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Tabangao Refinery, Batangas City

Reliability and Integrity Department

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Tito Eusebio
Jonanette Aclan-DeCastro

Sep 26 2015

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Oil movements

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2600PIP001 30 SCW line

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Repair of leaking 2600PIP001 30 SCW line at Jetty 1 & 2 junction


Severe leak noted on the 30 SCW line located at the existing patch repair which is welded on the
wear pad. The leak location is resting on the concrete support. The wear pad also noted with
severe crevice corrosion.

1. Actual site dimension shall be taken prior to fabrication.

Note: Encapsulation shall be beyond the concrete support to enable welding works and
this is approximately 1 from the circumferential weld of the wear pad.
2. Prepare the encapsulation materials needed for the repair, CS plate with ~10mm thick and
a or diameter nozzle and a blind flange. See attached drawing. Nozzle will be used to
divert the flow of the SCW while welding works on the other portion of the encapsulation
is ongoing.
3. Internal of the encapsulation (including nozzle) should be lined with Belzona1111
(Option1) or marine epoxy (option2) and should be fully cured. External should be blasted
to SA2.5 and painted to FC1-N.
4. Encapsulation should be partially fabricated prior to insertion between SCW and support;
fillet welding, using E7018 electrode, SMAW
(For partial fabrication, see attached drawing, highlighted in green, this is the west part of
the encapsulation).
5. Visual inspection and PT of the partially fabricated encapsulation.
6. Since the location of the leak is resting directly on the concrete support beam, lifting of
the SCW line is necessary.
7. Once lifted, remove the corrosion on the wear pad. Blast and primer coat.
8. Insert the partially fabricated encapsulation between the SCW line and the support coming
from the west side of the line.
9. Divert the flow of the leak to enable welding of the other parts of the encapsulation via
fillet welding, using E7018 electrode, SMAW. During welding, nozzle should be opened.
10. Best effort shall be done in repairing the lined internal damaged by welding works.
11. After completion of the encapsulation, blind the nozzle and use a CAF gasket.
12. Visual inspection and PT of the encapsulation
Please contact Janette de Castro / Rex Velasco for inquiries.
Repair of leaking 2600PIP001 30 SCW line at Jetty 1 & 2 junction
Sep 26 2015

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Jonanette A De Castro

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Repair of leaking 2600PIP001 30 SCW line at Jetty 1 & 2 junction

Sep 26 2015

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