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Wisconsin Lean Government


December 2015

Executive Order #66 Highlights

Directs 16 Cabinet Agencies to Implement Lean Government
Initiatives in Their Departments
Cites Private and Public Sector Successes Using Lean/Lean Six
Sigma Methods:

Alliant Energy, Theda-Care Health Systems, Caterpillar, Quad

Graphics, Mercury Marine
Brown County, City of Appleton, Marathon County, Village of
Weston; State of Connecticut, Iowa and Minnesota

Executive Order #66 Highlights

Requires that projects should eliminate waste, standardize
workflow, save time and decrease process complexity
Asks Departments to
Define their Lean Mission
Identify Customers -their opinion of what constitutes good
value and measures of their satisfaction
Identify Projects that
Suffer from chronic customer complaints or issues
Are visible to staff and customers
Show obvious potential for dramatic improvement
Currently produce data that allows agency to track
Reduce workload, improves customer satisfaction and
improves processes
Do not require statutory or rule changes
Collaborate and share insights on Lean Government efforts

State Enterprise Charter

Sets four metrics for measuring process improvement:
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Reducing process time significantly (cites potential reduction
goal of 50%)
Developing data that measures reduction in process time and
improvement in customer satisfaction
Reduce the Cost of Government
Use Value Stream Mapping prior to filling vacancies so that
Lean methods can be used to re-purpose staff and time to
further organizational mission
Use Lean methods as part of the Biennial Budget Process
when requesting increased staff or funding or for new

State Enterprise Charter

Improve Work Environments for Our State Employees
Significantly reduce accident reports, workers compensation
Significantly improve state employee work satisfaction
Establish baseline and metrics to measure worker
Change Government Culture
Significantly increase the number of staff formally trained in
Lean/Lean Six Sigma methodologies each quarter
Making Lean Government visible: leadership involvement in
process redesign, participation in training recognition of team
project work.

Governors Steering Committee
Each Department determines needs
Can select from list of 3 Vendors in State RFB
Waukesha County Technical College
Optima Depere, WI
Fox Valley Technical College
New Infrastructure
New Program established within DOA to support
states Lean activities and direction

Keys to Lean Initiative Success!

Developing Executive Level Champions
Vision Shared Through an Executive
Sponsor Charter
Knowledge of Lean/Six Sigma Process
Strategic Project Selection
Regular Transparent Project Status

Keys to Lean Initiative Success!

Engaging the Workforce
Train Management and Supervisory Staff
Train Project Leaders
Support Projects and Improvements
Dedicated time and resources for lean/process
redesign projects
Commit to implementing improvements
Support teams

Keys to Lean Initiative Success!

Keep the cycle going
Sustain the improvements

Document Management in State


More is better
Document Paranoia (If we dont have these in triplicate, well be in
trouble!); Records Management Requirements
Assumptions that we need all these documents (Statutes vs
Administrative Policy)
Fear of Job Loss


Provide Tools and Empower Staff to Identify Opportunities to Improve

Document generation and maintenance

Lean Opportunities:

To Audit Current Documents for Necessity; To Lean Out Those that

are Necessary; Redesign Documents/Automate Handling; Standardize
Development of All New Documents Based on Lean Methodologies

And Now For Some Real Life

Kirsten Reader Department of Safety and
Professional Services

Steven C Borth Department of