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13 April 2015

Mr. Dionisio D. Escarez

Security and Safety Office


Greetings in St. La Salle!

We are SOCTEC2 students currently taking up Bachelor of Statistics major in
Actuarial Science, here to present our social proposition about the implementation of
bag scanners all around De La Salle University. As freshmen Lasallians, we made this
proposal for the further improvement of the school's security. Implementation of higher
security grounds are important for a well-known school because this is one of the factors
that parents consider before enrolling their children. From the faculty and personnel, to
the parents and students, everyone should be ensured that their co-workers and their
children are on safe hands. De La Salle's security should be at its full capacity to ensure
everyone's security.

April Antonette F. Velasco


Currently, De La Salle University has a number of safety precautions that are
being implemented, which includes roving of security guards around campus, scanning of
the ID, issuance of pass to visitors, and checking of bags upon entrance (Sta. Romana &
Tolentino, 2014). The manual checking of bags is done by swiping a hand-held metal
detection device. However, this system of checking bags is not very efficient. Oftentimes,
guards overlook checking the bag and its contents. Moreover, this lengthy process
sometimes results in traffic at the entrances to the university.
It was stated in Senator Edgardo Angaras explanatory note for the House Bill No.
6479 of the Fifteenth congress that There has been a steady increase in the crime rate in
campuses all over the country. Hence, it is essential to provide increased safety and
security in campuses. Senator Manny Villar also introduced the Senate Bill No. 1324,
more commonly known as Campus Security Act. In the declaration policy of this bill, it
was stated that it shall be the policy of the State to provide a safe and healthy
environment for students requiring educational institutions to disclose crime statistics
within campus and its security policies and procedures. In line with this, a study was
made by our group entitled, Feasibility of CT Baggage Scanners to Improve Campus
Safety and Security in DLSU-Manila. Based on the results of this study, a proposal was
made to address the current situation of safety and security in educational institutions in
the Philippines, specifically De La Salle University - Manila.
This issue is a matter of the Safety & Security Office, thus, it is only proper to
present this policy recommendation to your office. This recommendation focuses on the
system of security within the university, specifically during the entrance of a person to
the institution.


The study entitled, Feasibility of CT Baggage Scanners to Improve Campus
Safety and Security in De La Salle University Manila analyzed the possibility of CT
baggage scanners to be used in security processes in the campus. A survey was conducted
to determine the attitudes of the students regarding the current security system and
policies and the use of these scanners. Results revealed that a significant proportion of
students are for the use of CT baggage scanners and are in favor of the use of the said
scanners instead of the currently used security wands.

Based on research conducted by our team and the results of our study, the
following policies were prepared for recommendation:
1. The parents have the right to complain in the situations of:
1.1 Whether a security guard has falsely accused their children even though the
scanner didn't alarm.
1.2 Whether their children's things were confiscated with no clear evidences from
the scanner and if no threat to security is imposed by the object possessed by the student.
1.3 Whether their children were verbally abused by the security guards knowing
that they have brought something suspicious.
2. The security guards secure the right of time management whilst with the scanner .
2.1 It is the responsibility of the assigned guard in a specific time to spectate the
bags that are being scanned.
2.2 Any bag that passes through with suspicious items, without the presence of
the security guard, will still be his responsibility.
2.3 Guards should coordinate with their co-workers with the shifts and proper
schedules for the smooth flow of the checking.

2.4 It is the responsibility of the guard on duty to monitor the scanning process.
All bags must be handled with care and damages incurred to the property of the
individual may be reported to the office.
The security department will be held responsible in all actions. With these policy
recommendations, we assure that the security of the university is at its full capacity and
everyone will feel safe and secure while inside the premises of the campus.

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