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What are the qualities of Jaime Zobel de Ayala which made him pioneer in urban development

through real estate? In this kind of industry, perseverance and determination helped in the
pioneering of real estate development and banking in the country. Ayala is transforming itself
into an organization that empowers individuals, cultivates thought leadership, and rewards
initiative. It is also committed to a development agenda that sees entrepreneurship as the engine
for progress to a better future.
2. Trace the various industries that Ayala ventured into through the internet. Trace the financial
strength, high product quality, and professionalism he has inculcated in these businesses.
Comment on these. Ayala has built a pioneering legacy in various industries and to this day
maintains leadership in key sectors of the Philippine economy. Through its strategic investments,
Ayala realizes its mission to ensure long-term profitability, increase shareholder value, provide
employment, participate in the national development agenda and enhance the lives of Filipinos
through its innovative products and services. Ayala Land (PSE: ALI) is the Philippines' largest
fully integrated property developer and one of the most successful developers of prime
commercial spaces in the country. It is engaged in master planning and developing growth
centers with a mix of residential, shopping center, office, hotel, and leisure components. Bank of
the Philippine Islands (PSE: BPI) is the largest Philippine bank in terms of market capitalization
and the third largest in terms of total assets. It has a lead position in intermediation capacity,
corporate and consumer lending, remittances, and electronic banking. Globe Telecom (PSE:
GLO) is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. Formed out of a
partnership between Ayala and Singapore Telecom, the company operates one of the
The Company's Strategic Sourcing and Procurement organization works with all our Business Units and their
Suppliers across the globe to establish the best value for The Walt Disney Company.
Strategic Sourcing provides opportunities for Suppliers to partner with the Company to provide goods and services.
This partnering approach is designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship between our Suppliers and The Walt
Disney Company.
Disney Sourcing Professionals seek out and contract with companies of all sizes and capabilities, from local and
regional Suppliers to those with a global reach finding Suppliers for a specific Company division or the entire
We rely on a dedicated, competitive, world-class Supplier base to collaborate with our Sourcing Professionals and
work within our infrastructure to bring the Disney magic to our customers and guests around the world.

Technology Focus
The Walt Disney Company continues to invest in technology to bring efficiencies to the procurement and accounts
payable processes. We work with our Suppliers to:

Create electronic Catalogs to maximize use of preferred Suppliers, products and services.

Enable electronic Purchase Order and Invoice transactions to minimize cost, including support for EDI.

Receive electronic payment via ACH (direct deposit).

Implement Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) to simplify the PO and Invoice process.

Utilize electronic bidding to reduce cycle time and increase consistency.

Doing Business With Us

The Walt Disney Company has high standards for both our Sourcing Professionals and the Suppliers that do
business with us. We utilize a competitive process designed to obtain the optimum in quality, service and value.
Sourcing Professionals who purchase products and services for the Company are obligated to keep the Company's
interests first and buy without prejudice, seeking to obtain the maximum value for dollars spent.
We abide by the Institute for Supply Management Code of Ethics.
Selected criteria that are important to us:



On-time delivery

Excellent communication


Technical competence

Environmental Protection

Supplier and subcontractor compliance with The Walt Disney Company's International Labor Standards
and Disney's Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Supplier financial stability

Willingness to share business risks with The Walt Disney Company

Integrated Supply Chain Management

As part of Disney's Integrated Supply Chain Management team, you will work with Disney businesses
across the globe to deliver the best value to the organization, while promoting ethical sourcing activities,
improving supply chain optimization, and reducing the overall environmental footprint of our supply chain.
Opportunities may include professional and managerial roles in:
1. Sourcing & Procurement
A team of more than 300 sourcing and procurement professionals around the world collaborate
across company segments, categories, and geographies. Beyond strategic sourcing, teams
actively manage supplier relationships to unleash the innovative potential of the supply base,
improve sustainability of the supply chain and boost customer value and revenue generation.

2. Retail Sourcing
Our Merchandise Sourcing teams help bring Disney magic to life by sourcing our branded
products globally for The Disney Store, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and for our wholesale
partners. The team is passionate about pursuing the lowest total cost of ownership while ensuring
each product reflects our unique brand promise.

3. Logistics
Our Supply Chain Solutions team work as internal consultants to identify and implement
efficiencies which both reduce costs and our carbon footprint. The teams ongoing optimization
initiatives contribute significantly to the bottom line. The team also manages the logistics for
products from point of origin to their destination around the globe.

4. Product Integrity
By applying engineering expertise and administering meaningful policies, this group protects
Disney guests, and our brand, by ensuring the quality and safety of products that bear the
characters, brands, and intellectual property of The Walt Disney Company and affiliated

5. Customs Trade Management

The Integrated Trade Management team acts as a hub for legal, regulatory, and compliancerelated supply chain activities for all Disney-managed supply chain operations, and serves as a
repository for all trade-related data. This team reduces the complexities of implementing and
maintaining corporate trade policies and improves visibility and control over end-to-end trade

6. International Labor Standards

This group fosters safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces through its Code of Conduct for
Manufacturers and International Labor Standards (ILS) programs, which addresses working
conditions for people making Disney-branded product anywhere in the world.

7. Supplier Diversity
This team promotes an inclusive economic impact among diverse owned businesses in the
marketplace. At Disney, we embrace diversity in our supplier base for its innate merits as well as
to mirror our customer base and the communities we serve, and to drive a deep understanding of
the market.

8. largest and most technologically advanced mobile, fixed line, and broadband