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IAE Engine Tooling: V2500 Engine Specifications

IAE is a manufacturing company which was founded in 1983 with a purpose of developing an
aircraft engine. V2500 was produced after the collaboration between four of the worlds leading
aero engine manufacturers. The name of such companies includes Japanese Aero Engine
Corporation, International Aero Engines, Pratt & Whitney, and MTU Aero Engines.
The IAE engine tooling V2500 is considered the second most successful commercial jet engine
program in terms of volume. On the other hand, it is also entitled as the third most successful
commercial jet engine program in the aviation history. For the IAE V2500, FAA flight certification
was granted in 1988. The IAE V2500, a two-shaft high-bypass turbofan engine that powers the
family of Airbus A320. The Airbus 320 family includes A319, A320, A321, the McDonnell Douglas
MD-90, the Airbus Corporate Jet, as well as the Embraer KC-390.
The V2500 engines have offered the most advanced technologies in the 22,000- to 33,000-pound
thrust range along with the lowest overall emissions in its class. The IAE engine tooling V2500 has
entered into service schedule in October 2008. IAE International Aero Engines V2500 turbofan
engine family provides efficient and clean power for close to 200 worldwide customers. The V2500
engine's design and features are technologically enhanced.
The V2500s technology is so updated that makes it the engine of choice in its entire class. It
delivers an unparalleled efficiency and reliability through its innovative design. The engine is
equipped with a wide-chord, a clapperless fan blade that not only increases its fuel efficiency, but
also delivers superior tolerance against foreign-object dangers. It has a high-pressure compressor
featured with a 10-stage design using latest airfoil aerodynamics, resulting in high performance.
The IAE engine tooling has a two-stage high-pressure turbine that will provide excellent efficiency
throughout the life. Using its technological advantages, the V2500 provides many other economic
benefits, such as minimal fuel burn, significant performance and so on. The engine designing also
provides ease of maintenance, which means it does not require frequent repairs. Here are some of
the benefits, such as:

Ease of maintenance

Comprehensive engine monitoring

Fully electronic aircraft-to-engine interface

Cockpit-based maintenance

Continuous improvement

The V2500 engine has shown consistent improvement. Investing your money in IAE engines and
GE engine tooling is a solid investment that provides value. It provides unique performance and
economic advantages to its customers. You can enjoy unmatched profitability with its unique power
of superior technology. To hold and support such engines, their related stands are also available in
the market. The V2500 engine stands are featured with gold Anodized Mounts and are painted with
high gloss skydrol resistant paint. Get more information over the web.