WHO: ​

YOU and the Connecticut Democratic Party
Spring Semester 2016 Fellowship Program
Hartford, CT
January 18, 2016 (APPLY BY JANUARY 5)
WHY: ​
Gain high-level political experience while contributing to Democratic
campaigns and causes throughout Connecticut
Next year, our Party’s nominee for President and Senator Blumenthal will join hundreds of Democratic
legislative candidates on ballots in all 169 Connecticut towns. These next 12 months will provide some of the
best opportunities for political activism that this state has ever seen – and we’re looking for a few more folks to
take the lead and join our team.
From January 18​
to May 7​
, Spring Fellows will help lay the ground work for 2016 across the state, planning
events, recruiting volunteers, researching opponents, targeting voters, and building a lasting Democratic

If selected, you’ll hit the ground running with top-notch training to learn how to recruit new volunteers,
manage resources wisely, and run an efficient operation. Then you’ll get to work managing a specific element.
Maybe you’ll run a local strategy session in Torrington. Maybe you’ll manage and execute a large event in
Norwalk. Maybe you’ll empower a local Democratic activist from New Haven to use VAN (the Democratic
Voter Database).
…or maybe you’ll help fire up a big crowd before the Governor takes the stage.
No experience is necessary, and anyone can apply – but you need to do so before midnight on January 5, 2015.
These spring fellows are the future leaders of this Party – will you be one of them?
If you haven’t already, apply by January 5​
by emailing your resume ​
to Brittany Bonenfant
bbonenfant@ctdems.org o​
r pass this information along to anyone else who might be interested.

Please see below different departments with which you could specialize during your
Communications & Research ​
Communications fellows will support a full spectrum of marketing efforts, including email, websites, and
creative initiatives. They will assist in writing and editing various materials including copy for websites, emails,
press releases, and newsletters. Communications fellows will assist with compiling daily press clips, Letters to
the Editor, creating content for social media, and opposition research.
Data ​
The Data Department is seeking fellows that are interested in learning about the large impact that data has on
campaigns. Fellows will see first-hand how the CDP targets voters, seeks volunteers and keeps track of our
organization's progress.
Field Fellow 
Our Field Department plans and executes strategic targeted voter outreach to build support for democratic
candidates across the state. Field fellows ywill be an instrumental part of this outreach. We work in close
coordination with local, statewide and national campaigns and democratic organizations, as well as our other
departments. Field fellows should be interested in winning campaigns and be a flexible worker with great
people skills. Previous experience volunteering or interning on campaigns at any level is a major plus.  
Finance Fellow 
Finance fellows will work with our Finance Staff to ensure accurate donor research and data input. Finance
fellows will provide administrative support to the CDP team, assist in preparation of fundraising materials, and
create and send fundraising correspondence. Also, you may be asked to assist the finance team with
fundraising events. Background with fundraising software (i.e. NGPVAN software) is a major plus.  
Law & Compliance ​
The Law & Compliance Department is essential to ensuring the organization adheres to campaign finance
regulations and to assisting our local committees with election & governance issues. Law & Compliance fellows
will be responsible for ensuring proper entry of campaign finance information and assisting in the development
and maintenance of compliance systems. A background in accounting/knowledge of QuickBooks is a major
The Operations Department is an area of management concerned with overseeing, designing, and controlling
the process of daily operations. This person needs to be a high-energy, creative thinker, who is flexible,
independent, as well as team-oriented. We are looking for individuals who can provide professional, reliable
and prompt services to our elected officials and central staff. 

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