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Edwin Gariguez (2nd from right) joins other groups in launching of the
one Million signature campaign against coal-fired power plant during a press conference in Quezon
City on June 5. Photo courtesy of Nassa

MANILA, Philippines—A plan by the country’s biggest power distributor to put
another coal-fired power plant in Quezon province hits another roadblock.
The Catholic Church’s social action arm on Friday, June 5, said they are
against the planned 1,200 megawatt power plant extension project in
Atimonan town.
The National Secretariat for Social Action (Nassa) joins the Diocese of
Lucena, Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ), and other groups
that have voiced opposition to the plan in recent months.
In a statement, the church agency said while the government should address
the looming power crisis, it should not be at the expense of the health of the
people and the environment.
Coal-fired power plants are said to be the most polluting form of energy
“Sa madaling sabi, isang malaking delubyo sa ating kalikasan ang iniimbita
nating muling maganap kapalit ng ‘development’na inaasam ng ating
gobyerno,” Nassa said.
“Hindi dapat masilaw ang ating gobyerno sa milyun-milyong kikitain mula
sa tax revenue na ibibigay ng mga plantang ito kung ang kapalit ay tiyak na
kamatayan…,” it said.
(In other words, we’re inviting a deluge to destroy our environment again just
so we will have this “development” that our government wants to achieve.

) The Manila Electric Company’s $2 billion Atimonan project will be the third coal plant in Quezon along with the Mauban Coal Plant and the Pagbilao Coal Plant. “The catastrophe we experienced from Typhoon Yolanda.” Gariguez stressed. He said the Church should be more aggressive in campaigning against coal power plant because the government is adamant to pursue the extension of “these destructive operations” by asking for emergency powers. “In the guise of providing more efficient energy source. . He added the government should not also disregard the health and lives of the people that will be sacrificed by these coal power plants. is proof to this [sic]. the state and the multi-national coal companies are opening another door for Philippines to becoming the major contributor to climate change. Nassa also supported the “One Million Against Coal Campaign” which aimed to gather at least 1 million signatures against the construction of more coal power plants and coal mines across the country.The government should not be dazzled by the millions of tax revenues from these plants. higher tax revenues and the so-called greater development. if it would cost lives.” he said. Data from the PMCJ showed that there are 26 new coal plant projects that will operate in the country by year 2010. Nassa executive secretary Father Edwin Gariguez warned that the projects would open another door for the Philippines to become a major contributor of greenhouse gasses. which killed thousands and damaged billions of properties. In a press conference on Friday.

com. Suarez said several power plants are set to be constructed in the province over the next five years to boost the combined capacity of 1. by second quarter. or Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP).” he told reporters. Suarez says Like Ko Hate Ko Quezon will become the “most powerful” province over the next five years with the ability to generate up to 5. Meralco PowerGen. Last I heard. Quezon province will be the most powerful province. Aside from the expansion projects. they will pick up around 400 MW. which will also be run on coal. In February 2015 the project was approved by the Quezon provincial legislative council. later changed the fuel to coal.” he said. 11 SP members. of Australia. “EWC.195 MW generated by the two coal power plants currently operating in Quezon. they should be running on test capacity. – Rappler.The petition likewise hopes to persuade the government to heed to its commitment of combating and mitigating climate change and preventing calamities. Another 600 MW would also come from the LNG project of Energy World Corp. Governor David Suarez said. but the project proponent. “By 2019. including presiding officer Vice Gov.200-MW coal plant in Atimonan. Gov.[1] . Sam Nantes. A new 460-MW coal plant will also be added to the existing 46-MW Mauban coal power plant owned by Quezon Power Philippines Ltd. According to a report in BusinessMirror. Final approval of the project rests with the national government. were hosted in Taiwan on January 28 and 29by a Taiwanese construction company on an all-expenses paid trip to view similar power plants. http://politics.000 megawatts of Background on Project June 2015: Church and community leaders speak at anti-coal rally in Atimonan The Atimonan power station was originally proposed as a power plant fueled by liquified natural gas. Suarez said Meralco PowerGen will also put up a Quezon to become ‘most powerful province’ by 2019. The existing Pagbilao coal plant with a 735-MW capacity is operated by TeaM Energy Philippines while while the expansion called Pagbilao 3 is jointly owned by TeaM Energy and Aboitiz Power Corp.

the protesters heard speeches. which was named "Lakad-Dasal-Bibliya para sa Kalikasan (roughly translated: "Bible prayer walk for nature") began with a march in which participants circled the town. staged a march and a prayer vigil in opposition to the project. The protest. led by church leaders.916667 (approximate)  Status: Pre-permit development  Gross capacity: 1200 MW (4 x 300 MW)  Type: . performed dances and songs. more than 1. At the church. Quezon Province. Philippines [1]  Coordinates: 14. then stopped in front of the municipal hall before continuing to Our Lady of the Angels Parish Church.Opposition June 2015: Marchers protest proposed coal plant in Atimonan In June 2015. Atimonan Municipality.[2] Project Details  Sponsor: Meralco PowerGen  Parent company:  Location: Barangay Villa Ibaba. and then held an overnight vigil.500 protesters. 121.

Board Member Donaldo Suarez spearheaded the approval in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) early this month of the 1.200-megawatt (MW) Atimonan One Energy power plant .sourcewatch. 2015 0 801 LUCENA CITY—The Quezon provincial legislative council has approved the construction of the third coal-fired power plant in the province. in response to the anticipated shortage of power supply in the country for the coming years. Projected in service: 2018[3]  Coal type:  Coal source:  Source of financing: http://www. Quezon Second District Provincial Board Member Ferdinand Talabong and his colleague.February 19.php/Atimonan_power_station SP okays 3rd coal-fired plant in Quezon  News  Regions by John Bello .org/index.

” or “the thing speaks for itself. Taiwan. despite the establishment of the 730-MW Pagbilao and 440-MW Mauban coal-fired thermal power plants a few years ago. together with Meralco Power Generation Co MGen. which. Vice Gov.” Talabong. on January 28 and 29. is the project proponent of the power facility to be constructed in Atimonan. and their employees enjoy good salaries. “Before we traveled to Taiwan. They are the envy today of other municipal governments in our province. we talked it over and consulted Governor Suarez and Vice Governor Nantes for . because of progress due to the construction of the two power plants in both towns. Sam Nantes.” Talabong told the BusinessMirror in an interview on Monday at his law office here. they have medicine supply for the health problems of their populace. a Latin term in law which means the thing speaks for itself. said on why the board members approved the construction of a new coal-fired power plant. municipal buildings and educational facilities. Talabong admitted that 11 SP members.project to be located in Barangay Villa Ibaba in Atimonan town. so res ipsa loquitor. because they were formally invited by a construction firm in Formosa. “Res ipsa loquitor. They have better roads. including its presiding officer. a lawyer. “Look at Pagbilao and Mauban towns. have gone to Taipei.

He said that the establishment of a new power plant in Quezon is in response to the directive of the national government. and the emergency power given to President Aquino last year was to address the impending power crisis of the country. Talabong. He said that SP members during the administration of former Gov. said that Quezon province is already lagging behind in the construction of a new coal-fired power plant. He said the SP only approved the endorsement of the power project to the Department of Energy (DOE). and our travel expenses are shouldered by the project proponent. He said the DOE has revealed that the country will be about 500 MW short in power supply yearly and needs to have a standby of some 1. and it’s up to the national government to make the final decision. both established during Rodriguez’s term. by the same Formosa power construction firm. SP committee chairman on laws and ways and means. Eduardo Rodrigues also traveled for inspection of power plants in Hong Kong and America before the construction of the Pagbilao and Mauban power plants. . Bataan.500 MW to avoid a power shutdown. because there are two similar power plants to be constructed in Davao City and another in Limay.” Talabong said. We went there for inspection.the trip. and we have visited two power plants there within the city proper itself: one in the commercial district and the other in an industrial estate. . On February 2 the SP.Talabong said the establishment of the Atimonan power plant comes with the construction of a 20-kilometer road project from Barangay Villa Ibaba to the national highway that will benefit four to five barangays. approved the planned expansion of the Mauban power plant in Barangay Cagsiay that would double its power-generating capacity to more than 800 MW. but changed its mind because it considered the construction of a power plant fueled by coal much cheaper than natural gas. the SP committee chairman on energy. About P300 million will be generated in real-property taxes annually for the province. led by Talabong and Suarez. Earlier last year the power-project proponent has proposed for the establishment of a liquefied natural gaspower plant facility in Atimonan. from the existing 730 In June last year the SP approved the power-plant expansion in Pagbilao with another 400 MW.