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i SuMMoNeD a SaTYR


♪ iT’S THe MoST, WoNDeRFuLL TiMe oF THe YeaR ♪ THe FiRST HoLiDaY CeLeBRaTioN
oF THe GaNG (Rowney, BiLToN & CoSBie) oN Rowney’s LeaST FaVoRiTe HoLiDaY SeaSoN.

“Is there something wrong with the house?” Cosbie commented on his spot near the window
wearing only his usual dark caramel colored loin-cloth with his scapegoat trinket hanging on
his right waist as he notice some humid changes on the house temperature specially on the
living room where he’s currently spending some siesta time with Rowney and Bilton who are
loafing around on the couch, Rowney sighs upon hearing Cosbie’s comment and paused on his
current activity on his mobile phone and spoke; “Try wearing something warmer to get
yourself warm if you’re feeling cold”, “I’m not feeling cold” Cosbie noted whose also only
wearing his dirty brown colored loin cloth who appeared to have a warmish body aura
emanating from his body or maybe his body hairs makes him warm, his also apparently busy
watching some commercials on the TV. If you also wanted to know what is Rowney’s wearing
then I guess I’ll just say his wearing some medium sized summer shirt paired with denim
shorts. Now back on our regular programming; Rowney knew the reason behind the sudden
change of temperature of the house and it’s not because of winter season during
December, The place where Rowney lives is more like a tropical country that only
experiences two types of seasons; Summer and Stormy. You read it right! “Stormy”, there
are at least 4 random months on a year that their place undergoes from irregular changes
in the weather, for example: there’s this usual mild rain or heavy thunder storms during
December, some abrupt mix-up of sunny or rainy weather around September or November
and an unexpected week lasting typhoon between the 6 th to 10th month of the year.
“Whoa!?” Bilton remarkably commented while his eyes were fixed on the TV, Rowney took a
quick glance on the program as he heard a cheerful and jolly chimes of bells along with a
well-known jingle of an old carol and saw a normal scene of seasonal decorations on the
background consisting of red and green decorated tree and candy looking pole, people
wearing thick and fur looking coats, some kids sticking their faces on the window of a toy
shop and an average looking guy standing beside A fireplace inspired designed podium near
the entrance of possibly an inn or a family diner wearing a red and white outfit matched

with a cotton tip hat along with his fake beard doing some imitative laugh entertaining the
passer-byes on a snowy street. “Christmas” Rowney whispered after rolling his eyes away
from the program, “What did you say?” Bilton asked upon hearing his Master Rowney
murmured and straightened himself on the couch, “He said Christmas” Cosbie answered;
everyone knows that Cosbie has the strongest sense of hearing, overhearing and
understanding the least possible sound that a normal ears can hear. Rowney nods after
seeing Bilton staring at him waiting for some clarifications from Cosbie’s answer, “He’s
right! It’s Christmas” Rowney replied as he sensed another follow-up questions from Bilton
concerning about the relation of the scene on the movie on the TV with the word
“Christmas”, “Fine!” Rowney failingly announced after seeing both of the Satyrs curious
and inquisitive expressions their faces waiting for some description for the word
“Christmas”, Rowney snatches the TV remote to Bilton and muted the TV and called Cosbie
to sit on the couch beside Bilton for him to begin his lecture about “Christmas”, Rowney
begun speaking after Cosbie positioned himself on the couch and got both of the Satyrs
attention towards him; “Christmas is more like another festive event celebrated only
during December”, “You mean like Halloween during 31 st of October?” Bilton spoke upon
remembering their first festive celebration on the mortal world, Rowney nods and
continued on his speech adding the “Halloween” as an example; “Christmas differs from
Halloween, you both already know that Halloween is on the 31 st of October” Rowney stated
and received some nods on both of the satyrs showing that they’ve understands it and
Rowney continued “Christmas is celebrated during 25 th of December but sometimes people
got this habit of an early celebration as they started decorating their home with various
colorful Christmas themed decorations to have this thing they called “Christmas spirit”
throughout the entire month” Rowney explained and luckily pointed out the Christmas on
the show on the muted TV behind him as he shows both Bilton and Cosbie some traditional
and well-known Christmas decorations such as the poinsettias, Gift boxes, Gingerbread
houses, Those socks hanging on a fireplace and the amusing form of a pine tree heavily
decorated with colored orbs and glittering and furry snake like vines finished with small
blinking colorful lights. “It is indeed looks different with Halloween” Cosbie commented as
he distinguishes the difference of the Halloween and Christmas decorations that he had
seen, “Do people dresses differently during Christmas?” Bilton asked wondering if all of
the human festivities involves with dressing differently during the event just like what
they did last Halloween, “If you’re thinking about dressing like what we did last Halloween
then I’m afraid to say “No”, Christmas does not have any festive dress code” Rowney
replied then paused as he remembers something and added; “But we have this symbolic hat
that represents the season”, “Another odd looking costume?” Cosbie commented as he

tries to visualize himself wearing some strange outfit to go with the occasion, Rowney
smiles on Cosbie’s answer and noted; “You can call it a costume but it’s not really obligatory
to wear since that the costume only represents one famous Christmas being”, “Being? Does
it mean he’s not a human?!” Bilton clarified after hearing his Master Rowney’s explanation
towards the costume and somewhat speculated that the costume can only be wore by a
single being that represents Christmas like an elder who wears a symbolic ritual robe
during ceremonial events. “Santa used to be a human” Rowney noted to answer Bilton’s
question and continued as he tries to signal both of the satyr to pay attention and to
possibly stop Bilton from throwing him some random questions; “Santa or also known as ST.
Nicholas is a well-known Christmas symbol or being who is known for his gift giving on
children to spread joy into their hearts”, “He sounds nice!” Bilton commented then Cosbie
added; “What does he look like?” Rowney tries to eye out an example of Santa clause on
the TV program but unluckily found none, he then decided to google an image of Santa
Clause on his phone and shows it to the curious Satyrs; “religiously speaking: St. Nicholas
looks like a bishop or a mere priest who warmheartedly give out presents to the kids”
Rowney explained but he showed the well-known figure of Santa Claus wearing his red suit
lined with white cottony borders paired with big black leather belt with a gold belt
fastener, a black boots, the famous Santa hat and his white long fuzzy beard and a joyful
smile on his face along with the sack of presents and a pack of Reindeers resting and
parked on Santa’s background with his shiny red and gold sleigh full of boxes of gifts. “He
looks big” Bilton humorously noted, Rowney giggles and doesn’t want to explain further
about Santa’s body issue on his cravings on milk and cookies during his house visits for
dropping off the presents for the kids, “Where did he get all of those boxes?” Cosbie
pointed the sleigh full of presents; Rowney handed his phone to Bilton to give him some
time of amusement and continued on his lecture; “Santa got his boxes of gifts on his own
gift factory where his fellow elf assistants helps him create toys and wrap them for the
occasion”, “elf assistants?” Cosbie repeated, “Gift Factory?” Bilton added, Rowney nods
and tries to describe it but was interrupted by Bilton as he says; “Is this Santa Claus that
your saying is also like a summoner?”, “Why did you say that?” Rowney questioned out of
curiosity and Cosbie continued; “He have elf assistants helping him making gifts, it more
sounds like Santa is a summoner” Rowney paused on that thought and purposely theorized;
“So you’re telling me Santa summoned all of those “elves” to ask for some help with the
gifts?”, “All of those elves?” Cosbie commented and Bilton added; “How many elves exactly
did Santa summoned?” Rowney was now trapped by both of the Satyrs unrelated questions
concerning with Santa’s elf helpers and insisted on answering their question making it more
puzzling for both Bilton and Cosbie, ”His elves? I’m not sure with the number but let’s say

more than a thousand” Rowney deliberately stated, “That many?! “ Bilton surprisingly
answered upon hearing the number of Santa’s elf helpers and Cosbie added; “I wonder why
the elves let themselves to be get slaved by this Santa? What are their depts for them to
lend their skills?”, “Relax!” Rowney hushed the two satyrs and continued; “I don’t have a
complete details about Santa’s dealings with the elves so please stop bringing up those
questions!” Rowney begged and added; “Let’s just say the elves wanted to spread happiness
with the toys they created which Santa gives during Christmas” The two agreed to believe
on that idea and Bilton asked; “So? Christmas is basically about gift giving?”, Rowney gave
a distressed look trying to hide something as he doesn’t want to talk about the true
history of Christmas but he ruefully acknowledge the story as an additional facts about
Christmas and spoke; “The Gift giving is just one practices that humans do to celebrate
the occasion but the main reason of this celebration we call “Christmas” is to rejoice the
birth of the god who’s titled as the man’s savior” The two satyrs expressions are somewhat
more puzzled and intrigued with this “man savior” and why human celebrate his birth,
Bilton wanted to ask some question but was halted by his Master Rowney when they were
approached by him and kneels in front them and said; “I know you have bunch of questions,
but let me end this discussion by simply saying that Christmas is more like a sacramental
occasion that we humans celebrate to show respect on the tradition” Rowney stood on his
kneeling and straightened himself and left both of the unsatisfied Satyr with his answer
and noted; “Try watching some Christmas themed movies on the other channel if you want
to learn more about Christmas” Rowney commented and heads out of the living room and
went back upstairs in his room, “I guess Master Rowney’s right?” Bilton spoke after
hearing his Master Rowney’s footsteps on the stairs, “Right about elves being slaved by
Santa?” Cosbie answered and went back on his favorite spot behind the window, “Not
that!” Bilton replied and continues as he unmuted the TV and switched channels on various
programs; “Master’s right about TV programs on giving various useful information” Bilton
stated upon remembering his knowledge about TV and decided to search for some answers
on various TV programs that shows “Christmas” as the programs element. Cosbie closed his
eyes and wandered silently as he observed Rowney’s edginess on his explanation of
Christmas and glances back on Bilton whose now back lounging on the couch watching a
movie that shows a small blonde kid carrying various house objects trying to construct an
unusual contraption and thought to himself; “He still haven’t answered my question about
the rooms temperature.”
A few days after Rowney lectured the Satyr brothers about Christmas, he rarely talks to
them and sometimes rejects or ignores them even during most of their intimate times; like
this other rainy cold morning where Bilton gave a friendly warm hug when he saw his

Master Rowney went downstairs from his room covered with his blanket and went straight
into his little office library, Bilton followed his Master Rowney into the small office and
saw him packing some files and along with his laptop; he then sneaks from his Master
Rowney’s back and fondly hugs him; “What now Bilton?” Rowney replied ignoring the
situation, Bilton was somewhat surprised when his Master Rowney didn’t over-reacted on
the hug, he got already used on Rowney’s jumpy reactions every time he hugs or tease his
Master Rowney, the last time Rowney didn’t reacted on his hug was last Halloween outside
the front lawn, “I… uh… I think you need a warmer thing that will envelops you” Bilton
nervously answered as he tried to release Rowney on his hug, Rowney simply nods back
without saying a word and left the room carrying his things back into his room upstairs,
Bilton was officially ignored by his Master, even back during lunchtime Rowney ignored
both of the satyrs and quickly finished his meal which Cosbie cooked and exited himself on
the room. Later that night it was Cosbie’s turn to have some personal time with Rowney by
doing his frequent “relocation”, Cosbie sneaks again into Rowney’s room to carry him back
into the master bedroom where they sleeps and surprisingly saw Rowney staying up late
working in his room still covered with his blanket, “Can’t sleep?” Rowney said upon seeing
Cosbie’s shadow in his room, Cosbie somewhat felt embarrassed and decided to head back
into the master’s bedroom when he suddenly heard Rowney got off from his bed and
pushed him back into the master’s bedroom to sleep with them, Cosbie was also surprised
on Rowney’s odd behavior for he knows that Rowney was uncomfortable with him, he’s even
more surprised when Rowney covers him with his blanket and stayed close beside him to
make him warmer, that night Cosbie wasn’t ignored nor rejected but he did felt that there
is something wrong with Rowney. The next day both Bilton and Cosbie discussed their
concerns with their Master Rowney when Rowney left the house to do some weekly grocery
shopping, “What have we done?!” Bilton ashamedly stated then Cosbie answred; “He
started acting weird after the Christmas thing”. “I hope this odd behavior is not one of
their Christmas practices” Bilton added and went back into Rowney’s room to do some
investigative search on his Master Rowney’s sudden change in behavior, ”I like what’s
happening to Master Rowney but I still misses the old Nymph” Bilton humorously
commented after seeing his older brother followed him on the room, “Rowney seems to be
attached with this Christmas thing, do you think he just having a hard time on celebrating
it with the both of us around him?” Cosbie explained basing some of his observations,
“Maybe your right?” Bilton answered with a tone of assurance, “Explain?” Cosbie responded
upon noticing how confident Bilton; “From what I’ve seen on TV, Humans celebrate their
Christmas with their family” Bilton explained then Cosbie continued as he already thought
of the reason why Rowney was acting strangely; “and since that we don’t know where his

family is, he’s feeling a bit…” both of the Satyrs looked at each other and synchronically
spoke to finish their thought; “Lonely…” Bilton felt sad for his Master Rowney’s “Lonely”
Christmas celebration, “Bil” Cosbie suddenly spoke to get Bilton’s attention and said;
“You’re in charge of making Rowney’s Christmas celebration special”, Bilton was surprised
to hear his older brother’s idea for making their Master Rowney happy, Bilton knows that
Cosbie is far more smart and organized when it comes to plans “But why me?!” Bilton
retorted, “I believe you have learned more information about Christmas than me” Cosbie
stated while motioning some hand signals that indicates a large box referring to the TV,
“are you sure?” Bilton doubted and Cosbie approached him and petted him then said; “I can
see how impotant Rowney is to you…” Cosbie noted and surveyed the room wondering what
are the things that will make Rowney happy. “Just show him how you really feel about him”,
Bilton somewhat smiled on Cosbie’s suggestion and hugged him to express how thankful he
was and spoke; “I know Master Rowney likes you more than I am so I’ll definitely do my
best to make him happy” Bilton stated making Cosbie uncomfortable on hearing another
tease from Bilton about Rowney’s likeness on him. “Ok! Just let me know if you need me for
your plans” Cosbie shyly replied as he left Bilton on Rowney’s bedroom and added; “Don’t
touch anything!”, “ok!” Bilton shouted and smiled to himself as he already know what to do
to make his Master Rowney happy; “This will be Master Rowney’s best Christmas day ever!”
3 days to go before Christmas: Thanks for the meal! Bilton announces after eating their
lunch on a gloomy and a bit rainy afternoon, Rowney was still unresponsive to both of the
satyrs, he simply give hand gestures or signals to communicate with the satyrs and
immediately left them after doing the dishes and heads back into his small office library,
“Perfect timing!” Bilton whispered while getting up into his seat dusting his folded denim
jeans with some bits of crackers that he ate for side dish, he then calls and signals his
older brother Cosbie whose wearing the hooded sleeveless jacket that their Master
Rowney gave to him last Halloween paired with a faded jeans that is also folded to make
some space for their furry goat limbs, Cosbie was standing near the kitchen sink drinking
some water when he notice Bilton waved at him and gave a signal which indicates to start
their operation; “Did you keep some of those materials that I asked you earlier this
morning?”, Cosbie nods and pointed Bilton on the kitchen counter cabinet where he hides
the said materials then commented; “are you sure this thing will work?”, Bilton rushes to
retrieve the materials and answered; “I saw this on the movie and every time people
mentions this item they tend to do some happy things” Bilton happily explained and sets
the object on the counter and started combining it as he tied all of the items using a red
ribbon and a few treads; “What kind of happy things exactly?” Cosbie questions out of
curiosity for he was not been elucidated with Bilton’s plan, “Just watch!” Bilton replies and

showed to his older brother his finished product and sneakily walks his way to the office
library where his Master Rowney is working, Cosbie decided to make his way first as he
hurriedly outrun Bilton on the hallway and stopped in front of the office library doorway,
Rowney was inside the office library sitting and staring blankly on his spot while holding his
phone that somewhat shows a long message; “What?” Rowney spoke on his desk upon seeing
Cosbie on the doorway; both of the Satyrs knew that they are not permitted to enter nor
disturb him on the office not unless it was an emergency, Cosbie silently stares back to
Rowney and glances to Bilton whose smilingly approaching the doorway hiding his surprise
for their Master Rowney, “Is this has something to do with Bilton again?” Rowney
questioned as he took off his eyeglasses and puts his phone down and left his desk to
approach Cosbie on the doorway, at that moment Bilton was already in front of the
doorway and accidentally bumped into his Master Rowney, “What now?!” Rowney ranted as
he backs himself from Bilton, “I… I just… Wanted to tie this up into your doorway” Bilton
nervously answered and slowly shows his surprise; Cosbie watches Rowney’s reaction on
Bilton’s surprise wondering if he’ll be happy to see a bundle of thymes tied up with thread
and ribbon along with some few cherry tomatoes, “Seriously? a Mistletoe?” Rowney
uncomfortably answered as he takes a good long look on the object that Bilton was
presenting then commented, “You do know that Mistletoe has yellowish flowers and waxywhite berries” Rowney corrected as he tries to snatch it to Bilton who intentionally raises
it up and grabs his Master Rowney and pulls him close into his body, Rowney knew what will
happen next and immediately burrows his face on Bilton’s chest and hugs him tight just like
what he did when Bilton tries to lick him on his face, “No kissing!” Rowney muttered trying
to avoid being kissed by Bilton, “What kissing? I just want to talk to you?!” Bilton stated
with a confused expression on his face and glances back to Cosbie whose just right beside
them intently watching the scene, “What?!” Rowney bawled and continued as he releases
himself from Bilton and eyed him; “You do have a Mistletoe yet you don’t know how it
works?”, Rowney irritably stated and heads back to his office and grabs his empty mug and
somewhat disappointingly and blushingly exited the room “What exactly happy things
should happen?” Cosbie spoke as he grins towards Bilton trying to tease him, Bilton
embarrassingly explained and said; “I saw it on TV that when there’s a Mistletoe above
you, you have to get close to the person whose in front of you and have some talk”, Cosbie
arched an eyebrow wondering where is the happy element in that scene? “How does it make
a person happy when you’re just talking under a Mistletoe?” Cosbie questions which Bilton
immediately answers; “I saw them smiling!” Bilton proudly announced, “So? That’s it?”
Cosbie replied waiting for another description of this scene that he had watched on the
TV, “I guess so… I didn’t really quite understand what are those 2 humans are saying so I

switched the channel” Cosbie literally face palmed himself and commented “oh boy!”, Bilton
glares back to his older brother upon hearing his comment and nudges him and said;
”What?! Did I did something wrong?”, Cosbie shrugs and pets Bilton and said; “If This
Mistletoe has something to do with “kissing” then I guess you missed the most important
act on the movie that you’ve just watched” Cosbie explained and left Bilton in front of the
office doorway, “I can always try it again!” Bilton answered back full of determination
making Cosbie halt on his steps and spoke; “You’ve seen Rowney’s reaction and heard him
that there will be “No Kissing”, do you think he’ll give you a chance to do that “Kissing“
thing?” Cosbie noted and added; “may I remind you that Rowney’s not comfortable with our
kisses?” Bilton shrugs and blushes as he tries to remember the moments they first and
last kissed their Master Rowney; “Well… at least it worked!” Bilton wittingly commented
making Cosbie more confuse on his failing achievement? “How does it even work?” Cosbie
questioned upon remembering the earlier scene; “He did hug me and talked to me!” Cosbie
smirks and was proud of Bilton’s positivity despite of the wrong outcome of his plan and
commented; “He hugs you forcibly and angrily talks to you… That sounds happy?” Cosbie
wittingly answered as he recalls the earlier happenings between him and Rowney “Your just
jealous because Master Rowney doesn’t hugs you like that!” Bilton irritably shouted and
went silent when he catches a familiar scent of hot chocolate and his beloved Master
Rowney behind him, Bilton shyly and slowly turns around to see his Master Rowney’s
expression upon overhearing their little argument and smiles back in return hoping that he
won’t get punished for raising his voice inside the house even though it’s raining outside
making the noise inside the house impossible to hear, “Is that so?” Rowney spoke and
handed him his mug of warm chocolate and approached Cosbie whose standing nervously
and was surprised on the next scene, Rowney slides both of his arms on Cosbie’s open
sleeveless hooded jacket giving him a tight warm hug, Cosbie stayed on his position
wondering what to do and tried to return the hug making Rowney rest his head on his
shoulder causing Cosbie to feel more embarrass as he saw Bilton’s reaction who looked so
jealous and nearly spills out the contents of his Master Rowney’s mug. After 8 minutes of
silent warm hug, Rowney releases himself on Cosbie and went to Bilton to retrieve his mug
and noted; “Fair enough?” Rowney gives Bilton a light punch on his tummy and went back to
his office, Cosbie was staring blankly after Rowney released him and returned to his
senses when Bilton was already shaking him off to get his attention, “How does it feel?!”
Bilton excitedly asks his older brother for he knows that he rarely see his Master Rowney
hugs Cosbie but Bilton didn’t know that Cosbie already have a plentiful of warm hugs every
night during their sleep, Cosbie simply smiles and petted Bilton then silently whispered;

“It’s Rowney” Bilton was puzzled and he simply returned an awkward smile to somewhat be
happy with Cosbie’s experience and little achievement then spoke; ”Whatever you say Bro.”
2 days to go before Christmas: Cosbie was standing in his favorite spot behind the curtains
on the living room’s window still wearing the sleeveless hooded jacket and a baggy brown
cargo shorts watching the raindrops and remembering yesterday’s events mainly his warm
hug with Rowney, “are you even listening?!” Bilton shouted poking his brother with a
breadstick “am asking you to get those items while Master Rowney is on his office” Bilton
was requesting another favor of item retrieval operation while munching his breadstick
leaving some crumbs on the floor and wiping off some bits with his other hand on his gray
boxer shorts, “Why did I ever agreed into this?” Cosbie guiltily responded eyeing Bilton’s
shirtless Body and tries to brushes off some bits of pastry in his chest hair “You said
you’re ok with helping me with my plans?!” Bilton noted and continued; “Just get me Master
Rowney’s blanket in his room and I’ll do the rest here in the living room as I wait for him on
his breaktime” Cosbie shrugs and left the room wondering what was Bilton’s plan for this
day to make Rowney happy. Cosbie silently crept on the stairs and went straight to
Rowney’s bedroom knowing that Rowney was in his office doing some work when he
suddenly bumps into Rowney whose exiting his room, Rowney stared at Cosbie and was not
surprised to see him specially that he knows that Cosbie likes to wander around the house
and asked; “Are you going to my room?” Cosbie nervously glances away from Rowney
avoiding his stare and spoke; “Mirror” Rowney nods as a response for he knows that the
Satyrs like to stare at their reflection on the mirror, “Feel free to do whatever you want
back there” Rowney spoke and continued; “I just got what I needed” Rowney stated as he
taps and shows Cosbie the item that he was carrying, Cosbie didn’t noticed that Rowney
was holding something and felt troubled when the item that he needs to retrieve back on
Rowney bedroom was the same item that Rowney is currently holding, “Is there something
wrong?” Rowney asked as he noticed Cosbie’s reaction when he showed the blanket, Cosbie
immediately snatches the blanket from Rowney and rushes downstairs and went back to
the living room where Bilton is unknowingly waiting on the sudden change of his plans. “I’m
guessing this has something to do with Bilton again”, Rowney thought to himself and
followed Cosbie to find out what are they up to. Cosbie arrives on the living room seeing
Bilton setting up some candles on the room that he got back on the kitchen cabinet, “You
do know you’re not supposed to touch those candles” Cosbie spoke as he tosses the blanket
to Bilton and nervously stood back to his spot pretending that he didn’t do anything, Bilton
notices Cosbie’s tensed behavior and glances on the hallway as he yet again smelled
Rowney’s scent and commented to Cosbie; “What’s happening? Why is Master headed this
way? It’s not yet his break time!?” Bilton quickly arranged the candles trying to position

them on the side table on the couch and approached Cosbie to clarify some things while
unfolding the blanket, “So? What’s the scene here?” Rowney announces as he entered the
room and seen the set-up of the living room, it looks quite normal but what’s bothering him
is the candles placed on the shelves, side tables, the center table and on top of the TV, “Hi
Master?!” Bilton shyly replied and waved to his Master Rowney as he tries to hide the
blanket while Cosbie tries to clear out his throat and walks away on the room, Rowney
blocks Cosbie and holds him in his arms and smiled to him then spoke; “Look whose guilty”
both of the Satyrs flustered out of embarrassment and waiting for their punishment even
though they know that Rowney doesn’t do such thing. “Am I supposed to get excited with
this romantic get-up on the room” Rowney noted upon realizing the theme of the room,
Bilton embarrassingly nods for he was really planning to copy a jolly and romantic set-up
that he saw on a movie that doesn’t have nothing to do with Christmas, “What’s my
blanket’s role in this story?” Rowney funnily commented as he drags Cosbie and sat him on
the couch and waited for Bilton’s explanation, Bilton positions himself in front of the couch
covering himself with the blanket and suddenly opens it like flashing something, “oh boy”
both Rowney and Cosbie thought to themselves as they covers their faces ”What?!” Bilton
questioned out of confusion as he covers himself again with the blanket, “What kind of
movie is he watching anyway?” Cosbie wondered as he tries to pet Rowney whose smiling
and somewhat controlling not to burst out from laughter; “Bilton” Rowney called to get
Bilton’s attention and waved at him to sit beside them on the couch, as Bilton approaches
his Master Rowney to join them on the couch; Rowney pulls the blanket that covers Bilton
and spoke; “That was a quiet disturbing show” Rowney funnily commented and stood on the
couch and folding his blanket and pinches Bilton in his cheeks and exited the living room, “I
guess your plan failed?” Cosbie spoke after Rowney left; Bilton scratches his head in
confusion and lazily sat on the couch with his brother and whined in disappointment;
“That’s not supposed to happen” Cosbie pets Bilton to comfort him and asks what was the
exact scenario that he was trying to achieve? Bilton glumly looks back to his older Brother
and spoke “I’m supposed to wrap Master Rowney with his blanket and sit beside him in this
couch” Cosbie tries to visualize the scene and it indeed look a bit warm and romantic; “But?
What did you just do earlier? Spreading the blanket like that?” Cosbie questions trying to
clarify some things; “oh that?! I was only measuring how big the blanket was, I don’t know
the exact size of the blanket and I don’t know if it’s enough for both of us to get
ourselves wrapped by it” Bilton explained and stared blankly into the room and added; “how
am I going to make Master Rowney happy if all my plans keeps failing”, “yesterday’s plan
did failed” Cosbie noted making Bilton look depressed for remembering yesterday’s events;
“but remember that failure makes you stronger and wiser”, Bilton glances back on Cosbie

and angrily replies; “easy for you to say that because you had never failed at something!”
Cosbie tries to calm Bilton and spoke “Is this all you’ve got to make Rowney happy?” Bilton
paused on that thought and stared back into his older brother and signaled him to
continue; Cosbie nods and spoke; “This few failures should not stop you from achieving your
goal, remember that Nobody’s perfect!”, “I guess you’re right” Bilton commented and was
interrupted by Cosbie who tries to correct him; “Enough doubting and start thinking
positive” Bilton was fueled by his older brother’s words and was even more determined to
make his Master Rowney’s days happy and special and announced; “For Master!”, Cosbie
smiled as he saw Bilton’s liveliness have returned and glances on the hallway to see Rowney
carrying some snacks and oddly starring at Bilton who apparently standing on the couch
“What’s for me?” Rowney spoke as he heard Bilton shouting “For Master!” Bilton
embarrassingly and shyly gets down on the couch and guiltily looks at their Master Rowney,
Rowney approaches the 2 satyrs on the couch and motioned Cosbie to make some space for
his seat and commented; “Break time” Rowney lays out the snacks on the center table and
sat on the middle of the couch with Bilton in his right and Cosbie on the other side, Cosbie
tries to nudge Bilton and signals him to take this opportunity to accomplish his plan even
without the blanket, Bilton did understood what was his brother was pointing out through
eye contacts and immediately grabs Rowney and warmly hugs him “I know Bilton…” Rowney
lazily spoke and continued; “Thank you for the snacks, you don’t really have to hug me
every time you’re grateful” Rowney innocently stated not knowing the real motive of the
hug and nudges Bilton in his side signaling him to be released, both of the satyrs smiled for
accomplishing their little plan and decided to appreciate and enjoy the rest of their rainy
and cold gloomy day with their Master.
1 day to go before Christmas: Rowney left early on the house and excused himself from
Bilton and Cosbie that he’ll be doing some additional grocery shopping, both of the Satyrs
thought to themselves that maybe it has something to do with Christmas since that the
day is getting near, “additional shopping?” Bilton noted a few hours after his Master
Rowney left and added “Why didn’t he just say Christmas shopping?” Cosbie shrugs upon
hearing Bilton’s note and replied; “Rowney has his own Christmas plans just like you” Cosbie
stated and heads straight into the kitchen to satisfy his thirst and added as he called
Bilton to guard the area, “Maybe he’ll buy some Christmas themed sweet-buns just like he
did last Halloween?” Bilton thought to himself and followed Cosbie on the kitchen, Rowney
returned after 2 and a half hours carrying various bags filled with food stuffs, “What’s
with all of these foods?” Cosbie questioned after welcoming Rowney back and helps him
with the bags, “It’s for our Christmas feast” Rowney replied and thanked Cosbie on his
aide and added; “I want you guys to help me tomorrow”, “Help from what?” Bilton spoke as

he approached Cosbie and inspected the bag of groceries, “Help with our Christmas feast”
Rowney answered and called Bilton as he handed him the remaining grocery bag that he’s
carrying and added; “I want you guys to help me with the cooking” Cosbie did noticed the
number of grocery bags which Rowney carried and questioned; “Are we going to cook all of
this foods?” Rowney nods in response and assisted the 2 Satyrs on the kitchen and
carefully lays out the contents of the grocery bags, both of the Satyrs are wondering
what meals are they cooking for tomorrow as they’ve seen all the edible goods which
Rowney bought from the market, Rowney bought some several meats and vegetables along
with various seasonings and other food stuffs that they’ve never seen before, “are we
expecting someone tomorrow? I swear i haven’t seen you bought this much food for an
occasion” Bilton commented while holding and inspecting a can of fruit cocktail, Rowney
paused for a moment when Bilton mentioned the “expecting someone” and bleakly
answered; ”No I’m not expecting anyone tomorrow and…” Rowney stated with a little
annoyance on his voice and continued; “Is there something wrong if we’ll have a little feast
to celebrate this month’s holiday?”, Both of the Satyrs stared silently upon hearing their
Master Rowney’s tone and decided to continue unpacking and storing the food stuffs for
tomorrow ignoring Rowney’s moody afternoon. It was Rowney’s turn to do the dinner and
he’s busy preparing and cooking up their meals for yet again on a rainy evening, both of the
satyrs are back on the Master’s Bedroom discussing their next plan, Bilton was silently
having some deep thoughts sitting on the bed while hugging his favorite pillow or should I
say Rowney’s pillow that he got a few months ago. On his side was Cosbie lying on the bed
covering himself with the same sleeveless hooded jacket that he was wearing 2 days
straight, “What’s the plan? You haven’t done anything since morning” Cosbie lazily
commented and shifted in his position and pokes Bilton by kicking him on his side, “I’m
thinking!” Bilton angrily responded and glared at Cosbie who appeared to be dozing off
“You’ve been thinking the whole day” Cosbie groaned and rose on the bed and stood near
the window as he watches the same rainy event outdoors and added “It seems like Rowney
is still a bit grumpy with this Christmas event” Cosbie noted as he pointed out Rowney’s
behavior earlier that afternoon, Bilton ignored Cosbie’s statement and simply watched
Cosbie then couldn’t help notice his brother’s outfit specially the sleeveless hooded jacket
and commented; “You do really like wearing that jacket”, Cosbie inspected himself on
what’s wrong with wearing a jacket on a cold rainy day or night “You’re not feeling cold are
you?” Cosbie countered back to point the obvious, Bilton paused and tried feeling the room
and answered; ”Well its dark and raining outside but I don’t feel any cold” Bilton noted as
he stood and tosses the pillow back on the bed presenting his shirtless body and wearing a
khaki shorts acting so warm and normal despite of the weather, Cosbie shrugs and ignores

Bilton as he adjusted the slipping checkered blue boxers that he’s wearing and continued
“So? What’s your plan? Are you going to pass this night without presenting Rowney a
surprise?” Cosbie approaches his brother and taps him and spoke “I can’t think of anything
that’ll make Master Rowney happy”, “What happened with your learnings on the TV?”
Cosbie noted pointing out Bilton’s learnings that he got from watching movies and various
programs that’ll help him on his operation, “There’s so many and I’ve already forgot the
other things” Bilton guiltily responded and walks his way into the doorway and glumly
spoke; “I guess you’re right… I’ll let this night pass without presenting Master a surprise”
Cosbie warms himself by warmly caressing himself and approached Bilton and petted him
“Don’t worry you’ll eventually think of something when you’re in there” Cosbie noted while
pointing the kitchen downstairs where Rowney is waiting, Bilton nods and smiles as he
smelled a familiar appetizing treat “I guess dinners ready” Bilton happily commented and
exited the room leaving Cosbie stunned on his spot and whispering; ”You’re having a
difficult time on planning stuffs but you’re too quick when it comes to food”. Thanks for
the dinner! Bilton announces after they all finish eating their chicken macaroni soup which
Rowney cooked “This soup is better than the ones you bought outside” Bilton fully stated a
making Rowney smile “Well you know what they say? Nothing beats the homemade dishes”
Cosbie notices both of Rowney and Bilton’s happy reactions and nudges Bilton and whispers
to him using their Satyr language which is converted on the words; “Is complementing our
dinner is your plan to make Rowney happy?” Bilton face furrowed and yelled on the normal
language that Rowney understands; “No its not!” Rowney was startled on Bilton’s reaction
and eyed both of the satyrs and said “What’s not?!”, Bilton apologized and tries to excuse
themselves as he signals Cosbie to not talk about his plan in front of their Master, “He
doesn’t even understand me” Cosbie replied still speaking in their Satyr language, Rowney
was a bit entertained to see both of the satyrs talking in a different language and giggles
getting both of the Satyrs attention; “What’s wrong Master?” Bilton asked “It’s funny
because I’m like watching a Telenovela” Rowney funnily commented while gathering up the
soup bowls on the dining table “What’s a Telenovela?”, “It’s a Latin-American television
movie that sometimes being subbed or dubbed with different languages depending on the
place where it’s being aired” Rowney explained making Cosbie think what kind of language
are they using “Does it mean they’re also speaking our language?” Bilton questioned as he
somewhat understands that “Telenovela” are movies that speak other kinds of languages,
“They only speak human language” Rowney answered and added “It’ll be weird if they speak
on a language that humans don’t understand” Cosbie then speaks to Bilton still using their
Satyr language and said; ”You could use this Telenovela to entertain Rowney” Cosbie
suggested for Bilton’s surprise this night “You think so?” Bilton replied using their language

and funnily looks at Rowney making Rowney look nervous for he doesn’t know what are the
Satyrs are talking about; “I don’t know what you’re guys are saying but I swear you
sounded funny” Bilton smiles back and glances back to Cosbie and commented “It sure
sounded that he’s having some fun listening and watching us”, “Told ya” Cosbie responded
and begins opening up various conversations to talk about to entertain Rowney whose
having some fun watching them and sometimes tries repeating easy to say words that he
still doesn’t have any ideas on what it means even he kept asking the Satyrs and was just
ended up like talking to foreign person who can’t understand his language. The gang spends
most of their night on the kitchen having random conversation while drinking some of their
warm beverage keeping their Master Rowney amused when Bilton suddenly thought of a
bright idea for his surprise for his Master Rowney for tomorrow. “I think this is enough
for the night!” Bilton announces talking to a normal language which Rowney understands, “I
was waiting for you to say that! I’m already feeling out of place if you keep talking like
that!” Rowney replies and stretches his body, Cosbie yawns and signals Bilton to head back
to their bedroom to rest for the night, Bilton nods and happily approached his Master
Rowney to give him good night hug, “Bilton!” Rowney whined as he tries to get away from
Bilton “Come on Master just one hug before we sleeps!” Bilton demanded speaking in their
Satyr language again, both Rowney and Bilton ran around in circles on the kitchen and
exited the room leaving Cosbie who lazily follows them upstairs after cleaning up the mess
which Rowney forgot to clean.
18 hours to go before Christmas:: Bilton was still snoring on 6:30 of the morning; Cosbie
keeps poking and shaking Bilton to wake him up until he decided to use his final trump card
“The pinch in the nipples” Bilton almost fell off from the bed struggling and moaning from
pain and quickly surveys the area only to see his older brother Cosbie whose funnily staring
at him, “Where’s Master!” Bilton confusingly asks while rubbing his nipples trying to ease
the pain, “Did you forget that he’s on his bedroom?” Cosbie answered as he tighten the
strings of his loose shorts and started his morning exercise as he stretches his limbs and
muscles for warm-up, Bilton remembered that he asked his older brother to not carry
their Master Rowney on their bedroom for this night because he was planning to give his
Master Rowney a breakfast in bed. “How Romantic” Cosbie thought to himself last night
after hearing Bilton’s plan, “I better start cooking!” Bilton announces and nakedly runs out
on the bedroom, “You sure you don’t need any help?!” Cosbie yelled to Bilton who already
left the room, “I’m good!” Bilton replied from the hallway and went straight to the kitchen;
meanwhile back on Rowney’s room, Rowney was already awake and heard Bilton making some
noise as he heard him rushing downstairs, Rowney decided to stay and enjoy his privacy on
his own room for he knows that he rarely sleeps in his own room due to Cosbie’s frequent

night kidnapping, Rowney smiles on that thought then dozes off and decided to returns on
his sleep. An hour later Cosbie finished his morning exercise and decided to check Bilton’s
status on the kitchen, as Cosbie nears his way into the kitchen, he smelled something
burning and he quickly hops his way on the kitchen witnessing Bilton flipping some burnt
pancakes “Hi!” Bilton nervously greeted his older brother as he saw him standing on the
doorway of the kitchen with a surprise look on his face, “You sure you don’t need my help?”
Cosbie replied and covers his nose trying to fan his surroundings making a clear path on the
smoky kitchen, Bilton guiltily lays down the pan and turns off the stove and quickly runs
and kneels in front of Cosbie asking for assistance; “I swear I didn’t know that cooking
breakfast was this hard!” Bilton explained and continued; “I don’t even know how to cook a
perfect pancakes!”, “Fine… I’ll help you” Cosbie noted as he drags back Bilton on the
kitchen and ordered him to clean the mess that he created before he starts teaching him
how to cook some pancakes, It took almost 30 minutes to clean off the mess and to clear
out the smoke on the room then Cosbie inquired Bilton on what was the breakfast menu
that he’s planning to cook for Rowney, “Pancakes!” Bilton happily announced and presented
him the remaining batter he used, Cosbie inspected the batter and dipped his finger
analyzing the consistency of the batter then tasted it and commented; “No oil, less sugar,
more flour, egg shells and cold water” Cosbie just pointed out the mistakes on Bilton’s
pancake batter, he didn’t add oil and used cold water and poured a large amount of flour,
didn’t remove some tiny cracked egg shells and the batter is not sweet, “Wow!” Bilton
astonishingly commented and claps his hand to praise his older brother’s talent in cooking
and added; “What am I without you?”, Cosbie pinches Bilton’s ear to stop fooling around
and ordered him to quickly make another pancake batter that is suitable for cooking,
Cosbie instructed Bilton and assisted him on the cooking process, Bilton did enjoys
spending some quality time with his brother, the last time he remembered being this happy
was the same day before they’ve been summoned on the mortal human realm, both of them
we’re having some lunch near their favorite childhood spot near an old oak looking tree in
front of a cliff facing the great blanket of nettle plains, “Bil!” Cosbie called as he pinches
him again on his nipples to get his attention when he notices that Bilton was spacing out
“Stop that!” Bilton roared in embarrassment and continued on his cooking lesson with
Cosbie, after another 30 minutes of pancakes 101, Bilton have finally cooked a perfect and
edible pancake for his Master Rowney “Perfect!” Bilton happily announces as he pinches a
portion of the pancake to taste it when Cosbie slaps him with the wooden spoon that
they’ve used on mixing the batter and commented; “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
Bilton pats his hands and timidly answered; “Uhmm.. I forgot to pray?” Cosbie slaps Bilton’s
other hand and corrected him; “The mug” Bilton eyed the mug which Cosbie pointed using

the wooden spoon and deeply thought to himself “what’s with the mug?” he just then
realized that he forgot to make his Master Rowney’s warm mug of chocolate. Cosbie hands
him the jar of sugar and the chocolate powder after Bilton gently took his Master
Rowney’s favorite mug imprinted with a looney toon character on the cupboard, Bilton
smiled proudly on his or should I say Bilton and Cosbie’s tray of breakfast for their
Master Rowney, “You think Master Rowney will eat this?” Bilton anxiously asked to Cosbie
whose washing the pans and dishes that they’ve used on their cooking “I dunno?” Cosbie
answered and shrugs then checks the time on the wall clock on the kitchen; “8:34 a.m. still
in time for breakfast” Cosbie announced and signal’s Bilton to carry the food tray back on
Rowney’s bedroom “Why don’t you tag along?” Bilton noted as he waited for Cosbie’s chores
to finish and added; “We did make this breakfast” Bilton smiled and decided to help Cosbie
finish cleaning the dishes. 8:42 a.m. Rowney is still dozing in his bed covering himself with
his blanket that somewhat smelled like Bilton and heard his door opens, “Five more
minutes!” Rowney mumbles and shifted in his bed, Rowney then felt a body weight joining
him on his bed and decided to check the intruder in his room “Morning little Nymph” Bilton
sunnily spoke while stroking his Master Rowney’s messy hair, “Bil…” Rowney whispered and
lazily snuggles into Bilton’s body making Bilton warm and comfortable “This is it!” Bilton
thought to himself for obtaining one of his lifetime accomplishments that he always
dreams-of naming; “Master Rowney’s adorable hug”, Bilton closes his eyes relishing this
moment and felt his Master Rowney’s heads burrowed deeper on his chest feeling his warm
slow breathing when suddenly; “YAOUCH!!” Bilton shrieked and fell off from the bed with
his Master Rowney who literally bites his left nipple leaving a bite mark. “Whoa there
tiger!” Cosbie spoke whose standing on the doorway holding the tray of breakfast while
watching the scene, Rowney inspected the bite mark he left on Bilton’s nipple and looked at
Bilton’s reaction; “It’s like on my dream!” Bilton thought to himself upon remembering the
dream he had this morning before Cosbie wakes him up by pinching his nipples, Rowney
then immediately crawls out on top of Bilton when he noticed that Bilton was naked again
and angrily spoke; “What are you guys doing in my room!” Bilton stood on his spot still
treating his nipples and pointed Cosbie with his available arm, Rowney saw Cosbie holding a
food tray full of pancakes and his mug and commented; “Breakfast in bed?” Rowney smiles
on the surprise and guiltily gave Bilton a hug which Bilton declines trying to avoid getting
bitten on his other nipple, Rowney then greatly apologized to Bilton on his behavior and
took the tray of breakfast on Cosbie and also thanked him knowing that Cosbie did the
cooking “I cook those pancakes!” Bilton proudly announced trying to point out that he did
the cooking and Cosbie only assisted him, Rowney then approaches Bilton carrying the food
tray and offers him the pancakes and coolly greeted him and said; “Why don’t we eat this

here?”, “But that’s for you Master!” Bilton insisted trying to make his operation successful
“But!”, “No Buts!” Rowney ordered and quickly shoves a piece of pancake on Bilton’s mouth
which he gladly accepts and swallows “My pancakes are best!” Bilton proudly announced and
grabs another piece of pancake, Cosbie smiled on the scene and joined them when Rowney
calls him and playfully shoves a pancake on his mouth, both Bilton and Rowney laughs and
Cosbie thought to himself while watching both of his beloved family laughing at him “How
12 hours to go before Christmas: The gang enjoyed their breakfast in bed earlier that
morning and took most of their morning back on Rowney’s bedroom conversing their plans
for the day even skipping their lunch when suddenly Bilton tried opening up a discussion
about Christmas, “So Master? Why didn’t you decorate for Christmas just like what I’ve
seen on movies?” Rowney stared blankly into Bilton and sighted “I’m not just used on
celebrating this event” Rowney answered in a cheerless way, “Care to share the reason
behind this gloomy festivity?” Cosbie commented while browsing some stuffs on Rowney’s
night stand as he observed Rowney’s recent behavior for the past few days, Rowney didn’t
respond at first for he doesn’t want to tell the Satyrs his unlikeness on Christmas due to
his past, Rowney simply shrugs and asked both of the Satyrs to start their day for they
have some lots of preparation to do; “He’s definitely hiding something again” Cosbie
thought to himself while heading out the room with Bilton tailing from his back holding
another pillow which he stole from Rowney’s room, “Bilton!” Rowney shouted to halt Bilton
on his step and approached him to retrieve his pillow and tried pinching his right nipple to
punish him for stealing his pillow, Bilton immediately sidesteps after Rowney pinches him
and hurriedly scooted out from the room covering both of his nipple leaving both Cosbie
and Rowney grinning on the scene. 2:41 p.m. Bilton was back on the kitchen covering his
nipples still bothered with his recent experience this morning, Meanwhile Cosbie and his
Master Rowney are discussing some dishes and meals to cook for their Christmas feast;
“So? It’s settled? You guys will do your special roast meat and that vegetable stew that
you’re talking about” Cosbie nods as he begins gathering the ingredients that he needed
for marinating the poultry and swine meat then Rowney continued; “Then I’ll do the
desserts, pasta and the greens?” by that time Bilton decided to join both his Master
Rowney and Cosbie in front of the kitchen counter collecting the food stuffs they stored
inside the food cabinet beside the fridge and spoke; “let me do the roasting!” both Cosbie
and Rowney knew that Bilton was an expert when it comes to roasting meat, “Ok? Just
make sure you won’t burn it just like what you did last 3 months” Rowney commented as he
tried to remind Bilton about his burnt meat accident on the kitchen that happened last 3
months. “It’s not my fault if there was someone knocking on the front door and calling your

name!” Bilton exclaimed and continued; “You did told us to hide when someone is…” Rowney
hushed Bilton on his speech and solely spoke; “I know… It’s part of the house rule and i
admit it that it wasn’t your fault if you had burnt that expensive meat” Rowney stated and
passes Bilton the ingredients along with the meat for his roast meal. “I guess that burnt
accident won’t happen again since that you’re not expecting any guests today?” Rowney
almost dropped the pack of whip cream that he’ll be using on their fruit salad when Bilton
mentioned the word “Guest”, both of the Satyrs noticed Rowney's jumpy behavior again
and tries to console him; “Something wrong?” Cosbie questioned and taps Rowney on his
shoulder, Bilton was worriedly watching his Master Rowney, “It’s nothing” The three begun
preparing the food even its still 3 p.m.
6 hours to go before Christmas: Rowney was alone back on the kitchen staring blankly in
front of the oven watching Bilton’s roast meat and chicken to cook when suddenly a
familiar soft sound ringing from his mobile phone in his pocket broke the silence on the
room, Rowney straightened himself after inspecting the name that appeared on his phone
and happily answered it. At that moment both of the satyrs are back on the living room
having some discussion regarding their Master Rowney’s behavior; “It seems like Master
isn’t happy with his Christmas” Bilton noted sitting on the couch wandering what was his
Master Rowney’s problem, “You can always try asking him on what’s the problem” Cosbie
spoke on his favorite spot and somewhat signaled Bilton to keep quiet and slowly
approached the living room doorway, “What?” Bilton answered after seeing Cosbie’s signal
and tried observing their surroundings, Cosbie signaled Bilton to follow him to the kitchen
to check the source of the sound that he heard earlier, “I didn’t hear anything?” Bilton
whispered following his brother Cosbie on the kitchen and they’ve both stop near the
kitchen doorway overhearing some conversation from their Master Rowney; “I’m fine!
Really! I’m good here at the house…” Rowney softly and depressingly answered back on his
mobile phone, both of the satyrs are now hiding beside the kitchen doorway with their
heads peeping silently watching their Master Rowney who’s slouching on a corner close to
the dining table facing away from the kitchen doorway sounding so gloomy while talking on
the phone, “Sis did invite me yesterday but you know me, I’m not comfortable with her
husband” Rowney paused and stood on his spot dusting his pants still holding his phone on
his ear listening to a long response and a little sermon about the issue between him and his
brother in law, “Ma! I’m fine here, you don’t need to worry about me this Christmas”
Rowney replied and went into the fridge to get his bottle of water still not noticing the 2
prying satyr heads watching behind the kitchen doorway, “Thanks for the greeting! Take
care there and love you Ma!” Rowney ended the call looking satisfied and a bit blue after
ending the call and went back on the oven to check the status of the roasting meat, “He’s

talking to his Mom?!” both of the satyrs whispered upon overhearing the conversation,
Bilton nudges Cosbie to return back on the living room to discuss their discovery, Cosbie
nods and silently crept out from the room with Bilton tailing behind him, “Same old year”
Rowney whispered to himself and drank on his bottle of water not knowing that both Bilton
and Cosbie we’re listening earlier on his conversation with his Mom on his mobile phone.
Meanwhile back on the living room “Master’s sad because his not celebrating his Christmas
with his Mom!” Bilton disappointingly noted positing his idea to his older brother Cosbie
who seem to be thinking deeply on his spot “He is indeed a lonely one” Cosbie randomly
replied to Bilton, Cosbie knew from the start that Rowney’s gloomy behavior has something
to do with his lonesomeness specially with today’s occasion knowing that Christmas is being
celebrated with your family just like what Bilton describe it upon watching too many
Christmas themed movies, “But i don’t understand it” Bilton replied after having some
thoughts to himself and continued; “Is Master Rowney rejecting his families invites
because of us?” Bilton noted conceiving some details that they’ve heard on the
conversation earlier when Rowney declined the invite from his Sister and insisting that
he’s fine on the house celebrating the Christmas, “I doubt that…” Cosbie answered and
turns to face Bilton and continued; “It’s just coincidental that we’re here in this kind of
event but I assure you that Rowney has his own reason on why he insisted on staying here
on the house”, “I hope you’re right. I don’t want us to become the root of Master Rowney’s
dejected Christmas celebration” Bilton guiltily replied slouching on the edge of the couch,
“Believe me, he’s still having a good time with us this Christmas” Cosbie answered and
approached his younger brother whose solemnly feeling guilty and worried to his Master
Rowney and spoke as he petted Bilton’s head; “You know what? We still don’t have a
Christmas gift for Rowney…” Bilton’s expression instantly changed when his older brother
Cosbie mentioned the Christmas gift, Bilton almost forgot one of the most important
details of Christmas “The Gift Giving”. 8:18 p.m. the gang finished eating their partial
dinner for the night leaving enough servings for the Christmas eve that Rowney mentioned,
Bilton immediately rush out on the kitchen after helping washing the dishes and grabs
Cosbie along with him headed upstairs back on the Master’s bedroom “Don’t forget to take
a bath!” Rowney shouted following them on the stairs, “What are those two are up to now?”
Rowney thought to himself and went straight into his bedroom to make some preparations,
“I don’t know what Master Rowney wants!” Bilton desperately commented while rustling and
tossing various house objects on the room thinking of a present to give to his Master
Rowney, “We don’t really have any items to give as a present” Cosbie repeated knowing that
it’s not a good idea to give Rowney an item that literally came from his house added; “Does
it really have to be an object?”, Bilton paused holding his Master Rowney’s boxers shorts

which Bilton started wearing after stretching it’s garters making it fit into his waist and
has already have a hole on it’s rear “What if I fix this and return it to Master?” Bilton said
presenting the old boxers shorts, ”Bad idea” Cosbie replied and snatched back the boxers
to Bilton and tossed it back on the dresser; “But Master Rowney likes this clothing and he
was really mad when he gave this to me” Bilton noted and proceeds on rummaging stuffs on
the closet and paused when he saw Cosbie’s refelction on the small mirror on the closet
door, “I think there is one gift that Master Rowney will like!” Bilton happily announced and
turns to face his older brother, “Whatever it is… Just make sure it doesn’t belong here
inside the house” Cosbie replied and felt relieved that Bilton already thought of a gift to
give, Bilton gave an odd smile to his older brother and spoke; “Well it’s still inside the
house but I know that Master really “Likes” this certain “Being””, “Being?” Cosbie nervously
answered and knew that the gift that Bilton was referring to was “Himself”, “Will you stop
teasing both of us already?!” Cosbie answered feeling embarrass for Bilton pointing the
obvious, “What?! It’s perfect! Master likes you and it makes you the perfect gift for his
Christmas!” Bilton wittily commented and took off the blanket on the bed and playfully
wraps it into his older brother Cosbie, “May I remind you that I am not an item?” Cosbie
figuratively noted, “Believe me Bro! You and Master Rowney is an item!” Bilton teasingly
added not knowing what he is saying, “Why don’t you wrap yourself if you really wanted to
make Rowney happy?” Cosbie annoyingly answered unwrapping himself with the blanket and
tossed it back to Bilton, “I’m not sure if Master Rowney will like me as a gift…” Bilton
drearily announced and burrowed his face on the blanket sniffing the mixed scent of them
with their Master Rowney, Cosbie tried to comfort his younger brother and approached
him and petted him; “I think your hugs are the best gift that he’ll receive this Christmas”
Cosbie suggested cheering up Bilton, “You do see that Master Rowney doesn’t like being
hugged by me right?” Bilton replied pointing his Master Rowney’s small antipathy with
expressive hugs, “Why don’t you try giving him a different approach?” Cosbie suggested to
Bilton to make his hugs extra special and different, Bilton arched an eyebrow on that
thought and funnily questioned the different approach that Cosbie was suggesting “Like
what? Like letting Master Rowney bite my nipples?” Cosbie grins on Bilton’s answer and
said “Why not? He seems liked it?”, Bilton remembers his previous nipple biting this
morning and tried covering his nipples “I’m done with that!” Bilton answered and tossed the
blanket back on the bed and took a new towel on the closet and commented; “I’ll try to
think of a good approach for Master Rowney’s Christmas hug” Cosbie shrugs and smiled on
Bilton’s answer and ordered him to take a bath, “How about you? What’s your gift for
Master?” Bilton questioned and went into the bathroom leaving his older brother whose
seem to be scheming something for their Master Rowney’s gift.

An hour and a half minutes to go before Christmas: Rowney was sitting beside Bilton on the
couch busy playing some games on his phone about monster slaying and raising a kingdom
while Bilton was watching some movies on the TV featuring a show about a large dog who
turned into an official Christmas dog sleigh and Cosbie standing behind the couch watching
Rowney’s doings, they’re all waiting for the Christmas eve to come. Earlier that night
Rowney was surprised to see both of the Satyrs wearing only their usual outfit; their
snugly brown loin cloths with their scapegoat trinket hanging on their waist; “What’s the
occasion?” Rowney asked the Satyrs who both appeared on the living room that seems to
be happy, “Well… It’s Christmas” Bilton funnily pointed and sat beside the couch beside his
Master Rowney, “I did’nt know you guys also have a dress code” Rowney humorously
answered and watched Cosbie walk and stood into his favorite spot near the window, “It’s
normal for us to wear the same clothing since that we only have few clothes to wear”
Cosbie spoke after a few minutes of silence in his spot making Rowney blush on
embarrassment for hearing the obvious reason from Cosbie “My apologies for that”
Rowney shyly answered and took out his phone and started making himself busy while
waiting for midnight. 11:18 p.m. Bilton complained for waiting too long for midnight; “I’m
hungry! Why do we even need to wait till midnight?” Rowney paused his game to check the
time and commented; ”I think I’ve made a mistake…” Rowney stated upon realizing their
situation “You forgot to brush your teeth?” Bilton funnily commented “That’s a bit out of
the question” Rowney answered and stood on the couch and was surprise to see Cosbie
standing behind the couch and continued “I forgot that we’re waiting for Christmas eve
and not New year” Rowney excused himself then left the satyrs on the living room and
went back upstairs to fetch something, “Yes!” Bilton happily whispered when his Master
Rowney left, Bilton then ran towards the kitchen to start his operation, “What are those
two guys up to?” Cosbie shrugged and lazily sat on the couch as he waited for both Bilton
and Rowney to return. 11:52 p.m Rowney came back on the room carrying and hiding two
paper bags on his back; “Hi?” Rowney nervously greeted Cosbie who looked tired on the
couch and continued “Where’s Bilton?” Cosbie raised his hand and pointed the direction
Bilton’s whereabouts; “Hi Master!” Bilton spoke from Rowney’s back who unknowingly
appeared a few seconds before Cosbie pointed his direction, “Is that our gifts?” Bilton
questioned inspecting the paper bags that his Master Rowney’s hiding in his back, Rowney
shyly moves himself away from Bilton who’s trying to snatch the paper bags “Yes it is your
gifts and you won’t get it till Christmas eve” Rowney noted and securely hides it beside
Cosbie who he knows won’t be inquisitive with the bags contents, “So? What are you hiding
back there? A gift for me?” Rowney commented as he noticed that Bilton was also hiding
something and humorously added, “Let me guess? It’s something you stole back on my
room?” Bilton gets flustered and a bit annoyed for being accused for pocketing and
stealing various stuffs from his Master Rowney’s room even though it’s true; “I’m honestly
telling you that I didn’t steal this item and it doesn’t come from your room” Bilton stated,
Rowney was unsure if Bilton was telling the truth so he decided to mock him and tries to
snatch the gift item that he’s hiding, “No!” Bilton commanded as he tries to circle around
the couch avoiding his Master, Cosbie simply watched the two rascals chasing each other

on the room and decided to stop them as he tries to trip Rowney on his steps and pulls him
closer to the couch where he’s sitting; “What was that for?!” Rowney questioned and
turned tense as he noticed the familiar glare from Cosbie staring at him, Cosbie’s face was
calm and his eyes we’re fixed unto Rowney’s figure he then gently took Rowney’s left arm
and press it into his right chest where his clan tattoo is tattooed and whispered; “The only
gift that I can afford to give you is my loyalty” Rowney smiled speechless and touched with
Cosbie’s vow of devotion and felt a bit nervous for being so close and having stuck on his
current position sitting on top of Cosbie with his left hand pressing against Cosbie’s chest,
Bilton was yet again feeling jealous on the scene but was feeling happy for his older
brother for finally being open to their Master, “Look up guys!” Bilton spoke after clearing
his throat and presenting something on top of Cosbie’s head, “Not again…” Rowney
embarrassingly commented upon seeing the object that Bilton was holding, another
improvised Mistletoe made from parsley and grapes, Cosbie eyed the object and
remembered what was it for and stared back to Rowney whose now feeling uncomfortable
on the situation, “May i?” Cosbie whispered trying to get a permission, “I’m good!! No
kissing!!” Rowney stated and was now blushing from embarrassment then tries to get up
from Cosbie but was stopped by Bilton who forcibly rest him back on his current spot
“Come on Master! Just one kiss” Bilton demanded and nudges his older brother to do his
move, Cosbie shrugs and gives Bilton a signal to stop harassing Rowney and helped him
stood on his spot and passes the paper bag of gifts for them, Rowney shyly thanked
Cosbie’s kindness and handed him the paper bag with his name imprinted on it and gave
Bilton a glare and also passes him his paper bag of gift then spoke; “I hope you’re both fine
with this simple and a bit peculiar gift” Rowney watches both of the satyrs reaction while
opening up their gifts; “Underwear?” Bilton commented inspecting the odd looking
Underwear with straps of garters and a piece of clothing covering the frontal part, “It’s
called “Jockstraps”” Rowney named it shyly and explains the purpose of it by saying; “It’s
an underwear that only covers the front and exposes the back which is good for you guys
because you have tails” Rowney was really embarrass for himself for buying such an item
for both of the satyrs, he did thought to himself that he’s through with putting some
holes on the rear of each clothes that the satyrs are wearing and he decided to give them
something that’s very conventional, comfortable and easy to wear undergarments, Bilton
tries to envision himself wearing the said undergarments and decided to fit it as he quickly
loosen his snuggly loin cloth; ”The only gift that I wish for Bilton is to stop stripping in
front of me…” Rowney annoyingly commented as he turns himself around not wanting to see
Bilton stripping and wearing the said undergarments, “What’s wrong with that?” Bilton
questioned as he comfortably adjusted the garters on his waist and taps his crotch
securing something that bulges on the way; “That looks good” Cosbie commented upon
seeing the jockstraps that Bilton is wearing “I think I just felt a cool draft pass on my
back” Bilton noted as he straightened his tail tuft, Rowney then turns to face to see
Bilton’s attire to check if the undergarment fits him well and surprisingly thought to
himself; “He looks like a football player on the locker room only wearing that jockstrap”,
Cosbie noticed Rowney’s eyes are fixed on Bilton’s fluffy tail and funnily commented; “See

what you like?” Rowney was spacing out on the scene and unknowingly replied into Cosbie’s
comment and adoringly said “Yes” Bilton was stunned hearing his Master Rowney’s response
and happily approached and hugged him saying; ”I always knew that you liked my tail!”,
Rowney have returned to his senses and realized what he have said; “Your what?!” Rowney
tries to escape from Bilton’s hug but hesitated since that Cosbie already joined them and
petted them both on their heads and greeted them “Merry Christmas” both Rowney and
Bilton paused on that thought and glances on the digital clock on the room to check the
time which says; FRI - 12/25/2015 - 00:00 a.m. “Well Merry Christmas guys” Rowney
greeted them and Bilton affectionately and tightly hugs his Master Rowney thanking him
for the gift that he’s currently wearing, Rowney then was interrupted when Cosbie taps
him on his shoulder showing that he’s holding something on top of Bilton’s head, “Not you
too?!” Rowney protested seeing the improvised mistletoe that Bilton made, Bilton smiles
knowing what was his older brother is up to and tried convincing his Master Rowney to give
him a kiss “Come on Master just one Christmas kiss”, Rowney gave Bilton a warning look and
slowly slides his hands into his chest indicating that he’s ready to tweak someone’s nipples,
Bilton immediately releases his Master Rowney and covers his nipples and apologetically
regrets his notion “Thank you for your cooperation!” Rowney noted and gives Bilton a
warning saying “I’m watching you!” then leads the way out of the living room and asked the
Satyrs for their another round of late night dinner to celebrate todays holiday, “I only
wanted to give my gift to Master Rowney” Bilton whispered after Rowney left them on the
room, “You’re gift is a Hug with a Mistletoe?” Cosbie clarified and added; “Your Different
approach is the Mistletoe?” Bilton nods and gloomily follows his Master Rowney on the
kitched, Cosbie halts Bilton on his way and commented; “I’m sure Rowney will accept your
gift later” Bilton doubts his older brother’s idea but he’s still hoping that his Master
Rowney will accept his humble Christmas gift. “Let’s just eat” Bilton grumbled and pushes
his older brother out of the room leaving the messy living room messed with the bags of
jockstraps and crumpled paper bags on the couch.
Christmas eve: Bilton instantly forgets his earlier problem concerning the Christmas hug
for his Master Rowney while savoring the last bits and bones of the roasted chicken along
with vegetable stew and Tuna Carbonara, “It’s like new year” Rowney funnily thought to
himself munching some salad greens seeing how Bilton cleans his plate and Cosbie having
some leisure time with his lemon mint tea, it was Rowney’s first time staying up late to
celebrate Christmas and not just Christmas but an extraordinary Christmas with Cosbie
and Bilton, Rowney was beaming with joy reminiscing some of his old happy seasonal
memories with his family and secretly shed some tears turning away from both of the
satyrs whose busy having their own conversations, Both of the Satyrs can’t help notice
their Master Rowney’s gloomy aura specially for a special day that their celebrating Cosbie
tries to calm Rowney and questioned him on what was wrong; “You’re not really good at
hiding emotions” Cosbie knowingly commented trying to change the mood, Rowney smirks on
Cosbie’s note and gave him a light punch on his shoulder and annoyingly replied; “and your
good at making me tensed”, “Is there’s a problem Master?” Bilton adds as he joins the

emotional discussion and commented “You may be bad at hiding emotions and my brother
being quite disturbing at times but I’m also bad on making you happy” Bilton confessed
showing his improvise mistletoe to his Master Rowney making Rowney feel guilty for
snubbing Bilton’s attempts on making him happy. “I’m sorry guys if I made you worry too
much” Rowney stated watching the concerned look on Cosbie and Bilton’s low-spirited
expression; “It’s just that… It’s been a long time since I’ve celebrated Christmas with
someone” Rowney explained returning to his gloomy state, Cosbie boldly asked Rowney
their prior concern about Rowney’s behavior that they’ve observed for the past few days
and spoke; “Care to share this problem regarding this Christmas issue you have?”, Rowney
stared blankly on both of the Satyrs after hearing Cosbie’s message and decided to spoke
after a few glances on both of the satyrs; ”I’ve never liked Christmas because of my
families absences on this yearly celebration, I’ve spend more than a decade of Christmas
spending this holiday without them… making every year celebration lonely and miserable…
which explains my gloomy behavior every time Christmas season is coming…” Rowney
unhappily explained making Bilton look sadder for his Master Rowney’s history with
Christmas, “What kind of family do you have that never visits you on a special day?” Cosbie
said noting some of his learnings on Rowney’s past with his family, Rowney shed a tear and
deliberately commented; “No need to remind me about that…” Rowney said as he sets his
eyeglasses down and continued; “They’re still my family and you can’t change that even
you’re being treated like a nobody” Rowney stood on his seat leaving the two satyrs
satisfied with his dramatic answer but was stopped when Bilton grabs him on his left arm
and spoke; “You’re not a Nobody”, Rowney was then pulled by Cosbie and hugged him and
continued; “We are now your new family and we’ll make sure that you’ll never feel alone at
any kind of human celebrations you have” Bilton pets his Master Rowney hugging him
tightly just like what he did on his pledge of loyalty on their first day. “We’ll always be
here if you’re felling lonely” Rowney looks back at Bilton’s face that gave him a sincere
smile and thanked him by tensely returning the hug making Bilton happy, “Thank you”
Rowney whispered as he grabs Bilton’s horns to lower him nearing his head into his face
and gave him a kiss on the nose making Bilton froze on his position, “Happy now?” Rowney
commented and giggled as he releases himself on Bilton and stared back on the figure
whose standing beside them, that sneaky Cosbie looked so entertained with his wily
scheme for bringing up the Mistletoe attempt again, holding the improvised Mistletoe
which Bilton created, Rowney stood in front of Cosbie and stared at him repeating the
same words which Cosbie asked earlier back on the living room with Bilton holding the
Mistletoe; “May i?”, Cosbie smirks on the note and tossed the mistletoe on Bilton making
Bilton return to his senses, Cosbie humbly petted and ruffled Rowney’s hair and holds his
chin and neared his face into Rowney’s and fondly spoke something on their Satyrs
language, a warm kiss landed on Rowney’s forehead along with a relaxing message on
Rowney’s left ear finished with a playful pinch on his right cheeks, “You did not just said
that!?” Bilton surprisingly blurted after overhearing the words which Cosbie said to their
Master Rowney. Cosbie looks back on his younger brother teasing him with his recent
actions with Rowney whom at that moment is still speechless holding both of Cosbie’s arms,

Rowney then blushingly spoke a few seconds after realizing that he’s still holding Cosbie’s
arms and Bilton standing and staring beside them “I guess we’re all happy now?”, Bilton
eyed at his brother and grabs his Master Rowney close to him and said; “Yes! We all have
our kisses!”, Rowney looked paler flushed with red remembering the kiss which Cosbie gave
and that unknown message that he didn’t understood yet he believed that it was a good
words which Cosbie said, Cosbie petted Bilton and Rowney’s heads and commented before
he left the room “Merry Christmas”, Rowney smiles back to Cosbie and greeted both of
the satyrs and ordered them to take a rest since that it’s getting late, Bilton was left on
the room with his Master Rowney, he then decided to follow Cosbie back on the other
room and waved and smiled back to his Master Rowney whose currently busy cleaning up
the mess on the dining table “Good night Master and Merry Chritmas!” Rowney smiles and
waved back in return and proceeds on his work treasuring this memory; happily spending
again his Christmas with both of the Satyrs.

MoST oF THeiR DaYS PaiRiNG uP THeiR GiFTS aND TeaSiNG THeiR MaSTeR Rowney
aLWaYS ReMeMBeR To HaVe FuN aLWaYS!?

~ eND oF SToRY ~