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Do Rock/Metal Bands

Promote Violence?
Green Day, Marilyn Manson and Slipknot. Three
different unique bands that each have different musical
abilities, sound and techniques that make them their
own. But, they all have one thing in common, they all
sing (or have sung) about violent themes. I am going to
investigate this statement to see if these violent lyrics
are responsible for several violent acts in the past, and
also whether or not they have made a strong impact on
the youth of today.
Most metal/heavy rock songs tend to consist of lowtunings, fast-paced guitar, double-bass pedals and
harsh vocals (whether that means the singer is literally
screaming or even just singing with a slightly gritty
voice) but does this collection of instruments
collectively promote hate and violence? Have you ever
listened to heavy rock/metal? How do you imagine you
personally would feel whilst listening? Aggressive?
Horrified? Disgusted? Well I can tell you right here right
now that when I sit down after a long day at school and
stick on a bit of Metallica I feel absolutely great – helps
me to relax even. My grand-father however, would give
you a very different view. In his words, metal is: music
to kill your mother to. To get to the point, everyone is
different. Everybody has their own preferences in music
and with lyricism and that’s fine. Great actually. Even
though we exist in a world of duality and we may feel
that there is good music and evil music that doesn’t
mean the scary –sounding music that may frighten

Metal music is very rarely found to be “evil” in fact.need I say more? Daft old man. With songs like ‘Holiday’ and the title track ‘American Idiot’ the band had upset the traditionalist public. is the evil music. Music is an amazing way people can express their true feelings/emotions and feel a release afterwards.people. I would argue that it is more likely to be found in the pop genre but that’s a whole other argument but I can give one example of the top of my head: Chris De Burgh.. music is not evil. So just to clarify.. So much so that the album was banned from being sold in . If life was that black and white all these philosophers like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens would be completely out of a job. Green Day are a very popular American rock band that formed in the late 1980’s and are now one of the most influential punkrock bands of the century. f**k America” Implying that America is a nation is stupid and gullible the American government did not receive this well. One example of these provocative lyrics is found in the chorus of the title track: “Don’t wanna be an American idiot / Don’t want a nation under the new media / And can you hear the sound of hysteria? / Subliminal mind. The first band I will look into to show an example of violent lyrics is Green Day. They are well-known to be anti-government and use their music as a form of activism but…is this activism a threat to their nation? When ‘American Idiot’ was released in 2005 there was an epic uproar against the American government as Green Day’s strong lyrics had caused the nation to reevaluate the freedom of control they felt they had been given by the government.

Michael Moore directed a documentary called ‘Bowling . after the shootings occurred it was later predicted that the two teenagers were big fans of Marilyn Manson and the media went insane by constantly bringing up the name Marilyn Manson whenever the shootings were mentioned. This album contained many different songs – to name a few. one teacher and then both committed suicide. 3 years later. ‘Dope Hat’ – with lyrics so vulgar and derogatory it made Marilyn Manson a poster boy for fear. Marilyn Manson has created much disturbance within the general public by his performances on stage (including many sexual acts and what appears to be satanic acts also).” This is my first example of the effects music lyrics can have on current politics and actions of the public. At this point you may (or may not) be thinking. ‘Get Your Gunn’. the ‘Antichrist Superstar’ and ‘God of F**k’ himself. On April 20th. 1999 (just a year after Marilyn Manson’s ‘Mechanical Animals’ was released) the Columbine high school massacre took place where two teenage students went into a high school and killed 12 students. as many protests were organised to keep Marilyn Manson out of the state. what on earth does this have to do with Marilyn Manson? Well. This meant Marilyn Manson had to cancel his shows in Colorado later that year. his appearance as an artist and finally through his music. Manson had his first success with ‘Portrait of an American Family’ that he released to the band which has since been re-released.Wal-Marts for its “explicit content. ‘Cake & Sodomy’. One of the most controversial artists I can think of – and I’m sure many would agree – is Marilyn Manson.

This song is called ‘Disasterpiece’ and was released as part of Slipknot’s ‘Iowa’ album – voted one of the heaviest metal albums of all time.” …now in my opinion…that most certainly is not something a ‘God of F**k’ would say. More similar to something a ‘God’ would say.” Michael Moore then asked Marilyn Manson if he could speak to the teenagers that committed the crime what would he say to which Marilyn Manson replied “I wouldn’t say anything. y’know Colgate for example. many pages on the angry lyrics Slipknot have given us over the years. but there is one song that stands out explicitly. gruesome lyrics and their frightening face masks. Slipknot are a very controversial and unique band that shocked the world as they rose to fame with their horrific. But we’ll come back to this towards the end… The final example I will discuss is Slipknot. if you have bad breath the girl won’t f**k you. and in this documentary Marilyn Manson spoke up about the issue: “[The media] is a campaign for fear.for Columbine’ which focused on this issue. Now I could write many. many. The reason I have chosen this song is . I would just listen to them because that’s what no one did. no one will like you.

perhaps Corey Taylor (Lead singer/front-man of Slipknot) could help me. The music that “causes” these horrific murders and assaults isn’t a cause at all. She persuaded him by getting them both to listen to the Slipknot song ‘Disasterpiece. In an interview where he was asked about the incident he replied: “Obviously.because it was accused of influencing two people to murder their friend…let’s take a look… “I wanna slit your throat and f**k the wound / I wanna push my face in and feel the swoon / I wanna dig inside. find a little bit of me / Cause the line gets crossed when you don’t come clean” …well that’s something. because I know our message is very positive. I still do not feel this song was the reason that this friend of the murderer was killed. The main factor in . I cannot see the positivity. it stops there. it is only a factor. I’m very disturbed by the fact that people were hurt and someone died. Although I am a massive fan of slipknot.’ Traumatic as the murder scheme appears. Although I cannot find the words I can use to justify my argument. as far as my responsibility for that goes. In 2003 there was a case reported of a woman persuading her boyfriend to murder her friend. it should be noted that this is in fact one of my less loved songs…in fact I hate the lyricism used.” What Corey is saying here is that Slipknot – plus many other rock/metal bands in the world – cannot take blame for the actions that occur due to their music.

as if this were the case. To conclude. nor a rock star or kills another human being just so they can be like famous movie character they like in that famous movie. It is however in some cases a factor in these crimes. . due to possible misinterpretation of the lyrics. if not. One can only assume that someone who commits such a sick and twisted crime is either very mentally unstable and/or has very evil intentions and thoughts that could even hurt themselves.these crimes is the mental state and mind set of the criminal. But that doesn't mean that rock/metal music is solely to blame for all crimes. I hope I've persuaded you with this persuasive essay. well I'll see you in rock/metal hell. The sad truth is. rock/metal music is not the root cause of violence. when rock first came around. all different criminals have different things that motivate and persuade them to commit such wicked crimes and sometimes the thing that persuades them can be their favourite band. all these horrible crimes would've only originated around the 1950's. Nobody commits a crime to impress a superstar.