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Civ Pro

1st Rule
A contract which provides for several stipulations to be performed at different times gives rise to as many causes of
action as there are violations.
Example: One promissory payable in installments at different times. Every installment is one cause of action.
Sa example ni Sir, while pending ang case para sa payment sa 1st installment, ang 2nd and 3rd installments kay nagdue
na pud. Dili muapply ang res judicata kay wala pa nagdue ang 2nd ug 3rd pagfile safirst. Pwede magfile ug
supplemental complaint sa 3rd then supplemental complaint pud sa 4th tapos iconsolidate or hulat sya mahuman ang
case sa 1st installment then file ug case para sa 2nd and 3rd installments. (Sakto ni?, mao ako nadunggan. hehe)
2nd Rule
All obligations on installment which have matured at the time of the suit must be interpreted as one cause of action in
one complaint and those not so included will be barred.
Sa example ni Sir, nag due na ang 1st, 2nd, 3rd ug 4th tapos sa 3rd ug 4th iya gifile, after, nag file napud sya sa 1st ug
2nd. Dili pwede, splitting cause of action, dapat giapil na niya ang 1st ug 2nd sa iya pagfile kay tanan man nagdue
na(one cause of action only).
3rd Rule (Acceleration Clause)
Even when there are several stipulations in a continuing contract, when the failure to comply with one of several
stipulations constitutes a total breach. It is a term in loan agreements that require the borrower to pay off the loan
immediately if certain conditions are met.
Example: 1st installment fell due but the debtor repudiates the entire note. A case must be filed for the entire amount of
loan whether due or not.

Civil Procedure 3

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Taxpayers Suit
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Read: Womens Act.(Wala naku nasulat)
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