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Adjust/Copy Workflow Template

This section describes the procedure for implementing the release workflow. Several
steps are necessary for this.
Step 1: Standard Customizing for the workflow was carried out (IMG path: Basis -->
Business Management -> SAP Business Workflow).
Step 2 (optional): Copying of SAP workflow template WS 20000139 with the name
trtmtr_dl_rl and the Sub-Workflow template WS 20000138 with the name trtmtr_no_ch.
This is only necessary if you wish to change the workflow template in a customerspecific manner. Otherwise, you can use the SAP workflow template.
1. Transaction: PFTC (Tools -> Business Workflow -> Development;
2. Task category WS; Task 20000138 and/or 20000139
3. Menu path: Task -> Copy
4. Popup "Copy task": Enter ID code and name here (look at the space available for the
customer name!)
Step 3 (mandatory): Change Standard role 20000034 (ID code: TRTMTR_DEAL).
The standard role describes the responsibilities for the individual approval steps.
1. Transaction SWLD, path Definition tools -> Display standard roles.
2. Branch to the responsibilities and create the necessary responsibilities/roles there:
2.a single-level: agent
2.b dual-level: agent 1st approval
2.c dual-level: agent 2nd approval
2.d for triple level release analogous to 3 agent roles.
3. Change the responsibilities so that the "current approval level" is set at the
corresponding value and the "release levels" are set at the maximum number of release
levels possible.
4. In order to enter the agents, choose Edit -> Agent assignment -> Create, after placing
the cursor on the corresponding standard role. You can now directly enter the user or a
complete position.
5. Standard role 20000035 -(addressee for missed deadlines in workflow):

maintain one or several users/positions that should be informed when

deadlines are missed.
Step 4 (mandatory): Activate event linkage.
As this workflow is triggered via an event, the event linkage of the workflow used by
yourself must be activated.
1. Transaction PFTC
2. Enter and display customer task/SAP workflow template WS 20000139.
3. Choose "Triggering events" from the tabstrip control.
4. Menu path: Edit -> Event -> Activate linkage for object category
BUS2042 and event "To-be_Approved".
5. Save workflow task.
Step 5 (mandatory):
Check whether Agent assignment has been activated, if not, activate it. Standard task
TS20000223 (Approval task for release):
1. Transaction PFTC
2. Enter and display approval task TS 20000223.
3. Choose Additional data -> Agent assignment -> Maintain.
4. Choose Edit -> Attributes and mark the task as "General task".
Activate the Agent assignment.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for tasks TS 20000235 (add attachment), TS
20000239 (change transaction), TS 20000238 (reverse transaction) and TS
20000225 (decision).
Step 6 (optional): Activate workflow.
Activation of the workflow after copying and adjusting the workflow (only necessary in
step 1 and (customer) workflow).