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ROTOR’s 2015 product line embodies
our commitment to the quality and
technology that define us. Our new
products demonstrate our irreproachable
will to think innovatively and act











The motive behind each ROTOR
component is to empower every cyclist
to obtain his or her maximum potential,
whether it’s victory in a Grand Tour, a
personal triumph on the local race scene,
or improved performance on a routine
ride with friends.

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Welcome to ROTOR 2015

Find Your Optimum
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The latest innovation in
power meter training
POWER LT is ROTOR’S new, lighter weight, power
measurement system, which takes its technical and design
cues from ROTOR’s existing Power cranks training system.
POWER LT is the result of a collaboration with UCI Pro
Team Lampre-Merida, which compelled ROTOR to come
up with a simple, lightweight power training system that
could withstand the rigors of punishing use by the best
professional riders.



Power vs. POWER LT
Features and benefits of each model
Dual Power

Intelligent & Accurate

(Left values only
for Power LT)


(Left values only for
Power LT)

BCD 110


ANT+ compatible

MAS Spider


POWER RD 170 - BCD110x5 - black/black/red


POWER RD 172.5 - BCD110x5 - black/black/red


POWER RD 175 - BCD110x5 - black/black/red


POWER RD 177.5 - BCD110x5 - black/black/red


POWER RD 180 - BCD110x5 - black/black/red

Easy battery replacement

BCD 130
586 g
Road 110

535 g


POWER RD 170 - BCD130x5 - black/black/red


POWER RD 172.5 - BCD130x5 - black/black/red


POWER RD 175 - BCD130x5 - black/black/red

Road 130



Rings are sold separately



BCD110x5 .black/black/grey C13-007-19010-002 POWER LT RD 170 .black/black/grey 2015 Rings are sold separately RINGS .BCD130x5 .black/black/grey C13-006-19010-002 POWER LT RD 170 .BCD110x5 .BCD130x5 .black/black/grey C13-007-21010-002 POWER LT RD 175 .BCD110x5 .black/black/grey C13-007-20010-002 POWER LT RD C13-006-21010-002 POWER LT RD 175 .5 .com BCD 110 COMPATIBILITY Road and Triathlon BCD 130 8 C13-006-17010-002 POWER LT RD 165 .BCD130x5 .5 .black/black/grey C13-006-20010-002 POWER LT RD 172.BCD130x5 .BCD110x5 .POWER METERS COMPATIBILITY C13-007-17010-002 POWER LT RD 165 .

outer .black 2015 11 .outer .black C01-017-08020A-0 Chainring QXL 53Ax110x4 Shimano .black C01-015-17010A-0 Chainring QXL-44x130 .RED .RED C01-002-25010-1 C01-002-27010-1 Chainring Q 36t BCD110x5 .inner .black C01-015-20010A-0 Chainring QXL-41x130 .aero C01-002-23010-1 Chainring Q 38t BCD110x5 .RED .inner .inner .RED .black C01-017-09020-0 Chainring QXL 52Ax110x4 Shimano .black C01-015-08020A-0 Chainring QXL-53Ax130 .RED C01-017-07020-0 Chainring QXL 54Ax110x4 Shimano .outer .inner .aero 2015 Chainring QXL-54Ax130 .outer .black C01-016-11020-0 Chainring QXL 50Ax110 .black C01-017-15010-0 Chainring QXL 46Ax110x4 Shimano .inner .RED Chainring Q 34t BCD110x5 .black C01-017-25010-0 Chainring QXL 36x110x4 Shimano .outer .outer .black C01-016-09020-0 Chainring QXL 52Ax110 .black QXL BCD 130 RED Q-Rings BCD 110 C01-002-09020-1 Chainring Q 52At BCD110x5 .Road and TT RINGS ovality 10% ovality 16% QXL BCD 110 C01-016-08020A-0 Chainring QXL 53Ax110 .inner .outer .inner .black C01-017-23010-0 Chainring QXL 38x110x4 Shimano .black QXL Shimano BCD 110x4 RED Q-Rings BCD 130 C01-001-08020-1 C01-015-07020A-0 C01-001-22010-1 Chainring Q 39t BCD130x5 .aero C01-001-09020-1 Chainring Q 52At BCD130x5 .inner .RED 10 Chainring Q 53At BCD130x5 .outer .outer .RED .outer .black C01-016-25010-0 Chainring QXL 36x110 .inner .inner .outer .black C01-017-17010-0 Chainring QXL 44x110x4 Shimano .inner .black C01-016-15010-0 Chainring QXL 46Ax110X5 C01-016-23010A-0 Chainring QXL 38x110 .aero C01-002-11020-1 Chainring Q 50t BCD110x5 .outer .outer .

black C01-002-11020A-0 Chainring Q 50At BCD110x5 .outer .black C01-001-08030A-0 Chainring Q 53t BCD130x5 .outer .outer .outer .black .black C01-002-27010A-0 Chainring Q 34t BCD110x5 .black C01-002-09020A-0 Chainring Q 52At BCD110x5 .black .black C01-002-23010A-0 Chainring Q 38t BCD110x5 .black C01-001-17010A-0 Chainring Q 44t BCD130x5 .outer .black C01-001-07020A-0 Chainring Q 54t BCD130x5 .outer .outer .aero C01-002-17010-0 Chainring Q 44t BCD110x5 .black .aero C01-002-11030A-0 Chainring Q 50t BCD110x5 .aero C01-001-19010A-0 Chainring Q 42t BCD130x5 .outer .black C01-001-08010-0 Chainring Q 53t BCD130x5 .black .black C01-001-08020B-0 Chainring Q 53At BCD130x5 .outer .black .outer .outer .black C01-001-09010-0 Chainring Q 52t BCD130x5 .outer .black C01-001-06020A-0 Chainring Q 55t BCD130x5 .OCP3 C01-001-05020A-0 Chainring Q 56t BCD130x5 .aero C01-002-22010-0 Chainring Q 39t BCD110x5 .inner .inner .outer .inner .inner .aero C01-002-05020-2 Chainring Q 54At BCD110x5 .black .black .outer .black C01-002-19010-0 Chainring Q 42t BCD110x5 .OCP3 C01-001-22010A-0 Chainring Q 39t BCD130x5 .aero C01-002-06020-0 Chainring Q 55At BCD110x5 .aero C01-002-25010A-0 Chainring Q 36t BCD110x5 .black .outer .outer .black .black .black .outer .black .inner .outer .black .Road and TT RINGS ovality 10% ovality 10% Q-Rings BCD 110 12 Q-Rings BCD 130 C01-002-05020-0 Chainring Q 56At BCD110x5 .black C01-002-08010-0 Chainring Q 53t BCD110x5 .black C01-002-09010-0 Chainring Q 52t BCD110x5 .inner .aero C01-001-15040-0 Chainring Q 46t BCD130x5 .outer .outer .aero C01-002-15010A-0 Chainring Q 46t BCD110x5 .outer .black C01-002-11010-0 Chainring Q 50t BCD110x5 .inner .black .aero C01-001-09020A-0 Chainring Q 52At BCD130x5 .aero 2015 2015 13 .inner .aero C01-001-11020A-0 Chainring Q 50At BCD130x5 .outer .black C01-002-08020A-0 Chainring Q 53At BCD110x5 .

inner .BCD113x5 outer .outer .black C01-020-09020-0 Chainring Q 52Ax110x4 Shimano .black P01-000-00080 Shimano screw cover set 110x4 .inner .outer .black C01-020-11020-0 Chainring Q 50Ax110x4 Shimano .black C01-010-25010B-0 Chainring Q 36t .black C01-020-17010-0 Chainring Q 44x110x4 Shimano .black C01-010-11010B-0 Chainring Q 50At .black C01-006-31010-0 Chainring Q 30t RD3 BCD74x5 .outer .inner .black C01-006-21010-0 Chainring Q 40t RD3 BCD130x5 .outer .BCD135x5 .inner .11s inner .outer .black 2015 15 .inner .inner .outer .black C01-020-27010-0 Chainring Q 34x110x4 Shimano .BCD110/113x5 11s .outer .black C01-020-08020-0 Chainring Q 53Ax110x4 Shimano .black C01-020-15010-0 Chainring Q 46Ax110x4 Shimano .black C01-010-21010B-0 Chainring Q 40t .middle .black C01-020-23010-0 Chainring Q 38x110x4 Shimano .black C01-010-26010-0 Chainring Q 35t .inner .BCD135x5 outer .Road and TT RINGS ovality 10% ovality 10% Q-Rings Campagnolo BCD 135 & 110/113 C01-010-08020-0 Chainring Q 53At .black Q-Rings RD3 BCD 130/74 14 2015 C01-006-08020-0 Chainring Q 53t RD3 BCD130x5 .black C01-020-25010-0 Chainring Q 36x110x4 Shimano .black Q-Rings Shimano BCD 110x4 C01-020-07020-0 Chainring Q 54Ax110x4 Shimano .black C01-010-09020-0 Chainring Q 52At .CD110/113x5 11s .BCD110/113x5 11s .

black C01-502-09020A-0 Chainring noQ 52At BCD110x5 outer .outer .black .black .black C01-501-22010A-0 Chainring noQ 39t BCD130x5 .aero C01-502-17010-0 Chainring noQ 44t BCD110x5 .black C01-501-13010A-0 Chainring noQ 48t BCD130x5 .black C01-501-08020B-0 Chainring noQ 53At BCD130x5 .to 36 C01-502-23010A-0 Chainring noQ 38t BCD110x5 .black .inner .outer .black C01-501-19010A-0 Chainring noQ 42t BCD130x5 .aero C01-501-06020A-0 Chainring noQ 55At BCD130x5 .black C01-502-08010A-0 Chainring noQ 53t BCD110x5 .black C01-502-08020-0 Chainring noQ 53t BCD110x5 .black noQ RD3 BCD 130/74 C01-507-09010A-0 Chainring noQRD3 52t BCD130x5 RD3 outer .black Chainring noQ 34t BCD110x5 .outer .aero .outer .black .outer .black C01-501-15010A-0 Chainring noQ 46t BCD130x5 .black C01-502-20010-0 Chainring noQ 41t BCD110x5 .black .inner .black C01-502-09040-0 Chainring noQ 52At .inner .black C01-501-17010A-0 Chainring noQ 44t BCD130x5 .black C01-502-06020-0 Chainring noQ 55t BCD110x5 .black C01-502-17010-0 Chainring noQ 44t BCD110x5 .BCD110x5 outer .inner .black C01-507-22010A-0 Chainring noQRD3 39t BCD130x5 RD3 inner .inner .inner .inner .outer .black C01-502-07010-0 Chainring noQ 54t BCD110x5 .black C01-502-27010A-0 2015 C01-501-05020-0 Chainring noQ 56At BCD130x5 .aero C01-502-19010-0 Chainring noQ 42t BCD110x5 .outer .outer .to 36 C01-502-22010-0 Chainring noQ 39t BCD110x5 .black C01-501-15040-0 Chainring noQ 46t BCD130x5 .outer .to 38 C01-502-25010A-0 C01-502-11020A-0 Chainring noQ 50At BCD110x5 .black .outer .black C01-502-09010A-0 Chainring noQ 52t BCD110x5 .inner .black .aero .inner .black .Road and TT RINGS ovality 0% ovality 0% noQ BCD 130 noQ BCD 110 16 C01-502-05020-0 Chainring noQ 56t BCD110x5 .aero C01-501-08010A-0 Chainring noQ 53t BCD130x5 .aero C01-501-07020A-0 Chainring noQ 54t BCD130x5 .outer .aero C01-502-15010A-0 Chainring noQ 46t BCD110x5 .inner .aero C01-502-11010A-0 Chainring noQ 50t BCD110x5 .black C01-507-31010A-0 Chainring noQRD3 30t BCD74x5 RD3 inner .black .outer .black .black C01-502-07020-0 Chainring noQ 54t BCD110x5 .outer .outer .outer .black 2015 17 .inner .black Chainring noQ 36t BCD110x5 .outer .inner .outer .

and K. àà Throughout ROTOR’s history. àà (1) C. as shown by the dotted line. Their victories. A Q-Ring offers chainring resistance (as shown by the purple line) that best corresponds to one’s actual power output. Q-Rings spin scan” you can see clearly how Q-Rings’ force during the spin is maximized and the transition between high and low peak is smoother. àà Colors from both the spin scan and muscular activation graphs match the muscles in the human figures. T. many professional cyclists and triathletes have chosen Q-Rings. àà Spin Scan Q-Rings maximize use of the effective zones (increasing positive work) and reduce the intensity of the weak and inefficient zones (thereby creating less negative work). Q-Rings compensate for inefficiencies in the pedal stroke by maximizing muscular engagement through the most powerful portion of the pedal stroke and minimizing it through the dead spots. a greater ability to accelerate or sprint.WHY Q-Rings? Q-Ring Zones The maximum diameter of the Q-Ring occurs where the greatest amount of power is produced in the pedal stroke. more than twentyfive wins in Ironman races. àà Minimum diameter of the Q-Ring occurs where the “dead spots” are located. smoother torque. and more than twenty mountain bike. a delay in the sensation of muscular fatigue. McGaughey. and better grip off road. the podium’s top spot in the Tour de France.6 second advantage compared to round rings. àà Round ring Q-Ring Muscular activation Here is a conceptual image showing distribution of muscular effort during each part of pedaling. àà Force variation Oval rings for increased performance A leg can’t deliver a constant amount of power throughout the pedal stroke as shown by the green lines (average torque curve for a cyclist’s left and right leg). Comparing the varying green lines to the linear dotted line it is clear that pedaling will never be smooth. O’Hara. road. àà Q-Rings can be oriented around pedaling characteristics to take advantage of the moment when the rider applies the maximum strength in a pedal stroke. time trial and cyclocross world championship titles speak for themselves. àà In the “round vs. 1 km time trial studies. àà Circular chainrings try to create a constant resistance level. the effort is translated into performance and pedaling efficiency. Biomechanical research indicates that with Q-Rings. In scientific. “Effects of Chainring Type (Circular vs. Rotor Q-Ring) on 1km Time Trial Performance Over Six Weeks in Competitive Cyclists and Triathletes” International Journal of Sports Science and Engineering 6. 2015 19 .1 (2012): 25-40. Hagobian. R. Clark. like gold at the Olympics. Q-Rings resulted in a 1. (1) Some of the benefits of Q-Rings include improved overall performance.

black/black/red C02-050-23010-001       FLOW CRANKSET 180 .black/black/red C02-050-21010-001       FLOW CRANKSET 175 .5 .5 .black/black/red C02-050-22010-001      FLOW CRANKSET 177.BCD130x5 .BCD130x5 .BCD130x5 .black/black/red Rings are sold separately 2015 21 .Road and Triathlon CRANKS COMPATIBILITY BCD 110 C02-051-19010-001 FLOW CRANKSET 170-bcd 110x5 black/black/red C02-051-20010-001 FLOW CRANKSET 172.5-bcd 110x5 black/black/red C02-051-21010-001 FLOW CRANKSET 175-bcd 110x5 black/black/red BCD 130 C02-050-19010-001        FLOW CRANKSET 170-bcd 130x5 black-black-red C02-050-20010-001      FLOW CRANKSET 172.BCD130x5 .

BCD 110x5 .BCD110x5 .bla C02-058-20010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 172.BCD130x5 .BCD130/74 .BCD110x5 .black/black/red 2015 C02-062-19010-002 3D24 CRANKSET STEEL RD 170 .BCD110x5 .BCD 110x5 .5 .black/black/red C02-057-17010-001 3D+ CRANKSET RD 165 .bla C02-059-18010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 167 .5 .b C02-059-22010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 177.BCD110x5 .BCD130x5 .BCD130x5 .black/black Rings are sold separately 2015 23 .black/black/grey C02-057-21010-001 3D+ CRANKSET RD 175 .bla C02-058-22010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 177.BCD130/74 .bla C02-059-23010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 180 .BCD130x5 .bla COMPATIBILITY BCD 110 BCD 130/74 RD3 22 C02-060-19010-001 3D+ RD triple 170 .black/black C02-062-20010-002 3D24 CRANKSET STEEL RD 172.bla C02-058-17010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 165 .5 .5 -CD110x5 .BCD110x5 .BCD110x5 .bla C02-059-19010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 170 .black/black/red C02-057-19010-001 3D+ CRANKSET RD 170 .Road and TT CRANKS COMPATIBILITY 30 COMPATIBILITY BCD 110 C02-057-15010-001 3D+ CRANKSET RD 160 .BCD130x5 .BCD130/74 .bla BCD 130 MAS 24 C02-059-17010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 165 .black/black/red C02-061-19010-002 3D30 CRANKSET RD 170 .black/black/red C02-061-21010-002 3D30 CRANKSET RD 175 .black/black/grey BCD 110 BCD 110 MAS C02-058-15010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 160 .BCD130x5 .black/black/red C02-060-21010-001 3D+ RD triple 175 .BCD 110x5 .black/black/grey C02-057-20010-001 3D+ CRANKSET RD C02-061-20010-002 3D30 CRANKSET RD 172.BCD130x5 .bla C02-058-19010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 170 .BCD110x5 .black/black C02-063-20010-002 3D24 TT STEEL RD 172 .black/black BCD 130 Aero Rings are sold separately C02-063-19010-002 3D24 TT STEEL RD 170 .BCD110x5 .b C02-059-21010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 175 .5 .BCD110x5 .5 .black/black C02-062-21010-002 3D24 CRANKSET STEEL RD 175 .BCD130x5 .BCD110x5 .BCD110x5 .BCD110x5 .BCD130x5 .b C02-058-21010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 175 .bla C02-058-23010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD 180 .bla C02-059-20010-001 3D+ MICRO-ADJUST RD C02-060-20010-001 3D+ RD triple 172.BCD130x5 .5 .BCD110x5 .black/black C02-063-21010-002 3D24 TT STEEL RD 175 .BCD110x5 .5 .

OCP allows us to vary the angle where a Q-Ring offers its greatest resistance. the rider will start seeing benefits right away. adjusting it to the precise point when the rider delivers the maximum power during a single pedal rotation. {{ Road Q-Rings and QXL have 5 OCP points. It is a hardly noticeable process that happens naturally — with no sudden changes. and the muscles need to adapt to the new. after having passed the adaptation period. #3. instead of going up or down more than one point at a time. The exact position is not determined by height or weight. all to optimize each individual’s downstroke. {{ Rider feels pain behind the knee. GO DOWN ONE OCP POSITION IF It is easy to change pace and sprint. {{ Rider feels pain at the front of the knee. MTB Q-Rings have 3 OCP points. but finds it hard to vary the pace. even though it requires a brief transition period. {{ In order to feel at ease. {{ Rider is comfortable at a high cadence. or rider stands up or sits on the edge of the saddle more than usual. {{ 2015 25 . The Micro Adjust Spider (or MAS. and available for 3D+) doubles the number of OCP points.5 degrees. Before switching to the next point. MAS reduces the angle between OCP points by 2. GO UP ONE OCP POSITION IF Rider is comfortable at a constant high speed. {{ There is a tendency to pedal with a low cadence. it’s best to ride at least 10 hours on the previous one. The rider will start feeling progressively more comfortable with Q-Rings. he or she is applying power in a more efficient manner while at the same time protecting the knees from possible injury.FIND YOUR OPTIMUM CHAINRING POSITION 5 2 3 4 1 Switching from round rings to Q-Rings is easy and. An OCP ring allows up to 20 degrees of angular variation between the first and last adjustment points. more-efficient way of pedaling. but hard to keep a steady rhythm. Customizing adjustment is a process worth the time. standard on Flow cranks and ROTOR Power. but rather by individual pedaling style and muscle distribution. Starting at the intermediate point. the appearance of certain symptoms makes it advisable to switch the OCP. Q-Rings use leg muscles at a different rate than round rings. rider needs to increase cadence uncomfortably or has to slide to the very back of the saddle. {{ There is a need to stretch the ankle too much to apply maximum power. It is advisable to go one-by-one. Without giving it any thought.

black C01-019-29020A-0 Chainring QX1 32t X1 .black C01-019-33020A-0 Chainring QX1 28t X1 .black 2015 27 .black C01-019-31020A-0 Chainring QX1 30t X1 .5% QX1 BCD 76 C01-019-25020A-0 Chainring QX1 36t X1 .black C01-019-27020A-0 Chainring QX1 34t X1 .RINGS MTB © Michal Červený ovality 12.

outer .black C01-003-25010-0 Chainring QX2 36t X2 .BCD74x5 .1 BCD76 MTB Sram Spider X1 QX2 BCD 110/60 QX1 SRAM GXP SPIDER C02-065-00040-0 REX 1.BCD110x5 .outer .1 BCD76 MTB Sram Spider GXP C01-003-21010A-0 Chainring QX2 40t .black C01-003-25010-0 Chainring QX2 36t X2 .outer .outer .BCD60x5 .black C01-003-22010-0 Chainring QX2 39t XC2 .outer .black C01-018-36010-0 Chainring QX2 25t X2 .black C01-003-34010A-0 Chainring QX2 27t .black C01-003-22010-0 Chainring QX2 39t X2 .inner .BCD110x5 .black C01-003-23010A-0 Chainring QX2 38t X2 .BCD110x5 .MTB RINGS ovality 10% QX1 ROTOR SPIDER C02-065-00010-0 REX 1.BCD60x5 .BCD110x5 .inner .black 2015 29 .1 BCD76 MTB Specialized Spider X1 C01-003-21010A-0 Chainring QX2 40t .BCD110x5 .black C01-018-34010-0 Chainring QX2 27t X2 .BCD60x5 .inner .BCD110x5 .black C01-003-36010A-0 Chainring QX2 25t .black C01-018-39010-0 Chainring QX2 22t X2 .1 BCD76 MTB Rotor Spider X1 QX1 SRAM SPIDER C02-065-00030-0 REX 1.outer .black C01-018-35010-0 Chainring QX2 26t X2 .black C01-003-23010A-0 Chainring QX2 38t XC2 .inner .BCD110x5 .inner .outer .outer .BCD60x5 .BCD74x5 .BCD110x5 .inner .black QX2 BCD 110/74 QX1 SPECIALIZED SPIDER C02-065-00020-0 28 2015 REX 1.

X2 to 24 C01-503-23040-0 Chainring noQX2 38t .black .black C01-509-27020A-0 Chainring noQX1 C 34t X1 .black .black .black C01-508-34010-0 Chainring noQX2 27t .BCD110x5 outer .inner .middle .black C01-009-35010A-0 Chainring QX2 26t SRAM XX SPECIFIC .X2 C01-004-38010A-0 Chainring QX3 23t BCD64x4 .X2 C01-004-38030A-0 Chainring QX3 23t BCD64x4 .X2 C01-503-22020-0 Chainring noQX2 39t .X2 to 28 C01-503-25020-0 Chainring noQX2 36t .X2 C01-004-28010B-0 Chainring QX3 33t BCD104x4 .black .black .black .black C01-508-37010-0 Chainring noQX2 24t .black .black C01-009-23010A-0 Chainring QX2 38t SRAM XX SPECIFIC .MTB RINGS ovality 10% ovality 0% QX2 BCD 104/64 C01-013-21010B-0 Chainring QX2 40t BCD104x4 .BCD110x5 outer .black C01-508-33010-0 Chainring noQX2 28t .BCD60x5 inner .BCD60x5 inner .black C01-013-36010A-0 Chainring QX2 25t BCD64x4 .black C01-009-34010A-0 Chainring QX2 27t SRAM XX SPECIFIC .X2 C01-004-19010A-0 Chainring QX3 42t BCD104x4 .black noQX1 BCD 76 C01-509-29020A-0 Chainring noQX1 C 32t X1 .inner .BCD110x5 outer .middle .BCD60x5 inner .black QX2 BCD 120/80 (SRAM) C01-009-21010B-0 Chainring QX2 40t SRAM XX SPECIFIC .black C01-013-34010A-0 Chainring QX2 27t BCD64x4 .inner .inner .black C01-013-23010B-0 Chainring QX2 38t BCD104x4 .black QX3 BCD 104/64 30 2015 noQX2 BCD 110/60 C01-503-21010A-0 Chainring noQX2 40t .middle .BCD110x5 outer .XTR C01-508-39010-0 Chainring noQX2 22t .X2 C01-503-23010A-0 Chainring noQX2 38t .inner .black C01-508-35010-0 Chainring noQX2 26t .BCD60x5 inner .black .outer .outer .black .BCD110x5 outer .BCD60x5 inner .X2 2015 31 .outer .black .inner .black .outer .X2 C01-004-17010A-0 Chainring QX3 44t BCD104x4 .

X3 C01-504-37010A-0 Chainring noQX3 24t BCD64x4 .black .black .middle .X3 CRANKS .black .BCD74x5 inner .BCD110x5 outer .black .black .black .X2 C01-503-25020-0 Chainring noQX2 36t .outer .X2 noQX3 BCD 104/64 32 2015 C01-504-17010-0 Chainring noQX3 44t BCD104x4 .X2 C01-503-37010-0 Chainring noQX2 24t .X2 C01-503-34010-0 Chainring noQX2 27t .X3 C01-504-29010A-0 Chainring noQX3 32t BCD104x4 .X2 C01-503-23010A-0 Chainring noQX2 38t .X3 C01-504-19010A-0 Chainring noQX3 42t BCD104x4 .BCD74x5 inner .BCD110x5 outer .black .outer .int .MTB RINGS MTB ovality 0% noQX2 BCD 110/74 C01-503-21010A-0 Chainring noQX2 40t .black .X2 C01-503-22020-0 Chainring noQX2 39t .BCD110x5 outer .black .BCD110x5 outer .black .

2 CRANKSET XC2 172 C02-069-20010-002 REX 2.2 CRANKSET XC2 172 C02-066-21010-001 REX 1.1 CRANKSET X1 175 C02-068-21010-002 REX 2.MTB CRANKS COMPATIBILITY COMPATIBILITY C02-065-19010-001 REX 1.2 CRANKSET XC2 175 Rings are sold separately Rings are sold separately 2015 35 .2 CRANKSET XC2 175 C02-069-21010-002 REX 2.1 CRANKSET X1 170 C02-065-20010-001 REX 1.1 CRANKSET X1 170 C02-068-19010-002 REX 2.1 CRANKSET X1 172 C02-065-21010-001 REX 1.1 CRANKSET X1 175 COMPATIBILITY 34 2015 COMPATIBILITY C02-066-19010-001 REX 1.2 CRANKSET XC2 170 C02-069-19010-002 REX 2.2 CRANKSET XC2 170 C02-066-20010-001 REX 1.1 CRANKSET X1 172 C02-068-20010-002 REX 2.

2 CRANKSET XC2 170 C02-070-20010-002 REX 3.MTB CRANKS COMPATIBILITY REX 3.3 CRANKSET XC3 170 C02-071-20010-002 REX 3.3 CRANKSET XC3 172 C02-071-21010-002 REX C02-070-19010-002 CYCLOCROSS COMPATIBILITY 36 2015 C02-071-19010-002 REX 3.2 CRANKSET XC2 175 © tdwsport.2 CRANKSET XC2 172 C02-070-21010-002 REX 3.3 CRANKSET XC3 175 Rings are sold separately RINGS .

Availability: 2015 39 .black ROTOR introduces QCX1 rings for cyclocross There’s a breed of racer who thrives in weather deemed ugly by others. 40. especially ROTOR’s 3D+ and 3D30 cranks. We’ve made QCX1 rings for this racer. 42. single-speed tooth profile does not allow the chain to drop off even in the worst conditions. with no need for a chain guide. QCX1 rings are compatible with all BCD 110 cranks.inner .CYCLOCROSS RINGS ovality 16% QXL BCD 110 C01-016-15010-0 Chainring QXL 46Ax110X5 C01-016-25010-0 Chainring QXL 36x110 inner . Installation does not require disassembling the crankset from the bike. making ideal gear selection C01-017-25010-0 Chainring QXL 36x110x4 Shimano . A specific alternating thick/thin. 44. who sometimes sees stars because the legs won’t quit stomping out dizzying wattage on the pedals. and who is so hooked on cyclocross that other race formats only serve to train for ‘cross. who craves the blinding high of forcing the body to the brink of its limits. QCX1 rings feature 5 OCP settings. 38 2015 QXL Shimano BCD 110x4 C01-017-15010-0 Chainring QXL 46Ax110x4 Shimano .outer .

outer .inner .inner .BCD130x5 outer .outer .black C01-002-17010-0 Chainring Q 44t BCD110x5 .black C01-022-17040-0 Chainring QCX1 44t BCD 110x5-aero-black C01-022-19040-0 Chainring QCX1 42t BCD 110x5-aero-black C01-022-21040-0 Chainring QCX1 40t BCD 110x5-aero-black C01-022-23040-0 Chainring QCX1 38t BCD 110x5-aero-black 2015 41 .BCD130x5 inner .black ovality C01-001-22010A-0 Chainring Q 39t .CYCLOCROSS RINGS ovality 10% ovality 10% Q-Rings BCD 110 Q-Rings Shimano BCD 110x4 C01-002-15010A-0 Chainring Q 46t BCD110x5 .outer .black C01-002-25010A-0 Chainring Q 36t BCD110x5 .black C01-020-15010-0 Chainring Q 46Ax110x4 Shimano .5% QCX1 BCD 110 Q-Rings BCD 130 40 2015 C01-001-15040-0 Chainring Q 46t .black C01-020-25010-0 Chainring Q 36x110x4 Shimano .

BCD130x5 .black 2015 © tdwsport.BCD 110x5-aero-black noQX2 BCD 110 C01-502-15010A-0 Chainring noQX2 46t .outer .outer .BCD 110x5-aero-black C01-511-23040-0 Chainring noQCX1 38t .black C01-501-22010A-0 Chainring noQX2 39t .BCD110x5 .black C01-502-17010-0 Chainring noQX2 44t .outer .CYCLOCROSS RINGS CYCLOCROSS CRANKS ovality 0% noQCX1 BCD 110 C01-511-17040-0 Chainring noQCX1 44t .inner .BCD110x5 .black 42 C01-501-15040-0 Chainring noQX2 46t .inner .BCD 110x5-aero-black C01-511-21040-0 Chainring noQCX1 40t .BCD110x5 .com noQX2 BCD 130 .BCD 110x5-aero-black C01-511-19040-0 Chainring noQCX1 42t .BCD130x5 .black C01-502-25010A-0 Chainring noQX2 36t .

black/black/red 30 COMPATIBILITY 44 2015 C02-080-19010-002 3D30 CX1 RD 170 BCD110x5 .5 BCD110x5 .black/black/red C02-080-20010-002 3D30 CX1 RD Rings are sold separately TRACK .black/black/red C02-080-21010-002 3D30 CX1 RD 175 BCD110x5 .CYCLOCROSS CRANKS COMPATIBILITY C02-082-19010-001 3D+ CX1 RD 170 BCD110x5 .black/black/red C02-082-21010-001 3D+ CX1 RD 175 BCD110x5 .black/black/red C02-082-20010-001 3D+ CX1 RD 172.5 BCD110x5 .

TRACK RINGS TRACK CRANKS ovality 0% noQ Track BCD 144 C01-505-05010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 56t BCD144x5 .black C01-506-16010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 45t BCD144x5 -3/32''.black C01-506-11010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 50t BCD144x5 .3/32'' .black C01-505-16010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 45t BCD144x5 -1/8''.3/32'' .black C01-505-12010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 49t BCD144x5 -1/8''.black 24 COMPATIBILITY BCD 144 Aero Rings are sold separately 46 2015 2015 47 .3/32'' .black C01-505-15010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 46t BCD144x5 -1/8''.black C01-505-14010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 47t BCD144x5 -1/8''.black C01-506-06010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 55t BCD144x5 .black C01-505-07010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 54t BCD144x5 -1/8''.170mm C02-064-20010-002 3D24 TRACK BCD144x5 .3/32'' .black C01-506-09010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 52t BCD144x5 .black C02-064-17010-002 3D24 TRACK BCD144x5 .black C01-505-06010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 55t BCD144x5 -1/8''.165mm C01-505-08010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 53t BCD144x5 -1/8''.black C01-506-13010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 48t BCD144x5 .3/32'' .black C02-064-21010-002 3D24 TRACK BCD144x5 .3/32'' .black C01-506-14010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 47t BCD144x5 .172mm C01-506-08010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 53t BCD144x5 .3/32'' .black C01-506-12010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 49t BCD144x5 .black C02-064-19010-002 3D24 TRACK BCD144x5 .black C01-506-07010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 54t BCD144x5 .3/32'' .black C01-505-13010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 48t BCD144x5 -1/8''.1/8'' .black C01-505-10010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 51t BCD144x5 -1/8''.black C01-505-11010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 50t BCD144x5 -1/8''.3/32'' .3/32'' .black C01-506-10010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 51t BCD144x5 .3/32'' .black C01-506-05010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 56t BCD144x5 .175mm C01-505-09010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 52t BCD144x5 -1/8''.black C01-506-15010A-0 Chainring noQ Track 46t BCD144x5 .

5 mm BB89 W=92 mm BB92 W =68 mm BB30 68mm W =73 mm BB30 73mm W =68 mm Pressfit 30 68mm W =73 mm Pressfit 30 73mm 24 mm SPINDLE BB1 BSA SABB BSA Press Fit 4124 BB4224 (30 to 24) MTB Press Fit 4624 MTB REX3 REX3 REX3 REX3 REX3 (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) 30 mm SPINDLE BSA30 Press Fit 4130 BB30 BEARING KIT Press Fit 4630 REX1 REX2 REX1 REX2 REX1 REX2 REX1 REX2 FRAME DIMENSION SHELL WIDTH FRAME DIMENSION INNER DIAMETER ROTOR BOTTOM BRACKET COMPATIBILITY ROTOR CRANK COMPATIBILITY 2015 49 .BOTTOM BRACKETS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL BOTTOM BRACKET STANDARDS {{ ROTOR’s “UBB” is a design concept ROTOR applies to all its cranksets to make them compatible with almost all BB standards and frames on the market. {{ The charts below help you identify your bike’s BB type. It then tells you which BB and crankset combinations will work. ROAD / TRIATHLON THREADED BB NON THREADED BB D = 37 mm D = 41 mm D = 42 mm W=70 mm W=86 mm W=68 mm ITA BB86 BB30 D = 46 mm BB90 W =68 mm BSA W =79 mm BBRight California W=68 mm W=79 mm PressFit30 BBRight PF W =86 mm BB386EVO 24 mm SPINDLE BB1 BSA SABB BSA TRACK BSA BB1 ITA SABB ITA TRACK BSA Press Fit 4124 Press Fit 4624 Road BB30 to 24 Road BBRight 4624 3D24 3D24 3D24 3D24 3D24 3D24A 3D24 (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) (All Shimano compatible) 30 mm SPINDLE BSA30 ITA30 Press Fit 4130 BB30 BEARING KIT BB30 BEARING KIT Press Fit 4630 Press Fit 4630 Press Fit 4630 3D+ 3D30 FLOW POWER 3D+ 3D30 FLOW POWER 3D+ 3D30 FLOW POWER 3D+ 3D30 FLOW POWER 3D+ 3D30 FLOW POWER 3D+ 3D30 FLOW POWER 3D+ 3D30 FLOW POWER 3D+ 3D30 FLOW POWER MTB THREADED BB NON THREADED BB D = 37 mm D = 41 mm D = 42 mm D = 46 mm BB90 W W =68 mm / 73 mm BSA =89.

mtb 73mm .black C04-023-01010-0 ITA30 .black C04-006-01010-0 BB1 2010 MTB BSA .red C04-002-01010-0 BB1 RD ITA .steel .Red C04-006-02010-0 BB1 2010 MTB BSA .steel .black C04-026-03010-1 BB PRESS FIT 4624 386 EVO -ceramic-red 2015 51 .68/73mm .CERAMIC PRESS FIT 4630 (BBRIGHT/BB386 PRESS FIT 30) C04-018-01010-0 BB PRESS FIT 4630 .ceramic .red C04-012-01010 BB TRACK ITA -STEEL C04-019-01010A-0 BBRIGHT 24 MM SPINDLE -79MM-STEEL-road-black C04-011-01010 BB TRACK BSA -STEEL C04-019-03010A-1 BBRIGHT 24 MM SPINDLE -79MM-STEEL-ceramic-red C04-026-01010-0 BB PRESS FIT 4624 386 EVO -steel.steel .steel .black C04-014-01010-0 BSA30 .black C04-015-03010-1 BB3024 .black race/red seal C04-020-04010A-3 BB PRESS FIT 4130 .steel .gold race/red seal BB30 Bearing Kit (BB30 FRAME) C04-017-01010 BEARINGS SET BB30 .ceramic .ceramic .ceramic .ceramic .steel .68/73mm .ceramic .road 68 mm .68mm .red PRESS FIT 4124 (BB89/BB92/BB86) C04-013-02010-0 BB PRESS FIT CERAMIC BEARINGS .BLACK C04-013-01010-0 BB PRESS FIT STEEL BEARINGS .68/73mm .steel .steel .black BB TRACK (BSA/ITA Frame) C04-022-03010-1 BB PRESS FIT 4624 MTB .68/73mm .road 68 mm .steel .red (BBRight/Press Fit 30) C04-021-01010-0 BB PRESS FIT 4624 ROAD .steel .BLACK BB 4224 (BB30 to 24) BB30 Frame C04-016-01010-0 BB3024 .ceramic .black C04-004-01010-0 BB1 2010 ROAD BSA .BOTTOM BRACKETS BSA / ITA 30 (BSA/ITA Frame) BB1 (BSA/ITA) C04-004-02010-0 BB1 2010 ROAD BSA .mtb 73mm .black C04-014-03010-0 BSA30 .68/73mm .red C04-022-01010-0 BB PRESS FIT 4624 MTB .red PRESS FIT 4624 50 2015 C04-020-01010A-0 BB PRESS FIT 4130 .70mm .ceramic .STEEL C04-017-02010 BEARINGS SET BB30 .ceramic .68mm .ceramic .steel .black C04-018-11010A-0 BB PRESS FIT 4630 -plastic .black SAAB (BSA Frame) PRESS FIT 4130 (BB86/BB89/BB92) C04-010-03010A SABB2 MTB .black C04-021-03010-1 BB PRESS FIT 4624 ROAD .68/73mm .68/73mm .black C04-023-03010-1 ITA30 .black C04-016-01030-1 BB3024 .red C04-008-03010A SABB2 ROAD BSA 68mm .steel .Red C04-015-01010-0 BB3024 .black C04-018-03010-1 BB PRESS FIT 4630 .ceramic .

M. ROTOR’s Twin Leg Concept gives the stiffest possible crankset by balancing the cranks’ left-to-right rigidity. TLC creates the most balanced cranksets possible.L. regardless of its BB standard. resulting in improved and optimized products. We identify performance problems and set out to solve them. This gives our crank arms superior rigidity and an exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio. Because ROTOR’s primary goal is to maximize performance. By designing the crankset as a real set — not just two individual arms. Q-Ring users can regulate their Q’s with twice the accuracy of standard cranks. ROTOR’s CNC crank arms are stiffer than the competitions’ forged products due to our Trinity Drilling System.” solution is probably the best word to describe ROTOR’s design philosophy. 2015 53 . Together with “performance. Solution. A. We think a product’s soul is in its material. That is what this technology is all about: more adjustability for a further optimized Q-Ring setup. It allows almost any ROTOR 30 or 24mm axle crank to be installed on any frame. Thanks to its secondary bolt holes. This process drills three full-depth holes from axle to pedal.TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSAL BOTTOM BRACKET CONCEPT TWIN LEG CONCEPT The UBB is a concept that works with nearly ALL BB standards. MICRO ADJUST SPIDER TRINITY DRILLING SYSTEM “MAS” stands for Micro Adjust Spider and means “more” in Spanish.A. APPROPRIATE LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL APPLICATION FUNCTIONAL SOLUTION DESIGN “ALMA” means “soul” in Spanish. There is no point in making an ultra-rigid right crank arm if the left crank arm can’t match it. forever eliminating complicated BB/crank compatibility problems. meaning that our products often differ from the market norm in a good way. The performance and reliability of a ROTOR product comes from a design process where material selection is key. we allow functionality — not fashion — to define which material is best. leaving behind a box-trellised structure (similar to bridges). Performance is never compromised. Reliability and functionality guide our design ethos.

2x400 black/red C07-006-31610-01 S3X SEATPOST 31.6x350 black/red C07-006-30610-01 S3X SEATPOST 30.6x400 black/red CHAIN CATCHER C11-001-00010A-1 CHAIN CATCHER .9x350 black/red C07-006-31710-01 S3X SEATPOST 31.BLACK CHAIN 10-SPEED RACE PLATE C12-001-00010-2 NUMBER SUPPORT MOUNT .9x400 black/red C07-006-27710-01 S3X SEATPOST 27.RED C11-001-00010A-0 CHAIN CATCHER .ACCESSORIES S3X SEAT POST C07-006-27610-01 S3X SEATPOST 27.2x350 black/red C07-006-30710-01 S3X SEATPOST 30.SILVER CHAIN 9-SPEED C05-002-00020A-3 SL 110 TI CHAIN C05-001-00010-5 SH 9 CR CHAIN C05-002-00010A-5 SH 10 CR CHAIN C05-001-00020-3 SL 901 TI CHAIN 2015 55 .

10 units kit QXL derailleur shim C00-000-00110 SET. 10 un 3D24-Non-drive side alloy bol C00-000-00100 SET. 2 X 10 UNITS 3D+ 11.5MM WASHER .SPARE PARTS With an objective to keep your ROTOR products rolling. 10 un kit 3D+ preload nut + bolt 2015 57 . 10 units kit RD bolt set 5bolts/5 C00-000-00130 SET.5mm spacer . track. 10 un 3D-non drive side alloy bolt black C00-000-00090 SET. 10 un New 3D+ alloy ds bolt red C00-000-00080 Shimano covers SET 110x4 .5mm spacer . 10 units XC2 bolt set 10bolts/5nu C00-000-00140 “TYPE B” C00-000-00200 SET. 2 X 10 UNITS 3D+ 2. these spare parts will come in handy when it comes to keeping your bike on the road. C00-000-00010 SET. 10 un New 3D+ alloy ds bolt black C00-000-00070 “TYPE C” C00-000-00020 SET. 4 X 10 UNITS 3D+ C00-000-00180 SET. 10 units XC3 bolt set 4+4bolts/4n C00-000-00150 “TYPE D” C00-000-00030 SET. 2 X 10 UNITS ROTOR POWER BATTERY C00-000-00120 SET.5mm spacer . 10 units XX bolt set 4bolts/4nuts C00-000-00160 SET. 10 un New 3D+ alloy ds bolt grey C00-000-00060 C00-000-00170 SET.PLA C00-000-00040 SET. or trail and out of the repair stand.5mm spacer . 10 units QX1 bolt set 4bolts . 10 units 3D+ STEEL INSTALL/EXTRACTO C00-000-00050 SET. 2 X 10 UNITS 3D+ “TYPE A” C00-000-00190 SET. 2 X 10 UNITS 3D+ 8.

ROTOR Jersey M04-01-MROTOR14-XL Jersey ROTOR 2014 XL M04-01-MROTOR14-L Jersey ROTOR 2014 L M04-01-MROTOR14-M Jersey ROTOR 2014 M M04-01-MROTOR14-S Jersey ROTOR 2014 S ROTOR Bib Shorts M04-01-CROTOR14-XL Bib Shorts ROTOR 2014 XL M04-01-CROTOR14-L Bib Shorts ROTOR 2014 L M04-01-CROTOR14-M Bib Shorts ROTOR 2014 M M04-01-CROTOR14-S Bib Shorts ROTOR 2014 S 2015 59 . or expo space. These are must-haves in your shop.MARKETING ITEMS New ROTOR-branded items have been designed for every-day use with a touch of quality and innovation. wardrobe. same as our signature products.

MARKETING ITEMS 2014-15 ROTOR SALES BROCHURE MECHANIC’S APRON M02-DELANTAL-2014 Mechanic’s apron black 2014 M03-CATALOG-ENG-15 Sales brochure 2014/15 ENGLISH M03-CATALOG-ESP-15 Sales brochure 2014/15 SPANISH M05-TSH-MTB2014-S © tdwsport. long rides less tired during to the new and climbs thanks chainring!” ROTOR QX1 Rui Costa maRaThon 2013 UCI mTB n WoRld ChampIo UCI Road WoRld ChampIon quickly “I adapted very it gave to Q-Rings and of going me the feeling tly it faster.” 2014-15 PRODUCT POSTERS M03-POSTER-ENG-MTB15 MTB Poster 2014/15 ENGLISH BOTTLES M03-BIDON-ROTOR 60 2015 Bike bottle 500cc ROTOR 2014 M03-POSTER-ENG-RD15 ROAD Poster 2014/15 ENGLISH M03-POSTER-ENG-CX15 CYCLOCROSS Poster 2014/15 ENGLISH M03-POSTER-ESP-MTB15 MTB Poster 2014/15 SPANISH M03-POSTER-ESP-RD15 ROAD Poster 2014/15 SPANISH M03-POSTER-ESP-CX15 CYCLOCROSS Poster 2014/15 SPANISH 2015 61 .com MTB T-SHIRT BLACK © Michal Červený ROTOR MEN MTB-rex black T-shirt size S M05-TSH-MTB2014-M MEN MTB-rex black T-shirt size M M05-TSH-MTB2014-L MEN MTB-rex black T-shirt size L Race ProveN M05-TSH-MTB2014-XL MEN MTB-rex black T-shirt size XL ChRistoph sauseR Race ProveN have the “I knew I would looking for advantage I was I am definitely for the victory. Most importanspot in dead eliminated the my pedal stroke.

WALL HANG / dimensions: 450x450 mm weight: ±1280 grams M06-TRIPLE-OVA2014 New (OVAL SHAPE) TRIPLE product display / dimensions: 650x600x1650mm weight: ±15 kg 2015 63 .black keyring M05-MRC-MOCHILA-PM ROTOR give-away .black bag M05-MRC-PENS-RT ROTOR give-away .black pen M05-MRC-USB-RT ROTOR give-away . size 210x170mm M06-2014ROTOR80X20 Black logo ROTOR size 80x20mm SHOP DISPLAYS M06-SING-OVA-2014 New (OVAL SHAPE) single-piece product display . size 180x148mm M06-DEALERS210X170 2014 white Premium ROTOR dealer stickers. USB drives M05-MRC-KEYRING-RT ROTOR give-away . USB stick memory ROTOR STICKERS 62 2015 M06-DEALERS180X148 2014 white Premium ROTOR dealer stickers.MARKETING ITEMS ROTOR bags.

MARKETING ITEMS TENT IMAGE DIRT DEMOS/RACES 64 M06-TRI-RECTAN2014 New (RECTANGLE SHAPE) TRIPLE PORTABLE product display + box / dimensions: 480x570x1800 mm weight: ±18 kg M05-PLASPOP-SET14 SET: New plastic/transparent table crankstand display + PF4130 M-M05-POPCRANKSLAT Metallic black slat-wall single product display 2015 .