town of Boston. John Lyon. i\kin day «S: Ciovcrnour. Town jMcctini»' this day relatin<>" to the Distressini*' Situation of this Late Act oi' Town occasioned by a Parliament for IMocking up the Haris cS: will be a Great Evill — bour of l^ostou which at present there The this is no Describing the Circumstances. the four Adams. belonii*- Brother Jacob went to Cape Ann yesterday. Sam' Johnson. May 1»). W" Phillips ^ Tlio'* Gushing. came May ])y th(i 10.



May 14. Spent most part of the Day witli tlie
Town Committee at the Representatives lloom.
John Adams, Tho"
PhilHps, Henderson Inehes, W" Mol-

Present, Sam'




^ Dv

After Chureh M' Ilobins Purser (d' the
Lively, with IM' MeKiivlierly Master ol* the Lively
and his wife ^ Child eame to ])ay ns a visit, they

15 May.

Ileeonnnended hv



the Towns



Jn" Linzee


[)arts of the Day with
Connnlttee at the Town Ilonse.

Sam' Adams, ,Iohn Adams, Joslah (ininey jnn',
W" Mollinenx,
Phillips, Henderson Inehes,



London —


Rev" M'



spent Poth




him eame













Will'" PalFrey.

This mornini;- Gen' Gai;*e Oni- New
Covernour landed froni the Castle alter havini:'


breakfasted with Admiral iMontaj»'ne on IxKird the







— he


was saluted by the

the Captain .Man of Warr
Wharf by Colo. Ilancoek's




Company of
The Rei»iment was under arms in KinL»The Conn)any of Grenadiers made a i:'(M»d



Cap' Paddock's Comjjany of Artilk'ry
Colo. Phip[>s Company of Guards wei-e also unch'r




in Kini»' street.




the Usual


came U) the Town House,
Read by the Secretary ^




— from

to Faneuill Hall

thence he was


where a iiood Dinner by

DIARY— 1774

There were hut very few

his Majesty's Council.

GeiitkMuen of the






asked to dine there.

waited on Gen^ Ga<^e this mornhi<^

The Town met
nie very Cordially.
Busy I could

wlio lleeeived


not attend.


On my way home T met with M"^ Willdesired me to j^o to Henry Qnincy's wliich


son wlio

did, ah"






found he had heen treated



went to Church. M'
M' Parker preached for the



Walter read Prayers


Time from 12:5'" Psidm, 1"' Verse. A sensihle
Good Discourse «& very well delivered for his
After church Ileiu-y
l^^rst Time of
Knox c\: Lncy Fhu-ker paid us a visit.
The Mercliants met at the Town
]May 24.

House on


PusiiK'ss of hnportance.
1 attended
General Election.


Meetinii" this nu)rnini»-.



Pend)roke preached


suitahle to his Party fr Proverhs







were Chose his







Council for the year ensuing'.
Foil TllK


Sam' Dan forth



John Ervinii"
James ]5owdoin "
James Pitts
Sam' Dexter





Greeideaf Esq
Caleh Cushino*



Artemas Ward





*\V"' riillllps




Mohn Adams




*Micli' Farley

*Ja]i\es Proscott
*Tlio' Donaldson





^Morton Quincy



Walter Spooner





l^owers Esq*^

''^Enocli Freeman
Jeremiah Prebble,
Jedediah FreUMe,

For Sai;adatlioek

At Lar^e

*Benj"' CliatUonine Es(|'.
jun' Es(|. *Jededlali

— George Leonard


The Gentlemen






Hon'''" Isaac Koyall

this (*)




then* Seats at the 15oard.


to the Direction
his Excelleiu'y




sehors chosen vestei'dav

mark were not













day au'reeahle

Koyal Charter

the Governour







was pleased to Consent to the Election of the
Gentleuicn aforementioned except, .lames Poudoln


Fhllllps, Es(i, TIk^ Donaldson, Es(j. .lerahEsq,
mlel Bowers, Sam' Dexter, .lolin Adams, Michael
Farley, Enoch Freeman, .lohn Wlnthrop, .lames

Prescott, BtMjj" Austin, .lededlah Foster.

May 21).



now Stationed all
The Tartar hehliid


his Ships.
the Castle.

The Admlrall

Cap' Meadows.


The Mercury
The Tainar






Capt McCartney
of Broad Sound.


Ca|/ Thornboroug'h.


Lively at the Channel of Gov" Island.



The Magdalen

at Point Shirley.





Tlie Captain between LongWharf. Tlie Flag Ship.

Tlie St


Cap* Collins.


Ferrys, WinnisCharlestown.
Capt. MoAvat.
Halifax at Winnissiiuniet.
Cap* Heath.



Jolm Cap' Grant




done hut

The Minerva



paid the General a visit this morning.











Gov' Hutchinson, his Son Elisha
Hutchinson & his Dauijhter Miss Pegj'v Hutchinson who are uoinu* Passcn^'ers as is Miss Polly
l>el()w to take









Jack Howe gone


to Salem.

day any Vessel can

Act of Parliament is Kei>ealed. Poor Unhappy Boston. God
knows only tliy wretched Fate. I see nothing but
enter this Harbour until this Fatal

misery will attend thy Inhabitants.
.lune 2.

West Side


met the GentlenuMi Merch'" at the
House in Boston. While

of the Court

wee were in the Meeting Ca})' Williamson arrived at
Marblehead from Bristoll & Brought with him Another Act of Parliament for the Better llegulatini^

The Province

of the Massachusetts

strikes the very Charter


Bay which Act

to this







productive with







ov will



Evils to the advanceiiiwit of

his Majesty's Provinee


sour the inuuls of

most of the luhahitauts thereof.





the Consequences that this Act Vvill Produce.
wish for nannony ^ Peace hetween Great l^rltain

hut the
Our Mother Country <S: the Colonies
tS: no


veni>e of


can vindicate their Conduct hut the lle-




Spent the



too severe.


Jonathan Amory, 8am'


Deacon Jones'

— John






John Tinnnins/Khen' Storer, W" Whitwell, Kdw"
Pavne, Henry Promlicld cK: myself. We adj"' untill
jNIondav eve'nii'

June G. Artillery Election. Prli;i;'' Brattle did
Honours of the Day in the Ahscnce of his Ex-


cellency Gov' Gai>'e.


There was a Grand Pall






the Commissioners






the Customs








The Connnittee

Gen' Gau'e with their


Treas' Gray, Tlu/ Gray,


of Merchants waited on









Fraidv Green, .James Forest, .lames Anderson.
,lune 10.

The Transports

with the



are arrived from Soutliam]>ton this morning".
Atkinson (S: M' Williams the Storekee[)er are arrivd
in the Sally

Schooner from Hallifax.

— 1774


27 r,

June 12. Afternoon I went to eliurcli. M"" Weeks
of Marblehead read Prayers & M" Parker preaclied
from 4^" Cliap. Book of Exodus & 11^" Verse, this
was most







extremely well deSermon M' Parker


Our Church since liis arrival. After
walked Round the Wharifs. tis unpossihle


churcli 1


to describe tlie


Town — not one Topsail Mercliantman
Juiu' 14.





of this Poor

he seen.

day any
Boston, thy Fate is very disUc<»inu'nt landed this morn'^J^hc Fourth
Tills is the Last







Common hy


a nunil)er of Spectators to see them.
The fortv tlilrd Reiilment Landed this
.June ]').


pitched their Tents in the Common near
This eveniii"' the
the Workhouse on that Plain.



Tra<lesmen of the

Town met

tress of this Place.



There were upwards of eight







After dinner






man Jacoh Rowe who


tliev did

at this meetini»-.

much Divided

on the Dis-

to Consult


to see





and verv

spent an hour with


Joslah (iuliicv Jun'.





thev (>hose








was much

not accept.
The Peo]>h»
at present seem very averse to Accommodate jNLitters.
1 think
they will Repent of their Behaviour,



thei'd'ore did


The Governour Dlsolved

the As-




Tlie Gen^ Court Chose a Coiiinutthis day.
tee of five to <>-o to the General Cono-ress




Adams, Sam' Adams, The Speaker

Payne of Taunton.
June 19. I went to



End who

Jaeoh Rowe at the Nortli

found very
My kinsman Jaeoh



June 21.

between ten

slon Fit



RoAve died


ek'ven of CMoek in a eonvul-




attended about hisalVairs.

June 22. Afternoon 1 attended the Finieial of
my kinsman Jaeoh ll(>we, he was buried under Trinin my Tomb.
One of th(» Transports
ity Church
witli part of tlie 5^'' Ivcoim^ on Board arrived here.
June 213. 1 bet»;in to mow (un* Past4n(» vesterday «S: tliis day.
June 27. Town

Meetinti', tlie

Hall so full thev

(he Debates
adjournd to the ()ld Sonth Meetini;'
were for ^ a<4ainst the Connnittee of Coi-i-espoiid-

enee very warm on both















the Committee wei-e



Adams, Dr Warren, W" Molliiuuix, .losiah
The Speakers
jun', Dr Youno', Bt*nj" Kent.



the Behaviour of the Connnittee were Treas' Gray,
Thos Gray, Sam' Klliot, Sam' Bari-at, John Antory,
Edw'' Payne, FraiU'is Greene, E/eck' Golthwait.





The Town
The Debates

are wroni;".

wrono* in the matter.


nu*t aiiain at the


Old Sonth

warm on both


Committee ai'e
The Merchants have tak'cn

up against them, they have




Opinion exceeded

DIARY— 1774





Motion was Put that they
the Gentlemen that made &


should be dismissed,

supported this Motion could not Obtain their Vote,
the Majority were four to One against them,
all'air will

Avish for





in this




ag'ainst the other.

I fear the



Peacock on Turtle with (43 La-





Gentlemen) Wee spent the afternoon very
aii'reeably <& were very merry.

Tlie Preston Man of Warr with Admirall
July 1.
Graves came into this harbour this day, as did several


Transport Ships with tlie Remainder of the 5^
Regiments on board. Lord Percy is with



38" Regiment Landed this day &
in the Common.
I paid Admipitched
rall Montaii'ue a visit tliis morn".







Rcghnent landed this day &
Tents in tlie Common. Admiral Mon-



pitched their

tague Lady


this nu)rning


Sophie Montague paid us a visit
took leave of us being just on their



departure for England.
M' Ilumplireys left my house this day &
of the 43"^ Regiment went into it at


100 Dollars



The Captain Man

miral on board saluted





in the



heard of the

People of iNIarlborough.



Admirall Graves but the

wind died away they did not
visited tiie

Warr with





Bad Behaviour


of the

said that the Speak-



mans were Concerned,
only behaved

my Regard






so, tliey


have not



future for them.


Cap* Will'"



if it

but contrary to



this evening-



Brlgo- Sueky
lie arrlvd

from Salem,

London a few days aii'o.
1 Avent to Church this mornin<>-.
July 10.
Parker Ivead Prayers ^ M' Walter Preached. A
very Good (fc Serious .Discourse & well adapted to
there from

our Present Situation.

mands the Train



Colo. Cleveland tliat com-

Aitillcrv cnnu' to

Town from


July 12.


iM" Skinner Dvcd,



Good Woman, much Lamented, a Great Loss to
])ein<'" Ten in Nund)er ^
most of tliem very Young. Cap* Dove arrM from

her Distressed Cldldren

S" Carolina at Sak^n witli Pice as a })rcsent from
Sundry Gcntk»men tlicre for this Place.


July 13. Attended
was a Bearer.

July 14.






a fast

Recommended by






July 15.



Instead of




on Tho"*

David Dnncan

fasted at Newall's Lvnn.



much Rather the Peopk* wouhl
Recommend the Paynient for the Tea
losIni>" a Dav bv fasti ni»".

do Justice


Funerall of M'' Skinner

of the Ministers on Ace* of the Miserable Sit-





of Salem.


his 1-1 Scholars,



to Salem.





Business at


dined with the Rev'' M' Nicholls'

he Keeps them under

strict or-

^ly Dear jM" Rowe I thiidc is somewhat Better. Returned to Town & found niy Dear M'" Rowe in & distressed Situation. AVe are night.*2 the away. my Friends are verv kind M" Dear Dear cannot leave her. Drops. see tolerable Rowe night. & eauiilit After dinner I stoped at Flax Two dozen of Perch from tlie Rocks. — jNIv U'ood. Lloyd thinks my Dear M'' Julv 17. Dr IJoyd & M" Gould in she & dis- in the Great Trouble may be better morninsi". he is very Dr Lloyd gives great attention to her July 10. her Case is very hazardous. I Returned this evening. staid at with home Company She has had a all to dav. I am in Good hopes she will Cliurch attend her. I Our house much Crowded my Dear M"* Rowe — this . God Grant tress. I She was before that very weak. Our house is full of Visitors on the is — twas very lucky Occasion M' Inman. much better.DIARY — 1774 (ler & Pond 1 279 Decorum. oversett the Car- riage. I Believe has Bruised them very much. ab" six & keep home Day.- Horses took Frig] it & Run in the Carria^. soon mend. Dr. I Miss Pattv Green watches with Rowe. her tonight is — attentive to all Ten of Clock the Doc" thinks she The Dr gave her s(mie annodine at Better. stay all W Iinnan. Rowe so is much frightened & so very come that she does not know the Event M" much Over- & at Present Dr Lloyd & Dr in a very Dangerous State. tho' still very 111. She a most melancholly witli M"* Inman liad been to the Funeral of Gilb Dehlois Child tK: home Retuiniui.

this l^'^J^y Cra<»in watches too ni<»ht. Kowe much M'" is Medicines are too her mornini>' Dear M'" Kowe My July 19. M"* Kowe continues very weak. M"* as between of the Pe()[)le ^ some Ollicers Meeting" yesterday 1 did not Bro' Jacoh set out for (Jueheck. urowini'' I^etter. ner My M" Kowe July 27. Kowe has liad Good a Niirht *S: is Mendinii'. & all M'** Kowe i»rowinj>- her Friends Kejoice. <^rows hetter hy Dei. July 23. 1 staid at Death at Lancaster. She M'** eat I Better for which some Dinner with Kowe T dined at honu' with A[)[)etite." ke[>t l^d)lick July 20.JOHN 280 W Grow Bettor.rees hut slowly. for her still hazardous. I think JM"* Kowe not so well this nioriiJuly 18. afternoon is BOSTON MEKCITANT RO^VE. July 22. Cutler kind &^ watches witli M'"' Kowe this ni<»lit. is appeiirs to very weak ^ Feehle altho' she seemed home all Day. altho' Dr Lloyd I rec' a letter from M' thinks her much hetter.Dead. This day is the Annual Connueiu'ement Day hut the Distressed Situation of the Town & Proyince preyents it heini. think her I hetter yery weak this Stron<». July 25. Trollet's heard of also my Old Friend Cap^ Tho" Gerry of jNIarhlehead heini.. . Kicli'^ Letchniere dated this day i»iyin<»' an aec' of M' to sleep well to nii. feeble Constitution. M'" Inman is so kind <& ol)li<»ini»' as to watch with M" Kowe tonii-ht. After Din- A Quarrel some of the Towns Army. Town happened last nit. her alone. afternoon. slie She in<>*.

Aug The Scarborougli Man 7. Chadds A of Warr. Foster Hutchinson of the Es(|. arr'd yesterday from letter Plyni" the last Port. Tin/ Flucker Secretary of the Province. Dr Lloyd & Dr White paid M" RoAve H visit. I in the Carriage over the went again with Neck Round the Little Square. AuLT — Ten of his Majesty's Council were Sworn in yes- terday at Salem. better My Friend Joe Jackson died this mornino'. M" Rowe Little Square. Capt' in his .DIARY — 1774 2S1 July 29. Cap* England. Roxbury. Found my Friend M' Store I Mereditli from Quebeck. M"" Rowe When I came to the growing dayley. 9. She from Sucky to left M" Rowe by M' Holt who is Lieu* of the Scarborough. jNP Pepperell of Majesty's Navy. James Boutineau Oliver Coinicil Es(]. J. The York Transports are arrived & the Regiment Welsh of Fusileers on board them. Tlie Transports from Halifax with the 59'" Regiment ^ the Tamar Sloop Cap* Thornbor- are also arr'd ough. This morninji' the 23"' Rejnment or Royal W(»lsh Fusileers Landed & encamped on Fort Ilill they made a very Good Appearance. Afternoon I Avent Avitli M'* Rowe over the Neck Round the After Breakfast July 30. their Convoy. Tlu)*^ Esq Lieu* Gov' & President of the John Eving jun'" Esq. Aug 8. Harrison Gray Province Isaac Winslow Es(j Jose})h Lee Es(]' of of Treas'^ Roxbury Cambridge Joshua Loring.

Foster Hutchinson Jud<.Jud^'e of Majesty's Navy. Peter Oliver Chief Justice of the Province. A Jos. Tho'' Oliver Lient Gov' Tho"* Flueker Secretary oF the Province. men appointed hy his jNIajesty this a list the Gentle- oL* Ca[)t Connsellors of Provinee a^^reeahle to the late Aet of Parlia- ment. '* '* " Inferior ** Tlio' Hutchinson Harrison Grav. Israel Williams Geo Watson.Judi. ^ Jackson 1 was a Bearer.Jam" \\ nxi'ineau Rich'' Letchmere. John Murray. Timothy liui>i>]es. John Ervin<»* jun' Isaac Winslow. Timothy Woodhrid^'e WilHam Vassall. Salary from the Crown. " Brown Andrew Oliver Will'" u '^ Josiah Edson " outh Joshua Lorint>' Cap' of his Jerry Powell .lames IJussell Import Oilicer. this The iiioriiint. . BOSTON MKnCIIANT 2S2 Aui»* 10.John Worthini»'t(jn Timothy Paine. .'e oF the Superior Court. . . Treas' of Sam' Dan forth tlie Fsi] .'e of Province. Nat Ray Thomas.JOHN nOWE. Jose[)h Green. York. Prol)ate. The rollowiiiii" is Aiii^ 17. Lee Judg'e of the Inferior Court. Mid- dlesex.' went to the <& from encaiDped on Artillery Funenill oT Joe New York the liiiuled Connnou. Jo'"' Simpson. the Inferior Court. W'" Pepperell.

On Thursday hist the folsworn in his Majesty's CounGentlemen were lowing' cil «& took the Oaths Requisite to Qualify them for the their seats at the Council Samuel Danforth Board — Esq of Cand)rldge. Peter Oliver a Richard Letchmere Jonatban Simpson Joslab Edson Nath' Ray Thomas Thn" Rugoles Tim" Paine Abijah Willard Tho"* irutchlnson jun' John ^lurrav Daniel Leonard Geo. Isaac Royall. bavin <^ a short Passaji'e from hence. John Erving sen"". This morjinig a Letter was picked up wrote by Gen' Brattle to Gen' Gai>e (& the Gen' in Conse(|uence sent a Party of Two hundred men under tbe Connnand of Colo. RoV Hooper. An<>* 21 A Vessel arrived from Fabnouth at Mar])leliead brinsi's advice of Gov' Ilutcliinson's arin rival En<>land. jNIattlson cS: took the Gunpowder belonging to the Province from the Arsenal on Quarry Hill iJc brought it from thence . Watson Sept 1. Ano* 22. A the Counsellors at ot* tliat Daniel Leonard Esq one Taunton was obliged to leave Report Town of Taunton. Abijah Willard. Tho" Palmer.DIAHY—1774 283 Daniel Leonard.

Jon' Sewall Esq Attorney General. been Insulted Cambridge — he tlirou<»h fled his in for shelter to This evening appeared a Flimsey Re- cantation from Gen^ Brattle.JOITX RO^VE. Watertown Cambridge Occasioned as tis Reported from the The People seem Behaviour of Gen^ Brattle. Schooner.3th St. A Great Number of People from the ^ Country are Collected at AValtham. many otliers too Sept. Commissioner Ilallowell has Avav tliis Town. BOSTON 284 in the MERCHANT Transport Boats to the Castle. Cap' Knight Sept. The many W" ^ a great Moorings above Pepperell Ksq to particularize. This Letter has exasperated the Country People against Brattle so that he now takes Refnii'e in Boston. Lively at ber Cbarlestown Feriy Tbe Camceaux at ber nuxuings Gallows Bay. Sept 3. pieces to verse The People at Cambridge mostlv gone home Tlie General sent four morning JM' Parker read Prayers cK: Matthew i 29"' Chap. o. afternoon from ()r)th ('bap. Matthew ^ fnmi 2. spersed cS: Tliis Se})t 4. Preached <S: dislield Boston Neck. Seven sail of Transports sailed for . from arrived Phigland with Dispatches for the Gvn^ & Admirrall. St. Se})t 2. Tlie General has Reinforced the Eiitrance at the Neck. in The Diligence. — both these Discourses were mucli Several Gentlemen very Clever Our Church — Peter OHver Distinction were part of tlie !)"' verse of liked. to ])e Frightened ^ afraid of its Consecpiences. <fc at Ks(| Chief Justice. G. Judge l^rown of SaU'm.

Se]>t. Navy came P. M' Serjeant of Cand)ridi»e Dr (Janer Head Prayers & Sermon on the Occasion. 14.DIARY — 1774 & Qiieheek Neck the Salem & Pliila- this morniiio^. Salem <fc last eiiihteen . inient g-oes to Tlie General has Doiihled the Guards S(»pt. (yhurch ister cK: tlie Sunday. en<'amped on the Rc<.itt<'i'V. 1 went to Chapel. A ().ave Our Old I^roken l)ell to the MinChurch Wardens of Norwitch Church in iS: Connecticut. at tJie more for New York Tliree or John Innuin (lelpliia. I)r T^aroe Fire hnp'ned at Whit. jU'eached a sensil)le Sliort 'J'he General Lady cS: his Aide de Camps. Admirall & otlu'r Genth'men to driidv the Kinti^'s Health Chand)er with (Jouiicill mauv mauv cK: other Loval Toasts. 285 it. 7. Oct. Niiiht. cK: ollicers of the the North A This dav Mjiiestv's Accession cK: Tliis many other Gen- in*i»]it some of the ^ spiked up the Guns of llidiculcuis MjiiHcuvre. Oct. /)!)"' West Church Convention. & Navv the is Anniversary of his io the ^i'lirone.a Soldier of the tS: Se])t. The Sept.lm^ came from Salem Sc Side of Boston Neck. 10. the Council the iliiih tiemen Preston with the Can' of the tlie cK: (>onniussioners. I helieve designs to Fortify This niornino. 1 went to the Govern'. *22. the Admirall Ollicers of the The l)av. 9. 2.iker's Meetiiiti" house houses were Destroyed. Reir- Gi>^'' which had three times deserted was shot in Common. Tlie Proj)rietors met after <. njanv of Slierlll' Ladies attended. Sept.

this A mmil)er of Dej)utys met at Concord arrlvd from Callaliaii Capt (lay.'er. Rani. Man <d* Wair from Two Connjanvs oF the Bronii'ht Oct IS.*5. Cleveland Own ^ ^ attack<'(l Cap' Montrasor Snapj»ed Pistolls wonnded Colo.hnn^ Bowdoin. land Caj)^ iS: lu'L»inient with (). Oct 2. the Royal some OlVicers after Chnrch ah" ^ Service A alterin<»' also the ">"' Many lie part 'I'ime the with of Morniii<»" IJ.JOHN ROWE. Inman. tis ll('<>im' admittini*' the Chnrch as Oct 21.ei>lment to Will'" come Mollinenx lamons amon<»' Thin<»s arc attiil)nted was of morin*ni»' to IJei.*>"' day an Andacions Villain cS: Both of them his ^ this moi-nini. This afternoon helieved the f)!)"' ^ tliis lluM-e was a Vestrv Distinction. was himioht from (-am- Connnitted to onr Coal — his name is Dyer..".' in NewlonndlaiHl Rose. London at Severall Passeniiers anion j>" the Rest Geo. M' . the l. 11. l^OSTOX MEIICIIANT 2SG Oct. York with the 17"' Irish.*). — Great Concouise of PcojjIc attended his Fnncral his Bearers were Old M' Krvlnj. hnried Regiment IS"' lirst i]H' to Leader of Dirtv was Sons of him ^ i^L•ltters. Oct. '^J'his Colo. liim Cap' Sinclair at Wallace arrived Ca])' Cleve-'. Cleveland with The Fellow that attacked Monti"as(M' (^ap' ^ hridii'e John McKay. died snddeidv this Cen' Ilnldimand airM here fiom New jNIollineanx M'" morninii". . Oct 22. Oet VJ. (d* — he has heen Tjihei-ty. Salem.

17. »3. Irish landed mon went in The -17"' tills dav Regiment «S: & ])art of tlie Royal the Re<»'im"* from the Barracks. my Po})ery. Fall sometime Past Cap' Shep{)ard arrived from London ^ l)rint. Nov.). Sah'm vesterdav with M' Little Com- Jack Rowe went to Nlcliolls. It Avas a handsome FuneraU. Dek^j»ates Returned to went to Salem Town from this mornin<. Capt^ John Bmdford & Dennis. Silv' Gardiner M' Chardon. 27. Nov. I attended the Funeral of Brotlier Box Dr was a Bearer together >vith James Pitts Escj. ^ No Our 1 Phlla(k']phia. 15. ^ 287 Yesterday Brother Box died. /). The })eo})le Ik'haved well. 2.s adNov. Ree'* «fc writs Issued Parliament to meet the 21"' Novemher. my Worthy Ks(|'. 1). P.DIARY -.The Inseription was Unity Nov. died at Illiiiiham of the — Friend Wounds Tho** he vice that the Parliament Avas disolved for a New Nov. M' Henderson Inehes ^ M' Gilhert Deldois.- & did Business there. 1 mv Birth Day am Thaidv God i*^ «S: I am fifty pretty well in llealtii.1774 M" Pitts. Nov. 1 attended the Funerall of Friend Thos. 4. ]\r W" M^ Tho^ Boylston. don at Cap' Salem Brown in the is Sueky just arrived from Lon- . Gray Nov. Tins nine years Old. The pope made a Poor A])[)earanee to Dav. My Worthy Gray Es(| from his this day ah" Twelve oChjek. The Free Masons Avalked in Proper Form. Nov. Dee.

The Car<. the GeneralFs Seeretary. Siileni Avith J{Ot^TON :MK11CI1ANT rose ejirlv I M' at LviHi at Newluills Salem. attended nie Coininlttee <fc — we stop'd l^rowns al>" some Conversation we Settled the all'air. Colo. 2HS Dee. iMen of cS: Town up against the Loni*' ^ WharlV cS: Warr eame anehored he- llaneoeks. St . G. Inu'ersolFs (2:5) I with the eelehrated the Feast Followini:' ]>rethreu . Very 13ad on Travelllni»" the Salem Itoad. The Asia Dee. The Proeesslon as Follows Under Ai"ms part of the -1"' Kei^iment then the ])and of iMusick first — then the Cleri.lmeiit without then the Otlieers of the Army Anns <S: afterwards the Gentlemen of the Town. 1 attended the Funeral of M' ALiturin. 17.()e.John's Day. alter tliis Etlw'' Cluireli ^ inonilnii" ^ dliietl Diinean iit \vent to Goodhew's Tavern. Dee. this morning" tween the l>ovne.JOHN UOAVK.y then the Geiu'rall then the -i"' the Corps tlien ^ Family his liei. A Serjeant of the 47"' Kei»inuMit was hurled this evenlnj*' IT)"! — he IJeini*' a Ahison there were brethren followed the Corps ^ the whole 47"' tejiim Dee at 27. /). Dee IS.

from London. M' Inman 9 Jun'y. Cap' Maltby of the Glasgow Man of Warr was tryM this day ])y a Coiii-t Martial on board the Somerset & suspended. Jan Geo Inman was taken Chamber. — . the lve<i"inuMits The Castle & Batteries <& all the Fleet Fired a Koyal Salute. m. bred three vollies. 10 Jan'y. This being' tlie Queens birthday it was Celebrated by Drinking tlieir Majesty's Health at The Picquet Guards from all the Town house. (juiry in order to keep tlie Peo})le there Quiet & This mornino" also was a Court of En- about the matter of the Ail'ray between the ^ the Watchmen the Court adjourned oflicers until tomorrow mornino. Jack Kowe went to M"^ Nicholls to School this day. 289 ^ M" Inman gone to Marl- boro iig. Nantucket Came beino- came to Town this day from Landed there out of a Brisfs: he Lyell in Passeniier Jan'y 18.DIARY — 1775 1m. A Detachment from each Iteo'mi'^ went on board Cap' Tho*" Graves & are bound to Marshfield under the Connnand of Cap' Ballfour of the 4''' Itcgiment Peaceable. Jan 21. cers <S: the An ill this day & keeps his Affray happened between the OHi- Town House Watch midvcs Great Uneasiness in last eveninc: which Town. 11 Jan'y. M" 14 Jan'y.

Jan 31. Feb'y 12. This mornin«>" a Countrv Fellow who jNIar. ft 4^ People which do not [)ay any Begard to it cS: think they arc iKjt Bight because they say the Many 1 Order docs not oriiiinatc under the Direction Good Government. This day is kept hy manv P(m)1)1c as a 1 Puhlick Fast. . he takes notice of the Behaviour of tlie — & his lleniarks particularly this Province are very Just.JOHN 290 RO^VE. BOSTON I^IEKCITAXT Jan 27. M' Lysle the Solicitor in the Customs Coh)nies ixtW died Arthur's. Tliis day the SnKilli)ox ^vas discovered at the House of John Bartlilot tlie Tayh)r. Mar 15. This day tlie Kini. yet it can no hai'm. dl'd an oration at did not hear lum. ft^ 1. Mar 17.''s S})eec'h Is come to ToAvn fnnu jMarhlehead in a Vessel of jM' Ornes from Fahnouth. many Characters were Unfairly lie])resented abused «& mine cK: much i. Dr SewalFs Dav Dr Warren I iMeetini>'. This day an Oration was delivered hv a Dirty Scoundrel from IM"* Cordis' Balcony wherein iNIarch 8. which <»-ivcs Great Und)ra<»e to a Great Mar 10. This Ik'int:' St Patrick's the of ollicers in Nund)er ab" Sixty walked in 1^'occssion witli a Chosen Band of Musick to Kings Cha}>el where a Sermon was Preached by the Bev'' ^I' Nicholls. Frank Johiniot died this morning". had Bought a Gun from one of the Soldiers was ])unished hy them in the ^Modern Taste of Tarring 6c Feathering' ^ carried in a Cart throujih the main Streets of the Town. ft/ ft/ amoni»' the Best. This iMar G. 9.

DIARY — 1775
They Returned

Colo. Ing-ersoll's in


jNIar 18.

the same










Letters by the Jan'y Packet

to liand.


Miiv 20.


Quarrel bet^veen





this day.

Afternoon the Generall sent for
from Tho" Griffith.




see a letter I received


Aprill 3.

Jackson of the




buried this day.

After Dinner I went down Clark's
April IG.
AVharir to meet Cap^ Linzee & Sucky who arrived

from Spitliead <S: Falmoutli in tlie Falcon Sloop. I
brouiilit them home cS: their little Son Sam^ Hood

Our house

Aprill 17.


Com})anies belonging


of visitors


Last niglit the Grenadiers


Town were

to the several





ferry'd over Cliarles River




PIiip])s Farm in Cambridge from whence they Proceeded on their way to Concord, where they arrived
early this day. On their march they had a Skirmish


with some Country Pco))le at Lexington.
Brigade commanded by T^ord Percy with





olV i'vom






Tiii»ht Infaiitry

ecu hundred men.

The People


in the

a])()ut eiii'ht-


notice of this movenuMit early in the Niiiht.

Guns were


this mornino-

of ('lock as a Rcinforccmeut which with

the Giviiadicrs



tired thro' the

to the Different






Expresses sent

so that very early this



Numbers from all Parts of tlie CouuA General Battle ensued
which from what I can learn was Supported with
Great Spirit on both Sides & continued untill the
morniiiff larq:e

Kings Troops got back






are killed


wounded on

Cap^ Linzee <S: Cap^ Colhns in two
Vessels were ordered up Charles lliver


which was

to Cliarlestown


near Sunset.

Troo})S to Boston but Lord Percy

General Smith

Bunker's Hill


Proper to encamp on



Shocking Introduction to





alValr is a


of a Civil


The General sent some more Troops
April 20.
to Charlestown last nij»ht «K: tliis morninu', so that
Lord Percy <& the Tro()})s under his Connnand ReThis night some People ab" Two
turned to Town.
hundred Attacked Cap' Linzee in the Armed
Schooner a little Below Cand)rid<'e Ihidu'e. he <»ave
them a Warm Reception so that they thought
proper to Retreat with the Loss of some men. Tis
Siiid many thousaiuls of Country Peo})le are at Roxbury


in the

are alarmed


Tiie People in


the entreiu-hments on I^oston



double Guarded



Linzee din'd at tbe Admirall's.

The Reini'orcement

that was sent to

Cliarlestown by the Gen' are Returned too ^ the
that was at the Castle are now in Boston

G-P'' Rei»'im'

Town House.

All Business at an end




munication Stop'd between the Town <S: Country.
No Fresh Provisions of any kind brought to this

DIARY — 1775


market so that Boston is in a most Distressed Condition.. This afternoon Several Gentlemen met witli
the Selectmen to Consnlt on





a Committee to draft a Memorial to Gen^ Gage

— The Selectmen,

Inches, Alex

James Bowdoin, Henderson

Edward Payne



Jos Barrett

until tomorrow Ten of Clock.
The Same Company met & Reported



April 22.

nj)on wliicli the Inhahitants were called together.
much Del)ate some Amendments they Passed



two Votes which were presented to the General by
the same Committee & on delivery they asked the
General to Grant



— he


some measure

Complyed hut made some otlier Proposalls. M""
Nicholls sent Jack home last night & Broke up his




The Inhabitants met again



some Debate they came into the Genwhich was to deliver up their
Arms to be deposited in tlie hands of the Select
Men «& such of the Inhabitiints as had a mind to




Town miglit go with their Ell'ects. This
was Brought that Cap^ BroAvn was

leave the

Stop'd at Charlestown in his way by the Country
I Rose very early & got
away ]\P
Knights, Jos.
cS: John Head on board ]M' SherilFs
Sloop for
Between one & Two Cap^ Brown got to
Town. I soon des[)atched him. This day the Inhabitants carried ni their Arms. The number 2G74

April 24.



Geo Inman had two very Severe

too night, T


thouo'lit vei'v (lano'erous.

April 2G.








l^riiiii" Siickv sailed





from iMarhleliead

in lier went tlie followyesterday towards nlglit
Nun, M' Sparks, Jos. Taylor,
ing" Passengers
Tlu/ Knight, John lleadt, M' Sherlock, Young Paine

of ^yoreester,

M" Brown


40 Sheep

sent upwards of


her Child.


Our Pastures




The General has given Leave

April 27.


People to leave the

for All

Choose with their



This day I a}>})ly'd to get a Pass to go
April 28.
out with my Ell'eets but could not prevail.

1 went to church this morning.
April oO.
Parker read Prayers ^ M' Walter lucachcd a very
serious Discourse on

from the






Our Present Distressing

part of the
of Adyerslty, consider."





Ilood sailed this nu)rnlng in





Chap. Ecck'slastes

Cap^ Lin zee










Falcon Sloop.

Bad News from New

Colo. Wallcot are
Dr W" Sam' Johnson
Come to Town on Special Business with the Gen-




]\Liy o.

Lnnan —



Colony of Connecticut.

M' linnan went to the Lines
he had some Conyersatlon with


of the




Tlie Ldiahltants Flocking out of

Some Transports

to see


from Halifax with four





otliers Avent

pied hy



Broke Out



his Family, to-

family, Tho" Brattle



this moriiiiii^.

of Clock a Terri])le Fire


the Barracks on Treat's






William Vassall


o-other with


— 1775

Regiment —


Wharf Occu-

was Occasioned

Accident or rather from Great Carelessness




Mine was in
stroyed 33 Stores on Dock Square.
Great Dan^'er, I thought it so & therefore removed

part of

tinued until





from thence

One with

Beliaved very well.




Companies behjng'ing to tlie
& some Fire Arms Lost.






Regmient was





The Pe()})le in General very Busy in
the EU'ects that were Saved out of the





Party was sent under the


of M' Jarvis of the 13"' to Grape Island to Bring
oif some Cattle & Hay, the Country People being

very numerous kept a Brisk Fire on them so that
tliev were Oblli^ed to Beturn without Elfectini*- their


from Deptford with Recruits
from Plym" arrived this day.


Yesterday the


Cap^ Duddington
Part of the 11"'



^Marine wounded.






one with Marines


Sloop of War,

Some Transports with


one Transport with




The Ceberus Man

War, Cap^ Chad
Ship The Generals
Clynton came Passengers.

arrived from Spithead


How &

in this







Continual Firlno-


ton s Island between the Provincials




night on NorMarines <fe






wounded <S: tis supposed tlie Provincials h)st many.
The Diana Schooner, Cap' Tho"" Graves, is Burnt.
May 2!). Twenty Sheen ^ Land)s have been


killed this night in


Last night the Country People Burnt
one House & several Barns on Norton's Island


the D\vellin<>"

Our Two





Store this forenoon.

Becky went away


(Vol. XH. of the Diary is missing and inside the
cover of Vol. XUI. is written
" from June to
Decemb"^ is mislaid or taken away

out of





Day. ^P Walter read
preached a very Good Sermon
from 2'^ Chap. St Luke's Gospel ^ 14'" Verse.





money gathered

Church am"

Dec. 27.


Linzee Little Sam'



Dec. oO.


Use of the Poor of

to Sixty Dollars.

dined at

day, ^P Lnnan
Jack Rowe

for the


Hood who

with Cap^ Lin zee, M'"*
is two years ohl this

M" Lnnan Geo Liman

The Busy I^odv Acted



Admiral Sliouldham arrived


Kowe ^



of Warr, Cap^
Rayner Several Ships witli part of the 17"' Regim'
The Scarfrom Cork arrived in the harbour.


the Chatham,


DIARY — 1776


Barclay & severall Transports are
sailed today on a Secret Expedition.
Dec. 31. Tims endeth the Year 1775, a most


fatal 'year for tliis Part of



The Niger, Mann of Warr, Cap^ Talbot is arrived
Nantasket Road & has brou<^ht the King's Speech

dated the 2G October.



Cap* Lin zee behav'd very cruelly to me.

7 Jany.

I shall not foro'et

12 Jan'y.


morning who


Adm^ Shouldham a Visit this
man & Received me Poliome with M" Rowe Jack Rowe


a Genteel







«& Little

13 Janv. This morninof a Soldier of the
Re^in* was hano'd for Thievins:
Jan. 17.




Brlgg, Bristol

Packet to

Cap' Grant this morning for .£490 Ster'g
ace' of 2 Gent'" in London.
Jan. IS.

took their



George paid
Leave — perhaps Forever.

The Centurion,


jNIan of


Bill for

us a visit

Warr, Cap' Brathwait


rived in Nantasket from Eniikind.





Julius Ctesar sail'd for

In this Ship
Oliver ^ Family
some others went Passen<>-ors.










day The Falcon, Cap* Linzee,

took with him


Linzee, Little

sincerely wish their Prosperity

Sam &








the Falcon sailed

the INIercury, in

M' Reeves tlie
Several Trans[)()rts AviMit with

her Gen^ Clynton



Gen"" Secretary
them with tlieLioht luCantry of the -J'" ^ -li'"
They are Gone on some Expedition to
the Southward.



Some Good Person Put


M' Parker's

hands, a Quantity of Provisions, Wood ^ Coals
to be distributed for the Poor of Trinity Church.

to which was added the Blockade of Boston was

Jan. 22.

evenin<>' Tlie


performed at Faneuill Hall.

Its Generallv believed that


Gen' Carle-


ton has given


Montgomery ^

Arnold a very severe

at (Juebeck.



Wvsscls are said to be taken this

Our Bav & carried into Plvmouth.
The Preston Man of Warr, under
Also The Canceaux «S: Trident, Transport



W'" Pepperell

Ship Sir




Family were Passengers.

Tis Reported that Cap' Dawson has dethe
Schooiu'r Privateer, Can' Manlev, that




out at



— Admir'








morning with his Fleet.

Cap' George iMontague of the Fewey,
sent in a Sloop from Dartmouth



Laden with




— very Accept-


Feb. 5.


The Troops



got four

morning which were sent out for a
they lost one man ^ had another very much


DIATIY— 1770





Henry Callder Commanded.

Gould much out of


Cap^ Banks has
hoisted the Broad Pendant
hoard the Renown
Feb. 0.





of Warr.

Feb. 11.

Some phm

for an Expedition was proSupposed the Alteration of the

jected hist niL;ht, tis
Weather put a stop to


M'" Gould


very ill.
Feb. 14.

This morn in (^ a party of the Kino-'s
Troo})s burnt tlie Houses on Dorchester Neck &


Feb. 17.

seven prisoners.


Dawson has brought

in several




Fel). 24.

Poor M"^ Gould died
Last Evenino*

ders was acted

on Gen'






The Wonder



I waited
generally approved of.


Fe]>V 2G.

Attended the Funerall of Dear


Her Bearers were Dr Lovd Henrv Laii»hton Greg. Townsend Eze^ Golthwait Dan' Hubbard


.James Perkins.



tery at



My Brigg Sucky went
Proceed to Oporto.
This Night The People from the Bat-



Phipps Farm threw


Shells in


which put the Inhabitants in great Fear & they
liave done Damaiie to many Houses Particularly
Sherburn Fitch's Geo Erving's & Courtney's the

Tliis morninii' wee Perceived a Pattery i). nOO Mar had All 4. of* Town. i\hir on Erected the on Dorchester Neck Jlill — ah" P2 — Keg'iments perhaps much has alarmed us very the — tliis Generall this day or sent oil' Six tomorrow determines the Fate of this truly disAll nii. The Troo])s ^ Inhahitants very ]>usy the Troops ashore that Gen' Howe in Gettinii' all the Shippini. tin uall in a A men Six Fire. ^ Howe has (M'dered now out of Douht Town with his which has put The Inhahitants of Troops *S:( this Town into Great Disorder. (Quarter I Preceding Nioht the Town re()])le Avitli" from Every the hy ])een fired at tlie dont hear Hie Cans from Col)Ier\s on Charlestown side Ilill have thrown their shot of iiuich Daniai-e helnir done. tis to Gen' Pohinson pd mee a Visit Mar 8. house at the of the 22'"^ are wounded End. Archy McNeil ^ Duncan are deter- . Distress. My Situation has almost Distressed nu\ John Inman. — at Dorchester Gen' Neck. Mar 7. One Pov lost liis Lei>\ it Plew down my Pail Fences S'' very Severe Storm Poth sides the Mar Front of the House. This Mornini»' the Country Peo])le lias on another Place on the thrown a Stron<»' Work Neck G.'lit Poth sides kept a Contressed Place.BOSTON MERCHANT JOIIX HOWE. Confusion c\: much The Firinir has ceased this day."aln will Goods the ILirhour Distress tis leave of cS: — this EU'ects on hoard this the deImpossihle Unfortunate Town.' in scrihe the at. one fartliest in tlie them strnek Wheatley's in Kind's Street.

jMar Dawson 10. Service — nothing the into the but Confusion. a very severe one. Cloths <& Woolens. I spend the Day & Evening with mv Dear jNI"* Rowe Rich'^ Green & John am Ilaskins Mar Minerva Ship Gen' Robinson pressed This day 1). every Person striving to get liurry A Great Deal of Firin^. for him. Mar IL very luckily canui there I went paity Brcalv Open to my I an Order just going to 1 prevented Doors. in Linens.DIARY— 1776 301 mined to Leave me. John Wife Lnnan went on of mine has his in Two four came out from Gen' on some People. on out of this Place. This Party behaved . M'^ has carried Cap" Linzee's oil' horse with" Pavin<». t& both sides this night. Cap^ Vessels — he has had A Privateers.Pounds Sterling according to Calculations I could make. Proclamation Howe — he with ])oard day with this his ^yatches Possession three sundrv Pieces of Checks which were to <S: — be made into Shirts went on l^oard — he Winslow Jos. (& Checks. God send me Comfort in my Old Age. Returned with is severe Brush a this day. I try to do what Business I can but Disappointed & nothing but Cruelty & Ingratitude falls to My Lot. the Warehouse which They took from me to the best & witli Keys the — who were Gen' tlie by sending for tlu' liundred 1 found M' Crian Brush from ik> Rose very early warehouse when This morning & the Opening Value of Twenty Two Sixty . Golthwait.

llemained 1 I their i>()t They are a all dav in the Destruction luece of of Bread kS: making the utmost get away Speed carrying Annuunition. ^P Cap^ Daslnvood. This Partv consisted of JM' Blasswitch one of the Canceaux People. hinder Store but could not mv This dav Goods. M' Brnsli. who was The pro- M' Cunningliam. John jNT Scollay. taking all things they meet with. iM' Welsh tlie a man nam'' IllU <fc ah" lifteen Provost Deputy vost — Soldiers with others. ^lany other People have suifered the same Fate as wee. never asking who is Owner en* to «S: whose Property c^ — making Destruction of never was sucli all havock in every liouse kinds of Furniture. a Ivefngee. <fc A They destroyinii' Continual Fire from Both sides this are hurrying (S: oil* all their Provisions man<»'lini»' all Naviii'ation. one Draft of Flip. Destruction ^ Outra<»'e Tliere committed any day before this.JOHN 302 bostox mehciiant llo^^^i:. Particularly M' Sam' Austin. Partridge. Cyrus (Jap' J5ald\vi!i. Cj'ean Ih'ush* Kec' for the I got Goods taken from me but . I^Iar 12. The Widow Newman. very Insolently & with Great Rapacity & I am very well Convinced. many things cannot Describe Words plnndered my Store. ulso T^aru'e (iuantitys of Salt cS: other things they heave into 'I'he Inhabitants are the Sea & scuttle the stores. exceeding* their orders to a Great stole Tliey Degree. Catinon ik everything tlu'v can awav. night. ti'reatly terrified cK: when the Troo[)s alarnu'd for Fear of (Jreater Fvils leave this distressed Place. & it.

(fc many Stole out of val- W" Perry's Store a (Quantity of Tea. was done tliis at Noon This mornin<». also the Rev' Dr Caner's ^ c\: The Rev'' M' many others This night my store on Wliarll" broke o])en cK: almost a hhd of i\Iar 15. Walter's. M' Sam' Quincy's house broke great Destruction. Many in This houses ni<»]it ^ much damau'e has been done stores in this ToAvn uable artick'S stolen ^ Destroyed.Glass over the Chimsuch Barbarous ney which cost Twenty Gnineas Treatment is too much for the most Patient man to left. 13. Mar.DIARY — 1776 303 dont expect much Good from it tho' several Gentlemen say they ^vlll he my Friends in this ailair. bear. c\:c 14. Gen^ Rohinson visit Green. — . whether set on Fire on Purpose or from this day. Avould have embarked this night but they still Remain in Town after dinner Cap' Ilaskins gave me — Notice that several ollicers House committing" Violence were & in ]M"^ Hooper's breakinii' everythino* they 15roke a Lookino. Rum cS: Sugar to the value of J1V20 Sterlin<i:. more entrenchthrowing up tlie Peoi)le on Dorchester Neck. tlie Lon<r suo'ar & a Twas expected The Troops hogshead of ware stole. a house was burnt at the North End. The Sailors have Broke open my stores on my ^vitll Klcli'' from tlie Sliips "wliarlV K^ eat a morsel of Provisions together <S: phmdered tliem. of Cannon hred The Country ments Mar to Considerable Number night from Both Sides. derin<»* paid of me a The Confusion still continues & PlunHouses &c Increasingly. M" Kowe & Jack. A accident seems uncertain.

Troops came into Town to the Great Joy of the InRemained behind. Patrick's. . for they wanted to be Trusted.'lit — — on tlie ahnost tis oflleers of the f)"' came to me of Russell the it 5"' by Force. (ien' vesterdav. Several of Country. open aji^ain tliis diers is it. too had Two My store nii. 1 refused them 1 have heard nothinii^ onlv thev Damned me they would take believe to Inip()ssil)le — cS: since M swore them nam'd Regiment. Washington I <lid c\: his not hear of otherwise should have paid my Respects cS: waited Tliis afternoon tbc King's Troops burnt the Blockhouse at the Castle ifc the Continental it on him.tliis ni<»"ht This morning the Tr()()[)s evacuated the Town St 17. — Troops are throwing up a J^attery on Fort Hill most all the Ships are gone from King Road into Nantasket Road. Mar The Provincials are Nook Jlill on Dorchester Neck which has occasioned much Firini». BOSTON MERCHANT 304 Mar The Troops 16. tlirowin<j^ np a Battery on cS: went on board the Ti-ansports at ^ about Long Wliarir. One of Wine. tliey sailed cK: got most part of them into About Noon Gen' Putiuim ^ some Kin<i^ Road. The Town verv (luiet this nioht. are •^ everything in Wharil* broke Lonji^ Beliaviour of the Sol<>-ettino^ " order to depart. Nund)ers of Peo])le ton are daily coming Retinue were in Town bel()n<»ini»' to Bos' in.iil> JOHN HOWE. the Other 1 dont know. Mar 11). my Friends came to see me from the habitants that Mar 18.

't()n RcspcHTs verv PoHtelv. %> cK: paid ^ly us who Received ft i\hir This afternoon 27. take Some 23. all the Fleet from Nantaskt't Road but three which posed to be Men is sailed sup- of Wjirr. IngersoU's house. Parker to Generall WashinL. at the 305 the Island around destroyed & blew every- up the it. jNIar I Fire below Nantasket Road on Fire to destroy to be a Transp(n*t set it her. & this afternoon Castle they ooidd on thing.DIAllY— 1776 Mar Fortifications all Mar 22. iNP Chase. This day The General Court nuide a handsome Fntertainment at Cap^ Marston's that jMar 28. Parker Read prayers Sermon last nii^'ht in the Tlie Fleet 2"). M' Inman. to a Good Time a very distrcssin<»' still the Ships in in Nantasket Road. M" Kowe (fc Jack after Dinner Colo. for Gen^ . M'" Forhes. dined at I houses home with Gen^ Putnam. Both i\r Webhs <fc several other officers came to the house. Mar witli went A Transport was People at Church. Mar Afternoon 2-1. Great ^Maiiy of tliis preached tlie W Church. M' waited on Gen' Greene this morninii* Baker ab" some Iron on mv WharlL i After dinner 1 went witli iMr. Nantasket sailed afternoon. Gan' Greene. now lives in Colo. M'^ Inman. Lighthouse Channel. •\Iaiiy burnt Mar & consldcrlni'' cS: Good A I 20.* & Thev Burnt the Barracks 20. Gridley.

a Sei'jeant ik 12 men of the King'*s .' Chanipney's Mt'etijii.JOHN KOAVE. lie o'ives Ai)r set l'2(>-i*>— Gen' ."lish Goods «S: other Meiehandise amon<4' the Prison- — ers is Troops.ashore at Cape Other Passcn^'crs." Crean Ih'ush. Caj/ iManley is come to Town cK: l)rini.\: M' ai'lernoon this Dr. Kent Modera- 31' house this nii. his Uieh'' Greene's wife eame to Town. Mar A Town 29. Ixetnrned nie a Severall Iveii'inients under orders to niareh to the Sonthwi'. & Seventy other Passcni^'ers in a Prii. P Annum." Housf. Brother ])aid nie a Visit • '^Fhos Iviirscll *. at • ollieers of Tht* old M' the day this iMeetini** lionse.s W" .' '^^fown were chosi'. M' Parker slept in his tor. Washiuiilon . BOSTON 300 & Wiisliingfton & Coh)iiies a lueetinii* GentU'iuL^n Elliot has Avhat Watennans Oecaslon Ta\'ern Town in liapind with dined 1 the Dr. • Cliampnev's MeetiiiL.^ Out Yesterday ward.' hound with The Fleet. This Vessell tis said has Twenty live Thousand ])ounds Sterlinj»' on hoard in Fni. *S: Winter Mcetint. also day at Dr.loliv six 1^ Hills. at Dr. Mar ol.rd from Prosju'ct Apr A Town -i. Cod me iS: Apr News ol' Twentv G.'ht. at [)rea(']ie(l Sermon on a of SIej>v. who dine to i»ave I Gen' Washiniiton an Invitation very Polite Answer.hiekson the aee' of his Takin<. this (umi' iS: Lady (hites to cK: tlie Family South- Alh'ii huinj^. Rev"' Ilistorv tlie (Uu'Ini:* the other Genentlls of the United tlie Chaimcev'i^ oivinii" IMEI^CTTANT Twenty I'onr lioxhnrv in all Free Masons hv Invitation."!.

Warren was not Preiudidi^tsd. There Jackson is Confirmation of Crean Brush a beino- taken cK: also my Neji'ro Sc W"' Fellow Adam. 7.DIAEY— 1776 307 Town. jNIy Worthy Friend . mornin<»* this was Chose Warden with Dan' lluhbard. Carried into Dr. Coojicr prayed cS: i\P Provoz Morton There was delivered an Oration on the Occasion.clf cial to most Prudent for me to it accordin<»iy did so in of — this lias my mind as I doinii' anvthinii" caused am the Cause of America either by will or The Corps of Dr. went I went Webb invitation of Brother ])v Funeral of the Remains of Dr.*reat mortification was very much Insulted by some furious cS: hot Persons with" the Least Provocation one of Bretliren tliought Retire.* attended I April 8. Present Twelve Trinity Church met after Church. She is in a The Proprietors o£ most Distressed Situation. attended the j)roprietors of Trinity Church this morning* on 1 see Parker's affairs. & Afternoon to attend Warren <S: the Church Meeting. tlie accordin<. Chapell a handsome Proccssu^n the Craft with of* Two Com- panies of Soldiers. Wentworth him ab" Cap' ^ had some Conversation with jNlanley's Capture. Apr Hooper came M"^* to Persons.'ly to the Council Cliam- ber with a Desij»'n to under sion with the Lod<>'es ^ Walk Attend my Proces- in Jurisdiction with our Proper Jewells ^ Cloatliinj.' but to my <. 1 some Uneasy Reflections C'onscious to my^. I W M' Jos. Apr K).

Whitworth examined this day admitted to Bail. BOSTON :mkrc'iia>:t 308 Benj Green was taken Out of World Apr This 12. Dr. Several 17. W'" Jackson are BrouHit Aprill ^ Command under the & Troublesome this this afternoon. u[) this his Son. thev examined Her there. had a I ab'' my Apr long* is visit staid at lH)nu' all I Thatcher Boston.l)eini»* in tlie of Cap^ Fk'teher Tis said the vessel taken lliii^ham verv Valuable <fc Newberry Port paid us a Apr 14. t(» carried into bv^ belono-s to Bristol.'<. came an acc^ of Bryniers Bay by some Whale Boats inornini}^ taken Bri<. OHver Weiidall con Stores. This mornliiu^ Tlie persons that were taken up were carried over to Dorchester cK: there examined by a Court apj)ointed by the General A[>r 18. day W" <& Perry others. Conversation with i\P ^V ^lumpford alVairs at New))ori.'one to Newberrv Port ^ shut up Bass expected to Town wiio Disapointed him. one Edwards vS: Pco[)k* taken Dr Whitworth. Court for that Pur])ose iK: Edwards kei)t all ^ onh'red tliem to Goal nlji'ht afternoon. J3earers M" W" Perry the Pest thev Ilandlnii' bui-ied this were Sam' Austin Henry ^ Dea- Bromfield Tutthill Hubbard. 24. carried to Goal. Brimmer Martin 1)3.. Apr. Crean Brush & M' Dalton of Our Church Day M' Parker j. . 19. to Town & & iMy Old Friend Caj)^ Solo Davis came pd me a visit.JOIIX l^O^VE. Apr.

May The liim. Dr Lloyd 111. a large Quantity of this VesEntrenchinjj Tools & manv other Stores — . takcMi M' Prout 10. Close Goal My Jack very 4. May tlu* cle.DIARY — 1776 My 1. Danger. 1000 Stands of Arms. tlie Congress throughout the Colonies. May Jack growing Better & I hope out of Severall Parties have been for Severall 7. foot A May cS: Hopestill Capan. The 2. Hammonds Plough Two Briggs. This mornins: was Brouji'lit into this Plarbour thro Point Shirley Gut a Large Ship loaded with OrdLlOO whole & 4: half Barrels Gunluince Stores Continental — powder. May Dear 309 are Justices still sitting — Jack unwell. from Cork. This nu)rning M* ]May 8. one began Plough up the Pasture. the other from the to Western Islands by Cap' Tucker in Mauley's Schooner & carJack growing Better ried into Lynn. May taken very still Little Fellow & Kinsman Jack ill. until adjourned is to afraid of Wednesday week. Dear Justices Little & Son Committed Jack very 111. This dav the Justices met ao-ain as ad]\Iav 1'^. they suuunoncd Geo Lush. This is a Fast Day appointed by 17. A poor of the Woman Common — was found drown'd at a melanclu)lly Specta- daughter of M' Grant's. Dr Danfortli. journed. Days on Noddles Island throwing up Breastworks iS:c for a Fort. May Dr Whitworth •^.

*)1. . May May May 27. the ace' Imperfect. resentatives W" W" lost her found Dead jMav 22. Boats from the — — Mr tacked MiigFord they were oMig'cd to jMu^'ford ifc another man was killed. Mixy were (juit tliey ^ Chose Twelve — Brown John Pitts .Jack went ^leetinu' a<»ain this Morninir. Some ^len of Warr In Nantasket Road at- Bad 21. to AP Payson yesterday (Chelsea) June 2. Meetini^* for the Cboice Town 2)). 8.sell BOSTON MERCHANT JOIIX ROWE.]'" riiilllps Co(»per Oliver AVendall J5enj" id* Rep- Austin W'"* Powell Nat Appleton Arnold Wells David Jelfries Jos. 28. with Town Town Meetlnii' aLi'aln this Mornino-. Sam' Allen }. DinM at home Forbes M" Rowe ^ Jack. . Tis said Dr Church came to Town last even HI o\ Dr Church was confined this evenlnjr. Gardner Caleb Davis 21. posed several (-ap' iNhirine from before out of tis the l^oats —supone ^ one Barge with Ten Oars The Armv from Queheck is Retired it. Cap^ Dixon Mugford in a Schooner from Beverly May News from Queheck. One of the Men of Warr has l^rousiht Nantasket the Privateer Brio'oa'' Yankey Hero '»»' June June into 4. 310 came from Cork under the Direction last voy of the Greyhound she was taken by Cap' & Con- — Man of Warr.V' Otis. two Chose j\hiy Representatives in the '^Hiey Room* of Arnold Wells Ks(i vK: W'" Powell viz' Henry Hill tS: M' iS:*M" Inman.

Town on White of Marblehead & Comm'" Banks treated them very Politely. Both mouth. the Privateers. ies are another on Nantafket. June . June in L"). One Ship from Jamaica Bro' into Dartanother from thence into Cape Ann. anu)ng them is Colo. I iindinti" o^'t have been very busy all this morning some Persons that have wickedlv ^ Maliciously spread a false Re})ort about me had them before Justice Hill & have got the them to Acknowlediie signed a Declaration Clear my Innocence. Sc driven the Ships they Road. June June 11. it to be a lye Avliich I hope & will & have first of she hath Satisfy cS: Two Ships with Highlanders taken 17. of these Large Ships & Valuable. Comm'' l^anks its said ha\'e from Nantafket Burnt the House on Georges Island the Liiihthouse 4& the House on Liiihthouse Island. Mostly Hig'hlanders.DIARY — 1776 311 commanded by Cap* Tracey who Behaved very well. An expedition went forward against three separate Bodthe Ships in Nantasket Road June 12. Another Ship with Highlanders taken. board the A Flag' of Truce went from Kenown. by June 18. — M' M' Martin Brimmer. Some Privateers from Marblehead have Broiicfht m & a Ship from England with 95 Soldiers Cloathing Provisions. — one on Pedruk's Island on Long Lsland. A hand Bill is sent about contahiing Interesting news from the Continental Army in Canada June 14. Campbell. 9. Scotch.

us a the Pres- Good Dinner. A l\e- port in Town that Lord Howe lias been spoke with tis said his Designs are to settle the present Un- — happy Disputes that subsist between G.3. The Continental all'airs appear in Canada very unfavourable Jiuie 23. attended the Connnittee ab" the Goods ft. they are come to neu'otiate some Business with the General Court & are the Head men of their Tribes. Ca})' Sight of the Ships This morning. distance Leagues June 25. Crean Brush 1 attended the Gentlemen Sull'erers by Tis said l>y M' Mumpford the Post .July 1.' Retaken by «/' Cai)' X July 11.JOHN HOWE. .* & LunencS: burg.John's Tribe.luly 7. June 24. The Ships still as vesterdav. ent 13. Britain ^ the United Colonies. There have been Twelve Sail of Ships Our Bay in this day. June No 21). Thirteen Ships have been in the Bay again this day. fty Younji' from the Misimiche Shaw Brouulit Ten Indians & St . Henry Johnson has sent in a Ship from . ' Manly. one of them is Judged to be a Fri<>'<j:ate. I dined at Cap^ IMarstons l^rethren of the liodties under Marston Bro. liOSTOX MEllCITANT :J12 June 22. I (S: Al{) ho<>'h'ds. plying from N" to 8" The lli<>ldaiid olhcers Soldiers are Town to Mendon Iveadinj. they stand oil* & on <& about four from the Li<>ht house. . sent out of in the i»ave Bay <S: mv with Direction.lamaica a Three Decker very Valuable from Antijjua with Hum — another July 8.

wee set out from Sandburns. Cap^ Parker & Rose. we dined Danvers.hirvis Wee M' Liturgy for the stopt at Reached Lynn at (S: Turner for Portsmouth. Two Men yond the There of Cap^ Wallace.luly 18. July 17.DIAKY — 1776 313 that Independency was declared the 4^'' Instant at Geneiall Inocidation in This Town Philadephia A for the Small Pox. ureat Confusion In This Eveninji* 20. & Ivoyal Family thinking it Prudent. Wee were smoak'd at Charlestown Ferry but passed at Newberry Bridge. early. we supp'd <& slept there. Wee Rose wee Breakfasted. in Boston from the Balcony of the Council Chamber. The People very Oblioino-. from thence thio' from thence wee Newalls Sam^ Ruggles. his Bro' thence to Ipswitch wee M*" & at John Stop'ed Newberry & Piemonts Lovell at with — from Treadwells over the Ferry thro' Salisbury <& to Hampton Falls. 22. I Rose very early went with . Phillip . .)uly 21. I went to Church Parker omitted the petitions this in the morning. This day Independency was Declared . is an aec^ from New York of Warr & some Tender being got up beThe Phcenix. Wee put up at Sandburns. A July Town. Advertisements were put Up for the Inhabitants to meet on Monday next at Ten in the morning in the Common. Wee went throuii'h <fc thro' North Hills from thence to nam])ton July 23. This house I Rcc()mmen<l for Good.luly King & Parker. City. .

the Sheriff his W Parker his Daughter M'" Hale. Road this mornino*.JOHN ROWE. BOSTON MERCHANT 314 & Greenland put up M'" Slaver's tit store to look after the Man of Warr larly the Fort. Tilton's of discoursed cS: this M' all'air.lackfrom son's where wee met manv Old Friends — thence wee went thro Rowly <& W Ipswitch. July 2o. Seat of Mr. M"* Dalton & Miss Becky IIoo[)er. wee Breakfasted wee wee reached Sandburn's — set out Es(| at from thence to Salisburv crossed the Ferry — wee went Newberry Old Tristran to Town — — Point wee — wee Dalton's dined with This him. Leveret. 1 — went to the iifternoon ^vee & Our Goods & went other Places — (& several have met many of Wee met Cap' quaintances. our Goods Wee from thence to Portsmouth. July 24. Grand Dauuhter Miss Adams <& Colo. Dalton's is most Delightfully situated & has the most Extensive Prospect 1 ever saw particularly of the River Menimack ^ the Sea bevond Newberry Port & Hampton Beach. We Rose & attended the Division of after Dinner Our Goods wee were verv Dilliicnt tlie Claimants for their Goods Met M' Wentworth his — their Agent at further pursuit behaved well. my visited particu- Old Ac- Nat Douse on the After Breakfast wee set about dividing & were very Dili<^ent. about the Wentworth — Wee set out from Portsnu)uth July 2G. Wee set out from M' Daltons tS: stopt at AP . son. We . the Rev* his Son. I dined at Old Judge Parker's with him.

Ricliard Green set out this morninjj for Au<j 5. Medford Ten & of Clock. this Brook Held for 4 Months Exile James Perkins for 4 Months Nat Cary to Medfield . evening' slept tliere Wee set out Reached Newall at 27. spent tlie & & by Brick of M'' Dartmouth wee passed Newall's Charlestown & — wee thro' got home ab" set out from Mallden. Stpiires of Plymouth laden with Provisions for the Gen' How*s Army Primo Aug. as gress Colonies.*)(). after a Pleasant Journey. July were Joyn'd Wee Breakfasted there Lynn. Aug 4. Jidy who Runs I dined at in here & home with Cap^ Annet was taken in the Ship Queen of England l)elonging to my Friend Jos. a This day is appointed by the ConFast to be Observed throughout the This is M" Rowe's birth Day. .DIARY — 1776 315 • — wee went from stopt at Treadwells called on Judge Lynds at Ipswitch from Piemonts at Danvers tlience to — & thence Hamlet & & — we supp'd a Good House. She is 51 day years old & very hearty & well.

Dinner I attended the Court. a.t Paysons. M'" Parker Read the Proclamation of Independence. This morniuff Our 'I'rvall came on. from thence Lvnn. from thence to Plemonts. Goods met at the this day. Set out from Sandburns. Ang After Dinner M' Warner 17. We Davenport's cS: dined with M' Nat Traccy. Aug The Owners 10.Fter M' Lovell deserves Praise & is a Geiilleman of Merit . Our Attoi'uey Au<>* 21. from thence to Rowley Reached wee Port. Wee ont for to Newalls. tomoriow A Large Ship from the untill Honduras is sent in here. went through Beverly.JOHN KOWE. Wenham wee Stopt at Ipswich. from thence a I paid particularly iMark visit to several Went worth cS: of his sto]»t at to my lady Ports- Friends «S: M" Fisher Aug put oil' Bav of 20. Greenland mouth. Newberry stopt j. W^e expected our Tryall this morning. Ware of M' h. Au<^ 14. Wee Hampton. after went to Church ifc heard M' Bass Preach Ani>* 18. 150STOX MEKCITANT 31(. Royal Exchange Aug of the After service 11. I set iK: Portsmouth over the Ferry.h] tlu* went over Readied iS: Ph'asure of of the Councill j)reside!it of understandini:'. This day the Sons of Liherty kept the Remembrance of it at John Marslon^s in Kinjr's Street. — — Churcli I paid a tlie Sandburns tlie who visit to Colo Ingcrsoll cS: Ferrv thro' Salis])urv. over the Line at Companv is a man Au'>* 19. wee at M' Fulsoms.

I attended the Court of Admiralty in Severall skirmishes be- Boston Judge Pickering . they morning. I Au<. Broug'ht in their Verdict in Our Favour tlie Capture was not Claimants ou<»-ht therefore Act viz* & that the that have their Goods Restored. l\)rtsnu)uth Adams Esi| — Myself. Aug )>1.' 23. ^I' Sam' Austin Cap* Sam' Partridge. The Tryall came on again. Our Aug* 22. & he uitends to nu)ve for an Appeal. Se[)t 5. Whipple of came to Town from Philadelphia this The Claimants met this Forenoon. my Wortliy Friend Mark Wentworth's. 28. Sept 4r. Dr Brackett who Cause was given to the Jury by This afternoon the Jury is Judge of Admiralty. chose a Committee to Report their Cause to Sam^ Aug. Aug Yester(Liy was our Wedding Day we have been married thirty Three Years. try'ed the by Cap* Manly &c This Verdict dined at to witliin — to I is disliked with the Rest of the Claimants have settle this ail'air with the Agent & Cap* no Purpose 2G. Jack Rowe went to Chelsea this morn- ino'.DIAIIY & 80 is — 1776 317 M' Pickenn<^ who pleaded as Advocate for & Against us They had not time to the Captors finish & adjourn'd untill the morning. The post says that General Howe has landed some of his Troops on Long Island near Flat Push cS: that sonu* Skirmishes had taken Place. Manly but to — M' Sam' Adams vfc Colo.

Ster- niissinij. York on Sundav Se[)t 21. J30ST0N iMEnCIIAXT :il8 Two Annies tween the linof & at Gen^ Sullivan are Long Lord Island. Army The Post confirms evacuatinj»" the City of Sept 24. Council 1 New dined at 1 Jos. behaved verv badlv 6c much to their Discredit in an action that lKi[)'ned at harlem in New York the IG"' Instant. Sept Lono* Island. left Several West India men carried into Sept 8. Jackson Council iS: Gen' <S: were Ileviewed bv Ward «S: a Number of other GentlenuMi The Continental Troo[)s evacuated Sept 20. Tis said by the Post. had some M" Cool- twelve Genllemen idii'e's with Very Bad News The Connecticut Militia from Gen' Washini»"ton. Went to Cunningham. made their Command some of Yesterday the Independent Comj)any appearance in tlie Common under the of tlie Colo. . Sept 17. Providence bv the Continental vesssels. M' Parker Business with the the account of the New York. M' Mnnipford. viz/ Benj" Franklynn Ksq Fliiladelphia lAP Kntledo-e of S" Carolina i\P John Adams of Massachusetts Bav in New Eni»'- land Braintree. Tis said the Continental Troops have 7. that tlie Continentals have apj)olnted three Gentle- men from Howe ^ their to hold Body Conference with Lord his Brother Generall Ilowe. Sept 14. Watertown with Cap^ <S: M' Warner.JOIIX HOWE.

DIARY — 1776 319 Sept 25. Brouii'lit three Wiiiiii'on Loads of Goods with him. A very valuable prize brought in here bound from Lon(h)n to Ibdlifax Turner came from Portsnu)uth & Nov. — bein^^ Sacrament Day. to is missing*. by (S: valHa])le is j)i*lze sent into Casco Bay Lee out of Newberry Port.) . 177G. }>V Parker A good sermon & suitable to the preached. 18. XIV. Aug". Pu])lis]u'd this (hiy to The Pev'' M'" Parker was Miss Nancy Cutler for the first iime. Sunday. Oct 27. Tlie Post savs that tliree ^len of Warr some tenders are [)assed by Fort Washing'ton bav- in"' taken severall Gallics on tlieir AVav. of the Diary from Nov. Oct Ship with Liglit Horse on board is Salem by Cap' Lowter I sent my Old Mare to AF Beals Pasture sent into G.'s Troops have landed at Frosis Point near Westchester. Rob^ Temple is come to Town by him we hear from Geo Inman Cap^ Lin zee M'" Linzee Sept 29. Solenniity of the Occasion (V(d. yesterday. Oct 24. 1778. A Oct To. Tis said the Kini. Ca])' Oct L"). Nov 4. 17. 1 went to Church tliis mornin<»*. 115. People from New York One bring Ace" of third part of that City bein<j^ destroy'd by Fire ni<>']it the 20"' tis not Septem])er yet ascertained how it hap'ned — on Fryday Oct A 4.

A French Man ik Newport — tls said a l>ond)ketcIi. This nujrning the French Heet came . kxvz New[)ort leaving Saturday AuiT An 2-1. Auii" 28. to is M' Parker's Day. Shooting* one o£ them accident «fc — Right Arm accidentally oil' <S: Lodi»ed at Least thirty tls a Great shot shot Mercy he escaped with Life.JOHN KOWE. Tlie French Admiral Count D'Fstan<»' is in Quest of them this hap'ned on Tuesday. Returned Aug the to Count D'Estang's & Country the Fleet Corn. hlrth years old. Au<>' Town hy 20. This 17. g'one Au<r 14. appearM oil' Illiode Island. not this mornin<»*. liOSTOX MEllCIIANT 320 17 7 8 All Eno'llsh Fleet Auu^ 13. Gen' Hancock Returnd. being now oo turned in the late Storm especially «S: Au!>' Great Damaji'es 15. 2().laek home this morning" —a sad Some Boys were out named Barthlet's Gun went a Jack thro* his Coat in his hap'ned unto him. ace' of harhour Count D'Estang's Fleet l)ound to l>oston on last. he This day Count D'Fstang's Fleet Retheir Station oil' they have taken a Frlggate Auji* 22. M' Pavson Brou<>*lit . Fruit Apples. ot* Warr of 7-1- Guns is rot into Nantasket luivlng had a Brush with an Gun G-1 English Ship. The French Ca[)taln is Wounded.

The Count D'Estang came with Aug' 30. Primo Sept. The French Admiral wants to be accommodated <S: a with the Houses for an upwards of Sept ford the (K: 7. to Chelsea this mornin<^. hoard the Gen' Sullivan & have Retired from Rhode Island smart (MJ<>ai»ement with the British under the Prize Cap' Callahan twiee this day Command of Gen' Peii'u'ot. supposed to l)e his Our Bay this English An Express from Plymouth this an acc'^ of a Fleet of Twenty morning giving Several Prizes are arrived also Sails in our Bav. I met the Pro]>rletors of Point Shirlev this day. TOO The English have Burnt Shi})pi ng Rowe went Ilospitall for his People sick of the Scurvey. Skinnner's Brigg Skinnner was killed the from 3"' a Cruise this month — poor they made The Fleet appearing again in Our has alarmed the People that the whole of the Ordered under Arms. Bay an in Eii<»a<>(Mnent with a Letter of ^Maniue Brii^iT whole havlnii" Armv had a troo])S there Se[)t 2.DIARY — 1778 321 anchor in Nantasket Road Some of them to an dismasted. & dined with Gen^ Frig-gates seen in afternoon. Partieularlv The Militia under arms again Several People taken 6z Constant Guard kept up. Retinue on Shore yesterday Two Uancoelv. heiiig it <^ on Saturday Stores in sent a Party to Bednio-ht that toirether harhour. with Jack . Aug Ca[)' 31. up put on M' Shirley & Ship. Militia are his which a Prize of.

Se})t 11. was very Clever T dined there. 20."). Day from well at ai"e New Gra. preached Good sennon — he mentioned the Good Wortliv man the Hcv' cS: We have heard Sept 22. dined I at home with tlie Chevalier DeBorde. this (lav.' with his (/ouiit & (liaracter of that olliccrs — they yesterday *S: were escorted hv a Committee from Roth Houses on their Landin<'' ])ald a visit at the Lon<»' Sept Coinu'ill cS: DKstan«»' dined with the house this day Count D'Kstano. ^P Kowe. Snckv vS: the Children Hie 2i>. M' Parker Sept. Sept &e made a many The Dinner oiVicers. %' Oct 20. We 'have Holker.JOIIX ROAVE. Revere Pro' me a Letter from . BOSTON .nd A[»peara!ice to the General Ccun't Geori»'e Y(n'k. his all who I)' this a very Serious Klliot. Mons' Gondclose. AdnnraTs Secretary. iManv Piizes arrivM here at Salem trv'd our Nev/ Oct R*>. ing. Raddock (fc W Horses thev prove very well. Oct G. IIIi. Colo. Gen' ILm- day. Sei>t Wharf. (S: « Ne wherry Port. The Rev'' much lamented. D'Kstaui. The Count 2. Colo. other Gentlemen at Cap* JMarston's. This afternoon Purchased I a pair of Horses.din'd with Gen' Heath 2(). Oct o.h Tralnlni>" coek Treated the Council tlils Ov: Dr. I (lined iit home with the Ilon^''^ •Tery Powell President of Our Council cK: ^I"* Rowe.. Elliot dyed this morn- Sept lo.MEKCTrANT 322 Sept 10.

Nov terdav Nov. Town this day from Hartford. this Poit. Ne<»*ro ]\hni jNIarcellus died this dav. Ladies of the Town were there Good Appearance. cS"'. fr(»m of Warr was east away on the hack of Cape Negro Marcellus made his appearance in our Kitchen & a very Frightful! one was. ^V Selhy had a Collection amounted i'DT. ^hm The Count DEstan<»' sailed yesterday A Good Deal of Snow Fell this T). Nov Gen' Gates came to G"'.AP In man & M"* Ilaskins set out for Providence. Gen' Hancock Invited Oct 29. very handsome. it Oct I 2-4.DIAKY — 177S 323 Sam' Gould who is arrivecl in a Cartell from New York. This mornino. of the French Fleet to a jNhmv Gentlemen v\: Grand all the Gentlemen Ball at Concert Hall. Nov This Evenini»* came news that the Somerset dav. Colo. dined at Holkers M'" — with him Cap* Laiidv of the Alliance. I Briuu' Peace pay it my Compliments to Gen' Gates this . Cap' Ingersoll of the Dean. ^V Tho" General Warren & ^V ]\Iartin Brim- jnn'. Sunday. Tho^ Cushino-. The (Jonncil with a Nnnd)er of Other Gentlemen (lined on hoard The Languedock. this afternoon. Inman j\r ]\I" . DKstMng. Nov Mv 1st.' Adam Bahcock Cushlng mer. «S: Harmony saiPd yes- returnM. cS: Avent to day. The 7. Count c\: made Oct a *)0.

JOHN 324 Nov I?OWi:. 1 saw l)ee o.' Franeis . Dee.this day ah" Cap' Pephro' V per «X: Younj. 'J'own ^leetini. <>'ot ^ overset on the Devil's ashore Portsmouth. he is verv nuu'h out of health * Dee the M' Santlford . Ca})' Solo Davis M' cS: turned from Portsmouth havinu* boui»'ht the Briii- <>'atnie. Nov A 20. Nov Wee 25. yesterday at some People whleh . from turned BOSTON MEKCIIANT Journey W & M'^ Iiiinan their si)ent 6c ILiskins re- the eveniuir us too'ether ^vlth Bettv iNIurrav. eondn^' 1). Our New rouiul from Brii»i>. News ll'dd Cap' I^awrence of Our beiiiLi' from lledford brini:s us ^ Harmony. A notilication Town House appeared threaten in<»' Bo' Hour at Vendue. the 11/.lohnnot.. Bade. Dee.3. I>ri<»<i' taken Peace by Chance tS: is li'ot Into Warner lie- Bedfx)rd. Avith Nov 12. had a Veslrv ^V this afternoon at Parkers. Decon 7. which pleased me. Nov 17. I)r Watson of the Somerset that was Cast away on the I^ack of ('ape Cod. Seaman hy name Ilerrlnu' heh)n<2*ini>' to Cha:»'ford in Enjiland eaiiie to our house me many Friends there. tiunii's CTJ ft. A Gentleman thro — the Quebeek an liidlan eame from *fc Kastern Coutitrv hy Land cS: me a K^ter from my l>ro' tlacoh. about mv Relatives c^c tohl «S: ' ft. Nov 14. A i>'reat Nund)er of the Somerset's Men are come to town from Cape Cod. & M' 10.

Jan P>. any one time ISV — Snow last live our — day DayJi than at all a Great maiiy Years. Church was Dec 2(). A Town Inhabitants of this Meetinii' this morninj^f. Flour ika Chosen A to consult the best their Innuediate lielief.'e was Preached this day by Old Brick at the Request of St ik^ the money Collected g'iven to the Poor. Shot himself by mere accident. In a storm last Saturday four oxen. The are in Great Distress for Committee of Nine were methods to be taken for John Brown John Kowe . Dec 29. a worthy Good Man evenini»'. The General Arnold the late Storm at Plymouth ik Privateer is lost in u])wards of eiu'htv of the crew Perished also the Gciu'ral Starks Privateer at Nantucket ^ upwards of Twenty of their Crew Perished 17 7 9 Jan 10. 325 A verv Iumivv Storm of has been colder for these Dec 28. A verv melancholly all'air ha])'nd last M' Beni" Andrews. 25. ' 4-' one man ton ik Neck one Horse were froze to Death on Bos<S: Sunday other Persons in dill'erent Places.DIAHY — 1779 Dec as by the Coldest morning* Thermometer for 40 years The 2:re<ration. Town Avant of Corn. A Sermon at the Lodj. Dec 1)1. it The Christmas Day. Howard Andrew's a thin Coii- Poor for the Collection at j£154-.

Jan'y 27. casions much uneasiness.JOHN 32(> ]?OAVK. 11 of attended I this Clock. 21 Feh'v. 24 Feh'v. Com- the morning' mittee. 1»] Fehy. 1 din'd at Col. on Jack's 1 din'd at M' Cottons hy invitation of Colo. Padcock. affair. Eighteen were Chosen to provide Corn. flour etc for the Poor ^ distressed Iidiabitants of This Town. li) Feh'y. Jack Kowe came from Chelsea this mornintr. IJOSTON' ISIKKCJIANT Tho^ Miilley W" Foster. t. am 1 M' Payson came to see very uneasv ahout me it. 27 F'eh'y. 'Hie Connnittee for purchasing Flour this afternoon at Fanewill llall. Jan 20. W" Cooper Nat Appleton Nat Noves Sam' Barrett ^ Tlio" Wallace With Eze^ Price. INIeetini'" auaiii A this inorinii<x. . I attended Town The calling in two ing. We met this afternoon & Coinmittee of adiourned until Monday Jan'y 18. A contrihution at Churcji ()-P) Dolls John I'emple's Child was Christened tliis afternoon by the name of Angela. P) met Fe])'y. '^i'he Connnittee met this morinnti' ^ apply 'd to Government ah" the Distressed Situation of this Town. Town meetini:' morn- Meetinji' this emissions of mornin<»'. iMarstons l)y Invitation of the Sieur with 54 Gentlemen Duvaluais Consul The Connnittee of sat all France Day. this oc- money M'" Allyn Otis was huried this afternoon. Jan ToAvn IG.

I G. Store this Nii»lit. This is Sucky Lin zee's birth Day 25 vears old. Storms cS: Sails ik> vessels Cast scverall taken in tlie 27 March. . Town Meeting 12 Marcli.327 Primo Mar. My store was broke open last night & a Considcralde (Quantity of Goods Stolen to the value of ab" Two Tliousand Pounds as near as I can Guess. 2i> March. ]\P Moore cS: all at Day his wife came yesterday to live at our house. & James Liswall watched Annual Town Meetin<i:. The The Gener^ Court adCommittee sat all tlay. awav in the late Bay. 2o March. j\Iar 7. d'ld noon I Mar — attended the Conunittee. 10 March. at the Old Brick Meetmg after- j\Iar 5. jouriiM this Day. The Thief taken up that stole my Committed. Mar mv Sam^ Gould 8. M*^ Tudor an oration. Coh)nel Badcock married to Miss Polly Ilub!)ard this cveninj**. 22 ^larch. Mar Manv 21). Town Meeting this morning. this The llev'' ^I' Payson paid us a visit morning.DIAKY — 1779 . K) March. . The Conunittee met this morning. attended Committee the — a Considerable Skirmish morning between a Party sent out from erall Maxwells the advantage in all this the Jerseys New York & Gen- favour of Gen^ in Maxwell. Jack Rowe went to Chelsea.

M' Stillman j)rcachcd. May 2G. named is my house.">() Men '^ IG ^ 8-1 ^' Ship Maria '* S Privateer Schooner Hibernian ^ 4. Great luMoicin<»s on this Occasion. May G. «& ino^ G. "). (linM at Martin Brlnnner Herman Green Laden with all & Brimmers with him ^ Andrew Brimmer Uicli'' M' Inman. pany with the (Jueen of France c\: lianger have taken bound from New York to Geomia. Batchelor Patriot. (Hiild was Christened by the name EHzabeth. W" Tudor. the folh)wini»' — Gentlemen were Chosen Uepresentatives John Hancoclv Sam' Adams. Sponsors jM' Greenleaf. Apr 1(). IJOSTOX MEKCIIANT 328 April Tuesday.") " Prince Frederick. M"* Inman & M" Amory. M' Van Ranselear paid me a Visit this morn in o'. Calcl) Davis ^ Gustavus Fellows. Primo June. Tills Dav Town Meetlni»'. Briii'ji's Schooner — Transports — A Bonfire 1. She in ComCap* John Hopkins arrived in Port. The Slii[) Jason. Cap^ Potterliehl 20 Guns l. mornin<»'. The Choice oF Councillors not iinished this evenino*. Thomas Dawes.JOHN HOWE. The Continental Frio^ate AVarren. May M''* 1 ^ Mav (S: Stores. I dined at Stephen Cleverly's with . M' Parker's Aprill 10. I went to Meetlnii' this Election Dav. I went to Church tills morn- — stood Sponsor for John Ilasklns Son The Charitable Society met at Ralph. Tho^ Wallev.

lulv 11. Every day this Aveek my Time has been taken up with the — — part of the ^lerchants Hay got in.this mornin2f Sam^ Julv 1). the Free Avitli Dav St John's Masons I dined their Dav verv Clieerfidlv. Sunday. ^I' Parker Read the Address of Con<»:ress. M'^ Rowe din'd at Brush Hill. Adams Moderator Several Prizes arr'd yesterday at Salem ik ^larblehead. o'ot all mv I Ilav in yesterdav June 21. Sunday. After Church the Proprietors mot they voted our Church Vacated by M"" 12 Yeas 4 Nays Walter June lo.DIA1?Y him. June 20. Miss Sally 329 & Young Stephen Cleverly. Julv 12.lulv 8. A Furious Press this morninof to Man . Sunday. The Caterpillars appear at Number Deacon IG. Merchants Meeting Dissolved. Jones the Southward. Good News from June 22. Connecticut State. I began to mow my Pasture this mornMerchants Meetino^ inir June 19. M' & RIcli'' Green — they all Ilaskins Cap* Piirker. Out of the Pasture Bad Accounts from Ncav Haven in . I snent the & all over tlie in Our Pasture Pastures in Boston. The Caterpillars are most of them gone Julv 2. . M' Parker was Chosen the Incumbent Minister of Trinity Church this afterVoters Present 2o. June 20. Avent ^vith — 1779 M' Parker a Ilavmakinfi:. June 13. noon. Town Meetino.

perhaps because at that time there was nowhere to .' up the repi-esentation of a Cod Fish in thi? room where the House sits.* heen secoinh'd.JOIIX ROAVE. BOSTOX ]MERCIIANT 330 The the Fleet.' this Day. I'he liemainder ot* the Examined. met Dele^'iites from the Triullii<»' Towns this morninii*. that." It is proljahle. I day with the Delegates the Tnulini:' Towns.") the town of Mery- rve Held) chan<."). and the foHowinj.iven for the (jues- purpose aforesaid. fr. the <j. devoted l]:i(I my Iiitelll^'eiife AVliok^ Time this from Connecticut.'ed was made in name to Rowe. July 1. July lo. which prontise was never fulfilled. the The said tion was put. and leave nH)tion havini. as a menu)rial of the importance of the Cod-Fisliery to the welfare of Comnu)nwca]th as had h<^en used foi'inerlv. lie tives in : private life ends mend)er of the House of Representa1784. before them Fleet A cS: into g"ot Dr Rand 13ody meetlnt. when field (my chanii'e in no positive record lias 178. tliou^h heen found. All knowledj^e of with the Diary. Nantasket lload this day so that thev are now lleadv for Sea. 'I'radi- its honor of tion savs that he lu-omised to j'lve the town a hell on that occasion. the John Rowe. March 17 of that tlie " M' Rowe moved the House that leave he <>iven to hani." entry is copied was a from the Journal of year John Kowe's — House.

Ma.^ (. That thev to' ft U'ether with Brother Price ^lackav cS: Dunn be a . M. Richard Gridly ^ D. S. Lodge " <& . St (John's) Lodge Sam Gridly Wardens lias It hence our dear Es(|' W. Gardner ^ Patten be a Committee to wait on M" Rowe to know if Voted tis tliat Wp agreeable to her tbat Procession at tlie The Free Masons walk in funeral and Voted.-kay { Samuel Parkman ) Whereas tS: Rowe G. his death followed — — ACTION OF GRAND LODGE ON JOHN ROWE'8 DEATH At at Grand a meetin<^ of mem])ers of the Brother Sam Dunns house Feb Lodji'e 1787 17. Kowe Esc^ obt 17^" Feb 1787 72 Gratitude demands a Tear." Etat anie hang the bell. G. Nathaniel Patten M. p^^^^ ^^y^^^^.Man-. W. " John Cutler 8. Cliarles Sigourney Samuel Dunn Joseph Coolidge G.DIARY— 1779 and 331 two years In Fleet's Almanack and Register for 1787 after. G. of tliis Town ^ Charlestown ])e Invited to Attend on the same sorrowful Occasion and Brother CuthM*. W. is the following: "J. pleased Almighty God to take well beloved Grand ^bister John Lodge desirous of jNIanifesthig ^ AlVcction for him agree to Attend due form and that the several Lodii'es tlie their Rcspct-t his funeral in M. lAI.. Present II.

*e the their Leg them «& to their accept most o-mteful ac- sliown the knowledg'ements for their respect interment of M' Kowe their late & to assure Their M"" <& tance them attention Grand tliev retain a <:ratefnl his to Rowe have with the.e M" Kowe & John Uowo j\r (n.BOSTOX MERCHANT JOIIX KOWE. not the pleasure at as accpiaiii- the thev M"* other l>e<'" the he so kind as to names their ])articu- respectful Hehaviour shewn hv the Brethren on this mournful occasion they re(piest that M' Cutler will do this In the manner he thinks most proper.Masters <& of an Otlicers of Lodji'cs that attended at the funeral favour of M' Cutler that he communicate lar to them thanks for the will In their j)olite cK: Master sense of And memory.e})lu»w) j)resent most respectful Compliments to M' CuIUm' ^ other Olhcers <& Brethren of the Grand Lod<. & Pond Stkket '22^^* Feb. 17s7 . 332 Committee to Arrimge & Superintend the Funeral Procession. is note from m«s john row 10 to (jrand lod(. Voted. That the Committee furnisli Two doz Aprons Two dozen Pair Gh)ves which the Treasurer directed to pay for. .

licr'> Ht•ir^ 'm |-Si .ROWK KSTATK AT MILTON IJmiglit frmi) (ii)\. Ikl>.


for your aec•^ Better Luek in Inclosed Voyage. all SO Good vour friends here are Glad that vou have a Prospect hefore you. hesides the have now a u^ood Prospect.'gett's aco'" Relatini. 7th 1759 suiulry Letters from you Relat- John Amiel ]\P Sir We iii<>" to have ReeM Cap^ hut there ^vas Goods \ve sent ohl Time to [>r Canada. at the Tenor Sunk. I hope your . hope you*l liave especially as Ave refer you to the Uncertain Avhether force the f rench to a Capitulation he dont all their Avhole Countrv Avill he Avill if .' to tlie same. The C()nse(pience will he Worse to them than their Keeping' Possession of their Ldand ^P" Amiel is well hut Trollet has the Country.EXTRACTS FIIOM THE LETTER BOOK OF JOHN RQWE SEPT IToO To — 17G2 MAY Boston Sept. hoth Upi)er & L)wer Towns at Queheck was Destroyd when the List Vefsell came away. D()i. Destroyed I Come — I tis . Bearer for News at Present Gen' Wolif is Good Mana<^ement you. Goiit.

:VM JOHN friends "will 1U)WE.Iudi. this we thinlc iS: we Cannot first In lieh) thiidvin<»' vour thouii'hts •» — and * of our opinion your ahillty von that the we is a not liad tlien tlie Lsteemd ])rov'(l . 1 leave you to ..> Rev" Sir Received your favor of the 0'" note its Contents & find that von I Eni. dont take Operate In their hehalf est Satisfaction money we to hut otdv to Remind this as advice lent you was. hv vou.. 1 as arrive. .'* ouLiht to stand no douht vou will the i)e a and malce us payment as soon as avIII let you. month & ^'ot vour disvour Dehts hv act of Insolvenev in liow far a Deht tliat was (contracted in from char<i*e last all the plantations. vour hv dis])osition vour Letter.'e. Believe me that I will Continue vour Real Friend KOWK JOIIX To Wood Dii Tho' Hoston s^. at act of huslness to von. will take ellVct.'n. and we are sorrv the Event favorahle to vou. and it tluit [time] tliat it was not the Loss Expected desli.lust Good not so lu'asoinni.v. .*lan(l . It seems that providence will ai. will and he no douht the Greatan Honest mind. 1K)ST()N MKIK'IIANT Continue their Business. hy said Insolvency or take place.'aln take j)lace in y' favor cS: by your attention to Industrious application to Business you will have it in your power prettv soon to dischari»v vour dehts iK: pav vour Credwish with you that happy period mav itors.t ii«h 17.

In the mean- time wisli "\ve you tlie success of your Labours & Compliments to ^I"* Wood.0 D' Brother I liad your letters of the 3'^ Sf' & IT'' June to all ft' whicli are I avcII hear fr Cap^ Barthlett you at your station in the Camp & I hope you <. Your very Remain witli humble Scrvts JOHN UOWE To for liinm'lf Ralph Tnman HOSTON ROWK JAf'OIJ cf- Soi)t20thl7r..'.'et a know where ation was — Camp Bed to send it to send but in short nor where vour situ- ft as soon as you are hxt for the winter Quarters anythinu* you wish for I'll Send vou. <. which if Sam know you : Mackay are mv expect Letters from 1 shall be you have any {ic(juaintance with him L-'lad oil*. 1 may M' Shay the Contractor.'iye my Compliments & tell him any of his Connnands Avill be Executed with Great ])leasure. 1 worth your attention & when you have I fixd with M' Goldthrop please to acquaint me. I send you . will mahe It Endeavored did not to <.ave answer.. . he writes me. we sliall on all Occasions be Ready to do you any Good Oilice. you winter at of Gen' Ilohsons If Louisbuii. let Cap' Rciiiment Brother. I send you two (juintails of the Best Fish to the Care of M' William Clark pr lirst Op})ortunity after will this.EXTKACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK To be 335 you & vou on your smiles of Fortune and as sure it Coiiji:rjitulate will give us pleasure to see far as prudence directs.

-land. last the meantime I you Requird departure of nu*. BOSTON ^lEKCHANT m(\ Inclosed the last Newspapers tliey are of no Con- Whether Gen^ Amherst will make any sequence. — Y' allVctionate hrother JOHN KOWK My Compliments to ^I' Goldtlirop. he ahle to Maintain our (Jrouiul up doubt not.'ether Succeed hope the River Avard.^ Rev" Sir I have your favour oF tlie 7'" Julv von for vour favourinii' me with Such 1 of of my thank Ave shall <& I — enahh* affairs will Service before cK: IiitclhLr'cncc.()cs foras soon as the Situation alto<. Servt JOHN ROWK . as soon as the next Convoy for England is I Remain ji'one.JOITX HOWE. M" Rowe ^r Inman cS: wife are all well <S: wish you no letters from the West of En<»lan(l since uov have I heen vet ahle to exwent away you amine or <>'o to Cape Ann on your alfairs hut Intend it. Avhicli our do the piece will I will fleet take for j)lace Kn<. further prog'ress at present seems very inieertain. Success. Remain V most hum. hut ^I' Amlierst <.

as yet I pr post — ohsei-ve have no Letters. but I see Cap' Stoddard depend ont Til make him pay both tliem Fellows ballance of their Shares. to prints for particulars tho they are not altothis action hapen'd to be gainVl gether compleat you in — the most Criiical time our affairs Ward. I will twenty five pounds York money. Glorious Gut of two privateers me out at go the with very sorry for them. both these Get made with all Speed Mess'^ Watts & Avere unluckily taken Montreal French Canso.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK Boston Sept 337 24th 1751) To M" Philip Cuyler. than ^ is . If you had sent the Skins pr Wimble Avho arrivd Avhenever yesterday they Avould have Sold Immediately no person has any in town but M' Rhoades & his are speak to M' Trumbel this day for the frames you Order'd & also for the Ridwhich I Guess may be handsom for ing* Chaise verv Ordinary. I am Insured ini*' privateer came out of ])r that — they are both u'one in Ilallif'ax. stand a Tolerable Chance. to to the Head Quarters where came from they write & Endeavor to at wish them Success own I property. New York Sir I have your favour of the "Nvliat 17^'' ]\P Stillwell says. they have notli- fitted Rascalls Moss mannd a will I I they hitend these French least get their & tliink they wish you Joy of the News Obtained by the Frencli lu^ar th(^ prince Ferdinand over 1 refer 15orders of JIanoyer.inythin<»' that nun'e Consc(juence to has taken for iuad ihe french Succeeded all ])lace this the Elec- .

C'387. . To James Boston Oct Otis Esq* irst i7. Lawfur money.JOHN 338 llOAVE. if 1 you wish ^ am humb'*' Sev' JOHN KOWK. Quebeck. BOSTON MERCHANT would have remained wee are to have in possession of tlieni or destroy'd Great Rejoicings liere on the Occasion & I wish we may have another Occasion on the Surrender of torates of Hanover Ilessee etc . .9.V. I remain Sir Your verv liumble Serv' JOHN ROWE To M** ijoston Jair Philup Cuylkr r> 17go Sir Indos'd have may inir. to liave As I been discharged thought the money . 1 wish it your hands & prove to your Likefor dont know the ex])ense of it vet but 1 send it witli the cost of the Frames which will I come pr Wimble. this by him some years ought past.) Sir As you are going to pl^Tu" have taken the to Inclose Liberty you perez Tillson Ace* by which vou'l see the Ballance in mv favour is . shall g*ot is hill made oet safe to ladins: for the Ridin<j: Chair I you pr M" Paddock. The bearer Cap^ Jarvis can do him anv Services to nu' belon<>\s 'twill obli^'c vou the Com])liments of the Season Sir your Friend c^ & me.

anv o'ood Receiv^'d. ROSTON Oct To Cap*^ 3()th 17o{^ Edw^ Cahill London Sir As the french have Lost Quebeck (juence of that Canada must fall.) was Secure have omitted urging payment. also your good olllces the vou do him this I own will part of ""oiu"" o o 1 Convoy all mv- be kindly Dashwood & principal offices will also be acceptable to him. now I bej^in to doubt his abihty. o'. will direct . wliich he can possible secTU'ity no means think in me to Insist on.V. its the General Opinion that ])eace will if iS: & Conse- in now become take place.S. vou that it' sliip I there with you in comp.with Mess'" think I have no Occasion to tell is « anv Ovl «. will do as well as money. therefore in Ills liHiids & if you'l get as much as you Can for the Remainder. . < Sir your very hum' Servt JOHN ROWE Treasury notes P.EXTUACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK S. as the hard by by the favour Tin\e he has already had is too long' your pruyou in what method to proceed by En(]uiring of your Brother M' Wairen how his alVah's stand & whatever vou do will be Justit'v'd bv dence . Namely Hunter self. vou Continue vour Resolution of seeinjif Boston intend to keej> in the London Trade I shall hold anv Lane j)art (S: of a Booth. freii>'ht — pr O have Literest enough to get it 1 have two Vessells. . .

^ WM Thcmaelrcti A copy of the above I have rec'' IIOTCII. To Cap^ Samuel Dashwood Sir You have already Received Orders from Rowe Relative to your proceeding in the Ship is vou that to tell Convoy (wliicli ])r J no this Case vou should miss of your you must at all events keep with if have our Liberty possible) (S: should be taken. you to Ransom the Vessell S: Carji'o for any sum short of Eighteen hundred pounds Rather than omit it. KOWK Boston Oct [iin^ 175!). ster"^ <S: but no further even that sum 6c this shall be your Justification from your friends JOHN KOWK JOS .JOHN HOWE. which I promise to follow Sam'^' Dashwood .1. BOSTON MERCHANT 340 M" Rowe whethei* j\r* I Rowe Bootli for Happiness has \vrote you at Large & I dont know am iiulebted or not I'or s^undrlea sent I if am voii on Mess" Lane call wish you I payment. for jV Timolhy Fohjer. cS: must all & Imaginable Remain Yr assured friend .

to Desire you will Render him offices good Vovaii^e & in all the your power for the good of the as vou mention'd vou Could s'ive a Ves- America she will be in o'ood season provided the Master Thinks it will be preferable to a Load of Salt from Liverpool. u})on which I produced the Certificate. Jau^v 341 4th nco ' Sir wrote you pr Capt Binney advising that my Brother Rowe had Chai-tered his Vessell from New I York to some port in Ireland & have now given a few lines to Cap' Jarvis who goes master (by tlie Desire of Brother Rowe) who writes you by same conveyance. who swore he would not Receive it. who is to sell freiHit to for it consult you upon Master with his it — what Bills will money you supply be Honour' d & the your good Service to him. Shall be gratefully acknowledged Your Esteem'd friend & by Serv* RALPH INMAN Boston Jan'y 11th 1700 To Cap^ Michael Dalton Newbury Sir Upon Recei})t of your Letter of 3"* Curr* I waited on Cap' Pryce who immediately got into a passion & produced a Letter from Admiral Saunders' SecPryce' Cable & anchor. to same purpose & once' .EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK To M^ Samuel Horner Boston. upon which I went away retary Relating to — another more — interview Cap* much nothinji" done.

Lies. Says he. he should not have him so often. :n2 bostox mercitant This iiiornino. Cap* Gwynn hapn'd T to be present «S: after some talk wee settled it liope to your approbation.. to the note of . cate neither do Cap' Pike for I I not been U) have made me run after cannot at present secure a Certifiexi)ect it. he Insisted on the Cable to be value at 257 which Ca}>' Gwyim [I] eon- & ^ sented too so <S: his Receipt tis settled 11).!^'"' Guineas he ask'd yoiu* «fc 1 AVhen I if have pd him as pr came to pay him thev Avere him they were the Guineas to Aveiiiht. not pickt up all the li<>'ht Guineas he could find in liapenM " — — on the howexei" eiiou<'h of this Newburv cSrc Back of this stands a memorandum of what 1 jxl cS: what I rec'. which I have now in mv Possession he is o-one from .. as he says. always endeavoi* to serve you but hope on no such occasion ai»ain telling* <& Remain Sir Yr Friend & very hum' Serv^ JOHN KOWK Boston 4 Fobv 17<'>i» To M" David Vanhouxe at New York D-- Sir As hand T Got of M^ Benj" Brandon on your ace' it was Geor^-e Mills note. '' I'll be damnd If Dalton has inii" a<i*ain.I went again. he seems very auii'rv with 1 shall him. 1 told from you they that set him a swear- Kec'* prove very deficient. l. 1 assure you had it served vou.").joirx uowE.

not but it Deed being Executed will T it part I but LDont with like this small my own or Bro"" I . 343 Government so that there no hope of Getting any Mahogany Tables or Desks on acc^ of that not till he Returns & I fear is but Little or nothing" when he does. he is very Poor has no Stock nor I believe any Tools. me I thought it so Liconsiderable a price. that I wrote him I would give that price or more for it & ordered Friends in London to pay you three my parts on a })r()per when compleated it on had my ace' for that I care price 1 Confess much about — nor Robins for Bro. you seem desirous to is to be done with it. purser of Warr who belongs of vou of I told Feb'y 1760 Sister wrote you sometime ago pr the I the anything I can mv I also to plymouth wherein which thank God Con- & health You Joy & wish happiness in your new State of Life which I hope your prudence will As it pleased God to take always Contribute too. — & get Boston To M"" Mary Tolcher Dear 23rd Man tinues.. our Dear parent from us & the house now the know what is property of us all. however Til keep a look out for him for you ..EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK hence Sometime but at what place in the Service of the cannot exactly 1 tell. Brother Robins wrote he could obtain a hundred pounds for it. to me & to take care of could not Imagine he himself especially at that price.

uncle John is still alive. very affectionate Brother. now my is answerM my letter on this to him & Sister Robins. but doiit the mount. so my they had mentioned part. know whether she had an Inclination Loss about. Two to l^t 1700 NEwnuuvpoRT at Send me pr very lirst good Quintals of the Largest & best it is for a 1 particular friend & you Can <yety must beg' your Care about it })lease to tell Bro' that I Obed have M' Fitch to sign got your their Charter party which they Sent up ^ please to ask M' Barker ^ him how t]u*y conu* not to let nu* fish . . Boston March To Friend Christo Hussey I must desire you opportunity. Dear I vour Sister. Prav Ji'ive mv Conn)liments to vour Siirv Husband ^ remain with Esteem. property. it [been] more agreeable. pleasure to hear shall Be Glad from you to Brother Jacob is Leisure first full senti- my tlunk Bro' Robins mi<iht have 1 it. know if now at Quebeck cS: Good in Busi- ness being' assistant to Daniel Wen* Kscj' ConnnisGeneral. know that they had sent the ohl Sloop Hannah to 1 hear she is arrivM thcM'c. if is Coming to Insure or not. the Uncle Hawker will write to ments about BOSTON ^lEKCIIAXT ace' It give })ray love my me alwavs oive will ^ every other Relative.JOHN 344 Jacobs' which I have I ROAVE. . I Shall be u'lad to hear from vou Sloop whether She is coming tliat I am if 1 at a t'woud have ab'' direct ])ack this old or not cS: .

any Service

I can



do for you please to give notice
Y' Friend

Callo, in

my Snow

wood Jacobson



are arrivd




Hunter Dash-

believe the other

Ships that went with that Convoy.

Boston Mar

To Capt Cahill




Confirm the proceeding copy of my Last &
have Nothing farther to say on that Head. M'

Greens Snow



but Sherrard nor Bradford

dont yet a})pear be Kind Enough to purchase for
me, a Book wrote pr Cap^ Gardner Giving a particular acc^ of the expedition to Martinico & Gua;




your friends here are Well.




your very liumb^ Serv^

To Colo Preblk

Boston March




Rece'd vour Letter of the

Lulians have an Inclination to

March & see the
make terms of Peace,

dont know what directions you'l have from the
Government but guess t'will be peaceable News for
have sent the Articles vou wrote
the Lidians.



shall at

any time be glad

to send

any Articles




have or you may want


any orders you send





very humb^" Serv'

Sir yr friend
to Command



W Peter Hubbert

Boston Mar








have had the Preeeeding'

Week Such

the News Paper will give you an
which was very Terrible Indeed.
Such Devastation in so short a Time was hardlv
Terrible Fires

ever known.




a Sull'erer


the Rest, but

thank God, not so much as to Give mee anv Unit has Consum'd
upwards of Two hun-


dred Houses, Stores




To M"

Phillip Cuyler

April 15'^ 1760

New York


have your favour of the


March pr Cap^

As to the Frames they are not yet done,
M"" Cumber promises you shall not fail of tliem
Return of Wimble, as to Tea it is now worth
from a Dollar to 51. ... The Calamitv that has
hapen'd to the Town by fire is very great. T lost

some Goods
This will






Dock, but

make mee uneasy.
be delivered you pr M' John Gould wlio




New York



a favour you


I shall



in his


make him


free of


your City.

hum Serv'

Occasion Shew you, I



your very


To Jacob Rowe

April 2l»t 1760

Bro' Jacob

Rece'd your favour of the G^" Sept & 1"'
Last, am very g'lad you have g'ot hi to Business

M' Wyer.


wrote you


Letters pr



Vessells that Returned here again.
I wouhl liave
put in hand a vessell for your place
had 1 any Vessell of my own at home, but as I had






charter any & I am much
lias order'd this Car^'oe


Gentleman that


pr Cap' Cushion will not find his Acc^ in it. There
are at Least Thirty sail gone & going from hence



Great Quantity from all other places on the
I have sent you one Cask of oporto,


one Cask of Lemons



have wrote M'





Any Thing


one Barrell of


W. L Rum

an answer to his Letter


Services here, I Cannot at present
particular al)" your affairs as I have

not been at Cape Ann, but as there will be Opporno news from the West of
tunitv vou shall liear





— we




Terrible Fire hapen'd at Boston in Avhich I was a
SulVcrer at Oliver's Dock, the Newspapers will fully

acquaint you the Situation of what was burnt, such




a Melaiielioly & Dismal Burnin<»* was never yet
seen in any part of this Continent
The ^viiul blew

hard at North West and the Fnry of the
beyond Conception 1 have been oblij^'M


iianies is


pay Quincy your Obligation air two months
past 'l shall pay M' Webb ^ M' Beaehnm


Sherbnrne & Jos. Rhodes are vet ini])aid, wliy did
yon not mention these affairs 1 snppose yon forgot
as there will be opportnnity now from Qnebeek
let me hear from yon ^ I shall do yon all the Ser-

vice in

my power






the Bearer, Cap^ Cnshion, Cap^
have Chartered for Acc^ of M'


vou can do Cnshion anv service



be amiss.

send the Copj)y for Cap* Nickolls

Yonr verv



allectionate Brother





April 24th




Charming Molly which we have
Charter'd, Being Ready to Sail, its Onr desire you
yon are then to
proceed hnmedlately to Ilallifax
i\r Jeremiah Condy Russell <S: take from
him Such Goods as he shall })ut on l)()ard you cS:
proceed Immediately to (iuel)eck and there Deliver
your Car<»'oe to M' James Oti'ilvv Merch' There.



Russell should

Be departed from


vou are then to proceed Immediately to Quebeck
with"* him & there deliver your Car<]fo to said M'

James Ogilvy


when you

to follow such orders as


are unloaded, then

you Receive from him for

your proceedings afterwards.



you a Good Voyage & am
Yrs Friends

Jam Forbes



Boston May 17G0

Francis Robins

D' Brother


few days ago, came to hand your Letter of the
of October via Lond" pr Capt^ Sherrard who

was blown of the Coast
the Contents thereof



had a Long* Passage

dulv note.

Look into your former Letters RespectHouse Kk vou'l find tliat vou tell me you
were oU'er'd a hundred pounds for it, which price
I Could bv no means consent to take & in Consequence thereof 1 told you I would take it myself at
Please to



supposing you Consented thereto,
then Mess"* Lane tK: Booth were to pav vou cS: mv
that Rate,






^V" Tolclu'r your Sliares on a deed

being ])roperly JiccrcditcMl by you all vS: T^eft in their
Care now 1 ])crceivc bv vour Letter, that vou are

Avilhng to part with youi*


Sliares for thirty

j)ounds sterl'g each ^ if my Sister i\I" Tolcher will
part with Iier share, then you may get a deed exe-

cuted properly by yrsclf, Bro. Jos & her, under
Let it be done
the Direction of Uncle Hawker.



then Lodg'd with








this is

done, to

London, who have orders when
answer vour bills on them for my


namely sixty pomuls sterP to yon for yours «fe
Brother Joseph's Shares <& thirty })oniuls more to



Mary's share
please to
observe that Bro' Jacob is now at Quel)eek with




Daniel Weir Esq' Ctmnnissary General, this

Two Hnndred ponnds

worth him
nothing has


to assist





Cap^ Thomas


per annnm,
to be able


me more pleasure than

in proeurin<>* tliis place



hope he






the Bearer

arrive in safety
a person
your accpiaintance, I thouj^ht
to Show him a power Jacob Left with me







j)lace is

you have no Occassion

this affair, so that


to trouble yrself, only in executliii;' a deed in my
name for your tliree shares <S: scud me a copv that





executed here at his Return as the

of his Lies without Dispute In me.

Tolcher can have no objection


on no otber Acct than

Rather than











the Family,

be sold to a St ran i;er

— wben

compleatedLet M' Brown the present Tennant Remain in it ^ vou take the care of it tlie


same as


was your own

if it

as Usual, only







Receive froiu him the

be done

have drawn a



mv name
on my Bro'


three pounds six skill Ini^'s cS: 8''
belnir for Jacob's share of tbe Lv<?'acv Left him
for thirty

pr his






presume be

which now


pay. ...

become due





might have had Opportunitys enough to give me a
Line on the aH'airs of the Family there's no excuse
for him because he was taught to write before 1
left home. ... I am very sorry to hear you are so
I Fancy that Spark
great a Suil'crer by Geo. Conde
has troubrd his heart more ab^ Religious PoHticks
a scandalous Pamphlet of his
& Clamour here being
the Gentleman M*"
well adapted for this Meridian
Grace Knowling'

than Business.

I see

which has made great noise

now dead & his
I will when



tunitv write to

pend on't





them on her Acc^
succeed will Remit

Live on


any opporyou mav deto her imme-


know ab^ it, will advise you
now gfive M" Wilcocks anv Li-

as soon as I

in Course.



Family but next post

telligence ab^ her Son's
mention to mv friend


get him to Encpiire
some Remote town

M' Vanhorne






I will

New York

think they are in
Jersev Government.



glad to hear your little Family are well
thank my sister for her many Letters, you will make

my Love &
please to



Compliments Acceptable
show my Uncle Ilawkcr

have wrote on

Mess" Lane



Rowe Jovns

this occasion

to her

— you'l

this Letter to


Booth thereon.


in Sincere





tion to



Sister <&


y' All'ectionate





Boston Mav



To John Hawkek Esq Exetku

a Long' time since I luul the pleasure to write
ha\'ini»' not a Line from you you'l please to

it is






1 often


do some what


in the a If air of



M' Jos Geirish


U[)colIs hut Could

not prevail, he had nothing' then to pay, cK: went olf
to Ilallifax in Deht he is now there cS: store Keeper
to his i\hijesty's Navy <&
in a ii'ood way so that if

by the best advices, he is
he Returns vou may yet

stand a Chance to get something, should he Return
depend out 1 will Oblige him to settle this Account.

have latelv Rece'd a Letter from Rro' Robins, he
tells me he is wilHng to part with his share cS: mv

Bro' Joseph in the House Left us per Our deceas'd
Parents, in Consecpience of which I have wrote him

give him his Ihicc (S: I will also
Sister Mollv's at the sanu' ra(e cV for that

I will





it c\:

have order'd

Mess" Lane




of Lond" to i)av him for his two shares


Mollv for her share as soon as

are compleatcd

mens' hands







^ mv


aforesaid Gentle-

therefore this C'onvevance cannot be

Regularly made without your assistance, which









to see

Bro' Jacob

tick wav.



in a I\i<iht


Connnissarv Generall


per annum,








assistant to



Two hundred




Great Satisfaction that

have been able so well to Provide for him


he has








power of attorney

to settle this affair

have shown to Bearer of


an Exeter


Man & who

Capt Farr


you should

will, if

not be otherwise Satisfy*d, Convince you thereof,
so that there is no Occasion of his name in the

Deed or


occasions be glad
to hear from you & of your Familys welfare, in the
meantime ])lease to accept of my best Regards
ii-ive mv comidiments to mv Aunt & Cousins.





Remain, Hon'' Sir




very hum^




Boston May

Alex^ Cobden




Your favour

am much

rons Letter,

of the






moves of

M"" L.




pleasure to

Barrons was Restored to his

Solicitation thro'


before me,
^F Bar-

vou for the Care of





you, that

without any

a footing that no

nature will effect him

ik I u'uess

the old Gentleman will Repent his Cruel Treatment

Your very luuu



as ^]n<>ai»vd but • KeceivM . London Letter daf' 8"' ^lairli from T Inive a . . I much Lane Mons*^ Genend Battle took place between who Commanded eleven thousand fear a French Canadians olllcer Mi' Murray our Comn>andin<.. vour verv Hum''' Serv^ JOHN ROWE To Reed Mess"' no^ms May Pettit 6z iiiti- 17<. lie says a })eaee is at no j^reat Distance.reeable Ace"* from (Quebeck c\: ihe Cliance of Loosinii" })r it is verv Great God Grant it mav be otherwise.. 1 c\: O'llicer a Great Kuo\. .of Prnssia aiVairs seems not to be in that favorable state. of hardly ft one the • ft.2S'" Last Mouth.MERCHANT JOIIX ROWE. to come any other Vessels cK: tlien Stop in v' hands till vou hear further from mee for \Vee have very Disai. . of ours that v.(» Gent" . Yon have we wonld wish them. Newspaper from New York which Contains what news the Packett Br<>'' from Enclosed the latest Eno'land. all seem parties ^ be tired of the expense of the warr to the Kino. .. Sir.. BOSTON 354 Boston Mav To THE 17G0 Burton at Quebeck Brig'* Gen-^^'^ IIon"^'^^ 12t»> Sir. & from a Gentle" well ae{iualnted in Governm'' aifairs. I am. he had but Indians tS: llu' twentv seven lunidrt'd — vS: this Siuall French ]\Linv Body made i>'ive Men Wav KillM but thev were Cau<>hi ^ \Vouii<h'd.

am to obligd to you for IMess" Lane & . tlie was a this Officer 1 kept have been no Danger or could its Among fatal There Lines Lord Colvil if this time Gone. JJosTox To Friend Jos. Tis a Melancholly Such Brave Fellows Must Submit.more of this all'air Let it be onlv Comthat all'air municated to Your Best Friends & You'l Oblige Gent" Your Very Hmn^ Serv^ KOWE J.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK Wounds Were or Killed. Good Hui'sey. 3o5 is or Before. Remain Y" friend to Serve JOHN KOWE To Alex*^ Boston May Cobden Esq^ 20th 17(30 Sir I have yours of the 19*^ putting Booth my Letters I directed into the Tourists Bagg. if vou 1 Avill pay you vour Content what vou Generally have from other 1 ]>eople. a brave — had the G ail'air in his Town by not up before the Generally thought its last is Coll. Mav 2lnh 1760 Rotch New Bedford Sir am now going Load the Snow Devonshire. Hujrh Hunter for London. if you hear nothino. it will nuich oblio'e me for Your Friendship in assisting me with Fifty Tons I to of Ovl on Freiiilit and Can to purcliase me a 1 be Glad shall also hundred Barrells.

from Ace' better cK: as I him made expect to have a Larger })r Cap' Evers who is day ley expected. as I have it you from shall hear further ft Sir. thank Fortune who has been kind to ours that 1 shall not enlari»"e or have at present Business than I what my own Acc\ I degrees. do on Am sorry there is T my Endeav- even wish for nuu'e «S: a Great Deal of shall like to be Cut short by any dilliculty . at the Departthink to the ure of M' Barrons which was Like to have some puzzle home at . Cap' very glad to pr Ca])' find vour Business of Such Conseipience cS: that it I have y(mr favour of Watts Am & prevent vour further Progress on the Ris(pie of the Seas ^ when anvthint»' oil'ers that I can Conwill tribute to »your Business I I shall do it with Pleasure. he to the sentiments of the silent is every Matter that about but I Conclude when he says will be settled to his Satisfaction. it may then be in my power to As soon Satisfy vou more Clearly in this matter. that be Included for alVaii' will have 1 <»*ood Reason Surveyor General has wrote to the Connnissioncrs on that very Subject. BOSTON MERCHANT 356 As Commissioner of the Customs in Reg'ard to the Conduct of their Officer in America nW Clearing Sugar from the mount <S:c.JOHN ROWE.Time 2(1 1700 Edw" Cahill London D^ Sir 2i)'" March (fc 10'" April Willson. Your very hum Serv* JOHN ROWE UosTox To Cap*^ .

Sir D"^ Your Friend & Himi Serv' JOHN no WE M" Rowe her Stays is much obligd to you for the Care of etc.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK about Sam^ Marshalls Bills but be shall be Contented. & for taking the Bills up you honor . I the Devonshire I shall send London. if so I am safe. again Show you I Remain... I Chance whether an Oilicer A Great Havock of Both Officers & Lives or Dies. by whom I shall as it 357 I shall Occasions. . save only that sions Dr Sirs — think 1 I Remain Your assured Friend paying it occasions & am & hum on for more all my at occa- Serv^ JOHN ROWE . . for on all it Avill. Hooper is much & if Care of his Teeth obligd to you for the he should have any farther Occasion. men has lately taken place there however I thank on look it an Ecpial . I hope he may escape the fate of Warr. Caj)^ Hunter write you. . nothing present. he will follow your directions.. ^M" . I much surprizd to find Cap^ Browns Bill protested am — he is now gone to Qeubeck. Boston June To Lane Mess^" & Booth 2^ 1700 London Corre- [his spondent] Gent^'" .. But as our present Situation in that Quarter is very precarious.

& protested Namesake at foot of this. is & my Own Your Expectation bill bills be^* vour Care of one hundred ^ twenty will also be protested «S: what he has in the Agents hands is only about Forty pounds.JOHN HOWE. Every hii>'h time that some of the tradiim* vessells Re- just Return'd only time to tell you I . B08TOX MEKCTIAXT 358 Boston June To Major CurRIE D^ Accordino. . How he could be so Imprudent to draw bills ^ have no Eil'ects never "ive Advice is a mvsterv to mee. . tis turiiM but I 1 am in hopes must confess Occurs you I We am shall still have good news afraid if anything shall hear further from Gent"" Your very hum Serv^ JOHN KOWE .to for it thereof 17G0 Sir Arthur Brown's elosd 8th Mv is I must I Cap^ have now In- Roe the Change M"" His other to iret this Settled. your very hum Serv^ JOHN KOWE I had almost forgot you that to tell for the 28^'' appointed Agent from my Friends Mess" Lane JNP fisher lleg^ this & Advice is is Booth of London the 12^"' April To Mess"" Reeds & Boston June Ku^ nno Petit Gent"' am from a Journey so that have I foui)d your several favours hour wee expect an Ace* from the River. & I shall always be glad to Render you or Friends any Good Offices D' & Remain Sh-.

. & It you have given him part of your that be assur'd will 1 Sir.... son are liis all you olficers tliat Returned in tlie Success of the Garri- were taken on the in a ila^* of 23'' April Truce from Montreal Albany except Colo. your very hum SeiV JOHN ROWE . waiting* your D' Sir Your very hum Serv^ JOHN ROWE The is Invoice of Garden Seeds Inclos'd To Capt Dear Wm Boston July Dunbar 2d 1760 Sir your favour of the 23'* May .. Young who is Still at Mon- treal I Remain.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK Boston June 359 30th 17go To David Wier Esq at Quebeck with the Forces D^Sir gives me Great pleasure to find my Brotlier's Beliaviour lias merited your approbation . always with deavour to Return vou Such Good my Power here meantime Commands further I Profits. I have along taken Care of Serjeant Bell's Children I Rec*^ sludl follow I tlie to all & further directions Relatino" to them rejoice with .. Gratitude en- offices as lies in Remain.

. of o'et tlie Brittannia is By the Best Ace' 1 can that She was one of tlie Five Ships sent down the River. as to John Malcolm the nu'thod of his Behavi()ur seems not to be nuu'h Re<>"retted. Let me beg you to Continue Stedfast in your good . BOSTON MERCHANT 360 To Jacob Rowe Boston July 3d 1760 D' Brother Received both your Letters of the 30^'' April pr the Racehorse & if M' Anderson had Come here I should have Shown him all the Civilities 1 could I both on his & vour Ace' . me any Wier I Great ])leasure to me to hear your <rood behaviour has merited your friends Esteem ^ Countenance. to your friends are very gljid to hear of your welfare. Tis for in Molasses. I thank vou for vour Advices about Both Battles <fe am Glad vour fears are at an End. . do you any good always give olHce as I have wrote you pr Capt Cushion «S: in the It will course of this year advance than it at the pleasure to mav suit Juncture. as yours of the 17"' — the vises Friends of ^ 18"' Mav ad- W" Fayerweather RetuiMi you their thanks for your advice about him. . my I all'airs will better to fulliill orders that you send in Conjunction with M' you may see 1 will advance the cash which & every shilling* Wier will not down let I pay dare say M' Remain lonu* out of it.JOHN ROWE. at the BeginningSiege last year & in Consequence therot' burnt.. me . but this may prove a Mistake <fc if it should & you should find her Claim her for my Ace' <fc this of the be your Justification shall spectfull who all I have made your Re- Compliments acceptable. .

I . offices shall my good & 361 which at present are very Death of their mother put them into good Care.. I every tol. .. 1 Believe M' Hawkings will go to Quebeck.. take care of Sermyself.. ^1" write M"^ Bell from Bris- send liim up with a Impossible to persuade take any Live Stock on its any of these people to Freiti'ht.. Utensils.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK Progress & ure to you be always a pleasI shall . one of them is at M' Coilsons my Neighbour and the other under the care jeants' Bells Children. Being all that offers at present from Gent^" your verv hum Serv* JOHN HOWE . for three that Garrison is havino' Raised the gone Stores oil* <S: now out of Dano. I have just Rec* the first Bills for Quebeck hundred pounds ster^ which I shall send pr Cap' II miter & I hope a Considerable Sum Siei>'e Enemy from Before that idace with the Loss of all the all their & Ammunition. I have ever since the well & M'" Serjeant who I pay 40/ a week for his Board. of if them both bv so I shall send at Large. its day very probable Cargoe from hence for o-ard & .. . ^ ex})ect Baitlett shall I hin: Rowe Jovns with me in Sincere Re- Remain Yr affectionate Brother JOHN ROWE To Mess*'" Lane & Booth Boston July 4th 1700 Gent^" .

. me from your to Thing's be Brought for M'* Rowe (pr Cap* Hunter) 2 Doz" of Blue 1 p"^ & White Cliina i)lates Black Sattin Shoes 1 pair Pink Sattin Shoes 2 pounds of Green Tea 2 Long Brushes 2 Baskets of Salt One Glass Lamp to Ht the top sent 2 Shillings Avorth of French Chalk.JOHN IIOWR. I am . you luay bring young* Milliner a fashionable round Cap liaiulerehief & Kullles of line plain Muslin tS: a Cheap India mount fan. he has Left the Bulk of his Estate to Charitable Uses in the City of Gloster wliicli is Some Chagrin to Some All the Rest of Our Friends are at of his Friends. BOSTON MEllCITANT 302 Boston July Cap' Hunter as it 14tJ> 17G0 will oblige you. . . . To C/VP^ Edw'' Boston IC^h 1700 Cahill London Sir Our Old Frieiul Gunter is at Rest. & a Great many going this day to Connnencement which vou know is a hitih Frollick 1 shall make One of the in this Country. l)arty with M" Rowe who Joyns with mee in Sincere 23resent well Regards.

sells I shall on I all Occasions of Service Shew you am. in 303 A young fellow from Quebeck from Louis- burg brings an Ace^ of taken going to Quebeck Sundry Vessells being which has stiirted the 10 pr Cent wliich I was premio of Insurance to Oblig'd to give on this Vessell & hope you'l ap- Terms get it send Ten Hogsheads more of prove therof as I could not on any done Cheaper. D' Sir Your very hum Serv^ JOHN ROWE Boston August To Mess"* John Jamieson & 5th lyco Son Gent"" Building at present seems to be dear. you'l apin of Interest Several Vesprove my dividing your — at i)resent there's nothing new here. at I hope present its very Dear & Scarce. I shall Molasses & a Quantity of Corn if to be had. so . in our further Operations in we Should Succeed Canada. which is now about a fortnight past. tis probable the Warr here will Cease & in . I dont advise you to be concerned this year. that if .. . Gen^ Amherst Avas at Osweo-o when the last advice Came from thence.EXTllACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK Boston July To Dav° Wier Esq with the Forces 1760 25th Canada Sir D-- .. which is in some part Occasioned by our Carpenters going with the Army to Build Vessells Battoes &C.

JOHN KOWE.. their Scotch but its English goods are at present very Dull. . they Cannot Beat to Windward Like a small I Galley Built Ship which are the only Vessells to Come on built to this Coast.. give Attention to y"" Interests Gent'" Your very hum & I Reniahi Serv^ JOHN KOWE To Lane & Booth Mess^'' Boston Au-ii«t so. are at an Murray is nov/ at Montreal. 1700 Gent'" . think you are very Right in not Sending any goods very Late cK: especially in Friggate Built Ships. T am not afraid of her going . .. he has got a Second Drubbing. must beg your Attention to Send the Devonis shire out in the Fall. BOSTON MERCHANT 3G4 Consequence the people will then get Steady at Labour which will be of Great Service to the Article of Buildino-. I shall . a favour you'll mend 1 he 1 I Quebcck belive Gen' for this yc'ar. my mind.. Our fears ab' End — & if Can If 1 dare say out with Cap^ Hunter. purpose design 'd Gov' Bernard Come to & it Son has a in Shew him anv to Cap' Hunter o-et one of them slie shall answer the London which 1 shall Civilities esteem <S: is it Recom- have a Regard to him to Treat him as a Gentleman. . not. a Season of the vear that Our Trades o-en(& erally Slack.

very unhicky both for you & Wee desire vou'll Immediately Send ourselves. Aug Ezekiel Gushing 27th] too Sir We Your Misfortune are very sorry to hear of in being taken. To THE Same ROWE 9th 1700 Gentlemen .EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK off the Coast. . & You'l Oblige. . Loaded vou • Wee for. desire vou'll not fail doin<>* this as soon as vou Receive siife hand & this Letter & forward it by a jjood & you'll obliire Your hum Serv*" JAMES FORBES JOHN ROWE . the Cap* and Such well acquainted is 365 Vessells as his are vastly Preferable to Such Ships This is at present what as Bradford's Sherrard's. that Wee may Recover what LiUs your protest 1 surance Wee have made on the Gen'""' Ace* Wee its 4 4. Please to send me a pair of Netts for Horses. Gent^" Your verv hum Serv* JOHN ROWE To Cap'" Boston. & from Gentlemen offers Your very hum Serv' J Boston Aug. Let them be Large.

Sull'er'd Gen' Amherst Certainly Left Osweg'o in the Divisions.JOHN KOWE. <rot land part Cap^ ing* who went from Crown point is Landed on one he Lost of Nut Lsland with all liis Troops. Marched the Tenth with the main — was followM bv CoU) Gai»"e the Elcventli and there's a IJcport he was within a few days cS: march of Montreal. Y^ Most 0])ed' hum Serv^ at all you JOHN ROWE . ^ Ij^S'o seven others of the Train in Land- — no other of the Troops much. has had a Battle <& has Colo. lieve it Obstructions hear tliat Scuue peo[»h' the tinu' (fc in their his mav admit Wee wav Countrv is among of if it. — ray Since he Left Quebeck. you as Earlv Intelliiience as times Shall pleasure think 1 shall can be sure to have iiive vou c\: myself liappy in giving D' Sir being. IJOSTON MEHCITAXT :{G6 HosTON Aug To :ast 1760 Wo. the 7"' this Bodv INlonth. The Hon' the Colo Ilaldiman with the first. Havithe Best of it & is at Trov River.rthv Sir I have taken the Liberty to write you Several Letters which have been forwarded as Opportunity have now talcen tlie Libertv to tell vou OfferM Gen' Murthat Our prospect in Canada is Great. us be- there's no everv dav e\])ect to as soon as surrenik'r'd « the Happy Event Comes.

wish Cap^ Cushinpr J^ad arrived that you the thin<Ts I sent you but he I mio'ht have had was taken is just ini. to do Some of vour Dchts. you'll 4 dum 4' of what will answer 4-' cS: 1 will Endeavor to send it.' the people you liave to do with. Let me from hear you hy all opportunity cS: give my Com1 will ])rotect .* ^ carried come home. a memoran- you Justice. hope as you are <:^one with the Army that God von <& Return you in Safety.EXTllACTS FROM THE LETTEll BOOK 367 Boston Sept 1700 To M* Sam Sheppard 11th Sir . hut mv Business has not vet into tliem to Look very Closely at tak- Cape ])ermitted I & me purpose a .. . Receive. Our into the of the heart far AdvancM Sii])mit to ^vill Generalls are Enemies Country. 1 Remain Sir Your most hum Serv* J 110 Boston To Jacob Rowe WE Sept 14th 176O Dear Bro' . I know I shall As it's prohahle Canada must Surrender send me as early as you can.Journey there very soon ^ sliall then fix a jNIethod to hrinj. the Greatest into tlie Bav of Chalons You may depend on my Care of your allairs Ann. We . Canada are in great Spirits liere expecting all his Majesty's Anus..

150ST0N :MERCIIANT JOIIxV 3G8 plhnents to M"" Wier. JOHN KOWE ]M" Rowe IS Avell desires cS: Kemember'd to be kindly Boston To DaN^ Gums Esq Sopt lO. T wrlto- sluill Ji^'uln you pr Y' airectioiKito Bro' Cap'. to — always be if me. nay Avhat IMereli''' Avonkl Advise Avhole I Voyage lishini»' Situation than a to of disposition tliiidv tliat all <•() — A Hair this tlie Tenij)er Ad- of . if Leave a nowi'r with you or souu' you ii'lad j)urpose to Serve to ]»ursue it.llOWK.ludi. Sustjiined hy iMKiulriuL!" anionu* M' Uethuue iS: friends about your Case. thev seem to thlidv niiraltv otlier is on is Voya<.e You Aniieahly.V Srpt 11"' To Frii:nds Joseph The Oyl you & are to W^' Rotch Nkw Ship on board 17<.h itgo Sir just liave IxecM yours of the 2!)"' ])ast «& Iiave Avaitod on M' Prat Avliose Opinion is that Vessells I men <fc to ouiilit a as ])artially."e M' Prat has Advls'd vou to Sea. You ^ Uemaln D' Yr assur'd Frleud I — ^ it they (jther shall Sir JOHN KOWK IJosTO. «S: Aecidents must take their Fate be necessary for friend Settle <S: otlierwise tlinn uill say dlllerent a however upon the depend on One Man. as all these Cases & Dania<»'e Cai)' Haskell cV Crew.<) 1)1<:i>ford the John .

I have taken the Liberty to Send vou a Doz" Bottles of West India Rum which T beg your Acceptance of. so that I well }>rovided for Two hundred pounds his place is hope worth at Least SterP per Ann. will be a Benefit to Both you & myself. Cap' Mead. g'lad to on my Bank have & as soon as possible the Quantity Aec*^. his l^ehaviour has gain'd him the Esteem of the officers Bro' Jacob of that writes lie is Bodv me now is 6c ]\r very in Wier the Commissary General much in his favour. together with Two Imndred Barrels I am to have of you. for there is a Convoy appointed for the mast fleet which will be here in this month ik may depart from Portsmouth by the Middle or Twentieth of Oft so that your Insurance will make a <xveiit sav- — which is Proceeding with tliis Convoy his Majesty's Sliip the Crown. I am with Esteem ing ])y Y"" Friend to Serve JOHN ROWE To Francis Robins Exeter iJostox Sept icth 1700 Bro' Robins Sir This who I I Townsman send by our hope will arrive Luke Cap^ Jam* with vou in Safety. of 40 Guns. I shall be . I desire this to be soon up. I desire it may be of the Pale Sort or it The Reason Oyl.EXTRACTS FROM THE I. (^anada. Commissary of his Majestys detaclunent under General] Murray. Our forces .ETTER BOOK 369 Galley? Cap*^ Jarvis for London.

Beer for Cap' Harris in the Armed Sclu)oner wlio 1 hear is arriy'd at Quebeck. Sir affectionate Friend & Bro' JOHN HOWE Boston To Barbarous is Sincere Reg'ard to you <& hear from yim as Op})or- D"^ Your & Sept 19 17G0 Harry Roe at Quebeck Sir This day am much I Rec'd ycmr fayour of the 18"' Auj. It will always o'iye ideasure to send anythin<>' for yourself or your I sent Bri<'<»''" Burton a hlid of very ii'ood Regiment. who Joyns me with Sister Robins.ive of hers will be Cheerfully «fc faithfully executed. my Com- altho you had a Lonii* Passai^'e. Pray i)liments to M"* Pe<»i»y Lydias assure her that any Cj)mmands (S: j». be under Continual Alarms from the Vlllanous Canadians 1 thank God am Well cS: so Indians..JOTIX ROAVE.& you for vour Intel licence of the obli<»-M to Situation of the Army & am i»la<l you u'ot ui) Safe. there was no other at me tliat time. BOSTON MEIICIIANT 370 now are possession of in Canada all Glorious Conquest & I pray God. not be RestorM to the French if Avhicli a peace if it is a it may should We Shall always. tunity Presents Let & in me M** D-^ jM" Rowe you'll oblige. on this Continent. am I twas sorry the Tobacco Turn'd out so })oorly but Indeed the best could be had in Boston. as to the Cyder it was .

M' David Hillman jun*" but you must content y^'self as all mankind must Sooner or Later pay the Sam Debt. .EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK 371 Really forgetfullness but as soon as I Know where your Regiment is fix'd for the Winter. You'l please to give my Compliments to Gen^ Burton tS: tell him 1 am always Ready to fuUfill his Connnands & I Remain with Sincere Resfards D^ Harry Your affectionate Friend To AP John Holmes Jun" & hmn Serv* JOHN ROWE Boston Sept 22 17G0 Sir Last Night the post from New York brought me 10*'' I am y^ Letter of the July. Who Knows if this be True but your Regiment may Winter Boston Which in will give mee pleasure. . I take notice you carry on Business with M"" John James Herts in the woolen way when you tliink proper to favour me with your Commands I'll execute them that . We all have News over the Lakes that Montreal Canada Surrendered the 8**' this month tho' & it dont come authenticated. tis of Great Comfort to you that M'" Hillman Keeps up her Spirits in So Extraordniary a manner. you Shall have the Barrell witli Interest. Very Sorry you have Lost y"" Bro"" in Law. You'l please to let hear from you as often as opportunity offers & you should See Jacob my Bro"" I hope you'll get me if acquainted. yet tis Generally Boliev'd. .

This I thought Necessiirv to mention to vou & if any vessel is hound to Quchcclv from Exeter or you cannot fail of a market.].llsh if We still hold 1 mean when peace is Concluded. will he of Great Consequence to Your Business.172 with pleasure but I Cant at Present Say there's any Great prospect for tlie Sale of Woolens from the West of Enoland in this part of America. on Departure that you'l excuse my Addini.' at present anything. at present —or if you Til Eiuleavour have a I ii'reat Quantitv of j»'oods on hand ^ more lousiness than I can well mana<:'e that I dare not venture many my on Ace* . Best for you. will him telling' I Recommend you Should Conclude do to my to send to liim anv here. 150STOX MKRCIIAXT .o Sir a Coppy Bartlett via Bristol.. 1 am iilad vou <S: vour Spouse have g'ot over V Indisposition cS: hope you'll ConThe Jk'arer Cap' Luke is Just tinue your Ilcidth. Boston Sept •po Worthy V Annext is ROWE 11 1'' ITr..JOIIX HOWE. of what I According.' to wrote for Cap^ my Promise I .uiore onlv that 1 am — Sir Your very hum Servant . ]\Iy Topsham. Bro Jacob Kowe is there & Commissary of Provi- — he be able to dispose of then. 1 Guess it it. as Canada is now in possession of the Eni.i for you (& will be Ready to Receive y' Conunission on vour sions.

Great part its not Certain he Comuu)nly Reported <& is pass'd St by Numbers Colo. was it & well stocked with provisions upwards a hundred liead of Cattle. which I take to be ab"" 30 Leagues Cap' Loring Lost his ship in Enat Leu'olet & seven hundred men. they are Chiefly Canadians. upwards of Seventy Cannon. Th(mias of the Provincials is Left to Garrison Nut Island with four hundred of General The Rest are o-one forward Rviooles Provincials got up to Montreal & there is intrenching himself. ILiviland which has Gen' Murray is no doubt taken lias a good Aspect ticians seem'd to rended. Leaving everything beliind them. John's but behev'd. ohhg-'d to wait Six days before that Small Garrison Surrendered ab*' five hiuidred are now made now prisoners of warr which are at Albany the Last Ace'" frcmi Gen' Amherst are. iirst. Storages of them <S: tis I^rass. what Occurs from Worthy Your most Obed' Serv* Sir JOHN KOWE. . tis is ^ tliink So everything Some of our Boston Poli- before now. from Montreal the fleet U'aii'inti" wounded. liimself slightly Colo. their whole country is Sur- others think M' Levi will Risque a Battle Said he has Twelve to thirteen thousand men with him This ])lace if at present so. that he was at the Ra])ids. Ilaviland has got possession of Nut Island under command of Boucanville de- the Garrison serted it. Proposing to wait the Junction of Both Gen' Amherst & Colo. a vast Quantity of Ammunition.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK 373 You that Gen^ Amherst has taken Legowas but let.

. hear the Countrv has surrendered to GiMU'ral Am- herst. Boston Svpt To Jacob RoWE D"^ Canada Generally BelievM all •22"cl 17. Harris <S: Bradford are got to hand Vou will not suspect 1 did not Inteiul any further Correspond- ence cK: T but sav I'm a Little vex'd Cann't vou should harbour Such a thonglit. I see you an Ace' liave in Bro'" & thank Jacob was o^one up the River We for vour Care of the thin^fs I sent him. . you you I will o'ive mio'ht have You'l have it Attention to your All'airs vour Reflection. since \vhicli 1 as 1 have already wrote of the *21)"' Aug'"' Cap' Gay. Gen' Amherst has liere tliat Possession hy Capitulation. BOSTON MEKCIIANT 374 Bostox Sept 20 To Dan^ Wier Esq" mo Sir . . . I person you had it oil*. it of tlie So vou'l destination.. l)y all means Let me know vour . S])ar'(l in I & think dare sav your ])ower to do every. M' Hancock will not i>av the bills you sent m<% therefore vou ... True to be — thank you for its your advice. must get .. Bodv that I have wrote to EnHand cS: Justice vou Intend. . .JOHN IK)WE. will Assist conclude when 1 vou mv vou letters pr Gay. .() Bro'.. I I tS: be as t'wilj great pleasure Approbation of the Army in me know Let as It hear General. every day expect an Answer expect. I Avrote you Large pr M' at & send duplihave your favour Jell'ry cate pr Cap' Noble. nu'et the much tS: hope me gives to your destination as possible..

I Intend to write you again pr next Conveyance. especially the Frontiers be under Continual Alarms from the Villanous Canadians Barbarous Your Letter of the 12^'' July pr the Packet with the Certificate of the Cattle Indians. on which Occasion he has Stopt there if its so. . while he was on shore his Mate Run away witli his Vessell & was taken. then he can have no demands.'ether so Clever as he Should be.. . Canada which is nent. & Guess I Amlierst will Affair. he will [have] Some Grounds to Demand his Insurance but if otherways as tis Reported.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK 375 I must desire the favour of you to Enquire in what manner John Malcolm Left his Sloop. there to trade. be Sometime to u'ive know will am before Attention to very Gen' this do us Justice but . Our Forces are now in Possession of all a Glorious Conquest & I hope when a })eace takes place it may not be Restored to the if it should we shall alwavs on this ContiFrench. his be t'will able Goodness I I have at hand. he says he Carried a Frenchman from Quebeck to St Barnahy with Permission for him from Gen^ Murray. Harriet Vessells Return'd })rotested sorrv. that he went . pray be as particular as you Can. as he is Esteem'd here not Alto<. meantime 1 Remain Your affectionate Bro"" JOHN ROWE To iNlEss"" Lane Bohtos Booth cS: Sept lo iroo Gen"" .

tho' he knew nothing of the Capitulation.") r>0 at Legolet. Amherst Lo>t 8. the tlw Fland tJv: same dav Gen* Murray Colo Ilaviland encampM tlie Re<!iment aiiainst the Tland So that the three 1)"' Armies niet all within a day hut the Capitidation took place with Gen' Amhei'st before Gen' Murray Landed.<& have further to Ackl that Gen' AmI of Montreal on the 8"' this herst took possession month l)v Landed on Cai)itulation. General Gaiie lour I'ly to is Twenty five Return to In Crown])ouit.JOirX ROWE. Serv' JOHN KOWK HosTON To Worthy Sent 09th 17G0 Sir Confirm the preceeding Coppy of my Last in everythino. that the Grand Con- . 370 BOSTON MEl^CTTAXT take up Time he is now (T believe) at Montreal making the necessary disposition for winter Quarters. Colville vfc the Crown is Remain with Sincere Winchester Load of Masts.n the wliole the Conquest is much Loss of the RuhHck men— prints will is give you the terms ol' Capitidation. you very hum. made without Remain at Montreal CoverGen^ Murhundred Regulars to — Montreal oomlng men c^ Colo <^ down one Ilaviland the oflicer to Rapids Gen' ^ upwards of Up(. t'will Instead of the Crown jMan has the appointed to take a Lord of AVarr. which God Grant that our AlVairs on Generally Liked. I Regard Gen"". the Continent may prosj)ei'.

Serv* JOHN ROWE . This is a most Glorious Event <& I hope every Borough in present Memorials to His Majesty that he will not Consent to its beiuo. whenever it Shall happen. So that I ho])e vou'll excuse mv Freedom — be Assur'd Gentlemen.delivered at the Kingdom will the peace.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK always Remain may quest the property of 377 Great Britain has Inflamed the Collector by telling M' P him you wrote home Letters against him & by what I Can find M' Barrons has wrote to know how it Stands It gave Arrival Still — cS: this I thought Convenient to advise you. what I wrote you Via Brishave only now to Confirm the Same & wish I is a Coppy of you Joy of the Con(juest of all Canada. that any Connnands of be executed with Pleasure yours will by Gen^'" Your very hum. All the Trade from hence are Writing their Friends on the Occasion. I Say the Keeping this Country will be of more Service to the Manufactures of Great Britain than all the Rest of the Trade of that dom & Kind in the Kinu'- that in the Course of Fiftv Years. me I great pleasure to hear of your Safe hope all your All'airs are Applauded & Remain Y"* on all Occasions JOHN KOWE ]5osT(>N Sept :{Oth 17C0 To Messrs John Jameson & Son Gentlemen An next tol.

. Sir As .JOHN 37S BOSTON MERCITAXT 1^0 WE. 2"^ ITOO I shall Esteem it Land a favour Avhen you have any further Commands you'l write that way. he tells me you were well sfone to 17«. there will be Communication over of Crownpoint. . affairs. I Remain. .lOILN KOWE Boston Oct To Jacob RoavE C. I have the Less to add. . M' William Come to town from Montreal in Ten days. . . Next Monday 1 set out for Cape Ann <& at Return will write Vvou the exact Situation of your with"* . Way by liosrox Oct. mv ft. Here o-ainino' news of Prince FerdiiuuRFs a Com])leat victory over the French & is without all Glorious is Doubt True.0 D' Bro^ On the other side is Coppy of my Last. hear from you by all opportunitys which will much Oblijife me Your affectionate Bro' Handtield is ik. Since any of your favours. To Dan^ Wier Esq" D'. JOHN KOWE . England] I since is well \k Desires to he Remem- have no Letter from the West [of my Last therefore cannot give you any Ace' Relative to y' all'airs there. especially when your River is Shut up. Dr Sir Your very hum Serv*^ . ft M" Rowe ber'd to you. Let me so that I Guess this will meet you there.

. . Jacob have been Lately indisposed that cannot I certain anything affairs j^ostox Deer iroa ^ I liad I as to been well have Cape Ann no time to g^o Your liad have this day been Talking with Your I <S: expect Daniel Rogers to Town Friend Gibbs . Jarvis shall wait for her Come with" her.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK To & Booth Mess"" Lane 379 Bohton Oct 5th itgo Gent'" hopes to have Compleated Cap* Jarvis Ship ladln*^ to have come home with tliis Convoy but very Un hick y the Winds liave Contuined Easterly I \vas in for tliree Weeks. Gent"' Your very hum Serv* JOHN ROWE Cap^ Jacobson has two him directed of meat fish on board Lord Barrington. So that if She Departs in a month or thereabout . he shall . whicli have Kept out the Nan& brought the Man of* Warr from men tucket Ilalhfax . The Crown Man of War is now near Portsm'' & is not to Come Home tliis Convoy but to take in Masts between Decks ks: liave her upper Deck Clear. pray be kind one of vour Servants See it Safe for to I^et enouji'h q'" deliver'd c^ vou'l obliji'e vrs as before. .. . To Jacob Rowe Bro"^ . Remain I but if Longer.. Say there. . .

1 should . you a fresh Aee have Coppy of Bro' Robins Letter to Mess*^' (& Booth which I send you Enclose which As determines the all'air of the Bills & the house. [Jacob Howe's Son Jack later married Daniel Ro«. can has even once forgive him not never unless he has Lost the use of his Iviiiht hand.] liosToN . so every 150STOX 110 WJC.lairv . then xVec^ that the say I shall I Booth next Letters will Deed is executed in mv ii'ive Credit for your Share thereof.'hat you have they have Rec'' j)'' thereon which from them.ive thereof. I have a Branscomb ^ Since Letter from Mess" Lane (S: Bootli ab" the House Last dated i\t with their Acc^ of 1 pre.'hter Esther.JOIIX 380 thnt before diiy.'ers"s daui. he of I writiiiir. I am Really SurprlsM at Bro' Jos : Behaviour he had not onlv the l^enefit of the Estate of Uncle Jos at Chagford but also what IvcmainM of Aunt iM'adford's ks: most of Uncle Andrew's <S: for has him to Refuse this Draft no 6z deserves think 1 thon<»'ht T^ity is such very Cruel & I think he an unmannerlv man I never met with. I Lane I brinii* ^ Mess" Lane expect me an name.-^umc that v. I shall be able to i. MERCHANT have another opportu- 1 nity to write.{o 17«il To Francis Rokins Esq Exktkk D' Bro^ I have Just at Hand your Letter of th<^ ^^) Sept.

lleally wants this must have Said the to liave paid Liten(l('(l this wlien in Bro' Jacob's affair is was good bill it & lie & that he as his power. the first Leisure Can Conveniently Spare. I concUide the Deed &c are done Authentically & as they are in Lanes hands j\r the present. I cannot answer plan that 1 take place from it. wrote a Lon<i" Letter to Sister Tolcher in Answer to One from her I liave sent it now Inclos'd to vou time I Open ward that it to you may peruse her at plymouth it — then Seal as it it & for- Contains Scmie may be Generally Beneficial to the should see it. I & gives me Pleasure to find you. but Introduced by a person that has for what KlVect Could be may Influence on Uncle am 1 sure tis John it if might be of Service. my Sister Family You will Let my Sister know are in good Health. in Bill their Possession. it any I Reasonable. have been Blessed with a great Share of Health . I beg she'll now I liave accept of my Kind Love cK: Compliments. Your Litention either to <x^t it or get him to give Security for it to pay it with p'' Mess" Lane & Interest at Some Distant time. It Grieves them Remain there for I will let me to have Such an Ace' of Bro' Joseph's Situation. Intend her a tliat I Long Letter. if he was not Able Lnmediately to Dischar<»'e the Bill for Jacobs Ballance. I think he mi<. It Booth have still the monev. was willino.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK 381 have been ^lad of another Letter from you but suppose I am soon to expect it.

month [ago] & is now in a good way to make a Good Deal of money I hope his Generous Disposi- a tion I may not get the Better of his prudence. that has taken place there at Holly Street. upon tlie whole God has Blessed my Attention I am & Endeavours. BOSTON MERCHANT 382 & as much Business ns I can well Accomplish. I Robins ever hope will it I shall See it may Remain take care to see or not in it be that Our Family. Sometimes attended with Good & Sometimes bad Success. I cannot say it gives me any pleasure that the Family Estate should be out of Like now to do. kept in good I should have been pleased to have had a Repair. very well as Wishes in hearty health & for & prosperity Your Shicere & AF"* is me now Rowe <& both Let you that of us Joyne tell Your own & Your Family^s Remain that I all'ectionate Bro' <fc nu)st hum Serv' JOHN K(nVE Boston Jun'y To M"' Mary Tolcher D' Sister had the pleasure ISth i7(.i to Receive your favor of the 17^'' Nov*^ pr Cap* Hulmy a day or two ago.JOHN HOWE. as I find would have made a proposal its its to . thank you for your Intelligence about the Friends at Chagford (fc Observe the Joy. Jacob was well at Quebeck ab" Letter frcmi him. God I Knows whether as it Bro"" will. am Extremely Glad to hear of your Health & welfare & that you are all pleased ab'' the House. I Right Channels.

presume when my Uncle John was married to some Settlement was made to her I Miss Biirdall Advantage. Communicate 383 do than the Rev'^ to M"^ Schoolfellow. only Let the Estate be Left ])roirressivelv to the Familv of not this Settlement divided Widdow ^ — Unless this Money Hers liis oil' pay Let the I the Sum be am sure Friends can Object too. it would be of Great Advnntao'e so Manaji'd mv mv Bro with to Jos (Jhildrcn cK:c. notwithstanding this I say the Estate Still be Kept in the Family who to be Sure have the Best what & Le^^al Ri^ht to was or is it — for in Liew to be. Uncle should take the Family altogether to proposed which a is nor none of mv the iind the Heirs of more or Less. to Stop if Possi- the Ancient Estate at Least of from departing from siiv tlie name that voiir Jud<»'ment cS: you mav No of Hollv Street Rowe — I shall ])rudence in Con- . Could I have person or even by a Friend of Si<»nify my Plan now to you & if you my in of anv Service in it this affair.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK the Gentleman 01(1 Introduced which can — ])e it I'll namesake. I shall think Man to Hayter my dont know a Better I myself Happy. which was I Guess some one of his Estates or More & as he now has a daughter married <fc a grandchild. as to mvself plainly Discover that I can have having no Children but my view ble onlv is Benefit by it. M" Rowe & I'll it in his — now Head this if to Cut could be bv anv Person who has anv Prevalence Uncle. provision no doubt must be made May for that.

in 1852-3.'lve Tolcher cS: believe me that Your 1 Added the to my Compliments 1 l\en)ain M' D' Sister ailectionate Bro' .*rand- unmarried . I su[)p()se tis Harder to Views as tis to Stop a IIo^' that Kuns We have Just llec'd the Advice Rio'ht forward. I am sorry Joseph has had so much Trouble >vith Uncle Andr'' Estate. T liope he will soon o'ct to hear Bro*" my the Better of Ann pr it.S. have a amoni. never Kinsfolks all Consider the Vivacitvs of ^ vonth & nature its are FixM. who died Jacob <. who I may sav only pursue a Gropish disposition.*ood my however.' tliem to Sit on the tlirone. c£80() of the above-mentioned estate would have come to the last survivin<i^ son Rowe throuHi dauu'hter. about [Nearly one hundred years later. BOSTON MEUCIIANT 384 ductino^ this matter may be of Service.].JOHN KOWE. . P. KOWE :30^" send this Inclos'd to Bro' Robins the pleasure of a Letter from this who 1 have have been Taken. Some of these Old Fo^'rums. & Uncle well disposM to his but mvself who thank God dont want it however a Little Notice I think mii. <& as von Say Great Joy must Death the of Kinii's when once they Break fill their the Breast prince Born Everv Eniilishman of to You'l please to <. tlie death of '' and (lau<»"hter of Uncle John's" Miss Southmead. Avas Desi<>'ii £oO a hardship on him to pay its his <. to Andrews — Widdow.

s'lad to Rowe gives her Compliments & know if Mess" Lane & Booth have M'" pd YOU for the Sundrvs vou have been send her from time to time & I take so khid as to very kind Magazines. . . relinquished share in favor of the cousins in England. pointment will be .EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK but they being- 1)otli 3H5 over eiglity years of age. hear how o'oes to 1 shall Gov*^ Pownall is shall be i»liid to Like to Fare whether he So Carolina or what he alwavs esteem vr I it is d()in<j: at Lond".] having I5osT(. . Commands & am with Truth your Sincere Friend & most humble Servant JOHN HOWE To His Excellency Maj'^ Gen. and all that they needed. th(^y Divert your Seiuling tlie papers <S: an hour or Two everv week. .N Jau> their Cth 17(>1 To Cap^ Edw^ Cahill London Sir D"^ I wrote some Letters pr Cap* Hunter & Cap* Dash wood both whicli are taken its Unlucky for nie to have them both taken altlio' I Lose nothing Yet as the prospect was good tis a Disapin fact. Amherst Sir M' Joseph Green Mercliant & Owner of the Ship S(piirrell emplovM both years as a Transport in his Maj^^' Service being now a Bankrupt & absconded.

Ainono* other liavino^ first Effects Asslo-ji'd nuide over to us in vJs: a Lawful! Convevaiu'e.' the Certificate may have Benefit ot y' atu^ in ])i*o[)ortion to their Demand.\l that is Least For the — the present made Overtures our prints I will Kinj.JOHN ROWE. :?86 appointed Jolm Howe Esq' <& myself Assi<. after I liope su])|)ose a Fati<2*ue. i7«. his Certificate on his Ship • M' whicli Sipiirrell from your ExcelU'ncv Trust hv for due hire Green ex[)ected had desired you would he <& I ft pleased to forward it under cover to M' Uowe. to us the We most Ohed' SAM.i D" Sir I & was favourM with yours from Worster pr Wier Shall Let our friends this will meet you Journey of at know New tlie C(Uitents York. are now to Ueipiest that you would do his We Creditors the favour of 'l'ransmittin<.N Plsq^ Vvh\ ic'i. Yesterday my Days — the Cap' l)ri<»'<r"'' arriv'd From Bristol in *^7 tells mee that the troops Grand Expedition were disemhar!.*nees to Receive ifc Dispose of liis ElVects for the Sole Benefit of his Creditors. ROSTON Eel) K.ltl' they tliat [)r })ost ^ Innnhle Serv'^ JOHN IIOWK \VI«:N'I'\V()iri'l!— 17<)I To Thos Saul iJos'n. are with all possible Uesjjccts Your Kxcelkuicvs for the hire due. you that Charles Apthor]) lias For stoj)t at oF Prussia has oF IIuuLjarv I the am which sorry to stop'd Jos tell" Greens .' to the ()ueen actpiaint you. JiOSTON MERCHANT.

I .EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK from Certificates :i87 due Course for the tiikin<^ their — Money Supply'd M' Green l)y Nat Wheelwright if this matter cannt he Remov'd it will he a heavy Stroke to me. as you to Lifonii mee thereof. Considerahle in this Vessell. The Instrument is very Strong & I am satisfyed Autlientick Person (hut such Great fiillfiU the Contract) for sliip me to & Enough to Ccmipell any men as Gen' Amherst to he the Greatest hard- twill SuIVer. find his Pulse Beat. sliould I Apthorp might he soften'd matters are Circumstanced think Charles telUng him how l)y — the Kcal trutli is I shall Lose Great i>art of the value of this Certificate if withheld \k 1 know that Chai'les will never Let an Old friend Demand think this to Sake of the Contractors. as* its a . j)lease My Best Wishes attend you & your Companions to Believe me that whom my Compliments ^ I Remain D' Sir Your very hum Serv^ JOHN ROWE Boston March To Jacob Rowe Irst 1761 D^ Bro^ have already answerVl I hand all for i)ost of the 27'' Jan'v. he ever so Just you will please Suil'er for the Su[)pose his & as Opportunity presents. yours hut one at Am miscarriaji^e of Swathridc^e. his Owner Deht to Jos. nothing Insured on <& sorrv for the Damao^e to mee. Green is o-one oil' me.

i^^ mv Draft on your Ace* for the Ballanee Bro*^ Joseph is in a of the Le. am Sorry Maj"^ about Trifles. .. BOSTON MEllCIIANT JOirX 388 & have wrote M' Weir a few Lines Ace' Curr'. .. tis Christened Jolm R()we (Southmead) which is the tliat married my Uncles Dali^'h- Gentleman's name ter. which Sister CausVl great Rejoicings.2*acy due to you.. the paying Inclosed money down his for molasses & only 5 pr Cent is a poor allair & I hope he will Remit the Ballanee if not already done. Amiably don't it Insist it. I Dillieulty he dont Chose to Settle if on it. 1 Ikivc no letters from Burton nor Lieu' at. . shall again 1 Early I shall think 1 in the . . twill be much better. haye wrote you fully & which . as I assure my you Business Requires Currie JSliould make any . poor way at Chagford Town he has Losst his wife.. is in poor Ciicumstances ^ cannot j.. Roe which 1 must AdYour Share of the House in Kngland am' to near thirty pounds sterh' Credit you for exact hi your Ace'.. The Draft you Sent me for 850 Doir on M' Apthorj) & Co is yery acceptable ^ sliall be lin/ to I wish you your Credit as you direct. I Beg you'l haye a Strict eye oyer Cap' John Malcom wlio is u Troublesome Fellow <fc has Be- hav'd yery Colo. There is a son born at Holly it all me Molly writes has street.HOWE. . may moye to Montreal as you expect.. mire will 111 to nu^ ... the Last Madeira was ('hilly came out of one pipe . as I Imagine am Sony .

. Commands. pipes the Pale Sort & the other the Deeper Color pray be Carefull that they are the Best & draw on Mess" Ijane & Booth of London for the am* & 1 shall give these Gentlemen Order to same. as usual or may then draw on if Answer your bills for the that should not Suit you. 389 ROWE. 2*ood offices here are at your o Being Gent"*. for the use of mvself ifc Friends so that you'l be Tlie Last more Care MvJ full about tliem.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK Spring. I desire for him on my Ace* on his Return Two you'll Send Let one of them be of of the Best Madeira. all & your Friends are well Compliments &e & I desire their Remain Your very affect" Bro' J To Mess*** Hill. you here in favour of Bro' Lnnan me or any other person ^ your Draft shall be duly Honoured. Lomar & Hill Boston March 3'd 1761 Gent'" The Bearer Cap* Proctor being to Return home if he should arrive in Safety with you. Serv* ROWE. your very hmn J. two pipes you sent me were not so good as what 1 liad from von before but Guess it was These now are ordered then owinu* to the Vinta^^e.

Ne^v York Mil.JOIIX HOWE. Upon my Return 1 enquire! Service hut found him not in he :. thank God very woll hnt had a Tedious Jouniey OccasionM by I having Carriag'es in Coni[)any cK: Bad Sir. BOSTON MEltCIlANT 300 To David Vaniiokn]:.{l^t Sir ReturiiM home on Wediiesday Lust.i is ollice <. Frieiids with Great pleasure Your «S: 1 Ueinalii . . Sir 1)' yery han\ Serv' ft- ROWK.loy l^oston so very had. .that has taken place there this matter. 1 have had an oppor^ to see M' Spencer who is at present not ahle to come out of his Room he — has had his neck oi)en'd l)v the vSuroeons several times occasion'd hy a i7«. to accept Grateful! thanks for your Kind Civilitys . »' in Your presume any Letters heen in the post have taken the Lil)erty to have opened them accordinj^' to Your directions. to accept niv GrateTul tliaidcs I I'or jJeas your Civilitys New York ^ hope M"* V^mhorue Miss Polly Avill acce[)t my Compliments cK:c shall always execute any of your Commands or to nie wlien in 6z — Ivoads I .'one 1 — had should for hein**' I' M' .1. lias at present prevented his all'air my most of Ahitrimony. 1 believe. liosTON March D' 170I . Maivl. To CoLLO.. Vou'l ]»lease Sir. Williamson Dear Uostos. Sir Returned to 13oston Last Wednesday after a I very Tedious Journey the Ilhodes 4-' .

there he Traded. heing D' Sir Your very hum Serv^ ROWE. Wee were credibly told here c*> he Carried a Frenchman from Quebeck ik went at St.. by that means Lost his Vessel. New York some mee great pleasure as you well not eijuall to advance of Is money am but got home from a journey to wliich hinders me from Sendinu' vou I Imauine woidd answer well at Quebeck but shall send vou some Beer very soon which will be verv Good ^ the Books vou write John Malcom has for.EXTRACTS FROM to LETTER BOOK New York & depend at iiie TPIE 301 out that Gratitude always he the Tenor of my Actions. I I sent have — not Feh'y Either port Lisbon Wine — mee present you 20'' my 1"* & in its 21**' or hint to that the Molasses alfair will be soon Settled which will Certainly Give know live pr Cent so long. To Jacob Rowe Boston. if this is true he deviated tliat ashore from his Policy cS: In Consijuence cann't obtain his . . April lOh 1701 Dear Brother Since Last of the my under Cares of M"" Appy your favour of the power to Send you bein<^ none at market at March which via New York. thlniis which 1 I Brouii'lit ~ his his Su})})os\l Action airainst the Underwriters for Lofs.. I shall always esteem Your Commands & shall "five Attenshall tion thereto when me you'l please to honour with them. if its possible to get them. l^arnabus. J.

D' All'ectionate Friend & it may be done are well cfe desire ]]ro very hum Serv' . You'l I know lonir before now that General Burton has got a Regem' to be form'd from Independant panys Colo. desires it may be settled M" <& to I Rowe. BOSTON MEKCIIAXT 302 demand but if otlierways he will be paid — this matter wants to be elearM up. you may keep your hands ^ il' the paymaster of their draw for Ster''' money on their A<>*ent in I Avhieh please to Seal the aec' in Reirm* will London you may Give a Disehar. Iliad Your favour of the — that you Feb'y to hand.>r at St. & Lieu' Colo.e for the Same. I have Lost more than my Commission for staying so Lonii' out of my money ^ am <letermined never Lieu' Roe to enj»a<i*e any more in Such A Hairs.JOTIX ROWE. Murray is Com ap[)ointed your Lieu' . InclosM it* Send you a Letter for Lieu' Roe open & deliver him. Anne's Near Tkoy River Middle Canada Dear Sir. came before never wrote to have mention 5'' am very glad to hear of your Welfare Sc Health & ho])e you'l soon enioy not oidv the Name but the Advantage of a Ca])tain's Conunission.j. M'" Liman be Remembered & Yr *S: 1 Bei^ M" Inman Remain.]. HosTON KOWE. which you'l do you can by first opportunity after Recei})t of this. April KH' 17(il To Lieut IIaruy Roe of the 48" RE(.

if it's more I'll give an . you are Great Sull'erers in the Insuring Way by the French Privateers. they have not Spar'd mee. ROWE..EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK am I 393 very sorry you Should have occasion to make any Complaint James ab" the Stock^* for Sir Cockburnes Company. havinu* taken Last vear Hunters Snow is: Jarvis Ship both my Own & Dashwoods Ship One half tho 1 Reallv Loose no Great bv their beintj I see taken. . acc^ my M" Rowe.. & affectionate Friend & Very hum Serv' J. M' Inman Compliments & I Remain . I must beg the favour the money may be paid by bill of Exchange drawn by your paymaster on the Agent at home & delivered to my Bro"^ Avho send it will to desire their me discharge the same for Your . Boston May To C. yet tis the Loss of a write my Friends Mess*^"* Lane Good & Prospect.vp^ Dear I ^ Wife 4th 1701 Edw" Cahill London Sir have your favour of the 12"' Dec*" now before me & Should have answered it Sooner had not my Business Call'd me to New York which prevented it. You will Know I Bought them & paid the money & twill be a Great Hardship on me to have after so long a time a Demur about them. . I Booth by this Conveyance to pay you Seventy pounds wliich I Guess is about what I owe you.

. M" Good who has been Innian eept of Health Sometime. Wier has which 1 vou or & if Cai)* Phil- you hear further verv Glad M' am I sent me the Remittance am Convinced he could of not i'DOO Sterl<^ do before.luno primo 1701 Dear Brother I have 2r^ April also yr^ Swathridjife has lips hand your favours of 18"' of T' Mix pr Cap' jloppes this ])ost at sav'' — anvthinji' have the Care Keej) it ^ till from me or M' Wentworth.. more especially alfectlonate Friend — jNI" Rowe cS: your sincere and JOHN ROWK To JaCOR RowK Boston . wliicli be always Wee are you know. Shall be g'lad of the Remainder as soon as possible My stay cS: l)ussiness at New York ])rcvente(l mv Sending" vou Some thing's but 1 Intend it at lirst dont know liow AlVairs will operate at but it seems the Ancient Estate is not Hollystreet to Remain in our Family Tor which am vcit Sorrv Leisure . ness at present is as nuicli as I can well Aceonipllsh not puzzle myself a<.JOHN f\{H order for 1 it. voii Tor Iiere It will Newspapers BOSTOX MERCHANT I?OWI«:.e Con- <& shall All vour Friends are well ex- cern of Navii»ati()n. I 1 can prevent it. all Your Friends will he <i"lad to see you. of very fonti thank vour news. in a poor State If peace should take place some have he thoug'hts of paving* us a Visit you Assur'"' Sir. <Js: if I monev shall be waFiting" to . no Carry it into Kxeculion. therefore IMy Busi- ac*('ej)tahle.aln in any Lari.

Dcvonsliire Cap^ George Darby Man of Warr is (S: Commands jroin<»: to the Quebeck. Bussiness as well as I could expect at York.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK 1 o'et of — thank you for speaking to Cap*^ Stabo pi'ay linn to forward tlie Letter as I advised. if you can do witliout a partner I should think it best unless the 1 prospect is very Great. endeavour to find Lieu^ Hutchins & I get one from him. twill be ji'reat Service to Demand on will 805 me & I Cannot well Recover the the Generall without However it. Please take notice that })artnerships are somethnes I fiiiish'd my New attended with Great Inconvenience. sliould 1 he want anything his am y"^ are bills AU'ectionate Bro"" J To Dr W" K J^oston July G 1701 CathERWOOD Dear Sir hand yr favours & June pr post & am very much pleas'd your Tour to the Jerseys & Philadelphia was so agreeable & that you T liave at Like the Country — pray give Companion Major Hamilton olllce of he has to be done in & 2V^ my Service to your tell Boston. though not altogether to my mind. hope soon to Receive a Letter from you to M' Rogers these Cape Ann & Cha})})s are very Bad nothing l)ut Law & Goal — will suit tliem. advise you to })ay your Compliments to him he is a very good man cK: Let him know you are my I Brother cS: very good. 28^'' him any good be done on will .

1 guess that Matter will erall is to be DeterminM at the arrival of the j)acket Svhicli was to depar' from Fahnoutli ab" the 20" May so that may be in New York by the time this Reaches... Delaney at Springfield. I also made your Comi)liments to M' Amiel. Lord Viscount Storinout ^ Earl of S' Phillips are our Plenipotentiaries at the Congress to be held at the Imperial City of Ausberg. The poor man is not only destitute of c£GOO Sterlg pr his health anum but his peace of mind is Broke much Impair'd. I wish you may Spend it to your Content. I made your Compliments Acceptable to Colo Vassall who is our Sundays man. Avhich I guess aureeable after ^\\^ months absence. We have no certain ace* of the full possession of his Commands. where your Comshe pany will always be thought a pleasure. If you go to Long' Island to Spend your Summer. that Occasions to tell you.JOHN ROWE. Belle Isle but I find its Generally Believ'd — The Egremount. arriv'd Poor B. God o'rant their neji'otiations may fill the Breast of York Brittons with Joy. Barrons the Collector will be very is Suspended by Old Fogrum Letchmere. the most Malicious I have no thing that perha})s ever was done. whence this arrives. with Colo. boston merchant 3or> you are now on a Party of Pleasure. he is now Selling all his goods & bound home again to g^i Restored & I assure <Jc . Amherst Tis a mistery to us what Gen- do with the ships that have been and are now taken up here. also M'" Newton who has the pleasure of her husband just from Quebeck. .

Vessell arriv'd Hoston July To THE Same 27th J7(ji D^Sir I should have answered vour favour on the Curr* but was out of Bedding &c Searl ik Friend Town — the 13*'' Two Trunks & be sent pr the True Briton Cap*^ shall bo Directed to the Care of Our they Huo-h Wallace.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK 397 you no Reason of Consequence given for Suspending him. I must now l>e a Little More Serious. me will pleasure to hear from you always be taken care oil' — Sir. the Charo-es theron shall shall W you know 1 am obligM to you for your Good Offices to Maior Hamilton and Oliver Delaney & am let . brings I hope he is not gone to learn French. can venture to say. being very sorry to tell you that Last Tuesday died Inman to the Inexpressible Grief of Her Rowe & Good M" Husband. I Greatly Lament her as a good woman & Friend but tis the Road we all must go sooner or later & as also her Sister M""" we must Content our therefore It will & always give any Commands by D^ I — Selves. Your very hum Serv* JOHN ROWE My Compliments to M'' Wallace Yesterday in five weeks from no acc^ of the arrival of M"" Saul. England.

Spend vour at that beini'* who was verv If vou 111. 48"' has with Pyard's Purns of the done i\w Sanu* with Miss Hicks ol* Salem. but Lady. I is — should have sent Colo Kllot sonu? cK: it. also to Colo. j^'o titne Aiireeable M' donii-e is not vet married to vour desire Miss Cottnam but is to be verv soon.ents easy than 1 1 Conclude still all thlni. IJOSTOX MKH..CIIANT .. M"" Barrows is Lilvo to be a Sacrifice depended to the Resentmen' of Old Fog'rinn & 1 cniinot yet him some Measure prevail on to buckle too. She is well cK: desires her The Pachett is not come vet therfore Comi)lii.* uj) ii'ive ])rav mv are at a stand.JOIIX TU)WE. 1 shall take care of vour Machine that vou left with Dr Crosier «S: Send It with the other thiin'-s. own his ^ — but tis Imnan Pears Fault .. M' Loss with fortitude his Pity him 1 liowe seems more jM"* could e:q)ect. Hancock to York Service to Can' IMcKnv. Elliot prevented round which I hope he hoite vou'l — will excuse. to send Whu' for his Jouriu'v. 1 Remain D' Sir. time at M' Inmans with her Sister to Ilarlum. to which you for I refer you this day AP Perry has this .{0S Gliid to hear the Pittsburo-h alTair is not to be On. D"^ I RoWK IJoston July LMtl^ lyci in* this Pro-- liave already wrote Conveyance.s Transports takin<. 1 M" Kowe. cS:e he has ab" ilt'teeu JOHN UOWK To JaCOP. hundred pounds Sterli**. Elliot of the to Ivoyal has taken a Tripp to Hampton vouni:est Dauiihter vS: is married. Meantime.

'e of the Distress of bin) ^ her Sister & I am iH)t a Little Troubled it is a <>'reat Loss.ludi.KXTKACTS FKOM THE LETTER BOOK & Letter of the IG^^ June. 1 remain. I ex])ect Daniel Roo*ers dav or two when 1 shall settle with all'air of the Warehouse is a perplext one to in tliat at M' Tasker a be attended with sonu' Trouble' 6c Char^'e. — The InelosM well ab" six You'l weeks cS: your sister ]Mary was to M"^ ati'o.']'"'' 1 Auo''\ gards for Man me kSz Rec'd both your Letters of the 1 i*^ I am obliVd am glad you ouiiht to do ments or Reason forward.from Running: will . my Compliments any services 1 can do you here. Hostox Scpt To Henry Newton Esq" . We have lately Ruiied poor ^T" linnan therefore you may . in to you for your Re- think I did as every your Situation but no Ar^uturn a I loo. doubt but vou ])oth in cK: them ToAvn liim Reimburse me will delivered your Letter to I — will vour Return & forwarded Cape Ann. tit please Walker your shall be from Exeter is to give ])artner. -^ *- done with pleasure. Your alfectionate Brother JOHN KOWK.>d urn D^ Sir Yesterday &.IW) I 150 Dollars for I will turn out to your Satisfaction. pay him to Oblige hope your New A Hair with M' Walker may Your Draft vou me your dkl Instant '. as it will be a pleasure I make no to me always to hear of your Welfare. 2.

t To Jacob Rowe isth nrd D' Brother Since the & fore<roin<i' am As favor' d with vours of 8"' Brandy it will fetch here a Dollar m... that I can get here & shall he very glad to Continue our friendM' Amiel is soon going ahroad. 1 assure von it I take notice what vou say jrives me pleasure..JOHN KOWE. I am very glad to hear you are to Remain in the YictualHng Oilice. hut it happen'd to Come pleas'd with your present of her Sister which was Somejust at the Death thlnir Unlucky. 1 thiidc his ship. I will at I p'' your good all times Send you anything you order from hence.Gallon hut if you Send any. as 1 liave given them ah" Bro' William's all'alrs — Gent'" he Liv'd with. however him if as he is posslhle to settle now it at cK: Neglect- New York. to — haviour. BOSTON MEKCIIANT 400 have according to your Request Mother eiohtv Dollars. a Smart Letter. Til get M" Piowe is well there. . Acc^ I .. . Dr Sir. if the providence Privateers do hut Let him go in the Uight path. its not only Unjust hut Criu»] full. 1 guess they'll tis he silent on his all'alrs in future. it as to M' Roe's Bemust he Reiiularlv clear'd 23'^ (fc July Sept. I am on all Occasions. Your Friend cK: very hum Serv' JOHN KOWK Boston s^. Prospect is good. . Cainiot Recover the Insurance on lilm with" . very surpriz(ransmitted has not Swalhridge's Pliil]Ii)s ing Cap' .

D^ Brother Sister Yours To Thus. 1 vour advices about • ft-' think the British a o'reat tiu'ure this vear wliich I Arms have made Conclude will brin«* wisli M' on the jicace (Quicker than ex[)ected. my 401 Transmit you Molly was well ab*" ten months &. tis a . I dont You speak as a party man. hold their cS: Resolution Pitt (S:c may keep all North tlie Settlement of Nova Scotia <>"oes on America I? I — verv fast cK: its mv Opinion sliare in the iishci-v of thev'll liave as mucli a America as anv other of the ft ft provinces iK: (.FKOM THE LETTER BOOK EXTT^ACTS but It all M*^ I shall Wiers Aec* Our Run in & the Risque Next. Oct 20h Esq** mi Dear Sir 1 liave . am liome but just ReceivM your Letter of the G'' <Ai\d to hear vou were so Luckv to ofet Safe — thank vou for Belle Isle etc. Let me hear From you as often as Possible which will Oblige. but Really as I think.lune.the General. You will not that M' Benj" be disappointed l^arrons is when 1 tell you again suspended by M"" Cruel hardship on him. Letchmcrc.'aj)' Sam' McKay of the 40'' is Major of the ^)"' Battallion of Roval Ainericans Dr Catlier- wood was very well two posts since Twelve Regi- — the troops ments are encam}/d on Stattin Island are very Healthy «X: no person knows the Litention of . Saul affectionately Boston. so was all the Rest of the [weeks?] ago Family.

John and .ht hut I had at all times promised same to your Son hefore also some to Another Friend therefore you'l Kxcuse it this time. second.JOHN ROWE. Colo Vassall & all Friends 6c Acquaintances are very well Sc have desired me to make their Compliments acI Assure you your oood & ceptahle to You. and Jacob sisters Avis Anne S: Kowe afterwards married I'encloju' Phillii»s. your very hum' Serv' JOHN KOWE 1 Jedediah Preble.^ 1 am Sir. daw^diters of Caiitain (i^ngs) Phillips. 1 shall Render you any Service in my ])ower ^ had I known of your Vessells Procedinu* to Philadelphia I should liave o-lven some P\'eii. did it out of Good will to you & did not know in wluit manner to tell you of it without Sensihle you never Intended anvtliinj:' Commisary 1 helieve is fully Convinced ^ am <S: fully which the oil". BOSTON MERCHANT 402 make vou Continue your Design of trying for that Birth. IJOSTON Oct 1!!"' 17(51 To Colo Jedediah Preble at Falmouth [Portland] Sir have now hefore I me your Letter of the 22" When 1 wrote you my Last Letter I Sep^ Last. Your most lium Serv' JOHN HOWE. "Nvill use of lliis Tntolli2:on('o Friendly otHces to me sions of Service Sincerely l)e shall if & ahvavs on Occa- all Rememher'd hy D^ Sir.

EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK To Mess^ Lane & Booth 15qston Oct 403 I8th i7Ci must again Request yoiu* Attention with the Comm'^ of his Majesty's Navy Respecting the Loss of the Hunter Sloop. therefore I must desire you make anotlier application to Martial 1 have try'd all Navy & I dare say they must get over the Ceremony of Court Martial espeI have found Cap' Stobo at New York cially as who was Passenger on Board him at that time going Express from Generall Wolf to Generall Amthe Commissioners of the herst ^ I inclose you his Certificate of his Beha- viour which CorrespcMids with bis Protest. he is gone from this place & where to find hmi at I j)resent I are no know & even if he was here. Captain in his Majesty's Fifteenth Regiment of Foot. but to no Ell'ect. Occasions Gen^'" will your very hum Serv' JOHN ROWE CERTIFICATE OF CAp"^ ROB^ STOBO These are to Certify all whom it may Concern that I Robert Stobo. there Warr nor Officers to Compose a Court dont Men & of possible means to get him here to go to llalllfax. tberei'ore as this Is all tbe Proof I Can Come at. I hope the Commissioners I am on all not delay the payment Longer. Cap' Annis. for its out of my power to get the Master try'd by a Court Martial. Came Passeno-er with Cap' Annis in the Sloop Hunter from Quebeck .

M"* Kowe licturns her thaid^s . 404 IU)ST()X MEIK'ITAXT Express from General Wolfe to General Amherst. whetbcr he will disp(>se of them or !iot. have alwavs thoujiht of naviiiL!" you a Visit l)ut dont M'^ Iiowe will not (joiisent to It cK: therefore I 1 at present expect It. Let if I5ro' .JOHN KOWE. all have mv to purchase an view was. to ])av Eni»'a<>'M Estate Ids present Wife.June <fc V dulv vou had mine with One TnclosM for liud Estate from llH' Sister cS: have vour cS: Huston Oct lloiHNS — 1 did he miii'lit mean not Uncle dolin.lost'jjh's me know what Affairs so En- he has Left L'nsold the value he puts upon his Estate cS: I then Shall be some .Iud<>"e of his Desions (S: what his Intentions <fc are. being" Camp on from Ilarhour he Cou'd to Kee[) Clear said the Beaver into to Ilalllfax «& that my Stattin Island this of Sept' ITGl 1)'" ROB'' STOIU) To M" M"" D' Bv&1 Last Sister Tolcher anv Sinn ITr.clh but Let 1 it Ivcst as am it this Cannot be (h)ne shall [K'asc him. In or(k*r to preserve his Eni>ai»"ements ^ not let the Ancient Estate "o out for to his of the Familv Chanr.l I^'tters of the 2()'' . lind sorry to cund)er'd. that on the Passa<»'e we were taken by some French Cruisers Carried cS: thence we came Annis did all Sloop from hand in said ^ Captain Defend Given under taken.

than a stranger Can & well Lnagine. Modest <& humble. please to give My Service to him & tell him. a very good Loss so much the all & so am my wife & without anv Exa<»*<:'era- Valuable Woman. 1 would do him any Service or good power. . (juainted with. come peaceable terms I may venture should If it to give you a Small order in your way but my warehouse is at present overstock' d with all Sorts of shall write English goods so that I must at present defer it. but the Loss of a Valuable Friend Relation sits Heavier. Pray Remember I I'lobably the llowc. beinii" & tion. but I Cannot pretend to Recommed him without being acquainted with the Letter he Sent me is very his Abilitvs.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK to ^r & Tolclier Spouse for Remembering' her 405 & I ^ them very soon. me luiiniJij^ to Aunt Bennet of their infant & Family & daughter Hannah fur Mrs. I was personally aeto give him any I Cannot venture Encouragement. but we have I Sister to Inman who was is therefore the we the tryall nuist Bear. M"" Rowe Lately Lost the IjOss is is M" very very well <»reat. to unless he was on the spott & that is a matter to him so uncertain that I should think he had better attempt some Ein])l()vment amoiii>' his Friends at home than come abroad. but tis Impossible as I have Oflice said in n\y make an Agreement above. Heavier this . I am sorry for the Misfortune of M' Joseph Rowe & more who so for his wife.

JOHN KOWE. also bill to M' pantree for of Letter Creditt to Cap' your pay your favour of M*" William Vance. Boston Oct To Joseph Woodmass Esq^ 25th 17G1 D^ Sir have already wrote vou bv this Convevanee to which I Crave Reference cS: is the Answer to Your I am now to answer Your favour DeliverM me this Minute by Cap' Deb- favour of the of the 19'" 4'''. Serv' JOHN of for Last beji'e Hardest done at I ever heard. 1 am afraid of the Consequences at Sea. am. which at present we Can Oidy &c tlie wliarll's. BOSTON MERCHANT 406 other Enquiring Friends all & be assured that I Remain D' Bro"^ & Sister Your most ' allection Bro*" JOHN ROWE. I l>()0 Dol- Hays in . . Night we have had a Viok^it G.. D' Sir Yr Verv hum. the Deal of Daniaiie is ^lany Clilnuievs. learns Fences blown down. I who arriv'd verv LuclvIIy Yesterday.. a <»()od wind. are Jud<j:e ab" I shall lars.

You tell j\r Vanhorne that you never see the Que1)eck on goods lect my was put up for you. Cap^ Searle. pray Sir. how can you be so unjust vou never saw then\. the goods Brought again was not some of them Missing to & some of them Damaged. I must therefore will very Your very hum much Insist oblige Serv* JOHN ROWE. Recolwas not these goods shipt in tliat Your memory — in the true Britton. I vou have not done it. as I did not expect such Treattook much pains to serve & I Oblige vou. w^as not they by your Order put in the Ship Loose & in a Careless Manner & the Reason You Alledged for vour sight was because he could not stow aAvay the same in did not you then proceed to sea & after Casks havinir foul weather Return back ag-ain in three or it — four weeks mv — was not store Loose. I protest I Could not have thought you Coukl have Attempted such a thought. which on your doing it. I must say ment from you. Prav M"^ Roe have a Little more Care of vour as to sav Reputation. . Cap^ Nickolls told mv demand when find me you were willing to pay am verv sorry to Call'd for.EXTKACTS FllOM THE LETTER BOOK To Boston Oct Roe Lieu"" 407 20^ 1761 M'^Roe Sir I have Repeated Letters from ^F Vanhorne adwant to throw the goods Left at vising^ me yoii hands.

Wcis mv he is well but are iH)t Your Admitted Ih'o' up the River I to trade as have enijuir'd — our paymaster Gone up before wee arriv'd. in Merch" here yet with the french. Murray. of Ai'tillerv tho' his vet he Drabin^' has IJccover'd the liis Couch disorderly Ambuscade him. because the declares he'll never Peasantrv. take the & Oaths Lav down their Arms 11 Davs : au^o. bread. found that all the Troops that could After a Lono. unless thev on to ii third time. Aug i7c. beef Hour iS: Salt. french bring* «S: receive in Enji'lish what the Country round produces The Bcturn. which Occasions want of Bills for Am' of your Sum.JOHN HOWE. after. but to Our uo smallMortification. Lord Rollo has since come first — up with ^lurray cK: the Troops from Louisburg" from our Last Acc^' thev were at Anchor at Isle a Issee (?) waiting' a wind to carry them up to M^ Leal — thevha\e the British Twentv Spirits a Noble Train Lvon Kiiiht of iS: Receiv'd A])i'il. our Troops are as eai. the Second Immediately Followed. the Division pass'd Three Rivers. I expect him shortly when I shall remit vou. J50STON MERCHANT 4U8 From Lieu"" Roe ish . all the Parishes on the South Shore come into for Battles as A Market is established liere to which the ever.tedious Passaoe of /)0 formM be spared from the Garrison were into Two Grand Divisions ^ had g'one up the River a week before we Arriv'd.i D'-Sir davs we Arrived here (Quebeek) safe. the first under the Command of Brigoa'" Burton. the Second. In mv next to .

. he has some of upwards of 40 afraid waitino. D' Sir I Your Very hinn'' Serv'' H. morning. To Dr On Boston Novr Peteu Hubbert M*^ ROE i2th i7f)l Sir the 8"' Instant wrote you I in Answer to yours pr post.for a pend out I I lost Rec'd a Letter from him this his his Car^'oe Bowsprit is shall to C(mie says Round he is There are damai»''d.met with Very hard Gales of wind and had a Passage there up- at Martins (?) wards of oO Davs. I hope so pi'ay Present my best quest I shall you — Compliments to M" nr. M^ M" Inman & am.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK 409 give you an Acc^ of the Compleat Conof Canada. since which have <i^ot Insurance on he is now Cap' Telighman for jCI-To a G pr Cent — Vineyard after having.i D^ Sir T now Inclose you a Letter for the Hon^^** ^r Belcher which 1 have from Andrew Oliver Esq' Secretary of Our Province c^ in it is Inclos'd a . . Sail of Vessells at the wind cS: Vineyard now You may de- always Consider your Interest as mv Own I am To Joseph Woodmass Esq <S:c B(»st(>n Nov v. .

none I will sent 1 my me Your Boston — when is to I get them come to hand. . of two them ^ tlie other one shall you your <»()od Mother who is very well. . Hunter & Forbes which I have Sli»*nM a Uee' for.JOHN ROWE. as should be Eat. wliich you Mediterranean Pass liords of the must deliver Govr" to the Lieu' & ji'^t him to uive you a Receipt. — . have Order'd out for Venison & Friend at Roxbury to Look had on(^ hind Quarter purchased my but was Obliged to make use of weather has been so wet & damp the wind & that twas time it it. BOSTOX MERCHANT 410 No 2163 Sign'd by the three Admiralty Namely Anson. which you'l please Transmit to me here that I may Cancell my Rec' or otherways desire his Honour to Signify by Letter to our Secretiiry above nam'd that he has me & favour done for 1 hope Rec'' its it . This is a Your Self or a to make Literest for particular Friend as I was Oblig-'d the other Necessary papers are Liclos'd therefore with the Mediterranean. I am with much Esteem . Boston Nov To Henry Ne\VTON IQti^ 1701 D^Sir I have now before Oct"^ «& chase have wrote me be had favour of the in be sent to 22"** Friend at Marblehcad to pur- three Quarter Casks of Lisbon. . .

Boston Dec 7th 17G1 To M' David Vanhorne at New York D' Sir Return you many thanks for your Endeavours I to get me Justice done with M' Roe hope that I Spark may yet still Obliji^ed send me M*" he wrote in to some part or other of the world be do me Justice. I now it Inclose before.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK To Boston. New York He & says the Letter that his would pay what he design'd to. 411 7h I70l D^ Sir In the first me Leave place you'l give to Return your many thanks for your Civilityes at Rhode Island. but I acknoAvledge you'l say with good Reason. I Excuse it should have done &c. Dec M*' Bannister. with best Respects &c I Remain D'' & Sir Your most hum Serv* JOHN ROWE. has he Left any Order with any person or was it Only a put oil*. Be so kind as to Roe's Original on his Ace' me from Quebeck. jM" Rowe Joyns with me. hope you'l you a Coppy of the Invoice of M"" Benj" Booth's Bed which I assure you is a very Good One & in good order & am sure twill please M" Bannister to whom please to We are very well give my Compliments. I have given Joseph friends in . 1 should be glad to knoAv who he made his Correspondent at New York & Avhether he left any such orders or not.

as to Cap' Blake fer he may thank himst'lf for it — he does suf- if it seems to me that the GenthMuen C(MU'ernM might get that Ransom Setthnl without makiiiLi* so mucli diHieulty. BOSTON MERCHANT JOIIX 412 Greenleaf's note of liaiul to will put it hi M' Lawyer who Otis the Suit as you have Order'd I Remain. Sldppers Ensuing Season D^ ^ you Remahi with Sincere Regards.. If Mess" Quarrells don't pay the Ballance of mv Ace' as its stated. Part 1 Cannot tell what they mean by it's SliulHhiji' .... Fll try it here where the proofs are & this they may depend on if mv own for such not settled by your Next Answer.. vou niav let them know. D' Sir Boston Dec To Mess"" Lane 20'^ 1701 & Booth London Gent'" . I am very sorry for Edw'' Quin- Bayonne cy's detention at as a llansonu'r for the Ship Prinee Georg'e. Sirs^ Your very hum Serv' JOIIX ROWK.HOWE. .. We dont know how or in what Situation it Stands as there are no Letters from the Com[>any of Mess""** Kilhy Barnard ^ Parker who were the Prineipall th(3 CompHnuMits of the 1 wish .

EXTHACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK To James Otis Esq . Doc 24th i7(U & he tells Sir I Rec'^ me that a Letter from my name it may be ^r Tillson by your advice you have Broug'ht a Writ ag'ainst Colo. To W John Amikl i^^stox Dec ROWE. 413 Boston. that can Avith be unjust. Doty is pay one half the Debt that's due me. if it my Design of Colo. M" Amiel is in Good Health as are all the Family. you have made a jiood Sale of the We are very o-lad Car<j:o & Ave shall Insure the Briggatine home again but we hope She will arrive Safe that we may have an Opportunity to Return her to you. 20th 1701 D^Sir We have several of yoiu' Letters & are Glad to hear of your Safe Arrival & dare sav you'l do the best you can for our Interests. You may depend upon our pursuing your Schooner provided it becomes a Peace wliich will be very soon or otherways a Spanish Warr but 1 hope the first will take place. I dont see any Reason that he slioidd not but whether Oblig'd to he's Oblig'd or not ivP Tillson best action should fail he & knows if the must Endemnify me for the Charo-es I shall always Render you any Service in & Remain your hum mv Power Serv^ J. it I have no Objection to does not Interfere Tillson. Doty & him & he desires in •provided M' Perez carried on. .

. I The Last news from England seems Spanish Warr which will be no Service to portend a at present to part of America. pound I have five p*' your Good shillings for your Aec^ I Cono-ratulate & 4'' Mama Newton that she one for Postage p'' vou on the Good Success of your spent the Last Evening* with M" Amiel <& the Old Lady. M"* Amiel will very soon. I believe make another addition to your Family. Remain iiv Serv* JOHN ROWE should be a peace we shall get the Schooner you propose built on Purpose for that Trade." the Mount Trade Boston Feby To Henry Newton Esq" I3ti' 1702 ' D^Sir . should it take place.JOHN KOWE. BOSTOX MERCTIANT 414 ColP Inman Joynes Behalf of M' Erwiii in Compliments & myself. Sir & I Your very hum. .. Bro' Thomas. There's now no Risque from the providence privaIf it teers they are all call'd in from molestini. Any further Commands Shall Always be executed with this great pleasure by D' Sir Your very hum Serv^ JOHiN KOVVE.

I am sorry to see a paragraph of your Letter to our friend Tho** Green. . however. however. . I find truth & virtue cannot withstand tlie force of Power.. say.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK To & Booth Mess*' Lanb Boston Febr 415 24th 17G2 Gent" . most of us to See the made use off' to destroy.. Otherways & you form some Judgment by your Remittances . had not been Greatly I must think overdrawn. 1 sliall Esteem it a favour you'l do what's necessary to Support our Reputation & me add to get a Coppy of the Governours Rep- Lett resentation I Remain with Esteem Gent" To Jacob Rowe Boston March 29th 1762 This day is come to hand yours of the 16*** Feb'y with your Acc^ of what has passed between us Since . of a different Opinion from some ping your progress therefore I am in Sanguine people among us & that is. Wee find the Merch^' have been pretty Roughly liandled in a Representation from our Governour. an honest man. Relating to the Dispute be- tween M' Letchmere Uneasiness has been to & J\F Barrons.ment from it. especially Last year. as you have a Letter from our Connulttee vou'l be able to form a Jud<». that the Trade here. I it gives great Usage must & art. I am not surprised at your prudence in Stop- Shipping so very Largely.

I will . To Dr Catherwood liosiox April r. . BOSTON MEHCIIAXT 416 Examine & Cap' Gibhs Our Mutual Friend died Suddeidv about Ten davs past. D' Jacoi) Your alVectionate Ih'o' JOHN KOWK. Advice.' will do but Employing a Lawyer. lienutation cultivate no means trouble your Self in it cK: by anv disimtes that As yon purpose to go into lousiness with what you have AccinirM. no pay. Pleasure to Find M' Murray will for vour Own It oives your is me Frieiul. Our Friend M' Tudor is dead *S: M' Freeman has ffiven a bill on you for His l^allance which also pl(»ase to send pr First Opportnnitv. no purchase. . cK: at Cape Ann Nothin^.JOTTX ROWK. onr Wishes for your Ilemain. how Matters Stand As now Warr with its Sixain I ])resume vou'l not have Leave of Departure for Some Time «S: as vour Situation at Quebeek Seems to be so much to vour Advantau^e I think your Own Prudence will deter- mine you ii'reat You to Stay as Lonj>' as you Can. tells me you were well ^ severall oF mv Friends . ^^'* Kowe Joyns further Success cK: with I me in .th ijfvj D^ Sir I who had a Letter from our Friend Dick Willtshire. . 1 dont Send vour Aee' till niv Next as I Cannot tell your Residence at Qiiel)eck Avliieh if Right will note in Confonnitv. Let nu' oive you this may happen. . give as Little Credit as Possible.

The Spaniards were Marching Three Armies in Three Divisions into the Kin^jdom of Portu^fall because the Portugese would not declare Warr England atrainst mand Sail ^ — Men of the Portno'ese have made Thousand Land Forces of Twelve Warr. You'll be our Friends to hear Kind & enouii'h believe from you & me to that Remember me I of your welfare I Remain D' Y"^ to all always be Glad shall & Sir. . I liad Letter from tin'd to from M' Saul per New of seeing Avas des- a Letter he mentions nothing Ljist Packett. The French who thiidv themselves 111 Treated hy our not Comj)lying witli their Terms of Peace tS:c The Certificate This is a piece of Policy of our P^iends you got me from Cap' Stoho has had the Desired Etl'ect.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK & 4X7 great Joy to most of us that tlie Reduction of so Martinico was Acconiplish'd in so Little time I send you by the Opportunity a feSv men Lost. Hur'l Englaiul again. Hrm'd. very hum^ Sery* JOHN ROWE. is expected Ship from London hy whom I sliall hear furYesterday Arrived a Vessell from ther from ]iin>. is Dead. . . . from us for ik their a De- Twenty Defense. in a Captain says Admiral Saunders Iws taken a Galloon worth half a Million. The Empress of Russia. which is Conthe Bristol. tis & Our Friend Woodmass which Reach yon at New York.

Lucia St Consequence Submit. BOSTON MERCHANT 418 To Mess**" Lane & Booth Boston April 6ti» 1702 The Sudden & Unexpected News of the Spanish Warr has Alarm'd Us here Sc the Fishery will not g'o with the Same Spirit as before & we that have Large Demands on the Shoreman must make the Best Settlement we Can.. timents known to my I & is a great deal in our Hands Vincent must of St have made your Sen- Friends in the Fish Way <& hope they'll Follow your Advice.. Your Demand on Still Unsettled the Court of Occasioned now by Sick Admiralty Belcher Andr'' & has been ever Esq"^ the Register being Since had your Demand.JOHN ROWE. . As soon as he gets shall get it settled . I I am Gent"" . the West In. more than Usual Since Martinico — the Grenadas. . I Remain with Sincere Esteem Gent"" Boston April 9th 1702 To M" John Instrow & Co Sirs . I abroad. . tis Certainly the most prudent Way. is . . dies will take of Large Quantitys...

the Empress pursued her measures out of some personal Pique Shewn her by the Kmg of tis Prussia <& the Duke of Hollstein has always fav- our'd him as far as prudence Avould Admit.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK Boston 419 April 10th 1702 To M* Richard Willtshire. tinico braced the Opportunity to send you a Vessell but did not think Convenient to Eng'ag'e in any Further Concern in Navigation especially as the Spaniards have had Independence enougli to Cause a Delaration against them «& His very probable they'll Re- pent of it. M' Inman is well & desires Compliments as does M" Rowe. very glad that M'" Willtshire has got her it health ajjfain at Bristol. Barbadoes Sir D-^ I am Much & 25^'' Oblig'd to you for your Letter of the particularly of your Ace* of Mar- more Feb'y which turns out pretty near as the General T should have been Glad to have Emhas wrote. Seems as his Tlie Last siiid. Admiral Saunders has taken a Spanish Galloon bound into Cadiz. this if it takes Effect will stop Large sums of Money being sent to England as usual & when money begins to be scarce in England . The King of Spain seems to take his Revenge by Invading Portugall. News from England brings Advice of the Empress of Russia being dead which is presumed will favour the King <jf Prussia. Our Navy is now so well trained to Conquer that seems very few of their Navigation can Escape I am us.

One . ifesto The Spaniards havinghas CausM the Court justly to declare against but ^\'e shall ^lartinico is Troops that them publish'd such a Manof Great Brittain very cS: 1 dont at all doubt make them Repent of their Insolence. . 1 shall to Lisbon but at present there is Venture a Cargo a poor prospect. may Easily Con- quer Hispaniola which if the ^linistcrs should give Attention too. however the to I shall do it with pleasure. Gent' ]3osTo. being* with sincere Es- teem D' Sir Your verv hum Serv*^ JOHN HOWE.\ April To Mess''* Lane 7t'> 17(52 i)r()cure her & Booth Genl"" . . Whenever see an 0}>[W)rtunity. BOSTOX MERCIIAXT 420 be Ditticult to maintain so Large a Body of Troops in Germany as are now in the pay of Great twill • House of Commons promises His Support jNIajesty ^ tho. Boston To April Tf' ITC'i Mayne. .JOTTX KOWE. now in Possession of llie Eniilish ^ the are now in America. vet the Politicians Sav his Schemes If at any time I can serve are pursued. you here Britton. Two pounds of . I I Jni Renuun. M" Rowe doz" of bejrs tlie Common favour vou'll Table Cloths. Bowen & Mayne Lisbon Mess'** Gen'"' . M' Pitt does not Publiekly aet. may make the Spaniards a little hundder.

. • • Your AVife & . & Same as the Last you sent from Ridout Davis Two pes of Sheetin<^ of a Middling' Price.. I Remain. haviour. not very fine nor very Coarse. . T Means Nation.EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK Green Tea & Four 421 Pair of Black Calamanco Pumps. I of us Breaking with believe. • • Familv are AVe are vour verv • Well all hum Serv^' JOHN ROWE & CO (Henry Bromfield) To Henry Newton Esq^ D" • .. . which we thought Advise you off that you may Regulate the Provisions all proper to Sales of voiir Carii'oe. was Right & the English Resent their Be- them to . . itate the Boston May 22nd 17(32 Sir fancy the Spaniards will Repent their precipEngagement with the French which has been . with much the & Esteem Gent" Yr very true Serv' JOHN ROWE Boston April 27^1^ 1762 To Cap^ Joseph Dommett Sir Yesterdav Our Government Laid an Embarg^o on & Gunpowder.

Amiel & M''' M"* Newton Rowe tS: I desires her Remain on all Sir Your very hum Serv* JOHN ROWE One of M' Pococks Fleet took in her Passage out to Barbadoes a French East Iiuliaman homeward Bound.HOWE. .. . vanna.. Your Recommendation of him to me 1 much Esteem. Occasions.TOIIX 422 Admiral Peacock is certainly arrivd at Barbadoes Lord Albennale & Six Thousand Troops. they are to take a Number more from Martin ico with can be sparM to proceed to IlaAs Ilavanna or Cuba is a Healthy Island.)able of & also do bun any Good OlHces in pr my Power. well Mamma & M" — the Spanish Warr has prospects at Respects to you D*^ & Family are Broke up M' AmieFs I believe would Monte Christo which have been verv Beneficial. the Troops will not Run the Riscjue of the West Indies this Summer cS: Exercise Avill help their Avith the sliips that Your Health. very Rich Mess^'' Lane & Booth Boston May 30th nci Gent'" I 5"' have just time to tell you your favours of the & 18'' March have this dav been delivered me Roger Hale Esq*" our New Collector. I shall make it my Study to Show him any Civility I am Ca. BOSTON MKIICIIANT .

. he will accomplish it to . mine. & .EXTRACTS FROM THE LETTER BOOK I 423 my Bro'' Jacob to forward the Cerwanted for the half to you & hope with have wrote tificate your Application the end desired. Gen^'" Your very hum Serv* JOHN ROWE .


1>7.l."). 87. manof-war. 140. .\h\.{.^ 242. town's com- ctf mittee to draw list ructions for the representatives. i:i4.. 15. 88. si)onsor for Mr. Thomas.. 171. .. Samuel.Josei)h. retlie clios«Mi councillor and nej^a- tived.Ir. 208. and IS.'».. 1:^.•vji. '_'(. Mr. Ivobt'rt. iMl. AnduMst.. Ajithor]). Amory. Aptliorp. prj..'_'7. re]>l-eseMtat ive. n.'L's.'. Amory I'J! faiuily. h:\.V2. 1^4.. of twenty-(»ne to waiton(iov. 122. i member a clioseii IH'A. '_»«.'. 'J70.U7. 2S. 210. JoliM. Amorv. ajid wife. '2'>\1. A pthoip.. 15(.<4..losej^h. l«iu.t. Apthori*. A theft Oil. meeting. Adams.". '_'7(». 224.. 4(i(». 2'iV*.i. Appleton. ir-'7. 4i. 251. . 8. hau. A]ithorp. Heriuird. 2i. Mr. •J4:{. Miss. Ashley. 1(H\ 1. 120. At kiiisoii.'). . Aiilhorp.\. 77.5.VJ.i. chosen clerk c*! the House. Au('iimo(»ty. lOM.-isi. Jonathan. :\1. Nathaniel.'..'. Levi. 7J. . At wood. 'JT. 04. '. <iM."J. . Adams . judge of 70.!. Ashbuni..U. 214. Aiken.'. . 121. Annet.. Ant robus. Amiel.5'.. 244.. Annel.^. Ami(d faiuily.:ar. Apt Iku'i* fannlv.S(»ns of Liberty. l:W..lames. I4'. :'... Ai»th(U'p.. 145.». for town. chosen couneiUor and nejjatived.71.'raiited in town '_'. IV. 'of committee Andrews. 5. Madam.'.. Allen. Mr. . Alf ray l)et ween the oMicers and the town house watch. 'IX Adams. one of c(uunrntee of (Jeneral Court. 50.:ed. 14L'. Ca]. .'. ii-ehosen re])resentative. lO:^. Charles Ward. 220. 108. L'SK. IvsMm -•>'*. 11(5. Capt. one of committee of live to the (ieneral Congress. Kit.i. 27'J.Jolin. 274. Major-^xen. Howe Adams. . <". chosen scMlative. rechosen .lolin. Thomas."•: marriage . Nathaniel. . . 'Jjn. Kis.^ lO. 4.MO. 207. 47. M"r. km. 147. 17"J. 248. 4U. 'H. «<». -JiMMiir). (m. . waits ujion consimu'cs of tea with .«). '2u-2.. 218. 274. 01. •-'4. 27G. :U. Parker's child. exile at Walt ham. one of tliree an- pointed by the Cont iiuMit als to hold conference with Lojd andficneral lIowe. Cai»t. 175..i(t.5. of.'...US. 24'. adnural's secre- . Jolin. -JH. Aiidri'ws.^:. 140. i. . . Jiev.. AniMS. William. 72. Mr. of the Swan. 144. two moJiths' 1'_'. . liic 1<I. KiO. :VJ8. town's commit te«*. 24'.. 111. i"f]»re- ward. one Itl'J. Ashley. 25.Jno. 8. .").S.». Kev.. 'J04. 107. i.. Airy. A]»thor}t. Mrs.t.i7. Kstp. .INDEX. . Atkinson.5. Capt. . '25. IJobert. rejueseiitative. ss. Miss. Ames. sjteaks for Committee of Corresjx Hide nee in debate in town meet in. 173.bdm. 274. of Cand)ridge. Astor. '_'7(i. I'l. '2:'. i2s. of Koxl)ury. _'7t».. 'Jo'_».Miss. admiralty.. lu7. tary. 7. A.\ 1<K».. 142. 2(>4. Amory. ir».. Asseiulilv prorogued. Adams. Aptliorp. Anderson. lienjannn. is. :va:\.. fid. Ai-tillerv election. i.h. Amory. 140. 17.». ladv. 41.».. (ieorge. 1:>4. :U.. jietition . member 1()0. OS. Kev. 125."{. . . families.lohn. Mr. ll().. Capt. Capt.14. Appy. rechoseii 11. 31 rs. 1(58.. HH. Cai»t. 118. Krv. ll'J. Ashers. Mr. Auchmooty. 28.-.

s. Bishop.<. i. ISO. Blake. 2<. Battery on the hill on Dorchester Neck. of Chariest own. Benjamin. Bairett.s.. of 20.. 70. 105. :50. 7(i. . of Halifax. Bev.s. 71.". Blake. nian-(0'-war. Baker. 401.. 244. Ki-v. chosen councillor.. Jolin.02. Hethuiie.. on C<djler's Battery Charlestown.. Ml. diss(. Bennets. Beaufort. 1». widow Mr. Battery on Fort Jlill. Austin. . Mr. or Barnard. Bellow.57. JJethune.s. 1. 151 and wife.. Balfour. 004. 210. Bart id et.-.b)hn. 140. member of Fire Club. Abel. 257. 1S. . 25. Andrew. Mr. 411. . 251.lonathan. Bev. 'J21..>0. 2.. 2. 105. The. 07'.!»0.040.* liarrat. Mr. 7H. Ihirclay. Samuel. Capt. 70. Biniiin. a ixreat 1. 21)0. Avory. 210. Belcher. Mr. . Baker. Barton. liarrat.. Lin/.<. 202. 20. 52. Ayros.j. Itev. lOS. 25. i:i7. CaiO. 172. of (Jov. 0. Dorchester Neck. . Bel lew.'s. at Flax Bond. Blair. 3(>4. II. 272. 171.").ee... II.. l{ell. Baker. 105.i'i. . . lilaek caterpillar appears. li.0. l^anks.. Bishoj).. 127.ll. Banks. Samuel. VA. W.'ue.Ino. . Bishop.s' farm. .. 107. commission of. HO.Ir. 240.242. 24*>. 2. 40. 07. Capt."). Belcher. 170.on.' 24 o.».".. the tailor."). 41. l.4.. (>!•. Capt. death of. Bernai'd.. . Col.". mar- [V23. (It.5.">7. ISO. Avery. 100. 0. Habcock.5.\ Birch. of Salem.0. Barnes. Samuel. 17H.... Mi-. 1. . Austin. Barrens. lUnney. I'jeetment suit. . 20.. l. 42. Miss Bollv. 27. (U'orjze. Bayley. lOti. . . 210. 100. Barnard. Lord. 14:?. BiHin. 144. of the 4th Keginient. . 140. 212. Capt. 140. Col..". 17. 2<»0. 2tiH.. 111. (. 200. Cai>t. sails for Kngland in the Kii. Mr. 124. 122. Capt. 47. . 17tt. :?77. 1H. . 2S4.'). Haker.-.'. . :U*0. 12(!. 02. I4s. WS. los.'Ul. Moses. s4. 104. Capt. of the Kenown.->. Cai>t. AAA... Ca]»t. 17f».losei. 111. eiunmamler. 21. Blake. BannisK'r.'{50. CajO.. lo.John."). Mrs. S7. (. r. 222. 'X\ 00. 04. 175. .J(»lin. IJaddoek.!01. 24a.. of lla>'erhill.:. Ailam.etition 105. 2. Mr. Illair. Black Act. Barnard. . Hariu's. riage of.S. 145: eommissioner. linirv. Mr. ISO. 210. 21»!». Kev.t. 21!». 240. is. 40<i. liiillinjis. Barnai. of Kennebeck.lves the (Jeneral Court.. 8. . 01. ]. U. Barr. toast to. I'jo. i. the Beaver. of Newbiirv. 005. 010. Sannud..?... 202.. 07. 77. 00. .. Cai»t Beiliune. . John. Beachum. Nat.. 07. Blake. 140.")..of the Salisbury. Mr.. Commodore. Col. 10. 210. 220. of Marlboron.>27. KIO. 71. Bev. . commander. 72. 40. 7. Ball. S«i.s.. 2('». 204. 124.7..('. Cajit. Austin. lU'eky. Miss. 02. Battery on Nook Hill. 51. K'lS.'h. Mr. (Jov.i'_'o. Henry. 240. Madam. 12. .0.. of Marblehead. Bi'leher.02. is.11.INDEX 426 Auclimuty family. CNrus. 207.. Dr. Tht)nias. 70. Mr.. Kev.i.h. 0. 10. roj. 220.. S.. 115. Ayescou^'Ii.. ISO.!4. . 210. Barnard. Barker.. of ^Vest borough. B<'t If.. Blake. of Hardwick.O. 171. 2(.0.'. Duke from. 270. ('>*'>. Barber."». 2<i(). 417. 22. 175..'{22. .. 240. 40.. Baleli.0..Mr.'?. 0. 74. 102.Miss. Bartldet.. 04. :<<«». Andrew.»!>. commander of the Fortune.Ino. Bacon. Barbers' insurance olliee.lair. Capt.'aj. Beaver. Batterv at lMiii»i. Baldwin. Capt.'».. Capt. Nathaniel. Bad^'er.V2.. 115.. liarry.»oo. Capt. 2. jiroi-oj^'ues the (ieneral Court. 2S. 00. 21S. hune. commander. 0. IS.0(5.'.i. Barrin^jjton. lionjamiii. . Hill.'. 10. 00. 11(5. .

of IJond.'tS. . John. Hoiirne. ics. i.2. member of town's fomnuttff. . 140. liounu'. lU'njaniin. 228. IJoutiiH'uu. 121. l..35.. of 129. 98. 227. chosen Brattle. «»7.52. 124. Ihay. 2SI.. 1S|>. . W. 1Ci'....». 133. of 22S.>. James. HlodKcts. Houelu-e. IJowes. 245. i'A. m. man-c»f-A\ar. Brattle. 1. oiif of committee of I«. or llowdoin. 72.INDEX lilanclianl.'!. Blany's tavern.. -JOT. <i. 15G. 127. IT. Jr. (iamaliel. ir>..^2.w. 151 iss. Kl-j. >liss Nancy. councillor and ne^^'atived. k7. 214.. Mrs.'V. J5o\. in School Street. :{. 17. .)ohn.. ber of the Fire Club. ]>rietors of l.». Hid. 4«>.53. 174. 14o.s7. lt(K»tb. 127. .V. 2..3. re271 . 2i. Hollan. 171. •J9.s7.. 'j}." funeral IJovlston."»<>. 81. {V. for the coun- i)rovince 1K>. Ihadfonl.o. Houdtdn. 244. 342. 245..<. 317.K 7. John. 98. 142.84. lb7.'. ici. Howers. of Marblehead. of. nu'rcliants an address to the l)r('iiar(' 222. 74. 2. (. 20'J 1.' •JO'. 99. (V.5. Bray ley. 14:?. 89..?2.\ IH'. 21». 77. ir. 15oylst()n. liovlston.">.so. . (. 221. {. of his Majesty's isi.U.'ovcrnor. 15ra<lbuiy. Surveyor- L'H. 1. lirackett. Houtineau.2.}. (»ne councillors.. 2*.5. 257.'*. 2. Teter. "iVuly" The.'«>.. 17i».'>. *i2. the Gibraltar. chosen of <nie lltl. Howdoin.s<i.32.. 2. 244. Thomas. chosen councillor five times and five times net^atived by the governor.'204. Ik'njamin. Brass. ^V: London Laiu'.!. Messrs. m)\ 88. sails for 17.. once bein}^ the only gentle- 2(12. hs. Capt. member of Fire Club. Braiulon. . HlosviTS.. 2^>1. Col. coiresixmdt'Mts. 2S7. liox.57. Nichohis.. or Capt. 'J. 147. Death and funeral Boylston families. nepxtived. 247. i..\ liowers. on Boston Neck. chosen r». oui' of t'lie beaiers at Mol- lineux's funeral.v2.o. Capt. •Mayne. hs. 27. Col. the baker. 228. Kio. IJm. (58. ltJ3.i. Mr.37. IJoinMc. Jiracket's tavern at Tiraintree. iiradford. 21s. tie. IHC. . Bri^'. cillor IC'. lOH.lames. 427 184. To.'i. 2ti7. John. 411. three tinu's chosen 200. Bleners.r \Vliarf. 47. 127. 7r». 100. Bracket. 2. 48.. councillor and ne^'atived. '7. M rat Thomas. 125. ]Uf>c'k liouse JUvthc. r. 222. 44.'. 51. man 272 ll«. ami barracks at the castU* burnt..ovlston.. . l'. Cai»t. <. 174. Hcrnanl.. 1S7. l'S. 125. 178. '2V2.33.o. lUasswitch. . 253. Col. 28. 17!». 'J5:<. councillor. Mr. one of commit tec of nine. Hiaddocks. i>8. Koxbury..{. 36. and \vifi\ .)'. ch(»seii couMcilhu'. William. member :n\\ ">•_..'J. of Centurion.'. Capt. Nicholas. 87. Oi*. Swanzev. Keiicial. isi. :. the jno- Lon. Brattle. W... 'jo. Jerahmiel. John. t wcnty-ojic to wait on (Jov. . William. tM. hi. 1S!>. 72. 2S7. [M\\ chosen on committee at Merchants' meeting. admi- Bracket ts'. .. 5*. l. 2(.t. 20. 2(13. Howen. 202. Mrs.. one of the bearers at Mollineux' funeral. Dr.>2. . Bracket's.... 48.." 17!>.. rx. -Jl-J.-^'en. 2r>7. 214. member ral tv. IJl. one of r.. 4. 77. io<>. I'hi^xland. Horhuid.'). 2S7. Tti. 11(1. nu'i'ts. 114. 22S. 28. of Marblehead.8. Kev. 1«>». 100. votes bo cash- l):ilrvnii»lo to icrc-d.VJ. 1. Bowes. -10. 2r)0. . . 25G. Mr. .'i.-). 30. '2'). " I'ossee. IJowen. one of town's c(»nninttee.iiclteii. lo'j. chosen re])resentative. Col. li»7. Miss. of "Old Mr. UH. made mem- 15. 185. . William. l. 2. 217. 14 8. judge 107. Mr.. of <i7. Mt'Iatiah. 172.?. 71. eoniniittor about loaf suj. IJootli Bowers. Brathwait.K Thf. of. . 21. of the W. 244. Hostuii Tea I'arty. Cai»t. Col. Wallace.. Fire Club. Ca]>t. KIM."). 144. 274. 254. Ca]»t.S7. iw.j!i. 98.'ar. 124. "William. Joshua. 52. Kbenezer.. l.\. «. 2r)S. 50.

goes . Kli/. Kobert.. Cordis's tavern. marriage of. Kev.. ISI. Capt. Crian. IH5. four mojiths' exile to Framin^'ham. 17l>. los. funeral of. :'.. Mr. 214.i. 1S7. 328. 27. P!.". liurnet. i. Miss. 421. K»'V.•. of Kev. i5rown. 71.Miss Cab'f. 153. 2tir.S. fum-ral Cah'f. ilryce. Dr.*. of Dartnioiitli. 7'.". Caldwell. (13. Brinlev. . l. JjVh'S. Capan. lN»rtsmouth. 241. ll!». Herman. Brinnner. s7. (!:?. and Lady Will- liord :•'.l)ell. 2o:!.sj. British colVfe liouse. 312. Buntin. 77. lt. . Carnes. Brick. 21t3. \Mather. -ji. jiul^'e of Sui.-gen. 112.lames . 221). entertain- PJO.. S'. Calcf. and 1:^5. 217.33!». 75. 2!». major of the (»Oth llegi- Cahoon. takes in (Jov. CaU'f. Cohassrt. 30S..s3.. Dr.. 17.i>. I5vard. 32tJ. 30»i. a^'recs with. 247. Cahill..v..h>hn.'>«. 1<H>. 274.'. 2s5. 253. Bryant. Mi-. 3ol. letter to. Brinley. Burk.. Fdward.i. i(i7..2. tavern (Col. Brown. Samuel. BrinitiuM-. Kev. Brimmer. and Mrs. Sudbury. Ca])t. Mrs. IP!. Brig. 104.. 2. 2:'. . Nathaniel.2. . 50. Mi's. Ariluir.!. . 320. in5.INDEX 428 "Recollec- Samuel. 214. Capi. of Sakun. 12. Washington and other generals of the l-nited Colo- Brimmer.. Fdward. lti3.t... 'apt.. 323. 3.crior Court. <i4. Burton. of the Minerva. Campbell. ••7. 2S. l. l. Miss I'olly.!.. William. P. .. Breck.". Sannnd. 173. Andrew. VM. Hroma^rc Capt. Ihuicoek's. Bultinch. 113. 315.ii>t. 12.0. son oi Bvlcs. Club. US. 34.!. 22'. in twenty-four days. liutchin27:5. Capt. town the clock on (Jarvin. 2«i3. so. 111.'. 31. 3(15. 119. iss. Carghill. '. 'iTf.!. 2S2. Brown. 4S. 125. 21<i. 244. 2(i5. etligy of. Col.».i. llopestill. and 2S. 2. nics. Hill.. 3lo. 21(!. Cami.s. meid. Cadets. 2S4. 315. 73.»7. ... 125. 234. Dr. . Camiibell. 12!'.!. Brown.t!. 220. 51. . Butler. is'.." 12. Naihaniel.i4."2-_'. John Baker. midshii)nian.-. of 2r.!. Tiiiuuas. Kcv. i. 171. Sarah. Caner. Butler. Calahaii.7. . tions. William. Colin. . TiO.. Cary. 144. 223. s«'c»)nd . 125.V. lis. Cahlwrll. K. 221. Cast. la<ly. Mrs. 32S. Brett. 244. K. Capt. Marston's} 14<. Brown.Jno. PM. 2r. Bryant. C.-).s«. . 12S. r. I<i7. . W. Murray.. (see Mrs...)ohn. for llu' the South Meet in^'-house.. 2. Kalpli Inmaii. . Bullard's tavern at Natiek.. Fsii. 120... Il!». Kurdall.»s. Brinh'V. -jpi. Pm.. . Campbell. l'. Dr. i>r"vant's 14'." llenrv. Capt.. William.5. Kev. Cap!. HI. 1«!1. put. 254. into exile. 231. tavern. lUiJKih of Crapes Inu'ersoU'si.W. Thomas. Brimmer.»2..S.rown. llHi. Br<»wn. Lieut.'*!mith third marriage.s. . 7«». Major Robert.>15. Mr. Keiijamin. (ieori^e.. ment by the General Court for Cten. I)i-. l>rown.^ K5. 240. »10. Brimmer.\ . C'apl. Plo.. 21». 14t». H5. iCapt. .. member of Fire Brown.">. KM. i.•. Miss Hetsy. . IJutlam. 15S. 252. and lady. P!2. :!12.L'.312. .t.2li.('. 3o.!. II. 107. i."S. Bvard.. Si»n and family. :'W. 177. UVS. and lady.. i:?s. ISl. lol.. 205.• and wife.. 311. from St..(. 41. !io. 27U. 121.S(l. liurgoin. :Martin. Bruce. Capt. 2l. 13!». 354 3SS. of Ii>switch. 121. 302. Brim hall. l"!!'. . Bromliehl.. SI. Thomas. ( 21.m. IJriuh'y. born nuirriage. Ill. Kilts. 215. marriatje of.. 25S.!4. P. (it!. V\. i:'. 2'. W. s.aheth.*. 12. 2:u. Mather. 30S. iam. 2. 3.. Capt. 25.ti. Kli/abet li Inman).t. Bottle. 2ns.. IJrush 131). Brush. of.!o. 2S7. 24(1.. Bullard.. wife.

164.. 253. teas liass. 230.Tohn Cliani])m'v'.(i. heck and CaJier. l. 221.. Rev. Mrs.Salem. .«>. I'M). 'JWi.{. shut ui>..- Rev. Mr. of. (17.. 120. 20. Head).{. Rev.Samuel. Richard. Revs.'i2. Dr. ( 'lark. Church. preached time. Dr. Street.'">7.'). is:. Cliaiidlcr. CIuH'Ver. Church's. Dr. Walter. 2"t. Clark. . 2S:. 2.. Dr. l. Rev. Rev. of Kev. ..3(h. 17.'Kev. 207. Rev. Clai)pam. Rev. 02. consigned to. Kev. Chauncv. 2i. s. 128. . l. Kliot. 2!>7. Cliatidlcr. Capt. Cham]>nev. Mather- 1 HO.Seveiaiice. 307. Chan»i>m'y'.(i. ftin- 244.-). Rullinch. • ("lark. 02. funeral ClieeUly. Andrew. 281. l. 214.. Trinitv. '. is:. Cook. . lO... of Portsmouth... 172. 1 10. Dr.. The Kiirle of.'L'. 103. :5o. Kzekiel.".. Coombs."»7. Churches (continued): 180. Rvles.Strei't. 117.0. 247.. Old South. :. Rev.t. I r.d. Church. Clark. Ho. 127. meetinj. .t. M. 24o. Anar. 20. and wife.?. 188. !(...H. and Miss Dolly. kev. l<i4. 1:52. Auchmooty.. of Lexinj^ton.Sewall. 1 1. " and barker. 2. 121. ('biuit ard. 4. 207. 14. man-of-war. Rev. Col. 4S. Ceni 429 Rev.Ino. Edward. May hew. iirioii.. <»f Lexington.South. Clark. JIarnard.. 2. Rev. Cai>t..". (JharituMe lecture. afterwards Fed- eral .u.. Cai»t.s.t.. of . of ISO.".i. Samuel. Chailiani. i. llrown. 21. Rev. 172. Old NortlKCiirist Church). 2. 72. (First Church).'>7.. iitr. — West Church. Dr. Dr. 2(J4. Ki!i^''s 20. Mather.'. Cooi)er. borchesler.. Dr.s. 2'. Worces- 14!». Chihls.Samuel. 7<. Jolin. Ravlev.'. Rev. IL'.. 240.. 'I'he. Kev. Trout- . 241. 2. 29. .<m. 3(13. Rev. 2. 42. Capt.i(Mj.INDEX Cathcart.. ". Clark..(). . tV . 108. Dr. Edward. Ki.son 20. Ids. Kevs. 02.. OS.>J( .•». 114. 181. «»2. U9. 288.. 22. J. 2n. liyles.V.').{. in Lon.. . William. Ranuirtl. Dr. Jonathan Mayhew and Simeon HowHollis Cliad. 300.Sons. now ton St reet. Kev. Church. r>'2. •i!>. Ilacon.. 71.5. Clergymen: — Adams.. 112. l. hO. Haverhill.lorias. y.. Rev. New North. Matlier.- Dr. Rarnard. Catherwood. 37.'12. 130. 72. 109. 10. 202. .. 225. 20.lack. 287. l. Old IJrick Meet ill}. Iivles. llevs.Jr.. honse. Uowen. 27. 12». Clark. :\H.. 22.. Kev. • 310. of.. Cheokly (Church (Ireen). of 277. man-of-war. Deacon. funeral 2«>a. i. 1 1<. 2. !•.. Checkly. 241. 1» 1^ . (Jhrisfoidier. . Rev.V. Mather. <. Ryles. of Marblehead. Chathatn.lohn Moorheafl's. lOO.'». (tlie Turk's 4S. man-of-war. Mrs. H'A. Kev. 22<>. Hrattle Street. Rrown. Chant Rev.s. 21. Kev. 202. Chardon. . 247. 11..).>. i:{().m. :uo. Kev. lo. Iti'..'..'. Hooper. 178.. Chapel. .r». Miss Anna.?. Newberry. H'A. of Cohasset. 224.J. ClKuUls. Rev. 2..<. 24. III" >.. of Philadelphia. Rev. Cooi>er. Matthew Chihuark. IVter. . Rev. of Kennebeck. Churches: 2. Chauncey. 2. Cheekloy. Cliari table socielv.V. eral of.. Cobcnis. s i. Chipman. . . Rev. Koxbury (the reaeock). of Roxbury.3.. ('hirksou. .32. Clark. the Arlin. etc. 1»1.lames.pleton. Clark. 87.'). Rev. Rev. Ai.. 3-).. :iO. New .Dr. Caner. :i. 20'. h. Mr. The. 8. 72. 2H1. 2. 170.'>4. Dr. Dr. . wife. 102. rebuilt in for the and first i:i().>. i:V.. Cliecklv. C'hambcrs.4 liane. 2:50...')..". Blair. 84. Dr.i2". of ter. p.. son of liev.

. \'M>. 12S. Of Charity (Free Masons). of Chel- of.. sails Un. I'hillii.(. . 10. \:m. Club.. Kev. 2S(. Couit on 11. 1. i:ev.7. Capt..'.'>»!. Ni'W . Mather.rd. St e]then.').:. 277.... Collin. TIow.'). 2 IS.-|.'.i.. Hunt. 2.'. i-id. Major Hawh-y. — Medwav.. 244. Graves. 1S. . 1.lohn. •A'22.John. Alexatuler. 147. (!.2!». i:!(..•{(•. of IJristol.. (iad. Simeon. :i. of Scilnate. i... 1.'..{. •J44. Kev.. Mr. 14!». t«'a board.{. 2t».'i. of Hinj^'ham.7.'... treat with York j. ICC. 242. 2. Collin.. k.')1.. From I lie (ieiicrid I'lxcisr Act. (>4. Kev. Shnte. Kev.'>. of Medf«. 121. of broke.. William. — 100. I'.7. Kev. of Kridj^e water. and funeral. •_'22. Collin. Pend)erton. Kev. Cockle. Club.'land. Samuel. 2. Clerk. 2. 2. 102. Kev.. Townseiid. 207.. . 110. 122.i). 07. 2. Km..."iS. .. Pem- llitelicoek. Col. Club.s. Kev.Jr. OH.'. of tlic so.5(Xi. Sr.m». :.. so.-10. Mr. Collin. of Providence. K '%'. Naihanicl.2(>. Coniei appears Scjo. :52S.. 'JT..TXDEX 430 — Clt'rpymon (conthiuetl): Klliot. Forbes. Kev. Thatcher.. l'. 'JO. ien. Kev. Jo."»7 thrown overti'a. of Saletn. sea. 2HS. Graves.-. Sarireant. ( 111*... 1st. Oilclirist. 122. 2. Mayhew. 27.. 24'. i:52. Kev. Kev. Kev. Nieh»»lls. Of (..Sessions of the town about he salt' of the town >f \ housi'. 2U.:hter of Nathaniel. lir«. 101.. of Marblehead.riu'. Greaton. .-.-. (Jrand C<onmitteeof Charily.?«. 4. U\\\ IT'J. t t 1 100. . Miss Ketty. 2.2s.. 2n(. 247. 11. Cockran. Stillmaii. Ihalil. Ires: 227. lOM. TurrelK Kev.!>. No.. Kov. dinner at. VM. .^<).. K«'V.. ^Vednesdav Ni^ht. 171. Collins. I'shcr. Perkins. -j. of Koston. dau. Sewall. 2. Capt. 'JS. Dr. •_»•_'(.s. :?<>. 1. Whit held. Miss Kettsy.?(). Gay. 2o7. NVilliam. 2<).t-.. s\\ lir.'.'o\ rrnmeiit. 214.. Cleveland.T. 27S. 'J4. Kev. Edward..'. 21. . H. . Kev. and wife. Kev.s....7. Cleverlv. Kev. Moorhead. 22.. William. Capt . 24S. to. llawley.. L'Tl.. bs<. 247. '2U.>.i.'•. of Cam1)rid^'e. 20..'>:•. 2S7.. 183.:2(. 2f.i. 27S. Clergy men (cnntlnKPtl): Winslow."0. fu- 24H. Fire. 21.m>. an Indian minister. Town's e<Mnmitlees.'.7. Itev.o. to 12. Walter. ."»7. ."i.!27. 45. Club.John Commit ( 1 lancock.".e!iei-:d Court... arrived with part of the 2. 21S."». of the 4:. marria. of Saloni. Howard."».'». 2P. lu.>.. Kev. 21. IS. CtOliii.:2.». <.. is.i. Codtish. Collin.. «U*ath of. 40. susju'iided. is:?.>.">.Mjif. FairwfatluT. Collson. of llinj^hani."'_'.'. Kev. l. 170!>. Itev. IH'i. Pieki-rin. Clvuton.<>. 21.'.. Kev. of New London. . 1S*>. :it. 21. ..-)7.". 70.').. I'arUer. Dr. < Cobden.7. 114. 21S. 1«k.>.l. !(. Major. of Xarrafiansolt. 2. pil. Thomjison. is..n. Kov. Ki'V. mout Ports- of Kev. I'ayson. 2:>U. Kev. 144. Sanniel. (ieor^e. Weeks. Kt'V. lOM.t. 12S. Fo^'t:.. Kichard. •>. i. Capt.. 227.'iO. Couim'. H7. Kev. 14.'»7. . Kev. 22. i:.. 212. 2:.:.'». neral of..". of Caseo. \'\ 14. 2. Oeeuni. Kev. Kev.d Kej^iment.. Col»b. the .ssioiicrs h.. Collin..-. KIO. Collin. 221. 2. wounded. . Kev. .. 7<I. s:\. 0. Mel-chants'. Wiswall. For uiviiiji inst luct iotis to he rc]ti('sentat ives on the jtreseni dillicultics that atien<I he t J'ade of his town. 270. 7(!. l. 11. 2. Kev.. p. l.'.. 21.'.'e Palmer. Shubael.."'>ti. Hii. Kev.'.

Dr. 102.'). lire 27. ch«>sen Watertown Coolidi^'e'sat :»o.T). 17'>. l. :?(K).{L'7. Conway. Cuyler. :i:?2. Merchants' meelinj.INDEX — Committees (conthuied): Of twenty-one.. 101. Coiiitiiip'r. Court to Con. 21. Hour. (. . for aiKl af. 2:. 47. 28. 9:?. l)alt<ui. 74. :?•>.-. 1.K). IPi. 1«. rei)resenta- rela- :?2. Cai>t.V». 3c?8. 1:M>.••.>I5. ('rook. 20:{. About tlie About the For Of Ki'anary. 4S. Mr.entlemen to draft a Chosen memorial to (iv\\.?:?. chosen by the (leneral tive. Henrv. rechosen representative. 18:?.0. 2(«». 179. commissary. Miss. 249.. 2:v.. Of to th»' (Jeneral ^'(> 431 Corner. Thomas. 190.i.. Cooper. 1(J9. lami)s. 14:?. lt. one of committee to i)resent i>etition to governor. H2. 270.. 2:?2. Mr. 2:'. 20:?. .. Mrs. . Cottnam. 129. 7<J. :?37. IJernard witli an liumble petition. 2. 8U.'apt. IP. :'. ball by (Jen. 9S. lOH.?. . Cromwell. 19«».<!.'apt. 'JTf!. Crane. 20!». Capt. Crocker.'. met at Doty's. of Newi)ort. 22S. 190). by selectmen and other jj.-). dinner at. 30.*»<i.. 18<). 17. (Jaleb. Dalton. 2<>. 120. Richard. rei)resentative. Cook. Merchants* l(i(>. Kzekiel. Culler. Copmer. com- member of . etc. broke out. 1H<>. sherill. ir. Currie. 114.r).(). lawy<'r. 110. 91. Mr. 100.?s.4. Coolidj^e. Crocker's tavern.?. StoiiKliton. iT^. Ca])t. 47.. C(»rl)('t SI.>. los.-». i:)S. Mr.H. l. •J(»7.8. Mr. 184. 11.i. TJi. 20<». 2:. . 24. tive.. of Teiierilfe. 17:?. Oaj..?5. 202. i<(2.1.'iH.i-_'<i. >Hchael.s. 32. Copley..'e. 271.. 49. Deacon. 104. 227. Conner. 28. Ml". C(»pt'land. Conner.ress."). tavern. Merchants' Com- mittee. Mr. (Juniniings. (Jen. the ei.Miiist. . Col. 121. 172.}-2CA. of Philadelphia. Oeor^'e. in.w.. <linner at. Dalton. 104. chants' 22. elected councillor. Of seven.. 'J'. 2. "JTH. Cushing. Meris. debates Cromwell. 21:?. 29. 141. 211. 172. 1K4.2. 318. Ill.50. 2r)7. Cushing. lillinj. S«». 'A2'X Conde.().bert.'unninu'ham. County Congress. Mr. :VM. ir. Corres])ondence. Iionmcy. 14S. William.. Of war. :?:. 127. Cotu'll. (. ('ushing. 247. in Hingham. British cotfee house. 122. 87. :?48.. Mr. 108. Hancock to the Frencli Fleet. town committee tive to Port Bill. 44.. 17. 171. ^Ir. Capt. 2t. Philip.07.'»». Crampey's. (. to ])rovlde corn." l(.cl»osen President of Harvard and refuses to serve. 181. 20:?.lames. 77. 170.'. Cudworth. 72. i'4. Major. 202. Bridge.s. 235. 2»i2. :i2..'».». Miss Betty and Miss Sally. i:w. 45. Cai>t. Cotton. man-of1(!'J. 10.340. and insist tluit all till' trc)f)ps bo removed from tlie town. (. .. 2. 12H. Cai»t. Major. 'M. Frances. 75....J.4hteeii. Cook. James. Cushing' s.{. 198. :'. 117.{. Of nine. l. 219.S0. the of John. l. ."U. (51. 24:5. for immediate relief. up the town dock. <. ')'). chosen speaker.]osei)li.l. 398. lloundy. 7. i. Cordis's. 12'. Craddock. and wife.''). . 33. 231.. I'M). meeting. I'tev. Tristram.. 202. 48. . Cooper. 24:?. 11. C(»oinbs. l. Dalrvmple. Committee. i:}8. of Maileira. 171. .o7. 1«.2. iSd. Jolin. Cunningham. 2(iH... 2<m..H. VM. Dana. 200. :?. Mrs. i:?l. 310.'. 4H.?. lU. Ki. of the Vineyard. 170. 121. willing to relin(|uish his grant from the town. Cutter.'). 28..«». . 17S. 112. 4. " to wait upon (fov. 105. 2!>u.">. Capt.'). :i'>\..?.'. . 2. menibt'r town's of mittee. 4(>. Cutler. to wait upon llutchius()n ajjjain. elected councillor. reciiosen rei>resentative. 'j. (m. Cort'. Concert Hall. Kev.. :?14.

*^.••. . Mis.'e Ervin. 1(.Vj.v_'4.l.7. HI. Davidson... 'JS'J. .-.?. I. Caj. '.{7. col lee tor of New- I)ndlf>-. ](\\K Delaney. lo.". ai'nu-d schooner.". Dewar. Capt. . .. TJ.7.. 'J7it. 7.. LMl.4. Dehlois. (!l». Capt. 14. Do... .ii'S. ( (fe<u'.of. Capt. port! 27."i. i<>"».'. 271."L'O. '-'7 L'. 110. 14*.Josei>li. 2i. 421. PC. I'ljlis's tavern. 2S. i:..ewis. 104. KITku of the Koyal.?. William.!. ieor. . Krvin.. M()tlier.'." •_'. Dowse. L'S. Cai>t. 1... L'l'.'t. Dunn. Cai>t.'ion.!. I'lench adD'Kstan. Deacon. is'.'U.. :. death of Mrs. Mr. 14.»!»..s. Dawt'S. . 22<. 11(5. 4. Cajit. 7i>.(... 245. Samuel. :V22. n\ 7J. Mr.:. Davis. 2't. Davis. 72.C.. Stei.'»:>. corner. jteal 220. Hancock's. Douglass. :. lU' 17. "Farmer's John. ii. •J4r. K?.'et. r>i.. 174. 7.•."!. ip. Duddin. :'. 24:5.:hton. 70. 228. Miss Hetty. Samuel. 17S. (. . 140.s. Diamond. 7<i.'."».J<din. .'4. .!.?-Jo. tinu'S chosen nicjubcr of liis Majestv's council. . Denim. Count.•_••_'.u.'). 10. <»f. S(). :vM. 100. 0«.:.4. Capt. -JUS. ...". Dobson. Dyer."Ui*. is. ir. HS. (iillx'rt. l. Capt. house »)urned. .vjii. Davis. I'J. 1-J4. •-'•j7.274. Doble. 271. Ca]>t.. of New York.'!t.. 17:5.{. Dexter. 272. Col..r. IMn mouth. 2l*.S. Chcvaru'r.(). S7. Dundass. :vx\. '_»4-_'. France. I'. Mr. 'ts.. Doane."....'. Dotv's tavern. 'JL»-J. Derby. 101. Jolm. Drbuke. KJ. . nuirriaj^e of.. 'JH. l^i'htors. Cai-t. IJcnj.Jr.e. 7. 7...-.it7. 1U7.. Oliver. ss. Davis.losejdi. tt.?.. (57.'. 10. 1 ...i. Kdward. shirt'. Kiit. and 17'. 17(5. Day. etc. St. ICS. i4t>. 245. 10(». 11. 14.}H. Ca]it... :!7. Darl)y. V:\]A.10. '_'4(i. Miss. .. Capt. .'). 'J. 201.I(»siali. Dr. Ih'V. 'js. Capt. 10. Davison. wife.'». 2(>. If. '_". -Jl. Sammd..i. Davcrson. I-Mcs' iiapers. la'J. lOJl. 212. •_'(». Miss I'ejLjuy."). c. . Dunnisin. 17t).>..«l'. 2:w. wift*. 107. 40. Capt.i:. . l.••. Capt. 2. .t'. (wi. W. Klisha. Capt. Act for tin* relief of D«'l)l()is. '2T2. Mr. Mr. Davis.")0. 247.'}. 141. '_'(.. \vif«'. :'. 172.?.. •_'•. . 17H. •_". IMiilij*. 144. 1 . Capt. Dt'unison."i.-. . Klliot's. Capt.l's. Delano.. . W.Nl. Dujiee. 2'.i'.. 17s. Donation. 1 (!7. 77. 2/iO. s.". Devon- (leorjxe. l-]jips.?. 17. an«l ladv. Dawson. seven Danfortli..(]. IKi... slooii-of-war. 214. <i7. . -jiHt. Tiiehard. Duncan. 'jc**!. William. Dtd)rrt.. n:!. Lawrence. Klliot. Dieklnson's. . KdiuLCiiUi.'). '_'.dass. ii:.. . •j:)0. Thomas. isi. 'Ji:. •J71.». lL'(\ 1114. :i59. one of the j^cn- tions to the 147. Capt. OS.lolin. H. Dommett."). 2S:<. re- consul of I'llias. jud^e Inferior Co 11 it M y n lo 11 h 2S2. . 20. at XewDavt'niK)rt's tavern buryiK)rt.")(". Dcl5onl('.1. . and S'J.»)."». 2i. 1(.5ol. :v2i.». 4i:i.". 220. Capl.:. l!*'-'.s. L'47. !). S!».. 2.. 124... l. rj7.!!IS. 145. Duval nais. and Dc!dH'. .7. 78... Kdsiui. wif»'. 107. 2(57. i»:?..'. 17(>. Duties on Tliomas.i. .'). 27S. Dasluvoixl. . Merlin. Diimarestiue. i. 101. Mmciiiount 'I'lie I'larl of. .. 40(. 2. 102. Ol.. 2S(. '_>:. OS.'{45. nian-of-\var.'j. Samuel.. . 14S."). Kil.(is. :\W. 7. (is. Cah'b.t..«>.o. •JS7. Sr. JjCtters. Dennie.>. .. Dunbar. I'.»(». i.. 147.INDEX 432 committee to pjive instrucrepresentatives. Kl'J. :. William.-j. miral. Solomon. 2ul. Dove. I". 14(5. ifc.s. 272. tlrnien chosen to wiiit on (iov.. l.'•. 2. l. lmh). . Dennie.s.•}. -14. lo7. 22S. . . Stou.57. 121.jl.. 2(i. 21S. ir. and L"_"_'. 74.{. Dexler.:. lis.. Kllis.{4().t. l>lVS. 170.r. isi aiul l. . insolvent.. 17.\ i:.». Davis. Krvin^'. (i'. 70. Donaldson. 41.>< 11. 14s. of Dedliam. s4. Douse.'t. 1 20. Capt. L"-'. •jr. Sieur.

marriage of.'. 180. Silvester. Sandwich. Mrs. 147. 17. s*. 118.lames..i20.287.'167. Mr. *tl.."»o.i. (iardner. Kaneuil. Capt.. Fitch.. . 'M."). 171. Gardner. 274. Thomas. 07.os. 20. 72. 1H4. Forrest. Ford's. James. Fisher.. 11. . . 2t. ItW.o. Fitch.':. Sir Charles Henry. :". Corresjtontlence. afterward wife of (Jen. 1H4. settlers for Kennebec. 272. :vA. 2o. 86. J^adv (Agnes Surri- Fenton..i70. Fc»ster.{. KS. :549. 2. brings ". 87. 410. 70.hia. 24s.S. 316.o. Fi-fcman. 177. Th'V. 173. . Km. of Salem. Timothy. 271. Faneuil Hall. Eustls.t. Mr. 120. Gideon. Michael. Mr. and Flucker. age)... 174. 2«>.James. 72. . Finm'y. Fluck<'r.'. and funeral. 101.Jr. is. Frcj-man. . 75. fapt.">10. Feiiton. 191 M Eyres. Fair weather. 2'M).?. Fessenden's. 2.:5()0. Linzee. 1S(». 201.. 102. 1. 12:i.INDEX ErvinR. choseJi councillor. . l. Capt. 101. 127. KW. (iardner. . Frankland. 174. 214... is:?. Mrs. IHG. . 247. isi. Dr. 214. . :{2. Bernard. Farley. 29.. 'JH2. collector of Salem. Foster. 1H5. i.2. ("ai»t. 27. . 109. Franklynn. I«»2. ("hillingsworth.- 170. Flucker. rechosen councillor. (. ("ol. Dr. sand jK'ople met 20O. 122. 2'. Flcmiiij. Mrs. Jacob.. «iuarterlv h'cture.00. 2<H).S7. 2."»2. F\)wle. 224. Folger. petition to (iov.s. Foster. 0«j. Marblehead. 70.. adjourned to Old South Meeting-house. Henjamin. 175.s. Son Fraidvland. 2!i'. 2(i:i. Joseph. ll!». Capt. Folger. 79. to iJolly Murray.age. 227. 1«M. Capt. 12:5. 1. 22 1 . 170. ("apt. 1'). Mr.{04. 179. Capt.'. Capt. I. 2nt. Fowler. 'IMie Honorable Thomas. 102. 'X\.lack" Kowe from (^uebeck. :i7. 75. 105. 222. Fleti'her. i ch ae 1 . Gardiner's. Secretary of the Province. . 170. 116.. Benjamin. Sir Henry. William. Faneuil. 121."*. * 2. l. of t^uj'beck."4. Forbes.-. and wife. 271. 110. 2H2. The. tavern on Boston Neck. . John. Fla.j2. Timothv. 156. Dr. witch.t..'>1 and Mrs. 2:50. is 2H1. Forbes. 174.j. Sherburn. 122. . Major.'»o. 4. 2:57. 121. 178. of.'>. Rev. (iage. Forbes. 320. lienjaniin. 91. 150. o!M' tliouaixnit the tea.. 120.S4. 1:5(5. Thomas. (Jeorge.222. :54. and wife.'u'. Forl)es. Fitch. Greenland. 433 125.54>S.?.4. i. Samuel. Fisher's ('harles tavern oti Kiver. Forbes. . 2'. Col.. HU. (leath of. 87.i. . \:v\ its. 2. iss. . 17.. 174.. Fenton. 2. 2!>7. 120. Philadell.riub. 242. Fisher. nuttee of 270. Frankland.. i(. tavern in Marshfield. 2()S.. 87.seph. i:v2.. :'. 2. Mrs. ladv and two daughters. HS. 2 IS. Foster.«>.'>.is. so.Jo.')0. 2o:5. l'»2. 222.k».S. 24M. Furness" tavern at Shrewsbury. debates for and at^aiiist the Com- 2.2. 212. i:. 47. 250. Finlay. :50. 204. 87. 2r)7. Fenlon. Eve re t . Dracon. funeral of.-». 144. 2. 20«>. Foster. . Gardner. Fin. "weadinKFroHick". 107. 97. Mrs.'. (loatli of. 102. 171. 108. Klisha.57. . 210. 1. Edward.James.of tlie marines. 123. Sir Thomas. Enoch.. Frankland. 112. liev. 158. Miss Hannah. 21. Ilar- lOS.")7. ss. 12:5. 2:io. 1. . 02. 225. Knox. Mr. Falcon. 157.. 2«>(j. 2:54. John.72.."KJG. Saoiuel.s:5.. 125.iO. (iardner. Major. familv. 222. 272. 177... Folsom's. Major. Miss Lucy. 1S4. Jr. Fogg. Nredham. Fuilong. 16. Faverweather.ieut. l(.. book bv. and wife.o. 144. Sr. mu. . Fordyc*'. K«». William. (ien. Evacuation of Boston. Foxcrafts.Surv^-yor-jxeneral.S7.

Iost']>ii. .7. .'). heirs .».. 171.'Ul.'. L'l-j.».leri'y. G<M>din. (Jr«'aton..i. Gould.. jliitns. (J ray. (ioldihwait. 174. 7. I'oo.t. '2f\s. of. 72. i!>2. l^S. IKl cred- 124.'>.M. Mr. ('apt. it. Boston. (Gordon. -Jli'. ss. i<. The Widow. r»4. Marblehead. 7-_'. Gerry. l\o\bury. 44.'. visit i.".. P.. Smith at. ehost-n . ('apt. at ( (Joldtlii-o]). 41. Gould. ."><>. .. Knfus. l..laniaica. IS. 'J17. Thomas.. l. Danit'l. 7'.'. i:W.'•_'}. Miss. Harrison. 171.b»s»pli. 2(1.". 42. Widow..}.'JO."'_>.... papers...'. (u.". ( Robert.>.)ohn. 2h2. fuiu'ral >nss Maiv. < Ib-nsh Hill. (Jreene. 2*i. t'lineral of Mrs.. 1 1 If. 222. (iohltliwait. Treasurer of the I'rovinee. Kowe Mrs. ('.'. 2t>. and Mrs.». is<.. 7s. '.. l"'raid<. . (Jreene. 7<'>.t. (Jieciie. .(t. Graves.-. is. i:. Caitt. (JoodhiM-'s (Ui I -. (Jardnor. I. (Jrav.i'kirl. 2. 17n. 2.:2.INDEX 434 Gardner. i (i ill's 22.•>. (W. los. . at Hin^'ham. 110. 17. ^7. is. si. wil'i'. 17tt. r. Miss Chrissy.'>. .7. . Miss Betty. 2(>"?. -l. IS. si.».n. (Jideoii. Mrs. 2.. ( ir«'en. 'J14. it.>. of. 1!>2.b>sei»h. •_•(•).1 (treene. f Jreene. William. \:\r>."i. 130.. 174. ..tG. (iould families. . 2s7. 2S2. iUis. 118.i2s.'.Ir:. '. ir. (iaies. of Newberry.'. Sally. 171. l. bri< I 1«)7.. 'jso. 24!i. 'Jll. William. -jil. •_'. I. l'TJ. in bri^ Fortnnt'.0S. . t«> deat h of. daujihterof Knfus. 2«17.». -Jll. 4o. Flet'i's. (Jonld. Gay. iKi. (Jraves. lo.'. ( . Mrs. on turtle.". of ISosion. l(i2. 4s. 12. Thomas. Jno.*.. 2/17. SO. (Jii'ciie."5. IS. 1(')H. 12. i... (iiddins. Vol.{. of deatli P.'. and wife. Mrs. tea destroyed.'. (Graves.. Gooch. s. death of. llenjamin. Mrs. 12 J.i.4. (W. ('apt. (. 2S. Thomas.-. and the of 5. P't. . his of tile ('apt.% Mr. 22t..2. 2S1). Mr. and ladv. I'JO.(i. (Joldihwait tamil\ lo. 70.lohii (Jreaton's. ( '_'... uhe (Jrey- IS. is. Majesty's e«)uneil. Norton. *'-'<. 174."). S(l. m:5. and •_'. nejdiew.Ml.. Iray. 222.Tosei)li. 1P. 'JiMt.-. 22(i. ('apt. merchants Cray. 114. blt'licad. Gardner. 1 (>. (icMild.. 2. Tlie Misses Hetty and Sally. 72. 1 21. 224... .. 17. •_'17.'{..")-J. los.-. (Jreene.. I'v.t. Ji'een.i. with an aildress. 1 2:.'. (lorhani. (Jibbs. member ss.•_'.'?... of.. 1 i'lS. one wait ( •_'<»'. US.">(>.'t. 171 Admiral.l. ! 1.'. ( ajit . of at \Nife. Lewis.' (Ji-eene.>. KV..i.7. (iorhani.». is7. lo'.i. .t. . . .'. (Jrace. .7. 2. :r)'j. 75'.. lltl. Iliehard. Thomas. 'jn-j.>. (Jen. H:. Thomas. 1(h». ... -. hound).-. (Jravt'S.". 4'». Cam- (iay. 'Jf. i:n. of i. death of. (Jenesle.'.-. m.UX). in.aiid.U.y nn. 7*. . of if. ..s. and wife.".?. tieatli of. . 221... of. . '2VA: Innian ami Mrs.. i7.7. •ji:. !»7. (ierrisli.-.'. so. :'. Mr. 'J7S.»r. :.(i. .i. Kiehard. 274. .». Jreen.. ICrt). ('apt. Jreene. I'Jl. i. .4."•>. tavei'n Cen. IS. 7u. (Jodfi-cy's. 117. Ga.". Gay's tavern in Dedhani. (Jorhani.". . elnldi-cn of. 10.i. Jould. (Jreen.4. Chariest own. 2:. (ireeii. 271. 2.. diiini'r .o.'. W. (old). Gordon. i':'.. llobert.-. itoi's buried. <i7. Ih-v. '_'t. 'J7. (Jrant..r.>>..ill. (Jould. -jco.'i..».». 242. I. Ieiir> . :iO(.?. (U 70. Mrs.'. Marriage of. Mar- S7. Ci'eene.-.'«'._ (i<»ldthwait. Gould. Mi's. rj'.:'. -jsi (Jrav.. (Jreene. Lewis.>. 1(.. dinner at.t.<n'(l iJobcrt . l.". death of Mrs. P. .lohn.u). (Jreen."». of 'I'lionias. of Salem. (»f I.. :'. tav«'i-n. Salem. 2JS. o\' 277.lohn. Kev.. •">!». 'jii. 7. nc. . Mr. i.7«1. (Jardnor. Jell. Harrison.'l72."iO. Gai>t. and wife and tlirce danirhtors. 'J'JC. 7. (il.'. . .'Wt. lMVJ.'. . Nat haniel. it. . «>_': and wife.htscjih (\\'«'S- towiO.."iO. 1(. Col. I7".i' lis. David. iss.. of Hin<j:hani. KL'. i:.".l. of Halifax. K\. 'J*. Kdes'. {>s. died. -JIO: •_•]'_'.. 1-11. 2r. :'.. (ionld.. . (ilover.'<.. :'.j. . (icoru'e. 274. :'>\K .(">. Majoi.». '.4."t!.

2J0. (Jreenleaf. Andrew. rechosen rejtrehe and his seiitative. ss.i.141. 227.lohn Howe as rejoesentat ive. 105. IS lO. Hall. dani^'hter of Judj. 2i'. Hale.. Hammock. count. . Hammond. Andrew Olivi-r's funeral. of. I'. IJeiijamin. Charles. 205.t. 2S}. elected c(»uneillor.t. (Jieenleaf. ernor's. lirst time insurance llainsford pr<»\ince acof i>roi»rietors dim. chosen councillor arid 102.'iO.. 74. the new g»)veriior. 271. «me of the i)ro- I. H.rot'nk'al". and Mrs.V. 'MV2. 1«"^>.T. 14(5. 2S.. uiie of the select men.. .SU'phen. Hallowell. Messrs. 1.lohn. l.'. IJenjamin. O.:nco(d\'s donadinner at he (iov- O. 220. (irt'cnleaf. at Long \Vharf. 27. 110. Gri<lley.!t. 110. llO. lliehard. belon^in^ to mol). comnnttee about the tea. tavern. Hallowell. 25. 7:5. 1S7. >h'. Hallowell.. ". l(t. (. 22S.. :^2H.U). Hale. bowl used for Mr. him 7!t. 102. 171. rechosen rejiresentat ive. dinner at (lov. rid lev. William. l/m/ee ajijilies to liim as (Jovernor for i>ermission fur the I'enelojie to enter tlu' harltor. Ko-ei-. 112. 11 af^ lioisted for the first time. . . :i:. H7. 47. Miss Hetty. Ureeiileaf.'). several of his houses burned. . Cuiit.'. 122. 7.. 14'.». Daniel Malcolm's affair. I. 435 lieutenant . The Ron. IVnibroke. i. a by . 70. one of committee of General Court. so. KX).. 245. 7S. 0.". Merchants' meeting chosen to procure the commissions of th<' Commissioners of (Justoms. selectmen's meetinj. death of. 422.Icremialj. Siirveyor-^'cneral.. defeais . 14. (». Uer27. the cof- the Lon^' Wharf fee house. feated as eonncillor.-». 2:^2. juietoi's of Cai»t.>•_'.. ss. i. Hale. '"lO: t 71. 14!». . 2o4. 08. 4S. 122. i:{2. and negatived b. Hanc(»ck.. Slu'iitV. 17. and I'luu'val.'e :il4. l>arbei-'s at visits ollice.Ti". Hall. 01. nard's. Sewall's meet iim-lnuise. 101. Committee. 110. 111».S.' new ollicers of the artillery.'. I2". chosen sjieaker of the House trill.. l. the Col. 2u-j. 155. (iridlev.on^ Wharf meet. 15.on^' Wharf. ]>roi>rie. re-eh'Cted ri'presentat ive. s:. 2'.cj chosen rejiresentative. 2r>i. 25o.4. Greeiilcaf. delivers ( . •Jl.. llallowell family.5: Merchants' Commiitee. IIC). (iage."». Common an oration at Dr.lohn. 2H. Henjaniin.'s. 2ou. 121. .". -gov. Merchants' sons of Lib- erty dine at llobinson's. 71>.". ss. s::. (»n 172. . goes with a party of gentlenuMi to visit the eastern jtarts of the jirovince. !><». re-elected rep115. Dr. one of tlie commissioners to tlu' New Voik 'onirress. eommittee 17:?. 101.v liro s tlu' •_'!'. death (4 u liter. he and his cadets do escort duty at Lieut. ri'i»eal of ... fai»t. . 15S.or of (h-Point Shirley. 250. eommittee Mr. 7:^ 70.-. his Union resentative.^'overnor. <i.INDEX Benjamin. . '. 72. he ami his cadets jiarade «»n the king's birtliday.-O. 140. (. 110. Thomas 1 . I'arker. Gideon. Mrs. 107.. 110.'ovcrnor. I.Jr. >H'. I Hall. dines on board the Thames. 2 is. l. . l>roi)rietors of Toint Shirley meet. 20)4.. 22S. (ireeiileaf family. Cai>t. 112. Me<lford. S. 211 n-chosen councillor.. l)ri^'.j. ne^xatived O:?. 0. one of on Capt.». king's coronation. Hohert. Sr. 141."'O. llallowell. Col. ]>roinietorsof I.<."0. . 11. 117.T. . IIH. H»0. llallowell. (':i|>i. 127. 210. 215. the Stamp Act. ceremony of invest in.hi. 2. Hall. Hammock.)•. 21.i)..'>.v*. uives a lire t'njrine.o.oo..-. . the seizure a occiisi<»ns silvei- island . cadets receive (mmi. is ordercil to hold his company in rea<liness. V2r>.". 254. about ti(»n. ])resent at dinner to Capt. llaH's. 2.c. 122. 17G. 47.. 12. (Jwynn.!42.{4. chosen s]>eak»'r and ai>proved. llaldiman. Sleliheli.

is.3. Miss Hetty. . gives a ball at Concert Hall to the {jeiitltMnon of the Freneh Heet. .'571.. and wife. froni St.. AVilliani.. 213. Hill.50. Hitchum.. tnarriage of.. Henry. William. Thomas. Heron. rx\. (Jad. Dr. . from ("hagfoi'd. llandfield... Coinmod»u-e. 14'. .. ])r. . I!o(»per. Thomas. . Duxbury. ..'). Hollaiul. Hay. Hoojiei'.'i. Hartley. . Ho(»i>»'r. 17. Hooper. Lomar iV Hill. Ho«»i)er. .Marlboi'ough. 4_'.•L'4 !•:. . ( 'ai't 14'.lohn.. funeral of. Harrison. JIarlow's.•_'<». . 124. at l-^aston. from Plymoul h in I-lngland..17.!18. Hancock.94. IJev."»..•. (apt.Mis. Hatch. "(uumoilore.. Howaid. collector of New 182. 271.<..•. IM. 1SI»..?71.Mrs. 389. '_>1S.">. Harris. of Kox"_". 1!». Horiu'r.7..v_'.. of 1(11. 1 of. Samuel. Hojipes.'?. Higginson. .o. Hill. 122. William. lo. of s. 220.?28. li. Mrs. 2(17.. Hoitkins. 144. .Sir Mdward. Harrison. . Hi\ 79.h. Hobson. 7. \Villiam. . C en. exchequer. l(i4. Cell. 320. borough. iVM. 112.. Messrs. Cajtt. Mr. and Mrs. Holbrooke. Howe. . 12.INDEX 436 270. Warren. the year. ll. 1C.». . man-of-war.?. I2!». IH.'i. llev. :vj:\. Mrs. . grat uity tr»o for . Hancock. Scar- member Samuel. 18. !>«. Hawley. Mr. !>-. Heingman. 1S7. Ilawlev.. Kng. IGO. 3o3..loshua. Holker..". 226. of Pem- 17"). Tutor. .. . rtf tlie .{7(»..?. . kk.i">i. 2o8.4.. tavern at Hasten.Mr. 2:i.. Mr. 107. Joseph. Xalhaniel. '_'•.o. of Salem.". Herts. Mr. 144. of Taniar. Miss. Asa.•:(. I. I4t. rechosen reprosontative.19. . Kiehard. . Kev. . 71. Madam. L<u(l.S('.t..i2. 1. llo]ie... 9.V2. . 12. Mrs.Mr. How land's 50. Holteii.2.Miss j^'ckv. VM. 'J44. Hillman.'.. Haskins. Haviland. Hide. :'>'2'A.2.\. Harris. Ho(. .. . 71. of ."{70. \'S. Hawk. inspector. Mr. 17.'. I2S.'. MS.. •_'!!». . 2.{7S.'.lohn James. 'L' . 1!K). llaskins..h)hn..17. •Jo:. ("apt. wife llooti. 2S1. Plymouth.'.Marblehead. 1 :. Charles. 170.pcr. Hopkins. Mr. -JCm.. Heath. H(»we.t. Christ o])her*s. 90. Mr..h>sei)li. 1»4.'. ("apt. liev. ("apt.. . :'. Nathaniel. Haskell. 112. 244..'_"_».lohn. Haven. ("ai»t. Kiij.. Hatch. Hooiicr.1. 22t. «j'_'. ir>'S. 79. . death ami 111. . Harrison. . Michael. 149.' Mrs.1. tavern.!*. . 371. Ilardrigg. Hookfi-. Cai't. 'J!». Ca]>t. 11'. 42. Hosey. 17').. 318. ()4. Marblcheail. 7».. i. and ..bthti. 1. 14S.. ( the of Lii'ut. 42. funeral of. 1 H«'nshaw. .. Harrison.•.74. William. 2..?. 11:^. chancellor of the t Howard.. 314. 'ol.:2s. . Continental frigate. and uife. of Charlestown."*. "onmrss. 202. HowanTs 17.lohn. funeral 244. Samuel. M». Hicks.. IJoheit. Mr.. 34. JIawkes. IIC).. Hillman. lili».. creditors of. 172. 14.. 1 '2A. Hayden. ..S7. Mrs.}!». l-'. Hendley. 119. 4. Miss Polly. of J. . 2:V2. Handing. 'M. of .KS... Herring. Hood. Hood. broke.'508. Henlv. (>. low's aveiMi.'..". I Howard.. ( M-i.. 170. 2(.. Holmes. Cai't. Capt... IvKeter. Mr. ("harles. H«'\vs. Miss. Hoojifr. 11. . ("apt. Holt. Samuel. (Jen..1. ( Harrison. i:)0.. 28.. Kev. 121.Iose]. Hoojicr. Mrs.>. . . orilained.. llitchcoi'k..Jr. and wife. VM. David..1. Heiulerson. WA. ]»."{'. Mr. 12*1. II.. . and Mr. Head. collecttu.. (u'li. Harris. Heath.t.. In<lian nunister. burv. ('apt. lf>.ondon.<iS. Hill.1. How. 341.of taxes. HenshaNS'.. 117.

KM). (Jeorge.•«•.\. 233. ously con witli Cai>t.. Miss Te^Lry. (icii. 217. !(. IIiMidcrscui. ami Mrs. fire at his 184. 4S.. 2S.. Huntt'r. 3. 53.. nuj. Hutchinson. «'. 212. 242. . .lohti a car- in with Mrs. his 10.2. .>!». 24. i'. enters Herman A: . Hutchinson. 27. IKi. L'-JG. Hubbard.s.». 143...K llutiht's. los. Hutchinson. 2r)!». Hubbard. Maihiin. turns frou\ Knglaiul with two becomes third 218. act'idi'Ut to .hist 141. liu'lies. 244. Tuthill. wife. 22:^ nuMuber of comndt- 225. 258. tee al>out lighting the lamps. Mrs. i!i:i. 221. 127. Henderson Inches aijd lady. dinner at John 2()2. 1W>. (iidfon. 2..ihirr in the Minerva. 105. Inelu's. 23. 214. born Murray.. 244. of 1{>2.t. 240.. 2i:i.•_'. 2ti7. . 327. Indians from the Misindche aud St. 2.. marries tirst Thomas second becomes Cam]»bell. 27. ss. 145. Miss Betty. 21 . 183. 221 . 3S3. ConiMiissioiior.. CalahaJi. . Mrs. Cajit. 3()1.Court. 15)7. nuMuher of *' CouMuit tee of nsi rui'1 ions. 218. i:.'). Miss house. 125. ."). Inhabitants.. Mr. son of Kaljih. Mis. '* has the counting-room. :?0. 2G3. Linzee to j(»in the liritjsh . 224. Liu/ee. \-S. 75. 75. of 2s. 231. 220. The. tueasles. rt'frree. no. on Conuuii cluisen i»m*. 234. Samuel.. Henderson Inches. Thos. ."). 155. IVter.557.». \'.7. !()'. i.U). 77.>2. family. JSJ. 221 . Iluniplircys. 12. i{:^\ (Jranada. 135. llultoii. Iluti'liinson. Army. IIaskins.!».. HS. 240. . seri21M sails on Falill.James Sndth. Kowe. Sarah Inches. uu'iuber of comiuittee of twenty-one. Cunningham's. dinner at Maior Hubbard.5. l{(»\\iand.. 2:.. 1C2. sails 1 s' at td" Clement . <laugliter of Cai.. Polly. Inches.. 133. luemhcr of "Comunitee of Nine. Shi-iiujiton.oo. lli3. IIH. 267. 1)8. Mr. 3113.-(loV.I.INDEX mittee. father's scc(Uid marriage. i. ii. 44. goes to Norwitch. nieces.. •_". 417.Merchant dies daughters . mairiage to Sallv. Inman. Ingram. 166. 41 II Milton.".'. 8(). carry in their arms to be deiiosited in -he liaiids of the select int-n.Vudrt'W lirimner's 1 I'll. 183. of Nantucket. . 273. 1H4. lo. C(uumiitee. llutebinson buri«'(l.. Li«'Ut.">. Head's riage godmother <'ltild. 247. nuirries Miss Beltsy Brimner. ins. of.Jr. funeral of Mrs. sails with his son for Kiijiland and dau. •JOI. 3(. Elizabeth. Indeijen<lency declared in Bos- ( ai»t. 242. 22S. 134. beavc/ of. . IH.. marriage Chani])ney's. town's conj- M. lU. takes his degree. Si*'i»lu'n. funeral ton.".4. 12«. 231.7 : Inman. of. second wife of Kalph lnn)an. 2S2. 247. 111. UH'mhi'r of "Town's 120. 27U.. 121..3..:ov«'ni»»r. llussrv.s: (k'jitb of." select luaii. lucscut at dinner to Cajtt. 302. Daniel. Thomas. Proclamation Indei»eiidence read at Trinity Church. Tluuiias. Ilutcliinson.ibeth. Hunt. Ilurd." 147. :540. 2:'. 245. 24. 24'. nuMuher t>f . 24). 437 ' courtship and marriage.(). W." 141. lluhbarif. at i:'. ('apt. Kt'V.lolm.lackson's alVairs. . 316. 24:.John Box's funeral. 2S(. 2s. luade . Klislia. 127. luman. i:i2. Ilutcliinson. i«. SujuTiiu.'.13. ice.''J50. . marriage of his sister Susanna to ("apt. 24o. 237. Hubbcrt. 270." 153.. judj^e t he I ntcrior ( "ourt . Huieliinson. liuiihT. 287. 25:i.». 21'3. . 7!>. sponsor to Ivcv. 1:54. -Jfrj. and 52: I''Osti*r. llu])bar(l.5. 21K>. dinner at. refor l-higland. UK). 312. 2S1.l'>. aud wifr. liXJ. 201. second wife of . lt»7. 225.()..John's tribe come to negotiate business with the (ieiu'ral Court. 70. fuiu'ral of.Jud^e of 2('>. 14. . 'riionias. 212. ISl. V^. uieliiiisou. and Avife. 25. lluldiniaiid. 125. Parker's child Kliz. 2K5.(. 273. funeral visit to Mr. 1C>3. 122.

hiixersoll's on the anniversary of the repi-al of the Stamjt Act. . . Nathan. .. dinner at ibackei 'sou \U'»ton IJenjamin.. tlohnsou. . A ndi't'W. lor. 'JS'J.. Jarvis. goes to Marlboroii.')7 'J17.. standing. 1H!». doiiouiiot . KM. . Mi'. l. and Mrs. also "lit'ttors of liiu's. ls7.^oesto Nt'\vp(U-t.'V.:ettin. .laekson. lo.U(».'tO. Death of . . the i»roiuietors of Toinf Shirley. dcat h_of. returns from. icr. .')(). Mr. Christmas.. return.s. .'MI. •_M7."» fai her to iij ix'i'l Deblois" son. . Ko\vi>'s. IJ. death. OJ.!().loncs. iJobi-rt. one uui. 104. Ivers.." J.lames Smith ami wife.. . I. '_"_»!.lolitMinot i'ct er."». lnmaii sot out for rrovideuee. l)y .loncs. .'.ynii I'lai n. I'ti. horn Sju'ak- liniiaii. Jusi behin<l the site of City Hall.") Mrs. reiuiiis . . Mrs. Col.:lit lunise.:ersti!!'s. Sam'l. . 1. 0(.t. neral of.laeobsiui. 1."!. 01. . fu- -JIJ. . William. visited the body of merchants. Christmas. Sr.^^c takes .S. lines at Mr."»<».^ at Weymouth. 7:?..*v_*0. . j^oes in he Deaver far as the li. . I'll. . J.lon^'c. . . . dinner undei- the dinner at Meiiottrees.»».>. om* of the proI'i'icitus of ( ampo tavern .{.'. . I'. Conneelieut. m^^s to the liiu'S to see Mrs.. tainnu'Ut when liis .'!. on '-'(iO. 44. . his luusi'. ^'ot's (S«>i' . Deseendants. Km.IomoiumU Francis. «M). Inoculation in IJoslun for the sniall-pox. df:u ii of I'si and fuiu-i-al.loncs. ." I'ond 'Ji:'.lames Smith. _'."». "Jiit'i. 'J!t4.VA."». 1770. _.i71.lohonnot Voun.lohn 1M. Cjq.'w.'. L'OO. William. ln.{. . dines with the Chaiitable Society at C(»l. l\ali)li. lavish eiitei-tainmeiits at :>(>. Kalpli. <linner to (lov. .ee. dines at Mr. Ivers."..lont-s. ii'-j. Iiiman.. 77. .?!L». de^'re«'. lo.!"•. . courtship and marriage t(» Mrs. 70. 70.i.lacksoii.Merehants.'_' 41'. . .:(tn Avil'e. Ch-'nieiil. death of his dai'ij. Koberf.1.laekson.h). tumu'rous dinners at. Cajtt . lioyallst.v_". '22i\.L'. '_*l. lo:. IMness and "J. dinner at (ireaton'sof turtle. nuMnber of the I'ossec. tJaeksou.?<). omy Pond." J"»n. dtl. 1S7.?!•!>. Col. 7_'.bdin .INDEX 4:{S mods . l. •_'o7. 41.{. . '_'{•>. Lin/. Ilutchin- Commod(U(' (iandder. ( named " at l-'lax llalph.*!. William Samuel. J4.. J. I'. Ua. 100. Susanmi (see Lin/. •"> . mail. Howe's.'h Avith .. •_'. uumiiher of the Charitable Socirt\. Canibridf^'e.!S." I'.. and takes leave of " Sucky. L'OI.{7. . diniu'r at. UHj.*>. M rs.s. 'IMiomas. .lohnstui. I'ls. 0.lames Snnth and »>f falls in . Il.bdinson."». 'J14. . dinner !. t a. . 'JIM .*.!•!. .(>.*). 'ilionias.'>.J4.'oes to Sherburne and Marlb(»iou.lanu's. dinner Turk's head on a IJarbeeue.Iohiis<»n's Hello. 7.'_'. . S.loncs. 7.. Inman. ins. 'J'.hk ."i.. presi'iii at ailinner >:iven to ('apt ( Jideiui by the . is.'l birthday. Mr. i..!' 'J. (i4. lu- let ter fi'oiu.LMH». -JS'.'hter "Sally. Club. lie mikI Mrs.it7.ItMiIiins.U sets out for SaUun in l*a<Istands ..">ti. at Col. house in Cambridj^e.larvis. l. _'. Jenkins. 'J07.>i. bo Muiiay. Mr. laiiiK'hin. . wedding: of I'olly fr(»m Hooi>er.s. llrst ^^i^l'. 71 one at • . dines at Hrush Hill with .loan. Sarah.^oddof'k's coacli. at i:'. 7J. . .at " on a 'JJO. 10. 1 14.loseiih. I'olly. 140. 174..). 'Jix. *_'44. Innian.4.. . Cliampnev's diuiuu. son. of sdeetnien. . 01.'_'_'>>. . 70.I«»honn<it ( ialu-iel. (apt. •_'J7. 7J. I'-JO.'i.oyalist.. lit).">.s . J..{1 .>4. Susanna himan marria. and others. .. JJi enterat Coninieiu'ement his son (o'(U'. 'I!. TJC. Janu's Murray. . •J<H>.lackson. J.: l-'raneis.IaekM>n.!. Itis. Instant. Mr. Inman. Kowc's. . Iiiinan dijic at Mr.Mr.laekson..•{•j. . Tnnian at the to Piovideuot'. Imnaii. ISl.^e of l<» Cajit . .i0. 17(54.. \\nsent at "No. with Mrs. . lis.. I '-'JO.{. J)r.>.Mr.

IJello.'»2. Dec. 2.t('). 70). c. l. . tlie Heavei-. Col. on. 4(h». 01.'.. . ind^e of the Inferior Court. . J. Miss Ih'tsy.0"». ( ..i4 Leddell. Henry. Middlesex. l'. KS. transferred from the Kintjtislier to the Fo«e. 220.'>2."»1. marries i<»7. 2n. Kent's tavern at Dorchester. 140."». 1(0. Anthony. from a cruise. Lliode Island. H4. Lewis. Laii^ditoii. liinzee. Letchmere. Charles Kiver. 2i. 2. K no \ 274. H'A. . 72.liilus. Josejih. S2.tiO. c(nnmandin. 1»I2.. 00.t. Richard. "Dorchest er.<01. ('ai>t.. Lincoln. Lau. commit tee apitoinled by. Aiidrt-\v. juul Mrs.. i:iO. little Sam and Hannah and Jeorge Innum. '_'_'! ». 221 .'). on 2so.t. O'.. «:{.>.aid.. too.''s health. nernard sailed. and Miss.").s2. 2. 220. 20! ». Mr. scheme. and Heirs of the between.. Kiii^'. Lewis. letters to. 2'. 71 21 lla.INDEX Jordan. 2r)0. March 2. tavern Kt'iKlrick's. dines at Mr. of the 14th Regi- ment. 439 Henry. to wait on consi«.'. Joy. and dinner at IJobi nson's. first 1774. 224.. consi^^nees f)f tea calb'd upon to nu'et at.:liton. Lai. Leaned. nu'ctin^'of Sons(>f Liberi\ at. onlered brin. Mr. 4S. '_*:<2.'. IHl. Capt. 100. Col. Col. 7..'. Leonard. Kowe's on little Sanuu'l Hood's secmid birthday. of Taunton. Theoi. 2. H. a gentleman from Jiarbaihx'S. 04. •_'()<». 2(.. 210. Commissioners I. Lailiam. M8. -jlO.. 20. . 2!i7.o. /ejihani ah. tlejith of. Lee.-. J/inzee. Jerry. Lami»s liLrlitcd for the lime in I>ostoii. r«'t\irns I'. Mr. Kben. 107."»7. Kphraim. 2.. Mr. appointed councillor. Liberty.^ Leaver ]>eople make a seizure. W. 2S(. 218.4. is!t.. man-of-war. L'CS. sails . 420. 207. sails (tn a crliise. is arrested on the mu- Inman. ethj^es hoisted on.'. 14.>'ht(m. Lillie. 20."». UK).t.lolm. brink's the Heaver into dock and ^'raves her. 422.4. letters fr(tm. 'I'homas. ('(»!. is-}. liaiuU'r. death of Molliiu'ux of the. \W. . 2H:5. airives in the . Kent. 282. .aiie vV 12:»."». 10. annual f<-as1 at Koxbury. m sworn councillor. 200.•.1. 72.7. Lesly. Mr.. the 220. 1! e ry 1 1 . Leonard..5. lirojaietors ol one Kertoot.«. 108. of Marblehead.')(). sails in' tlie Falcon with Mrs. ]i(Oehmer('. meet and drink the Kiiif. 240. 2!M . \Valter. 28. (>. I. 200. at Lane. "Sucky in '' the his wife. 200. 174. 101. Jonlan. K«'rr.aml iJank. Leaver urns very leaky. Leii'liniere.». Lee. . :514. 20.i.. I'. 202.?. '-MO. Isaac. PK). 41h. lo.lohn. Beaver sails.. Daniel. 172. 270.i. tavern at Kaston. Laey. Leveret. 221 Booth. Kne«'laii<l. Lee. is Charles Kiver to troops. 10. 21f.. wlieiiCJov.s."»7. trial Land of.. •Jonhni. ^^\.VJ. 4i. 2C>S. the lawyer. arrivt'S in the Leaver fr<»m 22. LiOciiineic. of IMvmonth. 211. ''>'i.. :\r>. Leight.LT otf sails with up the his wife and son in the l-'alcoii."t. Messrs. 218. Admiral. 282. arrives in the Falcoii with his wife and little son Sainuel Hood. 14. 120. 1 204. Co!. Cajtt.'>. the lU'aver 217. 170.. ret latto alVair. KcnijM'iifcIt. t..ditinu'ale.s. 412. ( en at er .. Dr. Hfujajuin. Mrs. Keen. Mr. from Aiiti-iua. death of... YM. ("apt. Lathioji. Mrs.O. UK). 27 1 . of IJainham. . Kent. 101.''>.'nees of tea. Bartholomew. .VJ. 2. and wife. Kinj^man's 24'.7. two l. lU-njaniin.. Kiii-liis. Liberty Tree.'.. 12. Leaver with 2r. Trial of.i. 'rhomas. is tak«'n the suit of Clark and Ni.'5. LaiOer. {). :i. !. IJentham. Mr. :57o. the of Campo Kimball. '27. bW. Thomas. :. los. :m. Lavh-oitnt. 27. 80. 122. 12(>. 2. Mr.. . Sons of.

'apt. niend)er of ( \T2. ts('».'_'Jl '-"J.iO. 1 1(1.".'rs. \i\\. Mallard. i. . Miss Tolly. 171.'>th L'SO. Linzee. Lyde. Malle.. 17o.') fu- 100."").i. 2G0. of..<4. Lyih'.5.. jjcot's up Camhrid". . ships. Capt.'7.. Col. 101. Cajtt.INDEX 440 Rear-admiral Linzee. i. master of the Lively. .I<»hn.. Judge. of the (Jlasj. (See "Mrs. 100.) I^'cni. Bytiehl.". . Mr.."it). ( Lock.lames. 10.VM. It'. iSS.. 1^17.!. 00. 1.'M»7...». Munj^o. Sailsintlie witli liushand. McKay. 2.lohn.}. . rin^'e. 111. Little.'. Mackintosh's lavcrn.3. Bernard. 220. h-j. installed Tresident of rambrid^f (Harvaul). >Ir. John.ow. .>0. 170. Mrs.i7.lohn.01. Liswall. one of committee of twentyone t(> wait on (iov. «>0. Cai>t. 1!»7. 10i>. at Ipswitch let. McDonald. her father's second L'lO.. Wrenthani. 177. McNeal.. . io ^oes Marlborou^li. Miss Massy. Samuel Jlood. member <. M 1-. airrives in tlie Falcon uith s(»u lier liushand an»l littk. iMi-e "tonis. L':^. . he baker. -101.7. 10. om> of proprietors of Cami>o Hello. sworn in councillor. Need- 1. 110. i.'0('S returns. j. wife. X'assall's. McNcal. s...'). I'OO. Mc(Juire.... HuKh. *J70. Lovd. 2S'.. Louis. lit. Huter. Daniel. 1 10. ('apt. L'Sl. .iL'7. Mi-Neal. Cajtt. Joshua. jr<7.o. ami "lan^ i. niarria^'e. . Maleom. 0(5. Malcom. «. lisi. ISl.'_'01. 'J. Ari'hibald. 'lub. '. lnjo. io«>. m\ to {^oes Connnenceinent. LoV<Ie. llC).Vdjutaid-gen- ei'al. Lynch. l'so. Mrs.litfi's. .If. thri'O ..James.-. Lowell. 74.. liU).:. (apt. 171. Robert. from. OJ. ("apt. Mr. !'_'.().. taNcrii.. U'». Old Mr. Lysle. is. •_••_'. .<». William... i. i'J(5. birthday. . Master . isi.<.'. McKiieil. ('apt.. Lorinj. wife and child.?e of.>. (Jen. I. McNeai. two 101. niarria^jje 10(5. of one of tlie tea 172. I. 0. 10.l. hortei-'. loi. marria. it tie's Lvnds. r»0. Mr. 'JH. •_". lt. McKay. K4. >Liit!an(l. ITS.. Loriii. '2:>'>. Lo^'ie. MeKinnerly. J^ovell.i. 11. Lou<ler.!.'. <laii:.!i. so. ISS. 2i).?-).N 'Thomas. lettt'rs 'j. . '. '_••_'<... Inl. _'. tavern at Kin^'ston. ("a]it.«)o. to Newport and '20f^[ L'0!>.'Iy. . .:hters. wife ami tlaii^'hter. Maekay.t.•^2. . 70. dines at Brush Jlill.{(«>. S'J. Iso. .. 1211.. Mann's tavern. mend)er to ('<)nj. ("aleh. 8r».'X\5. and Mrs. of the Loi'injz. >LiIeom.". Ham- LN'uds. Lit tie."»o. 107. McNcal. dines at Mrs. of Surrinatn. 17. John Linzee. iss. ll. 17s.. McW IS'J. little Falcon 'Sam and Hannah.'i. 'Mn. 'Jon. L"-'-! .. L'lS. 12. :V2(\. VJ.f Fire flub.. .ovell. .. 'J4«..>.'!' Kivcr in Capt. 201. Henry. ('apt.'. i(i!». 240. spends the eveninj^ at liUdy brankhand's.lohn. Maekay. t Mc\'ick. Mc(^uarter*s i)v Taunton.>..'. 71. L'OO. . and wife ami dau. 170. Miss Lydia. Ke^^iment.loliii. ('apt. ('a]tt. . Loy<I.?io. PM>. cury. Cahlwi'll's cutter..'517. wife of Capt.1. Lawrence and Mary. J. Malh't 7. . ('ajtt . solicitor in the cus- Mt'Kintosh.»7o. neral of. I)r. inil. McKowan. son. Lovell. ('apt. Mr. ('apt.M'ess. Me Daniel.ress frcun Massachusetts and one of three t(> ]iresent jtetition to ( 'on. ship seized. IW). o. . 72. . Kowe pves dance for. Manley. •_'<«». 104. Walter. >Uss Hettv. Little.'(>7. 17S.Iohn. ^IcCartney.'.. Malt by. is:. Lon.. Miss Lydia. . herfatlier's nuirsails iii the Ih-Mvei-. Mrs. 12. Samuel. of the Mer- ham. Susanna (Inman).'. McClean.0.. 'JOO. 170.•'.

Montague.'9. Mat diet. 207. 79. Meredith.'ooils.276. 71."ai)t. chosen selectman. 71. 191>. Marshall.!..New .. 16'. 140. 2. 227. 2X6.overnor. 1!». ISI art ill's tavern. llev. 167. 150... let ters from. Kobert. 2H6.. 94..<its. Morlev. 67. Capt.t. 271.'>.?. 224. i>ays farewell visit and York. 24. 24!». the 14th Kegi- 201 1.h). 277. which l. •_>.u2. ..lames. 273. Ilutchinson. and an a^'recinent not to anv j. solutions of the city of . Samuel. I'rovoz. 206. <lissolved. ])ri'sent 62. Marlct. William. 110. . 21. daughter of . 69.. 85. 21«. to funeral 2. 116. the . 171. Montague. 22.. 268. 172.. Montgomerie. in which Gov. 17iS.lohn.3. ISIarshall. 23(5. Miss. Marshall. Mr. Capt. of the Tartar.. 2tW.7.-. i»ost. John. 97. 273. of 140. Capt. m. Mrredith.-. 179. of Marblehead. 148. 88.. Minerva.. arrived in lioston. Murray. Moore. M(uitagm*. is'.. 4H. 40. Martin. IHM. lietsey. . Meicer. death of.72.S. 151. Meadows. ir>2. 257. 169. (4eorge. of Newburyport.' act. (ajit. 246.. James. (. re^'ulatin^. M<u-tiiner. Dorothy. sails for England. si. an 2<»1. . lU-v. Mr.'"). r2'. . :!l. Of). Admiral John. 12. Christopher. Mrs. Maxwell.. Silas. Morton. 270. 9o. chaplain of the Salisbury. 76.. ajul live at Uowe's. Maxwell.hie.. 2:<3. about loaf ch(»ose sui^ar duties. 2Sl. 267. Mugford. 248. 179. and Mrs. Capt.lames. 249. Marstoii's.t. and where stat i<»ned... daughter of Dr. delivered an oration at the funeral of J)r. 91. come wife . 171 I'.SM. sails for Montague. . 43. 2:«5. Morton. 246. 'Die New 17H. Sir William. ( "aitt 130. 272.. and wife. IHit. 105. 249. 211. ("apt. John. Mr. M(^lesworth. and daughter sail for Mi not. 20S.-. . Milieus.33. 37. the ^'eneral's sei'ietarv. 24H. Capt.s. of."2. :{. 148. 204. funeral of. Patrick.. Men-of-war in the harbor. Col. . . of the Canceaux. IGO.. Dr. 169. of C^iiebec.. .')7. Thomas. . Mcudall. Anna. Jonathan. lo. Molineux. \'orl<.. Samuel. Capt Milieus. 21:'. 171. Bunch Marston.Jno. 233. 224.. of. Moselv. (Jfu.u'n Thomas. 88.. 214. Mr. ('apt. Muriav. 53.. 96. man to the . 212. 21.!•. Miller. and 2. 192. the Nortli Knd. Montrasor. Mr. Mat rin. 1. (Jaj^e with ad<lress.>07. ISIartin.'. Montague. Moorhead. funeral 1 '. Maturin. ]tost cajttain the of in Kove. death and 216. Mr. Knglaiid. 1!»6. of Mieiit. (See of (ir:ii)es tavern.329. choose eonimissioners to treat with New l.lames. 7o. Mitchell. at 12o. Mason. petition dismissed at town meeting. Merchants' meetings. 225. ad<Iress 178. 109. The.i. 2. . funeral of. «leath of.. 31. 242. (Jeorge. wait on (Jen. 193. Enp'land. ("apt. Warren. i't^^ 229.Miss Soi. 240. Marra. 243. Cai)t. 145.327. 18<). I'aul. Mason. 2. Miller. 94. 179. 260. . Mather. Jonathan.310. Montgomerie. 225. two Misses. Calahan. William. .39.". Haven. daughter of Murray.Miller.. 212. 156. 441 81. 273. Mowat. Minot. i 1!H. 272. Pil eoniniittee «)f nine.t. Mills.. son. S3. Ca]>t. .:.rejtare 68. i(il inii»«u't pi. Capt. with Mrs. 219. made C(unmand 23. Mumpford. Marsh man.'»:! to the reai:r»'e icpoits. 253. Kev. 245. .. 22! I.) 2'. 20S. 240. .. . 21 ami funeral.3.INDEX Miller. Capt. Capt. ^lr. chairof conunittee of Sons of Jjiberty to wait on consignees of tea. 4o. 'I'homas. Marston. Ma\ lit'W. Mr. and ^Mrs. ('apt. of New \drk.''27.i2'. Cajit.

and tried for wife. Cai»t. 177L'. Lieut. Major. !I2. is'.. acquitted. 2. 174.<». ill. chosen councillor. of l»roi>riet()rs WK death funeral. 11. Mus.U. 210.Vndrew.>2. 4(»7. 1(. I»i5. m«»derator <>f town meetin. L'. Lynn. at ive. Otis. 07. of tlio Inferior Court.ns his commission. .. (VI. Oliver. i. l:M.t. William. Murray. Duke of. .. 117. 117.'WH. . 101. eva('uali<»n Cont inental mops. Newcoinb's tavern. to Knuland. 21S. 4. son. . Mrs. by 1. Oliver.{. Norwood's tavern. lf>2. 2S2. 40. 2().i. Murray. Oman. Mr. Thomas.!t>4.. Occuni.?. Widow. of Ness. 7ft. of Assembly passes sev- eral resolves aj^ainst his conduct. Ncwall. 4"_'. *J.T. Johii. and fanulv 'J4(. 2.' ISC. chosen dinner councillor and ne^'atived.''H. l-vS.s.'. chosen rejjresentutive.. Rssex. lires. 1K5. and Mrs.?. Hutchinson as . I4th Ke^i- Mcnotomv Fond.ii).». • ISM.INDEX 442 James. 2S2. O'hara. :i74. Noyes'. secretary. r_>«>. marries Kev..2. 24!>.^ravc..>'J. 247. . Murray.i. Nichols. •-'47. and wife. \'M\\ oiu' of the Wharf. dauj. Andrew. .-. -20). Stoughtonham. of Kutland."s it').. 113. II. . 207. with family sails for Cape of Fear. 2(U 212. 'J. Capt. John. Daniel. 4:i. 12J. Ntwall's. tavern rejucsentative. 22S. 2S2. Salem.'atived. committee- son. 140. 77. 2C2. :i4H.. lit).-col. p. Rev. an<l wife. the Mr. Murray. OS. :5!K>. John. M urray. 27. Ui^ilit Hon. Murray. ISl. 4_M.. lir. C. John.^ 100. Murray. Miss Folly. 125. ir)5. 10. Cen. 171. 2. Oliver. !:«>. Samuel. l. 04.'hter. James. which adj(Uirned to Dr. Otis.. Chief Justice Feter. chairman of committee of twenty-oiu' t(»wait on (lov. Xcwcastle.i. chosen representative. :\'M\. 102.l»ly i:\\\ used by the pt-oi'le at tlu* time Robinson and Otis atfray. liL'. 14."). 104. 24S. 17. 41(».UV.Ki.. 24H. ii2. of. icchosen waits on cillor. 101. ss. 2S1. 177. 'J.<. Forbes. at between him and RobincounOov. James.. 40. llenrv. letters to. relating to him reai)iiointeil chief justice.S. 215. Col. 40. Lvnn.?. 1^8. 2S7.. 21S. I>. wif»'. 07. and nej-atived.!. Ojxilvy."»4. at ter.uo. '2i\r>\ Oliver. Ca]. . lOS. John. 37:^. S'.. chosen meelinu."i.t. Nickerson. Major. 2. lt. Barnard.:. Natlianiel. . 71. nu'ut."L't. returns '_'. Sir Arthur. 4. Col. breaks wiiulows in the town house. Nichols. Newell's. \:VA: 141. . rechosen an<l ne. Newman."».. lO't. 17!t. Kev. Oliver. Ansell. OS. 10'. Noyes. -jrov.'><i. son of Col. 27S. :M0. 2()4."?. 2S. . i."GO.{0. Janu's. Faine.{7. Sandwich. 12. of Newberry. rouj. Ca]it Onslow. 'J7. 104.'. Ne wall's Kio. jiul^e ir. 141). Mrs.. L>s:?. Noble. Timolhv.i. 4. 21. Thomas. 411. declines to relin<iuish liis }i:rant House from the Crown. Newton. . of.. Murrav.O.{.i. 2!K». 2S4. «liary. C. 217. 1".v">.. 47. 14S.""..M». Sewall's I Nicliolls. «h. an Indian minis- Oliver. 4'). Miss. Lieut . son of Col. and US. the wliole House presents a remonstrance to the ^'overnor. Newton. 115. \'ork. of tlie St. . .. and wife. 17S. trial . P>0. 10!». 1S7. 104. la-^. assaulted by Uobin- son. New and 151 •_"_':5. and jtresident the council. :\\H. 1771. Nazro. Capt. for^'crv. 41.». Murrav.Mins from his window.W. sail. *m».'>. at tavern..{i. at. OIU' of his Majesty's council . rei'hosen as rejiresentI'echosen councillor lu'^atived. lieutenantof -governor. and wife. 44.{: chosen sjieaker. '2M. Lonj. Capt. Oliver. i. . .. James. 24: resij.».

Otis. Samuel Allen. 413. .'h. 24. 205. \Vorcester. 125. l'J5. and wife. 31S. Bernard. Payson. 210. 251. Dr. IHO. 143. Pepperell. Thomas. 133. Ebeiu'zer.. 307. Parker's.••. arrives. neral of. . !!•. lOS. 241. representative. chosen l(). 331. Otis. Lord. 3. ])etition dismissed. i:io. 72. 2H2. (or Col. Pattershall. letters to. Peele.. >lr. Admiral. 329. Parker. death of. Parkman. 243. 2t)2. 252. Charles. Otis. 155.VJO. returns from Kngland and beat assistant Trinity 'liurch. Major Isaac. Paine. 24. HO. chosen councillor. 313.. of the Navy. the itro]>rietors havV(»ted the church vacated ing by Mr. Percy. llon of Independence at Trinity Chun. Mr. Sammd. Walter. 422. wine com- mittee about the granarv. Jr. Timothy. Palmer. William. James. 171. Tluwuas. John. C^apt. of the 04.i. Jamaica. Miss Polly.'. Phillips.3. 217. comes . 70. 2. 314. Rowley. Perkins. Palfrey. of Bridgewater. Sir William. Parker. 88. <t3. funeral of. 12(J. 2:U». and wife. iSamuel. Rev. of Taun- 274.of 45." 19H. Palfrev.)3. 118. . Mrs. 2'J2.o5. 112. 99. hs. 19_'. Perry. 270. 271 . Perkins. gives brilliant ball at (. James. 37. Mr.32. one of comnnttee of twenty-one to wait on Gov. Willianj.v. James. 110." ^>>i 21.. 2<J..ludge. Chelsea. 250. banns published for the first time. 195. Perkins. 275.'». 2S4.'. 1«J0. li>2.. of Newport. Dr. 45.. 37. 109.. IVme. 220. lOS.. Parker. W. 235.. Capt. rechosen councillor. 187. 317. \i\\ 234. 1.iH. Overing. 187. Worcester. Pernard. 316. and Mrs. 147. 123. 145. 115. Rev.37. . Peacock. four moidhs tield. in arm at time " lioston right of Massacre. Peet. . father t»f the Rev. 110. "Klizabeth. 230. Pendjerton. 310. of Edward. Payson's tavern. Paine.s. Pluenix. one of the com- missioners. IwentT-onc to wait on Gov.'>. 14. Pashaw. The Misses Joanna and Hetty.. Mr. Perkins. 277. Kev. 210. 270.. 79. Pease. and wife. death of. ton. 172. UK).310. MS.H1. 314. 145. 27<i.J. cari»enter. 79.. IVpl»er. 00. 20. Perkins. Paine)._'S. :i20.. 272. Hide.27. 179. of Paddock. of I'ortsmouth. 147. one of the 2«i4. Perkins. Perkins. live to go to cointiiitttH* (JeiU'ral Congress. . 0. 2!n>. 293.INDEX man for the town of Boston. child christened chosen in- cumbent minister of Trinity ("hureh. 220.3. ton. Samuel.. 1H. . omits iK'titions in the liturgy ( for the king and royal famrei»«ls Deelaruily. 187. 105.'oncert Hall. is . of Young. fu- Otis. SO.s. in councillor. Pavson. 2. of his Majesty's council. Partridge. 10. . 32G. 1(. 298. Pavne 240. Nathaniel. PembertoHj Samuel. Lieut. William Lee. sets out for exile at Med- 211. 215. . JKJ. 320. Paxton. 41.0. 225. Paine. of the Pos215. family 104: sworn Roxbury.'. . Payne (or Paine). . 144. 270.Mr. s. 250. 2* 14. 2h. one of the 20S. 105. i)reae]ies for tlie first t ime. Paxton. iSamuel Allen. 120. HH. Parker. 112. 251. Parker. I'Jl. 30. seized. 270. store broken into by the soldiers. chosen.. and sail. Perry. 207.. Daniel. 10i>.30S . 2s. IS. Rev. at Rutland. 331. Madam. «M). 09. 110. Rev. 315. Howe's bookkee])er. 'J46. 208. 320. of the 2(«». Palmer. Robert. Peitperell.Samuel Treat. 172.S2. Kichard. one of committee 87. o\' the wounded his Malaga 213. 443 Patten.322. 313. (. NViHiam.aitt. Treat. 310.

Price. 179.420.>.. l. 2os. Mr. William.. ter of . 2..lohn 'a}»t (Kiigs) Phillips. lo. Plpon. chosen :?10. . Phillips. m. 140. 2S2. 'J'JS. cillor. Andrew. . :?22. made judge is the «)f Inferior Court. .lohn. . lit2. Pool. Peterson.^).. ment . 114. chosen councinor. one of the proprietors of Long ^\'harf.\. 15. i'. Polls. the ship . 17.I<'(lediah. Majesty's council.245. Jery. Powell."». 2«)0.8. 104. one of the proprietors of Long Wharf. .45. 245 204 rechosen coiincilllor. 271. Judge William. 75.vj. Pertersby. . Pitts.57. 87. Pierrepomt. H. (Jillam. !(>. Pownall. Pratt's tavi-rn at Xeedham 2!>. 124.!8. 40. Porter. . one of lamiiconimittee. IS)). 287. 121. 127. pt-). oOH: sets out for four months' exile at Medtit'ld. 105. Phillips. councillor. I'Jl Capt.INDEX 444 tivken lip an<I carried to Jail. H. . . 147. l. ( Pickering.. Mr. daughter of Will- iam. Massacre. 200. mo. IS J. I.. OS.. chosen (councillor ami negat ved.s i. Aaron. (apt. iso. Powell. 'J7"_'. . Price. lL'i>. .'5.t. Phillips.i. death of. 11«». Mr. sii. 102. i :M2. . of Falmouth. '24'}. Mr. \'u>. 09. 145. 4(12. of Jason. Pitt. Pitt. >Ir. wife of ('(•I. 270. «>o. so. Cai>t . . 4. 207. of Portsmouth.S.. ll.S7. councillor and negatived. Price. 20m. l>44. . Miss.lohn..5. Deaeon William. I'rescott. and Anne Preble. one of i>roi>rietors of Point Shirley. PrescoM.").. Dr. and wife. 110. Pre'ole. 187. uv. Phillii»s. 272. W2. oiu' of the projuietors of L(Uig Wharf. 45. and wife. 2:?S.5. at Merchants' oiu! of ir>->. 244. Pral. . of the court cillor. rei>resentative for Hoston. Major. P»2. '2(u. lawyer. . (apt.271. Prat. 77. IIG. '_"_*7. funeral erf. 145. Potts. Phillips. Poor. ("apt.?. 204. 12. of the . on trial.Mrs. Kaneuil. «iL». 7'.n.. chosen representative. l.'s. committee pio. 1 'hi Hips. rechosen and iiegalived. 11«. tived. 201. 272. of the Viper. clujsen coun- Pickering. William. Pickering. Christopher. let- 2!'.lames.ij :ut). I'ickering. ..i85..eklel. 221. 17s. Samuel. Preston. 121. 400. Dr.-). rechosen and nega'Jr»l».<. John. K/. Pomroy. Hi». C:ij>t.lohn. !>S. Pratt.. Phillips. William. one of the proi»rietors ot I. 107.U'rator meeting. . 401. chosen rejuesentat ive. . ami wife.lohn. Pitts. s7. ('apt. Marv. Kev. 210. 72. Pettij^rew. chosen of liis IKi.. chosen counrechosen. Col. Phipps..!2S. Powell. 22S. I'ourvier. Wharf.ii. Powell. •. . IJoston !«>!•. chosen of his Majesty's council. Ill. Col. York. 08. 41. Phillips. 'J. Kitch. VX). 2d.. Pike. P> ridge. Capt.'>(>.i. WA. IL'I. . Miss Pella. Porter.?i(t. re(diosen. and wife. Pickman(or Pitman). 121 rechosen coun.. '2Ar). '2(Y2. David. Pri'hlde. ."lO. representative. 257. 185... . Avis (Phillii)s). Miss IJetty.117.Judge. Capt.. 2. Phillips.Wfh Hegi- ir>s.>17.U5. chosen representative.{. of nine. of Salem. .'4. rechosen councillor. and daugh- SO.". 210. Mr.. . Col.lohn. 217. i. of Halifax. Ilenrv. u. I'ost . 228. Port Pill. of lulmi rally. . Dr. 'J4it.{. cillor.?. ters to. Prince. Jedediah. 175. 72.. chosen 'JdS.'7l.vj. 171. 174. Pidgeon. iw. 144. ISO.os.. 2. 170. again In the ministry.». . and town meeting relating to. 'J70.•. ( Jov. iMO. I'ottertield. Jeremiah. Pitts. arrival of. Piemont's tavern at Danvers. lOS. 245.

Rayner.. (. 271. 122. Robbins. 27. . 174. cillor. one of the proprietors of LoiiK "Wharf. VM\.'. Aaron. . Rockinjjjham. Robertson. Samuel. Nielibirs school."». 72. one of the pro])rietors of Cam]»o liello. 21H. 210. 47. Francis. Proctor. Richardson. i>urser of the Kdmund.. Col. :i:'. Ro.-).lames M.lud^e William.'*6. .. 327. iiiH' New- of Robins.".. Richmond. who killed the boy. Propcrt. . of tlie Senegal. Ml. Richardson. Salem.?. Mar([uis of. 106. 240. 2. 20. 207.'). j. :uirj. 440 <tS. one of committee of 12. 'M\h.i. 121. Quincy. (^uiiu'V. chosen coiin- e 11 lor. Capt. Read.{. . Pyiichroii. Capt. . 27f>. 104. .is.i'. hiwyer... W.«». 110. 2.7.o.rj. 222. Richardson.. much dam- sohliers. .s.'ers. New l». * Lively. 114. nam's.. Francis. 244.INDEX Prince. tertius. «. Richmond. 171. (it'll.i. Kid^'eway's ]»late. l\h(»(lt's.. 2. 185. . . 2t)0. P. 12. . and son.. 15«.. 64.loseith. 272. Daniel.Jo. Messrs.Jacob. :54:{. 247. Robertson. 124. . Qiiiiicv. I'ldimiiid.-. 11. . 244. on board the Active.o. 11. :5t. "The Dr. >I<»iton. "Jack. 27:5.o. Mr.5. Capt. is left at Mr. 2(. man . K<lmund. xw. Reed. 212. lost on \vltli somo 44. i. Sunder- land. I'rvci'. William. 14.. Ciii)t.^'ers.0. llHi. 104. 2. Edward. (apt. Mr.'J. 201. of Exeter. 10. 4:i. Res<duiions of the city of York. 2s7 sent home and school broken up.. lU'Vere.Joseph and Rotcli. (Japt.540. I 110.). Proctor.S2. Sir Tiiomas.{. 1(>. Quiiicv.!r>. 27"*. 27o. 27. letters to. Abi'UtM.. 275. I'aul. "m. 1H9. Rowe.. . examined IJ(. :\\). 117. l.losiali. Reed port. Robson. 224. 76.•. I'lilVi-r. ."»4 house . orKunist of Trin- Pront. 214. Root. '2m. Prill J?.'W.. . . l. tMitcis of the trooi. 240. 326. 259. MO. 140. 321. 207. Mr."». 112. of the 2'. 25S. act. C^niiicv. 246.1)SH. i:w. I'ut and found tried 1117. Ivobiusoii. 2. Rojxulatiii. 2:^. Jolin and Ann. Mr. 214. . Rich. 271 very ill. Robin's tavern.. . . Otis. 72. :54. Mr. one of coiiimil toe of t Wfiity-oiit' to wait oti (h»v.'>. Job. organist at 'I'rinitv.U(i.». 2i. .it. Pavson's school at Pbilli]) Chelsea. 2(n».»o.5o*». 110.S. collector \'2'>. 2. :i44. 244. QiK'lch. Robins. 227. litMiiard. Ridnr. Mr.losiali. IIH. (Jen.")."j. commis- iV: I'ettit. .">4.. licadfiuarters. Mrs. .. . R<»l)inson's tavern. ir»<i. brother-in-law 22. 65. Rowe. 210. Ro^er. 1 '. . 2(). . 24'. ir>9. (Quebec. 170: assaults James sails for KiiKland. 1<). Uo. Walpole. 'M). 72. arrives from Halifax. 202.S.{70.a])t.{8. ir. kinsof Jolin.•. 221. Ro^'ersoii.>. Dorchester. .«». Reeves.dy/' before (_'l»atham. Rof^'t'is. .wo.."). Ko)»es.s.. to Rowe.2. Robinson. C^uiiicy. 74.1. Ikice.-?. James..Minm'r of tlie Heaver. . Mr. ^'oes to Rev.o.Ir. 7(5.5(>!>.'>2. 117. ity.5. 122. Joseph. KW. Ro. 'l Quiiicy. William.'57.<»5. Ili'iirv. master of one of the sciiools.il7. Ricliman. Xaihaniel. death and funeral of.. 2(H).?22. OIK' <»!' town commilti'c. 17S. :U. (^tiiiK'V. Rot eh.. John."». Richard's tavern. Friends .". 2:58. Major. Nathaniel.w2.'. 2:!. Richards. Mr. 2r.•i. Duke of.?. hrokt-n inio ami done by the Rand. Bernard. Richardson. Jr. 2'. guilty. lit). 320. Lieut. 35. Proctor.^ missioner.').. 2. ." son of Jacob.. 270.. chosen coun- 1.:ers. 276. 18(5. tweiity-oue to wait on (Jov. 72.'M).oi. Capt.

">2.' Stamp Act. .>S2. menibtr of the house. lt»t. act i(»n of ( irand Lod. . 22"). 205. 5 Club Tinunins. Ciuumittee of (»n to jtritvide corn.-l()«t. 7<i. iWS. . ^^"**» Club. acceptctl by the treasurer of chari- 7S.s.. 2H').'i. ISO.'i.S. 21 M warehouse . 2.r»H. . Ml-. iwi-j. 2(». Peter .u'e lirinley.. ' '^'"^' i!''^' ''V*' . 2lMi."t. 171.17.'»7. -SO. town . Hruce snit for by he conmiitte«' about the te:i<»n boanl his ship.v. . nu'ets committee on the excise act.i. 4. and of l. Kowe.Miincy. !•! .".i. which passes resoluiiojis and recommends that a committee of corres])on<lence be aj)l)ointed.. p. moves into chosen totreat with New York on lamp Kovrrnmeiit 227. ". he and Caitt. tertins. . death. 17(>.il.a5.4ives a dance to iilease "Suck\'.». (17. I70. si.222. l\(d)ert Hallowell. 17s.. and (Jeor.."ir. . .!!!. (I*hiHii)s). 4ir». the vote town.». on committee about Mr. 24(». stoi»j)in.{22. rejoiciii}. meets with the Merchants. 12S. . . .ajj. 17.. «il>. Jobn. F(u-rest.40.>.. 2l.v«»H.2. meets seh'ctmi'ii IJeau- (inxnd Muster of Nort h Auu'riea.. :'!•'.. 112. 4(t.aiie. Major member .. 2.e rtdat ive to funeral.S.". .j(»seph.s.v_'. pjs. I.'io.IXDEX 446 Rowe.. ."KS. 2(.". .i<il. in. cbosen to..07 on nine to consult iiixui the ( methods about . Pi2. . Kdwai'd C. mctnberof Fire .U). Kowc.U4. who aui'ce to the res(dui-ions of he city of New Merchants' t on c<»mmittee of Vork. . often on arbitrations.'d. nieeis selectmen and justices about laying' out a IR'W street in I'addy's Alley. in acarria^'e accident. . Kowe.s. on committee for . 2:51^-2(i4 jtrescnt al Merchants' meeting' relative to ihe tt-a. 41. etc.i>2.owii Wharf. f^.{. table society.'><•.lolm of John \'assall. :V2\*.!».'.. <k">.".'ivin. Howe supposed to be '. 2(><s 2ii7. isii-jstl.. letters .".". is select man for three years.V*. turns to Quebec. !K). of Trinity commit tee of 'hurch. but is n-fused. Ix-st immediate iclief. Hannah (Speakman).".j.n>.s.:•. 41t. tlu'y nu'et and appoint •I. 41.. . 22. 2<h).U'.").i7u. No. visits charIty schools with select men and overseei'S of the po(U'. 247. Pi'. . l(d.hily 4. ei^'hteefi Ihuir.. . 42u. \\ednesday Xij^ht Club.7s. Itowe. illness.'). . .n. i. '. coiniuittceniaii at Mereliants' mcotiiiK. t»»wu of named for him.!.s»».' tort ticat ion. member iient ('hurcb. 1(11 twenty-one to wait upon (i<>v. 1'.. 7. 4(K». ".7.U7. 2:i. to.".i.s. and ^'tUs etc.». . on Merchants' ComiS7j nuttee about the duty o!i loaf su^ar.iVered the o«)loiiial eoimnissioii bv the jjovernor. 4. member of the I'ossee. . commiitee. wife of . 27l>-2Sl .. and Kowc. 20S. wife of . [>ieut. one of the proprii'tors of l\»int Shirley. 122. 147. 4o7 . 70. ..wo. brother of . applies tor a pass to leave town.(. .. 17U.hdm.'i-an.' instructions to the I'epi-esental ives..(i. of Kxeter.1 . 27. oresent at Merchants' meetm.'!S|. . ..".s. 12«i.S7." 2o2. . uets excused from beiu^' tireward. Jacob...)'. appointiuK bim re- letter '^^'*' '''*^' birtb and iiareutarrival in Hoston.. 'Uernard. i»lun(lere<l for by soldiers. 242. and is ehosen eommitteeman. with Faneuil Ilall. '^'"^ '^ installed.Jacob of (Quebec ami . let ter from. or Koe. ..lohn Itowe.''>o. p..?S(). 2.". on committee for sale of the luMise. UJ.b»honn()t.7. 14:5. «.2. '2!7-22. on eomniittce for lillin. 121. the (h-part in. l!i7. t I ary. importations. lu of Quebec. .u warden chosen .'_'. :?. 'I'homas iirattle. becomes nromi- marr-. 2t. . . on c<»niniit tee about he >.<». ks.. Mrs. arrives America. day of a the repeal of for tir»' wani. ipj. 7. of 'Irinitv of uu-mber 1(1. who dine after at l. Harry. iX'Av. where commissioiu'rs are lU'w htuise on INmd l."taO. PL'. the road by the i»avinj.')7o.{..S.. is (. Hancock's donation.'. letter to. . receives com- uiissioii from Duke of fort.yA. up ihe tuwii dock. .. . U. 2.">. . s. 17C>7. 71.Vjt\.'). III.5o. 211.e. l."l.!i7.. . on of nine chosen at committee about meeting' I. Tenidope . i:. 2(>'.Hl. s}.'.").»4.. 2.

general. Ruddock.3. 21*!. 140. of Ilaverhill.(». Scot. 245. Savage. 4(X). 22(5. . ISO.1. 75.4e. •Ml'. . John and Anne (Enps) Phillips. 75.. 2:iO. 85.'). 227. dinner at Deacon Jones's. Ceor^e.t. death of. chosen councillor for Plymouth Colony. at Dominico. IJetlsv. :'."548. Thojuas. 2h. of Sherburne. Saltonstall. 78.Joseph. Russell. . 37. Capt.lames. Mr. 18<». ciiosen ctuiiicillor. and brother. 402.". 8. of Ejips.. i. letter to. Its. Col. re- 228. 74. chosen coinic'illor. wait 172. 29. the car])enter. of committee ol" on (lov.Tune 24.John's of l^ong Wharf. 2:i0.'U. Thomas. 144. 2. :?29. 7il.">. 447 Tlu. .^'. Rev. Saunders. Isaac. 152. Cai)t. . 109. iK). isi Col.301. 84. 118.>7. Rnssell.8. 284. Capt. . Searl.John. Inj^ersoll's. dinner at brethren.')<i. Mr.John. 217.. 1. Capt. .5. Sanger. Arthur. :j1(. 44. :{14. Howe. i. I7i>. child eliristeMed.. 72. Sever. 24. 1«. ISC. Sandburn's tavern at Hampton Falls. Scott. 100. !•><».. (4eorpce.. Say ward. Sewall. BraekeCs.«i. l. death of. William Syntal. . Savage. married Miss lU'ltv \' assail. Mrs.INDEX dauRhter of Capt.97.2. rechoseii councillor. . of South Carolina. Casco Ray. Rowe. 115. (Bunch ner . AttorneySewall. chosen of his Majesty's council and 417.. •. 2S1.?:. lt»7. 41. of ('oiieord. of Kingston. John. Capt. 2. 1G4. Saul. lianlwick. at dinner of the lodges Brother Bracket's. 87.Kl<'S. 74. St.5. William. . one twenty-one to 1G5.(m. Rutled.u.0. lu'^^atived.38G. dinner of tlie lodfjje at (ireaton's. 2. 127. his seat at the board. l. Riuldock. 78.(». 228.Hi. Dr. Samuel. rechosen. and wife. dent from Andover. . Sar^'ent. . ]>rietors of Long Wharf. 212.•! recouucillor. 2:'. . 5!>. api>ointed import ottice. 4.mas. (W.'. chosen Russell. feast at Biacket's on Boston Neck.5S.. 107. 27. 2. from Bedford.w.. 204. one of three appointed liord to confer with and (ien. Howe Rarb. 90. 171. (ien. 1 . . 22. 145. . Admiral. Savage. 145. 15. pr. . York.zI»'S. 247.Jeremiah Condy. .. Mrs. Scot.Jutlge Samuel. iH>sij5'iis 272.U. one of at St. appointed of Falmouth. Ru^'^des. :^7. present. 221.3.J no. (Jeor^re of Timothv.2. l'.. 45. collector of taxes. 152. Richard. 105. .. .Jonathan. . 22:5. Thomas. coiiiieillor. «i!» appointed 1H. Abijah. 22! Gloucester. 1S7. dinof (ira]tes). Mr.. io:{.IS. 272.. Mr. comittroller 2. i:'. .t2. Abram. Royal. 108. Scot. o2'. I's. jiresent. Mr.John. Sart. 20. Day. Dec. 312. Salter. and daughter.John. I.. Sava."..o. theological stu- ]SIr. 2. Mrs.JO. Saunders.Josei»h. Sarjeant. 71."). Sampson. »il>. Injii'rsoll's.^ Sandford. 2<>. Serjeant. W). Scollay.ze. Capt.'.. 195.-51. liusselj. 2S2. Ruf.")S. . of Cambridge. Sarj^eant. 245. <leath of son. IW: St. 2..")5.. Selby. 401. ". 140. . Col. 125.. KiH.i02. of the (iarlan«l. dinner of tlie lodj. i:>2. 147. I'. Russell. pro])rietors of one 158.. i:vj. . Cai>t.\ 171). 98. 397. 214.John. Ru^'^'les. . chosen. In^'M'soU's St. dinner at Col. . 108. 119. Bernard.'eant. Sears.. 22S. dinner of the Free Mas«»ns at Mr. brethren. Col. Sava.3. Rowland. 152. 43. iU 17...{.'e.57.. . choseu c(»uiK'illor. 2t. funeral of son.'. Jr. The Misses Polly and Roval. Ku.. death of. Marston's.s.. at 41 2. !». . 89. rJt. Arthur. 45. and lady. funeral of.. USl .417.-523. 107. 1(>:{. «•«>..201. lis. 2'2H. Feast of.

-)."-:!. I. 208.S. Sharp. 1(K>. (Jillx-rt 181. Stacy. 212. Si.'. Mr.. 203. Sinclair. lo7. Spear..<i. Smith. Dr. Mrs. f^ives a neK'alivetl. M r... the pi-ovince of Mayne... Shirlev. Sterliu}. or Stedson. Soaiues. 2tM>.". Spo(Uier. 205. Dr. (old).IXDEX 448 118.305. 1S7.t. Simi)s<ui. Miss Hannah. 173. Spra. R(»we. 2:?. ('apt.». . Dr. L'<tO.. funeral of. 111. 100. . ll'. Ktdjert. 122. . b't ter to. 133. t<» of. servant of John State Street «t5. 31.. 3<>7. Mr.>. .t. ShealVe.'i. lOj. William. Sewiill.-. 177. 4. isi. Snow. P. IHO). . 1(>5. Shei>]>ar«l. 2!t:?. l. 00. Major.. 2'. 163.Lrue. chosen of liis Maji'sty's o. James. Mr.3.. Stedson. of Edward.V). dau. Newburyport. 215. 10. 11). Mrs.'.q4. 175. Sb«'ppard..*'.30. 17. reehosen for councillor. 1. Sober. . death of. Smith. 105.34.. 1G2. Small-pox breaks out in Boston. 11. Snut'h. 83. 121. 1!»2. 104. death and funeral (»f. :!15. Mr.. 202.340.H21. cillor 2s. ITonrv. 225. from Loudon. 24. l'72. lnint:in .er.. 121. 117. death of. for Mr. Snudl.3. 1S7.'y. *' . l\'mbr(»ke. 112.". 84. 417. Lord. Smith. Lieut. chosen counIK'.!. llev. Polly l. Hannah ou^li. of Mai'lbor- 81. l(. 89.|iiii-es. . 41.50. 101.. . of Plymouth. 125. 110. 3«t. Kli/aU'th Inmati).M). 88. Si>arlunvk. Skinner. . 'j'. 157.'n. Slie. 147. Mrs. . wife and 1S5. 210. Jio. Mermaid. SliealVe. reiteal ot. 234. 210. . ('ai>t. 83. Henry. . ICO. isi. Mr. si>onsors 7<s 70.3. 181. Slaver's tavern at I'orismouth. 181.' . Smith. KJG. Kiclianl. los. IS'. Mr. . William.W. 1. marine of. ShealVe.. H8. Spooner. ball. (ien. ( 'apt.>. ni.. Major. ()4. cillor.lohn. Slu'rilV. 108. i:57. 115. 125.. 134.uhter. 'jo7. 213.i. 222.. 130. Miss. and wile. Soiit hi'ote. Mr. Shep]iard. of the .e of Boston. i. 125. Miss Sally. SheatVe. 02.. 1. 0»7.Ino. . Us. . (ien.. 173. 22S. 2S7.{. 2: '. 23'J.()f 115. Earl. Shaw.220. 120.arks. 173. Speakman. (see Kowe). >Lissaore. 1:^4. 181. 42. Adunral. 2S2. Mrs. 22S. Sir .. . 11'. Spear's tavern. . 127. \A\\ 101. 131.. Sjiencer. Mrs. S4.'S. 107. . Smitli. Speiu-e.31. CharU'stown. Sanuu'l. 132.. 122.!. Act. 124. ^^now. 102. Miss 150. Smith. 8H. ("aitt . Shirley. Smith. 8. 178.i.losejih. Ill.. Sherburne. Speakman. Skinner. of. i. l. Mrs. 44. 222....'.lames (see Mrs. Kis. death Shute. 202.<88. cliost-n coun1 and ne^aiived. Mr. 104 reehosen . . 3.^4. ('ai)t. 2. Sterns.. 3. 104.. i:«. Sherlock. Nathaniel..John maniaKe llooj.'.. Stetsoii. Mrs. Rev. 103. 117.{1S. 201. Walter's son Lynde. l.Sjieakman. M. 157.James. •_'2S.lonaihan. . Sliay. death ShealVe.7. Waltei'. a thief. 18.5S.57. Stamp (Jeor^^e. 257. Mrs. Kussell..Sjieakman.. Sherburn. 10. Ebenezer. 27S. Stabo.'.3. funeral of. SkiuiR'r.. and wife. re- •_'45. Siej. Si^'ouruey. "ai>t . Is:iac. pt. 215. Smith. Smith. ('a]. cU'atli of. .'U".bdui Kowe. Shen-ard. HiuKham.35. 137.: 121. Shouldham.lolin. Mr.Stamjt odicer. Wlllia>n. 107.45.2. Charles.. chosi-n. 8(5.. 121. 21. Southmead. 53. Speakman.108. Os eoiuu'il. Ships of war (12) in the iuirbour. Levi. etli<. Miss Hella.V). ("apt. 140. ( Southmead. Nathaniel. of 21. OS.itVe. the Salisbury. . 17S." 107.{. ottieer of 217. 230. 127. Miss Suky. arrives.34s. 120.!:m». .

u. ico. Deacon.. . Stone's tavern in Stonghton.. (The Peacock). pm. 2r. 243. lirit ish ('(dfee house (see Mrs. 27. Flisha. Kent's. Plymouth.. Lynn.'s.<i. 107. Pit. on Boston Neck. Sandwieh. ice.0. 274. Sw«'et/. 2o. \\ atei'town at Coolidge's. r)2. p".. widow (iodlrev's. ham.T*.. IS. Swain. ll. — tlnued): . 127. 10<>.. at (ireeidand. on Charles Kiver.. 107. at Shrewsbury. 105. 127. r>. at . :'A\rt. 107. 2 IS. 140. Storer. Koxburv. Mrs. . Stevens. at Marshtield. 81.'>K.5.:5:{7. Bullard's. so. L'4it. Mrs. 4S..S<». St ill man. Canton. lol"... Kbene/. one of the proprietors of Lonj. (Jay's. 3. Kllis's. funeral of. SaiiiiH'l. Satwuel. 2.H. I'Vsscndt'n's. at I)orehest»'r. W. Sumner. 113. Hallow's. 22t'i. . Tapley's tavern. P>2.3.i7. 14(J.i<s '247. 101. 1»7. "ol.John Talbot. «»4. 217. 113. 2.-Jpj. ICo.". Lord Visconnt. l<t2. Cnteker's. (m-m. 107. and his from llhode bottom sho]> at of Cole Laiir. 3«K}. P»l.s. Tasker.s. 3|M. Needham. Neek. Sun. How's. 147. 'J44. IS.*»o. Fisher's.. (The Turk's Head). Cant. ( Storer.-. . rclijtse of. <>*). 2^o. . Thomas. lp».hdm. 13-1.. l'.Mackintosh's.('. 13«. Stonghton. Stratshur^'.rai)es (Col.'.. 13<. (apt. Kxi. Rox- Child's 7(1.. . 48. Duxburv. 203. t's. :52L Swift. 2'.i. Ford's.'. at Hing- Stiiru'is. 74. PKi. 100. 131.". 120 22. lo. 203. at Doty's. ph. Stewart. King's . Ht". I'os. Stillwell. John. 22ts 2:». Stori'.2. (ioodhne's. Symms.. at Dr. at Newburvport. Folsom's. '2r*-'2\H).1 449 of the 24">. at I'lvinouth. Wliarf. bnrv. (. . Furness'. isi. ni>.INDEX 03. on Lynn Plain. 1<K». Swat liri<lps .. 14(. 310. 20U. 131.»7. at Kaston.' Ilraekft Cordis'). 2p. l7l.'». Stewart.Sudbury. Mis. Boxburv.. 221. 02. at Wrentham. Hraekett's.. 1 p. soll's). 17o. ip. 10L'2. 413. 2C. arriv»'s in the Niger.'57. Needham. Bridge."lO. (Jideon. Kaston.'. at Sandwich. 240. of the Lively.'.">(>. lo't. Thonias.Nhirsion's) 321).{.">. 113. 32S."o. Taverns ami CotVi'c Hotises: lilanv's. 102. Clapj.Vrms. •_'17. (British collee house).in..'^7. 24. (Cai>t. 104. ter's. . . Crami»ey*s.l. 4H.irdner's. l'>rai"ntree. 240. . l. at Salem.i. collector of New London.'>(). Mr. Mr. at Norton.4. Kev. 2»»1 . Taverns and Coffee Houses (coh- . Howard's. 104. P>1.. Stod«lard. 'Captain. 12". . 12.). John. 240. Mr. 4M. now 101. :w. ICO. . . 110. Bryant's. Islaiid. Howland's. Stoddard. Hugh. 2. 12!t.».'ll». '_'')7. . lis. Natiek.'. 10«). .')3. Steward.W. 4S. Braekett's.. 50. Cai»t. Inu'cr- l. or Cushing's. 2r. in School Street. .i. ('apt. Sullivan.. Tarbu't.vj. Johnson's. 173. . 2:'. '. McW'horter's. ins. .-. Mr. 12<». 31.'>(>..•3.1. 215.:. '.i7. Marlborough. 37. at 7»). Dorchester.t. (The (Jrey(ircaton's.'a]tt . ^Llnn's. is. Buncdi of (. Mr. 1:13. K«'ndiiek's. hound). 1*H).. at 3. 2. i:. pi7. on Charles Kiver. 143. (I. retire arniv on Boston 122. J^edham. Vmu broke.Nlrs. 15«. Me (Quar5o. Hall's. on Boston Neck...".'. Sylvester. aO.v.. 172.. . Svmonds."lO. at .7. Kingman's.' Davfuport's. Stevenson. . John Chamnney's. 4(X».<). Mrs. i. 143.i). C(»rdis'. . 222.. 214. list Storniouiit Strand.o. . l.

iiseiid.T.")<>... Temple. 12s... 120.>. Kowlev. ^ :UG. 125. Teinph'.. 1!K). of the Thojuitson.. Pu'V. Mr. 20.. li. 21M. ot iregory. Ml. l. ai»p'>inted judg*' oi' Sui»erior (_"ouit. Thomas. Provin- Isaac. ot Lebanon. Nicholas. 211. Xeedliam Bridge. Rev.'514.-. Bohinson's. wife.u(i. Lee (see Buncli of Grapes). \Val]>ok*. Survevor-Reneral. Woodburn's. 'MX at gal.S. 41<). William. 125. !>4. Capt. the . 4o<>. estate of. cials. Tavlor. 17M..!. ST. MiK M:\. of the Sene- Newconib's. Richard's. Ca]>t. is. ot. Weathersbv's. . 00. i:ol)ert. Ill. . si. Tillson. 74. . Tlutmas. rp •Mr. I . sails for England.... T Tucker.Uf». 'J'amar. Oxiia. of Rev. Telighman. 21. i. . s.s2.. and wife. i. death of. 282.INDEX 450 Taverns and Coffee Houses icon- Thomas... Triiomjison. I'erez. 42. " . . 220. 210. . Jolm. 208 Marston's. 170. 125. Mary. ( Tiollet. in which (it)v. Woodward's (Widow Ames). VM. riiompson.57:5. and wile.o. Tr«»ui lieck. "141. . 41. :\:v. l\»\. Nathaiuel.. i:i7. rp of Marshfield.lolm. Bernard goes passenger. cliosen councillor. i:'. . CajO . 41. S2. and wife. l»ort. 247. 25l». 81. IS.'. r>(».7.. 120. l.'hton.1... Miss Bessy. . .\'?G. Trow bridg*'. .». "'(). Norv/ood's.'W. inr. Lynn. 12. Trrundtel. Mrs. Taylor. ("apt TTudor. Capt TTiiimball. an(l ML 122. 174. and wife. ("apt. Noyes'. 27:1.-)0. Payson's. 127. ]S4.. funeral of. Tlllrcr. . 50.. 5lenotomv. F. Taylor. 220." 150. man-<»f-war.. death 2S0.. :. Trii(»mi>son. :{2r.. dained. Temple.-). Pieinont's.. 214 Dedhani. S2. letters to. To!. child 17S. ss. . Mrs. Stone's. 24. U>«>. Kipou. 4n. Temple. Ipswich.-. Waterman's. 12s. I'enibroke. Tobv.. at Stoughtonliani.. nseiid.!. of Newbury- Temple.{(.. ene<l. 121. 175.-).. Temi>le. . Thatcher. IVAH. of (young). christened the Tra<'ey. 'M:\ T riiomas.2<>.. . Sr. Sandwich.». 01. 215. 50. Martin's. 110. )5t. 2S. VM.{. 2. 207...nO. 'J'avlor. Ticadwell's tavern. Capt.->. Miss Henrietta. Lancaster.i:. PIS. AVyndship's.Mr. Col. 2S. 242. I'ortsmoutli. 274.. 24«). ^Ie<l\vav.. sentative.'. Spear's. 41:5. Tow 'a). U)A.15. . 170. LSI. Stouf. IMiomjison. Widow. Tracy. 125. 210. Jr. Koxhury. 121. 24. r I > :'. .r. is. . ICM.. 122. Dorclicster. 2">o. Toleher. Lynn. at James. the tailor.. Timmins. of William setsout tor two months' exile at \Valtham. 24(5. Tudor. Kobin's. child christAngela. at I lard wick.:!. 41. 107.. . . Trot. Mr. Hampton Falls. lir).^7. John. l.. r»(). Tracey. Scituale. i. riiomjison. 74..."(). ma.. Slaver's. 17S. Tiuops come ashore. and wife.'. of Medford. 227.lisha. Thatcher. . 2'. . Pratt's. 22". l^oxbiiry. 2. ( Ifoi'ge. . . Trruman.. and wite. Mrs.!. at Menotomv I'ond.. Tayhn-.S. 102. Thomas. Newall's.M r. Nathaniel Ray. . Col. Rillv. Tow or Winship's. . child <-]nistene(l. 'J'jot Tl'ot . 2oi>. Capt.:i5. is. 'I' l)anvers. the four Misses.!11.Mr. Tapley's.».. r»l. Rev. or- '.?. H4. Joseph. l. \Vdliam. 170. .'. delivers an oration in old lirick Meeting..\. IH). — tinned): 101. 110. lo::. 170. M-y. Robert. 2S!. 104.P.0. M'A.<.. rhomi>son. Tread'well's. 122. Nathaniel. estate of. Sanderson's. riioi-nltorougli. 125.'>t)0.Mr. 170. Lynn. l!i. at ^ IJO.. Ipswich. King's ('iia|>el shut and he conlined. 202.11. 45. chosen repre- Thomas. funeral of. 77. ISO.". 28. Mrs. 81.(». 122. Mr. one of town com2. death \-. V. Marblehead. lu. Walts. . renresentative. ." son 101 . ('apt. 151. 81. ii2. house broken ."d." 146. 1S7.. letters to.324. of Hristol. Kev. Itev. I2S. Kev. and tunt'ral of. i:vj • lti2 'Majesty's council. William. 227. daughter Miss.Vt. •J7.i. I'sher. IS'. banns puhlislied f(»r the first 111. 117. 2'. wife and !•'_*. death of..374.»7.iiul wife esca]»e drow !iinj^.Ino. l. Wallace. chosen reiuesentative.. Wi-bl). 'J-JI.t.. 347.C. I. 237.. of the . of the llose..". Casco. 69. one of l. one of the juoprietors of Long Wharf. SI. •jsc. ricnjamin. \Villiam. 37. 318. Vassall. 2. Mr. AVeat hersby's tavern at Menotomv Pond. ('apt. Mrs. 220. Arnold. \Valley. . Mrs. Vaidu^rne. of Meafonl. Waierman's tavern. 220.. 237. om* of the committee of lune. :<'JC. 70. 4:?. 3. Wallace. IT'. 2S2. 153. \'<»se.iiS. s..i:!. Henry. 148. s-j. C2. GG2..'•s. . and wife. JtlM.'.. Waldo. .'. 180. 253. chosen 121. Thomas.'.". 86. Daniid. 245. . 310.•15. and wife. and wife.. 339. of Fal"niouth.. 316. chosen of his iw. 230. . ico. to wait '. 'J". 344. Warden. 300si'ts out t(» the s(uithw'ard with wife and family. 171. ... Hernard. AVard. 'J-'C. Warren. H'A)._'. :5'. death of his Mrs. rechosen.37. 7J. Turrell. Wells. Artenius. 2CAJ. lu.")S..i. ISC. death of child. Kdward. ISC. so.». Ui)C()lis. William.*)U.. Wells. ins.-. apjiointed C(nincillor. 24S. 257.04. Vau Itanst'lcar.T. . 1^4. isi. 27. :VJ. loi). Walton. i:. -JK.323. James.VJ. IM. i'. 283. 04. Col. . Waller. Mr. of the Thames. 19:?. 'A'2X. . . representative. 238. William.. AVali»-r. i:.. i:i2.. 37S. . in Boston. 4<>7. Tlicuuas. MilU-r. llu. SI. 185. 294. Col. 2% into by the soldiers. ."?: child christened "Lynde. hk. 178. i:. chosen councillor and nej^atived.iii-oj>rietorsoi' ir)S.. Mr. Koxbury. llu.'t.c. iu'. *j:*>7. .'litfr. 70. Col. ill. 239. :r)2. «k>. 238. •_':'. its. 8. Washinf^on. 252. Tyler family's petition. k.. . 244.i. :'. Daniel. Tvni:. 139. Watt-rhouse.{0. of Milton (Sulfolk daui. 271. (Ui (iov.'>3. of Plymouth. oration by.iC9. ID"). V assail. Vernon.o7. Warner.K». 283. N'assall. I'lM '2M\ chosen councillor.". Koval.2\ l. 359.. Dr. 247. 222. . bad news from. . Francis.'h. 411.. 159. Vassal). funeral. 142. lime. of si. 270. Wats(ui. 148. Joseph. 21('>. I To.. Vassall. ("asco Hay. Francis. Mr. 182. tlu. 224. 17I. l. 242.. 258. Walker. mittee. . 203.Samuel. (-'apt. Watson.O. >Ir. Wallace. . 248. William. lU'riia'nl. sc.318. sister. the committee of of (Uie twenty-one to wait on Gov.:r. i. 27. Warren. collect<u' of J^'almouth. of 307. 147.t. 172. 214. i:'.?. Wells. letters to. Tvler. Waldo..?.. 201. Lewis. 118. 259. entertained by the .'..ouK Wharf. . Col.Major . Messrs. Dr. Kesolves House).Somersett. Weir.. s:i.). 70. 4'.. Tvler. 300. and Miss Polly. Jno.. 4S. "Watson. (Jen.. 303. one of committee of twenty-one Valentine.. 451 149. o(j3\ 394. lt>5.-. VaidMU David.Iames. 225.\ 20. I's-j. :iV2. (Jeneral (Jourt at Capt. 255. :i21. IT'J. Watson.INDEX 327 chosen . C4..2. Walts. leaves Hoston with his family.. Joseph (Col. ^Villiam. or David. 1st.»o. Wahio. death . Weeks. 17*».'>7. president of the council.'. s>. 310.. *' christened Turner. 271 318. . Ceorge.(h. . U5. CajH. 14. 79. Ca]»t. su. 22H. Ware. Willinm. Col. Caj)!. and of. MarstiuTs (Hunch of (irajjes). Kev. 250. 201. •J17.

fohn. Williams. AVinslow. of his SI.!s. at»'S.. .. . 4. relham.'uu.-. •_':. We!it worth."».">. J(din. representa- Whit worth.."«:*.l>. of. Whil nev.). 207. of Isaac.. rortsmouth. Capt. White. 27.. "Wenniil. ill.o. . :U(>.o. i. . . nient.'.. Marshtield.0.."UKS. ward's. :n. jail. (iov. .".-.T»l.ts. 12.\^s. 271. li'. of Taunton. and wife. Capt.. Oliver. 171. ii'o. 40. of Marhk'head. Miss Katv."iOth Williams. is.. Willson. Wiiislow.. 214.. 171.losei)h.i(»shiia. KH". of the Martinis ot !{ockin.-».uo. isd. WtMulall. Wheeler. Wind)!e. -Jos".. Col. -ji i. (iideon. one of ( Miss . .">(). 21. IJiehaid.>. 121....u:ham. 2S1.i. Micint'. i-ji.. '. 271. and son Sally. 'j. Yorkshire. ill..». A\'iuslow. Winshtw. 2S:{. Willard. 140. m«'t'tln. isi. Si.o. bv I'ierpoint's 74. }.>. tries his lU'W Abijah.. 122. oiu'of the prol. l"]d\\ard.. Itev. 2. (h-ath of. Willson. 2M. ^Vilc^^.i..lustic*'. Dedham. 2 IS. the Misses Pennv and •J74.<. . John.:?.. i:3o. 74. l!ev. . l. AVendall. i. 10. 1. s7. 70. li.7. lis. wife. Itoxbiiry..'.eor^'e. 21. AVilliams. (^uakeiess. JJachel. . Wiiislow. White. }. 120. 4. Whit well.7. cilloi-. . n. and wife.loshmi. Wiltshire. of 102. l. Israel. (. I. .'s. 22 J.. Jr.S7. Dr. r»<». Mr. 24S.'.. Smuuel.'•oo.. AVilliams.. and Mrs. Cai>t.oM^ Wharf. 2. . KJl. J(»hn.>ni- !.'. !'. Mark. IsC. 0:?. 72. . Mr. 212. Miss Mollie. St Wlu'i'lv... of Shellield.w«. HJS. Jnmes. Wheel wrij^'lit. funeral of. -. 22-1. \\'Iiirakt'r's.'. p-aduates. \\ iiislow.i. in councillor. 2(»7. ehosen. AVillson. White. 1 •. Dr. 121. <ti (!aiif P>. 107. I'Mward. (iuadaloujn'. 104. si. 110.U7. John. i-_"j. lO'j. Josejih. 2. Jack.Mrs. 172.'•. and (Jideon. Whit worth. i-echosen. 2ir). l>arba«loes. . 'M. ^\'illiams. Samuel. 100.U7.. . 114. West. 225.o. IIJ. 2C. Whitliehl.-.Mr. Col. :UKs. s. its. Majesty's of Mr. Whitmarsh. ('apt.. <lau^'hter 11(1. .u)7. 110. at '. 2t'. of Canibridge. I)avi<l. and (ien.ij. Maryland. 4 1 17S. (il. (apt. r>. Kegi- Joseph. re- AVilliams. Wiiishtw. 77. 1(H». funeral of. 2S'_'. . death IC. Widow Jolin. Wies.»1."». «-hi>sen couneil Col. 21. chosen eonnof Ilattieid. Miss 'ai>t.:*. (\A. 42. Whiteoml). Dr.'oes with a tl.r.-.». . White. lot". 2us.11 1. Went worth. I'S'j. 4. 20.. Jonathan. . .-. 24S.•. l>anks.:.. White. . 7»"<. chosen coun- and dccliiu'S to ^'o u]i. AVent worth. \\'hite. l'j. .. di'st r(>y«d. AViiislow.t.... . . NVinslow..s. Frank. ary. 62. Wt'iidall. 177. 12s. los.. 2!».". '_'-!!».t. 180. or Polly. 122. Mi IN. lU'j^a- (>. Nallianitd. si. Mrs. Welsh. S(». ei!l(-r. .V.!^'-house. Cap!. mit tee on tea aU'air. :. {. 2.l. 1:>1. !t"..h»aiina. IS'. sworn sudden death of.. Wood- later Ames's. Willimus.S. i'im. •_'. 2I'.. Tived. Cai»t. ss.. Samuel (younj.. William. 170. :vM. Col. si.!. 121.!. chosen . ICI.». pxi. l)riet(us of 22.lolin.INDEX 452 Welsh. 10}.. . White. I's. Job. 24.". of 'J'ruce to Com- modore c<. sd. wife. one of committee about the (Jran- i7!».". '2r>\).{. >iis.. AVinthrifp. 1. Williamson.t. SI. 2.".*. i:?o.S."!.". Dr. p. AVilliams. 181. si. son Whitwood. . 1 ii.)'.)7. son •_". AViuslow.7. and taken to arrested 85. . of \Vliil>i>U'.i.'radu- . AN'inslow. •_•!. ir. .. Wliiit])]e. ISl funeral of.Mr. i:{7. White. Winslow. 302. Cornelius. Went worth. Wethercd.ri^lit. '•'>'. lOH. 172. 211.'). 70. Kdward.")">. Mi-. tive."?. 2(U). . i:.

to. Wlswall. Capt. . 51. . lie v.. ia3. letter Woodward's (see Wiswall. chosen councillor. 253. 232. 84. Jno. Woodmass. 282. or Winship's. «M. letter to . 205. 4<J^t. Thomas. Woodburn's tavern at Ilardwick..INDEX 4ft... Sir Phillips. Dedham 2. 82. Kernard. funeral of. Timothy.:5G0. tavern. 271. Menotoray rond. 259. rechosen. Cai»t. Gen. Wolfe. Young. Worthinrton. Dr. York.Joseph.*J6. Wyndshi])'s. ..w. l. 3*h. 141. 282. 245: lor and rechosen council- iieKatived. rechosen. Duke of... 453 tavern. elected councillor.S. Woodbn<l^'e. Widow Ames). York. :i.. Young. 1G6. 147. Wood.m. of Casco. 114. Dr. Young. 22. death. 276. Col.. I'ek'fc. -l(X). 5K>. 144. one of committee of t^venty-one to wait on Gov. cast away on Toint Alleiton. Wood.W. }<>C. 417.




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