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Stitched Up

A Compilation of Stitched Mixed-Media Projects from North Light Books

Stitched Up. Copyright © 2010 by North
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The projects in this book are copyright
by the authors of those books:
Anatomy of a Flower © Kimberly Santiago, Collage Playground (North Light
Books, 2010)
Jewlery Gift Folder © Kelly Snelling and
Ruth Rae, A Charming Exchange (North
Light Books, 2008)
Hanging Out © Giuseppina Cirincione,
Bent, Bound & Stitched (North Light Books,
Resolutions Wall Quilt © Jennifer Swift,
Creative Bloom (North Light Books, 2010)

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Concertina Book ©Ruth Rae, Layered,
Tattered & Stitched (North Light Books,
Starry Eyed © Giuseppina Cirincione,
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com .Table of Contents  Anatomy of a Flower 4 Jewelry Gift Folder 7 Hanging Out 9 Resolutions Wall Quilt 13 Concertina Book 16 Starry-Eyed 20 Resources 24 CreateMixedMedia.

At the . As artists. we love the beauty of the line itself so much. Needle and thread have created the beauty of a line. create nearly limitless texture suggestions. ~Tonia Davenport Acquisitions Editor. that we sometimes even fake the look with pen on paper. these mixed-media projects are all easy enough to complete in an afternoon. sewn with the help of a machine or with your own hand. Six stitched projects from top-selling North Light titles have been handpicked for you here and I know you’re going to appreciate all of them for their tactile nature and incorporation of lovely sewn lines. yet pretty enough to display proudly in your home or give as a special gift to a friend. And so needle and thread push and pull their way up and down through the previously separate pieces and just like that. suggest a feeling. North Light Craft  CreateMixedMedia. or actual thread stitches that don’t really hold two layers together. functioning just fine on their own. they are joined as one. A line that can tell a story. Enjoy each stitch. yet you know they’d be even happier joined together.Introduction There’s something so appealing about bringing two surfaces together with thread. But the beauty lies beyond their newly developed physical bond. Whether it’s on paper or fabric. two cut pieces of fabric or paper lie quietly independent.

What different materials can you merge together? Think about opposites: sandpaper and silk. continue with other .Anatomy of a Flower M at e r i a l s flower image vellum color copier copy paper scissors Double Tack Mounting Film vintage paper. ledger sheet with handwriting pencil lace fabric sticker paper metal ruler craft knife cutting mat 7" × 7" (18cm × 18cm) black paper sewing machine From COLLAGE PLAYGROUND by Kimberly Santiago From the author: I wanted to use a combination of textures to emphasize the beauty of flowers. Bingo! After you have completed this project. I had a piece of lace. vellum and cardboard. Looking around.  CreateMixedMedia. handwritten script and a graphic illustration of a flower. Now think about the subject of the art: Look at images that interest you and colors that excite your senses.

Peel the backing off the vintage paper flower shape and adhere to the back of the vellum flower. Make a black-and-white copy of the flower image on white copy . cut out the flower shape following the pencil outline. 4 Using the scissors. CreateMixedMedia. cut out the black-and-white flower.1 3 2  ake a color copy of the flower image on a vellum M sheet. Using the scissors. leaving the backing on the double tack. Using the pencil.   pply Double Tack Mounting Film to the front of the A vintage paper. Lay the cut out flower over the piece of Double Tack Mounting Film. F lip the vellum paper facedown (you should be reading the image backward). allowing the words to show through on the front of the flower. trace around the flower.

8 Peel the backing from the sticker paper.   ake a black-and-white copy of the lace on a M sheet of sticker paper. stitch a basic stitch around the outer edges. apply a 6" × 6" (15cm K × 15cm) piece of Double Tack Mounting Film to the back. cut the lace paper to the size of the vellum paper. Using the sewing machine. CreateMixedMedia. Using the ruler and craft knife.5 7 6  eeping the flower facedown. Peel the backing from the flower-vellum piece and adhere to the front side of the lace sticker . Center the image over the black-paper support and adhere it.

presentation is an essential component of the creative process. Ruth loves to get lost in the small details of her fabric pieces. She joyfully enshrouds them.  CreateMixedMedia. She always creates a lovely textile home for each piece of jewelry that she gives as a gift. For her. Just imagine the expressions of happiness on your friends’ faces when you present them with gifts that are so exquisitely wrapped. even for someone who turns thread into knots just glancing at a sewing machine. A winning example of this is her jewelry presentation folder. creating little secrets for the lucky recipient to discover. vintage lace and felt.Jewelry Gift Folder M at e r i a l s scissors sewing machine rubber stamps felt quilting thread cheesecloth tulle book text muslin or other fabric scrap vinyl ribbon scraps StazOn ink pads From A CHARMING EXCHANGE by Ruth Rae and Kelly Snelling About the author: Ruth is not only an exciting jewelry artist but also a talented fabric artist. The fun part is that you can add as much or as little to them as you like in the way of details and embellishments. This wrap not only heightens the beauty of the gift but becomes a part of the gift as well. She swears these are a snap to . dyed cheesecloth. She adds layer upon layer of jewels and treasures within netting.

leaving one side open to fill with a small amount of batting. (Here.) Sew all the layers together at once. To create a place for the jewelry. 2 F rom this point it is a layering process. I sewed a layer of vinyl over my layers. tie the jewelry onto the ribbons to finish. Lastly.  3  hen you’re done sewing the W layers together. Then sew a free-form zigzag stitch across the width of both halves. I have made a stack of several layered things. Using a sewing machine threaded with quilting thread. CreateMixedMedia. Fold it in half to crease . Sew around the small pocket piece. sew the piece to the front of the folder. layered over two small strips of ribbon on either end. 5  ou can repeat a similar process for the inside of Y the cover.1 4  ut a piece of felt to 9" × 9" C (23cm ×23cm). sew a straight stitch around the perimeter of the piece and along both sides of the fold. and it’s really up to you how you want to embellish your folder. then unfold. sew a scrap of fabric (such as muslin) to the back.

Rulers (Design Originals). hook and eye tape (hook only) takes on a life of Shaker-peg molding. Train Schedule (Rusty Pickle) cardstock vintage photocopy Palette inkpads: Burnt Umber (Stewart Superior).” Of course. the first thing that came to my mind was the theme song.  CreateMixedMedia.Hanging Out M at e r i a l s 20-gauge annealed wire scrapbook papers: Striped Ledger Paper (Foofala). Ballet Blue (Stewart Superior) cosmetic sponge double-sided tape glue stick hook and eye tape cotter pins sequin waste sewing machine pliers pack From BENT. The dreams are yours. In a similar fashion. Here. What’s Cookin’ (Design Originals). . Use leftover sequin scrim to stencil different circles and colors on your paper. I spied a drawer labeled “cotter pins. take them back . “Welcome back. simple hardware store cotter pins take on a new life as clothespins and hangers to suspend featured elements.” I had to stop and look. BOUND & STITCHED by Giuseppina Cirincione From the author: While walking down the aisle at the hardware . .

lower portion of the background and glue it to the cardstock as well. using double-sided tape. using a sewing machine. and C pounce Ballet Blue ink onto sections of the card. and adhere it at the paper seam. and then attach a second piece of cardstock by sewing along the top. Cut a piece of the striped ledger paper for the larger. 2 4 10  ew a series of vertical lines down the piece. Sometimes it’s fun to use more than one size. then M add a strip of the Train Schedule paper and a strip of ruler from the Rulers paper to the bottom of the photo. Sew a S line around the sides and bottom. slightly longer than the width of the card. then sew some lines around the photo . Trim the excess.  ut a piece pf sequin waste to use as a stencil. Cut a length of the hook portion of the tape.1 3  ut a piece of the Train Schedule paper to serve as C the upper portion of the background and glue it to a trimmed piece of cardstock. CreateMixedMedia.  ount your photo onto a piece of cardstock.

Cut out a few spice jars and bottles from the What’s Cookin’ paper and adhere them at the top edge of the tape.5 7  se a sponge to dab Burnt Umber onto the edges U of the card. CreateMixedMedia. Wrap one end around a pen to create the hook. Bend the wire to create a basic hanger . 6 8 11 T o create a cute clothes hanger. T hen wrap the end around the base of the hook about three times and trim the excess. cut about 12” (30 cm) of wire and straighten it out as best you can. Attach two cotter pins to the hanger.

10 Hang the hanger on the hook tape to finish Cotter pins are a great way to display a single image or a series. and then. I also like using them to display letter tiles. 12 . S add some glue to the back of the photo to reinforce the hold. Let the glue dry.9  lide the photo piece into the cotter pins.

Talk about motivation! 13 ironing board needle-nose pliers scissors sewing needle spray bottle with water wire cutters CreateMixedMedia.and long-term goals. It’s also an ideal way to become familiar with art-quilting techniques. It makes a difference to set short-.5cm) tree branch wire clothes hanger wire word made from 19-gauge craft wire: growth ink applicator From CREATIVE BLOOM by Jennifer Swift inkjet printer From the author: iron In the last couple years I’ve discovered what an impact goals could make in my life. medium.Resolutions Wall Quilt M at e r i a l s adhesive-backed hook-andloop tape 16-gauge dark annealed steel wire embroidery floss fabric scraps fusible interfacing glue stick inkjet printable paper-backed fabric quilt backing fabric quilt batting quilt top fabric Ranger Distress Ink 14" (35. If trying something new is one of your goals. This is a good project to try if you’re ready to set and achieve some goals. It feels good to achieve my short-term goals and make significant steps toward my long-term goals as well. creating this project will allow you to cross it off your . Now I love to write down my goals.

rub Distress Ink onto the edges of the text pieces.“growth. Add decorative stitching around the edges of these panels with embroidery . Cut the resolutions and title text apart with scissors. adhere the resolution text to W slightly larger fabric strips. stitch the title to the quilt top with a running stitch.5cm) piece of quilt top fabric over a 17½" × 24" (44. Spritz water onto the inked areas to give the text pieces a distressed look.1 3 L ayer a 18½" × 25" (47cm × 63. print a list of resolutions and U a title onto paper-backed fabric. CreateMixedMedia. Take out your previously made wire word. Using embroidery floss. Position the title text over a slightly larger strip of fabric and use a glue stick to tack the text in place. creating panels. With an ink applicator.5cm × 61cm) piece of quilt batting and stitch them together with embroidery floss and a running stitch.  ith a glue stick. 2 4 14  sing an inkjet printer.” Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the word and stitch it at the top of the quilt top. Stitch the wire word over it. Remove the paper backing.

CreateMixedMedia. Remove the paper backing. Using embroidery floss and a needle. wrong sides together. right side up.5 8 F or each text panel. Iron them together to form one strip. Following the manufacturer’s instructions.5cm × P 66cm) pieces of quilt backing fabric on top of each other.5cm) fabric strips to C create ties to hang the quilt. Use the fabric ties at the top of the quilt to attach it to the hanger. 6  ut 1½"−2" (4cm−5cm) strips C of adhesive-backed hookand-loop tape. Cut a piece of backing fabric the same size as each panel. on top of the panel. Fold each strip in half and stitch the fold securely to the quilt top. Peel the paper backing from 1 side and press it to the back of each . Stitch between the layers of fabric to conceal the fold. iron the fusible interfacing to the back of each text panel.  rap 16-gauge wire around a 14" (35. Center the quilt top on top of the backing fabrics. stitch the layers together. 9 15 7  lace 2 19½" × 26" (49.5cm × 58.  ut 2 ½" × 23" (1. Position 1 piece at each end of the panel. Place the backing fabric.5cm) tree W branch and a wire clothes hanger to create 1 piece. cut a slightly smaller piece of fusible interfacing. Stick the other side of each piece to its corresponding place on the quilt top.

TATTERED & STITCHED by Ruth Rae From the author: quilting machine thread This delightful book can become just about anything you want it to be. 16 rubber stamp (text) sewing machine trim: lace CreateMixedMedia. muslin. Just think of the joy you could bestow on new parents or grandparents with photos of their little ones compiled into a book made just for them! Because of the nature of the folds in the book. other scraps as desired fabric glue stick fiberfill four 4” x 6” (10 cm x 15 cm) pieces heavy cardstock. there is no need to worry about the thickness of your pages. Family photos or photos from your garden or of a family pet can be printed onto specially treated fabric. size 14/90 From LAYERED.Concertina Book M at e r i a l s acrylic paint Golden iridescent bronze) brush (foam) embellishments (assorted) eyelets (sixreen 1/4" [6 mm]) and setter fabric: craft or woolfelt in complimentary colors. thin cardboard or Grungeboard freezer paper or prefabricated fabric sheets for printer images of your choice fabric ink (dark brown) iron and ironing board (optional) paper towels quilting machine needle. It has a simplistic form that can be altered effortlessly in a multitude of ways suited to just about any need or . Just let your imagination run wild and create your own masterpiece.

 et two ¼" (6mm) eyelets into the corners on the S right side of the front cover board and 2 into the corners on the left side of the back cover board. Stamp onto th dried boards with a text stamp. Do this for all 4 boards. Work in small sections at a time. Set the same eyelets into each of the 4 corners on each remaining board. 2 4 17  ith a paper towel.1 3  pply gold acrylic paint with a foam brush to both A sides of all 4 pieces of board. CreateMixedMedia. quickly rub the paint off before W it dries or seeps into the board too . Make sure that the position of the holes correspond on all of the boards.

fabric and embellishments. To add a bit S of texture. such as adding decorative stitches or buttons. felt. Next.  ew the fourth side of the main image. machine-sew it together. sew 3 sides of the main image. C Assemble your first . laying out assorted scraps of lace.5 7  reate 8 collages. Start with the layers beneath the main image. I like to sew around all 4 sides a couple more times. 6 8 18  nce your collage is layered as you would like O it. Hand-sew final touches. then stuff the image a little with fiberfill. 1 for each side of each board. CreateMixedMedia.

sew the image piece to the layers piece. 19 . first adhere them to the collage with a fabric glue stick before stitching them into place. machineA stitching them down. If you are using a collage with small pieces of text. Be careful to avoid sewing through the eyelets. R creating a collage for each side.  epeat for the remaining pieces of board. adding a bit of fiberfill if you like. start with the bottom layers. 11 10  gain. Stamp on some pieces or not—it’s up to you. Tie the pages together using strips torn from scraps of the fabric you used in the collages. Sew 1 collage onto 1 piece of board.9  reate the collage that goes on the backside of C the page. Turn the piece over and sew the other collage on the backside. Finally. secure all of the words on the image piece. Next.

The image for this card is straight out of 1950s Brooklyn. One of my favorite stores. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies. Rubber-stamped images are a great alternative.a 20 Vintage Script rubber stamp needle colored thread of your choice decorative punch label maker cellophane envelope (to mail card) CreateMixedMedia. The Lords of Flatbush.Starry-Eyed M at e r i a l s background paper to stamp on (ideally. I search for images that are reminiscent of the period and style of photos and ephemera I like to use. Stampotique Originals. uses actual photos to create some of their rubber stamps. Tea Dye. Walnut Ink) duster (stipple) brush Courting rubber stamp black inkpad (Versafine) heat gun cardstock slide cutter (or craft knife. ruler and cutting mat) scoring attachment for slide cutter bone folder and ruler black permanent marker pencil 1/16" (2mm) anywhere punch From COLLAGE LOST & FOUND by Giuseppena Cirincione hammer cutting mat From the author: You don’t have to use images cut from books or magazines to create collage. something perforated or that has been punched for a coil binding) Distress inkpads (Tim Holz-Ranger: Black .

solid paper. Distress your paper using distress inkpads and a duster or stipple brush. I like to use a variety of colors together.  fter the stamp is well-inked.1 3 F irst choose a paper that you want to rubber-stamp on. I like to use black. You don’t always have to use . 2 4 21 T o use a large rubber stamp. Swiftly lift up the stamp and voilá! CreateMixedMedia. It is easier to stand up and put your weight into it. Here. I am using a piece from an old bridge score pad that I found at an antique booth. press it onto your A paper. tap it over a raised inkpad.

 dge the card to give it some definition by going E around the outside with a black permanent marker. CreateMixedMedia. Then fold the card and crease it with the bone folder.5 7 Heat-set the ink with a heat gun so you don’t have to wait for it to dry.  core the card down the center using either the S slide cutter and the scoring attachment or a ruler and a bone folder. 6 8 22 T rim cardstock for your card to a size that is compatible with the envelope you will be . I like to use a slide cutter because it’s quick and easy.

10 Punch out the holes using an anywhere punch and a hammer. For this card. over a cutting mat. I’m going to sew along the perforated edge of the paper. First. 11  efore sewing on your B stamped image. Punch out your words. sew the stamped image to the top of the card through the prepunched holes.9  cool way to attach the stamped image to the A front of the card is to sew it. you may want to first distress the card front using the duster brush and distress inks. I used a 1/16" (2mm) punch. CreateMixedMedia. peel and stick. Here. such as stars punched from a sheet of cardstock. 12  sing a needle and four U strands of thread (in a contrasting color from the paper). Use script or other background stamps to add interest to the background of the card. 23 13 Add tiny . mark where the punched holes are with a pencil. An easy way to create your own text is by using an old-fashioned label maker.

please visit the web addresses listed below: Resources COLLAGE PLAYGROUND CREATIVE BLOOM by Jennifer Swift by Kimberly Santiago KIMBERLY’S WEBSITE JEN’S WEBSITE KIMBERLY’S BLOG JEN’S ETSY SHOP BUY IT BUY IT A CHARMING EXCHANGE LAYERED. BOUND & STITCHED COLLAGE LOST & FOUND by Giuseppina Cirincione by Giuseppina Cirincione JOSIE’S WEBSITE JOSIE’S WEBSITE BUY IT BUY IT 24 .To learn more about the artists or purchase any of the books featured in this publication. TATTERED & STiTCHED by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae by Ruth Rae RUTH’S BLOG RUTH’S WEBSITE A CHARMING EXCHANGE BLOG RUTH’S ETSY SHOP KELLY’S ETSY SHOP RUTH’S ETSY SHOP BUY IT BUY IT BENT.