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Dated: 25/6/2015

1. M/s. friends Industries,
D- 72 ,Focal Point, Patiala
through its Partner Santosh Kumari
2. Santosh Kumari partner of M/s. friends Industries,
D- 72 Focal Point, Patiala
Subject: Legal Notice.

the instructions of my client Sh.Bharat Bhushan,

Proprietor, Saraswati Traders, Pili Sarak, Ragho Majra, Patiala, I hereby

serve upon you with the following legal notice:1.

That my client is wholesaler of electronic goods and is running

its business under the name and style of Saraswati Traders at
Pili Sarak, Ragho Majra, Patiala. You are also running your
business of retail sale of electronic goods.


That you have been purchasing electronic goods such as wires,

switch gears, switch boards etc. from my client on credit basis
and at the time of every purchase you assured my client to
make the payment of the amount due very soon.


That an amount of Rs.48053/- was due against you my client

had approached you and requested you to make the payment of
said amount, on which, you in discharge of your legally
enforceable debt/ liability issued cheque No.092938 dated
26/4/2015 of Rs. 48053/- of OBC Bank A/c no: 12325011000166


Bansal Law Office, Chamber No. 117, Ground Floor, Mahatma

Gandhi Complex, District Courts, Patiala

and you assured my client that the said cheques would be

encashed as and when presented by my client that as and when
the cheques would be presented for encashment there would be
sufficient funds in your account.

That as per your assurance, my client presented cheque with his

banker i.e. State Bank of Patiala, Branch Sai Market, Patiala for
two times as every time, you assured my client for encashment
of the cheque, the cheque was sent to your banker for
encashment/clearance, but the said cheque was returned back
to my client uncashed/dishonoured with memo recent dated
03/6/2015 with remarks Funds Insufficent.


That my client was astonished on receiving the dishonoured

cheque and he approached you and told you about the
dishonour of cheque and requested you to make the payment of
cheque amount, but you flatly refused for the same.


That you issued the cheque with malafide intention and

knowingly that your account has no sufficient funds at the time
of issuance and presentation of the said cheque and due to this
reason, the aforesaid cheque was not honoured, hence this legal
Through this notice, you are hereby directed to clear the cheque

amount i.e. Rs.48053/- to my client within the period of 15 days from the
date of receipt of this legal notice, failing which my client shall be
constrained to proceed against you, in that event you will be liable and
responsible for all the costs of litigation, so incurred by my client in this

Copy retained in my offi ce for further proceedings.

Arun Bansal