An IMC Campaign: Ali Mall

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The campaign aims to create awareness, generate trial and gain customer loyalty among its target audience  in order to acquire and sustain a two million foot traffic for Ali Mall in the twelve month period.


Ali Mall
Five newly renovated cinemas Food Strip and Food Gallery Over 250 stores Arcades, carousel and rides. New escalators Skywalk to SM and shuttle service to and from Gateway Low-Mid Range stores (e.g. Shoe Center, National Bookstore, Whoops, Guess USA)  Heart of Cubao  1.5M foot traffic per month (lower than surrounding malls)  On-going renovations       

Araneta Center
 Vision: to be the Best Shopping and Entertainment Center in the country  Plans: 20 year redevelopment plan (hotel, condos, offices, renovations)  Reputation: Was seen as a pioneer in the industry; but declined after the 90’s. Currently its reputation is improving as Araneta tries to revive its past glory.  Philosophy (original): to provide quality and innovative services and products at prices affordable to the masses.  Philosophy (now): to transform the Araneta Group to a world-class organization that will provide globally competitive products and services to the greatest number.

Consumers: General Trend

 Highest-expenditure commodities : Food and non-alcoholic beverages  Lowest-expenditure commodities: Leisure  Clothing and Footwear: 2.98% of consumer expenditures in 2007  Growing consumer expenditure on communications  * Potential to appeal to consumers with food and communications aspects  Highest-expenditure in Metro Manila  Increase in consumer expenditure (due to stable inflation rates and low interest rates)  Highest per capita income (Ages 30-34)  Family households spend the most in terms of total spending  OFW remittances and growth of BPO industry has improved private consumption

Consumers: Students
 24.85% of the consumer segment (most populous)(2007)  Highest Total Expenditures (P262.68 billion in spending power in 2007  Like to dine in fast food  Past time includes: sports activities, fitness centers, computer games, online networking, online videos, online music, out-of-town trips, service-oriented organizations and attend concerts and parties.  Communicate to students though online means as well as through fast food places.

Consumers: People in their 20’s
 Concerned with making a career and/or starting a family  Second largest consumer segment  Strong users of cellphones and internet  Buys commodities according to usefulness and functionality  Not interested in information and current events  Past time: Prefer online networking to physical activity; out-of-town trips, nights out, and dining out with friends and family.  Potential to communicate to them though the use of technology

Consumers: People in their 30’s
Familiarity as a primary consideration for buying a good 13.69% of the consumer group Past time: sports, join fitness clubs, watch movies, browse the internet, listen to online music and watch online movies, make out-of-town and overseas trips. People in their 30’s might be potential for loyal customers, or repeat buyers

Consumers: Middle-Aged adults
20.3% of the consumer segment(2nd) Strongest individual spenders (P208.64 billion in spending power in 2007)) Past time: (high-income) travel, golfing, leisure drives, dining out, concerts, drinking with company, jogging, donating to charities Potential big ticket/item spenders


Stakeholder: Tenants
Why are they important to talk to?
Customer service Occupy the space in the malls Uphold reputation of the mall Help communicate the mall’s brand promise

Stakeholder: Customer

Why are they important to talk to?
They have buying power Influence other customers (word-of-mouth marketing)

External Factors in the Retail Industry
Economic Factors  Upward trends in personal consumption  Personal consumption is buoyed by overseas remittances and BPO industries.  Average household income increasing at 20% annually  Higher spending power for consumers means that there is a greater chance for them to spend on this mall.  We need to communicate to the consumers that they should spend on us
Political  Retail Trade Liberalization Act has opened the country to foreign competitors who might affect the effectivity of our campaign.  Peace and order situation: If the peace and order around the area is not good, the communications campaign might still fail to attract consumers

External Factors in the Retail Industry
Technological  Improving communication technologies and increasing penetration rate of Internet at 24.5% and mobiles at 80%.  These gives marketers new digital media tools that is becoming increasing popular with the youth.  These media tools make consumers more discriminating and judging. They can easily get reviews and impressions through on a product even without trial.  The new media tools have also given consumers more control over the ads they want to see.  Technology has allowed us more access to consumer data that will be helpful for our campaign.

Current State of the Retail Industry
 Contributes to 15% of GNP and employs 18% of workforce (Philippine Retail Association)  Small growth of almost 2% in 2009 because of the economic recession.  Retail saturation is increasing in the Philippines, making it more competitive  Vibrant growth in internet retailing and direct selling is a threat  Retaining customers is becoming a popular marketing strategy.  Customer relationship management is starting to be practiced by many retailers.  Retailers add value to their stores by having raffles and loyalty cards which has proved effective in keeping their customers loyal  Retailers have also partnered with financial intermediaries to improve customer retention (eg. Rustans and Citibank tie-up)

Competitive Analysis
Brand Promise Marketing Price Range Types of Stores Department store only More highend Tiangge type Accessibility SM Cubao (by location) Gateway (by location) Farmers Plaza (by location) Cubao Expo (by location) “We’ve got it all for you!” (SM brand appeal) World-class shopping Advertising, loyalty programs Event sponsorships Minimal, if any Same Connected to Ali Mall via skywalk More accessible (direct LRT link) More accessible (direct MRT link) Roughly same

Higher (but appeals to all) Slightly lower

Good finds, low prices (similar to Ali Mall) Where you can buy artsy, vintage finds

Minimal, mainly PR


Small-scale, independent sellers

Competitive Analysis
Brand Promise Marketing Price Range Types of Stores Tiangge type Accessibility Greenhills Theater Mall and Tiangge (by price) 168 Mall (by price) Starmall Ortigas (by price) Reasonable prices, variety of products Some ads, mainly posters, radio, promos and events Mostly WOM Same (but appeals even to AB SEC) Slightly lower Not as accessible via public transpo Not as accessible

Practical wholesale shopping for extremely low prices Venue for direct selling and networking companies

Tiangge type

Loyalty card, official promos (raffle), corporate social responsibility Mostly WOM via Internet (social networking sites)



Direct LRT access

Independent internet sellers (indirect)

Varies (since they are not aggregated)

Varies, negotiable

*convenient payment and delivery methods

Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection


STRENGTHS Pioneer in the retail and mall industry in the country Many unique finds in the mall (specialty stores) Recently renovated Good location: near the LRT 2 and MRT station, bus and jeep terminals Under the Araneta Group (experienced and influential) OPPORTUNITIES Many developments around the area (condominiums and hotels) Consumers are nearby: call centers and schools around the area The changing image and new developments of Araneta Center WEAKNESSES Many of its shops are sellerdwellers (Especially in Phase 1) No strong brand promise Bad image to A and B classes (not safe, many snatchers) Bad image of the area “Cubao” Low foot traffic compared to surrounding malls (such as Gateway and Farmer’s Plaza) Low consumer awareness of recent renovation THREATS Competitors (Starmall, Ever Gotesco, etc.) Improving image of other malls There are many malls in the vicinity Removal of the bus terminal in two years, across the entrance with the highest traffic

Communication Problems:
 Ali Mall does not have a strong brand promise.  Ali Mall has a bad image to the A and B social classes. Many of them say that the mall is unsafe and has low quality goods.  The area Ali Mall is in, which is Cubao, has a bad connotation to it.  Many of the consumers are not aware of the recent renovation of Ali Mall.


Marketing Objectives  Acquire 500,000 more mall customers a month or 33% more from the current 1.5 million.  Sustain a foot traffic of 2 million per month in the twelve month period.  Attain a total foot traffic of 24 million mall customers in the year. Communication Objectives:  To create awareness, especially among BC consumers, of recent and future developments in Ali Mall and the Araneta Center as a whole after the first two months.  To generate trial through promotions or events, with a goal of 0.5 M new customers from month 3 through month 5.   To create a loyalty program that will retain both current and new customers. Goal: 70% retention rate for current customers and 30% retention rate for new customers, to be sustained throughout the 12-month period.


Bull’s Eye Target Secondary Target  Working mothers  Student (teens) either in  30 to 40s high school or college and  C socioeconomic class single working people (young professionals)  Visits the mall mostly with family during the  BC socioeconomic class weekend and friends on  Visits the mall with friends weekdays or family  Visits the mall for errands Visits mall after school or to relax (dining, (usually Fridays) and the shopping, movies) weekends  Visits the mall at least  Visits the mall to hangtwice a week out(dining, shopping, movies)

Other Publics
 Local publics (Cubao residents): It is important to talk to the nearby residents because they are the most probable visitors of Ali Mall. The neighborhood also includes important consumer groups like families  Media: The media will help in communicating the new developments in Ali Mall through its different channels to the consumers  Internal publics: Motivate the workers, managers and tenants so their positive attitude will spill over to external publics


Strategic Idea
Be yourself! Celebrate your individuality at Ali Mall!

Creative Idea
Be at home: have your own personal space

Brand Character
• • • • • Home and Family Loving Comfortable Dependable A Confidant



Word of mouth

Ads Mall Façade Mall Entrance



Mall Atrium Cinema Variety of Movies Ticket Booth Price Menu Servers/Waiters Offerings Salespeople Dining Options Entrance Interior Store Variety Availability and state of other facilities (Toilet, Play area, arcade)

Interior Seats


Food Quality


Mall Exit

Key Contact Points from Map:
Word of Mouth Mall Façade Mall entrance and entrance of stores, cinemas and restaurants Mall Atrium Store Variety, dining options and other available facilities Menu and store offerings Store and Restaurant Interiors Salespersons and servers or waiters Price Mall exit and exit of stores, cinemas and restaurants

Brand Contact Point Word –of-Mouth

Customer Expectation Did not expect good word of mouth due to previous bad perception of Ali Mall

Customer Experience Heard that the mall was dirty and unsafe from some. Other word-ofmouth mentioned it being renovated.

Message Sent Due to its unsavory reputation, Ali Mall did not seem like a safe place like one’s home.

Mall Façade

Expected it to be brand-new and clean

It looked inviting and a place that would be comfortable because it was cleaner and looked newer. Greeted by the guards and the salespersons and servers. The guards also checked bags which made it feel safe

Ali Mall was welcoming, inviting and looked like a comfortable place like a home. The welcome by the workers gives an at home feeling. The checking also made one feel safe like at home. Ali Mall is safe and welcoming like a home.

Mall Entrances

Expected to have bags searched at the mall entrance. Also expected to be greeted by the guards and other workers in the mall.

Mall Atrium

The façade looked new It was bright and clean. It was clean and and clean so the atrium The temperature was comfortable like a would might be new comfortable. home. and clean too.

Brand Contact Point Store variety, dining options and other available facilities

Customer Expectation The stores might be mostly tiangge stores. The dining options might be few, with them being mostly cheap food courtt stalls and fastfood. There might not be a lot ofother facilities

Customer Experience There were a lot of stores and dining that catered to different tastes. There were also non-tiangge stores for those who didn’t like tiangges. There also would be more stores opening soon. There are also play areas and other recreational facilities like arcades The lighting is good and the stores are clean and most of them have a comfortable temperature.

Message Sent Ali Mall is like a personal space, a home where one knows he or she belongs because it has many unique offerings that caters to each customer ‘s individual tastes in a comfortable environment. You can be yourself in Ali Mall. Ali Mall is generally a comfortable and welcoming place like a home. Ali Mall really shows how they care for your individuality by trying to cater to all your needs and tastes. It is also clean and comfortable, making you feel at home.

Store and Restaurant Interiors

Expected the stores to be at least clean and well-lit.

Availability and State of Other Facilities

There would public There was also a restrooms at the very internet café, chapel least. and play area. There was also a nice and clean restroom.

Brand Contact Point Menu and Store Offerings

Customer Expectation There would be a lots of dishes, snacks and drinks available. The stores also have a variety of goods to sell.

Customer Experience There are a lots of dishes, snacks and drinks available. The stores also have a variety of goods to sell.

Message Sent Ali Mall is like a personal space, a home where one knows he or she belongs because it has many offerings that caters to each customer ‘s tastes in a comfortable environment. Ali Mall tries to be an affordable place for a lot of people, showing how it wants to welcome everyone like a home. Ali Mall, welcomes you and makes you feel comfortable like you’re at home. Ali Mall did not make the customer feel like they were leaving a home as they exited the mall.


Mid-low range prices.

Mid-low range prices.

Salespersons, servers, They would be waiters and other friendly, helpful and workers offer good service Mall Exits The customer would be thanked for visiting as he or she exited the stores and the mall itself.

They are friendly, helpful and offer good service The customer was not always thanked for visiting as he or she exited the stores and the mall itself.

Brand Contact Priority Grid
Disgusters -There is negative word-of-mouth about Ali Mall being unsafe and unclean Delighters -Friendly salespeople and good customer service in establishments -Made the customer feel safe -Well-lit and clean mall interiors with mostly comfortable temperature -Lots of stores, restaurants and other establishments to choose from which offer a lot of options within them. -Mid-low range prices -Presence of other facilities like arcades, play areas, etc. Frills -Greeted by the workers at the entrances -Clean and new façade

Annoyance -Not being consistently thanked for visiting when leaving an area in the mall and when leaving the mall


Radio -Target market will hear commercials while commuting, shopping, or doing chores -Place commercials in most popular radio stations played in jeepneys, buses and FX’s, like 90.7 Love Radio Advertise in the nation’s most popular newspapers such as the Philippine Star and the Philippine Daily Inquirer -Advertise on specific magazines already read by the target market -Good Housekeeping, Smart Parenting, YES!, Yummy, Cosmopolitan, and more



Cinema -Advertise in Araneta Center cinemas in order to increase awareness on Ali Mall’s new status and brand promise -Since target market are commuters, advertise inside the LRT and MRT and their respective stations -Advertise on buses -Put up billboards in main roads such as EDSA and Katipunan



Public Relations
Media PR -Highlight Ali Mall’s rich history and recent renovations -Lifestyle feature articles in popular newspapers -TV coverage in lifestyle channels/programs -Lifestyle blogs (such as Chuvaness)


- Convey to the customer Ali Mall’s homey vibe Event 1: “Feel right at home in - Inform consumers of the event via newspaper ads - Around four to six booths, each representative of Ali Mall” different parts of the home - In cooperation with present tenants

Event 2: Office invasions Event 3: Backto-school

- Bringing the mall into the office - Promote Ali Mall as a go-to place after work to unwind and be yourself - Comfortable living room-type set-ups in workspace - Special discounts for students two to three weeks before school starts - Series of contests and programs geared towards students (back-to-school outfit contests, friendship/barkada contests, trivia contests)

Website -More and more people have access to the internet, Filipino families spend more time on the internet compared to other media -Ali Mall should take advantage of this and have its own website apart from the Araneta Center website -Take advantage of the increasing popularity of Social Networking Sites -Advertise on Facebook -Get featured in the most read blogs in the country such as Chuvaness



Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management
Rewards Program - Basic loyalty cards and discount coupons through tie-ups with key tenants (Shoe Center, Savory Chicken, French Baker, Dairy Queen, specialty stores) - Entails creation of customer database - Text messages will inform customers of special events in the mall

Text brigade

Facebook page - Encourage comments and suggestions from customers and communicate with them - Invite customers to mall events via Facebook Events

Marketing Timetable
Month (starts with Jan. 2 0 1 1 ) Channel Advertising Radio Newspaper Magazines Cinema Transit Billboards Public Relations Media PR Activation Event 1: At home at Ali Mall Event 2: Office invasions Event 3: Back-to-school Digital Website Facebook Blogs Customer Relations Management Rewards Program Text Brigade Facebook Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Campaign Evaluations
Measure: Quantitative: Awareness and campaign recognition during and after the campaign Qualitative: How does the target market feel and react towards the campaign? Marketing Objective: Measure increase in foot traffic before, during and after the campaign Measure increase in brand awareness before and after the campaign Goal: at least 60% campaign awareness and recognition from the target market during the year of campaign Positive Response

Increase of at least 33% in the year of campaign compared to previous year Increase of at least 60% in the year of campaign compared to previous year

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