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A Question & Answer On

Policies, Platform, and Ideology

Der Nazi-Sozi:
Fragen und Antworten fr den Nationalsozialisten
Dr. Joseph Goebbels

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One day the lies will collapse under their own

weight, and the truth will triumph again. - Joseph
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the
unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world
to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the
unreasonable man. - George Bernard Shaw
Democratic nations are so enamored with equality
that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal
in liberty. - Alexis de Tocqueville
I have always been of the opinion that unpopularity
by doing what is right is not is not unpopularity at all,
but glory. - Marcus Tullius Cicero
The end of democracy and the defeat of the American
Revolution will occur when government falls into the
hands of lending institutions and moneyed
incorporations. - Thomas Jefferson
To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you
are not allowed to criticize. - Voltaire
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the
majority, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain
Never argue with stupid people; they will drag you
down to their level and then beat you with experience.
- Mark Twain
Nation, rise up, and let the storm break free! Jospeh Goebbels

10 Commandments for National Socialists

1) America is your Fatherland; love it above all and
more in deeds than words.
2) America's enemies, internal and external, are your
enemies; hate them with all your heart.
3) Every fellow countryman, even the lowliest, is part of
America; love him as you love yourself.
4) Ask not what America can do for you, but what you
can do for America. In doing so, America shall become
5) Be proud of America! You have a right to take pride
in a Fatherland for which millions have given their lives.
6) Those who abuse America, in word or deed, abuse
you and your deceased. Treat them as an enemy, for
they made the first strike.
7) Repay like with like and then some. If you are denied
your just rights, remember: you can only secure them
again through your own political action.
8) Do not be a hooligan racist, but do not fear taking
pride in your race and your people. Your ancestors made
this country the envy of the world and you now bear the
responsibility of continuing that legacy.
9) Live your life is such a way that one day you will not
need to stand ashamed before a new America.
10) Have faith in the future; only thus will you win it.

Modern politics are nothing more than swindle and
deception nowadays - a national socialist wants nothing
to do with them. Trying to enter politics now is liken to
a poor man trying to gain membership into a
millionaire's club - and that is just what it is.1 Fighting
for our cause and awakening our fellow countrymen is
all that matters now; we focus on it and pay no attention
to the insanity of politics!
It would seem then that our mutual enemy, by
whatever name you call him: The capitalist, the
politicians, the corporations - has achieved what he
wanted. He has assured then that the American people
are not interested in politics. The American can slave
away and work himself to death with no hope of
attaining the life he works for - all the while the corrupt
politicians make their politics for them.
I fail to see how participating in politics would free
the laborer from this plight. Name one political party,
liberal or conservative, that hasn't stuffed us full of
empty promises and deceitful politics in the last 100
years! Name one that ever even had the slightest
intention of fulfilling even a fraction of their so-called
All parties have lied and cheated the people. Not
one was honest or even tried to put into practice what
they promised. They only knew their people during
election time and even then only until they secured their

Data from the Federal Elections Commission for 2012 showed

that those who won a seat in Congress and the Senate raised, on
average, $1.7 million and $10.2 million, respectively.

vote. However, do America's political parties and the

disappointment at their endless lies and rampant
corruption need to be synonyms with despair of our
future? If the parties are no good then let's leave them
and go against them!
Oh, no! It is too late for that. We no longer have the
faith or determination to proclaim our willingness to
fight for America's very life - not under these conditions
we are found with today.
You would do well to say "I" not "We". We have
the courage, the faith, the determination and strength to
do it. And you? How do you imagine the future - your
future? For your country's future determines your future.
The Economy and Politics
There is one factor in which I still see a spark of
hope - our economy. I believe the indestructible
industriousness of the American people will triumph in
the end. Work and the economy is what decides our fate.
We must work more - both toward achieving our cause
as well as boosting the economy. Less talking, more
Very good! I suggest you go and preach to our 100
million unemployed 2 and preach to them, like some
voice crying in the dark: "We must work more and do
less talking!" Maybe then someone will show you the
folly of your claim.

As of 2015. This value includes the amount of people currently

unemployed (9.7 million) as well as those "not in the labor force"
(92 million) per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The economy is what decides our fate! Look at

America during the Great Depression or even today at
our never-ending recession which our government cares
more about downplaying than fixing. When the
economy falters, the American people - especially the
hard working laborers, factory workers and blue-collar
employees - suffer severe hardships. Losing one's job,
hunger, divorce - which then leads to losing one's own
children in some cases - and the feeling of being
discarded as a useless commodity are all symptoms of a
sick economy. The economy is at the very heart of the
physical and emotional well-being of the American
people. The people believe in the economy and its
ability to give them good lives.
What exactly is the economy if not a national life
factor in direct interaction with politics? Name just one
people in all of history that established or even
maintained a productive economy without having a
healthy, purposeful political system! And vice-versa,
name just one people with a clear and instinctively
confident system of politics which did not find a way,
by means of these politics, to establish an economy that
assured the continual existence of the people!
Your opinion is utter nonsense! It is of a kind such
as only scoundrel bankers or the notoriously rich could
possible suggest. The economy is not the life force of the
people - politics are! Healthy politics create the
necessary economy. A healthy economy without the firm
foundation of a strong political system is completely
If the case was such that you claim it is, then it
would be due to say your "politics" are something quite
different from that which today's so-called American

politicians produce. True politics result from the

collective will of a unified nation. When is the last time
a politician did anything for his people?
Politics may be defined as responsible activity in
the service of the people. Its goal - creating for these
people such conditions as enable them to preserve and
defend their existence, as well as their cultural identity,
in this harsh world. To see that they multiply, and to
ensure liberty and a living for themselves and their
This is what our politics seeks to do. We hope that
the older among our fellow countrymen see the wisdom
in this belief and that the young will rally around it with
a fervor that only the youth can muster.
On Youth Involvement in Politics
So that is the political idea you want to practice
with your movement? With youth who have barely got a
whiff of real life? With riots and insurrections? With
street fighting and intimidation of anyone who thinks
differently than you? With this unscrupulous fight
against the government and its national foundation?
Yes indeed! We want to practice these politics
because no one else does. Neither the experienced
mature leaders of the people, who can't complain
enough about us right-wing "extremists" and "Nazis" we have heard it all - nor the intellectuals of education
or the timid, sickly, pale stay-at-home would-be
politicians! Neither the government nor those who make
its "politics".

But, you must permit me some minor corrections: if

we practice our politics with the "greenhorns" - the
youth or, better yet, American Youth - then we do so in
the proud and happy awareness that America's youth
have found the path leading out of the poison of our
present times and to the new USA! Whether or not this
youth has got little more than a whiff of life is of no
matter to us. Certainly, you have seen much of life but I
know eighteen-year-olds in our movement who could
put you to shame at every turn. Our politics are not
based on riots, but when riots are necessary, we are not
so cowardly as to avoid them. The average citizen scolds
against riots until he is hoarse, perhaps because no one
bothers to riot for his nation anymore. We resort to
intimidation wherever we ourselves are met up with it.
In a nation that prides itself of its right to free
speech, our speech has been labeled as "racist" and thus
made taboo, if not outright illegal. Speaking out against
our government - No, corporate pawns and traitors, for
they are not my government as I did not vote for them
and I suspect a majority of my fellow countrymen did
not either - gets us arrested and blacklisted. Being a
national socialist gets us fired, attacked and our rights
denied. God forbid a man proud enough to defend his
country has a family - more than once he has lost them
because his wife feared a word - racist. We cannot run
to the police for they often condone attacking us. We do
not get the luxury of trembling behind the curtains like a
coward waiting for the law to protect our rights for, as
far as they are concerned, national socialists have none.
We will not submissively wait for whatever fate has
decreed for us. Instead, we put ourselves in harm's way
and meet intimidation head-on. That is when we turn the
verbal opposition to this ruling of the 99% by the 1%
into practice!

The Class Struggle

The middle class is the backbone by which our
nation has the ability to stand up tall and proud.
Destruction of the American middle-class will surely
mean the destruction of America. No more can those
who put their blood, sweat and tears into this nation of
ours allow themselves and their country to continue
suffering at the hands of those who sold their country
and its people for their insatiable greed. The middle
class built this country and this country was built around
the dream of everyone's right to a middle class life. As
long as we condone a system that allows a few to have
inconceivable wealth when so many more live in the
streets, the class struggle will be a real and pressing
danger to America and her people.
That means you have become a party supporting
the class struggle! You call yourself a laborer's party that was the first step. You then called yourself socialist
- that was the second. Now? You're talking about an
entirely middle-class nation. That is the third and final
step! To me, it seems you are preaching communism!
There is truly nothing more hypocritical than a
well-fed citizen protesting against the idea of class
warfare in regard to the working class.
You yourself made it through the winter all snug
and comfortable. Your very position is provocative of
class struggle. What gives you the right to put yourself
on such a high pedestal, all swelled with the pride of
national responsibility, against the struggle of the
working class? For the last seventy years, has the middle
class been anything other than a single class that claims
membership of nearly all Americans? And has this class

not, out of necessity as history has shown time and

again, itself given rise to the working class concept of
class struggle? Are you not, right now this very instant,
exploiting the people's despair in their government and
their outlook in order to re-establish the same old
reactionary "pro" middle-class nonsense as before?
Aren't you well-fed citizens ashamed to fight
against the class struggle of the undernourished, hollowcheeked, unemployed working class?
So yes, we call ourselves a worker's party. That is
the first step as you said, the first step away from this
class-conscious society. We call ourselves a worker's
party because we want to make work available to all of
our fellow countrymen. We want this because to us,
work is the driving force of history. Work means more
to us than possessions, frivolous education, petty class
distinctions and the status-quo do! That is why we call
ourselves a Worker's party!
And yes - we call ourselves socialist. That is the
second step - the second step away from our selfdestructive Capitalism. We call ourselves socialist in
protest against the lie of society's pity for the middle
class. We don't want pity and we don't want socialmindedness. We do not care one bit for that which you
call "social welfare legislation". That is hardly enough to
exist on, little-lone live on!
We want the rights to which nature and the law
entitle us. We want our full share of what the Divine
gave us, as well as the returns from our physical and
mental labors which we so rightfully deserve. That is

Finally, we speak of a middle-class one class

nation. Why? Because this majority middle-class nation
has already turned into a complete one-class nation. We
speak of this because this is a system under which value
is no longer placed on achievement and will, but rather
only on frivolous education in fields such as "gender
studies" or "LGBT studies" and wealth are now the
highest pillars of achievement in our country. While this
is a problem in and of itself, it is worsened by the evergrowing wealth gap which, to me, seems to obey the
idea that the harder you work, the less you have to show
for it. We speak of a middle-class nation because this
system has taken a nation's greatest good - the love of
the nation and its people - and has perverted it into a
venal love of possessions, thereby excluding 150 million
American-feeling and American-thinking workers.
What the middle class wanted is irrelevant. What it
achieved it what is important. If the people want a strong
America, what did they achieve to attain this goal? So
far, it would seem they achieved a nation of slaves who
have less hope with each passing generation of
providing good lives for themselves and their children.
Now, we have a nation that indoctrinates children into
materialism, the sexualization of anything that can be
sold, and a culture that promotes - and legalizes - drug
use. As if this all wasn't bad enough, we have the
sacrificial altar of "equality" that demands our culture
accept feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism,
multiculturalism, and a plethora of other asocial
elements that the majority of our nation does not want
and which many other countries outright ban!3

As of 2015, 78 of the world's 196 countries ban LGBT acts with

several more prohibiting certain aspects of the LGBT culture. For
example, a 2013 poll in Russia showed that 85% of its population
did not agree with same-sex marriage. A law prohibiting "any


All of that is the sad truth. We protest against the

destruction of the middle class. Our entire movement is
one grand protest against the sacrifice of our people and
culture for the sake of unhindered selfishness and the
almighty dollar. We protest against the political system
that has sought the destruction of our people, our beliefs
and our culture as well as its elimination from history.
Despite this, we still face the facts. The majority of
this country, 120 million people, support either the
Democratic or Republican parties. Is it because they
believe these groups honestly fight for them and their
welfare? No - it is because these two parties have
become the only way for the average person to have any
say in his government, however small. By backing one
of these parties, he can at least assume one major issue
important to him will be addressed, even if every other
issue he is passionate about is ignored or, more
commonly, pursued in a way that goes against his best
interest. These two parties simply take turns ruling their
"supporters" every four to eight years by splitting the
important issues of the American people amongst
themselves. This ensures that the population is always
artificially divided with about half of the population
voting Democratic and the other half Republican. Thus,
it is guaranteed that one of these parties will always be
in power. Whoever loses is of no concern to them - both
parties drop in popularity significantly over the course
of their time in office.4 This is all the result of the people
positive mention of homosexuality in the presence of children" was
passed unanimously in Russia's parliament that same year.
Presidents who were elected for a second term dropped, on
average, 12% in popularity between their first and second terms.
Additionally, 34% of elected Presidents have been Democrat, 39%
Republican and 27% other - a near even split.


seeing over and over that the politicians care only about
money and the few interest groups who give them
millions each election. After four or eight years, the
majority will then vote for the losing side, giving them
their turn to fill their pockets and further sacrifice the
American people. This cycle continues ad-infinitum
until the people either cast off the sickly parasite or
succumb to its ravenous thirst.
And so, where would we get the moral justification
for going up against our greed-driven government if we
did not seek to tear it down to its foundations - those
necessary for the comfortable survival of the American
people - and replace it with a new, Socialist structuring
of American society?
Muscle and Intellect
So, who is to help you tear down the old system and
build up the new?
For that, we rely on the healthy instincts of the
American workers. The day will come when even the
last of them will see the light. Someday, both muscle
and intellect will rise up together in protest; and then it
will be our turn the bring changes and to judge. We will
do everything in our power to see to it that the time
comes soon.
Then, the workers of muscle and intellect will find
each other. Then it will become clear who truly loves his
country, beyond party and social class. And then, the
working youth of the future will build up the new United
States of America.


That inexperienced youth will have a say? And

wisdom and experience will go the way of dust in the
Then we will take America's fate into our own
hands. We will solve the problem that is today's sad
state of affairs, radically and once and for all,
unhampered by concerns for tradition, education,
wealth, social class and the status-quo and taking into
consideration only the future of the working American
Then, we will prove that nationalism is more than a
comfortable moral theology of middle-class wealth and
capitalist profit. The cesspool of corruption and
depravity will then yield to new nationalism as a radical
form of national self-defense, and to new Socialism as
the most conscious creation of its requisite
Despair of Capitalism
You speak of socialism as if it will cure all the ails
of capitalism. What would socialism do but take from
those who do more than their fair share of the work and
give to those who do nothing and demand still to be
clothed and fed? Does not socialism penalize those who
work the hardest and reward those who fall below the
average? Is not the American worker justified in
despairing of socialism and the future of his well-being?
Never! Consider this:
1) In the past seventy years, he has supported
capitalism which continues to tax the worker more and
more in order to pay welfare to those who refuse to

work. The government is now refusing to deport illegals,

thus further straining the welfare system so that non-US
citizens can claim their undeserved welfare check. Our
government continues to use an ever increasing amount
of tax payer dollars to support programs that the
American people overwhelmingly disapprove of.
America's "capitalism" is now but a tool for the superrich to further engorge themselves while forcing a more
and more Marxist-like political-economic system5 upon
the people. This "capitalist" Marxism, if you will, with
its theories destructive of peoples and races, is the exact
opposite of socialism.
2) Capitalism was never the American worker's
ideal of the State. He accepted this jumble of Jewish
ideas6 only because there were no other choices open to
him in the struggle for the freedom of his class.
3) Capitalism is the graveyard not only for national
peoples but also particularly for the one class that fights
whole-heartedly for its realization: the working class.
It is therefore not the workers right to give up on
socialism, but rather, to give up on capitalism. The
sooner he does so, the better for him. Capitalism's
usefulness is at an end and its physical death is drawing
ever closer.

Under the Obama administration alone, the US has passed laws

increasing the estate tax as well as the number and scope of
regulations regarding national communication outlets. These laws
relate to the abolition of inheritance and state control of
communications and transportation, respectively; both of which are
tenets laid out by Marx in his Communist Manifesto for the
implementation of communism in capitalist societies.
Capitalism is built around the principle of "return on investment".
Usury, a decidedly Jewish invention, is the only way by which
capitalism can achieve this.


You make a big fuss about being opposed to the
Jews. Isn't anti-Semitism a little pass in today's world?
And aren't the Jews human beings too? Further, are
they not also white? Isn't it a bad sign that we 300
million Americans would fear 3 million Jews?
Careful! Try to think logically:
1) If we were only anti-Semitic, then yes, that
would indeed be pass. But, we are also Socialist; we
cannot have one without the other. Socialism, that is,
freedom of the American workers, and thus of the
American nation, can only be achieved in opposition to
the Jews. Therefore, because we want America's liberty
and therefore socialism, we are anti-Semitic.7
2) Granted, Jews are human beings too - none of us
have ever doubted that. However, by the same token,
fleas are animals too - just not very agreeable ones. And
since fleas are not very agreeable animals, we do not
have a moral obligation to protect them and let them
thrive so that they will bite and torment us. Rather, we
must put them out of commission - the same goes for
those international Jews who plunder nations giving no
thought to the welfare of its people.

An example illustrating the devastating consequences of Jewish

control lies in the Rothschild's family- a Jewish family that owns
the central banks of all but three countries in the world. This has
allowed the Rothschilds to fund both sides of every war since the
Napoleonic war, thus ensuring their financial gain, frequently at the
expense and destruction of entire nations. To further strengthen
their grasp on these nations, they own several news agencies
(among them the Associated Press and the Reuter's News service)
that allow them to strongly influence public opinion in all areas of
interest to themselves while downplaying any opposition.


3) Certainly, there are also white Jews and there are

more of them every day. But, that is no argument in their
favor, but rather against them. The very fact that we call
scoundrels among us Jews is proof that being a Jew is
something inferior; otherwise, one would call the
swindler a yellow Christian or, perhaps, a rotten
Buddhist! That there are so many "white" Jews proves
that the subversive Jewish spirit has already
contaminated large numbers of our people.8 It is just one
more admonition for us to take up the fight against the
global Jewish plague in every possible way.
4) It is not a bad sign for us, but rather for you that
300 million Americans would fear 3 million Jews. We
don't fear the 3 million, we fight against them. You
however, are too cowardly for this fight and only ever
beat around the bush. If those 300 million Americans
would fight as hard as we do, they would no longer need
to fear them; it would be the Jew's turn to be afraid.
Dictatorship or Republic?
Now, you will have to come clean. Are you dictators
or republicans?
Neither one or the other. This is because:
1) The question of an organizational structure of a
state is a minor one today. A people wasting away under
the forced destruction of their culture, nation and
livelihood by their own government have more

Although white in appearance, Jews identify as Jews, not

Caucasians. In many cases, Jews are proponents of removing
"whites" from society, a prospect that is nothing short of genocide.


important things to worry about than that of dictatorship

versus republic.
2) The people will be able to settle this question
once and for all only when they have their liberty.
However, in principle we say a good dictatorship is
better than a bad democracy and a good democracy is
better than a bad dictatorship. Both forms of government
have their merit and disadvantages. Weighing them
against each other is the concern of a people facing the
rest of the world in liberty.
The Red, White and Blue or a Flag Anew?
Now, be honest: are you for the Red, White and
Blue flag or do you have some new design in mind?
Our flag is a symbol of both the greatness of our
country as well as the sacrifices that millions have made
to defend it. It is a focus for national pride and links us
with our heritage and those first patriots who fought to
free this country from governmental tyranny so long
ago. What it symbolizes has never changed and the
cause for which it has been flown is still flown is sadly
just as relevant today as it was nearly 250 years ago. Our
nation is dying at the behest of a government that cares
little for its people and if things continue as they are, our
great nation will die under the shroud of those once
proud colors.
If the American people gain the courage to rise up
and fight for their nation, I believe our red, white and
blue flag will be restored to the glory it found itself in
when it was first conceived - the glory that was
representing a whole and unified people that declared
their will to be free and proud or die trying. But, if we

allow this nation of ours to decay and die, a new symbol

common to those who rise up from the ashes to restore
this nation may take its place. Ultimately, whatever
movement rallies the American people in defense of
their home and future and achieves the national unity
that we desire will decide what symbol unifies the
people under a common cause. We are confident that we
will be that movement but whether or not the American
people will join us in time I cannot say.
Our Platform
Every party has a platform. What is yours? If you
want to win the American people over to your side, what
do you offer them?
If we were big shots or "politicians", we would
spell out a long list of promises - Nothing is easier than
that. Telling the truth is what's difficult and it is even
more so to listen to and understand it. We tell it
nevertheless, knowing that it alone shows the way to
Certainly, every party has its platform but no party
has ever put its platform into effect. None could, nor
will they, because all platforms set out to date have been
unworkable. Our platform is concise: the liberty of the
American people. The way to achieve it is clear and
simple - the liberation of the American worker and his
reintegration into the national framework.
We will do anything its takes to achieve this goal.
We will not back away from social revolution if the
liberty of the nation requires it. We do not fear to burst
the chains imposed on this nation if that is what is


needed to secure the necessities of life for the American

work force.
We promise the American worker only this: that we
will fight with him to the last breath for his rights,
regardless of what this fight costs and what may come
after. We offer the greatest good that anyone could
conceivably offer a people and its repressed social class:
The fight for freedom and well-being!
Our Demands
And what does the American worker have to do in
Nothing in the world is free, and so, the worker
should bear in mind:
1) If he wants to be free, he must make sacrifices to
this end. No one can make him free - he has to do it
himself. And since freedom is the Ultimate, he must
stake his utmost - life itself.
2) A goal always stands in direct proportion to the
energy expended in attaining it. Only liars promise
paradise in return for a party membership card.
And so, we say liberty is everything and for that
reason, it demands everything from us. A long, bitter
struggle filled with hardship and worry, arduousness and
hunger, danger, and a constant sacrificing of health,
pleasure, happiness and contentment. This is what the
American people must provide. They must not waiver
for at the end of it all, the best possible reward beckons a free America that does not demand sacrifice of life,


liberty and happiness by the many for the greed of the

The Middle Class
Aren't your opponents perhaps right when they say
national socialism is just a petty movement of the farright whose leadership consists of bigots, racists, neoNazis and those who can't obtain stable lives? How is a
worker to believe that these could possibly liberate him?
You won't be able to convince them that workers can
only be liberated by these types.
That is a lot of nonsense, and all in one breath too!
1) National socialism in not a petty, far-right
movement but rather, on the contrary. It is a protest
against the widening gap between the rich and the poor
that is championed as proof that our capitalist system is
working just as it should. It is a protest against the
destruction of the American culture and its morals and
beliefs. It is the result of a unified people demanding an
end to the spending of their hard-earned money on
foreign peoples when so many of our own are suffering.
It is a movement meant for a nation that believes the
welfare of its own people should be of the highest
priority for its government. A strong and healthy nation
can only be so for as long as a strong and healthy
people make it that way.
2) Name just one racist in our leadership! You see,
my friend, if a racist, bigot, or outcast is at the head of
any movement that opposes us, and I could name a
hundred just like that - then he is a leader of his people,
a champion of social justice. However, if he is at the
head of national socialism, then he is a racist and a bigot

- a "failure" of society. No, our members are no more

racist or bigoted than those like Al Sharpton and Jesse
Jackson. When we call out unfairness, inequality or
injustice to our race, we are labeled as racists and bigots.
When the same thing is done by those mentioned above,
we are told they are simply "defending their race". We
only want what is best for our fellow people and,
because we are white, we are branded as racists so that
our arguments can be written off and ignored.
3) You ask how they could possibly liberate the
workers? If your question is to be justified, then the
workers will first of all have to rid our movement of all
the false-flags and Jewish literati who call themselves
leaders of their people and in actual fact misuse the
movement for their own despicable aims. Then, they
should look around them and take a good look at the
"workers" who alone can bring about their liberation:
Those like Frank Collin and, more recently, Hal Turner
who were Jewish provocateurs and paid FBI
informants.9 Their struggle was never real and existed
only as a false-flag to manipulate the American people
into vilifying what the government saw as its biggest
threat - a political party that put the nation and its people
ahead of profit and foreign interests. Once they were

Frank Collin (real name Max Cohen) was the leader of the
National Socialist Party of America that instigated the Skokie,
Illinois "Nazi march" in the late 1970's. Shortly after this event, it
was discovered that Frank was Jewish and used the marches to
defame National Socialism and garner support for the Jewish victim
mythos. He was removed from office in 1977 and later arrested for
Hal Turner owned a radio program that promoted white
nationalism and often called for violence against judges and other
political figures. In 2008, he was discovered to be an FBI informant
that acted at their behest to portray white nationalism as a violent,
extremist, right-wing phenomenon.


discovered for who and what they truly were, they

abandoned their so-called cause and disappeared, having
done their damage.
The true spearhead of the American workforce
consists, besides American workers, also of seceders
from the middle class - that type of renegade who has
mentally overcome the middle class and who is driven in
his struggle not by envy, but by hatred of a class who
has brought America to the brink of disaster. The type of
person who does not join the working class to gain
personal advantages, but rather has found his way to the
mainspring of the people's creative power out of a deep
and responsible inner need.
He will join the American worker in a band of
friendship. Intellect and muscle together will give rise to
the miracle of the future - the rebirth of the American
Blue Collar and Working Class
So, if I understand you correctly, the National
Socialist movement is a blue collar party under white
collar leadership?
I see; you can only think in terms of concepts that
seek to divide a people. The America that we want
represents an over-coming of all these old, antiquated
concepts. We are neither blue collar nor white collar.
The concepts of being either-or are soon to die. We
neither want that which is becoming a reality today in
the form of a slave-labor middle-class world nor that of
a world run by a wealthy elite.


We want an America of the working class. What

does that mean? It means that we want an America in
which work and achievement are the highest moral and
political standards. That is why we are a worker's party
in the truest sense of the term. Once we have gained the
power of the government, America will be a nation of
labor of the mind and body, a working-class state.
Those are grand words for sure but tell me, what is
behind them? Or rather, do you intend to use empty
phrases to gloss over unthought-out half-ideas?
Not at all my friend; don't misunderstand me. The
America of the future will be reorganized to its very
foundations. It is wrong to believe that the middle class
could affect this rearrangement, considering that it is at
the same time the pillar of the nation against which this
rearrangement will be directed, namely the middle-class
Americans of today. That of course does not mean that
members of the middle class cannot help build the new
America. But, the historical role of the middle class is at
an end and will have to yield to the creative force of a
younger, healthier class. It will be replaced by the
younger class of - we don't say "laborer" as that has
arguably become a slander on the American workers the working class. This working class includes everyone
that works for America and towards her future: muscle
and intellect.
Muscle will be guided by intellect and intellect will
ensure the consistent support lent to it by the creative
power of force in order to build up this new American
Nation. This inter-reliance of intellect and muscle will
fundamentally unite the workers of both sides. However,
for as long as the American worker's leadership is made
up of those who work only for their own greed, both


sides of this struggle will continue to be misrepresented.

Thus, this artificially instilled animosity will ensure they
never unite and begin working toward a better America.
American intellect presiding over American muscle
results in the only maxim leading to freedom: American
workers of muscle and intellect - unite!
International and National
In other words, you want to counter the
internationalism of our current capitalist system with
the nationalism of American socialism?
Exactly! Finally we have begun to understand each
You must grant me this one question: if you've
recognized that the enemy - whether we call him the
capitalist, internationalist, the corporations or whatever
- thinks and feels internationally, then surely he can't be
combated in any but an international way. Will the
result of such a fight be the internationalization of
socialism, which shatters once and for all the
internationalism of capitalism?
I can see friend: I can talk until I am blue in the
face, and it is all to the same end - we just cannot come
clear with one another. Try to think logically:
Of course we have recognized clearly that the
enemy has taken up international residence on the back
of both America and Europe. There are barely any kinds
of national capital left in America. The railways, mines,
factories, gold, money, the national bank - everything
has been converted to "stock" and this useless paper lies

safe in international banks like those in New York City.

But, these papers in and of themselves are worthless they don't roll on railway tracks, yield coal or oil, nor do
they produce any kind of food or other goods - they
don't maintain value. They only serve to be manipulated
by the thieves who run Wall Street so they can skim off
the interest. If we had a real American Nation, it would
declare all US stocks stashed in international banks null
and void and treat them as the scraps of paper that they
are. In their place, we would proclaim a monetary
system of national labor in America. But, since we do
not have such a system, we must continue to put up with
usury and the unnecessary debt slavery that
accommodates it.
National capital and national wealth, that is, wealth
and capital belonging to the people and the nation, does
not exist; instead, everything is under the management
of an international syndicate of banks. National capital
does not work for us on the international scene, but
rather, the hyenas of international finance use it to work
2) The fight against this world power does of course
have to be fought internationally, and it would indeed be
very short-sighted of us if we were not to support, in all
countries, each and every movement which fights on the
same front as us. But the goal of this fight is never, by
no means, a World Republic of Socialism - there has
never been such a thing and there never will. Such a
thing exists only in the minds of those who deny the
differences of the world's various peoples and those who
ignore reality in favor of idealism. The true goal is the
establishment of new nationalistic socialist states. We
also place little or no stock in a united international
struggle of nations against that of international finance.


There are far too many barriers to such international

communication and cooperation at this time. In addition
to that, international capitalism would not be so foolish
as to enslave all the people and nations in the same way
at the same time. It all happens step by step and one by
one so that no nation thinks to equate its situation with
that of another nation. Each believes that it can still save
itself by means of compliance and relenting until it is
too late for that nation too and it has been swallowed up
by the Moloch of capitalism.
And further my friend, we don't have time to wait
for all the others. We are on the brink of our last, final
collapse and in this situation, it is nothing short of a
crime to count on the help of others who have hardly
helped us in the past and are not likely to do so in the
future. What counts for us is the maxim God helps those
who help themselves!
3) If you keep talking about an international form of
socialism, you only prove that you have failed to even
understand even the most basic natural foundations of a
nation and its people. No great conception of a nation and socialism certainly is one - has ever lead to an
international government. The guiding principle of
history is not blending, but diversity and difference.
That has always been so, and always will be. Fighting is
what shapes people and nations, and everyone who
refuses to fight is doomed.
You may say "that is terrible", but that is the way it
is. We have come to terms with it and as such, we fight.
History is shaped by the eternal laws of nature, not by
placatory, feel-good, politically correct phrases.


Nature loves diversity, not uniformity. It does not

want a homogenous porridge of mankind - it wants a
mankind composed of many different peoples and races,
among which the strongest will ever hold its own over
the weak.
We have recognized this fact and are willing to act
accordingly in order to help our American nation forge
the weapons it needs in the struggle of existence on this
Earth. We do this so that our nation can assert itself in
this world of struggle and triumph of the stronger over
the weaker. That is what we call being nationalistic!
Production and Nationalization
That is all well and good, but all this has only been
talk. Now, the pivotal point: how do you envision the
solution to the social problem?
To get to the bottom of this question: what is the
nature of the social problem? 100 million workers are
either unemployed or under-employed. All of them are
unconditionally at the mercy of capitalism which has
complete control over all the methods of production.
Thus, they are forced to sell their own, their only capital
- their power of work - at the lowest possible price. This
problem is further compounded by all the illegals - that
the government wants to legalize, by the way10 - who
work for an amount that the average American simply

In 2014, President Obama stated that he would take unilateral

action to "give illegals some path to become legal citizens". This
created much public outcry as it was seen as a refusal to enforce US
immigration law and reward those who ignore it with US
citizenship. Additionally, many agree that legalizing four million
illegals would further strain the social security system which is
already near its breaking point.


cannot compete with. These wages do not allow the

average person to have a comfortable life which, for an
American living in their own country, is unacceptable.
For these reasons, the American people rightly feel cast
out from a society which silently tolerates the situation.
Under such conditions, the security of the people breaks
down and they become divided into two factions - one
which wants to see this state protected, and one which
wants to go up against it. Through such internal
division, the nation is eliminated as power of
consequence in the grand scale of history.
The solution to the social problem is therefore
nothing more nor less than the social reintegration of a
part of the population. This entails its decisive
involvement in all matters of political and economic
importance, and, in this way, the reintegration of our
nation into the grand course of history.
Towards this end, we demand:
1) Everything that nature has given the people:
land, rivers, mountains, forests, natural resources both
above and below the ground, the air - all this in principle
belongs to the people as a whole. If anyone owns these,
he is, in effect a trustee of the people's property and
must consider himself accountable to the State and the
nation. If he manages the possessions entrusted to him
poorly or in a manner detrimental to the good of the
whole, then the State has the right to terminate his
ownership and to give his possessions back to the people
as a whole.
2) As far as human strength, talent, inventiveness,
enterprise and ingenuity are concerned, production
remains the province of the individual. The government


guarantees that every productive person, whether his

means of output be muscle or intellect, is given the
largest possible share in the goods and profits arising
from production.
3) Finished goods, which are essentially complete
and thus require no further strength, talent,
inventiveness, enterprise or ingenuity - things such as
transportation, communication, trusts and syndicates are returned to the State.
With this, the sequence of production comes full
circle and once again incorporates each and every
worker responsibly into its cycle. By putting this system
into effect, we free productivity from the shackles of
wage slavery. The result will be a free people with a free
economy, in a free country: the national community.
Congress and Political Parties
And all of that requires a new party? Why didn't
you just take this platform so some existing
congressional party? Surely one would have been
willing to support it!
Ha! - You might be right. Certainly any political
party would have supported it, if it could have gained a
million votes that way. Unfortunately for them, we don't
have much faith in votes and Congress. We don't want
to just "support" our platform in Congress - we want to
put it into effect. That is where we are different from all
other parties. The others advocate platforms, talk,
debate, take a vote, and collect their hefty paychecks.
We, on the other hand, want to turn our platform into


We don't believe the nonsense of Congress and

parties. That is all just a millionaire's club that exists for
big businesses to lobby in so that they can exploit the
strength and labor of the American people.
Public funds and public welfare are misused.
Behind it all are the unfathomably rich international
parasites who move their chessmen, have them talk, vote
and collect paychecks they do nothing to earn, all the
while they hold the reins of government - not the
American people!
If they want anything from us, then we are the "the
free and sovereign people, making our will known
through our elected representatives"; but if we want
anything from our Congress, then we are just rabble.
The sum of it all is what's called democracy.
So no, friend. We have never expected to gain
anything that way nor will we ever place our hopes on
congressional action. On the contrary - we long for the
day when the American people will shake off this unAmerican system.
Dictatorship and the Corporate Sate
And then? What do you expect to replace that
system with? There has to be some form of government!
If you don't want Congress, you have to come up with
something better. What will it be?
It is a long established fact of history that any
young, purposeful party which has deposed a corrupt,
internally rotten system has claimed the government and
its instruments of power as its own. It did so for such a
time as it took to establish, by means of a dictatorship,

preconditions that were requisite for the complete
conquest of the State and its infusion with the new ideas.
It will be no different in our case.
Once we have captured the nation, that nation is
ours. We and we alone will be its responsible
representatives. Even if today, in the battle against a
corrupt system, we are and must be a party - not of
course, in the sense of a congressional party - the second
in which that system collapses, we will be the
government. Then, we will immediately set to work
remodeling that government according to our own
We want to liberate America, that is all. Sadly, a
large part of the American people have already become
so materialistic, cowardly, and - how should I say spiritually drained, that what is good and in their best
interest can only be achieved against their will.
That's all well and good but even you have to admit
that a dictatorship can't be a permanent state of affairs.
Something has to come after!
Of course something does! We have considered that
too, and made our intentions known: by no means do we
want to exclude the people from power. We only want to
achieve and consolidate those conditions which alone
will allow our people to ensure their continued existence
on this planet. Once those conditions are achieved and
consolidated, our work is done. Then we will have the
national socialist nation that we want


The current congressional party system that we

have will be replaced by the economic parliament of the
new national socialist government. Its members will be
elected by the entire American people in accordance
with the principles of universal suffrage. However, in
such an election, the people will not stratify themselves
according to congressional-democratic parties, but rather
according to the professional guilds making up the
national community. Thoroughly organized professional
guilds ensure that every working American receives the
rights to which he is entitled by virtue of his will, his
work and his responsibility within the state. The
economic parliament looks after economic policy only not the politics of the nation.
Its partner in government is the Senate. It is
composed of some 200 individuals whom the dictator
selects from all ranks and professional guilds who assist
in the affairs of the nation. These approximately 200
will represent the elite of the entire nation and not in
wealth, but rather merit and virtue. They support the
government with both advice and action and are
appointed for life. In the case of a member's death, the
other's elect a replacement.
The Chancellor will then be elected from the
Senate. He bears full responsibility for every aspect of
the nation's domestic and foreign politics and is prepared
to sacrifice even his life, if necessary, for the sake of
these political affairs. The Chancellor chooses his own
ministers and staff. He takes full responsibility for their
actions as well and, it therefore goes without saying, he
can appoint and dismiss them at will.
Whether the head of this system of government is a
president or a dictator will then be irrelevant. The


Chancellor is the one who matters and you can be sure

that we'll see to it that he is a man of courage and
integrity; the likes of which this country hasn't seen in a
long, long time.
War and Pacifism
You are your kind are always trouble-makers! You
don't want peace and order, you want conflict. War will
be the last pearl of your wisdom!
You talk of peace, but I ask - is what we are given
today peace? Is it?!? Is it peace when millions are either
out in the street, out of work, or without food? Is it
peace when young children have to go hungry, when so
many of our people work themselves to the bone only to
die worn out and tired, having nothing to leave their
children, nothing to say I accomplished that? Peace is
not being forced to watch your morals, culture and
fellow people decay around you and watch your once
great and thriving nation slowly rot away from all the
corruption that both fills and is continually pumped into it.
What we have faced since the end of WWII has
been pointless war after pointless war by a government
that cares more about "helping" foreign countries than it
does its own people! We have had forced mass
immigration in order that our cultural heritage might be
destroyed so that our puppet masters can have the slave
labor force they so desperately want! Drug use is
nothing short of an epidemic and drug wars from
Mexico are now spilling over our borders. On top of all
of this, tiny asocial counter-cultures such as
homosexuality, feminism and marijuana supporters are
being legalized, encouraged and pushed onto us despite
the majority of Americans being disgusted at such


things.11 They try to keep this smut from reaching their

children but modern media ensures that this is a
hopeless endeavor. Unemployment is rising despite our
government's constant claims to the contrary and young
people have no pride in their country and a bleak
outlook towards their future.
That is your peace! It is a peace only to be found in
a graveyard. Your order is the rigid order of death. No
indeed, good friend, we do not want that. We will call to
arms in opposition to it. We will call upon the people to
rid themselves of their tormentors and to break the
chains that our government is finding endless ways to
put on us. Only the fight for true peace can lead beyond
the death of a people and their nation. The eternal
principle of nature is not justice, it is strength. That is
why we want to toughen our nation, so that is may
survive that battle of life.
Pacifism does not ensure peace - on the contrary!
History shows us that these peoples and nations that
were no longer ready or willing to defend their
existence, with force if necessary, have always come to

A 2013 Huffington Post poll found that only 20% of those polled
identified as feminist.
Similarly, a Langer Research Study found that 65% of
Republicans reacted in a "strongly unfavorable" manner while only
52% of Democrats reacted in "strongly favorable" manner when
Obama announced his support for gay marriage. Despite the public
disapproval of gay marriage, the media continues to push the progay agenda upon the public. The proof - a 2011 Gallup poll found
that the average American believes gays make up 25% of the
population when in actuality they account for only 1.6%.
Regarding marijuana use, a poll conducted by the Harvard IOP
found that only 44% of those between 18 and 29 years of age at
least "somewhat support" legalizing marijuana. That same poll
found that if marijuana use was legalized, 86% would still
"definitely not" or "probably not" use it.


a humiliating end. We will protect our people from that

fate. They shall grow strong in will and spirit; they shall
not be humiliated like a pariah among nations.
We want our rights, and those rights are life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! We want to keep
our heritage, have bread on our table and a nation for us,
our children, and our children's children to call home! If
we are denied these rights, we will fight for them.
This fight for life, liberty, happiness and our nation
is everyone's business; the highest citizen as well as the
lowliest. It is a matter for the entire nation. The united
power of 300 million Americans determined to survive
will go a longer way towards ensuring peace than any lie
about human rights.
America's Freedom
And what will be the end result of all this?
The end result will be the freedom of the American
people on American soil. This freedom will ensure a life,
and a good one at that, for every working American. It
bears within itself those moral and spiritual strengths
with which we will shape this new century. We want to
achieve more by means of this freedom than just a new
system. We want to achieve the new man who, within
the conditions of the better world view that we will have
attained, can progress into the future. This future will be
ours, or it will not be at all.
Liberalism will die so that socialism may live.
Capitalism and Marxism will die so that nationalism
may live. Then, we shall shape the new America - the
national socialist United States of America!

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