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PART-I (Uranus): Planet of Rebellion
-Living in the 'Age of Aquarius'its co- ruler URANUS is believed to be the
higher energy of: innovative, unpredictable, rebellious, resourceful, imaginative,
futuristic, idiosyncratic and experimental agendas of human psychology; Uranus
also rules original creativity, scientific inventions, revolution, computers and all
new age technologies.
It takes Uranus 84 years to complete its trip around the zodiac cycle. It have an
electrical -androgynous energy which co-rules Aquarius during night. Uranus is
considered to be the higher octave of Mercurial energy and its the first of the
transcendental outer planets in solar system.
.^Uranus in the 1st HOUSE...
A dry, indifference attitude to everything in life will be added by Uranus at first
house. Personality will be shaped with unique intellectualism by using reason
over emotion. Ascending Uranus people have eccentric, obscure and progressive
self expression. There is a great love of social engagement, stimulation and joy
when someone surprises them with unpredictability. The individual always shows
a strange abstract type facial appearance and straight forward follow through with
electric eyes.
^Uranus in the 2nd HOUSE...
With Uranus in the second house there is a desire to detach from the materialistic
possession because it may seems awkward to them. Uranus often sees the
concept of managing money as a heavy burdensome responsibility which traps
their freedom loving nature. So second house Uranus might find any sort creative
and unique ways of earning money rather following conventional process like

others. They do specialize in taking a high-risk in any sort of investment.

^Uranus in the 3rd HOUSE...
The planet that makes its own rules can cause some havoc in the house of
communication. They will have an early childhood urge and need to break free of
tedious rules of conventional basic education. Uranus lends its unusual but
original intellectual ideas /skills to the third house;so person may be expected to
stand for idiosyncratic thought, which eventually may turn out a new revolution.
Their logical processes of understanding everything are likely to be very
dissimilar from those of ordinary people.
^Uranus in the 4th HOUSE...
A fourth-house Uranus can give them an unwelcomed feeling of detachment from
their family. Their detached feeling isn't chosen by rather it is simply present in
the family due to some chaos in home environment. Multiple changes of
residences is what their need for peace. An eccentric adolescent /childhood will
drag them to engage various experimental projects with their own emotion.
People with this position usually are like wanderlust; anything settled in their
lives, does not appeal to them. They may deliberately disrupt harmony of their
emotion, to enjoy the excitement of crisis.
^Uranus in the 5th HOUSE...
Authentic self-expression is the gift of Uranus in the fifth house. Uranus is never
phony or fake, so fifth-house Uranus is able to create original self-representations
through any form of artistic activity. Their intelligence will be like outer-worldly. In
romance, they have detached and freedom-loving feeling. So this person is not
really romantic in humanly love-relationship or even has distinct disinterest in
producing own child. They have irregular and careless approach towards
sexuality and completely unorthodox when it comes to handle the responsibility of
^Uranus in the 6th HOUSE...
Uranus; always getting trapped here in sixth house, will find easier ways by
inventing new work techniques which may make things more efficiently in short

time span. Person will simply stay detach and ignore the issues of work and
service. They will hate daily life routine. At its best, a sixth-house Uranus doesn't
expect to be served and neither interested in serving others. They would rather
remain as separate as possible from duty and find ways of navigating the daily
routines that allow the most freedom for them.
^Uranus in the 7th HOUSE...
The concept of marriage seemed highly notorious to seventh house Uranus
people. They feel caged here with any sort of legal commitment so after holding
frustration at bay until it become too much to push aside, they run for their
freedom. They refuse to be controlled, but they also offer their partners a great
deal of freedom. For Uranus at the seventh people actually emotional drama is
not addressed. A one-to-one live-in relationships or partnership based on only
trust and freedom is the happy relationship for a seventh-house Uranus. For their
bizarre choice on anything, they may end up in a relationship with someone who
might young enough to be his granddaughter,for example.
^Uranus in the 8th HOUSE...
An intuitive power to assume any sudden, unexpected upcoming events; these
person have when Uranus stay in their eighth house. But still they dont make any
effort to alter that happening because of their indifference attitude to life and
death. So they never really feel shock when their spouse suddenly files for
divorce or an unexpected tax audit came out. Uranus can be oblivious, not
noticing things that others see as obvious. The ideas of intimacy and give &take policy seems abstract and distasteful to Uranus who always wants to break
free. While most planets need to learn a little detachment in the eighth house,
Uranus needs to learn to balance its detached nature with a necessary amount of
^Uranus in the 9th HOUSE...
Uranus wants to run free in the ninth house and explore every new thing. They
don't follow rules or ideas without examining them and, even then, they are never
likely to commit to any form of belief which is automatically accepted by society.
They just love to experience all sort of new physical and mental journeys in life.

Outside any custom of organized faith; Uranus seeks new meaning of life here.
Uranus in this house has a reformist, board-minded, advanced and utopian vision
which may revolutionizes world-view quite dramatically.
^Uranus in the 10th HOUSE...
Uranus in the tenth house carves its own path, putting its own desires before its
concern over public image. For this reason, the persons have an off-key sense of
public opinion. And they really dont care of what other think about their
unorthodox profession. This position may actually lead to fame or notoriety. The
public often sees these persons as stuck on a one-way street. But they are
determined and have intense faith in their chosen paths to success.
^Uranus in the 11th HOUSE...
Person feels comfortable with eleventh house Uranus, in groups and in friendly,
acquaintance type relationships. Uranus prefers these relationships more than
any close emotional relationships. Working with others toward a common goal is
inspiring and satisfying for them. The idiosyncrasies of individual members are
accepted by Uranus; no matter how outlandish its seemed. But despite having
large network of social connection, they prefer themselves to see as a loner.
These people are good at keeping relationships with people somewhat staying
detached and non-judgmental.
^Uranus in the 12th HOUSE...
Uranus, the crusader for righteous change, has its spirit squashed in the twelfth
house. These persons grow up feeling like they should never rock the boat or
create disturbances in the status quo. They feel deeply misunderstood for their
differentness, so they will feel guilty inside of not being so called normal in face
of society. Despite a burning need for freedom and a deep altruistic desire to
change the world underlies in their subconscious mind; still they choose to
sacrifice their unique originality and will not choose to be 'self' at first. They will
hide away from the universal fact- the more you like yourself, the less you are
like anyone else, which makes you unique.

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Belonging in of 21st century, we cant exclude the role of outer planets like
Uranus Neptune & Pluto from modern interpretation of Vedic-Astrology; in fact
they have highly transcendental frequency which impact our psychological
system through our consciousness ]
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