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Key Areas of Teacher Professional Development


Most of the countries are aiming for the quality education for the youth.

Education for the people is extremely important for their own development

wherein they can contribute for the entire country. The movement for the quality

education has been an important feature in the pedagogical institutions. Various

administrators and educators is on the same bandwagon for the educational

development. The issue of quality education is rest assured by the government

by providing the standards of achieving the quality education.

Background and Problem Statement

Most of the previous researchers’, who are focused in determining the

contribution of the teachers in bringing the quality education for the students,

considered that the skills of the teachers are very essential in teaching. Through

the use of the knowledge and teaching skills of the educators, there is a positive

outcome of achieving the quality education. Considering the various learning

strategies that have been applied in the schools, still there is a need for the

improvement to achieve the benefits of learning. There are still certain key areas

in professional teaching that needs to be developed.

Rationale of the Study

Teaching is a great profession, and to pass all the knowledge of the

teachers towards their students is a great foundation to help forging their future.

Through focusing on the path toward achieving the quality education, it motivates

the study to continue discovering the other bright ideas that can heighten the

competency in the education. Educators are moving towards a same direction

and that is to provide the useful information for the students. If the study

managed to follow the trail that they created, definitely there is no doubt that the

along the way, the professional development of the teachers can be created.

Research Objectives

The study provided two objectives which are firstly, to establish a good

understanding regarding the professional development for the teachers.

Secondly, is to identify the key areas that could be the focus for the development

of the teachers. If the study managed to meet the objectives, the teachers can

apply the developmental strategies for forging their skills.

Literature Review

Educational reform had been considered as the action of the professional

development for the teachers. In the educational improvement, meeting or

achieving the student’s needs can be the greatest goal of the teachers. Under

the teachers’ professional development, various programs are implemented in

the pursuance of the quality education. Definitely, the call for the improvement

starts by learning what is needed to be developed. The programs for the

professional teaching development come with a demand for the resources and

time which is hard on the part of the teachers. Schedules of the educators are

needed to be fixed, for development programs entitled to spare with the time,

effort, and expanded resources to reach and assure that there is development

and execution of appropriate practices for teaching (Dede, et. al., 2009).

In the modern approach towards the development of the teaching

proficiency, a proper guidance and focus on the applied efforts are needed.

Teachers are expected to set their own priorities in teaching which will play a

greatest role in the developing their skills. In addition, the continuous use of the

basic knowledge such as reading, math, and science is a way of setting the

priorities for the professional development. The key areas for the professional

development is also the key areas in academic development and meeting the

standards can help the students develop their own performance. It is firstly

suggested that the areas of instruction should be furnished which in return can

improve the teaching proficiency. Supported by the advocacy in the differentiated

training and support from the administrators are the great help for the

professional development. The professional development of the teachers, it is

natural to expect that there is a need for the greater supervision (Torgesen,

Meadows, and Howard, 2006). Professional development for teachers is the key

mechanism for improving classroom instruction and student achievement (Grant,


The suggested method in the study is the use of the comparative case

study. Firstly, the application of the method is an advantage for the current study

for there are various researchers who attempted to connect the education

principles in the profession of the teachers. In order to determine the

improvement in the education, it is better to consult on the past literatures and

connect the gap of the information. Based from the comparative case studies, the

comparison of the relevant information can be addressed as well as the other

areas or the skills of the educators that needs to be improved.


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