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Schulich Centres of Excellence

SEEC and ye shall find.

The Masters Certificate in

Lean Six Sigma

Black Belt
Canadas only university-level training in Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt for tomorrows leaders will advance your career
and drive measurable value for your organization.

2009 and 2010 Program Dates

20 days over 5 months

September 11, 2009 - February 20, 2010

September 2010 - February 2011 (session dates TBA)

TORONTO 20 days over 5 months

The Masters Certificate in

UPCOMING Toronto Program Dates:

September 11, 2009 - February 20, 2010
September 2010 - February 2011 (sessions TBA*)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma is the combination of the worlds best
and most rewarding process improvement strategies.

Why Choose a Masters Certificate from SEEC?

Founded upon the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC)
framework the industry standard within the Lean Six Sigma community
worldwide and combined with the powerful principles of Lean,
The Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from SEEC gives
you the tools you need to deliver well-scoped Lean Six Sigma projects on
time and drive substantial ROI for your organization on all your initiatives.

2009 PROGRAM (20 days over 5 months)

Module Dates*

Module 1 > 2 DAYS

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma & Leading
Sept. 11-12/09
Successful Projects

1. Rapidly update your education to an

executive level in key current and emerging
industry management areas

Module 2 > 2 DAYS

Leading Organizational Change

Sept. 25-26

Module 3 > 2 DAYS

Launching a Lean Six Sigma Project: Defining Goals

Oct. 16-17

Module 4 > 2 DAYS

Introduction to Basic Statistics and Analysis

Oct. 30-31

3. Link theory to practice with action-based

learning which features exercises, case studies
and simulations

Module 5 > 2 DAYS

Measurement Systems and Data Collection

Nov. 13-14

4. Network among graduating colleagues to

develop lasting business friendships

Module 6 > 2 DAYS

Process Data Analysis: Introduction

Nov. 27-28

5. Leverage the expertise and insight of industry

instructors with real-world experience

Module 7 > 2 DAYS

Process Data Analysis: Advanced

Dec. 11-12

6. Benefit from responsive, convenient

scheduling which respects the time constraints
of todays busy executives

2. Share experiences and exchange knowledge

with other professionals in limited-size

Module 8 > 2 DAYS

Improving Your Operations

Jan. 15-16/10

Module 9 > 2 DAYS

Improve/Control Techniques

Jan. 29-30

7. Enjoy immediate ROI and impact on your

organization through application of your
learning between sessions

Module 10 > 2 DAYS

Program Review and Final Exam

Feb. 19-20

8. Experience the best overall training value

available on a cost per day basis

*For 2010 Program session dates, please see

Lean: Eliminate waste, reduce cost and cycle time

Your Learning Framework

The Lean Six Sigma DMAIC phases Define,
Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control are standard
across the global Lean Six Sigma community and
are covered extensively in this program.






Six Sigma: Reduce process variation and eliminate errors

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top 5 reasons to take

this program
Master the Lean

Six Sigma project

methodology DMAIC
and incorporate Lean

Deliver fact-based

data-driven solutions
with sustainable and
higher ROI on all your

Equip yourself for

Lean Six Sigma Black

Belt Certification

Gain the skills that

you need to advance

your career

Drive to

Interactive learning

and networking with

other Lean Six Sigma

YOUR NEXT STEPS to receiving your Masters

Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
1 To Register, visit


higher quality, reduce process variation and
waste, and eliminate defects and non-value-added
steps with advanced training from SEECs Masters
Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Key Program Benefits:

Master the Lean Six Sigma project methodology DMAIC to drive process improvement
and tangible financial benefits

Gain in-depth understanding of the impact

of process variation in order to strive for
near-perfection in any process from product
to service (or see Convenient

Registration Options on rear panel of this brochure).
2 To Ask a Question About the Program

Please contact Michael Ewing, Program Director,

at 416.736.5079, or toll free 1.800.667.9380.
SEEC offers free 1-hour online information sessions
for select Masters Certificate programs. For dates and to
RSVP visit

Learn to better understand the Voice of the

Customer (VOC)

Increase stakeholder value while simultaneously improving product and service quality

3 For Further Program-Related Information

Visit our website at:

watch a video message from the Program Director

see what past participants have to say
review the instructors and their areas of expertise
see the list of participating organizations

Acquire the knowledge you need to write the

examination for Black Belt certification

PLUS: Upon completion of this program, participants will receive 140 PDUs from The Project Management Institute (PMI).

Register online today at

Lean Six Sigma is synonymous

with service and manufacturing
excellence in todays global
marketplace. It is now a key
strategy in every sector, including
service, manufacturing, finance, technology,
healthcare and government, and drives highimpact, measurable benefits for all stakeholders.




Introduction to Lean Six Sigma & Leading

Successful Projects
An introduction to the history of Lean and Six Sigma,
as well as an overview of leading strategies, tools and
methods. Also learn to identify, scope, plan and execute
successful Lean Six Sigma projects

Understanding the history and culture of Lean and Six


SEECs Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training

is specifically designed to enable Canadian

Differentiating Lean and Six Sigma projects and defining

the scope and benefits of the projects

organizations in all industries to reach worldclass operational standards, generate measurable

financial results and produce nothing but

Understanding the sequence of events in a project

Developing strategies, tools, methods and discipline
needed to improve process, services and quality

perfection or close to it!

The industrys top instructors, all with inter-

Duration: 2 days

Workshop: Exploring Statistical Software I

national expertise, teach our highly interactive

and real-world-focused modules. Not all Lean
Six Sigma training programs are created equal.


Duration: 2 days

SEECs Lean Six Sigma Black Belt provides the

Leading Organizational Change

most comprehensive training in the industry: you

Develop a roadmap to manage change associated with highimpact, continuous-improvement projects at a personal and
team level.

will have all the tools required to advance your

career and drive measurable value to your organization by the end of the program.


A roadmap to overcome resistance and create a safe

environment for open discussion and effective teamwork
within the organizational system

Developing activity and resource plans to deliver results


Michael Ewing, Program Director

The Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma

Understand Jungs theory of personality types and how to

manage different types of personalities.

Black Belt, Schulich Executive Education Centre

Schulich School of Business, York University


Who should attend?

This program is intended for all industry sectors.
It is developed to improve your problem resolution
skills with discipline, facts and data.
You will benefit from this program if you are an:
Executive Business Analyst Director Consultant
Manager Engineer Project Manager

Launching a Lean Six Sigma Project:

Defining Goals
Phase 1 DEFINE. Builds a roadmap to identify,
select, prioritize, scope and successful launch process
improvement opportunities that are aligned with strategic
business objectives and voice of the customer.

How to define Problem Statements and Project Goals

Elements of a good project charter: Critical-to-Quality

Tree, project metric, SIPOC, team selection, Financial
Impact assessment etc.

Responsible for:
Operations/Products/Services Finance
Sales/Marketing Product Development
Human Resources Business Transformation
Information Technology

Duration: 2 days

Selecting, validating and prioritizing high-impact process

improvement opportunities aligned with strategic
business objectives

Workshop: Building a Project Charter

Register online today at


Duration: 2 days


Duration: 2 days

Introduction to Basic Statistics and Analysis

Improving Your Operations

This module introduces statistical process control (SPC), as

well as key analytical concepts and methods

Phase 4 IMPROVE. Leverage all of the knowledge gained

from the measure and analyze phase of your projects to
drive process redesign.


How the powerful analytical tools compliment the a

problem-solving tool box


Basic statistical concepts and analysis theory

Advanced concepts of Design of Experiments

Lean Thinking

Introduction to the analytical methods for process

management and Statistical Process Control


Duration: 2 days

Improve/Control Techniques

Duration: 2 days

Measurement Systems and Data Collection

Phase 2 MEASURE. Explore the discipline surrounding
data collection that leads to profound knowledge of process
behaviour - Process Mapping, data collection methods,
sample size determination and sampling techniques.

Phase 5 CONTROL. Conduct final analysis and testing

of the process improvements to ensure long-term
sustainability of your process improvements.

A variety of tools and concepts to aid optimization of

process design, including Theory of Constraints.

A deeper understanding of various techniques and

application of Statistical Process Control


Effective use of Spaghetti Diagrams, process flow and

value-stream mapping

How to close your Lean Six Sigma project and hand off
to process owner.

Establishing process metrics, including initial capacity

and process benchmarking

Understanding Measurement System Analysis


Duration: 2 days

DMADV, Program Review and Final Exam


Duration: 2 days

Process Data Analysis: Introduction

Phase 3 ANALYZE. An introduction to basic analysis and
hypothesis testing to help identify root cause of variation
in processes.

Explore DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify/Validate), the alternate Lean Six Sigma methodology of designing
new processes. Also, a comprehensive review and evaluation
of all of the phases of the DMAIC project methodology.
How to work with DMADV using a Quality Function
Deployment model

Survey Design and analysis


Simple and Multiple Regression

Hypothesis testing


Duration: 2 days

Process Data Analysis: Advanced

Master advanced analytical tools that will deepen your
understanding of process behaviour, including the
application of designed experiments.

Conclusion of Hypothesis Testing

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Introduction to Design of Experiments

DMAIC review, project presentation and final assessments

The last day of the program is reserved for the preparation

and writing of The Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt examination, as well as closing discussions
with the course instructors.
Note: Participants must bring a laptop computer with
them to each Module.

IN-COMPANY TRAINING: Please note that any of The Masters

Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt modules can be delivered
in-company for groups of 10 or more. For more information, contact
SEEC at 416.360.8850 or visit

Program Faculty

Michael Ewing
CEO, e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc.
Six Sigma Champion, Program Director,
The Masters Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Black Belt,
Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business,
York University
Michael Ewing has over 18 years of experience in sales and business
strategy, with an emphasis on coaching, negotiation, CRM, marketing, and
P&L management. Michael has served over 16 years at American Express,
most recently as VP and GM of Travellers Cheques Prepaid Services and
Foreign Exchange. While at American Express, Michael became involved with
Lean Six Sigma methodologies and disciplines, both as a Champion and as
an Executive Sponsor for continuous improvement projects.

Roy Cook, MBA, PMP, CQM

Black Belt
Roy Cook is a highly accomplished senior associate of e-Zsigma (Canada)
Inc., delivering Lean-focused performance-improvement initiatives. For
a number of large multinational clients, Roy has managed a wide variety
of process simplification and improvement initiatives, including financial
process streamlining, operations simplification, inventory reduction, order
management optimization, call-centre consolidation, fit/gap analysis and
process automation.

PAST Participants Say

A world-class rigorous and thorough undertaking of Six Sigma
and what it means to be a Black Belt. I would recommend it to
anyone interested in improving their value to their customers.
Gary Anderson, Market Area Fleet Manager,
Waste Management Corporation
It was excellent and set the framework for Six Sigma projects.
Thakur Sumessar, Plant Manager,
Masonite International Corporation
This course was great. Loved the people and how the course
was taught.
John Dumo, PM/Business Systems Analyst,
Softchoice Corporation


Travis Ratnam, P. Eng, MBA

ACC Farmers Financial


Master Black Belt

Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.


Travis Ratnam is Director, Quality and Master Black Belt for Brambles
Industrial Limited. He is responsible for the global deployment of a Lean
and Six Sigma-based continuous improvement program across all Brambles
business units, and delivering over $50 million in benefits annually. With
his experience in Six Sigma across three companies General Electric, CHEP
and Recall Travis has successfully applied the Six Sigma methodology in
operational and transactional environments. He has mentored and delivered
training in Six Sigma at the Executive, Champion, Black Belt and Green Belt

Bell Canada

Pinetree Advisors

Bell Canada, Bell Video Group

Bell ExpressVu

Power Packaging: An Exel


BMO Financial Group

Real Estate Financial

Bowdens Media Monitoring


Research In Motion

Centract Settlement
Services Inc.

Rogers Cable
Communications Inc.
Rogers Telecom

Rod Morgan
Master Black Belt

Compugen Inc.

Royal LePage Relocation


Rod Morgan is Vice-President, Program Management and a founding member

of e-Zsigma (Canada) Inc. Having instructed and coached thousands of
Lean Six Sigma Black Belts, Green Belts and Champions in Canada and
internationally, Rod is one of Canadas foremost Lean Six Sigma trainers and
practitioners. He has a diverse background in enterprise information technologies, retail, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing and finance. Rod
has managed hundreds of successful improvement initiatives.

Divaris Alexander Corporation

Siemens Canada Ltd.

Hill House Enterprises

Softchoice Corporation

Masonite International

Span International

Matrix Packaging Inc.

Symcor Inc.

Maxxam Analytics Inc.


Morrison Lamothe Inc.


Master Black Belt

Mount Sinai Hospital

Anil Gupta is an Associate of e-Zsigma Canada Inc. and Director, Process

Transformation Coach at Bell Canada. He has had extensive experience in
training hundreds of Black and Green Belts and coaching end-to-end process
transformation teams. As a Master Black Belt, Anil has led the deployment of
Lean Six Sigma at companies such as Bell Canada, MDS Diagnostics,
Starwood Hotels, and Maple Leaf Foods.

Nucap Industries Inc.

TELUS, Technology
and Operations

Ontario Air Ambulance

Torstar Digital

P.M.T.S Manufacturing

WABI Iron & Steel Corp.

Anil Gupta

Stackpole Limited

Registration Details

The Masters Certificate in

Lean Six Sigma

Black Belt
You may also download and print a Registration Form from, complete and fax to Schulich
Executive Education Centre at 416.736.5689, or

Canadas only university-level training in Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt for tomorrows leaders will advance your career
and drive measurable value for your organization.

Mail your downloaded Registration Form to The Schulich Executive
Education Centre, The Executive Learning Centre, Schulich School of
Business, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3
Telephone 416.736.5079 (1.800.667.9380 toll free)

Program Dates
2009 Program: September 11, 2009 February 20, 2010
2010 Program: September 2010 February 2011 (session dates TBA)
Unless otherwise announced, each day starts at 8:30 a.m. and
concludes at 4:30 p.m.
Enrolment for each session is limited, please register early.

To register for an upcoming Toronto session, see

Convenient Registration Options at left.
Or for further program-related information,
see YOUR NEXT STEPS inside.

Program location
Executive Learning Centre, Schulich School of Business,
York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3
Tel: 416.736.5079 Fax: 416.736.5689
Toll Free: 1.800.667.9380

Tens of thousands of todays leaders worldwide have

saved their companies millions of dollars using Lean
Six Sigma; now you can earn your Lean Six Sigma
Black Belt in 10 convenient training modules.

FRAMED Certificate of Program Completion

You will receive a handsomely framed Certificate of Completion.
Participants must attend all days of all program modules in order to
receive the certificate.

Program Fee
$10,500 CDN + 5% GST = $11,025 CDN 20 days
Program fee includes program tuition, teaching materials, lunches
and refreshments.
Schulich Executive Education Centres liability is limited to reimbursement of paid tuition fee.
To obtain discount for multiple registrations from one organization,
please contact Manager, Open Enrollment at 416.736.5079.
Full program fee is payable prior to start of program.
Call us about our convenient customized tuition payment plans.

Deposits, Cancellations, Replacements and Transfers

IMPORTANT: A deposit of $1,000 CDN is required to secure your place
in the program. Please include your credit card information on faxed
or online registrations, or mail a cheque along with your completed
program registration.
If you are unable to attend the program you may transfer to the
next session, subject to the 21-day written notification requirement
or your organization may name a replacement candidate.
Only one module transfer to another session will be permitted
(subject to space availability) without penalty. Each subsequent
transfer request has a $200 administration fee.
A full refund will be issued for written cancellations received a
minimum of 21 days before the program start date. Written cancellations received after this date will incur an administration charge
of $1,000.
Non-attendance or withdrawal after program start date will incur a
full program fee.

Mailroom: Please forward to Human Resources if employee has moved.

Modules, speakers, topics, dates, fees, locations and applicable taxes are subject to change.