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An Official Publication of
= Urban League
San Diego County

Making It Work!
Connecting Diversity
to Innovation and Growth
2005 Bridge to a Brighter Future Career Fair

Diversity Works!
Urban League of San Diego County 2006 Diversity Works! Career Fair/Expo Edition Black History Issue

Tribute to African Americans in the Medical Industry

Spring 2005
Urban League

=Diversity Works!

M a g a z i n e
Collaborations That Spring 2006

Make Diversity Work!

Councilman Tony Young & C.S. Keys

Kick off Urban League of San Diego
County’s 17th Annual Career Fair! ULSDC Pa
Pa ys Tribute
ribute to
• Diversity Practices n
Pearl Thornton: “Legend of Diversity” Blacks
Blacks in the Medical
That Work tio “What Straight White Guys
• Diversity: No Longer mie Don’t Get About Diversity & Why”
Top Ten Killer s of
Just Black and WhitePr An Official Publication of the
African Americans
An official publication of the
An Affiliate of The National Urban League An Affiliate of the National Urban League
DiversityWorks! Magazine

Competitive Edge
Diversity Works! Magazine is a locally distributed publication targeting businesses, organ-
izations and community partners of the Urban League of San Diego (ULSDC), Diversity
Works! Program, Diversity Works! Affinity Partners, Corporate Sponsors and Community
Affiliates representing a significant percent of San Diego County Professionals.
Diversity Works! Magazine provides a vital connection between the San Diego business
community and its diverse business partners and clients. Within its pages you will find the
latest information on local and National Urban League updates, diversity best practices,
featured diversity consultants and trainers, and cultural insights to further your aim of
recruiting and retaining the best qualified, talented employees of African descent.
Diversity Works! Magazine offers a unique opportunity to unite with the ULSDC in its
efforts to bridge the gap between the San Diego business community and the employable
members within its ethnic communities. Diversity Works! Magazine is the premiere publica-
tion of the ULSDC Diversity Works Program designed to bring together institutions and
individuals working to advance minority presence within the corporate arena. As such, our
supporters and community clients enjoy and benefit from a progressive and wide-spread
Diversity Works! Magazine provides an inside look of the local organization's outreach
and innovative partnerships including a myriad of pilot and grant programs. Additionally,
it provides the business community a lens through which to see where and how they can
support and benefit the ULSDC’s mission, including our special events and projects.

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DiversityWorks! Magazine

Target Audience includes:
San Diego business leaders and employers, Diversity consultants/trainers, entrepreneurs,
educational institutions, non-profit organizations, community affiliates and community
clients. The primary audience of Diversity Works! Magazine are members of the Diversity
Works! Program, Affinity Groups, Corporate Sponsors, Board members, Diversity
Advisory Council, Urban League Young Professionals, Urban League Guild and
community participants.

• 18 - 65 yrs. old
• High School, College and Graduate Education
• Corporate Officers, Directors, and Managers
• Business Owners
• Diversity Trainers & Consultants
• Community-based organizations
• Community clients - Entry Level employees to professional re-entry
• $15,000 - $100,000+ Individual Income
• $ 100,000 - 1 Billion+ Corporate Income

• Circulation: 5,000
• Quarterly, 4 times annually
• 50% controlled circulation through Urban League Affiliates, Urban League
Corporate Partners, San Diego UL Young Professionals, ULSDC Guild,
Diversity Advisory Council and community supporters, and Affiliate Offices
• 25% Conferences, ULSDC Special Events, and Tradeshows
• 25% Regional and National Diversity Programs and Organizations
• Diversity Works! Magazine is offered free to our readership
• 6,000 Magazines distrubed at our Annual Career Fair
• Downloadable E-Book version available on the ULSDC website

DiversityWorks! Magazine
• Publisher's Desk
• Editor's Desk
• ULSDC Featured Event
• Human Communication Institute, LLC Diversity Series
• Corporate/Business Sponsor Feature
• Diversity Works Partners
• Inside the Urban League San Diego County

Previous Cover Highlights

• Equal Opportunity Awards Edition
• Dr. Steven Jones, "How to Avoid 'Diversity Activity Mode'"
• One-on-One with Attorney Cheryl Fisher of San Diego State University
• Move Over Video Gaming Industry: There's A New Gamer in Town
• Diversity: No Longer Black & White
• Diversity Works! Career Fair/Expo Edition

Previous Editorial/Advertising Features

• IBM's Story, IBM
• Diversity Practices That Work, National Urban League/Enterprise Rent-A-Car
• Diversity Markets: No Easy Sale, Orlando-Ward & Associates, Inc.
• Diversity: It's Just Good Chemistry, San Diego City College
• How to Avoid Diversity Activity Mode, Jones & Associates Consulting, Inc.
• Organizational Acculturation: The Real Recipe for Inclusion, Human
Communication Institute, LLC

2007 Editorial Calendar*

February 1, 2007 Past, Present, Future: Black Society on the
Cutting Edge

April 15, 2007 Health is Wealth

June 15, 2007 Young Leaders: The Future of Black America

Sept. /Oct. 2007 Celebrating Diversity History Month

All Year Long!

*Contents subject to change.

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Special Events
DiversityWorks! Magazine is distributed at all of our events!

•Best Academic Practice Schools
•Black Family Technology Awareness Week
•Third Annual YP’s Leadership Summit
•The Urban League Golf Classic Hosted by Kellen Winslow
•19th Annual Diversity Works Career Fair
•Golden Pyramid Scholars National Achievement Awards
•35th Annual Equal Opportunity Awards Dinner
•First Annual Diversity Summit
•Fourth Annual YP’s Fall Into Jazz
•Best Academic Practice Parent Teacher Awards
•Urban League Guild of San Diego 2nd Annual Holiday Toy Drive 5
DiversityWorks! Magazine

Online Community
DiversityWorks! and the Urban League of San Diego County
Community is the one-stop online source for companies,
organizations, entrepreneurs, individuals and young profes-
sionals. Here you can find a wide variety of resources that are
relevant to your life and goals. Whether you're starting a
business, trying to become more active in the community, or
buying your first home; we've got you covered.

The DW! & ULSDC Online Community is the place to be for

San Diego’s growing communities!

Confirmed* Website Stats

(April – September 2006):


visitors 2,325
page views 15,125
hits 40,000


visitors 13,950
page views 90,750
hits 240,000

*data collected from

DW! Community is the place to be for San Diego’s diverse Communities! /

DiversityWorks! Sister Publication..
DiversityWorks! Magazine DiversityWorks!

Gold Package
Advertising T
Employment Guide
he Diversity Works! Employment and
Career Guide (DW!EG) is a bi-monthly elec-
tronic publication produced by the Urban
League of San Diego to inform job seekers of the
opportunities and diversity-friendly employers
in San Diego. Each edition has insights, informa-
Featured on the Cover of DW! Magazine tion and resources on employment opportuni-
Back Page Glossy (1x) ties throughout San Diego County that will
improve the job seeker's search for the right job
2-Page Featured Article and the right employer.
Full Page Ad inside (3x)
The guide is also a directory of local resources
Large Booth at Annual Career Fair identifying career centers, community groups
1/2 Page Ad in DW! Employment Guide and organizations dedicated to helping the job
seeker find employment. It has articles on indus-
Sponsorship Recognition at the try-specific issues and opportunities and offers
Diversity Works Luncheon the reader advice on how to get and keep the job.
Readers also enjoy articles, factoids, book
reviews, and other information that will help
Silver Package steer them in the right direction.
$10,000 Additionally, the DW!EG is also a showcase of
2-Page Article diversity active employers who are investing in
Full Page Ad inside (4x) the Urban League's work-readiness workshops
from which they directly recruit perspective can-
Booth at Annual Career Fair didates that have completed the League's work-
1/4 Page Ad in DW! Employment Guide force training program. For more information,
contact: Maurice D. Wilson at 619-266-6244 or
Sponsorship Recognition at the
Diversity Works Luncheon

Bronze Package
1-Page Article
Full Page Ad inside (4x)
Booth at Annual Career Fair
1/4 Page Ad in DW! Employment Guide
Sponsor Recognition at the
Diversity Works Luncheon
DiversityWorks! Magazine
Ad Sizes /Rates
1x 2x 3x 4x
Full Page $2500 $2375 $2257 $2144
1/2 Page $1450 $1377 $1308 $1243
1/4 Page $725 $689 $654 $621
Business Card $300 $300 $300 $300
Back Cover 1x 2x 3x 4x
Glossy 4-Color $3200 $3040 $2888 $2743
Inside Back Cover 1x 2x 3x 4x
DiversityWorks! Magazine Glossy 4-Color $3000 $2850 $2707 $2571
Inside Front Cover 1x 2x 3x 4x
720 Gateway Center Dr. Glossy 4-Color $3000 $2850 $2707 $2571
San Diego, CA 92102
Center Page (L or R) 1x 2x 3x 4x
Phone: 619.266.6264 Glossy 4-Color $2650 $2517 $2391 $2271 Dimensions
Full Page 7.375”W x 9.75” H
1/2 Page H 7.375” W x 4.812” H
1/2 Page V 3.62” W x 9.75” H 1/2
1/4 Page H 4.812” W x 3.625” H Page
Full Page
1/4 Page V 3.625” W x 4.812” H V
1/2 Page H
Business Card H 3.62” W x 2.75” H
4-Color Full Page Ads:
Non-Bleed Size 7.375” W x 9.75” H
Bleed Page Size 8.125” W x 10.625” H
4-Color Double Truck (Center Spread) Ads:
Non-Bleed Size 15.5” W x 9.75” H
Bleed Page Size 16.25” W x 10.625” H
Page 1/4 Page
Live Matter / Bleed Ads: 1/4
V H Page H
Live Matter: Allow 1/4” to 3/8” from edge
Allow 1/8” extra for bleeds
8 Bleeds (background color or images to bleed
must extend off page.)
DiversityWorks! Magazine
Recognized advertising agencies receive 15% commission on gross billing on
space, color, position and inserts. No commission for production services.

Rebates earned by using additional space within a 12-month period to justi-
Publication is printed on heat-set and lithographic (offset) full color pressers.
fy a lower rate than that billed will be credited to the advertiser. Short rate
bills will be rendered immediately upon cancellation of contract or failure to
fulfill minimum frequencies.
Publication is Saddle Stitched
Advertising which simulates editorial will not be accepted without express
7 3/8" W x 10 1/8" H
prior approval of publisher. Publisher reserves the right to add the word
"Advertisement" to such advertising.
8.5" W x 11" H
Advertisers and advertising agencies agree to indemnify and protect the
publisher from any claims, damage or expense resulting from printing and
publishing of any advertisement. Publisher reserves the right to refuse any
8 3/8" W x 11 1/8" H
advertising which, in publisher's sole judgment, it considers objectionable,
unsuitable or not in keeping with Diversity Works! standards.
Files are stored for one year. If material is to be returned, instructions for
Publisher is not liable for delays in delivery and/or non-delivery in the event
such return must be clearly stated on insertion order.
of an act of God, action by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity,
fire, flood, insurrection, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes whether legal or
illegal, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind,
If you would like us to produce your advertisement, you must provide the
work slow down, or any condition beyond the control of publisher affecting
following materials: typewritten text, photographs, transparencies or slides,
production or delivery in any matter.
a clean, color or black-and-white logo or digital file at 300 dpi of the logo
MAILING INSTRUCTIONS SEND TO: saved as a TIFF, and a brief indication of your concept or idea for the ad.
Do not send pre-printed inserts Production Service is available at a rate of $60 per hour. Please contact your
to Diversity Works! Magazine. Diversity Works! Magazine account manager for pricing details.
Contact/send to: NJ Mitchell, 720 Gateway Center Drive
Research & Development San Diego, CA 92102 DEADLINES
Manager, for shipping instruc- Phone: 619.266.6264 Space reservation deadline is the 15th of month prior to publication. All pro-
tions. All other advertising mate- Email: duction materials are due by the 20th of the month. Camera-ready art is due by
rial should include instructions the 25th of the month. All charges are due and payable with space reservation.
to identify when material is
expected to run.
DiversityWorks! Magazine
Our advertising philosophy is to build partnerships with our advertisers by going
beyond traditional display ads. When you advertise in DiversityWorks!
Magazine, you get the benefit of reaching an established, quality audience
through the Urban League of San Diego County; strong integrity of circulation;
and access to an identified professional base who are progressive and committed
to partnering with companies who support diversity and inclusion!

Diversity Recruitment
Product & Service Marketing
Community & Brand Messaging
2005 - 2006 List of Advertisers
• AETNA • Genentech • Paradise Valley • Sycuan
• AIG • IBM Hospital • The Pacific
• American • Integrits • Qualcomm Institute
Airlines • Jones and • Raytheon • Union Bank of
• AT&T Associates • SAIC California
• Bank of America • LaJolla • San Diego • UPS
• Basham and Playhouse Business Journal • US Bank
Associates • Lockheed-Martin • San Diego • US Navy
• Cardinal Health • Manpower Community • Veijas
• Casper Company • National Society College • Walmart
• CDM of Black • San Diego
• Citibank Engineers (San Regional Airport
• Cubic Diego Chapter) • San Diego Union
Corporation • Northrop- Tribune
• Curtis Moring Grumman • Sempra Energy
Insurance • Orlando-Ward • Sony
• Enterprise and Associates • Starbucks
DiversityWorks! Magazine
Brand Extending Opportunities
DiversityWorks! Magazine (DW!) proudly offers our advertis-
ers the opportunity to share their editorial voice along with
brand messaging by placing advertorials — editorial penned by
your company (executive profiles, new initiatives, community
outreach campaigns, etc.) with corresponding ad.

The DW! Online community is the proud hub to thousands of
visitors every day. This communication vehicle is highly effec-
tive with our tech-savvy audience.

Joining DiversityWorks! Magazine in this traditional method of
marketing is a surefire way to get your key messages and/or
special offers into the homes of thousands of consumers.


The 2007 ULSDC Diversity Summit, taking place in October ‘07
is going to be a groundbreaking event. The 2007 Best Practices
Diversity Summit will be held in San Diego, California offering
opportunities for speaking as a subject-matter expert, hosting
memorable evening events and/or bringing in your top leader
for the CEO Roundtable.


The 2007 ULSDC Special Events calendar offers a variety of
opportunities to take your message directly to our audience in a
specific area of interest. Speaking, signage, consumer promo-
tions and give-a-ways are just a few of the benefits to drive con-
tinued business. Maximize Your Branding Value...
Join DW! today as a Diversity Partner!
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