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Eligibility to get Post-Retirement Medical Assistance

All the employees of NLC who have retired on reaching the age of Superannuation,
after rendering a continuous regular service of not less than 10 years in NLC.

The term Retirement will also include retirement under Voluntary Retirement
Scheme (VRS) approved by the company.

In respect of employees transferred from other Public Sector Enterprises including

those who have been appointed to the Board Level positions in NLC, their service
rendered with the previous employers will also be taken into account for the purpose
of reckoning the service period of 10 years. Such retired employees and their
spouses will be eligible for the medical benefits under the scheme.

The spouse of the retired employee will continue to avail the benefit even after the
death of the retired employee.

2. Categories excluded from the scope of the scheme

The benefits under the scheme will not be applicable to:

Retired employees who are included as dependants and who claim dependency on
any other employee working in NLC and whose names are included in the Medical
Identity Book issued to the employee concerned.

The retired employees who are availing the Medical facilities as a dependant of any
other employee working in Government/Public Sector Enterprises etc.

Employees who have resigned or who have been dismissed from service for
acts/omissions involving
(a) Violent or riotous behavior in the premises of establishment.
(b) Any misconduct involving moral turpitude.

3. What is Exemption Clause

In case a retired employee whose ward is employed in NLC wishes to enroll himself
(and his spouse), it will be allowed provided:

The ward surrender the Medical Treatment Book(s) issued in the name of the
parents as dependants.

They certify that they will not seek any other benefit(s) such as LTA./LTC etc.
that are in vouge/may be announced by the NLC from time to time, for which
the retired employee and spouse are eligible as dependants of their ward.

The change once made is irrevocable.

4. Conditions for availing the benefits

Retired employee or spouse of the retired employee (in case of death of the retired
employee) who intends to avail the facility under the scheme shall apply in the
prescribed format, after surrendering the Medical Identity Book issued by the
Company while in service.

Retired Employees and their spouses will have to register themselves by remitting a
registration fee of Rs.100/- for both the employees and his/her spouse, through
Demand Draft drawn in favour of N.L.C. Limited, Neyveli.

In case there is only one member (retired employee or spouse), the registration fee
will be Rs.50/- only.

The registration has to be renewed every year (for which a renewal fee of Rs.50/will be deducted from the amount payable towards the Medical Assistance).

The membership will be deemed to have been expired if the member/spouse fails to
renew the membership on or before 31st March every year and no benefit under
Post-Retirement Medical Assistance Scheme will be extended during that financial

5. Benefits under Post-Retirement Medical Assistance Scheme

The benefits under the PRMA scheme are two folded consisting of Annual Medical
Assistance and Retirees Heath Insurance Scheme. All the PRMA members and
their Spouses are eligible for both the benefits. The salient features of each scheme
are as below:


Under this scheme the retired employee who got separated from service on account of
superannuation / death / VRS are given Annual Cash Assistance once in an year towards
domiciliary hospitalisation expenses



If both the retired employee and

his / her spouse are alive

If either the retired employee or

his / her spouse (any one only) is alive



retired prior

retired after

to 01.01.2007

to 01.01.2007

(p.a in Rs.)

(p.a in Rs.)









In case the employees retires after

30th September and registers in the
and if both the retiree and his /her spouse
are alive
(applicable only for the first year of

In case the employees retires after

30th September and registers in the
and if either of the retiree or his /her
spouse are alive
(applicable only for the first year of

# (For employees retired after 01-01-2007, enhancement of the annual medical assistance
amount is under process)