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To Know

An Anemometer measures the force or speed of the wind.
A hydrometer measures the humidity or amount of moisture in the air
A barometer measures air pressure
Thermometer measures temperature of air.
Wind Vane shows the wind direction.

1. What is the best example of a tornado in literature?
Wizard of Oz
2. As deadly as tornadoes are, what storm phenomenon leads tornadoes in total
3. Large groups of scientist and curios amateurs actually track tornadoes and
attempt to study them “up close and personal”. What are they called?
a. The F5 guys
b. Storm chasers **************
c. Storm Team Roadies
d. The Death Wish Team
4. What state has the most tornadoes?
Texas (due to size)
5. What is considered tornado season?
a. March to July ************
b. January to May
c. September to December
6. What gives the tornado funnel cloud its color?
The dirt, etc that it picks up
Snow = white
Sand = tan
Red dirt = red
7. Where is the tornado’s winds fastest?
At the top or bottom of the funnel
(answer: bottom---- smaller circle spins faster example ice skater brings in
arms while skating twirls faster)
8. How high does the Fujita scale go?
9. What is the only continent where hurricanes have not been observed?

10. Which state has the highest density of tornado touch downs?
a. Oklahoma

b. Kansas
c. Florida ******
d. Texas
Counting big or small. Average 10 per year per 10,000 square miles
most in Florida are F0 F1 compare to F4 F5 in central USA
11.Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas are states that make up what is
called __________________.
Tornado Alley
12.What are tornadoes called that form over a body of water?
13.3 out of every _____ tornadoes are in the United States.
What percentage is that? 75%
14.What is the top recorded speed of a tornado?
a. 302mph
b. 462mph
c. 232mph
d. 318mph ****
Answer 318mph
May 3, 1999 in Moore City, Oklahoma
Fact: fastest race car top speed of 270.49mph Venom GT
Indy car top speeds 241.428mph
15.Which country sees the most tornadoes per year?
16.The world’s deadliest tornado was in the US. True or False
False--- Bangladesh in April 26, 1989 1 mile wide and 10 miles long
1,300 people killed
12,000 injured
All structures in a 23 square mile where destroyed
17.In tornado alley, tornadoes are formed by very warm moist air blowing north
from _____________, dry air blows east from the Rocky Mountains and cool dry
air blows south from ______________.
Gulf of Mexico
18.What weather is the beginning of a tornado?

19. The thunder storms most likely to give birth to tornadoes are called
a. Supercells ****
b. Spinners
c. Hail storms
d. Circle formers

20.What scale measures the wind speed of a tornado?
a. Beaufort Scale
b. Richter Scale
c. Saffir-Simpson Scale
d. Fujita Scale ************
e. VEI Scale
Named from professor at University of Chicago, expert of tornado formations
Dr. Ted Fujita
21.Which tornado causes the least damage?
a. F0 ***** cars knocked over, mobile homes damaged
b. F1
c. F2
d. F3
e. F4
22.How are tornadoes tracked and monitored?
a. Doppler radar **** Track updates every 6 minutes to weather stations
b. Global Positioning System
c. Barometer
d. Hydrometer
e. Anemometer
23.What are American tornadoes called?
24.About how many tornades strike the United States annually?
a. 134
b. 3450
c. 8766
d. 140
e. 800 *****
25.What does the Beaufort Scale measure?
a. Density of Clouds
b. Wind Force ***
c. Wind speed
d. Wind damage
e. Earthquakes

26.What is NOT an aspect of a tornado?
a. Funnel
b. Clouds
c. Wind
d. Thunder
e. Flooding *****
27.Where do tornadoes usually occur in the United States?

a. Tornado alley *****
b. Appalachian Mountains
c. Beaches along the East Coast
d. Rocky moutains
28.What instrument is NOT used for this storm?
a. Stationary Doppler Radar
b. Weather balloons
c. Mobile Doppler radar
d. Computerized weather maps
e. Seismoscope ***** earthquakes --- motion of ground
29.What is one effect of faster winds in tornadoes?
a. Broken tree branches
b. Stable homes ripped from ground *******
c. Cars pulled to side of road