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This form is to help us make your 2015 Basketball Season an easy, organized and pleasant
experience for you and everyone involved with your team. Please take the time to fill out this
sheet and e-mail it back to or or fax it to (847)
967-1505 by the January 5th deadline.
Please circle the league you will be playing in.
Teams are allowed to play up a grade at their coach’s discretion.
If a team has players from two different grades, they must play in the older grade level.

2nd Girls

3rd Girls

4th Girls

5th Girls

6th Girls

7th Girls

8th Girls

2nd Boys

3rd Boys

4th Boys

5th Boys

6th Boys

7th Boys

8th Boy

Head Coach Contact Information


Coach Home Phone:

Coach Cell Phone:

Assistant Coach Contact Information


Coach Home Phone:

Coach Cell Phone:


Coach Pick-up/Meeting
Thursday, January 29th
anytime after 6pm at Golf View

(A) division games are the most competitive and (D) division games are the least competitive. No games will be rescheduled once schedule is out. We will do our best to work with your schedule. Once you determine your rating you will be in that division for the entire year. Games begin February 7 and end on April 12. Teams are scheduled for 10 games. you may play teams in a higher or lower division. (2nd & 3rd graders mainly play between 12p and 6p on the half courts) (EXAMPLE: Week 3 – No games February 22 between 9am and 12pm) Week 1 (February 7 & 8) Week 2 (February 14 & 15) Week 3 (February 21 & 22) Week 4 (February 28 & March 1) Week 5 (March 7 & 8) Week 6 (March 14 & 15) Week 7 (March 21 & 22) Week 8 (March 28-39) Week 9 (April 4 & 5) Week 10 (April 11 & 12) These conflicts and team rating are due by JANUARY 5th - NO EXCEPTIONS! . please work with us by thoroughly researching your conflicts so there are no unnecessary forfeits. TEAM CONFLICTS What we consider a conflict is not being able to field at least 5 of your registered players for a game. Team Name: Grade: Coach Name: # of players on team Coach E-Mail: Coach Phone: Division (A – B – C . TEAM RATING Please rate your team either an A-B-C-D.2015 NILES PARK DISTRICT TEAM CONFLICT & RATING SHEET As a special feature of our Winter Youth Basketball Program and to help make sure that your season runs smoothly.D): PLEASE LIST THE TIMES YOU CAN NOT PLAY. Depending on the number of teams. Games are played between 8am and 9pm only on Saturday and Sunday. we allow coaches to give us conflicts to work around and also pick the division you’d like to play in.

NILES PARK DISTRICT 2015 WINTER BASKTBALL SEASON UN-OFFICIAL TEAM ROSTER FORM *Coaches please fill out the names of the children who should be registering for your team. RETURN TO THE GOLF VIEW REC-CENTER BY JANUARY 5TH. Grade: Coach: Team Name: 1. *This form is UN-OFFICIAL. . 4. 8. This will help make sure the correct players are placed on your team. 2. 9. 3. All players must be registered before the January 5th registration deadline. 7. the Niles Park District reserves the right to add any player(s) to your team. 5. If a player is not registered before January 5th and you have less than 10 players. 6. 10.

7. Coaches should try to substitute players at or near every six minutes of the half. Specific Rules & Regulations by Grade 2nd & 3rd Grade 4th & 5th Grade 6th. 5. (1) time-out for Overtime. (2) time-outs in second half. Games will not be rescheduled by the Niles Park District. Anytime until 10pt lead. TECHNICAL FOULS: Unsportsmanlike conduct is (2) points and the ball is awarded to offended team. 4. no super bonus 5 seconds 5 seconds 3 seconds No Yes Yes Ball Size Bonus Lane Violations 3 pointers Pressing No full court press. In the first half try to get each player on the court for at least twelve minutes and in the second half for at least six minutes. If the lead is 10 or more in the last two minutes. We will allow teams to borrow registered players from a grade below to play a game and not forfeit. the last (2) minutes of the second half and all official timeouts. . Teams can borrow to give them up to 6 total players. hoop Full Court 10ft. NUMBER OF PLAYERS TO PLAY: Games can be played with 4 players. the player will immediately be removed from the game. Any player participating without being registered will cause a forfeit for the team. If this is discovered during the process of the game. 3. The clock will only stop on all whistles in the last (1) minute of the first half.) Players will not be allowed to play in the game unless they are wearing an official Niles Park District issued jersey. 8th Grade Boys & Girls 27” Boys & Girls 28. UNIFORMS: Teams must wear Official Niles Park District T-Shirts (no other uniform tops allowed. OVERTIME: Sudden Death Overtime – the first point scored wins.5” Boys 29” Court Dimensions Half Court 9ft. no super bonus On 10th foul. ALL PLAYERS PARTICIPATING MUST BE REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS WITH THE NILES PARK DISTRICT. TIME OUTS: (1) time-out in first half. 6.Niles Park District Youth Basketball League Rules Rules applying to all grade levels 1. 2-MINUTE MAX. hoop Free Throw Line 9 feet 13 feet 15 feet Personal Fouls 7 fouls 6 fouls 6 fouls On 10th foul. hoop Full Court 10ft. 2. PLAYING TIME: Coaches should balance playing time as evenly as possible. SCORE DIFFERNTIAL – Points will stop being added to the scoreboard if the score differential becomes 15 or more points. Time-Outs do not accumulate. 9.5” Girls 28. 8. Last 2 minutes of the game only if the point differential is 9 points or less. no super bonus On 10th foul. neither team can press. GAMES: Games will be two (18) minute halves with a running clock. 7th. The game will be finished without said player and the team will be given a forfeit loss in the standings.