Understand Phase

UNDERSTAND Our Client’s Business:

• Competitors are gaining ground with their own
value menus UNDERSTAND Our Client’s Consumers:

• McDonald’s Dollar Menu has high awareness
and usage among Adults 18-34 UNDERSTAND Our Client’s Objectives:

• Keep Dollar Menu top of mind
• Encourage on-going usage • Strengthen connection with Young Adults • Become more relevant

“Adults 18-34” Is that really a TARGET?
Start with demographic and gender Adults age 18-34
A18-34 (68MM) & Value Seeker

Layer in likelihood for Value Seeking “Price is more important to me than brand names”


Layer in aptness for consuming fast food “Often I eat my meals on the run” “I prefer picking up quick meals to cooking” “I tend to make impulse purchases”
Agree with 3 or more

& Fast Food User (14MM)

“I don't have very much interest in cooking”


Ok so I have 14.4MM people to target. Now what?
Chances are they have some things in common… DIG DEEPER!

“I consider myself a savvy shopper” “Me too!”

“Me too! I will purchase multiple products if they are on sale” “Me too!”

“Me too!”

Ok so I have 14.4MM people to target. Now what?
Chances are they have some things in common… DIG DEEPER!

“I tend to be quiet in crowds” “Same here!”

“Me too! I like a tight circle of friends”



Ok so I have 14.4MM people to target. Now what?
Chances are they have some things in common… DIG DEEPER!

“Technology is important to me.” “For sure!”

“Definitely! It keeps me in contact with friends.”

“Me too! It gives me lots of information in one place!”

“I agree!”

We uncovered 3 key insights
“I’m thrifty…on purpose” “I prefer a tight-knit group” “Technology is my concierge”

How do these insights affect media selection?
“I’m thrifty…on purpose” “I prefer a tight-knit group” “Technology is my concierge”

Design Phase

DESIGN a Communication Strategy Connect Where? When? How?
Media Apertures


Where? Surround them within their Passion Areas
Music Gaming Sports Fashion

Celeb. Gossip


What? Overall Communication Strategy

Value I look for quality I look for quality at a low price at a low price

Friendship I’d rather have 5 great friends than 40 acquaintances

Technology A few devices provide all I need


Where and when? Ideally at the intersection of 2 or 3“Communication Pillars”

Value Pillar “I’m thrifty…on purpose”


Instant Rebates

Celeb Looks for Less Edit Free Directory Assistance “Water Cooler” TV shows

Friendship Pillar “I prefer a tight-knit group”


Discount Movie Tickets

Instant Messaging

Social Networking Mobile Messaging

Video Gaming Fantasy Sports

Technology Pillar “Technology is my concierge”


Streaming Music

Video Web-i-sodes


Evolution of Media and Message Synergy

Placement Within Media with Highest Reach to A18-34

Placement Adjacent to Relevant Editorial Content Placement Within Passion Areas

Integration into Editorial Content Creative Customized to Environment Utilize partners as Content Providers and Distribution Partners


Create phase

Lot’s of ideas – let’s get specific …


McDonald’s Dollar Menu Saves You Money – When Buying Movie Tickets
Fandango Discount Movie Tickets Passion Point:

Communication Pillars: Value Friendship Dollar Menu provides $1 off at checkout on online ticket purchases for movies that resonate with target audience Special code can be passed along to your friends


McDonald’s Dollar Menu Saves You Money – When Looking for Directory Assistance
1-800-Free-411 Communication Pillars:

Friendship Technology Dollar Menu supports free directory assistance by partnering with Free 411 :15 ad provides media/message synergy by recognizing the caller as a “Dollar Menunaire”


McDonald’s Dollar Menu Gives You Access to Breaking Celebrity Gossip on Your Phone
US Weekly Free Mobile Alerts Passion Points: Celeb Gossip Fashion Communication Pillars:
Dynamic Online Banner Print Advertorial

Friendship Technology Dollar Menu provides access to free mobile text alerts of breaking celeb gossip – typically $3.99/month In-book advertorials, co-branded digital units, and email blasts tout program and drives mobile sign-ups


McDonald’s Dollar Menu Gives You Access to Online Style Mavens
Who What Wear Fashionista Tips Passion Points:

Communication Pillars: Value Technology Dollar Menu provides users a chance to ask hosts of WhoWhatWear a stylerelated question Hosts answer question at end of their daily podcast which is pushed out via popular Young Adult blogs and social networking sites


McDonald’s Dollar Menu Gives you Free Game Guides and In-Game Cheat Codes
Free IGN Game Guides Passion Point:
In-game Cheat Codes

Communication Pillars: Value Friendship
IGN only Ad Unit

Dollar Menu opens up IGN Game Guides for Free (typically costs a few bucks a month)

Free Game Guide program is pushed in relevant ingame billboards, which also contain helpful cheat codes


McDonald’s Dollar Menu Gives Something to Do While Watching Sports Scores Online
ESPN Scoreboard Games Passion Point:

Gaming Communication Pillars: Technology

Dollar Menu and ESPN partner to provide fun video games to play during breaks in the game while watching on ESPN GameCast
Play to earn points towards ESPN.com store discounts Co-branded advertorials in ESPN The Magazine tout online program, and provide a special code for further discounts

Paul - The Ultimate Dollar Menunaire
Paul – The Dollar Menunaire Microsite where all banners drive to Features Paul, the smooth-talking hipster that is wise in the ways of Living the Rich Life on A Limited Budget Paul highlights many of our media partnerships creating a push-pull strategy

Click on Paul to see what he has to say!


Capitalize phase

Do Custom Programs Deliver? YES!
Through ongoing Dollar Menu Research, we see the difference a custom program makes While Ad Unit Awareness is consistent across ROS and custom integrations, significant lifts in Purchase Intent, Message Awareness and Message Comprehension are shown when comparing a general ROS plan with custom integration plans and even more so with video integrations Index Index vs. vs. ROS Custom ROS Video Custom Unaided Brand Awareness (McDonald’s Dollar Menu) Online Ad Awareness Purchase Intent 68% 20% 41% 69% 20% 46% 100 100 112 77% 18% 54% 112 90 117

Identified Dollar Menunaire lifestyle as unique to McDonald’s Dollar Menu offers quality at a low price
Dollar Menu allows me to get a lot, while only spending a little Dollar Menu has items that appeal to me Dollar Menu offers variety

42% 35%
51% 42% 39%

50% 39%
55% 47% 42%

119 111
108 112 108

54% 51%
60% 54% 48%

108 130
109 115 114

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