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Few Suggestions For Better Governance and

to make ourselves better
Prepared by Shriharsh Sonar (CA, ICWA 1st Gr, B. Com)

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Dear Prime Minister (Sir)

Sometimes, I am thinking about certain improvements / expectations that should happen in our
country. As we are the citizens only, who can bring changes for our beloved country, am sharing some
ideas / suggestions and reducing few of these to writing.
You can judge the veracity and viability, whether we can implement them as a One India Nation.
Note: The contents sometime cover more dimensions / views than the header.

List of Suggestions
1. Use of / promoting Solar power - To save electricity marginally - can we see that maximum
corporates in Maharashtra go for solar panels to be installed on the terrace of the office /
factory premises? Including even street lights based on the solar power. To encourage them,
we can devise / work out a scheme where the cost they would inure would be equivalent to
the electricity cost they pay at each month or we can declare a tax holiday period marginally
for this specific expenditure or they can claim more depreciation as an allowable expenditure
or any similar scheme. Also they should be able to sell the credit (like carbon credit) to others
for saving in power cost. Also can we make the street light half in numbers to a less trafficked
area (by installing night mode cameras, of course, to take care of security issues on account of
less lights) where vehicles use the headlights. We can explore the idea more once get into the
2. Bio-Fuel usage to be more emphasized on companies to use by replacing electricity in plants
and factories? Some bio-fuels like briquettes generate more dust and remnants, so pollution
control boards can relax the norms if such wastes are not hazardous from human lives
perspective. Even such dust can be used at construction sites having regard to its strength.
3. Traffic pollution / congestion / rising dollar rate due to consumption of crude oil - To
save Fuel (Petrol / Diesel) Cost Can we introduce a system e.g. to cover all vehicles under
A, B and C Category. A Category to run on Monday-Tuesday, B category to run on
Wednesday-Thursday and C Category to run on Friday & Saturday. Other days vehicles need
to be standby and everyone need to use public transport compulsorily. I know its not easy but
we can vet the proposal. Benefits would be huge saving in fuel cost resulting in less traffic
congestion, revenue to state government, Rupee appreciation to USD etc. Please also try to
promote cycling at least in Maharashtra by creating suitable tourist spots to be visited by
bicycles only. Even we can promote a sales of standing scooters in India by manufacturing the
same solely by Government which will take very less space on street and needs to be
compulsorily use by a single person commuting to office, school etc.

Also car rental services should be more encouraged. E.g. a person going alone from one city
to another city can hire a car in the other city, instead of driving the whole way, thus saving
on fuel cost, less road accidents, promoting transport city in the country and rotating more
money to businesses.
(Note : The A,B,C concept is not taken from Aap partys even and odd day concept (to take
vehicles on street) but had sent to Shri Devendra ji Phadanvis and Kirit Somayya ji, long back
on their face book pages on 11th June 2014 and I can prove that)
4. Food Sufficiency / Growing vegetables Corporates to promote growing vegetables in
the available place to take care of or to grow at least sufficient to supply to their employees so
as to reduce consumption of vegetables or increase the supply marginally at least in metros so
that the resources would be available for those who can afford to pay less.
5. Introducing new concept - Propriety Audit On all government expenses, a new concept
of Propriety audit to be introduced to see the necessity of expenses and truly expending the
same. Also for proposals from states on spending on projects should be approved and be paid
on re-imbursement basis, I mean first states spend and then Central government re-imburse
the same, subject to all propriety and validly incurring the expenditure. A separate committee
of qualified people should approve the same for its reasonableness, cause, necessity,
priority and propriety.
6. CSR for Corporates Making compulsory for all corporates to allow some NGO, for
physically challenged to setup a shop / run a canteen or shop of necessities, clothes, groceries,
taking care of parking in nearby areas where they will get revenue and corporates need to give
employment to physically challenged people in simple jobs like courier services, receptions,
telephone and telemarketing attendants in such organization to list a few.
7. Segregation of duties / performance based work - Also to generate employment
opportunities at corporate and government levels, the tasks, duties and functions (other than
skilled jobs) be segregated into more parts e.g. if we are paying a salary of 30,000/- monthly
for a task, we can check a scope to pay Rs 15K to 2 people or Rs 10K to 3 people. Also work
of state and central government employees be more linked to performance based where they
can prove that the work is done more diligently, revenue losses and leakages are minimized or
avoided etc.
8. Imposing responsibilities on residents living in societies and apartments Making all
the societies, buildings and premises responsible to take care of / maintenance of the footpaths
attached to them. To compulsorily making it green by suitable plants. All chairman and
management of the residential premises and apartments should be made responsible for the
cleanliness of building and surroundings, they should mandatorily install solar panels at the
terraces so that at least hot water can be served to some extent in building resulting in less
consumption for electricity, if this is not possible then they should appoint a gardener / mali
to crop vegetables on the societies so as to use the terrace space. They can sell it at cost to
society members and transfer the income to reserves.
The cars left for outside (as per A,B,C plan will keep 1/3 empty parking space which can be
used for selling such vegetables.. this will increase our self-sufficiency for vegetables and boost
even vegetarian food habits in people minimizing burden on non veg foods)
9. Work Force and labor exploitation Few organizations are exploiting people by making
them work more like 10 12 hours, so to introduce stricter laws not to let anybody work extra
beyond 8 hours standard like in abroad. They need to create employment opportunities for
surplus workload instead of making people work extra 4 hours and saving half labor cost and
should pay commensurate returns for working hours to be filed up with labor commissions.

10. Government work styles - In many government offices, people are really taking higher
salaries but the work in return to that is much less than what an employee serves in Corporates
e.g. in Income tax office, officers take salaries but they dont actually enter the data of return
in their registers. They call some college going students and get the data filled up from them
for a very less pay which I have seen in my article ship days. It might be happening in other
places too. Can we really make people earn as much as they actually work?
11. Food wastages - Can we run some ad campaign to make feel people understand the worth
of food they waste in their plates? But the ad need to be really very very effective. I had read
on WhatsApp somewhere that in Germany, you cant keep the waste in your plate though you
have paid for that as you are wasting the resources which could have been used for others had
you not wasted them. There is time now when we can learn the same from westerners. Also
we can levy some tax on the left overs in percentages e.g. 10% of the cost of plates.
Can we, find donors for refrigerators on the street, where people leave their left overs which
the needy can use or can government start some institutes like that, which generates, promotes
such activities or can we even go for privatization of this activity?
12. Promoting saving habits / enhancing quality time of Indian Youth - Our new generation
is getting tech-savvy but it has got side effects also. Can we ban games in India like candy
crush where our generation is getting wasted by playing such games and wasting million hours
unproductively instead of at least reading some good books or can we create a subject on
patriotism and health in schools beyond traditional subjects? Also can we move to a learning
system, where people learn the trade skills right from school days to make their livelihood.
Give educations on creativity, ad making, creativity and all other professional skills. Also
Maharashtra graduation course e.g. B Com is much less rich on subjects compared to other
states graduation like B Com Hons. Can we make some business houses get tie ups with
schools and colleges to create marginal employment where some needy kids can even earn
while learning there as earning in early age has benefits which outweighs the demerits? Even
they (students) can be made habitual to save from early age by promoting small age bank
accounts with a minor age by crediting even a meager amount from government accounts that
we are collecting from education cess or likewise.
Also can we ban a costly mobiles in the hands of student with say some age criteria like till 25
years of age, they should not use mobiles costing above say Rs. 3000/-.
This will have 2 effects, todays youth is spending lavishly.. (1) I mean he earns 30,000 and
then spend 20000 on phone, so saving habits are not taken care of (2) The money going out
of India thru some way will stay in the country and mobile manufacturers will have to
manufacture less cost models with more features. Also then to match the revenue, they will
need more units, which will enhance further employment opportunities. Also we need to set
a ratio between labor and machine capitalization, giving incentives for businesses creating
employment opportunities.
13. Promoting Tourism can we promote tourism by giving our forts and other monuments to
privatized companies on contract basis to take care of / maintain them we can allow less
educated / institutes for physically challenged to establish shops in nearby areas of such
cultural or historic monuments as well as near all temples.
14. Controlling Beggars / prisoners Can we some way make use of beggars, prisoners to use
for physical work. Make stricter to have them a separate place to sit considering their physical
conditions. People will go to such specific places and will donate money / food etc. Also
hawkers, beggars should be strictly restricted on public places like Railway station as they can
easily be prayed to people involved in terrorist activities.

Can companies like TCS / Wipro / Infosys develop soft wares, where we use the prisoners to
handle jobs like telemarketing, where they work on code systems?
15. Controlling small kids - Can we control what young kids see on television and internets as
the development of kids at this age is worry some though few parents take pride to see their
kids behaving like grown-ups which is not good at their age. In the developed countries,
everything is available and hence people find life difficult to live and then they try to make it
excited, the culture is knocking in India also. If kids lost the quest at early age, the young
generation can go wasted and not a surprise when people do robberies, rapes, drug addicts for
sake of sheer excitement beyond the lack of right nurturing them. A right add campaign is
needed for that also.
16. Professional Education Levels in India vis a vis abroad - Can government take efforts to
make our educations levels equivalent with some foreign education institutes so that students
will not go in abroad for higher educations, e.g. I am a chartered accountant but this
qualification is not competitive and I need to do CMA-US to get good job in abroad or CIMA
London to get job in Europe, UK or CPA Australia for New Zealand / Australia etc. If
government itself make some efforts beyond the individual institutes, for the global
recognition of our professional courses, we can get students from all over the globe resulting
in income by way of a foreign currency.
Many students are going to USA / Australia / Canada for MBAs and higher education taking
huge dollars covering education expenditure, staying cost, support to their economy by
working and settling over there. Can government take initiatives like bringing the best quality
faculties from overseas and create such A-Class schools and management courses in India so
that besides quality education, we will be saving greatly on dollars and feeding those institutes.
17. Circulating idle Gold Storage in the country - in India, almost all women have gold and no
surprise that we might have the huge surplus of gold than any country. Gold is a stored asset
which fetch nothing in itself. Can that asset be circulated by some way for the growth of the
economy or can that be converted into some moving currency to make that idle asset getting
circulated in the country. We are importing huge GOLD resulting in BOP position to increase
resulting in high USD rate. Do we need to discourage people some way by loading higher
duties on import of gold or additional sales taxes (I know this could be real controversial) Can
we issue some government bonds or debentures to public by depositing the same with RBI
where RBI can use park such gold with IMF or world bank to reduce our interest rates in
international markets? Thus improving Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment positions?
18. Currency Notes - Can simply the notes of 500 and 1000 be discontinued to discourage black
money circulation in the country? The purchasing power of rupee has drastically reduced on
that account. Am sure if there are big transactions and a note of Rs 100 available, many
transactions over crores will happen only thru banks.
19. Savings in dollar on account of beverages cost - The other day I saw some documentary
of a world giant manufacturing cold drink beverage and on that account we must be sending
a very huge portion of Indian money outside India. Can government itself take some initiatives
to compete with such companies by manufacturing the same under government brands by
keeping the cost very low? As it contains 90% water only, if the contract is given to privatized
companies by encouraging them to compete with some high selling international brands with
lowest cost, am sure the 70% population at least would not mind to buy our own products. In
fact we need to promote self-made products by effective ad campaigns. Even we can promote
products like Chaas, butter milk which will even act as a supporting hand to farmers. E.g. China
use their own YOU-TUBE though its not at par with the quality of actual You-tube but I
guess they dont allow You-Tube in China and have made mandatory to use Chinese You-

Tube. We can too that make by suitable ad campaigns or by forcefully. For that the feeling of
patriotism should be increased beyond anything.
20. WhatsApp utilization To act as a WhatsApp admin, one thing should be made mandatory
is to collect few details of the admin and in particular area pin code e.g. for my area, Nerul
(Navi Mumbai) is 400 706. So when we need a particular news to spread in a particular area
like sharing details of terrorists hiding in a particular area or someone can share other way
round the same info. Also can be used where police want to share info for someone missing
from a particular area. Even PM can send his personalized message to Admins, thats a very
strong way to reach youth in addition to Man Ki Baat. Such communications should be sent
at 2.00 3.00 pm post lunch hours, when most corporate India visits WhatsApp before
starting noon work session and needless to say, your voter is educated and corporate class like
me, who is informed decision maker.
Younger to stop from utilizing WhatsApp and schools to cover WhatsApp for sending
homework to parents / guardians resulting in a control check on wrong usage of WhatsApp
at students level.
21. Making Compost in Marathwada region, by using lands of farmers, to cater to global

Will help in organic farming at country level

Will reduce cost of fertilizers

Will improve quality of foods

Can sale in malls, can increase public awareness

Huge demand in countries like UK, USA

Some links showing importance of Compost in the period to come.
Report indicates demand for compost set to rise - A report by the Soil Association has
revealed that mined phosphorous, which is widely used by farmers as a fertiliser, is set to run out after
2033 and compost is likely to become a more valuable commodity as a result.
The report, entitled 'A rock and a hard place: peak phosphorous and the threat to our food security', found
that "the supply of phosphorous from mined phosphate rock could 'peak' as soon as 2033, after which this
non-renewable resource will become increasingly scarce and expensive".
Phosphorous is used in the farming sector to return essential nutrients to the soils and help crops grow. (Compost: United States

supply and demand potential)

On a national basis, the potential demand for compost is estimated to be an order of magnitude greater
than the potential supply. The potential supply of compost is estimated to be approximately 102 million
cubic yards (46 million metric tons) per year. This estimate is based on estimations of the potential supply
from municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, horticultural/silvicultural waste, and agricultural waste sources.

The potential demand of 1040 million cubic yards (470 million metric tons) per year is estimated on the
basis of nine application segments: landscapers, delivered topsoil, bagged/retail, nurseries, landfill final
cover, surface mine reclamation, sod production, silviculture, and agriculture.

We can discuss any point at length, if I could be fortunate enough to meet you in person for 2 hours.
You are extremely doing well and Mann Ki Baat is a big hit. Please make it compulsory to show live
for all the broadcasts including TV channels to show as an audio.
Best Wishes to your government.
Thank you,
Warm Regards
Shriharsh Sonar
+91 9930607474 / 8108103900
Note This commuincation was Sent to Shri Devendra Phadanvis and Kirit Somaiya ji, on Facebook in June 2014, but
got no response from their end.