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May 5th, 2008


Starting the week of May 12, 2008
Continuing thru the week of June 16th
Dear Beethoven Families!

Friends Of Beethoven is offering our last session of after school classes for this year! Again, we have classes full of
continued fun and new learning!!
CLASSES WILL RUN 6 or 5 WEEKS, continuing thru the last week of school, which is Wed., June 19th.
Days and prices are as follows:

Mondays: 2:45 Science Class with Teacher Tara Grades 1 and 2 See attached flyer.

Subject will be “Heat Transfer and Energy Efficient Houses”. Students learn about
conduction, convection and radiation by building model houses. For instance they learn about convection by having stack
ventilation in the house and testing the circulation using incense sticks. They explore conduction by measuring the effect
of insulation on the temperature inside the house when it is heated with a hair dryer. Lastly they learn about radiation by
studying infrared images and by measuring the effect of color and reflectivity on the temperature inside the model house.

Class will be held in room 27. Cost: $60 + additional $18.00 charge for materials.

Tuesdays: 1:45 Soccer with coach Luiz Dos Santos: Students meet at Mark Twain grass fence area.

Cost: $55
If LIABILITY FORMS are not returned on the second soccer class,
Student will not be allowed to attend until form is received.

Wednesday: 2:45 Science Class with Teacher Tara Grades 3-4-5 See attached flyer.

Subject will be “Biomechanics of Diving”. Students learn about the complex interactions of
forces in the human body when diving. They explore center of gravity by building working models of the human body
and investigating loading effects on the model's balance. They build muscles models and learn about simple levers. They
learn about velocity, gravity and projectile motion by building catapults.

Class will be held in room 27. Cost: $60 + additional $18.00 charge for materials.

Thursdays: 2:45 “My Art” Clay Sculpting Class. Continuing……. with Jonathan Bice, artist.

Class will be held in room 28. This is a ‘hands on’ with clay.
Cost: $55 + additional $ 5.00 charge for materials.

Fridays: 2:45 “Financial Footsteps” with Peter Platen: See attached flyer.
This class is beneficial to children of all ages!! It teaches kids “good thinking” about money; How does
money work? How do you earn money? What are the benefits of saving? Giving to Charities.

Class will be held in room 27. Cost: $55

Fridays: 2:45 Flag Football with coach Adonis: Students meet at the baseball backstop outside the lunch
area. Look for Mr. Adonis at the backstop. Game will be played on Mark Twain grass area.

Cost: $55

All classes will start 15 minutes after school dismissal and will last 1 hour. If your child is in YDP, they will be directed to
the appropriate area after the class is concluded.

If you are interested in signing your child up for any of these classes, please return the enclosed form along with your
check, payable to FOB, for the total amount to your child’s class. Enrollment should be completed as soon as possible.
Children will be enrolled on a first come basis.

Thank you and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of us.

Jana Montgomery, Chairperson (310)266-6698

Trish Halfacre, Co-President, FOB (310)398-5190 Approved by ___ ________________
Dr. Althea Ford
PLEASE…….. complete ALL information.

Student Name __________________________ Room #: Important ______

Will your child be enrolled in YDP? YES NO NO

Please check the classes you would like to enroll your child in:

Monday: Science grades 1-2 Cost: $ 78.00 Includes $18.00 for materials

Tuesday: Soccer Cost: $ 55.00 ___________

Wednesday: Science grades 3-4-5 Cost: $ 78.00 Includes $18.00 for materials

Thursday: Clay Cost: $ 60.00 Includes $5.00 for materials


Friday: Kids Finance Cost: $ 55.00 ___________

Friday: Flag Football Cost: $ 55.00 ___________

Total amount Enclosed: ___________

Payable to F.O.B.

Please note: No refunds will be given after the first class and No pro-rating for late-comers.

Parent Name(‘s)__________________ __Phone number: Important ___ _______

E-mail, if available:_______________________________ _______________

Parent’s Signature__________________________ ________ Date __ _______

Approved by ___ ________________

Friends of Beethoven • 3711 Beethoven Street, Los Angeles, California 90066 • 310-313-9326 •








***** FINANCE CLASS *****
Starting May 12th
Help your kids take their first financial
Money isn't just for big kids!

Build a solid financial foundation with financial education!

You're never too young to think long term. Children will watch their
incomes grow for their future as well as giving to charities.

Paychecks don't come with instructions, instruct your kids to

pay themselves first.

Financial futures start NOW!


Enroll today for a lifetime of learning.

Long term Short Term Charities Enjoy!

Comenzando el 12 de mayo del 2008
!Ayude a sus niños a dar sus primer pasos
!El dinero no solo es para los niños

¡Construya una fundación solida en la educación financiera!

Nunca esta muy joven para pensar a largo plaso. Los niños verán sus
ingresos crecer para su futuro y tambien dar a obras de caridad.

¡El futuro finaciero comienza AHORA!


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