Moses and Israel as “types” of Christ

A: Moses is born.


Jesus Christ

A: Israel has its beginnings (is born) as the children A: Jesus is born. of Jacob. B: Moses is introduced into a life in two B: Israel is introduced into a joint citizenship B: Jesus is spared from an act of violence (the communities (Israel and Egypt) via an act of (Israel and Egypt) through an act of violence, execution of the infants). violence, the killing of the children. the kidnapping of Joseph and the famine. C: Moses is a member of both communities, C: There are two communities, Israel and C: Jesus is in this world, but not of the but the dominant community is that of Egypt, but Egypt is the dominant world (John 1:10; 17:16). Egypt. community. D: Moses is cast out of both Egypt and D: Israel leaves its dual citizenship and D: Jesus begins his public ministry in Israel by an act of violence, killing the goes into the wilderness by an act of Galilee. Egyptian taskmaster. violence, the killing of the Egyptian firstborn. X: Israel crosses the Red Sea on dry land, delivered by God. E: Moses tends sheep in the E: Israel wanders in the wilderness. E: Jesus goes out into the wilderness. wilderness to fast, and he is tempted by Satan. F: Moses discovers who he is F: Israel is constituted as a F: Jesus is transfigured on the when he is called to lead Israel community, given the Law, in a mount. in a vision of God on Mount vision of God on Mount Sinai. Horeb. E1: Moses travels through the E1: Israel wanders in the wilderness. E1: Jesus withdraws from society wilderness to return to Egypt. and goes into the wilderness to be with his disciples (John 11:54). X1: Israel crosses the Jordan River on dry land, delivered into the Promised Land by God. D1: Moses reenters Egypt and Israel by D1: Israel is born as a nation with a D1: Jesus concludes his public ministry an act of violence, the circumcision of homeland through an act of violence, in Jerusalem. his son (Exodus 4:24–26). the destruction of the Canaanites. C1: Moses is a member of both C1: Israel takes up dual citizenship; though C1: Jesus tells his apostles that he has communities, but the dominant community it dominates, it is also Canaanite. chosen them out of the world (John 15:19). is that of Israel. B1: Moses leaves his life in two communities via B1: Israel ends its life as two communities via an B1: Jesus’ life is ended through an act of an act of violence, the killing of the Egyptian act of violence, the scattering of its people by violence (crucifixion). firstborn. successive foreign powers. A1: Israel is born as a nation. A1: Israel is reborn by being gathered at the coming A1: Jesus is reborn through resurrection. of the Messiah and fulfilling its promised blessing of becoming the Lord’s covenant people.
Adapted from a lesson idea by Jim Faulconer (

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