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100 College Application Essay Topics

See the following for 100 college application essay topics that you might have to
answer for application 2016-2017.

100 College Prompts and Topics

1. What work of science, math or music has influenced you and in what way?
2. What particular work of art or music has influenced you and how?
3. What book, play or film has influenced you? Assume that we know the plot.
4. Tell us about a book that has changed your way of thinking about the world.
5. Tell us about a particular experience you failed. What did you learn from it.
6. Tell us about a first experience you had. How does it affect you?
7. Tell us about an experience you took a risk, knowing it is the right thing to do.
8. Tell us about what you think about a social or scientific controversy.
9. Choose one of the communities you belong to and tell us about that
10.Tell us about how you can contribute in the modern world.
11.What perspective do you think you can share with your community as a result
of your own life?
12.How can you prepare educationally with the demands of the global society?
13.Tell us about that biggest failure you have had. What are the major lessons
you learned from it?
14.What are the effects of an independent study, reading, work or research and
its contribution for a science or arts project?
15.What is your most surprising intellectual experience?
16.Why are you interested to study in this university?
17.Who is your biggest influence in your life?
18.What do you think people who know you would be surprise to learn about
19.Why do you think our university is a good match for your ambitions?
20.On what subject do you disagree with many people and why?
21.How can our school help you achieve your life goals and future plans?
22.Do you believe that we can agree with someone with integrity even if we
disagree with him or her? Why?
23.Imagine you wrote a short film, play or story. What do you think your
audience will remember from it?
24.Who among your secondary teachers has had the biggest impact on your
development? How did he or she influence you?
25.What do you think is the work that has to be done in your generation? What
impact does it have on you as a future leader in the world?
26.Write a provocative, reflective, persuasive or creative essay drawn upon your
personal experience.

27.What makes this school a good match for you and your personality?
28.What are your best qualities as a leader and why do you think so?
29.What do you think are your biggest advantages that other applicants do not
30.What do you think is your most valuable asset that makes you suitable for the
culture of this university?
31.What do you think is the most important question that a selective university
would ask?
32.What are your future goals and ambitions that will set you apart from the
33.Choose any subject for your essay and limit it to one page of 500 words.
34.Choose a topic that is of great importance for you.
35.What experiences, aspirations or relationships do you think have motivated
you to pursue this study?
36.What do you think is the major challenge faced by engineers right now?
37.Choose a creative work, such as a film, a novel or a musical piece that has
influenced and changed your view of the world.
38.Which of the offered majors appeal most to you? Give us the reasons.
39.Write about a book, which influenced you. Tell us your final thoughts about it.
40.Describe a moment in your life when you have taken a risk. Tell us how this
has affected you as an individual.
41.Tell us about something you have read which has changed your mind on one
subject and how.
42.What are the main responsibilities of an educated person? Why did you say
43.Tell us about one book you have read within this year, and tell us your
reasons for considering this book is important. What knowledge have you
gained from it?
44.Tell us about your division of diversity. In what way do you think your college
experience here can affect it?
45.How has your cultural experiences influenced your personal development?
46.Of all the activities you have mentioned, which among them has proven to be
the best or worst when it comes to your use of time.
47.Tell us about the people who have greatly contributed to your personal
development and how.
48.Defend to us your least conventional belief.
49.Tell us about a personal experience that has refined a specific value youre
50.What else could be changed in the world, and why do you think it is
51.Describe an intellectual experience that has given you satisfaction.

52.Tell us about an imaginary invention you would make if given the chance and
state your reasons.
53.What is your biggest academic achievement so far? Were not looking for
grades but for creativity and your willingness in taking intellectual risks.
54.What do you think has been your biggest contributions in the society? State
the reasons.
55.What is your favorite word? State your reasons.
56.If you would write a book, which theme are you choosing? State your
57.What do you think is the best book you have read so far? State your reasons.
58.What invention would make the world better?
59.Tell us how your cultures, international issues and current knowledge affect
this undergraduate study.
60.Do you think your academic records reflect you? Tell us the reasons.
61.What invention would the world be better without it? State your reasons.
62.What are your main confusion in life and why?
63.Explain how your experiences are different from those of your friends and
64.Do you believe that its better to be alone rather be in a bad company and
65.What advice could you give those starting in high school and why?
66.If you were to write your autobiography, what do you want people to
remember the most and why?
67.What is the best advice you have ever received and why?
68.If you could change a part of your high school life, what would that be and
69.Imagine you are a heroine or a hero in a time period. Write a creative essay
about your experience.
70.Imagine you are writing future college roommates. What would you write in
there to describe your personality?
71.Describe a habit that describes you as a person.
72.Describe a negative experience that has left a positive impact on you.
73.Choose an object and tell us how this is your good representation.
74.How did your travel experiences affect you as a student?
75.What is your most memorable life experience and what did you learn from it?
76.Describe a conversation you had that changed your perspective.
77.Give us that one adjective used by most people when describing you.
78.Tell us about the kind of person that you are.
79.Choose a place that best represents you and why.
80.If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
81.Choose a fictional character. What do you like and you dont like about this
character and relate these to yourself.

82.If only one student has to be admitted, why should we choose you?
83.Explain what experiences you want to gain from college and why.
84.Describe yourself with a quotation.
85.Tell us about an activity you did that has nothing to do with academics.
86.What unusual test of character have you had? Tell us about it
87. Give us information that you think will complete your description as a person.
88.What do you think is the most important political and social movement of the
20th century? Can you identify yourself with it and why?
89.Tell us where you are going to spend the summer before college if family and
money left you free.
90.If given the chance to travel back in time, what time in history would you
choose and why?
91.What do you think will be the biggest next revolution and how will it impact
you and the society?
92.If you were to spend a year in service on behalf of someone, which sector
would you choose? What would you do and why?
93.How would you use your time if you had a day all yours?
94.If you would be a fly on the wall to observe situations in history or your
personal life, what would you like to observe and why?
95.If you could be another person for a day, who would you be and why?
96.If you could meet a famous person, who would this be. Write a short talk
between you and this person.
97.If you could spend a year with a fictional character or a real person, whom
would you select and why?
98.If you could change three things about the world or about the community,
what are these and why?
99.If you could have the chance to have a conversation with someone, who
would you choose and what would you discuss with the person? Tell us about
the conversation.
100.Which face would you select from Mt. Rushmore if given the chance to
develop it to represent the 20th century?
There you have the best 100 topics for the greatest college essays that you might
be asked to write about when applying. Start your practice and do well in your
college application essays today!