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Effective Teaching Practices used by Social Studies

Teachers in Munoz National High School
Nelson Hernandez
Regie Madayag
Elpidio Mercado III
Teaching style is defined as the way teachers teach and their distinctive mannerisms
complemented by their choices of teaching behaviours and strategies (Kelldug and Robert,
1991). It is viewed as a broad dimension or personality type that encompasses a teacher’s pattern
of behaviour, mode of performance, and attitude towards self and others. It is an expensive
aspect of teaching characterized by the emotional relationship between students and teachers and
as instrumental aspect on how teachers carry out the task of instruction, organize learning and set
classroom standards (Ornstein, 1992).
The most successful teachers spent more time in guided practice, more time asking
questions, more time checking for understanding and more time correcting errors. One
characteristic of effective teachers is their ability to anticipate student’s errors and warn them
about possible errors some of them are likely to make.

Teachers who educated children deserved more honour than parents merely gave them
birth; for bare life is furnished by the one, other ensures a good life, a fruitful and inspirational
quotation stated by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle. A thought that somehow declaring the
teachers mere more concern of the child’s future and as an expert of child’s development,
morally intellectually, and spiritually.
Being a teacher is not the noblest profession as to being a doctor, attorney or an engineer,
but being a teacher has always been one of the most rewarding and challenging profession since
a teacher has the biggest opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of other
To become an effective teacher one must possess the mastery of subject matter, his or her
best of human relations, knowledge of various teaching skills and talent of getting learner’s
attention; but combining all of these characteristics is an extreme task. Moreover, a teacher must
be willing to take the part or role as the students second parent and committing himself/herself in
molding skills, knowledge and best abilities of his/her students. In relation to these, teachers
must have the knowledge of various learning difficulties and the different learning styles of their
students to help them improve their academic performance.

and the effective among these teaching practices. were used to describe Socio Demographic Characteristics of the respondents. while majority of 6 were females. school. The interview-based questionnaire is consists of 10 items that was conceptualized in relation to the objectives of the study. 4 were male Social Studies Teachers. and monthly income. tenure of status. The table shows that there were more female Social Studies teachers than males in Munoz National High School. Age Age Range 21 – 30 31 – 40 Frequency 3 4 .Methodology Research Design The study used qualitative and quantitative descriptive research design to describe the socio-demographic characteristics. Research Instrumentation The researchers prepared an interview-based questionnaire which included the sociodemographic characteristics in terms of age. and the effective teaching practices used or applied by the Social Studies Teachers in the Munoz National High School Respondents of the Study The teachers specialized with the Social Studies subject from Munoz National High School was the main respondents of the study. B. Socio-Demographic Characteristics of the Respondents A. the teaching practices used by the teachers. Methods of Data Analysis Descriptive analysis such as frequency counts and percentage. Performance of the class. Data Gathering Procedure To have proper introduction and endorsement to conduct the study. Results and Discussion 1. gender. courtesy visits were to the School Principal of Munoz National High School. Gender MALE FEMALE TOTAL 4 6 10 This study is consisted of 10 respondents. seminars attended. The interview method was supplemented by observation. length of service.

This is because majority of the respondents were above 30 years old. Seminar Attended Seminar Attendance frequency Yes 10 No 0 Table shows that all of the respondents have attended the seminars about teaching profession that was asked by the division office. the age appropriate for getting married. Length of Service Length of service 1-5 years 6-10 years 11-15 years 16-20 years 21-25 years 25-30 years TOTAL Frequency 3 1 3 2 None 1 10 E. and minority of three (3) of the respondents were single. D. that is why they are teaching in Munoz National High School. Civil Status MARRIED SINGLE TOTAL 7 3 10 The table shows that majority of seven (7) of the total number of the respondents were married. G.41 – 50 2 51 – 60 1 TOTAL 10 The table shows that majority of the respondents were within the age range of 21-30 and 31-40 which has a total of 7 the total number of respondents. The result shows that the Social Studies teachers from Munoz National High School were very informed about the new and effective teaching styles that they can apply or use on their own classes. meaning they are all licensed teachers. Tenure Status Tenure status Frequency Permanent 10 Contractual 0 Substitute 0 Table shows that all of the respondents were permanent. This result shows that majority of the Social Studies Teachers in Munoz National High School was in younger generations. Monthly Salary . C. which is a public school. F.

Degree Degree Frequency Bachelor in Secondary Education 5 (Major: Social Studies) Bachelor in Secondary Education 1 (Major : Guidance And Counseling) Bachelor in Secondary Education 2 (Major: Biology) Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education 1 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 1 (Major: Marketing) Total 10 Table shows that majority seven (7) of the total number of respondents were graduated with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education. 000. Subject Taught Subject frequency Asian Studies 5 World History 3 Economics 2 Total 10 Table shows that majority of the respondents or eight out of the total numbers were teaching the Grades 8 and 9.000 20. 000 – 20. 001 – 30.001 – 35. H. The result shows that majority of the respondents studied the teaching profession meaning they were specialized and prepared with different teaching strategies that they mastered for a long time. 000 TOTAL Frequency 0 10 0 0 10 Table shows that all of the respondents were receiving a monthly salary of 20. five were teaching Asian Studies and three o were teaching World History. 000 25. J. 000 30.001 – 25.Monthly Salary 15.001 to 25. five were Social Studies major and two were Biology majors. I. Class Performance Class Performance Above Average Average Frequency 1 7 . This salary bracket according to them is enough to provide the needed materials in their effective teaching styles or strategies. The result shows that majority of the teachers in Munoz National High School Social Studies Department are specialized in teaching the Asian and World History.

3. they are attracted in contemporary and past issues. the students may cope with easily to the subject and appreciate their teacher’s life story. and Social Studies Teaching is in-demand today compare to other subjects. Teaching Practices Used by the Social Studies Teachers The various teaching practices mostly used by the Social Studies Teachers in Munoz National High School as identified by the respondents are : using printed pictures (f=2). The matrix shows that majority of six of the total number of respondents answered and said that Social Studies is their favourite subject since their elementary days. The reasons of the respondents in choosing social Studies as their field of specialization. role playing (f=2). conducting an educational games (f=2) . 2. Personal Description of “Effective Teaching” The matrix shows that five of the total number of respondents said that teaching is effective by sharing their own experiences and of others for the students’ better comprehension. It is also showed that the teachers believed in the sayings “experience is the best teacher” so that by sharing their experiences. film showing(f=1). meaning there are some pupils who are slow learners and some are fast learners.Below Average Total 2 10 Table shows that majority of seven respondents claimed that their class performance in Social Studies subject were described as Average. Various Teaching Practices Discussion And Lecture Power Point Presentation Conducting An Educational Games Using Printed Pictures Socratic Method Of Questioning Role Playing Handout Demonstration Frequency 4 4 2 2 2 2 2 1 . power point presentation (f=4). socratic method of questioning (f=2). discussion and lecture (f=4) . 4. demonstration (f=1). reporting (f= 1) and handout (f=2).The table below was constructed to simplify the result above of the teachers-respondents.There are two respondents who admitted that they are Biology majors. but due to the lack of teachers in the school’s Social Studies Department. they were forced to grab the opportunity just to continue their profession.

1. related examples and opportunities for practice and feedback. concise explanations and illustrations of the subject matter. It is also economical that you don’t have to print a picture or burn a video into a compact disk. . forth. plus increasing their level of involvement and association to other learners. 3. Educational Games Two of the total respondents admitted that using Educational Games can easily get the attention of the learners. Giving students clear. private or schools in remote areas. Presenting a sequence of well-organized assignment. Educational Games also educate the learners. videos and other important media that can be helpful to the learner’s better comprehension. Power point Presentation According to four of the total number of respondents. 5. 2. these are the five most effective teaching practices or strategies used by the Social Studies teachers in Munoz National High School. either public. Comprehension and Application. The basic components of direct instruction are: first. Discussion and Lecture are the most effective teaching practice in Social Studies for this is very economical. Effective Teaching Practices Based on the gathered data and frequency distribution. the main theme of their explanation is a “Direct Instruction” takes learner through the steps of learning systematically. Asking frequent question to see if the students understand the work. second. obviously. rules and action sequences. Discussion or direct instruction is effective and very applicable for all types of school. (For example. This also covered and can achieve the first three of Bloom’s taxonomy: Knowledge. power point presentation is only usable with the presence of the computer/laptop and projector. helping them see both the purpose and the result of each step.Film Showing 1 Reporting 1 In further elaboration. and last. third. traditional and most common among other teaching styles. The most common role of teacher in discussion is to provide fruitful information. Setting clear goals for students and making sure they understand these goals. Giving students frequent opportunities to practice what they have learned. This is best to use when teaching knowledge acquisition involving facts. power point presentation is very effective teaching practice in Social Studies because using modern technology is the easiest way to present pictures. of the answer of the teachers-respondents. But. Discussion and Lecture According to four of the total respondents.

the teacher will ask a country that can be found in Asia. and sets the stage for play set-up area and do the role play. Role Playing Two of the total respondents said that Role Playing is a best teaching practice applicable in Social Studies. Entering into role playing also means you are entering into relationship with another student. 4. students are selected to become experts on a topic and are given at least a day to prepare discussion. a small group acts as experts to answer the questions of the people in the larger group. 5. immediately. . In a classroom setting. What do they want to get out of the collaboration and what will make the collaboration a success for all involved. In using hand-outs. according to them. can directly involve to the events or situations of the topic’s content. according to them. where right hand represents the west. Hand-outs Two of the total respondents said that providing and giving Hand-out is a best teaching practice in Social Studies. Hand-out. each student will need to discuss their self-interest. All learners should have equal access in this kind of reference for them to cope with the flow of the discussion. Teacher then leads the reflection of the role play. To build trust. Role playing helps explore and increase understanding of feelings and or actions teacher provides background information that explains the situation to be role-played.a game about the Asian Region using body parts. The students. Some of the ways you can go about strengthening your relationship is to build trust. identifies and describes the roles that are needed. is a good source of information that the students can depend on during their review for the quizzes. and the students will little bit shaking the body part that represents the region where the country was belonged. The teacher should provide hand-out when books were not available. Defining and clarifying roles within the collaboration and building a communication plan are also important elements to building the relationship between students to student. tests or periodical tests. right foot represents north. the left represents east. left foot represents southeast and the head represents the south.