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Hi I'm fourteen years old.

This is a book I am currently writing, I would like t

o know what you think of it so far. It is still unfinished.
Hello my name is Charlotte Ottilia Louise Moore, and I'm an advanced human.
What's an advanced human? Well, it's a human with enhanced abilities such as hea
ring, smell, taste, growth, touch sensitivity, speed, strength ect. ect. It's ve
ry rare to occur in females so I'm one of a kind. Lucky me.
It's the day before the start of the winter term. Longer nights equal more super
natural activity which equal new students.
Is this a bad thing or a good thing? I suppose it could be good. For example if
a total fittie comes along.
It starts to get annoying when lickle 12 year olds come appear and follow you ar
ound, or a snobby bimbo thinks she's all-that just because she's not like other
Us students call our little school the supe house. No, not soup house. Many mort
als make that mistake, it's so funny when they come into our area and expect to
dine on some delish food but instead come to face freaks like us. Supe house is
the shortened name, the proper name is Supernatural house for the gifted, but th
at's a load of bull.
We are not gifted.
We are totally bad-ass.
Do mortals know about the Supernatural Community? Yes they do.
Do mortals accept the Supernatural Community?
Sometimes. For example you get Blood Donors, (those who willingly let vampires f
eed on them because it turns them on), you get people who wish they were like us
. Some people don't want us around because they simply don't understand how we w
Mortals do not understand how lucky they are. I would give anything in the world
to be a human again. A normal human being. Yeah, it's cool I can lift a car wit
h my baby finger. Yeah, it's cool I could run to the shops and back to my house
in a matter of seconds.
But it's not so fun when everyone abandons you.
When your family finds out what you and your mum really are, and think you are f
reaks. When your family doesn't love you anymore because they are scared of what
you could or might do to them.
That's why it was just me and my mum. My mums a witch, not the fairy-tale kind w
ith a hat and wand, she looks like a normal person. She can be a normal human. B
ut my mum won't throw away what potential she has. That's how we stumbled across
the Supe House. Mum heard from other witches about places where the supernatura
l can be safe, and where they can be accepted.
There's different Supe Houses all over the world for people like us, just so we
can be. Just so we know we're not alone.
Chapter One
Today is the day I go shopping! As I said before it's the day before we go back
to school (Winter Term), and I am in desperate need of new threads and equipment
. Yes, we need equipment! We can't just poof up some supplies right before your
eyes. We have to go out and buy things just like everyone else, even my mother,
and she's a witch.
After we finished our toast, cleaned the dishes, closed the doors and locked the
doors behind us, my mother and I walked down the street, arms linked on our way
to town.
The whole way there I felt silent eyes watching us from behind curtains and door
s. Motals have known about us for at least 4 years and still haven't gotten over
the fact that there are other beings in the world apart from themselves.
Finally we arrived in the town square where there wern't so many peepers, (nobod
y likes to stare in public).
"So where to?" My mum, Helena, asked passively, "We both need new clothes... How
about we go to Nevarettes, then TWF?"
"Sure." I nodded, my knee length brunette ponytail bobbing around uncontolibly,
and started to stroll towards our first destination. I could grow parts of mysel
f at my own will, so I practically look like the perfect teenager. Nice size boo
bs and waist, long legs and arms, defined cheekbones... And very long hair. I lo
ve my hair. It's quite hard to transform myself, so I don't make a habit of it.
By the way, TWF is short for Thrills With Frills.
Nevarettes is for the elder woman, not old grannies, but trendy people in their
late twentys or early thirties. Mum needed some warmer tops and trousers for the
winter, she was more of a skirt person really.
I helped her pick out some silk shirts and a few blouses, (my mum's a teacher at
the Supe House) and a couple pairs of trousers. She would most probably wear sk
irts even though it's cold out.
We approached the till and the girl behind it looked about sixteen, one year old
er than me, she was supernatural too. She was a demon. I could feel her aura. It
had a slightly hot feel to it. Demons aren't evil, they're just lords and ladie
s of the underworld, but never underestimate what they can do.
She bagged up the clothes and put our money in the till happily. Handing my moth
er the recipt she said, "Are you not Mrs Moore? You are a teacher at Supernatura
l house for the gifted yes?"
My mother gave her a bright smile, "Yes I am. Who do I have the pleasure of meet
ing?" She held out her hand.
"Demanessa Slick, but it is easier just to call me Essie." They shook hands and
I noticed "Essie" was wearing gloves, demon skin burns. We don't know why, it's
something to to with the chemicals in their skin or something like that.
"Nice to meet you Essie," they let go and mum gestured to me, "This is my daught
er Charlotte."
Yeah, thanks mother.
I watched the demons eyes widen, "You are the Advanced Human! It is so rare to h
ave occured in a female."
I smiled even though I felt like biting her head off, I get this a lot, and it b
ecomes tiring fast. "Yeah I am. Me and my mum need to be going now, we have a lo
t of shopping to do before school tommorrow." I started to tug my mum away.
"Farewell," Demanessa waved a gloved hand at us, "I am going to start tommorrow
too. Maybe we will be roomates."
"Maybe." I mumbled and slipped out of the shop much faster than usual.
"What a nice young lady." My mum stated.
"Yeah. She was." I said plainly, a demon at our school. Well, we already had a m
ale. Now we have a female too.
The supernatural schools only allow one male and one female of each race, otherw
ise it starts to become troublesome. Most over the age of twenty-one decide to l
eave so that another supe can join, or they become something accociated with the
"Okay now over to TWF, you have some nice clothes at home so were not going to b
uy a rediculous amount this time." Mum warned me.
"Okay, okay!" I smiled, last time we bought lots of clothes. Theres actually qui
te a simple reason. We like to shop!
We entered the store and I picked up a basket. Making sure it was a little one s
o I wouldn't get carried away, I started to venture through the store. I picked
up some jeans, a skirt or two, some new socks and underwear, some tanktops, and
some large T-shirts. Mum thinks the T-shirts do nohing for my figure but I don't
like to look slutty with this figure so I just let the T-shirt cover most of it
Once it was all bought and paid for we had some coffee from Costa Coffee and rel
axed for a bit.
"Lou," my mum started, Lou was short for louise, middle name, people normally ca
ll my mum Lou too, "Lou, are you going to participate in the Ball this year?" Sh
e took a sip of her coffee, blowing it to cool it down, she would use magic but
that just creeped mortals out so we acted normal in public.
For the last two years I didn't go to the Winter Ball. Mainly because I could ch
ange my figure about, and the way I looked, and I thought it was way too unfair
for the other girls. Instead I was bouncer, only family and friends. No reporter
s who just wanted something to put in their paper. I was chosen as a good bounce
r because I was an Advanced Human. Which means super strength.
Oh, mum was waiting for an answer.
"Maybe..." I breathed into my coffee, "Do you have a picture of before?" I wante
d a picture of before I changed my appearance, so I could change it back that wa
y for the ball, so I wasn't so perfect.
You don't become supernatural by birth by the way, for everybody, whether it's,
fairies, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, witches, elves or even advanced h
umans, it all begins at puberty.
My mum squealed, "Yay! Oh! We have to go shop for the perfect dress for you when
it's closer to the date! I need time to find a picture too, they're all in the
We abandoned them, just as they abandoned us. A fresh start mum said.
My mum was so excited because I've never been able to do some of the most import
ant things in life, like driving a car (I pressed the pedal too hard, guess what
happened next? Lucky I super-heal), and all of the schoool's special occasions,
school itself, and... Boyfriends. If I ever wanted a boyfriend he would have to
be supernatural. No normal human boy would want a girlfriend who could crush the
m to death when she hugs him. Or would give them broken bones during sex. Yes, I
am still a virgin. I'm underage anyway, I'm fifteen!
We finished off our coffee's, chatting away.
"Oh, Lou do you want to go to the supermarket? We need to get you a new bag and
some snacks for the car ride."
"Okay," I love my mum, whatever it is, she will always put me first, I could tel
l her anything and she wouldn't object to it. She would just try and find the re
ason behind it, then I remembered, "Mum! Can we pick up some new hairbands too?
And some... Shoes."
We stood up and my mother looked pointedly at me, "That isn't what you were goin
g to say." She linked her arm through mine.
I sighed, "No it wasn't." I just left it at that. My mum wouldn't be happy if I
asked for that. I am underage and even though she would want me protected she w
ould expect me not to, so I wouldn't.
On our way to the supermarket, as usual, people brushed past us. It wasn't a mea
n shove, it was a little touch. So they could go home and tell their friends the
y actually touched a Supe. L-A-M-E.
We searched through the store, picked up a couple bags of sweets, I wasn't reall
y a sweet girl so we picked up some doughnuts too. We picked up a box of hairban
ds, a pair of trainers, dolly shoes, and some heels. These objects are completel
y different, we buy different kinds of clothes, my mum likes me to practice my a
Mum also picked herself up a few candles for her nightime rituals and some Inten
se Insense.
I loved insense, I loved all of the different smells you can get, some that were
so hard to smell for real, that they were intensified so you could. Like the Dr
astic Dew, you wouldn't expect Dew to be Drastic, but boy, they achieved that.
When we came home we set all of our things out on the living room floor.
"Honey? Can you get the suitcases? They're on my bed, I put them there this morn
ing." Mum waved her hand in that general direction.
"Sure," I set off for her bedroom, through the livingroom door to the hallway, d
own the hall and on the first right, was my mums room. My mum loved lilac and la
vander. Her whole room was lilac. Her bed, her walls, her floor, even the litle
essentials like teddy bears and jewelry boxes. The room smelt like lilac insense
. Lush.
I picked up the two suitcases where she said they'd be, a large black one with s
wirls on it for me, and a large black one with butterflies on it for my mother.
We bought these only last week.
I see no need to act normal at home so I just flew through the house at my comfo
rtable speed holding both suitcases in one hand.
"Here you go." I handed them to mum and she placed them on the floor open so we
could pack and chat together.
"Okay," We rearranged ourselves in more comfortable positions on the floor, "Clo
thes first, keep a T-shirt separate so you can put it in your bag to change into
afterwards." Yeah, I was a messy pup when I had sugar covered jam doughnuts, sh
e knew me so well.
We folded our clothes neatly in the bottom of our suitcases and then our toiletr
ies. Leaving out a few to put in my bag and her handbag. Then I packed one of my
doughnut bags, I would want some when I got there too. Then we packed our shoes
on top.
"Anything we've forgotten?" Mum was counting our things on her fingers.
I thought hard, clothes, toiletries, shoes, snacks...
"Oh mum, we need some towels and a couple books and DVD's for my portable."
"Yes, I'll go find a couple towels and you pick out you're CD's and DVD's."
"Can you fetch my I-Pod and those new books I bought the other day?"
"Sure honey."
Mum set off for the bathroom and I sat in front of our huge DVD and CD collectio
n. I decided I'd have one action, a couple romances and a couple fantasy and Sci
-fi. CD's... I chose out my classics, I love violins and piano music. I picked o
ut one from my harp collection too.
My roomate would probably like some of the here and now. I picked up one of my K
esha CD's and my Mixed CD.
Mum strode back into the room and placed my things next to my suitcase. "Put you
're I-Pod and Portable DVD Player in you're bag, you can play them on the way he
re. Want your DSI?"
I grabbed my bag off of the sofa and picked up my DSI from the coffee table. I h
ad to grow my arms to do this, thank god I could do that.
Mum smiled at the casual use of my abilities and took my DVD's. That was a load
off. She also took my bag and placed everything in my arms inside it.
"Tah mum." I hugged her.
"No problem, even you need help sometimes."
We zipped up our suitcases and placed them next to the front door.
I packed a bag of crisps in my bag and my toiletries and put that next to the do
or too, next to mums handbag.
"Don't forget your phone, keep it in your pocket."
"Yes mother." I smiled.
"She pushed my arm and I didn't budge, go figure.
"Okay it's past dinner time now, want an early tea?"
"Okay," I thought about what I wanted, "Can we just have pasta and that sauce th
at I like?"
"Of course," She kissed my head and went into the kitchen, I didn't follow her,
we needed our own space sometimes too. Instead I went to my bedroom stopped in t
he doorway, my bedroom needed a mighty good clean. I decided that I'd clean it r
eady for when I came back. I picked up the dirty clothes and put them in the was
hing basket, picked up the empty DVD and CD cases, god knows where the CD's and
DVD's have ventured of to, put them on my shelf, and picked up the stack of dish
es next to my bed. I carried them into the kitchen silently, mum was reading a b
ook whilst she was waiting for the pasta to soften.
I placed the dishes in the sink and washed them, it was my mess not mums, and p
ut them away.
I crept back to my room. It was quite tidy now, I made my bed and wiped my dress
ing table clean. I didn't wear make-up, no need to, but I did need a mirror to b
rush my hair in and a desk to put all of my hairbands.
Bored now that my chore was done I sat on my bed and read a book I've read at le
ase four times, Everything and the Moon, by Julia Quinn. I absolutely adored it.
I sped into the kitched when mother called me and dished up my own tea, this was
something we did separatly too, don't ask why, I don't really know.
I sat down opposite her and took the little china jug from the middle of the tab
le, pouring the rest of the contents over my pasta.
I mumbled a few words of appriciation and ate the rest of my tea quietly.
When I finished my tea I put my dish in the sink and stated I was getting in the
"Okay, put a towel out for me afterwards please."
"No problem."
I went through the hall and to the left, into the white bathroom. I turned on th
e shower to let the water warm up whilst I undressed.
I looked in the mirror and wandered what I had looked like before all of this, I
couldn't remember it was so long ago. I was nine and we found out during dinner
. My mother, Father and two little brothers aged 6 and 4 were sat at the dinner
table with myself and I went to grab my knife and fork. I crushed them. Mum got
me a new pair knowing what was happening to me right away. I crushed them too.
Scared and confused I ran from my room at the speed of light. About a week later
my dad and brothers left. They were scared of me. They were scared of me. I sho
ok my head and stepped into the shower, I can't have just become an advanced hum
an. Either my mother or my father would have to have the trait. But my Father wa
s human and my mother was a witch. I took the rest of my shower thinking majorly
deep thoughts.
I stepped out and wrapped my towel around me, chucked my clothes in the washing
basket and took another towel from the cupboard and placed it over the side of t
he bath for mum.
"I'm out!" I called down the hall to my my mum.
"Okay honey," She called back, "You put the towel out?"
"Yeah, I'm going to have an early night. See you in the morning."
"Okay baby, love you."
"Love you."
I walked into my room - at my speed- and dried myself. I dried my hair, which by
the way takes a very long time, and I dried my body, I threw on a tanktop and s
ome pajama bottoms and snuggled into bed. I fell asleep almost instantly.
Chapter Two.
"Charlotte!" Mum shouted from behind my door and banged on it loudly, "Get up! Y
ou have to get ready!"
I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and rolled out of bed, I walked across the hall
to the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face. I brushed my teeth and
did my normal daily routine. Feeling more awake I walked into my room and sat a
t my dressing table. Mum walked in and pulled the other stool up from behind me.
She grabbed one brush while I grabbed the other. It's very hard to brush my hai
r by myself, I can't just grow it back into my head then brush it, then grow it
out again. I have to cut it, then grow it out. I can grow it as long as I like.
We worked almost silently on my hair, only my mother humming You Took The Words
Right Out Of My Mouth by Meatloaf. My mums' hair is quite long too even though s
he cant grow it like me, it's hip length and a beautiful blonde, she also had a
When we were finished with that I placed a CD in my CD player, and listened to B
lah Blah Blah by Kesha. Whilst listening to it I slid on some jeans and a tank t
op and threw a purple hoodie on over the top of it. I sat back down at my dressi
ng table and tied my hair up in a ponytail deciding to cut myself a chin-length
fringe and tucking it behind my ear in a side fringe.
I smiled to myself and "walked" into kitchen. I sat down at the table where mum
had already placed my toast.
"You got everything?" She mumbled through a bite of toast.
"Yes," I said picking up a slice, "And don't talk with your mouth full." I smile
d and munched on my own, she stuck her tongue out at me.
I washed the dishes whilst mum dried and packed them away, I helped get the suit
cases into the car and then came back inside to check we had everything, I sped
around the house checking we'de picked everything up. I hame back and nodded to
"Phone?" She asked.
"Yes." I patted my back pocket and slung my bag over one shoulder.
"Let's go then." she picked up her handbag and closed the door behind us. Once a
gain I could feel the silent eyes watching us, and just to freak them out I "ran
" out to the car and pretended to drop something under the car, I lifted the sid
e up and retreaved what I had dropped. My mother just shook her head.
"Charlotte they're just intrested."
"Well it kinds pisses me of that every time we come out of the house they stare
at us." I got into the car and lowered the window. I found a pair of eyes and ju
st stared them out until they finally disappeared.
We drove down the road and turned left. Left?
"Mum, where are we going?" I was confused.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you," She glanced in the mirror to meet my eyes.
"Remember when Mrs. Williams broke her hip?"
"Yeah some failed spell."
"Yes. Well she's unable to drive Alfie and Marissa all that way so I said I woul
d take them."
"What!? Wait... No, that's absolutely fine with me." I was going to overreact bu
t I thought it was pretty hilarious when I flaunted my abilities in front of Mar
rissa, she thought it was pretty scary what I could do. Marissa and Alfie are wi
tches, their parents are both witches, and of course Mr. Williams has to stay an
d look after Mrs. Williams so he couldn't take them himself. Alfie was pretty da
mn hot. Most supes were. I have no idea why this is either.
We stopped outside their house, "Lou can you go and get them?"
I smiled, "Sure mother."
She gave me a suspious glance in the mirror. I stepped out of the car and walked
to their front door. I rung the doorbell and "accidently" pressed too hard and
it shattered.
"Charlotte!" I heard mum from the car.
"Sorry, my bad." I winked at her.
Mr. Williams opened the door. "Sorry Sir," I gestured towards the bell, "I guess
I don't know my own strength." He took in the doorbell with wide eyes.
"Oh it's fine, it's not you're fault," He called up the stairs to Marissa and Al
fie, "C'mon kids Charlotte and Helena are here!"
Marrissa was first down the stairs, dragging a pretty heavy looking suitcase, Al
fie close behind. They stopped in the doorway to give fairwells to their father.
"Marrissa, that looks pretty heavy do you want me to carry it?" I smiled brightl
y at her.
She smiled just as brightly back, "No, it's fine. I think i've got it." I watche
d her wave to her father and Alfie wink at me from behind her head. He knew how
much I liked to tease Marrissa.
"Missie, I think you should let her have it, you're going to break something."
I took the suitcase from Marrissa like it was a bag of feathers and skipped to t
he car. I opened the boot and placed it inside, all in a matter of seconds.
Alfie was already on his way to the car but Marrissa was clutching her dads hand
like her life depended on it. Mr. Williams pulled her fingers away and hugged h
er tightly, whispering something in her ear. But of course, I have advanced hear
"It's okay she's not going to hurt you she's just being polite. She doesn't quit
e know how to control "it" yet."
I slapped my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing.
The Williams family all thought I was possessed by the devil. Everyone except Al
fie who knew I was just winding them up.
I sat in the middle of the car with Alfie on my right. I patted the seat beside
me, "C'mon Marrissa! We've got to go!"
She walked over to the car and reluctantly sat beside me, closing her door behin
d her. She waved all the way to the end of the road until her father was out of
Alfie and Marrissa looked exactly the same. Marrissa was my age and Alfie was th
ree years older. They both had ruby red hair, Marrissa's hung just between her s
houlder blades and Alfies was long enough to cover his eyes. The only difference
was their eyes. Alfies was the vibrant green he was born with but Marrissa had
used some sort of spell to turn hers pink.
"So how've you two been?" Mum said casually.
It was like that all the way to Supe House.
The Supe House really wasn't a "house" at all. But it wasn't in the style of a s
chool either. It was more of a large mansion with thirteen students, one therapi
st, two mentors, three teachers, and three blood donors. In the basement was the
four vampires. It looked exactly like the other floors except it didn't have wi
On the ground floor there was the Kitchen, the Games Room, the "Living Room", th
e Main Bathroom, the nurse and the teacher's offices.
On the Second floor there was the two Maths Rooms, the two English Rooms and the
two Science Rooms, an Art Room, and a French and German Room.
On the third floor there was a Geography Room, a History room, an Religious Stud
ies Room, two Music Rooms and a Computer Suite.
There's a theatre a little to the right of the mansion where we did drama and th
ere was a playground and a field where the little kiddies played and where we do
P.E. The field was also where we practiced our "abilities". There was also a li
ttle hut where we did woodwork. Cooking Class was done in the kitchen.
The Girls' Dorms was next to the theatre whilst the Boys' was next to the hut.
Mum pulled up outside of the School and turned off the engine, there were a coup
le cars and a mini-bus parked outside too. The mini-bus was for those who had pa
rents who couldn't drive. I remembered my old roomate used to have to take it, s
he was an elf, I wonder who I'll have to share with this year.
I waited for Marrissa to shuffle out of the car, I climbed out afterwards. I don
't know why I didn't just get out Alfies' side. I suppose it just creeped Marris
sa out that I was so close to her.
It was only really Marrissa who thought I was scary, everybody else treated me n
ormally, I waved to Mr. Samson, he kind of has a thing for my mum. I actually wo
uldn't mind him as my step-dad, he's an Advanced Human too. He was the one who h
elped me with my little problem. Mr. Mason Samson looked perfect. He had dark ha
ir that had a slight blue tint to it and he had big brown eyes. He was the perfe
ct height, a full head taller than me!
He walked towards us, "Need any help with your bags Helena?" My mum blushed, yea
h, she obviously liked him too.
"No no, I'm okay, Charlotte can take them in for me."
I nodded, it was an obvious indication she wanted to be alone with her crush. Ma
rrissa and Alfie took their bags out first and started pulling them up the front
steps to the front door.
Inside was a large hall, normally the Living Room, it had a few students, elves,
fairies, demons... Oh! There was Demanessa! I waved to her and she skipped over
to me.
"Hello again! Lovely clothes, how are you?" Wow, she was talkative.
"Hey, thanks and I'm great! Are you okay you seem a bit..."
"Oh, I ate some cookies during the drive here. I had a few more than my father l
iked. That is him over there." She pointed at a tall man with flowing white hair
like hers, he glanced at us and I saw he had pitch black eyes, which were nothi
ng like his daughters' crytal blue- almost white- ones.
"Cool." Was all I could say.
"Farewell, I am to wait in line with him."
"Bye." I said with a smile, I kind of liked her. Mainly because I loved the way
she talked. To my surprise she gave me a hug and skipped off.
Whilst I was waiting in line I noticed that their were a fair few new students.
Last year Mr. Drake Trestine and Meagan Lucias kind of had a thing. It was weird
because he's the school therapist and she's a student. But I suppose we are not
a normal school anyway, different cultures for example, elves, like Drake and M
eagan, have different ways of life so for elves, a teacher and a student being t
ogether isn't such a strange thing.
Now I was second in line, the guy in front of me was blonde, that is all I knew,
I couldn't see his face because his back was to me.
"Name?" Asked the woman behind the desk. You have to check in and tell the "Rece
ptionist" the main things they need to know about you.
"Liam South." The boy said.
"Advanced Human."
Oh. My. Gosh! There was a new Advanced Human? Wow. Just wow. The only other Adva
nced Human I'd met was Mr. Samson!
Ooo... And he was a student. Maybe we could become friends and compare notes.
"You are room seven of the boys dorm." The woman said and I notices her name was
Kelly Marroon, she was a Werewolf Mentor.
"Thanks." Liam said and set off in the direction Kelly pointed.
"Charlotte Moore."
She looked up at me, I know I didn't look fifteen and she was still looking at m
e when she said, "Supe?"
"Advanced Human."
She looked back down at her papers when she realised that was she reason why.
"Status?" Now she sounded bored.
She shuffled her papers, "You are room eleven of the girls dorm. Here's your key
." She handed me a key with the number eleven on it. Wow we got our own rooms? T
hey must have upgraded the dorms. I walked through the kitchen, which looked lik
e a home kitchen, not a school one at all, and out onto the playground and to th
e right. The girls' dorm was a three story building, the ground floor was where
the toilets were, and the TV room. The other two floors were separated into dorm
itories. Our own little bedrooms.
I opened the door and saw a huge 54" flatscreen television on the wall with two
girls perched in front of it. They heard me enter and whipped their heads round.
"Hi!" The blonde withblue eyes said cheerfully, "I'm Mary Rose, I'm a fairy bloo
d donor."
"A blood donor? How old are you?"
"Oh I'm only twelve but vampires love fairy blood and it keeps them satisfied fo
r longer. I don't mind helping out." She turned her head back to the TV screen
I looked at the other, green eyed blonde and smiled, "I'm Charlotte Moore, what'
s your name?"
"Oh," Mary said, still obsorbed in the show she was watching, "That's Samantha S
outh. She's a fairy too. She doesn't talk much, so I talk for both of us."
Samantha stared at me her eyes were the biggest green eyes I'd ever seen! South?
So she was probably the blonde boys' little sister. I smiled again, "Well nice
to meet you Samantha."
Then I turned and ran up the stairs, my room was on the top floor because I was
number eleven. I found my room with reletive ease. There was only eleven girls w
ho slept in the girls dorm, the other two were vampires so they slept in the bas
ement of the main building. I opened the door to my room and rolled my suitcase
in behind me. My room looked amazing, they had changed alot compared to last ter
m! The walls were a bright yellow, and there were a couple paintings on the wall
too. The floor was white, I'd have to be mighty careful of what I ate in here,
and had a blue and yellow large rug next to my bed.
Wow! My bed was a queen sized double bed! Last term we only had single beds but
I supposed they got a bigger budget. My wardrobe was to my left as I came inside
the door, my bed was Next to the window at the back of the room and on the lef
t wall was another TV. It was way smaller than the one downstairs, but it was st
ill a TV!
First things first, I opened my wooden wardrobe and started to pack my things aw
ay. I put my toiletries in a little drawer underneath my bed and made myself at
home. This was absolutely perfect.
Actually, it was almost perfect, because at that moment a low male voice echoed
over the tannoid, "Will all students please start to make their way to the field
for a brief catch-up of what is to happen this term. Thankyou."
I sighed, and school begins. I threw on my clean, non- jam stained, T-Shirt and
stepped out of my room, locking my door behind me and putting my key in my front
pocket. I've decided to call my fast moving habit, flitting.
I flitted down the stair and in about 30 seconds I was at the field stood next t
o Demanessa. She hugged me, again, and waited with me and a couple other people
as the students appeared.
Yes, the vampires can come out in the daylight. They each have an element, and t
hey have to wear the jewel which represents that element on their chest. So they
all wear necklaces with either, an emerald for earth, a sapphire for water, a d
iamond for air, and a ruby for fire.