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Functions of Ghana Export Promotion Authority

Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI), Ghana established the Ghana Export Promotion Authority
(GEPA) in 1969 as the Export Trade Support Institution for the nation. GEPA is driven by its goal to
ensure that Ghana's export trade contributes to accelerated economic growth through strategic
aggressive marketing of Made-in-Ghana products in the competitive global economy. The mission of
the GEPA is the development and promotion of international trade. Gold, Cocoa beans and Crude
Petroleum top the Ghana-exports and the key focus is to diversify the exports from the traditional
products. There are 383 various non-traditional export products that are recognised by the GEPA
which majorly fall under the categories of Agribusiness, Processed/Semi-processed products and
Facilitating a wider supply base and developing newer markets for Non-traditional exports from
Ghana, providing relevant trade information to the exporters of Ghana to support their competitive
edge, developing programmes and activities for their capacity building are the measures aimed at,
to meet the global competitive demand. To meet these objectives, the GEPA is working hard at
coordination and development of the National Export Agenda which it wishes to achieve through the
blending of private and public sectors' export-related activities. GEPA has a registered client base
of more than 3000 export companies that fall into more than 17 trading associations.
The Activities and Programmes conducted by GEPA:
•National export awareness programmes
•Efforts to identify products with export potential
•Making the platform ready for the identified products by research and development. They also
assist exporters who are travelling abroad by providing with the visiting country's market data and
•Global goodwill construction through international and national trade fairs and exhibitions. This
helps by facilitating the exporters in meeting their global buyers.
•Extending necessary support for market expansion
•GEPA also provides technical advice on products and export marketing to its members
•Recommending the exporters incentives to the government ministry
The GEPA have identified their strategic areas which are required to give a velocity of
expanse for Ghanaian exports. They are:
•Market access and development through group marketing schemes, reaching out globally for the
event to enhance Ghana-established exporters participation and event promotion to the native
•Product Development and Supply Base Expansion (for selected priority products) is done through
raw material supply, knowledge base expansion through conducting various training and
programmes for technical know-how,

•Export Trade Information Dissemination and Communication support through trade libraries and
•Export Human Resource Capacity Strengthening by holding various workshops and seminars for
export companies regarding human resource and intelligence- management, product development
and by running export schools,
•Coordinating of Export Development Activities through consensus building and other export-related
brain-storming sessions.
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