All magical rituals follow a formula represented by the letters of the various a lphabets.

Some rituals use a few letters (steps within ritual consisting of a certain attr ibute), but the grand ritual uses all of them. You have purification rites, fumigation rites, circumambulation rites, evocation rites, invocation rites, divination rites, & consecration rites. All magical rituals us e one or all of these. So, to make it more powerful, magicians wrote in grimoires each one separately s o you can focus on each one doing them separately until you figure out how to mix them into the grand rite. F:.I:.A:.O :.F:. = 93 One of the hermetic/gnostic names of god especially known from the preliminary i nvocation of goetia: Where F of FIAOF is symbolizing the opening and closing of each ceremony, Feonix (gk.), the god which is born from the ashes of its own self. In ancient egypt it was called the bennu bi rd which was seen as a manefistation of isis (the archetypal human which has knowledge of the natu re of all things past present and future). This is why she was called Isis, "she who knows all na mes." Here, between F and I, Horus (the magician himself), in the form of the burning Feonix bird, tranforms from Feonix to Isis by completing the opening ceremony of the four qua rters, and beginning the invocation of Isis proceeds to complicate his form further by the preparaton of the body of light for the purpose of the Transferrence of Conciousness (through the invocation of Isis). Horus now embodies a combination of Feonix and Isis, FEONI-XISIS. Where I of FIAOF is representing Isis (FI=the feonix bird transmuting itself int o the form of isis). Now the journey of I to O is the transferrence of the conciousness of Isis to th e body of Osiris. Therefore all magical operations are contained in this formula, FIAOF. Between I and A Horus has embodied Isis conciously due to his invocation spells, and has fully prepared the body of light for the experiment of Transferrence. He then proceeds with the transferrence of conciousness into the body of Apophis, and there vibrating words to establish th e connection, causing all manner of apparitions and visions to appear according to his divine will. At the ir appearance Horus then embodies them fully, (due to his transferrence of conciousness into the God Apop his) transforming him from Isis into the demon-god Apophis. ISIS-APOPHIS Where A of FIAOF is representing the demon Apophis. You may notice that all thes e names are greek:

Feonix, Isis, Apophis, Osiris, Feonix (FIAOF). And the papyrus from which the na me FIAOF was drawn, was also written in greek. At this point various divinations may be performed if that is the purpose of the operation or he may have evoked Apophis into a mirror. Without a mirror is t he lesser divination whereas, with it, is the Greater Divination. Between A and O we have the slaying of Osiris, rendering the first action of the transferrence of conciousness of Apophis into the Body of Osiris, forming the basis of one of the reasons Isis sought out the demon (for the secret knowledge he learned at the slaying of Osiris). APOPH O-SIRIUS Where O of FIAFOF is Osiris, representing the invocation of Osiris which the sen ding forth of the absorbed force (of Horus the Magician) into the inanimate physical matter (Creat ion of Gold, the Consecration of talismans, and the ressurection of the dead). This is, once agai n, done by the transferrence of conciousness (this time the conciousness of Apophis/genii/spiri ts) into the planetary talismanic object where one vibrates words to establish the dedication. F of FIAOF now the closing ceremony is given and all is finished the great work is accomplished.

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