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rinter’s erspective

The PlateWriterTM 2000 brought METAL back to South Texas and to

A.J. Hawthrone Printing Company of Beaumont, Texas. They were able
to spend a fraction for METAL plates versus polyester plates.

Bret M. Hulet writes:

Why CtP and what were your expectations of the How is the quality?
PlateWriter 2000?
“I would say the quality is comparable to the high
“We chose CtP to move back to a metal plate, so we end Thermal and IR machines on the market, at just
could re-gum and save as many plates as possible. a fraction of the price.”
Our company does a lot of repeat business with
customers and saving money on plates was one How is the registration?
thing I was really hoping to do.”
“Registration from plate-to-
plate is fantastic, and we don’t
Why did you choose the
have to worry about the metal
PlateWriter 2400?
plate stretching or skewing like
“We were looking to replace a a poly plate.”
poly machine with an inexpensive
metal CtP. After careful
Additional comments?
consideration we chose the
PlatewriterTM 2000 as it fit well “As with all new equipment,
with our applications.” we had a few snags in the
networking process, but thanks
What has been your most pleasant to G&J’s on-site technician and
surprise or feature? the technician at the factory,
the headache was minimal.
“At first, I was a little concerned An impressive machine and
with the reproduction of the new fantastic technical support,
i-screening process, but after we I am a very satisfied customer.”
put it to the test, we’ve found that
our picture quality is much better
Would you recommend the
than with traditional screening.
PlateWriter to others?
The chemical free plate
processing is pretty nice too.” “I would and I have.”

Did the PlateWriter meet your expectations and how? From Bret M. Hulet, Shop Supervisor of A.J. Hawthorne
“Yes, not only has the Platewriter saved on us Printing Company, Beaumont Texas who completed
on plate cost already, but the reproduction is far his mission to have greater profits by using GREEN
superior to that of a poly plate.” technology, a Glunz & Jensen PlateWriterTM 2000.
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The A.J. Hawthorne Printing Company has been in the commercial printing business for over 48
years. Their misison was to replace their polyester sytems with a platewriter that would write to
metal plates. What they found was a metal plate solution at the fraction of the cost of other
Thermal and IR machines.

As Bret Hulet explains, “We were looking to replace a poly machine with an inexpensive metal CtP.
After careful consideration we chose the PlateWriterTM 2000 as it fit well with our applications.”

“The chemical free plate processing is pretty nice,” says Bret. “Registration from plate-to-plate is
fantastic, and we don’t have to worry about the metal plate stretching or skewing like a poly plate.

Their decision - the PlateWriterTM 2000!

Their mission - accomplished!

rinter’s rofile
Company Name: A.J. Hawthorne Printing Co. Presses: Itek 975
Address: 7395 Frint Drive AB- Dick 3000
City: Beaumont Ryobi 3985
State / Providence: TX Printing Cards, Envelopes,
Zip / Postal Code: 77705 Letterheads, forms thermography
Country: USA in 1,2,3 & 4 Color
Shop Supervisor: Bret M. Hulet
Phone Number: 409-842-5996

Years in Business: 48 years Plate Maker: PlateWriterTM 2000

Type of Printer: Forms, stationery & business Installation Date: November, 2009