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In this seaside country.

-Rua de são Caetano, nº4 1249-132 LISBOA Portugal

Telephone (+351) 213511234 Fax (+351) 21 3511279 E-mail geral@portugalia.pt

Marketing department --------------------------- markting@potugalia.pt Purchasing department-------------------------- compras@portugalia.pt Human recourses department ------------------ rh@portugalia.pt

Cervejaria Portugália

y Have16 (sixteen) Restaurant in Portugal.

Our Values

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The customers is always first The quality of the products and services To promote the Team Culture, based on honesty, responsibly, professionalism and responsibility Social responsibility To promote the development and stability of our collaborators


Our Image


We are a distinguished, and probably the best, restaurant operator in Portugal, creating value for our customers, collaborators and stock holders

Cervejaria Portugália

For Cervejaria Portugália, quality means everything food safety is a compulsory practice at our company and we were the first restaurant operator to get a certificate in HACCP ( hazard analysis and control point ), the most strict and demanding Food Safety system in the world.

Costumers The costumer is always the first to note a flaw in quality. At Portugália, complaints are taken very seriously and the quality department intensively i nvestigates them one by one.

Growth and innovation In a restaurant chain that just keeps growing and innovating its menu, quality must be faced with the utmost care. In fact a quick growth is enemy of quality. Department takes part in the development of new products.

Cervejaria Portugália

DO YOU KNOW? Beer is one of the most nutritious and less harmful alcoholic drinks. Records of its therapeutic effects can be found in the Egyptian civilization, which used beer for cosmetic purposes. With all types of beer


Tasty Things Everyday Lounge bar restaurant From 10h00 am to 02h00 am With all types of seafood

Monday- Shrimp Curry with pineapple Tuesday- Bitoque à Portuguesa (Beef steak, fried egg, and chips) Wednesday- Whiting Filets with Bean Rice Thursday- Chicken Kebab with Saffron Rice Friday- Bacalhau à Brás (Cod fish strips and egg mix) Saturdays and Sundays à la carte

Cervejaria Portugália

Costumer´s Comments

1. Otilia Colaço says: My first time in Portugália I loved very much I eat steak with a famous Portugália souce that night I drank a lot of beers.

2. Paula Cristina says: I like seafood very much! The lobster, with a nice cool beer.

3. Bruno Costa says: I m a lover of that restaurant because that place is very calm and invite to talk with friends and to drink beers too late

Works by Bruno Costa, Otilia Colaço, Paula Cristina.