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Card 1
External carotid, origin course braqches and supply

Card 2
facial nerve

Card 3
thigh muscles,femoral canal,triangle,clinical importance
occulomotor nerve

Card 4
Oral cavity- lips ,oral vestibule, oral cavity proper and its content
Broad ligament , fallopian tube the vasculature of ovart and uterine tube

Card 5
oculomotor nerve nuclei, pathway, branches, direct and consensual light reflex,
2.fashia of the neck ,neck trangles, superficial muscles ,hyoid muscle

Card 6
Maxillary Nerve. Course, Topography, Branches (Deep and Superficial), Areas of
Shoulder Joint. Capsule and Bursae, Ligaments, Muscles and Movements

Card 7
meninges of the brain n spinal cord.
ankle joint, movements n musles involved. muscles involved in inversion n

Card 8
cerebellum, parts external features nuclei connection,
testes epididimas , decent of testes layers of it

Card 9
Joints n ligaments of da vertibral column. Atlantooccipital joint.
Liver.location.peritonial membranes.surfaces n relations. Porta hepatis n da
structures passing through it.

Card 10
Radial artery course,radial pulse and formation of superficial and deep palmar
arches in the hand
pharynx parts and communications, muscles of the pharynx,soft palate and

Card 11
Mandibular Nerve. Course, Branches, nuclei and areas of innervation.
Spleen. Location in the abdominal cavity, topography, peritoneal relations and

Tongue structure, functions, bloodsupply, innervation and taste pathway
system of veins in the thorax-superiorvenacava,azygos, hemiazygos
connections, anastamoses and tributaries

Card 13
Axillary atery,course, it s branchers
rectum, blood supply , lymphatics

Card 14
4th ventricle topography.. Circulation of csf

Glands of the male reproductive system.. Spermatic cord and contents.

Card 15
Joint classification(synarthroses, symphyses, diarthroses) structural features n
Pancreas - parts, blood supply, duct system, embryological components

Card 16
ascending tracts (pain and temperature,tectile and proprioception).
Hip joint,articular surfaces,blood supply,innervation,movements and muscles

Card 17
ascending tracts (pain and temperature,tectile and proprioception).
Hip joint,articular surfaces,blood supply,innervation,movements and muscles

Card 18
joints and ligaments between the the vertebrae, atlanta occipital joint and
Liver-Location,peritoneal relations, surfaces, porta heptais and structures that
pass through it

Card 19
parasympathetic part of autonomic nervous system.its location, ganglia n ol.
aorta.its of thorcic aorta.

Card 20
Medulla oblongata extrnal n intrnal structure, cranial nuclei arrangement.
Mediastinam ,it's parts structural arrangement in posterior mediastnm

Card 21

pterygopalatine fossa; Its communications and contents. Maxillary nerve and its
Stomach. Its location, peritoneal relations, blood supply. Lesser sac and its

Facial nerve (it's nuclei, type, course , branches, innavetions, ect)
Thyroid gland (structure, relations, blood supply, ect

Card 23
vertibral coloumn
veins of lower limb

card 24
intrinsic musscles of the hand (origin,innervation,blood supply)
pitiutary gland

card 25
sacral plexus - origin pathway n everything it suppplies
origin, course and branches of the superior mesenteric artery with the structures
it supplies!!

Card 26
Inguinal canal (everything related to it)
elbow joint

Card 27
The large intestine; its parts, the peritoneal attachments and the blood supply
The eye, the layers and refractive media, and production of aqueous humour

Card 28
pelvis as a whole, bony components and joints .differences between male and
female pelvis
lung, its topography ,differences between right and left lung, bronchial tree, root
of the lung.

Card 29
Kidney ,relations, development, sections.
Knee joint , bones, muscles, ligaments, movements

Card 30
nasal cavity, lateral wall of nasal cavity, olfactory epithelium , olfactory pathway.
Radio-Ulna joints , component , movement , relevant muscles & their inavations.

Card 31
IVC, SVC, Azygos and Portal vein.
Cervical pleexus.

Card 32
spinal cord extent, external features ,internal features n tracts
ureter: course, constrictions, bony relations n blood supplied

duodenum -parts , relations , peritoneal attachments , related duct system
gray matter& white matter of cerebral hemisphers (cortex, basal gangliastructure, functions

Card 34
Optic nerve & visual pathway
Muscles & fascia of the pectoral region

Cad 35
pleura, its innervations costodiaphragmatic recesses
Mammary gland, its arterial supply, lymphatic drainage

Orientation of the heart. General arrangement. blood supply
hip joint. Muscles that act on it. its movements.